Starship Troopers: Invasion (2012) Script

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I always get the shake before drop.

I had the objection, hypnotic prep, and federation shrink scan my brain wave.

Everything checked out.

Doc said it wasn't fear.

I could've told him that.

A horse locked in the starting gate isn't afraid.

He just ready to run.

A team, our mission is to seize and control the B dock carrier, and clear away the bugs and evac the survivor.

And once we land, we join forces with K-12 team at the fort.

It's a standard grab and go.

After the rescue, we return to the ship, take off and then we blow the fort and the bugs.

Are we clear?

Loud and clear sir.


Go, go, go..


Pretty bad sir. Someone of our man are still in the bar corridor.

Then let's get them out of there.

Mech, we're done here. We have to blow.


Holy Man and Chow, on the cover. Biggest and Grimeshock hold position.

The rest of you, follow me.

We're on the rescue mission people.

Lt Jordan, what's your status?

Too many bugs, no way to take back Fort Casey.

We'll hold until the John A. Warden evacuates.

Alesia will stand-by for immediate evac.

Keep me posted. Roger that.

Mech, what's your ETR?

Almost there sir.

Done. Let's go.

Charleston down. Medic!

I'm on it.

Have you completed loading the crates?

Note that is your priority.

What the hell is this about Carl?

Wonderful to see you again Carmen.

You commandeer my damn ship.

Borrowing it. I'll give it back.

You're never going to take the John A. Warden from me.

Guards I believe Capt. Ibanez need an escort to the East Wing.

What do you want with my ship Carl?

Carmen, that's classified. But I can tell you this, this mission, oh this mission will turn the tide.

You always were such an asshole.

And I'm always so fond of you as well, Carmen.

See you on Terra.

Friend always, right?

A team reload!

This is A team leader to Fort Casey.

Evac, come in About god damn time.

It's a little crowded out here, exit now. Dock B.

On our way.

Show some hassle.

It's quiet now but that ain't going to last.

Evac coming out.

Keep your eyes open and your heads down.

I don't to lose anyone to friendly fire.

Who's in charge?

Acting commander sir!

Major Henry Varro was been relieved of duty.

Relieved? What the hell happen?

This was a suicide mission from the gecko. Fucking-headcase!

Shut your mouth Ratazz. You want to be busted like Hero?

We're outta here. Let's get back to the ship.

Mech, how is it coming with that charge?

Armed and dangerous.

You have to be kidding me!

Thanks for waiting Jack-ass Command, if there's a new order let me know god damn it.

Are we going to escort the John A. Warden or not?

Behind us!

Sir! This is Biggest, can't hold on anymore. We're...

Fuck son-of-bitches....

Captain Jonah, this is A team. Landing ship destroyed.

Boarding directly now.

Roger that, as soon as you're aboard, Alesia will depart.

Left formation! Fall back to the Alesia.

Hold formation! Hold formation!

My arm! My god damn arm!





Return to the ship!





Trig, move your god damn ass! We're taking off!

Come on.

Come on.




Score? 430.

Give or take.

You going to do it or what?

Hit it Maestro

3, 2, 1.


Come on guy, this shit ain't over yet.

Haha yeah, alright.

So what the hell happen to you guys down there?

We were right on top of a mother-fucking ant hill.

Varro save our ass, then that ESP prick, Jenkins sent us on a death run.

Straight into a god damn hive.

But you didn't hear that shit from me.

Ah I'm sorry, did you say something?


You can all be proud of yourselves.

We save some lives and we kill some bugs But we lost some good troopers today.

Here's to the dead.

And to the next man to die.

Now let's get back to Terra and we can put some real glasses in these hands.

Hey, check that out.

What's the matter, you never saw a flanking without an arm before?

Yeah, but they usually looks like Ratazz.


That's what they call me because you didn't give a rat-ass about anything.

What a surprise.

Hey, you wanna me to show you to the shower?

I could wash you back.

You don't want to wash my front?

Shut up!

Captain on the bridge.

Stand down, this is your ship not mine Captain.

Simple respect Captain Ibanez for what happen on Planet B.

If only more stripes were executed that way.

I had a good team.

What can you tell me?

About? Where's my ship?

And why does Jenkins want it so badly?

Captain, believe me if I could provide with any information This ship is in pursuit of the John A. Warden isn't it?

I understand your concern of John A. Warden Captain Ibanez but this is the Alesia and we command it.

Our orders are to return to Terra Then show me that data on the John A. Warden's path.

Where is she headed?

We don't know Captain.

We lost her signal shortly after we began pursuit.

Please contact me if you found the John A. Warden.

Aye, aye, Captain

Don't have of a joint or some kind?

This is a serious wound.

Could have been a lot worse.

I can't keep something like this off the record.

I'm going have to take your arm off.

Fine. But look..

At least do what you can to make sure so it doesn't get back to my folks.

You can at least do that, right doc?

Let's do this.

Why don't we wait until the shaking stop?

The ship will be fine.

I'm not talking about the ship.

Hey noob, dance class is down the hall.

No, it's right here. Care to dance?

This ring, is for fighting.

Humor me.

What's your name? Chow.

Well Chow, I don't usually dance with guys, but in your case, I'll make an exception.

Who's your money on?

Ratazz is bigger.

Not much upstairs though. Whatever dude.

Ratazz get him one good solid hit, Chow is going down.

Shit, if he could ever land a punch.

Chow is fast man.

Alright fighters to your corners.

You back up down, I won't think even less of you.

When I ring the bell, come out fighting.

We're going to miss you when you're gone.

Good thing there's not much upstairs, don't have to worry about brain damage.

Hey, damage this...


You see that?

Didn't know you had it in you.

Flash of inspiration.




Thanks. I really appreciate.. it.

They can't get me a bed until tomorrow.

Thanks for letting me use the comm...

Tia Tia Durer Trig is fine. Ottis hags.



Thanks for the catch.. at Fort Casey.

You're sleeping with a gun?

You must know something I don't.

Barreta XXX4.

A classic.

You've got a nice smile for a soldier.


I think.


Up for a little training?

I think I have about all the target practice I could stand today.

Yeah, I was thinking about something a little more...


You didn't really use the intercom, did you?

Would you like to know more?

Everyone is doing their part.

Major Henry Varro..

One of the most decorated officers in the federation.

You earn long range ops in places even god won't.

What did you do?

Why won't you talk?

And why won't your men talk?


They're a couple of modifications you can score on the black market when you get to Terra.

But as far as the federation would pay for it, it's still pretty good prosthetic.

Got it.

Nice job.

Don't know what you're nervous about..

I bet this looks good as all the others.

What others? You're my first.

As the matter of fact, you're the first guy that I've work on that actually live.

Every Commander I've ever served under, tries to get me to use regular machine gun.

That is until they see how many I kill without one.

And they don't ask me anymore.

My parents leave me that rifle.

There was an armory in my hometown.

Everyone worked there.

That is until the bugs melted the place with a plasma bomb.

Soldiers, civilian, families.

Everyone died.

I swore then that I'd kill just as many bugs.

And I would do it with that gun.

That's why you count?

No, that's why it counts.

God damn you Carl.

Where did you learn that hay maker?

Dance class.

Shit! I knew it!

I just felt it.

We aren't going to see Terra anytime soon.

Well private...

Specialist actually.


5 points short on the ESP test, if one more jacket had have been a diamond, I wouldn't be here with your dumb asses.

You son-of-a-bitch!

That's how you always know when I'm in the shower.

So, can you tell what I'm thinking now?

Hell, even I know what you're thinking now.

You make me sick.

What's up Lt Daugherty?

I thought you were in medical?


Wasn't as bad as it looks.

Ah..glad you two could make it.

At ease.

I wanted you brief you all personally.

First and foremost, because I know of the great sacrifices of both the crew of the Alesia as well as the defender of Fort Casey of Maine and the great losses that you suffered and second, I know you could all use some RNR about now Believe me, I've been there myself.

But unfortunately, we have a situation.



The John A. Warden has gone silent.

The Alesia is the only starship in the areas of last contact.

I've ordered your Captain to divert course, find the Warden and investigate.

Any question?


I think I speak for everyone from Fort Casey when I say this..

Shut the fuck up!

It's okay, go on.

We're only going in if Hero takes point.


Major Henry Varro.

Commander of Fort Casey, General Rico.


Arrested by Dr. Carl Jenkins for insubordination at the battle at Fort Casey.


If Major Varro chooses to participate in this mission, the mobile infantry will accept his service.

However, this will not in any way be prejudicial to his trial.

Is that understood?

Understood sir.

We probably lose communication as you cross the Nebula...

Godspeed Alesia!


Assemble in the staging area.

A word Captain Ibanez.

Why did you let him take my ship?

Carmen, it's not your ship, it belongs to the Terran Federation.

General Rico, perhaps you recall there were a certain young trooper who was with me when the Rodger Young when down I vowed that would never happen to a ship under my command.

This is not my choice Honey, look.

I don't care what you thought about Carl back when you knew him and I don't care what you think about him now.

He's minister of paranormal warfare and high command has authorized to use the John A. Warden.

Look, Carmen...

This is a mission that's so classified I don't even know what the hell..

And look how well It's going.

You know that the John A. Warden like the back of your hand I need you to go aboard with the insertion team.

I looked at the manifest.

That ship didn't just go dark, her signal was turned off.

And you know as well as I do, the only one who has the gull to run a Federation Starship's dark is Carl Jenkins.

And how do you know we're even close to my ship?

Before we lost contact, we analyze some of the scattered signals.

Calculating course and speed, we were able to get a good estimate of it's location.

Now it's not spot on, but we can get you pretty damn close.


I'll do it.

But not to save Carl sorry ass, I'll do it to take back my ship.

You just be careful.

We need you back, intact, when this thing is over.

Thank you Johnny.

Hey Carmen...

When this thing is over, maybe you and I could meet at Zim and a..



I gotta tell ya, this will no way to be prejudicial to your trial.

Ah..come on, I didn't have anything to do with any of this.

I'm just a damn janitor trying to clean it up.

Look, Major...

I'm no war enthusiastic about saving Carl Jenkins than you are..

But your men want you.

And something tells me, we're gonna need you.

Lt Daugherty..

We found the John A. Warden Tell Captain Jonah to move to stand off range. I'll be right up.

So, which is it?

Get this chains off me.

It'll be too bad if a stray shot hit Jenkins.

Look, I know you're pissed, but don't even think about shit like that.

They threw Hero into the brig, you or me, Holy Man or Kharon, what do you think they do to grunts like us?

They shoved us out of the god damn air lock.

So I gotta watch my ass?

Yeah, but if you're not gonna do that, at least watch mine.

Aw man, fuck you!

Can't believe I'm the only who's didn't get laid around here.

Looks like you've got all your bases covered.

Tell me Holy Man, which one gonna save you today?

I can take care of myself.

Women, they make the highs higher and the lows more frequent.

Are atheist the only philosopher you can quote?

I find a believer such as you seek so few things worth rating down.

And I found..

That he who look so forward to the abyss is simply afraid of the light.

I'm gonna get you a pen.

Wait, did you just make that up?

No, I'm not writing that down.

John A. Warden, this is the Alesia, please respond.

I try everything, voice, radio flash, even light code. Nothing.

Keep trying Lieutenant.

Zoom in on the bridge.

Maybe they can't hear us.

They have to know what our objective is.

Bridge, this is your Captain, respond now!

If you do not respond we will board.

Board it, that's not my ship anymore.



Died on planet 4976.

Hey, the way I figured it, the bugs got more reason to be sacred than I do.

I killed hundreds of them. They kill zero of me.

Ahh man..

Listen, I want you to do me a favor...


If I don't make it, I don't care what happens to my body but try to get my rifle's scope will you?

And have it bury in my hometown.

Look, I don't like fumes.

Do me a favor, don't get killed.

Okay, boys and girls..

Looks like this is going to be my last mission, so let's make it a good one.

Our job is to retake the John A. Warden, rescue any and all survivors and exterminate any resistance we might find.

You got that?

Sir yes sir!

Alright troopers..

Let's get the lady her ship back.

Initiate docking procedure.

Initiating docking procedure.

Team 1, Lt Daugherty, Ice, Trig, Mech, Shock Jock will lead Capt. Ibanez to the bridge.

Team 2, Jace, Kharon, Chow, Bugspray, Gunfather, Ratazz, Holy Man and the rest of you, you're coming with me to the engine room.

Don't know we gonna find in there so be ready for anything.

Let's go..

Gravity zero, oxygen level yellow.

Ready to board the John A. Warden.

We're in.

Team 1 moving towards the bridge.

Team 2 boarding, moving towards the engine room.

Something up ahead..


Oh my god...

Team two, we got bodies near the bridge.

We got bodies everywhere.

Ah man, they've been bug-ripped Infestation confirm, stay sharp people.

Nearing objective.

Daugherty to team 2, we're on the bridge.

And it ain't pretty.

Got multiple casualties.

And one dead bug.

All clear!

Shock Jock...

Massive tearing wound...

My crew.

Bridge is secured, team 2 what's your status, over.

Entering engine room now, over.

Fucking blood bath..

Team two scout, I got dead troopers and bugs.

Holy shit!


Why they all die here?

Focus on the mission troopers.

Chow, prep the engines.

Yes sir!

Major, I have a survivor Well, find him.

Chow, what's the status on that engine?

Give me 10. You got 5.

Yes sir Team 1, engine operative in 5.

Is that a real 5 minutes or sorta 5 minutes? Over.

Hard 5!

And we got a possible survivor, going to investigate, over.

Gunfather, have team hold position. Bugspray and Ratazz cover Chow.

Like paint Major.

Looks like they were trying to make this into a lab.

What is that thing?

Holding cell, to keep a bug inside.

Now, it looks like they were trying to keep them out and somebody else in.

Emergency power supply from Alesia seems to be working.

Team 1, team 2, gravity restoration in 5, 4..


Internal oxygen level is green.

I feel a whole lot of better If I knew what happen to those bugs.

Weren't we all?

Who's there?

Major Varro.

What're doing here? You're suppose to be on trial.

Yeah, well looks like that plan is about as successful as your little experiment here.

What happen on this ship Jenkins?

I act her, so she hits me She?

What do you mean she?

We're the opponent, she act everything, me, the ship.


Well of course she did, she knew what I was thinking, thoughts become words, words become teeth, thought becomes word, words become teeths. thought becomes word, words become teeths. thought becomes word, words become teeths.

We're going to get you out of here.

You and I can settle our score later, open the door Jenkins.

And let you kill me? No!

Besides, it's safer in here, safest place on the ship.

Safe place. Yes, safe place, my safe house.

Open the door Jenkins.

You think it's funny?

Turning tables, tables turned.

I arrested you, now I'm the one in the cage.

You think that's funny, do you?

Do you?

I'll leave you ass here, don't think I won't.

You figured it out while we clear the rest of the ship.

Have this door open by the time we get back.

There's nothing to clear. The crew is dead, everyone is dead.


Darkness is your friend, whatever you do, don't turn on the lights.

Let there be light!


Varro to Chow, do not restart the engine. Do you copy?

Don't be afraid of the dark.

Good job Chow.

The bridge is free.




We got bugs, multiple contacts.

Holy shit!

Is that the abyss you were talking about?

Engine room, we're under attack.

Take position, they're coming.

Get back to the airlock, move and fire.


I'll draw them off, you go!


We're not leaving him.

Go, I'll see you on the other side.

Holy Man, hold position and fire.

Die bugs.

You think I give a rat-ass about god?

This way.

Get to the airlock.

V, we headed to the airlock and they're right on our ass.

Roget that.

God damn it!



Alesia, we're under massive bug attack, request immediate evac.

Repeat, request immediate evac.

Roger that, Alesia is preparing for your retrieval.

Let's go!

This is Alesia, ready for your arrival, over.


It's jammed!

Don't suppose you have good replacement parts to fix this.

You gonna make it..

Oh that's right...

You can't let me die, I the only one of your patient who said to lived.

Open the airlock.

Shock Jock, you go first.

Yes, sir.

What the hell? Evasive action!

Shock Jock!

Close the door.

What the hell just happen?

The Alesia is gone.

Did we just fired on them?

Alesia, Captain Jonah, answer me!

Listen up everybody, we head to the bridge.


Since when did she gives the orders?

Since we boarded her ship.

Just asking...


I act her so she hit me.

I act her so she hit me.

I act her so she hit me.

I act her so she hit me.

I act..

Are you alright Captain?

You know, if I wanted to run this much..

I'd have joined the mobile infantry.

Captain Ibanez to the L6 Base.

High Command?

This is the John A. Warden, Johnny? Please respond.

Communications is always jagging your world.

Recommend we position ourselves away from the Nebula.

How did the cannon fired? And why target our own ship?

Jenkins try to warn us.

Carl is alive?

Locked himself in the bug cage.

And you're just now telling me this?

Look Captain..

If you're ready for a full debriefing I'm all for it.


Jenkins found a queen on Fort Casey, he ordered us to capture it alive.

What the...

Tell her the rest.

Yes Major, tell me the rest of it.

I knew trying to take the queen will resulting in heavy casualties I wasn't going to sacrifice my men for a bug hunt.

So that's why he had you arrested.

But he got the queen after all.

Wait a minute, how the hell can a bug control a Starship?

You're going to have to ask Jenkins that.

What the?

We're moving again.

Where? No idea.

But if the queen is in control...

We need to stop her from getting there.


Back to the engine room, shut them down.

Negative, not enough soldiers or ammo.

What the hell are you doing?

Praying. Well keep it up.

We're going to need all the help we can get.

Now, we're back in business.


You need to take a look at this.

She's heading straight for the Martian Home Wormhole.

It will take her straight to earth.

This is Captain Ibanez to the L6 Base.

Captain Ibanez calling L6 Base.

This is Captain Ibanez to Johnny Rico.

L6 Base, come in. This is Captain I....

What the hell are you doing?

If she is in the engine room, then I'm gonna hunt her down.

I'll back you up.


You stay.

Besides, you will never be able to fit through here.

I'll be back.

You're not going to stop her?

She's a big girl. She knows what she's doing.

Do we?

I bypassed the circuit board, if we can gain control with out being detected...

Strap yourself in.

I'm not gonna seat in that blood seat.

Do it!

She's on to us.

Damn it!


General, a Federation Starship is just emerged from Martian Home Wormhole.


It's the John A. Warden. On screen.

They're receiving our signal sir. Any response?

No sir, they're not responding.

Something's wrong.

Why would they head back towards earth?

Sir, if they keep their current trajectory, the John A. Warden..

Sir, it's heading straight for us.

John A. Warden, this is General Rico, come in.

John A. Warden, this is the L6 Base.

If you do not change course immediately, we will be forced to engage.

Repeat, the L6 Base will take defensive action if you do not change course.

John A. Warden, respond!

Talk to me Carmen.

The L6 Base, we gotta warn Johnny.

Morse code.

We can't use the beacon, she has control of the ship.


She doesn't have control of this.

General, there's fire on the bridge of the John A. Warden Get me a closer look at that ship.

It's morse code.

They're trying to send us a message.

Repeat, bugs in control.

How the hell did bugs control a Starship?

God damn you Carl.

Deployment status.

Sheraaton, Ishizu Therma and the Franklin are heading to intercept.

The Sheraaton are taking catastrophic damage.

The Franklin is critical but operational.

Franklin, disengage. Get clear of the John A. Warden.

The John A. Warden is approaching, on a crash course.

Ready to intercept sir.

Main cannon arm and ready.







Sir, we can't fire now, they're too close.

They missed us sir.


But why?

Commander, I have the Warden's Trajectory, it's heading straight for the earth.

They never meant to ram us.

We were just in their way.

This is General Rico to earth defense command, the John A. Warden is under bug control and entering earth's atmosphere.

It's what? The John A. Warden?

Rico, I don't care if John A. Warden is on that ship himself.

If that ship is infested, you take it down.

Just give me a chance to do both sir.

Rescue our men and gain control.


Commander, I promise, a bug invasion will not happen on my watch sir.

It better not!

Space-board command, prepare a drop.

What now?

Daugherty, you stay here and protect the Captain.

The rest of you, lock and load.

It's time we exterminate that bitch.

She's trying to crash the ship.

Do what you have to do.

I don't know what to do.

Trig, where are you now?

Trig, location.

Trig, come in.

Trig, respond.

Where are you? Trig! Central storage area.

Have you found the queen? Oh yeah.

This bitch is disgusting.

Take her out.


We're running out of time, do you read me?

Loud and clear Captain.


That's it.







All hands prepare for impact.

Magnetic stabilizer disarm.

All hands, report.

Can anybody hear me?




Thank you.

Rico, you're not a trooper anymore, remember that.

I'm always a trooper.

And if there any of our man alive on that ship, I'm getting them out.

Should've known you said that.

Kill them anyway you can.

Kill them all.

In t-minus 30, we'll send nukes to sanitize that site.

So be out of there before we hit.

Don't wait for me, if I'm not out in 30, nuke it.


Holy Man...

What the hell kinda bug is that?

Fuck me!

I was just starting to believe you.

Fall back, Now!

Troopers, our mission is to storm the wreck of the John A. Warden, rescue our surviving men and kill the last every last son-of-bitch bugs we see.

Do you understand? Yes sir!

We got 25 minutes before they level that site, so move fast.

And remember..

We're not fighting for some rock across the galaxy, we're fighting for our home.

Commence the attack.

Over here..

This way?

Are you alright Captain? Yeah. Thanks.

Come on, let's get to the airlock and get out of here.

That voice..



Come on you aces.

You wanna live forever?

Kill them all.

She still has the ship.

Ice, you guard the Captain.

The rest of you are coming with me, we gonna kill the queen and take back this ship.

Good luck.

Don't worry, you see your kids again soon.

But those bugs, we're taking their mama down.

Holy shit!

Take evasive action!

Incoming, burn and turn.


It's the engine.

Mech, still have explosive? Some C-4s







Go sir, I'll hold them off for as long as I can.






What the hell?

This is what I've been working on.

T-minus 60 to launch, starting final countdown.

56, 55, 54, 53, 52, 51

Carmen, get down!


Are there any other survivors?

Four more, heading to kill the queen.


Jenkins, you're still alive?

I can't die yet, not until we won the war at least.

So, by controlling the bugs, you...

I can bring us one step closer to winning this war.

And I can get you close enough to kill the queen.

Then, let's get moving.

Let negotiate.


Surrender Jenkins to us and we will let you live.

They fear me.

Maybe they just think you're an asshole.

Fuck off!

Then, you'll die.

These are the last ones I can control directly for now.

If I could've finish my research.

Then finish it So, we can end this.

Run! What?

I said run!

3, 2, 1, launch.






Johnny Rico...

I should leave you ass here to get nuked.

What do you mean nuked?

Let's go.

Johnny, the landing ship is here.

I'm coming.

We lost contact with the landing ship.

T-minus 15 till impact.

Where's the ship?


They took out the nukes.

S-she's one.

I still have one. One what?

The shuttle I use to evacuate from Fort Casey.

Then let's use it.

She'll never let us leave.

You son-of-a-bitch.

Now, that's not nice.

Tell her.

I set explosive on the main engine.


Mech, still have explosive? Some C-4s.


If we put C-4 in the main engine, we can blow up the ship and the queen with it.

Huh? Whoa..

We might not make it out in time.

At least they won't.


Then do it.

Ratazz, watch his back. Yes sir!

So the extraction team been wiped out?

Just 10 minutes left.

Johnny what're you doing?

Get to the shuttle!


Let's go.

Follow me.


Are you Varro?

Yes sir!

Where's Jenkins?

He's safe.



Make sure he keep everybody else that way.

He did it.

59 seconds.

Where's Johnny?

Captain, take us home.

Aye, aye, sir.

You're going to do it or what?

3, 2, 1, BOOM!

I thought the good guys and hot girls always survive in the end.


Not all of them.

He's to the dead.

And to the next man to die.

I hope you feel better.

Do you realize, that you not only destroy my ship, and kill my crew, but you also put the entire planet at risk for infestation?

My apologies for your loss.

But my research is going to save an entire galaxy.

Just like I saved you.

It was you..

You told me how to find Hero.

Well, that's classified.

You see, nothing can stop us when 3 of us are working together.

Are we Carl?

Pardon me?

Are we working together?

Cheer up Johnny, you're a Hero.


No I'm not.

But I've met one.