Straw Dogs (1971) Script

Is that for us? No, it's for you.

What is that? A man trap.

They used to use it for catching poachers.

Hello, Amy.

Hello, Charlie. Where do we put it, Mr. Sumner?

Oh, here in the back. It's heavy, Mr. Sumner.

I'm surprised you still remember me.

Where do we put it, Amy?

Anywhere you want. It's your birthday present.

Happy birthday. Thank you.

Don't scratch it. Why are you surprised?

How long has it been, Charlie? Three summer holidays in six years.

This is an old friend, Charlie Venner.

My husband, David Sumner.

Mr. Venner. Please call me Charlie.

You work around here?


Will you give me a hand, please? Yeah.

David's a mathematician. What are you going to catch?

Peace and quiet. An arithmetic teacher.

Well, uh... No.

He's writing a book on the computer analysis of the celestial...

Good try. Why don't you put this in the trunk, Amy?

Here, let me.

Maybe Charlie could help us with the garage, David.

Yeah, that's a good idea. This fellow Norman...

Scutt. Yes. He's taking forever.

Me and Bobby will do it for you, Mr. Sumner.

Me and my cousin Bertie will be out tomorrow. We'll get it up for you.

Yes? How much? Oh, reasonable.

OK, thank you. We're at... Back at Trencher's Farm.

We'll be there, sir.

Good. Good.

Where are you going?


Where are you going? Cigarettes.


A couple of packs of any American cigarettes, please.

Time, gentlemen, please.

Finish your drinking. Let me have your glasses.

Henry Niles.

I thought he was to be put away.

We can take care of our own here. Usually do.

Remember when I took care of you, Amy?

But you didn't. Remember?

There was once a time, Mrs. Sumner, when you were ready to beg me for it.

Take your hands off me.

Gentlemen, drink up. Let me have your glasses.

Bloody early, Harry.


I think I should have another pint.

Sorry about my uncle, Harry. I think he's a bit taken with drink.


I do beg your pardon, Mr. Harry Ware.

I'll pay for the American gentleman's cigarettes.

Oh, that's OK.

That's all right. I got it, sir.

Garage coming along?

Norman fixing it up all right? Yeah.

And I'll pay for the glass.

And I'll even pay for the little bit of plaster to put on your finger.

But I do think I should have another pint to take me home.

The bar's closed, Tom.

Come on, Tom. Oh.

It is, is it?

We'll see about that!

Take it easy, old man! Old man, you say?!

All right, Tom.

You've had your fun. Pay the man and leave.


I do beg your pardon, Mr. Magistrate.

What I am, I am.

What's the damage, Harry?

Call it a quid, Tom.

Let's call it...

30 bob.

Will that do then, eh, Major?

Go home, Tom, will you?

Or you'll be up before me on a fresh charge.

Come on, lads. Work to be done.

See you tonight, Harry. All right, Tom.

I showed him, eh, lads?

They're paid for, sir.

They are now.

Stupid cow! Get off!

What was that about?

Who was that big guy with the beard?


Is he any relation to your friend Charlie?


How well do you know this fellow Venner?

Stop teasing.

Did you ever go out with him? Cut it out.

Leave me alone! Stop it!

Stop. Tell me.

I'll stop the car. I just want to know. Tell me.

Stop. I'm telling you.

You asked for it. OK.

All right, drive the car.

Ooh... Ooh!

You asked for it! Chicken!

You're nuts! You're terrible! You're wicked!

Oh, by the way, Venner did try to get fresh once.

Yeah? So?

Nothing happened!


You'll have some help tomorrow.

Charles Venner and his cousin are coming to help finish the garage.

We'll have the garage finished before Chris gets the rats out.

Hello, miss. Chris?

Yeah, Chris.

Oh, yes, Mr. Cawsey. The rat man.

Want a hand with this, sir? Yes.

It's a real antique, sir.

Rare, they are. My wife is a collector.

But I end up with them.

I find it's a bit large for my prey, sir.

Won't do at all. Don't count on it.

Do you like it here, sir? Very much.

I hear it's pretty rough in the States, sir.

Have you seen some of it, sir?

Bombing, rioting, sniping, shooting the blacks?

Can't walk down the streets, they say, Norman.

Was you involved in it, sir? I mean, did you take part?

See anybody get knifed?

Just between commercials.

Wanna put that down there?

No, I'm just glad I'm here where it's quiet and you can breathe air that's fresh and drink water that doesn't have to come out of a bottle.

It isn't water that I drink out of a bottle, sir.

Those two fellows will be up to help you tomorrow.


You gonna have a crack at her, Norman?

No. Ten months inside is enough for me.

They got anything worth taking? Nope.

Except, uh...


You bloody fool. It was nothing.

She's got a dozen or more. Full of perfume.

You like my trophy?

Bugger your trophy. I want what was in 'em.

I could do with some of that, too, Normie.

Charlie Venner.

He had some of it, years ago, when she was here with her father.

Venner's a bloody liar, and so are you.

♪ Tell her, smell her, lock her in the cellar Kitty, kitty. Where are you?


Kitty, kitty.

Want a drink?

I can't find the cat. Doesn't answer my call.

Do I?

You'd better.

Why did you hire Charlie Venner?

I didn't. You did.


If she's in my study, I'll kill her.



That your daddy's chair?

Every chair is my daddy's chair.

I'm glad we came.

What are you doing? Kiss me.

You're an animal.

Why'd you take my heater out of the study?

Because it's going upstairs.

What happened?

It's not going upstairs? It's freezing in there.

Hello. I can see you're working at top speed.

Is he in there studying?

You'd better do something.

My husband will think all Englishmen are lazy.

Let me help, ma'am.


Yeah, come on over here. This way.

Watch your fingers, Chris.

What was so funny with them?

They just think you're strange.

Why, because I'm American?

No. No.

Just strange.

Do you think I'm strange?


You act like you're 14.

I am.

Wanna try for 12?

How about eight? I freak out for eight-year-olds.

David! Huh?

Will you please get some lettuce?


And fix the damn toaster!

What does she think I'm doing here, playing games?

What is this, grammar school?

Jesus Christ.

We'll be leaving now. Mr. Riddaway'll be giving us a lift.


I was just saying to your missus that in a funny sort of a way, I feel closer to rats than to people, even though I kill them for a living. Their dying is my living.

Smell a rat, see a rat, kill a rat. That's me, that's Chris Cawsey.

I'd be lost without 'em, I suppose. That's true.

Cleverest thing you ever see around these parts is a rat.

Mr. Sumner!

Rats is life!

Shove up, you overgrown bastard.

How's your day been? Been up in a fat sheep, have you?



Dinner's ready!

Did you hear me?

Hello, Major. Evening, Major.


Will you be having a pint with me then, Major?

Not tonight. I'll buy my own.

Otherwise we'd never get out of here.

You know that. Yes, I do know that.

Thanks, Harry.

John. Evening, sir.

John. Fancy a game?


Evening, Harry. Evening.

John Niles, come here to me.

Is this for a drink then, Tom? No, this is for the truth.

Your brother.

Been hangin' around the girls again.

You'd better keep a closer watch, or we'll be puttin' him away.

It's all right, Pa. He's only throwing the ball to 'em a little.

A little's too much for that sod.

Watch your tongue, Norman.

I'll watch nothing except my own ways.

You watch your brother, or I'll do it for you.

If he ever makes a mistake again in any way, I'll be the first to have him put away.

David! You've been at it for hours!

Gave me a fright, you did. You watching him, are you?

Just looking.

Do you fancy him?

He's sweet, I think.

Want anything?

Want a tomato? No, thanks.

Want a grapefruit?

Hey, hey.

Your move. OK.



Oh, no, David. Mm-hm.

"This move now" puts black into a desperate plight With no possibility of mobilizing his disorganized pieces.

Therefore, he begins to return material to make progress in developing at any price.

"Two pawns down, white can conveniently..."

Hey. I'll bet I can undress, do my exercises, and get into bed before you make your next move.

Is it a deal? You're on.

Aah! No cheating. I'm not cheating.

Shh. David.

Aha! I have it.

No, David, just a minute.

Just a minute. You're supposed to do 100.

I did 100. I counted by binary numbers. Make your move.

Binary numbers. Make your move.

Wait a minute. Come on.

What about that one there? No.

It's difficult, isn't it? Terribly.

Just a minute.

I think I have it.



That puts you in.

Jesus! What are you doing?

I gotta get my watch off. You're an animal.

For Christ's sake! I'm just setting the alarm.

Are you finished?

Wait a minute. What now?


David, what are you doing down there?

Looking for a chess piece. What are you doing?

Take a look.

Did you find it? No, not that.

Wait a minute. Let me give you a hand.

David, no!

No, wait! Wait a minute! You see it?

No, you didn't find it. I think it's a rook.

I love you!

I never cheat.

Amy, don't play games with me.

I've got a lot on my mind.

You're not being fair. I'm just trying to help.

If you want to help, then get your friends to finish.

Get the garage makers and the rat catchers all to finish!

And fix the toilet and clean up the kitchen.

That would be a terrific help!

I love you, Amy, but I want you to leave me alone.


I'll leave you alone with your blackboard.

Don't play games with me.


Don't do it, Amy.

They were practically licking my body.

Who was practically licking your body?

Venner and Scutt.

I congratulate them on their taste.

Damn rat catcher staring at me.

Why don't you wear a bra? Why should I?

You shouldn't go around without one and not expect that type to stare.

Look, if you could hammer a nail, Venner and Scutt wouldn't be out there.

Listen, Amy...

Fixing the toaster and getting the garage built is not exactly the reason I came here in the first place.

Are you saying you'd be happier ifwe hadn't left?

We left because I got a grant to do work, which I haven't found the time to do.

You left because you didn't want to take a stand, commit.

Commit to what?


I was involved with my work.

You want something out of me that is not right to deliver.

That's not what I was there for.

But I know why you're here.


Could it be because there's no place else to hide?

I'm here because you once said... thought we could be happier here.


I'm sorry.

Are you "sorry" sorry orjust sorry?

"Sorry" sorry.

Then come here.

I'm gonna take a bath.

Why? You don't need one.

I think I do.


By the way, I never claimed to be one of the "involved."

Don't forget to draw the curtains!

Hello. Hi.



Don't want to come for a walk, do you?



In a little while.

Hey, hey. Come on.


Good evening.

Kitty! Kitty!

Kitty, kitty.

David, I can't find the cat!

Can you forget the cat and let me work for a minute?!


Kitty, kitty, kitty.

Kitty, kitty, kitty...


Other side, sir.

Hang on. Hang on.

Hold it, hold it. Wait for him for a minute.

Let him pass! Let's see how good he is!

You're out of your mind!

Hello, Henry. Hello, Janice.

Henry! Come here!

He's all right. Aren't you, Henry?

Henry, how many times I gotta tell you, boy?

You don't listen.

Come on.

Come on, Henry. We're going home.

What'd she want?

You'd have known for sure what she was after 20 years ago, Tom.

Now, now, that'll do.

They still down at the hall bingo-ing? Yeah.

Tell her I'm behaving myself. I'll be along soon.


Run along now.

Hello, David. Hi.


Take care of your sister, mind.

I will, Dad.

Bye, Mr. Sumner. Bye.

I'd like a scotch, double.

With ice.


Evening, Major.

Evening, Major. Evening, Major.

Mr. Sumner? Yes?

I was about to call up to your farm to welcome you into our little community.

I've just been welcomed.

I'm John Scott. Hello.

I saw your car outside.

I thought perhaps we could drive up together.

I wanted to have the good reverend and Mrs. Hood talk you into joining us at the church social this coming Thursday.

The vicar will run me home.

Can I buy you a drink, Major, before you go?

No, thank you, Tom. We're in a hurry.

Buy 'em all one.

Good night, Major. Good night, Major.

Watch out for sheep!

Have you got your Wellington boots on, Major?

♪ Now some men goes for women

♪ And some men goes for boys

♪ But my love's warm and beautiful

♪ And makes a baa-in' noise ♪

Amy, nice to see you.

Why haven't you been out to see us before?

Shearing time. My apologies.

You brought my drunken husband home.

I'm not drunk yet. Certainly not my fault.

Hi. I'm David Sumner.

Barney Hood. Reverend.

My wife. Mrs. Hood.

Hello. Well, well. Please sit down.

Barney, Louise. Hello, Major.

What are you drinking, Reverend? Scotch.

The reverend and his wife came to invite us to a party at the church hall next week, David. Oh.

Well, it's going to be more than an invitation, Reverend, isn't it?

Major, you gave away our secret plan.

Who said anything about money? I was thinking of about five...

I'll take it. Thank you very much.

And I expect to see you both at the social and at the church when you can spare the time.

Time is a little difficult to find these days. So are cats.

By the way, Amy, did you find your, uh, kitty?

Kitty, kitty?


At least give us some hope about your coming to church.

After all, hope is your business, Barney, isn't it?

Yes, and faith. And charity.


Amy's been telling us why you came to Wakely.

To write, to meditate. Why did you come?

I was drafted.

Well, tell us what you do. OK.

I'm an, uh, astral mathematician. Ah.

Never heard of it. That's because I just made it up.

I'll get you another drink.

I have a grant to study possible structures in stellar interiors and the implications regarding their radiation characteristics.

Am I boring anyone?

Radiation, that's an unfortunate dispensation.

It surely is. Yes, indeed.

As long as it's not another bomb.

You're a scientist. Can you deny the responsibility?

Can you?

After all, there's never been a kingdom given to so much bloodshed as that of Christ.

That's Montesquieu, isn't it? Oh, really?

Who's he?

Somebody well worth reading.

We'd better leave these good people.

You won't let me walk home, will you, Barney?

Mrs. Hood, you're very lovely. I'll get your coat.

Does God bore you, Amy?

In the areas of boredom, God is not my problem.

Your wife tells me you play chess. Yeah, I guess I do.

You were awful to the reverend.

No, no, no. I wasn't.

He's all right. I like him.

Yeah? Yeah.

His wife is very attractive.

Yes, she is, isn't she?

Here, I think you need some help.

David? Hm?

What's a binary number?

Zeroes or ones, plus or minus.

In sequences of twos.

Hey, that's right.

You're a bright lady.

You're not so dumb.

Sometimes I need help.


Like, um... now, maybe.

You got it.

What's the matter?


Scutt or Cawsey.

I've locked all the doors and windows downstairs.

Let's keep them locked from now on, all right?


Did you hear me?


Scutt or Cawsey.


To prove to you they could get into your bedroom.

I don't believe that.

Who else is around all the time?

We've left all the doors unlocked.

It could have been anybody passing.

"Anybody passing"?

David, a complete stranger comes into our house, decides to strangle our cat and hang her in the wardrobe?

Somebody passing?

Cawsey or Scutt.

Here, Charlie. It's bloody heavy.

Lousy way to make a living, though.

You gonna look at them all day?

Would you feel better if I went out and talked to them?

Not necessarily. Perhaps we could just pack up and leave.

Nobody's leaving.

Why? Because we paid for a year?

Look, Amy, I'm not going to just go out there and blatantly accuse them.

You don't have to accuse them.

Just start by mentioning that our cat was strangled and see what happens.

You can believe in the possibility, can't you?


I'll go out and mention to them that the cat is missing, and I'll ask them if they've seen her.

All right, let's see what it's good for.

You don't think that's enough? Not quite.

Perhaps you'd like to write them a note on your blackboard.

Well, I thought he might enjoy it.

How are you? Fine, thank you, sir.

How's it going up there? It's all right, sir.

Finish that in about a day and a half. Want a smoke?

I like the smell of those American cigarettes, Mr. Sumner.

Can you give me a hand with that man trap?

Just wanna get it in the house.

Right through here.

Right here by the fireplace.


Amy, listen, I'm gonna catch them off guard.

When? Right now.

Open or closed, Mr. Sumner?

Uh. Gee, I don't know.


Open it.

If you can.

Sorry, Charlie.

Bite, sir.

I can appreciate that.

Be careful.

Watch that hand on the spring. Pretty dangerous thing, sir.

This is the safety lock, sir. Right.

Where would you like it, sir?

Uh, put it right over the fireplace there.

You fellows like some beer?

Very nice. Oh, very welcome.

Thank you.


Cheers, miss.


Mr. Sumner. Huh?

Would you like to shoot with us sometime?

Oh, I... I never hunted much.

But you've shot, Mr. Sumner?

Just once or twice, but that was...

Be easy, then. You should try it, sir.

Living here at Trencher's with good shooting outside the door.


When? How about tomorrow, sir?

OK. Thank you.

That might be fun. I'd like that.

Thank you.

What about the garage?

It can wait.

We'll meet at Wakely about half past 8:00.

You know the pub? Yes, I do.

Well, we'd better get back to work, sir.

Thank you for putting that up. That's all right, sir.

Oh, I... I don't have a gun, but...

...will this do?

There'll be plenty extra, sir.


Thank you for the drink, sir. You're welcome.

Thanks for the drink, sir. It's my pleasure.

Break it, Mr. Sumner.

Why? It's not loaded. Break it.

Now you're sure.

This will be you right over here, Mr. Sumner.


Now here's your sack.

We'll beat the ducks right to you.

Small, they are.

We don't want it broken up with shot unless you have to.

But if you can't catch 'em, shoot 'em.

They might come right down here, sir.

Or they might come from behind as well.

But I don't move? Stay as still as you can be, sir.

Now, we'll be spread about. If you need us, just call.

You do that. Here's your sack, Norman.

You drive them to me, Charlie. I will.

Good luck, sir.

Might be a little while, sir.

I'll be here.

Who is it?

Is David all right?

He's fine. Enjoying himself.

May I come in?

All right.

Would you like a drink? I'd love one.

Would you like me to go? I will, you know.


Stay and have your drink.

I'd like to know what you think of cats.

I do fancy cats.

Please leave me.


Get out!

Don't tease me, Amy.



No. Please, Charlie.


I don't want to reave you, but I will.

No. No.

No. No!






Sorry, Amy.

I'm sorry.

Hold me.


No! No! No!

Why didn't you open the closet?

We don't have any more cats.

I'm firing Venner and Scutt tomorrow.

Hooray for you, tiger.

What for?

Because they stuck it to me on the moor today.

They also serve who sit at home and wait.


Nothing. If you'd have said something to them ages ago about the cat, this would never have happened.

None of it. Easy, easy.

I was going to say something until you pulled that childish stunt and ruined any chance I had of finding out.

David, I... I didn't finish.

You pushed me, and you don't do any good by pushing.

I didn't.

When are you ever gonna learn about growing up, huh?

I'm trying to.

Well, you're a little late.

Why didn't you ask 'em instead of making me look like an idiot with that bowl of milk?

You're a coward.

No, I'm not. And I'm a coward.

Plain and simple.

No, I'm not.

I don't blame you for hiding in your study.

I... I don't want to hide there with you.

I... I can't anymore.


Easy, easy.

You're fired, all of you. I beg your pardon, sir?

I've noted the hours that you've worked, and I've deducted the time wasted.

Here. It's all here. Why, sir? Why are we fired?

We may not work the way you like to work, sir...

Listen to me. Sir, I mean, why?

I don't want you around.

I want you to leave right now. Is that clear?

We've been working all the time, sir.

That's a nice way to treat people.

We're due at the church hall at 8:00.

I'd like you to meet Amy and David Sumner.

Nice to meet you. My husband. Mr. Sumner.

Hello, Amy. Nice of you to come.

I'll show you to your seats.

Hello, Reverend. How have you been?

Please sit here. Thank you.

I think you'll be able to see OK from here.

That's fine.

Would you care for a drink?

Yeah. Thank you.

I hope you enjoy the show. Thank you.

Be brave.

Evening, ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome to our annual social gathering.

It's nice to see again all the old familiar faces.

And the not-so-old, indeed, as well.

To begin the evening, we have our very own Reverend Barnard Hood.

Your vicar, ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you very much.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, for my famous newspaper trick.

Tore it up last year, Barney!

Yes, and I might well next year, too.

Ladies and gentlemen, a very simple trick.

I simply tear a piece of newspaper down the center.

Tear it again. Fold it towards me.

Music, please.

Open it out very carefully. Tear it again.

There we are. Roll it towards me again.

You enjoying this, Mrs. Johnson? Yes, Vicar.

It's a good trick. I do it in front of the mirror every night.

And we begin to open out.

Hello, David.


There we are. There it is again.

You want a smoke?

And I find that it hasn't been torn at all.

What? No. Don't smoke in here.

You'll also find that that one isn't torn either.

Sorry about that, ladies and gentlemen, but I think you'll probably find that it hasn't been torn at all.

Hello, Henry. Hello.

I'd like to go for a walk.

Will you take my arm?

Now, ladies and gentlemen, for my pièce de résistance.

I now present to you an empty glass.

I am now going to fill this glass with milk.

Would it work better with whiskey, Vicar?

Nothing works better with whiskey. I do.

You've never worked in your life, Tom.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, I take the lid off my cocoa tin.

And very carefully now, I place the glass...

...into the tin and replace the lid.

I take up my wand and I utter the magic words...

What do we find in the tin, but one complete glass of milk.

Good old Barney!

If I could convert you to this, Tom, that would be a miracle.

Thank you very much. Thank you, Major.

The next item on this evening's program, ladies and gentlemen...

You want to go? Yeah.

...Who will sing for you the aria "Caro Nome" from the opera Rigoletto.

Dad? It's Janice. She made off to the yard.

Then she went walking with Henry Niles.

He was holding her, Dad, touching her.

John Niles.

What's the matter, Tom?

Come with me.

All over her, he was. Touching her.

Had his hands all over her.

Don't be afraid, Henry.

I'll find him. No.

Let the boys find Janice. The rest can wait.

Have you ever kissed anyone, Henry?


Get your mates to find her. I'll be waiting in the pub.

Get all of them.

Would you like to kiss me?

Go on. Find him!

Would you now all please stand?

As these lights are extinguished in our eyes...

...and also in the presence of God, the Blessed Virgin, and all the saints...

...deliver unto the devil a punishment with eternal fire.

Dwell without Him...

...unless ye repent.

Janice? Janice?

Amen. Amen.

I have to go, Henry. No. No, they might hurt you.

Janice! Come here!

Where are you, Janice?

Janice? Janice?

We don't know where she is. We looked the whole town!

Keep looking. The fog's coming down.

Did you try the lorries and such parked outside the meeting house?

Then do it! I'll go with him, Pa.

Janice! Janice!

We're almost home now.

Can I help?


Jesus! I couldn't stop.

Oh, God, David.


OK. Get the keys.

Easy. Easy.

David, you know it's Henry Niles? I don't want him here.

He's hurt.

I don't want him in my house.

Fine. You get upstairs, you go to bed, take a bath.

You just get out of here.

He'll stay until the doctor comes.

What do you mean, you don't want him in your house?

David, did you get anyone? No!

I tried the doctor. He's not home, and the consul's not either.

Nobody answers. I'm calling the pub.

Wakely Arms. Hello, this is David Sumner.

No. No, he ain't.

Well, when he comes in, tell him to call Trencher's Farm.

I've got Henry Niles here.


It was the American, looking for Allsopp.

He hit Henry Niles with his car. He's got him up at Trencher's.


And another.

Let Norman and me go in, Tom.

We know the American.

I want to know where my Janice is.

We'll find out, Tom.

Riddaway will stay with you, Tom.

That I will.

You have Henry Niles in there? Is the doctor with you?

We want to see Niles. Now. Why? What's the matter?

Wake up! Hey.

Wake up!

Don't try to kid us you're sleeping.

Wait a minute, now. Come on!

He's hurt. He could have a broken rib.

Sorry, sir.

He'll have more than a broken rib if he doesn't tell us where Janice Hedden is.

What about Janice Hedden?

Took her, he did.

What have you done with Janice Hedden, you dirty pervert?

He played his filthy tricks on Janice Hedden.

He took her and was seen with his hands on her body, she run, he run after her and now she's missing.

Look, I understand your concern...

Don't touch him! Don't do that.

Put your hands on me.

It's none of your business, and it never has been.

That's fine.

But you can't hit him.

Listen, Mr. Sumner, we come to get this bloody freak.

And we're gonna get him, with your cooperation or without it.

David, stop it!

Hey, listen.

Listen, Henry, did you see Janice Hedden tonight?

Of course he did. He did his dirty numbers on her.

Just take it easy. Henry, listen to me.

Did you take Janice Hedden out of the meeting house tonight?

Listen to me. Please.

Gentlemen, he's helpless. He couldn't hurt a fly.

You'd be better off looking for Janice Hedden than standing around here.

You know?

All right. We go find Janice, you go find the doctor.

I'm not leaving him here with my wife.

Thought you said he was helpless.

Yeah! You wouldn't leave him alone with your wife or kid if you had one.

That's different, huh?

Look. Look, fella.

He's staying here with me until the doctor and the police arrive.

He's my responsibility. Your responsibility?

That's right. Why?

This is my house.

OK, come on.

Come on, let's go. Come on.

The police will be here soon.

What did the bastard say? Didn't talk.

Why didn't you make him? That's what you went in there for!


Why don't you just go make some coffee?

I want that Niles!

I'm going in!

Please, David, stop them. Don't worry.

Solid. They can't break in.

I know how they feel.

I'd feel the same way if it was my kid that was missing.

Amy, go to bed. Go on.

I can handle this.

You give me that Niles!

Hey! Cut it out!

If you don't stop now, so help me God, I'll press charges!

OK, you've had your fun.

I'll give you one more chance.

If you don't clear out now, there'll be real trouble. I mean it.


Come on, they're gonna cooperate now.

Just go on upstairs. Don't worry.

Where are you going? I'm just gonna fix the window.

Do you think we ought to clear off, Norman?


We'll get that Niles. I tell you we will.

Well, why stop, then?

He's got no right to live, an animal like that.

Tom, I'll run round, slip in the window, and get that Niles out.

The rest of you, kick up a row.


What the hell is wrong with you people?

It's that snipe we're after, Mr. Sumner.

I said stay down! I want the lavvy.

Come on.

Look, you stupid Yank.

Let's have Niles before someone gets hurt!

Come on. Up you go.

I've had to put up with a lot in my time.

You can't leave him in there.

But I draw the line at this place.


I'll have an answer, or I'll have blood!

Where are you going?

Give Niles to them. That's what they want.

They just want him.

Give them Niles, David!

They'll beat him to death. I don't care.

You send him out, or your whole house will be...

Get him out!

You really don't care, do you?

No, I don't.

There's more whiskey in the lorry.

I'll get it.

No. I care.

This is where I live.

This is me.

I will not allow violence against this house.

Don't worry.

Go on upstairs.

No, please don't leave me. Just do as you're told.

Get out of there!

David, it's me... Major Scott.

Come on. Thank you.

You finally got through the enemy lines.

Don't worry about that. I'll tell them to clear off.

Sorry I didn't get here earlier.

Yeah, I am, too. They're breaking all my windows.

David, Janice Hedden is missing.

Tom is out of his mind with worry. They're drunk out there.

I know that, but you're the law here.

♪ Oh, where can he be? ♪

I don'tjust kill 'em. I breed 'em as well.

I'll deal with them.

David! More where they came from.

Well, Tom, you're being a bit stupid, aren't you?

Chucking things through windows. You ought to have more sense.

You tell him I want that Niles or I'll come in and get him!

You give me that bloody gun and get out of here. That's an order.

What about my Janice? It weren't one of yours.

He took my Janice. Listen, Tom.

We don't want any trouble here, do we?

There wouldn't have been trouble if you'd put Henry Niles away.

You wanted to put my Emma away soon enough!

Damn you, Hedden, give me that gun.

Damn you, Major. Let go!

David! Bastards!


You bastards!

David, phone somebody. Phone anybody!

Please phone somebody! David!


No calls tonight.

It's dead. Get the lights. Go on.

I didn't reckon on nobody getting killed, Norman.

Yeah, well, that's too bad. We're all in it now.

Accessories, we are. That's the law.

Henry Niles!

David, give them Niles. That's what they want.

I'm gonna keep them out of this house.

Please! Listen to me!

Come on! Shut your mouth! Shut it.

I can hold them off. Someone will show up.

Cut it out! Like Major Scott?

David, how are you gonna keep them out?

I can keep them out. How?

There are five men out there. I know that.

They have a gun!

I know they have.

I know what I'm doing. Goddamn you, David!

If you don't give them Niles, I will. Oh no, you don't.

We're gonna blast your windows!

This is my affair. The lights.

Go upstairs and turn on all the lights.

They won't be able to see me, but I'll be able to see them.


No, I won't. Go.

Goddamn you! Move!


Always wanted to live in a glass house!

Charlie, in the glass house!

What are you gonna do on your own?

Do we have any rope?

I'm talking to you. Do we have any rope?


I suggest you get out of the way of the windows.

I also suggest that you turn the rest of the lights on upstairs.

Do we have any wire? I told you, I won't help you.

I see.

Why don't you entertain Niles?

Norman! Chris!

Who is it?

Where are you?

I fell!

You're damned right, you jerk!

I'll wrap this bike round your neck!

See you at the bottom! Wee!

Let me in the door! I want Niles!

David! They're everywhere. What are we gonna do?



Amy. Open the door, and let's have Niles.

I won't let them hurt you.

Please, love.

Wait there. I'm coming, Charlie.

Wait. Wait, Tom.

No, David!

Easy, Tom. Come on, Tom! Wait a minute.

Let me out, David!

David, I'm sick of it.

If you don't let them have what they want, then I'm going.

Let me go.

Go. Go.

Go on.


Stay there and do as you're told.

If you don't, I'll break your neck.

We've got more cartridges, Tom... enough for all of 'em!

Just Niles. Listen.

He can't shoot through that door.

You dirty Yank bastard!

Listen to me.

You know what happens if they get in now? They'll kill us all.

They've gone too far to back down now.

You understand that?

We're dead if they get in.

Stay there, sweetheart. Stay.

Cawsey, come here! Where are you?

Can you get in? Yeah, I think so.

They'll be hiding from the gun. Get in, slip along and open the door.

Hey. Make bloody sure Tom don't fire at me.

He won't. I'll be there.

Mrs. Sumner, I've got something for you here. Look.

See him down there?

Get out!

Let go.

Make one move, you son of a bitch, and I'll slit your throat.

Give me your other hand.

Come on.

This wasn't any of my doing, sir. This was Venner and Hedden.

Been after your wife.

Am I hurting you, Mr. Scutt?

My neck's on the glass. Good.

Hope you slit your throat.

Come out here!

Amy, come here.

Get me out of here!


Wait. Fine. Watch my head.

Hold it still. That's it.

Get upstairs.

There we are.

David! David!



No! Don't! David! No!

Open the attic door. Come on.

Come on.


Open the door or I'll blow you to pieces!

You bastard. OK. OK, take it easy.

Where is he? I can't see him.

Open the door!

More water!

Norman! Tom! Come in here!

Get at him! It'll hold. Where's the pole?

Go on. Yell out if you see them come around the front.

Charlie, come over here!

Here we go again!

Keep going, Norman! Do it again!


To your right a bit.

Watch this one.

He's playing music.

Give me the gun. Out of the way. I'm going in.

Keep the gun pointed and he won't get near you.

I've got you, Tom!

What's the matter, Tom?

You're dead! I'll kill you!

Don't come in. You don't come in here.

Evening, Mr. Sumner.

Come on!

Gun's empty.

Is it, now?

Why don't you pull it and show me?

I've got plenty of time, Mr. Sumner.

David, I need you!


No! Get away!


No! No!

Take him downstairs, Charlie.

You put him to sleep.

I'll call you when I'm ready.

Just do it, Charlie.

No, Charlie!



I got 'em all.

Amy! Get the gun! Amy.

Use the gun, Amy.


You OK?


I don't know my way home.

It's OK.

I don't either.