Stockholm (2013) Script

You know what she wanted? To go to Bristol.


Or Holland, near Amsterdam. Right...

Haarlem. Like Harlem, but with two "a" s.

Haarlem. Yeah.

Have you been? Where?

Holland, Amsterdam. Yeah.

Me too.

But now it's not Bristol or Haarlem.

Where's she going?

It's worse... Worse?

Yeah, much worse. Why? Where's she going?

To Stockholm. Stockholm?

Yeah, Stockholm. Great, right?

Yeah, like fuck. Well...


But, you... What?

It's all OK with her? We argued the other day.

Why? Nothing.

Yeah. It's...

It's what?

She's got a friend there. And?

She's going to screw him. What?

Yeah, really.

But Laura's a sweetie. Yeah, but in Stockholm...

You think they're...? Yeah Anybody would... you know.

You would screw her.

Wouldn't you?

I would screw the girl you were fucking before.

That's good to know. So...?

So, what? Would you screw Laura?

Do I like her? No, it's very simple.

A night like this, you meet, have a drink, laugh...

Wouldn't you ask her home?

Yes. There you are.

Hi. Hi.

And I remember that at Omar's party you two were talking.


I was sleeping in Omar's bed, but I wasn't asleep.

And? I saw you.

What did you see?

It's OK, you turn Laura on and she turns you on.

You're drunk, I don't know what you mean.

It's cool. No, what the hell do you mean?

Laura told me that you were about to get it together.

Come on it! No, really, it was close.

Do you believe that shit?

I know you did nothing, but don't lie to me, you would screw her, that's all.

You're smashed.

Yeah, but... Yeah, but what?

You want to tell me something?

Fuck, no!

So that's it, right? Yeah.

I'm going to buy a ticket when I get home.

To Stockholm?

For the first month, to see if I catch her out.

You're crazy. How much will it be?

A lot. I just want to see her face.

They won't do anything the first month.

Later, you mean? Sure, but not the first month.

Too soon.

Three months.

You're right.

What a slut.



You won't believe this.

Go on.

I don't know how to tell you because...

It's surreal, I iust walked past you and I fell in love.

Right. Right, I know it's incredible, so what'll we do?

Give me your number, I'll call you.

No, no, here, a gift.

What is this? Keep them.

If you won't sleep with me, I don't want them.

Listen, really, forget it.

Come. Yes.

Let's go for a beer. We'll go to that place.

No more beer... I'm dead...

Where do you want to go? Me?

I want to stay here.

And you? I want a beer, and you?

I really don't care. Great, choose somewhere else.

OK, I will. Good.

And you?


Your home? Yes.

I hope your parents aren't there.

You really want to go home? I'm tired.

Come on, let's pick a place.

I know.

We'll buy some beer and go to my place, it's 5 minutes away.

Perfect! But I'll end sleeping on your couch.


But... But what?

Don't worry, I'm going home.

On your own? Yes.

I'll go with you. No, stay on, you're having fun.

Why don't you two go on your own?

Us? Yes.

Fuck, I don't know.

I'm going, if you lot want to come...

I'm going home.

All right.

I'll go with her.

I'll go with you, themve got a plan...

Girls, don't worry, I'll get a taxi.

Are you sure? Yes.

But we agreed to... It's OK, I'll get one down there.

All right... See you, OK?

Bye. Ciao.

We'd agreed that we'd stay with her...

It's no big deal. I think she enjoyed herself...

What are you doing?

I'm going home.

You ended up on your own.

Well, you're here. What?

So I'm not on my own.

Don't count on me.

Are you always so negative?

All I've heard from you are negative phrases:

"I don't want to go out", "Don't count on me", "Not todam'.

You really dislike me that much? Yes.

May I know why?

I don't like people like you. Like me?

You know what I'm like? It shows.

You're lucky, I've got no idea what you're like.


So, what am I like, if I may know?

Like that, sure of yourself, you think you're wonderful.

I bet you look in the mirror every day and can't believe your eyes.

A good friend to your male friends, but a bastard with girls. What they call a cool guy.

You're not very original.

I thought you'd say something more interesting.

You should have stayed with the girls, themd suit you better.

Do theythink they're wonderful too?

I guess they do, but mostly because you want to have fun, and themre more fun.

Just as well I'm meeting them at m' y place.

So why are you here?

I wanted to change your mind.

Seriously, what are you doing? I'm seeing you home.

And you didn't think that maybe I don't want you to?

Don't you want me to?


Another negative. Yes.

Wow, a yes!

You're being a real pain. Ok, I'm sorry, really.

I'll stop bothering you.

I mean it, eh? I know.


Give it a break. I'm going in the same direction.

Don't you have a friend you can laugh with?

I came with one, but... Did you dump him?

I explained to him. What?

About you. About me?

About what happened to me with you...

That I fell in love with you.

And he understood?

Well, actually he didn't.

Didn't he? He said that: One, you're better looking than I am. I totally agree.

So do I.

And two, you looked bitter and you'd fucking ignore me.

I guess you'll forget it tomorrow morning.

I said that too.

And three, he said you're too young for me. What'll we do?

Your friend is a genius. Yes.

He could have come, not you. He's not your stme.

So you're much more my style, right?

I don't know why you won't accept it.

You're unbelievable.

And you left him there? Yes, he'll find something...

Something! Whatever, a girl, a garbage bin.

Men are the pits.

We're romantic. You call that being romantic?

We look for love everyhere, no matter how unlikely it may be.

So you believe in us no matter how unlikely it may be.

If you only knew how much I believe in us.

Listen, really, you haven't got a chance.

I don't want to be rude, but I really want to go home on my own.

Should I go back to my pal?

Or to myfriends, if that's what you arranged.

Really, you'll have more fun.

I wasioking about that, I told them I was going home.

Well, I bet you can still find your friend.

OK, I'll go back there. I'm really sorry if I bothered you.

It's all right, it wasn't that bad.

I'll run and see if I can catch him. And I'm sorry.

So long!

What are you doing here? Are you following me?

I was looking for my pal and I got lost, have you seen him?

No, but you can try down there.

No, he's probably gone by now.

What are you laughing at?

And you? What are you laughing at?

Tell me.

I don't know...

I'm glad that we've met again. Why?

Because I was right to run after you and find you.

And when I do the right thing when everything is against me...

I'm glad.

That makes sense.

And what were you laughing at?

At nothing.

You won't tell me? I wasn't laughing at anything.

Where are you going? Huh? Down there.

Do you live there?

No, but I always get a taxi around there.

Would you like to come up and drink to our second chance?

No, and don't insist. Just a beer.

I told you I don't want to.

This can't end here.

Yes, it can. Are you hungry?

What? I'm hungry, aren't you?

Yes, but... I'll buy you dinner.

Dinner? Yes, you said you were hungry, so even if it sounds romantic, you can't say no, you're hungry.

It's true.

But I don't know if you'll get in, dressed like that.


Don't worry, the maitre is a pal.

Thanks, I don't know what I'd do without you.

Come on, they're closing.

Strange, isn't it?

Fuck, all this has really changed!

All what?

This place isn't what it was. Right.

What would you like?

I don't know, a nice meal, a good wine, dessert, candles.

All right, whatever you want.

I'll give your order to the manager.

Your friend? You mind waiting?

No, no, I'll go and have a look at the Financial ymes.

I won't be long.

Let's go.

Do you want anything?

Who was it?

A drunk guy.

He doesn't like you very much. Right.


Does everyone like you? No way.

But you're so nice and you want people to like you...

What can I say? The truth.

Because you never lie.


One night I made out with a friend of his, a girl that he was undoubtedly in love with.

I met them in a bar and we got talking, and we were laughing andioking until the big moment when she had to choose between going to bed with the friend she sees every day, or with the stranger who for some reason she liked that night.

The worst thing is I keep meeting him, in bars, at the cinema, in the street, now in the 24, and it's always the same fucking story.

A real pain, isn't it? Yeah.



What else do you want?

I don't know if you've told me all the truth.

So you say. Yeah, but for me you'rejust a stranger who swore always to tell the truth.

How do I know that it isn't a lie?

Yeah... I don't know.

I say it's the truth and if you don't believe me...

all that I know about you is that you live 5 minutes away.

I didn't lie about that.

You said you were meeting myfriends, and it was a lie.

That was a ioke. You've lied to me once.

That doesn't count.

And you keep samng that you're in love...

That you really like me. No, I'm in love with you!

And that isn't a lie.

It would have been smarter to lie and say I'm just interested.

You could be lying about that too.

I think I'm showing you that I'm not.

Know what I think?

I think you're a liar, you lie about everything, obviously you're not in love with me, you don't live 5 minutes away, and you're not going to prove that.

Myfriends dumped you, that's why you came looking for me.

You haven't told me your name in case we meet again.

And, most important, I think that the boy we met hates you because after you slept with his friend she was smitten by you and your lies, but you never rang her or answered her calls...

I'm right, aren't I?

Why do you think that?

I don't know, he gave me an odd look when he left like he was wishing me luck or something.

Like I was following in the steps of his friend and others.

So you'd rather believe what you see in a drunk's face than believe me?

You still haven't proved that I've lied about anything.

And you haven't proved you're telling the truth.

You're right.

Come on, tell me you called her and it didn't work out.

Come on, Mr. Honesty, I dare you.

After that night, I never saw her again because the next day I left on a trip.

I rang her when I got back and she was dating someone.

And your friends? You can call them tomorrow but, at the risk of seeming cocky, I don't think you have to.

It was pretty obvious Marina was interested in me, wasn't it?

I didn't tell you my name because it's ugly and I'm embarrassed.

And as for living five minutes from there, well...

And that I fell in love... you've got two options, choose to find out, or choose to not find out.

Why don't we wait on the stairs?

Tell me your name. I'm really embarrassed by it.

I just want to keep talking to you.

"I've fallen in love with you".

The firstthing you said to me. You still think it's a lie?

You've got such a cheek. You really think that?

How often have you slept with strangers?

Strangers? Yes, like me.

Like you... never. Come on, tell me.

Now and then.

Several times.

And you've seen them again? Of course.

Not all of them.

Yes, they end up calling me, finding me, chasing me.

They come to your house... That's happened, believe me.

Of course, you're so irresistible.

Do you think that too?

I'm not one of those.

"Those"? Yes, I don't...

I don't sleep with strangers.

Oh, those. They're such sluts!

You needn't worry about me, I don't want to sleep with you.

No? You're not mytype, sorry.

Wow, what a disappointment.

It must be for how I look.


But you should have seen me when I left home.

A boy in the street even told me that...

Well, that he'd have taken me anyhere.

But of course, now, with my hair, I look a wreck.

You're very pretty.

And you? What?

How many strangers have you slept with?

How many turned up at your door?

Less than you, for sure. How many?

Less than you imagine.

I hope so, I was imagining an awful lot.

Yes, well, less.

Because that's what you wanted.

Right? I don't know.

What can I do with you?

You can move house and prayfor luck.


When you sleep with strangers, so they don't find you or come calling at your door.

It's not a bad strategy.

A bit expensive, boring, but not bad. I'll think about it.

But seriously, what can I do with you?

So that I'll believe you or so that I'll fall in love with you?

Good question, are they mutually exclusive?

Let me think... no.

So if you don't believe me you can't fall in love with me.

Exactly. I'll have to get you to believe me.

What can I do? You can't do anything.

You can always do something. No, you can't do anything, I know it's a lie, you haven't fallen in love with me, it's OK.

But I'm enioying myself. Here we go again.

You know I won't stop till you believe me.

All right, you'll have to prove it.

What have I been doing all night? Didn't you notice?

Prove it properly.

Of course, I'd forgotten. How do I do it properly?

I can't tell you.

And I can't fall in love with someone whose name I don't know.

What a bore! It's true!

I can't, it's horrible. Come on, tell me.

It can't be that bad, and it's your name.

You have to start accepting it.

You really want me to tell you? Of course.

All right, but this is a test to see if you're frivolous or not, because I don't like just any girl.

When I tell you your first reaction will be vital.

You think I'm going to run oy?

Ready? Come on!

Remember, your first reaction...


What's wrong?

You're laughing.

It's a lie.

OK, that's it. No, you can't be called...

You can't be called Bartolo. So what am I called?

Happy now?

Yes, you look happy.

What more can I do to prove I'm crazy about you?

Do you want me to go outside and shout it?

How about if I do that?

Pretty weak.

Pretty weak.

Go out and shout it, but naked.

For fuck's sake! Go on!

You'reioking, right? No.

You're serious?

You're twisted, you look very sweet, but you're bad, very bad.

I didn't know you were so dangerous.

I shouldn't have trusted you so much.

If my pal could see me... What a fucking night this is...


One thing, can I wear my sneakers?

OK, but no socks.

What was I thinking...?

What's this? Look up...

That's it.

You're a bit close, aren't you? Yes, sorry.


Here I go.


Look at what she made me do!

You're shameless! Will you help me?

We have to. Look what she did to me.

Here she is. It's true, she is pretty.

I told you. Why don't you believe him?


Why don't you believe he's in love with you?

She won't believe it.

Look, he's naked in the middle of the street at night!

What more can he do? Are they your friends?

I'vejust hired them.

OK, we're oy.

Yeah, we can't do any more for you.

Thanks a lot. You're welcome.

Good luck and don't catch cold!

And may love win through! Did you hear that?

Go inside, you're going to freeze.

No, let's go for a walk...

Come on.

You're crazy, and frozen. Yeah.

A bit...

Do you want to...?

Only if you come up with me.

To be honest, I'm a bit thirsty. Yeah.

I don't know...

I've got water in my place.

I think we'll both feel better.

Listen, have I managed either of the two things?

What things?

You know what things.

You've managed one.



Notthe other? No.

I think I have, a bit.

Well, this is my place.

Come on, I'll show you around.

The kitchen.

Very clean. Thank you.

This is the other guy's room.

Is he at home? No, we're alone.

The bathroom.

And my room.

You can go in, if you want.

No, thanks, I can see it from here.

And the sitting room.

All verytidy.

The best is yet to come.

No, come over here.

I love your make up.

Get down, please.

No, I mean it, please, get down.

Please, it's very high, I'm serious.

What do you think? It's beautiful.

I'm lucky.

You are.

Why not sit down while I wash myface so I don't look so stupid? Sure.

I won't be long.

I've only got gin.

I don't want anything, thanks, I had some water.

Do you mind if I smoke? Not at all. Wait.



I think I will have some.

No, you missed your chance, sorry.

Is that OK? Yes, thanks.

I'm sorry.

It's all right. No, I'm sorry, really.

No, It's all right, honestly. I love your house.

Thank you.

Where do you live?

Far away. Far away? Alone? Sharing?

Far away with my mother. Yeah.

What do you want to do? I don't know, what about you?

Let's talk about something interesting.


Earlier, with your friends I noticed that... something odd was happening, you were uncomfortable.

What can I say?

Well, as I'd like to talk about something interesting and I'd like to get to know you, you can do that, talk about something, I'm here.

In fact, I noticed that theytreated you in a strange way, kind of protecting you.

No, it's nothing.

Today is a bit of a special day.

It is? Why?

It's been ages since I went out with myfriends at night and so today is special.

I wanted to change some things I don't like.

How did it go? What?

The night.

I was pretty bored. But I tried.

And are you bored now?

No, not now.


You may not see it, it's a signal. You are?

It's obvious.

I don't know, I don't really see you in that change of plans.

We'll see. We'll see.

I want you to tell me.

Tell you what? What's wrong with you.

Something's obviously wrong and I want to know what.

What for?

I barely know you, it can't interest you.

Of course it does.

Come on.


Well, I haven't exactly been going through my best moment.

For a year, a year and a half, I was a bit... unwell, and today I wanted to change because I was a bit tired.

It isn't easyto talk about this, but...

It's just that, for some time, or maybe since always...

I'm sorry.

Go on, please.

Answer it, if you like. No, it's not important.

Don't treat me like this. Like what?

What's wrong? Nothing.

And now?

I don't know.

Now is when you say you're tired and you leave, and then I'll want to throw the fucking phone out the window.

I'm really sorry about what just happened.

Maybe it's better like this.

So, deep down, you didn't want to tell me.

It's possible.

OK, tell me everything about you except that, and tell me about that when you feel like it.

It's all too much, isn't it?

All right.

How manythings can I know about you?

Come on.

Do I have to insist about everything?

Are you giving me the third degree? I don't have to.

If you answer my questions that's enough.

How many questions are there?

How many answers will you give? Three.

Three? That's fine.

But... But?

I can ask you three questions too.

That seems fair. Who goes first?

As it's you, I guess we have to tell the truth.

How could you doubt me?

I'll go first.

Have you got a girlfriend?

Have you?

No. Myturn.

Do I suit my hair like this?

Yes, it looks good... You can only say yes or no.

Sorry. Yes. Really?

Is that your second question?

No. Your turn.

Does she know I'm here?

No. Myturn.

Do you think I'm a liar? Yes.

Thank you.

Use it well it's your last que! stion.

May I see your mobile?

No. Myturn.

Use it well it's your last que! stion.

Do you want to kiss me?


Now you don't even say "I'm sorrm'.

All right, fuck it, I'm sorry.

What the hell is your problem?

How long have we been together?

All night, all fucking night.

I can't stand anyone for more than an hour, not even myfriends.

Is that supposed to soften me up? It's the truth.

You ran after your friend.

You know that was all an act.

And this is all an act too, right?

No, this is for real. I want to be with you, I like you.

Until you get me into your bed.

And you don't want to be there? Not today.

Why not? Because I don't.

Don't you like being with me? I do, until you make me do things I don't want to.

I don't want to kiss you or sleep with you.

OK, perfect.

Now maybe you'd rather that I went home.

If you'll feel better... Possibly.

With your mother? Fuck you.

Don't go. Let me pass.

Is that what you want? Yes, I want to go.

Don't go now, please. You're losing all your style.

I know.

But you're making it very hard for me.

You're not used to that, are you?

You think I always get what I want? Yes.

And when you don't you act like an idiot.

What do you do when you don't get what you want?

Nothing special, I'm used to it. Is that why you seem so sad?

Wasn't I bitter? No, you're sad.

I thought that from the start.

What are you doing? Don't you see I don't want to kiss you?

Then why are you in my sitting room, dummy?


Yes, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.

At Lola's house.

She's asleep.

Yes, I should have told you, I'm sorry.

It was great, we laughed a lot.

Yes, mom, really, I'm fine.

For lunch? What time is it?

I don't know.

I think I'd prefer to stay here and then go home later.

You don't mind? All right.


Yes, I'll take it now.

I will.

I will, mom, I will!

All right.

See you later, ciao.

Good morning.

Did you sleep well? Yes.

I'm glad.

You want to shower? That would be great.

What? Nothing.

What are you laughing at? Nothing.

You're very handsome. More than yesterday?

Yes. Thank you.

You're welcome.

Are you going out?

Yes, I've got some things to do.

When? In a little while.

Near here? Yes, why?

I'd like for us to go back to bed and screw again.

Mornings aren't my forte, I'd disappoint you.

You want coyee? Have you had some already?

Yes, but I can easily make more.

No, it doesn't matter. It's no problem.

OK. I'll make it now.

It's percolating.


It's a nice day, we could have the coyee on the terrace.

Now? No, it would be a real hassle.

And people don't like anyone going up.

It's OK at night, but in the morning I'd rather not.

With milk? Yes.


Have you got an ashtray?

I'd rather you didn't smoke.

My roommate doesn't like it, do you mind?


I had a great time. Me too.

Well, then? Well, then, what?

You seem strange.

No, I'll be late, that's all. For your errands?

Yes, for my errands.

Are they important?

Well, no, as important as errands can be.

Maybe you could do them tomorrow and... I don't know...

I've got a lunch date and I can't change that.

Some other day, OK?

Just a minute.

Drink it, it'll get cold.

Or would you rather shower first?

I don't care.

It's up to you.


I'll get you a towel.


I don't understand.

What's wrong? I don't know.

Tell me.

I thought you'd like me to stay.

I didn't say I wouldn't, but I have to go out.

But... if you want to stay, you can shower, have breakfast and slam the door when you leave. All right.

Is that OK?

I'll go and you stay.

You can shower slam the door and thyt's it.

Sure, I'll slam the door and that's it.


Do you mind showering while I...?

I'd rather wait for you.

I don't know.

What does it matter?

You said I could do it at my ease...

Yeah, but I have to go.

You said you'd go out and I could have my shower...


But no.

Now it's no. That's right.

Why? I think it's better.

Why do you think that? I've changed my mind, that's all.

You must be the person who most changes his mind.

Very well. Except for one thing.

I mean it, would you please have your shower?

Why am I surprised? It was obvious this would happen, wasn't it?

It's ridiculous that this is happening in my house.

Have a shower or not, I don't care.

Listen, I... No.

No, what? I'm not leaving.

What? I'm stamng.

You can tryto throw me out but it won't be easy.

Go and do what you have to do, I'll wait here for you.

You'll wait for me?

I'm sick of doing things I don't want to, and I want to stay.

Have you gone mad all of a sudden?

No, I'm just trying to do what I want, like you.

You've chosen a fucking great day.

And what if I tell you I want you to leave my house?

I mean it, this is senseless.

I'm telling you to leave and you have to accept it.

It's as easy as that.

Do you want me to call the police or what?

Call them.

You think I wouldn't? I don't know, we'll see now.

I don't understand you, gal. I don't understand you either, dude.

This is ridiculous.

Why the hell do you want to stay if...?

If you spent all night persuading me to come here?

I've made it clear I don't want you to stay.

Have you got no pride?

A bit of self-esteem?

No, don't laugh.

Don't get smart on me, that's all I need.

I can throw you out.

With your fists? What?

If you don't use your fists I don't think you'll get me out.

A tidy guy.

Christ, I told you not to smoke!

All right.

Look, let's talk calmly, all right?

I am calm. OK.


I don't know whythe fuck we're fighting.

Because you're being rude to me and I don't think I deserve it.

It's true, I have been rude and I'm sorry.

But I'm a bit of a bastard, you'll get to know me.

I'm bad atthese situations, I won't lie to you.

As soon as I woke, I wanted...

You wanted me to go. No, I wanted to be alone, which is diyerent.

It happens in the morning, I don't like being with someone I don't know.

Even if you're in love with that someone?

I really had a greattime yesterday.

It was a lot of fun.

Meeting you, the walk, we laughed a lot.

Even when you put me out on the street naked.

And it was terrific in bed.

I want to do it again, see you again. Don't you?

So what's the problem?

You want me to go and I don't want to go.

So only one can win.

If I go, you win, and if I stay, I win.

Yes, that's right, but you're in my house, and if I don't want you here you have to go.

If we were in your house and you wanted...

Fuck, I'm not going to explain, you have to understand.

Yesterday I didn't want to sleep with you.

No? No.

I know you think I did, but I didn't want to sleep with you.

You convinced me with your lies and I did it, but...

You can't imagine how much I regret it.

You didn't enioy it? Yes, I enjoyed it very much.

You're the best, really, but I regret it.

Bad luck, at times we make mistakes.

Yes, but you knew I didn't want to, didn't you?

I don't know. Didn't I make it clear?

Yes, at first, I guess so, but that's typical, isn't it?

One always has doubts and your position was comfortable.

And in the end you did want to.

No, I didn't, not at all.

But now, as I don't want to go, I won't.

I'm stamng.

I really can't believe this.

It's all I needed.

You'll be late. Yes, I will be late.

Go on, I don't want to hold you up.

Look, can't we meet tonight and talk about it?

I like you, I really do, but, I think we could... Have a future?

What? We could have a future?


So now you believe it?

Yes, I think we could.

Yesterday, you didn't think it, you were convinced.

Don't start that again.

Start what? All that shit.

Talking all the time about last night...

You mean the shit you were telling me last night?

Do you realize what a bastard you are?

Don't act dumb because you're obviously not!

What do you mean? What do I mean?

Yesterday, last night, you can't... The things we said...

They weren't true. They were fucking true, but at night you say... At night everything's diyerent.

At night you saythings that...

At night you bring me an ashtray, and in the morning?

Tell me the truth. Are you in love with me or not?

But you...?

No, I'm obviously not in love with you.

You made a mistake yesterday. Yes, I think I did.

But no...

And less after all this.

I'm sorry, you haven't convinced me.

You're not leaving.

Then I'll leave.

I don't give a shit what you...

You'll have to leave somedaday, right?

Missing something?

Give them to me.

Excuse me? Give me the keys.

I haven't got your keys. Give them to me.

Why do you think I have them? Please.

I haven't got them, do you think I ate them?

You're capable of it.

You weren't so concerned last night, remember?

Give them to me.

"If you won't sleep with me, I don't want them".

Give me the fucking keys, I'm serious.

All right, if you're so convinced I've got them, search me.

You haven't gotthem on you, you've hidden them.

Are you sure?

Search me.

Why are you doing this? Don't you want to touch me now?

Seriously, I've apologized, I've said you could stay, what more do you want?

I don't want anything. So why won't you give them to me?

Because it's not fair. What's not fair?

That the game ends when you say so. Oh, so it's a game...

Yes, since last night. You started it.

I'm getting fucking fed up with this game, so give me the keys or I'll thump you.

That would liven things up. But you...?

It's strange, you're such fun at night and such a pain in the daytime.

What does that say about you? What about what you're doing to me?

What does that say about you?

If only I'd met any other girl yesterday.

If only... That's what I fucking say.

Three questions each. What are you on about?

You can ask three questions to find out where they are.

I'll let you start.

You did pretty well yesterday. Go to hell.

You see? I told you, remember?

You're so used to everything working out as you want, that when anything goes wrong you turn into a complete idiot.

Where are the keys?

Is that your first question?

No, it's the one I've been asking for five minutes.

Very well.

They are in this room. My turn.

I don't want to play, get it?

When did you know that this morning you'd want me to leave?

I don't know. Where are the keys?

Those aren't your rules, you have to tell the truth, When did you know? I told you I don't know.

Think about it.

Last night, iust before I fell asleep. I think you were asleep already.

Give them to me.

Themre in a pocket.

What do you mean, a pocket?

Don't mess me around!

That's how I was all last night, wanting to believe you, but knowing I shouldn't.


Do you think I've got reasons to be sad?

Do I have to insist so much with you?

Yes, I guess you do, and I'm really sorry...

I didn't ask your opinion.

Your turn, last question. Use it well.

Where are my keys?

Are you sure that's your last question?

Wouldn't you rather know more...

I don't give a shit! Don't you understand?

I want myfucking keys now!

They're in the oldest part of the room.


If I ask you to stay because I can't be alone, what would you say?

I'd say no.

What are you doing? I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to, I don't know what happened.

What the hell are you doing?

You're unbelievable.

Now I understand everything.

When you told me you hadn't slept with many guys...

Shut up. Such a pretty girl...

Shut up! But now it's obvious.

You're fucking insane... Shut up!

You've got no right. I don't?

You drive me crazy, then you make this fuss, and I haven't got the right to say you're fucking insane!

And the fuss you made last night? What are you talking about?

Look, get out of my house right now!

I never want to see you again! Let go of me!


What did I do to you that... we came to this?

Maybe your girlfriend's coming and that's why you want me to go.

You're... you're a moron.

Of course, that's why she rang yesterday, and as you didn't answer you couldn't tell her not to come.

You don't know if I have a girlfriend or not.

It got cold, I made you some more.

I think we got a bit...

Or I got... Well, it doesn't matter.

I think it got out of control, don't you?

You're going to be late.

I rang to say I was held up.

I don't like how all this ended.

It's been very uncomfortable, I'm sorry.

Last night, while you were asleep, I was watching you, and I realized that...

No, it wasn't when you were asleep, it was all night.

On the way here, in the doorway, in your bed making love...

Even at the party, before you came up to talk to me, I'd seen you already.

You were with a very pretty girl.

I wanted to talk to you, but I was incapable.

I thought I'd give anything for you to come up to me.

And then you did, and I couldn't believe it.

I saw myself telling you that you were a drag and to leave me alone, and I wanted to hit my head against the wall.

You know why I didn't believe you?

Because no one has ever fallen in love with me.

I've never been loved.

It's a strange feeling. What is?

Knowing that you're in love.

Now I'm the one who doesn't believe you.

I've never met anyone like you.

I like how you are. I don't know, you're diyerent, and if you think about it our story has been diyerent too.

The night was great and in the morning...

It wasn't so great.

Yes, in the morning it was a fucking disaster.


I didn't behave very well.

You were right.

When things turn out wrong, I...

And if I told you I really want to meet you later?

Now you're going to make it hard for me, right?

Look, this has been... Well, it still is very weird.

Nothing like this has ever happened to me.

People are usually colder, they seem falser, I don't know.

You know what I mean?

And in a few hours with you I've felt...

Let's forget all this.

Or let's not, let's remember it forever.

What do you want? Tell me the truth.


You can't have fallen in love with me when...

I've behaved like such a cretin.

Don't you believe me?


Prove it to me.

Come on, you have to shout it!

It's like we're stuck in a loop.

I'll get some coffee and we'll stay here a while.

Want anything?

No, thank you.

OK. I won't be long.