State of Grace (1990) Script

How ya doin'?

That's for you.

You sure you're up for this? Yeah.

So, see you tonight, right? Yeah.

Everything all right? Yeah.

So I'll see you tonight. OK.

- What happened to you? What does it look like?

I don't know.

I had this pit bull, right? Joe. Joe the dog.

I go to feed the fuck, right? I put his bowl down, he goes nuts.

Bites my fucking thumb off. 19 stitches.

I'm in the hospital three days.

I get out. I get my gun.

I go to him "You like to bite things?" Bite this. " I put the gun in his mouth.

Bam! I blow him all over the apartment.

Ever see a dog explode? They're here.

This neighbourhood's a real shit hole. I don't know why you had to meet here.

We'll do the next meeting at Tavern on the Green, all right?

How you doin', Noonan? I'm cold. Let's get this over with.

Fine. Let's see the stuff. Show 'em.

Let's see the money. We'll take this at a little discount.

I knew this shit was gonna happen. This is fucking bullshit.

What are you gonna do? Are you gonna shoot me?

I'll shoot him. Don't point that at me.

We'll walk away. This is bullshit.

Give me the bag. I want to shoot you.

Shoot him. I'll take this and get the fuck...

Did you hear what I said? I said give me the fucking bag.

Don't be a fool. Give me the bag. You want to die?

Shut up. Want me to shoot him?

I don't give a fuck. I'll shoot you now.

Give me the fucking bag!

Let's go. Want to fucking get shot?

Give me that fucking bag!

Jesus Christ... What happened back there?

What? Nothing, right?

I don't... No! No!

Do you know me? No, I don't know ya!

All right, put me in a subway station. Go!

He's wearing a silk suit. He's got crocodile shoes.

I said "I don't care what fucking shoes you wear. You're still a crack dealer. "

The guy says "I didn't know I was in your neighbourhood, man. "

Like his balls were in his throat.

"Don't go to pieces" I tell him. Then he gets the joke.

Who the fuck is this? What do you want?

Whatever you're having. Fuck you.

Trying to hurt my feelings? Won't introduce me to your friends?

Terry? That took you fucking long enough.

Terry Noonan. Terry.

Terry Noonan. Hey, motherfucker.

You fuckin'... Come here, come here.

Where you fuckin' been, man? Oh, man.

It's great to fucking see ya. Hey.

This is my best fucking friend. See, I love this fucking guy.

Where you been, fucking Mars? You're looking good.

I gotta take my lord here for a stroll.

I gotta talk to you. Wanna go somewhere?

Yeah. OK.

Hey, catch you guys later, all right?

Give me this, give me this.

You're a fucking prick.

Where'd our fucking neighbourhood go? I don't even recognise the place.

A bunch of yuppie condos. They could've left ten blocks for the Irish.

They don't even want to call it Hell's Kitchen no more.

Renamed it Clinton. Sounds like a fucking steamboat.

These guys you dropped.

The guy you were with, this... My partner? DeMarco.

DeMarco? Can you trust him?

He might as well have done it himself, Jack. Who's he gonna tell?

Who's he gonna tell? Anybody he fucking wants.

Terry, this guy, this DeMarco, he gets into a little trouble with the cops, right?

He'd trade everything he knows about you for a slice of pizza.

Wake up.

Would you ask Mikey if he'd throw me something?

Mikey met with a little accident.

So did Flynn. Frankie's running the show now.

Frankie's the boss? My big brother is the boss.

Frank's the boss? Yeah.

He's trying to put this deal together with the Italians. This guy Borelli.

Joe Borelli? You heard of him?

We're like that.

Hey, you want another beer? I'd love one.


Is your sister still around?

No, Kate moved way the fuck uptown.

You wouldn't recognise her. Yeah?


Check this out.

What the fuck is that? It's...

It's Frankie's idea. You got your favourite gun, right?

He got tired of tossing away a perfectly good piece after every job.

You take your hands, and you take your gun.

You put the prints on the gun, you stash it.

The cops find the gun. They're lookin' for a dead man.

This is somebody's hands?! Yeah.

What are you touching 'em for?! Terry, meet Flynn.

Don't fuck with me. No, don't fuck with me.

Don't! Don't! You're gonna get... Fuck!

That's somebody's hands! Are you scared?

Get the fuck...! All right, hands up.

Put 'em back. They're in. They're in.

They're in. All right? You're a sick pup.

I know. You're a very sick pup.

What's this? Come here.


See this gun I got here? I love this fucking gun.

I usually shoot straight when I'm drunk. You mean you were aiming?

Thank God you're back. I was feeling like the last fucking Irishman in the Kitchen.

Terry, you've been away too long. You gotta wake up.

Never do business with a greaser. The cops get him, they got an eyewitness.

And an eyewitness puts you away. Unless it's around here.

The cops can't do shit around here.

Now, me and Frankie took this union guy out last year.

Went up to him on the street, popped his button.

There must've been 50 witnesses.

Cops were all over the Kitchen asking questions.

This one asshole raised his hand.

Cops found his head spinning inside a washer- dryer over on 47th.

Haven't heard from the cops in a year.

Yeah? Yeah.

Jackie, where the hell were you? Kate.

I waited for you. You said you'd come by.

When? You don't remember?

At my apartment. You shouldn't have moved so far away.

She moved all the fucking way uptown. Who can get there?

Oh, right. You get above the 50s, you get disoriented.

Hello, Kathleen.

Well. It's Terry Noonan. He showed up.

Look what the cat dragged in. How are you?

I thought you were... Where did we think he was?

Nobody knew.

So, you got nostalgic for mayhem?

Yeah, he just appeared.

It's like angels were flying by, so they dropped him off.

What? What do you mean, what?

You've got this look. What's this look?

Trying to remember how I feel about you.

That hard? Yeah, right.

I think I'm pissed. Yeah, you guys were, you know.

Young. Very young.

She cried a lot when you went away. My poor little sister.

She cried every night, praying to the rosary you'd come back.

You broke her heart, Terry. You're an asshole, Jackie.

What did I do? I gotta go.

Stay. Have some coffee.

You just got here. I gotta go to work.

Come on. I never see you. Just for a minute.

Terry asked about you. What did he want to know?

She works up at the Regent Hotel.

Ashtray in the lobby costs more than my car.

It's a supernatural event for her to come down here amongst us.

So, what was it I forgot?

You said it would be no trouble doing that favour I asked you.

My car got hit by a cab. I used up all my money to pay for it.

I have nothing to live on till payday. I can loan you right now.

She likes our money, but not the way we get it.

Why don't you keep it? Keep your money.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.

Sometimes my feelings get hurt too, you know? The way you snub us.

Take the money, Kathleen.

Come on, take it. All right. Thank you, Jackie.

You're welcome.

So, Terry.

You just passin' through? No. He's coming home.

We're trying to work something out.

If you get above the 40s, maybe you'll run into me.

It could happen. Right?

- Be up to the angels, I guess. Them fucks.

Well, nice to see you... I guess. Same.

My mother-in-law's got a foot thing I gotta pay for.

She's got a foot thing. She's in the hospital.

It isn't up to me, all right?

Hey, Stevie! I got a surprise for you!

Don't bother me. I'm negotiatin'.

Hey, negotiator! I don't believe this!

Terry fuckin' Noonan!

Where the fuck have you been? Fuck, look at you.

Scary Terry. What the fuck is this?

You go to the seminary? You don't write. He's bigger than me now.

It's been a long time. Ten years.

12 years. We're doin' business.

Hey, Stevie. 300 bucks here, Stevie. It ain't even gonna cut it.

Where'd you find these two idiots? They come lookin' for me.

They take my money. I work my ass off for it and they take it.

Listen. This punk owes Jimmy Cavello eight grand.

Cavello's got cuff links cost more than that.

Eight grand buys Jimmy a Broadway ticket. Let's talk business.

They're out of spumone, you blame the waiter?

What do we have, another mick to contend with? What's going on?

You heard what I said. Where you fuckin' been?

The last guinea around here was Columbus. He only lasted a week.

Are you some kind of fuckin' asshole, or just taking lessons?

Hey, I'll kill you!

You want to fuck with me? You want to do that?!

What do you want to do, asshole? Play it out? Let's straighten this out here.

Tommy! Tommy, it's over!

It's over, man!

Cocksucker. Who do you think you're fuckin' with, eh?

You'll be hearing from Jimmy Cavello, Stevie.

Hope that was your favourite gun. I hope you loved that gun.

You don't know who you fucked with!

You motherfucker.

Fuck 'em.

You fuckin' guys. You got it all?

You're better than the cavalry. You saved me from the guineas.

They was gonna burn you at the stake. I'm glad you're back. I missed you.

We'll take this town apart on St Patty's Day.

Stevie, there's a horse runnin' called Old Friend Arrives.

No shit. Look at this.

You saved my ass, now you'll win me money.

I love ya. I gotta go. OTB opens in ten minutes.

Hey, today's my lucky day. See ya later.

Luckiest day he ever had, his dog got run over.

Is he fucked up or is he fucked up? I wouldn't let him operate on me.

You'd have to be dead two years first.

I'm gonna call Frankie about taking you on.

We'll probably have to go to Jersey to see him.

Jersey? Frankie lives in Jersey?

Yeah. What's the fuckin' world coming to?

I want to have kids. I just gotta find the right broad, like Frankie did.

She'd let me fuck around on weekends, and make pancakes before Sunday Mass.

Like Irene, maybe. Who's Irene?

I spend one night with her, my eyes are crossed for days. I walk into walls.

I'd like to meet her. She's mine.

Uncle Jackie! Hey.

Hey, hey. Lola, come here.

Look what the fuckin' cat dragged in.

Nice to see you, Terry. You remember Maureen?

How you doin'? Come on inside. We should talk.

I'm Pat. How you doin'?

Play with the kids, OK, Jackie? Teach 'em how to kneel or something.

You want to see my gun, hm?

Before you began exploiting these pathetic skanks' addictive personalities, Where were you? A lot of different places.

Tell me about one.

Texas. No shit?

I did my bit with the Corps. Worked an oiI rig for a while.

Spent a couple of years driving heavy machinery in Oklahoma.

Even rode a jackhammer in Milwaukee.

You picked some very odd fuckin' places.

No time in the slam, huh? No.

You're lucky.

I gotta say, when you was a kid, I never took you for a shooter.

You weren't somebody I'd expect to drop two guys, like I hear you did in the Bronx.

I'll do a good job for you. Take me on.

We'll see.

You wouldn't regret it.

What do I have to do? It's gonna be a hoot, man.

Check him out, Pat.

Find this DeMarco guy Jackie says is the hit.

If things check out, relocate DeMarco in a dumpster.

Noonan's with us, I don't want the cops to look at us for drug bullshit from the Bronx.

This is how me and Frankie deal with guys tearing apart the neighbourhood.

Easier than sending a telegram. Don't cost as much.

These guys get rich evicting the real people who live here.

They kick out the Irish to build yuppie nests.

Yuppies gotta be thicker than the rats and the roaches.

Assholes can't live without their dogs.

Got dog shit all over the sidewalk. It never used to be that way.

Used to be, you dropped a cone, you could pick it up and finish it.

People wander the streets homeless cos of these assholes.

So we're like Robin Hood here. Yeah. And I'm Friar Fuck.

What the fuck you doin'? 100-yard dash.

100-yard dash? Yeah.

Are you fuckin' crazy? You'll blow up the whole place.

I'll only do it if you really want to, Terry.

All right. All right, you fuckin' asshole.

Yeah? Yeah.

Yeah? Yeah.

Yeah? Yeah.





Neighbourhood, one! Yuppies, zero!

Come on.

Bartender. Guinness.

I want you to meet Irene, man.

Irene. Pleased to meet ya, Terry Noonan.

What you two boys been doin'? Playing with matches?

Tell you later, OK? You can tell me all night.

It's a long story.

What you gonna do?

- Maybe I'll come back. Yeah, the hell you will.

Jackie, what the fuck are you doin'?

Get the fuck off me! Rock 'n' roll!

- Look what you did. See you later, Terry.

Have a good flight. Thank you very much.


You mind I'm here?

No. No, but it's busy.

What possessed you?

Listen, I have a break in an hour.

Meet you here? Sure.

Or outside? Here's OK.

Outside's better. OK.

I love your uniform.

Is this your dinner break? You wanna go eat?

Yeah, we could. I'm not hungry, really.

Frankie's kids are cute.

His wife looks great next to him in court.

They're some Laura Ashley suburban mutation.

He commutes, she drives a station wagon.

So what are we doin'?

I wanted to see you.

Yeah? Yeah.

Where's Jackie? Did he stand you up?

He ran into Irene.

What a slut.

So how come you don't have a boyfriend?

I do have a boyfriend. He's out of town.

I met him at the hotel. He travels a lot.

I'm lying. I recently broke up.

I'm divorced. Divorced? Really?

Any kids? I hope not.

Six months ago. Yeah, no kids.

Let's go dancing. Don't you want dinner?

Don't you have to go back? I got somebody.

I called the girl who works the other shift. I begged her. We can do that.

You want to go dancing with me?

Come on, Terry. No one forgets their first love. You know that.

Just the slow ones?

Just the slow ones.

? Well, you tell us that we're wrong

? You tell us not to sing our song

? Nothing we can say will make you see

? You got a heart of stone you can never feel

? You say: oh, I'm not afraid, it can't happen to me

Yeah? DeMarco. Buick's out front.

Point him out. You gotta be kidding me, man.

In the corner. At the table.

Just wanted change.

I understand you knew a Terry Noonan.

Get out of my face. I don't know no one.

What's this? We're gonna go for a little walk.

What are you, a cop? Yeah.

Let's go. I don't know no one.

Come on. I don't!

Yeah? Hey, Terry. Terry, it's me, Jackie.

Frankie wants us on the job.

Now? It's two in the morning, man.

This is one of Frankie's peak hours.

How are you, Mr Raferty? I'm fine, Stevie.

I got you five cases of Bushmills.

Nobody drinks it, Flannery. It costs too much.

I'm selling it cheap. 900 bucks for all five cases. I'm doing you a favour.

Mikey McDonnell ran the same scam on me for 500.

Might be the reason Mikey didn't leave nothing in his will.

I ain't paying for any goddamn Bushmills I don't need.

Jackie, check out the bar.

See what this gentleman needs. Sure thing, Frank.

Stevie, what are you doing with these bums?

Stevie, are you gonna let this dickhead insult us like that?

Looks like they're low. Bar got crowded tomorrow, it'd go dry in an hour.

Ain't givin' you a fuckin' cent, Flannery.

What are you doing? It's like beating up your grandfather.

- Shut the fuck up. You shut the fuck up.

Don't tell me to shut up. Fuck you. You shut the fuck up.

I won't tell you again! Shut up! The man's 50 years old!

Shut up! You shut up!

Fuck you! Stevie, shut up!

You ain't my fuckin' father! Hey, Stevie!

Hey, Pat! Fuck you! Shut up!

I want your opinion, I'll dial your asshole. Nicholson's the asshole.

What the fuck is goin' on here?!

Terry! Get outta here! What's the matter, tough guy?

Get outta here!

Get outta here!

Pat, you do what I'm telling you! Get outta here!

The bunch of you, get the fuck outta here!

Get outta here!

I want the balance in two days, Raferty, or you can scratch your name out of the Yellow Pages.

What the fuck were you doin'? He hit Stevie.

I know he hit him. He was supposed to. He acted like an asshole.

Why do we have to beat the shit out of an old man?

To scare him, you clown.

He was scared. He was already scared.

We're trying to intimidate this dickhead.

Then we're in a self-inflicted brawl acting like a bunch of cowboys.

The one thing Borelli don't want!

He'll piss on us if he thinks we lost our manners.

Frankie, I was fuckin' proud of ya.

Acting like yourself for a change, jumping in there. Not like a greaseball.

You check with Borelli before you shit. I don't know who you are half the time.

Fuck you. I'm sorry if I love you.

You're my brother. You're a curse.

I've taken care of you my whole life. You were doin' a good job of it, too.

You fuck me up again, the whip comes down.

You got that? You understand me? Yeah.

Who is it? Terry.

What's the matter?

Terry, what is it?

Now, Frankie, if we're gonna work together, I got a little problem.

Somehow I got to solve it.

Is it something I could help you with, Mr Borelli?

Stevie McGuire. Lives in your neighbourhood.

You know him? Yeah, I know him.

It's true. He runs some errands for me.

It's also true he owes Jimmy here eight grand.

Now, eight grand's not a lot of money. I got guys out there owe me 80.

Except I know I'm gonna get it back from them.

It's really not the eight grand that's got Jimmy and me upset here.

It's this McGuire kid's attitude.

Jimmy here goes asking for our money, and this McGuire kid, he spills a drink on Jimmy's new cashmere.

Did it deliberately.

This is what Jimmy tells me.

Now Jimmy can't get the stain out.

He's been to six fucking cleaners, and the best they could do was fade it.

This kid just doesn't have any respect for Jimmy here.

And if he's got no respect for Jimmy, he's got no respect for me.

Frankie, the most important thing in doing business is good manners.

And I really don't think it would be proper for us to have to go into your neighbourhood to solve our problem.


Frankie, don't make a mess.

You kids from the Westside.

I'm not a connoisseur, but I know my wine.

I know my way around if I'm at a table. Not just by the names.

How you doin', Stevie? Hi, Pat.

We gotta talk. Not tonight, Pat, all right?

I'm right in the middle of telling her my life story.

Yeah, well, it won't take long. I promise.

I gotta step outside. I'll be right back.

Cindy, right? Sandy. I'm sorry.

What's goin' on, Pat?

The eight grand you owe Jimmy Cavello. Should have quit at two.

Cavello? What have you got to do with Cavello?

How you doin', Stevie?

You won't cut me over eight grand don't even belong to you.

It ain't my habit to cut people up.

I've been working on the eight grand.

I've been chipping away at it. Let me make a phone call. I'll check on it.

You should've made it yesterday, Stevie. Rent's overdue.

Frankie, it's me, all right?

We grew up together. We're friends.

Don't give me that bullshit. My friends don't owe money.

You fuck! Fuck you, Frankie, you motherfucker!

Fuck you. You son of a bitch!

Get the fuck off me! Get the fuck off me!

Give me the knife. Got the knife? Yeah. Here.

You shouldn't have fuckin' said that, Stevie. I was gonna let Pat do this.

Pat's the expert. Me, I'm just an amateur.

You did better than you thought you would.

Yeah? Yeah.

Hi. Please leave a message after the beep.

Where the fuck are you? Terry. Kathleen. Stevie's dead.

- Stevie's fuckin' dead. Jack? Jack, where are you?

Aw, look what they fuckin' did!

Kate. Hello, Frankie.

What are you doin'? Frankie! Frank!

You see this, man?!

You see this? What are you doin' here, Kathleen?

Oh, Jesus! They cut his throat, the fucks!

You shouldn't have brought Kathleen. I want to go.

Kathleen, I'd like to buy you breakfast. I gotta go.

Whoever did it, the fucker doesn't get his cappuccino in the morning.

And I do it. I fuckin' whack him out!

Don't you jump to conclusions. Hey! Hey, Terry!

I'll be right back.

What did Frankie say? Stevie never hurt nobody.

I hurt people. Frankie hurts people. Stevie borrowed money, that's all.

Who'd kill him over fuckin' money?!

You act surprised? Are you serious? This surprises you?

Every time you turn around somebody's dead.

What? How many wakes did we go to as kids because somebody forgot to pay money?

Every time we turn around somebody's dead, huh? Bullshit!

Hey! See?

Hey! See?

Stevie never hurt nobody! Fuck you!

You'll hunt him down. You three will conduct an investigation untiI you find somebody who maybe did this.

I'm glad I saw this. I was forgetting how you are, how you think.

It's crazy of me to be near any of you. Let me straighten it out.

I shouldn't be seeing you. Can we stop? Let's just stop.

Don't do this. I'm not gonna get caught... No!

I won't get caught in this any more. I'm not falling back.

What about me? Huh?

What about me? Hold on.

Let's go. No, hold on!


What about me?

All right, fuck it. I'll call you. I'll fuckin' call.

Let's go. I gotta go somewhere. Where?

Remember Mickey Cassidy? His sister didn't wear panties to dance class?

He's dead too. He was dumb enough to become a cop.

I gotta go to the funeral. It's over in Queens.

I can't stand driving in Queens. You want me to drive?

No. Then I'd have to look out the window.

Ain't gonna be like this when we go.

Probably paste shamrocks on our foreheads, drop us next to an expressway.

And two years later, build a fuckin' mall on top of us.

People walking all over us to get a fuckin' milkshake.

I'm feeling squirrelly, man. All this fuckin' marching music.

I want a drink.

What do you want? Heineken.

Two Heineken.

Cassidy's old man.

Better go pay my respects. You coming?

Go ahead.

A couple of Buds.

I'm Jackie Flannery. I knew Mickey.

Ain't smart, marching in a parade. You're supposed to be dead.

If DeMarco were here, he'd think he was seeing ghosts.

DeMarco is a ghost.

Somebody left him in a dumpster in his favourite neighbourhood.

Call me.

I gotta get outta here.

I feel like I'm on Mars.

I feel surrounded.

The guineas did Stevie, didn't they? Stevie owed everybody.


All right. You ready? Yeah.

This Stevie McGuire they found floating in the East River, he's part of this?

- Cavello did it. Could Flannery have been involved?

He didn't hit one of his own for no reason.

Money's always a reason. He didn't owe Frankie money.

As a favour, to impress Borelli. Stevie ain't wrapped in a ribbon, but Borelli's sense of self- importance is soothed that this goofball ain't walking the streets no more.

You gotta get me outta this. I'm gonna get caught up in this shit.

What? I don't know what I'm doing here.

You're a cop. These guys are my pals.

You smell like a distillery. You drink too much. How much are you drinking?

Just listen to me. Please fuckin' listen to me.

You gotta get me outta this. I gotta get you outta this?

You're talking like my grandma. Fuck!

I'm drinking too much. You're right. Jackie's my friend. My best fuckin' friend.

I thought I could walk in and do this, but I can't.

It'll get outta control. It's a bullshit attack of feelings.

Just surgically remove the fuckers.

Get on with putting these scumbags off the street.

You think I went to Boston to be a cop cos I hated Boston crooks so much?

No, to get away. To get as far away as I could so that this could never happen.

I'd never be in such circumstances where I'd have to arrest my own friends!

These animals are your friends?

Hey, what do you know about it? I don't know you.

Where are you from? Poughkeepsie? White Plains?

Stop drinking, Noonan. That's what I'm saying, you fuckin' idiot!

That's all they do is drink. I'm Irish muscle in these circumstances.

We drink, we shoot people, and I'll get caught in it.

I'm warning you, I gotta go back to Boston.

You're talking like an asshole.

I'll run the fuck away, where none of you can find me.

Jesus Christ, I thought you Kitchen guys were tough guys.

We're not tough, Nick!

Just crazy. You ain't either.

You're a fuckin' crybaby.

Oh, God.

You gotta get something on Flannery.

Hey. Come on.

You gotta get something on Flannery.

You gotta see something we can accuse him of.

You can get on the witness stand and say "Him. Fuck him. Put him away. "

It ain't gonna work.

Borelli and Flannery make that deal, people will drop dead all over the city.

If that happens, Noonan, the blood's on your hands.

It's a difficult situation. We're here, they're there in their world.

Looks like Borelli's gonna let us in. Now this.

How'd you find out? People saw him take Stevie to the car.

Cavello was there. They all drove away.

They think they can do this to us. I know that.

They don't respect us. Cavello's head has gotta roll.

Yes, but first we're gonna show some maturity. Can you show me maturity?

I'm talking about the neighbourhood. I'm talking about I am your boss.

Borelli says nobody gets hit. We don't have his permission.

The neighbourhood's disappearing in a tide of yuppies and dog shit.

Borelli's our ticket so we can retire to Phoenix.

Cavello keeps gettin' up in the morning till I say different. You got that?

Or you want me to put it in writing on your forehead?



You listening to me, Jackie?

- Stop it! Terry, Terry, wait. Hold it.

Jackie, stop it! He wasn't doin' nothing!

Hey, whoa, Jack. Jackie!

You fuckin' maniac! Fuckin' maniac!

You're crazy, you know that?

It's all right. Let him go.

You OK, huh? You all right?

Broads, huh?

They put a wire around your dick and lead you around like Dodo the dog.

You gotta marry 'em to forget 'em.

Don't worry about Jackie.

Sit down. Sit down a minute, Terry. I want to talk to you.

So, you like Kate, huh?

You've been seeing her. Yeah.

You gotta trust me on this one.

It's a crime, but she holds people like you and me in nothin' but contempt.

You heard of ice queens? My sister Kate has moved a Frigidaire inside herself.

I'm just tryin' to let you learn from my experience.

If she thinks I'm shit, what will she make of you?

Don't you think we ought to be worried about Jackie?

Yeah, you're right. Keep an eye on Jackie.

Keep him out of trouble.

I'm countin' on you, Terry.


Something wrong? I don't know.

When you're not too busy, keep an eye on Noonan for me.

Love to.

Who is it? Kate, it's Terry.

I'm sorry I'm here, but Jackie's disappeared.

I looked everywhere. I can't find him. You got any idea where he might be?


I'd offer you a beer, Kate, except I drank all of it.

You know... we'd come here...

But not now.

I thought about Stevie as hard as I could.

I hope that he's praying.

I should've known to look for you here.

Do you remember Stevie used to come here... and hide with us?

Nobody'd ever think we'd come in here without a nun dragging us in by the ear.

Like Father whatshisface. Remember him?

He had too much spit, so he foamed at the mouth when he gave the sermon.

We were kids.

It's peaceful here, right.

Look at all the saints.

There's St Anthony and St Francis. Who's that one over there?


Let's go see St Anthony.

Maybe he wants a drink.


I don't think he wants a drink, Jack.


He's a teetotaller.

I'm sorry.

Jackie. Jack, come on.

I'm gonna make Stevie a saint.

I'm gonna make Stevie a saint!

I'm gonna make Stevie a saint.

I'm gonna make Stevie a saint. I'm gonna make Stevie a saint.

Come on. What...? You want some?

No, I don't want some. Terry, stop it! What are you doin'?!

What are you doin'? Terry, stop it!

What are you doin'?

Come here. I'm a cop!

I'm a cop. I'm a fuckin' Judas cop!

Terry... I gotta go.

Terry... I gotta go.

What are you sayin'? I don't know.

What are you talking about?

What the fuck are you talking about?


What's wrong? Your stomach upset? It's hard to get up in the morning.

It's like pulling my socks over my shoes.

Yeah? Like I'm in this fuckin' fog.

Terry, you're missing the point here.

I can't remember shit. That's the way I like it.

Only hint of a problem is, I need a little Maalox.

But I can buy Maalox.

You always were tougher than me. I always thought I was just crazier.

You take Finn. He's easy.

What's his marker?

700 and change, which he ain't gonna have.

Just look him in the eye. Scare the fuck out of him.

My guy, however, is in the upper bracket.

He got righteous last time. Refused to open the door.

Hey. I got no money today.

You still gotta open up.

I'm an old man, and I'm eatin' stewed tomatoes out of a can.

Do you hear my axe? That's my axe.

Don't break that door. I gotta have a door.

Then open it. All right. Wait.

You got anything at all? Five, ten dollars? They'd think better of you.

You're Terry Noonan. You're Eddie Noonan's boy.

Oh, my God. I played cards with your dad.

And he showed me pictures of you all the time.

Lord God.

If he had lived to see that you was workin' for the Flannerys, he'd have whipped your ass.

Oh, he was a great man. A great...

When he wasn't drunk or daydreaming about some bullshit history he never had, he was beating me or pissing out the window thinking it was a can.

You want to give a history lesson, get your facts straight.

I'll tell 'em you're eatin' stewed tomatoes, OK?

You're cocky, but can I tell you something?

Them Flannerys are black snakes, and they move in the dark of the night, and they always turn on everybody.

I ain't worried.

That McGuire boy, you know, he wasn't worried neither, untiI they led him out of Matty's Bar like a prize pig.

I'm old, but I can still see.

You saw Stevie led out of Matty's Bar?

Clear as the nose on your face. Who led him out?

It's, uh...

You know, your people. It was a Flannery.

Was it Frankie? Huh? Was it Frankie?

If you hit me, you'll fry in hell, cos your dad...

Who did you see? Was it Frank? Who'd you see?

I swear I didn't see nothin'.

I saw nothin', I did nothin'. I'm just...

I'm here eating stewed tomatoes out of a can.

Ain't nobody gonna hit you for your money. OK?

Oh, God.

How'd it go?

I didn't even knock. I just took down the door.

It was a beautiful door. A McAndrews.

I caught him off guard by the element of surprise. Decides he wants to tumble.

So we're throwing punches. You should have seen it.

We're rolling around on the fuckin' linoleum. His old lady hollering.

He's a big fuck, so he thinks he's got me.

I think he's got me. Then I bite into his fuckin' ear.

That stopped the whole thing in 0.2 seconds.

So, what are you up for? I feel like goin' home.

Yeah? Where's that?

- Call ya later. Yeah.

I'm closed.

Who led Stevie McGuire out of here that night?

I don't know him. You don't know him?

Red-haired guy? Everybody knows Stevie.

I told ya, I don't know him.

- What's he doin'? I don't know.

He could be tryin' to find out about Stevie. He liked that kid.

He could just be havin' a drink.

This fucker's gettin' too complicated. Let's simplify things.

Take care of the bartender, then we take a close look at Noonan.


Can I use your men's room? It's in the back.

Somebody slit my pal's throat the other night.

You gonna tell me who that was? Big guy.

What's his name? Jesus, don't do this.

Nobody's doin' nothin' to nobody. It's all just happening, see?

Guy who hangs out with Frankie Flannery. He walked him out.

Nicholson. I don't know him.

Well, that's his name.

Ten minutes. Fine. Thank you.

Hi, Kathleen. Frankie, what are you doing?

I gotta talk to you. Can you find me a minute?

Yeah. Give me five minutes.

Tell you what. Meet you in the bar over there. Straight ahead.

Where's the bar? Right through there and to your right.

Don't keep me waiting. I won't.

Sit down.

I ordered you a white wine.

What is it you want, Frankie?

I don't gotta want something all the time, do I?

I never knew you when you didn't.

Who took care of you when you was a kid?

When guys hit on you, who took care of you? Who went looking for them?

That's why I moved up here-so nice men could hit on me and not fear for their life.

They fly to Europe. That don't make 'em nice.

I don't know what happened between us.

It's kind of like you never even wanted to know me.

If you feel rejected, Frankie, it's because I do. I reject you.

You're so cold.

What happened to you?

What happened to that sweet little girl, her heart was shining through her skin?

People say that when they can't make you do what they want - "You're so cold. "

The way you treat me, I ought to box your ears.

I have to go back to work. Sit down.

Sit down for a minute. I want to talk to you.

I want to talk to you about Terry Noonan.

He's coming to work for me in my organisation. I think he'll do very well.

But, in the Bronx two weeks ago, you'd be so surprised to know what he did.

He got tangled up in this drug deal with these lowlifes.

He killed both of 'em. He shot 'em point-blank.

So he ain't what you're looking for, is he, Kate?

You came all the way across town to tell me that?

I thought that you should know it, that's all.

Yeah? It's Kathleen.

I have to talk to you.

You should've called. These halls are dangerous.

It was hopeless. I had to see you. My mind set its own agenda. So here I am.

What time is it? It was three when I left the house.

You want a drink? I've had two Valium already.

My mind's just... spinning with everything, you know?

Sit down.

I mean... Frankie told me you're working for him.

Why'd he do that? What do you mean, why?!

Because I got away!

You tell me you're a cop and he tells me you killed two drug dealers in the Bronx.

No, that was a setup. They were cops.

You killed two cops? It wasn't real. I had blanks.

They went down, gave me credentials...

I don't know about this. You're asking me.

I thought you were different. I am. I'm a cop!

They're my brothers and you're gonna put 'em in jaiI!

You're jumping all over the place. I'm not jumping all over the place.

My brother comes to me and he... he's telling me he trusts you, and I have this knowledge that you're a...

When I told Linda everything... Who's Linda?

My shrink. I had a double session today.

You told your shrink? You told your shrink about me?

Of course I told her! Wait a minute.

There's some shrink out there who knows I'm a cop?

That's right. I have a shrink. Fuck me!

I tell her what happens in my life. I have a right to try and straighten out my life!

You could get me killed! Oh, shit.

I thought I was out of this.

I thought I'd gotten away. It's like some trick.

I don't know how I ended up here but you gotta help me.

I can't leave town. I have a job.

And I can't move any further uptown... or I'll be in fucking Harlem!

That's what I came here to tell you. Just stay away from me.

That's not why you're here. Yeah, it is.

No. Yes, it is.

People don't come to a place like this in the night to tell someone to stay away.

Terry, don't. Kathleen, it's OK.

Don't. It's OK.

It's OK.

No. Get off of me. Get off of me!

I don't want anything to do with you! Stay away from me!

You're just like my fuckin' brothers! You are!

You think you can come to me whenever you fuckin' want, and you just reach inside me and you just... you just pull!

You can't! I love you.

You're a liar. I've met you before. You're a fuckin' liar! You shut up!

You ask these fucks for a cappuccino or a cannoli, their eyes cross.

Corned beef and cabbage. Give us a green pitcher of beer.

Give me a pitcher.

These fucks come here often? I don't know.

How many times I gotta tell you? That's Frankie.

I'm trying to tell you something. This is Jackie.

I see this kid all the time on Tenth Avenue. It's Frankie.

I'll go down. I'll settle it. I'll talk to him.

Yeah, ask him to come over here and have a drink.

We're arguing whether you're a Flannery or not.

You are, right? You're not Frankie, you're the other one, right?

No, I'm not Frankie.

You see that guy over there?

That's Jimmy Cavello.

Jimmy says let bygones be bygones.

He wants you to come over and join us for a drink.

Get him a pitcher of anything he wants.

Come on, join us. You hungry? You want something to eat?


Pull up a chair, kid.

Fuck it.

Everybody get the fuck out. What's up?

Get out!

You're a piece of work, Jackie.

They come into our neighbourhood... Who am I? Who the fuck am I?!

I am your boss! But you hurt me. You try to help me, you fuckin' hurt me!

He whacks out Stevie and thinks I would drink with him.

We're talking about discipline, maturity. This is what I get?!

He shouldn't have sent his goon to me. Tell me one thing! Am I a joke to you?

Is that how you see me?

I don't want this shithead sittin' in our neighbourhood like the fuckin' pope!

You know what you did? Paid Stevie back.

No, you maybe started a fuckin' war.

Two steps away from a deal and money like the lottery, you fuck it up. For what?

Stevie! A jerk-off kid who insults the world by not paying what he owes.

Frankie! Can't you see I'm busy here?!

Want me to rip the phone off the wall? It's Borelli. Somebody for Borelli.

What's he want? Shut up.

Yeah. Yeah.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.

He wants a sit-down. Me and him.


Get me a pot of coffee. How many cups?


You send everybody home.

But they are by their phones.

They don't leave their phones to go to the can they can't hear the phone ringing.

I want you outside the door. See that I am not disturbed.


What about me? You go home.

You sit by the phone.

Can you do that?

What are you gonna do? I got some thinkin' to do.

I gotta figure this thing out.

I gotta have some privacy to sit and think and figure how I'm gonna handle this thing.

- Yeah? Hey, Terry. It's me, Jackie.

- Yeah, Jackie. Got a little job.

Meet me at 43rd and Broadway. About 11 o'clock, all right?

- Can you get there? I'll be there.

All right. See ya.

Hi. Please leave a message after the beep.

Hey, it's me. You there?

Hello? Hello?

Will you pick up if you're there?

Look, we're in the middle of this thing. You gotta understand.

And I'm sorry. If I hurt you, I'm sorry, all right?

I'll get back. Good night.

Hey, Terry.

Where are we going? Beirut?

Borelli's phoned Frankie. We gotta come to this meeting.

Cavello got wasted in the Kitchen in the wee hours of the morning.

Cavello? Yeah.

Is nobody safe?

You got the address? Yeah, right here.

Get on down there now, OK? Get situated.

It's just up from the restaurant. Everything arranged.

I arrive at noon. I don't call you by two o'clock or Pat don't call you, you come in, tear 'em apart, the spaghetti still on their spoons.

You OK, Noonan? Everything OK with you?

It'll be all right, Frankie. Yeah, either we're dead or we ain't.

Anybody know how to get to Mott Street?



...fold like a futon, and the fuckin' frame's bent, right?

So I bring it home. It looks easy. I can't put the fuckin' thing together.

So we called in a neighbour, a guy with a very nice fuckin'...

Let's get down to business.

First of all, this problem we got here. This is your responsibility.

Either you get the respect of your own people, or you got nothin'.

My people, I let them go at this thing on their own, your brother, he'd be in so many fuckin' pieces right now, you couldn't put him back together again even if you had directions.

But I said no.

I said Frankie Flannery is a man who knows when things have to be set right, and that you'd never let your feelings get in the way of a big business decision.

Now, what I told my people, Frankie... was wrong?

Of course, this is a matter of some complexity.

But if you won't solve this problem, I'm gonna have it solved for you.

You understand that? Huh?

You don't have to worry about Frankie, man.

And if he ain't OK, there'll be a dumpster full of dead guineas, spaghetti still on their forks.


I could straighten the kid out.

Jimmy Cavello was a great guy. We all know this.

But the kid...

The kid...

You should've been there when I reamed him out over this.

He'd have crawled in a hole and brought the hole in with him, if he could find a hole to go into.

Don't embarrass yourself, Frankie. I know you don't want to insult me.


But to be frivolous on a matter of such importance is an insult.

This fuckin' bum is your brother.

So I understand your need to pursue some hopeless course to try to save him.

But everybody knows what's gotta happen here.

With every heartbeat, his miserable fuckin' douche-bag life insults me.

He's a thorn in my side, Frankie.

Since we're together, he's a thorn in your side.

Now look, Frankie.

I gotta know, and I gotta know now.

Are you gonna be able to pull this thorn out of our side?

All right.

This is your brother, Frank.

So, for the sake of family and blood, I'm gonna give you this opportunity.

Looks like it's time to kick some guinea ass.

But he didn't call yet, Jackie.

He said we don't go untiI he called or Pat called.

That ain't what he said. Course it was. I was right there.

Richie, what'd he say? Who?

Frankie! About what?

What are you askin' him for? He's fuckin' stupid.

Now, let's have some dessert.

I gotta make a call. Let the business wait.

Enjoy your dessert. It's my wife.

Don't offend me, Frankie.

You're gonna get up from my table to call your wife?

Let her wait.

Don't fuck him up again.

That ain't what he said. It is what he said.

- He said if he didn't call. No, if he did call.

If we said... He said if we didn't call.

If he did. If he didn't.

Did. Jack...

I was in the truck. He said if he didn't call.

No. If we didn't fuckin' call.

Where was I?! You were there too! You're fuckin' deaf!

He said if he didn't call. He said if he did call.

Relax. Richie.

I didn't hear him. He's fuckin' retarded!

Nothing personal, Richard. You're stupid.

That's not what he said.

Jack, he said if he did call.

If he called, we go. Otherwise no.

Have a piece of cheesecake.

Fuck me, man. This don't feel right.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Jack, calm down.

- Whoo! Jackie, Jackie, Jackie. Listen.

He said if he did call... Relax. Will you relax?

Terry, I love you, but you're wrong. I love you too, and I'm right.

He could be dying. Let's go. Jack...

Let's go, huh?!

You want me to make that call for you, Mr Flannery?

Tell your boy to stop movin' around so much.

He's interfering with my digestion.

Have a cannoli. Some anisette.

Just fucking go!

Let's go. Come on.

I'm coming. I'm ready. All right.

You want your clock? No.

Big mistake. Big mistake.

Mr Borelli, I really do gotta make a phone call.

I must make it. My wife's not been feeling well.

With your permission.

Go. Make your call.

Thank you.

See? She ain't even home.

Either they forgot about us or this entire neighbourhood better duck.

All right. I want you to drop me off at 39th Street.

He ain't there! Frankie ain't there!

Frank! It ain't a hit! It ain't a hit!

Let's get out of here! Move it!

It's all right. He was talking to him.

I know. Turn around.

What's this?

Frankie, I hope you're not lookin' to start a war here.

In a war, we would crush you.

You understand?

Hey. Dumb fucks. Don't know how close they came.

It's your brother.

My heart goes out to you.

What happened, apparently, is that Borelli's got this beef with Cavello.

Cavello failed to get permission from Borelli to take out Stevie, which pissed Borelli off cos of this thing with us.

And there was probably some other secretive guinea bullshit too.

So... he don't give a shit about Cavello.


And as a kind of bonus he's sendin' over 25 grand.

All we gotta do is drop a couple of Haitians who are on his drug turf.

He's sendin' over the first instalment tonight.

You wanna pick it up? Sure.


It's unbelievable, huh?

The way things turn out.


I gotta catch a shower, and some fresh clothes. I've been in this shit for days.

The pick-up's at 11. I'll let you know where.

I want to keep this hush-hush, OK? Just you and me. It's a lot of money.

St Patty's is coming up, so we'll have a little loose change to celebrate with.

Hey, Jack.

Come here.

You ain't done that for years. Yeah.

Hey. Hey.

I missed you at the club. What's goin' on?

Gotta work untiI 11 or so.

We can hoot and holler after that.

Like, I can meet you at the club about 12.

Want a beer? Sure.

You OK? I'm feeling fucked up.

I gotta make a pick-up.

25 grand. Borelli's got some bullshit Haitian problems.

Pick-up's at Battery Park.

I'm fuckin' beat, man.

I'm gonna ask Frankie for a little time off.

I've been working hard.

So, the parade's coming up.

Wouldn't that be nice?

You, me and Kate can go celebrate St Patty's Day together.

Go see the parade. Wanna?

Listen, Jackie. I heard something.

I hear Frankie put the hit on Stevie. What?

Hey, hey, hey! Get out!

That is my fuckin' brother you're talking about, huh?!

I heard it. Yeah, you heard it!

Don't mean you gotta repeat it! You repeat everything you hear?!

I'm sorry. I heard it.

I oughta shoot your fuckin' eyes out. I thought you should know.

Get out. Get outta here!

Come on!

I should wash your mouth out with soap.

You go somewhere and you think about what you're saying. Yeah?

Battery Park at 11. If you're not there, I think he's dead.

If we see 'em whack each other, we can get 'em for that.

You hole up in the hotel so I can find you if I need you.

Just be there. I think Jack's goin' down.

Jackie. How you doin', man?

You said you were workin' tonight. Yeah. Yeah.

Look, I'm sorry I yelled at you. Forget it.

You heard something like that on the street, but you know it's fuckin' bullshit.

Whoever told you, we'll talk with him after the pick-up.

I want you to back me up, OK?

Hey, I'm there.

Why are we here? I thought Battery Park.

The meeting's been changed to Pier 84.

Frankie figured it'd be safer. Guineas won't try jack shit here.

Listen, you ain't supposed to be here.

OK, go and wait for me over there.

Behind there? Yeah. I won't be long.

Watch my fuckin' back. Yeah.


I love the noises Irene makes in bed, man.

Me, too.

This is Officer Noonan. I'm lookin' for Sgt Richardson.

He's on a stakeout. That's what I'm calling about.

Look, I got a change of 20 for him, all right?

Tell him it's not Battery Park, it's Pier 84.

Hey, Frankie.

Hi, Jackie.

I thought you were the guineas. The guineas ain't coming.

It's just you and me. It's just you and me?


Just tell him to get down here!


What the hell is going on? You tell us one place but the shooters are all at some other goddamn place!

You know what they'd do if they knew I was doin' what I been?

I'd be strung up on some billboard, my eyes cut out of my head.

And I'd fuckin' deserve it.

I ain't your goddamn social worker.

Now you just tell me who whacked out Jack Flannery.

I don't know. What do you mean, you don't know?

You were here. I wasn't fuckin' here.

I was over at that phone booth calling you.

I should have backed up Jack, but I was over there doin' my rat job.

Was Flannery here, or his boy? Who did you see?

I don't want to do this any more, all right?!

I ain't cut out for this undercover shit! Get yourself an Italian, cos I quit.

We're on these suckers! It's just a matter of timing!

Timing? Yeah!

These guys don't know what century it is. And you talk about fucking timing?

You know what I did?

I got my best friend killed. I got Jack killed. That's what I did.

But it's fucking over.

Look at me. See? I quit. Good night.

Terry. Fuck you.

Hey, Noonan!

Fucked up, man.



Nobody even knows what he was doing out there.

I'm sorry.

I couldn't have saved Jackie, could I?

Even though I know it's not true, I feel I could have.

But I should have told him what you were.

Here, Jack.

You're bound to get thirsty.

Hey, Terry.

How's Kathleen?

She's holding up pretty good. She's strong. But it's hard.

It's you I'm worried about.

What do you mean?

Do you know where I was the night this happened?

I was on Pier 84.

Noonan, if you and me are on a collision course, that would not be very smart of you.

You know how smart you are?

That's how smart you are.

He's dead.

The fuck's dead. Do you see that?


Who is it?


Kate, I feel awful about the things I was.

Kate, you just gotta give me a minute on this, all right?

If you don't want me here, just tell me. But let me see your face so I believe it.

Terry, I'm telling you the truth. I'm telling you the God's truth.

Bastard! You're dragging me in, making me part of it!

You want me to drown? I gotta save my life!

I know, but I need to explain. I need you to understand.

I understand. You're not listening.

Would you just fuckin' listen?

I thought some things. I could come back.

I always hated that I'd run away.

Had nothing to do with you, except I knew if I tried to tell you, I'd never get away.

So I was in Boston. I just ended up there.

It seemed far enough away.

It come to me then. It just happened. These things happen.

Other things happen. It's your life.

They were looking for somebody to go undercover who knew the Kitchen, who was known.

I could've said no, but I thought I could do it.

It was like this opportunity. I could look the entire thing in the eye.

You'd be married, forgotten about me. And Jack, I would leave him out of it.

But it was only an idea.

Nothing to do with the truth. It was just... a fuckin' idea, like...

you believe... in angels or the saints or that there's such a thing as a state of grace, and you believe it.

But it's got nothing to do with reality.

It's just an idea. You got your ideas and you got reality.

They're all...

They're all fucked up.

I was going out.

I gotta go. I gotta get ready.

He's someone I met at work. He's taking me out for a drink.

Frank killed Jack. Did he?

I gotta go down now. He's waiting.

You're cold, Kate. Yes, I am.

I don't mind you got a date. I really don't.

I ain't jealous. I got a date, too.

Is there something you want me to tell Frankie for you when I see him?

Make sure, when you leave, the button's pushed in and the door's pulled tight before you go.

What did you find out, Pat? Nobody knows him.

They must've brought him from Boston. From Boston, to rat us out.

Don't matter where the cocksucker's from. He's dead.

It's 15,000 when he takes his last breath. You bring me his rat head, it's 30,000.

Where the fuck is he? Check it out.

What the fuck are you doin'?

After all these years, a perfect St Patrick's Day.

Warm sun shining down, temperature in the sixties.

Visiontext Subtitles: Karin Baker