Stargate (1994) Script

l found something beautiful. l don't believe it! Big, big, big surprise.

Catherine, come.

Every other major architectural structure at the time was covered with detailed hierogIyphics.

When is the academic community gonna accept the fact the Pharaohs of the Fourth Dynasty did not buiId the Great Pyramids?

Look. lnside the pyramid, the most incredibIe structure ever erected, there are no writings whatsoever.

Dr. Jackson. You've left out the fact that Colonel Vyse discovered quarrymen's inscriptions... Right. of Khufu's name within the pyramid.

His discovery was a fraud.

WeII, l hope you can prove it.

Who do you think buiIt the pyramids?

l don't have any idea who built them.

Men from Atlantis? Or Martians perhaps?

The point is not who built them. The point is when they were built. l mean, we all know new geoIogicaI evidence dates the Sphinx back to a much earlier period.

And knowing this, I think we have to begin to reevaluate everything we've come to accept about... l've been abIe to show a fuIIy developed writing system appeared in the first two dynasties.

Which is aImost as if it was based on an even earlier prototype.

Is there a lunch or something that everybody...

Dr. Jackson. What? Yes?

Someone wants to speak with you.

Air Force? What's this? What is this?

Will you step over to the car, please?


Are we going somewhere? You're gonna be fine.

We'II take care of these.

Jackson, are those your parents?

Foster parents.

What is this all about? A job.

What kind of a job? Translation.

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

lnterested? l'm gonna go now.

Go where? You've just been evicted from your apartment.

Your grants have run out.

Everything you own are in those two bags.

Want to prove that your theories are right?

This is your chance.

What's this? Travel pIans.


Mrs. O'Neil?

Come on in.

Mrs. O'Neil, is your husband at home?


Do you think we might be able to speak with him?

You can try.

Excuse me, Colonel O'NeiI. We're from General West's office.


We're here to inform you that you've been reactivated.

The guy's a mess.

How'd he get like that?

His kid died. Accidentally shot himself.





Always happens when l travel.

There you go.

Dr. Jackson? HeIIo.

Dr. Gary Meyers. How are you? What is this place?

Nuclear missiIe silo. Don't worry, it's been converted. Barbara Shore.

HeIIo. Hi.

OK, Jackson. Welcome to the well. HeIIo.

This is...

Where'd you find this?

Giza Plateau, 1928. l've never seen anything Iike this.

Of course you haven't. No one has.

There's two lines of hierogIyphs.

The inner track has the classic figures, but the outer track is Iike the cartouche in the center. lt's got writing unIike we've ever found before.

Those aren't hieroglyphics. They might be a form of hieratic, or maybe cuneiform.

WeII, the translation of the inner track is wrong.

They must have used Budge. I don't know why they keep reprinting his books.

Excuse me? What are you doing?

We've used every known technique. Curious word to use, qebeh.

Yeah. Then an adverbial sejemenef.

"Sealed... buried."

Excuse me. What are you doing? lt's not "coffin."

"For all time."

Who the hell translated this? l did.

WeII, this should read, "A miIIion years into the sky is Ra, Sun God...

"sealed and buried for aII time..." lt's not "door to heaven."



So, why is the miIitary so interested in 5,000-year-oId Egyptian tablets?

My report says 10,000.

Good afternoon, Colonel.

Do l know you? l'm Colonel Jack O'Neil from General West's office. l'II be taking over from now on.

The figure 10,000 is ludicrous. Egyptian culture didn't exist...

We know, but the sonic and radiocarbon tests are conclusive.

These are cover stones. Was there a tomb underneath?

No. But we found something a lot more interesting.

Excuse me. This information has become cIassified.

From now on, no information is to be passed on to nonmilitary personnel without my express permission.

Catherine, what's going on here? l'm not sure.

CoIonel O'Neil, l think you owe me an explanation. l was told l had complete autonomy.

PIans change.

Why are you here? Why did they bring you on this project?

l'm here in case you succeed.

Completed search on cuneiform and other predynastic hieroglyphics.

No matches whatsoever. l've exhausted all reference materiaI comparing the cartouche's symbols against all known writing samples from the period pre and post.

StiII no simiIarities. l'm never gonna get paid.

Can l borrow this?


Right here. l'd like you to meet General West.

Oh, hello. Oh, right, General.

So you think you've solved in 14 days what they couldn't solve in two years?

Two years?


l have some stuff to look at.

Just pass them down.

You'll have to share them. l'm sorry. l don't have enough.

We're obviousIy looking at the picture of the cover stones.

Now, on the outer track, these figures that you had believed to be words to be translated were, in fact...

Sorry about that. Were, in fact, star constellations.

Now, these constellations were placed in a unique order forming a map.

Seven points to outline a course to a position and...

To find a destination within any three-dimensionaI space, you need six points to determine the exact location.

You said you needed seven points.

No, six for the destination.

But to chart a course, you need... a point of origin.

Except there's onIy six symboIs in the cartouche.

WeII, the seventh actuaIIy isn't inside the cartouche. lt's just beIow it here, designated by a little pyramid... with two... funny... neat little guys and... funny little Iine coming out of the top.


He did it. No!

That symbol isn't anywhere on the device.

What device?

Show him.

What is that?

That's your stargate.

Come, Jackson.

TechnicaI personneI, report to command center.

Monitors up. Monitors are up.

Mitch, bring up the details on the center monitor. l've got details on.

HoId it. Wait.

Do you have a...

Oh. Here. Sorry.

Hey. Don't...

Two figures on either side... praying beside a pyramid, with a sun directIy above it.

He's right. lt was in front of us the whole time.

General West.

Jackson has identified the seventh symbol.

Go ahead.

Programming seventh symboI into computer.

Chevron one is holding.

Chevron one is Iocked in place.

Power output at 23% .

Chevron two is holding.

Engaged. Chevron two is Iocked in place.

We're at 35%.

We got a Condition Red at the gate. Evacuate all personnel.

This was under the cover stones?

Yes. My father found it, 1928.

Made out of a mineraI unIike any found on Earth.

Chevron five, locked in place.


Chevron six is holding.

Chevron six is locked in place.

This is as far as we have ever been abIe to get.

Chevron seven!

Chevron seven is locked in place.

Send in the probe.

Yes, sir.

Record all information from the Stargate.

Clear inner silo for approach. Clear inner silo.

lt's guiding itself. Can you believe that?

Beam has locked itself onto a point somewhere in the KaIiam gaIaxy. lt has mass. lt could be a moon or a large asteroid.

Where are we on that map?

The blue dot.

That's right, Jackson. lt's on the other side of the known universe.

We're losing the signaI.

This is the information the probe sent back to us.

Freeze and enhance.

You can clearIy see the gate on the other side.

Both gates must've functioned as a doorway between our worIds.

These readings tell us it's an atmospheric match.

Barometric pressure, temperature, and, most importantly, oxygen.

These markings are different. They don't match the symboIs on our gate.

That's why we may have to abort.

This project is for naught without a reconnaissance mission.

Once on the other side, we would have to decipher the markings on their gate and in essence, diaI home in order to bring the team back.

Based on this new information, l don't see how we can do that.

WeII, l could do that.

Are you sure?


He's full of shit.

You're on the team.

You understand this compIicates things?

That's why l wanted you, Jack.

We've opened a doorway to a world we know nothing about.


Hello. Hi. l have something for you. No, l...

Yes. l found it with Stargate when l was a chiId. lt has brought me luck.

You can bring it back to me.

Backup storage.

Reserve power on.

lf anybody has anything to say, now's the time to say it.

Vector tracking set.

Jackson! It's all right. lt's over. Stay with him.

Jackson, just listen to me. Keep moving. lt wears off in a minute.

What a rush!

Prepare to move out.

Three teams, let's go. White team, go.

Team two, move up.

Clear. No contact.

O2 ratio stable. Conditions are similar to inside. l wanna take a look around.

Kawalsky. Feretti. Let's rock'n'roII.

Move up there. Good.

l knew it.



Our quarter-mile perimeter survey is just about complete, sir.

Wrap this up. Get everybody back inside. l want all you people back through the Stargate within the hour.

You're coming with us, aren't you, Colonel?

Sir? Jackson. Start working on the Stargate.

What's that all about? l don't know, Feretti. l'm gonna need more time.

There's bound to be more structures here or some other traces of civiIization.

Not this trip. Just get back in there and reestablish contact. lt's not that easy. This is a repIica of the great Pyramid of Giza.

We're not gonna find any hieroglyphic inscriptions or carved reIief.

We really need to look around more.

Yourjob here is to realign the Stargate. Can you do that or not?

l can't.

You can't or you won't? l can decipher the symbols on the Stargate, but l need an order of alignment.

The order was on tabIets on Earth and there must be something like that here. l just need to find it.

Find it? What do you mean, find it? You didn't say you had to find anything. l assumed the tablets would be here. You assumed?

You're a Iying son of a bitch! You didn't say a word about finding anything!

Set up a camp down here. Organize our suppIies.

Sir... You've got your orders.

l can't believe we're stuck here. Don't be such a doomsayer.

Give it a rest. Yes, please. lf we're not back soon, they'II just turn on the gate from the other side. lt doesn't work that way.

You see, if you don't turn it on from here, we're screwed. OK?

So I'm telling you guys, we're not going anywhere.

Shut up. lt's a nice tent.

Oh, we each get a tent. That's nice.

What the hell is that? ThermaI blanket. I don't need that.

Talk to him.

l got everything here but sunblock. Hey.

Isn't there something you should be doing now, like getting us outta here?

Foot powder.


That's cold.

Base camp is up, sir.

Where's Jackson?

lt's OK. lt's OK.

That's a good boy.

Good boy.

What? What do you want?

You want some of this?

Here you go. You like that?

There you go. There you go. l wouldn't feed that thing! lt's got a harness! lt's domesticated!


Let go of it!

Help me!

You OK, Jackson?

Go away.


All right, Jackson. You're on.


You're the linguist. Try to talk to them.

What the hell did you say to him? Nothing.

lt's OK. lt's OK. See?

Quartz primary element.

l can't make it out. lt sounds familiar, a bit like Berber.

Maybe it's Chadic or Amharic.

Thank you.


What's that mean? l have no idea.

He's inviting us to go with him. How can you be so sure?

Because he's inviting us to go with him.

We were Iooking for signs of civilization. ObviousIy we've found it.

You want me to get us home, this is our best shot.

CoIonel, he's right. I took some readings on what they're mining back there. lt's the same material as the Stargate.

Radio base camp.

Tell them to keep that area secured untiI we get back.

Yes, sir.

Base camp, come in. Feretti, l've got 'em. Come on.

Yes, sir?

Can you repeat that, sir?

CoIonel O'Neil requested that you secure base camp. We'II be here for a while.

OK, sir.

You understand? Yes, sir.

So, what's the story? They're not coming back. OK?

This is not good.

The eye of Ra.

lt's the Egyptian sun god.

They think he sent us here.

Yeah. l wonder what could've given them that idea.

Where are they all going?

Come in. Come in.

Feretti, l can't hear you. Sir, l can't make this out.

Feretti, say again.

We have to abandon base camp!

Repeat! We have to abandon base camp! lt's useless! It won't work in this! Let's go!

Everybody, back inside! Come on, take what you can carry!

Get the battery pack! Grab it!

We're going back right now. Let's go.

Wait. Wait.

Get over here.

Stay here.

What is it, CoIonel?

Sandstorm coming this way.

That would've been an exceIIent reason to shoot everyone.

We'II stay until it's over.

The pyramid! Back into the pyramid!

Where the hell did that come from?

Kawalsky, Brown, do you read?

Hey, Jackson. I don't think we shouId eat any food here.

They might consider that an insuIt.

We don't want to offend them, now, do we, Daniel?

Tastes like chicken.

Tastes like chicken. lt's good.

Tastes like chicken.


You said that was an Egyptian symbol. Yeah. The eye of Ra.

Would you say it might stand to reason, if they know one Egyptian symbol...


What the hell's going on?

lt seems Iike writing is forbidden to them.

What? What?

They want me to go with them. Should l stay? l'II go with them. l'II go. l'll be fine.

OK, that's good. All right.

That's good. What is that smell?

OK, that's good. My hands are pretty clean. Thank you very very much.

Thank you. That was very nice.

Thank you. That was great. l smell much better now than...

Yes, thank you.

Christ. l smell like a yak.

No, please, no more. Please.

PIease. No more. l'm fine. I'm clean. l'm...

l thought you were one of the other cleaning...

You don't have to do that. Please.

Maybe you should go. OK? lt's OK. Maybe you should go. lt's OK. lt's aII right.

Here. Let me grab this.

No, it's me. l wanted to thank you. l'm very happy.

Thank you.


Daniel. No. l'm...

Daniel. l'm DanieI.


We came...


We came from the pyramid. lt's OK.

Never mind.

lt's OK.


You know the symboI? You know this symboI?

You've seen this symbol?

Show me.

You show me.

Kawalsky, this is base. Do you copy?

You're wasting the battery.

You'll never get anything in this storm. Wait until it passes.

Yeah, right. lf it passes. l was stationed in the Middle East. l've never seen anything like it.

Yeah, yeah. l don't understand. Why don't we just turn the gate back on ourselves?

Yeah. How hard can it be? That wouId be great.

We could turn it in the wrong order and materialize the vacuum of outer space.

Do you have any idea how many possible combinations there are on that thing?

No. How many?

Shut up.

What the hell is goin' on?

All right, spread out.

Let's move.

lt's OK. lt's just a lighter.



Here. Try it.

Yeah, it's pretty fabulous.

Ah, you're right. lt's pretty stupid.

No, you keep it.

lt's yours.

lt's dangerous!

What is this place?


l'II be damned.


No signaI at all?


More interference?


They're simply not there.

Any sign of him? l haven't been able to locate Jackson.

We're looking for Jackson.

Jackson. Guy who wears this jacket.

He's got Iong hair that comes down... No.

Wears gIasses so he can see.

l guess the word "dweeb" doesn't mean anything to you guys, does it?

Yeah. Why not? l'm on PIanet X Iooking for a dweeb who wears green fatigues.

He wears this jacket. He's got long hair. It comes over his eyes.

He wears glasses and... sneezes.


Chicken man! You got it.

You want this?

Thought you couldn't speak their language.

You scared me. lt's an ancient Egyptian dialect.

Like the rest of their culture, it's evolved completely independently, but once you know the vowels...

Just answer the question. l just had to Iearn how to pronounce it. lt hasn't been a Iiving, spoken language in more than one thousand years.

Look at this. It says:

"A traveler from distant stars escaped from a dying worId, "looking for a way to extend his own life.

"His body decaying and weak, he couldn't prevent his own demise."

Apparently his whole species was becoming extinct.

"So he traveled or...

"searched the gaIaxies looking for a way to cheat death."

Look here. "He came to a worId rich with life

"where he encountered a primitive race.


"A species which, with all his powers and knowledge, "he could maintain indefinitely.

"He realized within a human body he had a chance for a new Iife."

Now, he apparently found a young boy. lt says, "As the frightened villagers ran, night became day.

"Curious and without fear, he walked towards the light."

Ra took him and possessed his body like some kind of parasite looking for a host.

Then, inhabiting this human form, he appointed himself ruler.

He used the Stargate to bring thousands of people to this pIanet as workers for the mines.

Just like the one we saw.

This mineral is clearly the buiIding bIock of all his technoIogy.

With this, he can sustain eternal life.

Something happened back on Earth, a rebellion or uprising, and the Stargate was buried there.

FearfuI of a rebellion here, Ra outlawed reading and writing.

He didn't want people to remember the truth.

Jackson, I think you'd better take a look at this.

That's it. That's what we're looking for.

They must have hidden it here hoping the gate on Earth couId be reopened. l knew they'd have it written down someplace.

Wait a minute.

Where's the seventh symbol? lt must've broken. lt's gotta be here somewhere.

lt's worn off. l can't make it work without the seventh symbol.

All right, that's it.

Kawalsky. Brown.

Come on, Jackson!

What the hell is that?

Here. You might need this.

Look out!

Where are we going?

Why are we going to the Stargate? l can't make it work.

Shoot anything that comes down that ramp.

What are you doing? Just cover me.

What is that?

What are you looking for? lt's gone.

Put it down, Jackson.

What is that?

lt's a bomb, isn't it? That's what you were Iooking for.

What the hell were you thinking?

What did you come here for?

Wait! No!

CoIonel! lt's me.

You all right?

Where's Jackson?


Over there! Come on!


Here, ColoneI.

So, what do you think?

They're not exactly Special Forces, but they sure were eager to join up.

Take these guns away, Lieutenant, before they hurt themselves.

Sir? You heard me. Send them aII home.

There's no place for these kids to go.

Anyway, we could use their help. For what?

To do what?

Why don't you just tell them everything?

Why don't you teII them about the bomb?

What's he talking about?

My orders were simpIe.

Track down signs of any possible danger, and if l found any, blow up the Stargate.

WeII, l found some.

Your bomb is his now.

And tomorrow he's gonna send it back to Earth, aIong with that mineraI they mine here.

When that thing goes off, it'll cause an expIosion a hundred times more destructive than that bomb aIone was capable of.

l'II intercept that bomb before he can send it through.

Why wasn't I told of this? There was no reason to teII you.

You weren't even supposed to be here. You were all gonna go back with Daniel. l was gonna stay behind and blow up the Stargate, and that's what I'm gonna do.

The gate on Earth is the threat. That's the one we have to shut down.

You're absolutely right.

But since you don't know how to get us back, we don't have that option, do we?

You accepted the fact that, no matter what, you would not be going home?

Don't you have peopIe who care about you?

Do you have a family? l had a famiIy.

No one should ever have to outIive their own child. l don't want to die.

Your men don't want to die.

And these people here don't want to die. lt's a shame you're in such a hurry to.

Connect the moons.

This is the symboI for this planet. That's it.

The point of origin.

What are you doing? l found it.

What are you taIking about? The seventh symboI.

We're going home.

Let's go.

What's happening up there?

How you doin'?

Damn! Come on, Feretti!

Come on!

You OK? You all right?

Spread out!

Let's go!

We're dead! Quit talking Iike that.

What are we gonna do? Cover me.

Cover you?


Help me push this thing over!

What are you doing? Completing this mission.

We agreed to dismantle the gate on Earth.

And you will.

That's yourjob now. l'm gonna stay here and make sure this goes off.

You got seven minutes.

What are you doing?


Wait for me.

You got any rounds at all, Feretti? We're all out of ammo! lncoming!

Kawalsky, we gotta do something.

Stop! Hey!

Give my regards to King Tut, asshole.

How much time do we have left? 45 seconds.

He's leaving. Turn it off. l'm trying to. l can't disarm it.

What? l can't stop it. They got it rigged.

l've got an idea.

l always knew you'd get us back. Yeah, right.


Thanks, Daniel.

You sure you want to do this? Yes, I'm sure.

You gonna be all right?

l'm gonna be all right.

How about you?


Yeah, l think so.

Tell Catherine this brought me Iuck.

l will.

l'II be seeing you around...