Step Up All In (2014) Script

SEAN: There's a magic that happens when you dance.

Everything lines up. The world is in sync.

And for one perfect moment, you feel totally alive.

But to make a living as a dancer you go through stuff that doesn't feel so magical.

The rejection.

Crappy Pay-

Endless auditions.

That's when it feels like your world shrinks down to the same cold room.

The same fluorescent lights and the same indifferent people day after day.

That's where my Hollywood story begins.

All right, thanks for coming in today.

Uh, you guys know everybody here.

WOMAN: Can you take off, um...

MAN: Take your shirts off.

Yeah, just take your shirts off.

Oh, yeah, no shirts.


Good. That's good.

That's good.


That's great. Can you come forward?

MAN: And go backwards.

Can you just step to your left, please?

Just find the light to your left.

But as you're going left, you need to go right.


I want you to feel the feeling of feeling the product.

Good. And use the product.


I just want the feeling that your hose is your family.

And I want you to, um, make love to it.

Oh. But not in a weird way.

That's good. Oh, yeah. Okay.

Good. More, more!

Less, less!

Yeah, I wasn't expecting a beard.

I like the beard.

No, we need the beard to go. Beard's gotta go.

WOMAN: Beard's not going. MAN: The beard should go now.

Are you willing to shave your beard?

Yeah, I'll shave it off. Absolutely.

You'll shave? He'll shave. Yeah.

Yeah. Come on, please?

ALL: Thank you.


This is not working.


What are you doin'? What's wrong with you? Oh.

Mmm. Oh. That's nice.


You gonna let her walk past you like that?

Yeah, exactly what was that?

Dawg, you gotta move on.


Emily's on tour. All right? It's over.

Hot girl looks at you like that, man, you gotta handle it.

Mmm-hmm. You know better than that.

I know how I'd handle it.

Sorry, everyone, looks like we found what we're looking for and we're out of time for today, so thanks again.

Are you serious? Come on. We've been out here for three hours.

That's how it goes.

Thank you so much, Elizabeth. Appreciate it.

Always a pleasure, Jasper.

Yes, it is.

(CHUCKLING) Nice hats.



EDDY: Shit.

JASON: Bad. That was bad.

SEAN: I don't get it.

I actually had a good feeling about this one.

Yeah. That one, and the one before, and all the other ones that we didn't get.

Yeah, I thought LA was supposed to be the place where dreams actually happen.

No, what actually happens is that we keep putting on this stupid shit for nothing.

Where did you find these anyway? Actually, I don't wanna know.

In the dumpster behind El Compadre.


It's called vintage, boo.

Y'all act like we can afford new ones.

JASON: No, that's called nasty.

That's gross. Honestly, I can't take this anymore.

I really can't. You know?

All right. Let's just chalk this up as another crappy audition.

Every audition is a crappy audition.

I thought we were on our way.

We move out here. We do the big Nike ad. Everything's looking good.

And then nothing.

I hate to say it, but what are we still doing here?

JASON: I feel you, bro.

SEAN: Okay, it's been rough.

We gotta blow off some steam.

I know what we need.



Yo, The Mob is in the house, y'all!

What's up, Sean?

Brother, how you doin', man?

Oh, my man!

That's my man. How you feelin', man? All right?

How many of y'all tonight?

The whole Mob.

Y'all always roam in packs, though.

I don't know why you gotta do that to a brother.

Told you, this is what we needed.

JASON: Let's have a good night, y'all.

Oh. What the...

Hey! It's the mariachi band from earlier.

You ladies play us something saucy?

That's cute. That necklace is cute, too. You get that at Claire's?

Man, you spend all day comin' up with that?

You musta had a lotta free time after not getting that gig.

Whatever, man, just get outta here.

We're just tryin' to have a good time.

Man, we ain't goin' nowhere.

We came here to do a little dancin'.

Unless that's a problem for you.

It is. So go.

Maybe we should settle it.

(CHUCKLING) You wanna battle on the floor?

Please, let's not do it, all right? Are we really doing this?

JASON: Right. Listen, please.

This guy's a douche, man. And I'm not tryin' to get all sweaty in this.

Battling him is not the move.

Look, what's the problem?

Did the three amigos forget their sombreros?

Mexican reference'? Good job, man.

This guy's a dick. Come on. Let's just go.

No, no.

You picked the wrong night to get in my face, little man.

Are you having a tough day?

It must suck to be hot for five minutes, then realize that your flash mob ain't nothin' but a joke.

MAN: Whatever, man, you're a joke!

Okay, yeah, we got that. That's awesome. Thank you, man.

Look, we've been there and done that.

Let this go. Let's just go.

No, we came here to dance, right?

Why don't we line it up for these clowns. Come on, let's go.

Come on.













ALL: (CHANTING) Grim Knights! Grim Knights! Grim Knights!

That's the last time I make a fool out of myself for you. That's it.

JASON: Way to look out for the crew, bro. Thanks, man.

I'm outta here.

Hey, man, easy come, easy go, bro.

If everybody could make it, it wouldn't be Hollywood.



What time was lunch? Like 2:30.

There you are, man.

What is this?

Look, we been talkin' about it, man, and it's time to go home, Sean.

I mean, we've gone hard. And it's nothing to be ashamed of.

Then what? You're just gonna bail?

All of you?

Yo, man, wake up, man!

When are you gonna stop acting like everything is just okay?

This crew's not ready for LA, man.

I don't know how you don't see that.

Because we made 50 grand off the Nike spot.

Yeah. Six months ago.

And split 12 ways.

Dawg, I spend more money on gas going to auditions than most people do on rent.

I'm over it. I'm done, man.

So what are you gonna do?


You gonna go back to Miami?

We're just all tapped out, man.

Dude, we're 40 days late on our rent.


I've run out of stuff to sell on eBay, man. I have nothing.

Man, let’s just call it what it is, all right? We're ready to go back.

So quit then. Go crawling back to Miami. Go ahead.

EDDY: Ain't gotta be like this. Yeah, it does.

Sorry, I'm not leavin'.


Yeah. I'm stayin' here.

All right, peace, man.

EDDY: Hold up.


MAN: Caesars Palace and international pop sensation Alexxa Brava present The Vortex.

I'm Alexxa Brava.

And welcome to The Vortex.

This is more than just a dance competition.

This is the ultimate showdown. With the ultimate prize.

Many crews will enter, but only one can emerge victorious, winning a three-year booking in fabulous Las Vegas.

We are now accepting video submissions from the world's best dance crews.

We're looking for originality, creativity and pure spectacle.

Does your crew deserve a Vegas show?

If so, send us your video and show us that your crew has what it takes.


You still got it.

Lookin' good.

Yo, man, you shoulda called me sooner.

I had no idea you needed a job.

Yeah. Thank you. Things have been a little rough.

Well, this is perfect!

My grandparents have been looking for someone to help out.

Come on, I'll introduce you. Glad you came.

How's Camille'? You guys likin' LA?

Yeah, she's great. LA's fun. What's not to like about LA?

Rumba's the dance of love, Miss Nakamura.

It's a courtship ritual.

That's Chad.

CHAD: Copy me. Quick, slow, quick, slow.


You must be Sean.

Mooski, you didn't tell me your friend was so cute.

Thanks for letting me stay here.

You're welcome.

Oh. Finally, you are here.

The women's toilet is leaking like a broken faucet.

And faucet is broken, too. Please fix.

Here. You are sleeping here in the closets of storage.

Please, drop bag and get to work.

Opa, he just got in. Let him same in first.

Come on, I'll buy you a smoothie before you get your hands dirty.

Go! Have smoothie. This can wait.


Have you heard of The Vortex?

Uh. That's something on VH1, right?

What? Camille loves VH1.

Hey, nothin'.

No, but you should totally enter that. Call The Mob.

No, come on, man. The Mob is like the king of the streets.

I mean, sure, you and Eddy had a little fallout or whatever.

But you can't enter alone.

I mean, don't get me wrong.

Back in the day, I woulda tore that thing up. Y'know what I'm sayin'?

I mean, that's not a bad idea. You and I on a crew together.

Come on.

I would love to, but I have a job now, man. I'm an engineer.

Come on, man. You're the Moose. There's only one Moose.

My life's totally different now.

I've got a lot of responsibility.

Dance competitions are fun and all, but they're not really gonna pay the bills.

No, but that's the beauty of it, man.

This competition does pay the bills. For a while, too.

I get it, man. I just...

I can't, man, I'm sorry.

But you should do it.


All right? See you around.

Later, man.

Hello! CAMILLE: Hi!

Welcome back.

Good day? Yeah.

So how's Sean doing?

He's okay.

He's got this really crazy idea.


It's honestly really crazy.

Remember that ad you saw about The Vortex on VH1?

Yeah. What about it?

Yeah, well, he's thinking about entering it.

And he can kinda pull it off.

But the only thing is he doesn't have anyone to do it with.

And, so, well...

He kinda asked me to do it.

He asked you?

I know. Crazy, right?


And? No, no, no, I can't.

It's completely impractical.

So you have no interest in dancing at all?

Nope. Pretty sure that part of my life is over.

Yup. I don't really even think about it anymore, really.

Yeah. it was the right call.

What would you tell Mr. McGowan?

And how would you pull a crew together that fast?


It's not like you've been keeping up with training or anything.

Hey, hey, hey. I'm in shape.

But at that level?

I doubt you'd be able to pick up where you left off.

Oh, come on! The Moose does not lose these skills.

Shout it! (LAUGHING)

Wait a second. You just set me up.


So you really want me to do this?

You wanna do this.

And if you want something, I want it for you.

Really'? 'Cause I thought you would've thought it was crazy.

Please! Since when did I become that girl?

So you think I could swing it? With my job and everything?

You're The Dancing Moose.

The Dancing Moose figures it out.


Mr. Alexander.

Mr. McGowan.

What are you doing?


Oh. It's actually a focusing exercise, sir.

It gets the blood flowing faster to your brain, thus causing an increase in productivity, sir.

Um. You should try it sometime. It's good for your health.

Actually, I was hoping that we could talk, sir.

Look, my grandma's not really doing too well, and I'm (SIGHING) the only grandson that she kinda has out here, and I promised my family that I'd take care of her.

You have a grandma that used to bake you cookies and knit you sweaters.

My grandmother was a prison warden.

Oh, wow.

I didn't know that.

She must have been a very strong, tough woman who probably did have a soft side, too.

She was a prison warden.

I got that.

So you do understand that from time to time, if I need to leave work to, you know, take her to the doctor.

I can admire a man who puts his family first.

Thank you very much for understanding.

As long as he gets here two hours early every morning to cover the time he's missing.

Two hours?

Two hours.

Yes! Work those hips, Miss Turnbuckle, work those hips.

Twerk it, Miss Turnbuckle.

Vegas, baby, Vegas. We got three weeks to get ready for Vegas.

You comin' down from there, or what?

What? Oh, hell, yeah! You better not be playin' me, man.

What about your job?

Figured it out.

Come on.

What about my job? Your grandparents?

Oh, they'll be all right.

Chad knows how to change a light bulb. Right, Chad?

Yeah. MOOSE: I know just the place to start.

Figure eights. Work those figure eights.



And we're at a fashion shoot?


Oh, I get it. Costumes. Good thinkin'.

Oh, my God, that looks terrible!

I told you she would screw this up.

I look terrible?

I'm not finished yet. I just need some more pins.

Pins won't work! What is wrong with you?

You are making her look fat.

What did I tell you?

You're making me look fat?

You don't look fat.

You need to solve this right now. She looks like a whale.

MODEL: Get me out of this dress.

Okay, I am gonna get some more pins.

I'm calling the designer.

Oh, my God, is this making me look fat?


Moose! (LAUGHING) What are you doing here?

What do you mean? You're in our new crew.

We're gonna dance on live television in Vegas... Blah blah blah!

Come on, we'll fill you in in the car.

No. Are you talking about that Vortex thing? I have work. Can't.

Yo! Think this is a good look for the crew.


Who's the pretty boy?

This is Sean. He's an amazing choreographer.

You've never heard of The Mob?


How have you not heard of The Mob?

I don't get out much.

And, ah, who are you?

Hey. guys, relax, okay?

Andie, this is Sean. The Mob is totally legit.

And, Sean, Andie knows what she's doing. All right?

Cool. So she will help with the costumes then, right?

(CHUCKLING) This costume girl could dance circles around your ass.

(LAUGHING) Okay, good to know.

Anytime, anyplace.

Okay, guys, let's just chill, all right?

Come on. Can we talk about this?

Does it always have to end up in a big, giant dance battle?



What is going on here?

Get me off this thing!

All right, hang on, hang on. Somebody get her a ladder.

Hang on. We'll get you down.

Oh, my God, the couture!

What is this?

Clean up this mess or you're fired.



Clean it up yourselves.

SEAN: Turns out, Moose was well-connected.

First we found Vladd, the Human Robot.

And we all know he can do some crazy stuff.

Speaking of crazy, we hunted down these two busted-up sign spinners who turned out to be...


What are you doing here?

SEAN: The Santiago Twins.

Two of the most amazing dancers I've ever seen.

Next, Andie took us to meet Violet.

This is Violet. Trust me, we need her.

SEAN: She makes a mean banana split, but, hey...

BOTH: Ooh! That was hot.

SEAN: That's just her day job. This girl can move.

Then calls went out to the East Coast.



SEAN: Jenny Kido.

Does your aunt still have that van?

SEAN: Ditched her telemarketing job, grabbed her aunt's van, (SPEAKING JAPANESE) and hit the road.


Before heading west, she picked up Monster.

Monster! Kido!

Road trip! Are you in?

SEAN: A sick B-boy from the Bronx.

They swung through Baltimore and grabbed our buddy, Hair, who refused to come without his barber.

But, that guy could dance his ass off.

How are you?

SEAN: Three days later, we all showed up at the Cha Cha Palace.

Mr. Moose!

Santiagos! Twin killers.


Hi, Vladd.

Hi! How are you?

SEAN: Our crew was finally complete.


SEAN: Or so we thought.

Let's call it a day, Miss Vanderblast.

You go take a load off those bunions.

Thank you.

That's Chad, everybody. He teaches here.

What's up, what's up?

Smooth. Are we still sayin' that?

Yo. So we're gonna be training here.

Ana and Boris already gave us the "all clear."

We'll try and stay outta your way. Cool?



Okay, junior cotillion. Today, foxtrot promenade.

Five minutes and we get started.

All right, all right.

Thank you all for coming out.

Yeah. Everybody knows why they're here.

This isn't just another dance competition.

We win this thing and we get our own show.

For three years. (ALL CHEERING)

That means quitting our day jobs and dancing full-time.

The first round of The Vortex is a video submission.

That's right. We got some really cool ideas.

I work at a lab. And my boss is at a conference next week, and if we work fast, we can shoot our video there while he's gone.

Only the best of the best get in.

So we need to give them a show.

So let's get to work and put our heads in the same place. Yeah?

All right, let's do it.

Yeah, if we rehearse every single day, I don't think that'll be a problem.

No, it wouldn't be.

But we need to think and breathe as a unit.

Thinkin' and breathin'? No, we need to dance. We're gonna dance.

Well, obviously, we're gonna dance, 'cause that's why we're here.

So just to be clear, if we're gonna be a crew, who's gonna be in charge?

I am. I am.

What? I'm not doin' that.

What? Go over there!



Yeah, come on, we're doin' it.

CHAD: Okay, cotillion, ignore those guys.

Eyes right here. Keep your eyes on the Chad.

Come on. Everybody up. Let's go.

Okay, take your partners.

Just follow what I'm doin'. Go.


VIOLET: So cool.

Guys! Seriously?


Okay, let's move on.

Hit this hard. Come back.

There you go.


I wanna be in your crew.

(SCOFFS) Dude, no offense, man, but the cha-cha-cha doesn't really mesh with what we're doin' here.

Yeah. So I cha-cha with cougars?

Pays the bills. Chicks dig it.

But I have been known to get pretty crunk.

This competition's gonna be hard enough as it is.

We don't need any help from Rico Suave over here.

Ooh. Ouch. Rico Suave, huh?

You don't think I got it, do ya?

Do you wanna see what I got?

Nope. No, I don't wanna see what you've got.

Hit the music.





MARCOS: That was great!


I can't believe it.



MARTIN: Fancy pants.





Mooski, take another meatball.

You need to be strong tomorrow for your video.

I also made veggie loaf in case anyone wants some.

(DISMISSIVELY) Vegan, vaygan...

Vegan, Baba, vegan.

Foo to your vegan!

You need meat. Not grass. Good for the blood.

Look at how she eats her balls.

You like the balls?

Yes, thank you. They're great.

I give you recipe. You make for him. See how many he eats?

No, they're actually good.

Texture's a little different than regular meatballs, though.

Kinda chewier.

That means he was a tough goat.



MOOSE: Yeah, goat balls.

Yeah, they're a total delicacy back in the old country.


And once again, veggie loaf? Anyone?

I like the meat.

Are you sure you're okay with the dishes?

Yeah, we got this.

Yeah, go. We're almost done.

And next time, I'm cooking dinner.

I do not hate that idea at all. (CAMILLE LAUGHING)

CAMILLE: Okay. Sounds good.

Bye. Adios, muchachos.


Those goat balls? Oh, my God, you shoulda seen the look on your face.

Hey. I took it like a man.

(LAUGHING) Like a man. Right.

I didn't know if you were gonna cry or puke.

You don't seem like the crying type.

So I seem like the puking type?


God, have you always been such a perfectionist'?

I'm not a perfectionist.


Must have driven your ex nuts, huh?

She was a dancer, too, right?

I'm sorry. Moose told me. I didn't know if it was a secret or anything.

No, it's not.

It was a while ago.

She was in my crew and...

She left.

I know all about that. (LAUGHING)

Can be really hard. Dancing together. Being together.

Gets intense.



(WHISPERING) Look, look, look. Come here.


It's amazing how long they've been together.

They still dance.

SEAN: Wow. Moose, this is perfect for the video.

MOOSE: Wait till you see what I rigged up in here.

Dude, this place is crazy. I can't believe you work here.

How long till your boss gets back from his conference?

Precisely four hours and nine minutes as long as he doesn't travel faster than 67 miles per hour.

SEAN: But we gotta work fast. Ready?

Who's on music? Let's roll.







Yo. It's so sick!

SEAN: All right, it's official. We're LMNTRIX.




Still nothin' from The Vortex?

Nope. Two weeks and not a thing.

Dude, our video was great.

I don't get it.


Yeah. I thought we killed it.

I wish things would just work out just for once.

How'd your grandparents do it?

Must have been easier back in the day.

Was it easier back then?

I had to shovel... (SPEAKING OTHER LANGUAGE)

Sheep poop-

Yeah. That's howl paid for our shoes so we could dance.

Sounds terrible.

Are you kidding'? It was greatest time of my life.

We dance all night and forget about everything.

Oh, yeah. The light in the bathroom, it needs fix.

And one more thing...

Ana! ANA: What?

Where is the package? The lemon tricks.

ANA: The what?

BORIS: The lemon tricks thing.

ANA: Oh.


It's from The Vortex.

ALEXXA: Welcome, Team LMNTRIX. Your journey to The Vortex begins now.

Vegas, baby!

Oh. yeah!



SEAN: Caesars! You guys, it's Caesars!

Stop, stop, stop!

Welcome to Caesars Palace. You guys here for The Vortex?

All right, step right this way to meet Alexxa.

So, Jasper, how did you feel when you found out that The Grim Knights will be competing here?

At Caesars Palace?

Oh, my God. So, so blessed.

When you grow up like I did, life puts a cage around your heart.

All you hear is the can'ts, the shouldn'ts, the don'ts.

Being in this magical place and having this beautiful opportunity?

To me, that is the dream.


Believe, yo.

She's so beautiful.


That is so inspiring.

Thank you very much.

We got it. Cut.

Hey. Wait, wait, wait. Can we do it again?

I want us to do something with a little bit more passion.

Maybe talk about how I was bullied as a kid. Powder!

MAN: LMNTRIX? All right, you'll do. Get up here.

So cute! Come here, guys.

Go, go, go!

Oh, hey.

It's The Lab Rats! Yeah!

I see you got yourself a new crew.

Y'all come to see some real dancin'?

Man, let's get outta here.


So it begins.

The drama! The passion! The Vortex.

How intimidating is it to be going up against all these tough crews?

No, we're excited.

We're a new crew. But don't let that fool you. We're ready.

We been training really hard to get here.

Now I hear The Grim Knights are the crew to beat.


How do you feel about that?

It's news to me.

We literally just arrived, so...

Okay. Thank you, guys.

Wait a minute, please!

It is going to be fierce.

I'm Alexxa Brava, and I am signing off.


Look at this place.

CHAD: Smells great.

After that, you know what I mean?

JASON: Is that Sean?

Look who it is.

What are you guys doin' here?

What are we... What are you doing here?


Man, it was really nice of you to call your crew before you entered this thing.

I know everybody's really happy with you. CELESTINA: Mmm-hmm.

Crew? Mmm.

Oh, you mean my crew. The crew that didn't leave me in LA.

Look, man, let's just get one thing straight, all right?

We were done with LA, but we were never done with The Mob.

Yeah. So this is your new crew?

Yeah, well, they ain't my book club.

So you called them before you called us?

Yeah, man. Glad you made some new friends, bro.

They any good? They look pretty good.

Yeah, they're the best of the best.

The best of the best? Oh. That's a statement right there. Yeah.

As long as you believe that. I believe it.

Guys, we didn't get that last part.

Could you guys just repeat it?


And could you be a little bit more hurt? A little more vulnerable.

SEAN: Who are you?

Could you maybe step back?

I'm with The Vortex.

Yo, who is this guy? WOMAN: New crew.

What's this about? Wow!

That was Sean's best friend.

Come on, let's go check out the room.

Welcome to your suite.

Care of The Vortex.


Feel it.

I love you, too, my little munchkin puppy.

Yeah, you're such a little fluffy muffin. You're so cute.

We'd have the best time ever. I wish you were here. I swear.


I love you, baby.

Camille says, "Hi."


Send it to her.

There's a huge bed upstairs.


Wanna check it out? (GROANING)


Please go away.



What is that smell?

It's my scent.

Real smooth, buddy. Real smooth.



JASON: Hey, The Mob.

Anytime, baby. Mob up.


Good evening. Welcome to The Vortex.


Tonight, you'll meet the dancers of tomorrow.

Finest in the world.

Each vying to be the lords of Vegas.

With a world-class show of their own at sensational Caesars Palace!


Wish them luck.

They're gonna need it.




Was that hot enough for you?


So talented.

So full of hope and dreams.

They wish they could all stay.

But we only have room for four.

The crews that will fight it out in the battle ring are...

Divine Intention.



The Mob.


The Grim Knights.


My God!

ANDIE: Who ate all the muffins?

KIDO: Andie, you did.

ANDIE: ls there more coffee?

KIDO: Coffee.

All right, guys, we gotta start rehearsal soon.


I don't think I can face those camera crews anymore.


MAID: Good morning!


I got an idea.

This way. This is the place I told you.



Good luck! Bye-bye!

Man! This is what I call a great rehearsal space.

All right.

All right, yo, yo, listen up.

That circus up there, the cameras, the people, the drama...

That's nothin' but a distraction.

Could keep us from winnin' this thing.

So let's stay focused, and let's get to business.

ALL: Yeah!


CHAD: Whoo!


ALL: And one, and two...

Go like this. Follow me.

Five, six, seven, eight.


Okay. Ready? Let's go, come on.

Five, six, seven, eight.

One and two and three and four and five and six and seven and eight.

Make sure these are clean.

One and two and three and four and five and six and seven and eight.

Again, right away, let's go.

One and two and three and... Stop! Stop! Stop!

He needs to catch on. He's not doin' it right. Let's do it again.

Five, six, seven, eight.

One and two and three and four and five and six, seven, eight.


Come on, that was good, man.

Not good enough. You wanna win?

I know you want this as bad as I do.

We're tired, man.

Please, help me help you guys, all right?

ANDIE: All right, I think we've all had it for today.

Why don't you guys just head out. We'll meet you upstairs.

See you upstairs. Yeah.


Look, I wanna try this thing with you that I've been imagining in my head.


Better be the dancing you're talking about.



All right. You're gonna put that leg right here, that leg in my hand, and hold on to my neck, okay?

And then what?

Just trust me. Okay?


You're so sweaty.

Come on, be serious. Okay?

So, I'm gonna jump into your other hand?



Three, two... Go ahead.

There we go. Oh, my God.

Oh. We got it. We got it.

All right. I'm gonna toss you up.

Now what? No!

And you're gonna go into a layout.

No, put me down. Stop it.

Stop it. Put me down.

You gotta trust me. You gotta let go.

Okay, I know that you want some big, cool move, but you can't force it.

Sounds like an excuse.

You saying I take the easy way out, or something?

You don't know anything about me.

Do you know why I was primping those models when we met?

You know why I was doing that? No.

I was a part of this amazing dance group.

We pushed ourselves so hard that I blew out my knee.

Thought I'd never dance again.

Yeah, really messed me up.

So, now, every time I come down hard, I'm just waiting to hear that pop again.

Okay. Look, I get it.

But if you push past it and get outta your head...


Oh, my gosh.

I can get over an old knee injury, okay?

I'm not scared to dance again.

What I don't want to risk is this.

I love that I'm a part of something again.

It's the closest thing I know to family.

Sure, winning, it's cool, it's great.

Hanging out with you guys, though, being here.

Doing what I love.

It's all I care about.

Yeah, well, it's not enough for me.

Honey, I was looking for you.

What's wrong?

Sean. He's so frustrating. He drives me crazy.

Do you know that he was wearing ladies' underwear on his head when I first met him?

That's pretty funny. You like him.

No, I don't.

He drives me nuts.

Yeah, that means you like him.

Stop it.


What I would like is a night off. Okay?

Come on, we're in Vegas, let's do something.

No, Sean will be mad if we go out.


Let's get the crew.


Yeah? We go out? Yeah.

Yeah, let's do it. Okay. Let's go.


We just gotta get there, okay?

Vladd, what's up?

I think they're in love. Kinda like us.


Poor robot bastard.


We're going out.

I know hanging out with us isn't enough for you, but the rest of us wanna have some fun while we're here.


Wait up.


ALL: Whoa!



You wanna get out of here? Take a walk?


SEAN: Hey. You were right. This was a great idea.

Come on.

Oh, yeah. (LAUGHING)

Welcome to the Clark Inn.

Well, thank you.


What is this place?


Vintage Park'? Vintage Vegas Park.


So, you nervous about going up against The Mob tomorrow?

Moose told me you and Eddy go way back.

We grew up together. We were like brothers.

What about you?

What happened between you and your ex?

Oh. Well, Moose must have told you about Chase.

Mmm-hmm. Uh-huh.

I don't know. Long distance thing was kinda hard.

We were on tour, so we were always on different schedules, different cities.

You know, it just never seemed to work.

But that was a really long time ago.

Dancing was the only important thing to him.

He's an idiot.


Oh, my God.

You kidding me? (LAUGHING)

Thank you.

Old school Bobby Brown.


All right, fancy pants.



How come pot stickers taste so much better in Vegas?

Because they're eggrolls.

Right? Go with this guy.

Give me one. Try it.

VIOLET: You like it? I liked it.


MONSTER: Don't want your stinky, goopy mess.

GAUGE: Come on, bro. Let it go, man.

No. No.

MONSTER: This guy's the worst.

Ugh! Tries so hard, man. Just so hard.

Yo. Mooski, this is your song. Yeah.

Come on, Moose, you gotta dance.

Nah. Come on, Moose.

Come on. Do it! Do it!

Give us a little sump'n.

Go, go, go.

Let's go, man.



ALL: Whoa!


Oh, no.

ANDIE: Moose, I heard.

You Okay?

What happened to Camille?

I don't know, I can't find her.

I've called her a million times.

I'm sure she's somewhere, man. People don't just disappear in Vegas.

Actually, it happens all the time.

I watched on TV. 20/20.



Oh. My bad. Sorry, Mooski. Sorry.

She's probably halfway to LA by now.

Come on, man. There's no way she went all the way back.

I had no idea that girl was gonna kiss me.

Those moves? I guess you were just too irresistible.

Look, guys, I'm sorry. All right.

I shouldn't be here.

It was all innocent fun.

I guess she didn't know that, but...

I just... I need to go home.

I mean, I love you guys. This has all been great and fun and all, but...

I mean, I love Camille.

Wait. Can't this wait? We need you here.

We battle The Mob tomorrow.

You can't just abandon us now.

Yes, you can.

Are you kidding me?

No, I'm not kidding.

Get outta here.

Go do what you gotta do.

Sorry to let you guys down.

It's all good, bro.


ALEXXA: (THROUGH SPEAKER) And the winner is...

The Grim Knights.


Yo. Divine Intention just got destroyed by The Grim Knights.

It was a massacre.

MONSTER: How we gonna do this without Moose?

Hey, guys, come on. Just stay focused, okay?

We'll be just fine without Moose.

ALEXXA: Stay tuned. Up after the break, The Mob and LMNTRIX battle for their lives.

Keep on watching. And do not forget to text.

Every vote counts.

Are you ready for more?

I know I am.

You ready to do this? Yeah.

ALEXXA: Do we have any fans of The Mob out there?


What about LMNTRIX?

This is crazy, man.

I never thought that me and you would end up against each other.

Are you seriously ignoring me right now? Because I swear to God, man...

JASON: Don't even worry about it. It's not even worth it.

ALEXXA: Are we ready?

LMNTRIX versus The Mob.


MAN: In this corner, hailing from Miami...

The Mob!

And in this corner, hailing from Los Angeles, California...


Round 1. Dance.








Come on. Do it. No.

No. Stop it.



Your votes have been tallied, and the results are in.

May I present to you the winners of this battle and the surprise sleeper crew of this competition.



Enjoy that win, man.

ALEXXA: In this fight to win a three-year contract here at Caesars Palace, only one battle remains.

A clash between LMNTRIX, who barely made the qualifying rounds, but somehow eked their way into the finals, and the team to beat, The Grim Knights.


See you tomorrow.

There will be blood on the dance floor.

Hey. Hey. Hey!

What happened out there?

What happened out there? Are you serious?

You tried to pull me into a dangerous trick that I wasn't ready for.

We were not ready for it.

But we won. We made it to the final round.

That's all that matters?

Ah. I should've known better.

Alexxa Brava.

You guys. Cheers.

MAN: (ON TV) Next up on VH1, celebrating The Vortex with an Alexxa Brava video marathon.

Sweat Sugar Dance Voodoo!

You want my sweat sugar dancing voodoo You want the magic that I do Sweat sugar dancing voodoo You want my sweat sugar dancing voodoo MARTIN: That's the guy. MARCOS: That's The Grim Knights guy.

HAIR: What guy?

MARTIN: That ass clown Jasper.

I knew I'd seen that damn face before. I knew it.

Oh, my God, is he wearing a sparkle thong?

MONSTER: He looks like a dead baby.

VIOLET: Wait till Sean hears about this.

Oh. Where's Sean and Andie?

I don't know, but she was super pissed after the battle.

HAIR: I don't know. Her knee's been bothering her.

She might be icing it. I don't know.

Wait, ice. We need ice. We gotta keep these babies chilled.

Where's the bucket?

I think Monster use it to soak his foot.


Come on, man.

That's nasty.

Blisters. You're nasty, bro.

Dancers, blisters. I do a lotta footwork.

Hey, Andie.

Hey. There she is. There she is.

Damn, gangster.

I think I go get ice, too.

All right. Okay, fill it up. I'll fill that back up.

What was up with Andie?

Something happened to her. I don't know. She's really upset.

ALEXXA: You're being so paranoid.

JASPER: You said it was gonna be The Mob.

Relax. It was a last-minute creative decision.

LMNTRIX really brought it last night, so we changed up the plan a little.



You guys duking it out is gonna make for a much more compelling storyline.

JASPER: Yo, just don't make a fool outta me.

Don't worry, baby, it's in the bag.

This is gonna be some killer TV.


ALEXXA: You don't trust me?

Shh. JASPER: You know I do.

Oh. You do?


Then shut that pouty little mouth of yours.

Holy balls.

We just saw Jasper and Alexxa mackin' on each other in the hallway.

What? You sure?

Who else dress like a zebra?

That's not even the worst part.

We heard them talking, and this whole Vortex thing is scripted.

It's been planned.

She said it was gonna be killer TV when we all went down.

So they had it rigged from the beginning?

We never had a chance?

The Grim Knights were always gonna win.

No, but America vote for us.

Maybe they just thought they were voting for us.

I don't believe this.

Connect the dots, sister.

Jasper was her backup dancer.

Now he's her private dancer.

Jasper was her backup dancer?

Yeah. We just saw him on TV shaking his nasty ass in Alexxa Brava's video.

We gotta tell someone.

Who we gonna tell? The producers? They're in on it, too.

Of course it's rigged. It's reality TV. Nothing's real.

I can't go back to the sucky phone job.

What about us? We spin those stupid sign for living.

Man, this sucks.

For a second, I thought we had a shot.

Hard to go back to our old lives now, huh?

Okay, hang on. We're still going out there, okay?

We've worked so hard.

This is gonna be an opportunity for us to just go out there and...

What's the point'? Huh?

We're not gonna win this thing. And I'm not going out there and humiliating myself in front of the whole world.

The point is that we're an awesome crew and amazing dancers.

So, we're gonna go out there and still show them what we've got.

This isn't about winning some contest or some silly little prize.

This was about booking a job.

Everyone in this room is sick of scraping around to pay their rent.

I live in a freakin' little storage closet.

This was about all our hard work finally paying off, so we can have some actual stability.


it was far more than that for me.

MOOSE: Camille?

You home?


I knew I'd find you up here.

Look, I know that you're probably, like, super uber galactically pissed at me right now, but I'm really sorry. And I don't know how I let that happen.

Seeing you and that girl, I wasn't just jealous of her, but also of you.

You were just having the best time, and I didn't belong.

I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

It felt gross.

I just wanted to come home.

But home doesn't feel like home without you.

Does this feel like home to you?


Are you kidding me?

I love my life with you, and I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world.

But being in the spotlight, that's a big part of who you are, and I feel like I'm holding you back.

I found the person I wanna dance with, all right?

Yeah, we have jobs and, yeah, we have a nice apartment, but, I mean, we're more than that.

Can't we have it both ways?


That's what you want?


Are you sure?

I'm sure.


ANA: Sean!

Sean. Come. Eat and drink with us. Yes?

This is so good. I'm going to eat the whole thing, I don't care.

No worries. So good.

She love it here, Sean.

We're moving here. Mmm.

Oh. You have to try this. So good.

So, you guys didn't take off with Moose.

Mooski, he knows what's important. He doesn't need us.

And we would never miss finale.

What time tomorrow you dance, huh?

We're not.

Whole contest is rigged.

This whole thing was just a waste of time.

The Mob hates me. Andie hates me.

Viva Las Vegas, everybody.

So you give up?


Better to quit now. That's okay. We go back, you clean toilets.

I think the one in the back is clogged, no?

Take it easy on him. Can't you see his heart is broken?

You remember how we feel, European Championship?

BORIS: (SCOFFS) That one.


European Championship Dance Final.

I step on her foot.

I break her foot.

Boom. We lose.

I feel terrible, but she forgive me.

I'm not perfect.

ANA: Who is perfect?

Where is perfect?


Sheep poop, remember?

Sean, sometime you just have to shovel through it. That's all.

ANA: Yes, you have problems.

You think winning is all there is to life?

Is this the only reason you work so hard and give up so much to be here?


You know what you need to do.

You do it.

Wait, wait, wait.

I'm sorry.

I thought I could fix everything.

I thought I could figure everything out, but...

Okay, stop, stop, stop, dude.

You look absolutely ridiculous when you cry.

Sorry. I just really need a friend right now.

Look, man, you're my best friend.

You're family. Families fight. It's cool.

You've been there for me when I was at my worst and, from the looks of it, you could probably use someone in your corner.

But first you gotta come and apologize to the rest of the family

'cause they still hate your guts.

Come on. Get in here.

Don't you dare tell 'em I cried.

You look crazy when you cry.

I know. I didn't cry, all right?


Hold up.

Yo, please. I've got a plan, okay?

We can't go down like this, guys.


Where's Andie?

She took off already.

You said we were all going home, and she didn't wanna ride in the van with everybody.


Listen, drop your bags, please, and meet me in the basement in 10 minutes, okay'?


ANDIE: (RECORDING) Hey. It's Andie. Leave a message after the beep.


Hey. It's me.

Me and the crew have a plan and we really need you.

So, if you get this message in time, we'll be in the basement.


Thanks for coming, guys.

This all started out so simple.

I love dancing.

But everyone here knows that it's not that easy when you're trying to make a living out of it.

Every day is a battle, and we work so hard just to be unappreciated by some pop artist or win some little competition that everyone's gonna forget about in a couple months.

The thing is, I wanted to win so bad that I didn't realize what I was losing.

Our lifestyle isn't that easy.

But it's the one we chose.

So I say we choose to make the best of it.


Not for the show, for the people watching, but for us.

This is what matters. And I see that now.


I thought you were gone.

Well, I'm back.

LMNTRIX is dancing, so am I.

I'm not letting my crew down.

Thanks for coming in.

I'm not doing this for you.

So, you guys wanna do this?

Somebody got the music?

ALL: Yeah.

What, you thought I'd let you guys down?


And we're back!

We started this thing, right? Let's finish it.

Yo. Hold up. You're not going anywhere without us.


Thanks for coming, man.

GAUGE: Really?

Everybody, this is my family.

New family, meet the old family.

Y'all get along, okay?


Okay. Let's try.

What's up, man? Nice to meet you.

All right, so, guys, what's the plan?

They rigged this thing?

We'll give 'em a taste of their own medicine.

We bring the fuckin' house down.



Good evening, children of The Vortex.


We are at Caesars Palace tonight, and we are ready to settle the score.

One team will leave here the champions of The Vortex, with a three-year Vegas contract.

And one team will just leave.


Remember to text your votes. And be merciless.

And now, the moment we've all been waiting for.

The Grim Knights versus LMNTRIX.




JASPER: Come on.


Come on. Come on.

Let's go.

You want some of me? You want some? Let's go!


Y'all know what it is! Let's go! Grim Knights!

Weren't The Grim Knights amazing?


So hot.

They're gonna be very hard to beat.

Next up, LMNTRIX.


SEAN: Thank you. Thank you.

I just wanna say how much we've enjoyed being a part of this contest.

And, uh, it's been a life-changing ride.

And to be going up against The Grim Knights. What an honor.

And what a compelling storyline.

It's gonna make for some killer TV.

You know, I came here to win, but I'm okay if that doesn't happen.

Tomorrow, we might be back to our day jobs.

But tonight, we're living the dream together!

Because I'm up here on this stage with the best dancers...


The best of friends.

And a phenomenal woman who's taught me what really matters.

So what do you say we all just forget about this winning or losing, and just enjoy the show?





Is that fire?

No, no, no.

What the hell's goin' on?

Yo, I don't know. This is some horseshit.

The Mob can't dance. This is cheating.

I know.


Yo, this is crazy.

I know!



Let's do it.

Let's do the move.


You better catch me.

Trust me.





But I haven't even tallied the votes yet.

Did you see the stuff on the chandeliers?

I understand.


This crew will make a fabulous show at the hotel.


They got the show?

Yes, they got the show.

Go pack my bags. I need a week in Cancun.

DANCER: What just happened? LMNTRIX just won?

SEAN: Like I said, the life of a dancer is not easy.

But sometimes everything lines up.

The world is in sync, and for one perfect moment you feel totally alive.



B mark!

MAN: One, and two, and... (SPLASHING)

One, and two, and three, and four, and five.


You have a tag here. Oops.



There it is!

A mark!

Pot sticker?


Just shut that pouty little mouth.


Pot sticker?

Spring roll!

MAN: Egg roll! One more time. Here we go.

Egg roll, right?

I'm going to shove my mane in your mouth.

Bite it! Bite it! Bite it!

MAN: One more time. Ready, and...

Put me down. Put me down. Put me down.

You gotta trust me.

I'm sorry, that was a bit weird at the end for me.


You gotta...


Bye, guys.



How long do you want me to hold this?