Star Raiders: The Adventures of Saber Raine (2017) Script

Saurian attack fighters have broken through the front lines.

We are in route to target... Evasive maneuvers!

Initiate attack vector at coordinates Six J Alpha 12.


They're coming in too fast! I can't...

Saurian target acquired. Squadron X, move in!

Directly ahead, vector 1-1-3-8.

Direct hit! Defensive aura holding.

It's on a collision course! Break formation!

Target reacquired.

Senjo formation five. Senjo five.

Position locked. Nova, engage ion bridge.


Okay, boys and girls...

...let's remind this Saurian viper how the Terran empire deals with invaders.


Target locked!

We broke through the defensive aura. Secondary engines severely damaged.

It's adrift. Stabilizers down.

Let's finish this.

Target primary atomic engine.


Terran Squadron commander, stand down. That ship is protected.

Unidentified vessel, do not interfere, we are under orders.

I've just given you new orders.

And who are you to issue orders to Squadron X?

Captain Saber Raine, Terran special operations.

Captain Raine?

I must inform you, you are interfering with extermination orders from the rear admiral.

And I'm telling you, Commander, that order is wrong.

I will bring that ship and its captain in.

You will stand down!

Its engines are coming back on line!

It's breaking away, sir.

Sorry, sir, no can do. Squadron X, Senjo formation two.

Senjo formation two.

Bad move.

I'm under fire! Evasive maneuvers!

Commander, your shields have been disrupted.

Stand down!

You just fired on your own forces.

That is an act of treason!

Circe, open a channel.

The channel's open, sir.

Captain, this is a direct order. Disengage!

I can't obey that order, sir.

This is your last chance, Saber.

That's a negative, sir!

Then you leave me no choice. Commander Squadron X...

...Terminate with extreme prejudice!

Affirmative. Squadron X, take him out!

Always gotta be the hard way.

The system's core has reached maximum capacity.

They can't get through his shields. Engine core levels at full power.

Plasma torpedo.

Plasma torpedo away. Coordinates alpha six four seven.

Initiate attack vector.

He's headed straight at us! I can see that, thank you, Orion.

Open fire! All batteries! Focus firepower toward the engine.

All hands brace for impact.

We're venting tri-plasma, dispatch repair crews.

He's launched a fusion mine! Evacuate the ship!

All hands abandon ship! I repeat, all hands abandon ship!

Damn you, Saber.


No heat signature at all.

Must be cold blooded.

Control, what is this thing?

Scanning, sir.

Unknown, sir, there is no match in the database.

Switch to motion sensors.

Captain Raine. Saber, and don't salute me.

I'm Commander Voss, I lead this operation.

This is Ryll, my arms master, and reconnaissance specialist Fade.

We should get out of here.

What were those things? And why didn't they emit life signs?

Mutates, and they didn't emit life signs because they aren't alive.

They're corpses animated by some kind of larvae...

...that feeds off the bodies of the dead.

Part of the reason no one comes to this planet.

It's a consequence of what happened here centuries ago.

About that, there's no data available, no records.

Just a quarantine ordering all vessels to stay clear of this sector.

And this planet isn't on any known chart.

It's a good thing you got the coordinates I sent you.

I'll tell you what I know.

This world...

...was once called Goros Prime.

Never heard of it. I have.

A planet of legend, ruled by a ruthless overlord.

Stories I was told it was merciless and sinister...

...but ruthless will work.

When they rediscovered this planet, they quarantined it.

But some have ignored the quarantine.

They come here to conduct their... business beyond prying eyes.

People like you. People way worse than me.

Renegades, smugglers.

Your enormous bounty got me here.

But your transmission...

...neglected to give me the specifics on what we're after exactly.

We could not transmit that information for fear it would be intercepted.

I don't think anyone's listening.

Members of the Aresian royal family were taken.

The prince and princess.

The king's only heirs.

They also took a single piece of treasure from the king's vault.

Whoever abducted them, managed to leave the planet undetected.

Tell me about the treasure.

A single jewel, a relic acquired centuries ago on a xenoarcheological dig...

...on the planet Phobos.


Insignificant, an information storage device.

He's more concerned with the treasure than with the lives of our people.

I'm surprised your planet only dispatched the three of you.

We alone were responsible for their protection.

Our code of honor dictates that we must find those responsible.

And kill them.


If the king dies before we return with his children...

...we will be honor bound to join him in the afterlife.

I have a...


If it's happening on Goros, he'll know about it.

I trust you are comfortable.

My comfort is irrelevant. Where is my brother?

He has been enjoying my hospitality.

You will tell me what I want to know...

...and with that knowledge I will conquer the universe.

I'll tell you a secret.

We may be royalty, but we are still warriors.

Our father will not stop searching for us.

But he won't find you, no one will.

Who are you? I am Sinjin!

But you, along with all living creatures...

...need only call me Master!



You got a problem? I don't trust you.

You don't know me. Really?

Control, information on an individual known as Saber Raine.

Saber Raine, origin...

...Earth 2762.

Decorated officer in the Cyber-Corps.

Given command of his own unit in 2784.

That doesn't sound so bad. 2790.

Records indicate his entire team was lost during the Saurian invasion on Mars.

Saber Raine was the sole survivor.

Subject was sent into deep cover to gain intelligence on the Saurians.

Weeks into his mission subject disappeared, believed dead.

But you didn't perish, did you?

Resurfaced in 2792...

...just as a massive Terran force was assaulting the Saurian homeworld.

Subject sided with the enemy. Labeled a traitor.

Thank you, Control.

Ryll, this is accomplishing nothing.

He's a mercenary.


I don't need you to tell me about my past.

I lived it.

We're here now. You need my help, and I need to know you got my back.

Or are your personal feelings more important than those lives you swore to protect?

Your weapons, they fire projectiles propelled by exploding gas.

Bullets, T-2 explosives. Saved your ass!

Primitive and inferior!

Can we stop trying to compare the size of our guns...

...and go find your people.

It's just over that ridge.

Keep your red eye open, we're in annelid territory.

What's an annelid? You don't want to know!

After you.

Hold it right there.

Bad move.

On this planet, you always have backup.

Saber Raine.

In the flesh.

I'm surprised to see you...



What have we here?


Traveling in some elite circles, I see.

Yeah, we're old pals.

That's good, cause you haven't got many 'round here.

We're looking for some friends. I thought maybe you could help.

This a bounty?

'Cause if I gotta betray one of my friends, it's gonna cost more.

Visitors. They're...

Brought against their will.

Slavers, maybe. There's been an increase in traffic lately.

A Denarian you might remember.


Known in this part of the galaxy as the slave master.

Lorthos is a thug!

Preys on unarmed vessels and isolated encampments.

We're trying to find... Find other Aresians.

And we'd appreciate any information you can provide.

Pretty. But you'll have to sweeten the pot.

Say... power cylinder.

I've heard many tales in my line of work...

...and the stories of the Aresian power cylinder...

...have always intrigued me.

Just stories.

Then I'm afraid I can't help you.

You better know something.

I think...

...your friends...

...are now my friends.

I don't know anything about any captives.

Always have backup.

But there has been a lot of activity in the great ruins lately.

Ships seen flying in that direction.

Annelids being slaughtered in the surrounding out lands by organized forces.

Why is that important?

There's a lot of strange creatures on Goros. Different warring factions.

They all have one thing in common. They all stay clear of the ruins.


'Cause anything that goes in there, doesn't usually come out.

With a few exceptions.

I haven't actually been to the ruins per se...

...but I've seen them from a distance.

It's the perfect place to keep someone prisoner.

Then that's our destination.

It's not safe to travel at night.

You can stay here till morning.

I think we'll stick to the schedule. Thanks, Jax.

I'm sorry about your...

...rock guy.

It's okay. I have more in the mines.

If you survive this...

...I expect intel.

It'll cost ya.

Let's go.

Take it easy, Jax.

She's gone.


Name's Kor'ock, I'm a transport pilot.

Where are we? What planet?

What planet? Goros Prime.

What do you know of our captors?

Not much.

I was flying near the outland mires, my ship lost power, crash landed.

Had four on board, only two survived.

Where are the other survivors?

I don't know, we were separated. And you?


My sister and I were on Ares...

...our homeworld.

And then we woke up here.


You look strangely calm!

Universe has a plan for everyone, kid.

I'm just waiting to see what it has planned for me.

The power cylinder, it's a mana stone, isn't it?

And you're not concerned with giving one to Jax?

A necessary action.

Our mission is paramount.

Besides, it's a very unstable substance.

Are you saying my friend could blow himself up?

Now let me ask you something. Alright.

Tell me why you betrayed your people.

Excuse me? You seem like a man of honor.

So there must be a reason why you assisted the Saurians.

One Saurian.


I had to act or she would have died.

I couldn't have that on my conscience.

Crotalus gave me information that...

...let our forces penetrate their defenses on Erobus Two.

She's the reason we won the war.

My government...

...didn't want the rest of the galaxy to know that we couldn't do it on our own... they wanted her silenced.

And you turned on your own to protect her.

Wrong is wrong, Fade.

She was a hero.

We've rested long enough.

Control, we're on the move.

Control? Respond.

We must've entered the mire.

Your power sources won't work here.

Guess my gas propelled projectiles don't look so bad now, do they?

Just saying.

You knew this would happen?

This area is strange on tech.

That's why I gave you the coordinates I did. Ship coming down here, it'd be bad.

But it's the only way to the ruins.

Our ships are prepared. Why must we wait?

So you find my hospitality... inadequate?

I find my thirst for revenge unquenched.

The generator is nearly complete...

...but the power source remains unstable.

The equation must be precise.

He says, you should let his hive interrogate the prisoners.

They will succeed where you have failed.

And if he were to perish?

No... the time the generator is operational...

...I will have what I need from him.

And your ships will have the power... unleash my wrath...

...across the universe!

We are an alliance.

We do not serve you!

I have cleared a path through the mires...

...provided you with subjects to modify.

You boast of a once great empire.

So far I am unimpressed!

He is correct.

You may have initiated this alliance...

...but we have provided all the raw materials...

...and the technology.

And the technology.

You have such little minds.

Each of your races have been defeated... those you attempted to conquer.

What I offer... beyond your comprehension.

An unbeliever.

A demonstration is required.

It is difficult to kill that which does not truly live.

My construct is not powered by science.

It's powered by the mind.

Alive because...

...I will it into existence!

So you would kill me as a show of your power?

No, killing you would be pointless.

Return to your vessels, and continue your preparations.

Go! Go!

Commander Voss, please respond.

Scheduled check in time has elapsed.

Recovery protocol one initiating.

Who are... who are you? We're the cavalry.

My legs, they're going numb. I think it was some sort of toxin.

We did not need to engage these creatures at close range.

You could've dispatched them from a distance!

The noise would've brought more. We're lucky this was a small band.

We need to move out.



You must finish the mission. Find the heirs!

We'll find them together.


Fade, we have to go.



We make our stand here.

Always gotta be the hard way.

Always have backup.


I was strong. I know you were.

It's okay, he's a friend.

We have no friends here.

Alright. I'll leave you two alone.

I'm sorry, they're doing this to you to get to me.

No matter what they do, you cannot give them what they seek.

We will find a way out of here, and get back home.

And we will return to this planet with a vengeance.

Tyr... were the only one Father entrusted the secret to before his illness... must get back home! You must lead our people.

I can't let them put their hands on you again.

I don't matter!

You've always been so strong. We must fight to protect what is ours.

I know Father never said it, but he is proud of you.

Your passion for xeno archeology...

...your drive to understanding a greater universe.

A mind like yours cannot be lost.

You do matter.

I will give them what they want. In return for your safe passage back to Ares.

You will lead in my stead. Tyr, no.

I will give you the same honor Father bestowed upon me.

The frequency that causes the mana stone to release controlled energy.

This is madness, there must be another way.

Even if they have it, they would have to acquire raw material... a refinement facility.

It would take a great deal of time.

More than enough time for you to bring back our forces, and eliminate the threat.

Either way, you would surely die.

Knowing that you'll live. Caliope, please, as you said...

...we must protect what is ours.

You know.

That's a pretty good plan.

Just might work.

How do you know he would honor your request?

We will have a code word...

...a word that you will give to those that return you to safety.

Once that word has been relayed back to me...

...I will reveal the information to Sinjin.


I'm sorry, my friend.

Now, look kid!

What I say now is for my sister's ears only.

Recovery drones offline.


You've been poisoned.

I've applied a remedy to the wound, you must give it time to work.

Good morning.

I see you've met my friend.

This is Crotalus.

Have no fear. I've dispatched their priestess.

They won't be returning any time soon.

My father?

I'm sorry.

He died as he lived.

With honor.

His body?

We must build a pyre.

I'm not certain that that's a wise choice.

I fail to see how igniting a blaze...

...will assist us in remaining undetected in dangerous territory.

I hope you brought some more ammo.

It's always gotta be the hard way.

She stays here.

I will offer my terms.

Be wary, he's not to be trusted.

Yes, investigate.

Your sister's freedom...

...for the information I seek.

I will consider your offer.

But before I decide, do you have any idea who I am?

One of the many would be conquerors of the universe...

...who seeks to steal the secrets of the mana stone.

The way your race has used technology... unleash its power is impressive.

What do you know of the mana stone?

What do I know?

I know it did not originate on your planet.

I know it was stolen in battle centuries ago!

And horded it to build your own empire.

And how do you know this?

Because I was there!

Your race originated here...

...on Goros.

Impossible! Our home is Ares...

Ares, is not your world.

Your ancestors took refuge there...

...after the greatest galactic war the universe has ever seen.

You are children of Goros.

I don't believe you. Yes, you do.

When your ancestors allied themselves with my ancient enemy...

...the ensuing battle decimated this planet.

Only through my power...

...I was able to protect a small piece of Goros.

At the moment of my greatest glory...

...I was betrayed from within. You're mad.

I only want what's destined to be mine!

A grand story that has illuminated me.

Now I know I can never reveal what I know.

No matter the cost!

You don't have to.

Your secret is already mine.



This is how it is supposed to be.

But our world.

Our family!

Don't you understand?

Sinjin is our family. Our oldest ancestor.

You can't believe what this creature is telling you!

A history gem I discovered in the vaults on Ares.

Proof of our lineage.

From the gem I learned the location of this planet.

I discovered the remnants of that ancient battle.

As if pulled by some unknown force...

...I was drawn to a hidden chamber.

Sinjin was still alive in Cryostasis.

I knew it was my destiny to revive him.

It's all a lie, Tyr.

Our history on Ares has been manufactured to conceal our past.

A past where we turned on our own.

A past I will see corrected.

The generator has already been constructed.

A supply of refined mana stone provided.

Sinjin controls the power of the mana stone with telepathy.

We manipulate it with technology.

Together, we will establish a new power in the universe.

Now you have a choice to make.

There is no choice. There's always a choice, brother.

I was hoping you'd understand.


You had us brought here. Allied yourself with an abomination from our past!

You tricked me into revealing the resonance frequency...

...and you have a delusion of conquest? It's not a delusion if you can do it!

This isn't like you! This is me!

In studying the universe, there is one constant.

War. At any given moment, there are dozens of planets engaged in battle.

Empires rise and fall.

And you believe such chaos can be controlled?

Yes. The universe needs to be cleansed.

Re-shaped. Now I understand.

You were the oldest, yet Father chose to pass his mantel on to me.

He must've recognized what I did not.

You are unworthy!

Regardless of what happens to me, Ares will stand against you!

Ares will not see this coming!

Soon I will return home...

...devastated by the loss of my brother.

Soon after Father will die, and I will assume the throne.

Ares and Goros will reunite and history will once again be rewritten.

You are demented, sister!

No, no, my friend.

She is a woman about to become a goddess.

And you will live to see my ascension.

I'm Fade. I didn't get a chance to thank you.

You saved us all.

It wasn't too difficult. I have some experience with toxins.

I apologize for Fade's emotional outburst.


No, not at all, she... she lost her father.

And I lost a brother.

I had no idea.

All Aresian families serve together.

It assures the highest level of loyalty.

You were tracking us?

Following, at Saber's request.

He has rather a large bounty on him that many find hard to resist.

He's very careful.

So... and Saber?

No, no. He's attractive on the inside.

But we're incompatible.


The ruins.

My weapon's power has been restored.


It's active but there's no signal.

Yeah, we must be in they eye of the mire.

Something tells me we're about to walk into something much more dangerous.

Oh, hell no.

Hey, guys, can we talk about this?

Did you get a look at those things?

Organized. Soldiers.

They're protecting something. A good sign.

If you say so. Let's introduce ourselves!

The generator is fully operational.

Our ships are being connected as we speak.

In a matter of hours your ships will know the power of Aresian...

...of Gorosian technology.

What is it?

What is wrong?

We have visitors.

Who? Where?


As for who, crimson eyes.

I think they are your brethren.

How many?

I saw three before my Skelion guards were dispatched.

Caveliers most likely.

Only three?

Caveliers are very resourceful. Likely to have a battle cruiser.

Heavily armored and powered by mana stone technology.

We lack sufficient forces.

If they find us, others will follow.

Take a few Quintari pilots, patrol the skies...

...while the remaining ships stay connected to the generator.

But what of the mire?

The mire is a defense field of my creation.

It can be deactivated.

We will intercept them on the ground.

They cannot leave here alive!

Some type of central control system linked directly to the recipient's brain.


Was it actually alive?

At some point it was.

And based on its organic state, it wasn't that long ago.

But now it's just a mindless thrall.

If that's the case, then someone or something was controlling it.

Which means it's likely we have been detected.

So much for the element of surprise.

Say it.

Say what?

It's always gotta be the hard way.

Now we can proceed.

Don't touch me!

Why, you!

What did they do to you?

I think I know what happened to the rest of my crew.

It's synthetic, but I can feel it.

We have to get out of here.

Yeah, about that, I brought you a present.

Can you travel?

I'd like to, but I don't think so.

You have to save your sister. I'm not sure that's possible.

I'm sorry, my friend.

We are airborne and remain on the perimeter, awaiting your command.

The mire is down.

Drone communication re-established.

Recovery protocols re-engaged.

Commander Voss, offline.

Lieutenant Ryll, please respond.

Repeat. Lieutenant Ryll, report.

Hold on.


Affirmative, sir. What is your situation?

Commander Voss is dead.

Understood, Commander.

Recovery drones en route. ETA 10.

Very good.

Bring them in low. We're approaching target area...

...and drones will only serve to alert them to our position.

Understood. Flying in low.

They may already know our position.

Approaching from directly ahead.

Where's Saber?

Perhaps we should follow his lead.

We move forward.

Princess! Release her!

I am not a prisoner, Ryll.

These are friends.

I'm here on a secret mission.

A mission you can now assist me with.

Something's not right, Princess.

Those who stand beside you are friends to no one.

Where is Prince Tyr?

The prince is dead.

And you have sworn loyalty to the crown.

To me.

I'm ordering you to put your weapons on the ground and stand down.

What are you doing? They're doing their duty.

What have we here?

A Saurian.

It seems I'm not the only one traveling with unlikely allies.

Please do not interfere.

Your voice is kind...

...but your intentions remain unclear.

Let me spell it out for you.

I see.

We have been searching for you.

The king is very ill.

You must return to Ares with us immediately.

Your dedication to your post is admirable...

...but no longer necessary.

I will return to Ares soon enough.

But first we must honor my brother...

...with a funeral pyre.

I am far from dead!

Well, that was unexpected. You said he was dead!

He is! He just doesn't know it yet!

After him!

I hate bugs!


Lorthos! You're still on the wrong side, I see!

That's Lorthos?

From your stories I expected more.

You'll make a nice pair of boots!

This is pointless. Kill them all!

Make it hurt! With pleasure.

Split up! Draw their fire!

Control, are you getting this? Affirmative. Powering up.


Cover me. What?

Cover me!

It's an honor to fight beside you.

What's that?


Control, we could use those drones!

Enemy targeted, engaging boosters.

Control, destroy all hostile targets.

We're in pursuit of the heirs.


Drop it.

Who exactly are you?

Saber Raine.

A mercenary.

I prefer adventurer.

Well, you've stumbled into quite the adventure this time.

Always seems to happen that way.

Turn around.

You really don't understand what's happening here.

I... I think I do.

You teamed up with some bad guys...

...tried to kill your brother.

Some sort of plan for world domination, blah blah blah.

My job was to find you. I'll let you sort the rest out with your people.

So you're for hire? Yup.

Damn, I guess that does make me a mercenary?

But if you're thinking of making some sort of counter offer, don't even bother.

A man of principles.

That's right.

This changes everything.

I am now open for negotiations.

My prices are extremely reasonable.


You need me to...

...profess my undying loyalty, I can do that. I can do that.

Now, I never, ever wanted to hit a woman...

...let alone a princess but... did just try to cut my head off, and on our first date.

Your attempt at humor is simply an effort to conceal your inadequacies... a man.

You know what?

I'm going to have no problem doing this.

Perhaps your arrogance isn't a ploy. You are quite skilled.

You have no idea.

Do it!

I said do it!

Better late than never.

Unknown flyers. Engage in air to air protocols.

Farewell, hero!

Can your weapons take that ship out? Possibly.

Maximum power. Let's go.

And now you die!

Here we go.

I have gotta get me one of those.

We didn't fire.

Enemy vessel destroyed.

Always have backup.

Control, prepare for boarding.

Belay that order!

There is a danger here far more important than Caliope's treachery.

Do we have any other vessel to take us off this planet?

Got my ship. The Gladiator.

Then the trident has an important mission.

Awaiting orders.

He never goes anywhere without his guns.

What is happening?

My instincts tell me we must leave this place.

They are nothing! We have the power.

If there's one thing my long sleep has taught me.

Winning is about survival.

I was trapped on this planet once. Never again!

Should we alert our allies? Tell them to evacuate.

I've routed all power to another task.

Their fate is their own.

Energy cloak engaged.

Nearing target area.

Control, is the frequency I gave you set?

Affirmative. Deviant frequency online and sonic projector charged.

Are you at a safe range?

Please confirm you are at a safe range.

It doesn't matter, complete your mission.


It may not be her.

It is.

I can feel it.

That is disturbing news.

If the threat is as dire as you suggest... will have the full support of the Star Sentinels.

Thank you, Kandra Syn. I believe he will remain outside populated areas.

Perhaps as far as rogue space.

Our scout ships will patrol the outer reach.

If he is found, he must be dealt with.

Aren't we overreacting?

Since when has earth had a problem with shooting first and asking questions later?

Please, Ambassador Steele, we must all be united in this effort.

We have to be proactive, not reactive.

Do my ears deceive me?

The Aresian empire...

...the lunar council of the Ghost Nebula...

...even the sentinel sisters.

You are all actually afraid.

It's not fear that guides our hand.

It's wisdom.

There's always going to be destructive forces in the universe...

...that need to be opposed.

It is extreme... invoke a call to arms for just one man.

Ambassador. Sinjin is far more than a mere man.

Our race was part of that war, so long ago.

We know first hand of his malevolence.

Should there even be a chance he lives...

...we must be prepared.

Which is why I think developing a military task force...

...that is not only capable of protecting our worlds...

...but also those that cannot protect themselves is necessary.

Do I have your support?

I will get word to my sisters in all sectors.

We are at your disposal.

I would like a word in private.

Very well.

Prince Tyr. It's King Tyr now.

As you are well aware, my father died days after my return.

Saber Raine.

We would like him to be returned.

No, Ambassador. Captain Raine is the leader of my new vanguard.

And as such, he is considered to be a citizen of Ares.

This will not go over well with my people.

And to think that he still travels with a Saurian...

Is not your concern!

We have a real threat looming over us.

And they have proven themselves worthy.

We all have pasts, Ambassador, some darker than others.

I suggest you stay focused on the darkness ahead.

Very well, King Tyr.

I will confer with the earth confederation.

And my condolences on the passing of your father to the next phase.

You handled that well, kid.

I need their help, but I cannot tell them what I learned about our dark origin.

I know. Your people have risen from the ashes of the past.

Been reborn. You will lead them to greatness.

With men like you and Saber by my side, we can build a brighter future.

We can. I trust all is prepared?

Yes. Find her.

You clean up nice.

You look amazing.

What is it?

It's been a long time since I've seen a real city.

Walked among people without feeling like a target.

Well...'re safe with me here.

Just saying.

Like we didn't see that one coming.

Status of the ship?

Aresian power core installed.

Ion engine capacity improved by 300%.

Weapons upgraded.


I have something for you.

A gift, from the king, on my recommendation.

Now this is something I can use.

So, what's next, Captain?


We save the universe.

What are they?

A long forgotten army.

My army.

To control them... will learn to manipulate the mana stone, as I have.

Will I... Yes.

You'll go through a transformation.

But what you lose in beauty... will gain in unbridled power.

Teach me.