Street Smart (1987) Script

OK. Cut it. Just a couple more.

Five minutes, OK?

What do you think about this?

You take a truck driver from Florida, right?

Some real redneck, a real sweat hog kind of guy.

He comes to New York, right?

First time in the big city.

You go to the meat market down there...

Tribeca, right?

And... it's really bizarre.

What does he do after he unloads all his stuff?

What's he do with himself?

Where does he go?

Is he looking to get laid, or what?

What's he do with his money?

And you do a New York angle on a guy from out of town.

I got another one here.

What about a piece on Lombardy on Staten Island?

You know, corruption bombs going off all around this guy.

What is he, Mr. Clean?

You know he's got his hands where they don't belong.

No, I don't think so, Jon.

OK, last one.

You remember all those construction cranes... that kept falling down a while ago?

There were six people killed in a couple of months.

I hate cranes.

There was all this talk from City Hall... about new inspectors, tougher standards, and...

Weren't you working on a service piece?

"Best pork sausage," wasn't it?

Yeah, that's right, Ted.

That ran three weeks ago.

I also did a little piece on frying pans... aluminum versus cast iron, a side piece on teflon.

I am trying to write the kind of pieces that I used to.

Then write the way you used to.

Thanks a lot.

I'm not so sure about Freddy's Times Square piece.

I haven't seen a word, and he's in L.A.

What the hell's he doing in L. A?

The issue closes Monday.

Probably chasing movie deals.

We're doing this great Times Square piece...

"After the Cleanup."

If Freddy doesn't deliver... it'll mean spiking a page and a half of ads.

I could get you an interview with a Times Square pimp.

Didn't we do that a few years back?

No, no. This is a totally different angle.

This guy is not just a flesh peddler.

What is he, a Methodist minister?


Excuse me, Ted.

I'm talking about a guy my age who's swimming in cash.

This guy goes through ten grand a week like that.

I'm talking about a lifestyle piece...

"Lifestyle of a Pimp."

How do you know this guy?

I get around.

I'd like to do 24 hours in the life of a pimp.

You go into his house and you find out... what he thinks, about things in general... politics, religion, who's his broker.

I don't know... not the usual crap... about his clothes and his girls and all that stuff.

In 2,000 words, I am going to look into this man's skull.

Do it.


But... you have it on this desk Monday morning.

I'll walk you out.


Monday morning.


Hey, baby, want a date?

How about that Tyson, man?

You see that boy punch?

He put the lights out on that chump so fast.

First round... Bam! Bam-bam!

Mike T! Mike T!

Would you shut the fuck up?

Find out when the dude is fighting again.

Maybe we'll go see him.

We get uptown, I want you to drop me by Louise's... then go to the cleaners and get my black silk shirt out.

I ain't got no money.

That enough?

Two hundred? Just about.

You keep them shirts dirty, huh?

Just see that you do it.

I got it.

Slow down.

Come on, baby.

He do or he don't.

Make your move, bitch!

The chance of a lifetime.

There you go.

All right, bet.

Swing over by the Del Rio, see whose tush is snappin'.

Yo, Willie. What's happening, man?

Something's happening down there.

Man, they're crazy.


They're crazy!


Hey, Reggie!

Come on!

You want it? Are you ready?

Knock that shit off.

You can get your nub-dick money back.

Hey, come on, lighten up.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Come on, Shorty, what's up with you, man?

What the fuck do I look like to you?

I'm some sort of jerk-off?

What are you trying to run past me?

Look, you're right, man.

This bitch is always doing shit like this.

Where did you get this bitch from?

I got her in San Juan, but I'm gonna send her back.

You're sending her back?

What do you take me for?

What are you trying to run on me here?

All right, man. Let's be cool, OK?

It's all going to be all right.

It's going to be cool.


This motherfucker's dead, man!

Oh, shit!

What are we going to do?

Fuck do I know?!

Throw him out the window for all I care.

How's it going?

Kind of slow out here tonight, huh?

They send you dudes out here looking all kind of ways.

There's nothing out here for you, Jack.

I'd just like to talk to you for a minute.

Listen, man, you better haul your ass on out of here... before I cut your balls off and shove 'em up your ass.

All right.

It's OK. It's cool.

Want a date?

Tell me what, I got it for you.

It's cool. I go any which way.

You like it hard and dark?

I don't think so.

Want to go out?

What's the deal?


Are you going to tell me your name now?

Where do you come from?

Where did you grow up?

You know, when guys ask questions... they're either scared or they're cops.

You're not a cop.

I'm not scared, either.

Actually, I write for a magazine.

Oh, yeah? I don't read magazines too much.

No, really, I do. I'm a reporter.

Excuse me. You guys have a light?


Listen, tell me something.

You work for anybody in particular?

Aw, come on. You don't have a man?

You got to have somebody who runs protection for you... lines up the hotel, buys you clothes, right?

No pimp. Just me.

I don't believe you.

I don't give a shit.

Why is it I can't get anybody to talk to me out here?

I got to go.

So, this is it?

You want a tip?

For sixty bucks, you could get a really good time.

I'm sure.

Next time, you ask for Punchy.

It's going great.

I've talked to a few of them.

I haven't narrowed it down to the perfect guy yet... but I think I'm closing in on him.

Right on schedule.

In fact, maybe I'm a little ahead of schedule.

I'll call you back tomorrow, tell you more.

Right. Bye, Ben.

This is gonna be a great story.

It's nowhere.

I don't have one usable piece of information.

I just heard you on the phone with Ben. You said...

What am I gonna tell him, I can't do it?

If I had enough time, I know I could get this story.

What have you got so far?

So far, zip.

I can't get anybody out there to talk to me.

Come on, you're a smart guy.

It can't be that difficult.

Why don't you come out with me tonight?

You'll see what I'm talking about.

It might be very interesting.

It'll be nice to have somebody to talk to.

May I have a scotch on the rocks, please?

Thank you.

How you doing, babe?

I'm doing fine, thank you.

Just fine.


You got to look out in here.

Some people might not be OK.

I'm just waiting for a friend.

Your man?

No, a girlfriend.

Tell you what.

I'll buy you a drink.

We watch the door, see if she comes in.

I seen a lot of ladies in here... but you look nice.

You could make a lot of money.

Would you like that?


You call me Solo... because I'm the only one... you ever gonna need.

You want that, don't you, girl?

I don't know.

Don't answer like that.

Don't lie to Solo.

Tell me you want to make men crawl... lick your shoes, and pay for more.

Torture a man.

Just look at him and drive him...

Excuse me.

You don't go nowhere till I say so, you understand, bitch?

All right. Up! Up!

What's your problem?

Out of the way.

You can't bust me.

I don't want to hear it. I'm tired of your shit.

Oh, God. He was just so awful.

That's all right.

You OK?

It just scared me.

I'm a moron.

I don't know why I let you do that.

Just hold me.

I got you.

How about if I run you a hot bath?

I love you.

You might want to have second thoughts... about this story.

This thing is too dangerous.

I can't quit.

But you saw those people tonight.

That guy could have killed me.

I know that, and I'm sorry.

I'm going to stay up and work for a while.


This is fantastic.

Yeah? Think it's good?

Where did you get all this stuff?


You made it up?

That doesn't sound like you.

It was either that or find a new job.

Jonathan, this is really terrific.

You think he'll run it?

You're damn right he will.

I'll bet you he says he's gonna make you a star.

It's wonderful! Listen...

Listen to this.

"Although he doesn't vote and never has...

"Tyrone has no modesty about his own political potential.

"'lf I was the President,' he says, "'I could fix the world in 30 seconds.

"'I'd send everybody pussy...

"'then they don't have no time for trouble."'

It's terrific. It's first-rate.

It's a real breakthrough.

Better change "pussy" to something else.

We got any art, photos?

That's a big problem.

Ted, these guys don't do photo sessions.

So we'll go with drawings, then. Why not?

Oh, wait a minute. Wait a minute.

I don't know about this.

I should explain something.

You've got him working an awful lot.

I hear these guys sleep till noon.

You want me to change how late he sleeps?

That would be good. Wonderful.

What are you working on now?

You remember the piece about the construction cranes?

Cranes! I love cranes!

That's a great idea. Do it!

Get him a researcher.

The seriousness of the charge speaks for itself, Your Honor... and in light of Mr. Smalls' previous record... the People ask that no bail be granted.

Your Honor, Mr. Smalls is a native of this city... well known in the community.

He's never had a conviction.

We request that he be released on his own recognizance.

Bail is set at $250,000.

Mr. Smalls can make bail.

Mr. Pike?

May I call you Leonard?

I'd like to suggest a way out of this... that's advantageous all around.

I suppose you want to plead to purse snatching.

The man had a heart attack, Mr. Pike.

Your client has a rap sheet a mile long.

He kicked a man's face in.

That was involuntary manslaughter.

He's a menace!

The People are going to ask for murder two.

Look, you and I can settle this right now...

Murder two.

Involuntary manslaughter carries time.

I'm sure that reasonable men... can find an accommodation here.

I'll see you in court.

Fucking asshole.

Yeah, I know.

Hi, honey.

Hi, Jay.

Oh, my God.


I look forward to reading it.

Thanks. It comes out on Monday.

I'll take my coffee break now... and we can do those elevator specs later.

Thanks, Jay. Appreciate it.

See you later.

I see he's still trying to grab your ass.

The man's harmless, Jonathan.


It's pretty wild.

I had no idea it would be the cover, believe me.

How do you feel about this?

Well... I'm amazed I got away with it.

I'm also ashamed that I got away with it.

What the hell, back in business, right?

I like this place.

I love this place.

You just remain charming and beautiful.

You absolutely have to try the...

[names French menu item]

It's unbelievable.

I wouldn't dream of skipping it.

Actually, I was wondering if we could have... some more of those little green things?

Hey, Teddy!

Marty! I want to introduce you to Jonathan Fisher.

He did the cover this week.

Oh, right. "Tyrone: Sheik of the Streets."

Good story. Thank you.

The pimp story? I'm Yvonne Saunders.

I know. I see you on the news.

It had real authenticity.

Do they really have those condos in Hawaii?

I don't know about all of them... but this guy does.

You really got the street.

That thing breathes.

You know anything about TV news?

It goes on at 6:00 and 11:00.

Other than that...

Yeah, I go on at 6:00 and 11:00.

You don't look the way I thought you would.

How do you know so much about this stuff?

Well, you know, I'm a reporter.

Marty, I think your table's ready.

We've eaten, Teddy.

Why don't you come over to the station... we'll run a tape on you, make you a star.

He's already a star. He's my star.

I forgot.

Why don't you just make him an anchor?

Might do that, too.

Nice to meet you.

Call me.

Jonathan, do you believe this?

I'm the flavor of the week.

Since it's my week, let's enjoy it.

Are you kids having a good time?

We're barely managing.

We could do with some more of the green things.

Waiter! Some more green things.

You know, Jonathan...

I would really like to do more with Tyrone.

He is a great New York character.

I think that's about it for Tyrone.

That's a terrific story.

I really think it's a wrap.

Jon, I'd really like to meet him.

To Tyrone.

To you, Jonathan.

Jonathan Fisher?

Leonard Pike, Assistant District Attorney.

Come on in, OK? Shut the door.

Be right with you.

Marty, hi. What did you think?


You did?

That's fantastic. Thank you.

Thanks a lot.

I was thinking, what if we call it "Street Smart"?

You know, once you're out on the street... you never know what you're gonna run into.

It's gonna be real exciting, I promise you.

10:30 at the office?

I'll see you then.

I see you went to Harvard.

Is this going to be an alumni meeting?

I didn't.

It's OK. You didn't miss too much.

Have a seat. You want some coffee?

No, thank you.

What's up?

Has Tyrone read your story yet?

I don't know.

I guess you have.

How did Tyrone like it?

Do I need a lawyer here, Mr. Pike?

Everyone does from time to time.

What do you want?

The District Attorney and I have reason to doubt... that the subject of your story is actually named Tyrone.

You're the thought police.

You're going to arrest me for getting a name wrong.

You're very clever, Mr. Fisher.

Murder is a pretty serious crime, wouldn't you say?

There's nothing in that story about a murder.

No, not a murder. A murderer.

As in killer under indictment.

You and I both know... that the subject of this story is actually one Leo Smalls... also known as "Fast Black."

No, I'm sorry, I don't know who that is.

Don't jerk me around, and don't protect a killer.

Just wait a minute. That is a feature story.

You think that your pimp's the only guy in town?

I want all the information you have... and I want to know how you got it.

Whatever information I have is right there in that article.

Don't give me that crap.

That might work with the magazine.

I am prosecuting a killer, Mr. Fisher.

That is a very real undertaking.

I'm sorry. I can't help you.

You think a guy like this only kills once?

Why don't you go out and buy him a gun?

Would you just wait a minute? Just stop.

We seem to be having a terrible misunderstanding.

I don't have anything to do with murder or murderers.

I don't think you pulled a trigger... but you're exploiting it, and that's just as bad.

You think because you changed the make of his car... and you changed chocolate soda into apple juice... it makes him a different person?

And this restaurant you go on about... is clearly Louise's up in Harlem.

Look, Mr., uh, Pike, right?

First of all, I don't know... what the hell you're talking about.

Second of all, I would never do anything... to impede a criminal investigation.

Have you got that? It was nice to meet you.

All right, look.

I just don't want a jury thinking this guy's glamorous.

I have a good case, yes, but it's not airtight.

Don't get in the way.

God damn, Joel, what the hell you talking about, man?

This ain't me.

That's you.

Put some more sauce on them ribs.

Tyrone is you.

That ain't me.

And don't be using that lawyer tone with me.

I pay you.

I can stop paying you.

I'm the one that was up there being arraigned... while you was pulling your dong... so don't use that schoolhouse tone with me.

You ever talk to anybody from this magazine?

Yeah, Joel, I go on "Meet the Press" once a week.

You ever talk to any reporters?

He don't talk to nobody below 110th Street.

No dealings whatsoever?

Look, if you don't get to the point...

I'm gonna stuff those ribs up your useless butt!

You are looking at 15 years in the joint... very possibly 25.

That makes you a pretty shitty lawyer, don't it?

I'm gonna subpoena this guy's notes.


He'll refuse to give them up.

I can bet on that.

We'll say that his notes will exonerate you.

So what? Who cares if he gives them up?

That's not about me. This ain't me.

The reporter will be the guy on trial, not you.

And the heart attack will confuse the jury all the more.

You're not making any sense here.

It'll throw doubt and confusion on your trial... and right now, doubt and confusion... are the best friends you got.

If we play this right... we can change this from a murder trial... to a constitutional confrontation.

I know this guy.


I know the guy who wrote this article.

Look at you.

You got sauce dripping all down you.

New Yorkers don't usually agree on much... and certainly not on the social... or aesthetic value of graffiti... but they can agree on one thing: today, it's everywhere.

They're gonna cut to me now.

This is Pablo.

If you get around the city, you've probably seen his name.

Psychologists say it's an attempt... to establish an identity.

Is that what you're doing, Pablo... trying to sell your name to the world?


Somebody's been writing your name on a lot of walls.

Some other kids.

He's funny.

He was tough.

They don't do it right, all sloppy.

Like, got to have big letters puffed out... and good colors, all even.

What do you think you'd be doing... if you weren't writing on walls?

I don't know, but I'm famous all over.

Pablo 177. People know.

Graffiti's an eyesore to many... but to Pablo, perhaps it's a lifeline.

In his case... the spray can may have taken the place of a knife.

This is Jonathan Fisher, Channel 3, "Street Smart."

That's him. There he is.

Jonathan, are you going to give up your notes?

How far are you going to take them?

Why did you write the story?

I don't want this to get messy.

How good to see you.

What's going on?

Jon, this is Art Sheffield, our attorney.

"Our" attorney?

Take a seat.

Make yourself at home.

I enjoy your work.

I seem to be news down there in the lobby.

Mr. Leo Smalls, Jr. and his attorney... have asked the court to subpoena your notes.

They're claiming in effect that Mr. Smalls is Tyrone... and that you have knowledge that is exculpatory.

Oh, Jesus.

You don't work for the defense... and you don't work for the prosecution.

You work for this magazine, and we...

Ted, if you don't mind.

Are they going to get this subpoena?

Absolutely no calls.

New York has a shield law that protects reporters... but there are holes in it.

Mr. Smalls' attorney is very good at exploiting... this sort of thing.

Sell a thousand.

What would happen if I said no?

If you refuse to comply with the subpoena?

I'd say you'd be in contempt of court.

The First Amendment protects you.

But the Sixth Amendment protects Mr. Smalls.

Can I go to jail for this?

You just think of some of the great prisoners of conscience.

Martin Luther King, Gandhi...

I'm going to jail.

Is he going to jail?

Thanks a lot, Joe. It's great.

Just have to see if the station will OK the money.

I'll call you.

See you later.

Hey, Willie, how you doing?

Same as yesterday.


Come on.

So what are you so depressed about tonight, anyway?

I don't know.

I just don't want to go home for a while.

Stick around.

I might do that.

How long you been doing this?

I want to know.

I mean, I want to know what it's like to be you.

You do?

I've been doing it a long time.

Did you ever do anything else before?

Yeah, sure.

I was a beautician... in this little town in Pennsylvania where I grew up.

I went to Boston.

Oh, really? I did time there.

Four years at Harvard.

You went to Harvard?

So I ran into this guy... who told me I could make a lot more money.

And I do, you know.

I make a lot more money than being a beautician.

I'll bet.

That's right.

The guys who come in here... what do you think they're looking for?

The Holland Tunnel.

I know they want to get laid... but do you ever get really weird stuff?

Oh, yeah.

What's the weirdest thing a guy ever asked you to do?


Do you remember what it was like... your first time working?

You don't want to know about the first time.

It sounds like I do.

I don't think you do.

You're funny, aren't you?

I'm young, you know?

I'm just off the bus from Boston.

So, my friend, he says...

He says there's this guy upstairs... in the hotel waiting for me... this trick.

I go up, and I see this guy.

He's just sitting, straight up in bed.

Just sitting there.

Come here. I'll show you.

Sit down. Just sit there.

Put your legs out in front of you and cover them.

It turns out later he's this Russian sailor.

His buddies brought him in the bedroom... and left him waiting.

So I went over to him.

The guy's got two broken legs!

Can you imagine?

He's got casts right up to there.


So what did you do about that?

What could I do, really?

I did what I could do.

Wait. I forgot to tell you.

He had a bad back, too.

He couldn't sit up for very long.

What did you do, give him a freebie?

Oh, I forgot. That's the best part.

Give me your wallet.

Let's see.

So I say to the guy, "I get paid before the action.

"You know what I mean?" Let's go.

And he goes, "Ra ra ra ra ra!"

I said, "No joke.

"I get paid before the action."

You know, ra ra ra ra ra!

Do it.

Yeah, right.

Take him every place you go.

Public places.

Make him an expert on you.

I want everybody to know... he wrote that story about you.

This ain't going to work.

Just more lawyer bullshit.

Just do it.

The girls who work these Midtown streets... have learned to take just about everything in stride.

Moving in and out of cheap hotel rooms... they do not discriminate among their clientele.

One young woman gave an account of her personal efforts... to ease Soviet-American tensions.

In an exclusive interview... she referred to her graceless, dilapidated walls... as "Home, sweet home."

And maybe for her, it is.

This is Jonathan Fisher, Channel 3, "Street Smart."

OK, that going to cut with the "B" roll?

That'll be good.

Thanks a lot, guys.

I'll see you on the next one.

Soviet-American relations?

Hi there.

That was great. I liked that.

You liked that, huh?

I got to get back to the station.

Listen, a friend of mine wants to meet you.

He read your magazine. I told him I knew you.

Your pimp?

If you call him that, he's gonna kill you.

You watch out.

You're a tough woman, Punchy.

Big surprise.

Want to know something? I really like you.

Meaning you finally got laid enough... to curl your hair.

Where is that girlfriend of yours, anyway?

What's she do for you?

We've got a different kind of relationship.

Pussy isn't any good, huh?

It's kind of a question of applied ethics.

We'll work it out.

I love when you talk that Harvard shit.

I knew it would come in handy for something.


Show business.

How you doing?

I'm doing OK.

What's your name again? Jonathan Fisher.

Jonathan! Right.

Come on in. Sit down. Make yourself comfortable.

Can I get you some food?

This is fine.

How about something to drink?

No, I'm fine. All right. Good.

My man said to say hi to you.

Who's that?

My lawyer.

Cat named Joel Davis.

Mean anything to you?

Whoa. Now, wait a minute here.

You mean to tell me...

What's the matter, boy?

This ho said you wanted to meet me.

Well, here I am.

What the hell you think you're doing?


There's money to be made on the street.

Get it snappin'!

You're him, right?

You're "Fast Black," aren't you?

To some people.

My mama always called me Leo.

Leo Smalls, Jr.

I don't believe it.

You figured it out, huh?

Smart boy.

I want you to meet my editor.

Oh, yeah? What for?

'Cause he thinks I'm writing about you.

He does?

Set it up.

I mean, hey, you can write about me now for real, right?

Huh? Yeah.

Hey, Christine, give this boy some ribs.

I got to tell you, homey, you don't know shit.

I read that magazine.

Your dude... Tyrone.

This dude is stupid.

He wouldn't last twenty minutes out here.

A lot of people liked it.

A lot of people got their head up their ass.

I will show you the streets, brother.

This is where I hang out.

What's happening, Fast?

Thought I'd play a little ball.

When you going to take me downtown?

They got dudes like him down there, wall to wall.


So? So they would chew your young ass up... and spit you all over 42nd Street.

I been there.

Get out of here.

What you doin'?

You playing basketball or jerking off?

Come on, baby.

Pretty man is here.

He moves to the basket.

He lays it up there.

Everybody play! Come on!

He fakes them out of their jocks.

What's wrong with you, man?

You stealing my shot?

Nobody gets in my way, you understand?

I'll put your ass through that motherfuckin' hoop!

Who the fuck do you think you are?

I'm sorry.

Do you know who you're fucking with?

Do you know who I am?!

Sorry, man.

Fuck it, man. It's cool.

Hey, look, why don't you do me a favor?

Run over to Chicken City.

Get me, uh...

Get me some ribs, barbecued chicken, and some pies.

All that good shit, OK?

Yeah. Sure!

Yo, bro.

Keep the change, all right?

Yeah, sure. Thanks, man.

Who got my glasses?


All right. I'm here. I'm here.

Give me the ball, baby!

We don't like to lose.

Hey, Harriet!

Oh, man, what the...


Hey, come on!


I want you to meet my man here.

He's going to put me on TV.

This is Harriet, bro.

You got some food.

What you been doin', sleeping again?

I was collecting last night. I'm tired.

Ooh, what you got?

We some got some chicken, we got some ribs... we got a pie.

You got any coffee?

We got coffee. God damn, make some!

What you leanin' on me for? I don't make coffee.

All you get is dirty dishes and lousy coffee.

Whatever happened to that dishwasher... you was supposed to be buying me?

What happened to that little item?

What the hell you gonna do with a dishwasher?

You don't ever cook nothin'.

If I had a dishwasher, maybe I would.

I'm not gonna mess up my nails.

Hey, man, get me a new shirt, OK?

It's OK. I don't want any, thanks.

Who the fuck are you?

I just told you who the man was.

What he want, a TV? What?

What is your problem?

I don't have a problem. You got one.

Bullshit. Not no more I ain't.

You got a new one.

Now what?


She thinks she's your partner.

A hundred, a hundred fifty a night.

I'm gonna have to talk to this bitch.

Cut her loose.

That ain't gonna do it. I'm gonna have to talk to her.

You can't do it 'cause you're into poppin' her.

That's your new piece, all set up.

You don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

You wipe the floor with everybody else... but you kiss Darlene's ass.

Keep it up. Let me catch her.

Move your foot.

OK, I got something for both of you.

Keep playin' with me. All right?

Just keep it. Just keep on.

Why don't you clean this place up sometime?!

Ask Darlene! I'm not your maid.

What you going to do, man?

I don't know. That's tough.

Tighten up, Reggie.

Let's ride.

Come on.

Bring the chicken.

What do them TV broads make?

What do you mean?

Them broads that tell the news, what do they make?

You watch the news?

Hell, yeah, I watch the news!

I hit the streets...

I got to know what the fuck is going on, right?

Them TV broads, man.

I know dudes that would pay five grand a night... just to fuck one of them broads.

I ain't lying!

You know that blond one... the one that talks through her teeth... wears them big-ass glasses?

"Over on Flatbush Avenue two guys got off..."

I know motherfuckers that would kill... to fuck this bitch, man.

I'm telling you.

They don't make two grand a night, do they?

No. They make a lot... they don't make that kind of money.

I can give them two and keep three for myself.

Brother, if I had a couple of them TV broads...

I would fuckin' retire. You know what I mean?

Honolulu, here I come.

Look out. You know?

I think maybe I ought to mention this to them.

Yeah! Do that.

Hey, look, do you know this D. A?

How come the guy's got such a fuckin' hard-on for me?

I don't know. Can't tell you.

Where does he get off talking about murder two?

That ain't fair.

I don't know.

Between the law and the outlaw, fair ain't even in it.

There she is.

Pull over.

Yo, Darlene!

Get your tushy snappin' over here.

Get in.

This side.

How you doing, baby?

How'd you do last night?

What'd I give you, 450?

Try maybe 550 or 6.

I give you all I got.


I take the bread.

The whole loaf, you understand?

You want money, you come to me.

You try going into business for yourself... you'll be one dead whore.

Not my face, please.

It's not your face, bitch. It's my face.

My tits and my ass!

Take it easy. Yeah?

Whose girl are you? Yours.

Yours, baby.

Now get out of here.

You look a little paler than usual, boy.

You play rough.

It ain't all basketball and dishwashers out here.

Move it out, Reg.

I took a cab out out of the Charles Street garage... this morning and spent the day driving.

It meant traffic snarls, lost tempers... but a new respect for the cabdrivers of New York.

At the intersection of 23rd and Roosevelt...

I was pulled over by Charles McGrath... inspector with the Taxi and Limousine Commission.

What's the problem here?

You dropped a guy back there and you're off meter.

I didn't have anybody in the car.

I saw you.

Give me a break.

I'm trying to make a living here.

I understand that.

But I got great news for you.

You can avoid all the paperwork and pay the fine right here.

Fifty bucks cash and bye-bye.

I got news for you.

You see the van right there?

You're on TV.

Have a nice day.

You son of a bitch.

This is Jonathan Fisher, Channel 3, "Street Smart."


I'm sorry. He's gonna have to call you back.

He can't come to the phone right now.

Just a minute.

Who is it?


I better take it.

This isn't a real good time to talk.

I'm in the bath.

It's East 68th Street... between Park and Lex, number 110.

See you out there about 8:00. Is that OK?

So we're all set on that, right?

They forgot the directions.

It's bad enough you hanging out with these people.

I really don't like them calling here.

Right. I'll tell them not to.

Do you really think this is such a good idea?

Yeah. I think it's gonna be a hell of a mix.

Hey, kids. How are you doing?

Tyrone, at last!

How you doing?

So this is what you really look like, in the flesh.

In the flesh.

We are delighted to have you.

And this is Punchy.

Come on in. Everybody wants to meet you.

The whole world is here, except Henry Spussen.

Oh, I know him already.

Really? How do you know Henry?

Hey, everybody!

The guest of honor!

Can I get you a drink?

You got a chocolate drink?

A chocolate drink?

You know, with no fizz.

A chocolate drink, no fizz.

Just the way Mommy used to make it.

I'll take a bourbon.

You've got bourbon. Come on.

We'll squeeze our way through.

Hey, you really did it.

I really did it.


Teddy Bear.

Are we gonna have to stay here a long time?

This is great. Look at him go.

Nice to meet you.

How you doing, man?

Isn't this fun, Alison?

You like it?

It's yours for twenty-five grand.

You mean to tell me... this dumb motherfucker paid twenty-five Gs for this shit?

I read in Jon's article that you have a condo in Maui.

You're not going to believe this... but you and I are neighbors.

Now, ain't that a bitch?

So, you do the TV news?

Lady, I could change your life forever.

Trish, I'm sorry.

Trish, I know you'd like to meet Jonathan Fisher.

How do you do?

Alison Parker.

Excuse me, got to pee.

Is he really her pimp?

Oh, God. Can I meet them?

Oh, Trish, you can take them... to the Southampton horse show if you like.

Do you wear sheer black underwear?

Oh, honey, I don't wear no underwear at all.

Have you met my wife Sheena?

Do you want to see something really beautiful?

Excuse me.

You don't turn those notes over to anyone, Jonathan.

I'll back you up.

I'll go to the wall for you.

That's good to know, Ted.

Excuse me.

You want to hear something really interesting?

Do you know you've got... the prettiest titties I have ever seen?

The whole town wanted to be invited to this one.

Party of the year.

He really has put it all together, hasn't he?

You know, he's too good for television.

He belongs in print.

I guess so.

You must be very proud of him.

I'm thrilled. Would you excuse me?

Would you excuse us for a second?


Thank you.

I'm leaving.

Oh, come on, we just got here.

You can tell stories to that magazine... but don't bullshit me.

Wait a minute.

Let go of my arm.

What's the matter?

I know you're fucking that girl.

Is something wrong?

Yes and no.

I could do things for you, lady.

Ted, thanks a lot.

I think it's time to go.

But we've got a ton of sushi.

They're so nice.

You're one dumb asshole, Punchy.

You know that?

Some people was laughing at you.

Can't you see nothin'?

You're some kind of fucking joke to them.

I had a good time. Come on.

He's right. They were patronizing you.

There you go talking that Harvard shit again.

You did fine. I thought you guys were great.

Who do you think you're patronizing now?

She might take that shit, man. I don't.

I don't have to go to Harvard to know what you're doing.

You know what I'm trying to say to you?

Yes, I do.

Then shut the fuck up.

You don't tell me how people react to me.

I know what people are doing no matter what they say.

'Cause I read minds, you dig?

I don't take no shit off of you.

You're lying through your fuckin' teeth.

I know it, you know it, and this fuckin' whore know it.

Come on, leave him alone.

Night's over. Come on.

What are you doing?

Whatever the fuck I want!

Get in the car!

Alison, you are overreacting.

I know I made a big mistake.

So did I.

It didn't mean anything.

It just kind of happened.

You make me sick! I don't need this shit!

Jesus, I don't even know who you are anymore.

And what I see, I don't like.

You suck up to Ted... you go around with these disgusting people... and you don't even care.

Don't say that to me.

You can say anything you want... but... don't say that, because I do care.

Yeah, right.

Alison, let's not throw this away, please.

Where are you going?

To Susan's, if she'll take me back.

Susan's? World's worst roommate.

No. You're the world's worst roommate.

Under the Constitution, Mr. Smalls has a right... to a fair and speedy trial.

Mr. Smalls' freedom is at stake.

A conviction...

We're not interested in your lectures... anymore, Mr. Sheffield.

Your Honor, this is a blatant attempt... to obfuscate the issue.

If there's an evidentiary reason... for the defense to see Mr. Fisher's notes... let them state it clearly.

I have no intention of allowing this matter... to either obfuscate or delay.

However, if there is evidence bearing on this case... the court will hear it, from whatever quarter.

Mr. Fisher, you will assemble your notes... and all pertinent documents with or about Mr. Smalls... and present them to the court for in-camera examination.

Your honor, Mr. Fisher would like permission... to address the court if he may.

Briefly, Mr. Fisher.


Your Honor, I would ask the court to recognize... the difficulty of the choice that confronts me.

No speeches. The court's order is clear.

Are you ready to comply?

Your Honor, I don't think that I have a choice in this matter.

I can't surrender my notes.

The choice you have made is to seek publicity... and I will not have it.

That's an unfair assumption...

You're in contempt, Mr. Fisher... and I sentence you to be incarcerated... until such time as you purge yourself of that contempt... and comply with the court's order.

Your Honor, we would like time before the sentence... to put Mr. Fisher's affairs in order.

We wish to file an appeal.

You may file all the appeals the law allows... but I will not stay the sentence.

No one, absolutely no one... refuses to comply with my subpoenas... or withholds evidence from my court.

Remove the prisoner.

Mr. Fisher.

Newsstand sales are up eight percent.

It's you, Jonathan.

Your moral courage sells magazines.

Ted, what about the appeal?

Sheffield's working on it.

You know, that assistant district attorney... he has been all over us... trying to make you give up your notes.

No way.

Oh, "Newsweek."

"Newsweek's" talking about putting you on the cover.

Sorry, "Newsweek" what?

They're talking about putting you on the cover!

Except you might get out of here before the issue closes.

You're not going to hold up the appeal over that, I hope?

I want you to keep a diary.


A diary!

"The Prison Diaries of Jonathan Fisher."

It would be good if they wore uniforms in here.

Ted, would you just get me out of here?!

Would you just hurry up and get me out of here?

As soon as possible, Jonathan.

You ignored the shield laws?

You guys want to give me a break? Thanks.

I'm sorry. There's gonna be a statement later.

Can't you give your own statement?

No, I'm sorry.

Did you make a deal to get out?

I'm out pending an appeal.

My position hasn't changed. I don't think it will.

A lot of people think that man should be behind bars.

Well, that might be.

That's certainly not the issue here. Excuse me.

Why did you choose a subject... that embodies the worst of black people?

You can't pretend that people like this don't exist, can you?

It might not be conscious racism... but it is racism.

We've been talking with Jonathan Fisher... released today from the Queens House of Detention.

What's happening?

This ain't bad, man.

What's this, a social call?

He wants to see you.

That's too bad.

I'm in the middle of something.

He wants to see you now.

He barks and you jump?

I don't know how you put up with that all day.

So how was it inside?

I wasn't crazy about it.

Right. I've been there, Jack.

It ain't heaven.

I'll quote you.

What I got on you...

I could blow you out of the water.

Wouldn't help you much, would it?

So I got us a new plan.

You're gonna write them notes... that everybody's been asking for... but in them you're gonna say... that on the day that that dude bought it... you and I were in Rockaway somewhere having a hot dog.

See, that way, you get off the hook, and so do I.

The court won't buy that.

I don't know.

They tell me you're a very skilled writer.

It's called conspiracy.

Fuck that.

You fuck with me on this, I'm going to get you.

And not only you, brother.

I'm gonna reach out and get everybody around you.

Don't you threaten me.

You listen to me, asshole.

I got a very good nose on me... and right now there's two smells.

The first one says I do fifteen to twenty years in Attica.

The other one says I walk.

I ain't taking no fucking vote on this.

You got me?

I'm not going to do that.

We'll see about that.

Pull the fucking car over.

The irony here is that while city officials... say there are alternatives for the homeless... the ACLU continues to defend their right not to go.

This is Jonathan Fisher, Channel 3, "Street Smart."

Cut it.

Those guys really make my job tough.

Hey, Punchy, how are you doing?

You got a minute?

Yeah, what's up?

Oh, Jesus...


He left the face alone this time so I could work.

You better get out of town. You need money?

He'd just come after me.

I've been through worse.

If I leave, I break the rules.

You better give him what he wants.

I can't do that.

Then you're going to be next.

I got to go. Take care.

What do you mean, people are getting hurt?

Just believe me.

I'm telling you this guy is totally unpredictable.

What am I supposed to do?

Why don't you come home with me?

I'm not ready for that yet.

I want you to stay here, out of sight.

I have a job.

You're going to have to call in sick.

For how long?

Until I can get this thing settled.

I got an appointment with Sheffield tomorrow at 10:00.

I'm going to try to do it as fast as I can.

Can I go with you?

That would be good.

Say good night to Susan for me.

You be careful.

I will.

Want a date, Mr. White?

I got an ass on me like a Mississippi mule.

I'll rock it and knock it off.

Fall for me, baby. I got what you need.

Hey, business suit.

Come here.

Hey, come on, sugar.

What do you say, want to go out?

Let's go.

My place, all right?

I don't know about that.

Why not?

Where do you live?

I'll pay you double.

My usual's a hundred.


It's worth it.

All right.

Nice crib.

There's a waiting list to get in.

I got the same problem.

Don't touch me, all right?

I'm sorry. I didn't have time to...

Don't worry. You won't be here long.

Is that a boast?

Would you like a drink?

Yeah, sure.

I'll take a bourbon, straight up.

What's going on?

I think you know.

Get the feeling you didn't bring me here 'cause you're horny.

That's right.

I think you should know I'm in a position... to have you arrested if I want to.

It's not hard to get me arrested.

What do you want?

I'm prosecuting a friend of yours.

I'm going to get another drink.

Who would that be?

I've been watching you, and sometimes you're dumb... and sometimes you're smart.

Let's make this one of the smart times.

Where did you get those clothes?

You worried about the good taste patrol or something?

The what?

What are you supposed to be, Winston Churchill?

Look, I want to know... what the big deal is about these notes.

What notes?

Your friend the reporter.

Jonathan Fisher.


I give him head.

I don't know what he writes down. I don't care.

I don't believe that.

I don't know what to tell you, then.

Think of something.

I think you probably like it kinky.

Don't try to change the subject.

You think I got something that will help you?

Well, I do.

I know what you really want.

You want to do things to me. Hmm?

You want to maybe hurt me a little bit?

Don't you? Come on, you can face it.

It's OK.

Face what you want.

It's fine. I know you.

I know you better than you think.

I know what you dream about.

Look, maybe you should just go.

Baby, I got everything you need right here.

You should just leave.


Just relax. It's all right. Look...

Don't start that shit.

You paid for it. I didn't know...


All right.


Just cool out.

I'm going, see?

Wait a minute. Would you...

Oh, please.

Would you zip that up?

Oh, shit.

You've got a good case.

I don't mind saying... that I'm very I'm pleased with our position.

What are we talking about here?

Are you being threatened?

Yes, I am.

Well, Jonathan, there are legal remedies for that.

We could always apply to the court... to have his bail revoked.

Art, that's just part of it.

This is more than a question of legal maneuvers now.

Then procedurally, I think it would be best... if you give me the notes, tapes, whatever.

I'll make copies of everything.

You're not getting me.

I'm trying to tell you there aren't any notes.

There's no notes.

No tapes, nothing.

He made the whole thing up. It's fiction.

I'm the only other person who knows what happened.

And I want to end this thing right now.

You're finished.

This is the most outrageous lie...

I've heard in over twenty years on the bench.

Sir, I apologize to the court.

And I apologize to the rest of the press... and to the public.

I had no idea this would go so far.

Mr. Sheffield, have you discussed... the laws of perjury with your client?

Mr. Fisher is prepared... to stand behind his statement, Your Honor.

I, however, find myself... facing an irreconcilable conflict of interest... in this matter... and I would ask the court's permission to allow me... to withdraw from the remainder of these proceedings.

I'll take it under consideration.

Young man, you baffle me.

You may continue your original appeal... but this preposterous subterfuge... is equally culpable and contemptuous of this court.

The prisoner will be detained... until he has purged himself of this additional contempt.

I can see right through you.

I'm telling the truth. I haven't got any notes.

What did you tell him?

I told you, I didn't tell him anything.

I don't know nothin'.

She knows plenty. Don't play no...

Would you shut up!

I don't want you to go near that D.A., you understand?

I don't want to go near him.

The problem is your pal the reporter.

He's in jail, so he's no problem.

I've been thinking.

I'd like to do something else for a while.

Oh, really?

Like what, a brain surgeon or something?

Look, you're doing what you do.

The problem is you ain't been doing it... too swift here of late 'cause of your pal the reporter.

He's not my pal.

He thinks he can hide from me in jail?

I can reach him anywhere.

And you trying to play all sides, just like him.

No, I'm not!

What, are you raising your voice to me now?

Just leave me alone.

I told you to shut up!

What's going on here?

Are you going to start running this outfit or something?

I just wish I could have some time to figure some stuff out.

But why now? I thought that was my job.

What, are you changing positions?

Can't you just leave me alone?

You want me to leave you alone?

Are you crazy, girl?!


You bitch.

You crazy, crazy bitch.

You got a problem, baby.

You got a serious problem.

I'm sorry.

I think you need to be punished.

I'm sorry.

That is what I truly believe.

I know there ain't enough things I can do to you... but right now, I got a taste for a little piece of you.

You're a good little piece, ain't you?

Yes, baby. Just for you.

Just for you.

But that's not the piece I want right now.

I could rip out your nose... or I could snip off your lips.

But you been looking where you shouldn't... so it's your eyes that should be punished.

So I'll tell you what I'm going to do.

I'm going to take an eye.

Just one eye.

You tell me which one you want me to take.

The left one?

You want me to take the right one?

What, the left?

I'm sorry. Please...

I'm gonna take the left eye.

No! The right?

The left? Well, which one?

You want me to take 'em both?

I don't know!

You want me to take them both?

Left! Left!

Go on. Get out there.

Do me a good night's work.

You think that's going to fix her?

She's gonna keep on making trouble.

You still want to talk?

You talk, I'll listen.

A little side business?

What do you want?

Punchy's dead.

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about she's dead.

I saw just her at the morgue.

I don't believe you.

Now you see what your principles have done?

What did I tell you about him?

Don't worry. I'll nail him.

She told me what Fast wants you to do.

Don't do it.

If you tamper with evidence... if I even think you're tampering with evidence...

I'm gonna put you so far away... you won't even remember what the streets look like.

I told you that I don't have any notes.

Is that right?

Is that gonna help the next one he kills?

Goddamn fucking asshole!

I'm telling you!

Get your hands off me!

Enjoy yourself here.

I forgot the apples.

Would you get me one of those bags?

God, people are so damn rude around here.

Oh, my God!

What happened?

Alison, are you all right?

Can I help you?

Could you...

I think we need an ambulance.

She'll be all right.

She's got the best doctors, thanks to Ted.

You get me out of here.

Which is it, Jonathan, do you have notes... or don't you have notes?

I have notes.

Since when?

I don't think you know what you've got.

Let me tell you something.

If it wasn't for my responsibility... to Ted and the magazine, I would not be here.

You just tell the judge I'll give him the notes.

It's all right.

I love you.

All right, you win. I'm ready to talk.

Well, Mr. Ain't-Got-No-Notes.

Jail break?

I said I'm ready to talk.

Now, ain't that nice?

Let's find some privacy.

You're about to get flushed down the toilet.

I ought to blow your brains out right now.

I'll do what you want, but nobody else gets hurt.

You fuckin' "a," man, 'cause if you don't...

I'm taking you out and everybody around you.

Do you understand me?

Don't threaten me. You need me.

Fuck you, man!

I know what you do.

You scare the shit out of everybody... then you give them a reprieve.

What's the matter? You don't believe it?

You don't believe I'll blow your goddamn brains out?

You got me scared. Now you can put it down.

Do you ever think about dying, man?

Do you ever think about it?

If I'm dead, you're dead.

You're real good with words, ain't you?

You mix 'em up real good.

But I got your ass now.

You think about it.

No notes... you're going away for a long time.

Why are you giving me the notes now?

You know why.

What you going to say?

You and me were out in Rockaway having a hot dog... when the guy got took out, just like we talked about.

I'll make it look good. They'll believe me.


I told you you could do it.

Ah, shit, you all right.

Come on. I'll buy you a cup of coffee.

Mr. Smalls, were you surprised at the acquittal?


Absolutely not.

There never was anything... but vague, circumstantial evidence.

In this country, a man can still receive a fair trial... no matter what his race or background.

Justice has been served.

Just a minute.

Just a minute, all right?

Look, I know you lied.

I don't know what your deal is with him.

I don't care.

Tampering with evidence is illegal.

It carries time, and you're going to do it.

Let me ask you something.

What's it going to get you?


Over here. Come here.

Why don't you go on?

How you doing?

How come you're not working tonight?

I could start right now.

It's OK.

I want you do me a little favor.

It depends.

Reggie's in there.

I got two hundred bucks. You give it to him.

But you tell him it's from Fast. Got that?

I don't know about this.

I don't want Fast on my case.

Why don't you give it to him yourself?

Listen, I think you owe me one.

All right, but this is it. We're even.

Thanks a lot.

All right, Steve, roll it.

Get in close.

Make sure you see the money.

I'm right on the money.

And when he comes out... you rewind and get ready to drive.

You got it.

Well, Mr. TV.

You're starting to like it up here, huh?

I want to show you something.

Hop in. Take a look around.

Hey, man, this is slick.

Watch this.

Look at that.

I'm on TV.

You know what that is, Reg?

That's a picture of you taking money... from one of Fast's girls.

So what?

Use your brain, Reggie.

Looks to me like you're going into business for yourself.

I know what you did, God damn it!

I can't prove it, but I know you cut Alison.

I'm going to get you.

I'm going to show that tape to Fast in about 15 minutes.

You can't do that. He's gonna kill me.

Looks like you got a little problem.

Don't be stupid, Reggie.

Don't be stupid.

You better start running.

Nobody likes to have their car towed.

It's expensive and inconvenient.

We like it even less when cameras or tape decks... disappear along with the car.

In answer to viewer complaints about lost items... we left a radio in the front seat... of an illegally parked car.

Look at my man. Look at him.

Put that down. That's private property.

That's right, I'm talking to you.

You're on TV.

Everybody is watching you. Put the radio down.

Get out of the car and shut the door.

Walk to your truck and drive away.

This is Jonathan Fisher, Channel 3, "Street Smart."

That's my man.

Hey, Fast!

Move your car. You got me blocked.

What? Move your car.

Wait a minute.

Move my car?

I can't get out.

God damn.

Christine, you ain't seen Reggie?

He ain't been around.

Right. He come in here... you tell him I'm looking for his ass.

You want a cup of coffee?

Hey, man, you gone crazy?

Reggie, what the hell you...

Tonight on a Harlem back street, Leo Smalls, Jr... a street pimp known as "Fast Black"... was allegedly gunned down by a suspect... police have identified as Reginald Liggens.

Liggens, twenty, described as an employee... was apprehended a few blocks from the murder scene.

Smalls had recently been acquitted... of a Times Square murder in a controversial case.

In the streets of this neighborhood... the justice meted out... isn't always the kind that's taught in school.

Tonight, the court of the street found a man guilty... where a court of law didn't.

For Leo Smalls, Jr... a man who trafficked in death and violence... the punishment dealt out tonight was both fitting and absolute.

This is Jonathan Fisher, Channel 3...