Southern Comfort (1981) Script

Left, right, left, left, left...

Over here.

Everybody out of the truck.

Over to the ammo dump. Get the hell going in a hurry.

Casper, come on with me.

Hey, Fred, can you help me get this stuff unloaded?

Get that damn thing up here.

I read they're looking for professionals in Africa.

What – whores?

No, mercenaries, sarge.

Mexico and Latin America, too.

Mercs are getting 1300 a month plus transportation.

They want combat soldiers, Casper, not typists.

I was told to report to you, sergeant. I'm Hardin.

Rifleman Charles Hardin, Corporal. Where're you from, Charlie?

El Paso.

Is that right? Tell me how you like being in the Louisiana National Guard all of a sudden.

I don't.

But then I didn't much like being in the Texas Guard either.

Well, not liking the Texas Guard makes sense.

Not liking the Louisiana Guard can get you into trouble with me.

You got that?

Got it.

You get your butt on over to 2nd squad – you'll recon with them.

Casper, show him the way.

Introduce him to the boys.


Cease fire!

We sure get all the good details around here.

It'll be good exercise for you, Simms. Put a little muscle in your pants.

It's the last thing I need, coach.

Unless you want to take care of it?

Listen, Stuckey.

Maybe I'll just bend you in half so you can take care of it yourself.

Easy, big fella!

Listen, Stuckey. I like a joke just like anybody, but I don't like that one.

Come on, now. Ah! I'm with you coach.

Speaking for myself, I like women.

Yeah, we won't be seeing many of them.

Life's full of surprises. What does that mean?

I've arranged for a little treat for the weekend, boys.

Six whores de combat awaiting our assault.

I'm sure they'll fuck us in a more interesting way than the Louisiana National Guard.

You ain't kidding, right? I never joke about women.

Women? What women?

Got some hookers at the end of the line, coach.

You mean prostitutes? Exactly what I mean.

This is new low, Spencer, even for you.

I got 'em scheduled to meet us just outside of Catahoula.

Gotta be there about the time we emerge from the... great primordial swamp.

Got one for me? Me?

You mean us, don't you, brother? What's happening here?

The purpose of the National Guard is to keep you darker brothers away from decent Southern women.

Man! However... in the spirit of the New South, I have made full arrangements.

What about you, Hardin?

I got a wife. You can count me out of this one.

I suppose you're used to a more serious soldiering over in El Paso?

We had things organized over there.

Watch a ball game on TV, shoot dice and sleep.

Louisiana Guard is a little different.

They have us out doing really important things like... beating up on college kids and tear gassing niggers.

Please, Mr. Guardsman, no more canisters.

Don't set the shepherd dogs on me.

See what I mean?

We have a long, noble military tradition.

Hey, Casper! Huh?

Cut it out, Stuckey. Act like a soldier, you damn dumb son of a bitch.

In the real world do you do something useful or are you like the rest of the men in the 2nd squad?

I work for Petramco. Chemical engineer.

College man.

They're kind of rare in Texas, aren't they?

Oh, we manage to come up with one every now and then.

You know, one might get the impression you don't enjoy an occasional chat with your fellow guardsmen.

Guess what? You're right.

I can't say as I blame you here and there.

Reece is under the impression most of the time that he's in a dime novel and Stuckey...

He isn't smart enough to read a dime novel.

The coach, well... Yeah, I think I know the type.

Look, these guys are OK.

They just wanna have a little fun with you being the new boy an' all.

They're not OK. They're just Louisiana versions of the same dumb rednecks I've been around my whole life.

Hup! Hup, two, three, four! Come on boys!

When I was training in Fort Polk once our instructor got bit... right here, by a coral snake.

Just put his hand on a log and took his machete out and just... cut it right off, took it right off.

Horseshit! Bullshit!

I swear it's the truth. Just fuck you! I don't give a shit. Believe it or not.

For those of you who are interested, we are going on an overnight recon and patrol.

Hush up and listen up!

We've been designated Bravo, that is Bravo Team, recon and security.

Rendezvous point Charlie, that is Charlie, is just outside Catahoula.

We're gonna travel in file formation with maximum use of cover and concealment.

We are traveling to make time.

No tents, no sleeping bags. Ponchos and liners only.

We're gonna have all kinds of weather out there.

Sun, rain, cold in the morning.

Get used to this idea – you're going in the water and that water's going to be cold. Cribbs!

You with us?

Oh, sure I am, sarge. I'm really up for this.

Well, that's good 'cuz you're going to be my pace man.

Reece, you'll be point.


We're talking about 38km.

You make sure your canteens are filled at the water buffalo.

Each and every member does their job.

I don't want nobody dogging it out there.

You're all buddies. You're counting and depending on each other.

Everybody does their job.

Now please, for once in your life, try to look like soldiers.

Civilian in peace, soldier in war.

I am the Guard.

That's right. Try to remember that.

Looks like somebody built a whole new ocean here.

We are supposed to be at this coordinate.

Either this map is wrong or all of a sudden I can't find my way around the block.

The channel must have shifted with the winter rains.

What's supposed to be land is underwater.

D'you want me to raise company? No, there's no need for that.

It's real simple. Either we can get across going down this point of land and it don't look good, we go all the way back and start over.

Over here!


Somebody shot Rudolph.

Who do you think these canoes belong to?


They belong to indigenous personnel.

Don't you be fucking around with them.

Think they float?

Hell yes. They're pirogues. Cajuns back there use them all the time.

Well, they ain't using them now.

What say we take 'em down the bayou?

Yeah, I can deal with that, the way my back feels.

We might make Catahoula tonight. Put them women under martial law.

What women you talking about?

Spencer's running some ladies.

He's got some skirts waiting for us.

It's all set. Noleen and her bayou queens.

Just a little something for morale.


Let me add, sergeant, that these women are expecting some... small unit military penetration.

I don't think we should take the canoes. They're not ours.

That's right, they're not ours.

Let's get in 'em and take off.

Hold on, fungo. Nobody gave you an order.

How else are we gonna get there?

Maybe you got a point there, Reece.

Hell yes, let's move.

Wait a minute, Reece.

How are the rightful owners gonna get those boats back when there's no other access to the far shore?

Hell, we only need three of them.

They can use the other ones to get 'em back.

A little R & R never hurts. Catahoula, here we come.

What d'you say, sarge?

OK. Bowden, write 'em a note.

Yes, sir.

All right, get those steel pots off, hook 'em on your belts.

Shape up now.

Shape up, Stuckey.

Get in the goddamn boat and look like soldiers.

Come on, Bowden.

Get that oar.

Hey! Look over there.

There they are. These must be their canoes.

Hey there, you men! Read the note! We left you a note.

Dumb coon asses.

They don't understand.

I hope they find my note.

Maybe they only speak French.

Well, does anybody speak French?

Yeah. Voulez-vous fuck me?

Reece, knock that shit off. We're bringing them back.

We're bringing them back.

Let 'em have it. Take no prisoners.

Stuckey! Asshole!

Casper, get your boat over to that point of land now.


Poole! Poole!

Get outta here.

Get outta here, Bowden. What the fuck?

Hit it! Take cover.

They shot him! They shot him!

Spencer, over here. Over this way.

Jesus Christ, what's happenin'?

Are they still shooting? Where are they?

I don't know. I can't see 'em.

Hey, get down, man.

Poole. We gotta get Poole.

You take care of it. I'm gonna go over there and look out for 'em.

Come on.

Come on, let's go.

He fell over there.

Let's set him down.

Goddamn you, Stuckey.

Over here, come on.

Come on, watch out.

No sign of them.

Where the hell's that damn map?

He was holding it. I remember.

Damn! Compass is gone.

How'd that happen?

It was in the water. What the hell d'you think?

And guess who put it there.

That's right, Bowden. What the hell d'you tip us over for?

Didn't tip the canoes over. You started it. It's your fault.

The hell you talkin' about? You fucking panicked, you asshole!

I'll show you panic, you little fucking redneck.

I didn't panic.

I didn't panic, you piss-ass!

What the hell is this shit? Look, we're all soldiering together.

Damn it. You two guys shake hands.

All right.


OK, good.

Simms, where's your radio?

In the water. Where d'you think?

You're supposed to be in charge of it.

What the hell's the matter with you?

Look, we have a dead man here. Now what are we gonna do?

Let's go get them cocksuckers who shot Poole.

I'll decide where we're going and when.

Let's haul ass.

What about Sergeant Poole?

I say we leave him unless you wanna carry him.

He's an American soldier.

He's got a Bronze Star, a Purple Heart, a Vietnam Service Medal.

We're not leaving him here.

The quicker we get outta here, the quicker they can come back for him.

We're gonna follow through with our mission. That's our responsibility.

Come on, Casper. Let's get going.

No, goddamnit! We're not leaving him here.

Who says? I say, I've got the stripes, I'm in charge and I don't wanna hear any more shit about it.

Now, let's just go.

Stuckey, you were one dumb son of a bitch firing that machine gun.

Yeah, Stuckey. Nobody gave you an order to fire.

Look, it was only a goddamn joke. They were only blanks.

Forget it.

Forget it'? Shit! This moron gets somebody killed – you say forget it?

I got something for you boys to remember.

Stuckey wasn't the one that shot Poole.

The big thing is that after we get Poole back to headquarters we come back and get these Cajuns.

Oh hell yes! All we got to do is swim a couple a hundred yards and then find 'em back in that forest.

After we done that we can capture 'em and shoot 'em with our blanks.

Well, what d'you think? This bayou forks to the east.

Easiest to get where we want moving that way.

We want to be heading north. The interstate's north.

We're going to the interstate.

Not if you go east. The interstate's north.

Fuck you, Spencer. What the fuck you know?

I know there's a big fireball in the sky that usually rises in the east and we're walking right into it.

You gotta go east to go north. Yeah, right.

Who wants to run that by me one more time? We got to go where?

Can somebody figure out where the hell we're goin' and do it quick?

Hardin, shut up.

It's my responsibility and we're goin' east to get north.

Go ahead and do what you want, zip.

Exactly what the hell I'm gonna do, Spencer.

Now let's move your asses. Come on.


Turkey meat, turkey skin, cracker meal, turkey fat, salt.

Smokes made it through the water, huh?

Yeah, I saved a pack. Lucky, huh?

Maybe it's about time we divide up the bullets.

What bullets? Reece has got some ammo.

He always brings some along just in case he runs into any big game.

Back at bivouac he was showing off a box full of 556s.

Hey, what the hell is this anyway, man?

Some kind of military secret or something?

No way.

I brought along one box of shells for my own use.

Right now I'm locked and loaded down in case I meet up with them sons of bitches that shot Poole.

Let me see your weapon, Reece.

You just stay on back.

You give me the ammo. We're going to divide them up evenly.

We'll share 'em. Bullshit.

It's mine and that's it.

It's not right, Reece. Give him the bullets. It's a military situation.

I'm giving you a direct order, Reece. You give them to me.

You come one step closer, Casper, and I'll give you something else.

It's a court martial offense, man.

If you give me the ammo we'll drop it right here.

Otherwise I'm going to turn your ass in.

I don't give a shit what you s...

Quit fucking around and give him your rifle.


I'll take Hardin's and give them to him.

Here's your ammo.

Blade to the throat, huh?

That how they do these things in El Paso?

Yeah. That's how they do things where I grew up.

Thought you were some kind of chemical engineer.

I am and I'm out of the habit of spending time with a bunch of gun-toting rednecks.

Well, you know how it is.

Down here in Louisiana when we don't carry guns we carry ropes.

RC Colas, MoonPies. We're not too smart but we have a real good time.

What're you doin', Cribbs?

Say, man, I'm on sentry. You wanna get some of this stuff?

How can you smoke that crap?

I ain't on your team, coach.

Goddamn right, you're not. You couldn't make the squad.

That stuff kills your will to win.

How your boys do this year?

This was a rebuilding year. We had injuries to key personnel.

We finished three and seven. What do you do for a living anyway?

I pick up a little cash pimping here and there but most of what I turn over is from selling dope to high school kids.

You're goddamn lucky I don't believe you.

No, it's true.

Some of my best customers are at Fremont High and they were ten and 0 this year.


I don't have to listen to this bullshit.

Hey, Lonnie. Huh.

When are we going to kick his boy's ass all the way back to El Paso?

Soon as we get up to the rendezvous then we're going to come back for these coon asses that got Poole.


Do you think this whole thing was my fault?

Don't worry about it.

It's done.


How can you guys play cards with Sergeant Poole lying dead over there?

You got another idea about what we should be doing?

Just don't seem right.

Poole doesn't care – he's dead.

I don't know what the hell any of us can do about it so why not play cards?

Just don't seem right.

It's up this way. Where?

Over there. OK, come on, keep moving.

Hey, Spencer, what about Company Command?

They should be wondering about us, don't you think?

No, not yet.

We've been out of contact for 12 hours.

He's right. They should be looking for us by now.

No way. It's National Guard, remember?

We were supposed to meet the trucks 20 minutes ago.

Another hour and a half the trucks will actually show up.

Two o'clock they'll start asking around if anyone's seen us.

At three they'll start checking the bars.

By four they'll really get steamed.

By five it'll occur to someone that maybe we got lost.

At six the captain will consider calling Battalion.

At seven-thirty he will. Battalion will tell him it's too late – there's nothing anyone can do till morning.

There's the cabin.

It's him, that son of a bitch.

Where's the others? There's more of them.

As far as I can tell he's alone.

We'll capture him. What for? I can get him from here.

Look, Reece, this is Louisiana National Guard, not the goddamn vigilantes.

Let's move our asses. Come on, let's go.

All right, look. Here's the program.

We found one of the Cajuns that shot Poole.

We're gonna capture him. He's up about 250 meters up ahead.

You sure he's one of them?

Of course we're sure. What the hell do you think?

Why don't you try talking to him before you start blowing his head off?

Simms, Reece, Stuckey and I are the advance unit.

The initial action's gotta be decisive.

Surprise is the key. Hey, Casper.

Did you hear what I said? I heard you.

We'll talk to him after we've captured him.

The rest of you guys are rear element, you stay 100 meters back and keep down.

We'll marry up after the objective's sealed off. Let's go.

Wait. I'll volunteer for the advance party.

Forget it. Just do what the hell you're told. Let's go.

Jesus! This is bullshit.

That's just what I was thinking.

Do you always get out of everything?

I don't see you raising your hand to volunteer.

That's right.

I'm not gonna ride shotgun with these dumbbells.

Four of them with automatic rifles against some swamp rat.

I make it even money.

What are you doing, coach?

Shut up.


What in the hell...? Let's go. Son of a bitch!

You're under arrest.

Bowden, get the hell away from that prisoner.

I told you to stay in our back.

Mission accomplished, sergeant. Ah, bullshit!

You used your real bullets. Just pissed them away.

I didn't panic. Oh hell!

All right. Easy now. We've got to interrogate him.

Hey! (Speaks French) Surrender.

Drop the knife. (Speaks French)

You son of a bitch. I said drop the goddamn knife.

(Speaks French)

(Speaks French)

Son of a bitch! You could have busted his jaw.

That's right. We want him to talk.

You almost knocked his mouth down to his ass.

Jesus Christ, Simms. We gotta interrogate the man.

How the hell's he going to talk to us if you break his fucking jaw?

That's his fucking problem. What the hell did you do that for?

That son of a bitch shot Sergeant Poole.

Oh fuck him. Come on, Lonnie. Let's go see what's inside.

Can you talk?

Ma bouche.

Where's your buddies? How many of them are there?


What the shit is that?

This Cajun got himself a couple of mink this morning.


This boy's a poacher.

We poached the poachers! Hey, Lonnie!

Yeah, he shined his last gator.

What the hell's going on here, Casper?

We got ourselves a prisoner.


Think you guys have done a wonderful job.

Hey, did you have to cut his arm off too?

I'd say he uses dynamite to kill fish.

We got us a genuine outlaw.

Casper! All kinds of good shit in here.

Simms, I don't want you hitting him again.

You're the one that belted him?

Goddamn right.

What d'you want to go and do that for?

I don't know. Just got pissed.

What the hell, man? This army bullshit is getting to you.

Beans, hominy, spinach. Hell, this is better than C-rations.

Guns, knives, ammo, supplies.

We got it all right here.

I'd say we conducted ourselves a pretty successful little raid.

We can pack this shit up later.

Let's get outside and interrogate the prisoner.


Yeah. Tie up the prisoner.

How am I supposed to tie up a man when he only has one arm to do the tying?

Maybe we ought to try talking to him first.

You speak English?

Does anybody here speak French?



Hey, what's wrong with you, coach?

Don't bother me.

Not now, not ever.

I'll give it a try. A couple of years of parlez-vous in high school.


Hier quelqu'un...

Shit! I can't remember how to say "shoot".

How about "bang bang"?

Hier, quelqu'un...

Bang une ami.

Mon pas fait rien. Mon dis toil I think he's saying he didn't do anything.

Hell, I don't know. It doesn't sound like any French I ever studied.

What the hell is this? I saw him.

I was there too and I couldn't swear to nothing.

Can't even remember if the man had one arm.

He was more than 100 yards away, remember.

We're gonna take this prisoner back with us to Staff Command for interrogation.

Then he can stand trial.

Right now I want everybody over to the rain barrel, fill your canteens.

I want to put some miles between us and here.


Bowden, you dummy. There's dynamite in there.

Christ! Hit it!

Get down! Take cover!

That'll teach them to fuck with us.

Yeah, right. Can't argue with that.

What are you doing, Bowden?

Went and blew the shit out of everything.

Well, I do what I do.

What d'you paint the cross on your chest for?

It's part of the joke.

What joke?

It's a corporal joke, private.

Oh, what the hell, Bowden.

You dumb son of a bitch. You blown up all the supplies we've captured.

All the guns, the ammo and the food.

Casper, there comes a time you have to abandon principles and do what's right.

Maybe we'd better find the interstate.

Let's get going, Casper.

I think your little raid's about finished.

Yeah, right. All right, men. Let's move out.

Get on!

That dumb shit Bowden.

Demolitioned that damn shack, we lost everything we captured.

Yeah, could have worked as a signal for this bastard's relatives to gather round.

You don't think we've got to worry about these coon asses, do you?

Hell yeah.

But I know who's got to worry about a lot more than me and you.

You don't have to tell me.

They think you boys are bad luck.

They might be right.

I been hanging round niggers my whole life, I haven't got a break yet.

Listen, fellas.

I'm sorry about that incident back there.

Guess I was a little... over emotional.

Yeah, you could say that.

You could also say you were totally out of control.

I'm sorry, but I admired Sergeant Poole a great deal.

I liked him a lot.

I hope that that'll excuse my... excessive behavior.


Say, coach?

At the risk of a punch in the mouth...

Don't worry about that, Hardin.

Why d'you paint the cross on your chest?

You know the avenging angel and all that?

I thought at least you might get it, Spencer.

Sorry to disappoint you, coach.

If you'll excuse me, I think I should apologize to the rest of the men.

I got news for you.

He's nuts.

I mean really fuckin' nuts.

This is not exactly news to the rest of us.

Is that all you've got to say?

After that whole number he pulled back there?

What am I supposed to say?

He's a dumb son of a bitch.

He's real emotional, he got pissed off.

He got pissed off.

So he paints himself red, laughs like a fucking maniac and blows off like a volcano.

What if he is crazy?

What do you want me to do about it?

Put him in a cage? Shoot him?

Either one sounds OK to me.

Any chance we're ever going to get outta here?

You damn right we are.

Figure two hours tops we hit the I-10.


What the hell's this supposed to mean?

Don't mean nothin'. Just some dude drying the skins.

It's a funny way of stretching the skin.

You sure they weren't left for us?

There's eight of them.

So what?

There's eight of us.

What about this shit? Hmm?

You know what it means?


Come on, let's keep going.

Wouldn't do any good here no matter why they were left.

Goddamn it, Casper, where's the highway?

It's been hours.

It'll be right up ahead here. It can't be too far.

Yeah, right. Used to run right through here.

Those ecology boys must have moved it.

Oh, fuck you, Spencer.

All right, hold up. Everybody take five.

We'll go get a bearing.

With what? We don't have a compass, remember?

You hear of taking a reading off the sun, Spencer?

Sure. Rises in the east, sets in the west.

Interstate's north. If you ask me, that's not where we're headed so why don't you go read the sun, Casper?

That's exactly what I'm gonna do, thanks.

Say, man, this cat know what he doin'?

What do you think?

Then why the hell are we following him?

He's got stripes. That's why.

Some of you boys outta remember that this is a military operation.

Coming from you, Reece, that's real classic.


What the hell was that?

Dogs, man. What d'you think?

It's hunting dogs.

Hunting dogs mean hunters.

They can show us the way outta here.

Getting close.

Yeah. Great!

Hey, Casper! We got some huntin' boys nearby.

They can show us the way outta here, Casper.

They can show us the way out.






Son of a bitch!


Goddamn, he got me.

Agh! My arm! Goddamn bastards!

Cribbs, you all right? He got my arm.

Hardin! How bad is he? OK? I think so. Shit!

Spencer? Yeah.

Reece? Sons of bitches!

Goddamn sick setting their goddamn dogs on us.

How can they do that? They set their goddamn dogs on us.

Reece, Lonnie, knock it off. Hey, they weren't his dogs.

Whose side are you on anyway?

I ain't on yours, Reece, that's for...

Knock it off! All of you, knock it off.

It's just what the enemy wants – a fight among ourselves.

Now damn it, everybody just take five and pull yourselves together.

And you go cool off.

Come on, man. Come on.



I wanna know what the fuck's going on here.

I don't get you.

Well, I'll make it real simple.

My company transfers me to Baton Rouge, been down here about six months.

I don't know a goddamn thing about the swamps of Louisiana.

I get sent on some bullshit military exercise, and all of a sudden, guys start coming at us from out of the fuckin' trees. Now...

I'll ask you again. What the hell is going on here?

I'll tell you something.

I'm just a city boy.

What's going on here? I haven't the slightest fucking idea.

Except we ran into some people that are real weird and I think maybe they're trying to kill us.

Because some asshole fired blanks out of his damn machine gun.


Because a bunch of assholes stole some boats.


Hey, Casper!

He's getting heavy.

It can't be too much further.

Why don't we leave him and come back?

No. I told you before.

It's cold as a witch's tit and this son of a bitch weighs a ton.

I don't wanna hear you calling Poole that.

He can't hear me. Well, I can.

Shit, Casper, the cock-sucker's dead. I'm just talking about the body.

Goddamnit, Reece. I told you I didn't want to hear you calling him that.

Watch out.


What you almost stepped in.

Jesus Christ!

Look at them bastards.

It's like a steel pussy.

Hell, man. What kind of women you been hangin' out with?

All laid out. Seven of them.

Like the rabbits.

There were eight rabbits.

Then how come there's only seven of these?

Did we lose anybody?

They were set for us?

Either us or the last seven bears in the state of Louisiana.


Quest-ce que c'est que ça?

What did you ask him?

I asked him what they were doing there.

You son of a bitch. Are there any more? Huh?

I'm talking to you. All right.

Reece, cut it out. Come on, knock it off.

Now, look. They didn't get us and they're not gonna.

Let's settle that we've wasted enough time.

The interstate ain't that far away.

Now, let's move out. Cribbs, you take point.

Come on, Tyrone.

Damn, Casper. I don't see why I'm point.

I don't know where the highway is and I know it. You're always talking about, you know.

Why don't you come up here and be point?

No unnecessary noise and no talking in formation.



Jesus Christ, Cribbs!

Our Father, who art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy name.

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done On earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

Forgive us our trespasses... we forgive those who trespass against us.

Lead us not into temptation But deliver us from evil.

For Thine is the kingdom, the p...

For Thine is the kingdom...

For Thine is the kingdom...

And the power and the glory. Forever, Amen.

We give this prayer as dead men asking for our salvation.

I don't wanna hear any more of that kind of talk.

Now, we're at war and that's all there is to it.

I want you men to start looking like soldiers and not like mailmen.

Weapons carried at the ready.

We've only got about a half-hour of daylight left so this is it – we'll bivouac here.

A clearing this big will make it tough for those bastards to come sneak up on us.

Right. Hey, Casper.

Wait a second.

Talk a few things over, huh?

Tomorrow morning the helicopters'll be out looking for us.

Damn good chance they'll find us if we stay on clear ground like this.

So all we have to worry about until then is the Cajuns, right?

We don't know the enemies' strength or his disposition.

And while he may have the advantage of familiar terrain, we have the advantage of military training.

That's a terrific speech, Casper.

But I want to improve our odds a little bit.

What are you going after, Spencer?

Maybe they want this trapper back. Maybe he's all they want.

Let's take the chance and let him go.

That man killed Poole.

The only place he's going is with us.

We don't know that he killed Poole.

He's just the first Cajun we ran into after it happened.

Hey, Spencer.

You know they're fixing to kill us all.

You got it.

Look, I'm tired of hearing about all this.

Reece, you and Stuckey gag the prisoner and tie him to a tree.

Simms, go on sentry.

Casper, you're a dumb asshole.

Now, you listen to me, Spencer, and you listen real good.

Tomorrow morning we're heading north with the prisoner.

The man who killed Crawford Poole, the man whose buddies killed Tyrone Cribbs.

In case you've forgotten, Spencer, they were friends of ours.

Now, let's all get unpacked and bedded down.

No fire tonight.

You all right?

Yeah, I'm OK.

You know, you might be right about the trapper.

Why the hell didn't you say anything?

Maybe I can't believe any of this shit, that's why.

Oh. Well, let me know when you start.

Look, the problem ain't what the hell I believe in or don't believe in.

What is?

How long we're gonna follow this dumb bastard, Casper.

Looks to me like he's leading us round in circles.


Maybe we need a new leader.

You volunteering for the job?

I'm the new boy, remember?

You know these guys. It's your move.

Besides, I'm not the volunteering type.

You're terrific, Hardin.

You don't want to volunteer for yourself but you don't mind at all volunteering me for the court martial.

Fuck you.

I got something to tell you, Casper.

Fragmentation. What?

Remember your training. I'm making a grenade here.

Even blank rounds can save your life if you improvise.

Damn it, Casper, don't give me this crap. This is important.

It's Bowden.

There's something wrong with him. He won't talk.

Spencer says he's just gone totally crazy.

You'd better come on over. I think he's right.

Come on.

Hey look, Bowden. I know it's been kinda rough on all of us.

I can understand you're not feeling too good.

Why don't you talk to us about it?

Come on, Bowden.

Bowden, I'm giving you an order.

Now, damn it, talk to us.

Hell, I don't know.

I do.

The motherfucker's crazy.

Well, what we gonna do with him?

Just leave him there. Maybe he'll be better in the morning.

The hell we are.

This guy made his own bomb, remember. You gonna tie him up.

Yeah, we don't want him walking around when we're sleeping.

He's way too big and dangerous.

Use your head, Casper. He's right.

He is, Casper. What the hell?

Won't hurt none to tie him up. Ain't no good to us anyhow.

Never was, as far as that goes.

If he's tied up we lose potential fire power.

Jesus Christ, Casper.

Get a goddamn rope and quit jerking off about fire power.

Remember what happened the last time you mouthed off to me?

Bullshit, Casper! This ain't a goddamn game.

All right, there's 40 feet of rope in my pack.

Go get it, Simms.

What the hell are you doin', Reece?

This man's gonna talk to me.

Let him up.

You stay out of this.

I said let him up.


Now are you happy?

That's the second time you asked for it with me.

This time you're going to get an answer.

About time I paid you off, cowboy.

How about I blow your fuckin' head off, Reece?

You ain't got the balls.

OK, you got it.

(Speaks French)


Kill him!

Kill him!

He's dead.

Reece is dead.

Looks like your prisoner got away, Casper.


Come on! Let me go!

Goddamnit! Let me go!

I'm gonna get you, you son of a bitch.

You hear me? I'm gonna get you.

How many more graves are we gonna be leaving back here?

No more of ours, I can tell you that.

Yeah? You can tell me that.

Shut up.

You talking to me?

I'm talking to everybody including you.

Keep your mouth shut and dig the grave.

Why don't you dig it? You're the one that killed him.

I'm not going to tell you again.

Keep your fucking mouth shut, and dig the goddamn grave.

I don't want any more shit out of you either.

Look, just do what the hell he says – dig.

We've had three casualties. We're not going to have any more.

Survival is a mental outlook.

If you're not prepared mentally to overcome all obstacles and hardships, the chances of you coming out alive...

...are greatly reduced.

We're getting tired of listening to all this, Casper.

Goddamn you, Spencer, I'm trying to do my best.

I know you are, Casper, but quoting the manual to us isn't helping much.

You think you could do any better?

Yeah, I do.

But I'm the team leader.

You're not even a corporal You're just a PFC.

Hey! I'm getting tired of this damn crap.

I'm with you, Spencer.

Casper, you ain't never going to find that fuckin' highway.

Casper, you promise me that this Texas asshole's going to be court-martialed?

He's got to be. He killed a fellow soldier.

Then I'm with you.


What's this voting bullshit? Let's get movin'.

Come on, Bowden. Let's go home.

Spencer, you just can't walk off like this.

We're a squad, a unit. We're Bravo Team.

You guys are deserting.

You bet your ass we are.

You coming?

Come on, Stuckey. Let's go.

How's your arm?

It'll be all right.

Look, for what it's worth...

I know Reece was a real son of a bitch.

I don't wanna talk about him.

Yeah, well, maybe it was self defense.

Look, let's just drop it.

It's over with.


Hey, Spencer.

What chance do we got?

You're always so smart about everything.

Now you're the leader so give me an answer.

Right now they got state troopers, helicopters, hound dogs, everybody in Louisiana looking for us.

Spencer, I've had it with them hound dogs.

Tell you something else.

Who's ever looking for us, they better make it quick.


Come on!

Simms! What the fuck is going on?

I thought I saw something. Where?

Over there.

Are you sure? I didn't hear anything.

Me neither.

Didn't you hear it? You musta heard it.

I didn't hear nothing.

You wasted your bullets just like Bowden did.

Well, there's nothing now.

What the fuck?

Come on. Let's take off.






No more!

Christ! They dug 'em up.

They dug 'em all up.

Come on, this way. Let's get outta here.

Bowden! For Christ's sake!

They've outflanked us. We're pinned down.

Would you cover me, Simms?

With what? All I got is blanks.

No radio contact, no ammo, no air support, no mortars.

How the hell are we supposed to fight with that?

Don't fucking ask me. You're supposed to know that.

Well, fire goddamn blanks. Use anything you got.

We got four bullets.

I got mine. You shot yours, asshole.

Get ready.

Come on. We gotta retreat.

Retreat! Retreat! Pull back! Pull back!




I don't hear anything.

I can hear it.


Hey! Down here!

Over here!

Over here! Down here!

Hey! Come back!

Down here! Down here!

If he did see us he's got to come back for us.

He couldn't land here - there's too many trees.


Where's Stuckey?


Help me!



Stuckey! Shit!

All right, we spread out. We gotta find him.

Buddy teams. Me and Hardin.

I'll take Bowden. Casper, you go with Simms.

First team to find him fire a blank every five minutes.

The other team will work its way there. OK?

What if we don't find him?

We'll wait an hour. Fire five blanks then one blank every five minutes.

Both teams will work back to each other.

Let's go.



Stuckey! You little fuckin' redneck, where are you?


Dirty sons of bitches.

Go on, Simms. Get back to the others.

You're crazy. Go on.

You're crazy!

You heard me. Go on. Get outta here.

I didn't do anything wrong.

I'm not supposed to be here.

I'm not supposed to be here.


I think all we're doing is telling the opposition where we are.

They haven't had too much trouble finding us up to now.



Come on, let's go.

We gotta go for ourselves now.

The others make it, then they make it.

Yeah, OK.

Boy, it's a great state you got here, Spencer.

Sent out one fuckin' helicopter.

What do you want them to do? Send out the National Guard?

Civilian in peace, soldier in war, I am the Guard.


Hey, Bowden.

You wanna talk?

Hey, coach.

What's he coach anyway?

Football. What else?

Think he teaches history or something too.

Looks like it's all history for him now, poor bastard.

Could be history for a couple of other poor bastards around here if we don't get a break.


Tomorrow about this time you'll be sitting in your den with a beer in your hand looking at the tube and listening to your old lady's bullshit.

I don't have a den.

I'll buy you one if we ever get out of here.


How long you been married?

Five years.

Happy? Hmm?

As in happily married?


I like her. She's got a good sense of humor.

What's it to you?

I just thought if I got outta here and you didn't maybe I'd look her up.

I said she had a good sense of humor. I don't.


Mine's stretched a bit thin too at the moment.

Since they got the trapper back...

...they must be hunting us just for the fun of it.

You got an idea of something we can do about it or are you just talking for the record?

I'll tell you what I'm saying for the record.

I wanna live.

I don't know how I'm going to do it...

...but I'm gonna fight my way outta here.

Well... don't forget to save me a seat, pal.

Don't worry. You got it.

Let's go.

Poor son of a bitch.

I'm not gonna kill y'all if I don't got to.

You got a bayou over here.

Take it.

Stay to the west side.

You gonna find a road about a mile up d'ere.

Do you mind telling us what's going on?

It's real simple.

We live back in here. This is our home and nobody don't fuck with us.

What about him? What about him?

Did he do it to himself or did your friends help him out?

If I was you all I'd quit ax'ing question and haul ass.

And my buddies? They're not nice like me.

Are we supposed to say thanks?

You not supposed to say nothin'.


Come on, Hardin.

Over there.

A truck.

Fucking truck.

Vous étes perdus, eh?


Er... You lose you in there.

Uh, yeah.

You wanna ride, uh?

God, yes.

Jettes toi en arriére. Throw you in the back.

Sure, you bet. Next town, right?

That's right, yeah. Great.

This can't be Catahoula. Some backwoods stop.

What happened to that town they were taking us to?

I guess this is it.

Say, where is the telephone?

Pas de telephones ici.

We got electric light but we don't got no telephone.

We wanna go to a town with a telephone.

Eat first. You can go in town more later.

No, we wanna go to town now.

No, have something to drink. Spend some good time with us.

Laissez es bons temps rouler.

You make that telephone more later.

You come with me. I'm gonna show you where you can wash yourselves.

(Speaks French)

Wash up?

(Speaks French)

What do you think?

I think I feel better.

Cleaner, anyway.


But what about safer?

Well, I wouldn't lie down and go to sleep.

Maybe we oughta forget about Mr. and Mrs. Cajun and try to find the next town by ourselves.

What for? If they're still hunting us they'd find us in the swamp.

We're safer here.


But we grab a ride with the first thing outta here.



Relax, Hardin. These are the good Cajuns.

The other guys are a long ways back.

You relax.

(I Dewey Balfa: Parlez Nous a Boires)

Oh parlez-nous a boire, non pas du marriage Toujours en regrettant, nos jolies temps passé Si que tu te manes lavec une jolie fillel T'es clans les grands dangers ga va te la voler Si que tu te manes avec une vilaine flue, T'es clans les grands dangers faudra tu fais ta vie avec J'

Look at those two guys.

What two guys?

Getting out the boat.


D'you think they're the ones that've been after us?

Hell, I don't know. I never seen them.

I think it's them.

Don't go getting paranoid on me.

I got reason to be paranoid and so do you.

They gotta kill us. We're the only witnesses.

Don't sweat it. They can't pull anything here in front of everybody.

Allons dancer. Huh?

Allons dancer.

Dancer? Dancer.

I'm telling you, Hardin, relax.