Species (1995) Script

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry?

Sir, she's breaking out!

What are we looking for?

She jumped over the fence!

A couple of trains came through here about the time she escaped.

Do you think she could have gotten this far in that time?

Is she that fast?

She is that fast.

And this too.

$3. 10. Three dollars and ten cents?

Your change. Thank you.

Can I help you?

The total is $17.95.

Here's your card.

Are you gonna buy those?

Have a nice trip.

It's brown tweed bag, like a duffel. Do you see it anywhere?

Sir, it's not here. The porter said he put it on the cart.

This is the cart. There's no bag here.

Government authorities said it was the largest earthquake to strike-

He's riding Greased Lightning.

That was Shorty Kincaid.

Enjoy the view.

Excuse me.

We shouldn't be seen together.

Father hasn't been dead long. Do you think Arlen suspects?

No. It's not too soon for us to be together.


Are you traveling by yourself?

You're 12?

Someone meeting you in Los Angeles?

We'll say you're 11. Then you only pay half price.

Our little girl did this?

She's not a little girl.

DNA typing and material found in those wounds proves it was her.

She could be anywhere. Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, anywhere.

We should stop the trains.

And have the railroad and police ask questions we can't answer?

We'll put key personnel at every stop along these lines.

I want a team to track her.

Hunt her down.

Good morning, Jill. Hello.

Thanks for taking care of my cat. We'll take good care of him.

I won't be gone very long.

Take care.


Are you still having problems with the people at work?

They point their finger at me saying...

...I'm the weird one, I'm the strange one.

Why? Because I have feelings?

Because I feel?

There's someone at the door.

I won't answer that. Whoever it is can come back at the end of the hour.

That's for me.

Sorry to interrupt. We need your help, Dan.

I know.

Gotta go.

Mr. Fitch will be with you all in just a moment.


I guess we all must be here for the same reason...

...whatever that is.

I'm Dan Smithson...

...and I don't know why I'm here either.

But they said they needed me and it was important, so I came.

What do you do, Dan?

I'm an empath.

Sometimes they show me awful things people have done.

I try to tell them why they did it.

What qualifies you for that?

I feel things deeply, that's all.

What am I feeling now?

You wanna believe that nothing affects you...

...that you're not afraid of anything.

But you're curious...

...just like the rest of us.

Stephen Arden. Harvard Anthropology Department.

Expert at cross-cultural behavior.

Laura Baker. Hi. Molecular biologist.

And who are you, and what do you do?

Preston Lennox.

And if I'm here...

...the shit has hit the fan.

What exactly is your area of specialty, Mr. Lennox?

I'm a freelance solution to our government's problems.

What exactly might they be?

The kind people don't usually like to talk about.

You hunt people, don't you?

I guess so.

You in here? It's a little late for TV.

You in here, honey?

Good evening, I'm Xavier Fitch.

I'm in charge of this operation.

Would you sit a little closer, please?

In November of 1974...

...a small group from S. E.T. I...

...S-E-T-I, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence...

...used radio dishes at Arecibo...

...to send a message to whoever was listening.

They sent a quarter of a kilobyte...

...including structure of human DNA...

...a map of our solar system...

...population of the Earth. Helpful facts like that.

In January of 1993, Arecibo received a message back...

...from an extra terrestrial...

...unknown source.

That's great.

Intelligent life beyond this planet?


There were two communications.

The first message turned out to be a superior catalyst for methane.

We now have the potential...

...to produce infinite energy from this clean-burning fuel.

This convinced us we were dealing with a friendly intelligence.

The second message turned out to be a new sequence of DNA...

...with friendly instructions on how to combine it with ours.

Here's some technical data. Get feedback from Dr. Baker.


...the new combined DNA sequence...

...was injected into 100...

...human ova.

We got 7...

...to divide.

Four petered out.

Two were stored in liquid nitrogen.

And we allowed one to grow.

Its code name is "Sil. "

That's after 2 hours.

One day.

Two days.

My God. This growth is amazing.

A week.

It's a girl. Yes.

We decided to make it female so it would be more docile...

... and controllable. More docile and controllable, huh?

Well, I guess you guys don't get out much.

That's her 1 month after she was born.

So you kept her caged in there?

It was safer to keep her isolated.

She didn't like being locked up.

She didn't like being alone.

Didn't she?

She's hiding something. Something inside.

You're right, Dan.

This is three months after she was born. Watch carefully.

What the hell was that?

Back the tape up.

Watch her eyes.

Rapid eye movement. She's dreaming.

She's having horrible nightmares. It's some kind of anxiety reaction.

Got me a little anxious.

It made the research team a little anxious too...

...so the decision was made to terminate the experiment...

...to run more research to see what we were dealing with.

You were going to gas her?

That was the decision.

It makes you feel mad.

You feel mad that you had to kill her, don't you?

I don't know.


Yesterday the body of a transient was found in a boxcar near Salt Lake City.

Preliminary DNA tests conclude...

...he was killed by our creation, by our Sil.

Found any other bodies?

Not yet. You will.

She's a predator.

Her eyes are in front...

...so she can judge the distance to her prey.

That's right.

Where'd you learn that?

I saw it on the Discovery Channel.

I caught that show myself.

Mr. Lennox. Yeah?

As the...

...non-scientist amongst us, are you clear about what's going on?

I think so.

You created a monster...

...with a formula you got from outer space.

The damn thing got away. Now you want us to hunt it down and kill it.

Now, is that pretty close?

I guess.

You don't want us...

...to capture her alive so that we can study her?

Laura, I think this is strictly a search and destroy operation.

Nobody ever asked me to find anything they didn't want dead.

I'm sorry for you.

Yeah, well...

Thank you, Dan.

I'm sorry for her.

May I have your attention, please?

Welcome to Los Angeles. This is the terminal stop for the Desert Star.

All passengers please disembark.

Something bad happened here.

No shit. Crushed her larynx.

She was afraid.

She's scared, frightened.

Hungry too. She's been eating like a horse.

Our girl is definitely not on a diet.

She's storing calories for something.

Any ideas?

Oh, my...

Well, that's...

That looks like some sort of...

...chrysalis. Some kind of cocoon.

What are we looking for, a giant moth?

If that is a cocoon...

... she'll be fully-grown now. Fully-grown.

Maybe that's how she got by our people.

They were looking for a child.

She is a child.

It stinks in here. I'm going outside.

Get the conductors' ID and credit card numbers on your computer.

There's no sign of them on the train.

Let's assume she took them. I'll see to that.

She kills if she's threatened.

And she has no remorse about it. None.

Of course, Los Angeles is perfect for her.

It's a city of the future.

Anything goes.

Totally mobile population. Everyone's a stranger.

Very little is taboo or unacceptable.

Whatever she does, no one will notice her.

Well, whatever. So...

Los Angeles is where the battle will be fought...

...and won.

You look very pretty.

Do you have a hundred?

Here we are.

Be more careful with your money. Not everybody's as honest as me.

Are you foreign?

Do you speak English?

Yes. Here. You keep this.

Here, let me take this.

Be careful here.


Watch your step.

Our laboratory, Visitor Base One...

...is being moved to some empty virus research labs at the university.

They're moving our equipment now. It'll be operational by 8:00.

Check into your rooms. Everyone out front in 15 minutes. We'll go over.

What will we do?

Process the evidence from the train.

Could we try growing this creature with its own DNA?

We do a version without ours this time and investigate its vulnerabilities.

That'd be good.

Then I could know how it feels. Makes sense.

This human life form could be a mask. Without the camouflage-

You're right. At least we'd know what we were dealing with.

A couple of bozos just ran out. I got a customer.

Yes, young lady. Can I help you? I want a room.

62, including tax. That'll just about cover the Honeymoon Suite.

Hi. Come here often?

What's your sign?

Tired of brunette?


Change the color of your hair.


I've increased the magnification.

When I pierce the cell, the foreign DNA will be introduced.


The camera's gone down.

Excuse me.

Do you have a replacement camera?

We do, but it'll take time for the technician to replace it.

No. This happens in my lab all the time. It's simple to replace it.

You saying you can do it?

Sure I can. I just need somebody to give me a hand.

I don't want technicians in there. This is classified.

I'll do it.

I'll do it.

Man of action, I like that. That's me.

Can you get that one for me?

Give me the camera.

Something's- Something's wrong.

Christ, It's started already.

It's started. Get the top back on. What?

Laura, Press, get the top back on.

Here you go.

She must have penetrated the cell.

Shit. What was that?

He dropped the bolt.

Find the bolt. Get the top on. I'm looking, Fitch.

Can they hear me in there?

Laura, Press...

... get the top on, then I'll let you out. Where'd it go?

It fell through the grate. Can you lift it up?

It's not gonna move. This isn't going anywhere.

No, can't get it! Press...

...you gotta get the bolt!

Can't get it. The floor's welded down. Oh, my God.

Press. Oh, my God.

I've never seen anything like this. Holy shit.

I can't let them out.

Press, look. Come on.

Fitch, let us out of here!

Open the goddamn door!

Not until I know what's in there! Open it now!

Let them out. I can't!

Open up the fucking door! Let us out!

Tell me it'll stop growing, Dan. It's not, let them out!

Open up the door!

Press, Press.

What the fuck is that?!

Laura, get to the other door!

Let her out, Fitch! I can't!

Let her out! I can't!

You motherfucker! Let her out!

You've gotta let them out! I can't hold it in!

Get out of the way!

I'm gonna burn it! Out of the way!

What is this thing? In 2 minutes, I'm burning the room!

I have to do it!

You have two minutes to kill it.

Disconnect the gas line. Use it as a flamethrower.

Laura, watch out!

Where'd it go? In the pipes!

Open the door! Shut up, Dan!

One minute remaining.


...it stopped moving. I think I killed it.

It's dead! Open the door!

It's dead, Fitch. Let them out.

Oh, God, it's not dead.

Shit. What'll we do?

30 seconds remaining.

There's not much time. Let's go. Open the door!

Let them out. I can't do that.

I have to follow protocol! What protocol?!

The protocols by which we're doing this!

You didn't tell them that before they went in.

Fitch, let them out. Twelve, 11, 10...

Fitch, let them out! I must follow protocol.

Let them out, Fitch!

Go. Get out of there!

Three, two, one.

I had no choice. Yeah, sure.

The protocol is to burn the room if anything went wrong!

Where's a good place to find a man?

There's plenty of guys at the Id around the corner. It's a club.

You won't have trouble meeting somebody there.

Thank you.

You can't miss it. Look for the long line.

I need your credit card...

...for room incidentals, long distance calls and so forth.

Credit card? Zip zap?

American Express, Visa, MasterCard?

There you go. Thanks. All right.

Thank you.

Wait a minute!

You don't want this falling into the wrong hands.


Here's Justin Crawl. It's through and it's covered by the goalie.


The conductor's credit card turned up...

...in a Hollywood motel. The van's out front.

Let's go.

You two.

Enjoy yourselves.

You, legs. You're in. Go on.

Where are you from?

I'm foreign. You're what?

I'm foreign. Really?

Easy, easy.

I've got a party to go to and no one to take me.

I'll take you.

You will? Yeah.

Okay. I'm going to the little girls' room.

Wait right here.

I'll be right back.

I'll be right here.

Whatever it takes, right?

All's fair in love and war.

Can't see much on that.

Get this tape to the lab. Enhance it.

See if we can get a better look.

She looks nice.

Do you have any idea where she went?

I'll find her. She wanted to meet a man.

I suggested a club called the Id around the corner.

Get the tape.

I've got a party to go to and no one to take me.

Where is this party?

I don't know.

Whoa, you can't park there!

Back that out!

No, you can't go in there. What's going on?!

There's been a murder! No one leaves here! I mean, nobody!

There's always some action in this part of town.

Blue-eyed blonde.

Black leggings, pink sweater, 5' 10" tall. Who'd she leave with?

Blonde leaves with a guy is hardly news around here.

Name the top attractions. No losers.

Assume he's socially adept. He'll be helping her out.

A friendly guy, not an asshole.

I'm thinking.

Robbie left with a blonde. That's him.

That's him.

Come on. Let me show you the rest of the house.

I'm still sweaty from that place.

It's so crowded.

Like it?


I feel like a shower.

You want one?

Tell you what.

I'm taking one.

You wanna take one later...

...no problem.

Take off your clothes.

I want to see you.

Very nice.

Take me back.

What are you talking about?

You know why we came here.

I've changed my mind.

All right. You said "no. "

It's duly noted. Come here.

I wanna go!

Too late. You're not leaving! You're not!

All right. That's better.

What's happening? Kills a girl at the club, kills this guy.

I'd say she fits the definition of a psychopath.

Nothing inhibits her.

No moral sense, no social structure.

She wasn't exactly smothered with a mother's love or taught good manners.

I asked what was happening.

He did something, she was angry.

She'll kill if she's threatened or if anyone gets in her way.

Of what?

Her life cycle.

I think she's trying to mate.



So why did she kill the girl?

Sexual competition.

She's hard on the competition.

Now she managed to mate.

Doesn't look like a success. He's still got his pants on.

She's frustrated. Who isn't?

What's her problem? She was here with him.

Maybe she rejected him.

She probably has special senses.

Rats can sense diseased or genetic damage in their potential mates...

...so we can test his body...

...for hereditary diseases or defects that would make him a loser...



Maybe he was a doper, or a diabetic.

Either way would make him unacceptable. Excuse me.

All right.

Insulin. Diabetic. There you have it.

She could have just walked out. Why kill him?

He pissed her off.

Some men, when rejected, get insistent.

Put an APB out on his car. We have.

We'll go back to the motel. I want to check it out.

More docile and controllable, huh, Fitch?

What do you think, Dan? What do I think?

I think she'd want to be alone now.

She won't come here with all these cars outside.

You're assuming she could find her way back here.

She could.

What is it?

Maybe menstrual blood.

If she's menstruating, she can reproduce.

Yes, I know.


Oh, Jesus.

Excuse me.

Call a paramedic! Anybody got a phone?

If your commute takes you westbound on the 10 freeway...

...expect an hour delay.

The drive will be slow to Malibu.

The video enhancement is not that great.

How old do you think she is? Twenty, 23?

Her reproductive system should be fully developed.

Her biological clock must be in hyperdrive.

She wants a baby.

If she has a child our problems have just begun.

If her offspring is male and develops at the same rate as Sil...

...it could reproduce in 6 months.

God knows how many females it could impregnate.


When a predatory species is introduced...

...into a closed ecological system...

...the extinction of the weaker species is inevitable.

They found the murdered guy's BMW, out of gas in Santa Monica.

What's her name?

I don't know. Who are you?

She didn't have any ID. I thought I'd make sure she was okay.

You think she's got insurance?

I don't know. Just put it on my credit card for now.

And you don't know her name. Guys like you are hard to find.

Get a lab workup on that, stat.

Get her up to x-ray. I want an x-ray on this.

It looks like a scapula fracture.

Your shoulder wound.

What's going on here?

Doctor, we need you now. A child burn victim just came in.

What is going on here? Doctor, please.

Jesus Christ! Did you see her shoulder?

Please. We need you immediately.

You're okay.

I'm okay.

I was sure you were seriously injured.

I'm okay.

You are. It's a miracle.

Can we go?

Did the doctor say you could go?


We'll send somebody over there. Thanks a lot.

Doctor over at Parkbay Hospital called in with some weird story.

We should check it out. It's a few miles away.


...Press, take a car, check it out.

Parkbay Hospital? Yeah, Parkbay.

She walked.

She walked.

She walked that way...

...not too long ago.

Got some fruit and cheese.

What is that?

You mean the hot tub?

A hot tub.

I love this place.

It's away from the traffic and business and people.

Sometimes it feels like you're not in L.A. anymore.


We'll immortalize the moment.

Look at the camera.

This girl literally reformed her bones. It's her.

Who checked her in?

I don't know. Let's find out.

She had no insurance so this guy put it on his own credit card.

Here's the file. John F. Carey.

You don't have a driver's license or home address?

No, sir. Just an imprint of his credit card.

Give us a printout of what you've got.

No problem.

Some candy?

It's in the Palisades and he's got a phone number.

Tell Fitch where we're headed, and try to get John Carey on the line.

I'd better get the phone.

I've got his machine. Should I leave a message?


Tell him he's about to copulate with a creature from outer space.

Copulate, huh? Yeah.

I like you.

I know.

It's not too soon for us to be together.

No, it's not too soon.

You don't need these.

Hey, hey. That's a little fast.

What's the matter?

Take it easy.

Just relax.

There's plenty of time.

What is it?

I think someone's at the door.

Don't go.

Please. I want a baby.

What?! Excuse me?

Let's go around the side.


What happened? A squirrel! A fucking squirrel!

She was here. Yeah, she was.

I wanna make sure she's not still here.

Perhaps we should check the body for evidence that they've had sex.

I used to be scared at the sight of blood.

Now I guess I'm getting used to it.

Oh, yes.

Help me, please! Oh, my God. What's the matter?

We found this in the living room.

She liked him.

Well, not enough.

Can't see any more on that than we did on the video monitor.

He didn't get a good picture of her.

There's no evidence of semen in the hot tub water.

Maybe she took it with.

So she probably hasn't managed to mate.

We interrupted her. Yes, I think we did.

Give me something I can use.

What have you come up with lately, Fitch?

She's not scared of us.

That's for sure.

We're all beat.

We'll go back to the hotel and rest.

Tomorrow night...

...we'll go back to the club.

Stake it out. Stake it out.

She's not stupid.

She won't repeat herself.

There's no point going there. It provided a poor specimen.

I'm not sure.

She's been in the city two days. It's what she knows.

I'd rather try the club...

...than sit at the command center reminiscing about how close we got.

She would make one excellent biological weapon.

If someone thought we were some kind of galactic weed that would...

...spread through the universe.

So what you're saying is that...

...she's the cure and we're the disease.

That's well said.

"Baker, Laura.

1735 Meander Drive, Simi Valley, California. "

That's you, right?

Last time I checked.

What do you do for kicks out there?

Pine for guys like you.

That's what I thought.

So anyone hungry?

No, thanks. I'm beat. I'm gonna try to get some sleep.

Good night. Yeah. Night.

I'll have something to eat with you. Thanks, Dan.

Do you ever have nightmares? Yes.

Please untie my hands.

I wouldn't hurt you. Please. I have them.

I think they tell me who I am.

Why are you doing this to me?

I don't know why I'm here.

I don't know who I am, who sent me.

Do you? No!

Why do you think you're here? I don't know.

Please let me go.

Please. Please, let me go.

I wouldn't hurt you.

I promise.

I wouldn't hurt you. Yes, you would.

You just don't know it yet.

No, I wouldn't!


My hands are hurting me.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God, no!

No! No!

Laura and Press, they like each other.

They just don't like to show how they feel.


Laura and Press, they like each other.

Yeah, whatever you say, Dan.

Look, it's really smoky in here. I'm gonna go outside, get some air.

Think I'll lie down in the van. Have a rest. This is a complete waste of time.

Get a feeling you're on a wild goose chase?


Excuse me.

Get out of here. This is my trashcan.

It's you.


She's here! Hey!

Dan. Is that her? Yeah.


Get in the van.

Everybody get in the van!

They're heading into the hills. We'll need the helicopters.

We're going up Nichols Canyon. One of you try to block her at Mulholland.

Watch it!

Oh, my God!

We blocked the road. We've gotta tell the press something.

Tell them what you want, just don't tell them the truth.

I don't buy her showing up at the club. It's too damn convenient.

Seeing is believing or don't you trust your eyes?

Get back! Get all these people back!

Fitch. Fitch. It doesn't feel right.


We found a severed thumb in one of the doors that got ripped off.

Let me see that. She may have caught it in the door.

Get to the lab, see if it's hers.

It'll be genetically identifiable. It's all over, everyone.

Tomorrow you can go back to your lives.

Congratulations on a job well done.

Just like that, huh, Fitch?

I don't think so.

Leave me a message. And Frank, I'm going to dinner.

Where are we meeting? Bye, sweetie.


Well, I guess we won.

We won, science lost. I didn't think we'd get her this way.

Not that easy. You sound like you'll miss her.

I guess I will.

I think I respected her.

I know this was a hellish job, but I really enjoyed working with you three.

And since Uncle Sam is buying, let's have another round.


I don't- I don't drink.

Don't worry, Dan. Tonight you will.

You wanna dance?

Who, me? Yeah, you.

All right. Okay.

I know you don't have a family. Do you have a girlfriend in New York?

I guess I've had a few, but they don't hang around very long.

I guess I keep too many secrets.

You wanna share one with me?

Right now? Yeah.

I know what you do, and it doesn't scare me.

Really? No.

Well, it does most people.

I wouldn't wanna never see you again.

Hey. What are you-?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I thought you were somebody else.

I'm sorry.

You okay?

I thought it was Sil. I saw the blonde hair.

She's dead, Press.

The tests on the thumb proved it was her.

You got your test and I got my gut. I just don't buy it.

I think as long as you feel she's out there, you got a mission.

Maybe you don't want this job to be over.

Well, maybe not. So what?

Thanks for the dance.

Good night.

What do you call this?

It's called a Long Island Ice Tea.

It's got tea in it?


Smells nice, can I try some?

Help yourself.

Does it work on your boyfriend?

Yeah. As a repellent.

I don't know. I think he's in remarkably good shape for a man his age.

One Long Island Ice Tea.

I like these cups of tea.

What? That's great.

Hey, give me one of those.

I like these cups of tea, man.

You guys, I'm tired. I'm gonna go to bed.


She's going to bed.

I guess.

She still...

...wants to see you though.

Maybe I'll go find out if you're right about that.

I'd hate to be in here during an earthquake.


What floor do you want?

Ten, please.

I like your perfume.

You do?

Thank you. Excuse me. I get out here.

Good night.

Hi. Hi.

Did you want something?

Maybe. Maybe?


Dan. Dan.

Those two over there. Bet they like unusual men like us.

Women think I'm strange.

I don't feel well.

Don't be silly.

Just go over there and talk to them.

I have to go. And I think you should leave with me, okay?

I'm gonna stay for a while, actually.


I'll see you tomorrow.


Hi. Hi.

I was sitting over there, wondering...

...what two intelligent, glamorous women were doing without dates.

My name's Stephen Arden.

I teach anthropology at Harvard.

I lived in Boston once. Yeah?

For a year.

Froze my butt off. It's cold in Boston.

This is Bill and Tony. I forget your name.

Cute little socks.

Stand up.

How'd you get in here?

I stole the key. What?

I saw you downstairs, but you were with all those people.

So I thought I'd come up and wait.

This kind of thing doesn't usually happen to me.

I just want to be with you.

Oh, yes.

What about protection?

She's here. She's here.


Someone's at the door.

Who's there?

Press, Laura.

It's Dan. I gotta talk to you.

Christ, what does he want?

What's the problem, Dan? I just got this terrible feeling.

I get this strange thought, this image of Sil with Arden.

Sil's next door to Arden, Press.

No, no, no. She's dead, Dan.

I went to his room and there's someone in there with him.

Did you knock on the door? Yes, but I don't know what she'll do.

They're making a lot of noise. They're having sex.

I know it's Sil, I know it!


I believe you. I'll get dressed.

I enjoyed that immensely.

I felt it. What?

It's started.

What's started?


Oh, my darling girl.

In some cultures, women believe they know the moment of conception-

Don't you believe me? Feel.

Holy shit!

I hope you're right about this, Dan.

She's headed for the basement. We'll take the stairs.

Laura, come with me!

Come on!

If she's pregnant, we gotta get to her before she gives birth.

God. We don't know what we're dealing with here.

She could have a dozen babies. She could lay 1000 eggs!

Oh, God. Did you see Arden?

Yeah, I did, that poor bastard.

We can trap her. The fire door opens from the inside at the bottom exit.

Then what?

Holy shit.

Oh, my God. The bitch went through a steel door!

Fitch! Dan! We're in the garage! She got past us!

You saw her? She was gone before we got here.

Here. You saw her!

Look at the door! Which way did she go?

Where's Press? He took off down that tunnel.

She kills if she feels threatened.

She kills if she feels threatened.

She must've come through here.

She went down here. There's no other way.

Yeah, she's down there.

Let's go.

Stand back, I'll clear it out.

Which way did she go, Dan?

I don't know. What?

I'm not sure. She's here.

Think. You're supposed to have some extrasensory power! Which way?

Which way did she go, Dan? I don't know! I don't know!

I think she went that way. That's good enough for me.

You think she went that way?

You don't fucking know, don't you? You don't fucking know.

I'll go this way. You come with me.

Come with me, Dan! Fitch.

I think she went this way.



Fitch. Fitch.


What happened?

I can feel her.

She's that way.

She's that way.

I never thought I'd want to kill something.

Never thought I'd want to.

It's this way. It's back here.

Hey, she went in here.

This must have opened up during the earthquake.

Okay, stand back.

Is that oil?

Looks like it.

I'm going back there to see if I can flush her out.

If she comes back through here, let her have it.

Dan. Dan!

Dan, what is it? I don't know.

I don't know.



It's okay.

Nobody's gonna hurt you.

You come here.

Come on. I got you.

Press, something's happened to Dan!

You okay?




I'm stuck!

I need your help! I'm stuck!

Dan, you gotta hang on!


Dan, keep on.


Hang on, Dan!

Hang on!

I got you.

I got you, Dan. Hang on.


Hang on!

Hang on, Dan!

Get rid of her, Press!

Duck your head.

Let go, you motherfucker.

I got you. Hold on, I got you. Shit.

I thought I was dead.

I thought you'd drank your last Long Island Ice Tea.

Yeah, I thought we all had.

Hey, you okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.

My pants are a little messed up.

But I'm okay.

She was half us, half something else.

I wonder which was the predatory half.

The dead half.

Let's get the hell out of here.

I never thought I'd be so happy to be back in a sewer.