Spermula (1976) Script

In the 1930s, an American secret society became quite notorious.

Its members rejected the whole idea of love, deemed art evil, and claimed to find the so-called "RAPTURE OF BEING" through a total liberation of the senses.

After a congress was held by those practitioners in New York in September 1937, they werenít heard of again.

One year later, a reporter thought he found them again in the middle of uncharted territories. He vanished, too.

This film tells the story of how some of their daughters came back to live among us.

We canít leave her like this.

I gave orders. Theyíre coming to get her.

Stop erasing this drawing. Theyíre waiting for us.

Iím ready.

Whatís this laughter outside?

Samantha is initiating Leonardo.

Group eight is expected at eight thirty. Theyíve already reached group eight.

The packing teams are required to make haste.

Ah, here you are! She couldnít take it anymore.

All seduction objects leaving with the commando are expected.

Get up, little Felicia.

Group six. Group six is expected.

I donít want to see my body. Itís too large for me.

The packing team in charge of group six is required to make haste.

The others are following us. Letís go, children.

I canít get used to the voices they gave us.

Their females still have voices like that.

Iíve been told they hide to make love.

Letís go.

This is my last will and testament.

You have been chosen to build the foundations of our coming invasion.

Your willpower is now strong enough to win over the world that once exiled us.

We made you beautiful, because where youíre going, beauty is still a privilege.

Go, and fight this world where love is still considered a virtue.

Go, and castrate all of their masters.

All those who make them live in fear.

Here are your roses!

Somewhere in our world.

Are you crazy? No, stop! Her name is Cascade

No. No, leave me alone. Stop it. Stop it.

Youíre such an animal!

Iím getting married tomorrow anyway, you know.

Will you cut the bullshit already?

Pierre, the gardener.

Donít you know everybodyís getting fed up with your stupidities?

Madame Papadťous, Cascadeís aunt.

Donít touch Salaís dress, will you!

Sheís getting married, youíre not.

You'd better prepare Choupetiís chocolate.

Iíve got to hurry!

Mr. Grop is waiting for me.

Choupeti, the son.

Your chocolate is coming, little angel.

Cascade is making it now.

You still havenít kissed me today.

Oh no, donít do that. Come on, are you mad? No...

What about the bloody chocolate?

What the hell are you doing?

Choupeti is waiting.

It canít go on like this, you know, Iím warning you.

And donít forget the cousinsí book.

I wonder where those two are. Can you tell me?

Goodbye, my darling. Goodbye, Mom.

Bloody bugging fly!

Ah, here you are. Follow me.

Hello, my dear friend. Yeah, hello, sorry.

Mr. Grop, the mayor.

Please forgive me, Iím in a hurry, I canít keep you long 'cause Iím very busy.

Please, take a seat.

I asked you to come because Iíve been commissioned with a sale.

The house next door, you know, the Fogle villa. Well, itís been sold.

Werner, Gropís right hand man.

It all happened in quite an unusual fashion.

First, there was an intervention of some big wig at the Prefecture.

Some phone calls from the capital city.

You know me, I like to be aware of everything.


Those people will probably move in soon.

So Iím going to ask you, since youíre their neighbor, to take a look, just so we know who weíre dealing with.

Excuse me, but Iím in a real hurry, Iím a very busy man.

Werner, will you be nice enough to see Mme. Papadťous to the door. Good morning, Madame.

How is Sala? Sheís fine.

Oh, yes, letís talk about that wedding!

I think itís ridiculous.

For a young man who fancies dabbling in politics, to marry Sala Papadťous, is madness!

Blanche, Mr. Gropís wife, and her servant.

Please do it again.

I love it.

I see your pleasures are high brow as ever.

Weíre having fun.

Donít you have anything else to do?


Donít forget youíre Madame Grop.

As some of us might remember, during the 1930ís, the American public opinion got all excited about a secret society whose members were believed to have acquired supernatural powers through various training practices.

I must have left a handkerchief around here.

Here, wait. I let him get away with everything. Oh, Iím such a coward.

Why do you say this? How I wish I werenít that way.

In late May 1935, the members of the sect, gathered in the lounges of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York.

It seems a decision was reached at the end of this congress since, from this moment on, they were never heard of again.

The townís cabaret.

Did you see the glasses? What do I care?

Youíre too much, you know that? Time to go to bed, gramps!

Oh, here they are now. Hi, guys!


Oh shit, enough is enough! Hereís your bloody rag.

Iíve got work to do. Fucking artists!

Cut the bullshit, will you.

Here are Ruth and Ivan. They live with Tristan, a painter.


Can you still see anything?

Yeah, Iíve got to finish this panel for tomorrow.

Arenít you asleep?

And howís our star?

Come on, come on, youíve got to sleep now.

Donít you think youíre slightly overdoing it?

Fuck you.

Why are you like this? Because heís making fun of me.

The little girl we just saw, is Ruthís daughter.

As for the blonde, her name is Rita.

Trying to make yourself pretty, are you? What seems to be the matter?

God, this is something else!

I think... the cross-dressing boy, the painter, the sassy black girl and her poor child. Youíre on the wrong path, father, if you begin to feel indulgence for such creatures.

Nowadays, people tend to forget the devil!

Yes, absolutely, the devil!

The point is, the devil may not always be, where you expect him.

MíLord? What do you want?

Your permission to go to bed. Go, go!

This is the cardinalís house.

He lives between his secretary and Marie, his housekeeper.

Is she as submissive as she seems?

Sheís going to be the first one.

Why she? Because sheís fed up.

I donít like much the stupidities that you entertain these days, father.

Give this ring to whom it belongs.

The one he wears on his finger is a fake since 07.07.1957.

Come and visit us. We shall quench your appetites.

Our voices are already wandering among the monsters.

This one is unhappy, isnít she?

Sheís only saved by the tangos in her head.


This is one of their ways, to feel less lonely.

She hates him.

Yes, but thereís a strange perfume of tenderness.

Werner visits Sala Papadťous, his fiancťe.

Good morning, madam. Good morning.

Come on, get inside, will you! I forbid you to go out.

Mademoiselle has a rendezvous. Yes, I know.

Liberte, Salaís sister.


Blanche! Go and fetch the plane!

I wonder whoíll rid me of that woman!

Grop, please stop being childish. Well, whatís so important?

You know my housekeeper?

Yesterday, she came to me claiming that she had a... visit.

A visit? Yes.

Yes. She was visited by a being... some sort of female being.

Well, she doesnít really know. So, yes, I roared with laughter, as you would have.

But the strange thing is: the visitor left proof of her passage.

Proof? A ring.

A ring absolutely identical to mine.

She claimed that mine was a fake, and hers was genuine.

And you believe this bullshit?

Look. The point is not believing or disbelieving.

It might be more than just poppycock, and I think that perhaps it is a matter concerning your police.

Because this morning I had the rings examined by an expert mine is fake, hers is genuine.

Is that you? I threw everybody out.

Itís so difficult for us to meet.

Do you recognize your tiny ass?

Look what I do to it.

Do you love me today?

Did you successfully manage your aunt and your two bitchy cousins?

What is it? She wonít come...

Why are you here?

Why are you here?

I came because...

I told myself...

You were supposed to see Cascade, with the intention of...

So, I thought...


Get lost! Get lost!



The cardinalís housekeeper answered the Spermulasí call.

Well, you see, you came. Why are you afraid?

Freedom frightens slaves.

It forces us to invent ourselves, when their world annihilated their imagination.

My name is Gilda. Iím the one who came to you the first time.

Today, you wonít see our mistress.

No, I changed my mind.

Are you aware of being a fantastic medium?

Why do we inspire fear?

Theyíre so afraid of being different.

Did you see the dread in her eyes?

She couldnít bear her newfound freedom.

Now sheís one of us.

When she wakes up, you will take her back.

We need her outside.

Oh, itís you, mom.

Hey, look at her! What is she? Crazy?

Some people care about politics!

We care about music, partying and magic!

On the next morning...

I bet the black bitch never fed him.

Whereís my dog?

Well, hereís his meat.

Look how the stupid girl put that plane down.

Donít you know where the dog is?

Canít you stop this?

Will you stop already!

You sure are pretty like this.

You make me want to puke.

You make me want to puke...

If only you knew. If I knew what?

A pig, thatís what you are! A monstrosity!

If only you knew. How I love you.

How I love you...

Youíre a nice guy, officer.

Good. Very good.


You are perfect.

You pretend to like it, donít you, bitch?

You pretend to like it?

Yeah! No!

Come in.

Mr. Werner is here. Tell him to come in.

You really are a bastard.

Good morning, Madame Grop.

Good morning, Werner. Youíll excuse me...

The green-eyed young man who came to see us. Was he on our side?

Yes. His name is Werner.

He's weird. He has very hard to fathom vibrations.

Heís the right hand man of the most powerful man in this town, but he has also been a disciple of ours for ten of their years.

Nevertheless, he seems very preoccupied with matters of material powers.

Whatever. We need him.

You always come at the right moment.

You still are your old hugely vulgar self.

Your own rudeness proves youíve got good news for me.

What do you mean?

What I mean, you little cocksucker, is that you wouldnít dare to insult me if you werenít on the right track.

I think I found the money.

Bravo. It was about time. Who?

Weíll see about that later. But I have one condition.

A junior partner title and...

Donít be abused by their stories...

It doesnít matter what confidence trick those two men may have pulled.

And it doesnít matter that it was pulled on the small town they are in charge of.

It doesnít matter that this woman is searching.

The only thing that matters is the foul perfume...

...bathing their lives.

I already told you I was opposed to this marriage.

Iím off. All right, all right.

As you wish. I donít care. When will it be?

I thought the day after tomorrow.

Whoís giving the money?

He thinks weíre going to give him the money.

To them, money is everything.

Leave them alone. Youíre exhausting yourself.

Letís go back to work.

Youíre right. Are you all ready? We shall resume our immodesty drills.

You. Go and fetch the male witness.

To be alive, always alive.

On the other side, there is sunlight.

Itís there, within reach of the skin.

You must hate man and his tyranny.

Girls! The best of them will gladly oblige, and will give life to their poetry. At last!

I knew you were here.

Sala Papadťous. Liberteís sister and Wernerís fiancťe.

Is mom sleeping?

What about Choupeti? Donít know.

Superstitions are afraid of mirrors for a reason.

Mirrors have a secret, and a frightful secret it is.

Thereís something true on the other side.

In this other space to which nothing serious can happen.

Look at my face. Watch it closely.

As if you were seeing it for the first time.

My face is a show.

You are attending my faceís show.

You are with me.

My face is becoming an eternal object.

A landscape. Follow me...

Iím now crossing to the other side

Yes... yes...

I donít love you anymore. We will never see each other again

The sun.


Hey, hereís your fiancť. Hi!

You seem pretty self-assured. If you knew.

If I knew what?

If I knew what, Werner?

Stop it! You know perfectly well that you donít want to.

It drives me crazy.


Do I smell good? Like a flower.

It takes a gardener to water such a flower.

Iím fed up with it.

Ruth! Ruth! Yes.


I love you.

I love you too, little man.

No, no, of course not!

Youíre missing the point entirely.

You donít have a clue. It was like this, I tell you.

Like this.

Youíre beautiful.

What the hell are you doing?

Iíve got work to do in the garden.

He was a... great hairdresser.

An artist.. There...

Make sure that your own beauty does not trick you.

Remember your true faces.

Gilda! Are you crazy?

You may not become attached to anything.

Do you understand?

You must hate your faces, these jewels, those ludicrous dresses, everything that makes you objects of desire in this world.

Iím telling you this, because I can feel some of us weakening.

I can feel everything.

From childhood, you know?

We must act. Weíve got the cardinalís housekeeper.

This one will be next.

Theyíve been here for three weeks.

In order to know so many people, I tell you, they already had supporters in our town.

She even met Tristan, the painter you donít like, and commissioned a portrait from him.

She met all my former friends from the cabaret.

I think those women have abnormal powers. They are mediums.

What are you? Mad? Whatís all this bullshit?

First the cardinal, now you. A madwoman, thatís what you are.

Mediums! Have you already seen any medium?

Youíre mad. Youíre unhinged. Here! Look at yourself!

Look! Remember. The oh-so-fresh Blanche Dubois.

The beautiful artist. A sick wreck, no more.

What do you think?

Mme Grop is tired. Thatís not what I mean.

If youíre referring to those presences, I think... please forgive me, madam... but I think the whole thing is preposterous.

You can say that again.

Iím going to bed, thatís the best thing I can do.


Iíve known you for a long time. Do you remember, Madame Grop?

Please, do not get interested in their stories.

Stories are good for men of the past.

Know only that in this instant, a being exists is this very light.

If you fuck with me, even a little, Iíll destroy you.

Little Werner.

This is great, I must say.

Heís terribly repressed. Look.

Yes. He canít rise above common visions.

He knows only the primary phase. Weíve got to mutate him.

I canít.

Yes you can. Heís now gone to the other side.

Heís ours.

Now youíre free. No pride, no anguish.

Youíll never be a man of the past again.

Itís so good.

She was the most profound, the most visionary of them all, and she allowed herself to fall into the crudest, the most illusory of traps.

Love. Did she have a bad night?

Yes. Iíll go and see her.

I fail to understand why they chose her. She lacks strength.

Here, take this. It will do you good.

Close the curtains, will you? The light is killing me.

Are you not feeling well, darling?

Itís nothing. Probably this world.

I miss teaching.

Today, weíll resume our listening.

You know, Iím receiving a weird thing since earlier today.

There is love around here, I can feel it. It makes me want to puke.

Youíre being silly. Thereís only hate among or neighbors.

Shut up! I feel it, I tell you!

Youíre tickling me. Youíre really crazy, arenít you?

Itís funny. I feel like biting you like this.

Iíll swallow you. Iíll digest you.

Youíre being gross.

Thatís rich, coming from you who likes talking only about sex.

Thatís true. I like it. Why do I like it?

Itís because... because youíre...

Well, shit!

This is really fucking good. Really good.

My Man! Youíre so silly!

Whatís happening with the gardener?

It seems to have failed. Why do you say that?

Because I can see it. Heís not been freed in the right way.

What do you want? Is your mother home?

No... Whatís the matter?

Are you crazy? Whatís with you? Youíre not yourself!

Take a seat.

Blanche, my darling, will you close the door?

I asked you to come here tonight in order to announce Wernerís promotion and his engagement to Sala Papadťous.

Iím really happy.

But I also want to talk about something else.

It makes me think that what happened to you is somehow happening to me.

If youíre anything like me...

Oh, no! My love is much lower than that. Will you excuse me?

...and I asked Werner to investigate. No result.

Whatís really bothering me, is that each time I asked a question about those people to someone in the capital city...

Would you like a drink? Iíd like a glass of water, please.

Each time, they led me to understand that Iíd better... well, in a nutshell. leave the matter alone.

Thatís why I think itís our responsibility to shed light on it.

So Iím going to ask you, Countess, and also you, Your Lordship, to kindly pay a visit to those people, in order to learn who weíre dealing with.

Yes. I understand. Thank you.

Werner warns us that the cardinal is only willing to come to dinner in order to learn about us. An investigation of sorts.

Come and see. Itís strange, she kept looking over her shoulder, as if she could feel my presence.

I think sheís a natural at listening.

When was it? Thirty-six hours ago.

We should be able to do it.

That man, Grop, doesnít receive any fluid.

We can only reach him through her.

Blanche will be theirs soon.

As for the cardinal, theyíre waiting for him this very evening.

And the next morning...

Some friends told me you werenít feeling very well.

Iím all right, donít worry.

Images are coming back to me. When was that dinner with the cardinal?

I must say the color of your robe, your complexion and those tiny prawns create a harmony...


Nice of you to let me come. Iím glad to see you.

Why have you covered the paintings like this?

Itís soothing me.

Do you know what?


So this is their solution to cross to the other side...

Love... My little trick...

In fact, MíLord, you can understand us better than many others.

My girls and I are living in a kind of community.

Yes, I see.

Do you know we own absolutely exceptional collections?

Do you?

And weíre going to show you some of our treasures...

Iíd like to know how to draw. Would you like it?

Maybe I would, yes.

Whatís wrong with me. Iím crazy.

Are you all right?

I cannot stay. I need to wash my hands.

Thank you.

Oh, yes, Iím all right. Well... I think weíll take a break.

Please excuse me. Feeling a bit dizzy.

I... er... I leave you here. You may stay as long as you want.

May I take your drawing?

Well... yes... Although I donít like it much.

Thank you.

What happened? Donít know.

Sheís scaring me.

Sheís just a little weird.

Youíre pretty when youíre scared.

Youíre crazy. Sheíll be back.

Concentrate. Letís lead him to the swimming pool, where our girls are waiting for him.

Erase this drawing, Ingrid. Erase it now.

Like before. Nothing must remain.

I canít. I canít anymore.

Time is shifting. Itís their doing. Their love is destroying you.

Free yourself from them, Ingrid. I canít.

Iíll do it for you. No. Theyíre mine.

Help me!

Youíre our master, Ingrid. Leave me alone, then. Leave me.

Iím leaving you.

But remember that you must flee only poets, those who already own a version of the rapture, substitutes of life that they excrete, help people weathering stormy times... help people weathering stormy times...

Heís coming closer. Heís almost here. Heís here.

As for this couple, I think you see too much of them.

And I think asking him for that drawing was ridiculous.

Before, you loved erasing them, it was so simple... This is none of your business.

I like them. If only they didnít reek so much of love...

You must free them of this crap. What are you waiting for?

Do what must be done. Theyíre grotesque.

I make the decisions. You make the decisions.

Weíre not well. We have to take up the lessons again.

Tell me, how many times did the artist come here?

He came three times in the flesh, and several times more as waves.

When was the first time? The first time wasnít important.

I think it was the second time which did the trick.

I donít remember what I was doing.

Oh, yes, I was painting my nails, or some absurd thing like that.

Hello. Good evening.

Itís strange. Before, when I saw you, sir... Donít call me sir.

When I saw you, Tristan, I felt ill.

An when I see you now, I feel very very well.

Where is Cascade?

I tell you theyíve been drinking. This is not normal.

Why are you staring at me?

Maybe itís time for you to know.

Come and see. Come and see, will you? Come!

You see, youíre not exactly up to date, honey.

Donít you think itís time to let her know?

She must know that you visited next door, and youíll never be the same again, so sheíll shed her oh so proper attitude.

And itís not only you. I went there too.

Pierre put in my womb, something from next door.

Something from madness.

Oh, I forgot, you didnít know.

Pierre has been fucking me for a long time. Yes, he does fuck me.

And he fucks Sala too. Princess Sala!

She takes him full in the arse. Yes, my dear mommy, full in the arse.

Several miles worth of prick. Isnít it true, little Sala?

Sala? Itís not true, is it? Canít you see theyíre crazy?

Come. Youíll stay in Gropís house until our wedding.

Everything will be alright. Grop isnít home.

The maid will let you in. Wait for me!

Tell me, Liberte was telling the truth, wasnít she?

Our victory is imminent.

How is it going with the mother?

Itís done. Sheís with us. Shall I tell or shall I project?

Project. Letís not indulge our awful physical voices.

It wasnít hard. She already lived a parallel life.

I put her in contact with her late husband. He was a hairdresser.

Donít fret. I was sure he would come.

Give me my curling iron, Sausage!

He wasnít always nice to me.

The seconds. All the seconds!

The billions seconds of life!

Like ants! A regular anthill!

They eat me, they bore in me, they get fat on me!

Darling? Darling? Do you still love me?

I would like to see your face!

Sheís done with love.

Sheíll never be the same again. Sheíll never be the woman she was.

What became of the cardinal?

And what about the rich manís wife? The Blanche woman.

Blanche! Sheís on her way.

What bitches... Where are the fucking sluts?

Their violence is a strange thing.

They donít know how to live in freedom.

No matter. Heís ours. Yes, heís ours.

Oh, my God! My God!

Hello? Itís me. Blanche is gone.

Yeah? Well, sheís gone anyway.

She must be at the cabaret. See that itís raided.

But... No buts, little Werner.

If you donít see that the matter is settled tonight, donít count on me tomorrow morning for your wedding.

Get it?


Tell the blokes in the militia not to pull their punches; we donít often have the opportunity to teach a lesson to those degenerates.

See you tomorrow.

I canít do it. I canít do it.

They do not receive me. I canít unscramble.

Take a hold of yourself, Ingrid. We must go on.

The Black girl? You had her, didnít you?

Yes. I called her this morning. Was it hard?

The Black one. The Black girl. In the cabaret.

Ruth... Yes, thatís it, Ruth. I met her.

In a big, in a huge city...

Very far. In 1950. That is not possible.

You werenít born.

I need her. Sheís threatened.

Images came back to me.

Images blocked my sight.

Oh, those harassing images!


Ruth... Ruth...

Youíre one of us now.

Itís hard! Help me, Iím losing her.

So what? You succeeded. Sheís ours.

Donít you understand? Iím not worried about our victory, but about my defeat.

Canít you see this world is taking us?

Diamant! Help me! Help me!

Iím coming with you for the very last time. This is outrageous.

Hey, you, human flesh merchant!

While Ivan and Tristan are taking a stroll, Mr. Gropís policemen are doing their job at the cabaret.

Up you go! Yes.

Are you OK? Yeah.

How happy will Mr. Grop be! No!

Youíre a funny sight upside down. I like you.

I like you too, little man.

Who else among you feels pleasure in looking at their reflection in a mirror?

Strangely enough, recently, Iíve been having emotions that were unknown to me.

Which ones? Tell me.

Must I really, Diamant?

Itís necessary. This is the reason why weíre losing our power.

Is this a new feeling for you?

To take those feelings away from them, is the very reason why we came here It was shame, wasnít it?

Thatís what you felt? Yes.

Pride too, and you wanted to be loved. Is that why you did what you did?

You knew? Here we know everything.

And you know whatís coming to you. No, please!

Oh shit!

What is it? What happened? Whereís the kid?

Oh, God, Iíll get him!

Ruth is all right.

Sheís gone to see the women in the villa across the road.

Who did this? Mr. Grop.

Here. Put this on.

Are you all right? Yes, Iím better.

You feel better, donít you? Can I introduce him?


Good morning, Werner. Good morning, Ingrid.

Donít touch that.

This is a very good copy. No, an original.

This is genuine. The one in the Prado is a copy.

The same goes for the Mona Lisa; the one in the Louvre is a forgery.

For forty years, weíve been working on the exchange of your valuables, you know.

I know. Yours is a formidable power.

Thatís why Iíve been wondering, why are you unwilling to help me?

We have many contacts around the whole world, and many of them have already been compromised.

Weíre none the worse for it.

Iím not sure I can trust you, Werner.

Look. Iím on the verge of reaching my goal.

Iíve been fighting for it for ten years.

You say youíre one of us, little Werner.

I can see youíre still motivated by things which are utterly meaningless to us.

To us, this power is nothing.

If it leads to slavery, itís nothing, just like money.

For you, other people are rabble, but youíre proving that you have no nobility.

None at all. You know nothing of the beauty of failure.

You know nothing of the absurd.

What gives you the right to speak to me like that?

Obviously, youíve never been humiliated.

What do you know of my problems?

Nothing, thatís for sure. Nothing at all.

You should take me too, while youíre at it.

Why donít you try it with me?

You took Pierre, after all.

And the bishop didnít escape you.

And Liberte through Pierre.

And the bishopís housekeeper through the bishop himself.

What about me? Why not? Take me.

Make me one of you, so I can be free your way.

Werner, no! Werner... Werner!

Werner! Stop it! Werner, no!

Werner, no! Please, Werner.

Stay back. Stay back!



I know a lot about your activities here.

And elsewhere too.


Youíre very strong, but youíre not invulnerable.

Remember that.

Tell me. What is love?

Love? Itís a river in Russia.


Stop being stupid. Just stop it, alright?

If you donít, Iíll punch you in the face.

But I tell you I loved her. Canít you understand?

Why are you saying you loved her, when sheís all right? Sheís here!

Donít do this, you dummy!

Come on, hurry up! Come on! Weíre going to... hurry up!

Letís go and see Ruth.

Bastards! Motherfuckers! Bastards, Iíll get them!

Come! Oh, come! Come!

So many are left here!

Their pleasures. Their pleasures donít take them anywhere.

Satisfaction. Only satisfaction...

This party is going to be our victory. Yes, maybe.

Whatís the matter with you now? Donít bother.


Look, nobody came to our wedding dinner.

Weíll tell them the truth, of course, but that truth, believe me, most of them canít understand it.

Iím afraid theyíll think itís absurd.

Most of them have... only feelings as they say.

My duty was to report to my superiors.

Iím disappointed. Iíve been told to forget it all.

You donít say? Youíre completely drunk, poor chap.

The father is not drunk. You are, Grop.

What the father just said is true. Itís part of the truth.

Iím going to tell you the rest.

You uttered the word: love.

Yes. Yes, Iím becoming a mortal again, since love makes one mortal, at the same time giving life.

Beware. You know Iím prepared to do anything to save you.

Are you sure you wonít touch Tristan?

This is why I told you we would be able to pose as saviors in the public eye, just by exposing the case.

If that were true, you wouldnít frown like this.

You would already be calling the press on the phone.


For ten years, I was an adept of those people.

What I just revealed... What game are you playing, Werner?

Follow me, Mr. Grop, and youíll see that what Iím telling you is true.

How does your religion deal with people who sin?

Theyíre being punished. Yeah? How are they punished.

Theyíre flogged.

Where is there a phone?

Itís too early for that, Mr. Grop.

Before that, I want to show you something.


Open the door, Werner!

Fuck me. Donít mind him.

How is it going, Gramps? How handsome he is in his tuxedo!

Come on. Yeah, Iím making space for you.

Albert, donít tell me youíre freaking out.

Iím even sure that you love it. Donít you?

Oh, no, heís really in pain. He canít stand losing.

Your pride is whatís hurting you, Albert. Your pride.

Those strangers have been telling me a lot of things.

Come with us! It feels great.

Come... with us.

Come. Come.

I love you. I love you, little one.

Theyíre right. Everything is beautiful, itís true. You are beautiful.

Donít say things like that. Iím ugly as hell.

No. Why do you say that?

If I were beautiful, what with all the trouble I take to make you love me,

would you love me anyway?

Well, sheís going to give herself to him, and he will lose what he still calls his love.

Before, I liked you. Now I really love you.

Come! Iím going to show you the images haunting the little man.

Youíll never be a man of the past again. Never again.

As long as no woman of our race, is crazy enough to give herself to you.

I spilled everything to her. The truth.

Itís true, I told her everything.

Canít you see that itís killing me?

I need her now. I need Sala.

And I absolutely need the money.

Not for me, of course, but for her.

Because I love her. I do love her.

I also need that swine, Grop.

I was your ally once. Help me!

Whatís with you?

Gilda! Follow me!

No, Diamant, no. I donít want my former face back.

You drove me mad, Ingrid

I donít know how to draw anymore. I donít know how to draw!

Heís mad, Albert. Albert is mad.

Youíre free now. You knew?

I suspected. I can feel it when I see you.

So Iím free? But free to do what?

Free to live on a large scale what your miserable love allows you to think youíre living on a small one.

To live? What do you mean, to live?

Iím living! In order to have lived! To remember!

And to extract from those memories something that will allow other people to live.

Ersatz. Maybe so.

But what are you suggesting?

Maybe there, in you little confined world, but not here.

Not in this huge mess.

Freedom! Iím not even free to love her.

And I want to love, do you hear me?

I can give you back, what was taken from you.

How? I have to give myself to you.

What will happen to you? Nothing.

See your friend Gilda?

Sheís just finding her former face again. Her real face.

Youíve lost, Ingrid, and you can feel it. Lost.

I love him.

We came too early.

First, itís necessary to cure them.

Theyíre too seriously ill.



Why does she escape the law?

This is a privilege, of the angels of the future.