Spring Breakers (2012) Script

Yes! Oh, my God!

Yes! Oh, my God!

The magical crown jewels at the bottom of the mystery cave.

That's great. How do you get in?

Oh, no! Guys!

Oh! Oh, no!

Pink, you're a wizard!

Quick! Come in here! Follow me!

Trixie, Pink, hurry up!

Oh, no!

Okay, guys, you might remember last week...

I gave that great lecture on Elvis Presley and the 1950s... but today we have to change gears and talk about something... that's a little bit deeper, a little harder to get at... which is the Civil Rights Movement, or the black freedom struggle... or what some historians have called the second reconstruction.

Which I really like because it ties it to the first reconstruction after the Civil War... to show that there is a continuum... there is a constant struggle on the part of African-Americans in the South... to claim their freedom, their liberty.

And without a doubt...

World War ll really provides the fuel for this... that when you go overseas to fight Hitler... you get shot at, you see your friends killed... you're gonna come home a different person.

You're gonna come back a radicalized individual... willing to risk life and limb.

So the Double V campaign during the war is quite interesting.

It stood for victory at home and victory abroad.

Defeat Hitler and fascism and its racist policies... but also defeat Jim Crow and the racist South.

And they tried to do that, but they needed some help... and without question, in one of the most important-

I can feel- I can feel the presence of Almighty God in this room.

Yes! Oh!

The swagger is coming all upon us, isn't it?

Ooh! Oh, yeah.

Crazy Keith.

Are you crazy for Jesus?

Amen. Amen.

Are you jacked up on Jesus? Mm-hmm.

I am. I am!

I'm feeling the Almighty Jesus in this room. All right!

Are you all hearing me? Let's all rise.

Let's all rise and get a good “Amen.” Amen? Amen!

Amen! Amen!

Praise God.

Amen, amen Amen, amen, amen Amen, amen Amen, amen, amen Amen, amen Amen, amen, amen Amen, amen Amen, amen, amen Amen, amen Amen, amen, amen Amen, amen Amen, amen In closing, we're gonna read one more verse.

I'm gonna read from I Corinthians 10:13.

It says, “But when you are tempted... he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.” How cool is that? Right.

Dudes, how cool is that? It's awesome.

Do you feel what that says?

That every temptation He's gonna give you a way out.

- Y'all feel me? Yeah!

- Can I get an amen? Amen!

Let's close in a word of prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much for bringing me... into the presence of these wonderful young Christians... to discuss and talk about temptation... to talk about Satan.

Hey, you going to Florida?

Yeah, I'm trying. Who you going with?

Brit and Candy and Cotty. Be careful.

Why? Those girls are scary.

No. Especially Brit and Candy.

Why do y'all say that?

'Cause they're just so cold. They act like they got demon blood.

They're evil. They give me the freakin' chill bumps.


No, I've known them since kindergarten.

They're sweet. They don't seem right.

I hope you pray down there in Florida. Pray hard-core.

Pray super hard-core.

He's so fucking high!

Yeah! Hit that baby!

Numbers! Come on, come on!



Oh-ho-ho! Nice! Whoo!

Good morning, sunshine.

Wakey-wakey. Rise and shine, little bitch.

What do y'all want?

We want your money. Shh!

Fuck off! Mind your own fucking business.

Get out! Your roommate sucks.

Come on, Faith. Wake up. Wake up!

I'm up! What time is it?

Doesn't matter. We need your money. Where's the money?

All right, really. Where's your money?

For what?

You know what!

It's hot in here So take off all your clothes I am getting so hot I wanna take my clothes off

- It's getting hot in here Oh, it's so hot!

I'm taking off my clothes I am getting so hot I wanna take my clothes off With a little bit of ah-ah and a little bit of ah-ah Wait a minute. All right.

20, 40, 60, 80, a hundred.

325. What?

Are you serious? That's it?

We're not even, like, halfway to spring break, y'all.


That won't even get us one night's hotel room down there.

I have another 20 in my purse. Faith.


Do you know how expensive that place is?

So tired of seeing the same things every single day.

Everybody's miserable here because everybody sees the same things.

They wake up in the same bed, the same houses... same depressing streetlights... one gas station.

The grass, it's not even green. It's brown.

Everything is the same, and everyone's just sad.

I don't want to end up like them. I really want to get out of here.

This is more than just spring break.

This is our chance to see something different.

Everybody else already left.

Yeah, everyone's gone. We're the only ones still here.

We fucking suck.

We're leaving, you guys. We're not gonna be stuck here.

We're not gonna be the only ones here.

We've been stuck here.

We've been saving this money since the beginning of the year.

Well, we'll figure a way out to get more.

How are we going to- How are we gonna get enough money in time?

I don't know. All I know is I'm not gonna sit here another day.

I'm not gonna sit in the same fucking classroom.

We're not gonna be miserable. We're getting out of here.

- What's up, homes? What's up?

Um, can we use your car?


Why? It's in the shop.

Why? Do you know anyone else's car that we can use?

Shady! Do you?


Come on, Cotty. Everyone's pretty much gone.

You know where Professor Stevens keeps his car, don't you?

- The El Camino? Yes.

I know where he hides the keys.

Of course you do. Fuck you.

Why? What are you up to?

Don't worry.

Yo, we can do this. I know we can. just fucking pretend like it's a video game.

Act like you're in a movie or something.

We can do this.

You can't be scared of shit.

But you gotta be hard. Fuck that.

Don't be scared of nothin'.

Let's just get that fucking cash and go on spring break.

just pretend it's a fucking video game.

Act like you're in a movie or something.

You can't be scared of shit.

You have to be hard.

Don't be scared of anything.

Let's just get this fucking money and go on spring break, y'all.

Fuck yeah. Let's fucking do it.

Fuck yeah! Whoo!

Move! Go! Go!


Look. Oh, my gosh.

How much money is that? Look at all this.

A lot.

Where did it all come from?

We robbed the Chicken Shack. Shutup.

With squirt guns.

Are you serious? With squirt guns!

We did it. We pulled it off. We really fucking pulled it off.

It was fucking awesome. Oh, my God.

Hey. Spring break.

Mmm? Take a hit!



Fucking spring break!

- We have 50 much money. You guys are 50 crazy.

Seeing all this money makes my pussy wet.

Smell this shit. Smell this shit. It makes my tits look bigger.

Spring break. Spring break.

Spring break! Spring break! Spring break! Spring break!

Hi, Grandma.

Having so much fun here.

This place is special.

I'm starting to think this is the most spiritual place I've ever been.

I think we found ourselves here.

We finally got to see some other parts of the world.

We saw some beautiful things here.

God, I can't believe how many new friends we made.

Friends from all over the place. I mean, everyone was so sweet here.

So warm and friendly.

It's way more than just having a good time.

God, it was so nice to get a break from reality for a little while.

I'll always remember this trip.

I wanna come back again next year with you.

Something so amazing, magical.

Something so beautiful.

Feels as if the world is perfect.

Like it's never gonna end.

Yeah! Are you ready? We 'bout to go live!

Junkies at my door They know the secret knock It go one time for the reefer Two time for the rock Baking soda my best friend My fork is my fiancé My crackpot sing and dance I call that bitch Beyoncé?

I can get an ounce for 850 But the Super Clean will cost a stack If you money right and you see the light, knock two times at the back door

'Cause I'm hangin' with them dope boyz

'Cause I'm hangin' with them dope boyz My motherfuckin' wrist go ham Hangin' with them dope boyz Hangin' with them dope boyz Look at my wrist Goddamn Peace, spring break! What's happenin'?

Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo! What up, what up, St. Pete's?

Yo, you all just got transported. I don't know if you know that.

But we're in a magic place, y'all! Yeah!

Yo, I ain't even from this planet.

I'm from a different planet, y'all... and I just transported y'all out into fucking space, y'all.


Yo, here's some poetry. I was laying on the beach, y'all. There's palm trees, y'all.

This is the room of the world, y'all. You can change yo' life.

You can change who you are, y'all.

You just got hypnotized and transported to another realm, y'all.

And this lasts forever!

We're forever, bitch!

We gonna change the world, y'all. This is poetry in motion.

Big booties and money fallin', y'all.

Bikinis and big booties, y'all! That's what life is about!

Spring break forever, y'all! Spring break, let me hear you!

Let me hear you, spring break!

I know!



Y'all, it's like paradise here.

I know. I love it.

I wish we could all buy a house here together.

Oh, yes.

I don't ever want to leave.

Ah. Fuck school.

Just fuck it.


All right! Whoo!

Fuckers! Take that! Take that!

Oil change. Check it out!

Whoo! Yeah! There ya go!

- Know what would be really cool? Hmm?

If we could freeze life.

Like if we could just... click it- and freeze it and say... this is the way it's gonna be forever.

Like have this moment together forever.

That'd be real cool, Faith. Really cool.

I'm not drunk enough for that.

That'd be, like, really cool. “So cool, y'all.” Are y'all making fun of me?

No. We just think you're cute.

We just want to click things and freeze them.

And buy houses together and go to church services and pray.

I'm serious, y'all.

- It's different here. You like that?

How 'bout this? Here we go! Yeah! There ya go!

That's what I'm talkin' about! Take it like a stripper.

Goddamn, you look sexy. I want that pussy, baby.

You're never gonna get this pussy.

Never gonna get this pussy

- Uh-uh. Never gonna get This pussy Hi, Grandma.

I'm having so much fun here.

It's so cool-lookin'.

The people here are so much fun.

They're all really sweet.

Okay? One, two, three!

- Go! Oh, no!

It's so scary!

The food. The guys.

You would love it here.

I wanna come back again next year with you.

That would be cool.

No, I miss you too.

But I really like it here.

I know, Mom. I'm sorry. I should've told you that I came.

You'd never have let me go.

I'm- I'm fine.

Mom, I'm sorry.

I should've told you. I just wanted to go.

I know.

Well, we had enough money, so-

We wanted to get away, and we're fine.

We're- We're... safe.

Urn, not drinking.

Um, just- W-We got scooters.

We're just driving around.

We're meeting people and- I'm having fun. I'm fine.

I'm gonna fuck- Fuck you, bitch.

No, you're not. No, you're not.

I'm gonna fuck- You know why?

Why? 'Cause you're a little bitch.

I will. Okay.

All right.

I love you too.


I never want to go home. Never want to go back.

Me neither. Same.

I just finally feel like...

I can be who I was supposed to be here.

I know you did a really bad thing, but I'm really glad you did it.

I feel better here.

Eighteen packs for $10.

Oh, that's cheap as hell. It's a steal!

That shit's cheap as hell!

Except that guy-

Oh, that guy we got stuck talking to- He was so weird.

Next time, with those people we don't like, we'll talk deaf.

- We'll pretend like we're deaf. And then they'll go, ooh.

That is so mean!

“Ooh, you wanna fuck me?”

on, baby How was I Supposed to know Yeah That somethin' wasn't right, yeah Show me how you want it to be

- What does she do in this video? She goes- Tell me, baby

- 'Cause I need to know She's like, no! No!

- My loneliness Oh!

Is killin' me And I I must confess I still believe Still believe You're such a good singer. Let me find my pitch.

Hit me, baby, one more time Go, baby!

Go, baby! Be careful.

Open yo' mouth, bitch.

Open your mouth, bitch!

She was in the car. I was in the car.

I was sitting there looking out for all the motherfucking police.

We in the back, and we just opened the door, and we go-

“Freeze, motherfuckers! Hands in the motherfucking air!”

“Get your motherfucking knees on the motherfucking ground, you piece of shit!”

“Move, motherfuckers! Down, motherfucker! Down!” Get on your fucking knees, Faith. Get on your fucking knees.

“Get your motherfucking knees on the fucking ground!” What did they do?

They fucking got on the ground.

Now! What, you wanna die tonight? I don't think so!

Give me your fucking wallet now!

Give me your wallet now! Give me your fucking wallet!

That's right.

I put my shit up to this bitch, and I was going...

“Yo, fuckin' get on your goddamn knees... before I shoot your motherfucking face off.”

“If you give me your motherfucking money, I won't kill you.” Get down on the floor, huh? Give me your fucking wallet! Now!

You fucking hear me? You fucking hear me? Let's get the fuck outta here!

“Fuckin' brains. Get on the ground.” “You wanna fucking die tonight?

You wanna fucking die tonight? Give me all your goddamn money.

Give it to me now!

Get on your fucking knees!”

- Y'all said that? Yeah, we said that.

Get on your knees.

Get on your motherfucking knees, bitch! Get on your knees.

Do you wanna die tonight? No.

You fucking scared? Yes.

You fuckin' piece of shit! Give me your fuckin' money!

Give me the fuckin' money! Don't kill me.

Give it to us.

Give us your motherfucking money now, bitch.

Give me all your motherfucking money! Now!

You gotta learn, man. It's amazing.

- Stick with us. It's the best way to live, man.

And you'll be a goonie too.

And you'll have all this power, and you'll have all the money you want.

All the money you want!


Unless you wanna get arrested, keep sitting.

Motherfucker. Shutup.

Get in the car.


Faith, it's okay.

Why is this happening?

This isn't supposed to happen.

I don't understand.

We were just having fun. We didn't do anything wrong.

This is where we were supposed to find ourselves.

This is where we were supposed to find who we are.

Why did this happen?

This wasn't the dream.

It's not supposed to end this way.

It can't end this way.

It can't end this way.

This is where we were gonna be forever.

This isn't the end.

This can't be the end of the dream.

Yo, fuck you, man!

Let's go.

Now let me guess. Spring breakers?

You're not gonna be charged with a narcotics possession...

'cause it wasn't found on your actual person.

You will be issued citations... but you're gonna have to pay the fines or you're gonna do two more clays in county.

We're gonna be in so much trouble.

This wasn't supposed to happen.

But you are gonna be issued citations.

You're gonna have to pay the fine, or you can do two more clays in county.

We don't have any money.

Call mommy or daddy or do the time.

Spring break is not an invitation to do drugs or commit crimes.

Thank you. Have fun, girls.

Somebody loves y'all. You're free to go.

Just made bail.

Really? Yes.


Who are you?

My name's Alien.

My real name's Al, but truth be told...

I ain't from this planet, y'all.


That's what they call me.

Why are you here? I saw y'all in there.

Looked like nice people.

Thought maybe I'd bail you out.

Everyone can use a little bailing out once in a while.


Why not?

Come on, y'all. Why you acting 'spicious?

Get in. Where are we going?

We can go wherever you all want.


She's got the right idea. Come on. I'll be your chauffeur.

You're gonna be our chauffeur? Yeah.

Y'all can play Beyoncé.

Y'all ever been arrested before?

- No. Never?


Shoplifting, shit like that?

Steal bras?

Was you scared?




Tough bitches up in here.

Bunch of tough fucking criminals up in here.

You went to a party, you got crazy?

Did you get crazy?

Come on. it's spring break. You get crazy?

Smoke some weed?

Cocaine? A little cocaine.

Some cocaine?


See some bitches all up on each other. Yeah.

Yeah? What did you think about that?

You liked it? You all ever do that to each other?

Best friends.

I know you're in college, you're experimentin'.

It's the time to experiment.

You met the twins?

Now, you got to watch out for these twins.

You know, they do everything together.

They eat together, they sleep together, and they share their women.

You know what they're all about, do you?

Double penetration.

That's how they do it.

Ain't that right?

Calm down over there.

Don't worry. I'll keep 'em on a leash.

How about this one right here? What's your name?



That's a pretty name.

Thank you.

That mean you got faith?

Believe in God?

Amen, amen Yes.

- You pray a lot? Amen!

Amen, amen You pray for your friends over here?

Are they bad girls? They need a lot of prayin'!\i\i\i}

You been doing a lot of prayin' on this trip for your girlfriends?

I was just thinkin' maybe you did all that prayin'... and I'm the answer to your prayers.

You was all in trouble, and here I am.

How old are you?

You look about 15.

But you're pretty.

You're all pretty.

You run out of money?

What did you spend it on? Weed and motels?



Am I right?

Spring break.

Don't worry.

I got plenty of money.

How much?


I'm fuckin' made of money. Look at my fuckin' teeth.

They should call me “Money.” Don't worry. You'll get plenty. We do it right here in St. Pete's.

We do it gangster.


What do you say? You wanna have some fun?

Faith. You wanna have some fun?

You got a wild side?

You know, I live at the beach all year round.

I'm from here. it's my home.

Grew up here.

I was the only white boy in my whole neighborhood.

My daddy cracked out.

My mother- You know, same old sob story.


But I'm making this shit work.

Only bad part is spring break.

That's when all the scum come.

What do you do?

What you mean?

Like, for a job.

For a job?

Yeah. I straight hustle.

I'm a hustler.

I'm also a rapper. Making it work.

I play all up and down the coast.

People know me.

I got this song, got this hook- “Hangin' with them dope boyz.” People sing it right back at me.

Shit, I don't know any of these people. They're singing at me.

Swear to God, it was humblin'.

Like, shit, people listening.

You can check it out on YouTube. I'm blowin' up.

But to pay the bills, you know...

I've clone about every illegal activity under the sun.

I'm a “G. ” I'm a fuckin' gangster with a heart of gold.

I'm all about making that money.

Always and forever.

Are you being serious?

What do you think?


Where you goin', boy?

You better run like you're runnin' from the police.

I'm the police! Get up on it.

Get these girls up in here.

Let the girls play.

Faith, come here.

No, no, no. Come here!

That one?


Yo, let Faith shoot.

Faith, go!

I'm going home. I don't like it here. This is just too weird.

This is not what we came here for.

We came here to have fun, and we came here to party.

It is fun.

- Why are you crying? This is not what it was supposed to be.

It's not fair to me because this is not what I signed up for... and I'm very uncomfortable.

I don't know these people. And we were in jail.

And this guy that I don't even know checks us out of the jail... and then says all this weird stuff... and brings us here with these people... like, touching us and talking to us... and I don't know them, and I don't feel comfortable.

I want to go home. This is not what I signed up for.


I don't like it here. Please just take me home.

Come on.just come with me. I just-

Come on. We gon' party. Stop actin' scared.

It's okay, Faith.

Faith, we're not gonna let anything happen to you. All right?

It's okay.

Can I talk to you?

You all right? What's wrong?

I just- I want to go home.

Why? You upset?

I don't like it here. Why?

What's wrong?

This isn't why we came here.

Why'd you come here?

I don't like where we're from... so I thought that if we came here that we could... be free or just have fun.

Okay. isn't that what we're doing?

Ain't we having fun?


What kind of fun did you want to have?

Not going to jail. Well, you're out of jail now.

I didn't get you in jail. I got you out of jail.

So don't put that on me.

I don't know you.

All right. And?

I don't know what you want with me and my friends... but you should leave us alone.

What? I'm just trying to be nice.

Let's go home.

Please come back with me.

Please come back home with me.

Please, let's go home.


I don't know you.

All right. I'll tell you what.

I like you.

Shh, Faith. Look.

I like you.

I ain't gonna do nothin' to hurt you.

Don't you see that?

If you want to go home, you can go home.

But then you're just gonna be home.

Just gonna be back right where you started.

And you'll be thinking...


Maybe I missed something out there.”

You want to go?


Why? Why you so upset? Nothing's wrong.

Nothing's wrong.

I want to go home. I know. You can.

Goddamn, I like you so much.

Listen to me. Listen to me.

You're gonna go... but your friends are gonna stay.

Your friends are gonna stay with me.

And I want you to know that I like you so much.

I really do.

And your friends ain't gonna go with you.

And I'm gonna be thinking about you when I'm with your friends, okay?

Let's go home, please.

I can tell that something really, really bad is gonna happen.

I just wanna go home.

Please. I just have a really, really bad feeling about this.

I just want you guys to come home with me.

-just stay, stay, stay. Stay, stay.

Come on.


Don't leave us.

I love you.

I'm going. I'm gonna miss my bus. No! No!

Y'all be careful of that water.

Lots of sharks out there.

And the water looks real pretty, but the sharks are waitin'.

Bunch of vicious motherfuckers.

Just lurking.just lurking.



I must be dreaming.

Like a fuckin' calendar.

These three girls... in front of me.

I can't believe what I see.

How can this be?

They're like mermaids come up from the sea.

Close my eyes... every time I look.

They're like old-fashioned bitches straight out a book.

These three girls in front of me.

Can't believe what I see.

Y'all making it so easy for me.

What I did to deserve this.

M y lucky year, My lucky life.

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy, Lordy.

I must've done somethin' good.

Some kids-

Some little kids- they want to grow up to be president.

Some kids want to be a doctor.

You know, I just wanted to be bad.

They kicked me out of school. I thought that was great.

Shit, I don't have to go to your school. That was the best thing in the world.

Some people- they want to do the right thing.

I like doing the wrong thing.

Everyone's always telling me, “Yo, you gotta change.” I'm about stacking change, y'all.

Stacking change.

That's it- money.

I'm about making money. That's the dream, y'all.

That's the American dream.

That's it. I did it.

Most of my brothers and sisters- they dead.

It was all bad. They got murdered.

I'm the last one standing, and I'm as bad as they is.

It's just in our blood, y'all, and I love it.

This was my dream.

I made it come true.

This is the fucking American dream, y'all.

This is my fucking dream, y'all.

All this shit. Look at my shit.

I got- I got shorts, every fuckin' color.

I got designer T-shirts.

I got gold bullets.

Motherfucking vampires.

I got Scarf ace on repeat.

Best movie. Scarf ice on repeat. Constant, y'all.

I got Escape. Calvin Klein Escape. Escape.

Mix that shit up with Calvin Klein Be.

Smell nice. I smell nice.

That ain't a fucking bed. That's a fucking art piece.

My fucking spaceship.

U.S.S. Enterprise on this shit. I go to different planets on this motherfucker.

Me and my fucking Franklins here- we take off.

Take it off! Fuckin' take off!

Take it off! Look at my shit!

Look at my shit. I got my blue Kool-Aid.

Ooh! You got your Kool-Aid. I got my fuckin' nunchucks.

I got shurikens. I got different flavors.

I got them- I got them scythes.

Look at that shit. I got scythes. I got blades.

Look at my shit. This ain't nothin'.

I got- I got rooms of this shit.

I got my dark tanning oil. Yeah!

Lay out by the pool, put on my dark tanning oil.

Machine guns.

Look at this- Look at this motherfucker here.

Look at this motherfucker. Huh?

A fuckin' army up in this shit.

Let me tell you all about that motherfucker.

He used to be a friend.

Now he's an enemy.

They call him Big Arch.

Them dudes is straight-off-the-block, no-joke murderers, killers and baseheads... motherfucking nightmares walking.

Hey, my nigga, you got a lot of fucking nerve.

Why, am I in trouble?

So you gonna bring your ass into my trap.

I'm just here to have a little fun. You're here to have some fun.

You must think this is when we were kids or somethin'. You remember that?

Of course I remember. You was my best friend.

Yeah, you took me to the ocean that one time. That's the only time I've ever been.

Yeah. Taught your ass how to swim.

Yeah, and I taught you everything you know.

I ain't denyin' it. But now you think you're a boss.

You got your own operation. You slick, and I don't like that shit.

What you want me to do? You want me to stay in your shadow for the rest of my life?

I want you to buy a fuckin' surfboard and go back in the middle of the ocean and disappear.

Go back to doing what white boys do, like robbing spring breakers... hide down the board-walk like we did when we was kids.

Sounds to me like someone's getting greedy.

Sounds to me like somebody's getting pissed.

You saying there ain't enough to go around?

Fuck no. You know I own these streets.

So you can handle all this on your own?

You think you can handle it? Arch, you made me.

Anything you can handle, I can handle.

Just like I made you, I'm gonna break you.

I guess we'll see, Professor.

Spring break.

Spring break.

Spring break forever.

Missiles on that motherfucker!

I don't give a fuck. I don't give a fuck!

Tell Arch and them niggas come up now, huh?

Tell Arch and them motherfuckers come fuck with me now.

I'll fuckin' blast their fuckin' asses.

Man fuckin' down. I'll fuck their shit up.

Look at my shit. Look at my shit.

I'm a fuckin' nightmare, motherfucker.

I'm the motherfuckin' Death Star up in this shit... droppin' fuckin' planets.

I'll drop that fuckin' black planet.

Drop a missile on that motherfucker.

Look at my shit! Look at all my shit.

This is it, y'all.

This is it. All this shit.

The fucking dream, y'all.

You like it? Yeah.

You like my shit? Look at you fuckin' bitches.

You fuckin' love it, don't you?

I fuckin' love it. You couple of bad bitches, ain't you?

Bad bitches.

I got a bouquet for y'all. Ooh, hey, let me smell it.

Let me smell it.

Careful with that. it's loaded.


That's loaded. Mmm.

That's better. Careful.

Yeah, that's fucking nice. Don't point it at me.

It's a nice fucking gun. Don't point it at me.

Sit the fuck down.

Get down on your motherfucking knees.

Get down... on your motherfucking knees.

Do you know who you're fucking talking to?

Sick motherfucker, aren't you?

You are. You think that you can just fucking own us?

Huh? Open your mouth.

Open your fucking mouth.

You like that, don't you?

Oh, yeah. You're a sick fuck, aren't you?

You're a nasty little fuck. Yeah, you are.

Do you like that?

You like that in there?

We have everything we need right here.

We don't need you, Alien.

What if we just used you to come here?

What if we just- And in five seconds we just shoot you.

Blow your brains out. And you're dead. You're fuckin'-

You're gone. You're dead.

We have all your stuff.

What do you think, Brit? Every gun.

Should we kill him? I don't know.

Oh! You want more?

Ooh, yeah! Oh!

Mm-hmm! Oh, yeah!

You're a sick motherfucker!

Mmm. You're nasty.

I just sucked both y'all's dicks.

Did you like it? You loved it.

And you're gonna do it again. Mm-hmm.

I'll do that shit every night.

You better.

You're my motherfucking soulmates.

I swear to God, I just fell in love with y'all.

You girls is different from the rest.

I knew y'all was special from the moment I saw you.

It's in your eyes.

It's written on your faces.

I want to make you happy.

I want us all to fall in love.

Let's cause some trouble now.

Live life to the fullest.

Spring break.

Spring break forever.

Play something. What y'all want to hear?

Maybe something sweet. Something uplifting.

Something sweet and uplifting, huh? Yeah.

Play something inspiring.

Oh, y'all want to see my sensitive side. Sure do.

Play something fucking inspiring.

All right.

This one's by a little-known pop singer by the name of Miss Britney Spears.


One of the greatest singers of all time... and an angel, if there ever was one on this Earth.

Notice me

Take my hand Why are we Strangers when

- Our love was strong? Our love was strong?

Why carry on without me?

Every time I try to fly I fall without my wings I feel so small I guess I need you, baby

Spring break.

Spring break, bitches! Whoo!

Alien's bringing too much heat down.

And I don't like it.

He's taking food out of my baby's mouth, and my baby's hungry.

My baby needs to eat. My baby's starving.

And we're gonna do something about it.

Come on.

Not bad. Are you proud?

Not bad. Not bad. Yeah.

What, you all following me now?

Ho, ho, ho. Merry spring motherfuckin' break.

What's up, my nigga? What's up, Alien?

Fuck your bitches looking at, man?

Y'all want to die tonight?

Y'all motherfucking want to die today?

I've been looking for you. Where the fuck you been?

You been hiding? Listen, these are my streets, man.

These streets belong to me. Not you, motherfucker.

I should kill your stupid ass.

You need to know that. Get that through your thick fucking skull, man.

This would be a good night to kill somebody, man.

I should probably shoot you in your motherfuckin' face.

Merry Christmas. Brrr!

Cotty, are you okay?


I'm so sorry.

I should've never let this happen to you.

You know I care about you.

I ain't gonna let him get away with this.

I want to go home now.

Spring break's over.

I know you both want to stay.

I'm gon' get him.

I don't want you to go home.


Four little chickies Came down to the beach

Four little chickies got out of my reach

Then one chickie got shot in the arm

That little chickie going back to the farm

You love it here.

Everyone's... going back to school now.

Two little chickies left in the nest

But those be the chickies that are the best

Everyone's going back to their lives now.

I'm gonna go home.

That motherfucker was my best friend

And I'm gonna kill my best friend

One little chickie got shot in the arm

I think I love y'all. Hmm.

We think we love you.


So we gonna do this, or what?

You're scared, aren't you?

Scaredy pants.


Are you scared?


I'm real scared.

You are.

Four little girls got lost on their own.

Four little girls- they left me alone.

Four little girls- they came out to play.

Now four little girls, it's here I will stay.

It's here I will stay.

Spring break.

Spring break.

Spring break forever.

Tiger here.

Y'all want to do this, or what?

You're fucking scared, aren't you?

Scaredy pants.


- Mmm. I'm real scared.


Y'all want to do this, or what?

You're scared, aren't you?

Scaredy pants.

I'm a big ol' fuckin' scaredy pants.

Fuckin' scaredy pants.


Yeah. So, we gonna do this, or what?

You're fuckin' scared, aren't you?

Scaredy pants.

- Yeah. Yeah.

I'm a big o!' fuckin' scaredy pants.

Big ol' baby.

That feels good, babe. That feels really good.

I like that.

I feel like I'm living the American dream.

I don't ever want this shit to stop.

Look at these titties and look at that ass.

Come here, puss. Damn, baby.

Feel like you're playing piano on my dick.

Like you're playing Mozart.

Hey, Mom.

I'm good. Yeah, I've actually been thinking a lot lately.

I just want to do better.

Better at school, better at life.

I just feel different for some reason.

I feel changed, like I just want to be a good girl now.

I mean, I want to be happy and have fun.

Yeah, Mommy, I think that's the secret to life.

Being a good person.

Hi, Mom, it's Candy.

I'm sorry I haven't called in so long.

I know. No, I know, I know.

No, I apologize. Yeah.

Look, urn, we went on spring break.


It was so much fun.

You have no idea, Mom. We had such an amazing time. It was a blast.

Yeah. Listen, I just wanted to let you know that I'm coming home... back to school and everything, and I just-

I love you so much, Mom.

And I'm gonna do better now.

I'm gonna be the best I can be.

That's it, baby.

Do it just like that.

Yeah, make it all sparkle.

Get it squeaky clean for me.

Seems like a dream.

Seems like a dream.

Seems like a dream.

Yeah, Mom, it was really great.

I think we found ourselves here.

We finally got to see some other parts of the world.

Yeah, we saw some beautiful things here.

Things we'll never forget.

We got to let loose.

God, I can't believe how many new friends we made.

Friends from all over the place. I mean, everyone was so sweet here.

So warm and friendly.

I know we made friends that will last us a lifetime.

We met people who are just like us.

People just the same as us.

Everyone was just trying to find themselves.

It was way more than just having a good time.

We're different people now. We see things differently.

More colors, more love, more understanding.

God, it was so nice to get a break from reality for a little while.

I know we have to go back to school, but... we'll always remember this trip.

Something so amazing.


Something so beautiful.

Feels as if the world is perfect.

Like it's never gonna end.

At night here, we can see way past the stars.

We- We can see into the light. And it's just- Oh, it's beautiful.

I never want it to end.

Spring break forever.

Spring break forever, bitches.

Spring break forever.

Spring break forever, bitches.