Spud 3: Learning to Fly (2014) Script

He threatened to start 1992 with a bang.

He was finally going to get a piece of that action infamous New Year's Eve party.

Cristiana'm Johnny. - I also.

I'm saving myself for marriage.

When did we get married? - When in 21 years.

We should not be doing this, Johnny.

We could catch a plague or something.

A plague? - If a pest.

I better go.

The year-end party also step from very bad to worse.

Wait, wait, wait. - They should not have children this holiday season.

I'm 16 actually.

Pope is insane and shameless. A deadly combination.

It's a plane, a plane is ready to fly.

Happy New Year.


Two weeks later.

Come quickly. Your father is having an affair.


What's up?

Your father is having a midlife crisis.

Tangling with the new neighbor.

Looks Portuguese. - And you know the Portuguese.

What her name? - Amber.

Amber warning means. - And what I received the warning.

Go you were very chatty with the neighbor, right?

He was picking up the mail.

Three letters. All seem important.

The bank.

You know what the best place to store the warnings of the bank.

Some of your school, Johnny. - What it is?

They will take your scholarship.

"We regret to inform our school ..."

"... Intentions to terminate his scholarship at the end of the year because ..."

"... His poor performance and bad behavior in general."

"If performance does not improve in the remainder of the year, the scholarship ..."

"... It will be transferred to another person more worthy of it."

You See? This is what comes of drinking, and smoking, and behave like a madman!

! You can not take the scholarship the boy just because it is going through a bad time!

I mean, Milton will be the first to win an Oscar.


With you as a role model not me ...

... Strange that the boy is caving.

What if we opened the third envelope?

There has to be good news.

It is my recruitment for the army.

What ?! - What?

No, they can not do that, you're 15.

If left school I have to join the army and serve the motherland.

This is serious.

You better open a bottle of wine.


I do not want to worry about the scholarship.

I have a business opportunity with which we will ...

... Make as much money we will use it as toilet paper.

Good luck, honey. I wish you well, my child.

Thanks Mom.

Hi guys.

How are you doing? - Friend!

Hey, how are you? - Dude, good to see you.

Hey, you must be Spud Milton. Garlic am Malawian Garth.

Obviously you've been in Malawian. - No.

What? It's the best place on earth, what would love.

Oh, my God, it's amazing! My father owns a factory.

Yes, take one. - Thank you The boys always wanted to be part of this band and ...

... Now I feel like a full member of the Seven Secrets.

Sorry, what did you say?

I am already a member of the Secret Seven.

Seven ha-ha secrets?

How nice. Really we are not a bunch of kids with a pathetic name sticks.

We are friends.

We have scars to prove it.

So next time you decide to open that big mouth ...

... Yours, you'll want to have the right information.

It is the Crazy Eight. it's okay. Enjoy that.

And trust me, you queras not to repeat that mistake again.

The Seven Secrets!

Do not worry, little one, these things happen.

Tell me more about those dreams of yours.

Eight Locos were so extreme as ever.

Rumbo was taking steroids.

Simon knew before the new director.

And welcomed to school.

What the hell is going on here?

Hey, it's busy, what the hell is wrong with you ?!

Vern gave amarrillas cards for firing odors around.

Boggo new house hairdresser chose and was raging.

How do I look? - Magnifico, filled with so much personality.

Who's next?

Fatty, shared her supernatural Voodoo with the new guys.

The names receiving today will be yours forever.

Tu way de Pito. ¡Dilo! - How to de Pito.

Cachetón. - Cachetón.

Stasegem. - Stasegem.

Raw. - Why-?

Say it! - Raw.

And your son Mel Ryan. - Son of Mel Ryan.

Together they are the five frail.

Hold. - Sharks Stuart Landry. - Sharks.

Milton. - Sharks.

Class of 1992, not exactly the smartest.

Anything you want to share with the Milton house?

No Norman. Si, no Norman.

I stretched.

I am surprised to see who is the head of the house.

Whiteside To be honest, I'm surprised you to pass grade.

Especially you, Mr. Black. Maybe some ...

... Of you know me as Mr. Richardson.

Others may know me as Mr. Viking.

But rather to consider me as your damn worst nightmare.

Viking is a maniac, but at least appreciates good theater.

Clumsy and skeletal boys.

It is our new director of the home.

Boys bland.

But there is the question if this is the right person for such hard work.

Whereas it has had six heart attacks since 1985.

They can be removed.

Whiteside, I wonder if you're familiar ...

... With the term, "divide and conquer."?

Spud, Viking wants to see you.

Right now.

Not have much time so I will be frank.

Did you read the letter? - Yes sir.

I am aware of the worrying incidents in this house last year.

I hope you do not fall into the same traps.

The scholarship is a gift, Milton, not a title.

Yes sir.

I was the protagonist in school, sir work.

That was almost two years ago.

Since then your school performance has been declining.

Your sports skills are common.

And your overall fitness and behavior is that of a bully.

Lord, I just want you to understand that if I leave the school ...

I'll have to join the army. - I doubt it, Milton.

The army has certain physical requirements and your complexion is ridiculous ...

To summarize, your future is uncertain.

And sir, how I keep my scholarship?

Prove that you are someone worth it.

Achievements, brings glory to this school and to this house.

I will do my best, sir.

You could, of course, become the prefect of your home.

A leadership position next year could ensure your leadership.

And how do I become the prefect of the house, sir?

Trying on that are superior to your peers.

I began my quest for glory trying to enter the cricket team.

Garlic, where did you learn to play cricket?

In Malawain, sir.

That explains it.

Malon? - No sir.

No? Next!

Well done. Do it again.

That was a googly? - I think so, sir.


You did it again!

I felt I was under a divine and beautiful spell.

I did not know you were layers of this. - Not me, sir.

I'll get you to the tests to enter the starting lineup. Congratulations.

Thank you very much, sir.

Finally, my quest for glory was beginning.


Sit down, gentlemen. Sit, sit.

Something plot.

Gentlemen, I must remind you that at the end of the year will choose the head of house?

And two prefects to guide next year?

Norman. - Thank you, director.

Gentlemen, listen carefully, become a prefect or the head of the ...

... House, like myself, is the highest honor that can give this school.

Guide and control your home.

Set the example. In short, you are God.

As governors will have their own room.

And two slaves to do all your homework.

Sort and be dogs.

Awake, Milton!

These are the new plans for the rooms of the prefects.

I thought you might be interested in.

Thank you sir.

I would hope not, guys.

Take my place has its tricks.

They are crazy if they think they may occupy two of those places.

Lame botas.

You'll see how cocky you feel to give your speech to ...

... Preselection prefect in the conference room.

Really, only bureaucrats as your mind being a prefect.

So swallow your pathetic attempt at bravery.

Eight Crazy are not for sale.

So we agree? None of the Crazy Eights seek to be prefect, yes?

A covenant is a covenant.

Spud, have you?

No one spoke of being prefect when Rambo was close.

But just behind that you heard speak.

Spud, come here. The new rooms of the prefects will be phenomenal.

A fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator, toaster and fryer.

Breakfast in bed every day.

Hey, Rambo. - What's going on?

What do you see?

it's okay.

Or are Eight Crazy or try to be prefects.

The choice is yours.


Home feeling I lost my scholarship was beginning to show.

What do you mean? - It's none of your business.

I do not talk in that tone because I will not listen.

So better silent, man.

It is the subject of the question.

Dad even started selling their devices.

But Innocent is still making money from the sale of illegal liquor.

The rumor spread like fire.

Until I came to the ears of the long arm of the law.

It's just a fortifier.

Fortunately has a brilliant lawyer to argue the case.

As always I win cases not cast me away.

Seeking Mr. Milton, but somehow only see their daughters.

The lawyer assured mom that will win the case.

Let's talk business.

At the end Innosence was found innocent.

Thank my God.

But his life ended in the black market.


My heroic efforts were rewarded with tests to enter the starting lineup.

Boys form a circle.

Hear that are Gods Crochet, so I wish good luck to all.

If he repeated my first performance, achieved in easily.

Let's see what they can do.

Remember, this is a beautiful game.

Much better than football.

Disaster! My parents came to see me attempt to enter Crochet team.

Well, boy, concentrate and I'll do the rest.

Do not be scared, I was lucky.

Ignore them. Relax.

Try not to get really nervous.

I have it, I have it!

It's over. - And I made history in the Croquet again.

This time as the most shameful performance of all.

What are you looking at?

The school board are asses, you know?

There are many ways to measure quality only in games.

Look, have you been eating? - Yes.

You look like Keth Richards. - Really?

I just have a lot of worry, sir.

Oh, my God, is she!

Who? - The new librarian.

I did not want to run into her. - Do you know her?

Sorry? - Do you know her?

No, no, no.

I'm too old for this, but it is exactly as I imagined.

If you so interested, why not simply greets?

It would be a disaster, I will not.

It can not be that bad.

Now, go.

Hi. - Hi.

Hello, sorry.

Hi. - Hi.

He did not want to scare her, just wanted to say welcome.

Thank You.

Well, welcome. - Thank You.

Sorry, ma'am, let me introduce you to my English teacher.

Mr. Edly.

How is Mr. Edly? - How are you again?

Nice to meet you.

Okay. - Well bye.

This deserves a celebration breakfast. I think I have ...

... A little Christmas turkey in the refrigerator.

Sir, is March. - No, it is not.

Well, if you do not eat, you can eat you.

Actually I've been a mess lately, sir.

The school wants to take my fellowship at the end of the year.

Oh Heavens.

Obviously my parents can not afford it so ...

I have to stop studying. Actually I got my call from the army.

The army? For what you want, bait?

Do you have suggested higher-ups as you go to get your scholarship?

If I can bring glory to school or I can turn prefect.

Well, here is the solution.

That's the problem, sir. The eight Locos We made a pact not to seek to be prefects.

Are not you going to fulfill it, do you?

I gave my word, sir.

Listen, John. Take my advice.

The hard fact of life is that you have to live with your decisions.

You do not have to stand with your friends.

So what should I do, sir?

Well, you heard Darwin, right? Survival of the fittest.

Fight tooth and nail for your scholarship.

Not sure where to think.

Begins with a list, bring order to chaos.

Thank you sir.

The genius of having nothing to lose,

It is that you have everything to gain.

The Chief is right, when you face large-scale chaos, you have a list.

Play bowling.

Now that the former coach of rugby under 14 years ...

... Had become minister is qualified to teach confirmation.

If no point to confirmation classes, then you can say goodbye to your chances of becoming prefects.

It is already a miracle if they are in school.

The best they can do is confirmed and thank him.

Rambo wanted to set an example by saying that he would eat It faces whoever pointed to confirmation.

But the stench of greed was everywhere.

Some was subtle ...

And another not.

¡Spud, Spud!

What? - They're removing the list.

Now? - Makes two minutes.


Mr. Lilly want to add my name to that list.

Of course, Milton, just do it on my back.

The Lord is our shepherd, and the Lord loves an enthusiastic sheep.

Welcome to the fold. I think I'll give them a little more time.

Spud What are you doing?

Guys, I have to do this.

Otherwise the school will that you remove Me no matter what your reasons, cross your name off the list.

I do not can.

But a deal is a deal.

I'm breaking the covenant.

Rambo said he opened the Pandora's box, but the others did not seem concerned.

And in the end all they signed up for confirmation.

Even Rambo claiming that just made it to watch me.

Now all were becoming spiritual.

Simon went to the chapel five days a week.

The group Fatty voodoo spirit invoked furious a former teacher named Mackarter.


Garlic bribed church with two hundred grand.

Boggo directs Christian worship even though three Jewish quarter.

And Vern is devouring his Bible from apostles revelations.

While the Chief had a sacred place in the library for information on the new librarian.

Two things were certain. One, God would punish us for being so hypocritical.

And two, thanks to me, the competition to become prefect had officially begun.

Have they heard of Christine's birthday party?

It will be insane!

If you come you may be able to have an erection.

Actually I just got this.

"Dear Johnny. What if we spent a weekend together? I miss you."

With love.


He was definitely going to happen this weekend. I hope they are sufficient 110.

Johnny! - Debbie, hello, how are you?

I'm fine. Glad you could join us this weekend.

¿Join us?

Gav! He is Johnny.

So are the Johnny both have heard?

Nice to meet you. - Likewise.

All hail Johnny. - Hi, Johnny.

And what else? - God loves you!

It will confirm and is a brilliant singer. it's great. Your bags are there, you can take them.

Johnny, you're going to love this bus trip.

Again, one, two, three!

Cheers, cheers Jesus and his soldiers!

Cheers, cheers Jesus, cheers and cheers!

God must be punishing me for pressure to be prefect.

And by repeatedly imagining the moment siren and I make love.

Cheers, cheers Jesus and his soldiers are the best!

I had learned three things about Gavin, the youth pastor.

It is too old to be a youth pastor.

Two, only knows a song-

And three, she likes my girlfriend.


I can handle the pathetic trust exercises and endless edges, but even Spud has its limits.

Hello Friend. Sorry, but you are in the bedroom of boys next door.


Johnny, wait. - Why do not you go with your boyfriend?

It's not my boyfriend, my spiritual guide.

It seems to me your boyfriend. - It's just very sensitive.

For 15 years old. - 29 actually has.

That's very, very old.

It's creepy. Forget it. - Johnny waiting.

What? - Where are you going?

Back home. - But it is late.

And there before dying fires fire, siren and I ended forever.

Thank you very much.

And take this with you!

Anda. - Nothing happened.

I already told you. - Nothing happened, my ass.

Get out of here long!

My boy, whatever your mother tells you, believe the opposite.

You know what's wrong with your father? You know what?

You can not keep it in his pants, that's the problem.

The catch, the catch in the act.

I should haberselo cut when I had the chance.

Depending on who you spoke, the story was different.

Dad says he was only helping to fix their drainage Amber.

You need to cover it. Even this need ...

Waterproofing. That helps. I do not think ... need waterproofing.

Mom's version was different.

I hope that unclog your pipeline.

Blessed are you, and that tool that size.

I'll be right there when you need me.

I do not think, Daddy, come here now.

Family, love, school.

All away from me under my slippery feet.

If you move you're dead.

That does not make me anything.

Who you are? - It's me.

Your uncle Frank. - Who?

Your uncle Frank, a friend of your dad. Remember when you had were a kid, Uncle Frank?

What are you doing here?

Your dad wants you.

The new dad's best friend, Frank. Dad says that's bad news.

Dad was taking astray.

Put this on and hurry.

It's time for you to meet the guys. they are amazing. Do you want some?

After looking at our liquor and take refrigerator leftovers out to find Dad.

Do you like my new house?

Come take a look.

Free and every morning the sun comes through my window.

There's a word for that. Privilege.

This is not permanent.

Frankie and I are planning something big.

Or not Frank? - Big business.

It could be massive. - Huge.

I feel that I've heard before.

But this time seriously. - You are giving their best.

I can not say much now. It is confidential.

Confidential. - And if it fails?

We push your grandmother and charge the estate.

That is the plan B.

Do not worry about school, have fun and not worry about your scholarship.

We got you covered.

Do you want a drink? - No, no, I'm fine.

I have glasses. - Okay, good.

Second half.

Tests for Rugby If he went to the team, I recover my scholarship in a heartbeat.

Thank you, gentlemen, I note the good work.

Viking impress. Enter the first team of Rugby.

These are your chances of being prefects.

First Robert Black. Second, Simon Brown.

Tercero Alan Greenstein.

It was under Garlic.

And he is Malawain.

John Milton.

Impresionar a Norman Whiteside.

We must love our neighbor.

Sorry, Mr. Lily, do we still love our neighbor if he is satanic?

You must love all Alan, as passionate as possible.

Passionately ¿? Basically you say we have sex with our neighbor?

No, not sex, not unless you marry your neighbor, Robert.

Why does your wife live next door, Lord?

Impress God.

Now guys, let's suck some blood.

It is traditional to get some action at parties Christine.

But tonight was a strange electricity in the air.

Hello, Christine, you look like a great vampire.

Come with me.

Christine, I hope this does not sound strange, but I feel I'm ready to have a real relationship with someone.

I also. I'm ready for it.

A relationship with love and commitment.

Something physical.

I'll have the same thing.

It's so weird that I dreamed of this very moment.

You would be my girlfriend?


I love you darling. - I love you too.

Why did not you bring some champagne to celebrate?

You wait here. - Insurance.

Boys, Christina and I are together.

How circus monkeys? - Not together formally.

We have a relationship now.

Congratulations friend, that was the shortest relationship in history.

Johnny, are you busy?

I'm reading. - I need your services as a cupid.

Trust me. I've been harassed for weeks.

This will be the biggest in history.

You could spend the whole third quarter of girls in school.

Anyone in the mood for an orgy?

Auditions for the cast of the play "Dreams of a Summer Night"

William Shakespeare. - This could be my big break.

And it was with the girls of the Catholic school.

It seemed an eternity to know if he would spend the third semester at the girls' school.

At last ticket to the glory of Milton.

Eight Locos also were going.

Except he was wrong Garlic auditions.

But gave a bribe to Viking to be director.

A costa del Sr. Lily.

Winter Break.

Mom? - At home ...

The family barely holding Milton.

My lovely boy!

Grandma had moved home.

Skeletal lights.

Best would feed him if I were you.

Mom's lawyer visited her very often and there were signs everywhere divorce.

I was forced to leave my room when Grandma came over him.

Dad moved in with Frank. - Open your eyes.

And his new business venture took shape.

¿Que es F Bag Sad?

Frank bar girls.

F Bag SAD for short. Frank and I have invested everything in it.

Was it a funeral?

It was, but that not be noticed. Frank is a professional.

Look at all this. Look finesse.

Yet to fix that, but look at this.

There will be the stage.

And wait till you see it finished. Frank was killed day and night in this place.

Do not worry, I would not have committed the house and spend all our sure if he was not sure this is going to be a huge success.

One more thing. Do not tell your mother about this. The concern yourself.

Wait until we start. Frankie!

The great business plan Dad.

Bye, Mom. - Good luck, Johnny.

Now behave in school girls, my child, okay?

I will. Goodbye, Grandma.

Dale mi amor a Wiston Churchil. it's okay. See Innosence.

You come back with good.

I see them soon.

I'm sorry your father come so late.

Sorry, my boy. - It's okay.

Here in St. Catherine's School for Girls very concerned about discipline and dignity.

Reflecting the will of our founder Sister Mary Agnes Ingasius.

And today in his honor we raise the flag of the school.

And also the flag of the country.

53 - Dale more.

55! 54.

54's it. - 54.

Guys, there is.

St. Catherine. The best school for girls in the country.

And welcome to our land men, Widely open our breasts.

Recemos. and reminds $ 15 a bottle. Frankie dale.

Elévale 6% by time.

Always a pleasure.

May his spirit clarify their hearts and minds.

Deleting inappropriate thoughts and wild images.

What-? No works the brake.

I have no brakes! - No no no.

I told you I revisaras, remember? - What ?!

Use the handbrake.


We regret that.

Go first impression!

Your dad is insane.

Christine. This time I will not fall in their mind games.

See you later? - Definitely.

Tell me again. - I love you.

What in God's name is going on here?

Great. Bruce Willis has arrived.

I do not like your face, boy, or your dad either.

The Director "Bulldog" Owen. Here it is known only as Mrs. Owen.

If you go to the branch I break like a twig.

The Ms. Owen put us in quarantine from the rest of the school.

Quiet, boy. Where are you going?

At roof. - No, I saw it first.

Yes me too. Sorry.

Now that Simon and Rambo were favorites prefects to be better than we thought.

Go to Ocho Locos us.

But I was not the only thing that caused a bad first impression.

For a change, Rambo flirted with art teacher.

Does anyone have any questions?

Sorry, are you busy Friday night?

Simon took an hour and a half to choose her wardrobe.

Give me twenty minutes.

Boggo 372 girls cordially invited to an orgy.

Hello Boggo.

Want some fun?

Fatty fell in love with a girl of 13 years called Penny.

Which is not only against the rules of the school, also they make you hang in Bulgaria.

The technique of spelling Garlic was misguided ... but continued trying.

It is a great work.

While full of yellow cards Vern locker and surroundings.

They are reported, girls. - Vern, do you want me delatemos?


I could only see girls in class.

Simon and Rambo were given the starring roles.

And I fill roles.

Very well done both.

The'm watching everyone.

Especially the perverts.

Lights out.

Christine? - Hello Friend.

What are you doing here?

They want to get wild tonight?

We have something planned. - You do not have to ask.

It is not a good idea. - See you in an hour.

The Ms. Owen is a cannibal.

Come on, guys, we are the Crazy Eight.

This is what we do.

I do not go. I do not feel very well.

Me neither.

They are girls. You wanted to talk to girls. This is your only chance.

Well, come on. - Come on guys.

Come on, hurry.

In hurry. He's gone. Move.

I am, girl, let us in.

We Arrived.

This is very exciting!

Watch your head. - Lower your voice.

A fun girls.

Do not make much noise.

What is this? - Cigarettes.

Oh I get it.


Kiss Me.

Boggo was your turn last year.


You fall from good, Spuddy.

It Is the alarm. - Run!

Wait. it is clear. Come on.

The catch?

Sneaking is unacceptable. - What a disappointment.

Disappointed? I'm this close to expel them.

So close.

They should follow the example of Black, Brown and Whiteside.

Now, Go to bed.

What will happen to you? - I finished the work suspended.


Maybe we can go out on the festivities.

I really want to see Basic attempts.

Itself, would be great.

You feel bad. - Yes.

I spend something strange last night.


The alarm came from your house.

Hi guys. - Hello, Mirdel.

Hello, Mirdel.

This sucks.

Simon and Rambo and prefects are created.

And remember the trials. - Time to do something.

Let's go for them. - Let's kill.

Spud? - Yes, I'm in.

All right?

All right.


And start, start.

The work started perfectly.

I develop later.

That thought by many laughs.

But it was because they laughed at me.

It's time to face reality, man.

If we are to take revenge on Simon and we Rambo say goodbye to our chances.

If there are only two places and want to both.

Guys, I have a plan.

Scene five.

Perfect, they have fallen into the network.

That is not in this scene.

Ventílenlo. ¡Ventílenlo!

Ladies and gentlemen, fear not. It's just part of the program. time.

Fire Fire! - Fire!


I'll kill them!

Why would you do something so stupid? - Do not touch it.

You idiots ruined the work!

You idiots are so arrogant that they treat us like second class citizens.

Come on, those are tontería-

You are losers.


You bastards ruined my show!

If one evidence that this was intentional, I will drive out all appears.

Good luck in the army.

You See? This is exactly what happens when you break the covenant.

To break the pact? This has nothing to do with your covenant!

I know you touched the alarm and betrayed us!

Do not you dare! We were locked inside.

The alarm is out, how we would sound the alarm if you think you're so smart?

And we do not put it in the back. - Then who did?

Norman Whiteside.

Good luck friend.

Thanks, buddy.

The eight locos are finished.


I cover myself with glory same theater. Volverme prefect.

Lights out.

Summer Vacation.

Welcome home boy.

What you are? - Dad, you open in three days.

Yes. - Then why everything is empty?

We have a small problem with the liquor license.

What is the problem? - Policies.

Okay, what about the food? - Electrical problems in the kitchen.

Damn it, do not do this! - And the tables?

Which would bring us has not arrived.

Hey, Johnny. - Hello, Frank.

Everything will be fine. It is his girlfriend. Do not worry. You're better than her.

You're better than her. We will take until you overcome this.

It's a disaster. - It will be recalled.

Frank? This place! Invested our family and everything what we have in a place without alcohol, without electricity.

For now. - No tables.

Hopeless. - I know it looks a mess.

What is that? - Mom asked me to give it to you.

What is that? - The divorce papers.

Tell him if he wants to ask the divorce to come Friday night and do it on my face.

Your father never ceases to amaze.

All we got. Everything! To drink it?

Yes I'll be there Friday night.

To give you this.

I could not save my scholarship, but I'll be damned if I can not save my family.

Innosence, I need your help.

It is best to go straight to the point, is not it?

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the grand opening of our Bar.

A special thanks to Amber for providing furniture and reduce costs.

Give him a big round of applause.

Innosence also brought people, snacks, not to mention the drinks.

Although an unexpected charge percentage of the profits.

But there are other special people whom I thank.

First my son, Johnny.

It is more talented than you think or even dream.

And to my beautiful wife and love of my life.

More than anything in the world. Without you, none of this would be worthwhile.

I love you, baby.

Free drinks, on the house!

Hey, Johnny. - Hello, siren.

Where was your partner? - He Said this place was unworthy.

Thank You.

I miss you. - I also.

Come with me.

I love these shots.

Do you know that I want?


Last period.

Your boy.

After a thorough investigation but useless disaster in the school play, Viking reluctantly dropped the charges serious sabotage, arson and disrespect to Shakespeare.

But Ocho Locos were gone.

The Head and the librarian were madly in love.

I should use my constant use phrases like jokes ...

I mean I can kill bats with a ...

And my school days are numbered.

Unless kick perfect scores in my exams.

Defies logic.

How does a human mind can pull rope 5 "A ?? s ?? and failing a field.

Sorry, sir, is my mess.

You're running out of options, Milton.

Yes sir.

It is illegal, my friend.

Hello? - Hello Dad.

Hey, boy, how are you?

I'm good, thanks, how are you?

This is going well.

You should see the weekend.

While watching, we will not cash in at least six months.

So I need you to hold far as you can with the grant.

Yes, I will do my best.

Okay, my child, see you then.

Okay, he called you then.

I love you. - I love you.

See you. - Yes bye.

Do you hear that? It is the sound of renewals Room prefects.

It is time to remind you that the choice of the next prefects will take place next Thursday.

Each of you will have three minutes to present their petition to the house.

After which voting will take place.

And my decision will rely heavily on those results.

It's a total waste of time. We all know Simon and Rambo are the prefects.

And the effort is being put Viking because obviously he remains the head of the house.

This is not a democracy. This would never happen in Malawian.

We should simply accept the facts and accept it.

We will not be prefects. Who cares anyway?

Only Rambo and Simon worked in his speeches.

And I started counting towards the end.

What's up?

Whiteside has been appointed Head of the school.

And what does?

It means someone else has to be named Head of the house. Whiteside could not be both.


Jesus, man, no wonder you reprobaras math!

It means another open prefect place.

Where are you going? - To prepare my nominating speech.

Good morning sir.



What's up?

I think I'm locked for writing, sir.

Funny, I did not expect that.

What you crave wine to drink?

The one who is stronger, sir. - Speaking as a young man.

By the way, I just received a letter breaking the library Sorry, sir.

He was too old for me anyway.

He never read the books that I like.

And what is your story?

It is the discourse to choose prefect, sir.

I think everything I write sounds so ... funny.

Well, listen to me, you will not be ready.

No notes. - What am I going to say?

Important things.

From here.

My scholarship is at stake.

Afraid to lose without remedy.

Do not try to impress anyone, just stand in front and show them what you showed me.

That's it. I just lost my wife and I will not lose my best friend.

Not as friends.

There are friends of friends. The good are forever.

Like these.

The books.


Her loss.


I remind them they need three votes. One to head home.

And two prefects.

May the best man win.

Robert Black.

I'll be honest with you. I will review all their votes.

And voice to marry each of you who do not vote for me.

And I will kill him.

Simón Brown.

How are you guys? I've been three years in the tennis team, Squash, golf. And I'm also good with women, you know.

¡Porno gratis!

If you vote for me, I swear I will improve the quality of the food from the kitchen 150%

Thank you, Blackadder.

Next, John Milton.

This morning when I thought about what I was going to talk about today, I was not quite sure where to start.

I was told to speak from the heart instead of writing something.

For me this whole choose our governors from home seems evil.

Tempt, they seduce you and not really because you know.

Becomes friends against friends.

Earlier this year, the school told me to take away my scholarship.

And if I did not return prefect of the house she had to leave school.

I broke a pact.

A pact that divided my friends.

Try to stand on my own and prove my worth.

But the reason I wanted to stay here is not about education.

It is for them.

For you.

At the end of the day are not your accomplishments that make you who you are.

They are your friends.

That and what you have here.

Thank you very much for listening.

Vote for Spud.

Have you considered joining the ministry?

I can not say yes, sir.

Shame. Well, gentlemen.

Today we very proud Mr.

Walk as Christian soldiers.

Fatty says everything with God is a matter of appearances.

But he was not so committed.

For the first time since I can remember, voice emergency in my head was silent.

Perhaps by being giving up my faith.

Now I am pleased to announce the prefects for 1993.

The home Larsen, head of the house Chris Roche.

I did not know how to say goodbye, so I did not.

Last but not the least, the home of the founders.

Head of the House, Simon Brown

Felicidades, Brown.

Prefects. Robert Black.

Well done, my boy.

And the final prefect.

John Milton.

John Milton.

¡Spud! ¡Spud! ¡Spud! ¡Spud! ¡Spud! ¡Spud!

¡Milton, rápido!

¡Spud! ¡Spud! ¡Spud!

And Milton is a more deserving of a scholarship once.

I hope you continue to surprise everyone, including yourself.

With pleasure, sir.

I can not explain it. Just I know that it is a universal law.

You want something with all your strength from the depths of the heart.

Stay away from what you've learned and find out what's inside of you.

What sets you free.