Strange Nature (2018) Script

This frog is trying to tell us something.

So is this one.

Significant abnormalities were also found in Wisconsin, Missouri, and New York.

There's something in the water.

A hot spot induced deformities in 75 to 100% of the frogs.

Pollution officials was asked if she would drink the water and she said "no".

It could be only a matter of time before other species are affected, including humans.


Here we go.

Lake Superior.

It's the biggest one.

It goes all the way to the ocean.

Come on, kiddo, you don't get to see that in LA.

Look, I know this move is not your jam but once your grandpa has his surgery and he's feeling better, we can leave.

We're broke.

How can we leave?

If we hate it, we will find a way to leave.

What if only I hate it?

Well, I guess you'll have to suck it.

Gosh, oh, I love this song.


Whoa, cool dog.

I bet that's Kinky.

Hey, Kinky.

Is that the outhouse?


It's nasty.


Would you rather go...

In a bucket?

It's a triple flusher.

Hey, Pops.


Hey, Brody.

I'm your grandpa.

Grand daddy.

Pah poo.

Ah, hell, that all makes me sound like a dry old fart.

You can just call me Chuck.

Hey, around here whether you've come out of the crapper or just cleaned some fish guts, men shake hands.

Ah, yeah, okay, okay, I'll wash first.

Ah, there you go.

Home sweet home.


Anything changed?

It's still the same old place.


Ma always loved this.

There's a lot of dead animals here.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, Pops loves his dead animals.

Well, who's up for a little swim?

We can get our suits on, head down to the lake.

What do you think?


It's just a frog.

Watch out, watch out.

What's going on, guys?

It was a frog.

And it's all messed up.

What should we do, Miss Eva?

Show 'em to someone.


Hey, there's another one over here.

Holy shit.

Hey, Chuck, when we get back, can I use your computer?


Don't believe I'm familiar with that term.

Oh, god.

Oh, now, don't get her too tired out.

She's pregnant.




You hear that, Brody?

Hey, what's going on with the town?

It seems...

I don't know, like it's not doing so good.

Well, most kids leave.

Graduate high school, why stick around?

Unless you want to work in pesticides.


Hey, Brody, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Well, I was thinking...

What was that?

Uh oh.

It's the granddaddy carp.

He's as big as a canoe.

You city kid.

Fuck, fuck!


We found three.

There might be more.


Could I see?

Where did you find these?

In the woods over there by the pond.


Dad, that's, that's real close to the house.

Yeah, it's just frogs.

Freaks of nature.

What's this?

You, uh, joining the Girl Scouts, Chuck?

Hiya, guys.

How's Judy?

Due in a couple of weeks.

I'm ready for it to be over.

Who's this?

My daughter, Kim.

Oh, yeah.

Kim Sweet.

Remember that?

Sam, Larry, guys, come on. Just, just messing with her.

Hey, come on, come on.

What's in the box?

Some deformed frogs we found.



Put those things out of their misery.

Some things just aren't meant to be.

Survival of the fittest.

Hey, kids?

Put that away.

Come on, these kids are little.

Is it even hunting season?

No, it's not.


Sorry, Kids.

I think we're gonna have to skip the rest of the hike.

We should head back.

Hey, you're gonna show those to somebody, right?

Yeah, I'll show them to Mr. Douglas, the science teacher over at Birchwood.


Alright, you have a nice hike back and be careful.

Even though there's no hunting here, somehow it creeps in from time to time.

Wait up, guys.

Come in.

Hi, Mr. Douglas.

Hi, Eva.

I have something you should see.

Oh, hell, it ain't that bad.

Come on.

Look, you see those weird handprints there?

That's your mom's hands when she was your age.

What's up with that thing?

Oh, never mind that old pervert.

He won't bite.

But be careful, his eyes might wander.

You know, I think I might just go in the winter bucket.


You're the one cleaning it.

All mine.

Doesn't look so bad.

Why can't you just homeschool me?

Brody, I gotta work.

Well, then why can't Chuck homeschool me?

You kidding?

That'd be like having a cereal box homeschool you.

Come on.

It'll be fun.

You'll make new friends.

I had friends.

You'll get more.

Dad, can you, can you turn that off?

Oh, but it's so great though.

I'm so proud of you.

That's why I kept all this stuff.

Yeah, just...

Can you turn it off please?

Wait, wait, wait.

This is my favorite part.

I know but it's just...

I can't fucking watch that shit.

I don't want that to be who I am.


Who do you want to be?

I don't know.

Just not a fuck up.

You're into superheroes.

Amphibious mutant ninjas and all that?


Well, how do you think that could happen in real life?


Toxic waste.

Well, that's always a possibility.

These extremely deformed frogs were recently found nearby.

Pollution, parasites, pesticides, even UV rays have all been culprits in the past.

We will attempt to determine what this cause may be.

Sound like fun?

It will be.

And a search for a missing Itasca county boy, 12-year-old Jonah Anderson...

For a hike in nearby Riverside Park.

Given the park runs along the Mississippi, search crews are also sweeping...

Recently said they are following every tip and every connection possible to bring the 12-year-old home safely.

There you go.

After apparently being exposed to liquid propane vapors...

Slide it right in.

St. Louis county sheriff's office says...

There you go.


What the hell?

Uh, and of course never mess with guns unless an adult is present.


He's still a kid.

The police are still searching for Jonah Anderson, the 12-year-old boy that went missing from Grand Rapids five days ago.

He reportedly went alone on a nature...

Well, I don't want him going to a gunfight with a wet noodle in his pocket.

I don't even know what that means.

There are no gun fights in his future.

Listen, there's some kind of, I don't know, half chewed up deer on the side of the drive.

Eh, it's probably just road kill but let's go take a look.

I don't get it.

Where is it?

I mean it, it was right around here.

Maybe it's further over.


Maybe it was injured and limped away.

Oh, wait, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom.


Another one?

Another two.




He's all fucked up.

There is a normal deformity rate among amphibians but if there are more, say if it goes above 2%, it can be cause for alarm.

There's actually some reports of deformed frogs being found upstate a while back.



How many?

Not a ton but enough to get noticed.

Well, what causes it?

Nobody really knows.

It's something in the water.

You know, the problem is they're not as cute as dolphins so nobody seems to care.

Huh, buddy?

So in relatively small numbers it's okay.

Well, not necessarily.

Frogs literally soak up their environment, right?

They can be wonderful indicators of what's...


Excuse me, Trent.

I have those lab permission forms you wanted.

Oh, yeah.

Thank you, Sandy.

Um, this is one of my student's mothers, Kim Sweet.


The Kim Sweet?

Uh, well, a Kim Sweet.

It's nice to meet you.


I'll talk to you later, Trent.

Thank you, Sandy.

Uh, the Kim Sweet?


I kinda had this, like, itty bitty pop music career, like, a million years ago but it's not important.

We don't have to talk about it.


Maybe some other time.


You know, for now I would concentrate on how many more deformed frogs you can find on your property and look for signs of pollution.

Like fast food wrappers or chemicals?


But since this kind of thing only happens to animals that live near the water, we're good.

Kim, we are animals that live near the water.

Can we go swimming?

This is boring.

Oh, damn, boy.

Give it a chance.

Besides, this water might be bad for swimming.

I want you to stay out of it, you hear?

Then why are we...

Being on it and being in it are two different things.

So it's safe to eat fish from here?

Oh, you don't catch no fish in this lake anyway.

Then why are we fishing?

It's not about the fish, it's about the experience.

Experience of not catching fish.

You'll understand when you get older.

Uh, what did you and your friends do for fun?

Comic books, skateboarding, online gaming.

Yeah, we might not have much of that around here but we got each other.

We got family.

That's what it's all about.

We take care of each other no matter what.

So, what do you want to be when you grow up?


Friggin' son of a...

Look at that.

Made in China bull crap.


So what do you think about those people disappearing?

Well, that all happened an hour or two north of here so it's nothing you need to worry about.

There was a kid who went missing about my age.

Think they'll find him?

I'm sure they will.

No, it's yours.


Wow, thanks, Chuck.

Always comes in handy.

Yeah, I guess we could head back.

Hey, do me a favor, huh?

Don't tell your mom.

I don't want her to think it's any worse than it is.

Uh, do you want me to...

No, no, no, no.

I got it.

What, you don't like boats with motors?

I am the motor.



You really think we're gonna find more of these mutant things?

The kids keep calling me to find out what happened.

Mr. Douglas said it would be a huge help if I found more.

Okey dokey.

What are you doing?

If you want to catch a frog, you gotta think like a frog.


I appreciate that but just so you know, I won't be joining you.

Come on, give me a hand.

Oh, shit.

Oh, crap.

My savior!


Oh, gosh.


Oh, crap.


I think I lost my shoe.

Well, come on.

I'm actually kind of stuck.



Well, whatever.

You're on your own.

Seriously, I think I'm kind of...

Come on.

What was that?

Uh, nature.

Just nature.

In regional news, Grand Rapids officials report no new leads in the case of Jonah Anderson but search parties continue to look for the 12-year-old in the areas surrounding Riverside Park.

A young woman from International Falls has now been officially declared missing.

The Crow Wing County Sheriff's Department is searching for 34-year-old Tina Stevens who was last seen heading to Black Lake to photograph wildlife two weeks ago.

Authorities found Miss Steven's destroyed camera and signs of a struggle in the area, leading them to suspect foul play...

In sports news...

The search for a missing 12-year-old boy continues near Grand Rapids.

Still no clues have been found...


But local police are considering...


Dad, shut it off.

Mayor Paulson of Duluth addressed...


It totally makes sense.


Yeah, pesticides.

You see how close we are to all of these farms, right?

Well, they spray all these farms with pesticides, herbicides, that sort of thing.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Yeah, so pesticide overspray leaks into the lakes and the ponds and then bam!

Deformed frogs.


Okay, look, we don't even know what kind of...

Well, let's go ask 'em.

Well, the closest farm is owned by Larry Rogers who you met the other day.


Skunk slinger.

Perfect, he's a goon.

Let's go.

Where's Brody?

He's taking a shower.

I mean, are you just looking for something to fight for or against or...

Keep out of the water, we're fine.


You're willing to bet your grandson's safety on fine?


Do you even know what you're looking for?

Not yet.

Do we have to use boiled water?

After a few minutes, it's freezing.

Well, it's a clean, safe shower, isn't it?

I don't know.

Are these more winter toilets?


Oh, jeez, you guys.

Shh, shh.

People need to be aware.

Look out for your neighbors.

Authorities in International Falls and Grand Rapids believe these are kidnappings and quite possibly related to human trafficking.

The Mayor is still encouraging people to...

Hey, Chuck?

What's with the neighbors?



We have neighbors?

Yeah, across the lake.

That little deformed girl with her dad.


Look, now, both of you.

You stay clear of them all together.

Christ, you're practically a hermit.

Who do you want to be associated with?

Look, there've been some bad rumors.

Seems safe with the little girl.

Just stay away from them.

If good fences make good neighbors, then a whole lake makes even better ones.


I should go with you, Kim, I'm the science teacher.


Not gonna happen. He doesn't even want to go with me.

I just need to know what to look for.


If it has anything to do with pesticides, it would probably involve Chloroprene.

Chloroprene contains synthetic retinoids.

That's a derivative of Vitamin A.

And that's the shit that mutates the frogs?

Retinoids have been known to cause severe birth defects, including limb malformation.

Limb malformation?

Oh, heya, Chuck.

Heya, Larry.

How ya doing?



Oh, yeah, hey.


Yeah, Kim's son's doing a school report on farming and we were wondering if you could show us what kind of pesticide you're spraying?

What is this, Chuck?

Look, she's living with me now and with her young son.

And she's concerned about safety with the pesticides being used in the area.

Well, DDT was the nasty stuff but they, you know, they banned that back in the 70s.

I only use organic shit from American Patriot.

Well, not shit literally but, you know.

Right, I got it.

Can I just see the containers?


Uh, what could be the harm, you know, just to put her mind at ease?

My word should be good enough for you, Chuck.

Good enough for the EPA?

I'm telling you, guys, this is a waste of time.

I ain't got nothing to hide.

Yeah? Then why don't you show it to us?

Come on, Chuck.

How long we been neighbors?

Can't you at least come back a little later?

I'm right in the middle of something.

You could just show us right quick.

We'll be out of your hair.



Wait here.

I'll be right back.


Wait here.

This is bullshit.

He's hiding something.

No, Kim, don't...

Holy crap.

You people actually exist?

It's, it's not, I don't...

Don't judge.

We're all consenting adults.

Yeah, no, it's, uh, oh.

No, that's just a friend.

You know a thousand kids is killed every year by household cleaning products.

Why don't you go harass those companies?

American Patriot Chemicals.

All organic.

No Chloroprene.

Well, uh, let's go, Kim.

Sorry about this, Larry.


Well, you know, while you're here, you guys, you want to try something on?

Are you fucking nuts?


We'll be going.

Wait, wait, no, wait, wait, wait.

Wait a minute.

Hey, is, is this all about them mutated frogs?


You seen 'em?

Yeah, I seen about, oh, five, last couple days.


What are you doing?

Oh, uh, looking for frogs.

So you live across the lake, huh?

Yeah, with my dad.

Wanna help?


Want me to hold that?

Yeah, thanks.

We're looking for any frogs that are deformed.

You know, frogs with extra or missing legs.

How come?

Well, someone should be.

Plus I think they're kind of cool.

Sorry about the kids at school.

Total pricks.

It's okay.

I'm used to it.

You think this water could've done something to you and your dad?

My dad was born like that, in New Jersey.

Not here.

Are there always so many snails out here?

So, Larry's working on the ATV on a hill.

Doesn't put it in gear, rolls right into the lake.




Can I take that down?

Oh, yeah, I'm sorry.

That must have happened tonight.

Don't worry, Kim, you'll win 'em over eventually.

Another exciting Shirley Temple, please.

Oh, for the mother to be, anything.

The search continues near Hawksridge Park for 18-year-old Eva Johnson...


And 19-year-old Derek Novitzki who have been missing for four days now.

Three days ago, Eva Johnson's car was found in the parking lot of Birchwood Elementary.

At this point we're considering the disappearances to be tied into the potential kidnappings that occurred in International Falls and Grand Rapids.

Oh, sick bastards.


That's what I'm afraid of, Kim.

Not frogs.

But it all started happening about the same time.

Well, it was probably the pesticides.

I mean, you don't know what the hell they put in the water these days.

No, hey, hey, don't, stop.

Don't talk shit about something you don't know anything about, okay?

American Patriot's been good to us.

You're drunk.

And that's what keeps this town going.

Hey, Greg, what were you and Sam talking about the other day?

Oh, here we go.

No, no, Judy, this is...

There's this disfigured father living with his daughter right across the lake from Chuck and Sam.

Oh, right, right.

That's that Joe Shit the ragman.

I mean, he's the father.

Him and that nasty girl bathing right in the lake.



It's fucking gross.

And it's dangerous.

See this?

We got into it real heavy on a job site a couple years back.

He said he'd scar the whole town if he could find a way.

Maybe he found a way.

Who knows how those people got kidnapped but if you ask me, that freak did it.

Oh, Sam, you're drunk.

We got a monster living across the lake.

Take it easy, take it easy.

Someone's gotta do something.


Yeah, Edna.

Well, no, no, I lost track of time but she's still waiting there?

My gosh.

Uh, send her in.

Send her in right away.


Miss Sweet, so sorry to, uh, keep you waiting.

Please have a seat.

Thank you for seeing me.

Of course.

My pleasure.

It's been a, been a busy day but they're all busy days, aren't they?

Yeah, now you are somewhere here.

I will find you.



You have been making some discoveries?

Yes, um, Mr. Mayor, I'm a mother.

I have a kid and there's other mothers...

Deformed frogs?

Miss Sweet, you found some deformed frogs.

That's it?


Um, and just because we don't know of any ways in which it's affected humans doesn't mean it hasn't.

Well, that's true that, uh, that is a legitimate concern and I understand that.

But I'm sure you'll understand that right now my primary concern is finding those missing teenagers.

Can't we do both?

Miss Sweet, this city used to have a top rank in the entire country as a place to raise children.

So don't you want to tell people, like, stay out of the water or don't eat local fish or something?

I mean, what if it turns out to be pesticide pollution?

Now why would you say that?

Well, just 'cause the local pesticides are organic, does that mean they're safe or they just sound safe?

Miss Sweet, I'm going to ask you a question and please, I'd like you to try to answer it honestly.

In any part of this are you trying to regain publicity for yourself?

You think making a bunch of noise about mutant frogs is gonna reignite my pop career?


I'm just telling you what other people might think.

American Patriot Chemicals have already been tested and approved by the EPA.

That's a big deal.

Well, did they test it on wildlife during fetal stages?

Farms in Northern Minnesota are already using their pesticides, their fertilizers.

They love them.

Local farms here have started using them this spring to great success and now we're going to start rolling them out to surrounding states.

It's a success story.

What if it hurts people? Could you live with yourself?

Half of this state is agricultural land.

If you kick start a premature scare, those farm families starve.

And could you live with yourself?

God, you're like some movie mayor.

Mr. Mayor, my dad's property is in the middle of a bunch of these farms and on one of those farms they found a ton of these frogs.

Do you think that's a coincidence?

And your science degree is in what?

I'm working with a local science teacher.

Uh huh.

And who would that be?

Trent Douglas at Birchwood.

Elementary School?

Yeah. Yeah.

Tell you what, Kim.

Somebody bring me some solid evidence that connects deformities and the pesticides and I will take action.

I promise you.

Uh, you know, American Patriot Chemicals is the biggest job provider in the city and they pay a lot of taxes so I'm not gonna cause any trouble for them without any probable cause.

You understand?



Thank you for dropping by.

Thank you.



I would like to speak to a reporter, please.

Okay, if I can just get your name and number and what this is about, I can make sure that someone will contact you if they feel it's newsworthy.


I've been finding these deformed frogs, see?

On my dad's property and farms around there.

I know who you are.

We're not giving you any attention.

Look, I don't want attention for me, I...

War, bad economy, no jobs, missing kids, that's what people care about.

I was at your going away party fundraiser.

I donated $20.

Remember that?

And now you want us to put you back in the spotlight?

No, I...

Look, see, this girl?

She's the one who found the deformed frogs.

Oh, what a coincidence.

I guess you think I just fell off the turnip truck.

Can you just do your job, you know?

Like just pick up the phone and call somebody who's not a bitter old gash.


And get a haircut.

The baked meat.

It's fantastic.

The maple syrup really makes it.


Oh, yeah.

Thank you.

Do you think she wants some more?

No, I think she's alright.

Her appetite isn't what it used to be.

Dementia's really caught up with her.

Yeah, I'm sorry.

How long has she been like that?

Oh, two years now.

It's tough.

I wish I could do more for her.

Can only afford to have a home care nurse come by like once a day and even that's putting us in the hole.

Well, I'm sure she appreciates it.

I'll do whatever I can for her.

She's my mom.

You want to, uh, you want to go in the other room and talk?



Come on, Mom.

Time to go to bed.

Seven more of these deformed frogs today.

Just today.

And a shit ton of snails.

Or so Brody says.

Did you say snails?


A bunch of them all around by the pond, why?

Snails can be major carriers of parasites.


Well, what brings in all the snails?

Algae, plant growth.

Why do you care so much?

Why wouldn't you care?

You know, people remember you around here.

You might be able to get on the news.

That won't work.


I had a top 20 pop hit.

And I thought I was a big deal.

Gave a bunch of interviews about this place and slagged on it.

These were good people.

And they believed in me and I flushed 'em.

So then what happened?

Well, right when we were hitting the charts, this scandal came out.

When I was recording the album, the record company told me that I had the right look but, uh, they had somebody better to cover the tracks.


So you didn't sing at all?


I wanted to.

I wanted to.

After that...

Dropped off the charts like a hot rock.

Had a complete nervous breakdown.

I bottomed out.

I'm lucky to be alive.

And that's when I met Brody's dad.

He put me back together again.

Saved me.

Anyway, I got a call from my dad that he's got liver cancer so here I am.

What did they say his outlook was?

A 15% survival rate past five years but with this surgery he's got a fighting chance.

I think it took a lot of guts coming back here.

Taking care of your dad like this.

I do.


I mean, it's not like I left behind some fabulous life.

Doesn't matter.

You always have options, Kim.

Don't forget that.

What are my options now?



I give a really good back rub.

I give a really good foot rub too.


Thanks, Mom.



Get him out of here!

What the hell are you shooting at?



Dad, put the gun down.

Where's Kinky?


Brody, don't you touch that.



You get the hell back here.

How about these dinners?

Package even said "deformity free".


Brody could have gotten really hurt, Dad.

Why would you do something like that?

You didn't see them being born.

The way they were hurting Kinky.

The way they might hurt us.

Hurt us?

I don't know.

I was putting them out of their misery, for crying out loud.

You think I like killing puppies?


You know, this the first mammal we've seen like this.

What's wrong with it?

I'm trying to find out.

Of course it would have helped if the rest of them weren't in pieces.

Is it even safe for us to stay here?

We have no idea whether it's related to any kind of chemical pollutant.

Well, what the hell you think it is then?


Ah, didn't think I knew about them, did ya?

Brody, don't touch it.

Truth is to this day we don't even know what causes most human birth defects.

You mentioned something the other day about finding a bunch of snails.

Yeah, a ton.

There's been cases where parasitic worm life cycles launch using a snail as a host.

See, the snail carries 'em down to the water where they run loose and invade another species, like a tadpole.

See, they burrow into the tadpole right at the limb buds, deliberately screwing up the development, causing missing or extra limbs.

Why would a parasite do that?

When the tadpole matures into a frog, it's handicapped so it's easy prey for birds.

The bird easily swoops down, picks up the frog, eats it, digests it.

The parasite can then spawn more larvae in the bird feces and the infected feces then fall down to the shore and gets picked up by the snail.

The whole cycle starts again.

Sounds like damned science fiction.

What if these parasites are getting into our water?


Today we're talking with local pop sensation Kim Sweet, visiting us in our public access studio and, uh, Kim, uh, I believe you have something you'd like to say to the people of Duluth before we get started?

Yes, um, I just want to apologize to the people of Duluth

for anything that I said that was really stupid

when I was young and for any of the hurt that I might have caused.

Um, there are really good people here in this town and I, um, I'm very, very sorry.

Thank you.

Thank you, Kim, for, um, your brave and sincere apology.

But, um, what I'd like to talk to you about today, um, here is about the deformed frogs you found near your home?


There have been some deformed frogs that have been turning up in the lakes and the ponds in the area and we don't know what is causing it, um, but we think it could be a problem and maybe a very serious problem.

Well, you know, considering you're not a scientist of any kind, some might accuse you of being an alarmist.



Okay, so my, our family dog had puppies this weekend and, um, sorry.

Oh, god, okay.

This is, this is one.

Does that look alarmist to you?

I just...

I don't want that...

Oh, my god, we are so done.

I just, if Mayor Paulson is watching this...

What about deviled ham for breakfast?


Sounds delicious.

Grody, Brody.

Alright, pick out a cereal, you get one.

Hey, hey, hey.

You want some sugar to go with your sugar?

Come on, healthy.

Chocolate sauce?

That's too expensive.

Well, what about this?

It's kid-tested and mother approved.


Alright, we gotta make tracks.

Sounds healthy.

What you got there, Munchkin?

You want me to go find you a couple masks?

Dude, get us some bananas.

Oh, look, he's pretending he can read.

Oh, hey, Joe, looks like they got a picture of your long lost relative in the paper.


Hey, if he hasn't done anything to the water, how about a blood test?

See if you're contagious.

You know, just to prove everybody wrong?

You mean prove you wrong, asshole.

Easy, kitten.

Yeah, we know what kind of freak you are.

Calm down.

I got an idea.

Why don't we test your kid?


Hey, uh, Joseph.

Um, uh, you guys doing okay?

What are you looking at?

People can be shits.

Please, don't hurt me!

Hey, just take a breath, grandma.

Hey, hey, hey!

They're not worth it.

Hey, it's, uh...

I get it.

You know, um, we're neighbors.

We live right across the lake.

So if you guys ever need anything.

You know, just don't be a stranger.


Push. Come on, push.

Keep pushing, good.


Good, good, keep pushing.

Push, dammit, like you're on a leg press.

Come on, push.

Push, push, push.

Look, babe, you're doin' good.

Good, okay, alright, good, good.

You gotta push.

You're doing good, come on.

Good, good, good, good, good.


Okay, okay, come on, focus.

That was good. That was good.

You're doing good. Alright, breathe.

Alright, focus!

Good, good, good, push. Come on.

You're doing great, come on.

That was good, that was good.


Alright, here we go, here's one more.

You're gonna go another set.

I can't.

Is this normal?

She looks like she's in a lot of pain.

Breathe. Now we're gonna do another set, come on.

Here we go, one more, one more.

Just like we're at the gym, come on, push, come on.

You gotta push.

Here it comes.

Oh my God!

No, this isn't normal.

Something's not right.

Good, good, good.

The baby's coming, here we go.

Here we go, here we go!

You're doing good, you're doing good.

Get her some pain pills, come on.


Good, good, good.

You did it, you did it.


Fuck that!

Look, I understand your concern but you really don't need to stay here.

I mean, he'll probably be out for quite awhile.

I promise, we'll keep you updated.

Can you just...

Can you at least tell me what you think might have caused the tumor?

We actually don't know yet.

He never had regular checkups over the years so...

Has he had a history of alcoholism?


I mean, not that I know of.

Well, if not I would think Hepatitis B or C but he doesn't have either of those.

Parasites, arsenic...


From contaminated water.

Oh, but that's usually only found in developing countries so I'm sure...




Oh, hi, Kim.

What are you doing here?

Yeah, I was just, uh, checking on my dad.

Oh, I heard.

I'm so sorry.

I hope he'll be okay.

Well, we all missed seeing you at Mike's.

I figured the baby came.

Can I say hello?

She's really sick.

Oh, I just, I gotta take a peek.

She's really sick.

Look, I'm...

I have to go.

What's she got?

Some might accuse you of being an alarmist.

Okay, alright, uh...

Okay, so my, our family dog had puppies this weekend and, um, sorry.


Does that look alarmist to you?

I just...

I don't want that.

Oh my God, we are so done. I just...



Look, Kim, I'm really busy right now.

Judy, look.

I know something's wrong.

What did you name her?


That's real pretty.

Look, I don't want anyone else in the town to know.

And please, please don't let Sam know that you know.


Of course.



Listen, do you mind if I...

Could I take a few photos?

Why do you want to take pictures of my baby?

Look, I know... I know this has got to be so hard for you.

I can't even...

I can't even imagine.

But if I could just take a few pictures, just collect some evidence, then maybe we could get help.

Help for what?

Don't you want to know what caused this?

These things happen.

And it's nature.

It's not like I'm the first one ever.

What about the animal deformities?

What about those...

What are you saying now, that my baby is some kind of animal?

Is that what you're saying?


No, Judy.

I, um...

Look, here.

Please just take a look at this.

I'm so sorry.

Here's your proof.

Take it and use it.

We need to keep pesticides out of the wetlands.

Are you following me?

At least call the Governor and stop telling everybody that things are fine when you know that...

Miss Sweet.

I know that you've had some puppies born with complications but different is not necessarily bad.

Okay, that's bad.

Uh, where did this happen?

Where do you think it happened?

God, what smells?

I think that salmon is bad.

No, the salmon is actually very good.

You know, you can have some if you want.

So who did this happen to?

She doesn't want to be identified in the media.



So why is this happening so quickly?


Not pesticides?


Pesticides and fertilizer dramatically increase algae and plant material that snails feed on.

So snails are the bad guys?

Snails are the hosts for the parasite babies.

Parasite babies?

You know, little parasite baby maggot things?

Oh, the larvae?


Look, you wanted evidence, here it is.

More pesticides, more snails, more parasites.

Got a problem and that is we've had pesticides around for decades.

Why is this happening now?

Well, you said yourself that this spring was the first time that American Patriots Chemicals have been used in the area?

Okay, well maybe there's something in their eco-friendly mix that gives the algae a boost.

Look, and there's also deformed frog sightings upstate.

This year and last year.

Are these the places where you found the deformities?


These are the same locations as the disappearances.

But if we're looking for a kidnapper, serial killer, then why would that correspond to the deformities?

You think they're connected?

God, how can you stand that?

That smell is awful.

What, this?

No, this is yummy.


I think you just don't like fish.

No, I normally love salmon.

That shit is rank.

I promise you it's not.

Ugh, excuse me.

Are you alright?


What, what's with the pictures?

I was just taking a picture of that pregnant lady over there.

Might be one of them monster babies.


Get out of here!

Months earlier.

Most recent numbers in the birth defect outbreak are...

Christ, Kim.

You can't be pulling that kind of stuff with the tourists.

They spend a lot of money in here.

Yeah, but did you see his shirt?

Oh, I know, I know.

They're everywhere.

Hey, I'm sorry about your dad.



Where's Greg?

You didn't hear?

No, I've been off a few days. What?

His sister gave birth to one of those mutant babies.

Oh, no.

Is she okay?

She's in shock.

I mean, I think they're gonna give it up to the researchers.


Well, what would you do?

I don't know but I don't know if I'd pawn it off like some lab rat.

Well, it's not going away.

I mean, everybody's leaving.

And the whole town might get quarantined.

And the crazy thing is all these tourists keep coming in here.

Yeah, checking out more than the fall leaves, huh?


I personally investigated since the first deformed frog was found.

The Governor has been made fully aware of our situation.

The Environmental Protection Agency, the Center for Disease Control have also been notified.

The citizens of Duluth will be taken care of.

The birth defect outbreak are...

What's your problem?

She-freak must be his girlfriend.

That's what my dad said should be done to you and your creepy dad.


Because of you, my aunt's baby's all messed up.

Trent Douglas.


We need to talk.

What is it, girl?

What is it?

Shh, shh.

It's okay.

Shh, sweetie.

Shh, shh.

Stop, shh, it's alright, it's okay, it's alright.

It's alright, girl, it's okay.



Shh, shh, shh.

Ugh, ugh.

Well, could you just come out here and look at her, please?


It's awful.



What the fuck?



How's that?

Mm-hm, mm-hm.

That better?


How's my dog?

She's, she's fine.


I want you to take her and Brody and leave town.

Why would we leave?

Honey, the cancer is inoperable.

It always was.

The tumor's growing real fast.

You never have as much time as you think you will.

God damn it, Pops.

Why didn't you fucking tell me?

Wanted to give you hope.

I figured if the surgery was always a little ways off, maybe you'd stick around longer.

I'm sorry I hurt you.

Come here.

Hold my hand.

Oh, you know as well as anyone that none of us knows what the hell we're doing.

We just do what we think best at the time.


I do.


And we're not going anywhere.

Hello, Sam.

Hey, Sam.

Look, Sam, I've been thinking about this on the way over.

No, shut up.

We had an agreement.


You guys do mine and if they need it, I'll do your sister's.

It's gonna be easier this way.

Trust me.

Look, man, this is really crazy.

We can't...

Look. Look at what it's doing to her.


That thing is not human.


I mean, aside from getting caught, we can't...

We're not gonna get caught because we're all in agreement, right?


Yeah. Yeah.


Okay, now, let's just stick to the plan.

Come on, stick to the plan. Get in there.

Come on.

Hey, Judy.


So, uh, how do you want to do this, Sam?

What are you, what are you gonna do?

It's doing something to you.

I mean, hell, for all I know, it could be spreading something to me.

Come on.

Give it here.

We'll take it.

Her name is Danielle.

It's Danielle.

No, don't, don't.


Give me, give me that thing!

No, no!

Take it to the bathroom!

No, no, no, no, no, no, no!


No, no!

Sorry about Chuck.

You hung up on me.

Why did you do that?


Why didn't you call me back?

I was gonna call you back.

I just...

I'm sorry, I was...

I was just dealing with something.

Just don't.

Do you want to tell me what happened to Kinky?

I don't even fucking know.

She started shaking.

She couldn't stop.

I tried to hold her still and her skin was so thin it tore underneath my fingers.

She shook and shook and shook and then vomited all over herself and then she was dead.

The fetus leaves behind a parasite infestation carried over from the water.

Theoretically this could affect an entire generation of a species.

We can take our research and go to the government and we can get help, right?

That's what I want to talk to you about.


That's a lot of money.

American Patriot will launch its own investigation.

I can have my mother taken care of.

We can move away from all this.

What if this shit's getting in Lake Superior?

When does it stop?


Hell, no.

A verb is a word that displays...




Get him, get him!


Where are you, you ugly little brat?

My sister had one of those things.

You did something to the water, didn't you?

You know we didn't, Greg.

Please don't hurt my girl.

What did you put in the water, Joseph?

Did you put something in the water?

You know we didn't.

We want you out of town tonight.

We're gone.

Just don't talk to anyone.

I'm coming right back, alright?

I want to clean out my desk before they confiscate it because they may quarantine the town soon.

I'll be waiting.

I'll be right back.


I'll tell you when you get back.


What is it?

Get inside! Trent!

Oh, I'm bit.

I'm bit, I'm bit!

Crazy little freak!

They're not vampires, you dumb shit.

What do I do with her?

I say we finish this right now.

He agreed to leave.

And they just get to leave it behind?

We're not killing anybody.

We're not killing.

We're saving.

We're saving our town.

What about Judy?


What proof do you have that we're the cause?

Just shoot the ugly bastard!

We're not sparing the ones that did this.

What do you mean the ones? You are not touching the girl.

This lake is ground zero.

Do you see any other mutants around here?

Help, help.

I need help.

424 McGregor Lake Road.

Please, please can you send...

Send officers, please!

Please send help now!

There's been an animal attack.


A friend of ours, he was attacked.


Oh, my God.

Just fucking send help!

Take it easy.

Nobody wanted them here.

What about Judy, huh?

He's gonna leave.

Just take it easy.

I don't trust him.

I don't trust these mutants.

They're not people.

Why couldn't you just leave?

Nobody wants you here!

This ends right now.

No, Sam.

No, no!

Sammy, no!

No deaths, dammit.

Drop the weapon!

Drop the weapon now. Alright.


Did you make that 911 call?

Yes, yes.

I need you to help me find my son, please.

I don't know where he is.

But there's some kind of wild animal out here.

I'm gonna kill you, you fat freak.

I swear I'll kill him.

You hear that?

Sounds close.

Call for back up.

Behind you!



Station 13-75, Code Two, officer down.


I love you.

Go home.




Oh, God.


Oh my God.


Get in the house.

Get in the house!

Brody, ammo!



All cases have occurred within a 200 mile radius of Duluth.

Given research supplied by Mayor Paulson, the CDC and EPA will be launching full investigations.

The link between newborns and their mother's fatalities is still undetermined.

Now back to the ongoing war...


Am I a bad person for what I did to that man?

A bad person?

I hurt him pretty bad.

Did you like hurting him?


Then I think you're good.

You know, Brody, I was thinking.

Maybe next time just brown...

Finally, something I can relate to.


Do you think babies will turn out mean like the wolves?

I don't know.

Hey, you ever figure out what you want to be when you grow up?

Well, I did want to be a veterinarian but...

Not so much.



At least we're getting out of here before the winter, huh?



I'm tired.

I bet you are.

Come here.

I love you.

I love you too.

Extreme birth defects have spread to areas surrounding the Great Lakes.

Two cases with similar deformities have surfaced in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area as well as one in Milwaukee and another two in the Detroit, Michigan area.

Many of these areas had previous reports of deformed wildlife.

It's believed a deadly combination of organic pesticides, fertilizer and parasites in the water may have led directly to the outbreak in the wildlife birth defects and possibly the human fetus complications.


The wait is over.

Pick up your copy today of Inoculation.

The newest release by the hot new alternative actor, Tall Man.

Now available at stores everywhere.


Just in time.

Want to come meet your little sister?


She's so cute.

She's so perfect.

Like her hat.


This is Brody.

He's gonna take really good care of you.

Are you sure it's isolated enough?

I mean, there's a lot of people that aren't cool with this.

It's fine, believe me.

I don't want to get my ass kicked either.


Let's whip it out.



I'm still the wizard but I want to use a sword this time.

No, I'm an elf.

I get to use the sword.

You can use a wand.

I don't want some lame twig.

You smell that?

Oh, what the hell?