Stiletto (2008) Script

(man) Kill everyone.


That's what he taught me.

No time for doubts, no time for hesitation, no time for feelings, no time for friends, no time for family.

The only way you can make sure you won't be betrayed, is to kill everyone around you.

"Everyone must die," he said.


So, you know, that story you heard about me, it's a true story.

Got it.

Let's talk about my business.

I have two associates. They just got indicted.

They end up serving high time.

These two ratas are gonna give my ass up.

I could take care of these two pinche cabrones myself.

But they got the block on them 24/7.

Because your fucking DA has a hard on for me.

He's your boy, huh?

You lean on him.

Make this indictment go away.



No. I am done calling in favors to keep certain animals out of the joint.

You run a fucked up operation, Ernesto.

Me? Uh-uh.

You deal with this now.


I'm not fucking asking you, old man.

You are not taking care of business, pendejo.

You know what's a pendejo, right?

It's a pubic hair.

Now, I don't have to listen to a fucking thing you say.

Because if I want to, I will drag this fucking DA out of his house, put him on his fucking front lawn and I will cut his huevos off.

Watch your step, Ernie.

You're crossing the line.

Fuck the line!

What are you gonna do, old man?


My, my God!


I love you. [echoes]

I love you.

Go, guys. Let's move this thing out.

I told you he's not going anywhere without me.

Let him go. Go, go.

Go, go!

[siren wailing]

This is Debra Moran reporting live from a private men's health club In downtown Los Angeles.

LAPD believe that tonight's murders of two crime bosses are part of an ongoing power struggle between a Greek crime syndicate and a Mexican drug cartel.

What's up?

Let's hope this isn't the start of World War III.

Is my girl in there?

Do you know him?

Ernesto Jimenez. MS 13.

This is fucking Bentley outside.

DA just came down hard on him and his whole crew.

And the second vic, the one they wheeled out of here?

Virgil Vadalos, the Greek. Gutted like a fish.

They say he died in the ambulance.

Those two. Can you believe it?

Check this out.

Looks like they had a lady with them.

The perp was a female.

I'll wait to hear from the lab, but I don't think so.

Erni was a spinal decapitation.

The knife went all the way to the bone.

It will have to be one pretty strong female.

Thank you.

Thank you.

[English accent] And a carton of Malboros.

ID, please.

Just give me my fags, for fuck's sake.

I need to see and ID.

How do you like if people fucking ask for your papers, Osama? Huh?

Look, I ask for an ID because you look like 12 years old.


Twelve you say?

How do these look for a 12-year old? Yeah?

I think you better leave now.

Get the fuck out of my store. Right now!

Get out!

All right.


Try and touch my tits again, you fucking fagot.


[rock music]


Get in the car.

Tried to touch my tits.

The last thing we need is the heat coming down on us right now.


Who is it we were looking for, Papa?

Why do you gotta bust my balls?

You're such a little cunt.

Yeah? Well, I'm your little cunt.


You fucking piece of ass.

God help me.

What are you doing?

I'm changing.


That silly cunt called me 12.

Oh, for Christ's sake.

[car horn honks]

Hey, detective. Remember me?

You look good.

I know.

I guess London was a good move for you then.

Yeah. Yeah, it was.

A little souvenir I picked up in Heathrow.

Is that you? Hemi?



Listen. About Virgil, what can I say?

How's Sylvia taken it? The kids, I mean?

The whole thing was very upsetting for them. For all of us.

Listen, detective, you need to come by the house.

I will.

I mean now.

I'm on the job.

Detective, you need to come by the house.

That's why I'm here. To drive you there.

You can either come with me,

or you can follow me.


What took you?

Told ya I should've driven. You fucking pussy.

Shut up and wait in the car.

What are you talking about? I'm going with ya.

No, you're not.

You said you sorted this out.

Shut up and stay in the fucking car.

Fuck sake.

She seems like a nice kid.

Fuck you, too. Come on.

Stay here.


Just go.

Jesus Christ.

No, no.

He took three days. I beat his record.


No, thanks.

My lifestyle. That's what saved my life.

If I were 100-pound weakling, I'd be dead.

I saw it coming. She's a fucking bloodsucker.

This is who I want you to find.

Her name is, uh, Raina Mavias.

Russian. In country Illegally.

I set her up real good.

She was living with this "has been" Hollywood producer.

All strung-out doing tricks.

I don't want you to share this information.

Not with the cops.

I don't give a shit about your investigation.

I want you to find her. Not the Police.

What are you talking about?

As far as the Police are concerned, I saw nothing.

You go find her and bring her to me directly.

This is a murder case, not a speeding ticket. I can't do that.

You can and you will.

I can't do this.

Let me ask you something. You still getting those postcards from your brother?

You know, I remember when your brother got in trouble.

He seemed to make a lot of enemies, didn't he?

He's looked after real well.

Why are you going through all this?

I don't need a reason.

And neither do you.

Fucking shit.

[rock music]




Hey, tio.

You know my cousin Alex, don't you?

Hi, Detective Beck. Long time no see.

How is the LAPD treating you?


Why does he got that monkey handling this thing?

He knows he won't hurt her.

Like I would.


What? Am I missing something here? Virgil say something to you?

Look, isn't that sweet? The pit bull.

Got himself a little pit bull.

Hey, you wanna go for a walk, poochy?


Oh, the Greek way, huh?

Listen to me.

The only reason you got this job is because I went away.

You remember that.

Is that right?

Yeah, that's right.

Then it's good for me you went away, huh?

You take it easy. You're going to, you're going to hurt yourself.

Hey, Lee, you know it's Illegal to keep your dog in the car llke that with the windows rolled up. She might get heat exhaustion.

Fuck you!

Fuck you, too, poochy.


Fuck you.

Listen to me, you little cocksucker.

You owe me money, you got it?

Pay me today or die. You understand?

[cell phone rings]

I made the driver's license for her.


Uh, about, uh, six months.

Maybe a year ago. The guy paid for it.

What did he look like?

I don't know. I try to forget the people who come in here.

Tough guy? White hair?


Hey, Mo.

Listen, man.

This motherfucker put my uncle in jail.

I recognized him.

My, uh, my employee tells me, uh, you send the Feds to his cousin in the restaurant.

They sent him to prison.

Who the girl come in here with?

Frank Sinatra.

Okay. One, I'm a cop. Two, I have a gun on me.

I got you and take for three fucker years buying and selling.

Now, get out!

Fucking stupid, Mo.

Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!


Hey, what's up?


Can you hook me up?

Can I hook you up? Yeah? You wanna party?

Oh, yeah?

Can we go somewhere private?


I know a place really private.

I'm so fucked up.


I can hear your heart beat.


You have a tattoo.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, I love tattoos.

Yeah? You wanna see more of them?

Can I make one?

Can I make it right



Don't take this the wrong way, but you're pretty hot for a crack whore.

Wait a minute.

I think...

I think I know you.

Maybe you remember someone who looks like me.




You were right. Suspect's a woman.

The surveillance video from the bath house got a glimpse of her leaving.

Didn't get a clear shot of her face though.

The bride of Dracula.

All right. Get these to Jay. See if he can enhance them.

And then, uh, get them on the wire.

I am so glad you're here, 'cause I never would've thought of that.

What's this guy's story?

Priors up the ass. Possession with intent, assault, armed robbery.

Guy runs with a bunch of clowns called Nazis for Jesus.

That's nice.

This ain't about that airport thing, is it?

I told you. I already looked into that.

I checked it up personally. There's nothing to it.


Something poisoned her against me.

Listen, maybe there is no big mystery to this.

A woman like that. She was brought up with nothing, watching her family live like rats over there.

That shit gets inside of you and never leaves, and never gonna be normal. Never!

No, no. Mh-mh.

I saw her eyes that night.


It wasn't greed.

I know greed. I used to see it in the mirror every day.

I see it now when I look at you.

No. It wasn't greed.

It was hate.

Pure and simple.

[cell phone rings]


(Lee) We got trouble. I'm at the warehouse. Bring Virgil.

It's Lee. We have to go.

Wooh! Go on. Mac, hit him harder!

Hit him like you're fucking mad.

Give it to him. One more.


Don't quit on me... We've only just started.

Danny Boy, you can take a beating. I give you that.

It's 'cause I got nothing to tell you, Lee.

Come on, think about it.

Do you think I could take all this if I didn't have something to give you?

I got no idea where that money is, man.

Come on. You gotta start looking a little closer to home.

I hope you're wrong.

But I'll find out sooner or later.

The problem for you is that you're the sooner.

[turns on tool]

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Lee, don't. Lee, look at me. Look at me!

Give me that.

I don't have it. I don't have it.

I don't know where it is. Lee. Lee, listen.

Look, babe. Bloke's a romantic. Look at his tattoo.

No. Hey, hey, look at me. Look at me.

Hey. You don't have to do that.

Look at me. Hey, hey.

You don't have to, you don't have to do it. Look at me. Hey.

No, no, no, no, no no no.

[screams] No!

[speaks in Greek]

Virgil! Get this crazy freak out of here.

He's out of his fucking mind!





What the fuck are you doing here?




Get that psychotic Cockney bitch out of here now.


Get out.


Get out now!

You fucking psycho.


The money's gone.

$2 million worth.

Who knew we had cash here?

You and Gus.

And him!

And what's left of this fuck.

Uh, I...

And you?

Yeah, and me.

He admit to it?


No. But I never trusted this fuck.


Let me ask you something, Lee.

Why did Danny Boy stick around? Why didn't he just run?

The fuck do I now! He's a fucking moron!

Let him talk.

Get this crazy fuck off me. He'll kill me.

Danny Boy. Danny Boy.

He, look, you gotta believe me, Virgil.

I would never, never. I did not touch the money. I swear.

Who did then?

That sick cocksucker.

He's been talking shit ever since he got back. Says nobody gives him any respect.

You lying, piece of shit! I'll cut your head!


I came down here looking for out-of-state tags.

The fucking safe was cleared out.

It was him. It was him and that crazy Russian whore.

The one who cut you. They set you up.

He's been trying to nail her ever since.

Say that again.

That crazy whore, Raina. She probably sucked his cock.

Shut up!

He told her the money was here. That's what fucking...

I swore I would not do this again.

Give me the gun. I'll take care of it.

Fuck are you looking at?




Hello, Nancy.

Oh, my God.

[whispers] You look so different.

Look at you.

Can I touch it?


[whispers] It's amazing.

Don't you think you should just disappear somewhere? I mean...

Isn't this enough?

How much is enough, Nancy?

I really didn't mean it that way. I just...

I just worry about you. I don't want anything to happen to you.

Raina, no.

If you didn't come to me, I would've never found out about it.

They all have to pay.

But not to me.

This money is from me.

It doesn't matter where I got it.

You won't see me after today.


You are my sister now.

And you are going to be a beautiful mother.

(detective) Still looking on the black widow.

But we can establish direct links between two of the victims.


Krieger the Nazi, he was busted six years ago for selling roids for Ernesto Jimenez.

I'll look into that. Don't worry about it.

You know, it's funny. Somehow I thought that Vadalos' name would be tied into all of this. But still nothing.

Yeah, that is funny.


What the fuck did you do to your wrist?

You're the only boss and knows what he's doing around here.

And you let Virgil treat you like you're fucking scum.

It's how it is.

I've been away for a while. I gotta work my way back.

You really think he's gonna let you work your way back?

He thinks you took that money, Lee. He doesn't even trust you.

[cell phone rings]


It's done.

No. Nobody's ever gonna find him.

All right. I'm on my way.

No. No, she's dropping me off.

Dropping me off?

Like I was a little fucking lap dog? I'm not going fucking anywhere.

You think you're better than me? Do you?

You forget what you were doing when I first met you?

Fuck you for throwing it at my face.

I do what I have to do to survive, because assholes like you have been fucking me since I was 9 years old.

And you enjoyed every minute of it.


I'm sorry. That was a stupid thing to say.

[whispers] I'm sorry.

So, you're saying we were contacted by aliens?


Can we get the fuck out of here now?

No, it just started.

I have a stronger will.

I don't care how many of them I have to kill in order to stay alive.

(woman) How many of us are left?

What the fuck?

I'm so, so sorry.

What is your problem?

I can clean this up.

Don't touch me! You better no. You stay there.

Do you want some Kleenex?

You fuck.

Get the fuck out of my way, okay?

I'm going to the fucking ladies' room.

I have some napkins if she likes.

You're a fucking cunt.

(man) You're gonna be out there on your own making life and death decisions.

You have carte blanch to kill when you think it's necessary.

Seems you and I have come full circle.

I don't believe in coincidence, do you?

It's all predestined everything.

You were the one in charge hunting me.

Eliminating me and my kind.

Don't mess with the Russians.

I cannot wait to see the look on your face when you realize what you've done to your family.

I figured it out yesterday.

How to survive here. This absolutely hink of a planet.

Listen to me.

I'm trying to save your life. Do you understand?

Wait five minutes before you turn around, and don't even think about going back into that theater.

Do you understand? Just nod your head.

Give me your hand.

Take a long vacation, and make some new friends.


Nice tattoo.



[speaks in Japanese]

I didn't touch that money.

And I've nothing to do with that girlfriend of yours.

So, if she knew about it and where it was, I don't know.

But it wasn't me.

You know, I asked you if you took it.

No, I'm just thinking out...

Now you're going on about it.

Maybe I'm wrong.

I... I, maybe I should just ask you flat-out.

The answer's no.



Why are you so fucking paranoid, Lee, huh?

I don't see Raina.

What are you doing here?

You rather have this conversation on a cell?

Your girl's not making it easy to keep the cops off track.

She's been cutting up her ex-boyfriends.

Those scumbags were known accomplices who pulled out jobs together.

So she's doing the cops a favor.

They were connected.

Do you wanna tell me now before my captain does how these guys are tied to you?

Uh-uh. They have no ties to me.

They're garbage.

Well, she cut you up the same as them.

So, in her eyes you're no different.

[Latin music]

How are you?


Now we can party, right?

Mr. Molinas.

All right. C'mon, show me.

Right this way. Chef's been waiting for you.

Okay. What do we got?

Don't worry. The best for you.

So, what's best?

We got beef, some nuggies.

Me gusta.

How's business?

(man) My business is none of your business.

Right this way. See? Best table on the house.

So, Mr. Molinas, a bottle of champagne on the house.

A bottle of champagne on the house?

How about two bottles of champagne on the house?

The money I spend here. [laughs]

Hey, I got a joke.

[speaks in Spanish]

[speaks in Spanish]


[all speak in Spanish]

Put your hands away. You want them cut off?

Hey. Vadalos. What's up, man?

[speaks in Spanish]

Why don't you show some respect? We're having dinner.

I can see that. You're sitting here having dinner.

My boy Ernesto is in a fucking slab. Crazy shit, huh?

Yeah. Ernesto.

He was a real hermano.

But I sent something very speclal to his wife and kids.

I-I should've delivered it personally but, as you know, um, I'm suffering from injuries myself.

You and I both know that you took out Ernesto.

But don't ever think you're gonna fucking get away with it.

You cocksucker!

[jumbled voices]

It's okay, it's okay. It's okay. Let's go.

(Lee) Go and get the fuck outta here.

[speaks in Spanish]

[jumbled voices]

Get the fuck outta here!

Get the fuck outta here!

Get the fuck outta here, you pussies.

We'll be back.

[speaking in Spanish]

Time to go.

Listen, those clowns puff up like that. They're coming back.

Look, don't be so stubborn. I get the car.

[people shouting]

Where's the fucking car?

Let's go. Lee.

Get it here, Alex.

Get in. Get in.

The shotgun, Virgil. Gimme that shotgun.

(Vadalos) What are you doing?

(Alex) Lee. Hold on. Lee!




C'mon. C'mon! C'mon. C'mon.

Go. Go!

[tires screech]

You got something on you mind, Lee?

Yeah. You're not up to this!

Fuck you, cowboy!

This guy should be picking out uniforms for cocktail waitresses.

Not running an operation during a time of war!

Listen to him. "Time of war."

Mr. John Wayne fucking cowboy!

Hey, when all the guns are pointing in our direction, that's a fucking war!

The guns are pointed at me.

Same thing!

No, not this time.

What is wrong with you?

We got kids upstairs trying to sleep.

Okay. Everybody out.


It's beautiful.

I love you.

I love you.


Are you ashamed of me?

There's lot more important things in life than who's fucking who.

Oh, Sylvia. It's not...

Not important?

No. It's not.

But my family is.

I knew what you were when I met you.

All I asked for was your last name.

And you gave it to me.

I have everything.

Yeah. So do I.

So do you. So do you. So do you. So do you. So do you. So do you.

I hate you.

[sobbing] Of course you have everything.


I am nothing.

[sobs] I'm sorry.

No. No.

I knew what you had to do to get us here.

I'm not an idiot.

Something happened to you.

I could justify that to myself.

To the kids. You did it for us, right?

But if I lose you

because of this, how do I justify that to myself?

How do I tell the kids what happened to their father?

But this, yes, I would be ashamed of you.


Give it to me.

I won't give it to you.

Give it to me or I will break your little fingers.

[sobs] No, you won't.


I love you.

I love you, baby.

(guy) Hey.

Oh, God, it's so cold out here.

Hey, you! Look at me!


If I looked like her, I'd had no problem finding a place to crash.

Try the Four Seasons.


You wanna cry over your ex-girlfriend all night?

You wanna let us take care of you, hm?


Don't move, cocksucker.

You kidding me?

Shut up, pussy. You lucky I don't kill ya after listening to all that wining.

Get your fucking hands off me.

Oh, shit! He's a cop!



Okay, okay, enough, enough.

I know that bitch.

I think you broke my fucking nose.

I've seen her once. She's with this guy.

Who? What's his fucking name?

I don't know. He likes to buy titties for bitches in need.

The call him, they call him, uh, Large Bills.

Large Bills. And he's had a hard-on over that fucking girl for a long time.

Where's he hanging out?

I don't know. He's all over.

You can't miss him. Rich white boy. Rolls with the brothers.

Get out.

Can I have my gun back?


[electronic music]

Open the door. We're coming in.

Sorry. Ladies only tonight.

I said open it.

And I said no.

You're not in the list. You're not getting in.

You're gonna let us inside.

Or I'm gonna split your fucking head open.



Come on. It's all right.

I have a problem.

No shit why do I need the Lord of the Ring motherfuckers in here.

What's wrong with you? Huh?

You're sitting here with these monkeys and you say that to me?

Does it bother you to see a man enjoying his life?

Like something beyond, uh, like something you might be able to comprehend?

Huh? Huh?

You know, I think you finally found yourself.

A white man who's turned into a nigger.


It's okay. He called me a nigger. I'm a nigger.

I'm a nigger, motherfucker man.

Look, you sell crystal meth amphetamine to underage teenage girls and hook them into prostitution. Wow, whoa, that's noble.

That's what you are. That's what you do. Get fucked. Okay? I'm busy.

Two of our brothers are dead.

That's shit to me. What's it go to do with me? I don't give a shit.

The fucking crippled Greek.

I want you to take care of it.

They're off my side.

Leave me out of it, okay?

I severed my ties to you fucking pieces of garbage a long time ago.

See that?

You could burn it off. You could cut your fucking arm off.

It's still gonna be there.

Fuck you.

You think the money made me soft, don't ya?


Don't make that mistake! Okay?

Are you gonna help me or not?

I'll have you erase from this world just like this tattoo.

No, I'm not gonna help you.

I will not help you and I cannot help you. Get the fuck outta here.

Those motherfuckers, too. Get out of here.

Hey. Hey, hey!

[man groans]

It's all right.

It's all right. Let 'em go.

Fucking goddamn barbarian. Clean him up. Clean him up.

Give me some dope. Okay? Let's get high.

Go on.


Come on. Harder.

Make him go away.


Make the driver leave.



He can't see shit.

No, come on, I'm serious. He's freaking me out.

He looks like my father.

Okay. I don't want... I don't wanna meet your father right now.

Max. Take a walk, you know.

Where do you want me to go?

Some other place outside the fucking car, okay?

Got you, boss.

[door closes]

He's gone. Come here.

I always had a thing for you.

Okay, okay. Sh. Stop. Stop.

Look, I'm sorry about Virgil, baby. I really am.

We're all adults here, okay?


Hey, what the fuck is that?


Mother. Oh, mother. You fuck.



Don't move.

Get down. Get down now!

I know you.

You're the cop.

Listen, I wanna...

Shut up. I know Virgil owns you.

It sucks, doesn't it?

To be someone's property?

Close your eyes.

(Alex) Can I get my toast, please?

What? What, are you fucking telling me that she ran away?

This is fucking stupid. Go on, take it.

Beck, are you telling me you had her and you let her get away?

This is getting very loud and very public.

That chick is nuts. I hope you got good security in Virgil's place.

She might be climbing through his bedroom window right now.

You let me worry about Virgil. Just get the job done.

Fucking amateur.

This guy is the wrong guy for the fucking job. Why don't you eat something?

What are you, my fucking mother?

Please. The last thing I would ever wanna be is related to you, Lee.

You left me standing at the crime scene like a fucking idiot.

Why were you even tailing Large Bills?

I was following up a tip.


Yesterday you happened to be at the scene of a public massacre, and today a murdered celebrity. What the fuck is going on here?

Why am I not in the loop?

Can we do this tomorrow? My head's fucked up.

No, you're gonna stay here and you're gonna tell me what the fuck's going on.

You're a liar. You were lying to me. You're a fucking liar.

Why are doing this to me? I'm supposed to be your...

What, huh? What is it? What do you want?

I want you to tell me the fucking truth.

What's that look?


That was definitely a look.

I forgot how you always make me feel like you're doing me a favor.

What, are you gonna cry now?

Kevin asked about you again.

You and Vadalos.

Says he hears things.

I know something is up with you.

I can see it in your face.

I'm gonna go back down to the limousine.

You go down to the coroner's office.

They got another one there. Looks like the same M.O.


You gonna tell me what's going on and let me help you or not?


Leave your keys and lock the door on the way out.

Look, I'm gonna fix it.

I swear to God I'm gonna fix it.


What did I say? My whole world's in that car.

Of course not.


It's all falling apart.

What did I do wrong, Gus?

How could I stop this?

The minute you walked out of that hospital, you should've killed everyone.


Hey, Gus.

[speaks in Greek]

The same Neo-Nazi design as the other dead arian.

Anyone else been down here to see him? Any cops?

No, not yet.

Can I borrow your computer?

[German metallic rock]

Get out of here!

Everybody out! Now!

What's wrong with you? We're fucking having a party.

Get the fuck out!

Get these fucking whores outta here!

Fucking chill.

Do you know what I'm gonna do to you?


You're hit.


Beck, what the fuck are you doing?

Stay out of this.

You're cleaning up for her and Vadalos.

I fucking covered for you!

You have no idea what's going on here. Just let it go.

Fuck you. I'm calling this one in.

We have to go. Come on, policeman.

We have to leave. You can't wait here any longer.

You're taking me to him, huh?

Do you know that I have the money?

He didn't tell you about the money, did he?

What the fuck are you talking about?

I'm talking about over $2 million.

It looks better in real life, doesn't it?

This is Virgil's money?

No. It's mine now.

And it's ours if you let me go.


Uncuff me.

It's just for now. I have to clean myself.

You don't want to take me to Virgil with a wounded leg, do you?

Stop it. What are you doing?

You delicate all of a sudden?

It went through. Missed the bone. You're all right.

Do you know what will happen to me If you take me back to him?

He's not an angel, you know.

I know.

Your English is pretty good.

Yeah. Well, that's because Virgil hired a dialect coach for me.

He wanted me to sound more American.

Dialect coach.

And you put a knife in his gut.

You know what?

Don't be so quick to judge, Mr. Policeman.

You don't know anything about me.

I know enough.

Oh, do you? Huh?

Do you?

Control yourself. It's not spring break.

Huh? We could go away.

And we could just disappear.

What is the matter?

You're just going to take me back to him and it's going to be all over.

Come on. We can disappear.


What does he have on you?

[shouts in Russian]

I'm ruined.

Excuse me a second.

[cell phone rings]


Yeah. I got her.

Good. Bring her to my nightclub right now.

Fuck you. I'll drive her right down to the Police Station.

What the hell is wrong with you? What do you want?

Be in the parking lot at the Safari Inn.

Anything's out of whack, I'll start shooting.

Fuck this one or you're gonna end up on a garbage can.

Do you hear me, cop?

Was that him?

No. Look, I gotta go. I gotta check something out.

Where the fuck are you going?

To my nightclub. I got a problem.

I'll go with you.

No. You stay here with Virgil. You need anything?


[cell phone rings]

I'm gonna kill all these motherfuckers.

What the hell is your problem, cop? Where is the fucking bitch?

Every dog has his day.

Did you find her?



Shit, they're not here.

Come on.

You know, you should've asked me about Alex.

I could've warned you about him. He was always the worst one.

Alex was in on this with you from the beginning?

And you took off without giving him his cut?


He's a Judas.

And what's that make you?

I'm a lot of things, but I'm not a traitor.

I'm sure Virgil doesn't feel that way.

I stuck by Virgil no matter what.

Then why did you do it?

Two years ago

my little sister disappeared.

She was on her way here from Russia.

Virgil set up the work, visa, social security number, and a job when she got here.

And the night that she was supposed to arrive, I was at home waiting for this phone call. Virgil's guys were going to the airport to pick her up.

They were gonna take her to a safe house until they were sure it was clear.

And that night came, and it passed. And there was no phone call.

Virgil's guy at the airport said that she never arrived.

And my aunt back home said that she definitely got on the plane.

And Virgil swore that he didn't know what happened to her.

And I believed him.

And then a year later I got this phone call from this girl who was at the safe house that night.

She was a drug addict.

And the Nazis made these girls work their habit off.

She told me that she saw everything.

That Ernesto and the skinheads were celebrating some kind of deal that they made with Virgil.

And those rich idiots were there who think that they are so hard.

And they got so tweaked out of their minds.

One of them decided that Staysa was just another Russian whore.

Let's fuck her.

And there were five of them.

And they took turns.

[Staysa screaming]

Stop it!

[no audio]



And then they left her there like a dog.

And what did Virgil do?

He lied about it.

He said that that girl was a drug addict.

She didn't know any names.

So she was crazy.

But I know Virgil. Nobody lies better than him.

So, I went to Alex.

Leave it to me. We have to take it from the start.

And he told me that Virgil was furious about what happened.

Where is she?

My God.

Who did this?

[no audio]

Clean it up, goddamn it.

But he couldn't start a war over one Illegal Russian immigrant girl.

Let alone tell me the truth.

Hey, shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck!

So he did nothing.

[low whispering] I'm sorry.

But listen, I'll help you.

Alex wanted to move up.

I'll help you.

I wanted to get even.

He gave me names, and I planned.

And I waited.

All right. One million bucks.

Leave tonight and never come back.



Are you going to kill him?

I'll handle Virgil. You just disappear.


I want to know that he suffered.

He's gonna find out he lost his cousin, his money, and you.

Believe me, he won't feel like he got off easy.

I'd tell you to be careful, but I think you know how to handle yourself.

Let's go.

What's your name?

You better get...

Shut up a second.

Now we're talking.

Special Agent Donovan.

Yeah, it's Beck. I need you to check the archives for me.

Virgil Vadalos.

I think the Bureau had him under surveillance about two years back.

I need everything you got. Log sheets, locations, ASAP.

[speaks in Russia]

[speaks in Russian]

[sings in Russian]


Oh, Virgil.

What were you thinking?

All of this for a piece of ass.

What did you do to him, huh?

He doesn't even trust me anymore.

Well, all of that is about to change!



You know, in a way I understand you.

I never had shit neither.

And no matter how much I got, I never fit in with those cocksuckers.

I hate him.

I hate their kids. The fucking little dogs.

But that's okay.


Hate's a good thing.


Hate keeps me warm at night.

Now, I'm gonna take this crowbar and I'm gonna bash your head in.

Then I'm gonna roll you down that hill, and let the animals get at you while you're still nice and warm.

And everything will be like it was before.

Virgil and Alex used to laugh about you.


Alex was Virgil's favorite.

Gimme that, you bitch!

Lee, I found the perfect place to bury her.


What's that?

Your money. Most of it.

That, that's nothing.

Men bring me bags of money every day.

Where is she?

Have I ever gone out of my way to cause you grief?

Using my brother to keep me on a leash.

Do you think that makes you a good Samaritan?

You're so concerned about the safety of your brother you come here and you turn on me like this?

Turn on you? I got a fucking cop killed tonight!

Don't insult me.

You could care less.

Virgil, don't be crazy.

You fucked her!

Jesus Christ. You don't even know what's going on.

I told her to disappear. Enough dead bodies, Virgil. End it.

The alarm's down. The electric's cut. Somebody's on the property.

You piece of shit!

Hey, boss, we gotta get outta here.

Just go ahead.

You already killed me.

I died that night before you put the...

Be quiet.

I would've given you the world if you asked me.

Can you give me back my sister?

Can you do that?

I told you.

I don't know what happened to her.



Raina, listen to me.

No one knows where she is.

She was lying there for eight hours in the trash.

The fucking garbage man found her.

I've no idea what you're talking about.

All those months searching for her. She was in a mental institution.

She didn't even know her name.


I already know everything. Your cousin told me.


Alex set you both up.

The Feds had Virgil under surveillance.

There's no way he was at the safe house. It was Alex.

Why, motherfucker?

He was supposed to go to the safe house to pick up your sister.

He was working with those animals.

Where the fuck is she?

What did you fucking do?

I'll kill you! I'll kill all of you, motherfuckers!

Which one of you motherfuckers did this?

Clean this up.

Clean it up now!

She never got on the fucking plane.

And there's nothing we can do. There's nothing you can do.

You think he fucking loves you but he don't.

All he fucking cares about is his money.

Go on, take it. Together we can have it all.

Make sure you kill them all.

That fuckin' greedy bastard. He played us all!

He's telling the truth.

But be my guest. Pull his fucking head off.

Why don't you?

You know what the worst part of all this is?

Is seeing you hurt, and knowing you think I caused it.

Would you say, he's trying to blackmail me and pin it all on him.

Bullshit I They'll never let you go.

He is a dirty cop and his own people will fry him.

Just shoot him.

It'll just be you and me.

Just you and me.

It always was anyway.

Wasn't it?

[speaks in Russian]

It's over.

Or maybe one of us will make it to that gun before the SWAT team gets in here.




# I'm not broken #

# I have spoken #

# Have you heard All I have to say #

# It is still light #

# I can still Change my mind #

# Did you see it end this way #

# How much can I love #

# When I've had enough #

# You keep Pushing me away #

# Say you will Say you won't #

# Say your heart Will still be open #

# I'm alive I'm alright #

# I am frayed but I'm not broken #

# Broken #

# I can't help you #

# Fate will guide you #

# Angels watch you With every move #

# Do you feel me They're watching too #

# Say you will Say you won't #

# Say your heart Will still be open #

# I'm alive And I'm alright #

# I am frayed but I'm not broken #

# Say you will Say you won't #

# Say your heart Will still be open #

# Open #

# Say you will Say you won't #

# Say your heart Will still be open #

# I'm alive And I'm alright #

# I am frayed but I'm not broken #

# Broken #

# Broken #

# I'm not broken #

# I have spoken #

# Have you heard All I have to say? #