Stalingrad (1993) Script

Late summer, 1942. World War II enters its 4th year.

Hitler's armies occupy most of Europe and part of North Africa.

Russia faces its second large offensive of the summer.

Its goal: The Caspian Sea and the oil fields of the Caucus region.

General Paulus' 6th Battalion moves quickly towards the cities of the Volga, where the bloodiest massacre this century is about to take place:


Porto Corvo (Italy), August of 1942.

Hearts are trump. Yes. - Hearts are trump.

Yes, Lieutenant. Onward and upward.

It's warm. It tastes like piss. You'll roast in the sun.

Butter for the fish...

That's enough, Lupo. Have a seat.

Alright, Lupo. Excuse me, Lieutenant.

No, you need spades, not hearts. Play a spade.

Onward and upward, Rollo.

Can I dry you off?


This one's mine. No, no.

Why not? Who won? I did.

Fritz, when are you going to throw out that camel piss?

It was a going-away present. For ten marks I can get you one.

For ten marks I'd buy a whole damn palm tree and plant it on your head.

Whatever, you always get the best cards... And I'm horny as hell.

I told you to leave him at the hospital, but no...

Oh, God, sometimes I think... the Tommies smashed your head instead of his.

It's his last day. Let him play. His old lady's in for a surprise.

Lupo! The doctor told him not to drink.

He's gonna have a headache anyway. Good Italian wine.

What time is it?

Around 1:00. We can still find a whore, right Lieutenant?

Look at all those women.

And that present for your wife? That'll just take a second.

Battle formation. Hey, comrades, help me with the Lieutenant.

Another formation. What a drag.

Careful! That's my bottle.


I can't see anything.

What kind of fucking watch did you sell me?

Waterproof to 30 meters...

You still gotta wind it, stupid.

We'll take him like this. Grab the chair.

We'll do it this way.

What about my jacket?

Come on, guys. Move it.

My jacket. Where's Rollo's jacket?


Men! The Fuhrer commends you... for your fighting in the African Campaign.

Pushing the English back to the Nile wouldn't have been possible without your valiant efforts. Foremost in bravery were the Storm Troopers.

You were chosen because you are the best. Never forget that.

New missions now await you.

But first, you will form the core of a new, elite fighting company.

But before you leave, let me present you, in the name of the Fuhrer, with a medal for your important role... in the heavy and glorious combat at El Alamein Men, this is the new Platoon Commander for Second Company's 1st Platoon.

Lieutenant Von Witzland. step forward.

Those to be decorated step forward!

Battalion, attention!


Lieutenant von Witzland, decorate your men!

Why were you late, Corporal?

Hospital visit. Your predecessor, sir.

Heros aren't late, Corporal.

Remember that in the future.

Sergeant, do you intend to accept the Fuhrer's award with your collar open?

Yes, sir. The award is revoked.

Battalion, at ease!


Storm troopers, be ready to move out in a half hour.

Battalion dismissed!

Don't leave me, men, don't leave me!

Take me with you!

Let's go. Move along.


Good bye, my love.

What's up, Fritz? You in love?

When's the wedding?

Dearest Clara, Russia.

Two thousand kilometers separate us.

The vastness of the distance is overwhelming.

I probably won't hear from you again for quite some time.

You should still write... although it will take a long time for your letters to arrive.

Will it be hard for you?

I know if you had your choice, I'd be sitting... on a leather chair in your father's office... instead of on a bunk in a freight car.

Please forgive me, and try to understand my happiness.

The uncertainty of the last few months has vanished.

All of a sudden, my life has meaning, a goal.

Before, everything seemed unimportant... but as I get closer to the front, my melancholy lifts.

All the feelings I felt unworthy of... especially my feelings for you, burn bright again.

You should see me, sitting surrounded by these stalwart men of ours.

My men.

I love them, because I know that only through hard work... will I earn their respect.

If you were here beside me, you'd probably faint from the smell.

Can't you count? You gave him the ten.

Cut him a break.

Lupo was delirious, and he played better than you.

Everybody screws up at first. Don't worry.

He just can't deal with my brilliant strategy, right Rollo?

Hey, those are mine!

Not anymore they're not.

Where's this crate headed, anyway?

How about Stalingrad, gentlemen?

Time to teach Ivan a lesson.

We'll take that city in three days. Cheers!

Do you always look that stupid?

If I didn't know better... I'd swear we passed this same spot ten hours ago Russia's big, all right.

After the war, everybody will get what he wants I've already ordered 200 acres and 10 women.


Not if you paid me. Then stay in your lousy little town.

Look! They're already working for us.

Let's go, men!

Dig faster!

How do you say "faster"? "Davai".

"Davai" and "Ruki vyerkh" is all you gotta know.

Adolf will build us a freeway All the way to Kirkov, or whatever you call it.

This big country is just aching for someone with a fleet of trucks.

That's enough, Rieser.

I find it touching that our Lieutenant... is keeping us company.

Permission to ask a question, sir?

Go ahead.

Is this your first time to the front?

Everybody starts somewhere, right? Should be fun.

Make a bet with you, sir.

I come out alive and you don't.

And... what's the stakes?

From you... two cases of water.


And how's he supposed to pay if he's dead?

This is pretty.

And we're not even in Stalingrad yet

You want me to carry you, Russian pig?

Move it!

Get up, you Russian asshole. Go, go, go!

What are you waiting for?

Stop it! Leave him alone. Give him a chance to get up.

Captain, I must protest strongly to the behaviour of your men.

You want to protest?

Fine. Go tell the Fuhrer.

Lieutenant! Over here!

Lieutenant von Witzland. Storm Troopers Battalion 336, 2nd Company, 1st Platoon.

Welcome to Stalingrad.

All the specialists are finally here.

Let me introduce Sergeant Pfluger. Battalion 179.

He just returned from Voronezh.

I'm pleased you made it on time, Lieutenant.

Now let's teach Ivan how to swim in the Volga.

Cigarette? No, thanks! Captain...

I'd like to report an incident which occurred on the loading platform.

I've already heard. It seems you're very fond of the Russians.

Forget it.

See that the men are issued ammo and grenades as soon as possible.

Then officers' briefing. Dismissed.

Your uncle, Colonel Von Witzland, is a good friend of mine.

He asked me to look out for you.

"God is with us".

It's engraved on every German soldier's belt buckle.

No shit. I hadn't noticed.

There is no holier work... than defending Western Christian values... against Eastern Bolshevism.

And that's what sets you apart from the Bolsheviks... who have no time for God.

You are never alone, even when deep in enemy territory.

Muller, go!

Yes, sir.

They're crazy. They're killing their own men.

Damned artillery.

Get down!

He's crazy.

Quiet, boys. Follow my lead.

Men, our objective is that factory... at any cost.

We'll start with that machine gun nest on the right.

Whenever the artillery hits, the Russians hide.

Can you see anything, sir? It looks suspicious.

Here, Captain.

We're at Frieda 20. Cease fire.

I repeat, hold your fire.

Where are the five assault cannons?

We can't see anything, as usual.

As ordered, Major

All clear to the second point.

Fire only on my command and maintain silence.


Let's go, men. Follow me!

Shit! You klutz, Feldmann.

It's not my fault, Emigholz.

Now Ivan knows where we are.

I'm sorry.



It's no use, boys. He's gone.

Take cover!

He said, they're better than ours.

They don't get jammed.

Cheer up!

Kill yourself some Russians with it.

Smoke them out.

Take cover!

Hit the foxholes!

Watch the gas tanks!

Keep moving, men.

We're getting closer.

Go, guys! Forward!

What's wrong? You stuck? Move!

That way! Move it!

I can't! I can't go!

Get out of the hole!

Pull yourself together, you fool!

Leave him. Get his tags and let's go.

If you don't come, I'm leaving. I can't help you anymore.

Go ahead and die, then. It's your fault.

Keep moving. Come on!

I told you so, idiot. Follow me!

We can't make it, Captain It's impossible.

Nothing's impossible, Lieutenant. Find a smoke grenade.

Smoke grenades!

We got to take out that cannon.

Fritz, smoke grenade!

He's right, sir. We can't make it...

Feldmann, now you can make up for your mistake.

You want your wife to be proud of you when you return, don't you?

Let me go, Captain.

No, I'll go. I won't let you down, Captain.

I know, son.

We'll cover you.


Or else we'd never make it.

Feldmann owed us.

Let's go, men!

Now we'll show them. Pfluger, take the left.

Witzland, take the right. We must take this factory Forward, men! Follow me!

Cover us. Shoot anything that moves.

Let's go, Fritz.


I shot him.

Shoot me already! Shoot me!

Hands up! Faster! Davai!

Ruki vyerkh! Now! Davai! Davai!

I shot my friend!

I killed him!

I shot him!

I don't deserve to live! So what! Now just shut up!

Don't worry...

I did the same once.

It's normal in close combat.

If he'd been Russian, you'd be dead.

Mother, I'm sorry I left you alone.

Mother, stay with me.

What should I do... so we can stay together?



Pfluger, come back!

Take cover!

Get a gas barrel!

Next target: Control room. 6:00 p.m. German time.

I need two volunteers.

We'll go. Good.

Come on, push!

One, two, go!

We'll get the Iron Cross for this.

It'll look great on our coffin, Rollo.

Take cover!

Shit. Mother'll die if I get hurt.

Finally, my Iron Cross.

What are you waiting for? You want to lose another 300 men?


Cover the exits!

Stay where you are!

Don't move! Ruki vyerkh!

I shit myself.

I shit in my pants.

You're not the only one.

Radio: I wanted to reach not just the Volga, but a certain... spot on the Volga, a certain city.

By coincidence this city bears the name of Stalin himself,

but that is not the reason I marched there.

It wasn't the name, but the fact that it's a very important point.

From there we cut off 30 million tons of commerce, almost

9 million tons of oil.

All the wheat from the Ukraine came there before being shipped north.

Manganese ore was mined there.

It was an enormous shipping center.

I wanted that city, and in all modesty, now we have it.

As you all know, we don't ask so much of you.

We've done it. Only a very few pockets of resistance remain.

Some people say:

"Why don't you fight faster?" I don't want a second Verdun.

I'd rather fight with very small combat patrols.

Time doesn't matter.

What matters is cutting off the Volga.

We have to keep an eye on Ivan.

"Small combat patrols".

What did you say? Only 62 of us left.

And for your information, we started with 400 men.

Why not tell everyone? Boost morale.

At least we've got Ivan's stove.

Damn stuttering. After every attack Better to stutter than to die...


Congratulations. You're still alive.

Have a smoke.

I don't drink my courage... Asshole.

What are you thinking about?

I'm not.

If you start thinking, you go crazy.

So I don't.

Have a swig of this.

You've got a little switch right here. Just turn it,

and you stop thinking.

I'm sorry.

Be glad you can still cry.

Go on, cry. It's good for you.

What's your name?


We've got too many of those. At least until the next attack.

You're a little go-getter, Muller.

GGM You okay, GG?

What is it?

The Russians tried to get a couple of their wounded, sir. So I shot.

They'd do the same to us. Quiet.

Can anyone speak Russian?

Me, sir.

Call over and ask if they want a short truce... to get the wounded.

Excuse me sir, but that's forbidden. The captain... would never allow it.

Shut up, Muller. you stupid ass, you idiot!

I was only telling you our standard procedure.

Nobody in this city cares about standard procedure.

Go ahead, Wölk. That's an order.

Our Lieutenant asks do you want to get the wounded?

(speaking russian)

We have to go first.

I'm not going out there. Me neither.

Emigholz. Yes, sir.

Pass it on: short cease-fire.

We'll need medics.

Bee one to beehive. Cease fire. We need medics.

I'll go with you.

You'd better stay.

You're better off here.

You look like my son.

How old's your son? Three.

Let me go.

Alyosha, everything will be fine.

What are you doing?

I'll help you. Don't die.

Sons of bitches!

Cover them!

Aim for the windows!

God damn it!

Hand grenade!

Shoot, Wölk! Move clear!

Don't shoot! Hold your fire!

You'll get an Iron Cross for that, sir.

Who opened fire?

Who opened fire?

Quiet, boy.

The Russians were going to attack. When I saw them, I shot.

You're full of shit! He's right, Lieutenant.

I should court-martial you.

Go ahead, sir.

I'll tell about illegal contact with the enemy!

We don't need a court, sir.

Just give him to the Russians.

You'll get in the newspaper.

The obituary column.


Emigholz, you asshole!

Always sleeping.

My shaving kit.

Who's got my shaving kit?

You're still the prettiest.

You should model for the cover of Today's Army

Grub's here!

False alarm.

They were shooting at the grub.

Mails! Great! Let's have them.

What did they bring us?

Horseshit again.

Those guys are fucking insane.

They should eat this crap themselves.

Quit complaining, Rollo.

Yeah, I know. We're the beasts who invaded Russia.

Rollo, I got something for you.

No mail?

She wrote me again that she's had a boy.

That was in her last letter.

But not a word about the cow that's supposed to calve.

Oh, well. She's not the brightest... She wasn't good in school either.

But the smallest.

He married a dwarf. So what?

At least she loves me.

If only I knew that my cow was okay.

Listen up. Someone's been stealing our eggs.

They should hang the bastard.

Look who's talking.

You loot every Russian corpse. That's different.

We're at war. They're not at war back home.

Here's a letter for you.


From your wife?

She's at home guarding our furniture.

Schalke beat Hannover 3 to 1.

Alemania lost again.

That's in your letter?

After the war, I'm gonna play for Werder Bremen...

I've already tried out.

Soccer's bullshit.

I have a rowboat. A two-seater.

My old lady rows while I relax.

By evening, she's tired and quiet.

I have one too.

Hares or rabbits?


Your boots... nails bad.

Much cold...

Russian winter.

I can fix them.

Me cobbler. Father cobbler.

Grandfather cobbler.

Quiet! How do you say "quiet" in Russian?

Let them sing. It sounds nice.

Poppy bread.

Hey, Rollo.

Granddad sent me beeswax. Cure for rheumatism.

Something happen at home?

Bomber attack?

You could say that.

While I'm risking my ass for the fatherland, she shacks up with a Frenchman.

A P.O.W.!

That's illegal.

Are you sure?

Maybe it's just a rumor.

She wrote me personally.

Wanted to tell me personally.

We beat the French in six weeks.

She's afraid, of course.

I'll make the Russians pay for this.

But he's French.

Who gives a fuck?

What's up? Nothing. Drop it!

His wife's fucking around. It's better nobody knows.

Kiss my ass!

You all hate me!

Especially you, Lieutenant! You think I'm a country fool!

Rohleder... Leave me alone.

You're my best man Without you, we'd be dead already.

You'd have won your bet.

Rohleder! Reiser! Here... - Here...

Lieutenant, follow us!

Wölk, Pflüger, cover the doors! Damn it, Pflüger, cover the doors!

Russians everywhere.

We've got to go down there, or they'll cut us off.


Here, sir.

There's no contact, sir.

Get your flamethrowers! Go!

Just us, sir?

Emigholz and I will follow. Wölk!

Yes, sir.

Stay here. If we're not back in two hours, break through.

Time check? 7:00 a.m. German time.

Why me? I'm the radio man.

Sir, let me go along.

What the hell for? Let him come. He might bring us luck.

Fine. Emigholz, the flamethrowers.


What a stink.


Fritz! Come here!


Reiser! Rohleder!

Hands up! Get them up!

You're surrounded.

If I scream... You're dead.

And so are you.

Hands up!

At least say it properly.

Is he dead?

He's dead, all right. You're experts at killing.

Quiet, or I'll shoot you.

Shoot me and you'll die. You'd never get out of here.


That's the wrong way. Don't try...

How about a truce?

I help you find your people, and you let me go.

Why should I trust you?

I could have killed you.

With this? Yes, with that.

Wait! What's in your other boot?

My spoon.

You want that too, Lieutenant?

How do you know German?

All right. You have my word as an officer.

If you get me out of here, I'll let you go.

You go first.

Of course.





Are you all right? Shit, Reiser.

We've got to keep moving.

Thanks, Reiser.

I won't forget it.


And Emigholz?

Damn, it's Edgar.

Help me!


Help me! There he is.

My leg!

Quiet! If he doesn't shut up, I'll kill him myself.

Shut up!

Your leg's fine.

That's good, Muller.

Keep moving. We have to get out of here.

Move, men! Keep going!

Were Germans here? They went that way.

Be careful, girl.

Thanks, Uncle.


What's going on?

Who's helping the wounded?

Who knows? The Russians broke through somewhere.

The Romanians, I think.

Get me out of here. Lie down.

Hold still. I'll get a doctor. Where are my boots?

We need a doctor. I don't know...

I need a doctor.


I'm not a doctor. Over here! Move!

Get to work!

Reiser, put the gun away!

And let him die? Let them all die?

Get to work. I'm not a doctor.

Not another word! Everyone shut up!

Get to work!

Edgar, the doctor's here.

Help me.

Drop your weapon.

Captain, let me explain.

Explain what? We just came from the front, sir.

Shut up. We risked our life for our comrade.

Where are you, Schroeder?

Where's my bag and jacket?

I expect a report about this unheard-of incident.

Right away, sir.

He's dead.

This can't be... All for nothing.

You're all under arrest. Take their weapons.

What happens to us now?

I didn't want this.

I request to speak with the General Hentz.

You think you're special?

But it's your right, I suppose.

God damned Russian sympathizer.

Take them away.

To sum up the situation, gentlemen... we're in deep shit.

Day before yesterday, the Russians broke through the north, near Kletskaya.

And now, they've broken through in the south too.

They will try to close the circle around Kalach... sometime today.

If they succeed, we'll be sitting ducks, gentlemen.

Keep smoking, Krüger.

Captain, You must help me. Some of my men were arrested at the hospital.

One of the men was wounded.

Reiser lost control and threatened a doctor.

Is this a proper report?

Captain, we were trapped.

The entire 6th Army is trapped! Pull yourself together.

We're trying to decide the fate of an army, and you're whining about a couple of men!

You can't do this, sir.

The men believed in you. They fought for you.

Are we nothing more than a flag on your God damned map?

Excuse me, General. What's going on?

It's about the incident at the hospital.

I'll have the Lieutenant escorted out.

Some of my people used force to get preferential treatment... for one of their soldiers. Isn't that the young Witzland?

Nasty business you got yourself into.

Will we be court-martialed, sir?

This will not go unpunished.

December 1942. The 6th Army's been surrounded 6 weeks.

You'll learn.

What's going on here? Why isn't the road open?

Look at all those medals. You like them, Rollo?

Ask him if you can touch one.

Asshole. It's your fault we're here.

Break it up. Save your strength for the front.

We need every man we can get.

Everyone in the truck.

Move it! You, too.

But I... That's an order!

Since it's Christmas, I'm going... to give every man some bread.

But only if you ask me for it nicely.

Say "please"... my former Lieutenant.


Merry Christmas.

Get out of the truck! Out!

This is insane. They'll never make it to the front.

Get out or I'll shoot.

Shoot me! I don't care!

Leave him alone. Go to hell.

Ivan'll finish the job.

What's this? Hermann...

What's are you doing? This man was shirking his duty.

Get out of my sight!

Lieutenant, this is suicide.

I refuse. Then go home.

Rollo, I can't take it anymore.

Quiet, men!

We've had it. No more!

Shoot us all! I don't care anymore.


Listen up.

The Russians tried to drive us out of Marinovka yesterday.

Knight's Cross.

Despite heavy losses, we held our positions.

I'm sure the Russians will try it again, But without your help, the line won't hold.

Why is this position important?

Marinovka is our best chance to break through... to General Hoth's Panzer division which is just a few kilometers away.

And as you all know, we must break out to survive.

I ask you:

Do you want to starve without fighting... to be responsible for the deaths of 300,000 comrades?

Think it over, men. Is it worth fighting for??

Some choice.

We're going to make it, Fritz.

As long as the Captain leads, we'll fight.

But if you fall, all bets are off.


Comrades, we're going to give these prisoners... a chance to redeem themselves.

You'll be honorably reinstated after this battle. On my word...

Witzland, give me your word as a German officer that you agree.

Yes sir, Captain.

All right.

Get ammunition and form two squads.

Wölk, lead the first squad. Müller, the second. Dismissed.

Otto, just a moment.

We don't stand a chance.

Why not surrender?

You know what would happen if we did.

Do we deserve any better?

I'm not a Nazi, Otto.

No. you're worse, you lousy officers.

You went along... even though you knew who was in charge.

I told you what would happen...

If I live through this,

I'm gonna forgive the old lady.

I had them tell my wife I was dead.

It's for the best, believe me.

But we'll make it home someday.

So what?

I'll tell you a Christmas story.

Exactly one year ago today was the last time I was home.

Special Christmas leave because I destroyed three tanks.

My wife and kids met me at the station.

They were stranger to me than any of you.

She tried to understand, tried to be tender.

But the more she tried to understand, the more I hated her.

Finally I ran off and got drunk. There was nothing else to do.

My wife wasn't sorry when I left the next day.

Just the children.

I got back just in time for the new Russian offensive.

And I felt like I was home again.

The action's in here. Don't bother the officers.

We grunts gotta stick together.

I finished high school. You'd never know.


Who's got the grenades? Rollo.

I look like my grandmother.

Rollo, grenades. Have fun.


Get your ass down!


Where's our artillery?

You're the artillery.

Get out! Get out now!

I want out! Let me go! Pull yourself together!

Get down!

Rohleder, get back!

Come on!

Shoot the big guy!

They fit.

God damnit.

I just got used to this arm.

You okay, Captain?

The Russians can only hit my right side.

I was lucky.

It's my last... but we'll share it, Lieutenant. Thank you, Captain.

Back to camp, men.

Now we wait for Hoth's army.

We'll take the cannon with us Where are the horses?

We're the horses.

Everybody out! Now!

Close the door, it's cold.

Leave's been cancelled.

We're staying here.

You're crazy!

Everyone out!

How often did the Russians make you shit in your pants?

All right! I'm a coward.

I'm scared! This whole thing makes me sick!

Where's my pay anyway?

I get 36 Marks a month, and if I don't get it right now...

then I'm going home.

On foot. Calm down, Fritz.

The Russian army must be held.

The fun's not over yet.

Come on! Faster!

Move it, you grunts!

In the name of the Fuhrer.

In the name of the Fuhrer.

In the name of the Fuhrer.

In the name of the Fuhrer.

In the name of the Fuhrer.


Carry out the order as given.

Understand? Yes, sir.

We're not finished, Lieutenant. Follow me with your men.


Keep moving! Over there!

Fritz, can they do this?

It's to remind us which side we're on.

Listen up!

These civilians... are guilty of sabotage.

They are to be executed...


They started the killing yesterday. There's no sabotage.

They're just out of food.

I can't do this.

If you don't, GG, you'll be up there next.

Nothing we can do. At least their suffering's over.

I can't.

That boy there. He worked for us.

And for Ivan too. Shut up.

What the hell's going on here?

We must hurry. There are more of them.

Captain, you can't do this. I can vouch for that boy.

You again?

Does the boy appeal to you??

Remind you of someone back home?

Child-killer! Shut up, asshole.

You want to be arrested again?

Return to your post.

You're an officer. Do something. I'll handle this.


Step forward, Corporal.

I'll kill that bastard.

Let him go!

Let me take his place, sir.

Come to attention when I address you!

Are you refusing to carry out a direct order?

Let the boy go, sir.

That's enough!

There's nothing to discuss.

If you miss, you'll be up there next.

Get back in line, Corporal.

Do you want to take command?

And you're from an officer's family.

Take aim!

Why doesn't he do something, Fritz?

We didn't kill the boy... so you could let us die out here, Lieutenant.

If you were too afraid to give the right order... then at least give it now.

Let's get out of here.

We'll go to the airport.

Somehow I'll get on a plane, even if I have to wound myself.

Calm down, Fritz.

I'm leaving. I mean it.

Do you know what you're saying?

That's desertion!

Talk to him, Lieutenant.

I no longer feel bound by my oath.

After all that's happened... I think you have a right to leave.

I'm not going to let you get us in trouble again.

That's enough! Understand?

You're not being reasonable.

You're just scared, Rollo.

Kill me. You're a sergeant. It's your duty.

Fritz... stay here!

I pity you, Rohleder. Fight to the end. You're already dead.

Who's coming with me?

Say hello to your son for me when you get home.

What about you?

I know it's crazy, but I can't go.

I really can't.

A year ago, I would have been first. But now...

I'll keep him company. Good luck.

I think you'll lose your bet with the Lieutenant, Rollo

Shit. Where the hell are we?

No idea.

I'll ask for directions.

Where's Pitomnik?

(speaking russian)



Head west...

Through the big balka.

Airport at 5 kilometers.

Thank you.

Come on.

Fritz! He has a wounded tag.

You can still read the doctor's signature. "Doctor Heider".

This is our pass. It's a free pass home!

Everybody look for one of these...

And put on bandages. We're wounded.

For you, Hans.

Quiet, man. You're not the only one in pain...

Ah! Powder burns.

Obviously a self-inflicted wound Close combat. In the trenches.

Take this traitor away. No, Doctor, no!

I can't do this... They'll catch us. I'm going back.

It's too late for that now.

Just don't screw up. You neither.

At least I'm not the only storm trooper here.

They should take more of us out of here. We're needed elsewhere.

I have witnesses, Doctor!

What's wrong, son? Fever?

I can't read the signature. Who's your doctor?

Can't you speak?

Doctor Heider.

Excuse him, Doctor. He's in shock. Tank battle.

His best friend was blown apart. Here you go, son.

For the fever... You'll be home soon.

Keep an eye on him. Yes, sir, Doctor.


Where's the Lieutenant? Hans?

Lieutenant? Hans, we're over here!

Be reasonable. The plane has to unload.

Over here!

You pig! Let me through!

You filthy pig!

Here come our heroes. Assholes.

Hans, where are you?

GG, hold on to me. You bastard. You dirty bastard.

You could have made it.

The last German plane left Stalingrad on January 23rd, 1943.



Kill me!

Otto! Welcome in a mass grave.

Careful! Not so hard.

Are you hurt?

You know how fragile he is.

It's only rash. He's covered with boils.

The Captain, he got the worst.

No planes for you?


Musky, you old muskrat. guess who saved your life?

That'll piss him off.

Leave the Captain alone.

My foot.

My God damned foot.

I wouldn't do that.

I told you not to do that.

Great. Now puke on him too.

Give me a butt. Give me a damn butt!

I just don't have any luck with my right side.

Play something for us.

Damn medals.

Stand up!

Stand up, men!

And come to attention.

I want a report... Lieutenant.

Where is your unit?

We're not in the middle of nowhere.

We shoot looters in the German Army.

Or have you forgotten?

Stay where you are! Stop!

GG, GG...


GG, he can't do this.

You... you can't do this.

Don't die, GG.

We'll make it home, GG.

Lieutenant, arrest that man. And get me out of here.

You want a report? The Russian boy's name was Kolya.

And this boy's name was Müller.

Like a lot of others.

You can still make up for this!

You must be very hungry. I have supplies.

In the white house, By the theater.

We'll drive there.

Germans don't shoot Germans.

I'm an officer.

You can't leave me here!

I can't believe it. Bastards.

Slow down, or you'll get cramps.


By rank. We'll go by rank.

You're first, Lieutenant.

So, GG. Some for you.

Dead Rollo, cheers.

Dead Otto...

Dead Fritz...

to our grand offensive.

Three's the trick

Hearts are trump! Hey, Fritz! Hearts are trump.

There's a little bit of blood on the back of the ten of spades, just so you know.

Damn... right side.

Three play cards... while the other's getting laid.

I'm not pretty enough for you?

I want a woman once more before I die.

You're all that's left. You could do me one favor.

Shoot me! But you're afraid! Stop it!

You've probably got an innocent girl at home.

Do you love her? Yes? Oh, yes!

A German soldier's love... increases with every step between him and his woman.

But you'll never see her again.

You poor fool, you've probably never even slept with her.

Maybe you should have a taste of Slavic meat after all.


As soft and white as your virgin's!

Fuck me and shoot me!

Shoot yourself, if that's what you want. I'm tired of killing.

Get out of here! No!

You bastard! You dirty bastard!

I couldn't do it either.

I'm the German's whore. A collaborator.

Nonsense. They forced you.

I should have killed myself.

I thought that once, too.

Quit slowing down the game.

Spades are trumps. There's some blood on the 10 of spades.

You know us very well.

I know you through and through.

My mother was German.

I used to love your language.

I'll never forgive myself for that.

I had the strangest dream.

I had to piss, but I couldn't because I was sleeping.

Fucking dream.

Better than pissing, eh Lieutenant?

Have some real food.

Then try again.

I'll teach her to be nice to you.

Don't touch her! I mean it! Nobody touch her.

Everybody up!

Rohleder, come here. Yes, Captain.

Don't do it, Rollo. If he doesn't, I'll shoot you.

Stay here.

You wouldn't hurt your Captain, would you?

Come here. Yes, sir.

I won't court-martial you.

You were good soldiers until you chose survival at any cost.

Shut up.

Don't move, Reiser.

Do you think you'll be able to live with yourselves as deserters?

Shut your mouth.

Don't kid yourself. You should know better than anyone that you'll always be soldiers, no matter what. The war is your home.

You're already dead.

For two years, I've prayed to be killed.

The flesh melts from my bones... and seeps through the rocks. But you know what?

I put myself back together again, every night.

And none of you can kill me. None.

You used to be an officer! Quit laughing!

Otto! Where's the front? I want a report.

That's an order!

Heil Hitler.

Let's get out of here!

Wait, Captain. I'll help you.

Fresh air!

You're all crazy.

A short rest, Captain... Then we'll go.

Don't fall asleep, we're going soon.

Where's the front?

What's going on?

General... Sergeant Rohleder, Iron Cross.

Give me your weapon. Come on, give it to me.

I'm a deserter, sir. Don't talk nonsense, stand up!

Come on!

Where's the front? Come with me. Gentlemen...

The front. Where's the front?

We'll go soon. Don't fall asleep.

I'm not going to die.

You know, Hans, At home, when you die as a soldier... at least they're proud.

That's something, isn't it?

Siberia? Not me. I'm cold enough.

I'll get you out.

I'm going with her.

We won't even get 100 meters, but what's the difference?

Let's go. It's dark enough.

We made it.

The best...

thing about the cold... is that you don't feel anything.

Everything freezes.


too cold to cry.

The best...

thing about the cold...

Get out of here, Fritz.

I mean it. Go!

You don't have to worry about sunburn.

Ever been to the desert?

You'd hate it.

It's so hot.

You're always sweating.

You think you're melting, like butter.

The desert is shit.

Except for the stars...

They're so close.

You know, Hans?

More than a million people died in the battle of Stalingrad, in combat, or of starvation, or froze to death.

Russians, Romanians, Italians, Hungarians, Germans.

Of 260,000 German soldiers, 91,000 were taken prisoner.

Only 6,000 returned to their country years later.