Standoff (2016) Script

I'm sorry.

Oh, no, no.

I can't even remember what got us started, babe.

You're too stubborn, Carter.

Sam, slow down, watch where you're going.

You said you're gonna clean up that field.


And so, we remember Crayton, for what he accomplished for his family, a gift that we would treasure

You told Aunt Jane you quit.

Yeah, well. I gave up half of my day to drive you up here.

So, let's call it a truce and go wish your parents happy anniversary, okay, Bird.

Don't call me that.

Okay, Isabelle.

Look, why don't we pay our respects real quick?

I don't want you to come.

Fine, but leave the camera here with me, okay?

You know you can't hide behind that thing forever.

Okay, just don't take any pictures of the service Okay.

Here you go.

I'll be right here.

I'm serious about not taking any pictures, Bird.



I've been taking real good care of your camera.


And so, we remember Crayton, for what he had accomplished,

May we leave here with but one overarching thought in out minds.

That Crayton will always...


Oh my god.

Please. Please.

Ah! Okay!

Okay. Please.

I understand it's... it is over but...

Please, I'm asking you... We can talk about this.

We can sit down. We can make some kind of a deal.

I... Just... I'm begging you.

I'm begging you to please just don't....


Take a good look.

You only get one.

I don't know you. But, you know my employer.

You know you don't challenge a man in his position.

Plea... Please.

I've shown you my face.

So, you're already dead.

Don't forget your book.




Can I help you?

Yeah, I'm looking for a little girl in a red dress.

Oh. There's the little angel right now.

Roger! No!



Help me!


Help me, please!

Help me!




Whoa, whoa whoa. Hey, hey, hey.

It's okay. It's okay. I can help you.

What happened?

Tell me what happened? Somebody hurt?

Oh, fuck.


Hey, you took some potshot, did you?

Pssst! Get back! Get back!

Give it up, mister!

You ain't getting through to me!

Just making sure you know your place.

MY PLACE? Where is that, huh?

I'm sitting pretty on a high ground!

You waste your clip burying bullets in the furniture.

That 45 ain't gonna cut a hole through to me and you know it.

Not with that fucking condom it's wearing.

Well, well, well.

That man knows his guns.

So do I.


Pitiful range you got with that candy ass 20 gauge you're riding up there.

You ain't nothing but a quail hunter, boy.

And I damn sure ain't no small game, you hear?

You know, it's still enough to tear you apart this close, asshole.

Eh, you're right.

You know you're going to need something damn sizable substantial if you really want to rough up with me.

I've got plenty, buddy!

You just try and come up 'em fucking stairs again, okay!

I will blow your fucking head clean off!

I'm getting the police on the line, right now!

Phone's dead.

Looks like I caught you in a bad time.

I got a cell phone, asshole!

I know, dipshit.

I'm looking at it.


You really ought to keep this on you at all times.

You know, for emergency and such. I'm just saying.

Well, it don't matter anyway.

The nearest cop is at least a half an hour away from here and I won't need but a few minutes of your time.

You sound like you're selling me sometin'.

Maybe I am, maybe I ain't, friend.

Look. Here's the situation.

That adorable little Muppet you got up there, she's seen my face.

Hell, if she was a snake, she would have bit me.

So, if I don't put a hole in her head, and I mean like right quick, somebody is going to do the same thing to me and I can't allow that.

So, what I need you to do is send her down, So I can tidy things up a bit, you understand?

Yeah. You think she can identify you.


Yes, I know she will, as quick as a frog can lick flies.

But, you, on the other hand you didn't see fuck all, except the masked gunman.

I can give less than two shit about you.

All I want is the girl.

So, why don't you send her on down here, let me handle my business and I'll be gone.

Look, son.

I understand the.... unfortunate and the... complex morale dilemma that you're facing here.

The wrap is real simple.

The little lady seen my face.

Now, she's got to pay the price, like everybody else.

That's how it works.

As far as you should be concerned, she's already dead.

Now the sooner you allow me, to prove that little point to you.

The sooner you can get back to your... perfect little life here.

Now, I know you're bleeding up there.

And that does make time a factor, so, here's what you're going to do.

You're going to send the girl down to me.

Get yourself to a hospital, get yourself fixed up.

I'm going to take care of my business and that will be that.

What do you say?

Believe me when I tell you, son.

You do not want to fight me on this thing.

This will only devolve into a battle of wills and my will is strong than anyone you have ever met.


Well, you and me ain't never been introduced, asshole.

My name is Carter Greene. This is my house!

And so long as I'm still breathing, you ain't gonna harm a hair on this child's head.

Listen, you just send the little lady down here, right now.

This is not the time to play hero and I am the last individual on god's green Earth that you want to butt heads with. You hear me?

Oh yeah, I hear you.

I hear you and you sound real scary.

Fuck you, farmer Jim!

You're alone out here on the frontier.

No friends! No family! No cops! No help at all!

This the wild west, son!

The wild fucking west!

There ain't no guards coming out here to save your ass!

It's just you and me and 'em murderer crows waiting to pick over our dead bones!

So, you take a breather.

You let that sink in.

But, don't take too long, yeah?

Wouldn't want to get too much blood all over your white trash finest.

I need your help.

I want you to go to the bathroom and get the first aid kit.

It's under the sink, go.

Come to Papa.

Alright, set it down. Open it up.

Come here.

You're going to help me, okay?


Now, get it real hot, okay?

You just hold it on there.

Alright, let's put it down.

Don't look.


Alright, more, more, more. Come on.


You're suppose to swallow them.

Not when it hurts as bad as I do.

Go-Go in the other room.

In a box, there are some light bulbs, okay?

Bring me all of them.

And some... water. Bring me some water.

I said all of them, go.

Towels, bring me some towels.

The bathroom, go. Go.



Ain't no farmer.

Now, even if we're not here, we'll hear him if he tries to climb the upstairs.

Cool. What's the water for?

For drinking.


You want some?

So, what's your name?


But everyone calls me, Bird, I don't like it though.


How'd you get a colorful name like that?

My dad gave it to me.

My mom said he started calling me his little bird when I was real small because I never wanted to eat.

He died though.

They both did.

Car crash.


I'm sorry.

How did you get into this mess anyway?

He shot Roger at the cemetery.


Aunt Jane's boyfriend.

Jesus. I'm sorry.

You apologize a lot for someone who didn't do anything wrong.

Uh, no. I just, you know.

It's too bad your uncle's dead and...

Wasn't my uncle.

I should've been nicer to him.

He's a monster.

He's no monster.

Hey. Don't give him the satisfaction.

He's no monster.

Yes, he is.

You're all alone?

Those big companies moved in and... this whole valley's a graveyard.

Crops are alive. Houses are dead.

There's nobody here but scarecrows.

And you.

And me.

How many bullets you have?

Just one.

That's it?

You don't have anymore packed in a box or something.

I'm afraid not.

Last shell in the house.

Don't worry.

He doesn't know that.

Can we go out the window?

I may not ever make it with this leg, you can climb out on your own.

But, I won't be there to protect you, that's just what he wants.

Now, we're stuck here until help comes, he leaves.

Thank you.

No, don't mention it, Isabelle. Just...

Just doing what's right.

Call me Bird if you want.

I thought you didn't like that name.

Depends on who's using it.

Well, please to meet you, Bird.

I'm Carter, in case you missed it.

That's a nice camera you got there.

What're you... Taking pictures of the cemetery or something?


I caught a picture of him without his mask on.

Does he know that?

I think so.

Oh, that's great. Give me the film.

Harry, come down!

How's Bernard?

Let me ask you.

What's with all the boxes, huh?

Fixing the jump ship? Hm?

I bet you wished you schedule the big move a day earlier, huh?

So, hey, man.

What happened to your family, huh?

What? They up and leave your sorry ass?

Is this a broken home I'm sitting in?

Come on, bad ass, talk to me! Don't be shy!

Shit, you can confide in me.

Oh, whoa! Look at here.

Soldier boy.

You, a soldier boy.

Damn good one, from the looks of this photograph.

Look at you, all spit and polish with your shiny medals and your pretty ribbon.

Hey, where were you?

Huh? Hey, look. I'm ex-military too, man.

Black ops, you know, real jackal shit. Where were you?

Iraq? No, no, no.


Hey, sergeant Greene. Hey, sergeant Greene.

As one ex-military man to another;

I salute you and thank you for your service.


Nice looking woman you had there, boy.

Real nice looking.

Hey, you don't mind if I get her number when this is all over, do you?

Just shut up! Heyyy.


Oh, come on, sergeant Greene.

I'm just fucking with you a little bit.

Ain't no need for you to get all furiously articulate on me.


Just want to thank you.

Took the liberty of... dipping into you little reserve.

I've been feeling nice and warm, I hope you got something up there to keep you chill oloy too.

Oh, and...

All bullshit aside. Just between you and me.

I understand where you're coming from with all this, man.

I understand, I got a little girl myself.

She ain't but...

Well, she can't be no older than... the little lady up there and...

She means the world to me.


Nothing I wouldn't do for that little girl.

I mean, that's why I'm in this line of work.

You know, I got a family that depends on me and I can't let one little loose end with a pony tail take them away from me, can I?

I mean, you can't let her get in the way of you taking care of your responsibilities either.

Right? I mean...

What's more important? The life of a stranger or... or the future of your family. You feel me?

Take this. Man, am I right?

Put it at the back of the toilet.

In the toilet?

In the-In the tank. Oh.

Put it in the tank. Okay.

Hey. Let me ask you this.

You want to see your son again, right?

I mean, am I right?

Well, you ain't wrong, mister.

Whatcha think I got to lose, man, I aint' lost?

The kid stays with me. All right?

Why don't you just go home to your own daughter, huh?

No can do, partner.

No can do.

Once I sink my teeth into something I don't pull them out, until the thing is dead.

Yeah, you sure about that, pal?

Now, I wouldn't bet on you lasting too long with that buckshot in your gut.

Oh, shit, man. By my standard, this ain't nothing but a flash wound.

Well, my's a flash wound by anybody's standards, so...

We'll just see who drops first.

Well, I got a feeling that that's gonna be you once I burn this mother fucker to the ground.

What you got to say to that?

I'm way ahead of you, asshole.

Now, you know, just as well as I do, the kid's got a picture of you without your mask on.

You see, I got you, man.

Film's in a safe place. it's in a Ziploc bag under the fucking water.

You know damn well there's a decent chance that film will survive the fire for the cops to find.

I got to think, man.

That's well past the level of acceptable risk!

For such a tiny professional as yourself!

You know your sneering condescending act really sucks right about now, soldier boy.

You should've stuck to that pure hearted yoco bit.

That shit was working for you.

Whatever you say, chief.

Oh, I want to break you into a million pieces, mother fucker.

A million tiny fucking pieces.

You want to play with me? Alright, then.

It's feeling to get ugly after this bitch.

All quiet on the western front, kid?

That's right. Same as yesterday.

Same as every yesterday.

I tell you. I don't know how this place keeps self together between my rounds.

Baker, it's either gets and like it. Just swallow and smile, kid.

Ed, I got a question for you.

When you old dogs're going to stop calling me kid?

Till you earn your wings.

Don't take offense. That's just how it is around these parts.

And how do I earn my wings?

Well, you can start by getting your ass over to Clem Satchers place Them teenagers been messing around on his land.


You see something, kid?

It's probably nothing, I'll-I'll get back to you.


(Where's Sam? Where's Sam, Carter?)


Bird, I need a drink.

More water?


There's some other bottles up in the attic.

Aunt Jane gets angry when she drinks.

Yeah. Well, I get angry when I don't drink.

Hey. Listen.

Go get me a bottle.

Where did you get that?

I'm sorry, I'll put it back.

Where did you get that? Put it back.

Put it back now.


I could never say this, to you face to face.

Even though you told me over and over again that it wasn't my fault.

Your eyes never hid the truth.

I killed our son.

I let him die.

I want you know that you did the right thing leaving me.

You mother fucker.

I hope one day you find it in your heart to forgive me.

I'm so sorry I was so weak, Carter.

God damn, sergeant Greene.

That sure is a whole lot of apologies.

Exactly how many kids did you get killed?

Don't look at me.

Don't look at me!

Well. Now I know why you had that cannon so handy.

You packed the place up, got drunk, then you stopped and thought about it.

Decided that, life wasn't worth living anymore, was it?

What the hell.

Don't let this little fiasco with the kid ruin you whole afternoon.

By all means, go ahead, act like the two of us ain't even here and blow your god damn brains out!

Woo hoo hoo.

But, no, seriously, man. I know where you're coming from though.

I do.

Shit, she ain't your kid.

Can't turn back time. Believe me, I've tried.

But, you know I'm going to win this thing.

Even tombstone courage runs out.

You need to go head on and give in to the beast.

Send the little lady down here to me.

Come and get her.



You guys wanna order some pizza?

I'm sorry.

No, don't be sorry. I...

I shouldn't have yelled at you.

What was your son's name?


You missed him?


I missed my parents too.

There ain't no quitting me.


"There ain't no quitting me." Just something my dad used to say.

It always made me feel safe.

You think I'll see him when I die?

Hey, don't talk like that, okay?

Help will be here soon.

Don't say that, Carter, I'm not stupid.


Maybe help ain't coming.

But, I can promise you this.

I won't let him get you.

You hear me?

I won't let him get you.

You believe me?

Why did your wife leave?


This place.

Reminded... her of him.

I just wish...

just... wish...

I believe you.

Just keeping you on your toes, buddy.

Here, have another one.

How you all doing up there?

I could ask you the same question, you little sack of shit.

You know you sound like a sick animal.

Just hunting around for a corner to die in.

You feeling kind of cold? Kind of weak?

Yeah. You're going into shock, pal.

You're gonna die, soon.

Unless you get to a hospital.

Fuck you, I'm fine!

I ain't going no where till that little bitch's pushing up daisies, period!

That suits me just fine, mister.

Nothing bleeds forever.

Another few hours, you be lying face down in a puddle of your own fluids.

Hey, you don't worry though!

I'll let your daughter know you died defending the future of your family.

Oh, outstanding, sergeant Greene, out-fucking-standing!

You beat me at my own game!

You're master of psychological warfare!

Next thing you know, you'll have me tidying up the place and giving you a blow job on the way out!


Sorry. What're you doing?

No film in that camera.

Yeah, it just makes me feel safe. Stupid, I know.

We all got our ways in dealing with stuff.

What? What is it?


Just reminds me.

We got a problem.

How big?

It's big.

There's a generator in the basement that runs the whole power, you see.

I haven't filled it up in days.

It's running on the fumes.

I don't understand?

It would be night soon, Bird.

Without any power, the whole house would be pitch black.

There's no way I can keep him from trying something in the dark.

Not with one shot.

What does that mean?

It means I got to get you out of here.

While it's still light up.

But your leg.

I'm not going with you.

I'm gonna help you climb out a window so you can run for help.

But you said that's what he wants.

I know what I said, Bird, but things are different now, okay?

You got to trust me on this.

This is your best chance.


Oh, fuck.

Hey. Is the... shooting range in Red Pepper open for the fall yet?

What's that, kid?

The shooting range on Red Pepper, is it open now?

No. Why?

I'm not sure. I'm...

I'm at the cemetery and I heard...

What's that? What did you hear, kid?



I'm looking into something, I'll get back to you.

And stop calling me kid.

Alright, let's go.

What if he realizes you aren't guarding the stairs anymore.

He hit the broken glass, we'll hear him, come on.

Now, I want you to climb down on this roof, right?

There's a crate, jump down on it and run like hell.

Alright? Hey, hey.

Even if he hears you, you'll be a little speck on the horizon by the time he gets outside.

I don't want to do this.

Neither do I, Bird, but we have to.

We don't have a choice.

Come on, give me the camera. No.

Come on. I'll take good care of it.

Don't you trust me?

Come on.

Bird. I...

Okay, keep the camera. Come on, go.

That's it.

Stay low.

Okay, go. Go on.

That's it. You got it.

Afternoon, officer.

What the fuck?





He hid the police car in the hanger.

What? Where is he now?

He's far. He's walking back around the front.


Put your fucking hands up in the air.

Hands up.

That's right. It's over.

It's time for you to leave.

I ain't got my glasses on but that looks that same candy ass 20 gauge you been counting on this whole time.

Heavy on power. Shit for range.

That's all you got, ain't it?

You got, until the count of five, to turn around and get the FUCK off my property!

You got to be kidding me.

You probably couldn't even nick me with that potty trainer from up there.

Let alone make a kill shot, hell.

How many bullets you got left, Jethro?

I got plenty! Alright!

Don't you worry about it. I got six reloads waiting on your ass!

Good. God damn! Six reloads!

You practically swimming in ammunition up there.

Well, why no go ahead and try you luck.

You might sink a pellet in my eye, take me down.

Come on, what's you waiting on? Fire away!

I'm not going to kill you if I don't have to.

When I first go to this dump you spit fire at me just to say howdy-do.

Now you want to play trigger shy, I don't buy that for a minute.

Are you riding on just one shell up there, partner?

You are, aren't you?

And if you take a shot at this range and MISS, it's over.

I don't think you could afford to take that risk.

Let's ask the little lady.


I ain't going no where.

You might as well save your breath go on and shoot.


Look, I'm betting if I pull my pistol out I can shoot you there.


I suggest you ought to shoot me or get your ass back inside.




I ain't calling you a liar, sergeant Greene.

But you got to be the most merciful man I've ever met.

Hey, little lady.

I just want to shoot you.

Yeah, you made the right call, soldier boy.

Yes, indeed.

Who are you to gamble with that little girl's life.

Let's see if you'll gamble with somebody else's.

Roll call!

As you is.

Come on.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

You sick son of a bitch.

Don't you disappoint me, hillbilly.

I said, speak up!

So the man upstairs can hear you.

My name is officer Jerry Baker.

Jerry Baker! Ha ha ha ha...

Come on, tell us about the... about the wife, kids two car garage.

I have-have a wife and a son.

Names, damn it! Give the man names!

My wife's name is Linda. My son's name...

Alright! Cut it out!

It ain't going to work.

Just save yourself the effort!

You need to think about it, sergeant Greene.

You need to think about it real hard.

Get your mind right, you see.

Jerry here, ain't seen my face just like you, which means...

Technically, he's off the hook.

Also, he's not hurt too bad.

Which means you can probably get him to the hospital.

But, you're going to have to do it right quick, I mean like, pronto.

You don't have the leverage that you think you do, asshole.

Fuck leverage! Do the math, dipshit!

You send the little lady down to me right now, You're saving 2 lives in exchange for 1.

Not to toot my own horn, but, that's a hell of a bargain.

Fuck you!


You heard him, Jerry. Have it your way.

Oh, quit your whining.

Hold on. Hold on. I got something here for you.

Here we go.

No, no, no. Alright.


That's it. Oh, yeah. That's it.

Alright? What're you doing?

Stand back now.

Oh, god!

What's he doing?

Get out of here. Go, go upstairs.

Get upstairs, now! Go.

Don't listen.

Four down, four to go!

Your thumbs getting past. Oh, you shit fuck.

Listen up, soldier boy! What's it gonna be?

Me and Jerry Baker waiting for you to send her ass down.

You piece of shit.

You're a piece of fucking shit, you know that?

Sticks and stones, my friend.

Alright, have it your way.

Please. Stay with me now.

Just you and me.

Please, stop.

I was going to start with the toes, but...

I guess I lost the stomach for the hard stuff.

Hey! Listen, partner.

It's decision time.

Please, don't.


Listen, man!

If you don't send that little girl down here, with that film, and I mean right now!

I'm fixing the Jackson Pollock, Jerry Baker's brains all over the mother fucking floor.

Man. You kill that guy is because you want to!

You're just looking for an excuse!

You want to kill somebody! You go ahead!

You got fucking brain damage!

You're a sick fuck! And you want to!

Not because...

A simple yes or no would have worked.

But, you know.

You really piss me off, Jethro.

A matter of fact, you've lost all your conversation privileges.

Yeah! Radio silence, starts right now!

And it ends, when you're ready to send that little girl down!

Now, that suits me just fine, asshole.

I'm sick of hearing your god damn voice anyway.

Just do me a favour when you dropped dead just do it real loud, okay?

So, I can hear it from up here.

I don't hear him walking around anymore.

What's he doing?

Let's find out.

Alright, cock sucker.

Alright, you win. I got to...

I got to get to a hospital, man.

You-You can have her.

You can have the girl, okay?

You hear me? You win.

I'm sending her down, alright? Just...

Just get the fuck out of here when I do, okay?

He ain't down there.

He must have gone outside again.

I'm gonna sneak down there want for him to come back in and blow him in half.

It's a trick. No, no.

I just offered you up like he won so that he drops anything else he got cooking.

He ain't talking back because he ain't down there.

No, he's waiting for you.

Get in the bathroom, lock the door.

Carter, don't go.

No time to argue. You get in there. Go, now!

Don't come out.


Carter, are you back?

Hey, now, little lady, come on out.





Damn, that kind of hurt!


This really ain't your day, pal.

Hey, you want to think about packing it in, heading to the hospital, huh?

Or somebody gets hurt.


Think it ain't looking too good for you, buddy!

This is a lousy place for the end of the road.

You think this shit is funny, huh?

Okay, hillbilly.


I'll show you how funny this shit is.

That ain't nothing.

Fuck the film.

I'll take my chances.

What're you doing?

Wouldn't you like to know?

Yeah, that's good, man.

Keep moving around, keep that blood pumping.

Wouldn't want you to lay down, close your eyes and never open them again.

Go fuck yourself.


Trying to help you.

Believe me. That's not such a bad way to go.

You just kind of... drift off.

Yeah? What dead mother fucker did you hear that from?

You know. I'm surprise you haven't called for backup.


That little girl IDs me.

It's my ass, not my employers.

My witness. My problem.

I'm a contractor, mister. A professional.

I don't lose. I don't ask for help.

That's what keeps me employed.

Yeah, well.

It just gonna puts you in the ground too you know, throw in the towel soon, buddy.

I mean, what the fuck are we doing, man?

This is like a pissing contest for you?

Life ain't nothing but one big fucking pissing contest, soldier boy.

Ain't you been paying attention?


I don't die unless the mother fucker trying to kill me, earns it.

You ain't earned it.

Be damn if I let some chicken shit like you take me out.

You saying about me.

I'm not the guy you're fighting, am I?


I think I'm starting to understand.

You'll never understand a man like me, chump.

Are you really the monster you want me to think you are?

You don't have a daughter, do you?

Yeah, I got a daughter.

What. You think monsters don't breed?

But, how did you get to be what you are?

Oh, what the fuck is it with you?

You want to be my friend? You want to be my shrink? Huh?

Or you did just fall in love with the velvet baritone of my voice.

Come on, man.

You want to know?

Tough guy, huh?

How you get to be like me?


Let's see.

Oh, yeah.

First guy I killed, brought me up, a bit.

No, a lot.

I couldn't eat, couldn't sleep.

Can't even look myself in the mirror.

Then something strange happened.

Killed another fellow, I felt a little better.

Killed another fellow, I felt a little better.

The fellow after that, better.

Pretty soon, the more jobs I got under my belt.

The easier I slept at night.

How many people would that take?

I don't know, I don't count. Let's just say.

These days I sleep like a baby.

I don't know.

I don't know how you could live with something like that.

There's something I read once... stuck with me.

He who makes a beast of himself loses the pain of being a man.


We all got our ways in dealing with stuff.

Guess for you, it's killing people.

I kill 'cos it's my job, I take orders.

You were a soldier, you know what that's like.

Don't pull that card, pal. We don't kill kids.

I kill for 2 reasons. Money and necessity.

I don't kill for pleasure. I never have, I never will.

Well, why don't we roll out Jerry Baker and ask him how he feels about that, huh?

I was... an intimidation tactic, pure and simple.

And I'm going to do whatever is necessary to get a hold of that girl, you know that.

She's got to go.

You don't look the devil in the face without taking the ride to the bottom floor.

The devil.

You really are fucked in the head, you know that?

Ha. So, now, I'm crazy, huh?

Well, one of us must be.


What? You okay?

What's the matter?

I'm sorry I got you into this.

Got me into this.




We're put together for a reason.


What took you so long?

Hey, partner!

Got somebody down here who wants to talk to you.

Go on, speak up, darling.



Bingo! Found her number in your phone.

Gave her a call.

I told her I was a friend of yours.

And I was really worry about you.

That you needed to see her bad but you couldn't bring yourself to make the call.

That's where I come in.

Being the close loyal friend that I am.

This poor woman drove half the night to get here, ain't that right, ma'am?

Carter, I'm sorry.

He told me you were drinking, I was worried about you.

You hush now, you hear? I'm sorry.

So, what's it gonna be, sergeant Greene?

Looks like we got our tie breaker, huh?

If you fucking hurt her, man!

I swear to fucking Christ, you'll never get this kid. YOU UNDERSTAND?

Somehow, I doubt that, soldier boy.

Well, besides, she ain't seen my face yet.

Have you, darling?


Just like our old friend, Jerry Baker. You remember him?

That's right. If you don't send the kid down here, she's going to get the same thing.

This time, I'm not going to be soft about it.

You understand?

I'm gonna do some real exploring.

Really open her up, see what she can do.

So, you get your mind right, you send the girl down here with that film, and you can have your wife back, and you all can get on back to your happily ever after.

How do I know I can trust you?

You can't.

But, if she was my wife, I'll take the chance just the same.

And seeing this how we're here on your property, I'm gonna be real courteous and I'm gonna give you to the count of five.


Here we go.

Carter, you promised.


Clock's ticking.

Carter, please.

Carter, please. You promised.

Four! You promised.

Shhh. Please.

Shut up!

Here, you take this.

Don't take too long.

If he tries to come up 'em stairs, you shoot him.

It will knock you on your ass, but, you'll hit him if you just aim downstairs, okay?

It aims real wide.


What? No. What are you doing?

I'm going to go see my son.




Come on, sergeant Greene, don't be stupid.

Alright, that's it. One.

Carter. Alright!


You make the right choice.

I'm proud of you.

Alright, you come on. You send her down.

You can have your wife.


Are you okay?

Are you okay... Shhh!

Well, not that it ain't nice to see your ugly mug.

But, what the fuck are you doing?

I couldn't do it, man.

I can't send that little girl down here.

I can see that! Where's the 20 gauge?

She's got it.

You want her?

Go get her.

Are you fucking kidding me?

All she's got to do, is aim down that stairwell and pull the fucking trigger, man.

You're drunk, you're slow.

It'll be like shooting a fish in a barrel.

That's brilliant.

That's fucking brilliant, soldier boy.

Just go home. Go home to your daughter.

I don't have a fucking daughter! I fucking hate kids!

What the fuck does it matter, man? You win.

You fucking coward!

You didn't have the balls to make the call, did you?


You give up your responsibility to the little girl.

And you came crawling down here with your dick in your fucking hand to grovel like a dog for mercy!

Fuck you. I don't do mercy!

I'm gonna do you both a favor and end your miserable fucking lives right now!

Hold on!

Oh, come on, man. What the hell is that gonna solve, huh?

I thought you didn't kill for pleasure.

Ain't you been listening? Huh?

Have I been talking on my ass all mother fucking day I'd have told you I have prostate cancer, if I thought it would help.

We haven't seen your face, Oh, no?

Well, here! Now, you have.

Nice to fucking meet you.


Time's up, girl.

You need to bring your ass down here, before I killed your brand new daddy.

No, Bird, no.

You stay! You, stay!

Your choice, princess.

How many people got to die because of you?

She's just a kid for Christ sake. There's no way.

Atta girl, come to papa.

Bird, no! You stay up there. Go back!

Oh, my god.

Damn, girl.

You know, you're about the toughest mark I ever had!

Whoa. Bird, don't!

What the?

Come on, honey.

Honey, get back here. Where're you going?

We need help, right away. Please come, right away.

He's been shot.

We need an ambulance, right away.

Hi, pumpkin.

Scary, huh?


Do it.

Do it.

A fucking dud?

All this god damn time. A fucking dud.

Just do it.

What do you think I am?

Some kind of monster?


Carter, please.


Please, what?

Where's your camera?

I guess I took it off.

I guess you did.

You saved me.

I just returned a favor.

You're going to be okay, right?

Don't you worry.

There ain't no quitting me.