Sr. Pig (2016) Script



So you didn't even bother to call.

You gonna come tomorrow or not?

I'm... I'm sorry, it's been a busy week.

Firestar will be in estrus.

I have a vet coming tomorrow, so it's... it's... baby, go to your room.

I'll be there in two minutes.

Well, I didn't tell Lucas you were coming anyway but if you change your mind, you know you can take the train down.

You don't have to drive, I can pick you up and you can stay here.

You know, he doesn't have school on Monday.

I'll try to get there tomorrow night.

All right.

Goodnight, dad.


Hey, h-h-Howie!

What's the matter, boy?

Yeah, I know how you feel but I had to get up today too.

So do you.


Now you... you gon' be all right, baby.

Now, come on, baby, all right.

Now spread those cheeks, okay.


It's all right.

Come on.

There, boy.


All right, buddy.

Mr. Eubanks!

I'm Theodore linden.

From us Southern bank & trust.

Remember me? Yeah, of course, of course.

I, uh...

I know we said 11 A.M., but my GPS thinks I'm an old lady.

It told me three hours, it only took me one.

Yeah, yeah-yeah, I gotta get my boy to the vet.

I'll be back before ten.

Mr. Eubanks.

Nobody at us Southern wants this to go to court.

Wait for me.

All right? Less than an hour.

Mr. Eubanks, please! I'll be right back.

We can talk then, okay?

All right, okay, we'll stop as soon as we cross the border.

Okay, boy?

We're in Mexico, boy.


Remember, never get old, buddy.

Your dick shrinks to miniscule proportions and you can't even pee standing up without making a mess.

Pull over.

Hey, shh!


Uh, good morning, officer.

Your registration... whoa.

What's that smell?


I'm delivering a hog.

On a minivan?

That's correct, yes.

And where are you taking him?

Uh, Jalisco.

Jalisco. I'm a farmer... yeah, sí.


Show me your permit.

My what?

Step out, please.

Show me your a-19, please.

I'm sorry.

Your a-19, your permit to transport livestock on a Mexican highway.

Oh, oh, that.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, sure, I have that.



Yeah, yeah, I must have left it at home.

Is there any way we can work this out?

"Comisión de a sur Banco"?

Ah, let me help you.

What's that mean?

Uh, it's a commission they charge for taking out cash.

Fucking banks, they're such crooks.

Yeah, you don't have to tell me that.

So, Mr. Eubanks, the charge is 6,000 pesos.

Uh, is the maximum, do you agree?

Uh, well, take... Take what you need, man.


There you go.

Let's go back to your pig.

All right.

Thank you.

Look here, you have a little town with a stream, it's all made of adobe, you're gonna love it.

Thanks, man, but I don't think I'll have the time to visit.

Okay, well, keep the map, maybe next time.

All right.

Nice meeting you. Ah, hey.

Gracias, gracias. You're all set.

Drive safe. All right.


Come on, boy, go to sleep.

We got a lot of...

Driving to do.

Come on, go to sleep.

Come on, let's drink, okay?

It's good for ya.

Good for ya.


You don't wanna drink alone?


I'll join ya.

You don't have to twist my arm.

What? Uh, refused.



Get over here.


I know you don't like it, I didn't like it either!

My mama had to chase me around the farm to get it done.

Put me in a bucket.

Look how good you look.

Oh, man.

I tell you, down here, they don't waste one single part of the pig.

This is a gordita de Moronga.


Pig's blood.


I would give you a taste, but...

I don't want you turning into a...

A vampire or something.





Are you okay?



Hey, shh.


Dad, I can hear you.


What the hell is going on, dad?


Uh, this is the la Viena farm, right?

Señor Ambrose?


Come on, we're here, boy!

Get you some fresh air here.




Hey, Ambrose!


Why, you look the... You look the same.

I've changed a little bit here and there.

It's so good to see you.

Ah, good, good, good, good. Huh?

Hey, so, where is he?

Hey, here he is right here.

Where's your stuff?

Ah, by myself.

You drove yourself...

Hey, hey, hey!

Hey, how is Eunice?

Ah, she's good, she's good, she's all grown up like you, Payo.

Payo, it's been years since anybody called me like that.

You know they call me Mr. Calayo now.

Good, good.

You hungry?

Nah, I feel good.

Do you remember what my father hated the most?

Yeah, mariachis.

Well, yeah, that too. But no, no, no.

No, it was sending his animals to the slaughterhouse and the way they were treated over there.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, well... we finally built our own.

We can kill 1,000 hogs in an eight hour shift and we can manage two shifts a day.

So, we're very happy about that.

We're the only facility that has a certificate to export.

These ones... These ones, for example.

These ones are going to China.

Are you okay?

Oh, man, I'm sorry, what am I thinking?

You must be starving, it's, uh...

Why don't we go back to the ranch, get you something to eat?

Tell the truth, I'd rather have something to drink.

Okay, we can manage that.

All right. Let's go.

To get it to the house to get it slaughtered, you know?

Oh, boy, I'll never forget that.

I can't... it's always the same, you know.

You were hugging them.

Not so sweet.

I became a drunk because of it.

Well, cheers to that.


You know, my dad was the same.

I mean, not a drunk, he...

No, no, he...

He just couldn't sleep the night before we sent the hogs to the slaughterhouse.

I mean, these guys were different.

They were... they were creators of life, you know?

Your dad was a good man, Payo.


It's-it's-it's, um, sad to see that he's no longer here.

Yeah, well, he's gone but not forgotten, huh?

Yeah. Oh, you're gonna love this.

No, these guys were geniuses.

You know they basically invented a new breed?

Yeah, a very special Duroc hybrid and you're gonna love this, Ambrose, this is Marvin.

Marvin won all the ribbons a hog can win, and yesterday, this guy left California in a Van by himself with the last direct descendant of Marvin.

Wow. Huh?


Oh, fella.

Eh, good memories, huh?

Oh, man, good memories, good memories, good...

How old were you guys there? It was... what, you were 25?

Well, we were somewhere maturing.

Oh, my friend.

Man, you didn't change the office one bit.

Not one bit.

Even... even the spider webs are the same.

I... I still think it's very crazy to drive around with this kind of cash.

Let me write you a check.

Come on, please.

I'd prefer the bank stay out of this, okay?

Okay. Yeah.

Just be extra careful, huh?

It's a different Mexico than you...

Hey, hey, don't... don't worry.

I know my way.


I forgot to tell you.

He's not good with baths.

You're gonna have to tie him down, he's a runner.

Oh, oh, give him a cereal bar.

He loves treats.

All right? Pretty good, yeah, sure.

You're not leaving right now, are you?

Oh... No, no, you just got here.

No, no, you're spending the night.


Easy, friend.

I mean, it's white Tequila but it's pink.

Isn't it cool?

Yeah, real cool.

Pour me another one.

Hey, no, no, no, no.

No, that... that's for women, no, no.

Aquí, I'm gonna give you a taste of the real stuff.

Ambrose, quick question.


Is it true that, um...

Once you go black, you never go back?

Now, this is the real stuff.

This is from the Calayo family secret stash, my friend.

And you know we keep the best for ourselves.




How's that?

That's classic Mr. pig.

That's classic Mr. pig.

Qué... why... why Mr. pig?

That's how they call him, "Mr. pig."

Yeah, it was Chila, right?

Yeah, damn Chila.

There was an Aujeszky epidemic at the hog fair, so, I mean, nobody knew which hog was the patient zero, as they say, so they were going to sacrifice all of them until my friend here came and he checked every single hog until he found the one.

How did you do it? He talked to them.

No! He talked to them.

No, no, no, it wasn't the talking.

It's listening.

By listening to them.

No, he became the hero of the fair.

I mean, all the farmers were offering their animals to him and some even their daughters.


Not a good breed.

You had your eye on Brianda, remember?

Yeah, no, oh, Brianda, she...

I mean, she was this young thing.

Brianda was flirting with him in front of the whole party, everybody was there and my dad, he was trying to save his ass, right?

Uh-huh. So he keeps telling Ambrose, "hey, hey, hey, shh, no, Brianda is the mistress of the Presidente municipal."

No, no, no, no, no.

Brianda was your father's mistress but because your mother... God rest her soul... was there, he came up with this, uh, Presidente mistress story.

What did you do? What happened?

Well, she came back to the hotel with me.

And Calayo was really mad at me.

We didn't talk for, like, a year.


Eventually we made up.

Well, I'm going to sleep.


You... Make yourself at home.

I'm gonna go.


Goodnight, Ambrose.



It's done.

I... I got the money.

Yeah, this kid held his word.

I'll get there on Thursday.

Call Brianda and Ermilio and everybody.

We... we're gonna have one last party like in the day.

Uh, before I leave, can I say goodbye to my hog?

Of course, yeah.

These are the big boys.

This is where Howie's gonna live.


Without them, they will get sick in a minute.

Because this is not the right way to raise them!

This is the future... No, it's not!



Calm down, Ambrose!


Where's my hog?

Is Payo here?

Hey, Ambrose, my friend.

How was your shower? Are you feeling better?

I need to see my hog.

Your hog?

Where is he?

Give me a second.

Hey-hey-hey-hey, stop it!

Hey, stop it!

Stop it!

Give me this.

Give me.

Howie, come on, come on.

It's all right, I'm here.

Nice hog, come on.


You wanna know how it feels, huh?

Huh, huh?


You like it, huh?

Huh, you like it, huh?

Huh, huh, did you?

Hey, you want some of this too?

Huh, you wanna see how that feels, huh?


Hey, you want some of this?

Ya-ya-ya-ya-ya, shh, please. Hey.

Calm down, man, let's talk about this.

No, no, this is just wrong!

Ambrose, that's the way it's done now, okay?

Just... let's talk about this.

That's bullshit, man!

It's bullshit!

Hey, the-the deal is off!

What? Yeah, the fuckin' deal is off!

Are you sure, 'cause nobody here is gonna pay you

$50,000 for that hog, okay?

I was just doing you a favor because of my dad!

Yeah, I don't need your-your-your damn money and I don't need any favors from a cockass like you!

Why don't you go fuck yourself, huh?

No, no, fuck you then! Go fuck yourself!

Why don't you fuck yourself? Go fuck yourself!

Fuck yourself! Fuck yourself!

You don't fuckin' know no shit about raising pigs!

You don't know shit! Your father would be a-damn-shamed of you!

Fuckin' shit!

Come on, boy.

Fuck it.


Another gringo, I see.

I'd offer you a smoke but all I got is this thing.

It's okay.

It works.

That yours?


You a farmer?

Hog farmer.

I'm a physicist.

I... I build cleanrooms.

Put one together here for a factory.

Cleanroom? Yeah.

A room with minimal dust, microbes, aerosol.

You know, all the stuff that's everywhere.

Want a beer?

Brought my own.

You gonna be stickin' around a while?

I'm here for another 21 days.

Lucky you.


I don't know.

That's a big one, huh?

I'm sure.


Imagine spending all of your lives there.

A little four by...

Six foot pen.

And not even getting... Being able to see the sun.


That's not life.

Hm, they're getting fat in a bigger pen... and dying a little later.

You have to be honest with me, all right?

Why... why didn't you tell me you lost the farm?

Oh, I don't want to be a burden, no.

No, stay with us for a while.

We'll try to figure all of this out.

I just... want to just get... things straight, okay?

How long have you been living like this, huh?

Why didn't you tell me about this?

Why do you keep lying to me?

I'm not, I'm...

I don't want to hurt you.

Payo told me about your little trip.

What, what did that prick tell you?

He told me you're going crazy.

I... I'm okay!

I'm okay.

I... I want you to be okay.

I want everybody to be okay.

I want you to stop drinking.

Oh shit, all right...

Dad. I know.

Dad, there's no way you can drive yourself back like that, okay?

Just wait for me in San Miguel, and we will drive back together.

All right?

Twenty for the pig.

There you go.

We'll get your hide in somewhere.

Come again?

How much for the pig?

Fifty thousand.

Fifty thousand pesos?

Dollars, American dollars.

Never mind him, Howard.

He doesn't know shit from shinola.


Hey, hey, Howard, Howard, Howard?

Oh boy.

Oh, shoo, shoo!

Get away.

Damn, you didn't even try your food, Howard.

Hey, bless you.

Come on, boy.

Come on, it's all right, boy.

It's all right, it's all right.

Shit, it's that rain and all that damn...

That damn farm!

I'm sorry, Howie.

I'm sorry.

Come on, boy.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, baby. Come on.


My... my friend is sick.

I've just...

You're selfish.

Come on, come on, come on.

Just a minute.


God, Howard, not here, boy.


All right.

I may not have a vet degree... but I got your back.

And there's plenty of time.

Plenty of time.

Ah, good.


Okay, Howie.

You may see some weird stuff, but don't be afraid, all right?

Here you go.

Oh, okay!

All right, just relax.

Just breathe.

Howie, yeah, like that.

Ooh, oh, okay.

Okay, boy, okay, okay.

There you go.


Dad, it's me, Eunice.

Open up.

Dad, it's me, Eunice.

Open up.

Door's open.

What the hell?

Why is there a hog in your motel room?

What are you doin' here?

I'm looking for you.

Close the door.

Is he sick?

Uh, he'll be just fine.

What's the matter with you?


How could you just...

Hey, hey, hey, look... How could you just take off like that?

I... I'm busy, okay?

Look, so if you want to help... help me.

If not, quit botherin' me.



Yeah, right, that's right.

Right there.

Give me that.

Let me help you.

It's all right, boy.

It's all right.

Shh. No, no, no, no, no.

Right there. I know, I know.

I've drained water from lungs before.

Good boy.

Good boy, good boy.

I'll take it, I'll take from here.

I'll take it from here. Okay.

Okay. Shh.


Hey, get that vase out, okay?

Get that vase over there.

Got it.

Yeah, yeah.

Good boy.

Good boy.

You're gonna be fine.

Howie, you're gonna be fine, boy.

You're gonna be fine.

Good boy.



Hey, what?

Heh, look at you.

Oh, you come out like a champ.

Ooh, you're all finished.

Yeah, you like that TV show, huh?

I'll get this in you, yeah?


We do this, and you gonna be like brand new, baby.

Yeah, yeah.

All right, come on, boy.

Come on, I know you had a long night.

Come on, come on.


There you go.

Okay, boy.

You're all right.

Come on, boy, you should relax.

Yeah, yeah.

Good morning!

You know, most normal people can rely on their parents for support.

You know...

Here we go.

Things like money or advice or help.

Not me.

No, I have a...

A parent who acts more like a child than a parent.

A parent that I have to support.

I can take care of myself, thanks.

Oh, how is that?

Ambrose, you are a penniless, homeless, unemployed 75-year-old man.

Well, you're only focusing on my strong points.

I'm glad you think this is funny.

That's not fair, yeah...


What is it?

You okay?

What was that, what happened?

Uh, it was nothin'.

You just threw up, that wasn't nothing.

Yeah. Ambrose, are you all right?

Like I... like I said, I can take care of myself.

You don't have to worry about me.

Let me help you with that.

Come on.

I'm worried about you.

I'm okay, okay?

No, you're not okay.

I have to worry about you because no one else will.

I... I don't need anyone.

I didn't ask you to come here, and I'm not asking you to stay.

So I'm fine.

You can go, okay?

Oh, I can go?

Yeah, please get out!

Help me!

Get the fuck out of here!



Just fuck it.

Can't stand the fucking smell in here anymore anyway.

Then you can be alone with your little fucking pig.

Get the fuck out of my way, pig.

Fucking dumbass truck!




No, no, no.


Dad, no! No, no, no.

What are they trying to do to me?

They're trying to help you.

No, no.

Hey, hey.

Be gentle, please.

Okay, leave him alone.

Leave him alone. Just leave me alone!

Leave him alone. Let me get out of here.

Eunice, what are they tryin' to do to me?

I want that...


Can you help him?


Grab my shoes.

Grab my shoes.

What am I doin' here?

Man... No, no, I'm all right!

I'm all right, I'm all right!

Can you help him, please?

All right. Come on, dad.

I got you, I got you.


We'll put this here.

Why didn't you tell me?

Because there's nothing to be done.

God, dad, that's not true.

The doctor said it was...

Doctors tell you what you want to hear.

I... it's their job to give you false hope.

Dad, don't drink that.

Why not?

Because you're dying.

That's why I need a beer.

You all right?

See, dad, you're supposed to use this thing.

What is that?

Oxygen machine?

Does it even work?

Yeah, it works.

See, look.

I attached a car battery to it so we can take it back to the states with us.

Oh, nonsense.

You know, the doctor says that if you don't start using it, you're gonna start organ failure much sooner.

See, look at your fingers.




Hey Howie?

Howie! Shit!


Hey, hey, hey, damn it, Eunice. What?

You should have put the "do not disturb" sign.

Come on, come on, come on.

Gotta sit down.

Come on.

I'm putting you to bed.

So I'm sorry, okay, 'cause I thought you were dead... so your hog was the furthest thing from my mind.

We're gonna breathe now, okay?

We're gonna breathe.

We're just gonna get a little help.

Put this in your nose.

But I want you to hold it.

Hold it, that's it.

All you gotta do is hold it.

I'm gonna do the rest.


Don't talk, just breathe.

Good, see?

How's that?


A little...

Little less. Little less?

Okay, okay. Okay, all right.

That's it, that's it. Okay, okay.

That's enough. Let's go get Howard.

All right, shh, wait.

We're gonna wait.

We can take two minutes.

Just breathe.

Okay, okay.

Come on, come to me, maybe...

Maybe he's in the kitchen.

Yeah... hey Howie?


Hey, go... go to the back.

Look here... Howie!

No, no, no, let's go to the reception.

Howard! Let's go to reception.

I'll go to reception. You need to go to the room and rest. No, no, no!

Come on!

Where's my hog?

I'm sorry?

My... my... my hog, the one I left in my room.

You have a pig?

Excuse me, is there a... a...

Yeah, the one that's in my room.

Where is it?

I'm sorry, you have an animal in the hotel?

It's a very big... Let's... let's go!

Very big. No, you're not allowed to have animals in the hotel.

I... I have a pig. Huge.

You cannot have animals in the hotel.

It's not allowed. Okay, thank you.

I... I... she was watching me.

Okay, yeah, right here.

All right. Are you sure?

Right here, right here.

Oh, jeez.

This is crazy.

I don't think anybody's here.

Hey, where's my hog?



Howie? Sorry.

Where are you hiding him?

Howie, wait, wait... Dad.

Wait, wait, where's he hiding? Dad, you can't do this.

Dad, you can't do this. Okay.

Are you all right? What's going on here?

I'm so sorry. Well, I lost him.

We're gonna leave, we're gonna leave.

No, he's not here, oh god.

You didn't lose him, we're gonna find him.

You need to leave right now.

Yes, we're leaving right now.

I'm very sorry.

Hey, Howard!

Howard, Howard! It's... he's fine.

He's just... he's just going crazy for the hog.

Hey Howard!

Yes, thank you, Payo.

It... it... I don't talk to him!

I bet he's the one who stole him.

He's helping us, he's the reason I found you.


Howard! Howard!


Hey, hey, hey, stop!

Stop, stop.


Is that Howard?

It was for you.


The money was for you.

I wanted to leave you somethin'.

I lost him.

Come on, dad.

It's time to go, come on.

It's all right now.

Yes, hello?




They found Howard!

You're kidding.




My, uh, signature?

Yes, here.


Hey, hey Howie!

There you are, boy.

I got a treat for you.

Look at it, Howie.

Ah, man.

Hi boy.



Hey, you didn't join any gangs while you were in there, did you, champ?

Come here, boy.

Why are you in such a hurry to get back?

You know, it's... I... I know it's hard for you to understand, but some people actually enjoy spending time with their family.

And I really... I'd really like you to come with me.

Lookit, Eunice, I...

Howie can't go back into the states, okay?

It's a disease control thing.

They'll stop him at the border.

Okay, we need to find him a good home here, and hopefully get paid.


Oh, okay, okay.

I... you want to go back, okay, I understand.

I'll take you to the airport.

Uh, you know, I signed up for a bunch of credit course.

I been to drawing all the cash.

It's yours, you take it, here.

No, I don't...

I don't need money.

Well, you're gonna need it a lot more than I do.

It's a lot cheaper bein' dead than bein' alive. Dad, don't say that.

Come on! Okay, okay, okay.

Think of it as all the child support payments I missed, okay?

I don't need money, all right?

It's not the money.

Now, lookit.

Let's go to Guadalajara.

It's a big city.

There's a better chance to sell him there, okay?

After that, we'll go back.



Okay, okay.

Let's go find you a home, Howard.

We're goin' to Guadalajara.


We have to stay here.

It's a safe place for Howard.

This place?






Um, we'd like a room, please.

Uh, yes.

105 is free.

Go to the left.

Thank you.

Welcome to the Caesar.


Look at that, 105.

Oh yeah, you know your way around, dad?


A little bit.

Oh boy.

Good boy, Howard. Home sweet home.

All right, buddy.

Is this it?


I'm gonna take a shower.


Okay, then let me help you.

Hey, no, no, over my dead body.

Hey, my mama was the first and last woman to bathe me.

But you've gotta leave that in.

Oh, come... it's gonna be real quick.

Uh, top... ten minutes tops.

All right.

Miss you too.

But I'm down here with your grandpa for a little while.

What, I don't know.

I don't know, but I love you.

Okay, put daddy back on, all right?


Oh god, um, wait.

Um, what?


Uh, I don't know.

I'm just... I feel like it...

God, jeez, I'm sorry.

No, god, not you, I'm...

Um, it's the middle of the school year.

You know, we should start looking.


Yeah, I... I gotta do this by myself.

Y, um, uno club sandwich?

Sí, club sandwich.

Uh huh.

Oh man. Ambrose, you gotta take a look at this.

It's like Jerry springer on crack.

Shh, shh.


Apparently we're not that bad, that guy right there's in love with his daughter.

They put it on speaker phone.

Okay. All right.

Hello? Yeah.


Uh, this is Chila.

A dear friend.

Uh, she was my interpreter on my first trip here.

Oh, nice to meet you, Sheila.

Oh, hello.

I was telling Ambrose that some old friends and me, um, they were willing to try to chip in and buy Howard.

No way, really? That's great.

They're just doin' that because they're feeling sorry for me because I'm dying and all that.

Yeah, whatever, you know?

Wow. It's fine to me.

Oh, the deal is off, Ambrose.

Uh, Sheila, how far away are we from you right now?

Uh, like four hours by car, and then, like, um, half an hour by boat.

By boat, really?

Oh, Howard's not gonna like that.

Don't worry, we move anything in boats.

Just get to boca de tomatlan and we'll take care of it from there.

Ermilio will be waiting, and I'm.

Oh, oh, okay, okay. Okay.

Eh, eh, Chila, I... I know, I know.

Okay, goodbye.

Okay, see you tomorrow, okay.

Drive safe!

Okay. Bye!

Yeah, that's where we go first thing in the morning.

Okay. Yeah.

Wow. Yeah.


Don't forget to call Lucas, okay?

Oh, I did when... When we got here.

But thank you, dad, it's...

Oh, okay.

Uh, tell him grandpa said hello next time.

I'll do that.

This beach we're headed to, it's nice?

God, you're gonna love it.

Uh, best place on the whole planet.


I used to go every year to the hog fair, just as an excuse to spend some time there.

Great food, the nicest people.


I can't believe this is only the second night I've spent in the same room as my father.

What are you talkin' about?

Your mom and I slept with you, like, until you were five years old.


Yeah, you were afraid of the shark in jaws.

Curse the day we let you watch the movie.

Used to crawl in our bed in the middle of the night, claim that you could hear... the sea getting closer and closer.


Good night.


I think it's funny that all your memories of me are from when I was five.

That's not true.

Gonna be fine, Howard.

No need to worry about the future, 'cause the future already happened.

I'm already dead.

The universe is already dead.

It's just our perception.

Keeps us stuck in slow motion, pretty much.

It's just our perception.

Good night.

Good night, boy.

Yeah, for a second, I didn't know who I was and where I was.

Well, you are my dad, and we are in Guadalajara.

You know, I would die for a cigarette right now.


An interesting choice of words.

Look over there.

I think I got a pack over there.

You're kidding me.

No, I'm not, what...

What, you afraid I will get cancer?

Come on, Eunice, look over there, see if I got a cigarette.

This is unbelievable. You're unbelievable.

Yeah, you have one left.

One last cigarette.

Thank you.

Look at that.

You hungry, too? Here you go. Howard.

Good boy.

Hey, Mexican junk food is the Mona Lisa of junk food.

I'm sure Lucas would love this stuff.

Be sure to bring him some when you go back home, okay?

Dad, have a seat.

You were in there for a while.

All right, we gotta get you hooked up.


Give me a beer, dad.


Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

You know, I used to think you kept that picture because of the pig and not me.

What kind of person do you think I am?

Why don't you tell me?

Why do this, huh?

You want the two of us to have one of those touchy, father-daughter moments like on TV?

Yeah, okay, I do.

Why force this, Eunice?

I did what I did, and nothing can change that, so why bother?

You know, everybody takes death so seriously.

Everyone feels the need to find some meaning in every goddamn thing.

They all want to have some meaningful conversation.

Let me tell you something.

There's no meaning, Eunice.

I just want to know what you're feeling.

I can't cry, if that's what you're getting at.

Look, I... I have feelings.

It's just that...

They aren't nice right now.

I'd rather not share them.

What's the matter?

What is it?

You gonna be sick?

Pull... pull over.

Oh, my god. Right here?

Yeah, right here.

Dad, this isn't the best spot.

All right, all right.

It's all right.

It's a windy road, huh, it's too much?

Oh, oh, no.

Too windy? Oh, no.

Baby, be careful, be careful.

All right.

Are you sure you're done?

I'm done.


No, no, no, no, no.

It's the battery.


Ugh, I'm getting nothing.


I should've got another battery.

Okay, let's get out of here.

You... you need that, dad.

You need that for breathing.

Hold on.

Hey, hey!






Come on, what are you doing?

Where are we going out here?

I gotta get to Rio, get the battery.

Dad, we're gonna...

I can do without it.

Howard's fine.

Let's get out of here, okay. Sit down.

Go, go, get the battery, okay.

I will, you need to stay...

We'll get your tank bank.

No, no, you just...

You just get the battery.

All right. Okay, all right.

What are you gonna do with the battery, dad?

No, no, I don't need the battery!

I can deal without it, okay?

Don't be crazy! You need it to breathe.

No, no, I can deal without it here.

What are you talking about? We don't even know how far away it is that we're going.

Check your phone. I don't have any reception!

Well, that's why we need to get the hell outta here.

Let me get your tank. Okay, all right.

Okay, and... and hurry up, just bring it here.

I got it, I got it. I'll be fine.

Good as all get out.



You're all right, boy.


Dad, please don't die.

Put your seatbelt on.

That's easy for you to say.

Put your seatbelt on.

Pull over.

They're California plates.

Let's go.

Did the pig behave? Better than my kids.

I'm gonna send them to him, so they learn to behave.

The card was declined.

Come in.

Let him through!

I told you he was a little crazy.

Look how gorgeous you are.

Did you know about this?


He says they can't get it out of the truck. The pig is being difficult.

Tell him to use the stick, damn it. They aren't rookies.

Use the stick. You are acting like rookies, dumbasses.

I told them to quarantine it.

The old man wants to see it, and we have to give him the truck back.

It's urgent that you quarantine it.

Calm down.

Calm down. I’ll fuck it! Help me man!

Hey! I'll give you twenty for your hog.

How much for your cow?

Fourteen thousand.

Fourteen thousand pesos for this mangy old cow?

No kid, I'll give you ten.

My uncle says fourteen.

Tell your uncle it's going to die.

How much for the hog?

Fucking old moron.

Sir! Please! You're going to hurt yourself.

Be careful, please.

Alone. Alone.

Fill this in and sign, please. Yes.

I'll need your information, please. And your signature.


So long Bye

What's happening?

Hey, Manuel. What?

Go get the old black man over there and bring him to the dock.

How are you? Good... good.

I'm sorry, Eunice.

I brought you into the world... but maybe you didn't want to come.

What do you mean?

I wish it were nicer.

You wish what were nicer?

This world.

You havin' fun?

For you it's all about having fun, isn't it?


That's what you always said, the whole point of being alive is...

is having fun.

I don't think I'm having fun anymore.

I want to have fun.

How you holdin' up, dad?

You want some music?


Is that nice?


I like your eyes.

Oh, my god, we made it.


Let's get you inside, all right?


I'll get the stuff, dad.





Help, please.

Dad! Oh, my god.


Um, uh...

He needs the tank in the back of my truck.

Uh, for oxygen, oxygen.

Yup, there we go.

I see a chair right there.

I'm gonna put you in that chair right over there, okay?

All right, all right, all right.

Let him in the chair.

That's it, okay.


Uh, um, and have electric, too.

We're gonna breathe now, okay?

We're gonna take a breath right now.

We're gonna drink that water.


There we go, there we go.

Just breathe, dad.

Take a breath.

We're here now, all right?

Take a breath, take a breath.

All right.

Okay, okay.

All right, we made it.

We made it, okay?

Are you here with me?

That was scary, huh? Siéntate.

That was scary, but we're here now.


Okay, okay.

All right.

All right, just breathe.

That's it, that's it.

That's it.

You're still... taking care of me.

Yeah, I know.

It's just my luck, right?

I know.

I was never there for you.

Your mother found a good man... who loved her... who loved you.

I know... this was for me to fuck off.

We're here now, dad, okay?

That shirt looks very nice on you.

Very smart.

You should eat something.

I know, but you should be going.

You know, the Van is hot, for Howard.

We gotta find Emilio, okay?

Are you sure you don't want to rest, dad?

There's a hotel right on the corner, and I could use a shower.

But I don't want to stop.

I'd rather sleep on the boat than in here.

All right, okay.

Then I'll go get Howard, and, um... and I'll go look for your friend.

Will you wait here?

Come on, Howard.

Go ahead, Howard.

Good boy, Howard.


What about... What about my father?

We're gonna get your father.

He's going to get your father, and we're gonna pick it up.

Yes, in the boat? Yes, yes.

Okay. Yes.

Pinche Ambrose.

Hey, Emilio.

Let me help you with this.

Okay, okay.

How are you? How are you feeling?

What can I say?

We ain't young anymore.

Why didn't you bring her before, huh?

She's cute.


You got your pig, you got your oxygen.

What else do you need, pinche huevon, huh?

You should've raised chickens instead.

They're too stupid, and they're not family.

Did you see that?

See what?

I saw it.

You saw what, dad?

Is it here, dad?

You were right.



Hi. Welcome!


You made it. Okay to jump?

Now I'm all wet.

Your dad is right, you're beautiful!

Oh, it's so nice to finally meet you.

Where's Lucas? You didn't bring him?

No... Look, this is Brianda.

She is your dad's, um...

Well, your dad can tell you about Brianda.

Hello. Um... Hi, Eunice.

I-I've heard a lot about you.