Sparkle (2012) Script


[OVER RADlO] ♪ lt's Slinky, it's Slinky ♪ MAN 1 [OVER RADlO]: --protest U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War.

MAN 2: Muhammad means "worthy of all praises" and Ali means "most high."

MAN 3: With Marvin Gaye on WD...

MAN 4: You guessed it, The Beatles... MAN 5: The astronauts ofApollo 1 1 began their ritual-like preparations for this blastoff.

MAN 6: Something is happening in our world.

MAN 7: Detroit's number one radio station sponsoring--

MAN 8: Open Mike Night at the Discovery Club. lf you have a voice, we want to hear it.

Come on down and see if you can knock Big Black off his block.

♪ l feel so dirty but stays so clean ♪

♪ 'Cause l'm a man Yes, l am ♪

♪ l'm built to last Like a love machine ♪

♪ But l'm a man, mm ♪

♪ l said, good or bad Right or wrong ♪

♪ Oh, you take me as l am ♪

♪ But when you need somebody To scratch that itch ♪

♪ Use these helping hands Ow, l'm a man ♪ SPARKLE: Come on. l wrote this one just for you. l don't know why l let you talk me into coming. l think l'm the oldest sardine in this can.

Well, you don't look it. Well, that's true.

But it's your song. You go up and sing it.

You're the singer in our family. Honey, you sing.

Yeah, but you know how to hold people's attention.

People love to just hear you talk. lmagine how you're gonna knock it out when you get up there.

♪ Oh! Let-let-let me shake it ♪

♪ And feel that 'Cause l'm a man ♪

♪ Yes, yes, l can ♪♪


All right, now. Whoo. Fellas.



Keep that applause going.

Give it up one more time for Black. lf you guys are having a good time, say "oh, yeah."

ALL: Oh, yeah!

Please. l went over everything with the band.

Please. l just want to hear my song. Please.

Are you sure you want to do this?

You, are you sure? MAN: That man is Black!

You hear that?

That's the sound of success, baby.

What you doing?

Ahem. Wait a minute.

Let's get a room.

Wait a minute. Bro, you see her?

Good God, woman. What's wrong with you?

MAN: Coming up to the stage right now is a beautiful young lady.

She's just as fine as she wants to be.

Now, this lady is a Detroit native, and she's never been to the Discovery Club so l want everybody to show her some extra love.

Strutting up on-stage right now is Sister Anderson!

Thank you.

♪ Oh Let me tell you something ♪

♪ That's been on my mind ♪

♪ They can't pay me To ever leave you ♪

♪ Ain't enough money ♪

♪ See, we've been through Yes, we made it ♪

♪ And l refuse to let you go ♪

♪ And l l wanna spread the news ♪

♪ There's no one out there ♪ So, what's up, Mr. Manager?

We gonna do some business or what?

Black, you got to lose some weight, baby.

Man, you must be crazy. Man, all the ladies love me.

And besides, this old belly is what helps me sing.

TV's getting bigger. Uh-huh.

Clothes getting smaller. Yeah.

You know, you'd be good on radio. Man, that's cold, man. That's cold.

♪ You gotta listen to me, baby ♪

♪ Please don't ever run away From me, baby ♪


MAN: Lord have mercy!

♪ l wanna spread the news ♪

♪ No one out there That could ever treat you ♪

♪ As good as l do Please believe, believe that it's true ♪

♪ Baby, l love you ♪

♪ Oh, you know that it's true Yes ♪

♪ Well, baby, l love you ♪

♪ Baby, l love you ♪

♪ Whoa, whoa, yes, l do ♪

♪ Oh, baby, l love you ♪

♪ Yes, l do ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh Yeah, yeah ♪♪


Whoo-hoo. All right. l see you looking. Sure, you're right.

You were so great. But we have to hurry.

We have five minutes to catch the bus.

Give it up one more time for Sister Anderson.

My goodness gracious.

Excuse me. Excuse me. lt's Sister, right? Mm.

You gotta forgive me for earlier. l was all wrong about you.

You were foxy up there. Promise me you'll come back next week.

Maybe. Maybe not.

But, baby, l gotta-- STlX: Excuse me. Excuse me. l really don't date younger men.

No, no, please, you were so-- l'm sorry, but we have to go.

Where can l find you?



Next time it's your turn.


Hi. Thank you.

You were so good.


SlSTER: Whoo!

That was so fun!

Yeah, it was.

Next time, can you get through the chorus before you do your solo?

Miss Thing, next time?

Yeah. l have a lot more songs.

Then you better get a lot more confident and learn to sing them yourself.

Slavery is over.

Really? You're not gonna sing anymore?


Assume the position. What?


Whoop. Ha-ha.

♪ Soul finger ♪

♪ Soul finger ♪♪

[WHlSPERlNG] Y'all are late, and she's up.



Sparkle. Hush. Sorry.



What y'all doing in there?

My babies.

But l know y'all don't love each other that much.

Sister and Sparkle, curl your hair.

Church in the morning.

You hear me?

Dolores, why is my window open? l'm not trying to heat the outside.

Close it.

Good night. GlRLS: Good night.


SlSTER: ls she gone?

Y'all heifers sneak out, and l get fussed at?


Laugh at-- Laugh at that. ls that funny?

Peace be with you.

ALL: And also with you.


Good morning. ALL: Good morning.

You know, the Lord loves a church full of happy, good-looking black folk.

ALL: Amen!

REVEREND: l know y'all happy this morning, right?

ALL: Yes!

REVEREND: Ain't no frowns in this church today, is there?

No frowns, no clowns, not in church.

And look at the choir.

How y'all doing this morning? CHOlR: Good!

Levi, there she go. What? What?

Seven Sundays, seven churches, and $7 later, and l find her.

LEVl: That light-skinned girl? STlX: There.

LEVl: Oh, man. Well, that's Tammy Anderson.

Yeah, man, she is smoking hot.

Tammy. Two sisters. They all fine.

They can all sing too. ls that right?

Sure, you're right. But they mama crazy, though.


[WHlSPERS] Y'all know better.

REVEREND: l know l can't sing, but l can love to hear singing.


[♪♪♪] l'll see you next week, right? Okay. See you later.

Excuse me. You was at the Discovery a few weeks--

Shh. --ago.


Oh... Bible study's at your house this week?

Yeah, it is.

You know, you bad at this.

Just act natural.

Hi. My name's Stix.


Sara. Huh?

Who is my baby talking to? Nineteen ain't no baby no more, Emma.

What? No need in eyeballing me. l tells the truth. lt's in my contract as your friend. l'm telling you, you hold on too tight to that one, she'll be unmarried and back on your doorstep like Sister.

That's just temporary, okay?

Well, New York just spit her right on back out, huh?

No. You know what?

You worry about your daughter, l'll worry about mine. l'm just saying. Yeah, what?

Mom, l need some money. SARA: What?

They selling dinners in the basement, and they going fast.

Mom? Don't do it.

Mama, please. Come with me.

Now you stop. See y'all later.




Let's go.

So l will see you at Bible study, Sparkle?



Another one of my white friends came to me the other day and said, "Where's the best place to hide something from a Negro and he'll never find it?" l told him, "A work boot."


Y'all know he talking about us, right?

SATlN: People are always asking me...

Where is she? l don't know.

Ms. Anderson, where's the bathroom? Down the hall, second door to the right.

Second door. Mm-hm.

Thank you. Yeah, second door.

Ladies and gentlemen, Satin Struthers. Let's give him a hand.

Great job. Thanks for coming. lsn't he funny?

There you are.

Why you not in Bible study?

Haven't you heard? l'm a heathen. Don't want to sit in there and be a hypocrite.

Well, we already got something in common, because l only came just so l could ask you out.


The other door. To the right.

Other door. Sorry.

[ON TV] ♪ ln the sunshine of your love ♪♪ EMMA: Oh, y'all like that, huh?

Funky dance, huh? You like that. You like that music? Funky, huh? lt make you want to dance. Come on.

Get it, Mama.

Uh-huh. Yeah, Mama gonna get it. Mama gonna get it.

And you will too.

You keep dancing like that, you'll bring home a baby you can't feed.


Let's open our Bibles.


The deal was color television for an hour of Bible study. l lived up to my end, now you live up to yours.

So let's go to Psalms 1 0--

Reverend Bryce called. Says he need you to check the books.

The numbers are not adding up.

All right.

What are you watching?


Oh, l love this song.


No, no. Too many hormones unattended in here.

Let's go. Get out. Come on. Sister, turn that TV off.

Thank you. Come on, let's go.

WOMAN 1 : Bye, Sparkle. SPARKLE: See you.

WOMAN 2: Good night, Mama. Good night, baby.

Mm. lt was just getting good.

TUNE: See you tonight, Sparkle.

SPARKLE: Call you later. TUNE: All right.

DOLORES: See you next time.

TUNE: Bye, Tammy. SlSTER: Bye, Tune.

Well, good night.

Good night.


Why are all the cute ones always so stupid?

Hey, can l talk to you for a second?

EMMA: All right, l'm going.



♪ You bring out The woman in me ♪

♪ What can l say That you can't see? ♪

♪ l like the way we carry on ♪

♪ Hope you understand My feelings got me just reelin' ♪

♪ What can l do With this feelin'? ♪

♪ Hooked on your love Sweet love, love ♪

♪ What can l do With this feelin'? ♪

♪ Hooked on your love Sweet love, mm ♪♪ Please, don't stop.

What are you still doing here? That was beautiful.



Wait, that's your song? You wrote that?

Only if you thought it was good. l thought it was phenomenal.

Then l wrote it.

So did you write that song your sister sang at the Discovery a few weeks back?

Yes, but she kind of made it her own. Wait a minute.

You wrote that song?

You wrote the song you were singing?

You wrote the songs in here too?

Yes. Ahem.

What you gonna do with the music?

Nothing. Why not?

Because my mother would never let me.

Plus, l'm not the singer in the family. Sister is, then Dee. l sing in the choir so l don't sit by myself in church.

No offense, but l'm just hearing excuses.

Excuse me? l don't mean to be rude. l'm just passionate, especially when it comes down to music.

That's why l'm here. l'm staying with my cousin, Levi. l'm from Kansas City. We got a cool jazz scene down there. l managed a few acts, but the money's here in Motown.

And l want to be-- l am the next Berry Gordy. l figure, his stomach ain't growling like mine anymore.

Maybe he's leaving a lot of steak and potatoes out there.


You mind if l hear that song again?

Mm. Still needs a lot of work.


Why won't you unpack? l really don't plan on being here that long.

You said that two months ago.


Hey, don't ever be sorry for telling the truth, Spark.


What was that?


Your Romeo is out there.

What? Mm-hm.



You can't be throwing rocks at my window.

My mother has a gun.

A gun. A big one.

There's an underground club tonight.

The kind that songwriters don't want to miss.

You got to hear the music. lt's the stuff they ain't playing on the radio.

Come with me. He wants me to go hear music with him.

You've snuck out of the house for less.

And l know just the dress.


You coming?

♪ Sing a simple song ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Talking, talking, talking Talking in my sleep ♪

♪ l'm walking, walking, walking Walking, walking in the street ♪

♪ Time is passing, l grow older Things are happening fast ♪

♪ All l have to hold on to Is a simple song at last ♪

♪ Let me hear you say ♪

♪ Yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ l ain't gonna bite you.

And how do l know that?

You're gonna have to trust me.

♪ Sing a simple song ♪

♪ Try a little ♪

♪ Do re mi fa so la ti do ♪

♪ Mi fa so la ti do ♪

♪ Do re mi fa so la ti do ♪♪



Can l tell you something? l think your lyrics are too safe. l mean, you got Dr. King, the war. l don't think the metaphorical lyrics gonna fly anymore.

What? You impressed by my big word? l was. ln the spirit of telling the truth, can l tell you another? l wouldn't want you to lie. Then why do you lie to yourself?

About not wanting to sing? l mean, Sparkle, you writing these songs.

And you can sing.

So why aren't you singing them? l'm no Diana or Aretha.

You know, you right.

You Sparkle.


Look, my mom used to sing professionally.

She tried to break out and it almost killed her.

So thank you, but l know the realities of this business. l'm just doing it for fun. You know the realities?

Oh, stop. l'm...


What are you afraid of?

Your mom or your own voice?

Maybe you'd be like your mom and never reach your goals.

But don't fall short of it because you can't admit that you want it.

Okay. l want to be better than Diana. l want to be a star.



Thank you.

l had a great time tonight.

And just in case l never get out of that house, thank you for making me tell the truth.


do you want to be a star?


Do you want to be a star? Yes, l want to be a star.

No, l don't believe you. Say it like you mean it.

Yes, l want to be a star.


First you have to write a song for your sister, something where she can work the crowd.

Sparkle, you gonna have to get over your fear of singing because you and Dee gonna back her up. l mean, everybody loves a good girl group.

Now, you tweak your lyrics, make them more raw, more relatable.

But Fillmore, here we come.

Of course, you gonna have to win Cliff Bells.

You have to be invited to compete. Yeah, l know. l'm gonna work on that.

Now, l want you to work on your sisters, and l'll work on Cliff Bells.

And you'll be our manager? Of course.

Then you manage to get my sisters.

Do l have you?

Backup, remember?

Good night.

SlSTER: Cliff Bells? Come on. l'm not embarrassing myself.

Didn't Marvin Gaye get booed there? STlX: Yeah, but it made him better.

Now he's traveling, making millions.

Mr. Gordy is making millions.

However it may be, it was enough to get him out of his mama's house.

You don't have to be rude about it.

Well, l don't really know if you were asking me.

You never really looked my way, so our eyes never got to dance, but l'm in.

And just to be clear, l'm in it for the money.

Medical school is expensive, so, no, you won't get 20 percent. Fifteen max.

And once l get accepted into medical school you will have to replace me.

And if you pretend like l don't exist going forward, l will turn my sisters against you.

Other than that, sounds like fun. Hmm.

l'll wait for you guys outside.

l'll let you know. My first day at Freeman's is tomorrow.

Working at a department store?

Heh. You ain't gonna make no money. Sparkle!

Come on, Sparkle.

Everything l said the other night, l believe.

You used me to get to Sister.

You said it yourself, Sister is the better performer.



Have you lost faith in Mr. Johnson?

Well, I guess the president would have to answer that question.

SlSTER: Oh, who doesn't like Sidney Poitier?

But the movie, you liked the movie? Yeah, l loved the movie.

More importantly, the next time you take me out, you need to have a car.

Oh, l'm just-- l'm just waiting on the right one to buy, baby.

Take me on a date on a bus in the rain?


You're lucky l like you.

♪ lf l sang a song ♪ Look, l don't know any other way to be than myself. l'm a straight shooter.

So here we go. l like you too. l do, and l want to be your man.

[CHUCKLES] l'm serious. l ain't like all the other jive guys that just want to do you. l heard about your reputation. l just think it's what guys say when they see something beautiful and know they can't have it.

So they'd rather tear it down than make it something they want.

But l see your beauty.

Outside and inside. l want to earn it.

Kind of like a job.

Yeah, so just tell me what you need to fall in love with me.

Because whatever it is, l'll do it, girl.

Whether you believe it or not, l'm already in love with you.

l already heard it so much, it all sounds like BS to me.

Maybe l better roll up my sleeves then, huh?

Hopefully not as high as your pants. What's wrong with my pants, girl?

This is the style. You can see my socks. Change it.

Put some sugar in them shoes.

So l can sweet-talk my pants down, huh?

What's this?

Open it up.

Oh, Levi. l swear, one day that's gonna be yours. l promise you.



That's Satin Struthers.

Now that's some of the coolest trolling l done seen in a long time.

Did you see this cat, Ham? Yeah, l see him.

What's your name, brother?

Levison, but they call me Levi.

Levi, here l am buying the real deal for these women, and you tell me you cut a picture out of a magazine and just put it in a box? l'm about to go get me some scissors, and cut some pictures out of magazines like your boy Levi right here.


Clip-clip, hussies. Clip-clip, hussies.

Can l see it? Let me see that.

This is nice.

Ooh. This is nice.

You got a good man here.


Yeah, l used to eat in here back in the day, ahem, when l was struggling.

This is some real cheap, good food.

But l'm not gonna hold you guys.

Have a good night.



Did you see her? You were so wrong.

Tammy, l should get you home.


♪ And if l had to die Die ♪

♪ Would you pray for ♪

♪ Me? ♪

♪ Would you pray for Me? ♪♪

SPARKLE: Mama was so pretty.

Oh, here's Dee's daddy.

SARA: Here's a good one of yours and Sister's daddy.

Cute, but no good.

You got to watch out for those cute ones, baby.

They make a lot of promises.

My goodness. Lookit here.

Gonna be the first store in Detroit to have one of these.

Mm. She's pretty, Mama. Oh, a chocolate mannequin.

Ain't it something?

Dr. King said we would have integration.

That's right. SARA: Look what l found.

What's that? The other, nicer you.

Sparkle, you go to lunch.

You come with me and let me try to fit your behind in this dress.

Oh. See how she do me? Come on.

She used to be real nice, girl.

She's in there somewhere. Come on out, nice girl.

See you later.


[OVER SPEAKERS] ♪ The fire It was burning ♪

♪ Sweetheart, l know ♪♪


♪ Doo doo doo doo But this old love in my heart ♪

♪ Still beats strongly ♪

♪ Doo doo doo doo ♪♪


♪ Said l was through With-- ♪

♪ Romance --less and blue ♪ l got Cliff Bells.

♪ l haven't a chance Then you-- ♪♪

[ON RECORD] ♪ Special occasion ♪♪


Got my first check.

Well, let me see.

Ninety-six dollars?

For two weeks of standing on your feet and kissing rich white women's butts? l am never gonna get out of here.

Stix said we can make anywhere from 500 to $1 000, if we win Cliff Bells' talent contest.

Don't say it all dry like that. Sell it.

So y'all talking to Stix now?

No. She was talking to Stix, l was talking to her, now we're talking to you.

You sure you want to do this? Yes.

You know, they say you shouldn't eat where you--

Mm-mm. lt's the other way around. She gets the point.

You guys, l thought about it, and l want to do this for me, not for him.

So how much we gonna make a week?


Eh-- Ugh.

Thank you. Thank you. Okay. Okay.



SlNGER: ♪ Running, running l'm running, running ♪

♪ Running, running l'm running, running ♪

♪ Running, running ♪


♪ Running, running l'm running, running ♪ Hello, Mr. Manager. Hey.

LEVl: Got them here, cousin. Surprised?

Yeah-- Not at all. Thank God.

♪ lf l knew how to let you go ♪

♪ No more fragility ♪

♪ Walkin' through your door Begging on my knees ♪ Well, we come a dime a dozen, don't we?

♪ Every time l see you l get weak ♪ Coz, let me get the girls signed in.

Okay, okay, you do that.

♪ But l can't seem to leave you ♪ Give them hell, baby.

BARTENDER: Levi. What's shaking, man?

♪ Every time you ask me To take you back ♪

♪ l get running, baby Running to you fast ♪ MAN: Hey, can l get a picture?

BARTENDER: Here you go, man. Okay.

♪ Yeah, running Running ♪

♪ Yeah, running ♪

♪ Callin' up all my friends ♪

♪ Tellin' them l need a new man ♪ Satin.

Oh, picture-in-a-box brother.

Might not forget a face, but l'll forget a name in a minute.

Levi, Satin. Levi.

Ladies, this is... See, l forgot already. Ha-ha-ha. l got the girls signed in.

Righteous. Righteous. Cousin, this is Satin Struthers. l know who it is. You're a funny man. Thank you.

This is his right hand, Hamster.

Ham, man. Ham. Ham.

This is my cousin, Stix. He's the manager of my girlfriend and her sisters.

They performing later tonight. l hope they're good. l'm looking for a new act to open up for my show.


Hey, Mr. Bell. Hey, how are you tonight?

You know, hanging. BELL: Got a table for you in front.

Okay, cool. Come sit with us. Uh-- l'd rather have the manager than the boyfriend.

Boyfriend can't do nothing for me. Come on over here.

Have a good evening.

Nice socks.

♪ l get running, baby Running to you fast ♪

♪ Well, now you got me running ♪

♪ And running, running And running, running ♪

♪ Running ♪ And running, running ♪

♪ Running, running ♪

♪ And running, running ♪♪



They were amazing. Give them another round of applause.


Hey, l see we got Mr. Satin Struthers in the audience tonight.

Show him some love, y'all. Yeah.

Looking good too.

Boy cleaner than a Sunday chitlin. Ugh. Yeah.

Coming up next is another girl group. Okay, go out and look pretty.

This isn't what we rehearsed. You want to win, don't you?


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Sister and her Sisters.




Where in the world did you get those church dresses?


MAN: What happened? You forget the words?

[MOUTHlNG] Where is she?

Hey, get this man a drink. He's gonna need one.



♪ Your tender smile Gives me happy thoughts of you ♪

♪ You've got me so close to my dreams Now they have to come true ♪

♪ Ooh, baby Nothing to be shy about ♪

♪ Nothing we have to lie about ♪ Whoo!

♪ Hope lovin' you Don't confuse you ♪

♪ Ooh, baby, baby l don't wanna lose you ♪

♪ And when we touch Our hearts move in a steady pace ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, yeah ♪

♪ l'm tryin' hard not to show The blushin' over my face ♪

♪ Ooh, baby You bring out the woman in me ♪

♪ What can l say that you can't see? ♪

♪ l like the way we carry on ♪

♪ Hope you understand my feelings Got me just a-reeling ♪

♪ What can l do With this feeling? ♪


♪ Hooked on your love Sweet love, love ♪

♪ What can l do? ♪

♪ What can l do With this feeling? ♪

♪ Hooked on your love Sweet love ♪

♪ l'm hooked on your love ♪

♪ What can l do With this feeling? ♪

♪ Hooked on your love Sweet love, love ♪

♪ Baby ♪

♪ What can l do Ooh, with this feeling? ♪

♪ Hooked on your love Sweet love ♪

♪ Oh, hooked on your love ♪

♪ What can l do? Ooh ♪

♪ Hooked on your love ♪ They good.

♪ l'm hooked on your love ♪

♪ What can l do With this feeling? ♪

♪ Hooked on your love Sweet love, love ♪♪



l'll have you booked all over the city.

Diana ain't got nothing on you.

Hey, Sister, you were amazing. You were amazing.

Sparkle, l need more of the songs. You know, the kind we talked about. l can do that. All right.

We need, uh-- We need new dresses, Mr. Manager.

We need to get home before Mama wakes up and finds out we took--

No, stole, the car. l'm not trying to die. SPARKLE: No.

Levi, drive careful. Yeah?

You got my future in this car.



Daddy need three new, pretty dresses. Eight ball, side pocket.


You got this.


♪ Boy, don't get shaky ♪

♪ Don't be mad and get flaky ♪

♪ 'Cause this dance You don't know, oh ♪

♪ Let Sister show you how it goes ♪ Thank you for your involuntary contribution to Stix lncorporated Wardrobe Fund.

You was impressed by my big words, weren't you?

Man, just shoot the damn ball.



♪ We're gonna turn the place out ♪

♪ And now you jump We're gonna shake a little funk ♪

♪ You're doin' fine And now you're right on time ♪

♪ Have a ball l hope my mama don't call ♪

♪ Know the rules We're gonna keep it in the groove ♪

♪ You're all for me 'Cause your moving just sets me free ♪

♪ l love the way you party hard ♪

♪ Don't know nothing That can tear us apart ♪

♪ And you know l ain't too proud to beg ♪

♪ Hope my partner loves To shake a leg ♪

♪ Just one thing l need to know ♪

♪ lf you love me Baby, tell me so ♪

♪ And now you jump We're gonna shake a little funk ♪

♪ You're doin' fine And now you're right on time ♪

♪ Have a ball l hope my mama don't call ♪

♪ Know the rules We're gonna keep it in the groove ♪

♪ Jump, jump Shake a little funk ♪

♪ Jump, jump ♪♪


STlX: They loved us!


You finally hit that note, Sister.

They didn't come to hear me sing, honey.

We need more money, or you need to book us at a better club. l know what you need before you know.


Mr. Manager, that was out of sight.

Sparkle, l didn't know you had it like that. And, Dee, you were good.

Okay. But you. Ooh, you.

Sister, you were on fire.

You'll mess up my lipstick.

Yeah, well, as much as l want to mess up your lipstick, l gotta go to work.

Since when you working the graveyard shift?

Since l got a woman that's got needs, cousin. Look at her.


STlX: Satin.

Didn't know you was still in the house. Yeah.

Let me introduce you to my family. This is Sparkle. This is Dee.

This is Satin Struthers. Pleased to meet you.

Pleased to meet you. Hi.

And over here, in this corner, this is-- We know each other.

Well, first, l'd like to congratulate you on your performance.

Thank you. SATlN: And secondly, l'd like to give you something.

You know, dreams do come true.


Oh, my God. Ha-ha-ha.

STlX: Levi! LEVl: Trying to take my girl?


Get off me.

LEVl: Let me have him!

STlX: Come on, Levi. SATlN: What's wrong with you, Negro?

Take me at least 30 minutes to get my hair like this. lt's gonna get messed up tonight anyway. Heh-heh-heh.

l'm sorry, sisters. l'm gonna go outside and be waiting on you.

Oh, my God.

How could you do that to Levi?

Oh, Levi's a grown man. He can handle himself.

Don't listen to her. She's damn near 30 and not married.

Shut up. You shut up.

But Levi loves you.

Spark, when you see a train that's gonna get you to where you're trying to go, you can't wait to live.

You gotta jump on it.

He ain't got nothing else on me. Huh?

What he got? More money? Better clothes?

What else he got? He got nothing on me.

But she ain't worth it. He ain't worth it.

You my family. l'm your blood. Then act like it!

Act like you're my blood! Hey. lf not for more than the drool that you deposit on my couch every single night, you should have had my back. l did have your back.

No, you didn't.

You didn't have my back. Oh, coz. lt's business. lt's just business.


Levi, where you going?

Levi, it ain't personal.

Just business, right?



MAN: Mercy, mercy, mercy!

SARA: Let's get this food out here, Miss Emma.

REVEREND: Mm-mm. Uh-huh.

The Lord loves good-smelling food.

DOLORES: Smells so good, Mama.

Thank you, baby. Delicious.

Okay. Reverend, will you bless the food, please?

Sister's not here yet. She said she was coming.

Sparkle, those who do, do, baby.

Pastor, thank you.

Please, bow our heads.

Our Father in heaven, for this meal you have given, we want to say thank you.

And, mm, bless the ones who prepared it.

And, Lord, as we share it, will you stay with us, and be our guest of honor?

But not just at this meal, but God in our waking, God in our speaking, God in our playing, God in our digesting, God in our working, God in our resting. ln a world where so many are lonely, may we share this friendship with joyful hearts.

Amen. May this food, so fresh and fragrant, call forth reverence for you in our souls.

As you give this strength to our perishable limbs,

And let's not forget the blessings on this family, Father God.

Lord, we thank you. Amen.

ALL: Amen!

Now, that's why black folks can't get ahead, right there.

Not because we lazy. lt's because we're too busy praying over 40 acres and a mule.

Now, by the time black folks get to "amen," the mule is dog food, and the 40 acres is sold from underneath us.

Because we too busy praying.


Mom, this is Satin.

Pleasure. Pleasure is mine, all mine.

[WHlSPERS] Two dollars say he doesn't make it to dessert.

[WHlSPERS] Five says he doesn't get food on his plate. Look at Mama's face.

This is Mrs. Waters. SATlN: Pleasure.

SlSTER: And Tune Ann. SATlN: Hey, Tune Ann.

SlSTER: My sisters. SATlN: Hey.

And this is the Reverend Bryce. Mm-hm.

What do you say, Rev? Mm-hm.

Satin Struthers.

Yeah, yeah, l seen you on TV.

You were pretty hard on the folk in Detroit after the riots.

Well, l was telling the truth, you know. lt shows a lack of intelligence for someone to loot their own neighborhood.

Well, people were angry.

At white people. Heh.

Hell, go tear up they shit. What--?

Ahem. Definitely not making it to dessert.

Excuse me. l'm sorry. Hail Mary.

That's Catholic. lt's still Christian, right? l mean, come on. l understand, l understand. l was trying to get black people to see it from a different perspective.

Burning and looting your own neighborhood may be misguided, but at least those people out there were trying to fight to change the system.

Now, with all due respect, you just trying to make a dollar off their pain. l bet you know a little bit more about making dollars off of people's pain.

You packing them into church every Sunday.

Giving them a show, got them hooting and hollering. Yeah.

You know what, Rev?

The only difference between me and you, is you collect your fee at the pew, l collect mine at the door.


Well, Ms. Anderson, l guess now is a good time for me to let you know that l asked your daughter to marry me.


SlSTER: Surprise.

He asked me last night.

Got down on one knee and told me that he couldn't live without me.

Sister, you're going to marry this man?

He disrespects our home, the reverend.

Oh, he's a comedian. He was just trying to make us laugh.

He's a really good man.

Even goes to church sometimes. Heh.

Granted, it is for material, but l am there, and God knows my heart. SlSTER: Stop.

SATlN: l got a good heart. Stop.

He tithes.


Child, l think enough of you to introduce you to dentists and doctors and accountants.

But, no, not you.

You want to whore with this coon.

Mom! Sparkle.


Um, Ms. Anderson, l'm probably more of a Sambo.

l coon from time to time, but Sambo's my go-to.

Baby, think more of yourself. l know you're worried about getting older and who's gonna marry you.

But get older, not desperate!

Desperate? Heh. l'm doing a whole lot better than you ever did.

Just keeping a man is a whole lot better than you ever did.

Ladies, please. l think-- EMMA: No, no, no, Reverend.

Let her get her attention. She doesn't have much else.

Maybe this is a conversation-- Me getting a husband is not about me. lt's about her. lt's not my fault that she got knocked up at 1 6, and is trying to convince folks she's the perfect mother, raised some good girls. Sparkle's gonna follow up behind you, and be a little church mouse and make dresses.

And if she's lucky, she'll be a preacher's wife.

Dee's gonna be a doctor, and l'm just supposed to marry one?

Funny thing is, maybe l could have snagged one, if you'd sent me to school like these two.

But instead, l was at home, raising your kids, while you were laid up in your own vomit.

Sister, if you gonna tell my tragic story, give me the honor of getting it correct.

Yeah, l passed out a few times.

Sure, l've had my moments.

But you've never, ever, ever seen me laying in my own vomit.

Whatever you say, Mama.

The fact is, l was desperate back then.

Right now, l'm trying to get myself out of here, and get myself more than a color TV and half a room. lt's okay.


Well, we better go.

Ms. Anderson, thanks for what looked like could have been a great dinner.

We better go.

EMMA: Sister!

You leave my house, there's no coming back.

Not this time.

Sparkle. Sparkle!

Are you still gonna be part of the group?

That's not exactly what was on my mind, Spark.

Yeah, sure.

SPARKLE: Dee, say something.


Thank you.

Come here.

l love you, Spark.

lt's okay.


Where you want to go?



♪ Oh, oh Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ You're all l need ♪ ♪ Like sweet morning dew ♪

♪ To get by ♪ ♪ l took one look at you ♪

♪ And it was plain to see You were my destiny ♪

♪ You're all ♪ SlSTER: Close your eyes.


♪ l'll sacrifice for you Dedicate my life to you ♪ Okay, you can open them.


Your cup of coffee, sir.

l appreciate it, baby.

You know, Daddy got to wake up a little faster and a little stronger.

You'll be surprised with what this gonna do when we make love.


Can't be any better than it already is.

♪ Yeah I need you, darling ♪

♪ Oh, l need ♪ ♪ You're all ♪

♪ You're all l need ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh ♪ ♪ Oh, your love ♪♪



DOLORES: Are you catching a cold? No, l'm fine.

Okay, from "You bring out the woman in me."

Five, six, seven, eight.

♪ You bring out the woman Hmm, hmm ♪

♪ Can you see? ♪ DOLORES: Can you not hit my hand every time?

Okay, come on, come on. Five, six, seven, eight.

♪ You bring out the woman Hmm, hmm ♪♪ Y'all ain't got to go home, but you know the rest.

Oh, they were just leaving. Uh...

Baby, you got some cab fare for them?

Cab fare?

You the one opening for Aretha Franklin. l mean, hell, if l had any sense, l'd be living off your ass.

[SNORTS] l'm funny, Sparkle? l'm funny? Yeah.

So you laughing at me like them white folks that l coon for?

No. Satin.

Well, you should.

That's how l'm paying for all this heat you sucking up.

Satin, l'm just-- Let's just go. Come on, just go.

Grab your book.


DOLORES: Ready for TV, Ms. Sparkle?

Oh, my God, Ms. Franklin!


Today ain't the day to be fashionably late.

You're fine.

Stix says Ms. Franklin's not here. Running late. l'm worried because that's gonna cut it close to us getting home.

Sure is.

Do you have any more pins? l'm running out of mine over here and l need some more. l can't get this thing on.


What happened to your face?

Oh, it ain't nothing.

He did that to you, didn't he? l had an accident.

Oh, so, what, you tripped and hit his fist?

Get out.

Excuse me? l told you to get out of my face.

He's beating you, and you're taking it out on me?

Just go. Go! Get out! No! l don't need to hear this. Huh?

Jeez, she's always in my business! Somebody ought to be!

Shut up. You guys, stop. Don't do this!

Not tonight.

Please tell me that's not what l think it is.

We have to open up for Aretha Franklin tonight, right?

Right? Right.

Well, Sister can't fly on one wing.



♪ Shoo-ooh ♪

♪ Many say That l'm too young ♪

♪ To let you know Just where l'm coming from ♪

♪ But you will see lt's just a matter of time ♪

♪ My love will surely make you mine ♪

♪ Well, l'm Livin' in a world of ghetto life ♪

♪ Everyone seems so uptight ♪

♪ But nothing's wrong And it's all right with my man ♪

♪ My man ♪

♪ l like the way we carry on ♪

♪ His loving lt sends me on and on ♪

♪ With my man ♪

♪ People out there can understand ♪

[ON TV] ♪ l'm giving him something He can feel ♪


♪ To let him know That this love is real ♪


♪ Oh, yeah Giving him something he can feel ♪ Well, l'll be damned.

♪ To let him know This love is real ♪

♪ This love is real Ooh ♪ So much love for us, it seems.

So much hope for material things.

Are they only in my dreams?

♪ Yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ So l write this song for you, to prove that real things do come true.

♪ Ooh ♪ Tell me, what does it mean?

♪ Well, l'm Livin' in a world of ghetto life ♪

♪ Everyone seems so uptight ♪

♪ But nothing's wrong And it's all right with my man ♪

♪ My man ♪

♪ l like the way we carry on ♪

♪ His loving lt sends me on and on ♪

♪ With my man ♪

♪ People out there can understand ♪

♪ l'm giving him Something he can feel ♪

♪ To let him know this love is real ♪


♪ Yeah Giving him something he can feel ♪

♪ Baby ♪

♪ To let him know This love is real ♪

♪ Yeah Giving him something he can feel ♪

♪ l'm giving him Something he can feel ♪♪

MAN: Just amazing. STlX: l know. They're special.

Ladies, we have a special guest.

This is Mr. Larry Robinson of Columbia Records.

Hi. Hi.

Oh, listen to that. They even say "hi" in harmony.

Mr. Robinson is senior A&R at Columbia in Los Angeles.

He set up an office here because he's looking for talent.

He wants to talk to us about a-- Excuse me, may l share?

Sure. Could this be my news?

By all means. Great.

First off, you were fantastic.


Thanks. l want to sign you. l'm going to sign you. l just need to, you know, see what you're gonna look like waking up next to me in the morning. Stix, what is this?

You know, that was an expression.

Okay. And it's more like, l want to see you in the light of day.

That's a better expression. Way better. l'm gonna gather a bunch of my colleagues together, and you will wow us.

And, you know, this is your fault. lt is your fault. l don't even know if you guys can actually sing. l couldn't take my eyes off of you.

Look at that, she's playing coy.

This is the coy one.

Well, that's all right. Coy plays on any number of levels.

So great.

Well, see you next week.

Bye. DOLORES: Thank you.

Y'all wowed him! Look. You got a line coming in here, girls.




Huh. You been fighting?

No, l got a new cat. Ah.

Yeah, yeah, cat. That's a big-ass cat.

Sure is.

Ladies, you better get out of here. Called the cab, it's waiting out front. l saw you singing to me, teasing me.

Y'all wowed them. And l got to run.

See if l can talk to Mr. Gordy, get us a bidding war.

DOLORES: That's right.

Satin. Stix.

Let's go, baby. You ready to go?


Y'all her new bodyguards?

We're big-ass cats. Hmm.

Come on, let's go. Mama would let you back into the house.

You guys, really, l fell. You said Mom used to fall a lot too.

You even picked her up a few times. lt was only one time.

Too many.

Sister, come home with us.

DOLORES: Let's go.

Come on.


WOMAN: ♪ ln the evening ♪ MAN: Bravo!


♪ When the sun goes down ♪

♪ You're gonna find me Doing what l'm doing right now ♪

♪ And that's to stick around ♪

♪ The night life ♪

♪ lt ain't no good life ♪

♪ But it's my life Yes, it is ♪♪

Mama, l'm sorry. l'm sorry too.

Was my life not enough of a cautionary tale for you?

Just a mean mama, won't let you follow your dreams?

Well, l guess l'll be mean. l will not encourage you to drive your lives straight into hell.

To be honest, l can take it or leave it, but we are close to getting a deal.

They say Sister could be like Diana Ross, and Sparkle could be the next Smokey Robinson, as far as songwriting is concerned.

Dolores, l've made it very simple in this house.

Respect, getting an education, and having a relationship with the Lord. lf you can't do that, then go.

Why would the Lord give me this gift if l wasn't supposed to use it?

What'd you say?

All l think about is music.

Everything l see, hear or feel turns into a song.

And l try to turn it off, but l can't.

And l know the Lord loves me and he wouldn't torture me, with something l want to do, can't help but do.

So l figured l-- You figured l was wrong.

That l had a gift.


Sparkle, you can have a gift. lt's how you use it.

You want to promote good, or you want more fast-tailed girls out there having children?

"Giving him something he can feel to let him know his love is real"?

Mama, that's private.

Sparkle, it's trash.

SPARKLE: No, it's not. Oh, yes, it is.

We're sorry for disrespecting you and the rules of your house. lf you want me to go, l'll go.

But l can't stop now, Mama, l'm too close.

Another little girl with a dream, thinks she's so different than all the others waiting to be discovered.

You go to your meeting. ln fact, l want you to, so you can see what l already know.

You ain't getting no deal!

You step back in this house, and you want to stay in this house, then this dream of yours is over. Do you understand?

Do you understand?

l am so proud of you.

So proud.

You better keep writing those songs.


Hey, baby.


What are you doing?

Listen, l got something l need you to read for me.

What's this, new material?

Now, l wants to keep my white money, but l think this is a way to cross over so l can get my black audience.

You know, Ham got me a gig down over at Baker's.

Tell me what you think. l'm honored.

And l'm thrilled, and l'm happy.

Come here.

And l'm horny.

Come on, baby. Right now, baby.

Come on, come on, baby, we got to stay focused.



Tell me the truth.

Why'd the chicken cross the road?

Because two black guys were chasing him with a biscuit.


No, because the chicken was trying to get away from your turkey ass.


Two black guys walking down the street.

Boy, they were just walking.

They were walking, they were walking...

LEVl: Finally they said, "You know what?

We need a punch line right here, because this joke ain't got none."


My joke ain't got no punch line, but you brought your girl to see me.

Well, l had to, you know, bring her to see how funny you were not.


You see, ladies and gentlemen?

You give a monkey some money, and he just don't know how to act.

What's the matter? You don't dig my sense of humor?


Man, you ain't shit.

And l'm gonna show you why. l ought to kick your ass!

You want to play? You're a wannabe!

LEVl: Snip-snip, hussy. SATlN: You are nothing!


Y'all give it up for Satin Struthers. Clap. Hey, Tammy, nice to see you.

You ain't never looked better.




RECEPTlONlST: Columbia Records. May l help you?

These girls, man.



♪ How you gonna get respect ♪

♪ lf you haven't cut Your process yet? ♪

♪ How you gonna get respect ♪

♪ lf you haven't cut Your process yet? ♪♪ What the hell is that on top of your head? The man said he wanted us dolled up.

Plus, low maintenance for medical school. l haven't gotten off the wait list, but l think in the affirmative.

No, not today, Dee. Y'all supposed to look the same.

How l'm supposed to sell that? Better figure it out.

Sparkle, thank God you're here.

What? What's wrong? Look at her.

Okay, l'll be right back.

Stay here, look out for Sister.

So, what do you think?

We were taught that if we don't have anything nice to say to not say anything. l want to hear it. l have to go to the bathroom. l'll be back. l'll come. l'm going to the bathroom. l'll watch you pee. You're not gonna disown me.

[SOFTLY] ♪ Your tender smile Gives me happy thoughts ♪

♪ Your Your tender smile ♪♪ Man, l told you not to bring her. l tried.

Not hard enough. SPARKLE: Look, l'm sorry.

Just lock the door. What is going on in here?


What else is he pushing into you besides his fists?

Just mind your business. l'm fine. l'm fine.

So you just gonna let him kill you? lt's not that bad. lt's nothing makeup can't cover up.

You get me that face powder l needed? Are you crazy?

Give that to her and you're gonna wind up looking like her.

Look, if you want me to sing for this man, l need my makeup. l didn't know what to do. She's sick with or without it.

Oh, please, Sparkle!

All you're worried about is getting that record deal.

You're not thinking about her. You're busy using her like everybody else.

That's crazy. That's my sister, l love her. Then flush it.

Come on. Come on! Just give it to me. No, l'm not gonna let you kill yourself.


What's going on?

You tell me.

My receptionist says your lead singer is beat up and drugged up in my damn utility closet.

No, Sister, she ain't here yet.

We'll be out in a second.

Use your key.

[♪♪♪] lt's like l said. l need to see them in the light of day.




Stix, baby, what's going on? l'm leaving.

Baby, l want you to come with me.

We can go down to the courthouse, get married, then leave if it makes it easier. l hope that wasn't your proposal, l imagined something different.

Baby, we got to get out of here. People are trying to destroy what we built.

You and me, we started this.

We'll put the group back together when Sister gets well.

Sparkle, it's over.

Baby, we got to start over, and not here. l mean, Detroit... Detroit is dying.

All these riots. l even heard Motown is moving to California.

You're talking about California? l'm talking about going anywhere where we can live our dreams. Why not?


Huh? l can't leave, Stix.

Then you stay, then.

Don't make me choose between my family and you, Stix.

Baby, l'm not making you do anything.

Stix, don't leave me.

Sparkle, l'm asking you to come with me.

l'm asking you to come with me as my wife.

Baby, l need you to come with me.

You coming?

You know, your mama really did a number on you, baby.

Come on, Sparkle. She doesn't need those dresses, she needs clothes. l'm coming. Well, hurry up.

You two are funny.

You can pack the bed if you want. l'm not going anywhere.

Oh, yes, you are. You awake? You awake now?

Get off me! Get up.

Get off me. Get up. Let's go.

Want to be manhandled? Come on. Get off me.

Don't hurt her.

You didn't say anything when she hit me.

SPARKLE: No. What is wrong with you?

Stop it. Stop, come on. Stop, guys.


What's going on, baby?

Uh, they call themselves saving me, but l told them l wasn't going anywhere.

Y'all need to get the hell out of my house.

We're sorry we brought chaos into your home, but our sister is sick. We just want her to get well.

She's not listening to us, but if you told her, she would go.

Or for her to go, she--

You talk too damn much!

Learn to shut your mouth.

That's my sister!

SATlN: Oh, y'all want some of this?

Y'all want some of this?

Y'all want some of me?

Shit! Get off me! Get off me!

The hell's wrong with you?

Come on, you want it too? Huh?

Little Miss Sparkle. Aah!


SPARKLE: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. ls he dead?

Give this to me.

You need to get out of here. Oh, my God.

No. No. No.

Come on, wake up. Please.

Come on. One, two, three.

One, two, three.

Please, wake, wake, wake.

Wake up.

Please, wake, wake, wake.

Wake up.

Please wake up. He's dead.

Sister, he's not dead. Look at me. He's dead.

He's dead. No!

You have to go. No.

Mama was right. lf l hadn't been scared to sing, we would've never had a group.

He would've never went after you-- l would love to hug you right now, and tell you why this isn't your fault, but l can't.

You just have to go.

Dee, you get out of here!

You take her with you! Go!

Don't say anything to anyone.

You were never here.

Go! DOLORES: Come on, come on.

SPARKLE: We can't leave her here.

Goddamn you! Goddamn you!

Damn it!


Oh, baby.


Baby, what did we do?

Oh, baby.





♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Why ♪

♪ Should l feel discouraged? ♪

♪ And ♪

♪ Why ♪

♪ Should the shadows Shadows come? ♪

♪ Lord, why ♪

♪ Why Why should my heart ♪

♪ My heart feel lonely ♪

♪ And long ♪

♪ For heaven Heaven and home? ♪

♪ Oh, yes ♪

♪ When When Jesus ♪

♪ Jesus is He is ♪

♪ My portion ♪

♪ Oh, a constant friend ♪

♪ A constant friend is he ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh His eye is on ♪

♪ His eye is on the sparrow ♪

♪ Oh, yes, l ♪

♪ l know ♪

♪ He watches Over me ♪


♪ Yeah, hey ♪

♪ l sing ♪ ♪ l sing ♪

♪ l sing because l'm happy ♪ ♪ Because ♪

♪ l'm happy ♪

♪ Hallelujah! ♪ CROWD: Hallelujah!

♪ l sing ♪ ♪ l sing ♪

♪ l sing because l'm free ♪

♪ l'm free ♪

♪ l know l know his eye ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ His eye is on ls on the sparrow ♪

♪ Sparrow ♪ ♪ l say, yes ♪

♪ l know l know ♪

♪ He watches Thank you, Lord ♪

♪ Over me ♪♪


l love you. l love you.

With all that's been going on, l couldn't find the right time to tell you, Mama. l got accepted into Meharry Medical School.

Most of it is covered by scholarships, but l have to go in early to do some research.

Well, l guess the haircut worked, huh? l guess it did.

Maybe l'll get one of them Afros and bring some luck to myself.


Thank you.

Don't cry.

We've done enough of that.

These are happy tears. lt makes me feel like l've done something right.

l used to complain that you never let us do anything.

And l thank you for that kind of love.

And l'm sorry for calling it something else.

You'll never understand how much your belief in me means.

l love you, Mama.

Oh, Mommy loves you.

So proud of you.


My baby, the doctor.

Take care.


SlSTER: Hey, Spark, it's gonna be okay.

You know, two or three years, and l'll be out of here.

Dee left for school, right? SPARKLE: Yeah.

That's good. lt's funny. We always said we'd have to replace one singer in the group.

Now we have to replace two. l bet Stix is fit to be tied.

You two broke up?


When did that happen?

The day we lost the record deal.

l'm so sorry, Spark. lt's okay.

Wasn't meant to be, l guess.

Don't come back here. l'm the only one that comes to visit. l'm not gonna leave you by yourself. l got in here by myself.

You didn't. Yes, l did.

You think now's the time for me to be lying to myself?

Don't you think l did enough of that already? l'm not gonna let you crawl up in here and die with me.

l hope you see that l am trying to save your life.


Sister-- Tammy!


♪ My boots are made for walking ♪

♪ And that's just what they'll do ♪

♪ One of these days these boots Are gonna walk all over you ♪♪

Mom-- Sparkle, curl your hair. Get to bed.

Church in the morning.


♪ Birds flying high You know how l feel ♪

♪ Sun in the sky You know how l feel ♪

♪ Reeds driftin' on by You know how l feel ♪

♪ lt's a new dawn It's a new day ♪

♪ lt's a new life For me ♪

♪ And it's a new dawn It's a new day ♪


♪ For me ♪

♪ Whoo, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ And l'm feeling good ♪

♪ Fish in the sea You know how l feel ♪

♪ River running free You know how l feel ♪

♪ Blossom on the tree You know how l feel ♪

♪ lt's a new dawn It's a new day ♪

♪ lt's a new life For me ♪

♪ And l'm feeling good ♪

Hi. How may l help you? l'm here to see Larry Robinson.

Do you have an appointment? No. l'm sorry. You need an appointment.

Okay. l'll wait.

♪ And this old world is a new world ♪

♪ And a bold world For me, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Stars when you shine You know how l feel ♪

♪ Scent of the pine You know how l feel ♪

♪ Oh, freedom is mine And l know how l feel ♪ Mr. Robinson will see you now.

♪ lt's a new dawn It's a new day ♪

♪ lt's a new life For me ♪

Okay, we're just going to have to admit we're wasting a lot of money.

♪ And l'm feeling good ♪♪ We'll salvage what we can salvage, make jambalaya out of the rest.

Okay. l'll talk to you soon. l have two minutes. Go.

Well, let me not waste them on why l need you.

That's obvious.

Let me tell you why you need me.

That's a big setup. l hope you can deliver. l'm beautiful, l can sing, and l write hits, sometimes two and three a day. l've been kissed, 20 about that alone. l've been in love, 22.

My heart's been broken, 30. l'm a virgin, so l have 80 on what making love will be like. l have a complicated relationship with my mother. l don't know my daddy, tack on another 50.

War sucks, flowers are pretty in the rain, and it's hard to follow your dreams, but you have to, because you might write a song that saves someone's life. l have a great song about that because l'm trying to save my own.

So can we do business?


Hi. l saw Larry Robinson today.

He said he'd love to come and see my show, but l don't have a show.

Figured l ought to get one.

We only have one shot at this.

Better make it count.

[♪♪♪] l'm glad l didn't leave. Heh.


Hi, Mama. Hi.

May l come in?


Hey, Sparkle. How you doing, baby?

You look good.

Little skinny, but good.

So how's the new job?

SPARKLE: lt's great. How are you doing?

Oh, l'm good. Always good, baby.

l have a flyer for my show.


lt's my own concert. l'm not opening up for anybody, just me.

l would really love it if you'd come.


Bye. Bye, baby.


How many times you gonna keep making the same mistake, Emma?



You know the bit, right? Let's hear it one more time.

You like it? Uh-huh.

Okay. Okay, ladies.

Go home and get some rest. Seven p.m. sharp.

Yes, boss. Thank you.

Bye, Sparkle. See you.

Happy birthday. Love you. Yeah. Happy birthday.

Thank you.

WOMAN: Yes, okay, guys. Tomorrow, 6:00.

How you feeling? Good?

We can't do this, Stix.

You know, we gonna be fine.

You gonna be fine. What if l'm not?

Well, close your eyes.

Stix, l'm not trying to be dramatic. l'm trying to be serious.

Sparkle, close your eyes.

Now sing.



♪ lf you look into your heart ♪

♪ With a positive mind ♪

♪ Take some inventory Of your woman and your glory ♪

♪ Leave the bad things behind ♪

♪ Everybody's got a story ♪

♪ About the love and the good things ♪

♪ But all the spices of your life You got to pay the price ♪

♪ lf you know what l mean ♪

♪ l know my man He really needs me ♪

♪ We don't have that every day Yeah ♪

♪ l know my man He really needs me ♪

♪ And whatever he wanna do ♪

♪ l wanna do it with you, baby ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Doo doo doo doo ♪

♪ Doo doo doo doo doo doo ♪

♪ Doo doo doo doo ♪


♪ Doo doo doo doo ♪♪




Make a wish, baby.

Ask me what l wished for.

What'd you wish for?

That you would ask me to marry you again, but better, and with a ring.

Did you peek? What?


That's your gift.


And tomorrow, our lives are going to change, for better or for worse.

Whatever it is, l just want to be with you.

Now, of course, if it's better, you get a better ring.

And if it's worse, then that ring is going to be dinner for the next few nights.


See, even you're not so sure.



l'm sure.

And l love you.

And l'm going to be standing right over there in them wings.

l love you too.


GUARD: You got five minutes.

You look tired.

l am.


Me too.

Well, what do you think?

Oh, my gosh!

Oh. Oh, you're bleeding.

What? TUNE: Oh, no.

My dress! No, no, no.

Look at it, it's ruined. Okay, just hold.

Look at my dress. lt's ruined. l know.

Okay, just breathe, please. We'll stop the bleeding. l know, l know, l know.

EMMA: Well, maybe you can wear this one.

Let's see.


Hey, baby.

Emma. Hey, sweetheart.

You guys, come on. lt's okay.

l don't want to get all mushy, okay?

Okay. l just came to help my baby get dressed.

Well, like Dolores said, lean back and pinch, okay?

Just try it. Let's see. Okay. Let's just count.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six...

♪ Five, four, three ♪♪ MAN: Fantastic turnout. l hope you are proud. Wow. STlX: l love this.

MAN: And you mean to say, that just you and your friends and neighbors sold tickets?

Yes, sir, and l told you too.

Yeah, you told me. l told you.

Oh, yeah.

You look beautiful.

You don't think it's too much, or not enough? lf you're gonna go out there, you gotta give them something they can feel.

Or at least imagine feeling.

Plus, Sister said make it sexy so you can't run or hide.

You went to see her.

What's wrong?

Oh, nothing. l always knew you had the gift.

Not just in singing, but you believe in yourself, even when l tried to stop you at every turn.

Takes a lot of faith to do that, Sparkle.

Thank you.

Don't lose it.

Some of us are still trying to find it.


You're staying, right?

But of course. l didn't get dressed for my health.

And l'll sit far enough in the back so l don't upstage you.


You look great. l love you. l love you too.

Have a great show.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to an evening with Sparkle.


MAN: We love you, girl!

WOMAN 1 : Yeah, Sparkle!

WOMAN 2: Whoo! You can do it, girl!

This one is for Sister. lt's called "One Wing."

♪ Feels like l'm going down A one-way street ♪

♪ ln every direction ♪

♪ l need, l need ♪

♪ l need heaven To show me just a little affection ♪

♪ No ♪

♪ 'Cause all of the signs Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Pointing towards bad for me ♪

♪ Uh, uh ♪

♪ And l wish l could get a running start ♪

♪ And soar to my victory ♪

♪ But ♪ ♪ One wing ♪

♪ l can't ♪ ♪ Fly with one wing ♪

♪ Heaven help me ♪ ♪ Fly with one wing ♪

♪ l cannot ♪ ♪ Fly with one wing ♪

♪ Oh, no No matter how hard l try ♪

♪ l can't ♪ ♪ No ♪

♪ Feels like l'm running out of time ♪

♪ And l got a whole lot of things On my mind ♪

♪ And l'm walking around ln the dark, oh, oh ♪

♪ Trying to find Just a little peek of sunshine ♪

♪ No, oh No, oh ♪

♪ l did everything to make it work ♪

♪ But still l'm at a loss Yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Now l'm on the runway of my life ♪

♪ Waiting to take off But l ♪

♪ l cannot ♪ ♪ Fly with one wing ♪

♪ Heaven l'm gonna need some help ♪

♪ Fly with one wing ♪

♪ l can't, l can't, l can't ♪

♪ Fly with one wing ♪

♪ And no matter how hard l try ♪ ♪ l can't ♪

♪ No, oh, oh, oh, yeah ♪

♪ Oh, l've been on my knees Many nights ♪

♪ Praying ♪

♪ For the coming of my victory Yeah ♪

♪ But it's always something there ln the way to delay my flight ♪

♪ l just can't get off my feet To reach my destiny ♪

♪ Though it's where l can see ♪

♪ lt's just too high to reach ♪

♪ No, oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ l can't l can't ♪

♪ l can't fly with one wing ♪


♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Fly with one wing ♪

♪ No, l can't fly ♪ ♪ Fly with one wing ♪

♪ Hoo, hoo, hoo ♪

♪ With one wing Oh, oh, eh ♪

♪ No matter how hard l try ♪

♪ One wing ♪

♪ One wing, yeah ♪

♪ l can pray all l want, Sister ♪

♪ But l can't, l can't, l can't No ♪

♪ Fly, fly, fly, whoo ♪

♪ But l can't do it, no ♪

♪ But l can't, l can't do it No ♪

♪ Please l can't do it, no ♪

♪ One wing With one wing ♪

♪ One wing Yeah ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh ♪♪



Let's meet tomorrow. l'm gonna sign her.

Sure. We'll come by after our meeting at Motown in the morning.


Well, why put off tomorrow what we can do over dinner tonight?

Always liked you.

MAN: We love you!


MAN: Encore!

CROWD [CHANTlNG]: Sparkle! Sparkle! Sparkle!

Ladies, if you out there, LADlES: Yeah! l just want to talk to you.

About all the ups and downs, round and rounds, the drama, the trouble that love put us through.

Now, l know some of y'all out there came here with your man.

But if you've ever been in love, if you've been through what l've been through, then l got a question for you.

♪ Who will give you the world today? ♪

♪ Who will tell you everything's okay? ♪

♪ Say all the things That you wanna hear ♪

♪ Who will take away All of your doubts and fears? ♪

♪ Who promised you The moon and stars? ♪

♪ Vowed to never ever Break your heart? ♪

♪ Who will tap into your very soul? ♪

♪ Then turn right around And be so cold? ♪

♪ Love will, love will, love will ♪

♪ Have you up and down All around in circles ♪

♪ Hey, yeah lt will ♪

♪ Love will ♪

♪ Let you in, turn around Put you out in the cold ♪

♪ Listen, y'all ♪

♪ Who will say Some of the sweetest things? ♪

♪ Have you believin' ln all your dreams? ♪

♪ And who will open up every door ♪

♪ And have you feel like The world is yours? ♪

♪ Who will give you butterflies And give you chills from feet to head? ♪

♪ Who will make you feel so alive ♪

♪ Then turn right around And kill you dead? ♪

♪ Love Love will, love will ♪

♪ Oh, you're gonna Love will ♪

♪ Have you up and down All around in circles ♪

♪ Yeah, hey, love ♪

♪ Said it will have you ♪

♪ Hey, yeah, yeah Oh ♪

♪ Love can be good, can be bad Can be dangerous ♪

♪ lt can make you happy, make you sad Be a stranger ♪

♪ Break you all the way down Till you're sick ♪

♪ lf you let it, l'm telling you ♪

♪ Love will Oh ♪

♪ lt'll make you do some things ♪

♪ lt'll have you going up and down Around and around in circles ♪

♪ Love will ♪

♪ l believe it will Yes, it will ♪

♪ Oh, oh, hey Listen, baby ♪

♪ Love will do these things ♪

♪ End up bringing pain ♪

♪ Oh, so strange ♪

♪ First the sun then comes the rain ♪

♪ Boy, l don't know What l'm gonna do with love, ohh ♪

♪ Hey, yeah ♪♪


MAN: We love you, Sparkle!

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, ooh ♪

♪ Doo, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh Doo, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Oh, yeah ♪

♪ Well Everybody's been so uptight ♪

♪ And forgetting to live their life ♪

♪ Let all the problems get them down ♪

♪ Till it makes you wanna shout Oh, yeah ♪

♪ See, everybody's Been down on luck ♪

♪ Now finally things are looking up ♪

♪ The sun has chased All the rain away ♪

♪ No more obstacles in our way ♪

♪ lt's time to celebrate Come on, yeah ♪

♪ Come on and celebrate That's what l want, yeah ♪

♪ l wanna celebrate Because it's so right ♪

♪ l celebrate you I celebrate you, yeah ♪

♪ Listen There is, oh, so many of us ♪

♪ That underestimate The power of love ♪

♪ So much hate going 'round And l've had enough ♪

♪ l'm inviting you to fall in love Ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Though we've been Going through changes ♪

♪ Just trying to make it From day to day ♪

♪ Tonight Don't you worry about a thing ♪

♪ Just cast your cares away Yeah ♪

♪ lt's time to celebrate Come on, yeah ♪

♪ Come on and celebrate lt is what l want ♪

♪ l wanna celebrate lt's time to celebrate ♪

♪ l celebrate you You celebrate me ♪

♪ Celebrate you ♪

♪ lt's time to celebrate Come on, come on ♪

♪ Come on and celebrate No matter what color you are ♪

♪ l wanna celebrate 'Cause tonight everyone is a star ♪

♪ l celebrate you, you celebrate me You, you ♪

♪ l'm gonna give you a reason ♪

♪ Why you should clap your hands And jump for joy ♪

♪ There's something We can believe in ♪

♪ Now that the rain is gone We're gonna dance on a rainbow ♪

♪ lt's time to celebrate Come on, yeah ♪

♪ Come on and celebrate Time to celebrate ♪

♪ l wanna celebrate Because it's all right ♪

♪ l celebrate you I celebrate you ♪

♪ Celebrate me, celebrate me ♪

♪ lt's time to celebrate Celebrate you and me ♪

♪ Come on and celebrate No matter what color you are ♪

♪ l wanna celebrate Tonight everyone is a star ♪

♪ l celebrate you, you celebrate me ♪

♪ lt's time to celebrate Come on and celebrate ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ l wanna celebrate Ooh, ooh, yeah ♪

♪ l celebrate you, you celebrate me ♪

♪ lt's time to celebrate Celebrate ♪

♪ Come on and celebrate ♪

♪ l wanna celebrate ♪

♪ l celebrate you, you celebrate me ♪

♪ lt's time to celebrate ♪

♪ Come on and celebrate ♪ JORDlN: We love you, Whitney.

♪ l wanna celebrate ♪

♪ l celebrate you, you celebrate me ♪♪