Space (2020) Script


REPORTER: Welcome back, we are live from The Udo, approaching Mars.

Happy New Year all you lovely earthlings.

Ada Gray here, Science Officer of The Udo.

I've got some questions I'm gonna answer about astronauts.

So let's dive in.


Hell of a hat, John fucking Wayne.

Hi ho Silver.

That's the Lone Ranger.

John Wayne is not the Lone Ranger?



MAN: Give me a hand here.

Tang, I hate Tang.

Mitch loves it.


You're not gonna be going all hot and heavy on that French the whole time, are ya?

Shut up, Mitch.

So is it Mitchell or Mitch?

Mitch The Bitch.

I will not be calling you that.

We got fruit juices, coffee, Durand loves coffee, and tea, that's me.

Next question.

Okay, so, long term goals.

Brightstar is committed to large scale terraforming over the next 50 years.

And Ceres is the first step in that goal.

Next question.

Brightstar is a private organization.

There is no military or government backing at all.

This morale things are shit.

ADA: But it isn't, that's the point.


Yeah, can't say I'm gonna miss it.

ADA: Per fucking usual.

How long have you worked together?

MITCH: Yeah, what is it Ada, is this 12 missions?

13, and you're still a bitch.

Mm, Ada, God, she is such a treat.

Better than a colonoscopy.

MITCH: Yeah, barely.

Did not know Americans still smoke.

Today's all about the vices my friend.

MITCH: Yeah, before that recycled air.

Chop, chop team.

Double time!

Speak of the devil.


So, how do you know French?

I know a lot of things.

That's my weapon.


My brain.

Did not know it was a fight.

Sometimes a skirmish, sometimes a total fucking war, but yeah, a fight.

Word on the street is you're a damn good pilot.

Pretty good.


Skin's a different color.

All right, you guys are getting down to the nitty gritty.

So, yeah, we are in an EVA 10 to 12 hours outside the craft.

So yeah, it's a necessity.

The artificial gravity makes the physics a little bit easier inside The Udo.

And then, well, we drink it.


Okay, so water works a bit differently in space.

It's like a gooey substance.

It sticks to your skin.

So, if you were to break down in tears your eyes would just swell up with water instead of dropping off.

I left the ring with Zara, my wife.


That's a pretty name.

Every mission I leave the ring.

It means more to her, I think.


Ceres is the largest of the dwarf planets.

It lies between Mars and Jupiter.

And since it's a little closer to Mars in makes interstellar travel pretty easy.

Though Vesta was good runner up.

There is more water on Ceres than there's fresh water on Earth.

With our seeding the air will be breathable in about two years.

I haven't heard anything about the Fung Wong team, but regardless, Ceres is big enough for both of us.




Yeah, good old Earth.

ADA: Pretty good template.


Not for long, there's our new digs.

EVAN: Why are they called Joshua Trees?

Seem to be doing a lot of talking to that French fly boy.

You guys are gonna get along like a bunch of roosters.

TOMCAT: Name was given by the Mormons, the trees reminded them of Joshua, reaching his hands up towards heaven.

So what do you think of us?

What do you mean?

Us, the crew, the dynamic.

It's gonna be perfect Commander.

There are in fact, each of us gets what's called a CRV.

A return vehicle.

They're effective about 330 kilometers above Earth.

Given we're going 330 million kilometers, yeah, they're pretty much dead weight.

Then there's Mitch.

Brightstar wants Mitch.

They always want Mitch.

You let me worry about Mitch.

Mitch, everybody, grab hands, we're gonna do this retreat right.

MITCH: That's so pussy.





TOMCAT: Control that is a beautiful sight.

CONTROL: Copy Tomcat, ring in the New Year.

TOMCAT: Ring a ding ding.

MAN: Adco 70% down bubble, aft shift check, Red Book One.

PHIL: Okay, we are in Red Book One.

MAN: Copy that, Phil, how's that martian weather?

Wouldn't go out without sunblock.

Tomcat, how long 'til the thrusters?

Hour and 10, sir.

Copy that, please go get Evan.

Will do.




TOMCAT: We're an hour out.

Hey Zara.




All right, we're officially in Red Book One.

Thrust happens at 1320, that'll put us in the corridor.

Evan I'm gonna need a rundown on your rates.

Yes, sir.

How's Zara, give her a kiss for me?

You should be lucky.

PHIL: How's the debris field looking?

Some dusting, we can handle it.

PHIL: Tomcat.


PHIL: Gonna need your stamp on this.

TOMCAT: Already done, sir.

PHIL: Good, what's the time?

12:12, sir.


Yes, 12:12.

12:12 and what?

30 seconds.



And the seconds?

28, sir.


ADA: Mitch, what the fuck?

MITCH: What?

Well done.

All right, all right, everyone settle down.

This one's by the books, every step there's gonna be a quick burst of plasma energy from the VASIMR engine.

Don't fuck with that, I'm a need you to be on your toes.

You do this right, we'll see Ceres in a month.



Sounds good.

Control, Udo is 1270 nautical miles out of Jakarta, preparing to shift course.

Udo you're a go for course correct.

Copy that.

Velocity is at 6,000, Phil, 120 feet per seconds.

Flight, go for forward thrusters.

Countdown to thrusters on my mark.

Five, four, three, two, one, mark.


Delete Auto RCS, jet select, mains A and B, pick us up in the procedure for existing PTC, that's in your CSM checklist.

We're in the lane.

Velocity decrease now at 3,230 feet per second.


ADA: Nice work, Flight.


Ada, champagne is on me.

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪


♪ Happy birthday to you ♪


♪ Happy birthday dear, Mitch The Bitch ♪


♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

♪ Me ♪

♪ And many more ♪ ALL: Happy birthday!

MITCH: Thanks guys.

PHIL: Blow 'em out, blow 'em, there we go, there we go.

Oh, yeah. Come on.

Got it. Come on.


Outstanding, thank you.

Oh, you sons of bitches.

What can we say, we're saints. Red velvet.

Hey, yeah, yeah, I'm gonna get the rum cake.

Rum cake for the rummy.

That's right.

Let's dig in everybody! Here take one.

No, I don't want any.

♪ There's no place that I'd rather be ♪

♪ Than here in this moment with you ♪

♪ Than here in this moment with you ♪

♪ The sky is a sparkling ♪

♪ The sky is a sparkling sea ♪

♪ And we're sailing a course straight and true ♪ What is this?


It's so old. What are you gonna do?

Start hobbling around on your walker?

Hey, hey, I heard that.

Don't be knocking the Joshua Tree Song, okay? What?

TOMCAT: That takes me back there.

'Sides it kind of reminds me of Dylan.

ADA: Who?

TOMCAT: Bob Dylan.

ADA: I don't know what you're talking about.

Bob Dylan was one of the most influential songwriters in folk, and country, rock.

'60s, '70s, '80s, and beyond.

ADA: All right, that was before my time.

Ever hear of the Beatles?

Of course I've heard of the Beatles.

TOMCAT: Well they were before your time too weren't they?

Okay, stop ragging on me.

Saw Bob Dylan's farewell tour.

Right before he died, amazing, man, poetic genius.

ADA: I can respect genius.

You know what?

You got a lot to learn.

And I'm just the guy to teach you.


Someday I'm gonna play you my vinyl collection.

Than you'll see what you've been missing.

ADA: I'd like that Tomcat.

♪ So gather round my friends ♪

♪ And never tell me that this night is over ♪

♪ 'Cause there is not one thing ♪

♪ We can do wrong while we're singing a Joshua Tree Song ♪ How are you playing this?

Right here, next to my heart.

Original nanite, first gen, single cell.

Still got all my old mixes.

All right, you got me.

This shit is beautiful.

Old shit is beautiful.

Hey are you ready for your little educational tutorial you're doing there?

Before the blackout?


I know what I'm gonna say.

You on the vid-com?

Yep, I'm up, gonna talk to my grandkid.

Her name's Emily.

She's actually a lot like you.

Poor girl, she's into planets and plants too, huh?

Yeah, kind of, takes after her mom and my wife.

Oh wow, how long have you been married?

TOMCAT: 40 years.


TOMCAT: When are your wedding bells little girl?

Hell no, marriage is a superstition like God.

Okay, I guess it's not for everybody.

So, what's your wife's name?

Emily, that's her name and my granddaughter's name, kind of a family name.

Well, give the Emilys my best.

I'll do that.

Hey you think it's gonna be hard, the blackout?

ADA: No, we did it in the simulator and the moon's far side.

Yeah that was two days though, we're talking months now.

ADA: I don't got anyone to talk to.

TOMCAT: You can talk to me Ada.

I'll get that.

ADA: Oh thanks.

So, what's Pennsylvania like?

Oh, you never been?

Oh hell no, the closest I've been is DC.

TOMCAT: Why'd you say it like that?

Like what?

TOMCAT: Like you just threw up in your mouth.

No I didn't.

TOMCAT: Hey, I'm just playing.

Don't fuck with me.

So, it's just like farms and stuff?

Yeah, basically.

Actually grew up next to Gettysburg.

Mm, so you saw the old graves.

TOMCAT: Oh yeah.

I saw the ghosts too.


Not into parapsychology?

That's not a thing.

Oh really.

Astrobiology, some people would say that's bullshit, looking at far off places and then just guessing what's out there.

But that's different.

How is that different?

Totally different.

Spook hunters are junk science.

I'm about evidence.

Oh, right.

What about little green men?

Evidence, Tomcat, evidence.

I like you, but you are a bitch of a nut to crack.

Why thank you.

You like the challenge.

I got to take more things on faith from now on.

My wife just died, you see.

Oh, Tomcat,

I'm so sorry.

Well, thank you, it's okay, believe me, we knew for a long time, and I wanted to stay.

But me going was her wish.

She knew how important this was.

But at least we got to see each other off.


Yeah, what I saw, the ghosts, the soldiers, and their faces,

it was probably just a silly kid's imagination, but, you gotta admit hurtling through the black in a ship the shape of a coffin, hard not to feel a kinship somehow.




Lola, Lola, oh.



My baby.




Gonna use the cell prototype for the presentation tomorrow.

Do not let Mitch step on you.


You know me.

How's Zara?

You know Tomcat was married for 40 years?

Just know, 100% I couldn't do that.

MITCH: Am I good?

ADA: Yeah, okay, we're live, come on.


Hey, so, I'm Mitch Poe.

I am the Payload Commander here aboard The Udo.

Now what that means is I'm in charge of all of the equipment we're gonna need on the Ceres project and getting it there safely.

So right now my colleague, Dr. Gray and I are gonna take you on a little tour of the Ceres project.

ADA: I got a sample of the cell.

No, no, first I would love to just talk about the infrastructure.

Oh yes, I am going to tell you all about the very radical infrastructure we have onboard in great detail.


Hey papa.

I'm wearing the dress.

You look pretty as a picture postcard.

Is your mommy around?

She's talking to the preacher.

They got grammy in the coffin up front.

Yeah, I know, don't be scared.

Okay, she's still grammy, always will be.


Hey, hey, come on now, I need you to be strong for me.

Okay kiddo?




All right, these pipes you see running up behind me right here, they each contain a membrane.

And each one of those membranes has a self-heating carbon nano tube, and they run the entire length of the ship, both inside and out.

Now where we're landing, that is called the Occator Crater.

It's 90 kilometers, which is, Ada?

Too slow, 56 miles wide.


And she's the math one too.

It's the brightest spot.

ADA: It is bright because it is made out of hydrated magnesium sulfate.


So what that translates to is it's the same stuff that makes up like Epson salt.

And these nano tubes they are going to extract a livable amount of water from that salt within the Occator Crater.

Water is just one half of the equation, for the other half we have here, hold the camera.

Oh, you are gonna love this, we call it

(ADA SCOFFING) the cell, okay.

Oh, you grabbed it 'cause you wanna talk about it, or should I?

The first time I saw a dead body I was about your age.

It's just what happens.

But you are way stronger than I was.


Yeah, really.

And some day you're gonna be plowing a Ceresian field.

I'm gonna be kicking back with a big stogie and a fine scotch.

Okay, each of these that we call cells contain millions of nanites, and they're each fitted with an AI processor.

That's Artificial Intelligence.


These little guys are gonna be the key to converting the air and raising the temperature.

That's right.

Okay, great, well, it looks like we're about to go outta range of our last satellite pretty soon.

Guess we're headed into a 14 month blackout.

Gonna be a heck of a year.

So, Ada get in here.

From everyone here, from the whole crew of The Udo.

Ah, we wish you.


Hey, you're up.

Do you hear that?


I think it's effecting the grav pull.

What are you talking about?

There, it's like this low moan.

I don't hear anything.

Check this out.

There's a discrepancy in the gravitational pull of the payload.

I mean that's so minor that's barely even a blip.

There shouldn't be any discrepancy, how did you miss that?

Okay, come on.

ADA: Control has been pouring over these calculations for years.

Look, okay, it's probably just a bump in the artificial grav from after the last burn.

ADA: We need another.

MITCH: Okay, I think that's overreacting.

Torque could rip the casing loose, Mitch.

Oh my God, it's just a blip!

ADA: Control isn't responding, I'll have to report this to Phil in the morning.

Okay, wait.

What are we talking about here, huh?

What are we really talking about?

Back the fuck off.

Come on.

Want a little something.


MITCH: A little something for the birthday boy.


Think for a second, that'd be what?

10, 15 seconds tops?

MITCH: I thought you were good at math.

Followed by two years and 36 days of inefficient passive aggressive power plays.

It would be subterfuge all around.

You'll say dumb ass things, and I won't listen to a single order you give.

The psychological dynamic of the crew, the mission, it would be fucked.

Might even 'cause micro-perturbation in your sleep cycle.

Which could cause a serious accident down the line.

You might even be killed.

All because you just didn't rub one out.

Are you threatening me?



Guess everyone's fucked tonight.


Goodnight kiddo.



Mitch The Bitch.

Knew this would happen, soon as we go dark you and Mitch start butting heads.

I was just looking over data.

EVAN: Same thing happened in the simulator and the lunar test. You get scared.

ADA: Focused.

It's different for me, start missing Zara, turn into a goddam love dove.

ADA: You know you can control that right?

Oh, how so?

Love, affection, sex,

just chemical processes in the brain

based on the firing of neurons connected to smells.



It can all be controlled.

I cannot compartmentalize.

You just don't want to.

No, I do not.

This ship, the mission, outer space, it is not all for me, like it is for you.

Yeah, you made that clear.

This is all just an experiment, hey?

You push the abort button on anything that gets in the way.

So single minded.



I wanted your child.



Good idea Ada.

So what do we do?

I don't wanna risk anything just because some of us don't want to do the math.

And I would love it marked down that none of this is necessary.

Totally fair Mitch.

PHIL: Whether it's something Ada, or nothing Mitch, we're gonna do a short RCS at 0800, that'll relive the torque, are you willing to stand by that doctor?

Yes, sir.

It's slide rule time boys and girls.

Mains A and B, Vector five.

Copy, attitude adjusted, feeding velocity now.

EVAN: Earl Grey for Dr. Gray.

TOMCAT: Hey, you got one for me?

EVAN: Certainly, coffee, black Perfect.

Like Satan's soul.


Flight go for forward thrust.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Stand by Flight.

What the hell is that?

PHIL: What's wrong?

Are you seeing this?

PHIL: Flight we're reading an anomaly in space.


Copy, Command can you specify?

Copy that Flight, roll your tracks to 56.69er tell me what you see.

Holy shit.


Is that?

Stand by Command, let me run a diagnostic.

Copy that Flight.

Please let me know if that's what I think it is.


who here speaks Mandarin?

Shit. No, it's impossible.

Oh, you got to be kidding.

How come Control didn't know about this?

The readings, they are not lying.

Right down to The report said the screws on the casing I am positive there is a ship out there.

Totally scrapped, was that all bullshit?

All right!

Just calm down, all right?

Who cares how it happened, it happened.

Boys and girls that is the new normal.

So now that our cheese has been moved get over it.

Evan, I'm gonna need you to get with Mitch on this one, we're gonna do a course correct, bring The Udo into short range communication.

MITCH: No, sir.

How's that?

I'm still concerned about this torque stress.

Oh, so now you're fucking worried?

PHIL: Oh now's not the time!

Plus I don't know what kinda gravity that ship is pulling. PHIL: So do the math, work the problem!

We don't have the fuel.

PHIL: We have the reserves. And I don't think we do have...

PHIL: We're gonna talk to the Chinese.

I think that's a bad idea.

Whether you like it or not we're gonna be their neighbors, so we'll start by offering them the cup of sugar.

Who the hell has my gum?





MITCH: What?

You say something to me?





Okay, hey, could you guys not talk in French when I'm trying to run the numbers, okay?

I don't know if you're talking to me, I don't understand what you're saying, sorry.

Switch on.

And basically we are draining about 75% from pod one for the reserve.



So, what's Phil's reasoning here?


He does not want any of the pods to be completely without fuel.

Only draining about 33% from this one, and all the coolant.

It doesn't really matter though, does it?

EVAN: Never know what could happen.





Just the fuel sign, do not worry, you can override it.

You son of a bitch, you knew that was gonna happen.


All right, we are go for course correct in 13 hours.


Course correct 0900.


PHIL: Hell of a time to be working.

Hey, you want one?

PHIL: Yeah, what do you got?

I got marshmallow and a brown one.

What's the brown one?

Shit flavored for all I know.

Yeah, I'll take the marshmallow.



5,000, that's the magic number.

What do you mean?

We've logged 5,000 hours Tomcat, you and me.

Come Monday I've flown with you more than anyone.

No shit.


Hasn't gotten any easier.


Fuck you, Phil.

You know, I should be sitting in that chair.

There's the Tomcat I know.

Cheers buddy.

Hey man, I'm sorry about Emily.

Thank you.

We're a couple of old guys.

Hey, speak for yourself.

Younger than The Big Bang.

Well, that's something I suppose.

Yet here we are.

The old douche bags, right?

And we're the pioneers, isn't it supposed to be the kids?

It's bass ackwards.

Yeah, I'll tell ya what's bass ackwards, Brittany Spears getting Medicare.


Like I said we're Big Bang young.

Yeah, thank God for that, huh?

Thank fucking Christ.

And thank God for Emily.

PHIL: The other one, the other Emily?

Yeah, my grandkid.

She's great, she's gonna be all right.

They're all gonna be all right once we get Ceres up and running.

You think they're gonna be grateful?


Right, not a snowball's chance in hell of that.

Cheers to that.

Hey, Phil, you never had anybody on the vid-com back home just like last time.

There is no one back home.

You know that, Tom.

It's all out there in front of me.

It's always been enough.

It's not all doom and gloom, there's kiddos like Ada.

Yeah, the doctor is something, she's like

a quantum computer.

Hey, don't worry, that's a compliment.

ADA: So we a go?


TOMCAT: We're a go, 0900.

ADA: Mitch will have all the numbers up and ready provided he's juiced up.

Hey, I'm gonna need Evan's debris report?

Why don't you join Evan now.

On it, boss.

I, I have to apologize.

For what?

For what I just said about you.


PHIL: Called you a quantum computer.


Thanks, I am.

Yeah, it was just the tone I used.

Phil, I know what you're gonna say.

Sorry, I'm no good at this.

You're thinking we got a year until Control will be watching us.

You know your work so far has been exemplary.

Really, your work in general is genius, you know that.

It's not the worst job in the world, I like it.

You mean saving the human race?

Something like that.

It's better than what my mom did.

Oh yeah, what'd she do?


I know what you mean, my old man skipped out on us when we were 10.

Sir, you're not gonna kiss me or something like that are ya?

No, no of course not.

Thank you sir, you saved me a lot of paperwork.

You're welcome.

Command, you are on course.

Time to communication range, one minute.

Copy Flight.

Gray, I'm gonna need that translation. I'm gonna need you to read it out for me.

I have the pronunciation right here.


Okay, hold.



ADA: Which means, this is Brightstar, Udo Terraformation calling in friendship.

PHIL: Copy that.

ADA: Second phrase.


Which means, could we please open a line of communication?

Last phrase.


Okay, that one I know, thank you.

And just remember to bow when you say it.

PHIL: Racist.


Okay, Evan, where are we at?

10 seconds.

Nine, eight.

Tomcat put us on the frequency.

Six, five, four, three, two.



MITCH: Command.

Yeah, go ahead Mitch.

Maybe it's unmanned.

You mean a satellite?

Yeah, maybe a rover.

PHIL: Don't think so.

Why not?

Look at the size of that thing.

That is a big son of a bitch.

And look, I see oxygen, nitrogen tanks on the front hold.

No, whoever it is, there's definitely somebody on there.

This is Commander Phil King of The Udo.

The Brightstar Terraformation Project, Oh my God.

PHIL: please respond.

What the fuck is that?

EVAN: It looks like it is venting.

Phil, there's some kind of gas emitting from that thing.

PHIL: Flight, give us a forward thrust, back us off.

Sir, what about the torque?

PHIL: Yes, doctor, I'm well aware.

MITCH: He knows about the goddamn torque?

This thing doesn't stop on a dime, all right, everyone just calm down.

Flight, where are those calculations?

I need a sustained burn.


Give it a wide berth.


There is a lot of debris.

It looks like the whole front is coming off there.

We need that thrust now.

Five, four, three, two, one.



Flight what's the time on that?

30 more seconds.

What is that, do you hear that?


What is that?

Helmets on, immediately, possible hydrazine leak.

Everybody zip up!


ADA: Mitch, do see this?

EVAN: Ten, nine.

ADA: In the debris.

Five, four.

It's our nanites, Three, two. they got our nanites! One, shut down.



What the hell is going on back there, Flight?

Torque! Sending us into cavitation.

ADA: I knew it!

Goddammit, that's a rupture warning.

No, that's not gonna happen.

Mitch, sit your ass down back there.

You were right, now put that on.


Ada, Ada sit down, Ada sit down!

Flight, I need those stabilizers!

Stabilizer's on.

Gonna need a damage report on that debris shower, figure out what it was, everyone strapped down back there?

Mitch is injured.


All right I'm coming back there.

Tom log all the coordinates, lock us down.


PHIL: And get your helmet on I wanna know if we got a hydrazine leak.

All right sir.


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. Yeah me too.

First we got to figure out what to do.

Evan I say we do a course correct back into satellite range and send a message to Control.

Impossible, not enough fuel.

So siphon more from the pods!

ADA: It gets worse.

You're saying you got this reading from the other ship?

Yes sir, as soon as the debris hit.

Familiar configuration, isn't it?

MITCH: You're kidding.

Like I said, those are our nanites.

MITCH: That doesn't make any sense.

It's not just a similar AI, it's exactly the same.

Okay, okay, so you think that the Chinese stole it?

Yeah, yeah, fuck, shit, I wouldn't be surprised.

I told you!

Brightstar's full of fucking spies.

I told you the whole time!

Yeah, okay, now's not the time to drag it up.


MITCH: What is that?

I don't know.

Evan, how you doing on the debris field?

Come on Flight, talk to me!

EVAN: I don't know, it's strange.

ADA: What was that?

PHIL: Looks like something to do with the aft pressure valve.

I'm on it.

PHIL: I got it, just get the fuel from the pods.


My eyes!




Oh goddam.

Oh God, where's that fucking com?

Fuck, where's that fucking com?

12, 12, 12, 12, 12.

12, 12 Mitch!



Anybody can you hear me?

Anybody out there can you hear me please?

12, 14, 14.




Mitch, anyone, are you out there.



Who is it?



Who are you?


Are you Chinese?

MITCH: Jesus Christ, Ada, Ada, Ada, can you hear me?

Is that you?

Mitch, Mitch, Mitch!

Mitch, yeah, yeah, you're coming in.

You okay?

MITCH: Fuck no, but I got into three.

Pod three?

MITCH: Yeah, yeah, what channel are we on?


MITCH: Go to 12, somebody might be wanting to get in touch.

I tried that.

Yeah, well try it again!

Ada, Ada, can you see me?

Yeah, yeah you're patched in.

You see me?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got you, I got you, sort of, you're freezing but.

Shit, going outta range can you?

TOMCAT: Anyone, anyone there? Yeah, copy, I'm reading you, who is this?

TOMCAT: It's Tom, Tomcat.


TOMCAT: I can't.

Tomcat, you made it, you're alive.

Where are you?

Tomcat listen to me I think, I think maybe I can.


Shit! Fuck!

Fuck where is he, where?



Okay, okay.

Tomcat, Tomcat if you can hear me The Udo was on route 40 by 40 by 23.

Each pod launched at 30 degrees down bubble.

If you got thrust, Tomcat, Tomcat use your thrust to slow down and pitch, pitch a complete 90.

90 degrees, 90 degrees to the left.

To the left, Tomcat, to the left, can you hear me, Tomcat?

Please respond!


Just turn left, it's just 90 degrees, turn left okay.

You'll bump right into me.

Come be my neighbor, Tomcat.

TOMCAT: Hey neighbor, borrow a cup of sugar?


Oh thank God.


Get me on the vid-com. Take a bearing range.

I don't want us to bump.

TOMCAT: Where am I going?

Where the fuck am I...

To the left, 90 degrees to the left.

TOMCAT: Just a left, are you sure?

90 degrees to the fucking left, it's simple.

TOMCAT: Gotcha, darling.


I'm gonna go to channel 14, I'm gonna get Mitch.

MITCH: Oh don't worry about Mitch.


Hey, beautiful.

I'm guessing 12 is the official party line?

Mitch, what happened?

Mitch, Mitch are you there?


I think the range is the problem,

I'm drifting away.

You're gonna be okay, you're in three, right?

Was that right or left of me?

I don't know, I don't fucking know.

Mitch come on.

Okay, what one are you in?


What, what, what?

I'm in one.



ADA: Jesus Christ.


Can you hear me, I'm close.


Got you on my monitor.

Better decelerate.

Thrusters use a lot of fuel, I got to use them sparingly.

Mitch, do you have thrusters?

Oh, what the fuck does it matter now?

Come on, Mitch!

Find your thrusters Mitch.

We're all fucking corpses now.




ADA: Mitch, do you have thrusters?

I don't know!

Calm down, look around, breath.

ADA: Find your thrusters Mitch.

Ah fuck!


Tomcat we're losing him.

Yeah, I see that.

Mitch, get your head in the game!

Mitch, Tomcat was on my left, you were on Tomcat's left that's a 90 degree turn.

Do a sustained burn for twice as long.

40 seconds.

40 second burn Mitch.


Fucking help me!

Mitch! help me!



Okay, we gotta keep calm, if we don't we're dead.

Tomcat we're already dead.


We're dead either way.

Have you located Evan?

I don't know if he even made it.


Oh God, Phil's gone.


He didn't even make it to the pods.



Can we get a reading on The Udo?

It's gone.

What do you mean?


How can it be gone?

Even if we could get a lock.

Tomcat I don't understand.

It wouldn't do any good.

Didn't you smell it? hydrazine.

Fucking hydrazine.




That's probably what got Phil.

Can we ventilate?

No, it was an explosion, total saturation, the panels are fried.

Okay, listen.

We're gonna do a sound scan, right?

All frequencies, see if we can locate Evan and Mitch.

How do you do that?

We'll just do a basic ping but put it on a loop.

Little trick I used to use in submarines.

See the tuning switch right side of the com?

Got it.

All right flip it.


Okay, now we just listen.


Tomcat I got an idea.


Do you hear that?


What is that?

Where is that coming from?

I don't know, it's close.

♪ There's no place that I'd rather be ♪

♪ Than here in this moment with you ♪

♪ The sky is a sparkling sea ♪

♪ And we're sailing a course straight and true ♪

♪ They say there's magic in this land ♪

♪ And I believe it through and through ♪ EVAN: Flight to Udo.

♪ When we circle ♪ Evan?

♪ Hand and hand ♪ EVAN: Ada!

That's a copy Flight.

This is Tomcat.

Happy to hear from you.

MITCH: Ada, Tom.

Mitch is that you?

MITCH: We had some real fucking luck.

He came into my comm range.

Just followed the pied piper here.

All right everybody try your vid-coms.

MITCH: Copy that.

Hey, hey, no tears, no tears, this is space your head will explode.



All right, so now we all hang together but we're still gonna hang.

Who is in number one?

Number one, who is in it?


Who has got it?



You used number one for fuel didn't you?

Phil told us to.


All right, I say we take a quick inventory, all of us.

All right? Are you crazy?

Check our stats, yeah I know, we have to cut the vid-coms.

We just got 'em back.

Tomcat is right, we need to know exactly where we're at.

Water, fuel, power.

That's right, it shouldn't take long, we've barely used the pods.

Just the basics.

See you on the other side.


It's too fucking quiet, man.

You'll be all right, trust me.



What the hell was that?






What the fuck happened to my pod?

What do you mean?

I got no fuel!

Me neither, Mitch.

You in three?

Three, pod three?


That was the other one.

What do you mean the other one?

What the fuck did you two do to this thing?

All right, calm down Mitch.


These guys are fucking amateur hour.

I made the call, me and Phil so we could get close to that Chinese ship.

Oh yeah, look how that worked out Tom, fuck you!

Fuck every one of you.

Are you through?

We all are Tom.

Ada's got an idea, right Ada?

Yes sir, I was thinking about penguins.

The South Pole, the only place in the world that never gets warm, but yet penguins know how to live there.


So we're penguins now?

And it's colder than cold outside.

Okay, so what do the penguins do?

Most complex group therapy ever.

Oh, that's fucking funny.

It's fucking true.

They stand in a circle for months sharing body heat.

It's much more than that, like a symbiosis.

So what are you saying?

Still got the cell, the prototype.


So, this little guy has dozens and dozens of nanites in it.

You're talking an umbilical cord.

The nanites can make one.


They can use the antennas, every pod's got one.

Yeah, that'll take at least a day.

We were willing to wait years!

That's different.


It wasn't life and death.

You kidding?

That was the mission.

Oh, don't give me that shit.

You're just like the suits.

Stop pretending we didn't fuck the Earth.

TOMCAT: All right!

They work!

Stop being a bitch, Mitch.

MITCH: Those Chinese nanites fucked us.

Shut up!

I'm with Ada.

There's a surprise.

I could use my single cell, link directly to you.

Mitch, I'm closer.


Turn those damn things off.

Hey, you think we should be worried about any of 'em?

Yeah, all of them.

All right everybody, stir your tanks.


Thanks for that.

Don't worry.

This is gonna work.

Suppose it does, what do we do?

Been thinking about that, I say we keep going.

You're crazy.

Not to Ceres obviously, we'll never get there, and obviously it is too far to get home.

Thinking about the planetoids?

We are out past Mars now, there are dozens of them, the Trojans, maybe the L-5 point.

That's a terrible, terrible idea man.

I gotta go with Mitch on this one, even if it is possible to land without blowing up, we'll be trapped.

We lost all terraforming cells.

You've got that prototype.

One cell, that's impossible.

You said there are dozens of nanites in there.

But after we use them to link the pods

I don't think this can do much more.

I cannot die in space Ada.

I promised Zara.

She won't even know anyway.

I will!

She knew the risks.

Zip it up.

Just the atmosphere Ada, that is all we need.

A little bit of H2O, a little bit of carbon.

Just a pinch of creation.

I'm with Evan guys, we gotta try it.

Tomcat, it's a pipe dream.

Even if we were to get down there there won't be any fuel left to leave.

You're the one that gave us all that helpful little reminder of our mission.

Well, I still believe in it.

Also prefer not to die in this void.

Although I don't really mind it much anymore.

If nothing else I wanna know there's hope for my grandkid.

Oh God, I wish we were still knocking back beers at Joshua Tree.

Yeah, me too, but shut up Mitch, it'll work.


You know if it doesn't these pods are gonna be our coffins.

Yeah, well at least we'll be on the ground.


Damn, that's the fuel.

Now or never!

Flight give us a count.

Course correction, 10, nine, eight, seven.

Hope they work.

Six, five, four, three, two, one, release!


Ada are you talking to them?

On it.

Let's hope the gravitational pull doesn't fuck us again.

You hear that?

That's the nanites locking on, Tomcat I'm starting with you.

Gonna nudge a little closer.

Okay, hold her steady, going for umbilical now.


Awe shit, Tomcat's breaking out the guitar.

Good thing there's not much room on the ship.

Hey, fuck you Phil, all right?

I'm playing my damn guitar, deal with it.

This is my wife's favorite song by the way.

♪ Beautiful dreamer ♪

♪ Wake unto me ♪

♪ Starlight and dewdrops ♪

♪ Are waiting for thee ♪

♪ Sounds of the rude world ♪

♪ Heard through the day ♪ Checking on the dogs.

Hey, hey don't nuke mine.

Hey, you're gonna put it in your mouth and you're gonna like it.

That's an order, you hear me Mitch?

Mitch The Bitch.



Where's my beer?

Get your own.

Oh, Commander, all chivalry.


Damn I love this.

Just the looking, you know?

God, they keep us so bottled up in Dallas.


Same in Jakarta.

Just love to sit and look.

When I was a kid I was


16, seminary school,

said that I wanted to go into space.


Same day I said I didn't believe in God.

It's ironic, huh?

Nah, that's not irony.

So, what's irony?

Something used in Greek tragedy.

So what am I talking about?


I don't know.

You're blabbering.



So is this why you became an astronaut just to stick it to God?

What about you?


Did you know

that planet means wanderer?


Now there's some Greek for you.

I like the wandering.

PHIL: Hey, I wanna try that.

How do I look?



PHIL: Don't let her push you around.

That's an order.

Really is something.

Love to look up and...

Yeah, yeah, space is amazing.

You do not think so?

I mean, I do, I just, it's now starting to sound like a pick up line.

Oh, are you and the Commander?

No, no.

I mean, maybe he wanted it but, he's an old man, I'm not.

A man? Happy to hear it.


Ada, would you like to go for a walk with me?


To look at the stars.

I've seen them many times.

With engineers, biologists, astrobiologists, all the ologists.

But have you ever really looked at them with your own eyes?



No, I'm not scared of anything.

Especially a Frenchman.


They're doing it, they're building the umbilical!

Thank you God.

All right Evan, I'm patching onto your nanite now.

Hope it's more than a song shuffle.

Me too.

Okay, you're on the grid Evan, you too Mitch.

Connection looks strong.

Where's your fuel gauge at?

I'm out.

All or nothing.

What am I gonna see on my end?

An icon is gonna pop up on your monitor.

You too Mitch.

All right, I see it.

I don't.

So what do I do?

Click on it, Orange Book One.

Patch them into your basics.

Where's the icon?

Got you.

I Hey, where's the icon? am in.

Should be there, Orange Book One, Mitch, come on!

Gonna start with the fuel.

Where's the fucking icon?

I don't have the fucking, I don't, oh no, no, no, okay.


No, I got it, I got it, okay, yeah, I'm in.


And electric.

Mitch, how's your fuel looking?



Oh fuck. I'm not getting anything.

Yeah, it's working.


Oh holy fuck it's working.

Ada, Tom!

TOMCAT: It's working Evan, everything should be working.

Ada can you hear me, Ada?

TOMCAT: Tanks are stirring, Ada is that you?

TOMCAT: fuel has gotta be going somewhere.


Ada is that you?


Ada, Ada you are going to be all right.


Oh fuck.

Oh fuck, Christ.

Oh fuck, Christ Jesus.

Calm, calm baby, breath, breath.

Do you see your fuel gauge?

You did it.

We did it.

You nailed it Ada.

Yeah, fuck!

Fucking fantastic. We can do it.

You seeing this Mitch?

Nice job Ada.

Mitch you reading this?

We can get down to the Trojan planetoid.


Yes, yeah, Evan.

This'll work. Nice.

It'll work.

Thank Chri...!

Four kilometers down bubble.


Everyone rigged on their hoses?

Yeah, that's a copy.


Copy, Ada, you're going to...

Remember, five days, that's all we got after that it doesn't matter, everything will be recycled out of our bodies, drink as much as you want it'll only be wet.

Copy that.

The terraforming on the L-5 Trojan is gonna take at least a week, so it's gonna be real fucking close.

Are we go for course correct?

That is a go.

It's terra firma time, people.

10, nine, eight, seven.


Hold Flight.



You seeing this?

No, no that cannot be.

Is that?

Oh shit, it's Phil.

That can't be.

What the fuck are you talking about, Tom?

It's the fucking distress line.

He never made it off The Udo.

Plain as day.

He never made it.

Well then how do you explain the call?

I can't explain the call.

Oh, so you can't explain the call, Tom?

No, I can't explain the goddam call.

Is there some kind of auto separation?

What do you mean?

Is there preset program?


ADA: You sure?

No way in hell.

Why not?

Safety, somebody has to be in the pod for it to launch.

So there's definitely somebody in there.

But I saw him. Can we establish communication? You saw him.

No, no fuel is thin enough as it is.

This jury rig has only got so many burns in it.


Come on, Mitch, Evan is right.


No, nope, not this time, look, the fucking pod's accelerating.

Holy shit.

Phil's in there Tom.

Lieutenant, it's coming into comm range.

Lieutenant McMahon to pod five, do you read me?

Pod five come in, Phil, it's Tom.

It's Tomcat, come in pod five.

PHIL: Help



Oh fuck, do you hear that?

PHIL: Help me.


Whoa, fuck, fucking.

Turn it off, turn it off.

MITCH: Fucking help me.

Turn it off!

Flight check in, Mitch, Ada!

Tomcat, Tomcat you there, Evan?

I'm hearing you.

Ada to Flight. Mitch are you there?

Are you there?

That's a copy.



A monster.

All right, all right, stay focused people.

Evan, I'm gonna need burn right about now, get wide of that damn thing.

I didn't know nanites could do that.

Me neither but.

But what?

Text based on tardigrades, only thing that can live in space.


So, I'm saying that nanites are tough.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, tough, tiny little bastards.

That's what we wanted.

Why did the Chinese weaponize them?

They did it to fuck us, man!

Oh, come on.

Well, what do you call that shit?

Maybe it was an experiment gone wrong.

Yeah well, you think the tribes stayed on Earth?

What the fuck are you talking about, tribes?

I had not idea that they would do...

Think isn't about tribes.

It never was about tribes.

Okay, focus everyone, let's concentrate on getting down to the rock.



Oh fuck, what the hell is that?

Course correct, 10, nine, eight, Brace positions. seven, six, five, four, three, two.

Oh fuck, you fucking hear that?

One, firing!



10 more seconds.

10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, Shit, my heat shield is cracking!

Four, three, two, one, shut down.

TOMCAT: Oh, Jesus.

We are right in the window, should be a soft landing, it is like a powder down there.

Thank Christ, I don't know how much more old Emily here can take.


Yeah, like my wife, she was a tough old bird too.

Mitch what is it?

Do you hear that? Mitch!

There's something on the hull man.



My pod, Emily, she's losing structural integrity.


It's gonna be okay, it's gonna be okay.


Tomcat, Tomcat we can do something.

Hey, I'm dead weight kiddo, I'm gonna give you all the fuel I got.


Me and Emily, it's not so bad.


My God!


Cut his audio.

Don't worry Mitch, I'm here.

And we're gonna take a little trip.

Umbilical separated, they are drifting.

No Tomcat.

You take care kiddo. Don't leave me!

Listen to some Dylan.

I need you Tomcat, don't leave me here. remember, have faith.

Tomcat, don't go!


Brace for impact.



AUTOMATED SYSTEM: Approaching Vesta.






Oh God.

Evan this is Ada, do you read me?

EVAN: Ada, Ada I am here.

Oh, thank God.

My power is fried, I cannot get any readings at all.

Do you have any hull integrity?


Oxygen and the nitrogen ADA: Oh my God. are holding steady.

I'm not getting any readings either,

but I'm gonna launch the nanites anyway.


What is it?

The casing's cracked.

Goddammit, goddammit.

You know what?

Don't worry, it's gonna be okay.

I'm gonna seed it anyway.

Christ, there is no way to know if it worked.

10 days.

That's all we need.

I'm running the cycle now.


Whatever you say.

It'll work.

I hope so. It'll work.

'Cause my legs are broken.


Both of them?

If I do not make it please do not waste time trying to find me.

Don't say that Evan.


Don't say that shit Evan it will work, it will work.

Evan, 10 days

and we're gonna be in paradise.

Not as fast as they preach,

but, this one requires a lot less faith,

I promise you.

10 days.

10 days.


I used to hate Tang, but I'd take that over piss right now.


Some joke, huh?

Better than most.

He speaks.

Speak again Bright...



Very cultured.


Romeo and Juliet.

Bet they could sympathize with us right about now.

I didn't take you for knowing Shakespeare.

He sounds even better in French.


So what do you take me for, you just pity me or something?

What are you talking about?

You just like mocking me I think.

Where is this coming from?

Through the simulation and training, every goddam day there was that tone.

You're getting punchy.

That woman's tone.

Shut up.

And drink up, you're dehydrated.

Like my wife.

I'm nothing like her.

That's it.

Next dinner bell...

Day five.



Today is day four.


No, I'm positive.

Day, day four, I have been counting.

Me too, three!


Oh, to hell with it.

There is no way to know, goddammit, goddamn this place.

Evan, I'm positive.

Everything is smashed.

It's day four!

Three, three, three three, three! Four!


Three, it's three!

I know it's three, I've been counting, it's three.



I was gonna get a divorce,

I should have.

I should have told you.

I love...

I love you.





I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

So you care now do you?

But not enough, never enough!

You just wanted to get into space, huh?

ADA: Evan, please.

Damn the consequences.

I'm sorry.


I want outta here!

There is no way out of here.

ADA: Fuck you, 10 days, I'm outta here.

It has only been one day Ada.

No, no.

No, don't fuck with me Evan.

Don't fuck with me, I know.

You believe?

ADA: Yes, yes.

Faith... from you?

You knew what was inside you, what we made, and you took the pills anyway.

No, no.


Just a chemical process.

One life is nothing but making a new world that is a metal on your chest, your name in stone.

I mean why be a mother when you can be THE mother?

That night at Joshua Tree we made love.


And then you aborted our child!

That isn't what happened.

I miscarried.

I miscarried.

I miscarried.


I wanted your child.


♪ The sky is a sparkling sea ♪

♪ And we're sailing a course straight and true ♪

♪ They say there's magic in this land ♪

♪ And I believe it through and through ♪

♪ When we circle the fire hand in hand ♪

♪ The magic becomes me and you ♪

♪ So gather round my friends ♪


♪ Never tell me this night is over ♪

♪ There isn't one thing that we can do wrong ♪

♪ When we're singing a Joshua Tree Song ♪

♪ I hear the sweet sound of a drum ♪


♪ Clear in the night ♪



♪ Seems like I've been away forever ♪

♪ But now it's my time to go ♪

♪ Set my course back to where you are ♪

♪ Sail where the strong winds blow ♪

♪ Even if you're beyond the moon ♪

♪ Somewhere beyond the stars ♪

♪ I'll be with you so very soon ♪

♪ No matter how far ♪

♪ Sailing close to the wind ♪

♪ Making my way back to you ♪

♪ Soaring... ♪

♪ Sailing a course straight and true ♪

♪ Sailing close to the wind ♪

♪ Making my way back to you ♪

♪ Soaring straight and true ♪

♪ We're sailing a course straight and true ♪

♪ Sailing a course straight and true ♪