Spun (2002) Script

Spoof. Dope. Crank. Creep. Bomb. Spank.

Shit. Bang. Zip. Tweak. Charred.

Call it what you will. It'’s all methamphetamine.

That'’s what I'm here for.

No, I got it, I got it. I got it, I got it.

Thank you, thank you. You'’re very helpful.

Yeah, yeah. You'’re cute. Who is it?

It'’s Ross. Are you by yourself?

Yeah, I'’m by myself. Are you sure?

Yeah, I'’m sure. I'’m by myself.

Yeah, that'’s it. Just stay right there.

Get in here. Hurry up.

What-- How much you need?Whatever you gave me last time was cool.

How much you want? Whatever you got.

Okay, you know what? I lost my shit, okay?

I have to find it. So if you don'’t mind relaxing just a little bit--

No. I can come back. You sure?No, no, man. It'’s okay.

It'’s great to see you. Sit down and talk to, um, to Nikki.

Talk to Nikki. Nikki, this is Ross. Ross, this is Nikki.

You'’ll love him.

Hi. Ross. Nice to meet you.

And, you know, '’course, you know Frisbee over there. What? How'’s it going?

Hey, man. What'’s up?

Just stay, relax and just sit down... and just let me find my shit, okay?

So, what you lookin'’ at?

I just need a little bit. What, like half or something?

I don'’t need that much. I don'’t even have that much money.

I just need a dime. Ooh, I got it.

No, no, I got it. Yeah.Are you sure?

Okay. Who is it?

Giggles. And a Sadgirl.

You know, from Circus Liquors. I'’m busy right now.

What do you mean, you'’re busy? Can we stop by later?

What part of "busy" don'’t you understand, huh? I don'’t got anything. Good-bye.

So if Spider doesn'’t get his shit together, I can probably help you out.

Ooh. I got it.

No, no, no! Don'’t answer my phone!

Don'’t answer my phone! Hello.

Uh, no, he'’s unavailable at the moment.

Yeah-- Hey. You'’re gonna have to call back later.

Much, much later. Later.

Who is it? Uh, just me, Spider.

Hey, go away, Fat Boy. I said go away, Fat Boy!

Okay, okay. I-I'’ll see you later.

Mike, who called? Who called on the telephone? Why don'’t you just sit down... and talk to your friend Nikki, huh?

Hey, Cookie. What'’s up?

Oh, shit. It'’s him. Oh, shit.

What am I gonna do, Nikki? Spider Mike, who called on the telephone, please?

Spider Mike went to Circus Liquor earlier?

Maybe he dropped the dope on-- Spider, did you ride your bike on the way to Circus Liquor?

Yeah, yeah. You did? Okay, okay.

That'’s only a block and a half away. Stop freakin'’ out and just backtrack.

I bet you dropped the shit. Yeah.

Yeah. I bet you dropped it on the way back.

You were on your bike and you just dropped it. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah, I know. You'’re right.

Yeah, you dropped it. Yeah!

He dropped it! I dropped it!

I love this dude. Yeah!

Suck my cock! Fuck, I love this guy!

Michael, who called on the goddamn phone?

I don'’t know, you fuckin'’ asshole!

Holy shit. What the fuck is the matter with you?Fuck you!

What the hell is the matter with you, Jabba the Slut?

Genghis ! Spider, you son of a bitch!

Don'’t you fuckin' hit me with shit again!

Look, everybody just stay sittin'’ down.

Nobody goes out and nobody comes in, you understand me?

You know, I saw a lot of cop cars out there earlier.

I mean, a lot of cop cars. There were a lot of cops out there earlier.

If you look-- If you look?

Where? I don'’t see anything, man.

No. If you just look-- I don'’t see anything, man.

No, no, it'’s them. There'’s nobody there.

They-- They were there. Where are they then?

Where are they if they'’re there? I don'’t know.

You don'’t know? Because there's nobody there, man!

Little fudge-head. There'’s no piggies there, you stupid--

You fuck! Fuckin'’ relax, all right? Stay sittin'’ down, goddamn it!

Fuckin'’ phone.

Fuck it.

Nobody moves!

So, Ross, girlfriend frustrated, little unsatisfied?

What, can'’t you keep it hard? Need a little lift?

I'’m not really seeing anyone. Who was that April chick then, waitin'’ out in your car... when you were in here scoring some shit about a week or so ago?

Well, April and I hook up occasionally, but she'’s not my girlfriend.

My girlfriend is out of town, in the city. She went there.

She got a cool corporate job offer this summer, so she'’s up there.

Wait, like, April-- naughty girl, naughty kinda nice girl, kinda blondie stripper April?

That April? Yeah. How do you know her?

Hello. Nikki, it'’s for you. Yeah?

Hey, baby. Spider spaced our shit off again.

I don'’t know, but if he doesn't find the shit, he'’s gonna have to cough up another 500 bucks.

Keep your eye on him. I don'’t trust that little fag anymore. Yeah.

How'’s my baby doin'?

I'’m okay, baby. I just can'’t wait to get back to the room though.

I can'’t wait to lay a yard of dick on you, honey.

I love you, baby.

If it'’s the same April I think it is, then we work together at Jiggles.

Yeah, same April.


Those are nice sunglasses. Let me try those.

Here. You try mine.

They look nice on you!

Feels good. Whoo!

You know, sometimes I wonder if Spider really loses the shit, or if he'’s just trying to dick us.

Dick you? Dick my boyfriend really.

You would never dick me, would you, Ross?

No, no. I'’m sorry.

No. You'’re tense.

I just wanna get hooked up.I understand. It really pisses me off.

Spider better find some fuckin'’ eyeballs really fuckin'’ quick.

You know, this is the third time he'’s spaced our shit off.

Pow! Get him! Get him!

Did you find it? Did you find the shit?

That'’s it, man. Everybody-- Everybody get out. Come on.

I'’ll call you as soon as I can figure this shit out.Ross stays.

Okay, please? Everybody get out. No. Hold on, Spider.

I just-- I have one more monkey. I gotta kill this monkey.

You say "monkey" to me one more time, I'’m gonna shove my hand up your ass and shut your mouth permanently.

Now, get the fuck out of here. Get out.

He asked me to leave. I think we should leave.I know. Shh.

What are you doing? He'’s the last one! He was the last one!

Fine then. I'’ll go to Main Street and score my shit.

Oh, yeah. Go get your little chicken feed.

I'’ll go to Main Street because they have good shit.

They got the chicken feed. You like chicken feed? Is that what you want?

Little chicken feed, huh? Whoo!

You'’re a fucking asshole.

Hey, hey, what happened?

Where have you been? You'’ve been gone the whole time. Did you find any of the shit?

I don'’t fuckin' know where it is, Cookie. I don'’t know.

You know, if I did, I would'’ve had it on me, you know?

If that was the case, wouldn'’t I have walked in with it?

This is, like, the third time you lost the shit.

Oh, that'’s so fuckin' unfair. You'’re always blaming me, man.

You always knock me down. What are you talking about?

Maybe I'’m not such a fuckup. Okay, fine!

♪♪ Fucking--

It'’s okay. Fucking shithead! Loser!

Don'’t fucking ever call me a loser, Cookie! Loser!

Frisbee, Frisbee, sex and travel, man.

I told you to sex and fucking travel, right?

Take a fuckin'’ hike, you understand?Hey, it'’s me.

Oh, hey, man, look, I'’m really fuckin' sorry.

I haven'’t got anything. Why don'’t you just split?

♪♪ Fuckin'’ loser. Loser! Loser!

Hey, baby. It'’s me.


Um, so your friend out there, she said that, you know, that she could hook me up with some of her own stash. What'’s with you and Nikki?

If she hooks you up with some of her own personal stash, it'’s not gonna be her own personal stash.

There'’s this guy here named Ross, and he'’s got a car.

What kind? Volvo.

And what color? Brown.

Bring him by, and you tell that little insect that I said to chill the fuck out.

Spider, he says chill the fuck out now!

This guy'’s got the knowledge, man. He'’s-- He's the man.

Few people have what this guy has. He'’s like a gold mine.

I'’ll talk to you later. I love you. Bye.

So, everything cool? Can we do this?Yeah. You ready?

Yeah, yeah. Come on.

You better get back here and fuck me, you bastard, if you want me to come up with any kind of dinner!

You better get your dark, skinny ass back here!

I guess it'’s time to go make up with Mama, huh?

Sounds like a good plan.

You know where I live, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

This one right here?Right. Park to the right.

Okay, wait right here. I'’ll be right back.Yeah.

Wait here, hon. Don'’t leave.

Hey. Hi, baby.

Hey. Hi. What'’s up?

How you doin'’?Here'’s for bringin' the girl back.

Oh, shit. Thanks.

She get your number?Yeah, yeah. I gave her my number.

We'’ll call you when we need you. Okay. Thank you so much.

You just call. Bye.

I'’ll see you later.

♪ I left alone ♪

♪ My mind was blank ♪

♪ I needed time to think ♪

♪ To get the memories from my mind ♪

♪ What did I see ♪

♪ Can I believe ♪

♪ That what I saw that night ♪

♪ Was real and not just fantasy ♪

♪ Just what I saw ♪

♪ In my own dreams ♪

♪ Were the reflections of my warped mind ♪

♪ Starin'’ back at me ♪

♪ '’Cause in my dreams ♪

♪ It'’s always there ♪

♪ The evil face that twists my mind ♪

♪ Brings me to despair ♪

♪ Six, six, six ♪

♪ The number of the beast ♪

♪ Hell and fire ♪

♪ The spawn to be released ♪

♪ The torches blazed ♪

♪ Sacred chants were praised ♪

♪ And as they start to cry ♪

♪ Their hands held to the sky ♪

♪ In the night ♪

♪ Fires burnin'’ bright ♪

♪ The ritual has begun ♪

♪ Satan'’s work is done ♪

♪ Six, six, six ♪

♪ The number of the beast ♪

♪ Sacrifice ♪

♪ Is goin'’ on tonight ♪

♪ I'’m comin' back ♪

♪ I will return ♪

♪ And I'’ll possess your body ♪

♪ And I'’ll make you burn ♪

♪ I have the fire ♪

♪ I have the force ♪

♪ I have the power to make my evil take its course ♪♪

Ross? Hey, it'’s your mother. I'’m coming in a couple weeks to visit.

Call so we can make some plans, okay? Love you. Bye-bye.


Ross, hi, it'’s April. I'’d love to see you.

I'’m dancing today. Stop in if you can find the time.

It'’s me. Amy.

Happy belated birthday.

Listen, I didn'’t send you anything because you owe me $450.

Come on, Ross. You owed this to me for over a year.

Anyway, I didn'’t call to bitch, just to say, "Mail me the money," all right?

You have my address.

Come on. Take care of it. And take care of yourself. Bye.

Hi. It'’s Amy. I'’m not here, so leave a message... and I'’ll call you back.

Hey, baby.

I just love your smell, honey.

It'’s April. I'’d love to see you. I'’m dancing today.


Ross. Ross. Ross. Ross.

There'’s no finer specimen of the female regiment--

Hey, April'’s over at the bar. You must be holdin'’.

My place.


Hey, Volvo. We have a little situation over here with the dog.

Is he coming? Can you give Nikki a ride?

Yeah, um, I'’ll be right over.

It'’ll take me about, uh, about 15 minutes.

He'’s on his way.

You better untie me if you'’re gonna leave.

Now, I'’ve got to go out for a second. Ross, you have to untie me.

I don'’t have to untie you. I have to be at work, Ross.

Okay. I'’ll be back before you have to go to work. I'’ll drive you to work.

What? What are you doing? No. No!Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh.

I'’m actually gonna come back with some shit, okay, baby?

Shh. You know how good you were last night?

Shh. Stop! Please. Look at me! Look at me!

Okay, look, just stay here.

Oh, for cryin'’ out loud. Where the hell is he?

Just, uh-- This is really important, okay? Bye.

You want a little song maybe?

We'’ll have your favorite, okay?

Okay, ready? I'’ll be back. ♪♪


Come in, quick! In here, quick!

Would you look at Taco?

That dog'’s green.He'’s dying, Ross. He'’s dying.

We have to get him to the vet right now. Oh, Jesus.

What'’s wrong? What happened?Come on!

What happened? She'’ll calm down.

Just take the dog to the doggie hospital.

Ross, come on! Let'’s go!

What happened to the dog? Little too much, uh, secondhand smoke.

Ross! Please!

Maybe we should open a window in here.

Come on, motherfucker! Volvo Boy, just take the dog to the goddamn hospital and shut the door on your way out.


Radio KUK--

You'’re my baby. Don't die.What was going on back there?

He'’s the fucking cook, okay? He makes the shit.

How do you guys breathe in there? I almost passed out.- Hold Taco for a second.

Jesus Christ, Nikki! You'’re fine. Just hold him.

Ohh! Smells like shit! I have to do a round.

Right here on the fuckin'’ dash?I need to do a round right now.

What the fuck am I gonna tell him, Ross?

Oh. Okay.

Hi. Hi.

Somebody has to help him right away.

We'’ll rush him right back to Dr. K.

But first we'’ll need the initial examination fee of $54, ma'’am.

I'’m sorry. It's policy. We take cash, credit cards or checks.

Hi. It'’s Amy. I'm not here, so leave a message and I'’ll call you back.

Hey, Amy. It'’s Ross.

How are you? I'’m doing really good.


Oh, are you the doctor?


Hi. Thank God.

Dr. K., this is-- Taco.

Here. Just-- So, so, so, so--

I got a job, and, uh, I'’m working for a chemist.

He'’s working me really, really hard, and I haven'’t slept.

What seems to be the problem, hmm?

I really don'’t know. Um--

I don'’t know. I need you to call me when you get this.

I really need you to call me, okay?

Can you please fix him? Because I'’m really worried, okay?

We'’ll just keep him overnight. Thank you.

Okay. I love you. Okay, bye. It'’s Ross.

Okay. I love you too, baby. Bye!

We'’ll keep him overnight. I love you.

Sorry. Thank you. Mm-hmm.

Have a good day.




Frisbee, honey?

Sweetie, could you come get me something to eat?

Do you hear me? Frisbee, honey?

Frisbee, honey, would you go and get your mama a soda?

When I get back, there better be a joint in my drawer.

I love you, baby. I love you too.

♪♪ It'’s Ross, honey! Let him in!

Honey! What?

Turn the fuckin'’ music down, please!

It'’s Ross.

What?Turn down the fuckin'’ music and let Ross--

Never mind.

Never mind! What?

You don'’t even give a flying fuck about Taco, do you?


How'’d it go? The vet said he wants to keep the dog overnight.

Didn'’t look very good. You should really open a window in here.

Yeah? Did you touch her?

Wh-What do you mean?

You know goddamn well what I mean.

No, I don'’t. She'’s got a nice-looking body, doesn'’t she?

I don'’t know what the fuck you'’re talking about.

You know goddamn well what I'’m talkin' about.Okay, okay.

Hey, look at this. Oh, wow. Look at this shit.

Goddamn! Look at this! Look at it! Oh, damn!

Look at that! Look at this part right here.

Look at that. That'’s cruel shit. Look at that shit, man.

You know, actually, maybe the road stops here. I can'’t give you that ride.

I need a ride. Uh, Ross has got to run me down to the truck stop.

Maybe take a cab. Here.

Oh. I'’ll take a cab.

Goddamn, baby, you look hot.

What do you care?

Oh, baby!

She'’s a fine-lookin' woman, huh?

Yeah, oh, yeah, great.

No, hey, it'’s cool.

So what do we need to get at the truck stop? We gotta get some ingredients.

So anyway, I heard that he was carrying some of these fixings... for some of that "metal-fetermine" stuff.

Whatever the hell they call-- the goddamn druggies.

I was never into that. I can'’t understand how they do that.

But anyway, so he was travelin'’ down I-5.

He was probably speedin'’, you know. He usually was.

And, uh, going too fast. And then all of sudden, after this big curve, you just couldn'’t find it.

I mean, he was just off on the road and everything.

And it was so dark. And so I heard that they followed the sound of his music.

You know, from the radio. It was playin'’ so loud.

And he was just pacing back and forth and pacing back and forth, and he was just gushin'’ with blood.

Lady, you got any more of these fuckers over there?

Oh, yeah. We got-- They sell like crazy.

We always keep an extra case stashed under here.

Now I gotta order another one.

I'’m new. If you could just hold on a second, I got to designate me a reorder.

What are you gonna do with all those things anyway? Lady, how much I owe you?


One thirty-five. What do you need all those for?

Well, I was thinking maybe, uh, I'’d take a little trip to Russia, you know.

They don'’t sell 'em over there. They got a little emergency going, you know.

A lot of tired drivers, you know, do their thing, you know.

So I thought I'’d be a nice guy and just-- That all right with you?

That'’s a nice Christian thing to do.

You have a real good day. Bye.You have a real good day too.

Uh, that'’s a dollar.

Thank you. Have a good day.


So did we get enough ingredients?

Oh, it'’s never enough. It'’s enough to get back to work.

What'’s the longest you'’ve ever stayed up on this shit?

Ooh, about 11-- I don'’t know, 12, 13 days.

Fuck, man! Yeah.

That'’s a lot of days.

Do you shave your balls?Let'’s go by the market. I wanna get some beer.

I told you bitches how many fuckin'’ times?

I'’ll cut one of your tits off.

You go to Spider Mike'’s, you'’ll wish you never fuck with me again.

Spider Mike'’s shit sucks anyway. White boys don'’t know how to cook that shit.

We looked everywhere for your nowhere ass.

We had to go to that Wonder Bread'’s house.

Plus he wasn'’t even holding nothing. He wouldn'’t even open the fucking door.

You know where I hang! All right, already! We won'’t go there no more!

Leave already! Get out of here!

I'’ll cut Spider Mike, too, if I ever catch you at his place again!

You better go! You better get out of here or else I'’ll call the cops!

Okay, okay, okay, okay! I'’m going! I'm going!

I forgot something. No.

Come here for a second. Come here for a second.

There'’s something I gotta tell you, baby.

You'’re lucky that'’s all I do!

Hey, Señor El Fuckin'’ Camino.

Who the fuck are you?

Goddamn. Y'’all got any Cools?

Gimme a pack of Cools. I'’ll take the beer.Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Got any sunglasses in the lost and found anywhere?

Yeah, right here, here! Take '’em quick before his posse comes.

Oh, hey.

Sexy cowboy!

Take it, take it. You guys have a good one.

Okay! Bye, baby!

Bye! Bye!


So how many stops we have to make?

We gotta go to the porn shop, get some fuck videos.

I just really need to make a phone call at some point.

Just keep drivin'’, lover boy.

♪ Goin'’ home Can'’t escape ♪

♪ It won'’t break ♪

♪ No how is what ♪

♪ What I can take ♪

♪ So you think you know ♪

♪ Think you know the way ♪

♪ So you think you know ♪

♪ Think you know my shame ♪♪

All right, look for videos that got blond chicks with long hair, big titties and small asses.

And a small ass, man, that takes a priority, unless the tits are perfect.

If the tits are perfect, then we, uh, we go with the tits.

How about this one? No. That'’s a perfect example of what I don'’t like.

Now, you see that there? That'’s a loose ass.

Okay? There'’s nothing I hate more than a goddamn loose ass.

♪♪ Oh, you know I take the seriously.

Let me tell you, you gotta take the seriously.

I mean, there'’s a priority for a tight .

But if it'’s hairy, I go for the .

But if the tits are hairy, hey, it'’s right back to the .

But you gotta speak to that , son.

You don'’t really talk to it.

You make a vow to it. Now, no nation... has ever been so ready... so seize the power and the freedom of the as our own.

And we must all care for that .

Today we do more than just celebrate the .

We rededicate ourselves to the very idea of .

I mean, friends, ask not what the can do for you, but what can you do for the .

Ain'’t that right, Volvo?

Oh, here we go.

This is a long one. This--

This one'’s got bonus scenes.

Ooh. 112 girls, 522 penetrations, Chinese guys with huge cocks, chicks with dicks.

Now, hey, that'’s a fuckin' video.

Ah. Hey, buddy boy.

How much for the masterpiece?


Want a bag? Whatever.

Have a good one. Mm-hmm.

I gotta make a fuckin'’ call.

Aw, come on. Use the phone at the club.We'’re going to the club?

What do you think?

Got the right place?

Man, I don'’t know. You'’re driving.

You got the directions.Stop bitching about that.

I'’m sorry. Just quit ridin'’ me, old man.

I'’m not fuckin' old.Just don'’t make me look bad with this camera crew.

Hey. Remember, we'’re on a live feed.

Guys, we'’re gonna hold off for a couple minutes.

Real cops. Real people. Real trouble.


Looks like we got a guy here, eh?

All right, we got him.

Hang on.


Is that the chef?

I don'’t know. She doesn't fit the description of the perp.

I think it'’s the little fucker on the bike. It doesn'’t matter.

Yeah, guys? Hey.

We gotta move in. We'’re right behind you.

We received several tips.And numerous phone calls.

So we got every reason to believe that a large amount of methamphetamines... being manufactured at this residence.At this location right here.

So we got to move in fast.Come on, come on.

Open the goddamn door. Go, go, go, go, go!

Down! Get the fuck down!

Freeze, bitch! Get your hands on top of that motherfucking mullet now!

Drop the cheese puffs, ma'’am!

He'’s over here! Over here! Excuse me, ma'’am.

Freeze! Shit.

Fuck! Fuckin'’ shit, man!

Up in the air, all of you!

Don'’t you look at me! Don'’t you fuckin' look at me!

I gotta make that call.

♪♪ Beer.

Uh, Nikki is her name, sex is her game and, um-- not to get some dollars and take a lap dance would be a great shame.

Let'’s hear it for Nikki.

♪ You'’re coming down madly ♪

♪ You'’re crippled inside ♪

Hi. It'’s Amy. I'm not here, so leave a message and I'’ll call you back.

♪ You try so hard to quit ♪

♪ But you'’ll never admit ♪

♪ You'’re the junkie ♪

Hey, it'’s Ross. I'm out.

Leave a message after the tone.

Hey, April, it'’s Ross.

April, I know you can hear me.

I'’m so sorry I forgot about you.

I'’m here right now at the club. I'’ll be there as soon as I can.

And just hang tight, okay, baby? I'’ll be there soon as I can.


♪ Junkie ♪♪

Ross, thank you.

No problem, Nikki. See ya.Bye.

Okay, Volvo boy, I gotta get back to the office, so Nikki will call you when we need you.Yeah.

Have a good night. Have a good one.


Bye, guys!

I'’m sorry! I know I fucked up!

Just look, baby. Please don'’t be pissed, okay?

Shh, now.

Okay, okay, I'’m sorry. Please don'’t be mad.

I got caught up, and it took much longer than I thought it would.

I'’m gonna take this off. Will you please not yell? Will you please not yell?

I'’m gonna talk to you-- You motherfucker!

You have no idea where I'’ve been. I have been so alone.

Will you just listen to me, please? Shh!

No crying, no crying. Shh, shh, shh!

I lost $200--Please be quiet now!

Hey, Smurf. Hi.

What'’s going on in there?Just watching some television.

Sorry I put it on so loud all the time.

Pretty funny show, yeah.Yeah, it'’s pretty cool. You should check it out.

It'’s on channel four. Well, I'’ll see you later. Bye.

So? What'’s the plan, Stan?

What am I thinking?

Honey, you don'’t have a plan. No, I got a goddamn plan.

First, we'’re gonna get this batch over to Spider, then we'’re gonna get our money, then I'’m gonna go pick up your little dog, and then I'’m gonna fuck your little ass proper.

His name is Taco. Who?

And you bet your ass we'’re gonna pick him up.

Hello?Yeah, hey, you got any girls?

All right, listen, they gotta have nice titties.

Nice big titties, small ass.

It'’s for the motel, right?Yeah.

We'’ve got one for you. All right, that'’ll do.


You'’re it, partner. Tag?

Yeah, like the game you used to play when you were a little kid.

It'’s easy. It'’s your turn to tag somebody now.

Tag? We'’re gonna need two names from you.

Yeah, and we'’ll go easy on you and your mother.

My mother? If you agree to help us, we'’ll make sure... that she'’s in front of her television by cocktail hour.

Okay? Cocktail hour?

Fuckin'’ echo going on in here. You hear it?

Look, kid, you gotta help us now, okay, partner?

You gotta play the game! Understand?

Look, look, look, it'’s not even my shit. It'’s not my shit.

It'’s my mom's shit. I'’m holding it for my mom.

Come on, Frisbee, you ain'’t workin' with us here, dude.

Look, we confiscated your bike, okay? We got your pornography, your, uh--

Fuckin'’ CDs. Your music.

We know you ain'’t got a job. You'’re never gonna get your stuff back.

Unless you cooperate and... play the game. Play the game.

The game?

Motherfucker drives a Lexus, so he'’s not gonna fuckin' ride my ass for free.

Get your shit together. I'’m going back to--

No. You listen to me. You fuckin'’ listen to me for once.

I want my cash up fucking front!

Honey, did you order over some bimbo bitch? She'’s at the door.

Just open the goddamn door, will ya?


You were right.

I was totally stressed out about Taco.

I'’m thinking maybe we could try out the new batch... and then get a little nasty.

Mmm. That'’s my girl. Come over here.

Do you know that I--

Look at that onion, baby. Ooh!

Get the goddamn door. I am.

No cash or no fuckin'’ ass, all right? Get your shit--

Hold up. You know, I have a really bad fuckin'’ yeast infection, and I'’m still fucking working, okay?

Hold on. Are you gonna let me in?

Honey, what the fuck are you looking at?

Your fuckin'’ whore bitch face, bitch!

Fuck! You know what? I'’m not fucking around.

I just got the fuckin'’ door slammed in my face, all right?


What'’s the problem? You don'’t give a fuck about Taco, and you sure as hell don'’t give a flying fuck about me.

All you care about is your stupid, precious batch of fuck... and maybe, just maybe get your fuckin'’ rocks off every now and then.

Hey! Goddamn it! Don'’t start in... with your psycho bullshit anymore around here, all right?

Mm-hmm. You wanna go back to Las Vegas... with all them Gucci-wearin'’ motherfuckers?

You want me to go to Vegas? I don'’t give a fuck you go back to Florida, with all them fuckin'’ rich sugardaddies of yours.

Just get your little white ass and get the fuck out of my face.

Fuck you! Go back to your mother, that fuckin'’ .

I would rather be anywhere, anywhere in the whole fuckin'’ world right now... other than this room, waiting for you to blow up the whole goddamn place.

Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you, motherfucker!

I can'’t stand this shit anymore! I can'’t believe you fuckin' called a bitch up here, ordered her up like a fucking goddamn piece of pizza.

Goddamn it! It was for you! Fuckin'’ did it for me?

What'’d she look like anyway? Fuck you!

Hello. Hey, Volvo Boy, I need another ride.

Uh, I don'’t know. What do you need?

The shit hit the fan over here pretty good, so can you get over here now?

How soon? I need you now!

Are you leaving?

I gotta go.

Ross, untie me, please? No, no, no.

Ohh!Shh. I'’ll be right back. I wouldn'’t hurt you.

April, now just calm down, okay?

You know I wouldn'’t hurt you. They need me again.


I'’ll be right back. Do you hear me?

Stop it! I'’ll be right back. I don'’t wanna do this.

I have to do this, okay? Fuck!


So did Ross say how long he'’ll be?

Hopefully soon. I can'’t wait till he gets his ass here.

So I guess... it'’s over, we'’re finished.

We'’re through, right?

Well, you might be through. I ain'’t never through.

Hi. Hi.

Good-bye. I'’ll be in the car.Good-bye? Where you going?

Uh, where'’s she going?

She'’s going wherever you take her. Wherever I take her?

Run this over to Spider and, uh, take her, please, wherever the fuck she wants to go.

What the fuck is going on around here?

Nikki can'’t handle her shit, man, you know?

She'’s been, like, partying with the candy for 10, 11, days.

And then the bitch crashes, then she starts freaking out.

She'’ll split for a day or two, then she'’ll come back. She'’s just spun.

This is for you.

This is the Hawaii.

So I gotta pop by Spider'’s and drop this shit off.

So you can either come with, or I can take you somewhere.

It'’s that fuckin' bastard.

How could somebody be such a selfish, insensitive, fucking motherfucking bastard?

He never cared. He never cared about anything.

The only time he was ever nice to me was when I first met him... when, of course, I'’d never done speed before, and he was nice to Taco.

Okay? Fuckin'’ fuck-face fucker.

It'’s Nikki and Ross.

Hey, come on in. Come on in.


You got something for me? Yeah, yeah.

Well, why did Taco have to go to the vet?

So how'’s he doing? I mean, he didn'’t die.

Fuck no.

Come on, come on come on.

Okay, so this is it.

He'’s going to be all right, right?Right. He'’s gonna be fine.

He'’s gonna be great. He is.

Here you go. All you. All me?


I'’m hoping that Ross is gonna bring me to the vet... and then everything is going to be just perfect, you know?

That'’s good.The shit. Goddamn!


Looks like the peanut butter dank we used to get back in the day, man.

What'’s the real deal between you and Nikki?

What'’s Nikki doing with you?

So why are you with Ross?

I have a car, and I'’ve been helping her out.

He drove me places and some stuff.

Some extra stuff I left behind '’cause--I take her around.

He wants to drive me around.Her dog got sick, man, fucked up.

Her dog got sick, and we got that all cleared up.

I'’ve been going on rides with him and helping him out.

I just-- Oh, shit, Cookie.

Don'’t-- No, no, no.

Don'’t do that. Don'’t smoke it like that.

Gives you Alzheimer'’s, doesn'’t it?

Actually, I'’m on my way to take her to--

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I understand, man.

Amy. You just touched my booby.


Hey, come on. I hate fucking hippies, man.

You know why I hate h-hippies? Because I was downtown, and this kid just comes running out and gets hit by a bus.

Right? And the bus just crushes him-- crushes him-- and then it runs over him and over him, and the kid'’s just squiggling on the ground.


And blood is coming out of his ears, and he'’s just... laying there, and then this hippie dyke chick comes out... with a crystal, and she, like, rubs it all over him.

Amy. And the kid, he was just layin'’ there, you know?

And he'’s chokin' on his own blood. It'’s like, "Come on, you stupid chick--"

What are you doing with your crystals? He needs a doctor.

I wish I could sleep forever, man.

I wish. I wish.

I'’ve seen some crystals do some pretty trippy shit.

Really? I was out with one of my girlfriends once, in Vegas.

Amy. And we'’re hangin' out.

And we picked this guy up. I think he was a Mexican.

I wish I was black, And we both fucked him.

Anyways... she had crabs really bad.

And I was wearing this crystal around my neck all night long, and I never got '’em.

Magic crystals.

Oh, Nikki, Nikki.

What happened was-- was that your friend fucked him first, then the crabs jumped on to her bush... before they got a chance to get into yours.

That'’s what happened.

You got lucky. You got sloppy seconds.

There'’s no such thing as magic crystal hippie crap bullshit.

Ross? Ross? Ross?

Did you ever get crabs, Ross?



Mm. Ohh.

I'’m gonna miss you.Gonna miss you too.

Wait, wait, wait, wait. Shh! Wait. Wait. Wait.What? What? Okay.

Ross, I'’m ready. First I gotta make a phone call.

Spider? Do you think I could make a phone call? Use your phone?

There'’s no phone. No phones, man. We don'’t have a phone.

Doesn'’t work. Okay.

Come here, babe. God! Oh, God!

I'’ll see you soon.You really have it.

See you real soon. Yeah. I will. Take good care of her.

I don'’t know, guys. It looks really obvious.

I mean, this thing pokes out right here and everything.

I don'’t-- They'’re gonna notice something. They'’re gonna notice--

Hey, Frisbee. Don'’t worry.

Cookie, I'’ll call you. Um, hi.

Oh. Oh, oh, oh! The sweetest.

I love it. Thank you.

Yeah, you too, man.

All you gotta do is keep your clothes on... and, I mean, we'’re working together on this, all right?

It'’s fine, pal. Hey, hey, hold on. Hold on.

Yeah, we got two suspects leaving the premises.

Hey, Frisbee. Is that, um, Spider Mike and... what is it, what, Cookie? That?

Uh, no, no. I don'’t know them.

I mean, I don'’t know who they are.

You wouldn'’t tell us a-- a story here, would you?

No, no, no, no, no. No, no, no. It'’s okay. I'’m not lying.

No, I don'’t-- If you lie, you lose.

Yeah, if you lie, pal, it'’s game over, you know?

I don'’t know those people. I don'’t know who they are.

Get the license plate. They just took off.

No, you don'’t need to get the license plate. It'’s all right. It's okay.

Hey, Frisbee, all you fuckin'’ got to do is keep your clothes on... and everything'’s gonna be just fine.

You just, you know, you go in there like nothing'’s changed.

You hang out. You know, you make a buy. Just walk out.

As easy as that, chief.

No, you guys, you don'’t know Spider. He's--

Fuck this. This isn'’t gonna work.Just gimme your hand.

Gimme your hand. Gimme your hand.

Here. Chill. Just chill. Yeah.

You feel that? That'’s power.

We got your back. You'’re doin' the right thing.

We'’re proud of you. Yeah.

Fuck, come on, Cookie. You'’re not gonna try and take a dump now, are ya?

I feel like I can finally go. It'’s been so long since I'’ve taken a dump.

Jesus Christ. Come on!

Aw, come on. I haven'’t been this hard in a long time.

Come on!

Dyke. You fucker!

Hello. Hello?

Yeah. Hello. Yeah.

Yeah. Uh, yeah. Can you just help me come really fast?

You want me to put something on?

All right. Let me see what I got.

Yeah, yeah. I think I got something. Something perfect.

I got something that'’s gonna be clean and practical.

You'’re gonna like this.

Jesus Christ, come on. Put your mouth on that.

I'’m gonna put my man glaze all over your .

Yeah, yeah, yeah. What'’s he doin'?

You guys can hear me, right?

You guys, can I hear you back?Don'’t look at the car.

Just go in-- Oh, Christ! Jesus! What the fuck is he doin'’, man?

I'’m okay.

Oh, yeah. Come on. Lick my ass. Come on.

Oh, fuck.

Ugh, God.

Baby, come on! Come on, don'’t be mad.

You got me so wet.Come on. Oh, yeah. Come on, baby.

Come on, baby. Come on, open up the door!

I'’ll let you lick me where I pee.

Oh, yeah. Do it.

I'’m gonna .

Oh, fuck! Who are you talking to?

Oh, goddamn! Oh, you'’re so --

Are you on the phone? What the fuck is he doing?

Fuck me! Oh, yeah. Come on, take me.Come on. Come on.

What the hell is he doing? Quit looking at us.

Open the fucking door! You can hear me? Yeah?

Is he stupid? Uh, yeah.

I'’m going to knock.

I can'’t do this. Get inside the house!

Okay. Okay.

Is, uh-- Is Spider here?

Come in.

Come on. I'’m in. me, me, me!

How are you doin'’, Frisbee? Come o-- Oh!

Sit right down. Sit down. What? Hold on.

Oh, you'’re so good. Yeah. Uh, yeah.

Yeah. Mm-hmm. Fuck, I'’m coming! Come for me, baby.

Yeah, baby. I'’m gonna come. Fuck me!

Um, what are you doing?

Come on, do it to me. Do it to me.Come on, baby, say my name.

Bullshit. Come on. Say my name. Yeah! Oh!

Yeah. Yeah.No, no, no. No, I, uh--

I'’ll fuck you, uh-- Frisbee?

Hello? He'’s fucking this up! Come on!

Fuck me. You step away from her.

Shit! Don'’t I turn you on?

Huh? Come on. Take me. Yeah. Cookie? What the fuck?

No. I'’m going to, uh-- I should talk to Spider.

What the fuck is that? Nothing. It'’s nothing! Oh, God. He'’s fucked.

Shit! My gun! What'’s wrong with your piece? Relax.

What the fuck is that? What the f-- Michael! Uh, it'’s nothing.

What the fuck? Hello?

Michael! Michael! It'’s my new Walkman.

Fuck! Cheating little shit. Just a Walkman.

Hello? Where are the cops, Frisbee? Where are the cops?

Tryin'’ to steal my girlfriend from me, huh, man?

Is that what you'’re trying to do? What the fuck are you wearing?

Shut up! Help! Get the fuck in here!

You got a wire on you, man? You bringin'’ the cops in here?

This is where we go in! All right. I just got-- Hold on.

What the fuck--


What the fuck was that? What the fuck is that?

Oh, my God. It'’s the cops, Michael. They'’re coming!


How can you do this to us, man? Put the fuckin'’ gun down.

Now, move your hand from your fuckin'’ balls. I'm gonna shoot just one ball, man.

Stop fuckin'’ around. Let me get one of your balls. Come on!

No! Calm down, man!

Come on. Let me get one of your balls, man! No!

Come on! Holy shit.

Oh, shit. That'’s gotta hurt, man.

Freeze! You fuckin'’ mullets!

I didn'’t shoot him, man. I didn'’t shoot him.

Oh, fuck! Oh, God!

Shut your mouth and keep your hands in the air.

What the fuck are you wearing, man?

You fuckin'’ shot me! Now, that'’s gotta hurt.

I hope you die, you fuck.

You shut the fuck up! I'’m sorry.

Hey, honey. You'’re back for me, aren'’t ya?

Hey, fuck you, Pussy Boy.

Fuckin'’ asshole.


Come on, man. Let me put my clothes on. Come on, you fuck.

Fuck your cornholio good, you fuckin'’ scummy asshole.

I'’m gonna fuckin' die!

Okay. Right. No, I just got word.

There'’s a hotel room over at the Las Palmas is up in flames.

They got the perp at a porn shop.

I can'’t feel my legs!

Who the fuck is that freak down at the Las Palmas motel?

I'’m cold, man. I'’m talking to you.

Who the fuck is that freak down at the motel?

I don'’t fuckin' know!

Take your fuckin'’ hands off me.

All right. Cover me.

Hey, look at us. Okay, we'’re gone. Come on.

Hey, I love you, man.

Fuck you, pigs!

I'’m so burned. I can'’t close my eyes.

I take little naps. Like 10 or 15 minutes?

Just like a little shutdown time.Yeah?

I mean, I still don'’t ever sleep, ever, but--That works for you.

That helps a little bit. Yeah.

So, where are you going, anyways?I'’m going down.

Down to Vegas. Down there, uh--

I got, like-- I got friends and family there, you know?

That'’s good. Yeah.

Jack Gaeda with KUK'’s top news.

A 40-year old man tried to hide from police today by burying himself--

He'’s in the back.

Police showed a warrant at 8:00 a.m. to enter the premises--

Oh, yeah!

Oh, yeah! Oh!

Oh, goddamn. Gettin'’ fucked in a porn shop.

I'’m gonna see my son.

I'’m gonna see my son. Jacob.

I'’m gonna see my son Jacob.

Your what? You got a son?

Here. You want-- You want a bit right now?Yeah, yeah.

Here, here, here.

Yeah! Wide awake.

Where is the kid? With your mom?He'’s three years old.

He doesn'’t live with my mom, '’cause my mom's a fucking .

You'’ll be okay, Nikki. You'’ll be cool.

You think so? Yeah, man.



I'’m gonna be okay. I'’m gonna be okay.

You'’re gonna be okay.

The state took him away.

It'’s weird 'cause stuff happens and you don'’t really notice it while it'’s happening.

Life is sort of passing by.

I held him once.

I held him once. Yeah. He felt so nice in my arms.

And then they took him away.

I know I'’m gonna hold him again. I'’m gonna hold him real tight.

I'’m gonna hold him so tight that no one can ever take him away from me.

Ever again.

Hey, Volvo. Bring out your balls.

You said you'’d take care of this. I really need the money.

Take care of it. Take care of it. Take care of it.

That'’s pretty cool. My girlfriend Amy and I, we'’re so attracted to each other.

We'’re so in love with each other. She really misses me.

You know, I could tell, from the voice on her answering machine.

She really misses me, and I love her so much, you know?

It'’s really great. We'’re so attract-- so attracted to each other.

Baby, I love you!

I'’m gonna be a really great mother.

You sick motherfucker. Sick, sick, sick, sick.

You know Amy, my girlfriend Amy? I'’m gonna be a great mom.

So much, we'’re so--

Amy, my real girlfriend, she'’s the best.- I'’m gonna be a great mom.

I'’m gonna be the greatest mom that ever lived.

Wide awake, God! Yeah, yeah, yeah. Do you want a little--

Yeah, yeah. I need another line.

You know what the best part is, Nikki? What?

I'’m not hooked. I know.

I can stop at any time.

Everything is gonna be wonderful.

I'’m so excited.


Hey, you got busted like a bitch, boy.

I'’m not Spider Mike right now, okay?

I shot him in the balls, though. Huh?

Just like that, I shot him right in the balls.

That Judas fuckin'’ bastard, man.

You know, you bring people into your circle, you know, man?

You bring '’em into your house and then they walk all over you, right?

Not like you. You'’re my friend though, right?

Yeah, yeah, sure. Whatever.

Well, someone must like you, you lucky son of a bitch.

Let'’s go. Hey, cop. You'’re gonna let me out too, right?

-Oh, sure. -What do you mean, "Yeah, sure"?

Cook, come on. Get me out, man. See you later, cockroach.

Come on, Cook. Come on, man. We'’re friends.

Come on. Don'’t leave me here, Cook. Come on.

Yeah, well. Thanks! Thanks a lot, you fuckin'’ old bastard.

Piece of shit. What about me, man? Nobody thinks about me, right?

You tied her up?

I can'’t believe it! How long?

Four days. I don'’t know. What?

No, maybe-- It was maybe three days. Three--

Four days. Fuck! I don'’t know!

I'’ve heard some cruel shit in my day, but that is some pretty fucked-up shit, Ross.

I know. I-I thought you were a normal guy.

I am a normal guy. No.

Hey, look! Look. It'’s that guy. Check him out.

Ooh, he looks like shit.

No way, girl. He looks nice.

Hey, listen, man. I want to thank you for bailin'’ me out, you know?

Don'’t mention it, and I mean that.

So, where are you at, and what are you doing?

Shit, I'’m a couple hours south of you. I'’m on my way now.

You like him, don'’t you?

I turned another goddamned motel into an ashtray.

Ah! Barbecued it, huh? Attaboy.

So. What'’s this? "You'’re on your way?"

Is this my two hours'’ notice?

April? Ross. Where'’s Nikki?

Um, I dropped her off at the bus station about a half hour ago.

I'’m sure she's probably halfway to Vegas or something by now.

All right. Good, good. We need to take a ride.

Fuck, man, I really can'’t do that right now. My room'’s fucked.

I haven'’t slept--You need a ride somewhere, asshole?

Well, you know what? Ross is giving me a ride today.

Okay, we'’re gonna go to the bus station. We'’re gonna pick up Taco.

Oh, baby needs to buy some more chemicals? Poor, poor, poor baby.

Poor little baby. Call a taxi. Loser! Loser! You lose!


Fuck, Nikki. I'’m sorry.

I don'’t know what to do!

I'’m sorry, man. Hey, listen you little motherfucker.

Don'’t you ever fuckin'’ lie to me again.

Yeah. All right. I know. I'’m sorry. She was just-- She was starin'’ at me, you know.

Givin'’ me the evil eye. I don'’t know-- Listen. Listen to me.

I want you to drop that crazy bitch off right now, and you meet me at the market, okay? I just wanted to tell you--

No, just meet me at the goddamn market. Bye.


You want to fuck him, don'’t you, eh?

I could smell the snail trails all over the store, eh?

I-- Fuck you, eh? Always talkin'’ shit like that.

Well, fuck you. Yeah?

Watch it, he'’s-- Oh, come on!

Hey. Hi!

Hey, listen. Can I, uh, use y'’all's back room?

Yeah! It'’s right back there, eh?


Ooh. Oh, you like him, eh?

I love my baby.

Ross, look!

You probably missed me so much. Yes, you did!

Hi, Taco!

Looks like a perfectly healthy green dog. This is great.

Come on, sweet pea. So, Las Vegas, huh?

Gonna go to Vegas. Oh, I wish...

That'’d be good, right? So Las Vegas...I was there, yes. is how long by bus?It'’s a seven-hour bus ride.

Okay. Well, around seven hours.

Okay. Not so bad.

Oh, let'’s-- I don'’t have any cash.Here, sir.

Thank you. Bye.

I had a really good talk, you know?I had such an amazing talk!

Thank you. Ross, if you ever make it out to Vegas, you have to call me, okay?

Do you pinky promise?A pinky-- A pinky promise.

Thank you. '’Cause I don't really know if I'’m ever gonna come back here.

Really? Yeah.

Well, you know he wasn'’t mad at you, right? He wasn'’t.

Come here, baby. Come here. That'’s not real.

There. Now, be good.

Ross? Yeah.

I like you even though you'’re not a normal guy.

I like you even though you'’re not a normal girl.

Okay. So let'’s just say good-bye.

I just wanted to say that I enjoyed all this time that I spent with you.

Really? Yeah.

Okay. Mm-hmm.

Come here.

Be safe. Well--Yeah.

♪ You and I, we understand ♪

♪ Time is not for making ♪

♪ But just because we don'’t have a clue ♪

♪ Doesn'’t mean we're faking ♪

♪ We'’re wastin', wastin'’ time ♪

♪ You'’d understand Wastin'’ time ♪♪ Ahh! Okay. Bye.

Good luck with Amy. Well, good luck in Las Vegas.

Just be yourself, okay? Thank you.

All aboard, please. Bye.


Hi, it'’s Amy. I'm not here, so leave a message... and I'’ll call you back.

Hey, Amy, it'’s Ross. I called before, but it was busy, so I'’m callin' back again.

I need to talk to you. So if you'’re there, pick up.

I wanted to talk to you '’cause I haven'’t heard your voice, and, um, so I wanted to talk to you.

So please, um, if you give me a call, that would be wonderful.

And I love you, and it'’s your machine.

And pick up if you'’re there.

Um, all right. It'’s Ross. I'll call back.


Hey, uh, have you guys seen-- He'’s in the back room.

Chillin'’ out. Back there?

Yeah, right back there. You guys keep it quiet, okay?Yeah.

All right, eh? Ay,man. Otro loco, mm?

Hey. Did you get the girl and the little dog to the bus stop?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.Yeah. Hmm. She split?

She'’s gone. She said she might come back.

Hey, they always spin their way back, you know?

What do you want? I thought I saw that fucking guy.

Where is that pinche puto? I don'’t know, but you better leave, '’cause he could still be close by, eh?Mm-hmm.

Could I have a beer? Oh. Fuck yeah.

Did he just leave? Holy fuck!

It'’s fucking April! Bet you that fucking bitch is afraid, huh?

And she'’s with my fucking dyke neighbor!

Get out of here!

Hey, fuck you! What, you bitches don'’t need nothing?

-We don'’t need nothing from you! -Who you gonna get it from then?

Spider Mike? Thepinche maricón was raided last night.

He got raided? I told you once already, just leave, eh?

You better leave, or there'’s gonna be trouble, eh?That'’s right.

Take your cigarettes and just go.Fuck the smokes.

What I want is respect from you bitches.

Respect is earned, mudflap. Standin'’ there screamin' at these women... is no way to earn any respect.

These aren'’t women. These are my fucking bitches, bitch!

Ow, wow, man. Look at that. Some of them dykes are pretty goddamn good, huh?

You girls okay?

Uh, yeah. I don'’t like resorting to violence.

But men, they'’re evil. They need healing.

Mm-hmm. Okay. Here'’s for the beer.

Have a nice day. You too.

Hey, want a bump?Yeah. I need that right now.

Yeah, there you go.


So Spider got busted? ♪♪ Yeah, and that little faggot, Frisbee, was wearin'’ a goddamn wire.

Get me out! It'’s bad! It'’s gone bad!

Holy shit! Spider broke a cap off. Nailed him right in the nuts.

Oh, shit!

Is he dead? No, he lived.

Oh!Ooh. That'’s gotta hurt.

Jesus Christ, that'’s gotta hurt.

Is Cookie all right? She got busted.

So, wh-wh-wh-where are we going?

Let'’s go to the city.

The city? I don'’t-- I can'’t-- Man, I really can'’t go to the city.

I haven'’t slept in days, I'’m too fuckin' high.

The car is on empty, I'’m on "E" here, I just--

Why do you need to go to the city? Listen, Pussy Boy.

You'’re broke, I'm broke.

My old lady split, your old lady took off with some fuckin'’ dyke.

So? So, we gotta get some money. We gotta go there.

That'’s where they got a lot of dope and what we need.

And when we go there, then I'’ll take care of you, right?

No, that'’s cool, yeah. No, we got-- We should go there, '’cause my real girlfriend Amy'’s there, so--

We'’re supposed to hang out, so it'’s actually kind of perfect.

We'’ll go to the city.

♪ Sometimes I feel ♪

♪ Just like a motherless child ♪

♪ So far from home ♪

♪ Freedom, freedom ♪

♪ Freedom ♪

♪ Freedom, freedom ♪


I gotta stop and make a call.

Goddamn it, Pay Phone Boy, we'’re just up the road a bit.

Just keep on driving.

All right. Wait here. I'’ll be right out.


400 diamond chips. I'’ve counted them.

Given to me by a Hell'’s Angel. I think his name was...


Hi! We'’ve been waiting for you. Where have you been?

Okay. Both of you? Out of here.

Outta here, outta here, outta here.

Hey. Are you alone?

I got a little helper with me. A little kid.

Kid? Are you into that? "Kids"?

Hi, it'’s Amy. I'm not here, so leave a message... and I'’ll call you back.

Hey, Amy. It'’s me. I'’m gonna be at the park in about 20 minutes, and I really wish you'’d talk to me.

Okay, well. Here'’s a little something.


Looks good. And here'’s another.

Nicer. That'’s even better.

I want you to know. I have changed, um, I'’m really, you know, trying to be good-- and I have your money.

So, uh, I love you. And-- And maybe you'’ll come.

Okay? Bye.

Everything you'’ll need, you'’ll find in that jug, that can and that case.



Nice. Nice.

Okay, girls. Good-bye, lover boy.


Take a lesson, you two. That'’sa real man.

Ah! Yes.

Love him.

Okay, where to?

I'’ll make you a deal. Six months'’ worth of dope.

Just give me a ride where I gotta go. Mm, sounds good.

Is it okay if I go see my girlfriend? I gotta see Amy first.

Yeah, let'’s go.

All right.

♪ Oh, it'’s been too many times and I can'’t go back ♪

♪ Night bars, guitars Rundown motels like shacks ♪

♪ What it amounts to I don'’t want it at all ♪

♪ Lost you and I want you today ♪

♪ Misty green and blue ♪

♪ Love to love to love you ♪

♪ Misty green and blue ♪

♪ Love to love to love you ♪

♪ Don'’t say that you'’re another one ♪

♪ Love to love to love you ♪


♪ Misty green and blue ♪

♪ Love to love to love you ♪

♪ Misty green and blue ♪

♪ Love to love to love you ♪♪ Where'’s my money? Money.

There'’s plenty more where that came from.That'’s it?

Yeah. Wow. Impressive.

Now you owe me only 350. Yeah, well, I got a job, you know.

Now I'’m working really, really hard, you know, I just-- Oh, God!

Can I hold you just for a second?

Are you on crank? No!

You'’re spun, aren't you?No! I'’m working hard on my new job.

I can'’t deal with this.I can'’t-- What?

I can'’t deal with this. What are you talking about?

Dude, I got a life now, okay? Don'’t touch me!Look, look.

I'’ll call you.

Fuck! Fuck it.

Well, I'’m crashin' pretty hard right now. I'’m really tired.

It'’s not good.

I remember the time, I tell you, I was about--

I was little.

I don'’t know, four, five years old, something like that.

We had this old dog... and it had a litter of puppies.

And I walked in the bathroom one day and my mother was standin'’ there... kneelin'’ down.

The dog had a litter of about eight, and my mother was bending over, and she was killin'’ each one of these little puppies in the bathtub.

And I remember, I said, "Why?"

She said, "I'’m just killin' what I can'’t take care of."

Then my mommy said to me-- she looked at me and she said--

"I wish I could do that to you."

Maybe she-- Maybe she should'’ve.


♪ I'’ll be lovin' you Always ♪

♪ With a love that'’s true ♪

♪ Always ♪

♪ When the things you'’ve planned ♪

♪ Need a helpin'’ hand ♪

♪ I will understand ♪

♪ Always ♪

♪ Always ♪

♪ Days may not be fair ♪

♪ Always ♪

♪ That'’s when I'll be there ♪

♪ Always ♪

♪ Not for just an hour ♪

♪ Not for just a day ♪

♪ Not for just a year ♪

♪ But always ♪

♪ I'’ll be loving you ♪

♪ Oh, always ♪

♪ With a love that'’s true ♪

♪ Always ♪

♪ When the things you'’ve planned ♪

♪ Need a helpin'’ hand ♪

♪ I will understand ♪

♪ Always ♪

♪ Always ♪

♪ Days may not be fair ♪

♪ Always ♪

♪ That'’s when I'll be there ♪

♪ Always ♪

♪ Not for just an hour ♪

♪ Not for just a day ♪

♪ Not for just a year ♪

♪ But always ♪♪


♪ Here'’s a way to take you down ♪

♪ Another statement of our time ♪

♪ Here'’s a way to let it roll ♪

♪ And it'’s a way to lose control ♪

♪ It'’s not a way to draw the line ♪

♪ It'’s just a way to say good-bye ♪

♪ Good-bye ♪ ♪ Here'’s a way for a new age ♪

♪ Another way to catch your eye ♪

♪ Good-bye ♪ ♪ Instant repeater '’99 ♪

♪ We'’re all rewinding to get high ♪

♪ Well, here'’s a way to let it go ♪

♪ Of all the things you ought to know ♪

♪ Nobody wants to have you near ♪

♪ '’Cause no one listens to your fears ♪

♪ Good-bye ♪ ♪ We took you serious for a while ♪

♪ But now we hate to see you smile ♪

♪ Good-bye ♪ ♪ A true reminder to get by ♪

♪ Instant repeater '’99 ♪

♪ I'’m ready to close my eyes ♪

♪ I'’m ready to blow my mind ♪

♪ I'’m ready to leave you all behind ♪


♪ I'’m ready to close my eyes ♪

♪ And I ♪ ♪ I'’m ready to blow my mind ♪

♪ And I ♪ ♪ I'’m ready to leave it all behind ♪

♪ And I ♪ ♪ I'’m ready to go this time ♪

♪ And I ♪ ♪ Away where the faces fly ♪

♪ And I ♪ ♪ I'’m ready to leave ♪

♪ Instant repeater '’99 ♪♪