Sparks (2013) Script

I say unto you, that one of you will betray me.

The one who has dipped his hands in the bowl, will have betrayed me.

Take this, and eat it; this is my body.

What are you doing out here?

He's at it again.

Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet you also should wash one another's feet.

I want you to go hide in the cellar.

And wait for me. I'm gonna come get you, okay?

Yes, Mom.

Go, go.

Breaking news: A meteorite has struck just outside Rochester, New York, killing over 230 people, exposing 75 residents to an unknown form of radioactivity.

At around 10:00 pm, residents of Rochester, New York, were awestruck when the calm sky was cracked open by a massive fire ball.

The meteorite's impact sent debris flying over

16,000 meters away from the crater epicenter.

The U.S. army has quarantined residents within a ten mile radius of the meteorite.

A year has passed, however meteorologists are still baffled by the extreme increase in weather within a ten mile radius of the crash site.

Eighteen months later, and only 13 out of the 75 residents who were exposed to the massive radiation, have survived.

They have been nicknamed "The Rochester 13."

Scientists studying the "Rochester Thirteen" have confirmed that each member has developed their own form of radioactive mutation.

The Bureau of Investigation is speculating that the charred body is the remains of serial killer "Ringmaster Jesus" whose real name is Kevin Sherwood.

Kevin Sherwood, an evangelical preacher, who authorities believe killed over 45 people in a four year period.

The Bureau has released the startling information tonight that the serial killer Kevin Sherwood, was in fact one of "The Roschester 13."

A suicide note was found, which experts have confirmed is authentic.

In the letter Sherwood referenced the meteorite as a sign to do God's work.

A search continues tonight for Ian Sparks who authorities have identified as the "Matanza copy-cat killer."

I want to report...

.. my murder.

I've found him.

He's here.

Every cop and "Super" in the City is looking for you, Sparks.

Who should I call first?

Wanna hear me out first, pal?

Then you can call whoever you want.

Docherty, Recorder.



Ya got a lot of tape in there?

Because I got a lot of story.

I was six years old when my calling discovered me.

"Hurry space cadets to bring justice and peace to the whole galaxy."

I believed it was my fate to protect others.

Proof right there that I was a moron at an early age.

I figured if the police couldn't stop the scum I'd do it myself.

When I turned fifteen, I celebrated my birthday by cleansing my hometown.


Is this what you wanted?

Yeah. Good.

I made short work of all the thugs, gangs and bindlestiffs.

The only thing that came easy for me as a "Super" was my name.

At the time, "Supers" were just starting to populate cities across the country.

It was the only job I ever wanted.

Ian, do you know how hard I worked on this?

You're playing too rough out there.

Sorry Ma'am.

I'll make some extras. Thank you ma'am.

By the time I was 21 My plan was simple.

Move to the big leagues and join the other "Supers."

I'm gonna miss you so much.

My sweet boy.

You know, life hasn't always dealt you the best hand.

But I think things are gonna change.

Now, go be the Spark that the city needs.

I found out right away, that city thugs weren't like the old neighborhood bad boys.

I got my teeth kicked in more times than not.

Just when I thought I had an edge, I learned the other guy was packing too.

I've always been a quick healer but it became clear to me, that, if I wanted to have any longevity as a "Super,"

I'd need some backup.

As fate would have it, that night, the cops raided a shipment at the docks.

Come on, calm down, stop where you are.


There she was.

Amongst all this violence, I found a little piece of Heaven.

Power Beauty And one hell of a back kick.

She was the type of woman whose first name you instantly wanted to add to your last.

Excuse me?

Lady Thanks for... for saving my life... back there.


All in a day's work.

Hey. Where's that brick wall you call your partner?


Just Sledge? Not...

..."My steady Sledge" or "My fiance Sledge"?

Just Sledge.

That's good.

I didn't get your name.




Suppose I told you I was looking for a partner.

Suppose I believe you.

Suppose I was hoping it was you.

Well, keep hoping, You never know.

And from then on, we were a team.

She had the moxie to take on the big boys, and I handled the leftovers.

But more importantly, I finally got what Nat King Cole was singing about.

It was a magical time.

But reality would soon screw it up.

Matanza! Matanza!


I AM MATANZA ('slaughter')

Matanza announced his arrival to the city by killing eleven people that night.

And capturing it all on film.

Not since the serial killer "Ringmaster Jesus" has one man held the city hostage.

For the next year, Heavenly and I tracked Matanza's bloody trail.

All officers, report to fourth and Broadway suspect is held up at the Refinery brewing company.

Relax, sledge, it ain't gonna happen.

We've got this Sledge, thanks.

Oh, you got it handled?

Hey hey, don't worry, I'm gonna personally back 'em.

I could swear I just heard a siren.

We believe we have the perp hiding on the roof.

Thank you officer.

Good luck Sparks.

Happy one year anniversary Sweetheart.

Will you be my wife?


Was that a yes?





Oh... hello!

And goodbye.

And when I woke up...

I knew I was in the middle of a nightmare.


Help me!



What happened?

Well, after I killed Matanza, I found you huddled up in the corner, I thought you were dead with all that blood all over you.

I checked to see if you were wounded, but there wasn't a scratch on you.

I guess all that blood must've belonged to that female officer.

Did you black out?

I got here as quick as I could, I'm sorry.

But Matanza... He had already...

And that...

... was the moment I knew I lost her.

She never looked at me the same way again.

That's the way she left me.

I knew that I failed her.

She's better off without me.

Uh huh. This is all really fascinating, Sparks, but let's just skip to the part where you admit to the murders.

Or did you black that part out too?

He's alive!


From the looks of it he's bleeding all over the place.

I wanted to give you first crack at him before I call it in.

Half an hour.

Come on Sparks, confess!

Take your place at the cross next to your sacred idols, Matanza, and Ringmaster Jesus.

Nobody wants to read about your life.

All they want, is a picture of you...


What do you say, Sparks?

It's dead.

Follow me if you want to live.


People will want to hear this chief.

Well, I'm staying here.

You're a reporter too? Not exactly.

Yes, sometimes.

Sometimes I write copy for obituaries.

Local folks, deceased, mostly.

I hope so.

What are we doing?

Stick a post behind this vent!

By the age of twenty-three I was washed up.

My identity was shot.

And I became a public joke.

That can happen, ya know. I pulled a "Sparks" last night.

Blacked out. Right in the middle of making whoopee.

You know, my wife said it was an improvement.

But that wasn't the worst of it.

All the scum I put down, surfaced to pay me back.

Just a minute...


Nothing was sacred.

I moved into my grandmother's apartment, knowing they'd come back for me.

I didn't have to wait long.


Some nights I'd even let them get in some shots.

Just to allow myself to feel something.

Eventually there was nobody left to fight.



You up?

Where are you?

Rent's due.


I better see some rent out of you today.

Aw, Jesus!

Another one.

Now you ain't gonna need this.

Probably not gonna need this either.

That's a keeper.

Goodbye Sparks.

I'm gonna make a fortune off this.

I got pictures of this whole thing.


Get this man to the O.R. now!

Leave now! You're not allowed...



Cogswell Road and Ramona. Midnight.

Put this on.

Leave now.

Mommy has something she wants to tell you.

Scenery hasn't changed much, has it?

Been a lot of plans for this land.

We were gonna build a tract of homes all the way up to here.

Didn't work out though.

Nothing ever does.

Want to know why?

The soil is tainted.

It regenerates too fast.

It's almost as if the land wants us to remember what happened, right here.

What do you know about it?

I was the one who pulled you from that car, Ian.

That's twice I've saved your life.

After your first run-in with Matanza, your grandmother asked me to watch out for you.

How come I've never seen you before?

It wasn't important for you to see me.

I was watching you.

By the time you were 15 you were handling yourself pretty well.

So for the last few years, I've been traveling back and forth from India.

And whenever I was back in town I'd check in with your grandmother.

My condolences, by the way.

She loved you very much.

What did you shoot me up with at the hospital?

Rare herb I brought back from India.

Its effects work instantaneously.

How come I didn't die?

Beginner's luck.

Tell me the truth.

Do I have powers?


Very few people have any real ability.

You've heard of the Rochester 13?


Most of them died soon after their exposure.

The ones that survived kept their abilities secret.

Those that had children passed on their powers, genetically.

So the only power I have is to black out.

Well we can work on that.

So we did work on it, night and day.

What are we doing here?

Paying our respects.

What do you think?

Thank you.

Now Ian, I want you to meet some friends of mine.

Oh, it's you.

I was gettin' worried.

Sparks was up here with a cockamamie story about being murdered.


How did you get up here?

YOU cut the power!

Hang in there, Mac.

I might get murdered a few times before I get to finish my story.

I met all types who had the moxie to call themselves "Supers."

Hell. Everyone wanted to be a hero.

You get yourself a cape and a mask and a little bit of skill, you could pass yourself off as one.

But this was the first time I met people with real powers.

You remember the Rochester 13?

This rather large beast is Cain.

This lovely creature is Dawn.

They both have real powers.

What kind of powers do you have?

What kind of powers do YOU have?

Wow, you must keep a lot of tombstone makers in business.

So how come I've never seen people with real powers before?

The few of us with powers don't want to be "Supers."

...because "Supers" usually means "freaks."

And if we keep our powers secret, we can go where the real action is.

What does that mean?

They're here to team up with you.

To lead is more like it.

Enough Cain.

Look, whatever your plan is, I don't have real powers, so...

Why are you asking me to be a part of this?

It wasn't my idea, "Sparky."


I want to show you something, Ian.

This is the man responsible for your parents' deaths.

Apparently, this skull, Jason Driver, was selling some exotic predator when the meteor struck.


Stay the hell away from him!

Go home, boy.

The radiation from the meteor caused his DNA to mix with the animal's Whatever Driver became, it wasn't pretty.

It was his goon that slammed my parents' car into that train.

...took down Archer's partner.

Whatever the payback was

...I was in.


Thank you.



Why are you after this guy?

He's always been a nasty piece of work.

The night my brother drowned Jason... was the only person with him.

I couldn't prove he was responsible but I knew in my heart he was.

And now he's gonna pay.


You're very sweet.

Well, I'm gonna call it a night.

You know I've met her I might...


I could... stay this way...

...if you like.

It doesn't bother me.

How long can you stay that way?

As long as it takes.

I fooled the eyes in order To heal the heart.

Whatever it takes.

Last one.

Are you sure we got enough?

Strap it down.

Let's get out of here.

Breaking news: The discovery of two mutilated bodies has authorities speculating that a new serial killer is on the loose.

And the gruesome manner in which these two female victims were left has police calling the murderer "the Matanza copy-cat killer."

Good morning.

Yes it is.

Sledge has assured citizens that he is working closely with authorities to quickly track down the so-called

"Matanza copy cat killer."

Can I ask you a question?


How did you get your powers?

My mom married the wrong guy.

And I inherited my gift from him.

Was he one of the Rochester 13?

Yeah, he was the lay preacher.

Better known as "Ringmaster Jesus."

The serial killer?

Good old Dad.

You didn't inherit that habit from him, did you?

I just got the one gift.

I for one appreciate your gift.

You can appreciate me again if you want.

We go in five.

We're not going through the front door, Ian, so lose the costume.

Put these on instead.


Save some of your talent for the job.

Once we get there we'll have 15 minutes before the real crew arrives.

No, no!

...gas leak in here.

Driver's home was better protected than the White House.

However, twice a year, he would emerge from his armed castle to take meetings at a hotel in the city.

The plan was simple Dawn would get Driver out of his room I'd handle the guard.

And Archer would shoot em dead.

Kapoor Fishing?

Here you go.


Yes, what is it?

I just found his wallet in the bathroom.

It's late.

Archer did his homework.

He knew that Driver was a creature of habit.

And he ordered the exact same room and meal every time he stayed there.

You are very late. They had the whole place on lock down.

What is the room number? Sixteen.

Guards? Four.


Come on.

You guys are late!

Put this on.

We're going in.


Room Service.

You're ten minutes early.

Am I?

Thank you.

The twins are driving me crazy.



They are...


You've met them before.

They've uh ...grown a lot since your last visit.

You're wearing perfume.


It's cologne.

You can try telling your wife that, but I doubt she'd believe you.

And speaking of which Where is you're wedding ring?



Ian! Now, now, now!

Run, Ian, run!

We gotta get Driver!

Ian, can you hear me?


He's not responding!

He'll live.

Hang in there, Ian.

Put this on.

Take care of yourself, Ian.

Son of a bitch, you made it.

Alright, here's your cut.

Buy yourself some clothes that fit.

Why don't you buy a new face?

Over 23 people are confirmed dead including two children and at least one person is still missing, in what investigators are calling the deadliest explosion in the city's history.

The cause of the blast is being conducted and police are hoping to have answers.


What the hell happened?

...You are set for life that's what the hell happened.

Stealing his money?

That was the plan?

Part of it.

He never would have gone for it otherwise, but the best part is we got that bastard who killed your parents, and my partner.

Yeah. yeah, we got him and everyone else in a half mile radius!

Plans change, you of all people should know that -

There were children!

There always are!

Look. Take the money or not, I don't care, but my obligation to you ends now.

We're even.

Even for what?

The past?


It was the middle of nowhere.

It was the devil's own luck your family was there.

How much is in there?

Assuming that's the bank truck that got pinched last week I would say there's enough to buy your wife and your children, and your future wife and your future children, each a big house.

I certainly don't want to disappoint my future wife now do I?

What you gonna do with your share of the money, boss?

Put my money in a better bank.

That's all of it. Why don't we go get some whores?


Rick I think we got a survivor!


No witnesses!

Stop playing hero and come help me.

I swear to God they're gonna be here any minute!

The whole town must have seen that train blast from at least five miles away!

They say people only get good luck or bad luck.

But I got us both.

And that's what really happened that day, Ian.

You're a dead man!

We're the same, you and I, Ian You just haven't figured it out yet.

I'll see you in hell!

Twenty-five people died in that explosion.

Nobody bumps off that many people and breezes off unscathed.

Karma and Revenge.

Both will be paid in full.

Between finding out that a dirty cop was responsible for my parents' deaths and what happened at that hotel I had no fight left in me.

It drove me out of the hero business and into a three piece suit with a new identity I was in the advertising business where no one cared about saving anybody.

I was writing copy - or attempting to.

I lasted a full two whole weeks.


Mr. Blasini would like to see you.

Come in, Steve.


I'm a straight shooter.

You can't write for crap so I'm going to fire you.

But -

There is one story that I'd like you to tell.

And I'm going to give you a day's pay to get it.

What story is that?

I want you to tell me...

What she's really like, Sparks.

The lady was a great partner.

Don't be a chump.

I know her, remember?

We do her ads.

Now I know that you two were more than just...

...battling buddies...

So I'd like you to tell me what she's like...


Damn shame! She's engaged! Sledge.

I'd pay good money to lay down with her.

Good money.

She was his lady now.

She moved on.

Me, I never got over the attack.

I held on tight to it.

I ran over the scenario every which way.

No matter how many times I saved her in my dreams, I always woke up on the losing end.

I'm not proud of what I did next.

But any memory of her was better than none.

It took me a couple of months to track down the pro skirt that was gonna help me get back on my feet.

That's a new look, Dawn.

Even for you.

I'm sorry, you got the wrong room. I don't think so, sweetheart.

I've been watching you for an hour.

You got more traffic coming in and out of here than a bus terminal.

What do you want, Sparks?

But you didn't take the money.

Children were killed, Ian.

And I don't take blood money.

Hmmm. Interesting set of morals you got there.

So, uh...

All that jawing about Driver killing your brother, that was all bull?

He called me! Now what do you want, Ian, I have company coming.

I'll start with a drink, but I'm gonna have to pass on supper.

You just wasted twenty seconds.

Is there any reason why this Wom painting wouldn't do?

Thirty That's personal.

What level of intimacy does one have to reach in order to get personal with you?

Well I wouldn't know, you've only been intimate with me since the Lady.


Which brings me to the reason why I'm here.


I'm all torn up. we never properly said goodbye.

But that, Sparks, was almost a year ago And if you think I 'm going to service you for old times sake -

No, not me, someone else.

Someone very, very rich.

Rich enough to get you out of this dump and into a museum that you can fill with the exact same painting.

So I gotta ask, Why so many copies of the same painting?

My mother had these four copies up in her house.

She put them up the night my brother and father left us.

So this is... "Ringmaster Jesus."

Yeah, that's him.

The kid next to him is my brother.

What was he like?

I wouldn't know, they both took off the night I was born.

Supposedly to do God's work.

Apparently God's work included murder.

How much you make in a night, Dawn?

20 bucks.

How's 200 sound?

Hmmm. From "super" to "pimp," Interesting set of morals you got there.

Do we have a deal?

What a Woman!

A body like hers she could raise the dead.

Well congratulations, Mr Associate Creative Manager.

I think you mean "Creative Director."

Yeah, next time.

If we can meet some place where the only thing sucking on my toes is the lady.

How about a toast?

Here's to...

...a new future.

But a new past.

Not exactly.

You're 150 short.

But... since we 're old friends...

For three months, our arrangement was hitting on all eights.

'til Lady Luck finally ran out.

I love it.

Heroine pose? Alright... let's see some strength.

There we are...

Now let's bring the can of D'Vita slowly toward your mouth, like you're gonna give a big, wet kiss.

Lady, perhaps a little less teeth, We don't want to frighten the cocoa.



Excellent work, Orsen, that is why I overpay you.

My "Lady."

Personally I think...



What a surprise!

Come in.

Have a drink with me.

What's wrong?

Did he get rough with you?

Because if he got rough with you then I...

What the hell was that for?

That's for hiring that whore Who's spreading her legs pretending to be ME!




Look at me, Ian!

Look at me!

Try not to black out before hearing this part, Ian.

If I have to come back you won't ever walk again.

You're just lucky Sledge didn't come calling.


What the hell happened to you, Ian?

But she was wrong.

He did come calling.

Later that evening, in fact.

Ian Sparks?

Who wants to know?

My name is Mr. Prather.

May I come in?

I'm not in the mood for company.

I have something... which might put you in the mood.

You look familiar.

Have I met you before?

I have that kind of face.

I'm here on behalf of Mr. Sledge.

Oh. Yes. His fiancee stopped by earlier and redecorated.

Yes. Apparently.

Mr. Sledge has a problem which you may be able to help him with.

Before you tell me your problem how about you tell me how much is in that briefcase?

How much would you like it to be?

Five hundred cash.

No, I'm so sorry to disappoint you.

It's much, Much more.

Well, you're out of my interests.

I'd offer you a drink but...

I seem to be out of glasses.

May I sit?

Help yourself.

Mr. Sparks, we have a very delicate situation.

And what I reveal here must be kept in total confidence.

I'm all ears.

I'm sure you recall... that painful evening when Matanza brutalized Lady.

You do remember, don't you?

Yeah, I remember.

What does that have to do with Sledge's little problem?

Well it seems that since that time...

This is very delicate.

The Lady has been unable to consummate their relationship.


Yes, it's very sad.

There are other women.

I asked him if another woman would be of interest.

And he replied that the Lady was the only one he wants.

God, I've got The Lady.

Inside you will find, the address of the hotel, and the room key.

Your Lady will arrive at 11:00 pm tomorrow night.

And if all goes accordingly, we'll keep the real Lady in check.

Do we have an understanding?


I'll tell you what I'll do, Ian, I'll scream your name out loud, at the most inappropriate time.

How does that sound?

It won't be difficult.

I never had to act with you.

Who knows?

Maybe when this is all over - well, we can go on a trip.

You deserve better.

I can't do this any more.

When you get back, the car and all the money is yours.

What the hell ...?

Dawn, no!


Mommy has something she wants to tell you.


Can you feel him kicking?

Well maybe it's too soon.

Are you excited to have a little brother?

What do you think we should name him?

Ian, get down!

Oh God...


Oh God... I'm sorry.

We have confirmation. Two shots were fired.

Registration belongs to Ian Sparks.

Alright, Carlton, Johanson, you check the hotel.

Mitchell sweep this lot.

Nothing about the place had changed, the only thing different was the way I walked into it.

It started to make sense.

The sewer was now the only way to get to Matanza's lair.

Above the ground they placed a concrete wall around the building so nobody could gain access.

Sledge even made a photo op of it.

In a lair full of secrets.

I'd discovered the ultimate one.

Oh, Hello and goodbye.

It all suddenly became clear.

I did have a power.

And it was a hell of a power at that.



Help me!

Oh, Hello and goodbye.

Stop! You can't!

I won't let you.

Not her! Not this way!

No, you can't! Please!

Hey Doll!

Meet me at the Interplay Factory at 11 pm. PS: The ring was always meant for you.

Even with the cops after me all I could think about was her.

I didn't know if she would watch the film or not.

But, to see her again, It was all worth the risk.


I'm so sorry!


And... goodbye.




I think we've got enough to write the story on tape, don't you?

Take that recorder and stay out of sight.

When I'm done with you, Sledge, There won't be a scratch on me.

This is for Dawn!

Your sister.

Or didn't your dad tell you she was your sister?

This is for the Lady you didn't protect!

And this...

...this is just for me.


He's still alive.

Get up.

I gotta get Heavenly.

Well, that's going to be difficult, son.

What are you talking about?

We should have killed her a long time ago.

Better late than never.



What does it take to kill you, Mr. Sparks?

Knives, or...




...apparently not.

Not a damn thing.

Over here!

Despite being shot by Matanza, according to the medical report, the Titanium from Ian Sparks's ring prevented the bullet from fully lodging in her chest.

She's still alive, get an ambulance.

Get an ambulance!

Inside his lair, the true identity of Matanza was discovered.

His real name was Kevin Sherwood.

An evangelical preacher better known as "Ringmaster Jesus."

Sherwood was one of thirteen people exposed to the radiation from the meteor that fell in Rochester, New York on July 6, 1917.

Sherwood abandoned his then-pregnant wife and along with his twelve year old son began his reign of terror.

With what we now learned, was his ability to change his identity, by morphing into the serial killer Matanza.

And more recently, the "Matanza copycat killer."

When "Supers" Ian Sparks and Lady Heavenly were captured, Matanza seized the opportunity to fake his own death, allowing him to continue his murder spree with the aid of his son Sledge.

The two men later framed former disgraced vigilante "super" Ian Sparks for the Matanza copycat murders.

But in the end, Matanza and Sledge under-estimated Ian Sparks, A man who inherited through a childhood tragedy an extraordinary power he himself only recently discovered.

Ironically, Ian Sparks started his morning as public enemy No. 1 and ended it with a return to grace.


No! No!

I knew you'd eventually find your way here.

I'm not here for you.

You and I are square.

I want you to know I had no idea there were children in that building.

The same as your parents.

It was supposed to be a simple robbery, it all went wrong because of him.

Where is he?

He's locked up in the back room.

By the way, every time I kill him, It keeps taking longer for him to come back.




Oh, God, Ian!

Where's Driver?

Did you kill him?


You gotta help me, we need to get out of here.

We need to get out of here, I have all your money.

You can have mine too. Every bit of it.

No, no, you've got the wrong idea.

I'm just here to visit.

You have to help me get out of here I saved your life twice!

Ian please You're better than this.

You're better than me, come on!

Am I? Yes!

Really? Yes, damn it, help me!

You know, that's interesting.

On my way over here, I got a chance to catch up on some reading.

I was particularly interested in the story of the Last Supper.

You got time for a story. Right? What? What are you talking about?

Now, Da Vinci he didn't want to paint Jesus just like every other artist before, He wanted to capture a normal man with the same qualities, So Da Vinci went out looking for his Jesus and eventually he found him.

The man he settled on was loved by everyone in the village.

Worked with the sick, tended to the poor Da Vinci was ecstatic.

And when he completed his work, It was time to find his Judas.

For several months, Da Vinci went from prison to prison, looking for a convict who was evil incarnate.

And the man he settled on was a serial child killer.

For three days, Da Vinci painted this man, who remained silent.

And when he finished his painting the man spoke for the first time.

He said:

"Do you remember me?"

Da Vinci said "No."

The man laughed, and he said, "But you have met me."

Damn it, Ian.

"I was your Christ." Damn it Ian!

Do you like my little story? No!

Help me!

Do you recognize the main character? No, damn it!

I never properly thanked you for saving my life, so...

...I brought you a little present.

It took me a while to track it down.

Skillfully made.

Oh, God, no...

Scientists in India tested this on soldiers, and found that it helped them heal more quickly.

They theorized that if you were exposed to a massive dose of "Red G"

It could cause rapid regeneration.

In fact our own military purchased three tons of this special herb for tests.

Don't do this.

It seems that when they loaded it onto a train to send to West Virginia, the train got derailed.

Apparently a police car, was in pursuit of a bank robber and crashed their vehicle into a family car.

Sent it right into the train.

Oh God, no!


No, no, no, no, no...



We have a possible break-in, at the Brewing company, at the corner of 4th and Broadway.

Evening, "Lady."

Good evening, Welcome back.

This should be an easy one for you.

One small perp.

He's up on the roof.