Southside 1-1000 (1950) Script

"The world today is in a dizzy spin."

"All eyes are turned towards the mountainous, muddy land of Korea."

"This may be the fuse that explodes the final phase of a war that began .."

"In 1914."

"The time for words is over."

"We're talking back with weapons. With hot steel and the movement of armour."

"The world is split into two camps."

"And the fight will be to the death."

"The weapons of free men."

"Against those of the totalitarians."

"Lincoln said that .."

"This government cannot endure permanently, half enslaved and .."

"Half free."

"That truth now applies to the whole world."

"So we are saying .."

"With weapons .. with men."

"With tanks."

"And guns .. and planes .. and ships."

"There is one weapon behind all these weapons."

"This is the most powerful of all."

"The American dollar."

"It means a lot to us."

"To you and to me. That American dollar."

"We work all our lives for it."

"Each payday gives our living a transfusion."

"It buys our food, pays our taxes."

"It buys us amusement. It protects our health."

"It pays for our vacations."

"A Dollar .. or a Pound .. or a Franc."

"Or any other medium of exchange."

"Is nothing more than a promissory note backed by a government."

"But people do accept it, with faith."

"And the government must see that that faith is justified."

"For the strength and the health of a nation."

"Depends on the value of its currency."

"Coal and oil feed the furnaces."

"But money is behind it all."

"Transportation depends on it."

"And foreign trade."

"It is the lifeblood of businesses, large and small."

"Of farmers with a few cows."

"And of farmers with 400 cows."

"So the integrity, the honesty of the dollar, must be protected."

"To protect all of us."

"Workers, farmers, businessmen, executives."

"And this function falls to a branch of the Treasury Department."

"The United States Secret-Service."

"Here in Washington .."

"The bills are printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing."

"And distributed through the Federal Reserve Banks throughout the country."

"Every phase of the manufacture and distribution of our money."

"Is done with great care."

"But there are those, who for private gain, will undermine our money."

"A counterfeiter is more than a criminal. He is as saboteur."

"This is a story about the United States Secret-Service."

"The case-history of a powerful counterfeiting mob."

"It starts where most cases end .. in prison."

"Sooner or later, in the war between society and the underworld."

"The deadly, the violent, the scheming, end up here .."

"In man-made cages."

"There are 4,200 men in this steel honeycomb."

"But we are interested in only one."

"A model prisoner."

"Whose mainstay is his bible."

'He drove them out, the sheep and the oxen and poured out the changers money.'

'And overthrew the tables'.

Deane is still at it. Oh, he reads that bible in his sleep.

When the bad ones get religion, they get it good.

"That guard hit it right on the nose."

"Deane started life as a brilliant young artist."

"He started in Paris .. did some fine etching and painting."

"Then went commercial, becoming chief engraver for a large security company."

"But Deane was too ambitious."

"He put his talents to work altering and raising government bonds."

"He was caught and sent to prison."

"Another bond deal? Another trip up the river."

"Then he decided to make money by .. actually making money."

"He did beautiful work until .. someone slipped."

"So now, Deane is here. Talent and all."

"And he will probably die in this prison."

"But he will never give up his dream of making money."

"And who would ever think of looking for a counterfeiter at work .. in a prison?"

If you'll forgive me Father, you made a small mistake in your sermon today.

Yes, you said "for money is the root of all evil" father.

But .. that isn't what Paul said in his epistle to Timothy.

He said "for love of money is the root of all evil", Father.

I'm afraid you're right.

I believe you know your bible better than I do, Deane.

Oh, I don't know.

Of course, I have more time to spend on it than you do, sir.

I see you fixed the lining. Very thoughtful of you. Thank you, Deane.

Oh, the boys .. the boys in the bindery did that.

How is that pain in the chest? Any better?

No, it's about the same. They've got me down for a check-up in the infirmary.

Well I hope it is nothing serious.

Say thanks to the boys for fixing the bag. - I will.

Morning, Burns. Think you can let me out?

I'm sorry, Padre.

Oh, I have a call for you from the Parish House.

They want you to stop at this address on your way back.

There is a woman there. They think she is dying.

Mrs Polaski.

I'll see you tomorrow.

[ Buzzer. Loud. ]

What's that? It's a metal detector.

Don't tell me that you're trying to smuggle a rod out of prison.

That's strange.

I didn't recall. Here.

Maybe someone slipped something into your bag. When you weren't looking.

Wouldn't be the first time.

What's this, Padre?

I don't know.

I guess we'd better have a look.

A spinner.

Of course. I forgot. It's the Warden's.

He brags so much about it, I asked him to lend it to me.

Deane must have wrapped it. Yep.

I hope you catch some big ones.

All I ask is that I do half as well as the Warden says he does.

Is this where Mrs Polaski lives? You're just in time, Father.

I'm afraid the poor soul can't last much longer.

Mrs Polaski .. I don't seem to recall the name. Is she in the parish?

No Father. She's just visiting here.

She came from Detroit.

Oh no, you won't need to bother about that. I'll keep an eye on it.

I'll do it.

Leave it to Deane.

How about the fifty for Jenny and me?

Tell her she ought to go to see a doctor or she'll really pop off one these days.

"Soon, in the various states where gambling was legal."

"The bills made from Deane's plates started to turn up."

"The bad money that looked so good."

"It was accepted without in places where money-fever runs a high temperature."

"When everyone's attention is on the spin of a roulette wheel."

"Or on the toss of a dice."

"Who is looking for what money-passers call The Queer."

"At the racetracks with its long lines and the rush to beat the starting bell."

"Can you think of a finer place to get rid of off-colour money?"

"So, it passed neatly by croupiers and cashiers and .."

"Even bank clerks."

"And came, as money does eventually .."

"To the Federal Reserve banks."

"Here, sharp-eyed money handlers spotted something wrong."

"Suspicion led to closer scrutiny."

"Those suspicions along with the suspect bills .."

"Were sent to the Secret-Service headquarters in Washington."

"Deane's quiet maneuvering, in the quiet of prison."

"Now set in motion, the whole machinery of the Treasury's Secret-Service."

"The watchdogs of the American dollar."

What's that? A new one? And a beauty.

An amazing job.

Even the paper.

I haven't seen one better than that since payday.

What's the writing?

'Denominations appearing all over the country. No line known on the source.'

Most of them getting past bank tellers.

This is going to be a tough one, Hugh. Yeah.

It might even get by me. It's so good.

This took an artist. Better let the lab have a look at it right away.

This is grade "A" bond paper.

Good ink.

But we've seen that before.

It's those plates I'm worried about.

That's a remarkable job of hand-steel engraving.

There is only one man that was ever that good.

Tom .. will you get me "Deane" out of the file?

I know .. but he's been in prison for years.

Do you think he could have made these before he went in?

Thanks .. this series wasn't in circulation then.

There is your man.

Well, live and learn.

I've always operated on the theory ..

That when you put a man behind bars, you don't worry about him for a while.

"Crooks deal in dreams. Cops deal in facts."

"That's why the Police went out, sooner or later."

"The Secret-Service had one fact to go on."

"The phony money was tied to the art and skill of a certain man."

"Currently in prison for counterfeiting."

"That was the logical place to start."

"Although it looked like a mighty slim clue."

"So, Secret-Service agent Riggs went to the prison."

"And while Deane was absent from his cell .."

"Gave his quarters a thorough and complete tossing."

This comes as quite a surprise to us here.

Deane has always been an exemplary prisoner.

You say he spends a lot of time reading the bible?

It seems to be his only interest. No wonder. It was his workshop.

Well, I don't understand.

How could he have done this without .. Without equipment?

He couldn't.

Well, here is one thing he needed .. a magnifying glass.

Nothing here, Warden.

Acid for etching, and the tools.

All we need now is the artist.

Now, Deane. Take a deep breath.

Just a moment, Warden.

Hold it now.

Alright Deane. That's all.

Come in, Warden.

This is Mr Riggs, Doctor Anderson.

How do you do Mr Riggs. How do you do Doctor.

Mr Riggs of the United States Secret-Service.

"Riggs" did you say?

You must be pretty good at it. Glad you think so, Deane.

About your face.

A firm chin, good forehead. Nice, clear eyes. - Thanks.

We've just been up to your cell, Deane. We've found your playthings.

You're welcome to them.

You'd better cooperate with Mr Riggs, Deane.

What is it you want of me, Mr Riggs?

There is a new ten-dollar note in circulation.

We know the plates were made here.

What I want to know from you is ..

Where are those plates now?

Isn't it your business to find that out?

It is .. and you are going to help me.

Oh you're wrong Mr Riggs. You're very wrong.

Pretty sure of yourself, aren't you Deane?

As sure as death.

Am I right, Doctor?

He hasn't more than a few months.


I'm sorry to hear that, Deane.

In that case, you've got nothing to gain by holding out. - Haven't I?

Satisfaction, for one thing.

The knowledge that long after I'm gone, you'll still be sweating it out.


We could make your last few months comfortable.

You forget. I still have my bible for comfort.

And if I may quote:

'Why dost thou not ..'

'Pardon my transgression and take away mine iniquity?'

'For now shall I sleep in the dust.'

'And thou shall seek me in the morning.'

'But I shall not be.'

That, gentlemen, is from the book of Job.

"The T-Man had gone to the source .. Deane."

"Between Deane and the passers was a big blank."

"Somewhere in that blank lay the answer."


"There was nothing to do but go fishing for money-passers all over the country."

"And hope for a break. And then the break came."

"From a city Bunco detective with a long memory for faces."

"Especially faces like Nimble Willie's."

"A man who is very fond of sporting events."

"He's also very fond of people. He likes to be in crowds."

Not so fast character. Hey, mister.

Your money. Money?

Well that isn't my money. No? Take a look in your hip pocket.

Sorry, but I always keep my money here.

Can't be too careful in a crowd like this, you know.

Who're you trying to frame, huh? You heard what he said. This is my dough.

Never mind, Willie. You and me are taking a trip to the station house.

Now come on.

You ain't got nothing on me. I'm a legal citizen minding my own business.

You get justice, Willie. You always do. Hiya, Sarge. This time I'm clean, see.

I saw him lift it, Sergeant. 190 bucks.

Yeah? Well who is making the complaint, I'd like to know.

And who am I supposed to have stole it off of, huh?

You claim this is your money? Yeah. Sure it's mine.

If I don't get it back, I'm suing the city .. I'll sue you, and you too.

How long you been shoving the queer, Willie?

What do you mean "queer"?

I admit this stuff looks good.

The only trouble is all these bills have the same numbers on them.

Oh .. oh .. wait a minute.

You guys can't pin no rap like that on me.

You know me, Sarge. I lifted that dough off a guy in the Ballpark.

You saw me fan him, didn't you? I thought you were going to sue us?

In future, Willie, you'd better pick your customers more carefully.

How did I know he was a crook?

Get me U.S. Secret-Service.

No .. no, he was ..

A big fellow in a gray suit and a panama hat.

Ever see him before?

Yeah, sure. He's around the Ballpark a lot. A regular fan.

Would you know him if you saw him again?

Oh sure, it's a cinch. I never forget a face or a ..

Or a .. hip pocket.

Okay Willie .. you get a chance to prove it.

"So Riggs, with Nimble Willie on leash, checked the crowds at sporting events."

"He reasoned that a man who takes to baseball .."

"May be found where the gambling element is prone to exchange money at odds."

"Finding a needle in a haystack is work at any time."

"When you've got several haystacks to go through, well .. you guess."

"It was particularly hard on Nimble Willie."

"All those temptations."


That's him. Are you sure? - Yeah.

Sure. That's the guy alright.

"Now Riggs began tailing the mysterious individual in the upturned Panama."

"Pounding the pavements, and always keeping his target in sight."

"Finally, a day came when the suspect took a bus ride."

"So did Riggs .. and came to the next step in the case."

"The drop turned out to be a smoke-shop."

"The suspect picked up an already-wrapped package."

"He'd done a good job of laying a trail for the Secret-Service."

"What he doesn't know now, is that .."

"In half an hour he will be in custody."

"Next step. Where did the pipe-shop owner get its supplies?"

"Riggs staked it out. Kept a surveillance on the store."

"He checked one person. A man named Evans."

"A travelling salesman who had only one stop in the city."

"The smoke-shop."

"Evans had no Secret-Service record."

"Or anything in local Police files."

"Surveillance indicated that Evans meant to exit the city on an afternoon plane."

"Rather than lose this lead, and waste time waiting for his reappearance."

"Riggs decided to move."

"To play a little trick on the supposed salesman."

"Evans might turn out to be okay."

"To be exactly what everything showed him to be .. a salesman."

"On the other hand .."

This is an outrage.

How can this be someone else's suitcase when it has my initials on it?

This man claims those are his initials. That's right.

Not only that, I can tell you exactly what's in it .. let him open it.

You'll find a blue serge suit on top .. This is absurd.

This man is an obvious crank.

There's nothing but samples in it.

I represent a large company here in the U.S. Here is my card.

Why don't you open it, Mr Evans? I've got to catch this plane.

I have an important deal on. We'll hold the plane.

You have no right to do this. Open it, Evans.

I guess I've lost my key.

Go ahead, Larsen.

Look at that. Evans, you're under arrest.

What for? Possession of counterfeit currency.

I have nothing to say until I see my lawyer.

I know how you must feel about this, but if you want me to handle the case ..

I shall have to insist that you follow my advice.

You see .. you are in an unfortunate position.

Unfortunate? Listen, I ..

As I was saying, this is a serious offense.

According to the law, you can be sentenced to up to ten years.

Now my advice to you is to cooperate with the authorities.

I know them. They are human. They will do what they can for you.

If you show you are prepared to help them, why I'm sure they'll meet you ..

Half way.

That is a considerable sum of money.

$150,000. That's what they claim they caught you with.

But I'll do what I can .. to make the best possible deal for you.

You get me out of here first. I'll take up the matter of your bail.

Of course, the size of it depends a lot on your willingness to play ball.

But I'll have a talk with them and .. do what I can for you.

I must warn you that bail in these cases generally runs pretty high.

I understand, sir. But I think in this case you can afford to be lenient.

You see, my client will show his appreciation of any kindness ..

By helping the department in any way he can.

Commissioner? Put him through.

Yes .. how are you?

Bail for Evans? No. No objections.

As a matter of fact we don't mind having him out where we can keep an eye on him.

Yeah .. thank you, sir.

Well, you can start packing your bags again, John.

My mistake. I should never unpack them.

"Out on bail, Evans, like any wounded animal, good or bad ..."

"Ran for home."

"It turned out to be a little house in a suburban neighborhood."

"Evans was watched around the clock. And he was as good as gold."

"Riggs decided to move in, for a closer look."

"A little stirring-up of things."

Hello, Evans.


Just thought I'd drop in.

Who is it, Bill?

Please, she doesn't know anything about any of this. - I know.

This is Mr Riggs, Clara. How do you do.

We've got some business to talk about, dear.

Would you care for a cup of coffee? I've just made some.

No thanks. Mr Riggs will only be here .. I'll be delighted Mrs Evans.

You know, I'm worried about you, Evans.

I thought you were going to help us.

Well, I've always been willing to help, Mr Riggs.

Just there's nothing I can do, really. Oh, I wouldn't say that.

You can tell us who your contacts are, where the money is being printed.

I can think of a lot of things.

You think I know all that?

I see one man .. I pay him and he gives me the stuff.

Where I deliver it, you already know. Alright, who is it?

Joe. Joe who?

That's all I know him by. It's "Joe".

You expect me to believe that?

Believe it or not. I've told you everything I know.

Mom said I could have a piece of cake. Run along. Can't you see I'm busy?

Gosh, not even a little piece? Go on .. beat it.

Nice boy.

A nice little place you have here, Evans.

A nice family.

You are going to miss it.

But I've told you everything I know.

How do you contact this friend of yours? I call him up and he meets me.

Alright, there's a phone.

But it won't do any good. It is only an exchange service.

They don't know who calls in for the messages.

You let us worry about that. But what will I tell him?

Tell him you want to meet him.

I want to leave a message for Joe.

Go ahead.

This is Evans. Tell Joe I've got to see him tomorrow. At two.

It's urgent .. he'll know where.

Tomorrow at two .. where? Seventh and Manchester.

But he won't be there. Why not?

You guys got a tail on me. He'll spot it in a minute.

You want me to call off the dogs? If you expect him to show up.

Maybe he'll figure we're treating you too easy.

Does that bother you?

They trust me .. I never gave them a reason not to.

Okay, Evans.

You ought to know.

"Agent Riggs had no intention of letting his only lead throw the hook."

"He tipped off Pringle."

"And a new team of agents, unknown to Evans, picked up the trail."

"They followed his convertible through town."

"Maybe this would be the big contact."

"Maybe this would be the showdown to crack a rugged case."

Shine and valet, please.

Say .. are there any other exits from up above?

No. They've got to come through here.

You got any idea where that guy who came in ahead of me parks his car?

Mr Evans? He has a regular stall .. 535 on the fifth floor.

Nice timing, Reggie.

"Riggs' pigeon had flown the coop. He'd given the hunters the slip."

I hope the boss wasn't sore, but I just got to have that dough.

Fifty grand is a lot of money, I know. But ..

I don't see how I could do it for less.

Do you think they'll have it ready for me, Reggie?

Gotta get out of the country.

Mexico. That's where I'll go.

I'll grab a plane this afternoon. I'll be there by ..

Hey .. this isn't the way.

We moved .. you ain't been around lately.

A nifty layout, they've got here.

Marble and all ..

Must have set them back a nice piece of change.

Personally, I don't like a place so high up.

How about you, Reggie?

It makes me dizzy. You got a cigarette?


No .. no .. no!


No ..!

"The pigeon was dead."

"There was nothing for Riggs to do but follow the only lead left."

"Go to Evans' home. Talk to his widow."

"Try to pick up some loose ends."

"Some clue to the next step in the case."

"Sometimes, Secret-Service men have to perform duties that seem heartless."

"Like questioning widows, fresh from their grief."

"But it is part of a hard job."

"And Evans' home was the only place to pick up the trail."

"Providing some sort of trail could be picked up."

The name is "Riggs".

I thought he said you were a friend of his.

I'm sorry Mrs Evans.

Your husband was arrested for possession and distribution of counterfeit money.


But he couldn't.

I'm sorry.

The records show that he's been at it for some time.


He had a good, steady job. With United Distillers.

He's travelled for them for the last ten years.

Yes he did, but not lately.

He hasn't been working with that company for some time now.

I don't understand it.

We always lived very modestly.

We had everything we needed.

Well, evidently your husband got mixed up in bad company, Mrs Evans.

It happens sometimes.

Is there anything that you can tell me? Anything that you think might help us?

What difference does it make now .. he's dead.

Yes, he is dead Mrs Evans.

But your husband didn't jump from that window. He was killed.

Deliberately and in cold blood.

Now, don't you want to help us find your husband's murderer?

Murderer .. oh no ..

We were married 17 years this June.

Well, who were his friends? Whom did he see?

Funny, the way we first met.

He was supposed to take Margie to a dance.

But she had a cold .. so I went instead.

And now ..

Look Mrs Evans.

Do you mind if I take a look through some of your husband's things?

If you want to.

They are in there.

He wasn't a bad man, Mr Riggs.

He was always very kind to me, and he loved the children.

I still can't believe it. Why would he do it?

He always bought his clothes readymade.

But they looked so well on him.

People often thought he got them from some fancy tailor.

He always used to say it paid to be neat in his line of work.

Travelling for the company, I mean.

Yes .. I see what you mean.

"The tailor's label led Riggs to Leonardi's Limited."

"They had made three suits for Evans at $250 each."

"They had delivered them to him .. not at his home."

"But at a certain Los Angeles hotel."

Nothing much in the hotel.

Just a respectable middle-class joint. Trade is mostly commercial.

The office here gives it a clean bill.

Alright with you if I move in and look around?

I guess so, but make it undercover, John.

And take it easy.

It's alright Hugh. I'll watch my step.

If you want to get in touch with me, use the Cleveland drop.

And the name is Starnes .. Nick Starnes.


"The death of Evans had completely fouled up the investigation."

"No straight-line leads to follow now."

"The case had really turned into a fishing expedition."

"And as all fishermen know .."

"There are days and days without a bite."

"All Riggs could do was to put out several lures .. and hope."

How do you do, sir.

Starnes, Nick Starnes. I wired you. Oh yes. From Cleveland.

That's right. New York is my town, but I get around a little.

Suite 708/9.

Glad to have you with us, Mr Starnes. Thank you.

Oh, one thing. I'd like to have some change. - Certainly.

It's all right on 317.

This is Miss Craig, our manager. Mr Starnes just registered.

How do you do. How do you do.

I hope you enjoy your stay with us. Thank you .. so do I.

There is the bathroom, Mr Starnes.

Anything else, Mr Starnes? No thanks, not right now.

Gee, I haven't got any change on me. Ah, forget it.

Gee, thanks a lot! Oh yeah. There is one thing.

Do you know a good bookie? Who doesn't deal in nickels and dimes.

Sure. Two of them. Okay, I'll be seeing you.

Yes, sir. Just ask for Eddie and I'll be with you in a shake .. with a form.


Bellboy - five bucks.

"Now it was up to Riggs to build a new character."

"Some of the work was pleasant."

"To become a free-money Joe."

"A good guy, a sharp operator."

"To let everyone around the hotel know .."

"There was something shady but flashy about Nick Starnes."

"A feeling that he was a racket-boy from the East."

"Then .. once Nick Starnes was full-grown, accepted .."

"Riggs put fresh bait on the hooks."

"And waited to see what kind of fish would bite .. if any."

We're from the Federal Bureau Of Investigation, Miss.

You deposited this fifty-dollar bill in your hotel account yesterday.

Did I?

I wonder if you remember where it came from?

It's hard to tell. We get quite a few of them. I something wrong with it?

No. It is good money.

But we'd appreciate it if you can help locate the person who left it here.

I wish I could remember gentlemen, but I'm afraid I didn't pay much attention.

Too bad. This is one of the bills in the Boston armoured-car robbery.

Is that so? I remember reading about it.

There was a lot of money involved, wasn't there.

Over a million.

Sorry. I wish I could be more helpful. Maybe you can.

Here is a list of the serial numbers of those bills.

Perhaps one these days, another one will show up. - Thank you.

I'll keep an eye out for them. Thank you very much, Miss.

Miss Craig.

I think that's the bill the gentleman in 708 game me.

He asked me to change a fifty for him when he checked in.

I know, but it wasn't this one.

I remember his had a little ink-mark on it. And this one didn't.

That's funny. I thought I looked at it rather closely. I didn't see anything.

Anyway, I have an idea he's a .. pretty sharp operator.

Could be.

Hi, Jack.

I'm afraid our friends in the FBI drew a blank.

The manager couldn't identify the bill.

Couldn't or wouldn't?

He said she seemed perfectly straight. Why should she cover up for you?

That, I don't know.

Unless maybe she had something to hide herself.

That sounds a little far-fetched.

Anything else we can do for you? No thanks.

I wonder if you would do me a little favor?

I have gear I don't want to lug around. Can you put it in the safe for me?

Certainly. Thank you.

Just a minute, Mr Starnes.

If there is any cash or securities in this, I will have to give you a receipt.

Oh no, nothing like that. Just some papers .. personal stuff. You know.

Money I like to keep near me. It will only be for a couple of days.

It doesn't matter. Leave it here as long as you wish.

Thank you. Oh, by the way.

I've got a couple of tickets for the fight tonight. Would you like to go?

Sorry, I am busy tonight.

Besides, it is against the rules to go out with guests. - Oh.

My mistake.



Well, this is a pleasant surprise.

I'm a little surprised myself. But that date of mine has been called off.

And I really like fights.

That is of course, if you haven't changed your mind, Mr Starnes.

Certainly not .. and not "Mr Starnes".

The name is "Nick".

That's better. I'll pick you up downstairs.

Any time you say.

Seven-thirty suits me fine.

Around the corner?

Oh .. yeah .. the rules.

Okay .. I'll see you.

Joe, smack him will you. One right-hand and you got him going. Hurry up now.

I thought you said you liked the fights. Yes.

The big-time .. not this.

Something tells me we're going to get along, you and I.

You think so? It's a cinch. Come on.

Where are we going? This time, you lead the way.

A couple of Scotch-and-sodas please.

I'm sorry I was such a bad sport.

Maybe you wanted to stay? No, I didn't care.

You looked really angry there for a minute.

I guess I was.

It's just that I hate watching things like that.

There is something so cheap and mean about it.

You're a character.

You don't like anything cheap and small-time.

Yet you pick a place like this. It isn't the place so much.

Perhaps .. it's the music.

There is something about it.

Something I want very much.

You mean Paris, the Riviera? That routine?

What's wrong with that? Isn't that what every woman wants?

Yeah, I guess so.

For a girl of your looks. It shouldn't be too hard to get it.

Perhaps not.

The trouble is, I'm the independent sort.

I like to do the buying myself.

Well .. here's to it.

I hope you make it.

Care to?

What about you? What are you after?

Me? I'm just a guy happy doing what I'm doing.

Which is? Having an evening with a pretty girl.

I didn't mean that. I know you didn't.

Look, we're having a night out. Let's enjoy it while we're still in Paris.

I had an idea that you lived at the hotel.

I work at the hotel.

Well, I suppose I'll see you tomorrow then.

Would you like to come up for a minute? It's not too late you know.

Sure .. I'd love to.

Well .. nothing cheap about this.

Are you sure you don't own the hotel? I have a little income of my own.

Besides, didn't you say this was a night out?

Sorry, I withdraw the question.

You make the drinks, will you. I'll be with you in a minute.

Like it?

Very much.

Oh, who is the artist? My father. - Really?

Won't you make yourself comfortable?

There is something I ought to tell you. Yeah?

I don't think you should stay around this town too long.

Why not? I like it here.

Two men came to the hotel yesterday from the F.B.I.


Well, it seems that that fifty-dollar bill you changed ..

Was part of the loot taken in that armoured-car robbery in Boston.


Well, what do you know .. I must have picked it up at a track somewhere.

I didn't say anything to them. Why didn't you?

Oh, we like to spare embarrassment to our hotel guests if we can.

Is that the only reason?

Maybe it's also .. because I like you.

That's good. That's all the more reason for sticking around.

Suppose those two men come back again?

And talk to the hotel clerk, perhaps.

He might remember.

Also, I'll be embarrassed.

Won't be the first time.

Okay, forget it.

Oh now wait .. don't think I don't appreciate what you've done.

It's just that this deal is too hot to skip.

Besides, I can't swing it without the man I'm waiting for.

By the way, maybe you know him?

He says he always stops at the Hayworth when he's in L.A.

Bill Evans.


No. I don't think I do.

You are to meet him at the hotel? Yeah.

I got this from him about six weeks ago.

You only have a few days left. I know.

I hope he shows. It's a sweet proposition.

It's one of those things that doesn't come along every day.

This .. whatsisname, Evans. What business is he in?

Same line I am.

You don't give away very much, do you.

A stranger in a big city.

I like you, Nick.

I like you, but I don't think I should.

There is something odd about you.

Something not to be trusted.

Something that says "watch out".

That's a compliment. Is it?

I'm not so sure.

Thanks for the nightcap.

Must you go?


I like you, Nick.

I like you a lot.

But I wish I could trust you.

So do I.

[ Telephone ]


Yeah, this is Starnes. Are you the party looking for Evans?


Yeah. Well, he asked me to call you.

He can't come to the hotel. If you want to see him, I'll set it up for you.

Sure .. sure I want to see him.



I'll be there.

Up here, Starnes.

A nice little office you have here. We like fresh air.

Very cozy .. private, too.

Let's have the artillery.

Where's Evans?

He's dead. He's been dead for two weeks. Didn't you know?

It's been in all the papers.

It wasn't in Cleveland .. would I come here if I knew he was dead?

A Copper would.

In that case we have nothing more to talk about.

You're wrong Starnes. We've got lots to talk about.

Such as?

Where you got that packet of fifties out of the Boston job.

You get the news fast, don't you.

Frankie .. ever seen him before?

It's hard to tell. We've never met.

Take a good look.

In fact I'm sure of it.

It would be a hard face to forget.

Well, Frankie?


What's the angle? A rather interesting one.

You see, Frankie was part of that affair in Boston.

What am I supposed to do about that? Congratulate him?

We find it a little strange you aren't acquainted .. don't we Reggie?

Yeah .. unless they were wearing those masks in front of each other.

Do I look like a tin-horn heister? My line is investments.

Maybe I liked the discount they offered in that deal.

You didn't get your cut in that hot stuff, did you?

Did I?

What mean "did I"? Don't you know?

I'm afraid you've got him there. He's never been to Boston in his life.

Alright, now that you've had your little fun, let's get down to cases.

What do you want with me? What did you want with Evans?

He gave me this little sample.

Do you know where I can get some more? You boys go and get yourselves a beer.

Suppose we could help you out. How much would you want?

I'd take a half million.

That's pretty large order. This stuff doesn't come cheap.

I'm not hunting for bargains.

The price is twenty cents in the dollar. Take it or leave it.

When can you deliver?

That's kind of a problem since Evans' arrest. We've had to move our equipment.

It will take time to set up again. A week .. ten days.

Sounds okay.

Nice meeting you, Starnes.

Oh .. if I want to find you, where can I get you?

No place. You'll hear from me. Good.

I like to deal with smart people. Me too.

"Meanwhile, on a train to a Federal hospital, was the counterfeiter, Deane."

"The Warden had him transferred in hopes that an operation may prolong his life."

Give me a hand, please. Sure.

There you are. Stand back!

Deane, you're crazy. I'm getting out.

You'll never make it. You're a sick man. You got to have that operation.

I'm going to die anyway, but I'm going to do it on the outside. On my own time.

Turn around.


How did you know camellias are my favorite flower?

That's easy. Orchids are for strangers.


Could I have those papers I left in the safe?

I still can't figure you out.

Still don't trust me? Now more than ever.

Your taste is too good.

You know it isn't good manners to go peeking into other people's belongings.

What are you suggesting? It's strange.

I give you this and right away everyone in town knows what's in it.

I'm afraid you are mistaken, Nick.

There are five people who know the combination of that safe.

And as far as I'm concerned, I don't care what you have in it.

Okay Nora, we'll play it your way.

You see, I not only like you.

I trust you.

Hey .. take it a little slower will you. I got a bum ankle.

What's the matter? Boss put you on shadow-detail, Reggie?

Yup. I got the room next to yours. 706.

Oh .. well, that should be cozy.

The Boss figures we're partners. We should stick together. - Yeah.

Well, we might as well start getting acquainted.

How about a drink .. partner? Suits me.

Hey Nick. Yeah?

What about "Barn Red" in the fifth today?

It's a dog. I don't know. It says here he's ready.

Don't believe everything you read in the papers.

Come in.

Telegram for Mr Starnes.


Just a minute, pal.

Who's "Hugh"?

Oh, that's my bookie in Cleveland. Yeah?

This don't sound like ponies to me. Now how can I tell until I see it?

"Uncle left town unexpectedly."

"He knows you. Must see you immediately. Hugh. "

Simple. Yeah? What's it mean?

Exactly what it says. I got to blow town.

Those Boston fifties. And who is the uncle?

You ought to know that. He's your uncle too.

The Feds, huh? What's that for?

I'm going to grab myself a plane.

Uhuh, you're not going anywhere. Oh yeah, who is going to stop me?

The transportation desk, please.

Never mind operator. There has been a change in the plans.

This one I know you don't need.


Not again. No more for me.

We quit when I say quit.


How long we got to go on with this routine?

What's the matter? Don't you like it here?

I've been in better company.

Like your pal "Hugh" in Cleveland?

What about him? Nothing.

Just that the Boss didn't like that wire too much.

It's easy enough to check on it.

That's exactly what we're doing, pal.

[ Buzzer ]

See who it is.

Deane! How did you get here?


Get me a doctor, quick. Take it easy, we'll fix you up.


Put him on the bed.

Snooping again?

Sure. Looking for a match. You got one?

On the table. Can't you see?

Did somebody club him? Don't think so. But he wants a Doc.

Well, go get him quick.

Hello Boss .. yeah, it's me.

Listen .. your old man just blew in.

He's in a bad way. He wants to see you.

Yeah, Frankie went to get him.

Oh no, no.

He didn't see him. He's in the other room.


Who is our company? Nobody you know.

Come on, sit in for Frankie. It will give you something to do.

If you don't mind, I'll deal.


Hey. What do you do with a guy you can't bring around?

You got any whiskey? Over there. Top drawer.

How am I going to get it down him? Don't you guys know anything?

Well .. what are you waiting for, wiseguy?

Didn't I tell you to keep him out of this?

I know Boss, but I couldn't help it. I didn't want him to die on me.

Give me that. Nice meeting you, Boss.




Who is that?

Do you know him?

The face, yes.

I can't think of the name, though. It's "Starnes".

"Nick Starnes".



It is so dark in here.

Can you see now?

Who is he?



That's what it was.

Riggs, huh?

You got a good memory, Deane. It's Riggs alright .. John Riggs.

Cell block 3, right across the aisle from you .. remember?

I used to listen to you read that bible all the time.

The bible?

That's where I knew you.

In the Pen'.

I know him now.

I didn't want to check out without seeing you again.

I'm afraid I haven't been a very good .. father to you.

Don't talk now. The doctor will be here in a minute.

He'll put you on your feet again.

It doesn't matter now.

I just didn't want to ..

Die locked up.


This way.

Here's the Doc.

You are a little late.

Want a cigarette?

It's strange.

I hardly knew the man.

Yet he was my father.

Deane and you .. I never would have believed it.

Why is it you didn't use his name?

My mother divorced him even before I could walk.

The second husband was the only father I ever knew.

Not that it would have made any difference.

I owe you an apology, Nick.

What for?

I seldom make mistakes about people.

I did about you.

I had you figured for a Cop.

But if he thought you were alright ..

I'll take his word for it.

No hard feelings?

None, Nora.

None, whatsoever.

What number in Cleveland do you want? Cedar 1772.

Hello operator? Cedar 1772. Cleveland, Ohio. Reverse the charges.

You better get that dough out here in a hurry.

Don't worry, he will. Hanging around with you isn't my idea of a career.

Hello .. Nick Starnes.

I want to speak to Hugh. Just a minute.

This is Agent 11 .. get Pringle.

Hey .. this don't sound like no bookies. This sounds like they're shooting craps.

Hugh does a little of everything.

Hello .. who?

Oh no, no. This is a friend of his .. here he is.

Hugh .. Nick.

What are you doing out there? Didn't you get my wire?

Keep your shirt on. Everything is under control.

But I'll need that dough right away.

I'm closing the deal tomorrow. Good work. How much?

A hundred G's? Couldn't you get by on a little less?

Nope .. it's cash and carry.


"The money-drop was at the Los Angeles Union Station."

"Pringle had phoned the local Secret-Service office."

"And they had a plan that would set Nick Starnes in strong, as a big operator."

"Then Pringle hopped a plane for L.A. to work with the Los Angeles office."

"It looked like wind-up time."

"The best shadow-men of the local office kept an eye on Riggs."

"Tailing is not easy."

"And with an experienced criminal always wary as a hunted animal."

"It's a rugged matter."

"Reggie was the kind of technician who always kept on the alert."

"Who always figured it was better to be suspicious .. than sorry."

We get out at the other end of the tunnel. Slow down, but don't stop there.

Keep the change.

What's the matter?

You think somebody is tailing us?

No, but we like to play it careful. That's all.

Southside 1-1000.

Hello Chief, we lost contact just now. On Third and Hill.

Alert all units. We've got to find Riggs.

This way.

Where's the Boss? She sends you her love.

Did you bring the money? Right here.

Let's see it. Let's see the merchandise first.

There it is.

Don't tell me you're going to count it. Don't you trust us?

About as far as you trust me.

We'll be here all night. I'm in no hurry.

Hey, Reggie. Do me a favor.

Call Gene at 8451, if anyone is still there.

And find out how Gallico came out in the sixth at Belmont.

Are you kidding? You think we'd put a phone in this joint?

You could put some windows in here. There's no air.

Got anything cold to drink?

There is water in the tap. You drink it.

Is there someplace round here where we can get something?

I think there's a little store on the corner.

Yeah, an Italian place. They got cold beer and pop.

Do you like pizza? Yeah.

Yeah, I think I'll get some. Uhuh, that's what we got Frankie for.

Tell him what you want.

Oh .. some beer, maybe.

Anything that's cold.

And a couple of sandwiches.

Reggie forgot to feed me today.

Here, get enough for everybody.

That's okay. I got dough. No, no. This is on me.

I'm the buyer tonight.

This ain't one of ours, is it? Nope .. strictly government stock.

Six beers.

Six ham sandwiches.

No garlic.

One pizza.

With tax that comes to ..


Out of $10.

See you, Pepe.

A gallon of red .. the best.

Got any cash?

Oh lots of cash .. twenty of them.

What's the matter? Everybody brings in the big bills.

That's a dollar-seventy-five. Two, three, four and five.

And five is ten.

And ten is twenty. Take it easy, Bud.

Here we are.

I still have time to catch a plane tonight.

Nice doing business with you, boys.

Drop in again sometime. I will.

[ Buzzer ]

Give my love to the Boss. Thank you, Mr Riggs.

Hello Nora. Why so formal?

I was right .. you are a Cop!

Nora, you're crazy. Am I?

What gave you that idea? A T-Man.

That will do for now. Are you sure no-one followed you here?

I can guarantee it.

Alright, clear everything out. Bring what you can't take along.

What about him? Reg will attend to that.

Hey, you no-good crook. You gave me no-good money.

No good? What's the matter?

This ten-dollars. There is writing all over it.

"This is an emergency".

"Call to the nearest Secret-Service office."

"And report that you received this bill."

What does this mean? It means you should call.

0h no, we might get in trouble.

That's my ten-dollars!

I don't like to help the Police round here.

That's not the Police. That's a G-Man.

Give me a nickel.

Here you are.

What's the address again? We'll be right there.

Alert all units. Go to the corner of Green and Center streets.

Tell the Police to close off the area.

This isn't a bad deal at that. We get his money and keep ours.

If you don't mind, I'll take this one.

Where'd you get it? Who gave it to you?

This man. No, she's wrong.

It was a man down the street. He works in the warehouse over there.

Hey .. my ten bucks. Here you are.

It won't be long now, pal.

You won't feel a thing.

All set. Let's go.

Beat it! They are Cops!

Riggs .. Riggs!

Riggs! Give me a hand here.

Get hold of him there. Yep, got him.

You get the money? Yeah.

It turned up in a store on the corner.

No, I don't mean that. I mean the hundred grand.

Take care of that, Hank.

Nora, come back!




Alright Nora .. let's go.

You must be very proud of yourself.

I'm sorry I had to play it that way, Nora.

But you left me no choice.

Let's get away. I can't .. my ankle is twisted.

You can lean on me.

What are you trying to do? Kill yourself?

Yes .. I am!

"Well .. that's our story."

"It began in prison .. and ended under a bridge in Los Angeles."

"The Secret-Service closed another case."


"All you will read is a short item. ."

"In your paper."