Stickman (2017) Script

(Indistinct speaking)

(Indistinct speaking)

Excuse me. Can I borrow a pen? Sorry, I don't have one.

Ah! That's my stop!

Excuse me! You just missed my stop.

Excuse me!

You missed my stop.

You need to open the door.

Why aren't you opening the door?

Open the doors! You need to open the doors now!

You need to open the door!

Please! Why aren't you opening it?

You have to open it! Why aren't you helping us? Please, God!

Somebody help!

Please, God, help us!

No! No!

What do you want?

Who are you?

Please, Emma!

You need to stop!

Emma, stop!

Where... What... Wha...


What do you want?

Emma, please just stop!

Emma, no!

What the hell are you doing? Come here.

No! No, no, no, no! I'm okay! I'm okay!

I fell asleep without drawing it! I just need to draw it!

Nurse! You know this is for your own good.

No, no, no! Please! Don't! Nurse!

No! Please don't do this! No!

No! No!

No! No!

Please, don't do this! No, no, no, no, no, no!

Do it now. No, no you... Jeremy!

Tell them, please! No! Don't! You don't understand!

Stop moving! Please!

No! Then help me understand...

And maybe we can do this without the sedative.


Does that seem like a fair proposition?



Go in.

Hi, Emma.

Thank you, Dixon.

I believe we're good here. Sir, I don't think that's a good idea. We'll be all right.

Won't we, Emma?

I'll be outside, then.

You behave.

Now, I do not think that we have had the occasion to be introduced formally. My name is Fenton.

Where's Dr. Channing? She knows my file, she knows what happens when I fall asleep without drawing it.

Unfortunately, Dr. Channing's husband fell ill. She's taking some time to be with him.

I don't understand.

She just left?

Her husband's illness was... Very sudden.

But she can't do that.

She can't do that! She's been here from the beginning.

She knows what I've gone through! She knows what's... What's after me.

It's okay, Dixon. It's okay. Emma was just expressing concern at Dr. Channing's sudden leave of absence.

It's entirely understandable.


Emma, this is your choice.

Either you sit down...

And you help me understand what it is you've been going through, or we can sedate you and we'll start this again tomorrow morning.


Where should we start?

You have my file. You tell me.

How about we start with this?

You didn't read that, did you?

You didn't read it out loud?

No. Should I? No, no, no!

You can't! You can never say its name out loud.

You can never say its name out loud.

It... It started when I was 10...

With my sister.

Honey, come on! You've gotta wake up! No!

You have to wake up, Sweetheart! Come on!

The nightmares were so bad, my older sister Claire would hurt herself trying to fight off whatever was attacking her in her dreams.

No! It's gonna kill me!

My mother met with all kinds of doctors but none of it did anything.

Get away from me!

If anything, the night terrors only got worse.

Come here.

My mother gave her life trying to save my sister.

Claire, no! Claire!

Then it took Claire.

911. What's your emergency?

Hello? Hello? Mom? Mom? Mom?

I should have run. Hello? Is anyone there?

I should have run as far as I could, but I didn't.

Claire? Claire?

The Stickman comes to those in sleep stalking dreams for souls to reap.

Speaking its name dooms any who listen.

Those who say it, invite the writhen.

Until on their deathbed, their blood it can snare.

Break that keep, into this world it will tear.

So if I die before I wake...


No! No! No! Mom!


It was the Stickman my soul did take.

That night, it came for me.

And it came for you because you read that poem, because you said its name out loud?

Emma, it says here that...

The windows and the doors were locked from the inside, and that...

You were the only other person in the house.

Yeah. Of course it was me, right? The ten-year-old monster who murdered her mother and sister.

Who was it who told you that drawing these would keep it from your dreams at night?

I can't say.

Can't say...

Or you won't say?

Because earlier on, you were practically begging Jeremy to tell us exactly why you were desperate to draw these things.

And did you know that an orderly found...

This hidden in Jeremy's room?

Now, he assumed that you had given it to him, but...

That's not the case, is it Emma?

Jeremy's started drawing these things in secret, hasn't he?

You do know that...

Giving someone like Jeremy, someone on suicide watch, a sharp object like a pencil, that's a...

That's a serious violation?

Has Jeremy started talking to you?

Because it's my understanding that he hasn't uttered a single word to anybody in about six years...

Not since he killed his parents.

Have you two... Bonded over that?

Emma, help me out here.

Well, I guess we're done here. Dixon.

Sir. Please sedate Emma and have her put in solitary confinement for the night. What? No! You can't do that! You promised!

You have to come with me. You have to let me draw it!

I can't fall asleep without drawing it! I won't survive!

One night without making your drawings will show you that there's nothing to fear.

Emma, you need to calm down. No! No! I can't!

Keep your voice down. You need to let me draw it!

I won't survive the night! Please! You can't let him! Please! No! No!

Your subconscious has invented this bogeyman as a way of coping with your guilt. Only once you've realized that can the real work begin. Don't let him do this! No!

You go to hell, you son of a bitch!

Please don't do this! Please! Sorry, Emma.

No! No!


No, please! Please!

Please don't do this! Please! I'm sorry, Emma!

No! No! This is for your own good.


No! No, please!

No, you don't understand!

It's gonna kill me!

The Stickman...

No, no!

No! No!

Somebody, help! Somebody, please!

Help me please! Help! The Stickman comes to those in sleep, stalking dreams for souls to reap. No, don't read that!

Speaking its name dooms any who listen. Those who say it, invite the writhen. Please, stop! Stop reading it!

Until on their deathbed, their blood it can snare.

Please... Stop! Break that keep, into this world it will tear.

No, stop! Please!

Until on their deathbed, their blood it can snare.

Break that keep, into this world it will tear.


Jeremy! No!

What have you done? No!


What have you done, Jeremy? Stop! Stop!

Jeremy! What are you doing?

You have to stop that, Jeremy. No! No!

Come on. No!

No! You have to stop! Come on!

No! No! You have to stop this! Agh! Come on!



All right, people!

Rise and shine!

It's a brand new day.

20 minutes to breakfast.

You all know the drill.

You stay in bed, you won't get fed.

Jeremy! What the hell are you doing? Everyone back in your rooms.

I got one on the loose, headed to C Wing.




You go after him. I'll cut him off.


You've got to stop this. No!

Emma! Emma!




Go get the doctor.


Is she alive?

You get back up to D Wing right now. Go.


Emma, how are we this morning?

Couldn't be better.


You have made considerable progress since we first met.

Thanks to you.

Next week, it'll be a year without a nightmare.

Something has been brought to my attention and I wanna talk to you about it.

Emma... How would you feel about leaving us here at Hollybrooke?

Leave? And go where?

A spot's become available at a transitional foster home for young women.

You would spend seven months there until your 18th birthday.

That's a way of easing you back into society.

Do you think you're ready for that? Yes. Yes, very much so.

Good. So do I.

They'll be here in a couple of hours, okay?

What? So soon?

The sooner the better, right?

Emma, it's time to get on with life.


You heard all that?

No! Jeremy, wait!

(Indistinct speaking)

Jeremy's still not talking to you, huh?

Not a word since he found out.

He'll be okay.

Who knows? Maybe he'll start talking to the rest of us.

That I'd like to see.

Well, I just came up to let you know the van's here. You should probably head down.


I'm... I'm almost ready.

You do good out there, okay?

No need ever to come back here.


Yeah. I promise.

How long has it been?

Since I was 10, so... 7 years.

Are you nervous?

More like terrified.


Well, I'd say you left the worst behind you, wouldn't you?

I hope so.


What are you doing? I said I just needed the socket wrench.

Like I know what that is.

That's her, huh?

She looks different than I thought. Why? What's a nut job supposed to look like? I don't know.

More like you, I guess. Shut up.

Listen, the girls here, their bark is worse than their bite. You have just as much right to be here as they do. Do they know that?

It's okay. You'll be fine.

Girls, this is Emma. She'll be staying with us for a while, so I want you to make her feel like she's at home.

Hi, I'm Paige...

And this ray of sunshine here is Liv.

Paige, can you introduce Emma to Mrs. Hill while Liv helps me with the groceries?

Sure thing. Oh, it's okay.

I've got it.

Come on, it's almost dinner so Mrs. Hill's probably keeping an eye on the kitchen.

Liv... Come on.

Don't mind Liv, she comes from a family of car thieves so trust isn't really one of her strong suits.

On the other hand, if you ever need a car jacked, she's your girl.

I'll keep that in mind.

So, there's only five of us.

They let us watch TV 'til nine.

Lights out's at ten, so it's not so bad here.

It's really not a bad place.

They watch everything you do in here?

Why should in here be any different than out there?

We live in a surveillance state now.

Everyone's watching 24/7.

Don't mind Kate, she one of those dark web paranoid types, won't be happy until she burns down the whole system.

At least I didn't burn down my own house, dumb ass.

That was a mistake...

Though it was beautiful.

What's a mistake is listening to anything these two have to say. If anyone should be worried about secret surveillance... It's you Tess.

Tess' ex secretly recorded her, you know...

In a compromising way. So Tess broke in to her ex's house looking for the video but all she found... Were the police waiting for her outside.

Yeah. Where's the justice in that, right?

Let it be!

Anybody ask our new guest here what she did to get seven years at Hollybrooke?

Liv, I told you to leave this alone.

Go ahead Emma, tell them. This isn't the time or place.

She's a double murderer. Word is Emma here killed both her mother and her sister. No! No, I didn't. I...

I didn't. What, so now you're gonna lie to us?

Stop it right now! I mean it!

No! Don't!

Liv! Let it be!

What you lookin' for, huh? Leave it alone, Liv!

Ooh! Liv!

What's this? No!

Leave it alone! Don't read that! Give it back!

The Stickman comes to those in sleep, stalking dreams for souls to reap.

Don't! You don't know what you're doing!

Speaking its name dooms any who listen. Those who say it invite the writhen.

Until on their death bed, their blood it can snare.

Stop! Don't finish it! Break that keep, into this world it will tear. Liv! I'm warning you!

If I die before I wake, it was the Stickman my soul did take.

What the hell's going on in here?


I'm not sleeping with some nut job murderer under the same roof as me!

I don't remember you having a say in this, Liv.

Either you get her out of here or I will!

Are you threatening me?

Because you've got to know that is a one way ticket straight back to juvie.

Just cool it Liv. Hey!

Liv, no!

Look, it's not worth it, Liv.

You're not unpacking?

Don't think I'll be here tomorrow.

Lights out!

What Liv was saying...

Did you do those things?

They say I did, but...

I know I didn't.

You never said why you're here.

Oh. I, um...

Knocked a girl's teeth out 'cause she was picking on a friend. She pressed charges, so...

Let's go, light's out!

I think you should unpack.


If you have a nightmare tonight...

You should let me know.

Please! Somebody help me!


Emma? Can you hear me? Emma! Emma! Open the door!



Who's in there with her? I don't know!

Where's Liv?

Right here.

Why won't this door open?

Everybody, stand back!

Please, help me!

Please, God, help me!

Emma! What just happened?

Call the police!

Everybody, get the hell out of here! Go!


We gotta go! We gotta go, now!

It's... It's... It's gone.

What have you done? Liv!

What the hell have you done?

Liv, you gotta get out of there! It wasn't me!

Oh, Jesus.

Oh, my God.

She's really dead!

Who was it then, huh? Because I sure as hell don't see anybody else in here. I don't know! It... It...

It doesn't make sense! It's not supposed to be here!

It's not supposed to be outside of our dreams!

Does anybody else know what this nut job is talking about?

Andrea, check the closet.

I don't think so.

For Christ's sake, Andrea.


So, what? Some person just came in here and vanished?

It wasn't... It wasn't a p... A person.

What, you think I'm stupid or something?

Maybe I should just end you right now before you do this to anybody else! Stop!

Get off of her! That's enough! Look at what she did!

How could she do that? I don't know, but she's gonna tell me right now or.. Don't be stupid Liv.

Let the police take care of this, okay?

Just tell me! It was... It was...

It was the S... The Stickman.

Andrea... Was that you? No.

You shouldn't have read that poem before.

You should have never said it's name.

You guys have no idea what kind of danger you're in. For years, it's... It's only been in my dreams, but now... It's here...

In the real world.

I don't know how, but I know it's coming for us all.

Screw this.

Maybe it was just the wind.

There's no one.

Look. Look, if there was somebody else in the house, we would see it on the security cameras. Right? Liv, stop.

Just stop, all right?

Come on, let's check those cameras.

Just go. Go.

There's nothing here. What do you mean nothing?

It's like someone disconnected the cameras.

There, the camera in the bedroom hallway.

Stop right there.

See? That's Paige talking to me, I was in my room. She was.

So there's no way it could've been me who disabled the cameras.

Wait. Wait, roll it back. There. In the dining room.

Okay. That's a problem.

Yeah, that's perfect. That's just... That's perfect.

That's okay. We'll just tell the police the truth.

Yeah, in what world are they ever going to believe us?

Look, just erase it. They put this on the cloud.

There's no way to get at it. Listen! You have to listen!

The police are the least of our worries here.

Something's changed. I've never seen it outside my dreams before. Look.

I've had just about enough of your crazy, okay?

Look, I saw it. You... You saw what?


I saw some... Thing in the room with Emma. She wasn't alone.

Okay. So where did it go? Where is it now?

No. You don't understand. It...

It didn't look human. That's because it's not.

And you all heard her read that poem. Now it's coming after all of you too. You are both crazy.

How do you think she did that to Cathy and Mrs. Hill by herself, huh? She couldn't and you know it.

What, you're saying that there's some sort of boogeyman after us? Yes! And it's not gonna stop until we're all dead.

Oh, my G... Why are we listening to this garbage?

Fine! Don't listen, then.

See where that gets you.


Hey! Where the hell do you think you're going, huh?

I need to get back to Hollybrooke.

Yeah... You're not going anywhere.

You may not believe me now, but trust me, you will...

But by then, it'll be too late.

Emma, tell us what did this then.

Tell us what it is.

Enlighten us.

It killed my mother, and it killed my sister, and then it started coming after me, hunting me in my dreams.

That's what it does. It hunts you down and wears you out until you lose the will to live and then it takes you.

I fought it for a long time, to the point where I couldn't fight anymore, and then I found a way to trap it.

This is insanity. Jesus Liv, let her talk.

Wait. If you trapped it, then how can it be here? I don't know!

That's what I need to find out.

Somehow, it's broken free and stepped into this world. Just like the poem said.

Wait... Wait. This is all from a poem?

I told you guys she was a head case.

Stop! Just wait, okay?

Look. It's not like any of you have a reasonable explanation for this.


And come morning, it won't be long before Cathy and Mrs. Hill are missed. What do you think is gonna happen then?

She's right, Liv.

You said it yourself. There's no way the police are going to believe any of us.

Like it or not, we're all in this together.

Did you find the keys? Jesus! You scared me.

Well, I didn't want anyone to see us out here.

I had to go into Cathy's pockets to get them.

I got her phone too. You know, I really don't think I need to be here.

You drew the short stick, fair and square.

If you want to change places with someone, talk to Liv.

Oh, my God...

What the hell are you doing? Trying to find out who we're really dealing with here. Are you gonna help us or not?

I will. Look, I... I...

I don't think I feel right about this.

Just grab her feet.

Look, we're just gonna put them at the bottom of the staircase, make it look like they came in here after Emma 'cause she was crazy or something, and then one thing led to another and then, bam! She pushed them down the stairs.

I don't know, Liv.

Tess, I can't do this without you.

It'll be her word against ours, okay?

Come on.

Are you gonna help us out or not, Kate?


Earth to Kate.

What's with the map?

Hey! Where the hell are you going?

"Local student Will Johnson found dead in school gym's locker room."

Tommy and J... Will Johnson...

Oh, my god.

You okay?

We have to go after Paige and Andrea.

We have to warn them I'll find the keys to Mrs. Hill's car. Wait, what?

What's going on? Emma might not be as crazy as we thought.

They took Cathy's phone. Try calling her on that.

Kate? Kate!

Kate! No, no, no, no, no, no!

We have to go, okay? Go! Go!


What exactly are you hoping to find here that's so important? There's a patient there who's like me. Since he was nine, he's been hunted by the same thing that's after us.

He'll know what to do.

Do you think they're waiting for us?

Wouldn't they have stopped us already?

No. Something must have happened at the hospital.

Okay. So now what?

Pull over there.

We can go through the forest to the back of the hospital.

Wait, wait, wait. I really think that we should just leave.

Look, if you want to survive this thing, our best shot at getting answers is in there.

I just... I don't know why any of this is happening.

You need to pull it together. But Kate, she said that everything she said was true. Everything Emma said was true!

Listen to me! Come on. Look, I don't know what the hell Kate was talking about, but you can sure as hell bet that once somebody finds those bodies, we're all going away for a long time, unless we can figure out what the hell is going on here. What if we're next?

Listen, that is not gonna happen.

We're gonna go a few blocks over. We're gonna jack ourselves a car, and we're gonna go find Paige and Andrea.

We're gonna get through this, Tess!

Okay? We're gonna get through this.

Yeah? Okay.

Yeah, okay. Okay.

How are you expecting to talk to this guy?

I'm close with one of the orderlies there.

His shift doesn't end for another hour, maybe he'll...

Looks like we're a little late.

Okay... If we can make it over the back fence, we might be able to get in through the stairs next to the C Wing. The orderlies leave the door open sometimes during their breaks.

We don't even know how much of the hospital has burned.

There might not be anybody in there.

I think we should check it out though. I mean, just in case.

Says the convicted pyro.


Wait, did you hear that?

Go, go, go!



You don't want to stay out here all night, do you?

Ellis! Come on.

Time to go back inside!

Come on, Ellis.

Hey! This one! This one!


Okay, good.

Okay! Go, go, go, go!


Amanda, get down from there!

I've got a patient escaping F Wing.

In pursuit.

Get back here!

Amanda, get back here!

Let's just get this over with.

Come on.

What's wrong? Emma?

I just...

I didn't think I'd be back here again.

I thought I was done with this place for good.

There has to be another way, right?

We don't have to do this.


Yeah, we do.

What are you doing?

I'm calling the foster home and telling Liv and the others know what's going on.

Come on, pick up!

No answer?

Well, they didn't know it was me.

Welcome to Hollybrooke.

Come on.

May... Maybe we should just keep driving and get out of town now.

Not... Not without warning Paige and Andrea.

Yeah. You're right, you're right.

Maybe take a look at these.

Okay? Kate must have printed them out for a reason.

These are all articles about dead kids here in Clearmont. Except...

No one seems to know what killed them.

How many kids? I... I...

I don't know... A lot.

Oh, Jesus.


What? It just... it looks like Emma plotted out the deaths of these kids.

Why would she do that?

I don't know, I just... It seems like a lot of these deaths happened in the center of Clearmont, and...

They've been spreading out ever since.

What do you mean, spreading out?

Each one of these dead kids lived farther away than the last, so... So it's like whatever's killing them is making its way across town.

Hold on!

What the hell was that?

What the hell was that?

What was that? What is it?

(Indistinct speaking)

You lived here?


For seven years.

I can't believe I was here just this morning.

That's my room, on the right.

Jeremy's right across from me.

Is this...

Something you never want to meet.

Emma? You need to see this.

This is what I saw, isn't it?

What I saw in your room with you tonight?

He was trying to trap it.

He must have known it escaped somehow, and he was trying to... He was trying trap it again.

Trap it? Trap it how?

Until on their deathbed, their blood it can snare.

If you draw it with your blood when you're dying, it traps it, or somehow...

Or sends it back to where it came.

So did he? Did he trap it?

They must have pulled him out again before he could finish.


What have you done, Jeremy? Stop!

He tried to kill himself when I first got here, slit his wrists and then tried to draw it.

Jeremy! No!

What are you doing? I have to finish drawing it!

Jeremy! Stop! No! No!

Back then, I didn't know what he was doing...

But I think he was trying to save me.

Maybe I should try and trap it again.

I'm making another pass through D Wing now. I'll let you know if I find anybody.

What the hell?

I just got Ellis back into A Wing, but we're still missing Terry, Samantha, Sarah and Jeremy.

Copy that.

Hey! Hey!

I've got two on the loose heading into E Wing. Stop! Hey!

Let's just leave. No.

There's something else I need to see.

This'll take us straight there.

Just wait!

We're not taking another step until you tell us what' so important that its worth getting us all caught.

I just...

Last year...

I did what Jeremy tried to do back there...

With the drawing.

Only I finished mine, and it hasn't attacked me since.

Not until tonight...

Not until this fire.

I need to know what happened to the drawing and we need to find Jeremy.

Just wait a minute!

Wait a minute!


That's where they used to keep us in solitary.

That's where I trapped it.

The... The fire destroyed the drawing.

Break that keep, into this world it will tear.

According to the poem, if you destroy the trap, it frees it...

Into the real world.

Free to kill anything that gets in its way.

So how do we stop it now?

We find Jeremy.

Come on.

They were still looking for Jeremy on the radio.

We need to find him before they do.

What... What are you doing?

I don't want to be here anymore.

Andrea, we're safer when we're all together.

No. I think the safest thing for me to do is just to get as far away from you and all this as possible.

There's no running from this thing! It's gonna find you no matter where you are. I'll take my chances then.

Andrea, don't be stupid! Please, just leave me alone!



Don't move! Don't move!

Hey! Hey!


Oh, God!

(Indistinct speaking)

(Indistinct speaking)

(Indistinct speaking)

Let's just tell the cops everything, like we should have from the start. And then maybe Andrea would still be alive. No. Listen to me, okay?

We're in this on our own. They can't help us.

What are we supposed to do?

Just let that thing kill us off one by one?

No, we need to find Jeremy.

He told me how to get it out of my dreams. he figured out a way to trap it before me.

If we can find him, he might know how to kill this son of a bitch once and for all.

How do you know he's still alive?

They were looking for him on the radio, right?

They wouldn't be looking for a dead man.

I don't want to die, okay?

I won't let that happen.

I promise. Okay.


Come on.

Where are we going?

If Jeremy managed to get out of here, he probably went to the only place he knows.

Home. Yeah.

Come on. His address should be in his file.

What the hell happened in here?

This is...

This is my file.

Is that blood?

Why would he kill him?

I told him not to read it.

He read the poem.

What? Why didn't he listen to me?

Let's just... Find what we came here for and get the hell out of here before that thing finds us again, okay?

I'm gonna call the foster home.

This is Detective Bowman. Hello?

Hello? Who is this?

The-the police...

They're at the house.

What about Liv? And the others?

I don't know.

Let's just find this address and get the hell out of here.

Check the desk.


There's a payphone. There's a payphone, come on!

Oh no! No, no, no. No.

That's perfect. Just perfect.

There's someone in there. Come on, they'll have a phone we can use to call Paige.

Okay, okay, okay, okay.

For the blood on your shoulder, take this, cover up yourself up.

You okay?

You're gonna be okay, okay? Okay.

You two look like you've had a rough night.

Do you happen to have a phone we could use?

We do.

Thank you. But...

It's against store policy to let anyone use it.

Look, let's just go, okay? Listen, um...

Maybe we could come up with some sort of trade?

What did you have in mind?

Well, let's just say that my friend and I would be...

Would be...

So grateful.

One call.

I'll lock the door.

What exactly are you thinking?

It's never gonna happen.

Come on, Tess, what's the number?

I... I think I found it.

Why are there no drawings in here like yours?

No one here knows.

Other than me, he's never told anybody.

He stopped speaking the day after he said its name for the first time.

Turn it off! I'm trying.

They're gonna hear us!


Paige? Are you there? Liv?

Listen. Listen, it's real, okay? It got Kate, and it's coming for the rest of us.

Andrea's gone too.


Tess is hurt, but she's alive.

We should go. Tell them to meet us at the Bedford Bridge, right before the hospital.

Did you hear that? Yeah.

Bedford Bridge. Yeah, okay.

Okay, we'll be there.

Paige! Paige!

Paige! Paige! Paige! What? What? What? Hello?

What's going on? No!

Okay, we're gonna flip the desk.

You ready? You with me?

One, two, three!

Go! Go! Go!

Hey! Hey, stop!

Hey! Stop!

Paige! Paige!

Paige! Paige! Hello?

Paige, pick up the.. Hello? What's happening?

What's happening? Hello? Hello? What's going on? Hello?

Oh, my God! Put the phone down! Put it down!

Tess! Tess! Put the phone down! Put the phone down!

Oh, my God! Tess!

No, don't shoot!



What the hell are you? No! No!



Come on! Let's go!

Okay. I'll take the middle, Guys. Go ahead.

Okay, they're in the forest behind the hospital.

Send everybody you've got. Are they two of ours?

It doesn't look that way. They're wearing street clothes.

Dixon, they just found Dr. Fenton.

Some... Someone slit his throat.

Oh, Jesus.

What the hell's going on here?

All right! Hey! Over here! I think they found them.

Stay here.

I'll check to make sure it's clear.

Okay, but don't be long.




Listen. Before you do anything, I need you to listen, okay? Please. Okay?



What have you done?

Were you involved in killing those people?

In killing Dr. Fenton? No, no.

We had nothing to do with that, You have to believe me.

She's telling the truth.

So you just showed up here, the day that you left, after all hell breaks loose?

I don't think so. No. No, please.

If we get arrested, we won't survive the night.

We will be dead just like all the others. Please.

Dixon, you know me.

You know I could never do something like this.

Then help me understand, Emma. What the hell is going on here?

Okay, okay. I came back to talk to Jeremy.


You realize that Jeremy tried to kill himself after the fire broke out?

He tried to escape during the evacuation before we could fix him up.

I'll be very, very surprised, Emma, if Jeremy is still alive. And what if he was just...?

He was just trying to stop it. Stop what?

That thing! The thing from my nightmares and from the drawings, it's real!

I'm sorry Emma, I really am, but you need some help.

Please, please.

Leave her alone, you son of a bitch!

You promised.



The keys.



It is you! Thank God!

Liv, what's going on?

Where's Tess?

Liv, what's wrong?

(Mumbling) Liv, what are you saying?

Run, Emma, run. You have to run.


You have to run. You have to run! You have to run!

Aaah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!


You were...

You were right.

Hey! Hey!

This is your stop!

You need to open these doors!

You need to open them!

Hey, take it easy back there.

Those doors stick sometimes.

This is...

This is the house from my dreams.


Oh! Oh! Oh!

What the hell are you doing? You need to go.

I'm doing this on my own, okay?

No one else is dying because of me.

No, no! What do you mean? This isn't your fault.

Look. It is, all right?

They're all dead because of me.

Your sister, your mother dead because of me.

No, they're dead because of that thing out there!

I gave that poem to your sister, Emma, from a book that I found.

What? What?

I slipped it into her backpack on the bus.

I did it to a lot of other people too.

I thought maybe if I passed it along, then maybe it would go away, but it just made everything worse.

Look, it started with me, it's gonna end with me. Agh!

What goddamn book? What are you talking about?

Tell me! Okay, okay, okay, okay.

I moved into this house when I was nine.

In the basement, there was a loose brick in the wall.

And that's where I found the book, like someone tried to hide it or something.

I found a poem in there.

That's when I first spoke it's name.

Where is this book now?

When I... When it killed my parents, I hid it in a wall in the basement.

I thought that maybe would stop it, but it didn't.

Emma, please. Look, I... I tried to warn you.

I went to the foster home, but the cops were there!

You killed Dr. Fenton to find me?

He wasn't gonna give me your address!

I did it for you!

Okay, I came here to destroy it for you!

Right now, the only thing I want you to do is die!

Emma, please don't do this!

You came here to end it...

Now you're gonna help me finish the job.

How do you know burning this book is gonna kill this thing? I don't.

My arm... Won't fit. Let me try.

I'm sorry, Emma.

I really am sorry for everything.

Look, I was nine, okay?

I was scared, I just didn't want to die.

My mother was scared, and my sister was scared; they sure as hell didn't want to die either.

If I could, I'd trade places with them now, you know I would.

Yeah, but you can't, okay?

So let's just...

Find this book and put an end to it.


I got it.

Emma, don't.


We have to burn it.

Ah! Emma!

Ah! Ah! No, take the book!

You need to destroy the book, go! Leave me!

No! No! You need to leave!

No, just leave me, go!

No! You can't have her! Ah!

Grab the gas can! Come on!

Come on! This way!


No! He's got me!

You need to leave me. No. No. No.

You need to run! Let go of him!

Just go!

It ends with me, Emma. No!

No, Jeremy!



You need to get out of there!

Jeremy, no!

No! What are you doing?

What are you doing?

No! Jeremy, no! No!

No, please.

It ends with me, you son of a bitch! See you in hell, asshole!

Clear the area!

Step away, Ma'am.

Come on!

Okay, let's get your bag on. Good.


Well, little monkey, aren't you forgetting something?

Thanks, Mom. Don't forget your lunch, okay?

You have your project? Yes. Okay.

You have a good day at school. I will.

Whoa! Chloe, what's this?

Amy gave it to me; she found it on the internet.

Chloe? No! No!




Chloe, No!