South Central (1992) Script

What up, niggers?

Yo! What's up?

What's up, Deuce?


Get your ass down here, man.

What's up?

Get in here, man!

Hey, what's up?



Give me a beer, man.

Hey, yo, ossifer, come here.

Yeah. Come here.

Look, I just wanted to say I'm sorry--

That's my boy-- Always get the last word on a suck ass hack.

Welcome back to the street, man.

Let's swing back and spray that poot-butt again.

I see Loco ain't changed none.

He's still loced out on PCP.

Yo, Bear, give me eight ball, babe.

Man, things changed since you been locked down, Bob.

Deuce is springing up and down Hoover Street.

I'm organizing the Deuce gangs.

I'm fixing to throw a meeting for all the new sets.

I was waiting on you.

Bobby, you want a hit of this tranq?

It's a fucking roller coaster.

Aw, man, get that shit off me.

I heard Carole pinched a baby boy.

What's up, man? Is it yours?

Yeah, it's mine.

So, what she call it?

I don't know.

You don't know?

Hey, man, I don't fucking know, ok?

Ok, man. Calm down.

I'm locked down, man. She don't come around, so I don't know nothing.

A kid going to cramp your style, Bobby?

No, man, he's just another little Deuce.

That nigger mama is so old, she still ironing her clothes with a hot rock.

Fuck you, man. Your mama was so old, I bet she was the waitress at the last supper.

Hey, hey, Ray.

Yo, Bobby.

Yo, man.

What up?

Carole out here.


Hey, Carole!




Baby. Why didn't you tell me?

I could have done my hair or something.

What's up, Ray Ray, Loco, Bear?

Why didn't you tell me Bobby was getting out?

Shit. Everybody knew, Carole.

You stink. You high on that PCP shit?

That's cold, Bobby. Why you dogging me?

Genie, this is Bobby.

I told you about Bobby.

Bobby, this is Genie Lamp.

Glad to meet you, Bobby.

Glad in your motherfucking ass, cuz.

Smack man.

Long time, Ray Ray.

Yeah. Since they ran your ass off of Grape Street.

I don't run, Ray. I move.

You move...

But your dope stays in my hood.

You are too possessive, Ray.

Plenty of drug addicts to go around.

We don't like your shit in our hood, man.

"We," my ass. You.

You don't like it, Ray, because no money comes to you.

You don't give a shit about no hood.

Now is not the time, Ray.

Bobby, let's go home.

It's your first day out. Ray, no trouble.

This ain't over, Lamp.

This is my hood.

We'll take it up at another time, Ray.

Count on it, smack man.

Kill you, fool!

He's a Kansas City pimp.

Now, it's old hustlers like that...

They got to go so Deuce can take over.

We got to weed out the independents, man, make our neighborhoods safe for our kids and our bitches.

Go in the house. I'll be in there in a minute.

Yo, Bobby, man, watch your bitch...

'cause that smooth-talking snake is probably fixing to turn her out.

Now, at the meeting we'll figure out how we going to deal with the rest of this shit.



All right, man.


His name is Jimmie.

Why was you in that fool's apartment?

I didn't have no money, Bobby.

You had enough to buy PCP.

If it hadn't have been for Genie Lamp, I wouldn't have had money for cigarettes.

What did you give him in return?

I didn't give him nothin'.

He was just nice to me.

Nice! He's a hustler.

Don't play me for no sucker!

I ain't playing you, Bobby.

Why no letters, no visits?

I didn't even know his fucking name!

I was alone, Bobby.

I didn't have no money, no car, no nothing.

I had to go on the county.

I cursed you. I hated you for leaving me.

And you know what else?

I had the baby by myself, Bobby--

By myself.

And it hurt me.

It hurt me.


I'm your daddy.

Goo goo?


What's up?

You're going to get me in trouble.

Hey, baby. How you doing?


All right?

Everything going to be all right.

I'm home now.

You did a good job.

He's a fine boy.

I missed you, bobby.

I love you.

Hey, what up?

All right.

What up?

All right.

Shut the fuck up.

We... are Deuce...

and we multiplying.

Schools are turning out more Deuces Than graduates.

The gangs is fixing to be the strongest force on the streets of L.A.

So we... got to be the strongest gang.

Yeah! Yeah.

Yeah! Deuce, Deuce, Deuce.

If they put us in jail...

Fuck 'em.

We take over the jails and the streets, too.

Now, you all know Bad Ass Bobby Johnson.

Well, his daddy and my daddy are in prison today.


Because in the 1965 watts riots, they tried to control the day.

You don't control the day.

The man controls the day.

But we will... control the night.

Now, at night we take over the land, and that's the same thing as owning it, and don't shit go down in the hood unless we say so.

Every Deuce set should lay claim To a school or a park in their hood and respect each others' rights.

And to make sure there ain't no misunderstanding about whose shit is whose, every gangster in the set should write his name somewhere obvious in the park or playground.

Now, to finance us... we got this.

My boy.


You buy it from me, the money stays in the hood.

Sell it.

Don't use it.

Let the other fools have the habit.

And don't let nobody sell nothing in your hood.

Now, I know there are a lot of drug dealers on this side of town, but that shit's going to stop.

Now, we going to have to kill somebody to send out the message, "Don't fuck with Deuce."

Now, in 1972, Deuce started out with 2 members.

Now there are hundreds.

In 5 years... there'll be thousands.

Control your hood.

Everybody's going to party tonight.

Ain't that right, Jimmie?

Everybody's going to party tonight.

What do you want, Ray?

We came to party.

You guys got I.D.s?

Most of you look too young to party.

Got I.D. in your face, motherfucker.

I.D.s? We ain't got no I.D.s.

Do you have a license for that gambling club out back?

Play the music.

I said play the music!

You all try to enjoy your evening.

Drinks are on me.

We'll buy our own drinks, chump.

Whatever you say, little Bobby.

I missed you, Bobby.

I missed having fun.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Shh. Hey, don't wake him up.

Let's send the bitches home, man.

Send the bitches away, the bitches going to play with somebody else.

What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

Come on, man. We got business to take care of.

We check out the crack factory.

We catch up to them later.


Fine. You take Jimmie.

Come on, Clarice.


Bobby, don't go soft on me, man.

I need you to help me pull off this organization.

I know you got a kid and all, but you still Deuce, ain't you?

Course I am.


Going to be some wealthy motherfuckers.

Damn right. Shit's changing everything.

Yeah. It ain't right.

Come on. Come on. Let's go see your mama In a minute.

Yo, man, put that baby in bed.

Hey, hey. Hey, hey.

Hey, hey. Hey, hey.

This is only the beginning, man.

Money's going to be flowin'.

Catch you later.

Hey, hey. Hey, hey.

Be cool, home.

What you want?

I just want to talk to you, Bobby. Come on.

I ain't goin' nowhere with you.

Are you scared?

I ain't scared of you.

Him, then?

Fuck him.

Fuck you, too.

Come on, chump.

So, what's up?

Help yourself.

No, thanks.

You heard what the man said, motherfucker.

Clean your plate, now.




What is that?

It's the big, bad boy, bobby...


You like it?

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

I know that you young Deuces think that you're tough, and maybe you are.

But you don't fuck with me.

You don't fuck with Genie Lamp!

I do my business, and I keep on doing it.

Do you understand me?

Do you understand me?

Now, you tell Ray Ray Dewitt what I say here.

Either we live in peace, Or people are going to die-- A lot of people.

Have a nice day.

And enjoy the big, bad boy, Bobby.

Grab my shit. We're not coming back here.





That snake give you this shit?

I'm going to kill that motherfucker.

Bad ass...

Kansas City smack man.

Look at you now.

Yeah, fuck you, Ray Ray.

I tried to tell you, Genie.

You don't fuck with Deuce.

You remember Bobby, don't you?

Bust a cap in that motherfucker.

No, Bobby, don't do it, man!

Don't listen to what these guys are saying!

It's your woman he's fucking with.

I swear to God, I never touched your woman, man!

Bobby, I swear I didn't do this to you, man.

I didn't do anything. Bobby, don't do it!


Spray the place.

Come on, man, let's go!

Yo, man, fuck this sitting around shit.

We did what we had to do, right?

I mean, the motherfucker was in the way of Deuce progress.

Now, he needed to get got.

Come on, Bobby, man.

You O.G., now, brother.

Bobby Johnson-- original gangster killer.

Bear, you got the stuff?


You O.G. now, man.

Now you get your heart.

This is what deucing's all about-- taking care of your own... and let nobody... nobody... diss Deuce.

What's-- Jimmie!

There you go.

Bobby, what's wrong?

Bobby, you didn't!

We got to move.

Pack your things.

I can't stand this no more.

When we going to do something?

We been sittin' around here for months.

What's happened to you?

You know what's up.

Yeah, i know what's up. Hidin' out, layin' low.

What are we going to do?

Are we going to spend the rest of our lives cooped up?

No, you going to sit your ass down and shut up.

Well, you can't keep taking all your frustrations out on this!

I'm trying to feed this kid.

Bobby, Ray Ray's getting rich.

Some of that money is ours.

Fuck it. I'm going out.

You know what's up.


Don't talk to nobody.


Come on. Come here.

Come here.

Check me out, Bob.

Ooh! Nice ride, Ken Dog.

Cash money, baby.

Yeah. We traded a sack of rocks for this motherfucker.

You both own it?

Yeah. But I drive.

Shit, you don't want to ride with Loco drivin'.

Hee hee hee.

Hop in, man. We'll ride.

No, man.

You still worried over smack man?

You got to relax, homeboy.

Word on the streets is that cops stopped looking.

Shit, man. You did the neighborhood a favor.

Little Deuce, you want to go for a ride, babe?

Sure, we do.


Come on, let's go.

Damn! Look at that bitch.

Damn. She a hustler?

Be cool, Loco.

Relax, Bobby. It's only a fine-ass bitch.

Damn! I know you ain't hustling, baby.

Why's that? You the police?

We look like the police to you, bitch?

We Deuces, baby.

You bad boys kill anybody?

Shit, you know we down for that 1-8-7, baby.

Why? You want somebody killed?

Man, shut up! Drive off, Ken Dog.

Take me with you.

God damn it!

So, you selling fur today, baby?


How much you charge Loco for the kitty cat?

What? You need to be high?

'Cause I got the rock.

How much this party cost?

Nothing, baby. It's on the state.

LAPD. Pull over.

What the fuck? You a cop?

I'm busting your asses for soliciting and possession.

Pull over!

I never heard of him.

Yeah, really?

What's this mean, man?

Don't touch.


That's a Deuce sign, or somebody just shit in your face.

Tell me about Ray Ray Dewitt.

I never heard of him.

Don't bullshit me, Johnson!

You and him are leaders of this Deuce gang.

You run together on Hoover Street.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Well, here's another name for you--

Genie Lamp.

You definitely heard of him.

I never heard of him.

Let me help you out a little bit.

The morgue said he was hung like a quarter horse.

Big tally whacker, length and girth.

Real cocksman with the ladies.

I never heard of him!


Ok, Bobby.


You like potatoes, Bobby?

This looks like it could have been an Idaho Red.

It's a little bit mangled, though.

There's a hole right through it.

I got your fingerprints all over that gun, Bobby.

You want to talk to me now?

My boy still here?

I think so.

Can I see him?


Why not?

Yeah, it's me.

Bring his kid down.

These 2 guys we picked up with you--

Were they in on this hit?

You're going up for this.

This isn't the youth authority.

You think it's right you take the rap?

You'll do 10 years while they do 3 or 4 months for possession.


This is a cute baby, Bobby.

Too bad it's going to be a long, long time before he sees his daddy again.

You're going to miss him Saying his first words.

You'll miss his first days of school.

You'll miss it all.

And why?

Give me some names.

I'll cut you a soft deal.

Think about this one.

Man, what you talking about?

J-Rock, what's up?

All right. What's up, y'all?

J-Rock, Jimmie, man, what it was, cuz?

What that Deuce like, Termite?

We kicking down, cuz. Holding down the set.


Hey, man.

Let me give it back.

Hey, booty.

Get back, man.

Get back.

Get him, J-Rock.

Don't let him treat you like that.

Get him, man. Get him!

That ought to do it.

Yeah, man. That ought to do it.

Check it out!

Ray Ray and Bear in a Benz.

What's up, little homeys?

What up, Ray Ray?

That a fine ride, man.

Deuce travel in style, little cuz.

Sure. You right.

Yeah. What's up, little J?

We down, Ray Ray.

What's that you claiming?

We claiming Hoover and South Shore.

We down with 32s and quads.

Straight like that.

Straight like that, huh?

Come here. Let me talk to you.

Bear, entertain the little homeys While I talk to J-Rock.

So I was thinking... maybe it's time to jump you in on a set.

You down for that?

Yeah, Ray Ray.

This is an honor, so you got to put in the work.

What you need? That 1-8-7?

No. Not right now. Come here.

What i need is car sounds.

I got a good market, so I need good stuff.

Don't lift no junk.

Just the good stuff. You dig me?

Sure, Ray Ray.

Bring me that good stuff, and I'll turn it into cash. Sound good?

Sure. You right.

Here's some gappers to fill them gaps in your pockets.

Spread this around to your homeys, and they'll respect you. All right?

They'll work for you, And you work for me. Cool?

Whoa! Thanks, Ray Ray.

That's ok.

Just bring me them sounds.

Later, I'll set you to slanging for me.

You'll have a BMW before you're old enough to drive.

Here's some bud, too.

Hell, man! Thanks, Ray Ray.

All right. Be cool.

Bear, let's go get some shrimp.

There you go.

Come on. One more. One more.

Come on. Drive it. Drive it.

Come on. You got it.

Come on, cuz. Push it! Push it!

Push it!

There you go.


Yeah. All right.

All right, cuz.

Let me get some.

Is that Loco?

Time's up, motherfucker!


Hey, what the fuck are you doing, darky!

This brother is Hoover Deuce, motherfucker!

Straight like that.

I don't care if he's your butt-wife.

He owes my brothers 8 box of smoke.

Fuck these homos.

Hey! You 2 motherfuckers want to go head up, that's ok, but Deuce eyes don't want to see aryan nation banging on one consolidated Deuce brother.

Aryans don't want nothing with the Deuce.

This punk owe us.

So what up, Bobby?

This is my home boy from the set, Hoover Deuce, and i'm keeping him.

Just give me the tranq.

He ain't no Deuce.

He's a motherfucking sherm head.

You take him, Bastille, the debt on you.

You going to owe aryans 10 box.

These peckerwoods going to make it real expensive.

This is a O.G. call.

I'm keeping him.



We owe you one, Buddha.

No, you owe us 15 box.

Aryan interest, motherfucker.

Ray Ray don't give a rat butt about no hood.

He run me off the set.

Wait a minute. He what?

Mm-hmm. He run Loco off the set.

And dig this.

I've been on Hoover Deuce set forever, and he run me off Like some old orphan dog.

Since then, I've been committing me some robbery with iron, baby.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Ray Ray's supposed to be taking care of business.

Protecting his own.

He protecting his own, all right.

That's all he doing.

Get moving, you two.

Exactly. So if...

I mean, if you can do that, then we're on.


Yeah, well, we can do that tomorrow.

You're spitting a lot of negative at me about Deuce, Loco. What's up?

Ray Ray don't share a dime with no motherfucker on the set.

He got himself a new car for Ray Ray.

A new house for Ray Ray.

He got all new sets out selling his crack.

Hell, he even got them little wannabes out working.

What you talking about?

Ray Ray got them little boys out there stealing car stereos for him, and he's cheating 'em, too.

He give 'em $20... maybe.

He sells those stereos for $100.

Hell, Ray Ray got your boy out there stealing stereos.


Little J-Rock his star.

Ray Ray using my boy to steal for him?

He a snake.

Loco, look at me.

Jimmie 10 years old.

At that age, they don't ask no questions.

Come here.

It's wednesday night, and daddy is ready.

Come here, baby.

Come here.

I been waiting all week for this.


Goddamn burglar!

For god sake, Willie. What was it?

I got that bastard.

Call the cops.

He was just a baby.

Baby, my ass.

That so-called baby stole my car sounds.

Come with us, Mr. Manchester.

How could I know that was a boy?

I was protecting my family.

I have that right.

You still have to come down to the station.

Oh, Willie! No!

I can go to Vietnam and protect the country, but I can't protect my own family.

Man, this is fucked!

Keep it warm, baby. I'll be back.

You hang in there, little black child.

Fight for your life, baby.

You got lots to live for.

Yes. You just hang in there.

Brother Bobby.

How you living, homeboy?

We heard about J-Rock. He ok?

What the fuck you doing, cuz?

Ain't doing nothing, Bastille.

Fuck that. You need your homeboys.

Leave me alone. I need time to think.

We Deuces, bobby. We down.

That's bullshit!

What you saying?

You saying you want out?

I don't...

No, man. Look, just leave me alone.

You Deuce or you ain't.

Deuce got my kid shot.

Deuce will take care of that.

Ray Ray will smoke that bastard.

Fuck Ray Ray.

Fuck that! Fuck this!

Clear the line!

You want to be on your own?

You got it, fool.

But don't come trying to suck your way back into Deuce when the aryans punk you in your motherfucking ass.

Let's go.

Got to go, Bobby.

Can't be alone in here.

How you feeling today?


Kind of hurts, huh?


It's all right, baby.


How is he?

He's quite critical.

May I ask your business?

I'm his mama, fool.

I'm sorry.

Is he ok?

No, he isn't ok.

Can he talk?

He's very weak.

He sleeps most of the time.

You can sit with him.

I'll leave you alone.

Maybe I'll just wait till he can talk.

You don't want to sit with him?

No point in just staring at him, huh?

You suit yourself.

He got his self caught robbing off somebody's goods.

He'll end up in the pen just like his daddy...

And his granddaddy.


Hay is for a jackass, darky.

There it is.



You never played ping-pong?

Ain't you got a pool table?

No, but this is fun.

Want to try it?

That's honky ball.

I ain't playing no honky ball.

Honky ball?

Kim, do you two mind if we try?

No, nurse shelly. He can play.

Don't put yourself out.

I ain't interested in no honky ball anyhow.


You're going to love it.

Pick up your paddle.

1 for me, nothing for you.

You're going to be real easy to beat.

2 for me and nothing for you.

Really easy to beat.



Hey, bubba!

This ain't my house.

Come on. In.

What about my stuff?

We'll take care of it.

Just got out of the hole, didn't you, jitterbug?

Now, what you want?

World's been showing you its booty a long time, right?

What? I got a glass forehead, man?

Yeah, man.

Well put.

These eyes see right through to your brain.

And with your mind, you can't do but one of three things.

You can kill your enemy and wind up on death row, you can turn on yourself and go crazy, or you can change.

My name's Ali.


Jimmie, are you all right?

Yeah. My back hurts when I slam.

Well, don't slam.

No way!

You getting to like honky ball just a little, huh?

Your boy?


How old?

He's 3 in that picture, but he's 10.

Birthday's july 13, 1981.

Line 'em up!

Close 'em.

What the fuck is this?

You're here because you are now my property.

You belong to the aryans, you little sugar.

We own you.

Suck my dick!

I don't tolerate no disrespect from my property.

Fuck you, Buddha.

That's better.

Now let's get down to business.

Making a big mistake butting in on aryan business, Ali.

I do not mean to pry, Buddha, I truly do not.

I just want to ensure this man gets a fair turn.

He is aryan property now. He belongs to me.

The Deuce paid their debt with him.

Are you going to stand in the middle of that?

No, Buddha.

I break no jailhouse laws.

It's not my intent to break the peace.

But somebody got to ensure you don't break any laws.

What the fuck you talking about?

We all know Bobby here a man.

He a man, so nobody punking nobody here.

Am I right, Buddha?

Buddha, do you, or do you not recognize this a man standing here?


Yeah, I know he's a man.


Now all that remains is the terms.

What is it you require of an indentured servant?

A what?

Um, a helper.


Well, cigarettes, lots of cigarettes.

Give me a specific number, Buddha.

How many cigarettes?

15 box, plus interest.

You don't have to--


What interest?

Yeah, laundry, shoeshines, errands.

I want his dessert for 15 years.

Let's be reasonable.

Let's say 3 months.

All of the above for 3 months.


Let's eat breakfast.


Oh, I'm sorry to interrupt your game.

I'm out of here. I'll see you, Jimmie.

Jimmie, this is Dr. King.

He'd like to talk with you, ok?

Why don't we have a seat over here by the window?

All right?


Do you know what child abuse means?

Sure. That's parents riding down on their kids.

Does your mama ride down on you?

She used to.

She's a sherm head now.

A what?


Yeah, she smokes it in her cigarettes. You know.

Does she fix meals for you at home?


Not ever?

I take care of myself.

What about school?

Does your mama send you to school every day?

School's for squares.

A fool can't make no money at school.

So how many parole hearings you been denied on?



This brother, Ray Ray, you trying to kill him?

Yeah... maybe.

'Cause you think he shot your boy?

No, because he's responsible, because he had Jimmie out stealing for him, because he used me, and he used my son.

So where were you... the boy's daddy, while Ray Ray was abusing him?

I was in here.


In prison.

What you saying?

You saying it was my fault he got shot?

You saying I should have been there?

I ain't saying a damn thing.

You doing all the saying.

Why do you even give a shit?

What is it to you?

I'll tell you.

I had a boy.

Now you going to preach to me, right?

Yeah, I'm going to preach...

And you going to listen!

I had a boy...

And I was on him.

I was on him about how he dressed for school, and I was on him about leaving his toys cluttered around the house.

He'd say, "Hi, daddy," and wave his hand.

I'd say, "Hold your shoulders back."

Later on in school, I kept him from his friends

'cause his grades were too low.

I embarrassed him by marching him home in front of me.

I loved my job and my women more than my own son!

Behaved like that his whole young life.

He ran away when he was 13...

Hooked up with a tough bunch of hardheads and got killed not much later.

Shot down dead.

So I took their lives, 3 of them, and i ended up in here... for life, man.

I was some daddy.


That's a problem in our community, man.

Black man is in prison Or dodging prison, and his kids suffer.

It's the anger in the black man, the cycle of hate.

You in that cycle, little brother.

Did you grow up with your daddy?


I see inside you, man.

You still got some time before it eats you up, but you've got to break your cycle.

Hate is broken by giving.

I give to you, and I break my own hate cycle.

Why do I give a shit?

Me... and you... we brothers, and we got to be there for our children.

For me, it's too late, but not for you.

You owe me 15 box of cigarettes.

You repay me by reading.

2 hours every day.

I owe everybody in this joint, and all I did was help my homeboy Loco.

Helping is costly.

Hello. I'm nurse shelly.

I'm sorry I'm late.

I've been taking care of Jimmie.

Excuse me.

All healed up.

The pain gone?

You know, we're going to miss you, Jimmie.

You've been like one of the family around here.

I'm real proud of you.


These people are here to help you.

I know you don't think so right now, but you need help, baby.

They're going to help you have a better life, so you can grow up to be a good man.

You understand what I'm saying?

Do you trust me?

Then trust them, too.


Come on.

I'm going to miss you most of all, nurse shelly.

I'm going to miss you, too, baby.

I got pretty good at honky ball, didn't I?

You sure did, honey.

I'm real proud of you.

Bye, nurse Shelly.

Goodbye, Jimmie.

All right, guys, listen up.

This is Jimmie.

He's our new boy.

This bunk will be yours, all right?

Breakfast around here is at 7:00.

Lunch is at noon. Dinner is at 6:30.

If you're late, you miss it.

Lights out at 9 P.M. sharp.

Get yourself situated, and we'll talk later.

Off that bunk, Rodriguez, or your ass is in a sling.

Deuce here!

I feel like my brain's swelling, Ali.

Look at all this stuff I never knew about, All these people I never heard of--

Adam Powell, Garvey, Elijah, W.E.B. Du Bois.


Lights are coming on inside you.

Man, that's a glorious feeling when that happens.

Listen to this.

"You may tie my hands with chains

"and my feet with shackles

"and put me in a dark prison, "but you shall not enslave my thinking, "for it is free, like a breeze..."

"in the spacious sky."


That's a little beautiful poetry about attitude.


You remember I asked you about your parole denials?


You know why you keep getting turned down?



See, you can sit there before the parole board and lie with your mouth, say you're going to be good, you're going to go straight forever, but your attitude is saying the truth--

"I'm going to kill you.

I'm going to rape your daughter."

Ain't nobody going to let you out of this cage, and ain't nobody going to let you into their confidence until you change your attitude.

Truly change your thinking.

Like this says, "My thinking is mine.

I choose."

That's it.

Buddha said shine those.

Tell Buddha it's done.

A salaam aleichem.

Aleichem salaam.

How's it going?

We're about there.

He wanted Ferrari Red, But I talked him into soul-brother brown.


This will be the final touch of the new you, Jitterbug.


Come on, let's get your mind off the pain.


"One day on the red hills of Georgia, "the sons of former slaves

"and the sons of former slave owners will sit together at the table of brotherhood."

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Author. "You can't hold a man down without staying down with him."

Booker T. Washington.


Author. "We have allowed death to change its name

"from southern rope to northern dope.

"Too many black youths have been victimized

"by pushing dope into their veins instead of hope into their brains."


Jesse Jackson.

You sure don't look much like a killer no more with that badge of shame off your face.


Thank you...

For helping me.

You repay me... by helping another.

Bless yourself by helping someone else.


Hard work...


You got it?

I got it.

You got parole?

I got parole.


Thank you very much.

You got your second chance.

Don't blow it, brother.

I won't blow it.

Are you a Deuce?

No, I am not.

Can you stand alone like a man has to?


Go find your boy.

Save his life.

I'll do it.

If it takes my life, I'll do it.

I believe you, Bobby.





Why didn't you tell me you was getting out, Bobby?

I would have done my hair up or something.


I don't feel good, Bobby.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on, baby.

Come on.

Get up.

Come on.

Come on, get up.

Oh, Bobby.


Where's Jimmie?

Aw, Carole.


Come here.

Here. Drink this.

Drink this.

All of it.

Bobby. Baby, I didn't know you was getting out.

Carole. Carole! What is this?

I'll pay. Don't worry.


This says they took Jimmie away. Why?

They-- they took him. He gone.

He just gone.

Gone where?

He gone bye-bye.


Look, don't let--

Don't let this be happening.

How are you doing?

As it says--

James was brought here back in august as a ward of the court.

I'd like to see him.

No. No, no.

No, that would be impossible.

Why impossible?

Well, for one, visitors must have a visitor's pass issued by the county.

2-- visiting day is thursday.

This is friday.

3-- even to visit on thursday, You have to be put on the boy's visiting list.

I'm going to level with you.

I just got out of prison.

I haven't seen my son in 10 years.

Prison? Oh, shit.

We have to get permission from the state and the parole officer and the county to even put an ex-convict on the visiting list.

Sorry, buddy.

I need to see my son, but will you help me?

I'm sorry.

I understand.

It's not your call.


Wait a minute.

I'm going to let you visit your son.


Keep it short.

In the future, all visits will be by the rules.



This way.

Keep it short.


So, what up?

It's me, Jimmie.

Bobby Johnson.

It's your daddy.

They treating you right in here?

They feeding you ok?


You're really my dad?


You going to take me out of here?

Yeah, I'm going to get you out of here, but that's going to take some time.

How much time you talking about?

I don't know how long...


Yeah, right.

But I am going to get you out of here.

You have to believe me.

I'm not going to leave you in here.

When I get out, we can ride down on that buster Willie Manchester.


Willie Manchester, The fool that gauged me.

Look, man.

I'm sorry, man.

I should've been here for you.

I should've been here.

We could do it tonight.

Go find that nigger and spray his butt.

No, we can't do that.

What you mean, we can't?

I mean, it's not about killing.

Where your black heart at?

I took it off.


What you do that for?

Listen, Jimmie, I've put all that gangbanging stuff behind me, and you should do the same.

No way, man.

You crazy.

Jimmie, listen to me.

You ain't my daddy.

You ain't Bobby Johnson.

Who are you?

I am your daddy.

Man, I'm outty.

Bobby, you scared me.

Listen, I'm going out.

Juwanda told me to tell you hi.

She said she don't know why you haven't stopped by in all this time.

They just took Jimmie away?

They just took him?

I got to go, Bobby.

I got to go.

Yeah, yeah.


Good morning.

Step back, please.

Can we come in?

We're looking for a James Michael Johnson.

Jimmie? Is he here?

No, he isn't. Why?

Who are you?

Bobby Johnson. I'm his daddy.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What's this about?

Jimmie's at the detention center, right?

Not anymore.

Your son ran away last night.

What? What happened?

Well, we're trying to find out.

You're sure that he didn't come here?

Of course.


If he gets in touch with you, you contact us immediately.

You got that?


Hey, man, what the hell you think you're doing?

What's up?

You guys know Jimmie Johnson?

Who wants to know?

I'm his daddy.

You can prove that?

How we supposed to know you ain't no damn dick, man?

Look, you know him or not?

Hey, know my ass, man.

Get your ass out of the car, motherfucker, all right?

He is punking out. Shit.

You motherfucker, man.

Here you go. Here you go.

Any y'all know Jimmie Johnson?

Man, you better have an invite, walking on this turf.

I'm O.G. Bobby Johnson.

You're Killer Bobby Johnson?

You J-Rock's daddy?

Yeah. J-Rock broke out of jail. I'm looking for him.

Sure you right.

You going to ride down on Willie Manchester?

Yeah. I need J-Rock. Know where he at?

He at Ray Ray's storehouse on Crenshaw and Hope Street.


Hey, O.G. Bobby Johnson, You need help killing Willie Manchester, you just call.


What you want?

Where's Ray Ray?

Who is it, Bear?

Well, well, well.

O.G. Killer...

Bobby Johnson.

Heard you got out of the joint, homeboy.

Also heard a whole lot of other bad shit.

I'm looking for my boy, Ray Ray.

You seen him?

What'd you do, man?

It's cool.

What you trying to prove?

I'm through with that.

Through with what?

How you going to be through with your family?

No, that's your family.

I ain't playing games anymore.

Do you know where Jimmie is?

Look, I ain't playing games either.

Now, the Deuce is 50,000 strong all across L.A. now, Bobby.

I built the organization that we were talking about.

You helped start it.

So-- so what you telling me now, man?

You don't want no part of it?

I owe you, man.

We-- we owe you...

10 years...

Of our lives.

Half-- half this shit is yours.

I don't want it.

I'm just looking for my boy.

Now, for the last time, do you know where he at?

He right here, cuz.


I ain't going back there.

Listen, son, you're doing this wrong.

I ain't going back there. No way!

Jimmie, listen, if you don't go back there now, you'll be running from the law your whole life.

I won't let you make the same mistakes I made.

I'll get you out...


That's bullshit!

I know it'll take some time, but I can do it.

I want you back with me.

He don't want to go.

That's no place for a Deuce.

Stay out of this, Ray.

This is between me and my son.

This is not your business!


It is my business.

Now, the county's his mama now, and Deuce is his daddy.

And I am Deuce.

Deuce ain't his daddy.

I'm his daddy!

Deucing got me 10 years in prison, Jimmie, and it got you shot.

It's wrong.

You can see that.

Now, fuck that!

Let him decide for himself.

Now, J...

You going to stay with us, make some money, drive a BMW, have fun, or you want to go back to kiddie jail?

I ain't going back there.

It isn't jail, Jimmie.

Don't let him lie to you.

Ray Ray is a drug dealer.

He hurts people.

I don't want to see you die in these streets.

J-Rock, how's your back feel?

You want to take care of that business?

You want to smoke old Willie since your punk-ass daddy here ain't got the heart to put in the work?

I spent 10 years of my life in prison for putting in work.

I'm your daddy, Jimmie.

I love you.

I want you back with me.

Deuce take care of their own.

Like you took care of Loco.

Fuck that sherm head.

Let's put in the work.

Stay here, J.

We going to put in some work.

Get your punk ass out of here.



Say, brothers, what's going on here?

You fucking with the Deuce.

No, no, no, damn it.

You got the wrong man.

I don't know no aces, deuces, or anybody.

Sure, you do.

Come here, J.

This is J-Rock.

You recognize J-Rock, don't you?

I ain't never seen him before in my life.

Look real good, Willie.

Show him, J.

Th-that was an accident.

I was protecting my family.

Stop bitching!

Now, you shot him in the back, motherfucker.

Come on, I didn't mean to hurt him.

I swear.

I didn't mean to hurt him.

Take him out, J.

He's all yours.


Stay out of this, Bobby.

Jimmie, put the gun down.

Shut the fuck up!

Jimmie, look at me.

Look at me!

Think a minute!



Don't try to interfere.

You an outsider now, Bobby, and I will shoot you down.

All right, J.

Now, this motherfucker shot you in the back.

Show him what's up.


Young man, please.

All right, J.

This'll get you your black heart.

As god as my witness, I didn't mean it!

This is for your homeboys.

Jimmie, don't.

Just steady, aim, and pull on it.

Nothing to it.


Let him go now!

Do what you going to do.

I'm going to blow your fucking head off!

Go ahead then.

Let him go!

Can't do that.

Fuck this!

You going to kill me, then kill me!


Prison sure has made you stupid.



If you hit a man in his face, in time, his wounds will heal.

And later on, you can apologize to that man.

If you steal his goods, later on, you can return those goods, or you can repay him equal value.

But if you kill...

There is no later on.

There's no way to repair it with that man.

There's no way to make it right with him or his family.

His life is gone forever.

You never come back from that.

Ray Ray...

That boy you're holding is my son.

My son.

I told a man in prison that I would save my son's life, even if it took my life.

I'm willing to die here today, Ray...

For my boy...

Because I love him that much.

Do you love him?

All I want is to give him something that you or I never had-- a father.

You said...

out there...

that you owed me.

All I want is my boy.

The court will give you back to me.

Then we're going to start this whole thing all over again, and we're going to do it the right way.

Ok with you?