Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) Script

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I thought weapons were forbidden on this planet.


I can't believe you'd kill me for a field of empty holes.

All I have.

Your pain runs deep.

-What do you know of my pain? -Let us explore it together.

Each man hides a secret pain.

It must be exposed and reckoned with.

It must be dragged from the darkness and forced into the light.

Share your pain. Share your pain with me.

And gain strength from the sharing.

Where did you get this power?

The power was within you.

I feel as if a weight has been lifted from my heart.

How can I repay you for this miracle?

-Join my quest. -What is it you seek?

What you seek.

What all men have sought since time began.

The ultimate knowledge.

To find it, we'll need a starship.

A starship? There are no starships on Nimbus llI.

Perhaps I have a way to bring one here.

But how?

Have faith, my friend. There are more of us than you know.

You're a Vulcan.

"You'll have a great time, Bones. You'll enjoy your shore leave.

"You'll be able to relax."

You call this relaxing? I'm a nervous wreck.

If I'm not careful, I'll end up talking to myself.

Greetings, Captain.

Spock! What are you doing in this neck of the woods?

-I have been monitoring your progress. -I'm flattered.

Twelve hundred points of interest in Yosemite and you pick me.

I regret to inform you that the record for free-climbing El Capitan is in no danger of being broken.

I'm not trying to break any records. I'm doing this 'cause I enjoy it.

Not to mention the most important reason for climbing a mountain.

And that is?

Because it's there.


I do not think you realise the gravity of your situation.

On the contrary. Gravity is foremost on my mind.

Look, I'm trying to make an ascent here.

Why don't you go pester Dr McCoy for a while?

I believe that Dr McCoy is not in the best of moods.

Goddamn irresponsible. . .

Playing games with life.

Concentration is vital. You must be one with the rock.

Spock, I appreciate your concern, but if you don't stop distracting me, I'm liable to be one to fall !

Oh, my God.

Perhaps "because it is there" is not sufficient reason for climbing the mountain.

I'm hardly in a position to disagree.

Hi, Bones. Mind if we drop in for dinner?

Your dream can become a reality. The Paradise Inn.

We have spared no expense to create the cIosest thing to paradise in paradise... City, that is.

Gentlemen, I'm Caithlin Dar.

Oh, yeah.

Our new Romulan representative.

Welcome to Paradise City, my dear, capital of the so-called planet of galactic peace.

I'm St John Talbot, the Federation representative here on Nimbus llI.

My charming companion here is the Klingon consul, Korrd.

I expect that's Klingon for "Hello."

Won't you come in, my dear?

Twenty years ago, our three governments agreed to develop this planet together.

-A new age was born. -Our new age died a quick death.

And the settlers we conned into coming here, they were the dregs of the galaxy. lmmediately took to fighting amongst themselves.

We forbad them weapons, and they soon began to fashion their own.

Well, then it appears I've arrived just in time.

We have spared no expense to create the closest thing to...

Get away from that transmitter!




Consider yourselves my prisoners.

Prisoners? We're already prisoners here on this worthless lump of rock.

What possible value could we be to you?

Nimbus llI may be a worthless lump of rock, but it does have one unique treasure.

It's the only place in the entire galaxy that has the three of you.

I don't know who you are, or what you want, but I can tell you this.

Our governments will stop at nothing to ensure our safety.

That's exactly what I'm counting on.

U.S.S. Enterprise, shakedown cruise report.

I think this new ship was put together by monkeys.

Oh, she's got a fine engine, but haIf the doors won't open.

And guess whose job it is to make it right?

Borgus Frat.

"Let's see what she's got," said the Captain.

And then we found out, didn't we?

I know you'll whip her into shape, Scotty. You always do.

Uhura, I thought you were on leave.

And I thought we were supposed to be going together.

Oh, I cannot leave her now when she needs me the most.

I had a feeling you would say something like that.

So I brought us dinner.

Oh, lassie, you're the most understanding woman I know.

Red... Red... Red aIert.

-Red alert. -I just fixed that damn thing.

-Red... Red... Red alert. -Turn it off, will you?

Red aIert. Red alert. This is a red alert. Enterprise acknowledge.

This is Enterprise. ldentify yourself.

Enterprise, this is Starfleet.

We have a priority seven situation in the Neutral Zone.

Stand by, Starfleet.

-Scotty, this is for real. -They can't be serious.

The ship's in pieces and we've got less than a skeleton crew aboard.

Starfleet, are you aware of our current status?

Current status understood.

Stand by to copy operational orders and recall key personnel.

Admit it. We're lost.

All right, we're lost. But we're making good time.

-Commander SuIu, come in, please. -I don't believe this.

Commander Sulu here.

Bad news, gentlemen. Shore leave's been cancelled.

Rescued at last!

Return to prearranged coordinates for pickup.

Don't tell them you're lost. You'll never live it down. ls there a problem, gentlemen?

Yes, we've been caught in a. . .

We've been caught in a blizzard.

And we can't see a thing.

Request you direct us to the coordinates.

My visual says sunny skies and 70 degrees.

Sulu, look. The sun's come out. It's a miracle.

Don't worry, fellas. Your secret's safe with me.

I'll send the shuttlecraft to pick you up.

Uhura, I owe you one. Sulu out.

Come and get it! Come and get it!

Knock it. . . Bones! Bones, knock it off! We're right here.

And we're starving.

Bipodal seeds, Doctor?

Beans, Spock. But no ordinary beans.

These are from an old Southern recipe handed down to me by my father.

And if you stick your Vulcan nose up at these, you're not only insulting me, but generations of McCoys. ln that case, I have little choice but to sample your beans.

Surprisingly good.

It does have flavouring I'm not familiar with.

That's the secret ingredient.

You got any more of that secret ingredient, Bones?

-Be my guest. -Thank you.

Am I to understand that your secret ingredient is alcohol?

Whisky. Tennessee whisky, Spock. You care for a little snort?

Bourbon and beans, an explosive combination.

Think Spock can handle it?

Are you kidding? With that Vulcan metabolism, he could eat a bowl of termites and it wouldn't bother him.

As you are so fond of pointing out, Doctor, I'm half human.

Well, it certainly doesn't show.

Thank you.

How do you like that? This guy never changes.

I insult him, and he takes it as a compliment.

You know, you two could drive a man to drink.

Me? What did I do?

What did you do?

You really piss me off, Jim.

Human life is far too precious to risk on crazy stunts.

Maybe it didn't cross that macho mind of yours, but you should've been killed when you fell off that mountain.

-It crossed my mind. -And?

And, even as I fell, I knew I wouldn't die.

I thought he was the only one who's immortal.

Oh, no. It isn't that.

I knew I wouldn't die because the two of you were with me.

I do not understand.

I've always known I'll die alone.

Well, I'll call Valhalla and have them reserve a room for you.

It's a mystery to me what draws us together.

All that time in space, and we getting on each others' nerves, and what do we do when shore leave comes along?

We spend it together.

Other people have families.

Other people, Bones. Not us.

What are you doing?

I am preparing to toast a marsh melon.

Well, I'll be damned. A marsh melon.

Where'd you learn to do that?

Before leaving the ship, I consulted the computer library to familiarise myself with the customs associated with camping out.

Well, tell me, Spock.

What do we do after we toast the marsh melon?

We consume them.

I know we consume them. I mean after that.

I believe we are required to engage in a ritual known as the sing-along.

That's great. I haven't sung around a campfire since I was a boy in Iowa.

What are we going to sing? What. . .

Bones, what are we going to sing?

How about Camptown Races?

Pack Up Your TroubIes.

Are we leaving, Captain?

It's a song title, Spock.

Moon over Rigel Vll.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat. I love Row...

Do you know Row, Row, Row, Row, Row Your Boat?

That song did not come up in my research, Captain.

The lyrics are very simple. It's, "Row, row, row your boat Gently down the stream

"Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily Life is but a dream"

The Doctor and I will start it off, and then when we give you a signal, you jump in.

Doctor, if you please.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Row, row, row your boat GentIy down the stream

-MerriIy, merriIy, merriIy, merriIy -Row, row, row your boat

-Life is but a dream -GentIy down the stream

-Merrily, merriIy, merrily, merrily -Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily Life...

Come on, Spock.

Why didn't you jump in?

I was trying to comprehend the meaning of the words.

It's a song, you green-blooded Vulcan.

You sing it. The words aren't important.

What's important is that you have a good time singing it.

I am sorry, Doctor.

Were we having a good time?

God, I liked him better before he died.

All right, all right, let's call it a night.

-He just keeps after it. -Let's. . . Let's go to bed, and just let's get some sleep.

-Captain? -Spock, we're on leave.

You can call me Jim.

-Jim? -Yes, Spock?

Life is not a dream.

Go to sleep, Spock.

Yes, Captain.

-Good night, Bones. -Good night, Jim.

-Good night, Spock. -Good night, Doctor.

-Good night, Spock. -Good night, Jim.

I don't know. I just don't know.

Captain Klaa, we have a target in sight. A probe of ancient origin.

Difficult to hit?

Most difficult.


All weapons to my control.


Shooting space garbage is no test of a warrior's mettle.

I need a target that fights back.

Captain, new data, hostages on Nimbus llI.

One of the hostages is a Klingon.

And the others?

A Terran and a Romulan.

That means the Federation will be sending a rescue ship of its own.

Plot course for Nimbus llI.

I've always wanted to engage a Federation ship.

Get that damn light out of my face!

Mr Scott apologises for having to send the shuttlecraft.

The transporter beam is non-operational.

Captain, we've received important orders from Starfleet command.

Why didn't you beep my communicator?

You forgot to take it with you.

Wonder why I did that.

Well, gentlemen, it appears shore leave has been cancelled.

Pack out your trash.

"All I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by"

-Melville. -John Masefield.

Are you sure about that?

I am well versed in the classics, Doctor.

Then how come you don't know Row, Row, Row Your Boat?

Ready for landing manoeuvre. Enterprise, you have control.

You're doing just fine.

Landing bay oxygen to pressure.

Landing bay is secure.

Attention !

All I can say is, they don't make them like they used to.

You told me you could have this ship operational in two weeks.

I gave you three. What happened?

I think you gave me too much time, Captain.

-Very well, Mr Scott. Carry on. -Aye, sir.

How many times do I have to tell you? The right tool for the right job!

I don't think I've ever seen him happier.



I hope.

I could use a shower.


Doesn't anything work on this ship?

Starfleet's got some nerve sending us out in this condition with this handful of people.

Captain on the Bridge.

Captain, Starfleet transmission on line.

Put it on the viewscreen, will you, please?

Can we have a little quiet, please?

-Can you. . . -Am I on?

Can you clear that up?

Can we have a little quiet?

Enterprise, this is Starfleet Operations. Come in.

-Bob? -Jim!

Well! We're dressing informally, aren't we?

You caught me on the way to the shower.

I apologise for cancelling shore leave, but look, we have a dangerous situation out on Nimbus llI.

-On the planet of galactic peace? -The same.

From what we can make out, a terrorist force has captured the onIy settlement.

And they've taken hostages. The KIingon, the RomuIan, the Federation consuIs.

Now, I know Enterprise is not exactIy up to specs...

With all due respect, the Enterprise is a disaster.

There must be other ships in the quadrant.

Other ships, yes. But no experienced commanders.

Captain, I need Jim Kirk.

-Oh, please. -Your orders are to proceed to Nimbus llI, assess the situation, and avoid a confrontation if possible.

Above aĦĦ, however, get those hostages back safeIy.

Have the Klingons responded?

No, but you can bet they will.

Understood. Kirk out.

Plot course for Nimbus llI, Mr Sulu.

Aye, sir.

Course plotted.

I'm afraid the ship's problems will have to be solved en route.

Since we're undermanned, I'm counting on each one of you to give his best.

End of speech. Let's go to work.

Jim, if you ask me, and you haven't, I think this is a terrible idea. We're bound to bump into the Klingons, and they don't exactly like you.

The feeling's mutual.

-Engine Room. -Scotty here.

We'll need all the power you can muster, mister.

Don't you worry, Captain. We'll beat those Klingon devils even if I have to get out and push.

I hope it won't come to that, Mr Scott.

All possible speed, Mr Sulu.

Aye, sir.

What's the matter, Jim?

I miss my old chair.

The starship Enterprise has been dispatched to Nimbus llI.


That's Kirk's ship!

lf I could defeat Kirk. . .

You would be the greatest warrior in the galaxy.

Maximum speed.


Captain's Log, Stardate 845. . .

Captain's Log, Stardate 84. . .

-Good morning, Captain. -That's. . . Forget it.

Captain, we're receiving the hostage information you requested.

Put it on the screen.

This is an authorised transmission from StarfIeet GaIactic Memory Bank.

-Not General Korrd. -The same.

He's apparently fallen out of favour with the Klingon High Command.

General Korrd's military strategies were required learning when I was a cadet at the Academy.

When they put me out to pasture, I hope I fare better than Korrd.

This must be the hostage tape.

A short time ago, we willingIy surrendered ourseIves to the forces of the GaIactic Army of Light.

At this moment, we're in their protective custody.

Their Ieader assures us that we will be treated humaneIy so Iong as you cooperate with his demands.

I beIieve his sincerity. He requests that you send a Federation starship to parIey for our reIease at once.

Be assured that we are in good heaIth, and wouId appreciate your immediate response.

I deepIy regret this desperate act, but these are desperate times.

I have no desire to harm these innocents, but do not put me to the test. I impIore you...

I impIore you to respond immediateIy.

What is it?

-You look like you've just seen a ghost. -Perhaps I have, Captain.

Perhaps I have.

Spock, what is it?

-Do you know this Vulcan? -I cannot be certain.

But he does seem familiar.

He reminds me of someone I knew in my youth.

Why, Spock, I didn't know you had one.

I do not often think of the past.

Who is it he reminds you of?

There was a young student, exceptionally gifted, possessing a great intelligence.

It was assumed that one day he would take his place amongst the great scholars of Vulcan.

-But he was a revolutionary. -What do you mean?

The knowledge and experience he sought were forbidden by Vulcan belief.

-Forbidden? -He rejected his logical upbringing and embraced the animal passions of our ancestors.


He believed the key to self-knowledge was emotion, not logic. lmagine that. A passionate Vulcan.

When he encouraged others to follow him, he was banished from Vulcan, never to return.

-Fascinating. -Captain to the Bridge.

On my way.

-Spock? -Coming, Captain.

Approaching Nimbus llI.

Hailing frequency open.

Standard orbit, Mr Sulu.

Captain, we're receiving transmission from Paradise City.

They're demanding to know our intentions.

Respond with static. Let them think we're having difficulty.

Which wouldn't be far from the truth.

Paradise City, can you boost your power?

We're barely receiving transmission.

Transporter Room. Status.

Scotty here, Captain.

Transporter is still inoperative.

Even if we could lock on to the hostages, we could not beam them up.

We're gonna have to get them out the old-fashioned way.

Klingon vessel now entering quadrant.

Bird-of-prey. Estimating 1.9 hours until her weapons come to bear.

Damn. Let's go.

Their scanning equipment is primitive but effective.

I recommend we land at coordinates 8-5-6-3.

That puts us pretty far away from Paradise City.

To land any closer would be to risk detection.

-Mr Sulu. Execute. -Aye, sir.

Paradise City. This is Starship Enterprise.

A Federation starship.

This is Captain PaveI Chekov speaking.

You are in vioIation of NeutraI Zone Treaty.

I advise you to reIease your hostages at once, or suffer the consequences.

Your threats amuse me, Captain Chekov.

What consequences did you have in mind?

Go! Go! Go!

Even as we speak, a Klingon warship is on its way.

We estimate arrival within the hour.

I imagine the Klingons will be quite angry.

You are a master of understatement. They are IikeIy to destroy the pIanet.

Then it's fortunate that I have you and your starship to protect me.

In the meantime, Captain Chekov, I instruct you and your first officer to beam down to my coordinates.

We will be happy to beam down.

But first we must have certain assurances.

At foot speed, I estimate the journey to Paradise City at 1.2 hours.

We don't have 1.2 hours.

Wait a minute. Perfect!

But we'll have to get their attention.


What's that?

Damn ! ls she naked?

-What? -ls she naked?

What is that?

Hello, boys.

I've always wanted to play to a captive audience.

Oh, damn.

-Spock. -Yes, Captain?

-Be one with the horse. -Yes, Captain.

Open the gate. It's our lookout party.

Federation soldiers right behind us. Close the gate!

Where are they going?

-Spock. -Hold your horse, Captain. I'm scanning.

The hostages are being held in that structure.

Galileo, this is Strike Team. Start your run.

-Who are you? -Phasers on stun. Get rid of the mounts.

-Sulu, take out that light. -Yes, Captain.

What's going on?

I instruct you to surrender at once.

You are under attack by superior Federation forces.

Do you realise what you've done? It wasn't bloodshed I wanted !

Wait! Come back!

Uhura, come on down.

Roger. Coming in.

RecreationaI opportunities are IimitIess. The vicinity is famous for its pIentifuI IocaI wiIdIife. And the fishing? Terrific.

Easy financing through Federation FederaI can put you in your own home...

Thank God.

Please cooperate.

Would you mind handing over your weapons?

So, what are you waiting for? Beam on down!

Well done, my friends.



It's me. It's Sybok.

After all these years, you've finally caught up with me.

Don't you have anything to say to me?

You are under arrest for seventeen violations of the Neutral Zone Treaty.

Spock, you've developed a sense of humour after all.

It was not my intention to amuse you. These are serious charges.

-However, if you surrender now. . . -I'm sorry, Spock. I can't surrender now.

I'm not through violating Neutral Zone Treaty.

ln fact, I'm just getting started.

And for my next violation, I intend to steal something.

Something very big.

I must have your starship.

You staged all this to get your hands on my ship?

-Who are you? -James T. Kirk, -Captain of the Enterprise. -But I thought Captain Chekov. . .

I see!

Very clever, Captain.

Spock, it would appear that you've been given a second chance to join me.

What do you say?

-I am a Starfleet officer. -Of course.

Of course.

Then I'll take the ship without your help.

Shuttle en route.

Position, bird-of-prey?


Estimating attack range in 8,000 kellicams.

Stealth approach, slow to one quarter impulse power.

Prepare to cloak.

Engage cloaking device.

Mr Chekov.

I've lost the bird-of-prey. She must have cloaked.

-Raise shields. -But the shuttle. . .

Do it. Go to red alert.

Once we've taken control of your vessel, we'll bring up the rest of our followers.

The Klingons are out there.

We'll be lucky to get back to the ship ourselves.

Galileo, this is Enterprise. Condition red aIert.

Bird-of-prey approaching. She is cIoaked. Raising shieIds.

Recommend Galileo find safe harbour until situation secure.

-AcknowIedge. -No!

No reply. Remain on course.

Sybok, listen to me. ln order for this craft to enter the landing bay, Enterprise must lower the shields and activate the tractor beam.

To get us inside and re-raise the shields will take. . .

Exactly 15.5 seconds.

An eternity, during which we'll be vulnerable to Klingon attack.

-Korrd, you tell him. -He speaks the truth. lf my people are cloaked, then they intend to strike.

We cannot turn back.

-You must allow us to act. -Let me do something.

Very well. Do what you must. But no more.

Enterprise. This is Kirk.


He's on the shuttlecraft!

Alter the attack course!

Understand your situation. Are unable to return to planet.

Stand by to execute Emergency Landing Plan B.

-What's Emergency Landing Plan B? -I don't have a clue.

-B, as in "barricade." -He can't be serious.

What are you doing? ln order to lower and raise the shields as quickly as possible, we're going to forego the tractor beam and fly her in manually.

-Manually? -How often have you done this?

Actually, it's my first attempt.

He's good.


Scotty, on my mark, open bay doors.

Stand by to de-cloak for firing.

Kirk to Scotty. Lower shields.

Lowering shields, sir.

Bird-of-prey bearing 1 -0-5 mark 2.

Go, Sulu !

They're in !

Bear on Enterprise.

Enterprise targeted !

Warp speed now.

Firing !

Track her course!

He's good.

We must change course at once.

I'll take you to the Bridge.

Pick it up.


You must surrender.


-You must kill me. -Shoot him !

For a moment, I thought you might actually do it.

Put him in the brig with Captain Kirk.


You will accompany me to the Bridge?


I will not.

You know I'm right.

Then you must join them.

Move. Move!

-These two will be useful. -Give us a moment alone.

Don't be afraid.

-Damn it, Spock. God damn it! -Captain, what I have done. . .

What you have done is betray every man on this ship.

Worse. I have betrayed you. I do not expect you to forgive me.

Forgive you? I ought to knock you on your goddamn ass. lf you think it would help.

-You want me to hold him, Jim? -You stay out of this.

Why, Spock? Why? All you had to do was pull the trigger.

If I had pulled the trigger, Sybok would be dead.

-I ordered you to defend your ship. -You ordered me to kill my brother.

Look, the man may be a fellow Vulcan, but that doesn't. . .

No, no, no, Captain. You do not understand.

Sybok also is a son of Sarek.

You mean he's your "brother" brother?

-You made that up. -I did not.

You did, too. Sybok couldn't possibly be your brother because I happen to know for a fact you don't have a brother.

Technically you are correct. I do not have a brother.

-There, you see? See? -I have a half-brother.

I gotta sit down.

Let me get this straight.

You and Sybok have the same father but different mothers.

Exactly. That is correct. Sybok's mother was a Vulcan princess.

Upon her death, Sybok and I were raised as brothers.

Why didn't you tell us this before?

I was not disposed to discuss matters of a personal nature.

For that, I am sorry.

He's sorry. See? He's sorry. That makes everything all right.

-He's sorry. Everything. . . -Stop it, Jim !

Spock could no more kill his own brother than he could kill you. lf you want to punish him for what he's done, why don't you throw him in the brig?

Besides, we've got bigger problems to deal with.

Like how the hell to get out of here.

I'll say one thing, Spock.

-You never cease to amaze me. -Nor I myself.

I was beginning to worry. Where is the captain?

It's all right, Pavel. Sybok will explain everything.

-Sulu, what are you doing? -Plotting our new course.

New course? You have no authority.

What's going on here?

-Pavel. . . -I won't force you.

-. . .you've got to listen to this man. -The decision must be yours.

-I don't understand. -Each of us hides a secret pain.

Share yours with me and gain strength from the sharing.



-You could've warned me. -He did, Jim.

There's got to be a way out of this place.

This is a new brig, Captain. It is escape-proof.

-How do you know? -The designers tested it using the most intelligent and resourceful person they could find.

He failed to escape.

This person didn't by any chance have pointed ears and an unerring capacity for getting his shipmates into trouble, did he?

He did have pointed ears.

Following new course. Warp 7.

Estimating destination in 6.7 hours, present speed.

Now that we're under way, it's time I announced my intentions to the rest of the ship.

Brave crew of the Starship Enterprise, consider the questions of existence.

These are the questions which man has asked ever since he first gazed at the stars and dreamed.

My VuIcan ancestors were ruIed by their emotions.

They feIt with their hearts. They made Iove with their hearts.

They beIieved with their hearts.

But above all else, they believed in a place in which these questions of existence would be answered.

Modern dogma tells us this place is a myth, a fantasy concocted by pagans.

It is no fantasy, I tell you.

I tell you it exists.

My brothers, we have been chosen to undertake the greatest adventure of all time.

The discovery of Sha'Ka'Ree.

-ls it possible? -ls what possible?

That he's found Sha'Ka'Ree. The reason Sybok left Vulcan.

Our destination is the planet Sha'Ka'Ree, which lies beyond the Great Barrier at the centre of the gaIaxy.

-The centre of the galaxy? -Where Sha'Ka'Ree is fabled to exist.

But the centre of the galaxy can't be reached.

No ship has ever gone into the Great Barrier.

No probe has ever returned.

Sybok possessed the keenest intellect I have ever known.

Spock, my only concern is getting the ship back.

When that's done and Sybok is in here, then you can debate Sha'Ka'Ree until you're green in the face.

Until then, you're either with me or you're not.

-I am here, Captain. -That's a little vague, Spock.

What's that noise?

I believe it is a primitive form of communication

-known as Morse code. -You're right.

I'm a little out of practise. That's an "S."

-"T." -"A," "N," "D," end of word.

-"Stand." -New word. "B," "A". . .

"C," "K."

"Back." "Stand back."

-Stand back? -Stand back?

What are you standing around for?

Do you not know a jail break when you see one?

The bond between these three is strong, difficult to penetrate.

This will be quite a challenge.

We've got to find them.

-Captain, we can't trust anyone now. -lf we could send a distress signal. . .

There is an emergency sending apparatus in the forward observation room.

The only trouble is, it's up there. We're down here.

You might be able to reach it by means of turbo shaft number three, which is closed for repairs. It's a long and dangerous climb.

Some of us get off on long and dangerous climbs.

Mr Scott, get the transporter working. lf we can contact a rescue ship, we'll need it.

Which way to the turbo shaft?

Head down that tunnel to the hydro vent and turn right.

Then left at the blowscreen. You can't miss it.

-Mr Scott, you're amazing. -There's nothing amazing about it.

I know this ship like the back of my hand.

All right. Look at it this way, we'll get a good workout.

Yeah, or a heart attack.

Get Mr Scott to sickbay.

Jim, this is going to take me forever.

Where's Spock?

I believe I have found a faster way.


You two go ahead. I'll wait for the next car.

We're not splitting up.

-It appears we're too heavy. -Must be all those marsh melons.

Spock, the booster rockets.

If I activate them now, Captain, we'll be propelled upward at an unbelievable rate.

Fire the rockets!

Captain, please come back down. . .

Hit the brakes!

I'm afraid I overshot the mark by one level.

Nobody's perfect.


Emergency channel open.

To anyone within the sound of my voice, this is Captain James T. Kirk of the Federation Starship Enterprise. lf you read me, acknowledge.


Enterprise, this is Starfleet Command. We read you. Over.

A hostile force has taken control of our vessel and put us on a direct course with the Great Barrier.

Our coordinates are 0-0-0. . .

-Mark 2. -. . .mark 2.

Request emergency assistance. Acknowledge.

Understood, Enterprise. We are dispatching a rescue ship immediately.

Roger, StarfIeet.

Plot course zero-zero-zero, mark two.

But Captain, that course will take us into the Barrier as well.

Where Kirk goes, we follow.

I trust your message was received.

You can't expect us to stand by while you take the ship into the Great Barrier.

What you fear is the unknown.

The people of your planet once believed their world was flat.

Columbus proved it was round.

They said the sound barrier could never be broken. It was broken.

They said warp speed could not be achieved.

The Great Barrier is the ultimate expression of this universal fear.

It's an extension of personal fear.

Captain Kirk, I so much want your understanding.

I want your respect. Are you afraid to hear me out?

I'm afraid of nothing.

Wait outside.

I'm sure you have many questions.

Here, amidst the stars of our own galaxy, we shall seek the answers together.

Easy. Easy. Easy, Scotty. Easy. You're back with us.

Uhura, I had the strangest dream.

I dreamt that a madman had taken over the Enterprise.

Scotty, dear, he's not a madman.

-He's not? -No.

Sybok has simply put us in touch with feelings that we've always been afraid to express.

-I have to get back to the transporter. -No, no, no. Scotty! Scotty.

There's so much I want to tell you.

Maybe you could wait till I'm a wee bit stronger.

I don't think I could take it in my present condition.

Or yours.


"The Source."



Call it what you will. The Klingons call it "Qui'Tu."

For the Romulans, it's "Vorta Vor." The Andorian word is. . . ls unpronounceable.

Still, every culture in existence shares this common dream of a place from which creation sprang. For us, that place will soon be reality.

The only reality I see is that I'm a prisoner on my own ship.

What is this power you have to control the minds of my crew?

I don't control minds. I free them.


By making you face your pain, and draw strength from it.

Once that's done, fear cannot stop you.

Sounds like brainwashing to me.

-Your pain is the deepest of all. -What?

I can feel it. Can't you?


It's some kind of trick.



-Oh, my God, don't do this to me. -Leonard.

I'm here. I'm with you, Dad.

The pain.

Stop the pain.

I've done everything I can do.

You've got to hang on.

I can't stand the pain.

Help me.

All my knowledge, and I can't save him.

You've done all you can. The support system will keep him alive.

You call this alive?


-release me. -I can't do that, Dad.

But how? How can I watch him suffer like this?

You're a doctor.

I'm his son.

Why did you do it?

To preserve his dignity.

That wasn't the worst of it.

-No. -Was it?

-No! -Share it.

Not long after, they found a cure. A goddamn cure!

So if you hadn't killed him, he might have lived.

No! I loved my father. I released him !

Then you did what you thought was right.

Yes. No! Yes!

Release this pain. Release it!

This pain has poisoned your soul for a long time.

Now you've taken the first step.

The other steps we'll take together.

Each man's pain is unique.

I hide no pain.

-I know you better than that. -Do you?

-Spock, don't. -It's all right, Captain.


-What is this? -I believe we are witnessing my birth.

Sarek, your son.

So human.


-What have you done to my friends? -I've done nothing.

This is who they are. Didn't you know that?

No, I didn't.

-Now learn something about yourself. -No. I refuse.

-Jim, try to be open about this. -About what?

That I've made the wrong choices in my life?

That I turned left when I should have turned right?

I know what my weaknesses are.

I don't need Sybok to take me on a tour of them. lf you'd just unbend and allow yourself. . .

-And be brainwashed by this con man? -I was wrong.

-This con man took away my pain. -Damn it, Bones, you're a doctor.

You know that pain and guilt can't be taken away with the wave of a magic wand.

They're the things we carry with us, the things that make us who we are. lf we lose them, we lose ourselves.

I don't want my pain taken away. I need my pain !

Sybok, this is the Bridge. We're in approach of the Great Barrier.

Captain, I'm afraid you'll have to remain here.

Spock, Dr McCoy, come with me.

-Spock? -I cannot go with you.

-Why not? -I belong here.

I don't understand.

Sybok, you are my brother, but you do not know me.

I am not the outcast boy you left behind those many years ago.

Since that time, I have found myself, and my place.

I know who I am. And I cannot go with you.

I guess you'd better count me out, too.

-Then I'll see you on the other side. -Wait!

You know we'll never make it through the Great Barrier.

But if we do, will that convince you that my vision was true?

-Your vision? -Given to me by God.

He waits for us on the other side.

You are mad.

Am l?

We'll see.

They say no ship can survive this.

I say they're wrong. I say that danger is an illusion.

We have no instrument readings.

-Is it there or isn't it? -Mr Sulu, full ahead.

Full ahead. Aye.

ls it possible?


Are we dreaming?

lf we are, then life is a dream.

lnstruments back online. lncredible. There is a power source emanating from the planet like nothing I have ever seen.



Vorta Vor.


About the ship. . .

-The ship needs its captain. -No special conditions?

No conditions.

What makes you think I won't turn us around?

Because you, too, must know.

Well, if we're going to do it, we're going to do it by the book.

Mr Chekov, you take the conn. Mr Sulu, standard orbital approach.

Uhura, alert the shuttlecraft to stand by.

Sybok, Spock, Dr McCoy, come with me.

The rest of you remain onboard until I've determined what it is we're dealing with.

Well, don't just stand there. God's a busy man.

I am no longer in control of the craft.

All right. We'll play it your way.


The land. The sky.

Just as I knew it would be.

Scotty, you gotta see this.

I don't have the time.

The Captain told me to get this transporter working, and I'm not about to let him down.

We have travelled far

by starship.

Enterprise, this is Kirk.

We have a. . .


Perhaps. . .

Brave souĦs, weĦcome.

ls this the voice of God?

One voice, many faces.

Does this better suit your expectations?

It is I.

The journey you undertook to reach me couId not have been an easy one.

It was not. The Barrier stood between us, but we breached it.


You are the first to find me.

We sought only your infinite wisdom.

And how did you breach the Barrier?

With a starship.

This starship, couId it carry my wisdom beyond the Barrier?

It could. Yes.

Then I shall make use of this starship.

It will be your chariot!

Excuse me.

It will carry my power to every corner of creation.

Excuse me. I'd just like to ask a question.

What does God need with a starship?

Bring the ship closer.

I said, what does God need with a starship?

-Jim, what are you doing? -I'm asking a question.

-Who is this creature? -Who am I?

-Don't you know? Aren't you God? -He has his doubts.

You doubt me?

I seek proof.

Jim, you don't ask the Almighty for his ID.

Then here is the proof you seek.

-Why is God angry? -Why?

-Why have you done this to my friend? -He doubts me.

You have not answered his question. What does God need with a starship?

Do you doubt me?

I doubt any God who inflicts pain for his own pleasure.

Stop! The God of Sha'Ka'Ree would not do this.


A vision you created.

An eternity I've been imprisoned in this pIace.

The ship.

I must have the ship.

Now, give me what I want.

Sybok, this is not the God of Sha'Ka'Ree, or any other God.

I don't understand. Reveal yourself to me.

What's wrong? Don't you like this face? I have so many.

But this one suits you best.

No, no, it's not possible.

Bring me the ship, or I will destroy you.

-The ship. -Bring it cIoser, so that I might join with it.

Do it, or watch these puny things die horribly.

-What have I done? -Kirk to Enterprise. Listen carefully.

-Spock. -Sybok.

This is my doing. This is my arrogance, my vanity.

-Sybok, we must find a way. . . -No! You must save yourselves.

Forgive me, brother. Forgive me.

-I couldn't help but notice your pain. -My pain?

It runs deep. Share it with me.

Enterprise, are you ready? ln firing position. Torpedo armed.

But, Captain, we're firing directly on your position.

Send it down, Mr Chekov. Now!

Run ! Go!


Let's get out of here.

Sulu, I've lost them.

Spock, get us out of here.

Thrusters are inoperative.

-Mr Scott. -Scotty here, sir.

Please tell me the transporter is working.

She's got partial power, sir. I might be able to take two of you.

Beam up Spock and Dr McCoy. Now.

Now, just a damn minute.

Thank you, Mr Scott. Bring up the Captain.

All right.

What about Jim? We can't just leave him down there.

Please get a grip on yourself, Doctor. Status report.

Klingon captain wishes to name his terms, Mr Spock.

On screen.

This is Captain KIaa of the KIingon Empire.

Attempt to raise shieIds or arm weapons, and I will destroy you.

You are aIive for a singIe reason.

The renegade James T. Kirk.

Hand him over, and I will spare your Iives.

My transporter stands ready to beam him aboard.

-Captain Kirk is not among us. -You lie.

I'm a Vulcan. I'm incapable of lying. Captain Kirk is on the planet below.

Then give me his coordinates!

General, I am in need of your assistance.

My assistance?

You are his superior officer.

-I am a foolish old man. -Damn you, sir. You will try.

Klingon Commander, someone wishes to speak with you.

So it's me you want, you Klingon bastards.

What are you waiting for?

Release him !

Kirk, my junior officer has something he wants to say to you.

I apologise.

The attack upon your vessel was not authorised by my government.

Kirk, and now, may I present our new gunner?


Welcome aboard, Captain.

-I thought I was going to die. -Not possible.

You were never alone.

Please, Captain, not in front of the Klingons.

Would you care for a wee nip of Scotch whisky?

I never thought I'd ever be drinking with a Klingon.

What are you two conspiring about?

We were just saying how far we've come in such a short space of time.

We certainly have.

She has wonderful muscles.

-Cosmic thoughts, gentlemen? -We were speculating. ls God really out there?

Maybe he's not out there, Bones.

Maybe he's right here. Human heart.

-Spock? -I was thinking of Sybok.

-I've lost a brother. -Yes.

I lost a brother once.

I was lucky. I got him back.

I thought you said men like us don't have families.

I was wrong.

Are you just gonna sit there and pluck that thing, or are you gonna play something?

Row, row, row your boat Gently down the stream

-MerriIy, merriIy, merriIy, merriIy -Row, row, row your boat

-Life is but a dream -Gently down the stream

-Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily -Row, row, row your boat

-Gently down the stream -Life is but a dream

-Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily -Row, row, row your boat

-Gently down the stream -Life is but a dream

-Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily -Row, row, row your boat

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