Starship Troopers 3: Marauder (2008) Script

Scorpion-class pulse warriors.

Kamikaze bombardiers.

Every day, new Bugs show up on the battlefield.

Watch out! Get down, get down!

So many that some wonder:

GIQ on one.

Don't bet on it, citizen.

Here at Oppenheimer Proving Grounds...

... federal scientists are cooking up some nasty top-secret surprises...

... of their own.

But the newest weapon in the Mobile Infantry's arsenal...

... is the not-so-secret shovel.

Greater Bug firepower means trenches.

And that means digging here on Roku San...

... this once peaceful farm planet...

... that has become the new frontline of the Second Bug War.

There you go, trooper. And put your back into it.

If you're against the war, you're against us.

That's what a federal judge said today...

... when he declared that hanging is absolutely good enough...

... for anyone who threatens the morale of the Federation. and death. Execute them all.

This is a very simple ruling. People need to watch what they say.

Admiral Enolo Phid, division chief, Fleet Intelligence...

... voiced another concern from her headquarters at Terran Command.

The revival of religious worship here and in the outer colonies...

...will not be tolerated if it leads to sedition...

...or in any other way destabilizes our war effort.

He's dark, he's handsome, he's psychic.

Courage, duty, honor Eagle high above He's General Omar Anoke, the sky marshal everyone loves.

And gives us strength To go and win this war And at last night's war rally...

... he thrilled audiences all across the Federation...

... with a pounding rendition of his latest hit, "A Good Day to Die."

We fight for what is right A noble sacrifice When duty calls, you pay the price For the Federation I will give my life

And hey, citizen, now you can celebrate Sky Marshal Anoke...

... and support our war effort at the same time.

Because it's always a good day to buy.

- I will give my life Courage, duty, honor For the Federation I will give my life


Clear out! Run!

Move, move, move!

Can you walk, soldier?

Yes, sir. Good.

Give us a hand. Pick up that arm and find out who it belongs to.

Yes, sir.

Mop up, people. We got brass up our ass in T-minus-2.

Surprise inspection, sir? Tonight?

The SM can drop in and count the sheets any time he wants.

The sky marshal's coming here?

Ask him for an autograph, Lieutenant Manion, and I will have you shot.

No, sir. Of course not, sir.

Officer on deck. Carry on.


Archie's testing the fence again, sir. Stupid Bugs.

Pesky, not stupid, lieutenant.

Keep it up, Archie. I like my Bugs fried in the morning.

Boat coming down, colonel.

Look sharp, troopers.

Sir, the sky marshal is the Federation's top-secret top secret.

So how'd you know he was coming?

Anoke's chief of staff used to polish my brass.

You know General Hauzer?

Dix Hauzer was a dope lieutenant just like you once upon a time.

Made general in two years. Some dope.

Only took me eight years to make colonel.

Officer on deck.

John Rico. Good to see you, Dix.

How's it going? Good.

I have to introduce you to someone. I think I'm in love.

Yeah? Who'd have you?

Here he comes, everybody. Let's go, come on.

Officer on deck.

Sorry to drop in unannounced, colonel.

And yet I sense you expect my visit.

Get in tight on this, sergeant. Johnny Rico, our hero of Planet P.

I just did my part, sir.

Oh, no. Heroes inspire courage, sacrifice.

Sacrifice? Yes.

By asking us to be better than what we are.

Tell me about Roku San, colonel.

Will these farmers fight?

They need us, but they don't like us, sir.

Hearts are more fickle than minds.

Johnny Rico.

Lola Beck?

What are you doing here?

I fly the SM.

He gets the best.

Well, you know me, Johnny.

Yes, I know you.

Captain Beck is the person I was talking about earlier.


And Lola?

What's the joke?

Captain Beck, you should have informed me...

...of your relationship with Colonel Rico.

You know what I do out of uniform is off the clock, general.

You three obviously have much to discuss.

Buy them both a drink on me, colonel.

Yes, sir.

Lieutenant Manion, isn't it? Yes, sir.

Care to give me the post tour? Me?

I have all your songs, sir.

Carry on, lieutenant. Yes, sir.

Follow me, sir.

Come on, kids. We got orders.

You boys are the biggest girls I've ever known.

What do you think of them?

Bugs? I hate them, sir.

Well, no one likes what they can't understand.

But just look at the imagination.

The sheer virtuosity of their creation.

I hate to bother you, sir, but could you please sign my helmet?

Of course, trooper.

Thank you, sir. Anytime, son.

All I know is...

...there sure are a lot more of them at the wire today, sir.

A lot more.

Well, maybe they heard I was going to sing.

Officer on deck. Look sharp.

At ease.


You got me confused with someone who isn't a farmer.

How do I get me a hat like that? Join up, do your part.


I'd like to ask you something. Sorry, chief.

Already married.

Buy them a drink on me, will you? And bring us a bottle.

Hose your cage, Harlan.

These are the kind of people who will lose this war for us.

Why is it no one in the outer colonies wants to fight?

Roku San used to be a nice place.

Now it's war, and they blame us.

Archie's cooking tonight.

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

What are they thinking? Archie don't think.

It's a good day to fry.

Ten-hut. At ease, troopers.


They seem so excited tonight.

You ought to hear them, sir. They're howling out there.

Well, put them on the line, soldier.

What does it mean, sir?

It means we're being tested, lieutenant.

Our loyalty, our intelligence...

...our imagination.

Excuse me, sir. My brother really loves you.

Of course. What's his name? Kevin.

I'm sure he'll make a fine recruit. Thank you.

May I, sir? Of course you can, trooper.

Ask him for an autograph, Lieutenant Manion, and I will have you shot.

Hey, where'd he go?

To us.

To us.

To John, hero of Planet P.

Lola, two ships shot out from under you.

I fly a goddamn desk.

The battles I fight are with numbers. That's what I do.

That's what I know.

And that's why I know...

...that if everyone in here doesn't step up, we're sunk.

To the Federation. The Federation.

"To the Federation."

So, Dix.

Rico and I met...

...when Johnny was a big war hero and I was still a six.

Bond tour. Ten planets, eight days.

Do you remember Turtle Bay?

So, Dix, how do you know Johnny?

Well, he used to be my boss at TCOM.

Standard rotation. Worst year of my life.

Dix saved my ass every day.

Hey, it's hanging time.

Appeals are exhausted. Their families have said goodbye.

All that remains is payment for their crimes against you, citizen.

The senior executive executioner is taking his time.

Sending a message, perhaps.

One for all of us to contemplate this evening.

That our ideas, no matter how pleasing...

... are dangerous.

That there are actions and consequences.

That no one really counts very much...

... unless we are part of something bigger.

There it is, justice.

You'll pay. As God is my witness, you'll pay.

Back off. Hold on, hold on, wait, wait.

Hey, fuck off, feddy.

You guys fail to understand a very clear lesson here.

You got something to learn me?

Come on, Dix, let's get out of here. Colonel Rico, if you please.

Yes, sir.

MPs, now. I want them arrested. Everyone. That's an order.

Yes, sir. Sergeant.

You heard the general.

My friends, you're not bigger than the Federation.

Watch what you say and do what you're told.

Or you'll have us hung, is that it? It's up to you.

Come on, Dix. Let's get Lola out of here.

I don't work for you anymore, John. Stand down.

Did you hear that, everybody? Stand down. That's an order.

From now on, I take my own lumps.

I got this.

Now you're in violation of Article 5.

Article 8.

Had enough? Stand down, Rico.

Stand down.

That's Article 11.

That's 11.

Which makes you subject to...

Special Order 86. Look out!

Colonel Rico, you're out of order.

Begging the general's pardon, sir.

I was trying to keep an old friend from making an ass of himself.

Friendship means nothing next to duty, colonel.

And you have forgotten yours.

I thought we were here to kill Bugs, sir.

Not farmers.

Arrest the farmers. Sedition.

And Colonel Rico too. All right, on your feet, asshole.

Failure to obey a superior officer. Hey, Dix, stop it.

Johnny's right.

Move it!

Captain Beck.

Return to your boat.

Sergeant, you have your orders.

Colonel, please come with me.

Electrical system malfunction.

Oh, no.

Here they come, they're on the wall.

- Rico. It's all down. Everything.

The fence is down, sir.

The fence? How could that have happened?

Fuck, here they come.

Oh, shit.

We need reinforcements.

We need reinforcements now, sir!

I'm on my way. Hold on. You are under arrest.

Is that your final word? No, that's an order.

I'll see you at my court-martial.

Nice seeing you, Lola. Yeah.

Make a hole, coming through.

Heads up, colonel.

Keep it moving. Keep it moving.

Come on, you apes. You wanna live forever?

Move it. Come on.

Keep it moving.

Fall back.

Defensive positions. Incoming.

Let's go.

Go. Go.

Out of ammo, man. Out of ammo.


Bugs! Two lines! Front and back!





Colonel Rico, sir.

Situation, lieutenant. Totally ominously fucked up, sir.

And I lost the sky marshal too, sir.

Good. We'll all hang together.

You know what to do. Get in there and kill them all!

Where's forward command? It's Bugs.

It's Bugs. Bugs everywhere you go, sir.

Sir, what are you doing here?

Are you wounded? We have to get you to the lander right now.

I'm fine.

Marines, gather around. We must get the sky marshal to safety right now.

Yes, sir. Formation. This way, general.



Keep moving.

Archie. Get that paddock open.

This is General Hauzer. Open this door.

Open the door.


Get this door closed!

Dr. Wiggs, over here. Dr. Wiggs, we need you.

Get him inside.

Corpsman, see to Sergeant Rye. Yes, sir.

Fucking Bugs. I hate them!

Dr. Wiggs. Front and center.

What's wrong with him? Careful.

He's in shock. Are you all right, sir?

Are you all right, sir?


I will be. Oh, good.

Here we go. Careful.

Captain Beck, when do we leave?

How about T-minus-now, sir?

Sir, requesting permission to remain on Roku San, sir.

Trying to be a hero, Dix? Somebody's gotta stay and fight.


Colonel Rico is in command.

I was forced to relieve Colonel Rico.

He's under arrest for acts of insubordination.

Serious charges. I'm sorry for your friend.

Perhaps your destiny does lay here after all, Dix.

Go find it.

And good luck, soldier.


Just think about this for a second.

Because you're making a decision for the both of us right now.

I know.

Dix, I love you.

I love you.

Blast off, Fleet.

Attention, all units.

This is General Hauzer.

I am assuming command effective immediately.

Go to the bunker!

Repeat, I'm assuming command. All unit commanders report.

I want location and status. Now.

We lost G Trench, sir.

Put that in a memo to General Hauzer, will you, lieutenant?

Yes, sir.

This is Hauzer to all units. I say again, I'm assuming command.

They're pulling back, sir.

Get down! Hit the deck!

Clear the deck.

Skinner, Hightower, cover that hole.

Prepare for attack!


Scorp! It's a scorp!


Scorpion! Oh, fuck! Scorpion!

Fire, fire, fire!


Take us home, Captain Beck.

Warp in five, number one.

Yes, ma'am. What about General Hauzer, ma'am?

He wants combat. Take us out on my mark.

Five, four, three, two, one.

The guy says, "Man, then we can all get some sleep."

Fucking Archie. Can't believe I got bitten.

Yeah, he got you.

Officer on deck.

At ease.

Nice work out there, sergeant.

Thank you, ma'am. SM all okay?

Thanks to you boys.

What do we say, marines?

Yeah. Carry on.

Oh, boy.

Chief Brittles, are we shipshape?

You'd be the first to know, captain.

Just saying hi, Bull.

Excuse me, ma'am.

If that's the SM's dinner, after you, Holly.

Thank you, ma'am.

What's cooking, Jingo?

You know, the same old shit on a shingle.

Drink, captain? On duty, doc.

Me too.

Captain Beck. Give a listen, will you?

Today we have suffered grave defeat at Roku San.

But I am confident that there exists balance in the cosmos and...

Excuse me, sir.

I am certain that there exists balance in the cosmos.

And where there is defeat, we will make victory.

What do you think?

I have to address the council tomorrow.

Well, sir, everybody loves victory.

If you'll excuse me, I'll be getting back to the cockpit.

Look, look, can't they manage without you just for once?

Let's stay and talk.

Certainly, sir, I'd be happy to.

Hold on.

We're falling out of warp.

Sir, for your own protection...

...l'm gonna need to get you to the marine lander.

Holly, stay with us.

What just hit us? I think we just hit each other.

Come on, Holly, let's move.

Marines, report to the rescue deck. I read you, Captain Beck.

And we are on our way.

Let's go.

Come on.

Marines. Right here, brothers.

Let's go.

Was that a reactor, chief?

Secondary. Number one will turn us into daylight.

I'm okay. I'm okay.

Abandon ship, chief. Yes, ma'am.

Sergeant Rye, the SM goes with you.

Yes, ma'am. Come with us now, sir.

Captain Beck, I would prefer that you stay at my side.

Yes, sir. Crew chief, get everyone else to the rescue pod.

You got it.

We got a little problem in the galley. Jingo, jeez.

Dumb ass.

You okay? Yeah.

Go get the SM, Chick.

Sir, this way.

No! Damn it!

Marines, get to your lander. I will see you on the ground.

Okay, people, let's move. To the rescue pod, now.

Are we crashing? No, we're getting into the rescue pod.

The Roku San line, key to the Federation's defense...

... knows defeat in one night.

How many dead? No man can say.

Experts agree on one thing only:

Blame falls squarely on Colonel John Rico.

Once heralded as the hero of Planet P.

Now disgraced and awaiting court-martial...

... from his cell at the Alamo Bay Federal Detention Facility.

Another day, another peace rally in the outer colonies.

The Federation has taken advantage.

But this time it's different, because of Elmo Goniff.

Hey, I'm a citizen.

Decorated veteran turned pacifist...

... and now the leader of a growing coalition of citizens...

... who question the Federation's administration...

... of the Arachnid conflict. and counting. Why? I found my answers in faith.

And I have faith in God, not people.

Peace at any price is a human right.

And there are other costs too.

Defeat at Roku San has fueled the anti-war movement...

... resulting in the deaths of 144 outer-colony students...

... and religious protesters.

We break net now to take you live to Terran Command...

... where Sky Marshal Omar Anoke will address the Federation...

... on the Roku San crisis.

My fellow citizens, I come to you today with a heavy heart.

Within the past 12 hours...

... we have suffered ignominious defeat at Roku San.

Incompetence at the highest levels of command...

...and betrayal... those who would protest, question...

...and commit acts of civil disobedience.

I assure you that those responsible for the catastrophe at Roku San...

...and all crimes against the Federation, large and small...

...will be punished.

Ours is a war of human destiny...

...that will end only in total victory.

And we're out.

Okay, let's wrap it up. Good.


What's the matter, general? You don't look very happy with me.

We all understand the need to maintain stability...

...until we locate the sky marshal.

I'm surprised to see you.

I thought you'd take some time to recover from your ordeal.

The sky marshal would want me in the office, admiral.


Excuse me, sir.

Sorry, sir.

Lieutenant? Lamb.

I know no one's supposed to talk about it...

...but I'm sorry about the sky marshal, sir.

That's classified, lieutenant. Phid will have your head in a noose.

But thanks.

Something else?

A distress call came out of the AQZ yesterday.

And how are you aware of this and I'm not?

The transmission came through on my watch, sir.

Sierra Mike Uniform to Fleet Rescue. Come in, Fleet.

Sierra Mike Uniform, this is Fleet Rescue, over.

Requesting priority pickup for sky marshal plus five.

What happened when you kicked it upstairs?

We were instructed to ignore it, sir, and all future transmissions.

And I'm supposed to keep my mouth shut.

That why you're here, lieutenant?

They're out there all alone and no one's doing anything about it.


You were never here, lieutenant.

No, sir. Never.

Sierra Mike Uniform to Fleet Rescue. Come in, Fleet.

Sierra Mike Uniform to Fleet Rescue.

Fleet Rescue, come in.

They're gonna come and get us, right, captain?

I mean, like, how long till they get here?

Here you go, doc.

I say again, Sierra Mike Uniform to Fleet Rescue.

Come in, Fleet.

Is anyone out there?

I don't think we're getting through. Jingo, get out of there.

Why? I like it in here. Okay.

The solar cells need recharging.

Don't have time for a day at the beach.


One or 1000?

Who's to say there's not an army out there?

Oh, God. I didn't see anything.

Probably a scout.

We need to get off this beach pronto, people.

Leave the rescue pod?

You want your back to the water when these Bugs show up?

Be my guest, doc.

Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done...

Give it a break.

Easy now, captain.

You ain't sure, and you're scaring us all to death.

On Earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread and del...

You are really getting on my nerves.

You've got no cause to do that.

Get your hand off me, crew chief.

You're hurting him.

Everyone's got a right to think what they want.

Sure, as long as they keep it to themselves.

Saddle up. We're moving out.

Wait a second. When Fleet Rescue comes looking for us...

...this is the first place they're gonna come, right?

I expect they would, Bull.

Then we should stay right here.

And if the Bugs do attack, we just fall right back to the pod.

Smart thinking, Bull.

You ever been in a swarm, big man?

Swarm? Oh, my God, no.

They'll tear this pod apart like a paper bag.

Oh, God, save us.

Now, gear up, we're moving out. And that's an order.

Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name...

Can the God talk. You're wrong, Captain Beck.

God is everywhere, surrounding us.

Excuse me, sir?

All of us search for God in our own way...

...whether we know it or not.

Do you really believe that, sir?

Yes, Holly, I do.

I had no idea that you were one of us.

All right. Well, all of you guys can go look for God.

I'm heading for the Fleet marine lander.

They've got weapons, maybe even a com that works.

And it's only about a hundred klicks away.

Only a hundred klicks away.

We ain't got rations for that.

You're fat. You won't need any. Let's move, people.

Colonel John Rico, for incompetence of command...

... assault on a superior officer, and willful negligence...

... resulting in the deaths of several soldiers under your command...

... you are sentenced to hang by the neck until you are dead.

Do you have anything to say before the sentence is carried out?

Get on with it, will you?

I'll see you in hell.

What the hell is this?

Your lucky day.

Intelligence. Classified.

You talk, and next time it's your neck in the noose.

Let's go, hero.

You gonna hang me yourself, Dix?

Maybe I got some better things for you to do.

You come here a lot, don't you, Dix?

Didn't know you were interested in political prisoners.

Not me. I come with the sky marshal.

Interrogations. Anoke likes the personal touch, eh?

Not like you think. Not human prisoners.

That first Brain, the one you captured on P, we keep it here.

It's still alive? Alive and a lot bigger.

No one really knows how long they live.

What's it good for?

Anoke was fascinated by that thing.

Why's my neck suddenly worth more than a piece of rope?

It's about the future of the Federation, Johnny.

And Lola. What's that got to do with me?

You're the only one I can trust. Why's that, buddy?

Because everyone thinks you're dead.

Captain? I see them, Jingo.

I count 16.

Bugs? Where?

Oh, no. Why did they stop?

Let's move.

Bull. What?

You with me. You got it.

They're herding us.

Why? They could have us easy.

Perhaps we find ourselves under the grace of a higher power.

You really think so, sir?

I know it in my heart, Holly.

Do you really think we're protected by some higher power?

Singing can't hurt.

Lifts the spirit and helps pass the time, don't you think?

I think we're not dead and we should be.


It's big. It's deadly.

And everyone's got an opinion about the new Q-bomb.

Politicians and citizens alike worry about the morality of a bomb...

... rumored to be so powerful it can crack a planet.

Creation of a weapon that can destroy the very planet...

... on which I now stand is nothing if not a dangerous precedent...

... for the entire human race.

What people fail to grasp...

... is how many planets there are in the universe.

And that the universe itself often destroys other planets.

The Federation can't decide which planet lives and which planet dies.

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

You think those dirty Bugs wouldn't use a Q-bomb if they had one?

But aren't we supposed to be better than the Bugs?

You said it, Mom. That's controversy with a Q.

Yesterday I dropped troopers into a combat zone.

Today I'm flying to the outer colonies.

I'm Fleet.

I'm Fleet too. We're Fleet too.

Me? Really?

If you have strong math skills, high reflex index...

... and an HED of 8. 1 or better, we need you now.

Sixteen? No problem.

Start training today for your future, citizen.

People say boys don't give good HED. But I do.

When you go Fleet, there's no telling where you'll end up.

You know, when I was young...

...I dreamed that one day I'd fly a starship...

...or even visit Sanctuary.

Fleet has taken me to the top.

How high you fly is up to you when you go Fleet.

So why not do your part and sign up today?

See you in the cockpit.

Would you like to know more?

Well, John.

Your first time at Sanctuary.

So this is the big wow. This is it.

If the Bugs find this place, they'll knock out the Fleet.

No Fleet, you lose the outer colonies. Mobile Infantry couldn't hold them.

There goes the neighborhood.

Next stop, Earth. Yeah.

Guess that makes Sanctuary the biggest secret of the war.

Not even the sky marshal knows where it is.

Only a handful of active-duty pilots are entrusted with that information.

Don't tell me.

Lola's one of them.

Yup, and if we don't find her, we're sunk.

I'm sending you to the Arachnid Quarantine Zone... soon as you saddle up.

What do we know about this planet?

OM-1? Nothing.

We don't even have its exact position.

What about the rescue call? Wasn't there a beacon?

Enolo Phid doesn't want Anoke rescued.

I don't get it. Phid wants to be Anoke.

I'm glad all I do is fight Bugs.

So I'm gonna get the coordinates and you go in.

Roger that.

But what makes you so sure they're still alive?

Well, Lola's hard to kill.

If this mission is off the books... are you gonna get me a regiment to invade the AQZ?

A regiment? Not even close.

So how many troopers do I get? Seven.

What? That's including you.

You're sending me into the Bug house with a rifle squad?

Why didn't you just let them hang me, Dix?

Maybe I should have.

Don't worry, I'm assembling your team now.

It's my funeral. My pick of the team.

Any way you want it.

They aren't much to look at, are they?

Well, we didn't build them to do pretty things.

Hey, doc.

When did he get the religion? I wouldn't call it religion per se.

He's spiritual. That's different.

Yeah, two months ago, I received a call in the middle of the night.

I hadn't seen him for a week.

He told me he'd been in the desert and that he'd been tested.

He wasn't himself.

Go on.

Well, every man, even great men...

...experience moments of doubt when they're tired and afraid.

Afraid of what?

He told me that this was a war that would never end.

That if we stay this course...

...the Bugs will and must destroy the human race.

So he's lost his nut.

Extraordinary, 10 out of 10.

He had an episode. I gave him a sedative.

The next day he told me not to worry, that he'd talked to God.

Doc, if I told you I was talking to God, would you clear me for flight?


Is the SM unfit for command?

I find this a very uncomfortable conversation, captain.

If I need to assume command, I'm gonna need your help...

...because the others won't understand.

We could both hang.

Is your loyalty to the SM or the Federation?

Don't blame the cook, folks.

The SM goes first.

Just water. Bull, you have mine.

Are you sure, sir?

Well, I'm sure we'll need your strength.

Thank you, sir.

If you don't mind, can we maybe say a prayer before we eat?

Of course.

Dr. Wiggs?

Captain Beck, how about you?

I'll be checking the perimeter, sir.

We thank thee, Lord, for the meal we're about to receive.

Please bless us and keep us.

Protect us from all evil and guide us...

...that we may know the way to you.


Amen. Amen.

Can I ask you a question, sir?

Of course, Bull.

They are gonna come looking for us, won't they, sir?

Because of you.

We are on a mission of the greatest importance, Bull.

Even if we do not now understand our purpose.

Yes, sir. But we are gonna be rescued.

I mean, you do know that, don't you?

Because you're psychic.

I know how people around me feel, and sometimes I can speak to them...

...but no one can predict the future, Bull.

I have a question for you.

For all of you.

Do you have faith?

I believe.

I know you do, Holly. Your faith is clear and serene.

I wanna believe too, sir.

I really do.

Well, that's the start of it, Bull.

Dr. Wiggs, how about you?

I believe in you, sir.

Well, careful now, Dr. Wiggs.

See, I'm only a man.




Help me! Bull!

Jingo, Jingo. Hold on.

Hold on, Jingo.

Come on, come on!


Where's Wiggs?

Dr. Wiggs?

Dr. Wiggs?





Good to see you again, troopers.

You are now all part of a classified mission.

Talk about it and they will hang you. Get me?

We get you, sir.

What exactly is the Marauder program, sir?

I'm not currently at liberty to say. Sir, is the mission survivable, sir?

We'll find out, trooper.

You know what I think, sir?

What's that, sergeant? I think it's a good day to die, sir.

Outstanding. Glad you feel that way.

Because today, we're headed out for the Arachnid Quarantine Zone.

Saddle up, troopers. Sir, yes, sir.

Hauzer for Lamb.

I'm sorry, general, Lieutenant Lamb's been transferred.


I'm sorry, sir, I can't tell you that.


Dix, come in. You are going to hang Lamb?

Little redhead, sad eyes, big mouth?


That is what happens to traitors, Dix.

Seems like you know all about traitors, admiral.

Maybe I'm looking at one right now.

So you're gonna hang me too?

Well, a lot of that going around these days.

What happens to you when the council finds out... suppressed the sky marshal's rescue call?

And exactly who would tell them such a thing?

You give me the coordinates for Planet OM-1, resign...

...and I keep my mouth shut.

I'm sorry, Dix.

But very shortly, Omar Anoke will be dead...

...and honored as a hero of the Federation...

...and I will be the next sky marshal.

Over my dead body.

That your last request, general?

Federal Council members were called together today...

... by Sky Marshal Anoke for his weekly report.

How are you doing, sir? Good to see you.

Then... disaster.

A bomb carried by a member of the Goniff Peace Coalition explodes.

Among the missing:

Sky Marshal Anoke and his loyal aide, General Dix Hauzer.

Today, each and every one of us...

...has been attacked by a man...

...who would demand peace at all costs.

A man who calls himself a citizen.

A man who is no better than a Bug.

- One more day of fighting... That man is Elmo Goniff...

... self-proclaimed pacifist turned terrorist.

And today, he and other members of the Goniff Peace Coalition...

... are wanted in connection with the council bombing.

And, hey, citizen, you can help.

- Know your neighbors? Turn that f***ing thing off.

- Take another look, citizen. Who, me?

You could be living next door to a big, fat reward.

If you see something, say something.

We're in the Arachnid Quarantine Zone.

Do you know what that means? This is a Bug planet.

They could come for us at any time, right?

Upstairs, downstairs, you can't tell. Save your breath, Jingo.

Yeah, but they could be under our feet right now. You can't tell.

You don't know, right? Listen to me, okay?

I'll tell you when to run.

No, you can't tell me when to run, because I'm a cook, okay?

I take short orders, I'm not a...

Get your shit wired.

You're a bitch.

Let's move.

You're wasting water, Jingo. I hate you.

Oh, God. It's okay, Holly.

Oh, that's it, I'm out of here.

Hold your ground, Jingo. That's an order.

Captain Beck, we need to talk.

We're fucked.

That's exactly what I've been saying.

You shouldn't talk like that. That's blasphemy.

You're a goddamn flight attendant, so stow it.

We never should have left the goddamn beach.

This is all a big mistake.

Now we got warriors...

...fucking earthquakes, and we even lost the doc.

Did you forget that? And it's your fault.

You know, if we'd stayed at the beach...

...then we could just be lying in the sand.

And if the Bugs did show up, well, then we just jump in the water.

I mean, Bugs don't swim, right? Do they?

Jingo, behind you. Jingo, watch your back.

Yeah. Very funny.

You know what? Screw you guys. I'm going back to the beach.

Jingo. Jingo.

Jingo, don't.

Hold on, Jingo.

Damn it.


It's moving off.

Hold your fire. Save the ammo.

Jingo, get out of there, now. No way.

We ought to get in there with him. Let's go.

Chief, those aren't rocks. Get out of there now.

Come on, Holly, let's go. Sir, let's go. No, my friends.

He belongs to God.

What are you talking about?


No, no.


And where's your God now?

Let's move.

Even though you don't believe it, captain, he is listening.

And soon, we will be delivered. Do you really believe that, sir?

Yes, Holly.

I do.

How do you know?

Because he talks to me even now, Captain Beck.

He talks to me even now.

All right, listen up. The hardware you'll be operating...

...interfaces directly with your nervous system.

That's outstanding, sir.

Please remove your clothing.

What are you gonna do if you don't buy the farm?

I'm thinking R and R. They might even let us go home.

Home? What's that?

Peace and quiet, family. Remember?

Yeah, that's all I want when this is done.

Yeah, I just can't wait for it to be over and start living again.

Hasn't anybody told you, sergeants?

Mobile Infantry is only good for dying.

They need to come up with a bigger weapon... they can finish this thing and we can go home.

Yeah. Bye-bye, Bugs.

What will you do when the war is over, sir?

What are you people talking about? This war is never gonna end.

Take your place, number two.

I guess that's why his mama called him Slug.

Prepare for full-spectrum bioscan.

DDQ, five-by-five.

Commencing Gamma Jetta Bonza.

Did you participate in Anoke's interrogation of the Brain, general?


So you don't know about the side effects?

What side effects?

It seems anybody who spends too much time around that Bug...

...suffers deleterious effects, both physical and psychological.

Not the sky marshal. So it seemed.

Truth is, we didn't fully understand the Brain's capabilities.

Sir. Welcome to Area 6, admiral.

Necessary personnel only. Yes, sir.

All unauthorized personnel, exit Area 6 immediately.

All unauthorized personnel, exit Area 6 immediately.

So, general, how well did you really know the sky marshal?

I worked with him every day.

So you knew he got religion.

What are you talking about? General.

There's something I think you should see.

Run the Anoke file.

This is surveillance footage of Anoke with the Brain Bug.

We just recently discovered it.

He's psychically connected with it. They communicate.

I understand.

And I come here as your servant, Behemecoytal.

That thing has a name? Yeah. But that's not this Bug.

Behemecoytal is likely some Bug we've never encountered before.

A superior arachnid intelligence originating on the planet OM-1.


We believe this Brain allowed itself to be captured.

To provide intelligence from the heart of the Federation.

And Anoke used the Brain to commune with this Behemecoytal.

A Bug he regards as God.

Yes, Roku San will fall as proof of my faith.

Then we can discuss the terms of peace.

Anoke's responsible for Roku San?

He had the codes to shut down the fences.

He made a pact with the Bug to render Roku San defenseless.

And in light of his conversion...

...he's become an asset to the Bugs and a tremendous liability for us.

Making friends? You can't be friends with a Bug.

That's why we're gonna put this one down...

...take it apart, and find out what it knows.

Close the containment.

Admiral, you okay?



Look at him.

The most powerful man in the galaxy finds God...

...and what does he do?

Exactly what he's told.

He's a Bug.

Doesn't think, doesn't protest, doesn't rebel.

That's the kind of attitude that wins wars.

You know, Dix...

...I think these Bugs are onto something.

This could just be the greatest weapon of them all.

How does he do it?

That's faith, Bull. That's what it does for a man.

Give it a break.

Faith is more powerful than a Q-bomb.

Without it, you're nobody.

That's why I'm not listening to you anymore, captain.

Holly, if we ever get out of this, I was wondering if...


What is it, Bull?

Would you ever marry an old monkey wrench like me?

Only in a church, Bull.

You mean it?

You take God and you can take me.

What we've come for.

It's here.

I never doubted it for a second, sir.

If I didn't believe before, I do now.

Honey, everything's gonna be okay. All will be well, Bull.

And you will know the name of God.

The one true God.


Brain of Brains.

Beheme-what? Behemecoytal.

He's here. He's everywhere.

Come, and let us rest and wait for his coming.

They say God has many names, but I've never heard that one before.

Well, honey, he's the sky marshal. He knows a lot more than we do.

He's talking about a Bug.

He thinks God is a Bug?

He's got religion. Their religion.

Bug religion? That's crazy.

That's blasphemy.

What do we do now?

Maybe we should kill him.

Why, because he's crazy? Or he believes in God like you?

It's the wrong God.

Guard the door. I'm no trooper.

Greetings, citizen.

Excuse me, sir.

What went wrong? An air leak.

The ship landed itself.

They were dead before they hit the atmosphere.

Sierra Mike Uniform to Fleet Rescue.

Come in, Fleet.

Sierra Mike Uniform to Fleet Rescue. Come in, Fleet.

We could make orbit if I can solve the O2 problem.

Solve it, chief.

Sierra Mike Uniform to Fleet Rescue.

Come in.

Sierra Mike Uniform, this is Fleet Rescue, over.

We are requesting priority pickup on Planet Oscar Mike-One...

...for SM and three additional survivors.

Holly, don't move.

Let's go, baby.

Go, baby.




It's all around.

It's Behemecoytal. No, it's hell.

Come on, Holly. We're in hell!

Clear the door, Holly.

We may not be able to make orbit.

But we can sure get out of here. We must remain here, captain.

No, sir, we are off this rock.

Oh, great one. Lord.

The day has arrived that I stand before you.

Let our communion begin.



It's time to talk.

Jingo, is that you?

This one speaks for us that we may talk to you as a man.

That you may be comfortable among your own kind.

Among your trusted advisors and servants...

...whom we have made believers.

Thank you, Lord.

That you care for me so much...

...fills me with love and joy and confidence...

...that we can and will create a great new understanding.

You will be one with us.

So that I may come to know you.

You will know what we know.

And that you will come to know me, and through me...

...all of humankind.

What are you doing?

I am here to negotiate peace with a being superior to us.

What, appeasement? No, Captain Beck.

The survival of the human race. We will all be saved.

Forgive me. My people have much to learn.

They are fearful and... As were you once, Anoke.

I was weak.

When you asked for the lives of so many at Roku San, I doubted.

But now I understand that great achievement...

...requires great sacrifice.

You gave them Roku San.


Within that woman you will find Sanctuary.

I have given you the key that will end this conflict once and for all... that your law may rule and paradise follow...

You're a liar. Seducer.

He of a thousand names.

Oh, great one, Lord...

...would you please take these women from me and kill them?

And why do you wish this?

I have made this great journey.

I have evolved.

I have sacrificed all... that I may create with you a great peace.

And they're fucking it up.

We too seek peace, but by different means.

We seek knowledge.

Knowledge is the key to understanding...

...and to communication.

And only by this way can our species... different, live together in harmony and mutual resp...

You will become one with us...

...and provide the knowledge necessary... pacify the human species.

Oh, Lord. Yes.

Your plans, the disposition of your armies...

...your fleet.

Yes, what's mine is yours.

Take me unto you, oh, great one.



Pray with me, Lola.


Lord, please hear my prayer. Deliver us from this evil place.

Come on, Lola, pray with me. It doesn't make any difference.

Lord, send us an army of angels.

And arm them with your fire and your sword...

...that they might smite the evil around us.

What is it, Lola?

Lola, what is it?

Come on, Lola, don't you wanna live?

Yes, I wanna live.

Well, when you're all out of hope, God is all you get.

Now, say it.

Our father. Our father.

Who art in heaven. Who art in heaven.

Hallowed be they name.

Thy kingdom come. Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done. Thy will be done.

On Earth as it is in heaven. On Earth as it is in heaven.

All right, troopers, let's fix this hive. Archies everywhere.

As we forgive those who trespass against us.

- Searching for survivors. And lead us not into temptation.

- Got them. And deliver us from evil.

Let's move in.

Rolling in.

Rolling in.

We got visual.

Hold your fire.

Wait for my command.

- We got visual, we got contact. Wait for it.

Ready. Wait for it.

We got contact.

I'm moving in for guns.

Keep your cool.

Hold that line, trooper.

Say it again, Lola. Say it again.

Our father who art in heaven. Who art in heaven.

Hallowed by thy name. Hallowed by thy name.

Fire in the hole.

On Earth as it is in heaven. On Earth as it is in heaven.

Open up.

Everything you got.

Initiate wide dispersal on my mark.

- Three, two... And forgive us our trespasses.


Weed them out. Nothing lives.

Get some, get some, get some.


Dual target.

Amen. Amen.

All right, cook them.

Come on, Lola, let's go home.

You killed a lot of Bugs down there, John.

Too bad the big one got away. Well, it's a big Bug.

Our guys can't tell where the Bug ends and the planet begins.

Hard to imagine anything could live through all that.

I did. You're hard to kill.

The Bug is big.

We have lock.

Captain Beck.

I've heard a lot about you.

I'm hoping you'll take command of my flagship.

But when you've had a little time off.

Yes, ma'am.

Congratulations, Colonel Rico. Marauder is a big success.

Thank you, ma'am. Oh, thank Dix.

My new number two doesn't always take no for an answer.

I wasn't sure we should mix business with pleasure.

Are we ready to deploy the Q-bomb? On your command.

All right, people. Let's go crack a planet.

So they wanna make you a general, John.

Put you in charge of the whole Marauder program.

I'm only good for one thing, Dix.

Give me a squad and let me fight.

At least think about it.

Maybe you two wanna be alone.

I'll see you on the bounce.

Alpha Gamma Bonza. Now.

I wanted to ask you...

Would you?

I will.


That's wonderful. But you need to know one thing.


Something happened to me down there and...

Thirty seconds to impact.

Something that I can't explain. What?

But if you wanna marry me, we have to do it in a church.

- What? Twenty seconds to impact.

I got religion, Dix. I got it bad.

Ten seconds.

Well, nobody's perfect.

Five, four, three, two, one.

We have detonation.

Sure, he's gone, but he left us with a song.




Millions mourn the passing of Sky Marshal Omar Anoke.

Warrior, philosopher, a hero of the Federation.

Across the Federation, federal experts agree that, A...

... God exists after all, B, he's on our side...

... and, C, he wants us to win.

And there's even more good news, believers.

Because it's official. God's back.

And he's a citizen too.

Bowing to a rise in popularity all across the Federation...

... Sky Marshal Phid declares that while religion is acceptable...

... peace is not.

In related news, peace terrorist Elmo Goniff...

... and 51 of his closest friends were hung this morning...

... in what many believe to be the all-time record for executions...

... in a single day since the 21 st century.

But they can't silence you.

F*** the Federation and f*** all of you! You will not take my voice!

You will not take me! You will not take away our power!

F*** you all! F*** you! F*** you all!

F*** the Federation!

War heroes take time out to tie the knot.

Get back to work, troopers.

Didn't anyone tell you? There's a war on.

So join up, do your part.

There's a long war ahead, and we need you.

Are you ready for Marauder?

Join the Mobile Infantry...

...and see if you've got what it takes to be a citizen.

See you on the bounce, trooper.

Service guarantees citizenship.