Stay (2005) Script

Hey, watch where you're going, you old klutz...

Sorry. Sorry. You gonna pick that up?


You're late. I've been looking all over for you.

I slept right through the alarm clock.

That baby kept me up all night.

What baby? I don't know. Our neighbors have a kid?

Our neighbors are 90 years old.

You want to try and get the paint on the canvas.

I like it messy.

Oh, yeah? I gotta go.


I just start drinking and doing a lot of, like, pills.

'Cause then it just kills the pain, and then I can just deal with it later.

I'm just saying, I'm not telling you to go drink.

I know you go to meetings. I'm just telling you what works for me, okay?

It's hard to deal with those feelings. Well, drinking kills feelings. That's why.

It's gonna hail this afternoon.

You think? Looks pretty sunny to me.

Who the fuck are you?

I'm Dr. Sam Foster. You must be Henry.

Where's Dr. Levy?

Didn't she get in touch with you?


Oh, I'm sorry. She's away for a while.

I'm covering for her. She's away where?

She's not feeling well. She'll be back in a couple of weeks.

What are you- a substitute shrink?

I guess you could call me that.

This is her office.

Yeah, we share it. I'm only here a few hours a week.

Please take a seat.

Oh, I see.

So you treat the... depressed investment bankers, paranoid housewives all week?

Come up here to do a little pro bono work?

It's the other way around.

The bankers are paranoid, and the housewives are depressed.

Now, you're a junior at the college. Is that right? Majoring in fine art?

She passed me off to you, huh?

You get the hard cases.

Does it make you uncomfortable that I'm filling in for her?

She was trying to help me.

I'll try and help you too.

She afraid of me? Is that why she's gone?

Did I scare her?

Should she be afraid of you?

I've read your file.

And can I read your file?

Tell me why you're here.

I thought you read the file.

You torched your car. Why?

I don't remember. I just woke up... and I was in the car, and it was on fire.

Is that something you do- set fires?

I didn't mean to hurt anybody.

Who did you hurt?

I don't know. I'm gonna go.

No. Please, sit down. We have more time.

No, I, I'm gonna go home before this hail starts.

The king of Poland goes hunting in the woods with one of his assistants.

And they're looking around... and suddenly on the other side of the clearing a farmer walks by.

Hold still.

And the king raises his rifle, and the farmer yells...

"I'm not a moose."

The king shoots and kills the guy... and the assistant's shocked.

And... he says...

"Sire, the man said, 'I'm not a moose."'

"Oh," says the king. "I thought he said, 'I am a moose."'

It's a joke.

No, I'm just trying to figure out... if I'm the king or the farmer.

You're the moose.

I'm the moose? Yeah.

Well, I appear to be the moose.

It's shit. It's not shit.

It's not shit.

Still there.

Sometimes I forget.

They're from another life.

Oh, my God.

I love this song.

I know you. Psych 221. Professor Azzopardi?

You did that presentation on psychosis and Tristan R↑veur, right?

No smoking on the train.

Look at the sign, fella. No smoking.

Capisce? Put it out.


Put out the fucking cigarette.

You oughta be locked up, you asshole.

Beth? Sam. I hope you're getting some rest.

Look, I met with your patient today, Henry Letham.

I'd really like to talk to you about him.

Give me a call, okay? I wanna hear your voice.

You don't think it's a little odd- predicting a hailstorm like that?

So he watches the Weather Channel.

No. I looked in the newspaper. There was nothing about hail today.

How's Beth?

I don't know. She hasn't returned any of my calls.

She always kinda liked you, didn't she?

What, are you jealous?

Of Beth?

I'm just faking it. Your students love you.

My students love me 'cause I give 'em all A's.

I mean, what the fuck do I know? This kid could be the next Rothko.

Tell me I'm good.

You're good.

Tell me they'll remember me.

Who's "they"?

The world.

Is that what you want?

The world will remember you.

Now take off your clothes.


Who did that?

My girlfriend.

Where'd you get that?

This? I bought it.

Henry, what are you doing here? I...

I wasn't expecting you. I have someone coming in.

So, have you considered a career in meteorology?

The weatherman said something about hail?

The weatherman?


You know, I can't even listen to him anymore?

I don't understand a word that comes out of his mouth.

You don't understand the weatherman?


But you do?

Sure. He says rain, I bring an umbrella.

Henry, give me something.

I'm good at what I do.

Well, I'm hearing voices now.


They come and they go, but when they are there-

You're hearing them now?


Can you write down what they're saying?

Yeah? Hey, Dr. Foster.

It's Frederick.

Can you read it to me?

Can you read it to me?


"Hey, Dr. Foster. It's Frederick."

This is-This voice isn't in your head. This is a real voice.

Okay. Well, I don't know.

Maybe you could show me how to tell the difference?

Go on.

I don't know.

"I didn't move him. I know you're not supposed to move 'em."

"I can't watch anymore."

"Stay with me, Henry. Stay with me."

Hey, guys. Sorry to interrupt, but, Hey, Frederick, can you give me a minute?

I've got a conference call at 11:00. Just a minute. Thank you.

Yeah, okay.

Where's this from?

Oh, I burned myself.

You burned yourself? Why?

Practicing for hell.

Why do you think you're going to hell?

'Cause of what I did.

What I'm gonna do.

What are you gonna do?

You're gonna try and kill yourself?

And how seriously should I take that?

Saturday at midnight is when I'm gonna do it.

You gotta know that everything just changed.

If you talk to me about suicide, I'm required to take certain actions.

Hey, look. Just wait a second. Wait a second.

Just, you know, deal with him...

Just, you know, deal with him... and, we'll talk about it next time.

There's a next time?



Yeah, we got three days.

He's coming.! He's coming.!

I am not a monster, goddamn you! Get off of me!

Nobody's calling you a monster, Daisy. Come on now.

Please.! You said you would- I don't deserve this.!

Well, if you'd just remember to take your pills, you wouldn't have to go through this.

I'm not a monster. I'm lovable. I know you are.

I'm lovable. Stop!

No, please! I'm lovable. Very lovable.

He's coming! I oughta know he's coming!

I'll be good. I'll be good! I don't want to... No!

Hey, Sammy. Hey.

He's just a kid! He's just a kid!

Okay, now. Let go, Daisy.

He's just a kid!

He's just a kid.!

Sorry about that. You okay?

Yeah. Yeah. I'm used to dealing with neurotic stockbrokers.

Neurotic stockbrokers pay better.

So, what brings you to Club Meds?

I have a student threatening to kill himself.

Christ. Well, tell him to take a number.

Look, you know how it works.

If he threatens to hurt himself or someone else... then we can take him in, but we can't hold him here forever.

He said he's gonna do it on Saturday.

If you take him in now, he'll be out by then.

Organized kid. He's got it all scheduled.

Saturday, midnight. That's what he said.

We can pick him up Friday, hold him for the weekend.

As you can see, it's not a real fun process.

Anything you could do to avoid it?

What have you got him on? He won't take any meds.

Where's my man?

You know what I've been craving all day?

Something to drink.

What's the matter? You're looking a little tense.

It's nothing.

So tell me about nothing.

I'm just tired.

Let me make a call, and then we can take a bath together.

Beth, it's Sam again.

Um, I hope you're getting some rest.

Everyone's been asking about you. Um.

Look, give me a call.

I want to speak to you about Henry Letham and find out how you're feeling, okay?


You sound like you're talking to one of your patients.

Is she sick? She's exhausted.


Come on. We live in New York City. Everyone's exhausted.

What, is that a code word?


Yeah, I guess it is.

How's the kid with the hail?

Ever heard of doctor-patient privilege?

What's the prediction tomorrow? Locusts?

He's confused.

Confused? Is that like exhausted?

I don't want to get into this right now.

You told me about the lawyer who thought her cat was talking to her.

I shouldn't have.

He wants to kill himself.

That's it, isn't it? That's why you won't talk about it.

He has a right to confidential counseling.

Come on, Sam.

He wants to kill himself on Saturday night.

At midnight, like it's a date.

What's so special about Saturday?

I didn't have time to ask.

Look, we can talk about it, you know.

It doesn't scare me.

It scares me. Yeah, I know.

But you have to trust me.

I do.

Up slow, Jerry. Got it.

Looking good, Mikey. Not-Not so fast.

Stop that swaying. Come on, Mommy. Faster.

Easy. Easy. Hold it! Stay clear, you guys. Quick.

Wait.! Wait.! My balloon.!

Sorry, kid. It's gone to balloon heaven.

Oh, that's okay, sir. We're gonna get another one at the park.

Go ahead, honey. Promise, Mommy?

All right, you guys. Comin' your way.

Tristan R↑veur once said...

"If we cannot see the wind, we can see the wind's will."

Here, Pradilla Ortiz forces us to imagine the wind... by showing its effect on the smoke... the candle flames and Do￱a Juana's veil.

Only the victims' faces are visible in Goya's masterwork.

Our eyes are drawn to the brightest spot on the canvas- the white shirt of a doomed man pleading for his life.

Behind him, the hill closing in... refusing a path to escape.

The Dead Toreador was originally part of a larger painting...

Incident in a Bullfight.

After the painting was mocked by critics and viewers...

Manet angrily sliced it in half... removing the fallen hero from his arena... and accidentally creating one of his most enduring works.

Hey. Hey.

How are you doing?

Oh, you know.

I didn't know if you'd still be coming to class after what you told me.

Yeah, well, where else am I gonna go?

Have you got a minute?


Are any of these yours?


Well, these are bad, so,

Do you know that Tristan R↑veur quote about bad art?

It's "Bad art is more tragically beautiful than good art..." because it documents human failure."

Why'd do you want to do it on Saturday?

It's my 21 st birthday.

I think the tradition is to go out and get drunk.

Well, um, Tristan started a different tradition.

What did he do?

He died.

What about your parents?

What about 'em?

Don't you think they care?


Do they live around here?

They're over in Mahlus Gardens.

Mahlus Gardens, Where is that?

It's a cemetery in Jersey.

I thought you read the file. I'm sorry.

I did. It didn't mention that.

It's a little out of date.

Do you have any other family?



You talked to her?


Who is she?

No, you're not talking to her.

I thought you were talking about this waitress... in this diner I used to go to over on Canal Street.

Tell me about her.

When she filled up my cup of coffee, she would ask me how I was doing.

Waitress things, you know. It doesn't really constitute a girlfriend.

Did you ever get her name?

Yeah, it was Athena.

I was gonna marry her.

You were gonna marry her?

Yeah. I bought her a ring and everything.

It looked just like the one that you got your girl.

I didn't steal your ring, Henry, okay? I promise.

Yeah, I lost it.

Anyway, she's gone.

She's gone? Yeah.

Or she's somewhere else? What do you mean?

There is no somewhere else.

He's not going to make it.

It's beautiful. No.

It's like the crap tourists buy on Fifth Avenue.

You talk with your student today?

Still wants to do it?

I don't feel right talking about it.

Talking about it with me, you mean.

You stopped taking your pills.

I've been counting. You haven't taken one in weeks.

I don't need 'em anymore.

Well, that's a decision we should've made together.

I can't paint on meds.

I can't.

Well, it makes me nervous.

I'm not happy you did this in secret.

Well, I'm not happy you're counting my pills in secret.

We have to trust each other.

Hey, look at me.

I can't make them disappear.

I wish I could.

I made you a promise.

I gotta go.

I'll see you at home.


Forgetting something?

What's the matter? You just called me Henry.

Baby, I think I know your name by now.

Yeah, but you called me Henry.

Sam, I know who you are. I promise.



Do you get nervous?

It's a great part, but she should resist more.

She just takes his abuse and walks into the river. You should use that.

All without a fight. Can we come and see you?

Henry, that would be nice, wouldn't it? Yeah, Mom.

We could all go together.

King's rook to E-3.

How's Lila?

She's good. Oh, I got something for her.

Give me your hand.

Congratulations. Thank you.

I hear she's a beautiful girl.

How long have you been carrying that around?

A while.

What are you waiting for?

The fear to go away, I guess.

How do I know she won't try again?

You don't know, Sam.

Does she make you happy?

Oh, yes.

Well, here's something that won't.

Knight to C-3. Check.

Oh, shit.

Do you remember the dream of the burning boy referred to by Freud?

Vaguely. Vaguely meaning no?

Right. Yeah.

Well, he describes a man whose child is dying.

The father sits by the boy's bed night after night... and after the boy is dead, they give him a wake.

And they set up a circle of candles around the boy's body.

And the father's exhausted. He falls asleep.

And he dreams that his son is standing beside him... holding his arm and whispering...

"Father, can't you see that I'm burning?"

You have a visitor? Henry.

I can come back. No, no. You're all right.

I don't mind. Do you know Dr. Patterson?

No. Pleased to meet you.

What's the matter, Henry?

What the fuck?

What are you doing here?

We're playing chess.

You're dead.

Sam? I watched you die.

Sam, we'll finish this game later.


Where are you going? Henry, take a seat.

Why'd you come back? Do you know Leon?

What did he say to you? Did he say something about me?

No, he didn't say anything about you. I don't think Leon even knows you.

That's my father.

He knows me.

Now, listen, I've known Leon a long time. He doesn't have any children.

Don't say that! Don't fuckin' say that to me!

What are you doing?

Do you think I don't recognize my own father?

You told me your father was dead. He is dead.

He's dead, and that's him walkin' out the fuckin' door!

The man walking out the door is alive and well.

What's happening?

I saw all the blood, and I watched him die.

I did it.

It's my fault.

Maybe you hurt someone, but not Leon.

Who did you hurt? Your father?

I don't remember.

Sometimes we don't want to remember, but I think you have to try.

Fuck you! What the fuck do you know!

You don't know anything! Everything you know is a fuckin' lie!

All right? Okay.

Tell me what the truth is.

Your troubles will cease, and fortune will smile upon you.

Your troubles will cease, and fortune will smile upon you.

Yes, Henry.







Henry, are you there?

Here we go.


Henry, listen.

Stay with me, okay? Listen to my voice, Henry.

Stay with us here, all right? Is that your voice?

I didn't leave that message.

Probably someone who sounds exactly like you.

So what do we do now?

Not much we can do at this point.

We don't have the resources or the manpower for a stakeout or anything like that.

I'll notify the police, but they won't do anything.

Why not?

Because they've got more important things to do than look for depressed college students.

Then I'll find him.

Well, if you do, give me a call.

We'll pick him up for you. But do me a favor, Sammy.

The kid hears voices and carries a gun.

Watch your back.

Mommy, is that man gonna die?

Come on, Bobby. We're gonna be late.

You shouldn't run away from me like that, you little monkey.

But is he gonna die?

Listen to this.

"Henry Letham has a fertile, powerful imagination.

If he maintains his concentration, he will create new worlds with his art."

Jim O'Shea?

Professor O'Shea, yeah. How'd you know?

'CauseJim wants to fuck every cute boy in his class.

Did you ever hear of an artist named Tristan R↑veur?

Yeah, of course.

Do you like his work? I've never seen it. Nobody has.

He burned all his paintings before he killed himself.

He killed himself?

When he was 18, he told everyone he'd live three more years... then go to New York and kill himself.

And that's exactly what he did. Left a one-line note:

"Un suicide ←I←gant est I'oeuvre d'art finale."

"An elegant suicide is the ultimate work of art."

Jesus. He's Henry's favorite artist.

Of course he is.

Let me talk to him.

Talk to him? First I've gotta find him.

He'll find you.

He knows you can help him. That's exactly why he keeps coming back to you.

Well, even if he does, I can't let you talk to him.

I'd violate every rule in the book.

So violate them. You have something, Sam. This kid trusts you.

But you've never stood where he's standing right now, and he knows that.

Yeah, but I treat people every day with conditions I've never experienced myself.

You know, the day I did it...

I took two razor blades to the bathtub.

You know why?

Because I knew that once I started to bleed, I'd get weak... and I didn't want to drop one blade and leave myself half done.

Can you imagine that?

Can you imagine hating your life so much... that you want to bring a backup razor?

So what do I tell him?

There's too much beauty to quit.

Tell him that. There's too much goddamn beauty.

Eat something.

I'm not hungry.

Eat your fortune cookie.

It's yours.

"Your troubles will cease, and fortune will smile upon you."

Not a moment too soon.

What's the matter?

Beth, it's Sam. - I didn't touch him.

Beth? Beth? I know you're not supposed to move...



It's me.

Are you okay?

I'm gonna turn on the light, okay?

I know Leon's been trying to get through to you.

And Toni.

Oh, Jesus.

Beth, are you gonna talk to me?

What do you want to talk about?

How are you feeling?

What do you really wanna talk about?

I'm worried about you... and I wanna know more about Henry Letham.

I didn't touch him.

I know you're not supposed to move them.

What does that mean?

What does that mean?

I wanna kiss you. Do you want to play a kissing game?


No. You're loyal.

You're a good dog. Good, loyal dog, Sam.

What's her name?


You should've let her bleed in the bathtub.

She had the right idea. What are you talking about?

It's highly inappropriate.

You're not supposed to fuck your patients, even the pretty ones.

You know the rules.

You can't drink while you're taking these.

Apparently I can.

No, you can't. Come on, Beth.

I want you to come take a shower.

Bathe the corpse.

We won't really be corpses though, will we?

It will be more like a memory of nothing.

What happened to you, Beth?

I need to sleep, please.

No, you got too much crap in your system.

Are you okay to shower?

He's watching us. No, we're alone.

He's watching. Are you still talking to him?

Do you know where he is? Ask the mother.

The mother's dead. Is she?

Ask anyway.

Hello? Hello? Yeah.

This is Sam Foster, Dr. Sam Foster.

I'm a psychiatrist. Yeah.

I'm calling about a student named Henry Letham.

He is?

This is very strange, Mrs. Letham.

He told me you had passed- Hello? Hello?

Damn it.

This is it. I won't be long.

I've been waiting for you.

Mrs. Letham?

I'm Dr. Sam Foster. I'm sorry to bother you at this hour.

I thought you'd never come.

I would have come earlier. I didn't know you were here.

It's easy to forget about me... all alone up here.

Your son's not well. That's why I'm here.

I'm trying to find him.

I'm sorry to say he's threatened to commit suicide.

You came to see Olive, didn't you? Not me.


There she is. She's been lonely.

Me and Olive keep each other company.

We've been alone in this house for a thousand years.

Hey, Olive.

How are you doing, girl?

She doesn't remember you.

Are you hungry? No.

Do you know how to contact your son?

Are there any relatives or friends he might have gone to see?

Let me fix you something to eat.

You stay with Olive. There's some leftovers in the fridge.

Most days I don't say a single word.

Sometimes I'm silent so long, I forget how to speak.

Mrs. Letham, we have an emergency here.


Do you hate me?

You must hate me.

Is that why you did it?

No, I don't hate you.

I'm here because your son needs help.

I knew you'd come eventually.

It's been quiet without you. Lonely.

Mrs. Letham, who do you think I am?

Don't play games. Not anymore.

Who am I?

You think I don't know you, Henry?

You think I don't recognize my only son?

Oh, Lord, I've missed you. I've missed you so much.

I know you never meant to hurt us.

Mom? Yes, baby.

How did I hurt you?

It doesn't matter anymore. I could never stay angry with you.

What do I do on Saturdays?

When you were a boy, you used to go to the zoo.

Remember? You loved to watch the walrus swim.

But I'm older now.

It's my 21 st birthday tomorrow. What'll I do for my birthday?

Who knows? You don't tell me anything these days.

I guess you tell Athena your secrets now.

Athena? Do you remember where Athena lives?

Dogs are a big responsibility, darling.

Look at the mess I'm making.

I just have to clean it up. Let me see your head.

You don't want to see. Mrs. Letham.

You didn't mean to hurt anyone. You know you didn't.

Let me look at your head. That's a serious wound.

Don't look at me, darling. Don't-

Olive, off!

Olive, off!

Let me fix you something to eat.

You're a bleeder, huh?

Here, maintain pressure on that.

Dr. Foster? Could I have a word with you?

Yeah, you got bit up pretty good.

Get your rabies shot already? Yeah.

Look, I'm, I'm Sheriff Kennelly.

Now, I-I know you already spoke with Deputy Carlyle... but I just wanted to confirm a few things.

You said the, the assault took place at 9625 Rickover Street?

That's right. The home belonging to the Letham family?

Right. Her dog attacked me, and... she needs some help.

She has a severe head wound. She should be in a hospital.

I went to high school with Maureen Letham.

Oh, yeah? Maybe you know her son, Henry. He's a patient of mine.

I remember Henry. Pale, skinny kid, always drawing pictures.

Yeah, that's him. He kind of gave me the creeps.

What's strange, Doctor. Wh...

What I'm trying to figure out is... who you were speaking with over there at 9625 Rickover Street.

I'm sorry. I thought we already established Maureen Letham.

She told you her name was Maureen Letham?

Yeah. We were talking about her son.

She wasn't entirely coherent. She needs medical assistance.

But why did you want to talk to this woman at 1:00 in the morning?

Look, I'm treating her son. It's an emergency situation.

The-Sheriff, she needs help. She's lost a lot of blood.

I told you I went to school with Maureen Letham.

I also went to her funeral.

She's been dead for months.

Car wreck- her and her husband.

As far as I know, that house is empty still. The family's trying to sell it.

I spoke to Maureen Letham an hour ago.

It's probably just someone's confused.

So how long they keeping you here?

I don't know. I gotta head back into the city. Look, 9625 Rickover Street.

I was there. Henry's mother was there.

All right, Dr. Foster.

We'll be in touch. I've got your number.



Mrs. Letham-

Did she have brown eyes?

Oh, no, sir. Bluest eyes in town.

No, no, no, no, no.

Doing good. Up slow, Jerry. Mommy, hurry up.!

I got it. Not so fast.

Stop that sway. Easy. Come on, Mommy. Faster.

Stop that sway. Easy. Come on, Mommy. Faster.

Hold it. Stay clear, you guys. Wait. Wait!

My balloon.!

Sorry, kid. It's gone to balloon heaven.

That's okay, sir. We're gonna get another one at the park.

Go ahead, honey. Promise, Mommy?

Comin'at you, guys. Comin'your way.

You were here on Thursday, right? You were moving the piano on Thursday too, right?

Can I help you with something? Yeah, the kid and the balloon-

The same thing happened on Thursday, right?

We're a little busy here. Why don't you go bother someone else, huh?

Your way, guys! There you go. Watch that thing. That's it.

Christ! Where have you been?

What happened to you?

I've been calling people all over the city, looking for you.

I was about to call the police. What happened to you?

I've been calling people all over the city, looking for you.

Christ! Where have you been?

I've been calling people all over the city, looking for you.

I was about to call the police. What's going on, Sam?

I don't know. No, you've gotta talk to me.

I've been up all night.

What happened to your arm? Dog bite.

Dog bite?

Yeah, I had the shots and the painkillers.

What dog? Where?

Look, I'm seeing things that don't make any sense... and I'm meeting people that are supposed to be dead... and Beth's had a nervous breakdown.

The kid I'm treating knows what's gonna happen before it happens.

Mother thiks that I'm her son.

Okay, just slow down. And I saw the same boy lose the same balloon in the same place, twice.

Baby, you're not making any sense. No, nothing makes any sense.

You're scaring me. Nothing makes any sense.

Okay. You just need to relax. Slow down.

Okay. Hey, you need to sleep.

Yeah. No, I can't.

I-I gotta find him.

I'm running out of time. No, no.

Just for a while. Lie down. You think?

All right. All right.

Maybe just for a little bit.


Maybe just a little bit.

Jesus Christ.

I've been looking all over for you.

I want you to come uptown with me. I want you to meet a friend of mine.

I don't wanna go uptown.

I met your mother last night.

What do you mean, you met my mother?

You told me she was dead.

She's okay?

Yeah, everyone seems to think your mother's dead... but I'm standing in a kitchen talking to her.

Sh-She's gonna be okay?

I don't know. I don't know. She's sick. She got hurt somehow.

Is she mad?

The dog seemed pretty fuckin' mad. What dog?

Olive. Olive?

Yeah, we put Olive to sleep when I was 12.

She had a tumor in her liver.

Well, Olive's not dead. She is very much not dead.

Yeah, she is. But she was a good girl.

Quit playing with me. I wanna know what's going on.

How do you know the future? I wanna help you, but...

I need some fuckin' answers! What happened to your parents?

Look, there are things that you have to tell me. I mean, I mean... if you were just gonna kill yourself, you'd have done it by now.

Why do you keep coming to me? So why haven't you?

Why do you keep coming to me? Why do you keep coming to me?

'Cause you're the only one that can help me.

That's why.

Henry? Henry?

I've seen people go through what you're going through.

I've helped them come out the other side.

If you work with me, I can help you.

The way you helped your girl?

It's Lila, right?

I've seen the, scars on her wrists.

Did you save her?

She saved herself.

Yeah, but you helped, right?

No. Sometimes suicide is an attempt for attention. With Lila it wasn't.

She put three four-inch vertical slits in each wrist.

She split both sets of ulnar and radial arteries.

By the time I got to her, she'd lost five pints of blood.

I just pulled her out of the bathtub, put tourniquets on both arms... and called an ambulance.

Aren't you afraid she's gonna do it again?



'Cause she loves me.

If she were here, I know she'd say... to open your eyes a little wider.

I know she'd tell you that there's too much beauty to quit.

She's probably right.

Anyway... it's too late.


I can't let you leave this time.

You gotta stay with me. I gotta take you uptown to meet this...

Get the fuck outta my way. No, you gotta come with me to the-

Get outta my way, all right? Move. Move. I can't.

I can't let you- Let me show you something.

I killed my parents.

I killed my mother and my father.

I'm gonna go to hell.

Or maybe I'm already there. I don't know.

I'm sorry, Sam.

Don't follow me.

Canal Street. A diner.

Canal Street. A diner. Yeah, which diner? There's maybe 20.

I don't know, pick one. Keep the meter running.

Excuse me. Do you have an Athena working here?

Yeah. Athena!

Yeah, what? Athena?

What? What do you want?

All right, next one. All right, next one.

All right, next one.

All right.

There's one more.

We're running out of options here. I really don't know what you want.

All right. Just try one more, please.

Excuse me.

Do you have a waitress here named Athena?

Athena? Yeah.

No, never heard of her.

Can I get a coffee, please? Sure.

Planning on proposing to Athena?

No. Do you know her?

Are we talking about the same girl? You a cop?

No, I'm more of a matchmaker.

Doesn't work here anymore. But she's in my acting class.

She is? Could you tell me where she lives?

What are you, her stalker?

No. No.

I'm a psychiatrist.


A psychiatrist, huh? So you could write a Xanax prescription.

I could write a Xanax prescription... for one of my patients who needed it, yeah.


Good luck finding Athena.

Prison, my lord? Denmark's a prison.

Then is the world one? A goodly one... in which there are many confines, wards and dungeons.

Denmark being one of the worst.

We think not so, my lord.

Well, then 'tis none to you, for there is nothing either good or bad... but thinking makes it so.

To me, it is a prison.

Prison, my lord? Denmark's a prison.

We already had this conversation. Oh, um, wait a minute.


"Why then your ambition" - Why then your ambition makes it one.

'Tis too narrow for your mind.

I could be bounded in a nutshell... and count myself a king of infinite space... were it not that I have bad dreams.

That's my favorite line in the whole play. It's a good line.

However, my favorite line of the play is:

"O what a rogue and peasant slave am I."

I have no idea what any of it means, but I love the word "slave."

I love it. I gotta go.

I've got a solo in choir tomorrow morning.

Thanks for reading with me.

You're a good Rosencrantz. I know. Bye.

Hello. Hi.

I always pictured Hamlet as a man.

That's a bit narrow-minded of you, isn't it?

This is the lesbian Hamlet. All the parts are played by women.

I'm joking.

I'm Ophelia. I just get so sick of playing her.

Things get tough, she jumps in the drink.

Hamlet hogs all the good lines.

Well, he's notorious for that.

We've met before, haven't we?

No, I don't think so. I'm Sam Foster.

Athena. Hi.

Hi. Are you joining the class?

No. I've been looking for you, as a matter of fact.

That's flattering. Why?

I'm a psychiatrist, and I have a patient who... likes you very much.

That's an unusual way of trying to get a date.

What's his name? Henry Letham.

Sounds familiar.

You served him coffee in a diner a couple of times.

You were nice to him. But the way he tells it, you're the one good thing... that ever happened to him.

Henry. Is he very pale, very thin?

His arms are scarred. Yeah, that's him.

He always ate pecan pie with his coffee. I remember that.

But I never spoke to him outside the diner.


Yeah? What?

I feel really stupid saying this stuff to a psychiatrist.

You'll think I'm insane. No.

I had the strangest feeling about him.

I mean, he's this ragged-looking guy.

Probably hasn't bathed in months, but something about him.

I'd seen him before. Somewhere.

I'd known him.

Yeah. What's wrong with him?

He's going to kill himself.


He thinks he's done something terrible. That's my guess anyway.

I wish there was something I could do to help.

Actually, this probably won't help, but I...

I did run into him one time at A. Smith's.

A. Smith's? The art bookstore?

He was sitting in the back, reading.

I don't know. Maybe he hangs out there.

Where is it? Nearby. Come on. I'll show you.





Athena! Athena!

I'm just trying to figure out if I'm the king or the farmer.

Still there.

Athena? We think not, my lord.

Well, then 'tis none to you, for there is nothing either good or bad... but thinking makes it so.

To me, it is a prison. Prison, my lord?

Denmark's a prison. We already had this conversation.

Sonny Rollins.

Are you lonely here? Who's that?

Who's there?

Why isn't Mom with you?

I'll call the police.

Put the phone down, Dad.

It's Henry.

Henry? What are you doing here?

Just wanted to see you one more time.


I need you to leave now.

You can't sneak into people's homes.

I don't wanna go, Dad.

You've got the wrong man.

I've told you before.

I don't wanna die.

You don't have to die.

Will you do something for me, Dad? What?

What are you doing? It's okay. It's okay.

I want you to look at me, okay?

Just look at me.

It's just lightning.

Remember that time we found all those dead sparrows in the yard?

Do you remember that? They were in that tree that got hit by lightning.

Who are you?

I'm your son.

No. No.

Tell Mom I love her, all right?

You should show your mother your paintings.

Yeah, well, you know...

Doesn't Athena look beautiful tonight?

They remind me of us when we met all those years ago.


How have you guys stayed so in love after all these years?

Well, it's simple-

We're closed.

Ben, let him in. See what he wants.

All right.

Can I help you find something?

Henry Letham.

A book by Henry Letham or on Henry Letham?

No, I-I thought he might be here.

I was told he comes here sometimes.

Nobody's here, man, 'cause the store is closed.

How about you don't fuck with me right now?

Smitty, you know a guy named Henry Letham?


Something happen to him? Yeah, I need to find him.

I keep telling the kid to get some sun.

It's not healthy spending all your time in bookstores. Yeah, that's his.

He didn't have any money to pay for the books he wanted, so he gave me this.

I think I got a pretty good deal. The kid's got talent, huh?

He traded the painting for some books? Which books?

Tristan R↑veur. What else?

The kid's obsessed with R↑veur.

You got any more of his books? No, he bought me out.

It's all secondhand, out-of-print stuff.

Right. Thanks.

So, what do you think? Is he gonna make it?


You think he's got what it takes?

Yeah. Yeah.

Hello? It's me.

Jesus, Sam, where are you? Are you okay?

I'm fine. Listen. Tristan R↑veur killed himself on his 21 st birthday, right?

Oh, God, it's that kid's 21 st birthday today.

Yeah. How'd he kill himself?

Um, he shot himself on the Brooklyn Bridge.

He said it was the best artwork of the 19th century.

Hello? Lila, listen.

I need you to know something. I trust you.

I trust you more than anyone in the world.

What's going on, Sam?

Listen, if anything happens tonight, you know I love you.

It's the one thing I know is real.

I'm worried about you.

Don't be. I love you, Lila.


Leon? I always thought you had brown eyes.

You can see. I can see everything.

For the first time, I can see everything. But how?

Henry. It's all because of Henry.

What's happening to us?

The Buddhists had it right all along.

The world is an illusion.

What time is it? It's 11:33.


Saturday night in the rain.!

You'll never find a cab.

Damn it.

Listen to my voice, Henry. Stay with me, okay?

Mommy, is that man gonna die?

Well, I hope not, baby. I don't think so.

Brooklyn Bridge-


One of the first times I met you... you said... that you didn't know what was real anymore.

And I said that I did.

But I was wrong.

I don't know what's real anymore.

You are.

You're real.

And you're trying to save me. You're just too late.

'Cause I gotta wake up.

You are awake.

Henry, look around you.

If this is a dream, the whole world's inside it.

This hurts too much.

I wish you didn't have to see this. Henry.

It happened in front of me. It was right in front of me.

I was the first one here. I didn't move him.

I know you're not supposed to move them. Do you have a phone?

I already called.

Here, let me help. I'm a nurse.

He's losing a lot of blood. I'm gonna straighten up his face, all right?

Okay, maintain pressure on that. Keep an eye on his pulse.

Can you hear me?

Should I- It's okay.

You're gonna be all right.

You're gonna be fine.

It's okay.

How are the others? They're gone.

You said you were a nurse? Yeah.

What's your name? Lila.

Now listen, listen. Lila here's a nurse.

I want you to listen to her voice, all right?

Okay. Okay?

I'm gonna go in your pockets and see if I can find your name.

Okay. Yeah. All right?

What's your name? Can you tell me your name?

What's that? Is that hail?

No, no, that's not hail.

That's just the light.

Henry? Henry, is that your name? Henry, listen.

My name is Sam. I'm a doctor, all right? I'm gonna look after you, okay?

I need you to try and stay awake.

I want you to listen to Lila's voice and just stay awake.

Stay with us here, okay? How old are you, Henry?

What's that?

What did he say? "Forgive me."

Hey, Henry, listen. I was driving right behind you.

You didn't do anything wrong, all right? Your front tire blew.

Okay? It wasn't your fault.

It's not anybody's fault. You don't have to be sorry.

It's okay.


He's just a kid. You're gonna be all right.

He's just waking up.

Stay with us, Henry. Stay with us.

Stay with me, okay? Listen to my voice, Henry.

Stay with us, okay? Did he say something?

He's looking for something. This ring.

There you go. You stay here with us, Henry, okay?

Yes. Stay awake now.

Honey, you gotta stay with me by the car. Come on Henry. Henry!

We can't run away from each other.

Remember I said this?

Mommy, is that man gonna die? No, angel, he's gonna be fine.

The ambulance is gonna come, and they're gonna help him out.

You wanna go and see if they're comin'? Where's the fuckin' ambulance?

Listen to us. Hey, Henry, stay conscious.

Look at me, Henry. Henry, look at me. Stay with us.

His pulse is fading. Try and stay conscious. Try and stay awake. Listen to the voice. Come on, Henry. Henry? -

Henry, look at me. Stay wih me.

Open your eyes. Here, look at me. Henry?

Stay with me. Stay there. Look at me. Stay with us here, Henry.

Is that you? What? What?

That's my girl right there. That's my girl.

Will you marry me?

Let's go back to the car. Come on, let's go.

Will you marry me? Yes.

Will you marry me? Yes, Henry.

Henry? Henry? Henry? He's not going to make it.

Henry, try and stay with us.

- Henry, open your eyes. Can you hear me?

I can't breathe. You can't breathe?

Come on. I'll get this loose.


Henry? Stay with me, okay? Don't leave me.

I'm not gonna leave you. It's okay. Don't be afraid.

Don't be afraid.

You don't have to be sorry.

Henry? Henry.

Hey, Henry.

I know you're not supposed to-

May I have your name, ma'am? Elizabeth Levy.

Once we get all your information, detectives are gonna wanna speak with you.

Okay. Take it from here.

Okay. Take it from here.

Hey, thank you for helping.

I wish we could have done more.

No one ever asked me to marry them before.

Wanna get a cup of coffee somewhere?

I'm never gonna sleep tonight.

Yeah, I'd like that.