Still Walking (2008) Script

JiG Radishes are genius.

How about potatoes?

With potatoes it's up to the cook.

Radishes you can simmer or grill.

They're even delicious raw.

You don't grill radishes.

Sure you do.

If you simmer and then grill them, they Iose their tartness.

Then you mix them with carrots and saute with sesame oil.

Sesame oil, right.

Better write it down. You'll forget.

No need. l'll never cook it.

My husband grew up on fast food. He'll eat anything.

Then why'd you ask? l thought you might want to talk, Mom. ln that case, move your hands, not your mouth. lt's nearly lunchtime.

Can you go buy some low-fat milk at the store?


Ouch. Ηe can at least buy milk.

Ηe doesn't want the neighbors to see him with a shopping bag.


Even at his age, he wants to be called "Doctor." l can't believe it.

You spoil him too much, Mom.


Good morning.

Don't you wish the weather would cool down, Doctor? lt's supposed to be another scorcher today.

When it's this hot, l can hardly stand to drink water.

Cold noodles are all l can eat.

That's not good.

You should eat some eel for your health. l have a feeling my time could be up any day now.

When it is, l want you to be there for my death. ln that case, l've got to outlive you.

See you.

Please enjoy your walk.






KlRlN KlKl


Written and Directed by ΗlROKAZU KORE-EDA


Let's take the last train home. lf we leave at 8:00 p.m., we can make it.

l told them we'd spend the night. Brought a change of clothes too.

Can't you make up an emergency PTA meeting?


You're always blaming someone else.

There's nothing to talk about with them.

Dad still thinks l'm a huge baseball fan.

You like baseball, Ryo? l used to, long, long ago. l want you to know, l'm the one who's really nervous, though l doubt you notice. l know, l know.

They say he even moved near the racetrack. lt's a sickness, then.

As they get older, their bodies can't keep up with women and drink, but not so with gambling.

It's the worst vice.

How awfuI.

You still have sparrows out here.

They show up because your father feeds them rice.

We only have crows.

On garbage pickup days, they're waiting like this.

Peel off all the skin.

Oh, there's some left.

You're such a pretty girl. Show off your forehead.

When's Ryo coming?

On the phone he said by noon. ls the "Unsmiling Prince" coming too?

Yes, they're spending the night. What a surprise.

But you know... he didn't have to go for a used model.

That sounds so cruel.

Besides... it's better to marry a divorcee than a widow.

At least a divorcee chose to leave her husband.

You sound so scary sometimes, Mom. l'm just stating the obvious. lt's because you pushed him so hard to get married.

Maybe, but he could have had his pick.

Ryo wasn't as popular as his older brother.

That's not true.

At his graduation, all his buttons were torn off.

Ηe probably got beat up.

That's not true.

All his lower classmates wanted them.

He said there was a long line of girls.

Parental pride can be blinding. Better watch out myself.

lt's only been three years... since her first one died. lsn't it four years? ln any case, it's too soon. You think?

She's just cold. l'm not so sure. l am.

You've never worked outside the house, Mom.

You don't know how hard it is to be a single mom.

There you go, making fun of me for "not working." l'm not making fun of you.

Besides, after we put you through college, you only worked three years.

Four. lt was four years.

Please bring it up with your sister.

About moving.

Shouldn't you discuss things with her? Like about your father. l'm sure she's got it figured out. l'm not planning on moving back.

Although it'd be great if they looked after them.

That's not likely. You're the eldest son.


What's that?

Cola and ginger ale.

Drink them separately.

They have free refills. Don't act so poor.

Say... how's school?




Listen... your mother told me yesterday about the rabbit.

Why did you laugh when it died? lt was funny. What was?

Rena started saying we should write letters to the rabbit.

What's wrong with writing letters?

Letters no one will read?

Your ice tea is so delicious, Grandma.

They're just supermarket teabags. l used to steep my own, but - l see. lt must be the water, then. lt's just tap water.

You'll drink anything.

As long as you like it, it doesn't matter.


What did you eat last night?

Sushi! Ηey! l told you we're having sushi for lunch.

Just the sushi that goes around.

Thirty-six plates!

A new record!

Some record.

The pudding went around too.

There's pudding that goes around?

Melon too! l ordered some sushi just in case, but if you just had that yesterday - lt's fine. l haven't had any.

We can eat sushi every day. Every day.

Ever since the son took over at Matsu Sushi, the fish isn't as good. ls that so? All done.

But they wrap their sea urchin in cucumber, not seaweed. l like that.

Does sea urchin come with sushi deluxe? That's what l ordered.

Maybe l'll call them.

Oh, don't bother.

Only one. Don't spoil your appetite.

Oh, let them. That's what l bought them for.

You're lucky you don't get scolded at Grandma's house. l love Grandma's house! Too bad.

Without the "house" you would've gotten another one.

Red bean too. That's for Grandma.

Oh, sorry.

You don't like red bean, do you?

Couldn't you stop calling him Ryo?

lf only for today. To help your mother out.

But Ryo is just Ryo.

You know better.

You do it on purpose.

Tonami doesn't answer.

Publishers are probably closed on Saturdays.

Call him back Monday.

Don't say anything to them about my job.

Please. lf we make it through today, we won't see them for a while.

They're your parents. Don't be so defensive.

That's exactly why. l refuse to say l'm between jobs. Not to him.

Oh no.

You get so defensive about your father.

Come on, carry one.


That's "l'm home," right?

Nice to see you.

Welcome. lsn't it hot?


What good manners you have.

You left this behind. l'm so sorry. Ηe's always leaving something behind. Thanks.

The station area's changed. l got lost, drenched in sweat.

You're Rip Van Winkle, because you never visit.

That narrow bookstore's gone.

The owner got sick and was hospitalized.

There was no one left to look after the store.

We'll chill this in the bathtub, and -

You said you liked cream puffs, Mother.

Thank you so much.

The first one goes on his altar.

Your flower arrangement's beautiful. Which school, Mother?

Oh, l'm self-taught.

Mom just fakes it.

When l took lessons, it was completely different.

As long as they're pretty, it doesn't matter.

Been a while.


You have a nice tan. Hawaii?

No time to go anywhere. l make do at the local park.

Ηe walks around in his swimsuit. Can you believe it?

You've grown more, Satsuki.

Another half inch over the summer.

You'll outgrow me soon.

You eat enough.

Mutsu, are you still fencing?


Ηe quit after we bought him all the equipment. lt's too hot, and it stinks.

Oh, here's Grandpa.

lt's nice to see you again.

Oh, you're here.


Ηe knew. l'm so sorry. Ηe's so unfriendly.

Don't worry. My father's just like him.

When Junpei first brought his wife here, he ran and hid in his examination room.

I'm sorry. Can you sleep okay?

I wake up sometimes.

Poor thing. l'm sorry his teeth grinding wakes you up.

On his high school trip, Ryota made so much noise grinding his teeth, they made him sIeep in a separate room.

The poor thing.

A separate room.

That wasn't me. That was Junpei.

lf you use your thumb joint, they fall right off.

You're so good.

This always used to be my chore.

They wound up building it as it was designed.

That's terrible.

They promised to make it triangular to let the sun in.

But it's square.


And they're still in court over it.

Oh dear.

Don't mix it up like that.

You have to cut into it.


Ηow many years did you watch me do this?

All done.

So pretty.

Brings back memories.

Strange, right?

Everybody does it.

No, they don't, do they? l only know grilled or boiled corn.

Did your grandmother teach you? l wonder who it was.

Your own invention? l bet - just like her flowers.

Ηe'll be here any minute.

Ηis eyesight's shot, but not his nose.

Ηe couldn't wait for supper.

Ηe'd hear the corn popping and eat them as fast as l cooked them.

My brother loved them.

You like corn, don't you, Atsushi? So-so.

Actually, l'm so-so about corn too.

You'll eat a lot.

They're best hot. Go ahead.

With a drop of soy sauce.

So sweet!

Before we moved here, our neighbors had a cornfield.

Sneaking in one night -

You stole corn? Dad did.

Statute of limitation's up. That was 30 years ago.

The next day was corn tempura.

Right as l was frying them, there was a "hello."

The farmer came over to give us corn, saying they had a bumper crop.

Just then it started popping in the kitchen, like just now.

She tells the same story every time she makes tempura. l sure felt awful about that.

So Junpei chimes in, "Mother, we didn't have to go buy that corn at the market."

Ηe could be so smart that way.

Ηe could.

Just like that other time.

At the bank?

Ηe was a lifesaver.

This is going to be my room. l'll get a blue bed.

What about me?

There's no room for you. You're not moving here with us.

You can have that room, then.

Oh good.

There's a ghost at night.

Forget it. l'm getting the piano too. l want the piano too.

You can't play. l'll learn.

You'll never play. You even quit fencing.

Leave fencing out of this.


Say, how did you feel when your daddy died? l don't know. l was little.

Did you cry? l don't remember. lf it were me, l'd cry. l know. What do you call Uncle Ryota?

The normal way...


They should leave this downstairs. Why'd they haul it up?

Are they starting to lose it? They don't use this stuff.

They're probably lonely.

For what? You know.

Ηave they said anything?

About my wife.

Not really. lt's heavy.

Do they disapprove that it's a second marriage? l don't think so. She's terrific. She's wasted on you.

Watch out. You need to watch your step. lt's too low. lt's not too low. You're too big.

Did we eat the same food?

Ouch, ouch.

No, no, his memory's shot. Ηe can't remember the orders.

Ηe served toro sushi to the same customer over and over again.

That sounds good. Let's all go.

Please spare me. We'll have to fold.

You've always been a joker. l'm serious. l'm not joking.

How oId is your father?

Seventy-two, l think.

Ηey, same as Dad.

Really? The doctor looks much younger.

He looks vigorous. You call that vigorous?

Ηappily retired, right? l'm jealous.

Ηe wanted to keep working.

But his eyes... he got cataracts.

No, the other disease.

But they also built a big hospital nearby. lt was time for him to quit.

At least he salvaged his pride.

The sushi's here.

Ηere's 20,000 yen. Thank you.

Your change is 3,000 and two million yen!

Hey, give us a discount. Look how much we ordered.

Give me a break! l didn't tell my wife about the sea urchin.

Ηere they are. lt's heavy.

Don't eat the sea urchin.

Ηey, is that you, Satsuki? You're so tall. l grew half an inch this summer. l quit fencing.

Nobody cares about your fencing club. l almost forgot.

My wife sent this funeral offering.

Oh, you don't need to. We don't say prayers anymore.

No, my wife was behind Junpei in junior high.

She gave him chocolates for Valentine's Day.

Really? ln that case, thank you.

Why didn't you tell us about this first? l would never give you a hard time about a discount.

Sorry, it just slipped my mind.

Getting yelled at for making a funeral offering -

Why not come in and light some incense? l'm not dressed for it. l've got to get back. No telling what Dad's up to.

Thanks for your business.

Ηe's all grown up.

Ηe used to be a bad kid.

You never know how he might have turned out.

I'm done.

You're fuII? No more sushi?


Be careful, Satsuki.

Cheater! Shouldn't l cut it?

They want to break it open.

You don't want to join them?

No, thank you.

You sure?

That handrail by the bath -

Yes, Dad fell last year. l heard.

Ηe got such a big bruise on his behind.

Oh no.

Because you left the soap on the floor. l did not.

Ηere we go again. Ηe's always blaming someone else.

Ηey kids, if you hit it with those, there'll be nothing left.

You'll smash it.

The tiles are falling off in the bath too.

They just peel off when they age. l'll fix those later.

You don't have to. You're a guest, Nobuo-san.

You're happier doing things, right? l'm like a tuna. l have to keep moving or die. l wish it would motivate him more at work.

That machine... he took it upstairs for me.

The Rodeo Boy. Ηappy to help.

Ηurry, Daddy.

Excuse me.

Say, Ryota... now that you have a family, how about an RV? l'll give you a good discount.

Living in Tokyo, we don't need a car. l always dreamed that my sons would take me shopping in their cars.

Children don't necessarily grow up the way you want them to.

They certainly don't...

Do they... l'll take you shopping in a car. As often as you want. Which one?

Just you wait. Just wait. This white one?

You've got nerve. You don't even have a license.

Seconds? l'm full.

You can eat more. You're still young.

But we can't have him getting any bigger.

Ηow old do you think l am?

Are your teeth all right?

You don't see a dentist, do you? l'm too busy with work.

You've got bad teeth, like me. Better watch out.

Open up wide.

Cut it out. Not in front of the boy. ls it a work call?

Yeah, well... l got a rush job from the Setagaya Museum.

An oil painting? Yeah, something like that. l saw an article in the newspaper about painting restorers. lt said "Painting Doctors."

Which paper? l can't remember. l'll send you a copy.

You say that, but you've never once sent me one.


Well, l'm hardly as important as a doctor. lt's not so much medical care as it is "anti-aging."

How lovely. Can you help me?

What's that "anti" something? l think you're past it, Mom.

You're so youthful, you don't need it. l'm not so sure l could help.

So l'm the only one left out?

My line of work is finally getting the spotlight.

There are more students studying it at my alma mater.

But when it comes time for jobs, it's competitive.


You always had such nimble fingers.

You can really drink! l take after my mother.

Yukie-san could drink too.

You could match her.

My brother's wife. l wonder where she's living.

The address on her New Year's card hadn't changed: Tokorozawa.

Wonder how she is. lf they'd had children, we could invite her.

Now that she's remarried, she can't really visit. ln some ways it was good they hadn't had children yet.

A widowed single mom's harder to marry off.

Luckily a wonderful man wanted me.

No, no, we're lucky you took him.

That's not for you to say.

Yukari-san, would you like to see Ryota's childhood pictures?

Yes, please.

You'd show her even if she didn't. l want to get some of the pictures of me in college.

Atsushi, you too.

Did it break? Did you break it open?

Not yet!

Not yet.

We'll leave the two doctors to discuss things.

What about -

What happened with repairing the Takamatsu-zuka murals?

Restoration, not repair.

There was a long dispute about whether to preserve the tomb as is or to conserve that national treasure, that mural, Asuka Beauty, that they made into a stamp.

Ultimately, the Ministry of Culture ruled to dismantle it, in a rare upset for local cultural preservation. lt'll take at least 1 0 years to -

That's a precious plant! Don't do that!


Are you making a living?

Enough to support a widowed single mom.


Ηit it!

There's a crack!

Wow. lt broke open.

It's hard to beIieve, but they used to go to concerts together.

Classical music.

Dad's so impatient, he'd waIk fast and get way ahead.

We were always racing to catch up with him.

Look, Mom. You're in Ηibiya Park.

You look like you're in love.

Back when l didn't know anything.

This is just the three kids in this yard. This is Ryota.

Let's see. Was he Atsushi's age? l think about fifth or sixth grade.

The crape myrtle's still small.

We planted that right after we moved here.

The flowers were a brighter red than they are now.

You think?

This is when we all went clam digging.

This is Junpei. This is Ryota.

Say, he looks like he's crying.

Whenever he heard, "Look at the camera and smile," he would just freeze up like this -

But he's really lightened up since back then. ls that true? We owe it to you.

Not at all.

Oh look, an essay. From when Ryo was in grade school.

"When l grow up, l'm going to be a doctor like my father.

My brother will be a surgeon. l'll be an internist."

Did you know this?

No, never. l was sure he always wanted to be a painter.

"My father always wears his white lab coat.

When a patient calls, even at night, he takes his bag -"

Don't read that.

Who cares? Why are you so embarrassed?

You don't need to keep this stuff around.


Ηe can be exactly like Dad.

Ηe just takes things seriously.

Ηe can't compromise the way Junpei could. lf one of them had taken over their father's clinic, things might have been different.

Let's have some watermelon. Good idea.

Put these away.

Everybody Iine up now.

Okay, okay, picture, picture.

Come here.

Look, Mom. What? It's so dirty.

A chocoIate stain. It'II stand out.

Wear it inside out. No.

PIease cover it up then. It Iooks so dirty.

Grandpa, pIease stand to the side.

Where are you going, Mom?

Sorry, we're all here now. lt's not a funeral. That's bad luck. lt's fine. Besides, we're all here because of him. l know, but -

You're not in it, Grandpa.

Grandpa, please step in to the left.

Just a little more.


Did he go to the bathroom?

We can add his memorial photo later. Ηe's not dead yet.

SmiIe, everyone. You too, Ryo.

And he's laughing.

We're off! Watch for cars!

ls it hot?

Knock, knock.

Do you have to do that now?


Why don't you come talk with us?

About what? lt doesn't matter.

Like about preserving tombs, or whatever.

Ryo was worried.

About what?

Ηow you feel about his wife. lt's his life. Let him do what he wants.

You're so cold.

You weren't like that with Junpei.

Of course not.

Ηe was my heir.

Ryo left the family.

What? lt was my hard work that built this house.

Why do you call it "Grandma's house"?

Ηe's so petty!

Oh, there's a trick to that. lf you go like this, and then at the right spot -

Then to hold it in place, you do this.

Says he doesn't want any.

Says tempura's all he wants to talk about.

Just leave him be. Ηe'll come back when he's hungry, just like your crows.

They only come on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Ηe's still a kid, even at his age.

Oh no. Guess even tunas take naps.

He just finds the tatami floor relaxing.

Yeah, our house doesn't have any tatami.

You should get some. lmpossible. Our house isn't built that way.

Which is why when we move here, we'll build a tatami room.

When are you moving?

Ηopefully before Mutsu goes to junior high school. lt's not definite yet.

But l showed you the blueprints.

Don't catch cold.

Like they say, when you age, it's best to live with your daughter.

Depends on the daughter.

An ashtray...

We'll live together but keep separate kitchens.

Of course we're happy to eat whatever you cook.

All l'll do is look after you. l might as well be a maid.

The body of Hagiwara Mikio, a 53 year-oId empIoyee from Yokohama, was discovered today on the beach...

Oh no. lt's supposed to be autumn.

The night before, he had made a rare visit alone and stayed over.

That day, he was shining his shoes.

Suddenly he said, "l'm going to the beach."

By the time l said, "Be careful" -

We're home.

Where were you? A secret.

You're sweaty. Here.

You didn't pick it. No.

Only his beautifully polished shoes were left behind. l'll never forget the sight of his shoes.

Ηave ice tea, not ice cream. lf only l'd said something to him sooner.

Ηere we go again. Oh let me, at least today. lf only it were just today.

Ηe didn't have to save him. lt wasn't even his own child.

Maybe l'll fix us a snack.

No, we've had plenty.

Well, you're all here.

After you pat it round, use your thumb to make a beIIy button.

Ηere's another one.

What's that?

Poop. Whose poop?

Daddy's. Daddy's?

Poop? l used to make those when l was a kid.

You should use our phone.

That Vietnamese place was good, right? l'm stepping outside. ls it work?

Yes, probably.

Ηe's so busy. Does he come home late?

Ηe's had a lot of overtime.

Ηe's still in his 40s. He'll be fine.

Whose oil painting?

A van Gogh? l doubt it's a van Gogh.

How much does he get for restoring one painting?

lt's a lot of work.

Ηow much did you say? l'm asking her how much.

Ηere's your reward for helping Grandma.

Thank you.

Mutsu. Thank you.

We love Grandma's house.

Where's Atsushi?

Not to worry. lt's not a big deal.

Listen, by the way... do you know anyone at Shinbido Publishers?

Yeah, l figured not.

Oh hello.

Let's all get together for dinner soon.

You don't have to invite Mishima.





Don't touch the medicine.

Come here.

Ηere. Grandma already -

This is from your Grandpa.

Ηave a seat.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What? A soccer player?

A piano tuner.

A tuner? Why?

Just spit it out. Ηere.

Because l like my music teacher.

A woman?

The idea that a man be swayed by some woman in his career choice...

Show me your fingers.

You seem nimble.

My father got sick when l was a kid too, so l decided to become a doctor.

Did he get better?

Your father.

He died before l became a doctor.

Being a doctor is good. lt's a worthwhile job.

You go play.

Please don't give him any ideas.

l won't let him be a doctor. lt's not like l can afford to wait another 20 years. l can't help that. l wasn't talking to you.

l know that.

Taking a little break.

Sure, you should rest.

You must be tired keeping Dad and Mom company.

About that phone call - turns out they don't need me.

Oh, the Setagaya Museum?

You just made all that up. l didn't really have a choice.

So it's a Chagall. What is?

The oil painting you're restoring. A Chagall?

What are you going to do with all these? l'm storing them for when l need them.

When are you ever going to need this many paper bags?

And the refrigerator's stuffed, as always. l feel safe when it's full.

Refrigerators aren't to make you feel safe.

They're to keep things cold.

Ηey... does Dad play Pachinko? lt's you?

What do you care if l play Pachinko?

There are other things, like haiku and yoga. l feel so relieved when l hear that Pachinko sound.

Sure, Mom.

You've earned the right to spend on whatever you please.

Listen... what about this house?

What about it?

Well, you know, if you don't want us, we don't want to force ourselves on you. l haven't said we don't want you. lt's just that - lt's just what? l think your father won't like it.

You only bring up Dad when it's convenient. lf we knock down the examining room and make separate residences, we can both be independent. l didn't know we made those sweets from rice flour, did you?

Of course not. lt's getting cooler. Let's go visit his grave.

What about you? l'm fine. l went recently. ln that case, l'll join you instead. lt'll be a nice walk. l'd better wear a hat. Sure, why not?

Why does she get so excited? lt's just visiting a grave.

l wonder who left these flowers. His widow? lf she came this far, she'd visit.

Guess you're right.

Maybe it was Yoshio.

He'd never do anything so thoughtful.

Tossing them? Ours won't fit. l'll light incense.

lt was so hot all day.

The water must feel good.

There's nothing more unbearable... than praying at your child's grave. l never did anything to deserve this.

What do you want, Mom?

Ηer husband's perfectly nice... but l'm too old to live with a stranger.

And the kids sure make a lot of noise.

So you don't want them to.

Besides... if they move back, it makes it harder for you to.

Me? l can't move back. l mean, after your father dies.

After he dies...

You know l can't take my brother's place.

Of course l know that. ln that case...

Are you two going to have children?

Where'd that come from?

You should think it over. lt's harder to divorce with children.

What are you talking about? lsn't the line normally, "l can't wait for grandkids"?

Your family isn't normal.

These days we're not abnormal.

You used to catch butterflies in Karuizawa with your father. You remember? l don't.

Let's go visit your father's grave too.


Oh, it's not "whatever."

Look, a yellow butterfly.

They say butterflies that survive the winter come back yellow the following year.

Really? Sounds made-up to me.

That's what l heard. From whom? l can't remember.

Ever since l heard that, whenever l see yellow butterflies, it just breaks my heart.

Climbing this hill gets harder every year. ln a car, you'd be up here in a flash. lt's better for you to walk.

You're right. lt's good exercise.

So you're graduating from college?

Yes. Thanks for asking.

Ηave you found work? l wanted a job in the media, but l got turned down everywhere.

And that drama school?

Sorry, l quit that two years ago.

Oh, l see. What a shame.

That's what you said to him last year. l did? l'm helping out at a small ad agency. Maybe l'll get a job there.

That's perfectly fine, right?

When l say ads, l mean more like supermarket flyers.

Did you take their exam? Nothing formal like that.

Thanks. l figure l'll keep helping out there for now.

Well, in any case, nothing's more important than your health.

Well, my health is my only asset.

Um, seriously... if Junpei-san hadn't saved me back then, l wouldn't be here now. l just feel so sorry and so grateful.

Thank you so much.

l'll live my life for Junpei-san too.

Well, l should be going...

Oh, sorry.

Your legs okay?

They're numb from the tatami. There's a step there.

l'm sorry. l can walk now.

You're just 25. You can be anything you want.

No, l can see my life won't go anywhere.

Come again next year. Promise, okay?

We'll be waiting.

l will.

Well, if you'll excuse me...

Take care.


Ηe got even fatter.

Ηe must weigh over 220 pounds. All that fat across his back.

Ηe had two of the desserts he brought for us.

And three glasses of ice tea. No wonder he's fat.

Look, his sweat! Ηere too! Disgusting!

Ηe even used the wrong conjugation thanking us for Junpei saving his life.

We should've given him the Rodeo Boy.

You're right. Go chase him down at the bus stop.


Not me.

That... that useless piece of trash. Why'd my son have to save him?

There were plenty of others.

Please don't call him "useless" and "trash" in front of the kids.

"A job in the media." So pretentious.

Ηe wasn't being pretentious.

The truth is he's barely got part-time work.

What's wrong with that? He's still young.

Ηis body just keeps growing.

There's no point in him being alive.

You heard him apologizing.

Apologizing for being alive.

Just like that novelist - who was it?

No, like that comedian who keeps apologizing.

We're not talking about novelists or comedians.

Stop comparing his life to others'.

One of his socks was black.

Ηe's doing the best he can.

Things don't always work out the way you want.

Ηow can you sit in judgment, Dad, calling him "useless" and "trash"?

Don't laugh!

What happened? Wipe it up with this.

You don't need to yell.

What are you so defensive about? This has nothing to do with you!

ls being a doctor so important?

Advertising is a fine profession.

Who knows how Junpei would have turned out if he were still alive.

We're only human.

l heard "useless trash" and thought you were talking about me. l was scared to come out.

Thank God you were talking about Yoshio. lf only he'd lose a little weight.

He looks like that former sumo wrestler - who was it?


No, he's the one from Ηawaii who's in those commercials. l mean the one with the face like a mid-belly, like this.

What's a mid-belly? l think it's time to go. Our driver's awake now.

Going home so soon? Yes, we are.

Get ready!

Nobody asked him to live Junpei's life!

Ryota, buy an RV.

We'd better put those desserts in the refrigerator.

Atsushi, can you bring those desserts here?

Can you find a spot for them somewhere?

There's no room. Oh dear, in there.

From Grandma? Three thousand yen.

Three thousand yen.

Grandma seemed to be enjoying herseIf.

Of course she was. The best thing for her is to be with her family.

Did we earn some points with her? l don't know. She won't come out and agree to it.

She wants to preserve her son's room. l can understand how she feels.

Ηe's got it good.

We've got our hands full taking care of the living.

You'd prefer she look out for her living daughter?

Of course.

My brother's ghost isn't going to look after them in their old age.

Don't worry. lt's not that expensive. lt's light. lt doesn't matter what it costs. lt's not like l'm going to buy more than one.

Does Mother have her own cell phone? lt's right there.

When she makes calls, she goes and uses our home phone.

The fool doesn't trust phones without cords.

Says to keep this here.

What? What's so funny?

Nothing at all.

They should have stayed for supper too.

Oh no. l couldn't stand to have their whole gang hanging around all night.

Sushi for lunch and eel for dinner. l'm impressed. l shouldn't have fried so much tempura. What a waste.

Maybe l'll take some tempura home.

Leftover tempura isn't any good. lt loses its crunch. l'm glad we got the deluxe.

Anything less and they only give you instant soup.

Can you eat this?

Sure you can.

You don't have to. Grandpa'll eat it for you.

Grandma'll give you some eel instead.

You're so lucky. l can't eat all this rice. Ηere.

Don't dump your rice on top of my eel, Mom. lnside your stomach it's all the same.

She's never had a delicate bone in her body.

What do you mean, delicate? You're hardly one to talk. l take her to concerts, and she always falls asleep, snoring.

When was that, dear?

There are so many records in the room next door. l used to be quite a collector in my youth.

Now it's just decoration. Ηe hardly listens to them.

They just take up space.

l associate physicians with classical music.

Ηe was just the doctor at a local clinic.

But in an emergency, it's good to have a doctor in the house.

Not necessarily. Ηe was so busy, he couldn't be here when his own son was dying. l couldn't help it. l had a rash of food-poisoning patients.

Eat this.

You don't have a clue how important work is to a man. l've never worked, not even once.

Not that he works anymore.

What other music do you listen to?

Well, jazz. lt's outdated, but Miles Davis. l can tolerate up to about the Beatles.

But this recent rap crap - you can't call that music.

You're right.

At karaoke, apparently he sings Japanese ballads.

Karaoke? l read it on Shimazu-san's New Year's card.

"l look forward to hearing you sing 'Pleiades' again."

Don't read people's mail. lt was a New Year's card. l couldn't help it. lf you don't like it, have your friends seal them in envelopes.

Japanese ballads, huh?

"Pleiades" is not a ballad. lt's classier than that.

Don't you two have a special romantic song?

Nothing like that.

Yes, there's a record. What is it? lt's a cherished pop song. Want to hear it?

Last year... she got tricked into buying "Favorite Pop Songs" by maiI order.

A 30-album set. Who knows what it cost. l saw it in my room.

She's never listened to it - l wasn't tricked.

Ηow insulting. l'm not senile.

What song?

Play it on the stereo. Now?

lsn't the needle rusted? lt plays fine.

Ηow does this work again?

What kind of song is it?

Ηow should l know? lt's got nothing to do with me. lt has everything to do with you.

Mom, this song -

The city lights are so pretty, aren't they Yokohama Blue light Yokohama I'm so happy aIone with you

When is this song from?

About 1 970. Right before Expo '70. l remember you sang it sometimes.

StiII waIking, on and on But I onIy sway like a little boat l sway gently In your arms

Only our footsteps follow us Yokohama Blue light Yokohama Your gentle kiss...

l'll leave your fresh clothes here.

With your towel.

When did you buy that?

The record?

About the time... at ltabashi. l carried Ryota, strapped to my back, all the way to that woman's apartment. l could hear your voice singing from her room.

StiII waIking, on and on l didn't want to interrupt you, so l went straight home.

The next day, l bought it at the Canary Records by the station.

Please leave your washcloth hanging out to dry.

Remember how Mom said, "lt plays fine"?

You know she plays it when she's alone.

Kind of gives you the creeps.

That's not true.

What's strange about that?


Everybody has a song they listen to on the sly.

You think? Of course.

So you have one too?

Which one? Tell me. lt's a secret.

Women are so scary.

People are scary.

Everyone is.

l bet there's a baseball game on. Want to watch?

We put a dish on the roof. You can watch extra channels.

Not really.

There's not much to watch on TV these days.

There's nothing funny, but they laugh so loud.

That laughter isn't real, is it?

So they say.


What's that?

You treated us to a real feast today. Why don't you treat yourself?

My, an allowance from my own son.

Ηow wonderful.

You're always treating us. ln that case, thank you.

What shall l buy?

What was that sumo wrestler's name?

Still on your mind?

Solving these things keeps your mind active.

Waka-no-hana? Not him.

Kita-no-fuji? Ηe was really handsome.

No, he was more loveable.

Say... isn't it time we let Yoshio off the hook?

Let's stop inviting him.

Why? l feel sorry for him. lt seems painful for him to see us.

That's why we invite him.

Can't have him forgetting after just a dozen years.

lt was his fault Junpei died.

But Yoshio didn't - lt makes no difference. Not to a parent.

Not having someone to hate makes it all the worse for me.

So once a year l make him feel awful too.

Will the gods punish me for that?

So l'll invite him next year and the year after.

That's what you keep inviting him here for?

You're cruel. l'm not cruel. l think it's normal.

Everyone keeps using that word.

When you get to be a parent, you'll find out. l am a parent. A real parent.

What's that mean?

Take your bath. Your father's done.

And take the prince with you.

The prince?

You should. We have a nice big bath.


We usually take separate baths.

On a day like today, he should let his son bathe first.

Ηe just spaces out all day.

There's no need to bathe every day. lt's a waste of precious hot water.

What is it, Mother?

Let Atsushi bathe first, with Ryota.


Usually we don't. l'll leave your pajamas out. l brought a T-shirt.

Wear them. l bought them for you.


A discount shop, l bet. Let's see. l'll show you. Let's see.

You like this color. Oh no.

Atsushi, let's take a bath.

Wait till l finish this part.

The bathtub's really narrow. l don't think we'll both fit.


What about my T-shirt?

You've got your mother's pajamas, right? l don't need to wear those.

You should.

She took the trouble to buy them for you.

Are you mad?

She's like this when l visit.

She just wants to look after me. lt's not about that. What, then?

lf she's going to buy pajamas, she could buy a set for Atsushi too.

She treated him all day long like a guest, not family.

You're projecting. She just didn't get around to it.

She had three toothbrushes set out.

Ηand me my T-shirt.


Yukari-san, come.

Use this.

Job not going well? lt's fine. Why?

Forget it, then.

Don't worry about me. Things have changed.

Can't you... call your mom once in a while? Let her hear your voice.

When l do, all she ever does is complain.

Be patient and hear her out.

That's not my job.

Can't the two of you work things out without dragging me into it?


But that line about the corn - l said it, not Junpei.

Oh yeah?


What difference does it make?

Ryo, it's too hot to get in. l'll be right there.

Not that it matters anymore.


Do you have a splinter? lf you can pinch a mole like this, you'll be rich.


See this?

Grandma told me, so l always tried hard to pinch it.

Not that it did much good.

Why did you want to be a doctor, Ryo?

lt was long ago.

Long, long ago.

ls it this one?

Oh, here it is. l'll give you this too.

Oh no, Mother. lt's too expensive.

Oh no, it's not expensive, but it's a fine kimono.

My daughter wants everything, but once she gets it, she ignores it. l gave her a beautiful kimono, but she's never worn it once. l wonder if she's sold it on the "lnter-something" for cold, hard cash. l doubt that. l wouldn't put it past her.

You get dimples when you laugh.

lt's so sweet.

What's the point of dimples at my age?

That's not true.

A woman should be charming at any age. l'm jealous.

Don't be.

Are you all right? You're flushed.

Because l drank a little tonight.

Oh, when l was young, they said, "A woman should never empty a glass of beer."

You young folks are lucky.

These days, l rarely drink when l'm out.

So you drink at home? lt must be boring. My son doesn't drink.

Well, these days Ryota often drinks beer at home.

Oh really?

Just a little. Says it helps him sleep. l didn't know.

Better dry your hair. You'll catch cold.

I weigh Iess than before.

What are you two going to do about a baby?

We'll probably take some time to think about it.

Guess you're right.

But if you're going to have one, you shouldn't wait.

You're right.

You have to think about Atsushi too.

You'd hate to have things get awkward with a new baby.

Maybe it's best that you don't.

What a shame.

l wonder if this sash will match.

Maybe it's too plain.

This looks normal... right?



It just fIew in.

You followed us home from his grave, right?

Keep it closed. lt might be Junpei.

Ηey, Mom...


Ηurry, get it outside.

Cut it out. You're pathetic.

Calm down. But -

See, it is Junpei.



Gently now, gently.

lt's a butterfly. Just a butterfly.

Right. Just a butterfly.

l'm letting it go.

On my grandma's 1 7th memorial, a butterfly flew in at night.

You should take your bath, Mom.

l guess l will.

Yokoyama residence.

Oh, l see. Please wait a minute.

The lady across the way feels sick.

l'll take it.

Ηer heart again?

She's supposed to be taking her digitalis.

Okay. Call an ambulance, then. l can't. l'd like to, but -

l'm sorry l can't be of more help.

Slowly now. It'II sway a IittIe.

We'II stop here and turn around.

What's her pulse?

Please get back.

Let's open up and Ioad her in.

You don't understand. l'm -

You'II be fine.

Excuse me. Get back.

Time to go to bed.

Don't walk around in those pathetic pajamas.

Ηe said he'd fix the tiles, but he ate his fill, took a nap, and went home.

He's always like that. All talk and no action.

Grandma was acting strange earlier. lt just seemed that way to her.

Even though he's gone?

Even when they die... people don't really go away.

Your father's here. Right inside you.

Ηalf of you is made of your father.

Ηalf of you is from me.

What about Ryo, then?

Ryo will become a part of you too.

Slowly but surely.

Slowly but surely?


Slowly but surely what?

What do you say? Do you want to let Ryo in?

Ηey, let me in.

Ηow will he get in?

Through your mouth?

What through the mouth?

Through your belly button?

Belly button?

My belly button, slowly but surely?

l became one of the relay runners in the fall track meet.

l saw a yellow butterfly today.

Just like the one l caught with you in Karuizawa, Dad.

When l grow up... l want to be a piano tuner just like you, Dad. lf that's impossible, l'd like to be a doctor.

l'm off.

Please look after him, Father.

Off you go.

Sorry there's leftover fish.

Be careful. Don't go in the water.


The beach? Yeah, let's go.

Don't fall. l'm fine.

What about the Bay Stars baseball team?

These days... l follow the Marinos.

You, into soccer? l catch games at the Yokohama stadium.

Uh... who with?

Oh, who cares?

We should go, with the kid.

We should.

One of these days.

That ship ran aground.

Go see a dentist.

One of these days. Don't keep putting it off.

A single cavity can ruin your teeth.

Okay. lt's too late if you have to pull them.

Okay, okay, okay.

And take your weekends off.

You're getting older.

Yesterday you said l was still young.

Ηere it is. l'm sure l still had something left to say.

Come visit again soon.

Please teach me that sauteed radish recipe. l'd be happy to.

That's all right.

Shaking hands? Oh, who cares?

Bye, Father. See you.


You've got good manners.

Well, we'll be seeing you.

They'll be back for New Year's.

We can pass on New Year's now. Once a year is plenty.

Can't have them treating us too much. Next time we won't spend the night. l told you so.

We should've left yesterday before dinner. l ate too much. l put on two pounds.

Seven more stops.

l just remembered the name of that sumo wrestler. lt's Kurohime-yama.

lt's always like that. l'm always a little late.

Don't do that stuff.

Don't do what?

Shaking their hands. They'll get the wrong idea. lf a handshake gives them the wrong idea, l'm perfectly happy to do it.

Oh, l remember.

What? The name of that sumo wrestler.

Who? Doesn't matter.

Who is it? lt doesn't matter anyway.

We never brought up that sumo wrestler again.

Three years Iater, Dad died. l never did get to a soccer match with him.

Mom bickered with Dad untiI the day he died, but she died soon after him. l never did give her a ride in a car.

lt's so hot. The water must feel good.

Look, Mommy.

Very pretty. Put them in here.

Let's pray, then.

Look - ants. Watch your step now.

Look, a butterfly.

They say yellow butterflies like that are white ones that survive the winter and come back yellow the next year.


Who told you? l wonder who...



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