Submerged (2005) Script

Imagine if you could sear images straight into the brain's neocortex.

Imagine if you could sear images straight into the brain's neocortex.

You'd only process incoming information...

...the way I programmed you.

You'd only process incoming information...

...the way I programmed you. I speak, you listen. I order... obey.

Mind control.

How about some doughnuts this morning?

If you buy, I'll have two glazed and a jelly roll.

Ambassador, first images are in from the Predator... at the Calderón Vilas Naval Base on the Atlantic coast.

Got any confirmation on the presence of an underground lab?


Halt! Stop it.


Stay inside. The Americans are watching.

Don't presume to give me orders.

Predator detects subterranean venting either side of this entrance.

The catchment dam must be their cover.

Somewhere under there is our lab.

Fire. Fire. Fire!

What's going on in there?

This guy may be able to tell us. He showed up a few months ago.

That's the best angle we've been able to get on him.

And those who have power give orders.

You sought my protection.

So never forget that you answer to me now. Okay?

Oh, I think of very little else.


I mean, Hilan is just an old-school warlord...

...overthrowing governments, setting up firing squads.

So, what does this mystery guy offer Hilan that he can't do for himself?

I need to tell the director something.

Maybe it's a local drug cartel.

All right. So the local drug cartel bribes three Secret Service agents... murder the ambassador?

And then they shoot each other. No one bribed them.

They didn't have to. Autopsies just came in. We got trouble.

Your mind processes information in a descending order.

Sound and image are the big boys at the head of the line.

Now, imagine if you could sear images straight into the brain's neocortex.

Once these relays are triggered... Maybe a code word or even a sound.

You'd process incoming information the way I programmed you to.

I'm not getting this. Mind control, Mick.

Hey, dumb-ass, I think we'd all appreciate it...

...if you kept your hands away from the explosives.

What do you say there, champ? Keeping it warm for you, Plowden.

Hey, Hammond. Yeah, buddy?

Keep an eye on friendly fire, will you? Sure thing.

Thanks, man.

How are you holding up there, colonel?

I'm good.

Hey, Plowden.

I got a shitty feeling about this one, man.

Well, that puts me at ease, John. Jesus.

Come on. We've been over this.

All right? You checked it out. We're cool.

Look, I'm just missing my boy.

I know you are.

But listen, he's at home, safe and sound, waiting for you to get back.

Yeah, you're right.

What about you? You get in touch with Kathy before we took off?


Yeah, I tried calling, but she didn't pick up.

I don't know. Probably at her mother's.

Or banging the neighbor. Or banging the neighbor.


Come on, we're going in clean. You know this.

No personals. All right?

Delta, ready to go.

Take care of this for me, please.

Jack Lord, come in.

Come in.

Yo. Are we cleared for landing?

Red Leader, everything is clear. Come join the party.

Roger that.

Lock and load, boys. We're on.

All right, let's move. Let's move. Let's move. Go! Go! Go!

Where the hell is our ground contact?

A civilian approaching, 100 meters, sir.

We've been compromised.

Should we call the helo back?

Colonel Sharpe, what are your orders, sir?

Colonel, your orders.

Colonel Sharpe, I need your orders, sir. She's approaching, sir.

Colonel Sharpe, I repeat, I need the orders, sir.

Hold it, guys, she's packing.

Sir, she's packing. Sir, I repeat, she's packing.

I'm taking her out, sir.

Moss, cover me. No, Plowden!

Cease fire. That's an order!

Everybody cease fire. Put your guns down.

Guns down. Get down. Get down.

Get down.

There you go.

Can you see her, Plowden?


It's your wife.

On the edge of the cliff.

She needs your help, Plowden.

Do you wanna save her life?

No matter what it takes?

Then you have to remember this moment when we speak next.

Am I clear? Yes, sir.

Very good.

This is three-five-niner from Rieback Naval Prison.

Requesting permission to land.

What's the matter, Cody? You forget how to salute?

Well, that's kind of frowned on where I come from, down in the stockades.

You got mail.

We need it to disappear.

Oh, I see.

Let me ask you a question.

What kind of damn fool do you think I am? I'm still in prison...

...for doing the same thing you're about to ask me to do again.

You really wanna spend the rest of your life in jail?

What about your family?

They're gone.

And your crew?

What about my crew?

I have the authority to grant all of you a full pardon.

Full pardon? A full pardon.

And 100,000 a piece. All right, 100 grand each.

Covers crimes and back taxes.

Who this? Target of interest.

Someone who we need terminated on sight.

That's just terrible. I don't do things like that. What if he not there?

Oh, he's there. Along with five prisoners.

We need them brought back for debriefing.

Why? Because they might turn out... some of your boys, Cody. Thorns in America's side.

Who the fuck is this?

Agent Fletcher. He's along for the ride, but you're in charge.

I'm tagging along to make sure you get coffee and a change of clothes.

Where my crew?

Long time, sir.

I see you're not wearing any handcuffs.

Yeah, well, I don't want you to make any assumption...

...on what I've done to get out of the handcuffs.

Is this gonna be like old times?

You gotta live to talk about old times.

So why is the president giving us our freedom and a Colt.45?

You wanna stay in jail and be buttfucked?

When I'm out of these shackles, you'll be buttfucked... cocksucking wop motherfucker.

Listen, Uncle Sam needs us.

What that means is, he got something sensitive that has to be done.

And if we do it right, we're all free and a lot richer.

If we do it wrong, ain't nobody know nothing.

And we're supposed to trust you again?

Look, it's easy, you know. You can come with me...

...we do it right, we get out, we're free.

Or you could stay in jail and get romantic with your boyfriend.

And what if we just take off?

Yeah, what about that? What, and you gonna miss the party?

Come on.

Colonel Cody, I'm Dr. Susan Chappell. I'm with the psychological unit.

Orders are to grab what's useful from Lehder's lab...

...and destroy everything else. Big orders.

Well, she's your problem now.

Shouldn't you warn Cody's men about what happened to the first team?

They're expendable.

And in case the agency didn't let you know, so are we.

You ready?

Let's go kill somebody. Okay. Let's boogie.

Nice uniform, Cody.

What's in the bag? Apart from my condoms...

...probably enough explosives to blow that dam from here to kingdom come.

All right, steady it down there, right there.

The Clinton's gonna wait for us outside territorial waters.

If the mission gets compromised, we're on our own.

Well, I'm used to that. I ain't relying on them, anyway.

All right, let's go.

Let's go!

Clear. Come on!

Where are you going?

I thought you wasn't gonna leave no man behind.

The saying goes, "I don't leave no man behind that I give a shit about."

Damn, Cody. What if there was an ambush down there...

...and Fletcher isn't a double agent?

We'll never know, will we?

Give me Lehder. We got trouble.

We've got new coordinates for the new landing zone closer to the coast.

And it's gonna be right about here.

Take them off.

Come on.

Don't worry, you'll get your chance.

Hey, you out on parole or on the run?

Well, that's decision pending.

Are you feeling vengeful, girl?


Our new landing zone should read "Starry Night."

You hear? Starry Night. You copy that?

Yeah, I copy. I'll be there.

Sir, it's from the Hawk.

It's coded.

Who the hell picked a new landing zone? Harding.

We don't know yet, sir. Had to be Cody or Fletcher.

Admiral, are you aware of these? Of course I'm aware of them.

They're Cody's old hard-assed Navy buddies.

That's who Cody wanted, that's who we gave him.

The same team he was in prison with.

He was in prison? The Damascus?

We put Cody and his team onto an allied sub... order to board the Damascus and to negotiate.

The Damascus was loaded with explosives, enough to take out Oahu.

Another 9/11, except at sea.

Then Cody forced the captain of the sub to torpedo the tanker.

So he disobeyed orders. He disobeyed nothing.

Passengers or no passengers, that tanker was lethal.

And he knew that before any of us.

Then the U.N. Got involved. They raised the roof, called it a travesty.

Cody and his team were put away. All political bullshit.

Now the question remains is, what the hell is he up to now?

Gentlemen, this is Damita, one of the best field ops in the business.

Hey, girl, how are you doing? Been a long time, Cody. Too long.

You said the Americans wouldn't send in another team.

And killing their ambassador was your stupid idea!

Product tested.

The only gratification a scientist ever receives.

Now another team of Americans has landed.

I don't know where, but they'll be coming here.

For that.

Our devices are portable...

...if you travel with the blueprints.

And they'll be coming here for you.


...I'm feeling threatened.

You know what happens to you if I die?

Can't say I'm not curious.

How about you, Plowden?

Are you gonna let this man push your family over the edge?

I'm not the war criminal here.

No, you're just an old soldier who wants to rule his country.

And needs me to make sure somebody somewhere is listening.

By the way... much is America offering for your head?

A little too late for that, don't you think?

Considering my value now.

Oh, and if you're looking for Americans, general...

...try walking the corridors.

At ease, soldier.

Cab's outside.

A little late, don't you think?

What about Sharpe and the other prisoners?

Don't worry about them. They're my Trojan horse.

Three men running a submarine?

You said you could run this on your own.

O'Hearn, engine room. I know, I know.

Jesus, this is all in Spanish.

Welcome to my world, ése.

In case Cody's team turns up, I've arranged for Hilan's army... give them a welcome, South American style.

She's got him.

All right, no noise or we're gonna have 2000 soldiers crawling up our ass.

The heat from the flames sears their throats closed.

They can't even scream.

Fucking sorry about the splashes.

Alligator, I see some people change in prison, but I don't think you do.

Sometimes change isn't such a good thing, Cody.

Well, that's true.

Let's take this place.

O'Hearn, what's going on down there? I need some power.

Okay, well, it's a fucking antique.

There's some sick shit up in here, Alligator.

Come on, hurry up.

Cody, we got trouble. There's a fucking army coming at us.

All right, Alligator, get the prisoners out the cages.

Get them in the sub. You got it.

You got 10 minutes, then get your white ass out of here, you hear me?

Get these men down from here.

Good idea. Did you even think they might be terrorists?

Just do it.

Doc, we need you in here right away.


I guess Lehder got away, huh? Get these men down from here.


Double-crossing son of a bitch.

Help me. Fucking hell.

Tell me you're Father Christmas.

Help me. Shit.

Now I want some answers.

Hurry up, they're breaking through.

Go, go. Come on. Move. Let's go.


Fuck them.


Here, catch.

Come on.

You all right?

Come on, I ain't no fucking babysitter.

We're submerged. So are they.


Who the fuck are these guys?

Henry, tell my boys to turn in their weapons to the armory, you hear?

Okay. Yes, Lu.

You're not in South Central now.

Yours, please, Chief.

Chappell. Cheers. You too, John Wayne.

Yes, sir.

Thank you. O'Hearn, give me flank speed.

We need to get this tub moving.

Cody, I need to talk to you.

Yes, ma'am. Chief?

Point this bitch to international.

So tell me, what do you got?

You know what our orders were, Cody.

Yes. And as far as I'm concerned, it was mission accomplished.

We went in there, destroyed the base, and took all the prisoners.

No, you didn't. Lehder's still on the loose.

Well, that's no business of mine.

Well, it should be.

This is the reason they wanted me to tag along.

Lucky Hilan wasn't the friend Lehder thought he was.

What's on this?

It contains all the files related to Lehder's work.

Take a look at it, see if you can access it. It might explain a lot.

Don't lose it, it may be the only thing that keeps you alive.

Then let's just hope this don't kill both of us.

Just keep the data disk safe.

I wouldn't count on that pardon if you lose it.

You ain't lying about that.

Hey, Luis.

Float that radio buoy.

On a ship full of scary guys, I think us girls should be comparing notes.

Ain't that right, Henry? Whatever.

Chance of a threesome, girls?

So, what are you really doing here?

That's classified information.

You ever killed anyone? The day ain't over yet.

What, so you think you know how?

No. But I'm sure you're gonna show me.

Well, here's my knife.

So why don't you try and stab me, then we'll take turns.

Lesson one: I don't like secrets.

Lesson two: I've known Cody a long time.

My turn now.

Lesson three: Don't judge a book by its cover.

And five years in the Marine Corps doesn't hurt either.

Sir, sonar's picking up sub movement.

Oberon class, twin screws...

...front and rear tubes, 25 clicks.

Let me guess. Point of departure, drop point Bravo.

Am I right? Yes, sir.

How is he?

If you need help, I'll be in the engine room.

You all right? Yes, sir.

Something's not right. I know.

The drill is, it's not over until they say so.

I wrote that book, y'all stealing my copy.

Well, I'll be babysitting the guns if you want me, okay?

Is there a problem?

Well, yeah, kind of.

Tell me. Tell me, tell me. Why do I feel so strange?

What do you know about Kelin Dyle...

...and what's that got to do with the terrorists we've got on this sub?

The guys in sick bay aren't terrorists.

They were the first strike team sent to get Lehder.

They were soldiers. Just like you.

Good soldiers.

These are our guys?

Tell me. Why am I chaining up good soldiers?

Because they're not. Not anymore.

You can do it.

Lehder's brainwashed them. Come on. Come on, now.

They're the enemy now. And there's no going back.

Why didn't you tell us? It was all about brainwashing?

Need-to-know basis. You know the sick part about that is?

I need to know. I needed to know a long time ago.

Find my boys, bring them down here, Right away. I have to brief everybody.


You done?

Let's sink this sub.

You trust this putita?

O'Hearn, what's going on? We're still not running on full power.

I'm going upstairs to check the ballast.



I don't understand. If they're not terrorists, why didn't they tell us?

I think we're all expendable. Just like the first boys that came in.



I'm thinking about taking that A-team group...

...throwing them in the Zodiac, and pointing them towards the Clinton.

I think we're gonna have to get off this sub.

Get the boys, bring them all here, we'll take a vote.

You got my vote.

Fuck. We're all gonna drown on this piece of shit.

What are you, fucking lost?

Don't you move. Don't you fucking move.

Cocksucker motherfucker.

I'm taking over this sub.

Well, then you just gonna have to kill me, I guess.

What a shame.

Use it or lose it.

U.S.S. Clinton, U.S.S. Clinton, do you hear me?

Change the course. Bring us down.

You heard him. I ain't no fucking brave guy.

Why, you fucking pricks.

U.S.S. Clinton, this is Alcatraz. Do you copy me?

Lehder's men are on the loose and in control of this sub. Do you copy?

Do you think you know how to steer a submarine?

Can she?

Now. Submerge this fucking sub.

U.S.S. Clinton, do you copy?

Operation Alcatraz, please stand by. We're locking into your coordinates.


I radioed the Clinton. I told them about Lehder's men.

You did what?

You might've just signed our death certificate.

Cody or no Cody, Lehder's men must not dock that sub.

If it surfaces, launch.

Alcatraz, do you copy?

No response, sir. Oh, shit.

Get back.

Bring her up. Save the sub.

Do it now.

Elvis, that's the last man you'll ever fucking kill.

He's moving the sub. What are you doing?

Nothing. The poor guy's dying. I'm trying to help.

Get away from there.

Why are we going up?

Nine hundred feet and rising.

Submarine is beginning to surface. Prepare to lock and launch.

I said, take her down.

Do it or you'll all die.

Prepare to launch.

I'll go get a lifeboat.

Alligator, we got three minutes. Aye, aye, sir.

Do it.

Two minutes.

Oh, man.

Well, I suppose it's better than rotting in prison.


...I guess there's three of them buried out at sea.

Inform the White House. Situation contained.

Yes, sir.

So where's my money? Money?

Yeah, what we agreed on for my cooperation.

Half now, half on achieving your objective.

We'll discuss it when we get inside.

Who do you think assigns what those satellites see? Nobody's watching us.

Maybe you forgot, Ari. You're dead. I didn't forget.

Hope they don't.

So if you're dead...

...I'll show you around.

So thanks for the ride.

There's one for take.

That pressure on your neck, from here on in...

...that'll be your new boss, Sandrow, tugging on your chain.

Oh, you're not important. Why doesn't that surprise me?

I'm just a scout poaching the talent.

Fletcher. What?

Guess who just showed up at El-Diablo.

Cody? Yes, sir.

Oh, Jesus. A tug on your chain, Fletcher?

Except he doesn't just tug.

There's a demonstration at the plaza.

I'll make sure our driver makes a detour right into the middle of it.

Can you get someone to meet them when they get there?

That's why I get the big bucks.

I love working with professionals.

On that disk, I saw the name of a company.

Kelin Dyle in Montevideo. So what?

Let me tell you something. When he finds out we got the disk...

...he's gonna come hunting for us.

So where are we going? Hunting for him.

Are you ready to dance with the devil?

Already have, on too many occasions.

Dr. Adrian Lehder, allow me to present Señor Albertos Sandrow.

Dr. Lehder, welcome to Fantasy Island.

I hope everything is to your satisfaction.

We carried out your instructions to the letter.

Your living quarters are down the hall. I trust you will find them comfortable.

You know, that is what the general said to me...

...just before America blew that dam over my head.

Well, governments tend to overreact to risk.

Corporations, we see potential earnings.

Even when they're from the same country?

I don't vote.


And that's the problem.

Because our newly elected president is no friend of big business.

This young lady is a very valuable commodity.

She's engaged to el presidente.

We need her back within the hour. Enjoy, doctor.

Get her on the machine.

This Lehder. What do you think? Is he a man we can trust?

Absolutely not.

He won't take orders. We need someone more pliable.

Someone we can work with.

I think Cody and his crew surviving may have just solved our problem.

I don't understand. Leave him to me.

I need you to bring in Susan Chappell.


So, what's that?

It's a derivative of scopolamine. Nazis used it as a truth serum.

It causes disorientation. Paralysis at very high dosage.

I use it as a primer before subjects are prepped for mind conditioning.

Slow it down. Sandrow told me to take down detailed notes.

Sure, go ahead. Okay.

But I doubt you'll remember it.

You know, I kind of like that we're walking into a full-scale riot.

Kind of gives us a distraction, don't it? They're beating on each other.

Just like a real English soccer match, huh?

I don't know. I never seen any English soccer match...

...but you can bet your life there's somebody close to us...

...orchestrating this whole thing.

And I'm just willing to bet...

...some of Lehder's men are waiting for us somewhere around this plaza.

So, what you got in mind now, Cody? You know something, Henry...'s either, let them come for us or we go for them.

They already took their shot. I say we go for them.

I second that. But I'll tell you one thing:

If you wanna catch some catfish, you gonna have to have some bait.

I got him. First floor, 12 o'clock.

You see that? Got him.

Do your thing. Okay.


It's your boy Plowden at the hotel.

He has Cody in his sights. He won't listen to me. Deal with him.

Is this transmission fully encrypted? It's a satellite telephone.

Of course it's encrypted. Just give the fucking order.

Listen to me, Plowden.

Do you wanna help your wife on the cliff edge?

What do you want me to do? You have to take out this Cody.

You got it.

Happy? I will be when Cody's dead.

You let me know as soon as that goes down.

I can see the woman.

You're coming with us. Understand?

Hey. What are you doing?

Hey. Hey!

Everybody stand down, stand down.

Safe house, 1300.

I'm guessing you're not room service.

So you also have brains.

What's gonna be your next move, soldier?

Do you think I'm here to play fucking chess?

Finish this.


How's everybody doing?

Don't worry about Chappell. The U.S. Will take care of her.

Fletcher's been showing interest in Kelin Dyle.

Kelin Dyle? A local technology-based company.

Owned by a guy called Sandrow.

Damn. That name just won't quit.

What's a private company want with Lehder?

What do we care?

We care because we don't know who Lehder might've got to.

We have to finish this ourselves. We already know too much.

They're not gonna stop till we've been terminated.


I know that knock.

What'd I miss? Trouble.

Thought you might like this.

In case you need to reach out and touch someone.

We may have to do that.

Luis, think you can decode this satellite phone?

A beer, sweetheart. I'm spitting fucking feathers over here.

Get it yourself. Have you met Cat?

She's one of our operatives.

So, what do you mean, we got trouble?

This here's an intel report.

Fletcher's already made contact with the new ambassador.

Ain't that a bitch?

So, what can we do?

Well, I got a little idea. It's not much, but...

I'll pay the ambassador a visit. Let's hope...

...Fletcher hasn't introduced him to Lehder yet.

And if he has?

You have a visitor.

Dr. Chappell, my name is Ron Higgins.

I'm the new U.S. Ambassador.

Posted here after that incident at the embassy.

Is there somewhere we can talk? Yes, there is. My car's outside.

I have Cody in my sights.

What do you want me to do?

Lehder, it's for you.

Hang up!


What the hell are you doing?

Admiral Burgess got an EP-3 spy plane circling in the sky.

Who do you think he's just picked up on radar?


First you better tell the admiral that Agent Fletcher's a traitor.

And that Adrian Lehder's on the loose.

Thank you.

Actually, Lehder's pretty tied up right now.

And "traitor" is a little harsh.

Where was the signal pinned to? A security-compound office-complex.

Right here, sir. We have satellite overview?

It's not on the grid. It's been classified off-limits by Agent Fletcher.


You didn't kill the ambassador for taking those surveillance photographs.

No, we had to kill her...

...because she didn't understand how we do business down here.


You're staying alive, doctor.

My way, you can let us know how Lehder's doing his job properly.

Their way, it's a shovel and bag of lime outside town.

You think about it.

Ambassador, do you know who owns that building?

I don't know what company owns the compound you're talking about.

You want me to wake the president and ask him?

No. Do nothing until I call you back.

How do you like my new office?

Spending taxpayers' money?

Don't worry, they won't miss it. Please, after you.

So you're gonna hand-feed Lehder.

That's what you sold them on, Fletcher? Damn, you're good.

Don't worry, guys. I'll take it from here.

Mr. Ambassador, I'm Cody. I think you've been expecting me.

Yeah, you're late. Yeah.

I just hit country and got kind of busy.

But you might wanna give me a minute of your time.

Sorry, we're late for the opera.

What I have to say is a little more important than the opera.

Excuse me. Does the name Kelin Dyle...

...mean anything to you?


You don't sell big business, you excite them.

Mind control. Hell, they were salivating.

You should've seen the retainer. Kind of Ionely being dead, though.

You know, if I had the option...

What did I just say about a hard sell?

If it excites you.

Yeah, the thought of you excites me, only... never know what you might've picked up on that submarine.

We have reason to believe you've been exposed to certain information.

If you were in contact with Fletcher, a known double agent...

...they probably will remove you from your post.

I appreciate the heads-up.

What do you want me to do?

I need to take your place at the opera beside Sandrow.

If there's anything else I can do, just let me know.

There might be something.

Welcome to Hollywood Squares. After you, doctor.

Brought you a present, Lehder.

She's a fan. Been studying your work since boot camp.

Thought you might be able to persuade her to join our happy team.

You want me to train my own replacement?

What, is my job being outsourced?

Looks like you've been busy, doctor.

You really underestimate me, Fletcher.

So tell me, Henry. We get given money to go shopping, yet... decide to dress down like a homeless man to get into the opera.

And that's your plan. Listen, my friend.

In my book, Only queers and penguins go to watch the fucking opera.

If you need to fucking dress up as a penguin to get in, that's fine.

I got a reputation to think of, so I'll stick to the back door, all right?

I know your reputation, ése.

You're a back-door man. Come on, fellas. We're late already.

Hey, step on it.

I'm in.

I've got into the Kelin Dyle business account.

There's upward of 250 million dollars.

Think of the research I could fund with that money.

Bad news, Lehder. Cody has the data disk.

All your files, your little experiments.

Looks like the hunt's gonna continue.

That's why I decided to retire.

Sandrow thinks I'm taking care of his little political problems.

That's just a diversion.

Are you ready to transfer those funds?

Yes, I'm on it.

Cody's missing, but his team is still with our man, heading for the opera.

So take care of it. Pulling on your chain now, doctor.

He's always been two steps behind.

By the time the fat lady sings, I'll be long gone.

And what if Cody gets to Sandrow before you do?

What? You think he's gonna waltz in through the front door?

Mr. Ambassador. I'm so glad you could make it tonight.


Mr. President.

Mr. President.

Ambassador Higgins. Honored to be here this afternoon.


I understand you are working with some of our big corporations.

Oh, you mean like Kelin Dyle.

That planned expansion is troublesome.

You're sitting in the same box with Sandrow, the owner.

Tell him...

...I will discuss the ethics of this with him later.

What the fuck is he doing?

Shit. We're being fucked.

Get off of the fucking steering wheel. Go, get over there with him.

We're being fucked here.

Luis, get it.

Just relax.

Get it.

Get us out of here!

Luis, get us out of here.

Fuck, there!

Who are you? A friend of a couple of your friends.

I was wondering if we could have a frank discussion for a moment.

By all means.

I was wondering what a man like you...

...would be doing getting into business with a man like Lehder.

Isn't that kind of dangerous for you?

We all woke up in a world...

...where it was more cost-effective... control public opinion rather than cater to it.

That's a good answer.

I, too, have always been impressed with the mind-control program, but...

...what's much worse is when private enterprise gets involved...

...and uses this kind of thing for their own agenda.

That's when I get called in.

You've now become poison.

That's why I've been hired. I'm the antidote.

Come on, we gotta watch Cody's back.

Luis. Okay, you're a good boy.

Do you think you could call back a little later?

I need the access codes... transfer company funds into my own account.

And I have very limited time for your response.

Look up to your right.

The account code is Alpha 8. Alpha 8.

Delta 6. Delta 6.

One... One...

Excuse me just one second.

Lehder, why is it that everything has to be about money?

I'm very disappointed in you.

I'll get that money.

The world is full of people who wanna fund my kind of work.

Ticket, señor.

Here's my fucking ticket.

Where's my chopper?

Hey, what about the opera? Call off the drones.

There's no point anymore.

No point?

It'll look great on my résumé.

I'm one of the good guys.

Come with me.

You and I are gonna walk out of here nice, easy, like we're friends.

The chopper is waiting.

Bring her along for the ride.

Who knows, she could come in useful.

Lehder. You can't leave me here.

They're gonna blow this place sky high.

Then let me make this painless for you.

Set this to overload.

You know, I've only had this car a couple of weeks, you know?

I'll kill you, Lehder.

Come on, move. Move.

You... You can pull up at the guard station. I'Il... I'll get you in.


Come on. Where's the girl? Go get her. Hurry!

Okay, okay.

Go on, get out of the car, slick. Come on, now. You're too slow.

No! Stop. Oh, my God. I'm your boss. I paid your wages.

Come on.

Oh, fuck.

"I don't know, man. These taste kind of like rabbit poop to me."

And he said, "See, you getting smart already."

I'd like to make a toast to our brothers and sisters...

...who died like warriors.


Luis, tell everybody how long you were in prison for...

...and what kind of activity you had in prison.

Bubba? They want a Bubba story? Tell them what happened.

You have a life-changing experience, Luis?

Let me just put it like this:

Bubba will never ever try that again to anybody.

But you know what?

How you think he got all that fancy highfalutin clothes, man?

How you think he got all that money?