Straight Outta Compton (2015) Script


WOMAN: Pico Boulevard.

At Rene's Building Shop in the building next to the location.

Suspects are seen climbing out...

BOB SCHIEFFER: Violent street gangs from Los Angeles are now trafficking in drugs in cities far from their own turf.

MAN 2: Crips, the bloods.

MAN 3: Has enabled the gangs to become richer, better armed and better organized.

RONALD REAGAN: Drugs are menacing our society.

DAN RATHER: The war on drugs is focused on crack, the super-addictive...

MAN 2: The Los Angeles police department's crash program.

REAGAN: They will have no dark alleyways to hide in.

OLIVER NORTH: I, Lieutenant Colonel North, I don't recall that conversation.

DR. DRE: You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge

TONE: I'm about to give you this right here.


TONE: Who is it?

EAZY E: You know who it is.

Open the fucking door.

Open the door.

Hurry up, man. Open the fucking door.

TONE: What's up, cuz?

EAZY E: What's up, homie?



EAZY E: So, wassup with you and this code knock and asking me to say my name at the door?

We don't trust you motherfuckers.

EAZY E: What y'all tryin' to do?

ROCK: Oh, you ain't heard? Best runner got cracked.

Sent his young ass up to YA.

EAZY E: That's sad.

Fuck that gotta do with me?

TONE: Hey, Tasha!

TASHA: I'm right here.

Hey, get this dude a 40.


Hurry up!

EAZY E: Nigga, I look thirsty?

I look thirsty to you?


Bitch, I just said I wasn't thirsty!

Hold up. Why you gotta be so ruthless, Eric?

I'm straight.

What, y'all don't want something to drink?

You want some pussy?

Not from these little strawberry bitches you got up in here.

I want my fucking money. Where the money at?

Fuck you being so disrespectful in my house for, cuz?

Nigga, this a dope house that you already disrespecting.

Yeah, we good.

ROCK: So bottom line is we short...

So you gonna have to let us hold onto that.

Oh, yeah?

Well, my people sitting right across the street from your mama house right now.

Cause if I don't show up, they gonna show out.

Greenleaf, right? That's the street she stay on?

You really wanna take it there?

You already took it there.

Shit, it's one time. They got a battering ram.

TONE: Get to the back, Rock! Hey, man, get to the back!

They better not find a motherfucking thing!

Get all that shit up in the roof.

Hurry up!

Man, get to the back!

You know what to do with it. Yeah.

ROCK: Keisha!

ROCK: What's taking you so long? Shit.

TONE: Hurry up!

Step up, girl!



EAZY E: Oh, shit.

Fuckin' dog.

My life, my life, my life.

In the sunshine.

Everybody loves the sunshine.


Everybody loves the sunshine

What happened?

Whatcha mean? What happened with what?

Andre, boy, don't play with me.

Do you even care how it makes me look?

Called in favors to get your thoughtless ass an interview and you can't even show up?

Look, I'm sorry, Ma. I just...

I got so caught up in this DJ stuff, I forgot.

You have a child, Andre.

Spinnin' records ain't paying none of the bills around here.

Whatchu talkin' about? I get paid.

$50. So that makes you rich?

It's a start. Damn!

Why you riding me so hard?

I'm not riding you, baby. I'm trying to make you understand.

And you know how I run my house.

Now you gonna have to go to school or you gonna have to go to work.

Now I don't even care if you are a janitor.

I don't care what the hell you do...

Long as I own the company. I know, I know.

VERNA: But you don't own the company.

Lonzo does. Okay.

You think we're done here?

Yeah, I mean, you keep... You got something to say to me?

You don't care what I'm fightin' for, okay?

I already know what I want to do with my life and it definitely ain't sitting in some cubicle, taking orders on a bullshit-ass job.

Shut up!

People used to tell me I was too young when I had you.

Said I wouldn't be shit.

Said you wouldn't be shit.

Now, I worked my ass off to get us here, and I refuse to let you throw it all away.

TYREE: Hey, I grabbed some of your stuff.

Good lookin' out, T.

When you comin' back?

Man, I don't even know.

Got a lotta things to figure out.

Can I come with you?


You've been crying this whole time about us sharing a room.

And now you wanna come with me.

Man, get out of here.

TYREE: You know Mom. She just...

She just want the best for you.

Hey, I know that, T.

But check this out, I want the best for me too.


That mean I gotta go.

Look, when I get set up right, I'mma bring you with me.

Don't even worry about it. I'mma have you in Miami.

For real?

You gotta get me in Miami. Yeah, man.

Don't play, man. Get me somewhere.

Hey, I'll call you later.

For now, stay your little ass outta trouble.

Yeah, yeah.

Hey, nah. For real.

Ar'ight, bruh. Ar'ight.

What you been up to, Cube?

ICE CUBE: Shit, writin' rhymes.

You a poet now?

The flyest one you know, nigga.

This nigga. Okay. I'll see you.

Hi, Mr. Davis. Hi.

MALE STUDENT: I wish somebody would try me though.

MAN: That's all I'm saying. You feel me?

Hey! Shit, nigga! Come here!

Hey, what up, cuz?

What up, cuz?

Whatcha doin', nigga?

Hey, cuz!

What up?


What's good, nigga?

All good? Hey, what up, cuz?


Get outta here, man. You old mark-ass.

You see that shit?

Shut it down!

Open up the goddamn door, man.

MALE BUS DRIVER: What's going on?

Shut the fuck up, blood.

Y'all niggas ready to die today?

Don't get quiet now.

All that shit y'all was throwin' up out the window?

What's up with it, huh?

You didn't think we saw that, huh?

Let me see how you do that shit again. Let me see.

I was just playin', man, I swear. I was only playin', man.

You think niggas out here are playin'? Huh?

Niggas die every day.

I kill Crips for breakfast.

Don't you ever put your motherfucking hands up on no school bus, nigga.

You understand me?

Yeah. Huh?


Y'all motherfuckers need to gang bang them books instead of tryin' to be somethin' y'all ain't.

Shit, you never know.

'Cause I might be the one to kill your motherfucking ass.

Remember me.

O.G. Two Tone, Crenshaw Mafia, blood.

ICE CUBE: Yo, Dre and Jinx in there?

Yup, they in there.

Hey, Auntie. Hi, baby.

How you doin'? Just fine.

Lavetta, where Dre and Jinx at? They're in the back.

Excuse me.

LAVETTA: Come on. Chill out.

ICE CUBE: Hey, little mama. Take your nap.

Why didn't you say hi?

Wuddup, Cube? Wuddup?



JINX: Do that shit!

ICE CUBE: Damn, Dre!


JINX: Damn.



JINX: That's right.


Whoo! Fuck that shit up, Dre!

Yo. That shit was dope, homie!

What's up, Cube? Man!

I had some crazy shit happen on the bus today.

I had a Crenshaw Mafia O.G. get on the bus, pulled a gun out on us, gave a fucking motivational speech and then bumped out.

The shit was crazy.

You wanna avoid some more crazy shit, you better not get up on that stage and fuck up.

Ain't nobody gonna fuck up, man.

You must be stayin' a while. JINX: Yup.

Mama kicked him out 'cause of that mouth.

DR. DRE: Shut your ass up.

She didn't kick me out. I left.


ICE CUBE: That's what they all say, homie. Right?

You got them rhymes?

ICE CUBE: Man, I stay with the rhymes.

DR. DRE: Man, I'm talkin' about that hard shit.

All I write is that hard shit, Dre. Okay.

So wassup, man? You ready for Doo-to's?

Shit, is Doo-to's ready for me?

You know that's Compton, right? They got body bags at the door.


Your ass better bring it, 'cause if you don't, you might end up in one for real.

Body bag?

Man, I don't know about that shit.

ICE CUBE: Ain't nobody fucking with you, Jinx.

Stupid, man. Tell your moms to fix this fucking AC.

Man, what are you doing here, homeless?

MAN: Get off of me, nigga!

Fuck you! Get the fuck off me. Stay down.

MAN: We didn't do shit!

The fuck you holding me for? Get the fuck off me!

COP: Where the fuck you going?

Hey, man, I'm just trying to get home, man. I'm not even doin' nothin'.

COP: Put your fucking hands on top of your head. Interlace your fingers.

Spread your fucking legs.

You need to stay the fuck down.

Man, this hood is fuckin' hot!

Shut the fuck up!

What the hell is going on out here?

Look, these boys, they all grew up on this block, okay?

You need to get back in the house. That's my son.

That's my... O'Shea! That's my son. You need to get back in the house.

Lady, I'm telling you... Damn.

You get back inside, or I promise you, I will ruin your fuckin' night!

Man, you ain't got to talk to my mom's like that.

Shut the fuck up! Motherfuckin' nigger.

Oh, I'm a nigger now?

Wait a minute my ass, motherfucker.


ICE CUBE: Officer, can you explain why you jacking us right now?

Man, I ain't explaining shit to you.

Get the fuck up off the street.

I'm on my property. I can stand right here. You got that?

Son! We right here.

Where you got the fuckin' rocks, homeboy?

Not everybody's slangin' dope, man.

COP: I don't give a fuck! This LAPD.

I'm the only gangster out here. All right.

They all check out.

Check out? Check what, man? Y'all are just over here fuckin' with us.

Get up.

We got cards on all of 'em anyway.

Pick your shit up.

Stay out of trouble, man.

Get the fuck out of here. Get your ass up!

Let's go. Head home.

WOMAN: Stay back.

We ain't doin' shit, man!

COP: Get the fuck outta here.

MAN: We didn't even fucking do shit!

Start fuckin' walking.

Hey. Hey. Head home!


MAN: Fuck the police, homie!

COP: Get the fuck out of here!

MAN: Yo, this is bullshit!

You really want to be here?

This club full of Pirus.

We straight.

Yeah, thanks for the tip, homie.

These niggas.

DJ YELLA: I just wanna say this. You should be a model.

Yeah, you look like a model.

Just sayin', you know.

I look in your eyes and I see a Capricorn.

You're a Capricorn, right?

I mean, I can look at a girl and I know their sign, you know?

It's just something I do.

Uh... Mmm-hmm.

DJ YELLA: I hope I'm not disrespecting you, right?

Uh-huh. Not at all. Good.

Yella! Good.

Lonzo coming, man.

DR. DRE: Nah, nah. Weak at the Knees. -Huh?

DR. DRE: Weak at the Knees.

Hey. Wassup?

LONZO: I'mma go outside and make sure nothing's poppin' off, all right?

I want you to keep these fat asses shakin'.

Don't play none of that street-ass rap shit, ar'ight?

I want these motherfuckers to think about pussy, not pistols.

Yella! Huh?

I saw you talking to my lady, man.

Keep your motherfuckin' hands to yourself.

DJ YELLA: All right.

Man, why you always fuckin' with Lonzo's girl, man?

Why not?

I can't be afraid of a grown man in high heels, Dre.

DR. DRE: Cube, you up.

Hey, yo, Compton!

I got my little homie.

He 'bout to come and bust a little rhyme for y'all.

I want y'all to give it up for Ice-motherfuckin'-Cube!

Here's a little somethin' 'bout a nigga like me.

Never shoulda been let out the penitentiary.

Ice Cube would like to say.

That I'm a crazy mutherfucka from around the way.

Since I was a youth I smoked weed out.

Now I'm the mutherfucka that you read about.

Takin' a life or two.

That's what the hell I do.

You don't like how I'm livin' well, fuck you!

This is a gang and I'm in it.

My man Dre'll fuck you up in a minute.

With a right left.

Right, left you're toothless.

And then you say goddamn they ruthless.

Everywhere we go they say damn!

Ice Cube's fuckin' up the program.

And then you realize we don't care We don't just say no.

We too busy sayin' yeah!

About drinkin' straight out the eight bottle.

Do I look like a motherfuckin' role model?

To a kid lookin' up to me.

Life ain't nothin' but bitches and money

'Cause I'm tha type of nigga that's built to last.

If you fuck with me I'll put my foot in your ass.

I don't give a fuck 'cause I keep bailin'.

Yo, what the fuck are they yellin'?

Fucking right! I told you. I told you. Yes, you did.

That's what I'm talking about, man.

Now, see, I'm this close to firing your monkey ass.

What, you trying to start a riot up in here?

I told you. Didn't I tell you I don't want that hardcore shit played in my club?

As soon as I turn my back, you do that shit anyway.

I'm just trying to help your business out, Lonzo.

You saw they went crazy for that shit.

Don't worry about my business, ar'ight?

You just remember, the only reason you up on that stage is 'cause I put you up on that motherfuckin' stage.

Now, you a badass DJ, I'll give you that, but you don't like to listen, Dre.

And I get tired of arguing all the time.

'Cause you know, there's a lot of cats that'll come in here and they'll play exactly what I want 'em to play.

Like that shit right there.

Cats that understand that you don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Now you take a backseat to that shit, nigga.

These fucking marching jackets and shit.

LONZO: Marching my ass. You march your ass and do what the fuck I say.

DJ YELLA: Hey, Dre.

Don't even trip on him, homie.

Nigga ain't got no fucking vision, man.

That's why I'mma fuck his bitch. After he leave.

Not with that shit on.

How you liking this little spot? Hey!

Dr. Dre.

Wassup, E?

It's been a minute, man.

I love your jacket, by the way.

You baggin' on me.

You know I don't like wearing this shit.

That's Lonzo's shit, man. You know it's part of the gig.

Yeah. You remember the homie Ren from Kelly Park, right?

Wassup? Wuddup, Dre?

Wuddup? Wassup, man?

EAZY E: Look, I heard you been, um, spending some time at your auntie's house.

How's the couch life?

It's fucked up.

I'm too tall for that shit.

Plus I got my woman and baby livin' there. It's hard, man.

But you know, everybody can't do what you do.

Yeah, Dre. Well, what I do gettin' played out quick, man.

Motherfuckers just getting locked up and laid down out here, you know?

Mmm-hmm. I gotta make some changes.

Changes ain't bad.

I'm thinking about making a few changes myself.

Whatcha mean?

Whatchu think about dumping some money into this music shit?

Look, I got some ideas.

DJ YELLA: Let's give it up for Dr. Dre.

Fuck! I gotta get back up there.

That's your calling, man.

Tell Lonzo I said, "Fuck him." Ar'ight.

DR. DRE: Hey, E.

Think about it.


TYREE: Wassup? Do I know you?

MAN: What?

Get 'em up. Hell no!

Hey, don't be fuckin' with my little brother, nigga!

What the fuck did he do?

Nigga lookin' at me like he know me or somethin'.

Man, I told you about this shit!

COP: Clear the parking lot. -I told you to go the fuck home.

The fuck wrong with you, man?

You better chill the fuck out.

One time.

Hey! We told everybody to clear this parking lot!

We just standing here.

COP: Get outta here!

What's going on?

COP: Hey! Head home.

I fell.

You fell? He fell?

That's what he said.

I didn't ask you what he said.

Get the fuck home!

I am home.

Head home. Go!

If you don't start walking...

Or what?

Turn around. Hands on your head.

Come here.

You have the right to remain silent.

Stop resisting, boy.

You already know what it is.

What up, sucker-punch? You already know what it is.

Sucker punched that dude, man.

Hey, man, nah, nah, nah. That was Tyree.

You know he got that temper and shit.

Always getting me into fucking trouble, man.

So what they lock you up for?

I was literally just standing there, man. That's it.

As far as they was concerned.

That's the gangsterist shit I heard all week.

Man, it's stupid.

But I was thinking about what you was saying last night, though, man.

Oh, yeah? And?

It's interesting.

How long?

Really, like, how long do you think that shit you doing out there gonna last?

'Cause it ain't no happy endings in that game, man.

You saying a lot for a nigga who just got bailed outta jail.

I'm just saying, if you can slang dope...

Nigga! What, man?

Just tell the whole fuckin' world I sell dope.

Yo, yo. You can slang dope, you can slang records, man. It's easy.

You got a mind for that shit, E.

So whatchu talking about doing? Lil' homie from last night?

Nah, man. He in a group.

You know, they a trip, but...

But that shit, the reality raps, that's what I'm talking about, man.

That's it.

My boy, D.O.C., he coming in from Dallas, dope.

My little homie, Ren, rap too.

Oh, yeah?

Hey, look, I got these cats, H.B.O., Home Boys Only from New York, dope voices, man.

Some whack-ass lyrics, though.

I'm saying, Cube, he wrote this shit for 'em, it's crazy.

Shit, we could probably do something with that.

That's what I'm saying, man. Start a label or something, man.

A label?

That's kinda fucking far-fetched, Dre.

Yeah, but check this out, what would you call a record label like that?



Just like these fucking police, nigga. Ruthless.

Let's get the fuck from around here. Trying to get me sent to jail.

Get your simple ass in the car.

What the fuck is "gankin"? And what's a "6-4"?

- Yeah. -It's a car. A 6-4 Impala.

"Ganking" is when you jack somebody, man.

It's not a big deal. The shit just sound better.

Yo, man, it's too much cursing for radio play.

I mean, besides, who gives a fuck about Compton anyway? Right?

Hold the fuck up. Hey. Hold up, man.

Hey, y'all got something to say about Compton?

'Cause we might have a problem up in this bitch.


No? Then do the lyrics, 'cause I'm really losing my patience, ar'ight?

Stop fucking embarrassing me, man.

Hey, man. I ain't with this shit.

Yeah, man. Fuck this shit.

Fuck this Jheri curl rap bullshit, man. Where y'all going?

Fuck you! Wearing a Kangol don't make you LL Cool J, nigga.

What the fuck you gonna do about it? Whatcha gonna do, mark-ass nigga?


MAN: Let's roll, B.

B-street-looking motherfucker.

MAN: Fucking Jheri curl ass.

Keep talkin' that bullshit on your way out the door, nigga.

Well, there goes the talent, Dre.

Shut the fuck up, E.

I'm saying... Come on, man.

How the fuck we suppose to make a record label and hit records and we ain't got no talent?

I mean, you said, hold up my side of the deal. You said, put some money up.

So, it's time for you to deliver.

Why don't you do this shit, E?

DR. DRE: Nah, for real. Get in there on the mic.

You ain't got shit to lose. It's your money. You paying for it.

No, I can't. 'Cause I'm not a rapper. There's your rapper.

ICE CUBE: I'm in a group already, man.

Jinx and them would trip on me if I do anything.

EAZY E: Look, I understand that you wanna keep throwing your life away with Jinx and the backyard boogie band or whatever...

But I'm the Berry Gordy of this shit.

So, whenever y'all figure out what y'all wanna do, just let me know.

Come on, man. Look, the song is about you, E.

Eazy-motherfuckin'-E. I'm telling you.

DR. DRE: Come on, man.

You the only muthafucka with a 6-4.

You got a 6-4? I don't have a car.

You got a 6-4?

I got a po' Porsche, man.

DR. DRE: Nigga, come on, man.

You ain't doing nothing.

DR. DRE: But you the business man, so, you know.

It's on you.

We got a cool-ass song, though.

I think you could hit that shit.

I'm not sold, Dre.

Whatchu mean, you not sold? You just gonna sit there?

You're kinda being a ho right now, Eric.

Fuck y'all, niggas.

ICE CUBE: Berry Gordy to save the day.

EAZY E: I ain't scared.

You ain't scared? What's up then?

What are you doing?

DR. DRE: E, let me produce. Man.

Feel like it's getting weird.

Man, shut up and get comfortable.

Let's go.

Cruisin' down the street in my 6-4.


The fuck?

What the fuck is so funny?

Nothing. Oh, E, can you hear me?

Yeah, I can hear you and how much y'all fucking laughing.

Hey, E, you good. Just hit that first beat hard, man.

You gotta come in on beat.

Cruisin' down the street.

You cruisin'.

You good, Eric. All right?

No, no, no, no. You good, you good.

It's dope. But on beat.

Again. All right? Let's go.

You cruising. All right?

Cruisin' down the street in my 6-4.

- Shit. That ain't it.

- It really ain't. -Hey, hey, Dre.

He gotta go if we're gonna do this. Cube, you gotta go.

Get the fuck outta here, Yella.

- He not talkin' to me. -Nah, nigga, both of y'all.

You talking to me?

- Bye. -Go, Cube.

And Yella, get the fuck outta here, man. Me too?

Yeah, so we can get this shit done.

Write the song, Cube. Shut the fuck up, Cube.

- Take these with you, Cube. -What'd I do?

For real? Yes, man. Come on.

You know what? Whatever. Whatever.

You motherfucker.

- Come on, E. -You finished, Dre?

You wanna laugh too? I stay in this bitch by myself.

Hey, just say the words, ar'ight?

What does that even mean?

Man, just say the shit with me. Ar'ight? Cruisin'.


Yeah, "Cruisin'". Let's go.

Dre, you know this shit ain't gonna never work.

A'ight. You trying to be funny.

But, you see how you said that shit, right? Like you believe it.

Yeah, I believe that shit.

Then say this shit like you believe it, man.

Like it's a motherfuckin' Sunday and you cruisin' down Crenshaw in a motherfuckin' 6-4.

Come on. Say that shit like you believe it, man, like it's your words.

Feel that shit.

Stop playing around. Loosen the fuck up.

There you go.

Cruisin' down the street in my 6-4.

Oh, shit. Hey, that was dope, E.

That shit was dope, man. Yeah.

That's what I'm talking about, man.

You feelin' that shit, right?

Now we only got 59 more lines to punch in, but it's all good.

We gonna get through it. Let's go on to the next one.

My man didn't budge.

Bailiff came over to turn him in.

Kilo G looked up and gave a grin.

He yelled out "fire!" then came Suzy.

The bitch came in with a submachine Uzi.

Police shot the girl but didn't hurt her.

Both upstate for attempted murder

'Cause the boyz n tha hood are always hard.

You come talking that trash we'll pull your card.

Knowing nothing in life but to be legit.

Don't quote me, boy 'cause I ain't said shit.


All right, Eazy.

Hell yes, Dre!

Yeah? Yes.

Hey, D.O.C.

Whatchu think, man?

You think they gonna feel that shit in Dallas?

Man, to be honest, man, that shit is super dope, nigga.

Hell yeah! For real, nigga.

Hey, Lonzo. Whatchu think?

Sound like some waste-of-time shit to me.

Look, trust me, this shit ain't gonna work, ar'ight?

You ain't gonna get no radio play with that shit right there.

Oh, for real? LONZO: Oh, for very real.

Y'all need to wrap this shit up too

'cause I need you to get back on that slow jam that we talked about.

This whole reality of rap shit y'all tryin' to do.

Talkin' about low-riders and jail, nobody wanna hear that shit.

Now you need to get back in there and work on that slow jam that we worked on.

And I'm serious about all you motherfuckers taking up my time and that's coming outta your pay.

No disrespect, Eazy, 'cause I know you real.

But you, motherfucker, I ain't gonna take that shit from you.

20 years from now, you gonna fucking thank me. Watch.

DR. DRE: Nigga, 20 years from now, you still gonna be recording love songs in this dusty-ass garage.

Fuck outta here.

Wrap this shit up.

DR. DRE: Yeah. Okay. You got it.

No, you got it!

Yes! I told you. Didn't I tell you?

You told me, man. I should've believed you.

What the fuck did you all get from that that you're high-fiving and shit?

DJ YELLA: Cube. Man, if Lonzo think it ain't gonna be shit, we know we got a motherfucking hit!

Exactly. For real.

'Cause he don't know shit about music.

DJ YELLA: He don't know good music when he hears it.

Play that shit again!

EAZY E: Dre...

You a fucking genius. You a fucking genius.

Went to the park to get the scoop.

Knuckleheads out there cold shooting some hoops.

EAZY E: A car pulls up Who can it be?

A fresh El Camino rollin', Kilo G.

He rolled down his window And he started to say.

ALL: It's all about makin' that GTA

'Cause the boyz n tha hood are always hard.

You come talking that trash we'll pull your card.

Knowing nothing in life but to be legit.

Don't quote me, boy 'cause I ain't said shit

Thank you.

GREG MACK: These phones are burning up.

This is 1580 KDAY.

This is Greg Mack with the Mack Attack, and I gotta give it up to my boy, Dr. Dre, who is coming with Compton's very own Eazy-E.

And you're listening to Boyz-N-The Hood the number-one requested song for six weeks and counting.

Ar'ight. Guess I'll see you soon.

JERRY: Excuse me.

Yeah? I heard your record.

I'm Jerry Heller.

Eric Wright.

Real pleasure to meet you, man.

Same here.

Uh, would it...

Here, let me get those for you. Let me get those for you.

Would it be possible to have a word with you for a second, Eric?

About what?

About music.

After you.

All right. Come on.

So, I thought your album was good, man.

Just good?


Hey, hey, hey, hey! No.

I thought it was exceptional.

Exceptional? Yes.

Fantastic. Please, just sit down, all right?

We'll start this again. Come on.

All right. I'm gonna try this again. Okay?

All right.

As a music manager, let me tell you what I can do for you, Eric.

I will make you legit.

It seems as if I could do something for you.

I see. You think because I don't have some flashy office I don't know what I'm talking about?

I worked with Elton John. I worked with Otis Redding.

Let me see. I worked with War. I worked with Styx.

I worked with, uh... Have you worked with anybody this decade?


Let me tell you what I see here, Eric.

A lot of raw talent, a lot of braggadocio.

Bravado. Uh...

But if you think anyone's gonna talk to you, you think anyone is gonna let you in the building where somebody might listen to you or talk to you, you think that's gonna happen?

You're crazy, man. I'm sorry.

That is what I can do for you.

I can make you legit.

I can get you in that building. And I will protect you.

I will block out all the noise of this crazy fuckin' business and we can build something big.

But you gotta believe in me the way that I believe in you.

The way that I believe in this, because you have a unique talent, Eric.

Very special.

Don't fuck around.

But, you know what?

If you can't handle it, if it's too much fuckin' pressure for you, then fine.

Get outta here.

Wait. I'm listening.

You got more music for me?

Absolutely. Good.

'Cause you are gonna have to follow this up, quick. All right?

Now, what does N.W.A stand for, huh?

No Whites Allowed? Something like that?


Niggas With Attitudes.

You're fucking kidding me.

All right. We can work with that.

Good. I like that. I like that a lot. You better.



What up, what up? What's up, fam?

Hey. What's up, baby?


Hey, fellas, y'all got any idea why I asked y'all to wear all black tonight?

'Cause we a all-star group.

And to be a all-star group we gotta look like it, sound like it, dress like it.

You mind tellin' me what the fuck happened in your situation?

Man, kiss my ass. This the only clean shit I had left.

EAZY E: That's saying a lot about how you live.

Are we getting paid to wear all black?

Look, I ain't lookin' out for your ass no more, man. Put this on.

Oh, shit, there go Mr. Drummond.

Nah, nah. That's Mr. Furley from Three's Company.

Hey, that's good, Ren.

Y'all finished?

This man been out there shopping our stuff around trying to get money for Ruthless.

He tryin' to get us distribution.

He tryin' to get us on tour.

He could probably bring some real money to the table... Okay.

So let's take this shit serious. Okay.

And then what, E?

All he do is take 20 off the top. We cut 80, but that's how managers work.

Fellas, all right. I'm sorry I'm late. How's everybody doing?

I'm gonna be honest with you. We've had a lot of passes.

Uh, people are scared of you guys. Big time.

They think that you're dangerous.

Uh, I happen to think that that's a good thing.

These fucking guys, they need some more convincing.

They're so fucking timid. So I invited them here to the show.

So you've got to kick ass tonight.

Can you do that? Hell yeah.

They're gonna be here. Scare the shit out of them.

Blow the fucking roof off, all right?

Have a good show.

Hey, can this motherfucker Jerry Heller bring in more pussy?

'Cause that shit's worth 20 percent.

Hey, man. But, for real though. They want N.W.A, let's give 'em N.W.A.

ALL: Hell yeah!

Ar'ight? ALL: Ar'ight.

Let's go get this money!

MC REN: Now everybody say, "Yeah!"

CROWD: Yeah!

MC REN: Hell yeah!

CROWD: Hell yeah!

MC REN: Louder! Scream!

It was once said by a man who couldn't quit.

Dope man, please can I have another hit.

The dopeman said, "Cluck, I don't give a shit".

If your girl kneel down and suck my dick.

It all happened and the guy tried to choke her.

Nigga didn't care she ain't nothin' but a smoker.

That's the way it goes that's the name of the game.

Young brothers gettin' over by slangin' caine.

Gold around his neck in 14K heaven.

Bitches clockin' on the dick 24/7.

Plus he's makin' money keep the bassheads waitin'.

Rollin' six-fos with the fresh-ass Daytons.

Livin' in Compton California, C-A.

His Uzi up your ass if he don't get paid.

Niggas beggin' for credit he's knockin' out teeth.

Clockin' much dollars on the first and fifteenth.

Big wad of money nuttin' less than a 20.

Yeah, you want a five-oh the dopeman's got plenty.

To be a dopeman boy, you must qualify.

Don't get high off your own supply.

From a ki to a G it's all about money.

Ten piece for a champ base pipe comes free.

If people out there are not hip to the fact.

If you see somebody gettin' money for crack he's the.

Dopeman! Dopeman! Sing that shit.

Dopeman! Dopeman! Louder.

Dopeman! Dopeman! Just can't quit.

Dopeman! Dopeman.

Hey, suck this, bitch.

Well, I'm the dopeman Yeah, boy, I wear corduroy.

Money up to here, but unemployed.

You keep smoking that rock and my pocket's getting bigger.

Yo, got that five-o Double up, nigga.

Yeah, high rolling, big money I'm folding.

Bitch on my tip for the dick I'm holdin'.

Strung strawberry jocking me so early.

Ho, you want a hit, you gotta get your knees dirty.

Well, that's my life That's how it's cut.

- Hey, dopeman. Bitch, shut the fuck up.

Gotta make a run It's a big money deal.

Gankers got the fake, but you can get the real from the.

- Dopeman! Dopeman! Yeah, that's me.

- Dopeman! Dopeman! Can I get a "g"?

- Dopeman! Dopeman! I just can't quit.

What do you think?

Jerry, you're my friend, but Compton? I don't think so. Queens, maybe.

Listen, if you find the next Bon Jovi, call me, okay?

Good luck. Thanks for coming.

Sure thing. Yeah.

Somebody say "Do that shit Do that shit, do it".

Do that shit, do that shit, do it.

Say, "Do that shit, do that shit, do it".

Do that shit, do that shit, do it.

Say, "Do that shit, do that shit, do it".

Do that shit, do that shit, do it All right.

You wrecked these motherfuckers tonight, boy.

The stage was shaking so much I thought my needle's about to jump off the record!

Yo, I was trippin' off them knowing the words, though. That shit was crazy.

Hey, y'all, I'm telling you, Compton is definitely on the map, yo.

Damn right. That's for damn sure.

Man, I figured you were gonna represent tonight. Good shit, my nigga.

Wuddup? Whatchu been up to? You still out there in Vegas?

This is Suge. What's up?

Man, I just been back and forth, man. Doing some security bodyguard work.

If y'all need my services, let me know.


I don't think we gonna need no bodyguards, man.

We might got that covered.

But you never know what you need until you need it.

Look, I just came here to give y'all props. I got people waiting on me.

JERRY: Excuse me.

Uh, okay. That was one hell of a show.

Nice job.

Very, very nice, gentlemen. Outstanding!

You kicked ass, yeah. You definitely did. You definitely did.

Okay, this is Eazy-E and N.W.A, obviously.

Guys, this is Bryan Turner.

How you doin', fellas? Ice Cube.

Pleasure. Bryan runs Priority Records.

And he wants to sign you.

BRYAN: Yeah, immediately.

Fellas, I got to say, I loved the show. All right?

What you did with that crowd out there, I mean, I've never seen anything like that.

So, I think, honestly, if y'all wanted to, you guys would fit perfectly with our label. Yes.

That'll work.

Nah, nah, nah, nah. No, it won't. Nah.

Well, hold on, man. I mean, Priority Records.

I've never heard of it. I mean, what you got?

Like, is it Def Jam? Like, the Beastie Boys? You know?

Run DMC? You know what I'm saying?

Or is it more R&B?

You know, Prince, Michael Jackson.

It's, uh, a little more... More that end of the spectrum.

More R&B as of right now, but... Yeah.

Yeah, we represent nothing big, but mostly R&B.

DR. DRE: Who dat?

It's, uh, California Raisins.


BRYAN: It's the California Raisins.

The raisins from the commercial singing.

"I Heard it Through the Grapevine" and shit?

Yes, Cube, the little-ass raisins.

BRYAN: That would be the one.

JERRY: Hear it out. Don't get ahead of yourselves, okay?

I was laughing, too, I promise, then I started cashing checks.

So, look, I gotta tell ya, those little fuckers, they went gold last year.

Gold? Almost platinum. Yeah.

What do you say, fellas? You wanna go make a record?

I mean...

Yeah! ALL: Yeah...

Thank you. Appreciate it. Good?

He seriously dug it. He really dug it.

We did it, Jerry. He did.

Thank you, man. You did it.

A'ight, so, look, your rhymes ain't tight, it ain't makin' the record.

This ain't Lonzo's shit, this the real deal. Ar'ight?

So your shit better be dope. Who up?

Ren up.

Get 'em, Ren. Get that shit, Ren.

I got this. Ready? Lorenzo.

All right. Let's see.

Hey, Yella. Play that shit.

Ruthless, plenty of that and much more.

So at the party, Ren is controllin' the floor.

That you step and do your dance routine It ain't a dream, my man.

You're in a gangsta scene.

I go to the party I hip, I hop the spot.

I dunno what it is but the girls get hot.

Perspirin' like they're on fire and.

Their so-called boyfriends with 'em are retirin'.

And for this reason I'm a walkin' threat.

So when I'm on stage I want, shh...

Quiet on tha set.

Express yourself I'm expressin' with my full capabilities.

And now I'm livin' in correctional facilities

'Cause some don't agree with how I do this I get straight meditate like a Buddhist.

Express yourself.

Express yourself.

N.W.A take two.


Hell yeah, Dre.

Yeah, man!

You feel that shit, right? Hey, check this out.

Fuck it up.


That's what I'm talking about, man. But you hear the difference, right?

Yeah, way better than the shit I came up with.

I know. Fuck you.

Excuse me, gentlemen. I thought you'd like to know our deal with Priority Records is done.

Yes! That's whassup, man! Money!

Contracts right here for you to sign.

Thank you, my good man. Music keep sounding like this, this album is gonna be incredible.

Well, you're welcome, Jerry.

Very strong lyrics too, Cube. Very strong.

Appreciate that, Jerry. Mmm-hmm.

So what's up with our contracts, though?

They're getting done right now. Lawyers are drawing 'em up.

Jerry on top of that, but did you just switch all the straws?

Yo, Dre. There's something outside you need to take care of.

Right now. Trust me.


Uh-oh. Really?

We can split that. Cube. Right there, hush.

Not this time. You know what I got for you.

So let me get this straight. You gonna do this right here, right now?

What am I supposed to do?

We're sleeping in a twin bed at your auntie's house.

We have a baby, Andre.

You expect me to wait for what you doin' in there?

And you in the streets fuckin' around?

Are you crazy? What?

I'm out here bustin' my fuckin' ass day and fuckin' night tryin' to create something.

You gonna come up in here talkin' about some fuckin' bitches? Are you crazy?

You don't get it. No, you don't get it, Lavetta.


It's all right, baby.

Chill out, man.

Tyra, it's gonna be okay. All right.

All right, baby? Bye, Dre.

Daddy love you.

You cool? Fuck no, man. I'm far from cool.

What happened, Dre? What she say? What'd you do?

Shit! Here we go again.

Shit. One time, one time.

We cool. We ain't even doin' shit. We not doin' shit.

You guys lost?


You niggas supposed to be somewhere?

Yeah! Here. We working.

Oh, you working?

Yeah, I bet.

What we do? We'll find out in a minute what you did.

What's this? Shut the fuck up.

The fuck? Get your ass on the ground now.

Get on the ground!

On the ground? What am I supposed to do with this?

Get on the ground.

What we do?

Get down! Get on the ground, now!

Get your punk ass on the ground. Let's go.

Get the fuck down.

Hands behind your back. Interlock your fingers.

DR. DRE: This is fucked up. Interlock 'em!

The fuck you got us on the ground like this for, officer?

For our protection. There's seven of you and four of us.

So sit tight and let us do our job.

JERRY: Hey, officer, I'm sorry. What is going on out here?

Sir, can you stay right there, please?

We're trying to check these bangers, make sure they're clean.

All right, I'm sorry, these are not bangers, okay?

These, um... These are artists.

Excuse me. Artists? Yeah.

Seriously? Yeah.

What kind of artists? Rappers.

And they're working with me in the studio right now.

Well, see, rap is not an art. And I'm sorry, who are you?

I'm the manager.

Well, you're wasting your time, Mr. Manager.

You gotta be kidding me. You're wasting your time.

Really? These clients of yours, these rappers...

Yeah. They look like gang members.

You can't come down here and arrest people just because of what they look like.

What, are you crazy? But, that's police harassment.

You said you're a manager, right? Yeah.

Not a fuckin' lawyer. JERRY: Does that matter?

You cannot come down here and harass these guys because they're black! People have rights! Calm down.

Step back! Step back!

I'll step back, you let them up. Get up, guys.

Come on. Eric!

You don't tell them to get up. Get up.

I'm stepping back. We will decide that.

You have no idea the people I know. I'm gonna call the Mayor's office.

Step back.

Now get up.

Get up, now!

Okay. Come on, guys.

And you keep your people in line, you understand?

And the fuck out of Torrance.

JERRY: Good. Come on, guys. You got a problem?

DR. DRE: It's my jersey.

You ain't tough now, huh?

JERRY: Eric, come on. Let's go.

You got a problem? Yella.

I didn't hear you. JERRY: Let's go.

Yous a fuckin' sellout. Shut up.

Everything's fine. Okay? Yeah.

You got something to say? JERRY: Cube.

You got something to say, boy?

Cube. Get inside. Let's get back to work.

You heard what your master said. Get inside, boy.

You shut the fuck up!

Hey. Get the fuck back inside.

Get inside, Cube.

We're gonna go back and work. Okay?

Leave us alone. You know, leave us alone.

Fuckin' rap music.

Fuckin' disgraceful.

I got something for this beat.

Hey, yo, Yella, cut it.

What is it lookin' like, Dre? It's hard?


Hell yeah, Cube. Yeah.

This gonna start some shit, but this what we need. Hell yeah!

Fuck the police comin' straight from the underground.

A young nigga got it bad 'cause I'm brown.

And not the other color so police think.

ALL: They have the authority to kill a minority.

ICE CUBE: Fuck that shit, 'cause I ain't the one.

For a punk motherfucker with a badge and a gun.

To be beaten on and thrown in jail.

We can go toe to toe in the middle of a cell.

Fucking with me 'cause I'm a teenager.

With a little bit of gold and a pager.

Searching my car looking for the product.

Thinking every nigga is selling narcotics.

EAZY E: Give a little gust of wind and I'm jetting but leave a memory no one'll be forgetting.

So what about the bitch who got shot? Fuck her!

You think I give a damn about a bitch? I ain't a sucker!

EAZY E: This is the autobiography of the E and if you ever fuck with me.

You'll get taken by a stupid dope brother who will smother.

Word to the motherfucker.

Straight outta Compton.

MAN 1: Yo, Dre. MAN 2: Hey, Dre.

EAZY E: They lovin' that shit. MAN: Hey, what's up, Cube?

GREG MACK: 1580 KDAY. This is Greg Mack of the Mack Attack.

I gotta tell you, you are witnessing history.

LA's first super group, N.W.A, with their new album Straight Outta Compton, and they're taking the nation by storm.

BRYAN: Are you going out there with them or not?

No. I had enough of that shit in the '70s.

But I'm gonna fly out there a bunch of times, and I'm gonna check on them.

Can you just make sure that everything goes smooth, please?

Of course.

I've got enough bad press with Tipper Gore and the PMRC on my ass.

I know. It's a good contract.

Getting ready to get outta here, guys. Excuse me. What's going on?

What do you have in that bag?

Oh, this right here?

Just a little of the shit I was selling in Reno.

Oh, fuck, put it down. Are you kidding me?

Are you fucking nuts?

Jesus, Eric. Are you out of your mind?

What? You can't take that on the bus.

How am I supposed to protect myself when I'm out there on the road riding through Texas and fucking Tennessee and shit where they lynch niggas?

You got me? I got you, okay?

I'm not gonna let you take an arsenal on tour, Eric.

Use your fucking head.

Jerry, look, just take care of the business, a'ight?

And I'm gonna make sure everything else good.

A'ight, look... Otis, get the bags. Put them on the van.

You feel better? We're not even riding with them no more, Jerry.

Unbelievable. Jesus Christ. No, no, no, do not put those on the...

Bryan, it's fine. It's fine. I got it under control.

I swear to you, okay?

DR. DRE: Yeah, yeah.

Can y'all hear that? Can y'all hear that?

CROWD: Yeah!

DR. DRE: Well, clap your hands then! Come on!

CROWD: Eazy!

DR. DRE: Everybody come on!

CROWD: Eazy!

DR. DRE: Who'd y'all come to see?

CROWD: Eazy!

DR. DRE: A little louder, come on!

CROWD: Eazy! DR. DRE: Get those hands in the air!

EAZY E: A miracle of modern creation.

Eazy-E's on the set hyped up.

With the bass and a little bit of what ya love.

From a brother who's smooth like a criminal.

I mean subliminal.

Otherwise known as a villain.

Because I'm ruthless, when I spot a sucka, I kill 'em.

But most I think know not to deal with me.

Yo, it's obvious, tell 'em who you came to see.

CROWD: Eazy! MC REN: Easy!

DR. DRE: Everybody, come on.

CROWD: Eazy!

DR. DRE: A little louder Say it!

CROWD: Eazy! DR. DRE: Come on, say it, say it, say it.

Gangster rap has become incredibly popular and profitable by selling lyrics about violence to a young mainstream audience that wouldn't dream of going anywhere near a ghetto.

Not all music stars, as you know, are model citizens.

Some have had run-ins with the law.

That's certainly nothing new, but now a few musicians have taken that to new heights.

Or to new depths.

MAN: Baby, yeah.

MAN: That is so good.

Yella. Hmm?

You in there watching porn with the door open?


Yo, that's what I said, man.

What the fuck?

No, it's not even like that.

Fuck y'all, man. I'm back here tryin' to write. Fuck y'all, man.

Oh, you tryin' to write.

Good night, Lorenzo.

Fuck y'all sleep.

ICE CUBE: This shit is crazy.

DR. DRE: Yeah, man. This shit is dope.

DR. DRE: No, man. No. I gotta go. All right?

TYREE: Yo, you gotta let me come fuck with y'all in Miami.

Okay. So now you try and partake into some of those fat asses?

Come on, bro, I'm tired of these same... Man, I need something new.

DR. DRE: No, what you think Ma gonna think about you comin' on tour, huh?

'Cause you know you got school, and you know she ain't gonna let you miss that many days, man!

You did. DR. DRE: Come on, man. That's my point.

Hey. Hold on. Hold on.

So, look, how Mom doing now? - She good.

But, nah, you know her, constantly working, man. Every day, man.

Make sure you take care of her, a'ight?

Hey, look, I'll tell you what, you stay your little ass outta trouble.

I'll call you when I'm on the way to Miami, see about getting you on a flight.

TYREE: I can come out there, though?

DR. DRE: You can come out here, man. -You promise?

DR. DRE: I got you. I got you, ar'ight?

Hey, bring the rubbers, T.

Get off the phone.

I still got the same ones you gave me a long time ago.

Hey, hey. Hold on, T. Somebody at the door.


Hello? Dre?

DR. DRE: Hold on!

Yeah, nigga, I'm lookin' for my girl, Felicia.

I heard she was up in one of these rooms.

Ain't no Felicia in here, nigga.

Mind if I take a look?

DR. DRE: Get the fuck outta my room, man.

This nigga just came to my motherfuckin' door strapped, man.

Where are you going?

DR. DRE: I'll show that nigga strapped.

DR. DRE: Hey, where Felicia at?

Where Felicia? Where's your homegirl.

MC REN: You Felicia?

DR. DRE: Hey, Felicia. You Felicia?

DR. DRE: Felicia? Her dude here.

DR. DRE: All right. So none of y'all are named Felicia now. Okay.

Yella! Hey, Yella!

DJ YELLA: Your name Felicia?

You forgot my name? No, wait!

DJ YELLA: Valerie. Your name Valerie. Whatever.

Felicia! Girl, your nigga's out there.

She's suckin' dick, though.

He got guns, girl. Come on!

DR. DRE: The nigga is strapped.

I'll show this nigga right now. Talkin' about gettin' strapped.

Hey, Ren. Nigga outside talking about gettin' strapped.

Watch out, man.


EAZY E: Show wassup now. Talking about gettin' strapped.

EAZY E: Hey, Cube, you got me, man.

MC REN: Let's ride, nigga. Time to go to work.

EAZY E: Hey. Y'all looking for Felicia?

She in there or what?

She kinda preoccupied with some real nigga dick.

The fuck you say, little nigga?

I said, she got a motherfuckin' dick in her mouth, nigga.

ICE CUBE: That ain't fun no more?

DR. DRE: The fuck y'all going?

DR. DRE: Nigga, she's trying to compensate.


EAZY E: Fat niggas was bullshit!

DR. DRE: Punk-ass niggas, man.

ICE CUBE: Bitch-ass niggas.

Y'all wild.

EAZY E: Nigga runnin' so fast, that shit was crazy.

D.O.C.: Don't let that shit bother you.

EAZY E: Tryin' to get me killed? FELICIA: Whatever.

EAZY E: Nigga, ain't tryin' to take no bullet for no bitch, I guarantee you that.

ICE CUBE: Bye, Felicia.

Homies all standin' around just hangin '.

Some dope-dealin', some gang-bangin'.

We decide to roll and we deep.

See a nigga on Dayton's, and we creep.

Real slow, and before you know.

I had my shotgun pointed in the window.

He got scared and hit the gas.

Right then I knew I had to smoke his ass.

You're flying up the Billboard 200 albums chart.

R&B and hip-hop charts too.

You have any idea how many records we're selling?

Ruthless has arrived, Eric. We're fucking huge.

That is dope, Jerry. That's dope.

The combined law enforcement associations of Texas today called for a halt to sales of the album.

I believe that the rap music promotes violence against authority and, consequently, violence against law enforcement.

DR. DRE: 15 on that.

ICE CUBE: Man, fuck, man!

MC REN: Hey. Come on, man. Put that shit up.

JERRY: Excuse me. Gentlemen, I'm sorry.

I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news.

EAZY E: What you got?

Oh, shit.

DR. DRE: What's that?

Motherfuckin' FBI.

What the fuck? I'm supposed to not care about this?

Wait, the FBI? They comin' after us, too?

JERRY: Kind of.

I mean, what the letter say, Jerry?

JERRY: Uh, basically, uh...

"A song recorded by the rap group N.W.A"

"on their album Straight Out Of Compton"

"encourages violence against law enforcement."

"Advocating violence and assault is wrong,"

"and we in the law enforcement community take exception to such action."

MC REN: Fuck that. DR. DRE: Fuck that.

Fuck the law enforcement community. We got freedom of speech, man.

What the fuck can they do to us? DR. DRE: Right.

You wanna provoke 'em and find out?

Because this is a warning, Cube.

And it's about Fuck Tha Police, in particular, so...

I think maybe we should not play that song right now.

Not play what? Fuck that, Jerry. That's what the song is about.

JERRY: Relax, relax. We're not giving in to anything.

No. No.

I just say we retire it for now, okay?

It is a reasonably worded threat.

This isn't street bullshit. This isn't the Crips and Bloods and crap.

This is the federal government.

These guys can come after us a million different ways.

I don't even want to think about it. Why provoke them?

The fuck does that mean?

If it was the LAPD, maybe I'd be a little worried, but we can't let them censor us, Jerry.

I'm not advocating for censorship, Cube. EAZY E: Wait. Wait.

Maybe none of us should be worried. Maybe we should be happy.

What you mean, E? ICE CUBE: Dunno about happy.

EAZY E: 'Cause you see, this right here is a gift.

It's the FBI, E. Whatchu talking about?

EAZY E: This is free publicity for N.W.A.

We take this to the press and we show them what type of intimidation, discrimination, and harassment that we dealing with from our government.

DR. DRE: I like that shit. ICE CUBE: I'm with that.

JERRY: That's a different thing. My nigga, I feel you.

If that's what you wanna do, then we can... That's what I wanna do.

That's what we wanna do, Jerry. That's it.

That's what we wanna do.


DR. DRE: Yeah? EAZY E: You good?

I mean...

Hate to be the bearer of bad news... JERRY: Mmm-hmm.

But 20! 20, man!

Wait a minute, that ain't 20.

Hey, hey, hey. Shhh. DR. DRE: What's up?

Let's not get thrown out of another fuckin' hotel.

N.W.A: Goodnight, Jerry.

WOMAN PROTESTOR: Compton's crap!

MALE PROTESTOR 1: Go back to Compton!

ICE CUBE: Ain't that some shit.

Speak a little truth and people lose their minds.

MALE PROTESTOR 2: This is not music!

Shit, the truth is, they can do whatever they want with 'em.

They bought them motherfuckers.

I don't drink brass monkey, Like to be funky Nickname Eazy-E yo eight ball junkie.

Bass drum kicking to show my shit.

Rapping holding my dick, boy, I don't quit.

Crowd-rocking motherfucker from around the way.

I got a six-shooter, yo, mean hombre.

Rolling through the hood to find the boys.

To kick dust and cuss crank up some noise.

Police on my balls I had to pause

40 ounce in my lap, and it's freezing my balls.

For the sake of our children, I implore each of you to be unyielding and inflexible in your opposition to drugs.

JERRY: 'Cause another one called me and told me she's pregnant by you too.

You just got to slow down.

You can't fuck every broad on the planet.

EAZY E: So now, pussy a problem?

Listen, it's gonna be a problem if you got 4,000 kids.

Right? EAZY E: Yeah.

You make some money, you got all these problems.

You're gonna have to take care of 'em. It's fine.

I'll help you take care of 'em.

Hey, Cube. Sorry to interrupt y'all lobster brunch.

But what's up, E? Where the contracts at, man? You forgot about me?

Didn't I tell you to... You know what?

Jerry, you want to deal with this?

ICE CUBE: I'm not talking to Jerry, I'm talking to you.

EAZY E: That's Jerry's job.

JERRY: It's my department. You're absolutely right to ask, Cube.

The contracts are being finalized as we speak.

The thing is, with these attorneys, they'll take forever.

Pouring over it, they'll bleed us dry. But, they're gonna get done.

I wish I got paid by the hour the way they do. You know?

Me, too.

I just want to know what's goin' on since I did write a lot of lyrics on this record.

Everybody knows how important you are, Cube.

They do?

That's what's goin' on.

We just need some time, that's all.

Everything probably all right.

I must be trippin'.

Shit tastes pretty good.

Someday, right?

Y'all enjoy your meal.

JERRY: Okay.

I'm telling you, that guy wants to be you very frickin' badly.

As if I ain't got enough fucking problems.

Excuse me. Can I get a refill?

At some point, you just gotta trust somebody.

You know?

You gotta trust somebody.

DR. DRE: Nah, I just think you overreacting, man.

Eazy one of us, Cube. What you thinkin' don't even make sense.

No, what don't make sense is.

Eazy and Jerry eating steak and lobster and we eating Fatburger.

Shit don't make no sense.

Look, I hear you, but I think we need to ride this wave.

For real.

Don't be jumping to conclusions until you know for sure.

You know?

It's my moms, man.

DJ YELLA: Yo, Dre, what's going on?

Moms just called, man.

It's Tyree.

He's dead.

DJ YELLA: What? No.

DR. DRE: He got into a fight, some motherfucker broke his neck.

It's my little brother, man.

It's my little baby bro.

I never told y'all this.

But when I was 12, my sister got killed.

Her own husband killed her, then killed himself.

This dope gang took my cousin too.

Shot him in the trunk of a car.

Fucking Compton, man.

DR. DRE: Come on, man, like...

It's my fault, man.

DJ YELLA: Don't talk like that.

This never would've happened if I had him out here, man.

D.O.C.: Come on, Dre.

It's my fuckin' fault.

It could've happened in another way.

You can't blame yourself for that, Dre. No.

Tyree gonna always be with you. No matter what.

ICE CUBE: That's right. D.O.C.: Yeah, for real, man.

And we always gonna be with you.

MC REN: Hell yeah.

We always gonna be brothers.


EAZY E: We here, a'ight.

DJ YELLA: I'm sorry, man.

ICE CUBE: You good, Dre.

VERNA: This is not on you, Andre.

If I had just brought him on tour with me. Like he wanted.

Stop this nonsense now. Stop it.

Your brother looked up to you, and you took great care of him, we both did.

It's time to let someone else take care of him now.

I'm proud of you.

OFFICER: No person shall disturb the peace by participating or abetting in any rude, indecent, drunken, riotous or violent conduct.

Or the use of any vulgar, obscene or abusive language in a public place.

Note also, the performance of the song.

"F the Police", will not be permitted.

Refusal to abide by all the Detroit City Ordinances will result in immediate arrest and forfeiture.

Are we finished here? We got a show to do.

Just watch yourself.

ICE CUBE: Eat a dick.

It's "Fuck tha Police."

EAZY E: Straight outta Compton is a brother that'll smother your mother and make your sister think I love her.

Dangerous motherfucker raising hell and if I ever get caught I make bail.

So what about the bitch who got shot? Fuck her!

You think I give a damn about a bitch? I ain't a sucker!

This is an autobiography of the E.

And if you ever fuck with me.

You'll get taken by a stupid dope brother who will smother.

Word to the motherfucker Straight outta Compton.

CROWD: Eazy! Eazy!

Damn, that shit was dope!

What's up?

DR. DRE: Let's do this shit.

What's up? Let's do this shit.

Wassup? Let's go. What's up?

Hey, hold up, hold up.

ICE CUBE: Y'all know what the motherfuckin' police tried to tell us backstage?

CROWD: What?

They tried to tell us what the fuck we can't play.

Motherfuckers tried to tell us what the fuck we can't say.

This N.W.A.

We do what the fuck we wanna do!

We say what the fuck we wanna say!

So, everybody, put the middle fingers high in the sky.

And to the punk-ass cop backstage...

Yo, Dre.

DR. DRE: What up? I got something to say.

ICE CUBE: Fuck the police.

Comin' straight from the underground.

A young nigga got it bad 'cause I'm brown.

And not the other color so police think they have the authority to kill a minority.

Fuck that shit 'cause I ain't the one.

For a punk motherfucker with a badge and a gun to be beaten on and thrown in jail.

We can go toe to toe in the middle of a cell.

Fucking with me 'cause I'm a teenager.

With a little bit of gold and a pager.

Searching my car looking for the product.

Thinking every nigga is selling narcotics.

You'd rather see me in the pen.

Than me and Lorenzo rolling in a Benz-o.

Beat a police out of shape.

Then when I'm finished.

Bring the yellow tape.

To tape off the scene of the slaughter.

Still getting swoll off bread and water.

I don't know if they fags or what.

Search a nigga down and grabbing his nuts.

And on the other hand, without a gun they can't get none.

But don't let it be a black and a white one

'Cause they'll slam ya down to the street top.

Black police showing out for the white cop.

Ice Cube will swarm.

On any motherfucker in a blue uniform.

Just 'cause I'm from the CPT.

Punk police are afraid of me, huh.

A young nigga on the warpath.

And when I'm finished, it's gonna be a bloodbath.

Of cops, dyin' in LA.

Yo, Dre, I got something to say.

CROWD: Fuck tha police!

Fuck, fuck, fuck tha police!

Fuck tha police!

Fuck, fuck...

Fuck tha police!

Huh? Fuck!

Come on, nigga.

Hell no! They shootin'! Let's go!

Go, go! All units, move in.

DR. DRE: Move!


Go, go, go, go, go! Come on, man!

Come on, hurry up! Hurry up!

ICE CUBE: Hold up, hold up. MC REN: Let's go, let's go.

Fuck them! Come on!


Shit, shit, shit, shit!

DR. DRE: Fuck this! MC REN: What we gonna do?

ICE CUBE: Get off me!

Get the fuck off me!

Man, get off me, man!

OFFICER: Away from the ledge.

OFFICER: Backup! We need backup in the loading area!



Come on. Get the fuck off of me, man!

Fuck y'all.

This is completely fucking illegal! You realize that?

Let us go! Let me go! Come on, man.

Fuck you! Fuck you! Come on.

Fuck you! Fuck you!

OFFICER: Get in there! You gotta get in there.

Fuck tha police! Fuck tha police!

CROWD: Fuck tha police! Fuck tha police!

Fuck your mama, fuck your daddy, fuck your grandma!


These motherfuckers.

D.O.C.: Fuck y'all!

JOURNALIST: How do you explain inciting a riot in Detroit?

What do you have to say about that?

I have to say that we didn't incite that shit.

Right. Like, y'all just got a snapshot of how Americans really feel.

We gave the people a voice.

We gave the people truth.

Yeah, but your songs, they glamorize the lifestyle of gangs, guns, drugs.

Our art is a reflection of our reality.

What you see when you go outside your door?

I know what I see.

And it ain't glamorous.

We get AKs from Russia and cocaine from Columbia.

And ain't none of us got a passport, so... might wanna check the source.

ICE CUBE: Next question.

Will you be more careful about what you say, how you say it?

No! Probably not. Nah.

ICE CUBE: Freedom of speech includes rap music, right?

Well, we exercising our first amendment as far as I'm concerned.

And the government wrote that.

So, Cube, what's a guy from Compton do when he starts making real money like this?


Buy Raider gear.

And curl activator.

Next question.

JERRY: Good to see you, Cube.

I can barely see you, Jerry.

What's with all the Godfather shit?


I know that you've been very eager to sign a contract with Eric's company, Ruthless Records.

Eric's company? Ain't it your company, too?

That's incorrect. It's not my company. I work for you.

You work for me? Uh-huh.

I've made that clear from the beginning.

All right, cool. So, I could take this to a lawyer or somebody, right?

Cube, those guys are paid to make trouble.

They're gonna create problems where no problems exist.

Jerry, you know I don't know what none of this legal shit mean.

All right? None of us do.

So we're gonna need a lawyer before we sign anything.

Everybody else has already signed.

I thought you knew this.

You're the only one who hasn't.

There's also this.



Sign the contract and all this money is yours.

That's my money anyway, Jerry. I earned that money.

And I wrote a lot of hit songs. Mmm-hmm.

We've been performing on this tour for months.

Sellin' out shows, sellin' records.

I know there's plenty of money.

Really? Jesus Christ.

Give me my money, Jerry.

How the hell do you think this works?

How the hell do you think all of this gets paid for?

The hotel rooms, the tour buses, security, the parties, all this shit.

How do you think it gets paid for? You think it's free?

Why are you doing this now?

If we were so good, why didn't you give us contracts in the beginning?

Because nothing is a sure thing, Cube.

Even a great talent can crash and burn.

Too much ego, too much excess, too many expectations.

It tends to ruin things. You ought to keep that in mind.

This is Eric's company, right?

Bye, Jerry.

I'm out.

D.O.C.: What up, big Suge?

BUS DRIVER: Here you go.

DJ YELLA: Thank you, sir.

EAZY E: Hey, what up with D.O.C. and Suge?

DJ YELLA: I guess that dude is gonna be managing him now.

DJ YELLA: One day you Bobby Brown's bodyguard, and the next day, you reppin' talent.

MC REN: Come on, man.

I guess everybody wanna get into the act, huh?

I guess so.

All right, man.

DJ YELLA: I know, right?

JERRY: How you doin'? You good? BUS DRIVER: Here you go.

I'm helping you out all I can. You all right?

Yeah? Yeah, I'm good.

JERRY: What's going on? Just happy to be home.

JERRY: You hungry?

JERRY: Yeah?

I'll be there in a minute. All right?

Thanks, man.

Thanks for everything, bruh. You bet!

DR. DRE: So, Cube.

We gonna keep this momentum going or what?

Nah, man. Not like this.

I'd rather be broke than to get fucked.

I told you not to sign that shit, Dre.

Nigga, I got bills to pay. And you know that.

And I gotta put some money in my momma's hand after Tyree passed, man.

I feel you. Right.

We gotta do what we gotta do.

They're gonna take care of you. You their bread and butter.

Cube, we Ruthless.

We N.W.A. They Ruthless.

Cube, you comin'?

I'm about to get out of here.

Take care of yourself, Dre.


Mom. I missed you.

How you doing? I'm good.

Good. Come on. Let's get home.

All right.

So you're leaving the group?

Yeah, I'm through with the bullshit.

Eazy put everything on Jerry, Jerry put everything on Eazy.

It's a two-man show up there. There ain't no fuckin' group.

I get that, but I just want you to understand that you are walking away from a winning situation.

Now, how do you feel about this, Kim? Is he making a big mistake?

A mistake? BRYAN: Yes.

I don't think so, okay.

After hearing all the stuff that he went through, I would've left too.

Look, I want you to express yourself, Cube.

And I am your biggest fan. I believe in you.

But I just want you to understand, there's not a lot of money in this solo play.


But if the first record hits, I will make it up to you on the second one.

Be ready, Bryan.

These records is comin' in fast.

I heard payback's a motherfucking nigga.

That's why I'm sick of getting treated like a goddamn stepchild.

Fuck a punk 'cause I ain't him.

You gotta deal with the nine-double-M.

The damn scum that you all hate just think if niggas decide to retaliate.

They try to keep me from running up.

I never tell you to get down, it's all about coming up.

So what they do, go and ban the AK?

My shit wasn't registered any fucking way.

So you better duck away, run and hide out.

When I'm rolling real slow and the lights out

'Cause I'm about to fuck up the program.

Shooting out the window of a drop-top Brougham.

When I'm shooting let's see who drop.

The police, the media, suckers that went pop.

And motherfuckers that say they too black.

Put 'em overseas they'll be begging to come back.

They say he promote gangs and drugs.

EAZY E: You know Cube's record is in the Top 20 Billboard, right now?

Our shit never been up there. He blowin' the fuck up, Jerry.

JERRY: It's gonna be fine, Eric.

It's not just N.W.A anymore, it's our whole Ruthless roster.

We got D.O.C., we got Michel'le, we got Above the Law.

We're moving up to the next level.

You know what? Sit down for two seconds.

Look, we need to keep Dre happy.


Look at him.

You think he needs any more motivation than that?

EAZY E: I mean, I get it, Jerry.

He drownin' in pussy and shit, but that don't mean that he...

Now, you worry too much. Stop, okay?

Yeah, ar'ight.

Here, sign some checks.

Right now, Jerry? Yes, right now.

You're gonna be out of your mind later. Come on.

Do it now.

The fact is, Ren is as good a writer as Cube.

Maybe even better.

We got everything covered.

Just the last one. Okay?

We finished here, Jerry? We're finished.

Good. 'Cause I'm about to go fuck.

Ar'ight. Yeah.

Now I'm only telling you what you told me.

If AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted blew up, you'd pay me the advance for the follow-up.

Now is that not what the fuck you said?

That is what I said.

But it is more complicated than that, Cube.

Right, there are metrics...

Come on, Bryan!

I got a baby on the way and a house I just paid for off the strength of what you told me.

I mean, you gave me your word!

Cube, would you just calm down?

Calm down?

I am just trying to give you what you want.

You not. I been did the work...

I gave you the product. Give me my money, Bryan!

When a man does the job, he's supposed to get paid, and you making it seem like I'm beggin' for some shit that's technically mine.

Of course you are not begging.

And I am not trying to be difficult, man. I promise you.

But you can't help me, right?

That's what you telling me?

My hands are tied, man.


Shoulda kept your word, Bryan.

Jesus Christ, man!

What the fuck are you doing, Cube?


I will get you your money, man. Just... God damn it!

You think I give a fuck about these fucking records?

I put up these fuckin' records! This my shit!

I know that, Cube! I will get you your money!

God damn it! I'm sorry.

Now I'm gonna fuck up your shit.

Look, do not...

God damn it!

Just, fine.

Take it out what you owe me.


MC REN: Prisoner like a hostage.

Yo, you shoulda covered your muthafucking head like an ostrich.

Deep in the dirt 'cause you's a sucker.

And your ass up high so I can kick the muthafucker.

Don't try to hang your best abroad

'Cause my foot will be so far up your ass, you'll get hemorrhoids.

Before you try to fuck wit Ren.

See that shit right there? That's what I'm talking about.

Fuck that nigga Cube, man. That nigga ain't shit.

How you figure, man? His record the hottest shit out right now, E.

Yeah, man, for real. Cube killed that shit.

So we supposed to just sit there and not say nothin', and look like bitches and just take it?

Take what?

I don't know what the fuck you talkin' about. I like that shit.


Why you drunk all the goddamn time?

You need to get your shit together. You's a motherfucking' artist, if you ain't noticed.

How about you get your shit together, little nigga.

Come on.

How about you get your country-ass homeboy.

'Cause the vocals were local in nightclubs And not getting paid in full.

They got the nerve to cuss Only reason niggaz pick up your record is cause they thought it was us


SUGE: Yo, Dre. D.O.C. was in an accident.

What? An accident?

D.O.C. shouldn't even be alive.

Got thrown out a car, hit a tree.

Is he paralyzed?

No. But his throat got crushed.

He could lose his career over this.

Where your people? Where Eazy and Jerry?

How the fuck should I know?

Come here.

Whatchu know about Jerry? Whatchu think about him?

He a'ight. I guess.

What about your paperwork? You cool with that?

I think.

You think?

Look, I just focus on the music, Suge.

That's it.

You see that motherfucker in there?

Gotta make sure it don't happen to you, man.

Hey, uh...

Maybe some of your people can look into my paperwork, too.

Most definitely.

I'll arrange.

Go see your boy.

WOMAN: This place is nice.

You're nice. I figured I'd take you to a nice place, Ms. Record Executive. Mmm.

Um, record executive assistant.

But, damn.

I didn't realize we was going on like a "date" date.

I don't even know how to take that.

I got my collared shirt on. I brought you to this nice restaurant. Really?

Okay. That is not the kind of collared shirt they was talking about.

It's cute, though.

And you didn't take off your hat like they asked you to.

And I'm not.

Oh, really? I ain't taking off my hat for nobody.

I think they know that.

So what?

You bring all your little females here, don't you?

The special ones.


I'm playing. I'm playing. There you go getting sensitive.

You don't have to try to impress me.

We could've went to Fatburger.

Go to Fatburger?

BRYAN: Hey! You got a haircut. I love it.

How's that new house treating you?

KIM: It's great. Thanks for asking.

So, how you liking your new decor?


Yeah, I never did like the old design anyway, you know?

What you got for me, Bryan?

I know you called me up here for somethin'.



It's N.W.A's new record.

I wanted to play it for you first, before you hear it anywhere else.

DR. DRE: Break me, take me But watch me pull the trigger.

Dre is just a nigga with heart a nigga that's smart.

A nigga that's paid to say what others are scared to play.

We started out with too much cargo So I'm glad we got rid of Benedict Arnold.

Yo, N.W...

Benedict Arnold?

Are they trying to say that you're like a traitor?


I'm a fuckin' traitor?

I didn't say shit about them on AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted!

Now they trying to diss?

Goddamn, I'm glad y'all set it off Used to be hard.

Now you're just wet and soft.

First you was down with the AK.

And now I see you on a video with Michel'le.

Looking like straight bozos I saw it coming that's why I went solo.

And kept on stompin'.

While y'all mothafuckers moved straight outta Compton.

Living with the whites one big house And not another nigga in sight.

I started off with too much cargo.

Dropped four niggas Now I'm making all the dough.

White man just ruling The Niggas With Attitudes? Who ya fooling?

Y'all niggas just phony I put that on my mama and my dead homies.

Yella Boy's on your team so you're losing.

Hey, yo, Dre, stick to producing.

Calling me Arnold but you bent-a-dick.

Eazy-E saw your ass and went in it quick.

You got jealous when I got my own company.

But I'm a man, and ain't nobody humping me.

Trying to sound like Amerikkka's Most.

You could yell all day but you don't come close

'Cause you know I'm the one that flowed ya done run 100 miles but you still got one to go.

With the L-E-N-C-H M-O-B, and y'all disgrace the C-P-T

'Cause you're getting fucked out your green by a white boy.

With no Vaseline.

Now you're getting done without Vaseline.

Damn, it feels good to see people, on it.

The bigger the cap bigger the peeling.

Who gives a fuck about a punk-ass villain.

You're getting fucked real quick and Eazy's dick is smelling like MC Ren's shit.

Tried to tell you a year ago But Willie D told me to let a ho be a ho, so.

I couldn't stop you from getting ganked.

Now let's play big-bank-take-little-bank.

Tried to diss Ice Cube, it wasn't worth it 'cause the broomstick fit your ass so perfect.

Cut my hair and I'll cut them balls

'cause I heard you like giving up the drawers.

Gang-banged by your manager, fella Getting money out your ass like a mothafucking ready teller.

Giving up the dollar bills.

Now they got the villain with a purse and high heels.

So don't believe what Ren say

'cause he's going out like Kunte Kinte.

But I got a whip for ya, Toby Used to be my homie and now you act like you don't know me.

It's a case of divide-and-conquer

'Cause you let a Jew break up my crew.

House nigga gotta run...

That shit's kinda funny.

That motherfucker got us!

Yo, what we about to do?

First thing we're gonna do, we're gonna sue this ignorant fuck.

That's what we're gonna do.

Defamation of character, libel, I don't really care.

That anti-Semitic piece of fuckin' shit. Who the fuck does he think he is?


That kind of fucking bullshit! Jew-bashing bullshit!

You know what? I'll call my friend at the JDL.

They'll handle him. We'll see how much he likes that.

Jerry, you gotta relax. Ar'ight?

Niggas don't even know what anti-Semitic means anyway.

It's just a fucking battle rap.

Come on, Eric, we gotta get organized.

We got to fight this kinda ignorant fucking bullshit.

You know what? I always knew that he was a hateful human being.

This is just ignorant shit.

He calls it political? This is ignorant shit!

I always knew it. Now the whole world is gonna know.

I'm gonna make sure of that. Okay?

I don't understand why the fuck you're not more angry about this?

Did you hear what he said? I heard what he said!

JERRY: Did you hear what he said? I heard what he said!

About you? About me? Come on!

You got your way of dealing with it, I got mine.

We could just go the studio and just end his fucking career anyway.

I don't know about all that.

Fine, you do that. You call Dre, and you guys go do that.

Do something!

Damn, E. Who work for who?

What? You questioning that?

My position is fucking solidified!

Don't never question that shit!

Fuckin' Cube, man!


Hey, there go the nigga Cube right there.

What that Ruthless like, nigga?

Fuck Ruthless! This Lench Mob, nigga.

Fuck Lench Mob. MAN: Come here, motherfucker.

WOMAN: Oh, shit!


Oh, shit!


PETER JENNINGS: We've all seen the pictures of Los Angeles police officers beating a man they had just pulled over.

The city's police chief said today he will support criminal charges against some of the men.

Here's ABC's Gary Shepard.

At least we got the motherfuckers on video.

LAPD gonna have a real good time on that level three prison yard.

You know what I'm saying?

JERRY: Dre, maybe we should try to get back to work.

We are working, Jerry.

I'm having a word with my client.

Man, hold up, man! We got this!

Nah. We got it.

You done? Suge?

Jerry? E? Huh?

REPORTER: Brutality and misconduct that goes back a quarter of a century including one incident that sparked the Watts Riots.

So far this year, there have been more than 125 complaints of police misconduct filed with watchdog organizations.

SUGE: Yo, Dre. Hold up.

Look, I did what you asked me to do.

I had my people look at your contracts.

It didn't look good.

But you gotta watch your back.

What you mean by that?

Look, everything you need to know is here.

And you know I can help you with this.

May I help you with something?

This your house?

Who's asking?

It's a nice house.

Who are you? You're with Suge Knight?

Someone else? Ice Cube?

Have yourself a good night.



EAZY E: So, wassup?

When you talked to me on the phone, man, you sounded pretty worked up.

Yeah, I know you don't like hearing this shit.

It's about Jerry. We gotta get rid of that motherfucker, E.

That's really why you came here?

I thought all this shit was in the past, Dre.

I found some real shit, man. And the shit's been happening since the beginning.

I had some people look into this. I ain't been gettin' my fair share.

Do you even know why you rich, though?

Do you know why you got a big-ass house and you ain't sleepin' on your auntie's couch no more?

Because Jerry made that possible for us.

He kicked down the door for that shit to happen. For us!

And you just gonna turn your back on him? What, you Cube now?

Cube was right, fool!

E, look at the papers, man, and you'll see what the fuck I'm talking about.

And forget about Jerry, man! You keep talking about Jerry this, Jerry that.

We didn't make it because of Jerry, we made it because our shit is dope!

And we can keep going, E.

We can own the goddamn world, but we just can't be fucking with him no more.

Man, we started this N.W.A shit.

I just want it to be right.

And this what you think right?

Turnin' your back on somebody after all he done for us.

You mean all he done for you.


Look at me.

Look at me.

When Tyree died,

you said we was always gonna be brothers.

I guess you forgot about that.

I'mma start my own company with Suge Knight, E.

Thought we were brothers, man.

What up, Dre?

This Death Row. We about to do this shit.

This shit sound good.

Yeah. None of it means anything while I'm under contract with Ruthless.

I told you about that.

I'mma get you outta your contracts, I promise you.

Yeah, ar'ight.

What up with you, cuz?


What up, Lo?

Wuddup, Dre?

Wassup, Warren? Chilin' man.

You good? I'm great. You good?

All right. Dr. Dre.

'Sup? Wuddup with you?

What's goin' on, man?

Yeah, yeah.

So, look, I listened to your demo.

It was tight.

You see that little look he gave me?

Yo, yo, yo, hold up. Who the fuck is this guy?

My bad, Suge. This the homie, Snoop.

Snoop D-O-double-G, cuz. Who you?

What? What up?

What the fuck you say, Blood?

Hold on! Hold on, hold on. He with me. He with me.

He ain't with me.

Nah! He here to work, ar'ight? This is business, Suge. Come on, man.

Anyway, what's this you workin' on, cuz, I like this.

So look, you know...

It's a new track for this new movie. It's called Deep Cover.

Woo-wee. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

For a movie, huh? Yeah, a movie.

Dre doing big shit. Okay, okay, okay.

You think you can get down on it?

Oh, most definitely. Throw me in the booth one time.

All right.

ANCHOR: It's perhaps the most notorious police brutality case in recent memory.

Those blows from Officer Powell and Officer Wind's batons continued and continued for no just reason.

They just let them people do whatever the hell they want.

Rodney King's leg and facial bones were broken.

Three of the four accused officers took the stand and admitted that it was brutal, but said, "Police work is brutal." And that the video tape only showed that.


Who is it? I don't know.

You watchin' this shit upstairs?


Yo, it's Suge.

We gotta talk about these contracts.

Why you don't talk to Jerry about that shit?

I don't wanna talk to Jerry. It's your company. You the man.

Ar'ight. Whatever, man. I'll be through there.

Who was that? Nobody.

Right across the top of the cheekbone, splitting his face from the top of his ear to his chin.

Where Dre at?

You said he was gonna be here.

I'll get with you outside.

Don't worry about Dre.

Truth be told, he got nothing to do with this.

This what's gonna happen.

You gonna sign these, releasing Dre and D.O.C. from Ruthless.

Whatever, homie.

Think I'm signing that? You crazier than I thought you was.

I'm out.

Get your ass up.

Nah. I think you're gonna stay here for a while.

Fuck you, Suge! Y'all niggas don't scare me.

You can talk tough all you want, but this ain't no record.

Don't make me change you, Eric.

Fuck that's supposed to mean?

Keep talkin', you're gonna fuck around and get smoked.

SUGE: Nah, nah. But you better choose right.

You know where the fuck I'm from. This Bompton, nigga.

Oh, my fucking God.


Jesus Christ.

What the hell are you doing here? You can't sneak in here like that.

I thought you were...

Oh, my God. What's going on, man? Are you okay?

What happened to your face?

I gotta kill this motherfucker, Suge Knight.

I just came here to let you know, 'cause shit might get a little thick. I need to stay protected.

No, you're not gonna do that. No.

I didn't come here to ask for permission.

I came here to let you know.

You wanted to be involved with this gangster shit?

Here we go.

You do that and you're gonna ruin everything we've worked for.

You really think I got a fucking choice?

Look at my face!

This the streets. Motherfuckers came at me!

Came at us!

If I don't hit back, we finished. It's over.

I'm not saying that we're not gonna hit back.

But this is not Compton, if you haven't looked around.

Drop that shit, okay?

We don't hit back with bullets, we hit back with lawyers.

We drain these assholes.

That really takes 'em down.

It ain't about the money, Jerry!

I don't care about no money.

Of course it is. And you should fucking care about the money.

You're so much smarter than these fuckin' thugs.

You wanna kill somebody?

You're gonna go to jail forever.

No more family, no more Ruthless, no more anything.

If you kill this man, his problems will be over and yours will just be beginning.

Don't be a fuckin' fool.


Why the fuck I gotta be the bigger man?

'Cause it's better than you being a dead man.

I don't want you fuckin' dead.

You okay?

Baby. Let me see.

Why you so tense, Dre? No, I'm cool.

Man. No, you're not, man.

You've been in that house, what? A month now?

Nigga, and not one track? I mean, what's up?

There's too much interference.

Man, you know how they tryin' to starve me out.

Playin' games with my motherfuckin' money, man.

That's why the house was so goddamned empty.

Hey, come on, man. I'm fucking with you, cuz. Hit this.

All right, man, give me that shit. Here.

Fuck I'm taking about.

Have you feeling righteously together.

Holy shit. Oh, hell no. Give me that.

Goddamn, man! What the fuck is in this shit, Snoops?

That right there, that's that chronic, cuz. Yeah.

Chronic. Yes, sir.

Let me hit that once. Yeah.

Look it. Wow, man.

All right. Let's head back to the studio. Let's go.

I got something for this.

Damn, Dre. What the fuck is that? Feeling that shit.

Yeah. You feelin' it? Yeah!

Hey, hey, look, I'mma spit a little something.

You feel me? You say whatever...

You just jump in, nigga, and just...

Hold on, look, I got something. Here we go.

One, two, three and to the four.

Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr. Dre is at the door.

Ready to make an entrance so back on up

'Cause you know we about to rip shit up.

Give me the microphone first so I could bust like a bubble.

Compton and Long Beach together now you know you in trouble.

Ain't nothin' but a G thang, baby.

Two loc'ed out niggas so we're crazy.

Death Row is the label that pays me.

Un-fadable so please don't try and fade this.

But back to the lecture at hand.

Perfection is perfected...

JOURNALIST: I want to thank you for having us here.

ICE CUBE: Of course. Very generous for you to give your time with everything that's going on right now.

Not a problem.

Now if I may, are you anti-Semitic?

Now, I thought this was about the Rodney King trial.

Well, the JDL recently got involved citing the lyrics about your former manager Jerry Heller.

I'm not anti-Semitic. I'm anti-Jerry Heller.

Let me ask you something.

Do the JDL condone Jerry's behavior when it comes to my situation?

Him trying to get me to sign a contract without legal representation?

I have no idea.

I didn't think you did.

But when you got that for me, we can continue on this topic.

Until then, I'm here to talk about the beating of an unarmed motorist, Rodney King.

And four guilty LAPD officers who seem to be Daryl Gates' standard issue.

It's also the LAPD and the FBI who feel that your negative portrayal of police condones violence.

"Fuck Tha Police" is just a warning, that's it.

You can't treat people like that and expect 'em not to rise up.

I'm a journalist just like you.

Reporting what's goin' on in the hood.

The only thing that's different is that I'm brutally honest.

What's your relationship with the Nation of Islam?

ICE CUBE: They my brothers.

You know what? That question right there proves to me what kind of a unprepared sandbag reporter you are.

You talkin' to me like I'm some elected official.

Like I'm running for office.

But I get it, that's your job.

Bigger the story, the bigger the check in your field of work.

It's not your fault, I shouldn't blame you. What's your name, man?


Eat a dick, Brian. Get the fuck out my house. Y'all done here.

Can we cut, please?

Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me.

You look like you ready to go.

Yeah. I'm just waiting on my friend. I should've drove.

You're not havin' a good time?

No! No. I had a really good time, but now it's starting to get a little wild.


We've been known to get crazy from time to time.

I'm Andre.

I'm Nicole.

Come on, man. Lighten up.

We're about to get back in the game. Big time.

Yeah? Yeah.

How do you figure?

Are you trying to piss me off? Come on. God almighty.

Did you forget about Ren's new album?

Or did you forget about the fact that you are working on something I think is gonna be bigger than anything N.W.A ever did.

All I know... Mmm!

Fucking Cube out here, doing it big. Making movies and shit. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Then I keep hearing about this album Dre about to drop.

Dre is a fucking producer, Eric.

Producers don't rap.

We have him under contract. He can't do anything.

Cheer up.

Eat, drink and be merry.

Suge. Hey.

How you doin'? All right.

Jimmy Iovine, Interscope Records. Nice to meet you.

You, too.

JIMMY: So, what do I call you? Dre? Dr. Dre? Doc?

Nah, Dre is cool. Go ahead, have a seat.

All right.

It's good. Yeah.

So what do you got today?

DR. DRE: Um...

Well, you know...

I heard John McClain gave you my album. What'd you think?

I think it was great.

So, you're the artist on the record. Who produced it?

I did.

Okay. And who mixed it?

Come on, man. I did.


Listen, um...

I don't know anything about hip-hop, but I know that this is special.


Thank you.

SUGE: Hey, look, we'd love to bring in Interscope, but there's a little problem.

What's the problem?

SUGE: Ruthless, lawsuits, and contracts.

How about this?

You give me three weeks and I don't wanna hear any bullshit about you shopping this anywhere around town.

If you do that...

I believe I can solve your problem with the contract.

SUGE: Lil' nigga, you in my spot.

Yo. DR. DRE: Hey, Suge.

MAN: Suge. Easy, man. Yo.

Hey, Suge, what the...

DR. DRE: Hey. Suge.

You parked in my motherfuckin' spot or what?

I didn't know, man. It's cool, man.

What the fuck? Suge!

Suge, it's just a parking spot.

Fuck off. Fuck out of my...

SUGE: Move this piece of shit.

And park my car.

And I better not see one drop of blood on that motherfucker.

Suge, let's go, man.


The jury in the Rodney King case has delivered its verdict, and not one of the four police officers seen on video tape beating Mr. King a year ago is guilty of using excessive force.

They've all been found not guilty.

For Christ's sake. Oh, my God.

Judy, the details.

Peter, it was a clean sweep for the defendants.

Not guilty, the verdict for all of them.

Only on one count against Lawrence Powell...

I'm sorry.

On excessive use of force under color of authority.

OFFICER 1: It's probably the worst case of police misconduct that I've ever seen.

OFFICER 2: I think it was devastating to the image of this city and especially to our police department.

WOMAN: It looks kind of like we're in a war zone though.

REPORTER: We've got some courageous shop owners here, who are armed...

MAN: Anarchy is obviously a statement of political dissatisfaction.

REPORTER 1: Police officers are still back down, guarding the area down there with the Ralph's...

REPORTER 2: The police are using eerily reminiscent of military-style assault weapons.

REPORTER 3: You can hear random gunshots as rioters...

REPORTER 4: The cars have been left abandoned because their drivers came under attack...

REPORTER 5: Our city. We have fires burning.

Olympic, Pico, Wilshire.

REPORTER 6: More than 100 injured, mostly in the South-Central section of Los Angeles.

You know, If we bag all this shit up in ounces, we should probably be straight.

I think we got enough.

No, turn it down. Turn it down.

Baby. Can you smoke that shit out there?

So, all this weed is for your Ruthless artists?

Yeah, I mean, shit.

I'm tryin' to take care of these little money problems, man.

So, they can smoke it, sell it.

Fuck, throw a party on it, for all I give a fuck.

As long as I just...

MC REN: Yo, man, you straight?

E, you straight? Yeah, I'm good.

No, for real, man. You straight? Man, I'm good!

I'm just fucking tired, man.

I'm fucking downgrading houses. How would you feel?

Answer me that!

Dre rolled out. Ruthless money low.

Tomica asking me all kind of questions about the house.

Answer me this, would you be all right?

Would you be all right moving out your fucking house?

You all right with it?

E, I'm your boy. I'm in this shit with you.

I'm just trying to make sure you're good, bro.

I'm good! You good?

You good? DJ YELLA: Yeah, man.

JERRY: Eric.

What, Jerry?

Take it easy.

You know what? Let's get you outta the house.

I have stuff needs your autograph, okay?

I'll come when I have time, Jerry.

JERRY: Eric, come on.

We still got a business to run.

Don't it look like I'm running business right now?

JERRY: No. It looks like you're fucking cutting up weed.

I thought that was a job for fucking jackasses.

You know what, Jerry?

You right. You absolutely fuckin' right.

We got business to take care of.

I'll see you in a minute.

You all right, E?

E, are you cool?


"You got knocked the fuck out."

That shit's funny.

Hey, baby. Hey, baby.

How's Friday coming?

This shit is funny. I'm feeling it, though.

What page are you on?

100. I'm not going too much longer, though.

Baby, come here. Look!

Look how young y'all are.




We left a lot of good records on the table.

EAZY E: It's like I don't even know what I'm doing no more.

I don't know where the money going.

TOMICA: Why you stressin'?

You know I know the business.

Just... Shit.

Lay out all the files, contracts, whatever it is, and I'll look into it.

For real. Come here.

Come here.

You just go to New York, you take care of this big ol' distribution deal with Sony.

Bring that shit on in.

All right? And I'll check into everything else.

I love you.

You what?

I love you.

You what? I can't hear you.

So how's your home life, man?

What? That small-ass house I just moved into in Norwalk?

Fuckin' hate it.

No, come on. You know what I mean.

I mean your love life, Eric. Hmm?

You seem pretty serious about this girl.

I ain't in love. Oh? You had me scared there for a minute.

You're too young to settle down.

Well, you don't have to be scared of that.

Oh, man. Wait till you taste this.

Kung Pao chicken.


And it is better the second day.

There you go.

Dig in.

So, where is this girl from again?

Look, Jerry.

I actually ate right before I came.

So I'm just gonna take this and go.

Hold on. Hold on. Where are you going?

I just came to get this.

These are my bills, my checks.

Look, I'm gonna have a bite of your food.

I'm gonna say farewell.

I'll talk to you later.

Your neighbors, they've been complaining a lot.

The noise.


I just think a little privacy would be better.

So what? You want me to move?


And I... You know, I happen to know of a place.

There's plenty of room, and I know the owner.

Are you sure you're ready for that, Andre?

Yeah, I am.

'Cause I'm really feeling you like that.

I'm really feeling you too.


Hey, don't even worry about it. It was just a thought.

What's up?

All right. Good night.

Oh, whoa, whoa! Really? Good night?

You okay to drive?

No. Look at you.

Good night, Andre.

Nah. See...

See, I can't help thinking, maybe you want me to come inside.

Of course I do.

So, what's different now?

I got a lot to think about.

You're asking me to move in with you.

That is a huge step!

I like you, Andre, but there's a lot going on around you.

Whatchu mean?

I know about the whole Death Row business, the assault charges, the shooting.

Just seems dangerous.

My son is my world.

I hear you.

Good night.

Hail Mary, run quick see.

What do we have here now?

Do you wanna ride or die?

I ain't a killer but don't push me.

Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting pussy.

Picture paragraphs unloaded Wise words being quoted.

Peeped the weakness in the rap game and sewed it.

Bow down, pray to God Hoping that he's listening.

Seeing niggas coming for me and my diamonds...

What up, Dre?

What up, Pac?

I'm about to bust niggas in the mouth with this new album.

Okay, I feel that.

Suge said you got some heat for a nigga. Hell yeah!

Play that for him. TUPAC: Okay.

California Love.

DR. DRE: Yeah. You feel that?

Yeah. Fuck with me.


- "California Love." DR. DRE: Yeah.

...knows how to party.

California... knows how to party MAN: What the hell was that?

Hold on, Pac.

Stay right there, man.

MAN: Yo. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.

DOG HANDLER: Come on. Come on, man.

DR. DRE: Shut the fuck up and put your glasses down.

MAN: Stop, man! Stop.

DOG HANDLER: Chop, chop.

Get him. Get hype.

Get hype.


What the fuck are y'all doing?

Check this out.

DOG HANDLER: Get him. Time to eat. Who's hungry?

You hungry, nigga? Yeah!

Get up. DOG HANDLER: Come on!

Bring your bitch-ass up.

DOG HANDLER: Tight-whitey ass nigga.

You know what to do.

I'd like to make a toast.

To what?

MAN: To Death Row Records...

MAN 2: Death Row!

MAN: And Suge for making all this happen.

And may the West Coast reign forever.

Come on. Come on.

And may the West Coast reign forever.

Now toast to Dr. Dre.

Put your glass down.

I said, put the fucking glasses down!

Hey, yo, slow your roll, Dre.

Come on.

This why we got money?

To act like we ain't got no goddamn sense?

We coulda did all this dumb shit back in Compton!

But this what the fuck y'all turned into.

You sittin' up here eatin' fuckin' crab.

Who the fuck are you? Huh?

This my motherfucking name on the wall, man!

And y'all in here acting like y'all on motherfucking vacation.

I got Pac in the next motherfucking room.

Grindin', man! Workin'!

And y'all niggas in here partyin'?

One time?

You trippin'. WOMAN: That's right.

We can do anything we wanna do.

We started this thing. This is us.

Nah, nigga. Death Row, that's us.

I don't know what the fuck this shit is.

Better watch your mouth, Blood.

And who the fuck you talking to, huh?

Nigga, you ain't nothing but a producer.

Get the fuck out my face!

SUGE: Shit!


This is bullshit.

SUGE: Dre!

Always fucking with me!

OFFICER IN HELICOPTER: Stop the vehicle now.

Driver, hold it right there.

Turn your vehicle off.

Drop the keys out of the window!

Open the door.

Step out of the vehicle. Hands in the air.

Keep them up! Hold it there.

Turn around.

Turn around. Fingers behind your head.

OFFICER 2: Hold it right there.

WOMAN: Hey, that's Eazy.

MAN: Wazzup, E! I didn't know that was you.

EAZY E: Hey, wassup? Wassup, homie? MAN: Hey. Yo, wuddup?

Nah. Hold up.

Hey, hey. Hold up. Relax, homie. We in a club.

Cube, I just heard you was over here.

Yeah, I'm here. Whatchu need?

Everybody to calm the fuck down from the looks of it.

I mean, I was just in the neighborhood, man.

I came here with Bone Thugs.

I was just coming to say wassup.


I saw Boyz in the Hood. It was good.

You ain't called that shit a after school special?

I like after school specials, Cube. You know that.

BOTH: What's up, man?

How you feel? You good?

Hell yeah, nigga, I'm good.

It's good to see you.

It's good to see you right now.

Look at you!

Pull your fuckin' homies off me then if it's good to see me.

ICE CUBE: You had niggas jump us.

EAZY E: God damn!

How you go from selling rocks in the dope house to having dinner in the White House with the President?

They still trying to figure that shit out.

But, hey, all publicity...

BOTH: Is good publicity.

You know it.

ICE CUBE: You know that's right.

EAZY E: Man.

Look, man, I wish that dumb shit really would've never popped off between us.

We shouldn't have dissed each other in the first place.

Making the fans choose between us?

That wasn't cool.

You right.

You ever think we'd be that big, though?

Hell, no.

I was just talking to my wife about that.

How it was in the beginning.

Shit, we just wanted to do music for the neighborhood.

Be ghetto stars.

But what if we had the chance to find out how big we can really be?

Come on, man. You got my mind workin'.

EAZY E: I've been thinking about that shit all the time.

If we could just take that shit back to '89. We changed the world!

I hear you. It was a simpler time, you know?

It was hard then.

But I've had days where I almost wish we was gettin' arrested in Detroit again.

Shit. You know?

Shit ain't gotta stop there.

But if we go do this, we gotta do it right.

And if Dre with it, I'm with it.

But I don't know your relationship with dude.

But if you want me, Eric, Jerry can't be there.

All right.

Hey, man.

EAZY E: Shit!

ICE CUBE: It's 'cause you ain't got them damn gloves on.

Man, whatever.

But I hear you.


Shit. Ar'ight.

TOMICA: These invoices haven't been paid.

They're two or three years outdated.

These are cancelled checks. They all bounced.

And these are past due.

Jerry took advantage of you.

I know it's a lot, but you had to know the truth sometime.

Now you do.

You know Dre and Cube tried to warn me about this.

I've been fuckin' up for a long time.

Don't. Don't.

Real long time.


JERRY: Hey, man.

Where you been? I've been calling you all day.

Sit down, Jerry.

What is this all about? The groupie?

The executive assistant?

She even go to college?

Man, you're so much fuckin' smarter than this.

Sit down, Jerry.

This ain't about Tomica, Jerry.

It's about you.

And you can stop acting like you ain't never done nothing wrong.

You know what, man? I know that you're upset. I understand.

But I'm asking you, I'm advising you, take a breath, okay?

I'm gonna look at the paperwork, Eric.

You can stop giving me advice as of now. It's fucked up.

Here's what's about to happen.

I'mma get N.W.A back together, and you ain't gonna have nothing to do with it this time.

How the fuck can you even say something like that?

What the fuck is going on with you, man?

I know what's good for you, I know what's good for Ruthless...

And we have worked up a trust after years of hard work, and that trust is our foundation, Eric.

I don't give a shit.


You look lousy, man. Are you okay?


Trust is a motherfucker.

Is it?

Let me ask you something.

Eric, if what I'm doing is so illegal, how come I've never been sued?

If I'm such a fuckin' thief, such a liar, such a motherfucker, how come nobody's ever come to collect?

Because this is business and this is how it works.

And it's not always pretty. No.

Do I cover my own ass?

Do I cover my own end? Absolutely.

But don't you dare fuckin' tell me that I have not taken care of you.

Don't you fuckin' tell me that I have not had your back from day one!

Day one!

Is this taking care of me?

Are you fucking kidding me?

It's taking care of the whole fucking thing.

It's business!

And this is how it works.

Have I covered my end? Do I cover my ass? Absolutely.

But don't you dare fuckin' tell me that I have not taken care of you.

This business, too?

Yes! This is business.

This is how fucked up it can get.

But I didn't start this. I didn't fuck it up.

You did!


You did.

You fired, Jerry.

Oh, for Christ...

Eric, this is not how we do things.

This is not you.

This is not you.


This is an important company.

Eric, I'm not gonna let you fuck this up.


Oh, for Christ's sake!


DR. DRE: Yeah, hello?

Wuddup, Dre?

- Who this? -Eric.


Just felt like calling.

Yeah. Okay.

What's up?

I mean, you know me, man. Doing my thing.

Killin' all this pussy.

How about you?

You know, man.

I'm just making tracks. Doing my thing.

Yeah, that Snoop joint you did was crazy. That was dope.

Yeah? Thanks, E. Good looking out, man.

Look, Dre, I know you be busy,

but I talked to Cube and we were talking about some possibilities.

Possibilities? Okay.

Yeah, like, without Jerry Heller type of fucking possibilities.


Well, it's about time.

Man, I mean, I know shit kinda went crazy.

You know, the money kinda had everybody divided, man, but I really wish it didn't.

To be honest, man, I'm not proud of all the shit I did either.

So, whatchu think, man?

You think we could get together or what? Whatchu think?

Yeah, man.

Yeah, that sound good.

Let's do it, E. Let's do it.

I'mma let you know when we can get back into the studio, you know?

Lay down some tracks like the old days.

Fair enough.


It's good to hear from you, man.


Man, y'all niggas ain't making no music in here.


'Sup, E?

What up? What up? What up?

Yo, hey, when are Dre and Cube gonna roll up in here, man?

MC REN: Yeah, man. I'm ready!

MC REN: 'Cause I'm ready to get this new shit going.

I'm ready, too.

But long as we stay ready, we gonna know we go beyond, man.

You already know this new N.W.A shit about to be crazy.

Here ya go, baby.

E, I got books of new shit. I got libraries of new shit.

EAZY E: That's what I'm talking about, Ren.

That's what I'm talking about.

I got the tracks. You like that?

Hell yeah. 'Chu think you Dre now?

DJ YELLA: I'm trying to murder Dre.

I'm about to murder both of y'all on the track, though. Check me out.

Check me out.

DJ YELLA: What you doing, E? You know you don't play no instruments.

You gonna play it?

E, you all right?


Baby, you good?

Yeah. I'm all right.

TOMICA: Eric! Eric! MC REN: Call 911.

TOMICA: Eric! Baby? MC REN: Eric. Get up, man.

TOMICA: Get him up. MAN: Yo, call 911. Call 911.

MC REN: You all right, E? TOMICA: Baby? Eric?

MC REN: Eazy, wake up. Eric! Baby.

MC REN: Open your eyes.

DJ YELLA: Yes, we need an ambulance.

Wait... Ain't you gonna say something?

What is it? A respiratory infection?

Pneumonia? What?

Yes, well, um, it is those things, and more, I'm afraid.

We ran a full blood battery, and, uh...

I'm sorry, Mr. Wright, but you've tested positive for HIV.

Get the fuck outta here.


A normal T-cell count is anywhere between 500 and 1,500.

Right now, your T-cell count is 14.

But I ain't no faggot.

DOCTOR: Mr. Wright, actually, the virus can be transmitted in quite a few ways, including unprotected heterosexual sex.

That's wrong. You got to test that over. Test that again!

We've run the test five times with five different samples and the result remains the same.

Shit! Tomica.

EAZY E: Tomica.

But she's pregnant, Doc. What's this mean?

It doesn't necessarily mean that she's contracted the virus, but we have to test her to be sure.

What do we do? When we start the treatment?

I mean, what... I gotta get healthy.

I got things to do. I got...

What am I supposed to do?

Mr. Wright, you need to understand that you are very, very sick.

But I don't even feel that bad, Doc. Don't tell me that.

DOCTOR: With care and palliative care, we can probably keep you comfortable for maybe six months, at the very most.

EAZY E: Comfortable?

What do you mean, comfortable?

It's just a matter of time.

I am truly, truly sorry, Mr. Wright.

I'll leave you time to process this.

Doc. Come on, Doc. No.


Come on!

And one of the pioneers of gangster rap, as the leader of the group N.W.A has revealed he has AIDS...

WOMAN: We were totally unprepared for the kind of outpouring of fan calls that we had.

We had over 7,000 calls.

I can't.


Just let me make this right.


'Cause you healthy, hmm?

And the baby healthy. Yeah. We're healthy.

So? Okay.

But I just...

I love you.

And I don't want none of this. I just want you to be...


MINISTER: Are we ready? EAZY E: Yeah.

Tomica Woods, do you take Eric Wright to be your lawfully wedded husband?

It's Bone Thugs' new LP, man.

Everybody thinks it's gonna be cool when it drop.

It's gonna be huge, man. That's great.

Do you wanna hear it, man? You wanna hear it?

EAZY E: Nah, man.

Just leave it here for me.

I'll check it out later. Thanks.

This is bullshit, man.

Hey, Yella, why don't you check on him, man? See if he ar'ight.

Ar'ight? I'll call you when I get out of here.


WOMAN: What's his condition?

His condition... He's in intensive care.

We're not certain where it's headed.

'Sup, Eric?

It's Dre.

Man, I've been makin' some dope new tracks.

This next N.W.A album, it's about to be dope.

It's about to be huge, you know?

Hey, you remember that time when we was making Boyz-N-The Hood?

Your non-rappin' ass.

You was trippin' out, man.

I love you, E.

You hear me? I love you, man.


Yo, Cube.

How is he doing? Can he talk? Can he...

Nah, man. He in a fuckin' coma.

Got the machines breathing for him and shit.

He ain't even conscious.

I need to hear his voice, Dre.

I wanna talk to him.

I want him to talk to me.

I feel that.

It's all right, man.

It was good to see you, man.

You too.


FEMALE REPORTER: In Los Angeles this morning, rapper Eazy-E has died after a battle with AIDS.

MALE REPORTER: He was among the most powerful voices of his generation.

NEWS ANCHOR: Towards the end of his life, the rapper received more than two and a half thousand calls a day from well-wishers...

FEMALE ANCHOR: Member of the group N.W.A, which helped popularize harsh inner-city rap music.

Wright was 31.

DR. DRE: Eazy's gone.

He gone?


- Okay. -Okay.

Damn, E.

RON SWEENEY: Eazy wrote me a personal letter to read to each and every one of his fans and loved ones.

"I just feel that I've got thousands and thousands of young fans"

"that have to learn about what's real when it comes to AIDS."

"I would like to turn my own problem into something good"

"that will reach out to all my homeboys and their kin."

"Much love to those who have been down for me"

"and thanks for your support."

SUGE: Pac is in the studio writing every day.

Snoop is doing his thing. Whatcha all doing?

Y'all niggas are getting too comfortable.

Handle this shit. Suge.

What's the urgency, Dre?


I'm out.

I'm outta Death Row.

You ain't done.

Dr. Dre and Death Row are one and the same.

You just can't up and leave.

I'm doing my own thing, Suge.

Starting fresh.

Nobody to answer to but myself.

It's time.

You're one stupid motherfucker.

You gonna walk away from all this money?

If you leave, everything we created is mine.

We? Okay.

You know what? You can have it.

You ain't taking nobody with you.

Death Row stays Death Row.

And you even think about touching my money...

Motherfucker, you know how I gets down.

Do what the fuck you gotta do.

You can have the artists, the money, the masters, all your fuckin' bullshit.

I'm done.

I'm starting my own thing.

You can't put a price on peace of mind.

I'm out.

I got all this nigga's money.

I got everything.

Get the fuck out. Go!

So whatchu gonna call that bullshit?


DR. DRE: You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge.

It's just, like, they try to hide what's goin' on and we tell it like it is, you know?

You know it's gotta be hard, 'cause if it ain't hard, it's weak.

MC Ren in the house.

When you making a record, you gotta have some hype lyrics.

And you got that, it's gonna sell.

Eazy-E probably was one of the nicest people you ever would have known.

Not as Eazy, but as Eric Wright.

DR. DRE: We make our records based on stuff that's happening where we live.

And if people out there that don't like it, fuck 'em.

Dre and Eazy, they had already been selling it as cassette tapes.

And they just blew up.

Eazy and Dr. Dre Wild and Wet Pool Party.

This is what it's all about!

We wanted to invite you to the President's luncheon.

I said if I go down there, this'll start some shit.

KENDRICK: When I think of N.W.A, they weren't really music to me.

It was more like a real lifestyle.

Brothers from my neighborhood made it out.

You got the dopest album out this year. Thanks, man.

More than happy to get my career going like I want it to go.

BOTH: Damn!

You do not know how long I waited to get in his booth and to have Dre out there goin', "You ready?"

I waited all my life for that, since Straight Outta Compton.

Dre's direction was helping me become a strong lyricist, which I am now.

EMINEM: Dre has taught me a lot.

Not just rap-wise, but business-wise, you know what I'm sayin'?

50 CENT: You'd have to even credit both Eminem's and my success' to Dr. Dre.

MAN: Apple's purchase of Beats will be the biggest deal in its history.

ICE CUBE: Our music was like our weapon.

DR. DRE: We let people know that it's okay to say whatchu wanna say.