Striking Distance (1993) Script

Police department, zone one. Sergeant Roberts.

The search for the Polish Hill Strangler continues... the wake of the discovery of yet a fourth victim this morning.

The nude body of Arlene Dunn of Mount Pleasant...

...was recovered from the Ohio River by Pittsburgh River Rescue.

The police had been alerted to the crimes by the killer...

...who calls after each murder to taunt them...

...and play the song ''Little Red Riding Hood.''

The police brutality trial of Detective Jimmy Detillo...

...came to a conclusion when the jury brought in a guilty verdict.

Detective Detillo was convicted for the May 20th beating of Leon Watson.

Watson remains in a coma in Mercy Hospital. The key to the conviction...

...was the surprising testimony of Homicide Detective Thomas Hardy...

...Detillo's partner and cousin.

Hardy was present during Watson's arrest...

...and testified that his partner used unwarranted force.

Sentencing in the-- Tommy.

Come on, son, we're gonna be late for the policeman's ball.

You gotta face them sooner or later. l feel like an asshole going to this.

We can't rule out the possibility that maybe you are an asshole.

You always were kind of strange.

It's no wonder with a role model like you.

You got that from your mother's side. Leave Mom out of this.

Okay, gladly. l see you got the boat fixed. Yeah, putting it in the water tomorrow.

So, what's the latest on Little Red Riding Hood?

Nothing new. We get close, he slips away.

We make a move, he makes a move. I'm telling you, Dad, it's a cop.

Maybe an ex-cop. Who knows? Uncle Nick thinks so too.

Did you talk to Nick about Jimmy? We talked around it.

Look, every cop in Pittsburgh thinks I'm a rat.

Why should Uncle Nick be different? You're not a rat.

You told the truth. Nick knows that.

Yeah, well, look where telling the truth has got me.

I know what you're going through, Tommy.

But you know what my dad used to say?

''Loyalty above all else...

...except honour.'' Except honour. Yes.

We're in pursuit of a murder suspect... a stolen '89 Ford, dark blue.

Licence: Robert-Harry-X-ray-715. Oh, damn it.

We crossed the 31st Street Bridge.

Not today. No. Suspect is armed and dangerous.

Repeat, armed and dangerous. Let's go.

Maybe I won't have to go to this goddamn policeman's ball after all.

Take Bigelow.


You don't have a date tonight? You're my date.

I didn't want you to be lonely.

What happened to that nurse? Nothing happened, she's fine.

It just didn't work out.

Well, you gotta give these things a chance, Tommy.

You know, that girl that works for Dutch is awful nice.

Is there some meaning in all this, Dad?


What? Yeah.

I'm not that grown up myself yet, Dad.

There they are. Go down the alley.

Jesus Christ.

A fire and two officers down in the southbound tube.

Send an ambulance.

We'll trap him at 2nd Avenue.

Come on, come on. Right here, that's good.

Give me a gun.

I got it.

Captain Hardy.

Get out of the car now with your hands up.

Uncle Nick.

Excuse me, is this the policeman's ball?

Nobody's going to the party until we get this asshole out of the car.

This is your last chance. Get out of the car with your hands up.

Here he comes.

Let's go.


Hang on.

He drives like a cop.

Pull up to him.

All right. Come on, fellas, easy. Easy.

Easy. Jesus Christ. Take it easy.

Watch the leg. Watch-- Come on.

Watch the leg.

My leg. You're all right. Come on.

Easy, now. Something's wrong with my leg.

Hey. Where's Dad?

Tommy. Tommy, listen to me. Where's my dad?


Oh, no. Oh, no.

He's been shot, Tommy. The killer got away.

Oh, Daddy. Daddy. Jesus Christ.

Look who's here.

Tommy, I'm sorry about your father. Thanks, Don.

You couldn't stay away, could you, Tommy?

You even had to come to the goddamn sentencing.

It wasn't bad enough you testified against your partner?

What, you come down here to gloat, you prick?

Hey, Uncle Nick. Hi, Tommy.

How are you feeling? l don't know.

How's the leg? Okay.

Damn shame. Jimmy was a good cop.

I don't wanna be here, Uncle Nick.

You're a better man than I am, kid.

Hey, Tommy, they got the guy that killed your father.

What? Bringing him up for arraignment now. ls this the Little Red Riding Hood-- ? Did you do-- ?

Look this way.

What is this? His name is Kesser.

What the hell is this? He couldn't even lift those women.

We have an eyewitness that saw him dump a body.

Are you a witness in this case? Sir?

What is going on here?

Even you said it was a cop. l said, could be.

Now we have a witness that said it wasn't.

When were you gonna tell me?

Hey, Dad, come on, let's go on in.

All right. Just go sit down, I'll be right with you.

Go ahead. Go ahead, sit down. I'll be right in.

Now you listen to me.

I don't want any problems with you. Do you understand me?

You should be glad we caught him.

Where is he?

A no-show at a police brutality sentencing?

They're gonna throw the book at him, Nick. Your son or not.

Hear ye, hear ye.

The criminal court of Pennsylvania is now in session.

Sentencing for the State versus Detective Jimmy Detillo.

All rise. The Honourable Judge Hellen Kramer presiding.

Mr. Gunther, where's your client? We don't know, Your Honour.

Jimmy. Jimmy, son, listen to me. Jimmy.

Jimmy, listen to Daddy. Come on down.

We'll talk to them. l promise, we'll work something out.

Mama went off this bridge.

You remember?

They never found her.

Come on, Jim, you don't have to do this.

Jimmy. Come on. Please.

Cops don't go to prison, Dad.

Cops don't go to prison. I don't go.

Hey, Jimmy, we can work this out. Now, listen.

What are you doing here? Are you gonna give him a push?

Jimmy, work it out.

Jimmy! Okay?

Hey, Tommy.

That's my partner. My flesh and blood!

My flesh and blood!

Come on down, Jimmy. Come on, you're scaring everybody.


No! No! Jimmy, don't.

Who's the best cop now, huh?

You, Jimmy. Always you.

Who's the best cop now?

Always you, Jim.

Come on, Jim. Come on down.

Come on. Come on, partner. Just take my hand.

Come on.

Come on.

Come on down.

Come on.

No! No!

No! Jimmy! No!

No! You motherfucker, Tommy! You did this!

Come on, forget it. Let go of him. You motherfucker!

You did this. Fuck you!

You did this, you motherfucker! Come on.


Oh, Bob. No.

Don't lick me with that fish breath.


Hey, Hardy.

I like this guy.

He's still on the sauce. He's probably sleeping it off somewhere.

He doesn't know the meaning of ''quit.'' He's a fifth-generation cop. He'll show.

Oh, yeah?

Who wants to bet, huh?

Twenty bucks says he don't show. Hey, take it.

You're on.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Tie that up for me, will you? Hardy.

Hardy! I've been calling you for a fucking hour.

A fucking hour.

You missed roll call.

Penderman's really pissed.

You look like shit. Did you fall off the wagon again?

It's five-o'- fucking-clock, man. You're a fucking mess.

I'm sick of taking shit for you, Hardy.

What am I supposed to put in the log?

You wanna get that stern line?

You're a real asshole, you know that?

All the guys in the division, and l draw this prick.

Hardy! You bastard!

Get some dry clothes on, Sacco. I'll catch you on the next run.

Goddamn it!

This is River Rescue. We have a 7-- River Rescue 9221, this is base.

Hardy. We have a 111, Shenango Works... mile south of Neville lsland, north shore.


Kim Lee, get Hardy.

River Rescue 9221, this is base.

Come in. -9221. Go ahead.

Hardy, this is Penderman. l want you to get back here and pick up Sacco.

Hardy? Hardy!

Malfunction on his radio, sir.

Like when you shut it off.

Jeff Schultz, Neville Township. Tom Hardy.

Where's your diver? He fell off.

Open it up.

Stand back, please.

Thirty-three thirteen, leaving Mercy Hospital.

Shot in the pump. Small calibre. Been in the water 48 hours.

Less. Twenty-four hours.

She's been dead 48 though. Somebody held on to her before they mailed her.

And thank you, Jack-fucking-Webb.

Who the fuck is this guy? Tom Hardy.

Tom Hardy? The infamous.

Hi, Sid. Hey, Uncle Nick.

How are you?

What do I have to do to get you to call me?

I call you, Nick. The phone's always busy.

Danny is back. You're kidding.

Where was he all this time? California someplace.

What'd he say? Nothing much. You know Danny.

So how they treating you down there? Good.

Good. l read Rossmore is retiring. Yeah, that's what they say.

You gonna be the next chief, Uncle Nick?

No, not me, kid. I'm just a Larimer Avenue dago.

Thirty-three ten, what is the location?

I hear they're gonna fry Kesser.

Yeah. That's what they do with killers.

I'll see you around.

Come on, let's go.

You know, Sid, when l grow up, I'd love to have a pair of shorts like that.

How's the wife, Eddie? None of your fucking business.

Oh, yeah, that's right. How would you know?

Hey, you're his partner. How's his wife?

Hey, let's go! Hey!

Eddie's picking on me again, Uncle Nick.

Nobody's gonna forget-- Shut up. Get the fuck out--

One of these days, it's gonna be just you and me!

You belong on the river, you fucking rat!

Workers discovered the victim earlier this evening in the Ohio River...

...her nude body wrapped in a sheet.

Police have identified her as Cheryl Putnam of Monessen.

Detectives say Miss Putnam, a stewardess for Transeast Airlines...

...was forcefully abducted from her own apartment...

...before being taken to another location, where she was murdered.

The brutal crime reminds many Pittsburgh residents...

...of the Polish Hill stranglings two years ago.

Homicide Detective Edward Eiler had this to say:

There's no connection here...

...other than the victim of a female, Caucasian persuasion.

The Polish Hill victims were strangled.

Cheryl Putnam was shot at close range.

Douglas Kesser maintains his innocence--

Don't move.

You picked the wrong house to rob, asshole.

Who you kidding, Tommy? You ain't got nothing worth stealing.

It's been a long time.

A good way to get yourself killed, Danny.

I wanted to surprise you.

Yeah, you surprised me.

Give me a drink.

I almost broke my fucking neck out there.

Don't know why you wanna live on a houseboat.

You and your old man should've burned this down a long time ago.

Thanks. All right.

How was California? Sunny.

Sunny? Yup.

You're out there two years and that's all you can tell me?

The Simpsons are on an hour earlier.

You still mad at me?

Yeah, well, l fucked up.

After that night on the bridge, I blamed you for Jimmy.


Yeah, l blamed me too.

l looked for you at the funeral. l couldn't deal with it.

Another funeral with an empty coffin like my mom's...

The fucking river took half my family.

It never gave them back, either.

I was wondering what happened to that picture.

You, me and Jimmy at my dad's cabin. All gonna be cops like our dads.


Brilliant idea.

Look at us now.

I mean, l'm a dropout. Jimmy's dead.

And you're one of those...?

Like a...? What? Water dogs.

Yeah, it wasn't your fault what happened to Jimmy.

No, really.

He had something wrong with him.

No, he did, like my mom.

And nobody noticed it until he beat the shit out of that suspect.

But l noticed it.

I never did anything about it.

You did the right thing.

Bullshit. You did the right thing.

Fuck them.

Fuck them.

So are you back now? Are you here for a while?

I'm back.

You wanna go get something to eat? No, I gotta meet a girl. l'll see you later, man. Okay.

Hey, Danny.

Welcome home, man.

Hey, Rus.

Hey, Kim Lee. Hey. How you doing, Hardy?

Who's Christman? Jo Christman. New diver.

What's he like?

Not what you'd expect.

Jesus Christ.

Come on in, Tom.

Tom Hardy, Jo Christman, your new partner.

She's a police officer, also qualified as a diver and a paramedic.

Hi, it's nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.

No. Okay.

Can l ask you what he said? No.


I hope she floats.

You wanna get that stern line, please?

All right, all right. Yes!

Shit. Get rid of the cups. Put them down.

Shut up. We didn't do anything wrong.

Good afternoon. Hello.

Give me the bottle. Let me rephrase that.

Give me the bottle now.

You know this is a no-wake zone? No, sir, l didn't.

It is.

Drive a little slower next time.

Wait a second. We have to give them a ticket.

No, we don't have to. Yes, they were speeding.

We have to give them a ticket.

Well, you better do it, then. I'm not sure I can stand the excitement.

Excuse me, sir, I need your registration.

Hardy, did you see that? Yeah.

Take the wheel.

Keep heading upriver.

Switch to Channel 8. Tell Penderman to send backup.

Get out of here.

River Rescue, this is 9221, over.

Land shark.



How many men upstairs?

Let me rephrase that.

Two, plus a pilot.

Close your eyes. Just close them.

Where's the rest of the money, man?

Where's the 200 grand? l say the word...

...he blows your head off. You fuck, you hear me?

Pittsburgh Police.

Now, we have two choices here.

You either put the guns down or we all start shooting.

I'll blow his brains--

Hey. Let us go. Jesus Christ.

Hey, man. Hey. Come on, untie us! Shit. Get us out of here.

Hardy, behind you!

Thanks, Dutch.

Hey, you did really good out there tonight.

Thanks, Hardy. Really good.

Thanks. Good night.

I never had a woman partner before.

Neither have l.

What a night.

You guys are understaffed up here.

Oh, no, baby. This is the new efficiency system.

See you tomorrow. l switched with Mary Jane.

Todd has Pirate tickets. See you Wednesday.

Goddamn it.


Who is this?

Who is this?

Who is this, goddamn it? Answer me.

Where are you?

Hi. Hey.

Hey, Tommy.

What are you doing here?

All the bars closed?

Just visiting some old friends, Eddie.

You don't have any old friends down here.

Who would know that better than you, huh? Scumbag.

Yeah, old friends. Goddamn it.

Motherfucker. Nick, he was in the Polish Hill files.

Hey. Hey, Tom.

Hey, listen, Tommy, what are those? What is that?

What? That, what is it?

This? Yeah.

Nothing, just some papers.

There's an old ltalian saying, Tommy:

''Don't scald your tongue on another man's soup.''

Yeah, there's an old lrish saying:

''Never listen to old ltalian sayings.''

I knew this was gonna happen.

The minute l seen you at that body, I knew it was gonna happen.

You just won't let go, will you? You want me to lay in some bed?

My father's in the grave two years--

The guy that killed your father is wasting away in jail.

Bullshit. A cop killed my father, and you know it.

Kesser never had the brains for this. You rolled over on Kesser. Why?

He was convicted by a jury of his peers based on evidence--

Why won't you answer me? l'm telling you!

I loved your father, Tommy, and l love you like a son...

...but your father is dead and this case is closed.

If you can't accept that, that's your problem.

But l'm telling you something.

I can take that gun and badge away for initiating an illegal investigation.

Is that what you want me to do?

Is it?

You do what you gotta do, Nick.

Hey, Hardy, we're out of our patrol zone.

Well, will you at least tell me where we're going?

I'm gonna go visit a friend.

I'll break here for dinner. I'll be back.


I'll just stay here and watch the boat.

Come on, man, shoot the fucking ball. You gonna break or what?

Get you something?

Yeah, l'm looking for a guy named Chicanis.

I don't think l've seen him all night.


Come here. Come on.

Okay, okay, now you're gonna tell me what you know. Who told you to lie?

Who told you to lie? l didn't lie.

Give me the fucking names or say goodbye, I don't care which.

Don't shoot me. Hardy.

Put up your gun. Now!

No, Hardy, put up your fucking gun.

Hardy, goddamn it!

This shit has got to stop. If you have a drinking problem... l wasn't drinking. You were out of control. l wasn't drinking! You're already on probation.

How long have you been a cop? What?

How long have you been a cop? How many years?

One, two years? Long enough to know the rules.

You know the rules? Maybe you overlooked the one...

...about partners are supposed to back each other up.

You have no business telling me how partners should treat each other.

I'm supposed to watch you put a gun to someone's head?

I wasn't gonna shoot him!

I was gonna talk. I'm trying to solve a murder!

What murder? Ninety-two, twenty-one.

Listen, Hardy, I hate to be the one to break this to you...

...but you are not a homicide detective anymore.

River Rescue 9221, this is base. Come in.

Go for Hardy.

We've got another 111, Hardy.

North shore, River Park. East of Glenwood Bridge.

Get the bow line. Yeah, this is Hardy, 9221. We're on our way.

Let's go. Now!

Over here! Right here!

In front of us, look.

Come on, over here. Come on.

We found a dead body.

Oh, jeez.


Mrs. Wilson, if the kids have any bad dreams...

...trouble sleeping, nightmares, call this number...

...and we'll send a counsellor out free of charge.

Right. Okay. Get the kids home now.

Kids, come on. Let's go home.

Why didn't you ask those kids if they saw anything?

Because they didn't see anything.

The body was dumped late last night. How do you know?

I used to be a homicide detective.

Round up the usual suspects, huh? Keep laughing, asshole.

Hey, Danny.

It's a sin what he turned into.

Sorry to interrupt your evening.

We got a dead nurse. Jesus Christ.

You stay here, you understand me? Don't move. You stay right here.

Absolutely, Dad.

I wouldn't wanna get in the way.

What a prick.

Paula Puglusi, she worked Mercy Hospital.

Same M.O. as the Putnam woman.

Guess who she used to fuck.

You knew her?


Oh, God, Tom, l'm sorry.

That guy that you were chasing back there...

...he has something to do with this, doesn't he?

He was a witness in a murder case. The Polish Hill murders?


I was one of the investigating officers.

Five women were strangled.

During a high-speed pursuit of the suspect, my father was killed.

This man Chicanis said he saw the killer dump one of the bodies.

And you don't believe him?

This was the case where you lost your shield.


I lost my shield because I said a cop killed my father.

Hey, Tommy. Wanna give her one more pop before they take her away?

How about I give you one more pop? What? Blow it out your ass, you lush.

Go keep the press out of Nick's face. Attaboy, Eddie.

That's enough, all right?

I thought you quit smoking.

The gum didn't work.

Who's she?

That's my new partner, Nick.

Not bad.

You didn't know nothing about that? No, why should l?

Hey. Hey.

You coming back to the force? Hell, no.

See what you're missing?


Hey, man. A little dinner?

We're going ltalian, big surprise. Didn't I tell you to stay up there? l just invited him to dinner. l just-- Go up there. Go up. l just-- Go up there. Go up there.

Jesus, he hasn't changed a bit. That's the problem.

Come over here, I wanna talk to you.

All right. So, what do you know? Nothing.

Dead body in the water, we fished it out.

Please don't play games with me. l'm not Homicide anymore.

I know that. I still wanna know what you know.

You don't wanna hear what I gotta say. Try me.

It's the same guy.

The same guy? As what? Are you talking about Polish Hill?

All the women had fair hair, good bodies.

Your type. These women were shot, not strangled.

Have to do better. Both had neck bruises.

They were bound, wrist and ankle. Check it out, ask Eiler.

Eiler said you know this girl. A lot of guys knew her.

A lot of guys weren't fucking her. Goddamn it.

What's the matter with you, Nick?

I didn't know better, I'd think you didn't wanna solve this case.

Go fuck yourself. Fuck you. Are you a cop or not?

You come up with some bullshit stories linking all these murders...

...and just because you say it, I'm supposed to swallow it.

Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you seen this girl?

He's putting the bodies in the water so l'll find them.


He wants me to find these girls.

You're crazy, you really are. You're crazy, nuts, that's it.

He called me. He called you?

That's right. The guy who killed these girls called.

And what'd he say?

He didn't say anything. Because you dreamed it.

Now get in your little fucking boat and get the fuck out of here.

Go catch a fish.

You're an alcoholic and you need help.

This isn't a joke anymore. If l were you, I'd go see a psychiatrist...

...get my head examined. Maybe you need a drink, Nick.

It might ease the pain of being wrong.

Get away from me, Tommy. Get out of my sight.

Nick, hey. Hey, hey.

Just one question. Hey.

Didn't l tell you to keep those people out of here? Am l talking to myself?

Am l in this world by myself? Get them people out of here.

Get them back up that fucking hill. Come on.

Put Grandpa back on. Okay.

Just a second. Hi.

Yeah, she sounds good, she does.

Yes, me too.

Okay, bye-bye.

Hi. Hi. Are you all right?

Yeah, l'm fine. I'm fine.


This is it. Sixteen months ago.

I didn't do it. I didn't murder anybody.

This witness is lying. He never laid eyes on me.

At least one member of the police department agreed with the accused.

Detective Thomas Hardy didn't earn any new friends...

...with this statement to the press.

No, I do not think Kesser is the killer. I think Kesser is the patsy.

There was information not admitted that should have been.

Can you tell us what that is?

All the women were stunned with police-issued Tasers.

Two of the women were called from police call boxes.

Shut up. The women were abducted from...

...areas where police response time is slowest. Why didn't you say it?

Why didn't you say it? Get out of here! Goddamn it!

A Pittsburgh cop did it, and you know it.

An official police report denied Hardy's accusations.

And as for Douglas Kesser...

...the controversy has not changed the outcome.

He has been sentenced to death in the electric chair.

Airtight case. Kesser was a drunk, drifter, no alibi at all.

He confessed to the murder of a man we believe was his accomplice.

Said it was self-defence.

But he denied any connection to Polish Hill.

However, we recovered evidence from the murdered women... Kesser's motel room...

...along with the gun that killed Vince Hardy.

Then why does Hardy think that Kesser was framed?

We got Kesser on an anonymous tip.

And Kesser's fingerprints weren't on the gun. lt was a police special.

The serial numbers had been filed off. So Hardy starts barking conspiracy.

He thinks the killer's a cop.

Did anybody else think Kesser was innocent?

Yeah. Kesser.

Well, Bob...

...he's either putting them in the Allegheny or the Monongahela.

That narrows it down.

This is Hardy here. Go.

Hi, Tom, it's Jo.

I was wondering if you were gonna go to the policeman's ball tonight.

I was-- Well, anyway, l'm gonna go.

I don't-- I don't really know anyone, so... l don't know, maybe l'll see you there. Bye.


Do what you gotta do. One drink.

Don't leave me out here. One drink, real quick. l'll be right back.

Who the hell does he think he is? l wouldn't show my face.

I'd be so embarrassed.

What the hell is he doing here? You believe the nerve?

You got a lot of balls coming here, man.

Captain, look who's here.

What's he doing here? Who does he think he is?

Hi. Hi.

You look...


Well, l'll take that as a compliment.

I didn't think l'd see you here tonight.

Nobody did.

Hey, Tommy, you made it. Good to see you, man.

How are you?

Come on, the whole family's here. Right over here.

Come on, you can bring your friend. Come on.

Hey, Dad, look who's here. Hey, he's got Tommy with him.

Tommy. Hey, Tom.

Hey, Aunt Marianne.

Come on, Aunt Marianne. Let him go. Come on, don't keep them waiting.

Tommy, good to see you, son. Hi, Uncle Fred.

Hey, coz, ain't you gonna introduce your date?

That's not my date.

This is my new partner, Officer Jo Christman.

Hi. Unfortunately, these are the Hardys.

My Uncle Fred. Hi.

Jo, nice to meet you.

My cousin Gary. Hi, how are you?

Don't fuck her. Yeah.

Tommy, Tommy. Oh, my God, Tommy's back.

You're so skinny. Come to our house to eat.

She's right, you're too skinny.

You gotta come and quit being such a stranger.

Now, since we're all together, I'd like to propose a toast.

To Vince Hardy. The best captain of Homicide ever.

Vince Hardy.

Vince. Vince Hardy.

Hear, hear. How about we drink to my mother?

She was a Hardy too.

Jimmy, how about we drink to him? All right now, son, that's enough.

Come on, it's kind of fitting down here by the river, don't you think?

Uncle Vince is dead. They're dead too.

You're gonna drink to him, you're gonna drink to them. To Jimmy! l said that's enough! No, it's not enough, goddamn it!

Get your fucking hands off me! Danny, that's enough. Danny.

Come on. For crying out loud, break it up.

Jesus Christ Almighty.

Break it up, goddamn it. Get off the lawn here.

Get him out of here. Come on, get him out of here.

Just get the fuck out, Tommy.

Let go of me. Let go, l'm all right. You don't belong here.

Me and you, Eddie. Hardy. Hardy, come on.

Anytime, jack-off. Hardy, come on.

Knock it off! Hardy, come on.

The best day of the year. Better than Christmas!

These policemen, they're all relatives?

No, they're just criminals dressed up like policemen.

How'd they all end up on the force?

Just part of some big, nationwide negative gene pool, I guess.

Don't do that, okay?


That thing where you're not really talking to me.

That's not the answer. Well...'ll do until a real answer comes along.

Hey, hey! What the fuck is the matter with you?

Get out.

Get out now!

That's right. You wanna sit around...

...have a few drinks and feel sorry for yourself.

Just go now, please. What is this?

You won't respect yourself until someone else does first?

Well, l respect you. I thought that it took a lot of courage...

...for you to walk in and face the whole department...

...when they're waiting to see you fall on your ass.

You're giving them what they want.

No, what they want is to keep me silent.

Stupid is almost as good.

Will you just go now, please?

Just go home.

No, I don't want to.

I don't wanna go home.

What are you doing?

So, what made you decide to become a cop?

Well, l mean, why would you wanna...

...put up with all the horseshit you gotta go through...

...being a woman and all.

When I was in college, my roommate was raped...

...and the campus police were only interested in keeping it quiet, so...

...l started poking around. l knew that the guy was white and very tall.

So l started checking out basketball courts near the campus.

And l took pictures of all the white players.

She identified him from one of the photographs I'd taken.

You caught the guy? Yeah.

This is the Pittsburgh Police Department.

Pull the car over now and stop the engine.

Stop the car now or l will shoot.

Take the wheel, take the wheel.

All units, this is River Rescue 9221 in pursuit of a murder suspect...

...heading west on the railroad service road, mile 16.

Suspect is driving a blue sedan and is armed and dangerous.

Send backup. All units respond.


Hold it steady.

What are we looking at here?

Oh, my God! Yep, it's definitely a rug.

Way to go, Hardy, you asshole.

What'd I tell you? l told you it was a fucking rug.

Hey, Tommy, congratulations.

I'm proud of you. We're all very proud of you.

You chased away a litterbug, blew up his car and recovered a carpet.

It looked like a body.

Well, then maybe you should consider a career change.


Let's just say...

...for the sake of argument...

...that it was the killer...

...and it was a cop.

It'd be very easy for him to figure out our patrol patterns, right?

Then he'd just be waiting for us to come along.

Exactly. He dumps the rug to make us look like morons. lt worked. Yeah.

Hardy? Yes.

There's something l should tell you.

Are you really a man?

No. Good.

But l was married to one.

A cop?

Worse, a lawyer.

That is worse.

We have a daughter. She's 4.

What's her name? Sarah.

Nice name.


Is that it?

We shouldn't be doing this and partners.

Yeah. We should be taken out and shot.

We should shoot each other.

Too much paperwork.

I'm serious, Tommy.

Well, maybe you should consider a career change.


Tommy, what's wrong? What's the matter?

There was another murder. Yeah.

Her name was Constance Cabrizzi.

I used to call her Connie.

You knew this girl too? l took her to the prom.

Amazing coincidence, huh? Me knowing all these girls.

I mean, you knew about the nurse.

And now I guess you know about Cheryl.

And now Connie.

You've gotta tell someone. Who would l tell?

How would l know l can trust them? I don't know how high up this goes, Jo.

What do you mean? lmagine if l told the wrong person.

You didn't do this. Why? Because it's an obvious frame?

Now I know why you've been so obsessed with this and with Polish Hill.

There is no ''this and Polish Hill,'' Jo, like they were two separate things.

It's the same killer.

He killed those girls in '91, he killed my father.

Now he's picking women out of my life, killing them in front of me...

...and putting them in the river so l'll find them.

You're scaring me. lt's scaring me too.

All the women in my life keep turning up dead.

You are not listening to me. I am telling you that...

...there is absolutely no connection between Polish Hill and these girls.

And if you print one hint of that in your newspaper...

...l am knocking you off this beat. You get shit from us from now on.


Goddamn it.

The tip checked out. Hardy went to high school with the Cabrizzi dame.

That's two out of three, Nick.

If we dig, l bet we can tie him to Cheryl Putnam.

You want me to bring him in?

No, we couldn't hold him with what we've got anyway.

But we can put him under review. I'll call lnternal Affairs.

You can't do an lA hearing unless he's been under surveillance for two weeks.

He's been under surveillance.

Close surveillance? lt doesn't get any closer.

Hello, this is Detillo.

Thank you very much, Officer Sacco. You may step down.

I'd like to call Detective Emily Harper.


It's Jo.

Raise your right hand. Do you swear to tell the truth...

...the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God? l do. Please state your name.

Detective Emily Harper.

Detective, you are a member of the lnternal Affairs division...

...of the Pennsylvania State Police, is that correct?

Yes. Tell the panel, please...

...about your last assignment.

The assignment had two parts: To rate Officer Hardy's competence... a member of the Pittsburgh River Rescue division...

...and to monitor his unusual interest in the Three Rivers murder cases.

You state in your report that Officer Hardy...

...consistently ignored his River Rescue duties... pursue an illegal investigation into the Three Rivers murder case.

That's correct.

To what do you attribute Officer Hardy's unusual interest in this case?

He believed that the murders were committed by the Polish Hill murderer.

A case he worked on. Yes, that's right.

Mr. Chicanis, a prosecution witness in that case...

...reported that Officer Hardy assaulted and threatened him at gunpoint.

You were forced to protect him by threatening Hardy with your weapon.

No, that's incorrect.

l drew my weapon as backup. Backup?

That's what l call it.

Officer Hardy was not out of control and dangerous?

At no time. At no time during that inci--

At no time whatsoever.

Officer Hardy is courageous and resourceful.

His values are the finest. I just wish we had more officers of his quality.

Excuse me. Excuse me. Well, that's my evaluation.

That's what you brought me up here for.

Thank you very much, detective, you may step down.

Ten-minute recess.

I'm sorry.

Why did you change your testimony? Why do you think?

You cheat good. Hardy.

Hi, Emily, it's your father. Sorry we missed you, honey.

Sarah just wanted to say hello.

She's enjoying her visit. Honey, listen...

...Mom and l will see you Sunday. Bye.

Hi, Jo-- I mean Emily. I'll never get used to that name.

I just wanted to tell you... took a lot of courage to do what you did today at the hearing.

Maybe we can talk. Call me. Bye.

Yes, Bob, I know you're hungry.

Christ, you're always hungry. Why don't you go catch a rat?

Let's see what our friends, the Coast Guard, have for us.

Let's see.


There's one.


That's 15. And...

There's nothing up there but cabins.

Jesus Christ.

Bob, will you get the-- ?

This is Hardy here. Go.


Kim Lee! No.

Oh, God! lt stops now!

Hands high, Danny. Put your hands in the air.

Where is she? Where's the girl? I know everything.

Where's who? Put that gun down. Put your hands up!

Hey, l got your fucking note. What note?

Oh, Jesus Christ.

for Detective James Detillo.

Detillo was convicted on three counts of assault and reckless endangerment.

The key to Detillo's conviction...

...was the testimony of Detillo's partner. His cousin, Thomas Hardy...

...a witness to Watson's arrest. Sentencing--


Hello, Jimmy.

I got you.

Oh, l got you.

I got you fucking good, didn't l? Admit it, huh?



What a world. It's really hard to believe, isn't it?

I jump off a bridge, l don't die. Go figure.

And you...

...being so-- Being so smart.

I mean, that must be a real comfort to you...

...especially at a time like this, huh?

Jimmy. Shut up.

Jimmy. Shut up. Shut your fucking mouth!

I loved you! You're my brother and you betrayed me.

You betrayed me for this worthless piece of shit...

...when you knew I was the best cop! You knew it! Say it!

Son of a bitch, say it! Say it!

Who's the best cop? Jimmy was the best cop!

Jimmy was the best cop!

What are you doing? l'm sorry.

Tommy, let's have a drink, huh?

Come on. Me and you, just like the old days.

Remember? Remember how we used to drink?

Look at me when l fucking talk to you! Look at me!

What's the matter? You're a drunk, aren't you?

Come on, drink. Drink it!

Drink it!

Too proud to drink with a dead man?


Well, maybe l should drink with your little dove.

Would you like that?

Hey. Hey.

Leave her alone, Jimmy. Shut the fuck up! Shut up!

So l'm killing all these girls...

He's riding right next to me wondering who's doing it, who's doing it.

We're investigating the crimes together...

...and l'm sitting right next to my partner.

You have been a very bad boy, Tommy.

You've been fucking your brand-new partner, huh?

Did you get fucked, honey?

Well, look, don't feel too special...

...because Tommy's made a career out of fucking his partners. l want you to let this girl go. Shut up!

Shut up or I'll kill you right now. Can you see this, honey?

Can you see this? Bye-bye, Tommy. Jimmy!

I like this game. l like this game.

You know why? Everybody dies, and they all die with Tommy's gun.

Now we got us a game.

Now we got us a game.

Say goodbye to her, Tommy. Jimmy, don't do it! Please, don't do it!

Now we got us a game.

Jimmy, no! Say goodbye to her, Tommy.

Say goodbye to her. Jimmy!

Jimmy, put the gun down, son, all right?

Please? Jimmy, listen to Daddy.

Put the gun down, all right? But what fun would that be, Dad?

It's all over, son. Put the gun down. Please. lt's just starting. Please!

I think Tommy has some questions for you.

Tommy? Comments? Come on.

Should l help him along, Dad? Jimmy, don't.

You know your dad-- God bless his lrish soul.

He was-- How shall l put it, captain? Jimmy, please don't.

He was sort of killed.

Captain, you wanna tell Tommy who killed his dad?

Come on, tell Tommy.

Come on, tell him!

Don't move or l'll fucking kill you. Don't move. Son of a bitch.


Get up!

You son of a bitch. Get up!

Stop. l'll kill you. l'm your son.

I'm your son.

Let me go.

Let me go.

Let me go.

Freeze! No, Vince!

Stop or I'll shoot! No, Vince. Vince, no!

No! No!

I'm sorry, Tommy. l'm really sorry.

I never meant for any of this to happen.

He was my son.

But it's over now...

...because we're going in together.


What are you gonna do, Dad? You gonna shoot me?

Come on. Come on, shoot me.

You couldn't do it before.

You just don't have it in you.

Shoot your own son?

There goes that-- There goes that gold watch.

Hail Mary, full of grace...

Who's the best cop?

A bullet-proof vest! Who's the best cop now, huh?

You motherfucker!

Come here!

Come on, Jimmy! Come on, me and you!

Go on. Run, you son of a bitch.


I just wanna talk to you.


Come on.

Tommy. Tommy, what are you making me chase you for?

Come on. Are you mad at me?

I just shot my dad.

Tommy? You kn--

Call me, Tommy. No, l'll call you.

Watch it. On the side.

Come on, follow, follow.

Fan out!

Coffey, get these handcuffs off me. Why are you handcuffed?

Where's Detillo? He's up there. Get these off now.

All right, hang on. Get up there, he's been shot! Get off!

What do you mean, get off? I'm not getting off.

Hardy, you son of a bitch!


Come on.


Fuck me.

Get away from me!

Stop it!

Stop it.


Come on! Come on, you could never beat me.

You could never beat me. You'll never beat me.

There it is.

You like to jump off bridges.


Who's the best cop now?

You gonna be all right?

Thirty-three twenty, what is your location?

Somebody take these handcuffs off me, please?

I need some handcuff keys.

I was a real shithead, Tommy. I guess you wanna take a shot at me.


It wouldn't do any good, Eddie.

On the other hand...



You're okay.

Grandkids, Dad.