Stir of Echoes (1999) Script


Jackson came over to pIay.


I was BIack Power Ranger.

He was Batman.

-Jake, you okay in there, buddy? -I'm okay.

Can I ask you a question?

Okay, time to hit the sack.

-An important question. -Here we go, big guy. Come on.

-Can I wear bugs? -Bug pajamas are aII the way downstairs.

But the fire trucks are here. They're okay for tonight, aren't they?

-Bugs. -Fire trucks.


Okay, bugs.

I'II be right back.

Does it hurt to be dead?


What'd I do now?

-Can I teII him? -If you wanna die.

-WeII, your beer-addIed sperm stiII works. -Lisa!

-You impregnated my sister again. -Bitch !

-I thought you wanted me to. -Why, because I said, "Don't"?

WeII, you're so afraid to say anything.

The kid couId've been born before he noticed.

You're not pregnant.

I feeI "congratuIations" is the more appropriate response.

You toId her before you toId me.

She's a witch ! She took one Iook at me and guessed.

Say something.


Something eIse.

So, she's six weekks pregnant.

It means the baby's due in ApriI, May, June. . .

Gemini, that's cooI. Einstein was a Gemini.

So's that Scottish gaI from Garbage.

WouId you go upstairs and heIp Jake with his pajamas, pIease?

-If she's Iate, you're into Cancer, which is. . . -Lisa, I swear to God, if you start with the Dionne Warwick stuff, I'm gonna throw you right out a fucking window, aII right?

So, go upstairs pIease and heIp him with the pajamas. Thank you.

Love you, too, Tom.

Hey, this is great. I mean it.

I think it's about time we had another kid.

You know, I was gonna bring it up myseIf one of these days.

-ReaIly? -AbsoIutely.

This time, you gotto take some time off, babe.

-PIease. We can't afford that. -Yes, we can, because I'm gonna hit the overtime again.

No, I do not want you to work those hours again.

You come home. You're, Iike, in a trance. You're compIetely useIess to me.

I'm gonna be fine, okay?

I'm just gonna teII Teddy to get somebody eIse for the thing.

-Oh, God. Oh, Tom. -What?

I'm sorry, I compIetely forgot. No wonder you're pissed off.

I'm not pissed off. I just. . .

No, I'm not. I'm not. I'm a grown man.

I shouIdn't be screwing around with some shitty band anyway.

Hey, Iook, I gotto go change. You know, put on something cooI.

I Iove you.

I'm a happy guy.

I'm not gonna be a Iineman forever, I promise you that.

What do you mean?

I clip wire aII day. A monkey couId do it.

Yeah, but they're gonna move you into the office soon, before the end of the year, at Ieast.

No, I meant when we first got together I said a Iot of stuff about where I was gonna go and what I was gonna be, and I just wanted you to know that I wasn't giving you some kind of Iine, you know, that I meant it.

I didn't marry you because I thought you were gonna be famous.

I just Iiked the way your ass Iooked in jeans.

I never wanted be famous. I just. . .

-I didn't expect to be so. . . -What?

I don't know. Ordinary.

You know, I hope it's a girl.

I'm kind of sick of aII these baIIs around the house.

Except for yours, babe.

Hey, what are the odds of a reasonably educated singIe man being at this thing?

And I don't mean a GED.

Does it matter if he's on the boner piII?

Hey, I wouIdn't Iook a gift boner in the mouth.

Nice. That's very nice, Lisa.

Hey, how've you been?

Hey, Tom-Tom-Tommy. How you doing, huh?

You wouId not beIieve the day I had.

You take this right here. I'II get another one. Come on.

-Thanks. Harry. -Tom.

Taking care of the pIace for me?

No, actuaIly we're driIIing hoIes in aII your floors. Hope you don't mind.

Tom? You know my squaw, SheiIa?

-Bobby, Vanessa. . . -Thanks for having me.

Drink up. Drink up, take your medicine deep into your body. That's it.

Tom, how're you Iiking the neighborhood?

You know, I grew up just over in Bridgeport, back of the yard, so it's not Iike it's a foreign country.

Goddamn right, it's not a foreign country.

This is the best neighborhood in the city of Chicago.

That's 'cause we aII Iook out for each other.

And that is saying a Iot as we approach the year of our Lord 2000.

You running for mayor?

Hey, hey, did any of you guys see them crank deaIers hanging out by the park again?

What is Lenny doing at this party? Bobby, did you teII him you had a party?

Vanessa made me, aII right? We invited everybody.

I couId see if he heard the noise and wandered in, but you actuaIly invite this jack-off into your home.

Oh yeah, Iaugh it up. Laugh it up!

You know, when you wake up dead with your throat cut, don't come cryng to me!

Not attracted to.

Not drunk enough for.

Whoa! Frightened by!

Don't touch me. I'm fine.

Haven't you ever heard about peopIe being operated on when they're under hypnosis?

Yeah, but I don't beIieve in any of that.

I mean, peopIe who say that they were hypnotized weren't reaIly.

-They were just, you know, pIaying aIong. -Right.

-ReaIly? -Yeah.

Then how couId they have a scaIpeI stuck into their throat without even bIeeding or without even making a sound?

-BuIIshit! -I never saw that happen.

-That is buIIshit. -Can you Iearn another word?

Yeah, what about "narrow-minded"?

You know, I saw a guy in my class get a 2-inch needIe stuck into the thick of his arm by my instructor when he was under hypnosis.

-Horseshit. Is that better, honey? -You're making that up.

It's disgusting.

I saw a picture of it the next day. It Ieft a mark.

What I don't understand is how a person that spent most of her aduIt Iife in coIIege can beIieve aII that superstitious crap.

-It isn't superstition ! -Come on.

-I'm practicaIly a Iicensed hypnotherapist. -Oh, "practicaIly" Iicensed?

Isn't that Iike saying, "I don't have a Iicense"?

Why you squeezing my arm?

This may come as a surprise to you, Tom, but just because you kicked around the same six bIocks for your whoIe Iife doesn't mean that there isn't a whoIe Iarger world out there.

You know what I mean? Doorways you haven't even opened.

Things you wouIdn't have the faintest understanding of.

Doorways? Okay, okay.

AlI right, Kreskin, prove it. Why don't you hypnotize somebody.

-Yeah, do me. -No.

-Why not? -For one, you're hostiIe.

I'm not hostiIe. Do I seem hostiIe to anybody?


Thanks for having us. It was a great party.

No, no. This is just getting good. Come on, Lisa, hypnotize me.

-Come on. -No, you're drunk.

I'm not drunk!

You're not supposed to mesmerize somebody who's been drinking.

Mesmerize. No, stop.

Oh, pIease, come on, I'm begging you. Educate the savages.

Yeah, and it won't work with that kind of uncooperative attitude.

I swear to you, I'II foIIow every instruction to the Ietter.

StiII won't work.

Come on.

What's the worst that can happen?

Somebody turn out the Iights.

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah !

AlI right, just reIax. Put your arm down.

Just rest it comfortably. Just Iean back.

Just be very comfortabIe and reIaxed.

Trust me. Okay?

CIose your eyes.

Certainly, Lisa.

Now, just Iisten for a moment.

Listen to the sounds of the room around you.

I don't know why, but I don't see her.

Now I want you to pretend you're in a theater, a movie theater.

You're the only one there. lt's one of those great old movie palaces.

And you look around. lt's a huge, empty theater.

You notice that the waIIs of the theater are painted in black.

The seats, covered in bIack.

And in the whole pitch-black theater there's only one thing you can see, and that's the white screen.

You'll notice there are letters on the screen.

TaII, thick, bIack letters, but they're out of focus, so you begin to drift closer to them in your chair trying to read them.

And you're very comfortable nnow. lt's your favorite chair.

You're drifting closer and closer staring at the letters.

Very relaxed nnow.

Your legs are relaxed. Your arms are limp and heavy.

You're almost close enough to read the letters now.

They start to come into focus.

The letters spell "sleep."


What the heII was that?

Jesus, Tom.

-What? What? What? -Are you okay?

You were faking it. You had to be.

That was the weirdky goddamn thing I've seen in my Iife!

He was faking it.

CongratuIations, Tom, you're one of the Iucky 8%.

-You stiII have tears on your cheeks. -What the heII did she do to me?

Christ, I'm thirsty.

What do you mean? What 8%?

WeII, I mean, there's only 8% of the popuIation that's, Iike, highly hypnotizabIe.

I mean, aImost anybody can go under a Iittle, but not way under.

-Oh, no, sIow down. -Not freaky under, Iike he did.

How's your hand?

-What do you mean? -Dude, I stuck a safety pin in your hand and asked you to bIeed on one side but not the other.

Which I can't beIieve you did.

Yeah, you were very cooperative.

It was a side of you I hadn't seen before.

-That happened? -You said it didn't hurt.

The heII with the pin. I wanna know more about

-Joey Luca. -Yeah, right.

-Who? -Joey Luca is a kid who used to pound the shit out of you when you were 1 2.

You toId us aII about it. You were cryng and moaning.

-It was hystericaI. -Shut up.

It was very moving, Tom.

Joey Luca? Jesus Christ, I haven't thought about him.


-Can we go home? I feeI kind of strange. -Yeah.

Yeah, sure.

Close your eyes.

-What's the matter? -Nothing. Don't stop. Don't stop.

Oh, Jesus Christ!

-What? -Oh, my God.


-I don't know. I'm seeing things. -What do you mean?

Whoa, no, no, no. Wait, wait, no.

I can't right now.

Then you were faking it extremely weII.

Wait, stop, stop, stop. It's too weird.

Baby, that wasn't weird.

I couId show you weird.

I was. . .

Like I was being attacked.


No, sorry, I didn't. . .

I'II be right back.

What the fuck?

You can hear me, can't you?

Hey, Jake.

You're awake now, Daddy.

Are you okay?

Yeah. Yeah, I guess.

I just don't feeI so good right now.

Don't be afraid of it, Daddy.

WeII, what was it, then? An haIIucination?

Yeah, yeah, a bunch of them. It's hard to expIain.

It's Iike aII these thoughts just kept coming.

Can you beIieve this? I got seven caIIs before Iunch.

WeII, if it never happened before, it had to be the hypnosis.

Your brain was agitated or something.

I had this headache Iike you wouIdn't beIieve.

-I was thirsty as heII. -Jake!

I know you're not watching that monster tape again.

-Who was the woman? -I don't know. I don't know.

Maybe somebody I met once, and I was just remembering her.

She didn't Iook famiIiar, though.

-Did you fuck her? -You gotto be kidding.

WeII, I mean, was she someone you used to go out with?

You're jeaIous of my haIIucination? Hmm, you are pregnant.

You shouId caII Lisa.

Oh, Lisa, pIease. She's the one who fucked up my brain in the first pIace.

Then she has to un-fuck it.

-Fuck! Fuck! -Don't swear so much.

Hang on, hang on. Let me get my bearings, here.

I haven't. . . I have absoIutely no caffeine in my system, you know.

Okay. You're asking me if I gave you a post. . .

Post-hypnotic suggestion. Yeah, I know what it's caIIed.

Did you Ieave anything eIse behind when you were kicking your clumsy-ass feet around inside my brain?


-TeII the truth, Lisa. -Tom, pIease, this is insuIting.

You know, I have done this before.

Okay, good. I was just making sure.

And it was just a harmIess one, anyway.

-What? -Did it actually work?

What did you say? l don't wanna tell you. You're grouchy.

Lisa, I swear to God !

Well, you know l've always said l think you need to be a little more open-minded, right?


Right, so, l just said that after you wake up, your mind will be completely open, like an open door.

Open to receive everything around you, or words to that effect.

And what's that supposed to do?

WeII, fuck if I know. I never said it before.

-Why, did something happen? -Jesus Christ!

Relax, okay? l opened a door that's all.

You know, therapists do it all the time. lt releases repressed memories and Iatent abiIities, whatever you got back there. ln your case, it was probably old Mannix reruns.

I gotto get back to work.

Okay, weII, aII righty, then.

No. No more caIIs for Lisa.

Hey, Lise, it's me.

CaII me when you wake up.

Is there any way you couId babysit for us on Friday night?

I did. I toId him.

I hate to hit you up for doubIe duty, but I can't just go to somebody new with Jake again.

What's your name?

-Okay. -. . .and Tom and I wanna go to this game and I'd ask Grandma, but then I gotto hear about it for a month.

I caIIed everyone who couId possibly do it, and no one's free.

-CaII Vanessa. -Huh?

I said caII Vanessa and ask her about Debbie.

Anyway, caII me back. Bye.


-That's the girl who babysits for them? -Yep.

Great idea. Pray she's free.

-How'd you know about Debbie? -Samantha toId me.

Hey, Vanessa. Are you guys going out Friday night?

Hi, I'm Debbie.


Tom Witzky.

-Hi, Debbie, I'm Maggie. -Hi.

Thanks for coming.

Jake's asIeep aIready, and he hardly ever wakes up.

A band couId pIay in his room and he wouIdn't hear it, so you shouIdn't have any troubIe with him at aII.

His room's upstairs at the end of the haII.

Kitchen's back there. Just heIp yourseIf if you want anything.

Here, have a seat.

This is the baby monitor.

It's on B in his room, so you shouId hear everything.

-You wanna watch a movie? -I got a book.

WeII, it shouIdn't be any Iater than midnight, if that's aII right with you.


Great. I'II just grab my coat, and we're out of here.


-Ready? -Yeah, just about.

-Okay. -Hey.

Where'd you find that girl Debbie?

Vanessa gave me her number. Everybody uses her. It's cooI.

Another headache?

-Too much caffeine. -Oh.

Okay, Iet's go.


Don't get me wrong, I think that Damon kid is doing a great job and everything, and, you know, the other kid's got a decent arm, but high schooI footbaII is about power.

It's about running a goddamn footbaII. It always has been.

It was when I was in high schooI.

-What did you pIay in high schooI? -Piano, mostly.

Oh, Jesus, sorry. Here, you want some?

Anyway, Adam, and I admit that I'm biased, but my kid is having a heII of a season, and it's Iike nobody even notices.

If they just give him the baII, he couId break 1 ,000 yards.

And that's in an eight-game season.

Jesus Christ.

Why don't you just Iick them when they waIk by?

Frank says the average guy carries around a hard-on two-and-a-haIf hours out of every day.

Three-and-a-haIf for him.

I wish you hadn't toId me that. See, now I gotto picture that.

One of these days, she's gonna find one of my .38s and pop a cap in my ass.

He'II stick it in a bowl of soup if it's stiII warm.

Go, go!

-You okay? -Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

If he goes over 1 ,000 yards, we're taIking major coIIege schoIarship.

-Here, come on. -No, thanks.

The kid can write his own ticket, and that's good for everybody.

It's good for the whoIe goddamn neighborhood.

I mean, he's gonna go a heII of a Iot further than I ever did.

Look at the quaIity of taiI he's aIready getting.

I mean, he passed me in that department when he was 1 4.

Come on ! WhiIe we're young, huh?

You scared me.

She's downstairs, I think.

l don't knnow. l haven't seen her yet.


What's the matter?

-Something's wrong. -What?

I have a secret to teII you.

Promise, promise, promise.

Samantha says it's always dark where she is.

-Who did you say? -Samantha.

-You taIk to Samantha? -Yeah.

-When? -AlI the time.

-Where? -Here in my house.

That's not true.


-That's crueI ! It isn't true. -I don't teII Iies.

Samantha was here? She was here in your house?

-You're hurting my arm. -Was she here?

Let go of me.

Come on, you're coming with me. Let's go.

She's taking him away.

Excuse me!

Put me down ! Put me down !

Tom !

Jake! Jake!


-What the heII? -She took him ! She took him !


-The fucking babysitter, she took him. -Oh, my God !

He's not in there.

-Where are you going? -I don't know!

He's in there.


-Daddy! -That's him !

Wait! Where do you think you're going? Whoa, whoa, sIow down.

AlI right, aII right, take it easy. Stop, stop, stop!

Take it easy. Take it easy. Give me my kid.

-Give me my kid. -TeII me where she is!

You teII me where she is! You teII me where she is!

-Keep your hands off her! -TeII me where she is!

Hey, hey, hey! Everybody shut up!

-Are you okay? -That girl kidnapped our son.

-Did she hurt you? -Is that your chiId?

You ask them about Samantha.

I'm asking about that boy, who sure as heII doesn't Iook Iike he beIongs to you.

-Wait, I can expIain this, aII right? -I'm not taIking to you. I'm taIking to her.

-Is that boy your chiId? -No.

She was babysitting for us. We never used her before, but. . .

Do you know what you've done is a feIony, young Iady?

You can go to jaiI for this!

-Where were you taking him? -I wasn't taking him anywhere.

Then why the heII did you bring him to a train station?

Look, I want to press charges.

Look, she came here because of me, aII right? I work here. I'm her mother.

Her mother?

When are you gonna ask them some questions?

When are you gonna ask them about Samantha?

-Who? -Samantha is my oIdky daughter.

-She ran away about six months ago. -No, she didn't run away.

She was kidnapped or something, and the Iittle boy said he saw her!

We haven't heard from her in a Iong time.

We fiIed a poIice report. There's this open investigation, but nobody wants to return any of our phone caIIs.

He taIked to her. He said he saw her aII the time in his house.

He said Samantha is in their house.

-Is that her? -Stay away from him, you crazy Iittle bitch.

-Look at the picture! -You Iet go of me!

WiII you just Iook at the picture?

This is ridicuIous! Do you actuaIly think. . .

WiII you Iook at the picture, pIease?

I have never seen her before in my Iife.

What about you?

No, sorry. Never seen her.

-No, no, no, they're lying ! They're lying ! -Debbie. Debbie, come on.

You wanna fiIe charges?

-Yes. -No.


Come on, Iet's just forget about it.

Let's go home.

Are you nuts? What about the next peopIe she babysits for?

-How couId you do that? -It was her.

-Who? -Samantha.

That girl in the picture. She's the same girl I saw on our couch.

Why did you ask that girl Debbie to babysit for us? Why her?

I couIdn't find anybody eIse. I was on the phone, and Jake said. . .


Do you remember the other day when we were taIking in the kitchen?

I was Iooking for a babysitter, remember?

And you said Samantha toId you about Debbie.

Do you remember that?

Mommy's asking you a question, bud.

Is Samantha someone who taIks to you sometimes, Jake?

Can you remember any of the things that. . .

Don't ask the boy any more questions.

Talk to me.

What did you say?


Jake, what did you say just now?

-Nothing. -That voice. Let me hear that voice again.

Come on, come on, say it again. Say it again. Do that again.

-Tom. -Use that voice again. Come on, Jake.

-Come on, come on, use the voice again. -Tom !

Come on, make the voice again, Jake. I know you can do it, come on !

-I want to hear it again. -Tom, don't do that!

-How do you make it come back Iike that? -Tom, pIease!

Wait, it's aII right. Come on, Jake, I know you can do it.

-Let's go see if Beetle Board is on now. -PIease? What are you doing?

Hey, hey, I'm taIking to him !

Hey, what's the matter with you?

What do you think?

I'm just trying to have a conversation with my kid.

Yeah, a perfectly normaI everyday conversation for a five-year-oId.

-Don't be afraid of it. -Why the heII shouIdn't I?

I don't know. That's what he toId me.

This is where it happened. This is where I saw her, you know.

-I was sitting, Iike, right here. -You're different.

-I reached up for the remote. -You feeI different. You Iook different.

-Kind of 1 8, right? Longish kind of hair? -I wish you couId see yourseIf right now.

Is that what you saw? Maggie, pIease!

God !

Or maybe you don't see her?

You just hear her? Is that what it is?

-You just hear her but you don't see her? -Tom, stop it. You're freaking him out.

I've been sitting here trying to figure out a way that I couId make her come back.

I'm just thinking maybe if I hang out here Iong enough. . .

I'm taIking to you !

. . .maybe she'II just come back, or maybe you couId taIk to her.

-It's Iike I'm not even sitting here! -HeIp me out here, pIease?

Hey, come on. Hey!

-What's the probIem here? -Knock it off!

I don't wanna taIk about this, because it scares Mommy.

-Turn it up, man. -What?

Turn it up. Louder.

Tom is Iooking especiaIly together today.

Grunted a very pIeasant greeting at me, actuaIly.

Becoming sort of monosylIabic.

Nothing wrong with that guy. Nothing at aII.

Nothing a Iittle Iithium couIdn't cure.

I'm a jerk. I'm sorry.

Are you okay?

You Iive on the base. Room and board's covered.

I mean, you got your service pay on top of that.

You stiII gotto get up reaI early.

By the time I retire, I got enough for a coupIe of down payments, some improvements. When I take off the uniform, I'm a IandIord aIready. Five years Iater, I got three houses in this neighborhood.

-Hey. Hey, Harry. -How you doing?

What do you know about that girl Samantha Kozak?

Samantha Kozak, that sounds famiIiar. Why do I know that name?

Brownish hair, 1 6 or 1 7 years oId. Used to Iive around here.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I remember her, I think.

Hey, hey, Kurt? Come here for a second.

Like he ever teIIs me anything, right?

Get over here.

-Say, you know that Kozak girl? -Debbie.

No, no, no, the other one, Samantha.

Oh, you mean the retard. Yeah, she ran away.

Yeah, that's right. I remember that.

So what about her?

I just been thinking about her a Iot.


Her sister babysat for us.


This is the first time he's been out of the house in a weekk.

He hasn't gone to work. He sIeeps, Iike, 1 2 hours a night.

He's used up aII his sick days. If he doesn't show up on Monday, they're gonna start to dock him, and I can't. . .

I can't get him more than six feet from the couch.


That's where she appeared to him.

I'm not shocked that there's another woman.

Of course, the fact that she's dead gives one pause.

We are taIking about a ghost, here, aren't we, Maggie?

She took off Iast March.

With a bIack guy, I think.

Hey, Harry, did she ever Iive in our house?

No, no, no, I just bought that one. You're the first tenants.

Tom and Jake, it's Iike they have this private club or something.

They sit in the Iiving room and whisper.

As soon as I waIk in the room, they both shut up right away.

You know what you need to do?

Find one of those young priests with smoIdering good Iooks who can sort of guide you through this.

I'm kidding, but I'm not.

Look, I give Tom a Iot of shit, but the truth is you guys are, Iike, the best coupIe on earth.

This is on you now, Maggie. Get some heIp.

Find out why this is happening. There is a reason.

You won't be the first woman who's had to hoId an insane family together.

Tom's not crazy.

Oh, yes, he is.

But at Ieast he's getting interesting.

Sports flash, sports flash.

21 1 yards rushing on Friday night.

That's a totaI of 894 yards with two games to go.

The kid needs 1 06 yards. That's 53 a game.

He couId waIk through the next two games and stiII break 1 ,000!

Frank, Frank, Frank, what about you? Do you know her?


Tom was asking about that Kozak girl from over by BaIdwin.

-You remember the one who ran away? -The retard.

Shut up, Lenny. Don't use that word.

-She was just kind of sIow. -What? Retard?

God damn it, Lenny, why don't you just shut your fucking pie hoIe

-before I shut it for you, wiII you? -I didn't mean anything.

-Hey, hey, hey! -Stop him !

What are you doing?

Somebody's always gotto ruin it.

Why can't everyone just be nice?

Frank? What are you doing here?

They're gonna kiII you, Tommy.

You and Maggie, both.

Why wouId you say something Iike that, Frank?

This is a decent neighborhood.

Hey, are you okay?

Where's SheiIa? She at home?

Say, I'm gonna go see if SheiIa's at home.


Come in.

-Hi. -Hi.

Is your mom at home? 'Cause your dad's acting. . .

Hey, you wanna see what I've got?


That's great. Is that one of your dad's?

Not today.

Come here.

Why don't you just put the gun away, Adam?

Come on, man. Come here.

I don't know. Those things make me kind of nervous.

Then this'II make you reaIly nervous.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Don't do that! Don't do that!

PIease don't be under there.

Oh, boy.


Adam !

Adam, open the door!

Oh, God. Oh, God !


Am I awake or asIeep?


Oh, my God. Oh, my God, my baby!

-Adam ! -HoId on. HoId on.

-Oh, my God, pIease. -Adam ! Oh, God !

Adam ! Is he aIive?

Is he aIive?

Oh, my God, Adam !

Oh, my God. Oh, my God !

What did you do?

What did you do, Adam?

Adam !

I'm gonna take him for a waIk or something.

Come on, sweetie pie, Iet's go get your jacket.

Where're we going?

WeII, heIIo, there.

Listen, music!

It's beautifuI !

Hey, Jake, wait up!

I don't think we're supposed to be here, sweetie.

Come on, Iet's go. This way.

Whoa! This pIace is cooI !

Come on, honey, Iet's go get some Iunch.

Mom, what's this thing?

I don't know. Let me take a Iook.

Looks Iike some kind of stone.

Either that, or it's a medaI.

-Yeah, I think it is. -". . .served in the. . ."

Look, a flag.

-Everything okay? -It's fine, just fine.

We're not supposed to be here or something?

Oh, no. It's fine. ReaIly.


See you Iater.

Boy's got the eyes on him, doesn't he?


Not you, though.

Possibly daddy?

They're not the only ones.

TeII Daddy to come by and see me a Iittle Iater tonight.

Might Iearn a few things.

Bye, Jake.

Bye, NeiI.

His name is NeiI.

Try that, Daddy.

Why do I know that song?

I'II be home right after the movie.

I know it. I know it.

I said I won't be Iate.


Bye, Mom. Bye, Maggie.

Oh, heIIo.

I don't know if I'm in the right pIace. I'm Iooking for this big guy named NeiI.

Excuse me. . .

I'm sorry. . .


Shit, shit, shit, shit.

I wanna see NeiI.

Wait here.

I don't know her.

What are you doing? I said the boy's father.

-I said teII him to come. -He'd never do it.

He'd kiII me if he knew I was taIking to you about this.

He's so paranoid.

What's the story, man?

CIose the fucking door.

So are they.

-I can't Iet you in. -Who are they?

Look, man, this ain't no freak show in here. CIose the damn door!

Look, you just gotto get out of here.

My husband is Iosing his mind.

I don't know why, but I think you do.

You can teII me what you know, but you can't teII me to go away, because I'm not moving.

-How Iong has he had it? -Just a few days.

What happened? Car wreck?

-No. -ChiId die?


-Did he kiII someone? -He was hypnotized.

Is that what started it?

It comes and it goes.

Some peopIe have it for five seconds.

Some their whoIe Iives.

He's a receiver now. Everything's coming in.

He can't stop it. He can't sIow it down.

He can't even figure it out.

It's Iike he's in a tunneI with a flashIight, but the Iight only comes on every once in a whiIe.

He gets a gIimpse of something, but not enough to know what it is.

Just enough to know it's there.

-Jake, too? -Your son?

Much better flashIight.

Does he know what it wants yet?

What who wants?

He saw a ghost, didn't he?

What did it ask him to do?

She didn't ask anything.

Maybe he wasn't Iistening.

She's asked for something, and now she's waiting, getting more and more pissed off that he's not doing it.

If he doesn't do her thing, she'II never go away.

Kill her! Kill her! Kill her!



AbsoIutely not.

Oh, pIease, pIease, pIease?

Five more minutes? Five more minutes?

No, zero minutes.

This is cooI.

You know The Mummy gives you nightmares if you watch it before bed.

No fair.

I know, I'm horribIe. I'm gonna take a bath.

-You okay for 1 0 minutes? -Whatever.

Oh, fuck.

How do I know this song?

I know I know this song.

I know it. I know it.

It's freezing.

Round up your weapons, folks!


I don't wanna taIk right now.


No, not that one.

Tom, I think the piIot bIew out on the water heater again.

Can you go Iight it for me?


Or I couId go Iight it.

Thanks, Colonel. Thanks all of you.

I said no!


Hey, that is the most amazing...


Tom? Tom, breathe!

What happened?

-Did you see her? -What?

She's here.


I want you to hypnotize me again.

AlI this shit, I want it out, I want it gone.

I want it aII to stop right now!

Yeah, come right in, Tom I want you to meet CIarita.

Oh, hi. Sorry.

Sorry, I. . .

Look, do you think that you couId. . .

-CouId she. . . -Yeah.

I know. I know.

Okay, you got to sIow down.

Okay? Just. . . You gotto be a Iittle patient with me here, 'cause I got a confession to make.

You see, we. . . I just. . .

We just smoked this great big fatty a few minutes before you waIked in, so this is just bIowing my mind just a Iittle bit extra right now.

-Listen to me. Listen to me. Listen to me! -If you can understand. Yeah?

Whatever door you opened in my brain, I want you to shut it.


Okay, I'II do it. Okay, I can do that.

CIose your eyes.

Okay, just Iike Iast time, I want you to just focus and concentrate.

Listen to the sounds of the room.

Listen to the sounds of your breathing.

Look at the back of your eyeIids.

Do you see anything there?

CouId you just get to it, pIease?

AlI right, aII right.

I want you to pretend you're back in the movie theater.

It's very dark, and in the whoIe pitch-bIack theater, there's only one thing you can see, and that's the white screen.

And as you focus on the screen, you begin to drift closer to it in your chair.

You'II notice that there are Ietters on the screen.

TaII, thick, bIack Ietters, but they're out of focus so you begin to drift closer to them.

Someone's here.

No, it's empty.

No, there's someone else in here.

No, you're alone in the theater Tom.

Oh, no. No, no, I'm not.

All right, your feet and your ankles are relaxed.

Hard to breathe.

Your hands are limp and heavy.

Your arms...

-No air no air. -Tom, l want you to look at the screen.

-Look at the screen. -Hey.

You can read the Ietters now.

You're right up next to them.

Tom, look at the screen!

Wow. What happened?

Are you okay? I think you need to sit down, Tom, because what was happening there was very next IeveI.

You shouId have seen your face.

Do you want a beer? Are you feeIing better?

What happened?

I'm supposed to dig.

Hi !


Anybody home?

Wow, Iook what I'm not cleaning up.



Hi, honey.

What you doing?

Dad said I'm supposed to dig.



Tom. Tom !

Oh !

You scared me.

I scared you?

What are you doing?

I'm supposed to dig.

What do you mean?

I'm supposed to dig.

Who says?

I see.

And what's Jake doing?

Jake is heIping.

Why are you doing this?

-Water softens up the dirt. -No, I mean. . .

CouId you just stop for a second?

Tom, can you turn around and Iook at me whiIe I'm taIking to you?

What exactly don't you understand?

I'm supposed to dig.

-Why are you digging? -I'm searching.

What are you searching for?

The question is not what.

I think we both know very weII what, even if we don't want to admit it.

The question, Maggie, which you can pIainly see I am very busy trying to answer, the question is "where?"

Don't worry, he's okay.

It's not over there.

We're caIIing the poIice.

And teII them what, exactly?

Practice it. Run it by me once.

I wanna see how it sounds out Ioud.

Anything eIse?

Tom, why don't you come inside with me?

I wanna taIk to you. You're not yourseIf right now.

This is just fucking typicaI !

What do you want me to do, Maggie?

You want me to go inside and just sit down on the couch in front of the TV and drink eight or nine beers untiI I faII asIeep, then maybe just repeat the whoIe thing again tomorrow and the day after?

Be quiet!

-And the day after, and the day after. . . -Tom, just stop.

. . .and the day after, untiI I grab my chky and die?

I mean, this is the most important thing that's ever happened to me. I mean, this is the most important thing that I have ever done in my whoIe Iife, in my whoIe stupid Iife!

And you want me to just stop?


No, I won't stop. I won't stop!

I won't stop!

Eight years I've known you.

Not once have you taIked to me Iike this.

Not once.

And if you do it again, I swear to God. . .

And you know what eIse?

When you taIk about how ordinary you are and your stupid Iife, you know what you're reaIly saying?

You're saying our stupid Iife, which I don't think is particuIarly stupid.

So, how the fuck am I supposed to feeI about that?

You gonna drink that?

I'm sorry.

Okay, I'm not sorry.

-Who's that from? -My brother, Steve.

My grandma's going back in the hospitaI.

No, she. . .



What is it?


Oh, Steve.

I'm sorry, we've been so busy. I was just about. . .


She did?

How am I doing, Dad?

You're doing great, kid. You're doing great.

I'm so sorry, baby.

You knew.

You knew, didn't you?

When is the funeraI?


We shouId Ieave as soon as we can.


You want me to go with you?

I meant, I just thought with your family and everything. . .

Do I want you to go with me?

To my grandmother's funeraI? She practicaIly raised me.

Of course I want you to come. Why wouIdn't you?

It's just I'm kind of in the middIe of something here.

$800 a month.

Can't get any fucking water! Fuck it!


Damn it.

Piece of shit.

This is a rented house.

-Hello? -It's me.

Hey. Hey, baby, how you doing?

-I'm okay. -How's your family?

You know, drunk. Fighting with each other.

Listen, Maggie, l'm so sorry. l mean, l should be there with you.

-l'm an asshole. -Yeah, weII, you have your good points.

-How do you feeI? -Oh, fine. Fine, you know.

Much, much, much better. Everything's fine here, reaIly good.

No. . .

No more digging?

No. No. It's back to normaI. l'm sorry, too. l wish l hadn't just stormed out of there like that. l shouldn't have left you alone.

I deserved it.

Why don't you come up here with us?

This time of night, you couId make it in an hour.

-No, no. l can't really do that. -Why not?

Well, you know, l'm not supposed to use the truck for personal trips.

AlI right, then, I'II pick you up. I'II Ieave right away.

Oh, no, no, baby, don't do that. No, no.

That's crazy. Don't come down here.

Look, I gotto go. I'II just puII up front and honk.

-Bye. -No, no, no.

Okay, bub, you ready to go?

I'm scared to go home. I wanna stay at Uncle Steve's house.

Why are you scared?

Because of the feathers.

What feathers?

I don't know, just the feathers.

It's okay, I'II watch him.

Okay. You be good.

Mom, wait!

You forgot this.

Hi !


Come here a sec.


Come closer, I can't hear you.

Are you taIking to me?

I wanna show you something.

You wanna show me something?

Yeah. I don't see anybody eIse around.

What is it?

It's a surprise.

It's reaIly great. Come on, you won't beIieve it.

Come on, it's freezing.

Hey, happy Saint Patrick's Day.

What's the surprise?

-Don't you have it? -Oh, yeah, the surprise.

The surprise.

Take it. You need another drink.

No, man, I got the spins aIready.

Drink, motherfucker, drink. Drink.

-I don't think there is a surprise. -Oh, yeah, there is.

Yeah, there is. The surprise is we decided we wanna be your friends.

-You do? -Yeah.

Why do you wanna be my friends now?

Are you kidding? Look at yourseIf.


You can take your coat off, you know.

-Want a drink? -I'm not supposed to.

Don't you do anything you're not supposed to?

I do.

Mama, you are hot.

Come on, Iet's be friends, huh?

WeII. . .

You can kiss me, if you want to.


-Not Iike that, okay? -Okay, okay. Okay.

I wanna go home.

No, no, no.

Come on, sweetie, I'II be your friend.

-I swear I wiII. Just be nice to me. -I want to, but. . .

Be a good girl. You are a good girl, aren't you?

I have to go home.

Come on, baby, how about a Iittle heImet wash?

I have to go home. I have to go home!


Shut up!

-Shut up! -Stop!

Shut up!

Stop, man ! Make her stop screaming !

Shut her up, man !

Use your jacket or something. Put it over her face.

Shut up!

Oh, my God.

What the fuck did you do that for?

-Is she dead? -No shit she's dead.

Oh, my God.

Look at her tongue, man.

I'm not here.

I've never seen nobody dead before.

-I can't be here. -It's fucking gross.

This isn't happening.

Fucking pIastic over her face!

Good thinking, Adam.

WeII, what do we do now?

How's he doing?

He might make it.

He might not.

SheiIa's over at the hospitaI. I'm gonna head over.

Frank, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, because I think I know why Adam shot himseIf.

And I gotto caII the poIice about it.

And I don't want you to hear it from them, and I don't want SheiIa to read about it in the paper.

I think you have a right to know before anybody eIse.

What are you taIking about, Tom?

Come with me.

Wait here for a second.

Better be important.

Come on, come on, come on.

How the heII did you find this?

Does it matter?

You don't know if it was Kurt and Adam.

Yeah, I do.

But you don't have anything to. . .

Come on, Tom. You're taIking Iike a goddamn Iunatic.

That's what peopIe are gonna say.

It's just a body. It doesn't prove anything.

She's got somebody's hair in her hand.

They're gonna be abIe to teII whose it is.

Hey, Frank,

we gotto caII the cops.

What were we supposed to do?

It was an accident.

The kids come to us.

She's aIready dead.

The damage is done. There's nothing anybody can do to bring her back.

But these kids got everything ahead of them.

So what were we supposed to do, Tom?

Send our sons to jaiI for the rest of their Iives because of her?

Who you pIanning to shoot with that?

-Get the heII out of here, Tom. -Hey, Frank, come on upstairs. We can taIk about this.

I been Iiving with this for six months.

Six fucking months!

Do you think anything you have to say is gonna make one bit of difference to me?

-Get the heII out of here! -I'm not Ieaving untiI. . .

Get out!


Hi. Hi.

Boy, it's reaIly pouring, huh?

Yeah, Iooks Iike it.

Hey, you got a minute?

No, I'm kind of busy right now.

It's important.

I don't reaIly have time to taIk right now, Harry.

Jesus! This rain, huh?

Harry, Iike I said, you know, I'm reaIly kind of busy right now.

Kurt, I know you weren't raised in a barn. CIose that door.

Maybe I couId caII you Iater or something?

Tom, we got ourseIves a serious probIem here.

What do you mean?

What the heII you think you're doing to my house?

I heard aII this pounding going on up here. I thought I'd better come up, check it out.

I didn't think in a miIIion years you'd be wrecking the pIace.

What's the matter with you?

Don't worry. I'm gonna take care of that.

I was trying to fix your water main, you know.

It was Ieaking Iike a son of a bitch, and I couIdn't get to it from underneath the house.

I mean, I couIdn't get under the house to get to it.

Is that right?


A Iot of water damage?


Can I Iook around?


Yeah, sure. Sure. HeIp yourseIf.

Maybe you better show me where it's at.

You guys'II be abIe to see it.

I gotto take off right now.

I'm aImost afraid to Iook.

Drink it. Hurry up.

The water main doesn't run under the house.

WeII, I know that now.

Shit, Tom.

Get him on the rug.

Don't Iook at him. RoII him over.

-Yeah. -Let's go!

AlI right, get out of the way.


Are you here?


Out of the way, Kurt!

They were gonna kiII you, Tommy.

You and Maggie, both.

-Are you okay? -Yeah.

CoId-bIooded murder.

Can't Iet something Iike that happen.

Not here.

This is a decent neighborhood.

lf l ever feel the light again Shining down on me I don't have to tell you How welcome it would be I felt the light before But I let it slip away And I just keep on believing That it'll come back someday It's not the spotlight It's not the candlelight It's not the streetlights But some old street of dreams

It ain't the moonlight Not even the sunlight But I've seen it shining in your eyes