Stick Man (2015) Script

Santa's been!

Stick Man lives in the family tree...

...with his Stick Lady Love...

...and their stick children three.


One day, he wakes early and goes for a jog.


There you go.

Stick Man!

Stick Man! Beware of the...!

A stick? Barks the dog.

An excellent stick!

The right kind of stick for my favorite trick!

I'll fetch it and drop it and fetch it and then...

...I'll drop it and fetch it and drop it again!

Come on.

I'm not a stick. Why can't you see?

I'm Stick Man. Yeah?

I'm Stick Man. Yeah?

That's me.

And I want to go home to the family tree.

A notice says... Dogs must be kept on the lead.

At last, the game's over and Stick Man is freed.

He sets off for home with a hop and a twirl.

Stick Man!

Stick Man! Beware of the girl!

A stick! Cries the girl, with a smile on her face.

The right kind of pooh stick for winning the race!

Has everyone got one? Get ready to play!

It's one... Two, three.

Into the river they... go! Go!


I'm not a pooh stick. Why can't they see?

I'm Stick Man.

I'm Stick Man. I'm Stick Man.

That's... me.

And I'm heading away from the family tree.

Stick Man is swimming. He swims on and on.


All right.



Thanks. Bye.


Stick Man! Stick Man! Hello.

Beware of the swan!

A twig! Says the swan.

This twig is the best.

It's the right kind of twig to weave into my nest.

I'm not a twig. Why can't they see...

I'm Stick Man!

Stick... Man!

I'm Stick Man!

That's me!

I'm not a twig. Why can't they see?

I'm Stick Man.

I'm Stick Man.

I'm Stick Man. That's me.

And I long to be back in the family tree.

The nest is deserted and Stick Man is free.

He drifts down the river...

...and sails out to sea.

He tosses and turns, till the frolicking foam...

...washes him up on a beach...

...far from home.

Here comes our dad! With a spade in his hand!

Stick Man? Stick Man!

Beware of the sand!

A mast! Yells the dad.

An excellent mast!

There's a flag on our castle at last!


I'm not a mast forever! Silly old flag!

Or a sword for a knight.

Or a hook for a bag.

I'm not a pen.

I'm not a bow.

I'm not a bat.

Or a boomerang!


I'm... Stick Man! Stick Man!

Beware of the...


Here comes a boy in a warm woolly scarf.

An arm for my snowman!

He says with a laugh.

I'm not an arm.

Can nobody see?

I'm Stick Man.

I'm Stick Man.

I'm Stick Man.

That's me.

Will I ever get back to the... tree?

Stick Man is lonely.

Stick Man is lost.

Stick Man is frozen and covered in frost.

Stick Man is weary.

His eyes start to close.

He stretches and yawns and lies down for a doze.

He can't hear the bells or the sweet-singing choir...

...or the voice saying... Here's a good stick for the fire.

Stick Man is lying asleep in the grate.

Can anyone wake him before it's too late?

He dreams of his kids and his Stick Lady love...

...then suddenly awakes.

What's that noise up above?

It starts as a chuckle then turns to a shout.

I'm stuck. Get me out.

A stuck man?

A stuck man.

Now, who could that be?

Don't worry! Cries Stick Man.

I'll soon set you free!

A scratch and a scrape...

...and a flurry of soot...

...a wiggle, a jiggle, and out pokes a foot.

A shove and a nudge, a hop and a jump...

...and Santa falls into the room with a thump.

Stick Man?

Stick Man! You excellent friend!

Thanks! Thanks a million!

Thanks without end!

Then Stick Man helped Santa deliver the toys... fast-asleep girls...

...and to fast-asleep boys.

There you go.

Faster and faster they fly through the snow...

...until Santa says... Only one chimney to go.

Stick Lady's lonely. The children are sad.

It won't feel like Christmas without their stick dad.

They toss and they turn in the family bed.


What is that clattering sound overhead?

Someone is tumbling into our house.

Is it a bird? Or a bat?

Or a mouse?

Or could it...

Yes. Could it just possibly be...

I'm Stick Man.

I'm Stick Man.

I'm Stick Man.

That's me.

And I'm sticking right here in the family tree.