Stillwater (2018) Script

The story hasn't changed?

Almost to the word.

I'd like to hear it from him.

Okay, but he's gonna tell you exactly...

I'd still like to hear it from him.


Hey, Willie, how are we today?

I'd like to hear about your camping trip.

We're here to help.

But you need to tell us exactly what happened.

Ask the others.

We have their versions.

I'm interested in your version.

Come on, Willie, help us set the record straight.


Man, you're gonna have to drop this whole sour act, bro, because if I remember correctly, this whole trip was your whole idea in the first place.

Yeah, I know.

Do you?

Because from my vantage point, it seems to me like you haven't been trying to plan this whole thing for like, what, 15 years?


Seriously, man, fuck Ashley.


I told you, you guys shouldn't have gotten married and you made a mistake, so you gotta just forget about it.

You're gonna have to say it.

Fuck Ashley.

Say it with me, come on, we'll do it together.

I'll help you.


Fuck Ashley.

Yeah, there he is, good to see you.

Thanks for coming back.

We're gonna have a good time, man.

We're gonna get the guys together.

We're gonna get drunk.

You know, maybe play truth or dare.

No talk of divorce, lawyers, none of that bullshit, man.

No worries, doctor's orders.

Willie, you're a foot doctor.

A podiatrist is the correct term, thanks, and that's still a doctor.

A doctor who smokes cigarettes.

It's a little bit like a dentist with bad teeth, right?

Dentists get paid more than me, but don't worry about that, I'm quitting.

You've been talking about quitting since we were in high school.


Well, something about hanging out with you guys just brings it out in me.

Here you go.

That's you.

Hey, check this out. What?

Three, two.

There you go.

Thank you.

Oh, my God, Dawson.

Is that Cooper Dunn, the Cooper Dunn?

In the goddamn flesh.

Slick Willie.

When did you go and grow up, huh?

Still overdressing I see, though.

You look like a Scientologist.

Yeah, you should join.

It might help your career.


Been too long, Coop. Hey, maybe for you losers.

Time flies when you're living the dream, let me tell you.

Oh, the dream?

The dream.

I heard you moved back home?

Just a temporary blip on the radar.

All right.

Ya got it? Yup, how you doin'?

All right.

Lean it.

So, where's the Leechster at, huh?

Something came up back at home.

Said he's gonna meet us at the spot.

All right, yeah.

It's classic Leech.

Is he still living in his ma's basement?

Well, not till he has enough of that lake house, you know?

He's a children's book author now, so...

Shut up.

This is it, boys.

Our destiny awaits.

1,500 miles of uninhabitated wilderness.

Oh, check this out.

Thank you, honey.

Are you kidding me?

It's not bad, right?

No, I'm talking about your luggage.

Oh, no.

No, I'm not.

All right, let's go.

All right, got it?

Got it.


Oh, there we go.


Too soon, man.


Doing all right, Coop?

Yeah, I'm good.

Who fucking asked you?

All right, we're gonna have to partner with them.

Yeah, bro.

All right, what else?

That was an interesting move.

Oh, gotta do better than that.

You got that?




I got it, come on.

Put your hand on it.

Jesus Christ, buddy.

You gotta just jump over there, bro.



Where you at, Coop?

Need some help?

I'm kidding.

Wait up.

Richie, Jack.

Aw, boy.

Look at these guys.

Oh, gosh, and Cooper Dunn.

Lieutenant Dan himself, magic legs.

And who you supposed to be again?

I always say a cross between Waldo and the Brawny man.

Oh, really?

'Cause I say you can all go fuck yourselves.

Ooh, oh, shots fired.

Oh, look at you.

You made it. What's up, man, how are you?

Bring it in, come here.

Now we're talking.

What's going on?

How are you?

Good, good. Good?

For crying out loud.

Well, I hear you're some sort of foot doctor now.

Yeah, something like that.

It's called a podiatrist.

Oh, finally put that fetish to use, huh?

Hey, shut the fuck up.

Shut the fuck up.

Shut up.

Will you call me a pizza?

You're a real piece of work.

You're a real piece of work, this guy.

Jackson, which one of these tents is for me, pal?

No, Jack, this is incredible.

Thank you for setting it up, man.

For sure, though, Richie did most of the work.


Yeah, try all.

Two tours in Afghanistan, I didn't have to lug around as much shit as this guy made me.

He just sits down here, relaxin', drinking a beer, he's got me climbing trees, dangling off limbs, to put his fucking star camera up in the sky there.

He's relaxing.

He's on vacation. He is on vacation.

Bring it in.

Look, this was last night.

That, my friends, is the milky way.

You should it when we display this in the shop.

It puts customers in like a serious trance.


Well, that is fucking great, Copernicus, but can we get back to tents now, 'cause I wanna be as far as I possibly can from all of you, especially Dawson, now that I remember how loud he snores.

And I need my fucking beauty sleep.

Hey, you ever get tired of being you, Coop?



You're way out there, mister big shot.

Okay, that's Willie, that's Dawson, that's me and Richie over here, and then lastly...

Hey, speak of the devil.

What's up, motherfuckers? Ah, damn it.

Oh, what's the matter?

What, you didn't think I'd make it?

You have been known, Leech.

Ah, bullshit.

Look, you wouldn't have made it if you'd been through what I just went through.

I mean shit, first my publicist calls me, right?

She's on the phone with me for four hours, talking my ear off.

I'm like, oh my god, I'm stressed out.

So, I go to stop, pull over, get a beer, right?

Go to pay for the beer, lost my fucking wallet.

Jesus Christ, I don't even wanna tell you what I had to do to negotiate these bad boys.

Seriously, another story, another time.

Shit's fucked.

Anyway, I get on the highway, right?

Cruising, making good time.

All of a sudden, I'm driving, boom, fucking 25 point buck comes outta fucking nowhere.

I'm like errr, get out the fucking way, Bambi.

Skidding, get off to the side, turn the car off, stalls dead, won't start.

I'm fucked.

You ever try hitchhiking with a fucking canoe on your back?

Shit is real, bro.


Uh, you know, I work with liars all day long and that is grade-A bullshit.

Are you fucking insane?

No, man, it happened.

We know you had to make your bed.

Give that hot momma a little foot rub.

Fuck you, man.

I'm not the foot doctor here.

Podiatrist, goddamn it.

Oh, there it is.


What's up, man? What's up, Richie?

Listen, those tents are fully loaded.

I appreciate this.

Jack, Jack. I got everything you need.

Now we're talking, man.

Any chance you got cell towers in these tents?

No, man.

Great, my fans are not gonna like that.

I'm sure all three of them will survive.

At least they're not fucking four years old.

So what?

Who needs cell towers when you have this...

Oh, shit.

That's my shit right there.

Motherfucking Jack.

It's like Friday the 13th in Studio 54.

Dude, is everything a movie reference?

Hey, you remember how to use this?


You know it's a little Field of Dream, by the way.

What the hell?

That's my last time saying it.

That's strike two.

That's it right there.

Fucking A, man.

Do you remember May Darnell?

Oh, god.

Who can forget?

Cans out to here, am I right?

Dude, you're the creepiest man I've ever met.

Cans out to fucking here.

He's right.

She worked at Hooters for a couple years back home and awkward as that shit was, I went.


May and Danielle used to sit behind home plate and fucking go crazy, every one of Dawson's games.

You remember that?

Yeah, she loved you.

She'd go fucking nuts every time you pitched.

I always thought she was gonna get with him over anybody.

Oh, dude, well, you know, Cooper fucking cockblocked him.

What do you want me to do?

She put her pants down, I said, "Hey."

Yo, let him have sex with one girl.

Just one.

Gentlemen, if I may, to the good old days and reliving them one drunken weekend at a time.


And to Dawson and all his relentless attempts getting us here.


Somebody remembered.

Strength in unity.

Unity in strength.

Oh my god.

Wait wait wait wait wait.

Cooper, what's going on?

You're not joining us.

You gonna go in the spirit or what?

Oh, Hollywood.


All right, cheers, it's cool.

Coop, Coop, Coop, Coop, Coop, Coop, Coop.

All right, fucking shh.

Shut the fuck up.

Unity in strength.


What are you looking at?

Oh, shit.

What's up, yo, what's up?

What's going on, man?

Glad you made it, man.

Hey, what's going on, girl?


You look beautiful.


Okay, cool.

Yo, you guys, you remember The Wizard, right?


But you might remember me.

Did we sleep together in high school?

In your dreams.

That's unlikely.

I just have far too much sex in real life to ever dream about it.



Hey, I'm Dawson.

Yeah, yo, and that's Vera and Fauna.


So, yo, why don't you guys get set up, right?

And when you come back, we've got some beers right here with your names on it.


Right on.

Rock and roll.

The fucking, The Wizard, man.

That guy's so fucking cool, I can't stand it.


Are you fucking kidding me?

The fucking Wizard?

The fuck?


Guys, The Wizard's cool, man.

That wasn't part of the plan, Leech.

I don't want no strangers eating our food and drinking all our beer.

What the hell are you thinking?

I took time off of work to hang out with you guys, not some party crashers.

First of all, okay, The Wizard doesn't crash parties, all right?

He is the party.

Plus, yo, he's got a shop on Main Street now called Puff Puff Glass.

I've never seen so many buds.

The whole fucking back room is like...

I don't care if he owns Warner Brothers, man.

Get him out of here.

Hey, you're awfully quiet over there, Dawson.

You have an opinion?

You should've asked us first.

Well, what the fuck am I supposed to do, huh?

I can't just ask him to up and leave.

Sure you can.

Just fucking ask him.

Dude, they just got here.

It's about to be dark out soon.

Oh, you're worried about their safety.

They look like the fucking Manson family.

Oh, Jesus.

You know what I say?

I say Leech gets the fuck out of here and he takes them with him.

I second that.

What the fuck?

Second that. Oh, fuck that.

You should go. Yeah, Leech.

Dude, that's you guys.

What do you fucking want, man?

What the fuck is wrong with you?

You're getting aggressive and shit.

Hey, we're not sending them away or Leech.

All right, we waited far too long to get back here, so as unfortunate as this situation is, we're gonna find a silver lining.

Ah, silver lining.

Well, if I may,

the sausage fest was getting a little rough on the eyes and the one kinda has a little bit of a Christina Ricci thing going on.

That's what I'm talking about.

That was part of my plan all along.

I guess we were always better when we had something to compete over, so...

All right, then it's settled.

We just make the best out of this.

Tomorrow we're sending them on their way.

Cool, cool.

All right, but if that asshole even enters my airspace, I'm taking him down.

Please, dude.

This shit's gonna be so much more bad-ass now.

You're fucking welcome, all of you.

I'm gonna need a few more beers.

I'll take one Jack.

Grab some beers, baby.

I'm getting some.

You're welcome, for real.

Yeah, remember you had tourette's for some odd reason.

But you know what didn't make sense?

I remember you always talked about joining the military.

I just didn't, I didn't think you'd actually do it.

Hey, man, they recruit like mad.

Promise you an education you don't have time for afterwards, if you don't die, of course.

Well, it can't be any worse than the medical field, huh, Willie?

I mean, how many lawsuits you up to now, man?


You hit double digits?

Look, man, the thing to do now is to sue a doctor, okay?

Everybody thinks WebMD is smarter than me.

It don't take much.

Well, I'm gonna go kill myself.

You really don't remember me?


A lot of people remember you, mister ace on the mound.

Rumor is you bought a farm and settled down with a woman real quick.

Yeah, I'm still married, for now at least.

I remember you.

You remember girls you never slept with?

Didn't you have like one successful TV show 10 years ago?

I heard no one will cast you because you're such a dick bag now.

You know, Variety can go fuck themselves and for your information I'm in the works right now with a fucking whale.

Have you heard of Martin Scorsese?

That's amazing.

Dead mobster number four is the perfect role for you.

Whatever, I don't entertain criticism from Helena Bonham Carter wannabes.

Sure you don't?


You're a man of few words, but you know how to hit that thing.

Silence is golden, man.

That's deep.




Right on, man.

You know what, man?

I know it's more mainstream, but I still feel shady.

This coming from the guy who used to put video cameras in the girl's locker room.

There's no evidence that that was me.

Holy shit.

Who remembers the night that we got stuck on the fucking roof, right?

Yeah, at the Dog Way Club. Yeah, I remember this.

It was like two in the morning, easy.

Got a carton of eggs at our fucking feet and we're trying to chuck 'em across the street, hit a fucking car on the highway, like a semi-truck or something, except no one could fucking do it.

No, no, except Dawson. Except for fucking Dawson.



Kid's got a fucking cannon attached to his shoulder.

He leans back, puts one in the air, hits the fucking windshield right in the middle.

The guy's fucking blind.

Yeah, dude, that thing screeched to a halt in the middle of the fucking highway.

Completely dead stop.

Buddy fucking pulls out a revolver out of his boot.

He just starts aiming at the air.

"I will fucking end all of you."

It was out of control.

Fucking slept on the goddamn roof.

Couldn't leave.

I remember that.

Richie's mom tore us a new asshole.

Sure did.

Plus we had to explain why Leech pissed himself.

I didn't, I didn't piss myself.

Man, fuck you guys.

All right.

So, I guess there's a bad boy in there after all.

I guess so, if you dig deep enough.

You know they say pot won't kill you?

Well, it did once.

And when I came back, my life was changed forever.

I was there.

This will enlighten you in many many ways.

Is that right?

Holy shit.

I know, right?


That's what I'm talking about.

Holy shit.

You know, if I may be so bold as to suggest, let's really get this night going.

What is that?

Potion eight.

All your favorite pyschotropic effects rolled into one little piece of glorious heaven.

This shit is no joke, man, but there's like virtually no hangover the next morning.

Did you make that yourself, man?

I learned it from the ancient druids of Stonehenge.

They used to take it annually on the winter solstice.

When I died, I visited the Akashic records.

There you could learn anything and everything about human history, like even how to craft these.

You're welcome.

You'll thank me later.

Fuck it, man.

You can't listen to captain here anymore.

It's been like 15 fucking years.

Fuck yeah.

When in Rome or Stillwater, or wherever the north woods fuck we are.

That was easy.

Pass it down.

Pass it down, pass it down.

Hell yeah.

Get me one of them.

Dawson, come on, man.

Yo, seriously, this shit is like nothing you've ever experienced before.

Would I ever steer you wrong?

Guys, strength in unity.

Unity in strength.


Fucking jocks.


Coop, wake up, man.

Hey, you all right, buddy?


Guys, get up.

Guys, get the fuck up.

Leech, get up, man.

Willie, Jack.


Oh, god.

Dude, it's like, what, the ass crack of dawn?

Aw, fuck.

What the hell happened last night, man?

That's an interesting question.

Dawson, what's going on, man?

It's bad, it's bad.




Maybe he's passed out.

No, fuck you, dude.

Fuck you, dude.

You don't know.

This ain't cutting off somebody's bunions, man.

This is fucking life.

I'm a doctor, Leech.

I know a dead body when I see one.

No, bullshit, man.


Oh, fuck, dude.

Oh, fuck.


How the hell did this happen?

He fell, man.

Why'd you have to put his tent so close to the fucking edge for?

I didn't roll him out of it, did I?

Fuck you, fuck you. Guys, does it really matter?

We need to get help.

Jack, do you have reception?

The booster's only reach so far.

We're literally in the middle of fucking nowhere.

I still can't believe he's dead.

He's fucking dead.

What the fuck?

So, what now?

I'm gonna go find the girls and that fucking Wizard.

He's right.

Maybe he'll tell us what the fuck happened last night.

Willie, you knew then, didn't you?

Didn't you?

Kara, easy.

Go ahead, Willie, continue.

I only brought enough for me.

I'm not playing mom to you man-boys.

Where are the others?

I was wondering the same thing about you a minute ago, as in I have no idea.

What happened last night?

A lot of shit happened last night.

Luckily, only some of it was homoerotic.

Listen, chick, we're done with your attitude.

Easy, Richie.

She obviously has no idea.

No idea about what?

He looks so small from here.

What are you, five?

So, what are we gonna do now?

We need help.

No shit.

I mean, we get help, Richie.

We can't just leave him here.

There's like bears and vultures and shit.


Dude, this isn't the fucking Sahara.

No, he's right.

We should drag him up here or something.

No, we shouldn't do that.

No, Will, we should.

No man left behind.

Look, man, we're not gonna move any bodies until the cops come over here and sort all this out.

What is there to sort out?

He fell from a steep ass cliff.

I mean, you checked his vitals, right?

He's gone, man.

You don't think it was an accident.

I don't work in forensics.

I just think we all don't know what happened after a certain point, so we should all just figure all that out before we start moving bodies.

What the hell are you trying to say, man?

Spit it out.

He doesn't have one broken bone, man.

Not one broken bone, not one scrape on his whole body.

There's no way he fell down this cliff.

He's got a huge fucking gash on his head.

A gash?

You think you're gonna fall down a cliff and just get a gash?

So, wait wait wait wait wait.

What are you trying to say, man, that one of us killed Coop?

No, it's not possible, not possible.

None of us could've killed Coop, but that fucking Wizard.

I knew that guy was a piece of shit the minute he arrived.

Hey, you don't know him.

He wouldn't hurt a fly.

She's right, dude.

He wouldn't.

So, don't go accusing people who aren't here to defend themselves.

Or you'll do what?

Hey hey hey, easy easy.

Hey hey, once we get the cops here, they're gonna sort it all out.

No way, man.

No way, we're not going to the cops.

I got a family.

I got a business, man.

We're not doing that shit.

What are we gonna say?

"Hey, mister policeman, we had a huge party last night, did a bunch of drugs, and now one of our friends is dead."


Yeah, that's exactly what we're gonna say.

All right, okay, so let's say we do go to the cops, right?

Who goes?

I mean, what if we wind up sending the killer?

Okay, you're jumping to conclusions.

How do you know for sure he didn't fall?

Is there any way to prove it?

I got an idea.

The fuck?

This is fucking stupid.


So's inviting The Wizard.

Anyone got a better idea as I'm all ears.

That think looks heavier than Coop.

Sorry, I haven't weighed a man in a while.

Besides, it's the length that matters here.

That's what she said.

Goddamn it, Leech.

Now's not the fucking time.

Where do you suppose he fell?

Well, based on the proximity of the tent and where his body is, the trajectory would be right in this area right here.

So, he gets up in the middle of the night to take a piss, takes one too many steps and boom, down he goes.

There would be a footprint.

There would be a broken branch, something.

If you see it's an incline, so he would've went...


What is he, fucking bigfoot?

There's fucking pine needles, man.

Wouldn't there be something, though?

Guys, guys, hey hey.

We'll see.

God, I hope this works.

Son of a bitch.

Are you serious?

I'm fucking nervous, man.

When I'm nervous, you'll tolerate your own alcoholism when you admit it exists.

Have another cigarette.

We need to send someone to get the cops immediately.

Nobody leaves.

I need everyone here when that Wizard bastard gets back.

We'll get the truth out of him then.

Richie, will you fucking listen to yourself, man?

First of all, he didn't do shit.

How the fuck do you know that?

Because he wouldn't hurt anyone.

Yeah, says his groupie.

Where were you last night?

And come to think of it, where were you this morning when Dawson was yelling for everyone?

I don't have to explain myself to you, little man.

Okay with this shit.

Enough, enough, hey.

This is insane.

How am I the only one who knows that we need to get the police?

Because fucking Cooper was murdered, Dawson.

And someone here last night did it.

If we don't figure out who, the cops are gonna put us all away.

Don't you get it?


Yeah, he's right, Dawson.

We're all accomplices right now.

I can't have my name tainted by something like this.


Try explaining this to a wife and two kids, man.


On the other hand, how long do we plan to sleuth around here?

We did a serious number on our food and water supply last night.

As long as it takes, Jack.

I mean, we don't even know where he ran off to yet.

We need all the information before we start including outsiders.

I'm with Dawson, man.

I say we call the cops, let them figure this shit out.

All right, well let's take a vote then.

No, it's not necessary, Richie.

We just send one person and it's settled.

It's all of us or none of us, Dawson.

We decide as a group, like we've always done.

If you wanna leave.

If you wanna stay.

Hey, will.

Let's go, man.

Come on, Will.

You don't count.

Just us.

Fuck you.

What's it gonna be, Jack?

Strength in unity.

Unity in strength.

All right.

We stay, but we better get some answers right now.


How the hell are we supposed to do that?

Follow me.

Bruises on his wrists, neck, signs of a struggle.

Obviously a gash on his head.

Yeah, a fist didn't do that.

There must be a murder weapon.

Willie, if someone used a weapon, they're not just gonna drop it right by the body.

They're gonna dump it in the lake.

Right, well, you're assigning logic to an illogical act.

Whoever did this wasn't thinking clearly.

Guys, look at this.

See, it's got fucking blood all over it.

Oh, fuck, damn.

Now we know.

Blunt force trauma to the head.

Dude, don't fucking, that's fucked up.

And the laceration was on the left side of his head, so whoever did this probably swung righty.

Yeah, that's real useful, 'cause we're all right-handed.

Doesn't tell us anything.

If we don't remember what happened last night, then we gotta find a motive.

Yeah, we do.

Gotta find a motive.

So, what's the last thing that you remember?

I don't remember shit.

Look, we gotta piece it together, all right?

Hold on.

It's coming back to me.

That other chick was all over Coop last night.

They had some weird love-hate shit going on, man.

Oh, shit.


She went back into his tent at the end of the night.

That's the last time I saw her.

Yeah, me too.

Hey, Vera and I just walk together, all right?

Why are you looking at me?

Do I have to keep saying it?

This is fucking crazy.

Is it?

'Cause right now it all seems to add up.

Oh, really?


Okay, sure, you know what?

Let's jump on the crazy train for just a minute.

Let's just say that The Wizard drugged all of us, so that he could send Vera to kill Coop for, what?

Some kind of fucking fanboy fascination that he had?

Sure, that makes sense.

Then, oh what, they all wake up the next morning and take off.

So, if that's the case, you know what?

Why don't we all just sit around here and wait.

Do you really think if his crazy conspiracy is true that they're just gonna stroll back into camp?

What's the story, morning glories?

Where the fuck were you?

What business is it of yours?

Maybe Vera and I were off enjoying the sunrise on the water.

Maybe we were engaged in a passionate cunnilingus along the slippery shore.

Or maybe fuck off.

Whoa, easy, Richie, Richie.

Better put a muzzle on your dog, man.

I don't do hostility.

Yeah, you seemed pretty fucking okay with it last night.

What the fuck are you talking about?

Stay out of this Elvira.

Chill chill chill chill.

Whoa whoa whoa.

Look, bros, last night was a barrel of laughs, but this is seriously a toxic vibe, and frankly, I'm just not interested.

Fauna, let's go.

Are you gonna stop him?

I'm more inclined to go with him at this point.

Cooper's dead, man.

That's unfortunate.

See ya.

Fuck this shit. No, wait, hey.

Fuck you.

I told you.

I don't do hostility, man.

I said don't fucking touch me.

You fucking murderer.

Was your friend shot?

I didn't think so.

Wouldn't hurt a fly, huh, guys?

Hey, Wiz, put that shit away, man.

We don't need this getting out of hand.

What do you mean, like your friend here already did?

No, I put this away and he tries to torture me into some confession that I don't got, like this Guantanamo Bay.

No fucking way.

At least help us, man.

Like tell us what happened last night.

I know about as much as you do.

And you?

I fucked your pop star friend so hard he cried, said he'd never had a woman like me in his entire life.

I was so disgusted I just went back to my tent.

Damn, easy, Vera.

The man is dead.

I mean, you asked her what happened.

She's telling you.

Shit, I remember hearing that last night, squealing like a pig.


And the crying.

Also him.

Then she left.

She's telling the truth, man.

So, I think, gentlemen, our little carousel here has reached its end.

Still doesn't account for you.

And probably never will.

I could stay here all day and explain myself, but you dumb fucking jocks would probably still not believe me, even though it's pretty obvious to me which one of you killed your friend.

Strength in unity, my men.


Hey, we'll tell the police about you, your drugs, and your shady disappearance this morning.

No, I don't think you'll be doing any of that.

My rap sheet doesn't need any more additions, especially this little cluster fuck.

If you want my advice, and believe me I think you do, I'd make a pact to never speak of this again and I'd weigh that body down with the biggest rocks that you can find and I'd drop it in the depths of that lake.


Man, you can't go yet.


I said don't fucking touch me.


Oh shit.

Richie, get off him, dude.

Dude, stop, get off of him.


What the fuck did you do?


All right, Richie, that's enough.

That's enough, come on.

That's enough.

You fucking fucking fuck.

Fuck fuck.

So, it was Richie Valentino that killed him?

He didn't mean to kill anybody.

He was in Afghanistan and they pushed him over the edge.

But you knew then that Wizard and Vera did not kill Cooper.

Go ahead.

Tell us what happened next.

Richie wasn't the same after that.



Damn it.

Real great weekend, guys.

Really fucking fun getting the gang back together.

Hey, guys, listen.

We can make a strong case for self defense.

The Wizard, he killed Cooper and then The Wizard pulled a gun out.

He didn't kill Cooper, he didn't kill Cooper, all right?

But that fucking lunatic did kill both of my friends.

He was protecting his friend.

Your peaceful collie here, put a gun to my head.

Yeah, because you accosted him.

Are you fucking serious right now?


Put a fucking tarp on them?

They're dead.

I should've gone right when I saw Coop's body.

Then we would've suspected you.

Who cares?

The cops would be here.

This wouldn't even be happening.

Where do you think you're going?


Nobody leaves.

Go get her, Jack.

Get her.

She didn't do anything.

Don't fucking touch her, that's super fucked up.

Nothing's changed.

Nobody leaves till we figure this out.

You just killed two innocent people.

What the fuck is there to figure out?

We voted to stay.

Nobody's going anywhere until we come up with some answers.

I didn't vote on shit, so with all due respect, fuck off.

Don't let her leave, Jack.

Get the fuck off of me.

Get the fuck off of me.

Richie, no, come on, man.

What are you doing? You can't tie...

She can't go!

Give me her hands, hands, give me her hands.

Fucking hold 'em, hold 'em, keep 'em there, keep 'em there, keep 'em there.

Hold 'em, hold 'em.

I got her, I got her, I got her.

Jack, you can't be fucking okay with this, man.

You're better than this.

Jack, listen, man.

She's, Jack, this doesn't make any sense, man.

She will bolt the first chance she gets, Dawson.

I'm sorry, we're not going to the police, not just for Richie's sake.

Your farm, gone.

Willie's practice, gone.

My family, my business, it's all gone.

The only thing that we can do is stick together.

No one needs to check in with the real world till after the weekend, right?

So, nobody leaves until we figure this out.

The fuck?


Real nice group of friends you got.

So what, we're just collecting wood now?

Pretending like everything's okay?

Just gonna do whatever Richie wants us to do?

How are we gonna get out of this?

Dawson, we gotta find out what happened with Cooper, man.

Someone's not telling us something.

Are you talking about Fauna?

No, man.

I'm not talking about just Fauna.

Not just her.

You just said it yourself.

If The Wizard killed Coop, then Rich didn't do anything wrong.

Did you see what he did to his face?

That's not normal.

That's PTSD.

No, it's not PTSD.

I keep thinking about it.

What reason did The Wizard have to kill Cooper?

Wizard had no reason to want Cooper dead.

You think one of us did?


What the fuck?

Okay, here you go.

You gotta eat something.

You're just as bad as them.

You know?

By letting them do this, it's the same as if you did it yourself.

All right.

I'll be back.

We need to talk, guys.

What the fuck is there left to talk about?

I'm done starving to death.

We're gonna leave.

We're gonna get the cops.

We already voted on that.

Great, we're gonna vote again.

Nothing's changed.

If anything, we have more reason to stay and figure this out.

Can we please just fucking go to sleep and talk about this tomorrow?

Are you fucking kidding me?

What if one of us dies in the morning?

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about The Wizard obviously not killing Cooper.

You think that guy overpowered him?

The guy had a gun, right?

You think he would've used it?

Vera, her story, that alibi, that checks out.

Whoever killed Cooper is right here.

No, fuck that, dude.

Fuck that.

We've known each other our whole lives.

Not her, we don't know her.

You're gonna leave Fauna out of this, all right?

I know her and she had no reason to kill Cooper or anybody.

Now somebody here had a motive.

So, we gotta look at ourselves and ask the honest questions.

Which one of us is capable of committing murder?

I am a United States marine.

We don't kill our own.

Sick fuck.

Lay off Richie.

He's been through enough, man.

Spare me the dad routine, you alcoholic fuck.

Fuck you, Leech.

Fuck you.

You come out here late and you fucking bring The Wizard.

You back his drugs and you probably fucking killed Coop, got us all fucked up to make it look like an accident.

What the, that's not a motive, you fucking moron.

And you were the one who was always jealous of Coop, so jealous that you filmed him in the shower, you sick fuck.

Okay, first thing, nobody complained about that then, right?

Second, filming the beautiful female form and killing your fucking friend is like apples to oranges.

If anybody was jealous of Coop's women, it was fucking Dawson.


May Darnell was just the tip of the pussy iceberg.


Clair, Danielle, and busty Orban.

I wouldn't be surprised if Coop flew back from Hollywood just to fuck Dawson's wife.

You better not fucking say that shit to me.

Whoa, hey hey. I swear I will fuck you up.

Jack, Jack, Jack, you're not helping.

You're not helping, Jack.

You're not so fucking clean yourself, fucking mister malpractice.

Yeah, no shit.

Willie, how you kill a patient by rubbing cream on fungus all day?

I don't need to explain shit to you because drunkenly hanging up speakers and lights, that shit doesn't even compare to the first day of medical school.

Hey, what day of medical school do they teach you how to gas patients to death, man?

Oh, Jesus, Jack.



Why would you say that, man?

Hit him, Willie. What day is that?

You gonna fucking hit me?

He deserves to be fucking hit, right in the face.

Hit me, bitch.

Hit me, just fucking hit me.

It was Wizard.

So everybody shut the fuck up.

Yeah, okay.

Hey, you know, sleeping on it probably isn't the worst idea right now, you know?

Jesus, why are my ideas only good when they come outta one of your fucking mouths?

Strength in unity, huh?

You should probably get some sleep, man.

You need it more than any of us.

I stayed awake for 72 hours straight on tour.

I'll keep watch.

Yeah, you know, but you're not on tour anymore.

The third day there was a family.

Everyone always thinks they're in this battlefield in the middle of nowhere, but really you're in a quiet village.

And you walk down the streets, you see the villagers who haven't fled yet and you wonder which one of them's gonna shoot you in the back.

Okay, but you don't have to go back there right now, Richie.

There's gunfire everywhere.


It brought a crowd once and they opened up and fired.

Mother holding a baby, fucking newborn.

It's over now, Richie.

It's okay.

Except it isn't, Dawson.

So, I'll keep watch.




You couldn't sleep either.

You know, before we got out here, I thought my life was ending.

Because of Ashley?


I had all this...

When you have your problems at home, they just seem so, I don't know, insurmountable.

But, you're alive.

You're healthy.

You know, it just gives you some perspective.

You know, if this is what it takes, I don't want it.

Big divorce,


endless work, losing baseball games.

I mean, that shit all has a silver lining.

You know, what's the silver lining here?

I love you, man.

You too, man.

All right, Dawson.

All right.

Dawson. Dawson.


Dawson, get up.

Wake up, man. Get up, man.


What's wrong?

We shouldn't have slept on it.

What happened?

Where's Fauna?

The bodies?

That's only the half of it, man.

Coop's body's gone.

No, bullshit.

It's gone, man.

It's not there anymore.

Come on, dude, let's go.

Come on.

No, no.


Richie, Richie.

What'd you do, Richie?

Richie, where'd you go?

Yo, something is seriously wrong.

You don't think he killed her, do you?

No, man.

He didn't just fucking kill a woman for no reason.

What if he had a reason?

We gotta find him right now.

Well, he didn't go far.

Yeah, especially if he's dragging dead bodies around.

Leech, shut the fuck up, man.


Am I gonna be the only one who says it?

We can't just keep ignoring the glaring evidence

'cause we used to fucking hang out with the guy.

That's my best friend that you're talking about.

All right, we're gonna split up, cover more ground that way, all right?

I call you.

All right.

No, you can't, you can't just call him.

What are you saying?

Bullshit, I know you two are gonna try to buddy up as always.

I'm not getting stuck with psychopath's friend over there.

Watch your mouth, Leech.

What if they're in on it? You know what then?

Then you're dead body will give us way more information than your live one has.

Okay, Leech and I, we're going this way.

Go, you guys circle back that way.

Let's go, move.

Oh, man, I'm telling you, Jack.


Watch your fucking step.

Jack, you gotta hear me out, man.

Jack. I could...


What, man?

Talk to me.

I could really use a drink right now, man.

Jack, you need some water.

You cut the Dr. Will shit for a minute and talk to me like a friend.

Talk to me like a fucking friend, man.


You really think Richie did all this?

I don't know.

I don't know, man.

Guys, over here.


We just found him.

He won't listen to us, man.

Richie, what the hell are you doing, man?



Oh shit.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa.

Dawson, Dawson.

No, man, he's gone, bro.

He's gone.

Look at him.

I've seen these signs before.

We can't help him.

Good, good, 'cause I'm not going anywhere near that fucking lunatic.

Richie, Richie.

Hey, it's me, Dawson.

Hey, you remember that semi-final game against Point?

Yeah, man, the meat of that lineup was bigger than our dads.

I kept shaking off your signs and you thought I was doing it just to piss you off.

But really, I was just afraid to throw them anything.

Hey, Richie, I swear, man if you hadn't been talking in their ear that whole game, those guys would've put up 20 on me.

You said you threw a three-hitter?

That was your framing.

The ump was calling them at the shins.

It's all gone wrong, Dawson.

I know, Richie.

We're gonna get through this, like everything.

Yeah, he's right, Richie.

There's nothing that we can't overcome.

You're trained to shoot first and protect each other and then you do and...

Hey, you're not there anymore, Richie.

You're with us now.

You guys got families, businesses.

Me, I got nothing.

You're with us, Richie.

You got us, man.

I killed them, Dawson.

I killed them both.

Lock me up forever,

but I didn't kill Coop.

I loved him, just like I love all you.

Richie, we love you too, man.

We love you too.

Come on.

Let's go back to the camp and get the canoes.

Let's get the hell outta here.

Fuck, man.

Richie, what the fuck?

Say it was me,

all of it.


No, Richie, Richie, wait, no no.

Richie wait, Richie!

Whoa whoa whoa whoa.

So, Richie wanted to take the fall for you?


We knew he didn't kill Cooper.

We all knew that.

And soon you were gonna find out that you were right.

Maybe The Wizard was right.

Maybe we should just leave and say the others went off and never came back.

I mean, we're in the middle of nowhere, right?

So, what are the odds that somebody's gonna find the bodies?

I'd say pretty good, Leech, considering we told everybody that we're coming to Stillwater for the reunion.

Bodies don't just fucking disappear.

You guys think he killed her?

I mean, he said I killed them both, but he never said anything about Fauna.

Doesn't mean anything.

Traumatic events can often trigger repression of memory.

He could've done it and just blocked it out of his mind.

Does it fucking matter?

He's gone.

Coop's gone.

Shut the fuck up for five minutes, so I can mourn the loss of my friend.

What a fucking idiot.

What a fucking idiot.

Which one of us are you talking about specifically?

Do you think anyone's gonna believe that Richie tied a rope around his neck, and then he jumps off a cliff with a bag of rocks in the same spot as all the other bodies.

It'll look like we killed him and the others and tried to hide the evidence.

Richie pinned this whole thing on us.

That's what he fucking did, that idiot.

He was trying to save us.

Don't go around talking shit about Richie.

It was stupid and it was fucking idiotic, all of it.

He should've died in Afghanistan.

He fucking...


Oh, Jesus.

Yo, chill, get off of him.

Get, oh shit.

Chill chill chill.

Done, we're done.

We're done.

Stop stop stop stop stop.

All right?

When did this flip over?

We'll know soon enough.

Holy shit.

It saw everything.

What the fuck?

You slept with her?

Why didn't you tell us?

It's none of your business.

Shit, it's Cooper.

What the fuck?

What the fuck is this?

Why were you yelling at Cooper?


It's personal.

Yeah, this whole thing's pretty fucking personal, don't you think?


Wait, Dawson, wait.

Dawson, why are you running, man?

Get him.

Why you running, Dawson?

Guys, wait.

Wait wait wait, just wait, just fucking wait.

Jack, wait.

Would you fucking...

Leave him alone!

He fucking killed Coop.

Everything that's happened is his fucking fault.

Strength in unity.

Unity in fucking strength.

He's gonna go to the canoes.

Flank him.


Dawson, wait.

Dawson, wait.

Wait wait wait wait, Dawson.

Don't do anything stupid, Willie.

Come on, you know I didn't do it.

I know, man.

I know.

Dawson, I can not convince those guys on my own, brother.

If you take off, they're gonna think you did this.

Think about it.

It's too far gone, Willie.

You know there's nothing I could say to change their minds.

Dawson, jus...

We should've gone to the fucking police.

No one else had to die, Willie.

Dawson, just listen to me.

Dawson, just wait.

Yo, guys, wait.


No, no.


I didn't do it.


Jesus, Jack, would you let him speak?

There's nothing left for him to say.

Dawson, please, man.

You gotta tell us right now what happened between you and Cooper.

The truth, right now.

Cooper was fucking my wife.

All right, ever since he came back home.

He's been fucking my wife.

When did you find out?

Just that night.

Look, I knew she was cheating on me, but I didn't know, I didn't know it was him.

He got drunk and as always he just couldn't shut his mouth.

And you waited till now to tell us?

I didn't want to believe.

I didn't want, Coop's supposed to be my friend.

And you fucking killed him.


No, goddamn it, Jack, stop.

Why, so he can tell us even more lies?

No, I call bullshit.

He's the one who set this whole trip up.

I bet he knew that Coop and Ashley were having an affair before we even got out here.

Wait a second.

When I went back to my tent, you knew Richie was out of it.

You knew where she went?


You know where she is, don't you?

My canoe's gone.

He let her go.

He fucking let her go.

You made us believe Richie killed her.

You motherfucker.

You sent her to the cops?

What are you trying to do, man.

You trying to set us all up?

Fuck, man.

What the fuck?

You are fucking disgusting.

If I'm going down, I'm taking you with me.

Last fucking chance, Dawson.

Last chance, man.

What does it matter?

You made up your minds.

It matters to me.

Tell me right now, what happened?

She was my whole fucking life, man.

And Coop, Coop, he just takes and takes

and doesn't think about anyone.

Strength in unity?

That son of a bitch didn't care about us.

You, you brought the perfect scapegoat, man.

And Richie, fucking Richie, no, we could've put it on Wizard.

Nobody would've cared.

But he had to lose his fucking mind, huh?

You, with your fucking camera.

Why won't you just delete that shit, huh?

Let sleeping dogs lie.


No, you're gonna chase me down.

You're gonna break my fucking leg.

Yeah, defending a wife-stealing homewrecker

and a drug lord and a psychopath, yeah?

No, fuck you guys.

Fuck Richie.

Do it.

I fucking dare you.

Do it, huh?

Watch it.

I'll be waiting for you fuckers in hell.

Do it.

Fucking goddamn it.

Fucking goddamn it.

I'm sorry, Willie.

I know this is tough on you.

What happened after Dawson Walker died?

Is that really important?

Yes, yes it is.

I'd argue it's the most important event of all, Will.

So, what happened?

Out with it.

Look, I don't think this is...

Shut up.

What happened before the boat reached the shore, Will?


What happened before the boat reached the shore?

I don't remember.

Yes, you do.

Yes, you do, will.

You can reach for it.

I hope I'm not interrupting.

Gentlemen, what the fuck happened last night?

You wouldn't fucking believe what happened to me.

I don't even know where to fucking begin.

Don't tell me you pussies fucking forgot about me.


Look, this guy's...

What the fuck did you guys do?

No, no no, you're fucking with my head.

Allow me to tell you another story.

One that starts with a misdiagnosis.

A misdiagnosis that doesn't take into account the pulse-slowing drugs from the night before, one that misreads a laceration for foul play.

Slow down.

You're gonna lose him.

Maybe he needs a push.

According to Cooper Dunn...

I needed time to cool off.

You know, for Dawson to cool off.

I mean, as fucked up as I was, I knew I had to get away from him, so I went down to the lake, alone.

I started hitting pine cones with a stick.

I don't know.

I guess I missed one and fell and the next thing I know, I'm waking up on the ground, my head is fucking throbbing.

I'm not sure if I'm still high on drugs or if I'm just hungover.

I only thought I was out for a couple hours tops.

I had no idea I was out for the whole day.

I meant to head back to camp, took a wrong turn, and next thing I know, I'm fucking lost at night in these deep ass woods and it's just...

So, I sat down to rest, went and passed out.

The next morning, I wake up and I found them.

I wish I hadn't.

I don't understand.

Let me spell it out for you.

There was no foul play.

Since Cooper was never killed, Dawson never confessed, did he?

Did he, Willy?

I didn't do it.

I didn't kill Cooper.

You're a liar!

You're a liar, aren't you?

You're a liar.

You're a fucking liar.

Willie, stop.

Tell me the truth!

Let him go, Willie, god.

You were my best fucking friend and you fucking lied to me.

You were supposed to be my fucking friend.

You're supposed to tell me the truth.


You said so yourself.

A traumatic event can trigger repression of memories.

It can block out your own malicious deeds.

Well, sooner or later you're gonna have to accept what you did.


What do you think?

Do I think he believes his own story?


I mean, it's possible he's made up an alternate version of reality to protect himself from his own actions.

Yeah, and maybe he's faking.

I mean, he's intelligent enough to know what's at stake here and living out your days in a psych ward, hell of a lot better than state prison.

My god, I mean, if he is, he's a good fucking actor.

So, which one are you gonna write up on your report?