Specialists (1969) Script

How disgusting!

This is such a cowardly act!

Why? Are they more real?


Okay, throw in the others as well.

What do you have against me?

Curse you!

No! Come here!

Leave me alone! I don't want to go!

Let me go!

You idiot!

No, I don't want to go!

Let me go!

Shit! Silence!


I don't like any of you.

I see you're swimming in shit.

You filthy pigs!

I can save only those who have enough money... to buy for their lives.

Here's what we'll do.

I'll lend you a dollar.

Whoever brings it back to me, shall live.

And for the others... too bad for them.

It's mine! Over here!

It's mine! Put your hands down!

Let it go!

This is mine.

And smile!

Thank you very much, sir.

Continue drinking.

I get irritated when someone stops drinking.

Ancl when I'm irritated...

I shoot.

As a bandit of the Diablo Gang, you're a fool.


A stagecoach doesn't stop... without checking on the surroundings first.

Romero... what should we do?

Stay calm.

I'll deal with your friends.

Watch out!

No, no, no.

Move out... and hurry up.


The Mighty Hud.

If your ass can, take a horse and go away.

See ya... and say "hi" to El Diablo.


Go away, you son of a bitch.

Why did you let him escape? He's a bandit.

We need to take him to the sheriff of Blackstone.

And maybe lynch him before the trial... seeing you're all specialists on this matter.

This is an abuse of power.

I'm protesting.

And you, do something!

Do something with Hud?

That means getting a hole for a third eye on the forehead.

I'm fine with just two.

My friend, when I see you, I thank God I'm a worthless person.

I'm not your friend.

Hud... be careful when you go to Blackstone.

There's a smart sheriff over there.

After that bad incident... you can't go with around with your guns.

That's news given by a friend, right?

I told you I'm not your friend.

Hud has no friends.

You're great, Hud. We'll come with you if you want.

We're young and we can help you.

We can conquer the world together.

Do it yourselves.





They want to talk to you, Sheriff. It's urgent.

They are waiting in your office.

It's true he freed us from the bandits, but he's a bandit, too.

You can't let us go around unarmed, now that this dangerous guy is coming to our town.

I accepted the assignment on the condition you'd give up using your guns and store them here with me.

Here are your guns.

Let me be clear.

If you take them, I will resign.

What do you think we should do to defend ourselves from Hud?

Stop him from entering the town.

I can't do that. It's against the law.

I don't care about the law. What are you saying, Judge?

We don't want this guy with us.

Don't be afraid. He'll be disarmed like the others.

Don't fuss. It's bad for the liver.

Hud, disarmed?

You're joking, Sheriff.

You won't be able to take his gun away.

No one ever did.

I say that man should not enter here.

I understand your fears very well.

Hud is Charlie's brother, who has been lynched in this town... to our misfortune.

But if Hud comes here to avenge his brother, he would have to kill us all, because we are all responsible for the death of that man.


Yes, but people say I was the one who shot Charlie first, but everyone saw that one who cast the first stone was him!

What are you saying, you moron? That's what I said.

Then Woodie with his ivory cane. No!

If we're to tell the truth, it was Attorney Jenkins.

He was the one who put the noose and wound it around his neck.

The whole town saw it.

What are you saying, you wretched loan shark?

You made money.

Stop it, gentlemen.

How could you act like this?

Hud is coming to the town, Sheriff.

You are being paid to defend us.

But if you're afraid to face that man, we could as well get someone else to deal with him.

That's true, Miss.

I'm being paid, badly, to enforce the law...

but everyone must respect the law.

Including you.


We must do something.

I'm sure Hud is coming here to get the money his brother stole.

And just like you, my dear gentlemen, I also want to find that money.

My father is not home if you're looking for him.

I'm alone. I can see it.

I told you my father is not here, go away.

Do you want me to scream?

What are you looking for?

What do you want?

I beg you, Please go away.

You're Sheba, right?

Yes, how did you know?


Give me a hand.

How long have you been living here?

Three months.

My father bought the house after Charlie clied.

You mean, after the lynching.

How many people killed him?


Forty? Who cares?

They're alive.

And he's dead.

Hurry up, I don't want my father to find you here.

You silly bitch.

How many times have I told you not to trust strangers?

You should obey me, do you understand?

Or else, I'll kill you!

That's mine.


You want to kill me for that piece of paper?


Give me that rifle... and don't go thinking about crazy stuff.

I don't make any exceptions.

You know that. You see, Sheriff.

I gave strict orders regarding it!

No one should go around armed with weapons in this area and I'll make sure it's being enforced.

Therefore, I sentence you to pay a five dollar fine for breaking the law.

And for the payment, you can pay in installments, understand?

If you don't know, carrying weapons is prohibited in this area.

Rifles and guns attract evil temptation.

Even Boot Johnson had one a while ago.

I better be clear.

You can't enter the town unless you're unarmed.

If you don't want to, you could as well give up Blackstone.

I know what I want and it's me who'll decide on it.

But it's not hard to guess the intentions of someone like you.

Everyone knows what happened in Dallas... in Yuma, in San Antonio, in Kansas City, in Oklahoma.

Should I continue?

Your gun is famous.

But I hate shootings.

So, you know me.

Who doesn't know you?

You haven't even arrived yet and everyone is already giving me a headache, “Hud is coming!"

"Sheriff, what do you think you'll do?"


I think, you'll give me your weapons.

And I'm not joking at all.

Is it clear?

But I guess, there's something you don't know.

I came here to avenge my brother's death and discover the truth.

I also know about this, Hud.

Ancl it's one more reason for me to ask you to give me your weapons.

Brunhilda, prepare the best room, the one with the sauna.

Everyone should be unarmed, huh?

Right, Sheriff?

Well, almost everyone.

What are you looking at?

Do something and take him down.

How are you doing, Valencia?

A disaster, like everything else in Blackstone.

I hope you came to find the money stolen from the bank.

I also had all my savings in that money.

You mean stolen by my brother?

Stolen by someone who then had poor Charlie killed.

We know the clead can't talk.

Do you know who it was?

You came here for him, didn't you?

For him... and for everyone else.

And not for me?

Did you already forget about me?

C'mon pretty brunette lady, get a card, good.

And now I'll show ou a miracle. I

Gentlemen, I'm going to play this.

Play a game of poker and you can win this wonderful dollar machine.


No one here?

Where did the town's rich people go?

All locked at home.

Since Hud came to town, seems like an epidemic broke out.

An epidemic of fear.

Fear of what?

He's a man like everyone else.

Yes, he got mad with those Mexican beggars.

I must honestly say that when I had him in front of me, he holstered his gun and ran away.

Hello, Hud.

Hello, Hud.

You know, I...

Ijoke around a lot.

I like joking around, too.


Hey, Boot!

What are you doing?

Waiting for the pastor?

Bravo, that's good.

The Church forgives sins more easily than the law.

Have you seen Hud, Sheriff?

He's already bossing around here.

Instead of fishing, it would be better if you go hunting for jackals.

For now, I'm only interested with trout.

How are you doing, Hud?

Only God knows how happy I am to see you visiting your brother.

If it had not been for me ancl the Sheriff, they wouldn't have even buried him.

They said he was a thief and should be left with the vultures.


D0 you know what I did?

Do you want to know?

I'll tell it right away.

I gave him the coffin that I prepared for myself.

You know, the one with a nice pillow.

It cost me...wait.

It cost fifteen dollars, more or less.

Let's hope I wouldn't think of using it for myself one of these clays.

Lord. Yes?

Hello, Hud!

I'm happy to see you again.

I'm probably the only one to do so, but what matters is being sincere with one's feelings.

We're always friends, aren't we?

I don't have friends.

You've never changed.

You're always the same.

Like when we were kids.

Do you remember?

You were the only one who didn't court me.

While you are...very different, you were beautiful and young, but now... you're no longer so.



I'm a woman who hasn't known love for a long time.


There's no one here that interests me.

There's just a mob here.

I feel alone since I lost my husband, and abandoned.

Abandoned and inherited a bank?

The bank.

I actually wanted to talk to you about it and about your brother, Charlie, who used to work for me.

I trusted him and I entrusted him to take the money to Dallas.

I knew El Diablo wanted to steal from the bank and I wanted to secure the money.

The town didn't spare me.

I gave Charlie too much trust.

Ancl I lost everything.

But I couldn't have ever thought that,

you know, for more than three months, no one deposited more than a dollar in my bank.

I'm sorry.

When they found Charlie wounded and without the money, they accused him of stealing it and then that happened, as you know.

It was horrible.

Since then, I became alone.

Always alone.


I don't care why you came here.

But I'd like to see you again.

You'll see me again.

Don't worry.

Hello, young man.

Fortunately you were there, I wouldn't have found it.

I'm not a young man.

Well, I'm not interested what you are.

That fish is mine. Give it to me.

You have to prove that to us, Sheriff!

That fish was flying like a bird in the sky.

I saw it.

I told Kit about it and he gave a stone to Rosencrantz.

Rosencrantz threw the stone, and hit the fish that fell beside next to Apache.

And Apache picked it up.

It's the truth, so how come the fish is yours, Sheriff?

Right, according to the law, this fish is ours.

Ancl that star on your chest says that you enforce the law.

Am I right, Sheriff?

Tell me.

Are you making fun of me?

Of course not.

We have so much respect for old men.

Who's the old man?

I'm going to smash your face! The old man broke loose!

What are you doing, Sheriff? You're going crazy.

This water is disgusting!

Come here.

Who are you and what are you doing in Blackstone?

He's such a bore.

You want me to do it again? N0.

We came from Dallas to look for the treasure.

What treasure?

C'mon, Sheriff, you know it well.

The whole West talks about it.

The whole West talks about what?

The money stolen from the bank of Blackstone and a certain Sheriff who not only let the thief run away but can't find the stolen money.

Do you understand, Sheriff?

We're here for that loot.

And if we find it, we'll buy weapons with the money.

Right? And we'll become the authority.

Yes, and we don't care about Hud, don't you agree?

Listen, little brats, the story about the stolen money concerns only the law and the authority here is me.

What do you know of Hud?

Are you his friends?

Hud has no friends, Sheriff.

Ancl you should know that.

Sheriff, Sheriff!


Mrs. Pollicut is looking for you.

You have to talk with her, quick!

Hurry up, she's waiting at your house.

For your breakfast.

Let's go.

Can I enter?

Is anybody here?

Come in, Sheriff, to your left.


What are you doing?

Sorry Mrs. Pollicut, I didn't know.

How come you're rummaging in that closet? Come.

No, no, no.

It was a mistake.

I thought you were there.

Me, inside there?

Please come in.

Could you please pour some water for me before it gets cold?

Yes, sure.

D0 you mind if we talk while I take a bath?

No, of course not.

Please do so.

Is it good?


Yes. Very good.

Oh, you're such a good dancer.

It's because today, I...



I have the impression... that I have to go.

No, no, no, no.

Why are you always in a hurry, Sheriff?

I know that you usually like going to a saloon at this hour.

You're lucky you can still enjoy some relaxation.

Hold this.


Turn around.

I want to talk to you about a lot of things.

Therefore, our conversation will take a while.

A bit of champagne? Champagne?

You know, it comes directly from France?

Open the bottle on the table.


Try it. It's really good.

Thank you, but... you called for me for something urgent.

I'm afraid to waste time.

You can never waste time with a woman like me.

Well... first, I want to tell you what I think of Hud.

No one is playing?

What a disgusting town.

Hello, Hud.

Come, I want to talk to you.

El Diablo wants to see you.

He came here today with one of his men.

He said you can meet him on a mountain.

He needs to talk to you about something that concerns you.

You're not going, are you?

I wouldn't trust those Mexicans.

This is rubbish!

Such rubbish!


Your whiskey makes me puke.

I'll report you to the Sheriff.

And I'll have this filthy place closed down.

Watch what you're saying, Boot.

You can go to prison for slander.

I'll send you there.

Listen, bitch.

You have your sluts here... fill the bottles of whiskey with water from the toilet.

Ancl I will drown you... in the toilet, understand?

You talk too much, Boot.

Go away.

Your voice is annoying.

Finally, I was waiting for you to do something.

C'mon guys.

Let's give him a cut on his face and have some fun.

Do something, quick! Call the Sheriff!

Call the Sheriff!

C'mon, go on.

Did you hear that?

Something is going on at the saloon.

I'll go and check.

Don't worry, it's just the usual scuffle.

C'mon, try again.


Do something!


Sheriff, what are you doing?

Sorry, I thought it was the soap.

I really need to go.

I'm quite confused, ma'am.

See you later.

Now, tell me, who gave you the money to buy my brother's house?


You better talk, Boot.

I'm really getting angry.

I don't know anything.

I don't know anything.

Tell me who paid you to shoot Charlie.

Tell me!


Watch out, Hud!

What's going on here?

Thank goodness, you came, Sheriff.

Hud did it!

Tell me what happened.

In front of everyone.

What do you want to do, Sheriff?

Hud did it for self-defense.

Self-defense or massacre?

It's you.

Who did you think I was?

My father.

Why do you insist on calling him father... if he was only your stepfather?


Did you kill him?

He didn't deserve to live.

Tell me everything you know.

You're the only person I can trust.

I don't know much.

I can only tell you that that night when Charlie was killed...

What happened that night?

When Boot came home after your brother's lynching I heard him talking with someone outside the door of the house.

That son of a bitch.

He fooled us all and said... he hid the money before the ambush.

I don't know anything else but I'm sure Charlie was innocent.

Someone tricked him.

Sheba Yes?

What I did tonight, I did it to defend myself... and not to get revenge.

What do you think you'll do now?

I don't know.

Wait for me.

I'll show you what happens to those who challenge the Sheriff!

I can shoot as well as you!

I can kill you if I want!

Instead, I'll force you to grovel.

You owe me an apology!


Come out now!

Come out with your hands raised.


Have you decided?

Come forward and don't fool me.

Where did you go?



Are you wounded?

That's enough, okay?

How did you do that?

That's a secret of my job.

I'll still arrest you in the name of the law.

And be careful.

From now on, whatever you say can be used against yourself.

Okay, put this on the report.

You're an asshole.

And you're a son of a bitch.

Actually, my mother worked in a saloon.

When she was young.

But that doesn't mean you can draw conclusions.

Where do you think you're going?

To visit a friend.

When I arrest you, I won't let you go because you're mine, do you understand?

Whether you like it or not!

I'll be your shadow!

Have you found your friend?

Ancl then on that clay in summer, Francisco Rafael Pacorro, nicknamed "El Diablo", that everyone feared, captured the Sheriff of Blackstone, a town that used to be called "Pedra Negra," and Hud, who used to be his friend but now allied himself with sons of bitches.

Did you write it?

I did.

Very good, Chico.

So everyone can know that today, El Diablo decided to send this message to future generations that these sons of a bitches robbed our land.

Good, good!

No, not good!

That's really bad!

Hud, why do you work for the Americans... who killed your brother?

And it seemed he didn't even do anything to stop it.

Ancl you... killed five of my men... ancl you kicked my captain's ass.

I'll kill him, Diablo.

Be calm or your liver will blow up.

You son of a bitch!



I'll tell you when to kill them.


He's a little nervous.

There you go.

Now we're even.

Not at all!

You only hit those who are weaker than you, like how all gringos do.

But you don't have the courage to do that to me.

Am I right, Sheriff?

You see?

You don't have any courage at all.


He's scared!

Don't write this down, eh?


Write it down.

Your punch is strong.

"El Diablo was offended.

But I'll let the Sheriff to fight me through his old traditions."

Prepare it.

For the pighead!

Come here.

You called for me, here I am.

You should have come alone.

The Sheriff doesn't count.

Does this tell you anything?


Who gave it to you?

They told me that day there was a transfer of money from the bank of Blackstone so I stopped the courier because I've been thinking about that money for a long time and I didn't want them to take it away from me So I outsmarted them and got him.

Poor guy.

He went hiding in a cave, full of blood.

It was Charlie, your brother.

Someone betrayed him and shot him.

But he took the time to hide the money.

Of course, I asked him, "Where is the money.

Tell me where it is.

Anyway, you're about to die."

But he couldn't talk.

He was only able to give me this dollar.

"Take it to the cemetery."

John, I don't know why... and then he said a Hail Mary.

A Hail Mary? Yes.

A Hail Mary.

Then he fainted.

He was still alive when we left him there.

Then the Americans came, they took their money, shot him, and killed him without mercy.

The worst of them was a certain Boot and you should kill him.

Already done.


Now you only have to go and find the money... and bring it to me.

I'll find the money.

And you'll bring it to me!

Won't you?


What will happen to the Sheriff?


If he's doing well with the pighead, he's free.

Hey, Chico.

Give him a horse.

Hud, where do you think you're going?

He's going to get the money... and will bring it to me.

And if he doesn't do it?

El Diablo will be very mad.

And he will kill you, is it clear?

And he'll go into town and destroy everything.

Chico, write this down because it will be history.

You're forgetting something.

Me? No.

My gun.

Here it is.

Do you remember?

We used to play with this when we were kids.

Then one day... a damned gringo... cut my arm for stealing a piece of bread.

Then you went away... to play with real guns... and I started training my other arm... until that clay came when I cut that damned gringo.

His legs, arms and other parts of his body.

And as an act of mercy...

I cut his head.

And all of this... just using your left arm.

Of course.

I did everything with my left arm, amigo.

If you don't believe me, try it.


Try it.

I don't play with fake guns.

So, what matters now is your fight with him.

You're right!

Hurry up, Hud.

When you come back with the money... we'll also do our challenge.

If it's really true that Sheriffs are hard-headed... you'll be fine.

I'll find you again, Hud.

I'll find you again!

Get out!

You morons, idiots!

What are you waiting for to get them arrested?

I only take orders from the Sheriff... and he's not here right now.

What are we going to do?

Since the Sheriff is gone... let's take care of Hud.

I think the most urgent thing to do is to appoint a new Sheriff.

Why are we so worried?

We have a Vice Sheriff, right?

You've always paid me as a Vice Sheriff... and now you're asking me to be the Sheriff... to get Hud.

I have a wife and a son.

Let's appoint someone else then.

Him, for example.

Young, quick, and knows Hud.

I don't think I'm the best person for this... given my job... even though I'm not lacking in courage nor authority.

But if Madame Virginia insists...

I'll do everything for you.

I think the best thing to do is to send a telegram to Dallas... and ask for a new federal Sheriff.

That's what I think, too. We don't need strangers.

It'll be better if we solve this alone.

It's our business.

Write it down, Chico.

Write it down so the whole world will know about it.

Listen to this.


Let's pull his pants down.

Come down.



Will you call the Sheriff?

No, help!

Let me go, help!

What are you doing?

Stop that, guys.

Don't you see they're playing around with him?

Don't listen to him, Sheba.

You know we love you.

We want to tell you that we like you so much.

So we'll propose you something... we've never asked of anyone before.

We propose that you join our revolutionary group.

Here's the fruit. Good!

It's a serious proposal and I'd accept it if I were you.

You're alone and you'll have four friends... who will protect you... and are fun to be with.

Here. Puff a cigarette.

No, thank you.

I'm a girl, I can't smoke a cigarette.

Why, am I not like you?


How can you live like this?

If you want to know how to live well... let's do it together. Yes Why don't you try the rest?

Try it. If you smoke, everything will be easier.

Don't be stupid, try it. No.

Let's make love together.

Great. We can also do it between women.

No. You'll experience new feelings.


Hello, Hud!

You always come at the right time.

Give us a hand. Hud!

We were teaching this virgin how to live.

I'm sure you'll have fun.

Leave this place now.

If you don't want to, I'll make you do it.

Go away... before I lose my patience.

I said, hurry up.

I have always been worried since you left.

The Sheriff is gone.

They said you killed him.

They're threatening to do to you what they did to your brother.

Let them talk.

Listen, Sheba.

At what time does the Hail Mary play?

At six.


I'll wait until the day comes.


Go up the stairs.



Explain it to me if it's a game.

It doesn't matter.

You'll understand.

Maybe tomorrow.


I didn't want to.

It was Charlie's, wasn't it?

I recognized him on the photo.

You shouldn't use it.

You should never use it again.

We can live without violence, without killing people, without pain.

I've never known... this kind of life.

Maybe it was you...

who doesn't want to know it.

Words are useless, Sheba.

Only the facts matter.

Especially if they are final, like death, where there's no coming back.

Bring my brother back and I'll throw guns away for good.

Can you do it, Sheba?


I can only help you... to forget.

You're up early, Hud.

It's not even sunrise.

There must be an important occasion for you to visit the clead at this hour.

Right? That is right.

Maybe one of them would be happy to see me today.

Tell me, didn't that wall have a hole before?

I closed the hole.

You know, I don't like holes.

If not, I wouldn't be doing this job.

Start digging there.



You should take time when doing these things.

There's something here that I don't remember I've buried.

No one can fool you Hud, huh?

Too early to say it, Lord.


You've been able to escape from El Diablo.

How did you do that?

It's a secret of my job.

Give me the box.



That's foolish.

I promised to give this money to El Diablo.

It means trouble if we don't give it to him.

Bank of Blackstone.

And to think I believed your brother's innocence.

You deluded me.

But, the facts proved me wrong.

Let me see it.

What did you do, you idiot!

It's brother Charlie's fault, no!

Shut up!

The bulletproof vest muffled the shot.

Get a cart and we'll take him to the town.

This time, I swear to God.

If someone moves, I'll kill him.

I won't move.

How come? It's Hud?

That's strange.

I would never have thought he'd get screwed.

Virginia, my love.

Close that window ancl go back to bed.

I want to give you another show of my sex skills.

You thought I was only good in dealing cards?

Don't be an idiot, Cabot.

Get up ancl get dressed.

As you wish.

The slave is always ready to obey his sweet master.

Give our money back, Sheriff.

We want it back and we won't wait another minute for it.

That money is ours.

Hang Hud and give our money back.

Open the door!

The money is in a safe place.

Calm down.

They aren't calming down at all.

They don't want only the money.

They want me.

Don't worry.

We want it back!

What have you decided to do, Sheriff?

We're waiting.

All of you listen!

Stop that!

I won't allow anymore chaos this time around!

So stop squawking and go back to your homes.

Your money will be returned to you up to the last cent.

At the bank. Not at the bank!

At the bank! Why?

Open the door.

Move back!


They said you were dead.

That's what they want.

Don't worry.

My time has not yet come.

Good thing we have you, who knows the law and enforces it.

People want their money back right now.

That's understandable.

I'd say to do it right away for everybody's sake.


That's not possible.

We first have to check the receipts with the records.

How long would it take?

How long? At least two days.

But I'll try to be faster by working tonight.

Thank you Mrs. Pollicut, I appreciate your cooperation.

I'll send you a man to guard the vault.

I can count on you, Sheriff.

Thank you.

Alright, go and settle them down.

Of course.

I'll go.

Wait a second, please.

This champagne is yours.

You deserve it.

Toast for the two of us.

Who would have thought that Hud would be caught in the act.

I want to see him end up like his brother.


I tell you, I won't feel confident until I have my money.

The money is now safe in the bank's vault.

It would have been better if we spent the night guarding the vault.

The Sheriff saw to it, too.

He put an armed man in the bank together with Virginia who's checking the accounts.

Just a few more hours and you'll have your money back.


You'll sleep here tonight.

Cheer up.

You'll see, everything will be fine.

"Made in France"

I would have let you taste it, but the regulation prohibits it.

Actually, it wouldn't let me drink, either.

But tonight, I really feel I deserve this glass tonight.

You know, it's bitter.


If the gentlemen drink it, it should be good.

I have to confess, this is the first time I'm drinking down a bottle of champagne.

A whole bottle for me, you know why?

They gave it to me as a gift.

I wouldn't have been able to afford one with my $25 salary.

But it looks like water.

Maybe... with this affair that went well for me, maybe I'd be able to get a post in Dallas with a salary... of 40 to 45 dollars.


But that would just be fair, right?



You'll see, things will also be fine for you.

In the end, they can't accuse you of anything serious.

And then...

I'll help you.

You have my word.


Listen to me.

Stop using the gun.

What is it for?

You have to think, explain, agree.

You know what I'd do if I go to Dallas?

The first thing I'd do is find a wife.

Yes, yes, yes.

I really want to get married.

And have... two children.

Yes, and... and they should grow the way I want them to.

Not like those four vagabonds who go around doing dirty business.


I got him! Virginia!


Call the Sheriff, madam!

Virginia, help me! Quick!



You, get the carriage, quick!


Hey, Sheriff!



What's wrong with you?

Wake up!



We're safe now.

You're a one-of-a-kind woman, Virginia.

I want to...

I want to be with you always.

Excuse me.

Let's get the money we took, lay it on the ground and make love on it.

It brings good luck, you know?

How stupid a man becomes when he recites.

I'm not reciting, I'm seriously in love with you.

Twice as stupid.

Yes, I'm stupid because I didn't kill that bastard.

But my dear, I'm only capable of loving, not killing.

You can do whatever you want with me.




She wanted to burn it.


If you burn that money, it means it's fake.

And if it's fake, it means the real money is hidden somewhere.

You know where.

What a shame!

It's a shame!

We want our money back!

Open the door!

You coward! Thieves!

We need to do something.

Let's go the the Sheriff and force him to open it.

It's all his fault.

Help me!

El Diablo!

Hide! Quick!

That's El Diablo.

He said he'd come to the town.

Sheba, hide! Quick!


He's sleeping!

The bandits are coming!

Wake up!

Do something! Get the weapons!

Where's Hud?

He's not inside, he escaped!


You'll be responsible for this!

You let him escape and now what are we going to do?

Shitty people!

I'll tell it to you with all my heart, because only shitty people get themselves screwed by a woman!


This money... is good enough... to be flushed down the toilet!

It's fake money!

This son of a bitch hid the real stuff, and screwed all of you!

Me and my men, we want the real money!

She'll tell us where it is.

N0 torture.

No violence.

For love, and with love, this bitch will tell us where she hid the money all this time.

Until then, we won't stop loving her.


Start the fun!


Let's go!


Why did you leave the gun?

Because he doesn't believe in guns.




Look at me!

I'm unarmed.

I want to have a man-to-man talk with you.

Because I know you as a man and respect you.

I kindly ask you to spare this town of this disgrace.


What you're doing doesn't help you.

It's just obscene.

Oh, look.

So now, sheriffs are also protecting... thieves and sluts?

If you think that woman is guilty, let her be prosecuted by the law.

And I am the law.

El Diablo only knows this law.


Go black.

We like torturing women this way and you like it, too that's why you're not talking you fucking bitch!

Now you go there are still 14 men waiting outside!

It's the end for you now.


You're about to die.


Tell me the truth.

Where did you hide the money?

What's going on? They're still shooting?

My friend, Hud has learned where the money is ancl the truth.


In the heater. In the heater!

In the room by the entrance.

Tell the rest and say it loudly!

Tell us about Charlie and let everybody hear it!

Charlie was innocent!

I switched them.

I switched the real money with the counterfeit one and paid Boot to shoot him.

But he...

Charlie escaped ancl hid the money at the cemetery and left El Diablo a message that only you could understand.

And I couldn't have imagined that your brother would discover that the money was fake.

I couldn't.

Kill me.

Kill me now.

I don't care ifl die.

But know that I hate you.

Yes, I hate you and this damned place!

I curse you!


The moment for our personal challenge has arrived Finally, we'll know who is faster between the two of us.

Chico, write this down, that at the end of summer, El Diablo, the greatest revolutionary man of Mexico.

Ancl you, Hud, the greatest gunslinger among the gringos... in a normal formidable challenge.

Write... that El Diablo put a bullet in him right in the middle of his forehead.

And is was to defend the honor of his wonderful Mexican town.

Write down all of this.


Diablo, Diablo.

Chico... don't write the truth.

Write that I won.


Come, quick!

The money!


What's going on?

Come here!

My friend Hud has lost his mind!

He burned the money!


Stop him!


Stop him!

Stop him.

We're ruined forever!

You murderer!

You'll pay for this!

I hope you'll die!


I'm leaving.

This is not happening!

Curse you!



Curse you!

How is he?

His arm is getting better but his leg is still bleeding.

We should stop the bleeding. Let's call a doctor.

Brunhilda, call a doctor, quick!

I'm afraid they wouldn't come for him, madam.

I'll go.

I'll force him to come.

Be quick.

C'mon, you filthy maggots, move or I'll kill you!



You, too, moron!

You heard me!

Go with them and take off your clothes!

We have weapons now, and we take control!

You put your hat down!

You heard us! Take your clothes off now!

Doctor! Doctor!

There you are!

Come here!

C'mon, you're beautiful!

Let me go!


Now you'll see what we can do.

Cowards! You'll see!

You'll see, you slut.


Now we have guns!

We challenge you!

Come and look what we did!

We don't fear you, Hud!

We're not scared of you!

Come out!

Fight us if you have courage!

If you don't come out, we will kill the whole town!

We will kill them all!

It will be fun!

We've also got Sheba!

Come and fight us if you want to save her.

Did you hear us, Hud?

We're the strongest now!

Hud, please, you can't move.

What are you doing, Hud?

Are you hiding with the sluts?

Only the pimps do that!

Do you know that?

Where is your courage now?

I have to go.

How could you?

You can't go, you're wounded.

Give me the gun, quick.

There are no bullets.

I have to try to stop them.


Don't move!


You filthy maggots!


Look, he's coming!


We won't be able to do anything with that armor.