StreetDance 3D (2010) Script

Ever since I was a young girl...

... you'd find me up in my room dancing in front of the mirror.

Carly and her street dance crew, smashing it on some stage... the crowd going wild.

It kept me going after I left home.

I came to London where street dance led me to my new family.

My crew.

I'm still dancing and dreaming in front of that mirror.

It's just now...

I share my dream.

We're going to be late, man.

Hello? Guys!

We're halfway to New York.

If we dance like that in the finals who is going to beat us?

Final call for The Surge.


Damn they're good. That's why they're champions, Carly.

Guys? Show some class.

Are you going to get the drinks in, then? Maybe.

Jay-2-0, the next UK champions!

I love you.

Your round, Mac!



Okay, this is... this is the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

I'm going.

I wanted to end it on a high. Yeah, good one, Jay.

I'm serious. I'm under a lot of pressure right now... work and Uni... something's got to give, and it's got to be this.

So, what are you saying? Jay?

We've all got pressures, bruv... we've got a chance to be UK champions...

...go to New York and represent our country.

And I wouldn't do this if I didn't think you could handle it.

But, you can.

Carly knows all the choreo, she can take it from here.

Can't we just talk about it? I've made up my mind.

It's your crew now.

I'm gonna miss you guys.

Come on, man.

This is some joke, t'ing.

I'm going to sort it, alright?

You're not going to change my mind. What's wrong, Jay?

I thought you wanted to win? Be UK Champions!

Sometimes you've got to make choices.

Why didn't you tell me? I looked like such an idiot.

I need to get my head straight. Have a bit of a time out.

Well, have a week off and come back.

I mean from everything... everyone.

I need to get rid of distractions for a bit. Thanks, and I'm a distraction?

The biggest.

Is it because I said I love you? No! It's just a time out.

If you take over the crew, you won't even notice I'm gone.


One jacket, with cheese. Enjoy!

He said it was just a time out. Oh, cut and run, Carls.

He's ditched us all five weeks before the finals!

I can take Jay's place in the crew... your man. Yeah, right, Eddie.

Keep practicing!

Let's just concentrate on winning the streetdance finals, yeah?

Yeah, you're right...

...and then he'll want me back, won't he?

Blonde and northern. Tragic, really.

Thanks, Eddie... Let's get down to rehearsals.

Offer still stands, Carly.

Why me? Shouldn't you be running the crew Shawna?

I just dance. You see the bigger picture. Will they listen to me?

Not if you sound like that. You've got to be kick-arse Carly, man.

Come on, give me some heat...

Is that all you got?

Allez. Go into the centre.

I don't get it. He's lost his family, rude boy.

How can we be Jay-2-0 without Jay? It don't make no sense.

Why are they stood outside? Just march in and show no fear.

Come on, give me some heat. Give me some.

Come on.

That was lame. Kick arse Carly, or kissarse?

Come on guys let's get started.

Okay, guys, slight hitch. You didn't book the rehearsal space.

Was I meant to? Come on, Carly.

You were the boss, right?

If you want to lead, Frankie, be my guest.

Without Jay, it's a waste of time.

Steph, what are you doing? I'm sorry.

We're supposed to be a crew. Don't worry. They'll be back.

Guys... I... can replace them.

Come on, Eddie. You got to learn from the Da Boogie Man.

Listen, guys, I don't know how to do this yet.

But what I do know is we have got a heavy crew.

We've got a final in September.

Can't we just find somewhere to rehearse and get on with it?

Show Jay what we're made of.

Fix up, man!

My hair!

Oh, Shawna! Sorry.

Gosh, man. Alright, Aimee.

I think I've got hypothermia. You're so extra.

We're supposed to dance outside. Not in England.

America, maybe. Then, let's get there...

...but we've gotta be UK Champions first.

Only if we rehearse in a studio. Health and Safety, innit?

But we need money. Have you got any?

Don't get rude, Carly.

If you let us use your studio for free we'll wear T-shirts advertising your gym.


Bill for your little party last night. You what?

You wanna keep your job?

This ain't a drop-in-centre for you and your mates.

We only had a few Kit-kats. And?

I need every penny I've got for dance space.


Well, why don't you sponsor us?

Now, that is funny.

Right, off your butt, twinkle toes. Eddie's late, so... deliver these and I'll think about letting your off the bill.

With a smile, Carly. With a smile.

That's better.

Are you the sandwich girl? Yeah, is it a chicken salad?

That's me. And one drink...

That's £5.50, please.

You're welcome to stay and watch, if you like.

No, you're alright.

I was looking more at your room, actually.

That doesn't say much for my dancers. No, they're very good.

They're not really feeling it though, are they? They look bored stiff.

Why are you interested in the room?

I need somewhere to rehearse for my street dance crew.

I don't suppose you rent these rooms for a fiver, do you?

Are you any good? God, yeah.

Got the UK finals in a few weeks. We'd blow this lot out of the water.

Okay. I'd like to see it.

Yeah, right. Really.

Well, we're dancing in the shopping centre tonight, if you do mean it.

Sevenish. If I can get away, I'll come.


How will I find you?

Follow the crowds.

You are Romeo and Juliet. You could die for each other.

Could I please get an inkling of this.

You need a permit! It's our money, we've earnt it.

Ain't that your Justine?

You big, ugly bear... Justine, you come here.

Is this what you're coming here to do? Shaming me like this.

Do you want to get the police involved? But, it's ours.

Cool it, Carls! Thanks!

Everyone in Topshop's watching us. So, why didn't you help me?

No, you know what? I don't want to be a part of this anymore.

Don't you dare flake out, Aimee. Flake out of what?

We're going nowhere with you. Without Jay, this crew's got no chance.

Oh, thanks. Thanks a lot.

You whinge better than you dance, anyway.

Come on, out! It's all done. Finished! On your bikes.

On your way. Get your hair done.

You might want to refine some of those management skills of yours.

Oh, piss off!

Well, whilst you're in this mood, I will.

Come on.

A little chaotic... but good. Vibrant.

Come and see me tomorrow with the rest of your group... when you find them.

Studio Three, four o'clock.

- Hello? Hi...

You shameful girl.

My Justine not dance with you again.

And then there were two...

I've messed up, haven't I?

Changement, changement, en force.

Open les bras. Epaulemnt Allez.

Spot, spot, spot, spot.

Well, would we pay to see this year's crop?

On present showing none shall get through the Royal Ballet auditions.

Well, that's not going to dazzle our benefactors, is it?

What's happened?

More and more I wonder about our methods.

We drill the passion out of them.

The vital ingredient. But, I have a plan to drill it back in.

It had better work, Helena.

Funding cuts mean other cuts, you know?

Today it's all no good.

Carly, Shawna!

Oh, my God, it's you guys!

Oh, excuse me... no, thank you.


You pulled it off, Carly, man. Yeah, this place is nice.

Sick, man!

Can I help you? Look at this bronx arse joke, brer.

We were told to be here by this lady.

It's Helena.

Have you come to watch us? Other way round, more like.

Get this one. 'Have I come to watch them'.

Not in those tights.

Crap! Oh, man!

I'm okay. I'm okay. I just need to lie here a bit.

Oh, my God. I'm so sorry. We'll pay for the damage.

I see you've made yourself at home, but you're in the wrong room.

Hurry up, girls.

Would this suit your needs? Are you kidding?

This is amazing. And you've met my dancers?

Kind of. Gabe, Isabella, Bex...

...Chloe and Tomas.

I have a proposition for you.

Unlimited access to rehearse here for your competition.


If you include my dancers in your routine.


No way, we're a street dance crew, it's... No, say, no.

It's like a family, we can't just take on new people.

Say something to her!

Helena, with all due respect... Thank you, Tomas.

I decide the content for your final master class.

Sorry, Miss, this sounds crazy.

I'm sorry, I don't know your name. Carly.

Carly, if you don't take my dancers, I'll have to charge you for the hire of the studio and, of course, for damages.

It's your decision.

Where are we going to get the money from, man?

We can't win the finals with them! I say we do a runner.

Guys, are you blind? Bendy chicks, come on.

Can they street dance? No, you'll have to teach them.

I'm sorry, her teach us?


This is a unique opportunity.

I hope you'll all embrace it and perform well for the competition.

I'm getting my dad to call the Board. Look at the state of them.

Like clowns.

Let's just have a go. They'll be crap.

Then we can have the studio, anyway, and we can get the others back.

Bruv, it's all green.

Where's the real food, man?

How's learning with those clowns going to get us into the Royal Ballet?

Helena's known for her unconventional methods.

We've just got to trust her.

What is street dance?

Oh, don't be a bun head all your life, Bex.

Hey, this is Jay, you know what to do.

Hi, Jay. It's me Carly...

...give me a ring back when you can, please.

If you want, or... if you can, whatever...

Did I say it's me? It's Carly.

Focus, focus!

Plus fort, plus fort!

Right, it's your turn.

We've got five weeks and that's what we need you to do.

Yeah, do we have to be so... angry?

That's just the way it is, ballet boy.

What are they? My feet?

That's not suitable. Where are your trainers?

You know that trainers are rule number one.

This is what we dance in. Do you want us to injure ourselves?

Surprised you don't do that in your tights, mate.

Do I pass?

Just trainers tomorrow, yeah?

Tap, one, tap, one... and again, ...five, six, seven, eight.

Tap one, tap one, tap one.

Let's try it to the music and follow us if you lose the steps.

What steps? Has she even heard of words?

All those girls are going to need some hands on help from the Mac Daddy.

Can't you just calm yourself. Look at them. They might snap, man.

Five, six, seven, eight...

Come on! You're going to be up against the best street dancers in the UK in a few weeks...

Five, six, seven, eight...

You're going to make us look like jokers!

Not good enough. Focus, please.

Five, six, seven, eight...


What did you say to her? I didn't say anything...

You lot are bad, man. This is your fault, you know?

Ours? Yeah.

Carly. I can't do it.

How was rehearsal? We're too different.

I can't do it.

Can't or won't? Listen, I'm not a teacher, Miss...

Listen, I'm not a teacher, Miss, and I think you've got the wrong idea about me.

Then that will be £ 250 for the hole in the wall.

Come on, I'm trying to tell you this crew is going to fail.

Because you think it will, or because you want it to?

Will you stop answering me with questions. I don't want to lead this thing.

They're never going to get it by the 27th!

Then I'll see you again when you deliver my lunch.

But, go easy on the mayonnaise next time.

I feel like a chav.

These things wreak havoc on one's lines.

I feel more comfy. Hey, guys.

More of them!

Steph, Frankie! You're not doing the finals without us.

Shawna, tell them what's going on. What's going on, B?

We got off on the wrong foot yesterday. So, let's start again.

Street dance for beginners.

Spread out. Just move like you are in a club.

This should swing it for the Royal Ballet...

Just slouch a bit. Do your own thing.

We don't do slouching, darling. So, improvise.

You know that's how street dance started.

In the streets, in the clubs. Ripping up the rules.

We're going to break it down for you...

Like Brook... locking...

Mac... popping...

Steph... breaking...

Come on, Boogie.

Steph, show them your house.

Frankie, new style.

Come on, Shawna. New style.

Finally, Mac. Krumping.

Come on. Pick a move and get practicing.

Young man, what are you doing?


Helene, can you please control your street people?

Dancers, Madame. Dancers.

That is a matter of opinion.

Chicken salad? Thank you, Eddie. How's it going?

It's painful, Miss.

You know it might make life easier if you let me run the classes with you.

Are you trying to tell me how to do this?

Well, you could do with the help, couldn't you?

We're doing a street dance... not a ballet.

So much for ripping up the rules.

He loves himself. Just your type.

What? It's one way of forgetting Jay. I don't want to forget him.

Well, I think the ballet boys are buff.

We're the teachers.

I'm getting my parents to call Mr. Harding.

I mean, they're not paying for disco dancing.

Dairy's deathly, you know? It's alright. It's okay.

Survival has arrived.

That's my lunch. Don't make me laugh.

Look, they can't dance our way without the proper fuel.

Can't dance? Did you just say that we can't dance?

That ain't dancing. That's just flapping about.

Well, at least I don't look like I'm having a seizure.

Whatever you say, tutu tits.

Tutu what?

You heard.

Food fight!

Discipline. Etiquette. Grace.

A few words I'd like to remind you of. This is not how we treat our guests.

I can only assume you know what you're doing bringing these characters in here?

You should be pleased, Mr. Harding.

Our students are finally showing some spirit.

Well, I'd rather see it in their dancing.

You've got to find a way to work together.

Get out of here. Have some fun.

Get to know each other.

After you’ve cleaned up this mess, of course.

Let's ditch them when the track stops.

Yeah. We've made the effort.


Looks like you're stuck with us. Come on.

Carly! Aaron, are you alright?

Are you on? We're up next. You been cool, yeah?

I heard there was a bust up with Jay? No, we're just having time out.

Is this your new crew? It's a long story.

Hang around and tell me later. We'll get a drink or something?

I will do. Good luck. Right, see you later.

Okay, you lot, you've got to watch these.

These were the UK Street Dance champions two years ago.

They're the best.

We used to have classes with them.

So this... this is what we're aiming for.

Who's Jay?

What's that mumbo jumbo you're writing? It's choreography for our routine.

You've got steps, formations, feelings.

What, and you're doing that? Yeah.

You are actually doing that?

I don't think making sandwiches is my calling in life.

You've got that right.

Justine, concentrate!

Five, six, seven, eight.




Glimmers of hope, Miss.

Tomas, relax a bit, please. You're forcing it.

Go back to where you started...

...and try doing it not pointing your toes. It looks a bit too pretty.

One and two and three and four...

Okay, I'm going to pick it up from this section, please.

Now, Isabella, I want you to try it with more attitude.

Five, six, seven, eight and one, two...

Stop there, please. Straight away, just slouch over.

Don't make it so upright.

No, no, no, you're not getting it!

Your arms are too flouncy and ballet.

Hands upright. Tight.

You should be able to do that, yeah?

What did I say?

Come on. We don't have time for this.

Oh, how sad. Crying over a street dance.

Oh, bite it, Chloe.

Listen, I'm sorry if I was a cow back there. Carly, it's not you.

Do you know... all my life I've been told to stand up straight, turn out posture, and now...

Now, they tell me I look wrong.

They say I've grown too tall.

They won't even put me up for the Royal Ballet auditions.

Come on.

I just... I don't know where I fit in any more.

Forget them, babes. You're with us now.

I feel bad.

Your students really put themselves through it.

They're nothing if not hard workers.

But, they really want to do ballet.

Making them do something else? I don't understand it.

Have you ever been to a ballet? What do you think?

Would you like to accompany me? I don't know. It's not really my scene.

How do you know... if you've never been?

Maybe she fancies you.

Get out. You never know with them arty-farty types.

Jay's a fool, you know that, right?

He's never going to call, is he?

Nope. Never in a million years.


You don't need him, anyway. It's all about Jay, though.

Stop putting yourself through it.

Tell you what...

What are you doing? You call him.

Have you dialled? It's on speaker. I want to hear.


Yeah, this is Jay. You know what to do.

Jay, it's Carly.

I know it's over with me and the crew and everything, I just wish you'd of said...

Just wish you'd said, 'you're dumped, muppet'.

Carly's taking us all the way to the finals with her new ballet boyfriend...

So, go suck on that 'time out', alright?

You tell him, rude girl.

That part of your life is now over.

It's time for the next phase.

Nice to see you. Nice to see you, too.

Are you some kind of ballet celebrity?

I used to dance.

Helena, darling. Oh, Michael.

I'm so pleased you could make it.

I wouldn't miss it for the world... you know that.

Michael, this is Carly.

An exciting young choreographer who is working with my students.

And this is Michael who is choreographing tonight's ballet.

I'd love to see some of your work.

Oh, we'll see if that can be arranged.

Well, enjoy the performance.

You're in every scene.

He's just an old student of mine. Oh, yeah.

What did you teach him, exactly?

I got goose bumps, like.

Oh, gosh... they never even said a word.

But you understood?

Not everything, but it was powerful.

I could feel what they were feeling. Good.

Remember that for your routine. But, that's ballet.

Think less, 'this is ballet', 'this is street dance'...

...but more, 'this is dance'.

But, we're still entering a street dance competition.

I mean, it's a different world.

Same world.

You'll have a stage and an audience.

What do you want them to feel?

Jay. I got your message.

It was Shawna, she's mad at you.

I'm sorry I didn't call you back the other day.

You said you needed time out.

I've missed you. Really?

Of course.

Look at you, where have you been? You look amazing.

You wouldn't believe.

Do you want to ask me in? Tell me about it.


It's me who should be apologising.

What will your ballet boyfriend think?

Probably pirouette you to death, if he existed.

You know I've been waiting for you.

And you're still going for the finals? Gonna try.

Are the ballet dancers any good?

Really good.

Problem is trying to get them to dance like us.

You know there's still a place for you? It sounds like you're managing just fine.

One minute I think we're doing good...

...then I think of 'The Surge' and we don't even come close.

Not everyone can be a winner. Well, thanks.

But... you've got to do your best.

Oi! Fred and Ginger, there is a queue.

Why now? I don't get it.

He said it was a time-out and he meant it.

Besides which... I'm a sex goddess.

He couldn't stay away.

Oh, yeah... forgot that.

The tone of the warm-up's changed.

That's because she had a late night last night.

Means Jay's back on the scene.

You know what? We should all go out tonight.

Check out some fresh moves.

Yeah, I'm on that. Now you're talking.

Yeah, I think so.

Do you want a drink? I don't drink.

So, what do you do?

I dance.

I can work with that.

Hello, babe. Do you wanna dance?

Shall we?

Oh, yeah, right now you're seeing it with your own eyes.

Ladies, make way. Make way.

I swear they must get off on those uniforms.

It's the UK National Champs.

It's the Surge, baby.

Let's get the others. The dance floor's open.

Anybody feels they want to step up to the challenge, it's on you.

Let's see what you can do. Let's do this thing.

So, what's the name of the game?

It's not a game, it's a battle. Just throw down some moves.

Let's get it popping, let's go!

Do you know what I'm saying? UK champs, baby.

Alright, what we got here? What we got here?

Are we ready?

Alright, then. Let's go.

Did you see that?


Okay, the ladies are getting involved now.

Hold it. Hold on. What is it?

There's ballet in the building!

I don't know, man. It kind of works, too.

I think that's called a pirouette, or something.

I don't know. But, it's all good.

See what Surge can do.

Oh, there's your girl.

We're going aerial.

360 aerial, baby!

Yeah. What have you got?

I don't know the name of this crew, but I'm looking for these people, for real!

That was cheeky.

My God, this is getting messy man. This is getting crazy.

Hey, all my people, how are you feeling?

Boy, I wish I could lift my arse up to do that.

Make me some noise for that move right there. I'm not joking with you people.

What you got?

Alright, Surge. It's on you.

Don't touch him... you're not worth it.

You didn't mind touching me last night, though.

Hold it down, hold it down.

It's okay.

Welcome to my world.

College fees don't leave a lot left over for fancy apartments.

It does have one redeeming feature.


Close your eyes. Don't be silly.

Come on.

Open your eyes.

That's not bad, is it?

It's beautiful.

This is where I do my street dancing.


Alright, check this out.

Honestly, what? Ready?

Alright, a bit more practice... but, I tell you, we'll beat those Surge guys.

No, we can't.

Who am I kidding? They're the best at what they do.

So do something different.

What do you mean?

You've got five ballet dancers in your crew... use us.

What, put ballet and street together? Yeah, why not?

It doesn't go. How do you know?

Come on.

What are you doing?

Put me down.

Now look what you've made me do. Oh, God. Come on.

Can everyone come together please, I've got something to say.

To those of you who know Jay...

...he didn't think we were good enough.

He didn't think we could beat the Surge, so he joined them.

Low life. And to the rest of you...

I've been trying to fit you into a Surge shaped box...

...and I'm sorry, we're never going to fit.

We're going to do something different.

I want us to be ourselves.

Just be our best.

Whether that's dancing ballet or dancing street.

We'll mix it all up. Make something beautiful.

And we'll win the competition because of who we are.

So, what we called?

Breaking Point.

Letters of concern from Isabella's mother... from Chloe's very rich and very generous father...

...worried that your street dance experiment is unsettling their daughter's training.

They needed to be unsettled.

You are corrupting the discipline of our best students.

I don't like to question your methods, but this does seem willfully perverse.

Is it a mid life crisis?

The street dancers were bouncing off the walls when they came in here.

Wouldn't you like to see that kind of exuberance in our students?

Hey, hey. Non.

It could transform their performances.

And vandalise the college.

Look, I'm calling time on this Helena.

We must focus on getting them into the best ballet companies.

And for that they need fire.

Believe me, we all want the same thing.

Carry on, we're just observing.

Found this class useful, Tomas?

It's invaluable, sir.

Carly is excellent.


Dope? I mean, very educational.

Much more joie de vivre, n'est pas?

I think I can see how that might put some attitude into their attitudes.

Very good. Please carry on, Helena.

But Monsieur, being dopey won't get them into the Royal Ballet.

Enough, Madame.

Is everything alright? Yes, good.

Good work.

You knew we'd gel eventually, didn't you?

Honestly? No.

Sometimes you just have to try things.

The Royal Ballet list must be in!

Rebecca! That's amazing.

What day are the street dance finals?

Who submitted them for this date? Does it matter?

It's the Royal Ballet.

The same day as their street dance performance.

Is that an issue?

It was Madame Fleurie, wasn't it?

We all want the same thing, Helena.

Well done, young lady.


I didn't know, Carly.

So, what you gonna do about it, then?

Unfortunately, there's not much I can do.

This has been the plan all along, hasn't it?

Get some mugs in to liven up your deadweight dancers and then drop them.

I didn't plan this.

Carly, there's something you have to understand.

These auditions are their street dance final.

And what about ours?

Why did you take me to the ballet and feed me all that 'this is dance' rubbish, knowing that you'd shaft us in a second?

We know.

They don't have to do their audition. Of course they do.

They've been training for this their whole lives.

Carly, we can do both.

We'll do the auditions and be there easily by four.

Do you think? Yes, definitely.

Then go and rehearse. Be brilliant.

We'll brain you if you don't get in.

We'll be there.

Go on.

What if they don't make it?

Good afternoon, Britain.

Yo. Are we having fun?

Good, good, good. Having a good time?

There's only two crews left.

Next on stage, reigning champions, The Surge.

We're on next, but they're not here yet.

I knew it.

Why don't we just go on anyway?

What? Are you stupid? Come on, guys.

If we start tearing each other apart again, it's all been for nothing.

You know, she's right. Yeah, man. Come on, guys.

If we want to be with them we have to go now.

Looking good.

Your old friend Michael's on the audition panel.

Who liked The Surge?

Don't get too happy though, they haven't won that trip to America just yet.

It's time for our last crew.

Breaking Point!

Come on, Breaking Point. Don't be shy.

Come on.

On stage now, or you’re disqualified.

Buck up, babe. They'll be here.

Okay, must be an additional item here.

Who are you? Who are you?

When did Eddie learn those moves?

A bit of old school.

Go on Eddie!

Where are they?

They've gone. Gone? Gone where?

To their performance. What?

To that thing... that, that... nothing!

No, not that nothing, Madame, that dance.

You have ruined their career.

What the hell is going on? Ask her.

I wash my hand.

You start talking.

Michael? Helena!

How long is he going to stay out there?

What is this? Extreme auditioning?

I heard you're ditching, Carly. Bad luck.

Get your hands off me.

Too bad we won't be seeing you on that winner's podium.

Who cares?

We don't need some tacky bit of metal to prove we're winners.

You can say it, but I know you don't mean it.

I feel sorry for you, Jay.

A bit part player in someone else's crew for the sake of winning?

I thought you had more ambition.

Can I have the next dance?

OK. Breaking Point, this is your last chance!

What? You're not serious?

What is this?


Bruv, we've won this.

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