Sssssss (1973) Script

[ Animal Whining Eerily ]

[ Whining Continues ]

Oh. [ Grunts ] Careful, Doc.

[ Grunts ] Easy. I got it. I got it. I got it.

[ Grunting ] Come on.

Christ, he's heavy. Yes, he is.

[ Animal Whining Loudly ]

Doesn't sound like he wants to leave you, Doc.

I'm sure you'll give it a good home.

Oh, yeah. He'll have it real easy.

He'll just lie around all day, you know.

He'll travel a little, get to meet a lot of interesting people.

I kind of envy him sometimes. I really do.

[ Whining Loudly ]

[ Rattling Box ] Shut up in there! [ Whining Subsides ]

You got to learn some manners, before you and me are gonna get along.

Ain't that right, Doc? It'll settle down in time.

[ Whining Loudly ]

What time is it?

Well, it looks like day is about to pop in.

I'd say about 4:30.

There you are, Doc. That's 800 bucks.

Thank you.

Aren't you gonna count that? I trust you.

[ Chuckles ] Boy. Ain't many people ever said that to me before, Doc.

You're a real gentleman, you know that?

And a genius besides.

Yes, sir. You're a real and a bona fide genius.

First one I ever met. It's rare to be appreciated for one's failures.

You mark my words, Doc. You're gonna go down in history as a great man.

As a great man, Doc.

[ Whining ]

I'm gonna get this show on the road.

See ya. Good-bye.

[ Whining Continues ]

[ Truck Door Shuts ]

[ Engine Starts ]

[ Engine Starts ]

Here we have two of the most commonly confused snakes.

Uh, that is, the snakes themselves are not confused, but we have a tendency to confuse them.

[ Students Laughing ] Let me put that another way.

Uh, the difference is, in the case of the poisonous coral, the red and yellow bands touch.

Whereas, in the case of the non-poisonous king, the red and yellow bands are separated by black stripes.

Now, a good way to remember that is the old folk saying..

''Red touch yellow, kill a fellow.''

[ Laughing ]

[ Period bell Rings ]

And they're off-- uh, with the exception of Miss Stewart.

Dr. Daniels, I don't want you to think--

Oh, but thinking comes naturally to me, Kitty.

Just as, uh, apparently-- [ Giggles ]

Red touch yellow, kill a what?

Kenneth Daniels, I'm confused.

Miss Stewart, you'll have to excuse us, unless of course, you've a good stomach for bloodletting.

Pretty girl.

Still up to your old vices. Shame on you.

Here. No, thank you.

Oh, you might as well.

Neither one of us have very long to live, anyway.

[ Laughs ] You might as well enjoy yourself.

That's been your attitude for 20 years.


Now we'll hear about the carefree grasshopper and the busy ant.

No. Not my field.

Oh, that's right. You're our ophiological expert, aren't you?

The esteemed Dr. Stoner in his country laboratory... cackling over his bubbling bottles and dripping serum.

The theories I've originated... are now being considered by world medical opinion.

Considered inconclusive.

Now, let's get to the point.

Since I'm chairman of the department, you'd like me to recommend an extension of your research grant for another year.

Isn't that it? Look, Ken, I am not some crackpot who has come in begging, hat in hand.

I've got 30 years in the field of venom research.

I've got seven books, 63 articles and monographs.

Please, don't haul out those thumb-worn and yellowed credentials. Please.

Oh, I feel sorry for you, Carl.

A first-rate mind... gone to seed.

Well-- Well, I suppose I have been a little bit out of it, lately.

As you've said, we haven't got that long to live.

Of course, I need that grant.

I was hoping you might recommend... some bright young student who'd be willing to help me this summer.

I thought you had someone working for you.

I did have, but he left me on short notice.

I'm not exactly sure I want to place one of my students in your hands.

Oh, come on, Ken. You've ridden my ass enough today.

I may be a little self-involved, but I'm hardly Dr. Frankenstein.

You are to me.

You've been a thorn in my side for 20 years.

I'm sorry, Ken. It's not Ken.

It's Dr. Daniels, Dr. Stoner.

If we can't be friends. at least we ought to treat each other with proper accord.

Agreed. Say it-- ''Dr. Daniels.''

Dr. Daniels.

Well, [ Chuckles ] it's about time I had a little respect from you, eh?

You have it.... and my gratitude, if you'll just recommend somebody to help me.

Well, I suppose I could find it in the goodness of my heart.

[ Clears Throat ] As a matter of fact, I think I know just the boy.

You got Kitty in trouble. I don't like that.

Oh, come on, Steve. You know he didn't mean to.

If anybody gets a chick in trouble, it's old Steve-O.

Are you going to apologize to her or am I gonna have to make you do it?

I don't think there's anything to apologize for.

This says different. What's that, proof of Darwin's theory?

What the hell does that mean? It means natural selection.

Survival of the fittest.

Are you David? Uh, yes.

David Blake? Yes.

I'm Dr. Stoner. The herpetologist?

The herpetologist, yes.

I'm into snakes.

Uh, David. Excuse us.

Lucky. [ Chattering ]

[ David Chuckles ] I can't believe that Dr. Daniels really recommended me for this job.

Why do you say that?

Well, he's just not my idea of a real teacher.

Every time I ask him a question, he just says, ''Why don't you work on that little problem for yourself-- and please spare me the results of your efforts.''

[ Chuckles ] That sounds like Daniels.

In the future, let's try to respect each other's questions, see what happens.

Incidentally, I don't think wisdom will die with Dr. Daniels.

[ Hissing ] Oh!

Oh. It's all right, Harry.

This is Harry, my obedient serpent.

Hello, Harry.

Wow. He's a real beauty, isn't he?

Red-tailed boa? Yes.

Wow. He's hot.

Hey, you're thirsty, aren't you boy?

Oh. I've got a little something here for Harry.

Here you go, boy.

Can't deny an old man his nip now and then.

After all, in human terms, Harry's almost 63.

I'll just get some water for Harry.

Hey. What gives, kid?

Oh, I was just helpin' you out.

Helping yourself, you mean?

Now, I am sorry about that, but maybe that'll teach you to ask before you touch.

[ Chuckling ]

[ Hissing ]

[ Harry Hissing ]

Holy shit! Help!

It's all right. Don't panic. Don't panic. Get it off.

Just get it off. Relax your arm, please.

Well,just get it off of me. I will.

David, could you give me a hand, please?

It's his tail that's caught so tight. Let go, Harry. Let go.

What's the matter with you people, anyway? You crazy or somethin'? Carryin' a snake around like that in a car!

Sorry, but that'll teach you to ask before you touch.

David, we're home.

Hi, Dad.

I wasn't expecting you back until tomorrow.

Oh, a friend of mine gave me a ride, so I decided to save time and money.

You know, you would be amazed at how much work babies are, even your sister's.

I missed you. Grandpa.

Oh. Why, hello,Jeffrey. [ Giggles ]

Oh, excuse me. Uh, this is my daughter, Kristina.

Kristina, this is David Blake. Hi.

Hi. David's going to be my new assistant.

Where's Tim? Tim left.

He left? Just like that?

Oh, an illness in the family. His father was seriously ill.

Oh, he's a handsome fellow.

You know, I thought he told me his father was dead.

His fath-- You're right. It was Tim's uncle.

It's a shame.

The fear that most people have of snakes... is based on the same misunderstanding... that they have about any other minority group.

If they're told that one member is harmful, then they generalize and believe that they're all dangerous.

[ Chuckles ] It's so stupid.

For example, uh, the hognose is completely harmless.

So much so, that he can't even be induced to bite.

Watch me. Watch my finger. See him get away?

See? See him run away from my finger?

[ Chuckles ] Put your finger in there.

Go ahead. Right up to his nose.

He's a consummate coward. [ Chuckling ]

That's enough. Let's leave him alone.

Uh, this is Sam. It's Kristina's turtle.

He's an albino from Malaysia. He's a little peculiar.

You've, uh, probably noticed, David, all the tags in the laboratory.

The color of the tag indicates the comparative degree of danger of the species.

Now, a green tag means nonpoisonous.

Ayellow tag means poisonous.

[ Rattling ] but, uh, serum for all of these snakes along the wall here is easily obtained.

Now, a red tag... means highly venomous.

Uh, serum is available for these species, but in most cases, it arrives too late for help.

The, uh, Black Mamba, for example-- that's him in the cup-- secretes enough poison in a single bite to kill 1 0 men.

Oh? Where does he come from? Africa.

This one was from the Congo.

I see by the chart he's hungry, or at least he ought to be. Uh--

Would you, uh, stand back, please? Oh.

He may appear to be a little shy at first,

but... [ Hissing ] he's the fastest snake in the world.

But I have him-- near the head too, where I need him.

His, uh, venom is neurotoxic, inhibiting the breathing... and affecting the vagus nerve that controls the heartbeat.

The victim's heart beats wildly... and he usually succumbs within an hour to symptoms that appear very much like a heart attack.

Would you hand me that feeding gun, please?

You know, uh, most snakes will not eat in captivity.

This, uh, force-feeder contains a premeasured diet... of, uh, milk, eggs, vitamin concentrates, liver, gelatin, bone meal and chicken blood.

Chicken blood? For flavor.

Give it a little squeeze, please. Gently.

That's it. Now, we don't want to give him indigestion. That's enough.

David, together, we've just fed... a very hungry Black Mamba.

Excuse me.

This room here is where we store venom... and dry freeze it into crystals... just like coffee.

Then it's blended and ground... and, uh, shipped to pharmaceutical firms and research laboratories... where it's used as, uh, coagulants... and, uh, pain relievers... and in treatment of certain blood diseases.

Bookkeeping. When I have the time, all of this, which I detest so much.

[ Snarling ] You do all this by yourself?

No. Kristina helps me with the feeding and the paper work.

And, of course, she runs the show on Sunday. It's basically a family business.

Well, Dr. Stoner, if there's anything I can do to help--

I just hope you're not afraid of needles.

Immunization is an occupational necessity in our house.

That hurts more than the bite of most snakes.

What is it, some kind of antibiotic?

Not precisely.

You can put your finger on that for a few minutes.

It sure does sting. That'll only last a few minutes, and you won't even feel that during the booster shots.

Booster shots?

Every few days for the next month or so, until you can sustain a full drop of raw venom.

Oh. Wait a minute. What are you trying to do, kill me?

On the contrary. I'm trying to make sure that nothing else does.

Come here, David.

The king cobra-- the most dangerous of all living creatures.

It's six years, and he still doesn't like me.

But why should he? I'm just a common human and... he's the king.

The most cunning, the most vicious, the most insolent of all God's creatures.

[ Hissing ]

It's only Friday, Your Majesty.

In two more days you'll get your chance again.

He's not afraid of anything, is he?

[ Chuckles ] Nothing human.

[ High-pitched Snarling ]

You recognize the common mongoose?

Harmless, furry little animal-- except when he faces a cobra.

[ Snarling Continues ]

[ Hissing ]

Are you religious, David?

Well, I've-- I've never really given it much thought.

I've given it a great deal of thought.

You've read, of course, that the serpent who tempted Eve was actually--

Oh, come on, Dad! David doesn't want to hear about all that right now.

Kristina, I'm not going to bore him with the whole Book of Genesis.

The serpent who tempted Eve in the garden... was actually Lucifer, the Devil, cast down on Earth in another form to do the Lord God's work.

Dr. Stoner, do you really think it was God's work?

To tempt man with the fruit of knowledge? What else would you call it?

Granted, we have misused that knowledge... and brought man to the brink of extinction.

Well, I don't think man will ever become extinct.

I think he has the will and the knowledge to find some way to survive.

Do you really? So do I.

To evolve in order to survive.

And I think we can help him.

[ Huffs ] I don't know if I'll be much help to man tonight.

Well, forget man. What about woman? Who's gonna help me wash the dishes?

I will.

Oh. [ Exhales Deeply ]

I feel so... sleepy. I--

It's the effect of the inoculation.

You'll sleep very soundly tonight, David-- and, perhaps, even through tomorrow.

And if you're lucky, you may experience what few persons have ever known and lived to recall.

You see, the venom of the cobra... is one of nature's strongest hallucinogens.

Kristina. Kristina.

We'd better help this boy to his room.

[ Grunting. Breathing Heavily ]

[ Hissing ]

You're asking me questions, Harry, and I hear you.

But a scientist cannot afford the indulgence of guilt.

And after all, if God doesn't want me to continue, the means of my disposal... are always at his command.

A little more? Come on.

You're gonna turn him into a alcoholic. Here. Drink thejuice.

Thank you. Harry, don't listen to him.

He's past it, isn't he?

He's going to be fine.

[ Kristina ] Please, uh, don't crowd up to the enclosure.

There's plenty of room for everyone to see.

You can sit on your cars, or you can sit on your neighbor's cars, but please do not crowd up to the enclosure.

[ Car Horn Honking ] [ Kristina ] back off. Would you back off-- just about around in here is fine.

Children, back off over in there.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to witness... one of the most dangerous demonstrations in the history of modern science.

Dr. Carl Stoner, my father, will capture and extract venom... from one of the deadliest creatures on Earth-- the king cobra.

Although many snake venoms are considered more toxic or poisonous, the king cobra has enough venom in a single bite to kill 30 men.

And unlike most snakes that attack and then retreat, the king cobra is apt to chew into his victim several times.

However, being of royal heritage, the king will never attack unless annoyed.

Unfortunately, almost everything annoys the king.

[ Laughs ] Sounds like my wife. [ Audience Laughing ]

Complete silence, please, and no pictures until I give the signal.

Ladies and gentlemen, one of the world's greatest scientists... and-- and experts in the field of herpetology, Dr. Carl Stoner.

Now, if you would please form a circle around the enclosure, but please stand back about two or three feet.

And remember what I said about not taking any pictures.

[ Chattering ]

[ Hissing ]

Ladies and gentlemen, the king cobra.!

[ Hissing Continues ] [ Audience Gasping ]

[ Hissing Continues ]

[ Man ] Watch out.! [ Commotion ]

Dr. Stoner is now extracting the venom from the king cobra.

In the extraction process, the snake secretes its venom voluntarily.

And by this method, a snake can be kept healthy... and producing venom for many years.

Now, I'm helping Dr. Stoner feed the snake using a pressure gun, which delivers a completely balanced combination of nutrients.

For those of you who are now leaving, may I remind you that contributions will help Dr. Stoner continue his research.

We really appreciate your support.

[ Coins Clinking ]

Only $1 8.1 5.

It's better than last week.

$1 8 to risk your life?

What's the matter with those people? Don't they realize the importance of what he's doing?

They come for the show. Some of them come hoping he'll get bitten.

Has he ever been bitten?

More times than I care to remember.

I'm glad the immunization really works.

With the smaller snakes, yeah, but nobody knows about the king.

[ Hissing ]


Now, I've got you.

He got me, Harry.

I'll milk you tomorrow.

You African bastard.!

[ Sighs ]

I've got enough serum in me for 1 0 Mamba bites.

We're both getting older and slower, Harry.

I think that's a sign that I should stop dueling with the king.

Too many important things to think about.

You know, I saw an intriguing article yesterday.

At our present rate of consumption, we can expect worldwide fuel shortages in less than 50 years.

The world is gonna belong to the cold-blooded species.

But we already knew that, didn't we, Har?

[ Ringing ]

[ Ringing Stops ]

[ Groans ]

[ Water Running ]

It's a perfectly natural reaction to the cobra inoculation.

I just wish you'd told me about it before.

I feel like an orange.

Yes. You see, the venom burns off the superficial layers of the skin-- much like a sunburn, only from the inside.

It's the same principle that allows a cobra to shed his skin every few months.

Don't tell me this is gonna happen every few months-- 'cause, if it is, you should've got a fatter assistant.

[ Chuckles ] This is the first and last time.

I feel positively naked... and cold.

Good. What?

You'd best put on a sweater. I feel a little chilly in here, myself.

Dr. Stoner. I don't know if you remember me.

I'm Dale Hardison. I'm an old student of yours.

Yes. I think I do recall.

Well, there's no reason why you should. I never was too good a student.

But, uh, well, I'm the one that never could remember the name of those plants' phylums.

''Phyla''-- still the plural. [ Laughs ]

But, uh, you seem to have found a worthwhile calling preserving the status quo.

Well, yeah, it, uh, takes all kinds.

This is my deputy, Morgan Bock. How do you do?

But not spelled the same as the composer.

Well, uh, what can I do for you gentlemen?

Well, you could get us a couple of girls.

[ Guffaws ]

We were kinda hopin', Doc, that you could give us the 25-cent tour of your place.

We've heard a lot about it up in town.

Be a pleasure. This way.

Come ahead, Mr. Bock.

This is the laboratory.

And this... [ Snake Rattling ] is my daughter, Kristina.

Ma'am. Hi.

And a female python. A couple of girls. [ Chuckles ]

Don't tell me my old parking tickets have caught up on me.

Well, if they have, looks like you've got a pretty good lawyer to defend you.

No. No, she's sick. Poor thing, she won't eat.

That's three and a half weeks.

I think we should isolate her, so she doesn't infect the others.

Gentlemen, she's heavy. Could you give me a hand?

Geez, Doc. Is it-- is it safe?

Pythons rarely attack except when they're hungry or if they sense great fear.

All right. Hey, Dale.

Come on, Morg. It's okay.Just go right behind me.

I've got its head. It's all right.

[ Hisses ] Whoa!

It's okay. I've got its head.

About four feet behind her. Yes, right behind me.

Oh, right about there. It's okay. Just grab on right there.

Yes. That's a good spot. Right here?

Let's lift. One, two, three, up.

Come on, Morgan. Whoa.

Okay? Got it? On the way to the storm cellar.

That's the isolation spot.


[ Hissing ] Easy. Easy.

I appreciate this, so much. Are you doing all right there?

Doing okay, I guess.

Sure is a big snake.

[ Dr. Stoner] I know.

[ Dr. Stoner ] Gently.

Dad, I left some cages open. I better go lock them up.

Thank you, Kristina.

Damn it. That virus is hanging on.

You and, uh, your daughter live here alone, Doc?

Yes. And my assistant, David Blake. Possibly you saw him as you drove up.

Mm. You've got another boy working here for you, don't you?

Tim McGraw? He left some time ago.

Mm. Went back to school, huh?

No. I think a relative was ill.

That's, uh-- That's what I wanted to talk to you about, Doc.

Uh, I got a letter from his aunt.

She hasn't heard from him for a couple of months and she's kinda worried.

I went over to the school to check out the records and... nobody over there seen or heard from him since he came to work for you.

These kids today just pick up and take off. Some of them do.

[ Hisses ]

You, uh-- You just gonna leave that snake runnin' around down here, loose?

The cellar door is secure enough.

And she'll probably nest up there in the roofs.

Well, Morg, I guess we better be goin'.


Thank you, Doc. Thank you, gentlemen.

[ Mongoose Snarling ]

[ Hissing ]

What do you call him? His name's Aaron.

And what do you call him? Aaron II.

It's not infrequent that they're born with two heads, it's just that only about one in a million survive.


[ David ] So that's what a baby cobra looks like. Mm-hmm.

[ Gasps ] Careful. Careful. They already have fangs and venom.

You know, they're the only creatures that can protect themselves from the moment of birth.

Father says it's because they're God's favorites.

See? Look.

[ Hisses ]

[ Alarm Ringing ]

Bye-bye, Dad! Bye!

$1 1 .20. I'd like to insure it too, for $3,000.

You people sure got the racket.

All you do is give them snakes a little squeeze... and the money comes pouring out.

You know, if we could just get an urutu, we could actually start to make real profits.

The urutu is one of the rarest snakes in the world... and is found only in the jungles of the Amazon.

Hey. Where does that go? Oh, it goes around the lake.

You know that one drop of urutu venom-- What are you doing?

[ Water Plops ]

Uh, hey, uh, let's go for a swim.

Don't be silly. We didn't bring our suits.

It doesn't bother me if it doesn't bother you.

Come on.

Come on, Kris.

Look, you're a naturalist, right?

Well, what could be more natural than the two of us going for a swim in the lake?

Come on.


I'll go first.

You're comin'?

Hurry up!

Don't look!

Why? You're going to be looking.

Well, that's the problem! I can't see without my glasses, so you can't look, either!

Okay, okay. I won't look. Hurry up!

Promise? Promise!

[ David ] Whoo.! Wow, is it warm.!

Cover your eyes.! Kristina, get in the water!

David, cover your eyes.!

All right, all right!

Come on. It's not getting any warmer.

I'm coming. Hey! You're peeking.

[ Chuckles ] No. I'm not. Come on. Cover your eyes.

Hurry up. Oh, it's nice.

[ Splashing ] Oh. It's freezing.!

No, it's warm. It's freez-- You lied!

Watch out. [ Giggles ]

Hug me. No touching.

That's not fair. [ Giggling ]

[ Voices Grow Indistinct ]

No. No. [ Squeals ]

[ Both Giggling ]

[ Hissing ]

[ Recording Of Dr. Stoner ] The skin shedding is complete-- on schedule and no complications.

David's body temperature is dropping at the rate of three degrees a day.

Should stabilize at 80 degrees by the end of the week.

The prognosis is perfect.

Slight flattening of the nostrils.

Eyelids beginning to recede.

Facets that will not be readily apparent for several days.

After that, however, the evolutionary process should accelerate greatly.

[ Leaves Rustling ] [ bird Coos ]

Cataclysmic changes should occur-- [ Wings beating ]


I have you.

And I set you free.


You know something? What?

I think your father's actually worried I might try something with you.

Well, aren't you going to?

Of course not.

Not while you're driving, Doctor.

Look! A carnival!

[ Calliope ] [ Crazed Laughter]

[ Noisy Chattering ]

Ohhh! Whoa! [ Laughs, Squeals ]

[ Both Laughing ]

[ Screaming ] Ohhh! Geez!

[ Kristina Laughing ] You look terrible.! Aaah.!

Come on! It's the High-boy!

High-low fast and safe!

Sensational ride.!

Okay, we got a winner.! [ bell Clangs ]

[ Cheering ]

All right. Here it goes, guys!

[ Clatter ] All right! All right!

[ Gunshots, Rifle Pumps Continue ]

[ Gunshots, Rifle Pumps Continue ]

I don't know, Morgan.

Maybe you should've gone into some other kind of work.

[ Chuckles ] Here, Daniel Boone. You try it. Go ahead.

You payin'? I'll pay.

[ Gunshots, Rifle Pumps Continue ]

Feel a lot safer now, Morgan? Oh, yeah.

If you live to be 1,000, you may never again get the chance... to see the most fantastic, the most bizarre, the most incredible creatures in all of creation!

Twenty-five cents is all it costs. One thin quarter.

Two dimes and a nickle. Three nickles and a dime.

Anyway you add it up, it's the greatest bargain in the whole world.

Sam Lee, the seal boy. Arvin Le Deux, the man with two noses. joan and John Prendergast, brother and sister Siamese twins, joined together forever at the waist.

And the incredible snake man! Half-man, half-snake.

The most astonishing human reptile in the history of the world.

Let's go see. I can't stand those things. You know they're all fake.

Fake? Did I hear the little lady say fake?

Ladies and gentlemen and gentlemen and ladies, listen to me and listen well.

$1 ,000. That's right. A crisp, new $1 ,000 bill.

This is my gift to the person who can prove that the snakeman is not real.

That's right. You heard me correctly. He's inside now, waiting for you.

No glass surrounds him. No mirrors distort him.

You may see him, speak to him, touch him, if you dare.

And the person that proves that the incredible snakeman... is not real, alive and as presented, will receive $1 ,000 in cash.

What do you say, sonny? The little lady says the thing is a fake-- Come on. Let's go see it.

All it costs is one thin quarter to prove she's right and collect yourself $1 ,000 in change.

Come on. Let's go check it out. No. No. You go.

$1 ,000 just to prove the snakeman is a fake. I'll wait right here. You go see.

Real as life. One look. Don't touch,just look.

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, $1 ,000.

As real as you've ever seen it before in your whole life.

Hey, baby. This is for you.

Oh, thank you. You're welcome.

And in appreciation, I'll even let you buy me a beer.

Oh, no. Really. I'm waiting for someone. Who could be more important?

Kristina,you've gotta see it. It's incredible. It's got blue eyes.

Hello, little David. How are you doing tonight?

Hi, Steve. How are you? Yeah, good to see you. Real good to see you.

What are you-- What is this?

What the hell is going-- What are you doing?

Oh, don't hurt him, Steve. -[ Kristine ] Don't do that. Don't do that.

Hey! What do you think you're doing? Get your hands off--

David, no!

All right, all right. What do you think this is, an arena?

[ Man Hooting ]

[ Randall ] Okay.

[ Yelling ] Come on!

Hey, cut it out! Break it up. You're ruining business for the paying shows.

Son of a bitch bit me! -[ Morgan ] You wanna go tojail?

Randall, why don't you stick to football? Now where'd you come from?

He's Dr. Stoner's assistant. Oh, yeah. Miss Stoner.

You're Dr. Stoner's daughter. That crazy-- He's not crazy, you goddamn Neanderthal!

Neanderthal? I don't like the sound of that!

All right. This is gettin' a little wearisome for everybody. Come on, you two. Let's go.


Goddamn it. I said move.

Let's get out of here. Come on.

''I think I could turn and live with animals.

''They are so placid and self-contained.

''I stand and look at them long and long.

''They do not sweat and whine about their condition.

''They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins.

''They do not make me sick, discussing their duty to God.

''Not one is dissatisfied.

''Not one is demented with the mania of owning things.

''Not one kneels to another, ''nor to his kind that lived thousands of years ago.

''Not one is respectable... or unhappy over the whole Earth.''

Walt Whitman, Harry.

A great man. [ Vehicle Approaching ]

Huh. The lovers return.

[ Mutters ]

Look sober now, Harry, or Kristine will make us blow in a balloon.

[ Calliope ] [ Men Hooting, Whistling ]

[burlesque ] [ Cheering, Whistling ]

[ Whooping ]

[ Ends ] [ Applause, Whistling ]

Okay. It's all set. She'll do it for 1 0 bucks.

Ten bucks each or 1 0 bucks for all of us? Ten bucks each. What do you think, she's some cheap hooker?

I don't have to pay for it. Never did. Never will.

Hey, didn't you tell the guy who Steve is?

Yeah. I was afraid then she'd ask for 20. [ Chuckles ]

What's the matter with you? What are you doing? You wanna go outside and mix it up?

No. Steve, no. Come on. What's the matter with you?

He's still steamed about getting shot down by the redhead. She dug me.

Sure. She just didn't see your clippings, that's all. You'd better believe it.

God damn. What are you doing? Where are you going?

Let the jerk go.

[ Fizzing ]

Come on, Harry.

Come on.

Come on. Drink it, Harry. It'll make you feel better. [ Hisses ]

Go on.

That's a boy.

Dr. Stoner, why am I losing weight?

I expected it.

God. Feels like 40-below in here.

Harry, you know, you're getting lazy in your old age.

You gotta keep physically fit if you wanna make it in this world, Harry.

Good night, Harry.

Hi, pretty baby. What the hell are you doing here?

Get out.! Get out.! No.! Get out.! [ Screams ]

Harry, no!

[ Grunting, Gasping ]

Get off. Get off. [ Yelling ]

[ Stoner ] Oh, no.

You people are nuts! All of you!

Keeping snakes around like that.! Harry! Harry!

[ Gasps ] Oh, no.

Freaks! That's what you are. A bunch of snake freaks!

[ Crying ] Oh, no. [ Motorcycle Engine Revs ]

[ Crying Continues ] Do you know that boy's name?

[ Stoner ] ''I think I could turn and live with animals.

''They are so placid and self-contained.

''I stand and look at them long...

and long.''

[ Animal Chittering ]

[ Hissing ]

[ Engine Starts ]

Harry was just a snake, Kris.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean that.

Look. We'll try and find another Harry.

Your face.

What about it? I don't know. It looks different.

Late adolescence.

As for the rest of me-- [ Sighs ]

Haven't you ever seen wild-eyed passion before?

[ Chuckles ]

Show me.

[ Giggling ]

Oh, God. That hurts, honey. I'm sorry.

Hey, weren't you frightened? Makes me shiver to think of snakes.

Have you ever seen me frightened of anything?

You're so brave. [ Giggles ]

Right and tired.

Hey, it's only 9:30. Curfew's not until 1 1 :00.

I'm serious. I'm still in training. Twice a night is all the coach allows me.

What about weekends? [ Laughs ] Later.

Hey, uh, look.

Francie told me you were like this, but I didn't believe her.

You should have. I gotta take a shower. I'll see you around.

[ Engine Starts ]

On top of old Smokey all covered with snow I lost my sweetheart For a'courtin' too slow

Courting's a pleasure But parting's a grief A false-hearted lover is worse than a thief


God! Oh, God! No!

Get off me! God!

I think you're supposed to say something.

[ Exhales ]

I love you.

I didn't mean that.

I did.

[ Sniffling ] Don't cry.

Why are you crying? There's nothing to cry about. I can't see you.

[ Laughing ] I'm crying because I can't find my glasses.

[ Both Laughing ]

On top of old Smokey All covered with snow I lost my true lover For a'courtin' too slow

Oh, no. Shh! Dad.

[ Giggling ] Oh, shit.

Oh! Where's my shirt? [ Laughing ] I don't know.

Oh, this. That's it. [ Laughing ]

[ Whistling ]

[ Stops ]

[ Knocking ] [ Kristine ] Come in.

Oh, Kristine.

You're back early. Yes.

Maybe not early enough.

You and David seem to be getting along well together.

We like each other. Yes.

Maybe we have different definitions of''like.''

You're an innocent girl, Kristine.

You've had a very sheltered life, and I can understand how lonely--

Wait. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Don't you think it's a little late to be telling me about the birds and the bees?

I'm very serious, Kristina. Well, what do you want me to say?

That you haven't slept with him.

I don't think that's any of your business.

You don't understand the consequences of what you're doing.

Oh, come on, Dad. I mean, I may not be very sophisticated, but I do think I know--

No, you don't.

Kristina, one drop of David's blood could--

Could what? Have an effect.

The inoculations.

There's a period in which the venom could have a damaging effect on his nervous system.

I want you to promise me you won't have intercourse with him.

I don't think you have the right to ask me that.

I have more than a right. You are a stupid little child.

You don't understand what's happening.

And you're a stuffy, selfish, overprotective, old man, and you could care less about me or my happiness!

Kristina, I want your promise.! No!

[ Alarm Ringing ]

[ Stops ]

[ Screams ]


David! David!

[ Lock Clacks ]

What is it, Kristine? I wanna see David right now.

Well, he doesn't want to see you. He's had an allergic reaction...

Look, I don't-- to the immunization.

His face is broken out. You're hiding something from me. I know it. He's gonna die, isn't he?

He's not going to die. David! Yes?

How do you feel? Ugly.

You see? [ Laughing ]

What the hell are you laughing at? [ Laughing ] Male vanity.

Yeah, well, what would you do if you woke up one morning and looked like a beehive?

He's going to be all right, isn't he? Of course. Now, Kristine.

[ Shivered Breathing ]

I'll call you as soon as I get there.

Kristina, drive carefully.

I can't believe you're really letting me do this all by myself.

It's only a snake. Only a snake?

It's an urutu. I wouldn't trust anybody else to pick it up.

I'm sorry about last night. So am I.

Everybody forgiven?

I'll call you tonight. Please do.

Take care of him. I will.

[ Engine Starts ]

Dr, Stoner, I-- I feel-- I feel terrible.

David, drink this.

What is it? A mild sedative.

No, I don't feel-- It'll calm you.

[ Groans ]

[ Breathing Rapidly ] Doctor, what's happening to me?

You're gonna be all right, David. [ Whimpers ]

You've just become hypersensitive to the venom.

Yeah, well, don't-- don't you think I should check into a hospital or something?

You may if you like.

But I'm not sure how much they know about cobra venom infections.

[ Moaning ] What is it?

My-- My stomach. [ Whimpering ]

It-- It feels like my insides are being twisted.


No. No, no. Please. David.

No! David, it will relieve the pain.

[ Snarling ]

You're gonna be fine.Just fine. [ Moaning ]

A little alcohol on that. [ Breathing Heavily ]

[ Vehicle Approaching ] I'll be right back.

[ Car Door Opens, Closes ]

Hello, Carl. What do you want?

Well, uh, I have a little piece of news for you, and, uh, I thought rather than call, you'd appreciate it if I came by and told you personally.

Are you sure that the college can manage without you for an afternoon?

[ Forced Chuckle ] Class is suspended for the day for the funeral of one of the students--

Steve Randall, the team's star fullback.

It's a dangerous game, football. I've always thought it should be outlawed.

Oh, he didn't die of a football injury. Heart attack.

Too bad.

David around? Working in the lab.

I'd like to say hello to him. Uh, look. I have just said that we're busy, and you just said that you had something to tell me.

Well, I was gonna try to soften the blow, but since you're not being very civil, I might just as well drop it on you.

The board rejected your request for an extension of the grant.

Fine. Good-bye.

You don't seem very upset about it.

I'm too busy to bother about it now. Just too busy.

Feeling better? Doctor, what is this?

I feel like my guts are being rearranged.

Your system is changing to assimilate the venom.

[ David Groans Loudly ]

[ Engine Off] [ Whimpering ]

[ Groaning ] It's time for you to lie down.

[ Groaning Loudly ]

[ Metallic Clang ]

[ David breathing Loudly ]

[ Snarling ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Daniels Groaning ]

Where are we? The storm cellar.

It's almost soundproof, in case you're considering shouting.

[ Groans ] Shouting?

You're goddamn right I'm gonna shout.

What are you doing to that boy? Call it a Halloween prank.

His face... was distorted.

It looked like he was turning into a snake or something.

Very perceptive of you.

But, of course, you know that's impossible, don't you?

All I know is you're insane, and I intend to have you locked up.

[ Chain Rattles ]

What is this? Is this some kind of joke?

I hope you find it amusing.

There's a key for that lock in those tanks.

You know, I was so impressed with your lecture on the difference... between the coral snake and the king.

You know, ''red touch yellow, kill a fellow''?

I was hoping you might enlighten me... on the difference between these two.

Now, in one of these tanks, we have the Western Hognose, which we both know is completely harmless.

And in one of these tanks is the Hognose Pit Viper, which we both know is highly venomous.

You have a decision to make. I advise you to make a good one.

You're free to go whenever you wish.

Just reach in a tank and pick a key.

I'm sure you won't have any trouble picking the right key...

Dr. Daniels.

Of course.

[ Whimpers ]

[ Relieved Laugh ]

[ Key Rattling In Lock ]

[ Chain Clatters To Ground ] [ Relieved Sigh ]

What? [ Growling ]

[ Yelling, Choking ]

[ Choking, Yelling ]

[ Ringing ]

[ Mongoose Snarling ] [ Whimpering ]

[ Ringing Continues ]

Hello. Dad.

I'm here at the cargo office and they don't seem to have any record of it.

They don't? That's odd.

Well, you know Brazilian mail, Kristy. It's about as botched up as our own.

[ Laughs ] Right. Well, do you have the order?

No. The shipping agent phoned.

[ Breathing Heavily ]

[ Clatter] What was that?

Uh, bad connection. How's David?

He's greatly improved. Can I talk to him?

At the moment, he's resting.

Oh. Well, make sure you tell him I asked about him.

Yes. What do you want me to do about the urutu?

Well, when it arrives, tell them to hold it, and we'll make some kind of arrangements to get it here.

Okay. Well, listen, I'll wait here until morning, and if it doesn't arrive, I'll just drive back again. Fine.

And don't forget to tell David I called.

I won't, Kristy. Good night. Good night.

[ Dial Tone ]

[ Whimpering ]

Kristina sends her love.

You so interested in snakes, I got a beauty for ya.

Oh, yeah? What kind of snake?

Don't know the name of it, but it sure is the biggest one I ever saw.

Fella down at the carnival's got it in his freak show.

Half-snake and half-man. Sure worth a look-see.

Oh, come on. You don't really believe all that stuff, do you?

I've seen a lot of freak shows.

Used to be a donnicker man with the Westcott Brothers Amusements of the World.

Fifty-three years on the circuit. Never seen one like that before.

Well, I'm sure it's just a python made to look like a man.

His blue eyes sure fooled me.

Never heard of a snake with blue eyes.

Where did you say this carnival was? Couple of blocks down off Main.

Better hurry though, because they'd be closin' down about now.

[ Chuckles ]

There's sure one born every minute, ain't there?

[ Gurgling ]

[ Man ] Patch says that he can't spring Chip until next Wednesday.

[ Man #2 ] He keeps gaffing that wheel, jimmyJr. 's gonna dump him.

[ Man #3 ] Chip gives the whole show a bad rap.

Marks don't believe in nothing anymore. Yeah.

Come on in. Come on in.

Here, sit down. Take the load off.

I know you're closed, but, uh, I was wondering if you would let me see the snakeman?

The snakeman? Well, how do you like that?

The snakeman's got himself a late date with a little chicken.

[ All Laughing ]

He expectin' you? I know this sounds crazy, but you see, I know a lot about snakes... and I was just wondering if you would let me see him?

Well, the snakeman's sleeping now.

You come back tomorrow and you can have a nice, long look.

I'll be glad to pay you. I told you, he's sleeping.

You see, this is an entertainment, girlie, it's not an all-night diner.

I don't think it's clear to you how very important it is for me to see him.

You heard me. Beat it.

Good night, honey. -[ Man #2 ] See you around, baby.


All right.

[ Whimpering ]

[ Continues ] [ Thumping ]

[ Thumping Continues ]

[ Whimpering ] [ Kristine Gasps ]

[ Gasps ]

Oh, God!

Oh, Tim.!

Oh, no. Oh, Tim! [ Crying ]

Oh, Tim! [ Screams ]

[ Screaming ]

Hey! Hey, you!

Hey, you! Come back here! [ Engine Sputters ]

[ Engine Sputters, Starts ]

[ Crying ]

Oh, no. No, not David too. No.

Dale? Hmm?

There's a girl here to see you. Well, is she pretty?

She's pretty upset. She says she killed Steve Randall.

I knew he was in training.

I mean, I knew it was bad for athletes to get overexerted.

[ Sobs ] But, I couldn't help myself. I loved him too much.

Well,just how much did you love him?

[ Crying ] Three times. His poor heart!

Three times? I mean, he looked a little tired.

He told me this story about how he killed this snake.

Snake? I don't know anything about that.

[ Sobbing ] This girl made a pass at him.

Girls are always making passes at Steve.

He took her home, and it turned out that she was Dr. Stoner's daughter.

And there was this big snake. Stoner.

-[ Door Opens ] Excuse me, Dale.

I just got a call from Dr. Daniels's wife.

She's worried because he didn't come home last night.

Well, tell her to check the girls dorms.

Well, the last she heard, he was on his way to Stoner's place.

Stoner. All right.

Let's go. Thank you, miss.

The last one, David.

And, unfortunately, the most painful.

But think of it as your baptism. [ Muffled ] Oh, no.

The final agony of your old life as a puny human.

And the beginning of your new existence.

A new existence for all mankind.

[ Groaning ] You are the future, David.

Just as Adam was the first man, you are the first creature of the next evolution.

You will survive pollution, the holocaust, the famines... and the plagues that will make man extinct.

You will survive and multiply and prevail.

[ Gagging, Grunting ]

[ Rapid Breathing ]

Hit it. [ Siren Wailing ]

[ Erratic Breathing ]

Long live the king.

[ Hissing ]

[ Mongoose Snarling ]

[ Snarling Continues ]

A new life, David.

A bright, clean new life.

[ Siren Wailing ]

[ Cobra Hisses ]

Your Highness, I'd like an audience with you.

I command it.

[ Hissing ]

Your Majesty, I regret to inform you... there is a pretender to your throne.

A king with the power of a cobra, but with the intelligence of a man.

The creature is different from--

Ow. [ Grunting ]

[ Heavy breathing ]

[ Gulps, Shudders ]

A creature who is different from--

It's natural for you to resist change.

[ Labored Breathing ] And...

change is the hope... of the world.

Great change.

[ Erratic Breathing ]


[ Snarling ]

Dad! Dad!

Oh, no! Oh, no!

Dad, I saw Tim. I saw him.

What did you do to David? Dad. Dad.

[ Screams ]

[ Hissing ]

[ Gasps ] David! Da-David!

[ Siren Wailing ]

[ Tires Screech ]

My father's dead.

[ Mongoose Snarling ] David! David!

David! David!

No. No! David, no!

[ Kristine Screaming ] No.! No.!

Oh, no! David!