Springsteen & I (2013) Script



---: SPRINGSTEEN & I :---- Now, the E Street Band has come thousands of miles tonight.

And we're here for one reason.

Because you're here.


And where we want to go, we can't get there by ourselves.

Where we want to go, we can't get there by ourselves.

We need you.

So I got one question that I want to ask you.

Can you feel the spirit?

If you can feel the spirit, I want you to answer me with a "Yeah, yeah!"

Can you feel the spirit?

ALL: Yeah! Yeah!

Can you feel the spirit now?

Yeah, yeah, yeah!


My three words for Bruce Springsteen are hope, heart and perspective.

Intense, passionate and earnest.


Bruce is power.

Bruce is belief.

Bruce is togetherness.

My first experience with Bruce Springsteen was in here in this venue, 1987, The Tunnel Of Love Express Tour.

And my journey started on that night.

I was nine years old and I was hanging in the fences up here and having a blast and, you know, there must have been 100 people behind me who couldn't see the show.

But I was a kid at the time, so they probably thought, "Hey, let the boy enjoy himself."

But I remember I recorded the entire show, three and a half hours, on an old Walkman, and on the old cassette tapes, and I still have them at home.

I keep them in a box and...

Once every now and then, I stumble on to this box and I look at it and I smile, you know, because I actually remember.

I remember the night. It was a beautiful summer night.

What these tapes represent is basically why I keep them and they represent a great day in a nine-year-old boy's life and that's priceless.

My favorite singer is Bruce Springsteen because I think he puts like when he has a concert, he puts a lot of effort into his singing.

Like he takes a deep breath before every song and like when the camera goes close up, you can just see his veins popping out because he's working so hard and after one song he's as sweaty as a normal singer would be after he's done like 10 songs.

These are some of the pictures that I've...

I won, or I bought or framed them.

But this particular one, it's a little moldy.

I used to hold this picture up to my son and say, "Daddy, Daddy."

So I think maybe I played some head games with my son for the first few years of his life thinking that this was his daddy.

A song about growing up.


♪ Well, I stood stone-like at midnight

♪ Suspended in my masquerae

♪ And I combed my hair it looked just right

♪ And commanded the night brigade

♪ I was open to pain and crossed by the rain

♪ And I walked on my crooked crutch

♪ I strolled all alone through a fallout zone

♪ And came out with my soul untouched

♪ I hid in the clouded wrath of the crowd

♪ When they said sit down I stood up

♪ Growing up

♪ Well, the flag of piracy blew from my mast

♪ My sails were set wing to wing

♪ I had a jukebox graduate for first mate

♪ She couldn't sail but she sure could sing

♪ I pushed B-52 and bombed them with the blues

♪ With my gear set stubborn on standing

♪ I broke all the rules, strafed my old high scho, ♪ And never once gave thought to landing

♪ I hid in the clouded wrath of the crowd

♪ But when they said come don I threw up

♪ Growing up

Hi. I'm Theresa Martin and this is what I've collected over the years.

I have an abundance of love for Bruce.

MAN: So, Theresa, when did you actually become a Bruce Springsteen fan?

I became a Bruce Springsteen fan in 1982.

MAN: Really? And do you recall how many live shows you actually attended?

I'm not sure. I'm in double digits clearly.

But I'd say 30 plus.

MAN: 30 plus, that's quite an adventure you had.

I also understand that you've won a few Bruce Springsteen contests.

Is that correct? That is correct. I've won two.

One being... The first contest I won was...

Help me. The Today Show.

That's one. And you know what? I'm good.

Because you know what? It was The Today Show.

It was in 2002 when The Risifirst came out and I gave birth to my first son.

And he was a month old.

And I actually was home and The Today Show had questions.

I answered them and I won and we went to New York City.

So I'd kind of like to introduce my son Dominic.

And this is my son now.

He's 10 years old and...

MAN: Well, Dominic, you had a little bit of a special moment, didn't you?

What's the question?

You had a bit of a special Bruce Springsteen moment, didn't you?

Yes, I did. And can you explain that to us?

I've got it.

This is the picture I got after the concert.

We were waiting on the curb and a friend was going to get the vehicle.

And the police came and stopped all the cars from where they were going.

And a black SUV came.

And in the back seat with his window down was Bruce Springsteen.

Everyone ran up to the car.

She was told to back off by the policeman standing next to her.

And I shook his hand while getting this close-up picture.

Dominic, where was that concert at?

Fenway Park in Boston.

Awesome. Awesome.

So now you're the next generation Bruce Springsteen fan.

Yes, I am. Excellent.

What's your favorite Bruce song?

Death To My Hometown.


I like it.

Which is good. However...

Because of the words.

Taught to me by this person right here.

And when Mommy tells you to listen to the words, or understand the words, what do you say?


And do you hear the words? Yes.

Do you really hear the words? Yes.

Okay, I just want to make sure.

Thank you, goodbye.

MAN: Thank you, Dominic. DOMINIC: Yeah!

So we got to the park at four o'clock with our signs with us, our home-made signs.

♪ You can't start a fire I had my "I'll be your Courtney Cox" sign.

♪ I'm stranded with a broken heart I had my Aviator sunglasses on. It was pouring with rain.

I had my Courtney Cox T-shirt on.

♪ You can't start a fire Then James said to me, "Rachel, come on. Get on my shoulders."

And I was like, "Oh, no, I don't want to."

I felt bad for the people behind us. They wouldn't be able to see.

He's like, "Come on. You never know when we're going to see Bruce again."

Literally, a couple of seconds into the song, Bruce spotted me and started laughing and he was pointing at me and I was waving at him.

Next thing I know, I get put on the big screen with my sign.

The next thing I know, the girl in front of me just turned around to me and screamed, "He wants you on the stage! "He wants you on the stage!"

♪ Hey, baby!

The next thing I know, I'm just being pushed through a sea of black bodies.

I had my sunglasses on. I couldn't see anything.

The next thing I know I'm dancing with Bruce Springsteen on stage.

Before I knew it, it was all over. That was it.

We took a bow and he gave me a big hug and the only thing I could say to him was, "Bruce, I love you."

♪ You can't start a fire

♪ Even if we're just dancing in the dark ♪

♪ I got a '69 Chevy with a 396 WOMAN: I can't get through a day without listening to Bruce.

His storytelling is perfect.

It's helped me through serious highs and...

MAN: Since then he was two things for me, a friend and a teacher.

I think most of all he taught me how to be a man and a decent man through his songs and through his life.

WOMAN 2: Because I lost my virginity tThunder Road.

MAN 2: Whenever I'm feeling lonely, or depressed, I can always listen to oe of his songs or albums and it always helps me feel bett.

WOMAN 3: A song by Bruce can stop me dead in my tracks, even a song I've heard over and over again for 28 years.

WOMAN 4: But Bruce is timeless.

He's helped me live in my own time and become who I am.

MAN 3: I've been a fan of Springsteen's all my life.

WOMAN 5: He was just standing in that spotlight and he was so powerful and the whole crowd was just mesmerised by what he could do and the stories that he could tell and I just remember thinking, "What is this? Who can do this? What kind of power is that"

♪ And we cover all the northeast state

♪ When the strip shuts dn we run 'em in the street

♪ From the fire roads to the interstate ♪ Hi. My name is Kitty. I'm a truck driver.

And Bruce Springsteen is my favorite artist to listen to on the road.

Recently I drove through Arizona and I listened to his album Nebraska and the song Atlantic City came on.

And it just felt really good, listening to that loud, while driving through the desert.

In fact, I think every important moment of my life has a theme song that's Bruce Springsteen.

So all of these CDs in my car, absolutely every single one is Bruce Springsteen.

Wait, actually one is his wife Patti, my favorite album from Patti.

But that's all we listen to in this car, so my three sons, they have no choice.

I only listen to Bruce and they are schooled in the music of Bruce Springsteen when they drive around with Mommy and I have to take them all over God's creation.

They know they don't have a choice. It's no Disney bop nonsense music.

It's Bruce Springsteen.

And I love it, because it gives me such joy.

I'm so proud of them when they can sing songs that are 30 years old

(CHUCKLES) from when I was little.

♪ I go driving deep into the light, in Candy's eyes

♪ She says, Baby if you wanna be wild

♪ You got a lot to learn

♪ Close your eyes Let them melt, let them e

♪ Let them burn 'Cause in the darkness

♪ There'll be hidden worlds that shine

♪ When I hold Candy close

♪ She makes the hidden worlds mine ♪ Bruce... Bruce's sound and E Street Band sounded completely different than anything else I'd ever heard.

With Clarence in there and the keyboard layers and the heavier drumming.

It's like a punchy soul band or something.

Sexy sax.

Hence began my love for rhythm and blues and sex music, I guess, soul music.

Bruce's lyrics...

...always made me feel...

...like I was going through someone's family photo album and looking at their life and feeling what they felt and smelling their coffee and feeling their sadness and their triumph.



♪ There's a place right on the edge of town, sir

♪ Rising above the factories and the fis

♪ Where ever since I was a child I can remer

♪ That mansion on the hil

♪ In the day you could se the children playing

♪ On the road that leads to those gates of hardened steel

♪ Steel gates that completely surround sir

♪ That mansion on the hill

♪ At night my daddy'd takee and we'd ride

♪ Through the streets of a town so silent and still

♪ We'd park on a back rod down by the highway side

♪ Sit and look up at the mansion on the hil♪

WOMAN: So, David, what does Bruce Springsteen mean to you?

Bruce Springsteen means love, not for him, but for you.

You being a fan, I've had Bruce Springsteen songs rammed down my throat 24/7.

It tends to lose its edge. It really does.

I've been all over Europe.

So how many concerts have you been to?

You... I think you reminded me. It was about eight.

Eight that I've actually been to.

Yeah, Amsterdam, Paris, I mean, I've seen some beautiful cities along the way, but then I've always had this little bit where I've had to go to a concert in the middle of it, which tends to spoil it for me.

And his dream was to get on stage with Springsteen.

I heard him talking about it from the time we met until it actually happened.

That's my lifelong dream. And I said, "You're really going to do it?"

And he goes. "I'm going to do it." I said, "Do you promise?"

And he said, "I promise."

So he puts a suit on. He's dragging me across the street to get there and as soon as he got up there, people are going, "Hey, Elvis."

And they're high fiving him and they're wanting their picture taken and they're asking him to sing songs and he just kind of...

All the anxiety just melted away.

We had a sign that said... Can the King sing with the Boss?

Can the King sing with the Boss?

Bruce started doing All Shook up.

A one, two... A one, two, three.

♪ Well, I bless my soul What's wrong with me?

♪ I'm itching like a mn on a fuzzy tree

♪ My friends say I'm acting Wild as a bug

♪ I'm in love I'm all shook up

♪ Hey, hey, hey All of a sudden he stopped singing and the band kept playing and he said, "Okay, King, come on up."

And it was like, "Oh, my God, I can't believe it's happening."

It was like my dream of 20 years.

And there I was and I'm being helped up on stage.

Come on, King!

When I saw him being pulled up on stage, everybody around me is like, "Hey, he's up there."

Because they all were sharing the experience with me.

It was surreal. It was like, "Oh, my gosh, I'm married to Elvis"

"and he's singing with Springsteen and his dream's realized."

My heart was just pounding. I was so excited.

♪ Hey, hey

♪ Well, I bless my soul What's wrong with me?

♪ I'm acting like a man on a fuzzy tree

♪ Who do you thank when you have such luck?

♪ I'm in love, I'm all shook up

♪ Hey, yeah Right when he was about to start singing, his son texted me and said, "Did my dad get on stage? Ha-ha!"

And I went, "He's up there now."

♪ My hands are shaky and my knees are weak

♪ I can't seem to stand on my own two feet I was so happy. I really was. I grabbed my buddy.

I said, "He's singing with Bruce Springsteen."

"He's singing with the Boss."

He had the faith and he handed me the mic and I said, "Okay, this is it."

So I did my best and as I was singing, at one point, I dropped to my knees...

♪ Who do you thank when you have such luck?

♪ I'm all shook up

♪ Hey, hey, yeah

Take it, Bruce!

And I kick out my leg, which when you look at the video, it looks like an Elvis move, but the fact of the matter is when I dropped to my knees, I pulled my hamstring.

I immediately kicked out my leg, because I'd pulled my hamstring and then I stood up and my leg was hurting a little bit and at that point that's when I said, "Hit it, Bruce."

And he did his guitar solo.

And then I realized that during the guitar solo that there is no guitar solo in All Shook Up and didn't quite know what to do at that moment and I turned around and looked at Max and I backed up, thinking that I'm going to have to change the song.

And out of no disrespect to Bruce or the band, but I backed up and looked at Max and right at the end of the guitar solo, I went into Blue Suede Shoes and the band was right there with me.

♪ Well, it's one for the mony Two for the show

♪ Three to get ready Now go guys go But don't you ♪ And I remember in the corner of my eye, I see Bruce coming up and I remember, as I'm singing, saying to myself, "Uh-oh, I think you're done, Nick," because just by looking at Bruce and I said, "Okay, Bruce, take it home." And he grabs the mic.

Take it home, Bruce!

Elvis has left the building!

Elvis has left the building!

Thank you, King.

And then I remember jumping off the stage and...

He got totally mobbed by the crowd because they were all so excited.

Everybody wanted to hug him and, you know, like high five him and I'm just waiting, because I just can't wait to like hug him and kiss him and say, "Oh, my God, we've realized your dream."

And it was like a scene from...

Wasn't it like a scene from Rocky and Adrian were yelling for each other just to try to catch up to each other so we can embrace?

And once we did, it was like the most...

I don't know. The tears fill your eyes, because you're so happy.

And as we turn around, we look up and Bruce was holding that last note.

He pointed to us and he kept saying, "The Philly Elvis. The Philly Elvis."

The Philly Elvis!

The Philly Elvis!

Then the last thing he said, which I'll never forget. He looks and says...

I have no idea where the (BLEEP) he came from.

Thank you, King.

He means inspiration. He means joy.

And he means salt of the earth.

I know it's three words, of the three words but I don't want to alter salt of the earth.

He's just the best. He's the best.

Happy, handsome and hot.

Supernatural, divine, inspiration.

My soul brother.

A local legend.

In three words, I would say, in him we trust.

Am I looking okay? Okay.

Passion, passion, passion.

It was March 29th, 1976, right smack in the middle of the '70s.

And it seemed like all our parents were gone.

Just working, busy, drunk at the country club.

So somehow it was okay for a group of girls to go to see a rock 'n' roll concert on a Monday night in March of our 9th grade year.

I don't remember what happened when we got to the concert.

I don't know what happened to the other girls, but I know that as soon as I got there, as soon as the lights went out, I made my way to the front of the stage, back when you could do that.

And was front and center up against the stage right in front of Bruce.

Even after all these years and all the shows that I've seen, the concert still defies description.

And I think that only the people who saw him in the early days in the small venues, before the mega crowds...

And when you could get so close that you were sharing the sweat and spit of whatever band member you were closest to, can really know the ferocity and intimacy of those concerts.

♪ The screen door sls Mary's dress sways

♪ Like a vision she dancs across the porch

♪ As the radio plas

♪ Roy Orbison singg for the lonely

♪ Hey that's me and I want you oy

♪ Don't turn me home again

♪ I just can't face myself alone again

♪ Don't you run back inside

♪ You know just what I'm here for

♪ You're scared and you're thinking that maybe we aint that young anymore

♪ Well, show a little fah There's magic in the nigt

♪ Aln't a beauty but what...

♪ Oh, yeah, that's all right with me

♪ Good times as long as I study your pains

♪ Makes crosses from your lovers Throw roses in the rain

♪ Waste your summer praying in vain

♪ For a savior to rise from these streets

♪ Well, I'm no hero that's understood

♪ Well, all the redemption I can offer, girl, is beneath this dirty hood

♪ With a chance to make it good somehow

♪ Hey, what else can we do now?

♪ Except roll down your window

♪ And let the wind blow back your hair

♪ Well, the night's busted open

♪ These two lanes wil take us anywhere

♪ We got one last chane to make it real

♪ To trade in them ws on some wheels

♪ Climb in back, heaven's waiting down on the tracks

♪ Well, oh, come and take my hand

♪ We're riding out tonight to chase the promised land

♪ Oh, oh, thunder road Oh, thunder road

♪ Oh, thunder road

♪ Lying out there like a killer in the sun

♪ Hey, I know it's late but we can make it if we run

♪ Oh, thunder road, sit tight

♪ Take hold, thunder roa After graduation, I couldn't really get a job and so I started working at Jamba Juice making oatmeal in the early morning.

I'd have to get up at three o'clock.

I didn't have a car, so I rode my bike to work and that was when Working on a Dreacame out.

I would listen to that on my way to work and feel like, "Oh, I'm such a hard-working person."


"I'm the backbone of America." That's what...

Well, sometimes I feel like that when I listen to Bruce like, you know, like I'm really important, the work I do, the...

The more physically demanding my job is, the more important I am, when I listen to Bruce.

I don't know if that makes any sense, but that's how I feel.

Madison Square Garden, 2000, the Reunion Tour.

I'd worked in a factory for 20 years and I'd saved up enough money eventually to afford to go on a Bruce trip as we call it, four days in New York, two concerts at Madison Square Garden.

So me and my lovely wife Kath stayed in the Hotel Pennsylvania, across the road from Madison Square Garden.

We went down to the bar to pick up our tickets on the night of the concert, the first concert,

and excitedly opened the envelope, looked at the tickets, looked at the map seating plan and we were right at the back, right at the top.

So a bit disappointed, but we were in New York, America for the first time.

So looked at the positives, we went across the road, up the escalators right to the top, right to the back, and as we got to the top level, this rather bear-like character in baggy shorts and a beard, as he walked past me, muttered the immortal words, "You want to be upgraded?"

Sorry? Didn't know what he meant? Didn't quite hear him.

"Let me see your tickets," he said, so I showed him our tickets.

He looked at them and said, "I think we can do better than that. Give me your wrist."

I put my wrist out and he slapped an orange wristband on my wrist and Kath's and I said, "What's that for?"

He said, "Don't remove that from your wrist. Don't leave the building."

"If you leave the building, you won't be allowed back in."

And like he'd said it 1,000 times.

He put our tickets in his pockets and then he peeled off a couple of tickets, gave them to us and said something like, "I work for Bruce. I don't want any money from you."

"I don't want any recognition. Please don't point me out to other people."

"Thank you for your support. Enjoy the show."

And he was gone.

So we're looking at the tickets, entrance whatever it was.

We thought, "We'd better find this entrance, then."

So we walked round Madison Square Garden at the top and there was no entrance and I thought, "I've just given my tickets to a complete stranger"

"and we've got tickets that don't get us in anywhere."

Kath, my wife, pointed out that we'd just gone past a cocktail bar, like they do in America, not a beer stand like in England.

And she said, "There's a couple in there with orange wristbands on."

"Let's go and ask them." We went to the cocktail bar.

Sure enough, very elegant couple sitting there, and we said, "Excuse me". And we told them our story.

He said, "Let me see your tickets."

He looked at the tickets and he goes, "You got the best seats in the house. What's your problem?"

I still found it a bit hard to believe.

But sure enough we went to a staff member, showed him and he just pointed us down through that entrance and then the next level down, keep going, keep going.

We got to the back of the front section with the maroon rope across and thought, "Oh, we must be behind here somewhere. This is fantastic."

We showed the man. He unclipped the rope.

"Down to the front, sir."

And we ended up on the front row at Madison Square Garden to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in the year 2000.

I got so excited I bought my wife three glasses of champagne at seven dollars a glass.

And I was a factory worker at the time.

And it was phenomenal.

So that's what it's like to be a Bruce Springsteen fan.

♪ Early in the morning factory whistle blows

♪ Man rises from bed and puts on his clothes

♪ Man takes his lunch, walks out in the morning ligt

♪ It's the working, the working, just the working life

♪ Through the mansions of fear

♪ Through the mansions of pain

♪ I see my daddy walking through them factory gates in the rain

♪ Factory takes his hear, factory gives him life

♪ The working, the worki, just the working life

♪ End of the day, factory whistle cries

♪ Men walk through these gats with death in their eyes

♪ And you just better believe, y

♪ Somebody's gonna get hurt tonight

♪ It's the worki, the working, just the working life

♪ It's the working, the working, just the working life ♪


Here we are just hanging out in the evening at home in our living room, talking about Bruce Springsteen, like we do every night.

Yes, we do. (LAUGHS) Okay.

Anyway, this is my vintage shirt. Remember this one?

I hardly ever wear it, because I have to preserve it.

And I never even went to a show. How did you get that shirt?

I never even went to a show.

We'd never been able to get tickets when we had money and then we didn't have money, so we couldn't go.

Unfortunately not, but we're still huge Bruce fans.

Oh, God, honey. What? We are.

I know we are. All right, so?


Anyway, yes, this was my ex-boyfriend who I was living with in Manhattan and he was a musician and I was a writer-actress-waitress.

And I think he went to the show, but I was already seeing you.

Then he was trying to woo me back with the Bruce shirt.

And it didn't quite work. And I won.

He might have been able to woo me back if he'd bought Bruce with him.

Anyway, yeah, so it's my favorite shirt.

I don't wear it too often. I don't want to wear it out.

Right, but for this occasion...

But it's funny because we were talking the other night.

We were saying about how...

You know, we were talking about like how Bruce is kind of in our lives and stuff like that and...

And we were talking about like the fact that we're...

It sounds so stupid, but we are kind of like the people that are in his songs in different ways.

Very much so, blue collar. Blue collar.

Together 28 years. Struggling.

Yeah, struggling with the kids and you go to work every day in Manhattan and works with his hands and has been doing that for over 30 years.

But we're still together. That's the main thing.

But if you say it one more time, we might not be.

MAN: So I've got these tickets to see Bruce with my girlfriend in Hamilton and she calls me on October 20th, the night before the concert, while I'm at work and just tells me, "It's over."

And I think, "This is going to be the worst day of my life."

So I get home, I get drinking and I don't know what else to do, or what to think except I guess I need somebody else to go see Bruce Springsteen with me.

And I guess that won't be too hard to find.

And then I think, "I've got tickets on the floor."

And I realized, "No, no, no, what I need is a sign."

BRUCE: Hi, Bruce, I just got dumped.

We all know what that's like.

Where's my man, right there?

What happened, bro?

She didn't think I was spending enough time with her.


You probably weren't.


Can you get a hug?

Come on up here.

It's going to be okay.

It's going to be all right.

Don't worry about a thing.

I got dumped plenty of times myself.

Oh, they're regretting it now.

That's right. She'll be regretting it.

That's right. They left too soon, man, too soon they quit.


And missed that record company advance money, they left too soon.

♪ We sit in the car outside your house

♪ I can feel the ht coming round

♪ I go put my arm around yu

♪ You give me a look like I'm way out of bounds

♪ Well, you let out one of your bored sighs

♪ But baby when I lok into your eyes

♪ I'm going down, down, down, down

♪ I'm going down, down, down, down

♪ I'm going down, down, down, down

♪ I'm going down, down, down

♪ We get dressed up and we go

♪ Out, baby, for the night

♪ We come home early burning

♪ Burning in some fire fight

♪ I'm sick and tired of you setting me up

♪ Setting me up just to knock-a-knock-a-knock-a e

♪ Down, down, down

♪ I'm going down, down, down, down

♪ I'm going down, down, down

♪ I'm going down Take me! ♪ All right, my three words are poet, comfort, and gluteus maximostus.

Hope, insurance and redemption.


Working-class hero.

And I think that in general Polish people could relate to his music, especially during communism, because he was singing about freedom.

When you... At the time people couldn't speak English so well, so when like in the song Born in the USA, they could understand only the chorus, so everybody was thinking that, "Oh, he's praising the fact that he's an American. It's so great"

I guess that if you hear him singing Born in the USA with such charisma, you want to be like that. I want to be an American, too.

So those were like the sounds of freedom, I would say, really.

♪ Born down in a dead man's town

♪ The first kick I took was when I hit the ground

♪ You end up like a dog that's been beat too much

♪ Till you spend half your life just covering up

♪ Born in the USA

♪ I was born in the USA

♪ I was born in the USA

♪ Born in the USA

♪ Got in a little hometown jam

♪ So they put a rifle in my hand

♪ Sent me off to a foreign land

♪ To go and kill the yellow man

♪ Born in the USA

♪ I was born in the USA

♪ I was born in the USA

♪ I was born in the USA And a special moment for me was when Bruce decided to go on the Reunion Tour with the E Street Band just around the millennium and the boys, they hit Copenhagen as well.

And I was here. It was one of those nights to remember.

I remember during the encore of the show, Bruce decides to play Blood Brothers, beautiful song, beautiful song.

And during the last verse of the song, the guy next to me... I don't know his name.

I'd never seen him before. I haven't seen him since.

He decides to put his arm around me.

You know, all of a sudden, this big guy has his arm around me.

And it was just one of those moments where it didn't seem weird at all.

♪ On through the houses of the dead

♪ Past those fallen in their tracks

♪ We're always moving ahead

♪ And never looking back

Let's sing.

♪ Now we're out e on this road

♪ All along this road tonight

♪ Close my eyes and feel so many friends around me

♪ In the early evening ligt

♪ And the miles we have come

♪ And the battles won and lost

♪ Are just so many roads traveled

♪ So many rivers crossed

♪ And I ask God for the strength

♪ And faith in one anothr

♪ 'Cause it's a good nigt for a ride across this river to the other side

♪ My blood brothers

I remember walking home after the show with my girl and she said to me, "At some point, I felt like I was the only one there."

"I felt like he was playing for me."

And I said, "I know. I know exactly what you're talking about. I know."

Hello. My name is Jane.

I'm living in Helsingor, in Denmark, just a small town.

This is the first time I've ever tried to make a video from my camera, so this is not very good.

However, I wish to say something about me and Bruce.

We have been friends ever since 1985, though he do not know me.

I have listened to his music every day since '85.

I know the lyrics. I know the music.

Every day when I go home for work, I hear his records in my car.

I sort of relax.

I sort of get in a very good mood when I listen to Bruce.

It doesn't matter whether it is the new music or the old music.

I just love listening to his music.

I'm not the kind of fan who knows the size of his shoes, or the names of his children, although I know he has three children and he has a lovely wife Patti.

Which is also... She has a wonderful vocal.

And, of course, I understand why he loves his woman.

One of the best music I have heard him sing is the...

Red Headed Woman.

It is the kind of song that a man who really loves his woman has made and it must be wonderful to be Patti to receive such a song.

I don't know what to say. I'm the kind of fan who has attended all his concerts since '85 here in Denmark.

I always stand in the first row, screaming and shouting and dancing like a teenager to a Beatles' concert.

This summer I was that lucky that finally, after all these years, I touched him.

We touched each other twice in Roskilde in Denmark and I cried like... I wept because it was so big.

It's a great song about a great subject, cunnilingus. That's right.

Yeah. I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly.

Yeah, as I like to say, if you can pronounce it, you can probably do it.

That's right.

And what can I say about it? It's a college town.

There's probably people practicing cunnilingus out there as we speak tonight.

I hope so and I do mean practicing, because you young whipper-snappers, it takes a while to get that under your belt. (CHUCKLES)

It's like balancing a plate on the end of your nose.

It's not as easy as it looks.

It takes some dedication, it takes discipline, attention to craft and detail.

That's right. It takes... Yes.

It takes patience, patience and more patience.

As I usually say.

But anyway to not get into the whole Freudian complications of moving from one song into the other.


We'll just leave that alone, right?

Whoo! What can I say? Where was I?

Oh, if there are any kids out there, cunnilingus is Latin for "It's nice to keep your room very neat."


♪ Well, brunettes are fine, man, blondes are fun

♪ But when it comes to getting the dirty job done

♪ I'll take a red-headed woman

♪ I'll take a red-headed woman

♪ It takes a red-headed woman

♪ To get a dirty job done

♪ Well, listen up, stud Your life's been wasted

♪ Till you've got down on your knees and tasted

♪ A red-headed woman

♪ A red-headed woman

♪ It takes a red-headed woman

♪ To get that dirty job done That's right ♪ I hadn't been to a ton of rock 'n' roll yet, but I'd seen my share of shows.

And I understood in some way that what I was witnessing was something far beyond me and my world as I knew it.

I was way too in the moment to know that my life was changing, but I did know that with each song, I was leaving something behind.

The really critical departure happened during the long soul-shaking instrumental in Jungleland.

He turned his back to us and he walked towards the drum.

He swayed and he danced to the sax, the bass, the organ, the piano.

He was young and taut and all that man and men and song and sound became something bigger and more powerful than anything I understood or knew yet in my young body.

And it was something about rock 'n' roll and sex and men and music and myself and I grew a few years and a few inches when that incredibly beautiful man had his perfect body moving perfectly to that crazy, sexy, sad song.

Everyone was totally transfixed, tranced out.

I don't know if anybody else was there, but it was like the genie had been let out of the bottle and for me there was no going back.

I think I cried. I must have.

I was ripped out of my skin.

I was ripped out of my senses.

It was like the thunderbird had swooped and had me in its talons.

And then someone behind me lifts me up onto the stage, really gently, just lifts me up, and I stand up and I'm standing right there next to him.

And I'm so close I can see the sweat through his jeans and his dirty Converse.

And I look at him and he's looking at me and he smiles and I sort of moved to the side and the next thing I know someone comes and really gently lowers me back down to where I was before.

And I look around and there are men all around me smiling.

I'm soaked to the skin and I'm wearing red satin.

♪ The midnight gang's assembled

♪ And picked a rendezvous for the night

♪ They'll meet 'neh that giant Exxon sn

♪ That brings this fair city light

♪ Man there's an opera out on the Turnpike

♪ There's a ballet beig fought out in the alley

♪ Until the local cops Cherry Tops

♪ Rips this holy night

♪ The street's alive As secret debts are d

♪ Contacts made, they vanish unsen

♪ Kids flash guitars just like switch-blades

♪ Hustling for the record machine

♪ The hungry and the hunted

♪ Explode into rock'n'roll bands

♪ That face off against each other out in the street♪

He's a very important figure to me.

He tells me that it's okay to be what you want to be.

You can be... You can have a master's degree and be a truck driver.

You can, you know, do what you want, explore the world and disregard people's stereotypes and expectations, because that's what he is to me, you know?

He is rock 'n' roll. He is country.

He is a sex symbol.

He is patriotic.

He is political, but poetic at the same time and...

Yeah, I think he's someone that I really look up to.


♪ I was tryin' to find my way home

♪ But all I heard was a drone

♪ Bouncing off a satellie

♪ Crushin' the last lone American night

♪ This is radio nowhere

♪ Is there anybody alive out there?

♪ Radio nowhere

♪ Is there anybody alive out there?

♪ I was spinning 'round a dead dial

♪ Just another lost number in a file

♪ Dancin' down a dark hoe

♪ Just searchin' for a world with some soul

♪ Radio nowhere

♪ Is there anybody alive out there?

♪ Radio nowhere

♪ Is there anybody alive out there?

♪ Is there anybody alive out there? ♪ WOMAN: What would you say to Bruce if you met him?

Shorten your concerts.

Three and a half hours.

I think that relationships have been brought together and then folded before you've actually finished your concert.

It's just too long.

For the people who are there for their loved ones, it's quite a long period of time.

I'm thinking. "What time does the last train leave?"

"You know, how can I make this picnic that I've brought last?"

You know, it's things like that that really matter to me.

MAN: The night before this happened, I was so broke that I had to sleep in a public park.

And then 12 hours late, I'm standing with my guitar from the street, getting ready to play some cafes and this guy comes up to me and says, "Hey, Bruce is coming down the street."

And I said, "Oh, yeah." Just another hero for me.

Didn't really believe it, but then I looked across the street and I see Bruce out there and this tall black man with him and that was Clarence Clemons and I said, "Well..."

I shouted out, "Hey, Bruce, why don't you come and play us the real thing?"

He kind of looked at me and thought it was just funny and then I said again, "Hey, come on."

And then he made a U-turn. He came across the street.

And that's where this picture started happening here.

I handed him one of the guitars and he starts here on the song I'm on Fire.

♪ Hey little girl is your daddy home

♪ Did he go and leave you all alone

♪ I got a bad desire

♪ Oh-oh-oh, I'm on fire And I said, "Hey, I got to do something for my family."

I saw there was a video camera across, you know, so I came behind him.

♪ Oh-oh-oh, I'm on fire I was kind of nervous about what he would feel about it, but I kind of said, "Well, hey, he should be cool enough", "you know, and this is the street. We're all kings on the street."

"There's nobody above another there."

And it's kind of hard to believe ths was all happening.

There was a crowd in front, you know, and...

You never can tell what happens in life.

You never can tell. It was amazing.

What do you know?

We got on with it for I think it was 15 minutes and 17 seconds.

So, they say every man has 15 minutes of fame in his life.

I went a bit overboard.

♪ Even if we're just dancing in the dark

♪ Even if we're just dancing in the dark ♪

I didn't really realize what had happened.

It was kind of... It was kind of too qui.

Then the day after I was on the front pe singing with Bruce.

This is a great thg that such a big man would come and step down and give, you know...

He wasn't... He was just one of us, you know.

Okay, he had had success, but he was still just one of us and that's what I really loved about it, you know.

I really loved that.

We just said goodbye to one another and he went his way and I went mine.

It was exactly how it should happen on the street, you know.

Hi, my name is Gillian.

Hi, my name's Gillian.

Hi, my name's Gillian and I'm a pretty big... I'm a...

Hi, my name's Gillian and I'm a pretty big Bruce Springsteen fan.

After my first Bruce brought... Hi.



Hi. My name's Gillian and I'm a pretty big Bruce Springsteen fan.

After my first Bruce concert in April, I was so excited and so full of emotion and I wanted to let Bruce know how important he was to me, so I wrote him a letter, thinking I'd be able to send it to him, but I couldn't find a fan mail address.

So I wrote it anyway and just put it out there in case I'd ever have the chance to tell him how important he is and his music is in my life.

So this is the perfect opportunity for that, so I'm going to share that letter now.

Dear Bruce, to say I am a fan of yours would be quite an understatement.

Your music is woven into my very being.

It has become a part of the story of me, turning into a kind of soundtrack of the past couple of years of my life.

I first discovered your music about four years ago.

I heard Glory Days on the radio and I guess it spoke to me and to where I was at that point in my life.

I started looking at more of your songs and my parents were quite amused that I was suddenly listening to music from their time.

But that's the thing, Bruce, your music doesn't have a time or a place.

Your music is a story and it bends and flows into the stories of everyone who listens to it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is thank you.

It seems like every time I hit a bump in life, I turn to you and to your songs.

They pick me up and dust me off in a way that no one and nothing else can.

We all go through dark times in life and sometimes things aren't going to get better and they're not going to be all right.

In those times, music can be the best companion, because it reminds you there can still be beauty in this world and that all is not lost in spite of it all.

Without you, I would be lost. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thanks, Bruce. Thank you.

Thanks so much. Thank you.

Thank you, Bruce. Thank you.

Thank you, Bruce.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Thanks for the music, boss.

Thank you, Bruce.

ALL: We love you.

Thanks, Bruce.

And thank you for everything.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So thank you, Bruce.

Thank you for your music.

ALL: Thank you, Bruce.

Thanks, Bruce.


Thank you. Thank you, Bruce.

Thank you. Thanks.

Thank you, Bruce. Thank you for your amazing music.

I just want to say thanks.

Thanks, Bruce.

Thank you, Bruce.

Thank you so much.

Cheers, boss.


From the deepest part of my heart, thank you.

BRUCE: It was nice being alone with you tonight. (CHUCKLES)

♪ In the day we sweat it out on the streets

♪ Of a runaway American dream

♪ At night we ride through the mansions of gly

♪ In suicide machines

♪ Sprung from cages out on highway 9

♪ Chrome wheeled, fuel injected, and steppin' out over the line

♪ Whoa, baby this town rips the bones from your back

♪ It's a death trap, it's a suicide rap

♪ We gotta get out while we're young

♪ 'Cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run

♪ Wendy let me in I wanna be your friend

♪ I want to guard your dreams and visions

♪ Just wrap your legs 'round these velvet rims

♪ And strap your hans 'cross my engines

♪ Together we could break this trap

♪ We'll run till we drop, baby we'll never go back

♪ Whoa, will you walk with me out on the wire

♪ Cause baby I'm just 'a scared and lonely rider

♪ But I gotta knw how it feels

♪ I want to know if love is wild I want to know if love is real

♪ Can you show me?

One, two, three!

♪ Beyond the palace hemi-powered drones

♪ Scream down the boulevard

♪ Girls comb their hr in rearview mirrors

♪ And the boys try to look so hard

♪ The amusement park rises bold and stark

♪ Kids are huddled on the beach in a mist

♪ I wanna die with you Wendy on the street tonight

♪ In an everlasting kiss

One, two, three!

♪ The highway's jammed with broken heroes

♪ On a last chance power drive

♪ Everybody's out on the run tonight

♪ But there's no place left to hide

♪ Together Wendy we can live with the sadness

♪ I'll love you with alle madness in my soul

♪ Whoa, someday girl I don't know when

♪ We're gonna get to that place

♪ Where we really wanna o

♪ And we'll walk in the sun

♪ But till then tramps like us

♪ Baby we were born to rn

♪ Tramps like us

♪ Baby we were born to rn

♪ Tramps like us

♪ Baby we were born to run


♪ I've been knocking on the door that holds the throne

♪ I've been looking for the map that leads me home

♪ I've been stumbling on good hearts turned to ste

♪ The road of good intentis has gone dry as bone

♪ We take care of our own

♪ We take care of our own

♪ Wherever this flag's flon

♪ We take care of our own

♪ From Chicago to New Orleans

♪ From the muscle to the bone

♪ From the shotgun shack to the Super Dome

♪ There ain't no help, the cavalry stayed home

♪ There ain't no one hearing the bugle blowin'

♪ We take care of our own

♪ We take care of our own

♪ Wherever this flag's flon

♪ We take care of our own

♪ Where're the eyes, the eyes with the will to e

♪ Where's the hearts that run over with mercy

♪ Where's the love that has not forsaken me

♪ Where's the work that'll set my hands, my soul free

♪ Where's the spirit to reign rain over me

♪ Where's the promise, from sea to shining sea

♪ Where's the promise, from sea to shining sea

♪ Wherever this flag is flown

♪ Wherever this flag is flown

♪ Wherever this flag is flown

♪ We take care of our own

♪ We take care of our own

♪ Wherever this flag is flown