Submerged (2016) Script

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Come on, come on.


Holy fuck! Holy fuck!

Come on.

What the fuck is going on?

Amanda, are you okay? What happened?

We crashed. We're in the water!

Just gonna take a blind fuck out of here right now!

It's so fucking dark, I can't see anything!

Look. Come on.

Someone help us please.

Check for Matt. He-e-elp!

Help! Please!

He-e-elp! He-e-elp!


Jessie! Jessie!



Come on, wake up. Wake up, Jessie. Wake up.


Ow! God!

Oh, yeah.

Come on.

Fuck! Fuck!

Carla's hot.

Jessie, what're you doing here?

It's nice to see you too.

Why weren't you at the airport?

God, you're so serious.

Hey, Mr. Searles. Hey, it's Matt.

Yeah, I'm at the house, she's here.



He wants to talk to you.

Hi, daddy.

Oh, I'm sorry. I-I-I told you not to send the plane.

I rode with a friend.

Yeah, I love you too. Bye.

He's not happy.

Can you blame him?

I'm not a kid anymore.

I went to NYU to get away from this.

Whoo! I see a couple of babes.


Oh, I'm so excited! Aah! Whoop!

Hi! Whoo!

Hey! It's hot.


Hey, baby. Hi.

Oh, look at this. Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!

It's, uh, good to see you, Matt.

It's been a while. Brandon.

It's a nice bike.

Yeah, man. Yeah, it's okay.

Are you kidding me? Just okay?

Look at this. MV Augusta F-4.

Horizontal in-line four, Brembo brakes precision racing all around?

Yo, baby, you gotta get me this.

Yeah, okay. This is super-boring.

Alright. Let's get wet. Come on.

You know your bikes, Eddie. Hey, aeromechanics, man.

Come here. Wanna go in?

Uh, yeah, I'll be a minute. Right.


Later, Matt.

You have gotten old and grumpy.

Uh, I'm sorry, okay?

I'll call next time.

I'm just glad you're home okay.

Please! The door's not opening!

You have to try to open the fucking door!

The water pressure's too much!

You're not gonna get that thing open!

What? Todd!

Unless you equalize the pressure inside and out you're not getting that damn thing open!

How are we gonna do that, Spock?

It has to be completely flooded, alright?

Jesus! It's not filling up fast enough!

We'll run out of oxygen by then.

How long? How long till that happens? How long?

Look, I don't know, okay? Hold... hold on! Jesus!

Now, besides the leakage you gotta remember this thing is airtight.

We're not in a regular car, alright?

Look, there's supposed to be an emergency oxygen system.

I can't tell if it's activated or not.

Speak fucking English! Todd, I don't know!

Matt, Matt! Jessie!

I think they're dead.

Jesus! Fuck!

Matt! Matt!

Matt! Jessie!


Here. Mmm. Stop it.

Come on. Let me get one more. One more. -No, man.

No, please. What?

Come on. Please.

What's the matter? U-uh?

Oh! You don't like seafood?

Oh! Nope?

No! U-u-uh!

Uh, no, no, I don't.. U-u-uh!

That's so gross.


You got your driver's test again next week.

You ready?


Hope so. You're gonna be 18 soon.

You don't even have a driver's license.

Thank you for reminding me.

I'm just sayin'.

You're gonna be graduating in a few months, you know.

Doesn't even have a car to drive.

Pass and we'll see.


So, so you get a raise?

Hey, Dylan.

Hey, what's up, Brandon?

Nothing much, you know, just gettin' off work.

Oh, you work here? -Ooh, yeah, I work in the kitchen, uh.

That explains the hair I found in my food.


Happy birthday, Jess.

Oh. Uh, thank you.

Yeah, well, um, listen, I got to go.

Uh, yeah. I'll, uh, I'll call you later, man.

Better. Bye.

Sorry, kids. I gotta take this.

Your brother's cute.

He keeps calling us kids. Does he have a girlfriend?

Why? Are you interested?

No! He's like a big brother to me.

What? What does that make me?

Hey, Carla, what's up?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

What's up, guys?

How's it goin'? Hmm?

What are you eating? Shrimp?

I love shrimp.

No, no, no. I'm just at, uh..

Uh, yeah.

Yeah. I'm just at, uh, the Social gettin' a bite.

Gonna hand me that wrench, or what?

Don't know why I'm helping you when you won't even let me take a look.

You gotta earn it. Come on.

This is a pressure gauge.

Whatever. Let me take a look.

Hey, hey, hey, hey. No.

If you wanna see it, check the photo.

You really think it's gonna look like this?

That's the plan.

I hope.

Thanks, Matt.

I mean it. Really.

You doing this for me, it..

Means a lot.

Who's that? Uh, no one.

I, I gotta go, so see you later tonight?

Yeah. Okay.

Hey, D. How're we doin'?


That ride is sweet, baby.

Brother's gonna flip when he sees it.

You 'bout to spoil that kid.

The seats you ordered fit like a glove.

Thanks for the hookup, man.

Speaking of the hookup, give me the details, homey.


Why are you even here? 'Cause I like tinkering.

Come on now. Carla.

I gotta pick up Searles in an hour. Is the car ready?

You gonna do me like that? Yeah.

I'm a happily married man. You know what that means?

I live vicariously through you.

Come on now. Details.

So, when I left you the other night she was all over you.

I took her home early. Why?

Because I don't know if it's such a good idea dating someone that works for Hank Searles.

Why you trippin'? Is the car ready?

Yes. I had the guys give it a once-over.

Which is what you should have been doing with old Carla.

Yeah. Now.

Check it out.

It's a limo. No, it's a limo on roids.

We spared no expense on this bad boy.

Bulletproof glass. I'm talkin' Kevlar.

Power-secured locks. Blast-resistant underbelly.

This shit right here is built like a tank and it drives like a sports car.

Only thing it doesn't do is shift into hyper speed.

Try it out, Skywalker.

Take Hector for a ride.

What do you think of the new ride?

I'm thinkin' about movin' in.

Reports are coming in that.

Searles Industries is expected to lay off at least a 1000 more employees by the end of this week.

This marks the third consecutive round of layoffs from newly appointed CEO Hank Searles who took the position over from his father and losing the India bid to which could have been a billion dollars worth of airplane contracts.

Mr. Searles, Mr. Searles, please, give us a comment.

Just one comment, please.

Okay, look, my grandfather came here with nothing and he built this company from scratch.

And we've been very fortunate, but in today's climate when most of my competitors are sending jobs overseas I'm doing everything I can to keep them here in this town.

Unfortunately, that means having to make some cuts.

But what about all the families? I'm sorry.

All the families that are losing everything?

Mr. Searles, please, one more comment!

I feel like working off some aggression.

Looks like Uncle Sam's been keeping you on your toes.

You did pretty good too.

Not bad for a lefty.

I owe all the credit to your old man for that.

He did like to shoot. You don't?

Nah, I did a tour. Saw enough of it.

Listen, Matt.

You've been driving for me since you were a kid.

I'm sure you know that my daughter's the most important person in my world.

What you don't know is how many threats I've had to deal with on her life.

Threats that she doesn't know about.

And I wanna keep it that way.

I want you to start carrying this.

Pull! Oh, fuck!

Come on!

The intercom's fucked!

Come on!

Fuck, why isn't it fucking working?

Stop it! Please! Please! Fuck! Son of a bitch!


Hey, it's gonna be alright.. I can't..

Brandon, stop hitting the window!

You're not going to get it open!

What are we going to do? What are we going to do?

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Oh, my God, what are we gonna do? We're trapped in here!

Get her to shut the fuck up! Hey, don't yell at her, alright?

Guys! Guys, calm down!

Wait, wait, wait. What is that? What is that, Matt?

Shut the fuck up! Matt! Matt!

Relax! Please!

Shut the fuck up! Matt, can you hear us?

Yeah, I can hear you. The intercom's working.

Everyone, shut up!

We, we need you to roll down the barrier.

Matt, is that a phone?

It's a fucking phone! Is that a phone?

Come on. Come on. Why isn't he picking it up?

Answer, Matt! Why don't you answer the goddamn phone?

Fucking answer it right now! Come on.

Why aren't you doing anything?

Matt, answer the damn phone!



What's up?

How was your driver's test today?

I forgot.

What are you doing in there?

Playing video games.

What happened?

Come on, man. Don't ignore me.

What happened?

I got into a fight. Yeah, no shit. With who?

Who cares? It's not a big deal, okay?

I care, okay? This is the third time in a month.

I can take care of myself. Obviously not.

It's not your problem, Matt.

You're my brother. It's my problem.

Okay, well, you used to get in fights all the time.

Yeah. I'm not proud of that.

There's a way to get along with people, Dylan.

You don't have to do that. Stop!

Stop pretending you're dad or something.

Get a goddamn life!

I have a life.

It's called taking care of you. Really?

Well, I hardly ever see you because you're always out with some mystery girl that I've never met!

I barely get to see her because I'm busy out there busting my ass to put food on the table for you!

I don't mean to sound ungrateful.

I just don't want you to waste your life on me.

I'm not wasting anything on you.

We're a family.

We stick together, okay? That's what we do.

I got your back, okay?

Maybe I, uh..

Maybe I need to teach you some moves.

Seriously. Really?

Just some Ranger type stuff.

You can learn how to be a tough guy for once.

Oh-ho! Look at that.

Go under..

Okay. Alright. Alright.

You got me. Enough!

Oh, okay! Enough! Stop!

You suck!

Jesus Christ!

What am I feeding you?

I've got reserves this weekend, okay?

So just..

Don't do something stupid. Okay?

I hate you. Get in there.


Come on. You'll have a good time.

And he's a good guy. Trust me.

And he likes you. Of course he likes me.

He's getting the better end of the deal.

Fuck you, man!

Oh, shit. Wait here. Hey!

Hey! Hey, hey! Get off! Come on!

Get the fuck out of here. Now!

Tell Todd we want our shit back.

Yeah, tell him yourself.

What? What's going on? You alright?

I'm fine. Get the fuck off me.

You worry about her. Don't worry about me.

Relax, man.

Dylan, wait.

What do you want?

Look, I know what you're doing.

You don't know anything. Drugs?

Selling them at parties? I mean, what if you get caught?

What do you care? Well, I care about you.

You know, I, uh..

I thought you and me..

Never mind.


I don't want to see you get hurt.

Too late.

Matt! Matt, what the fuck are you doing up there?

Matt, we need you to open up the barrier.

Yo. There's gotta be a way to roll this thing down!

Matt, can you still hear us? Matt, please, answer us!

Just give me a second! Let me think!

The barrier can come down manually.

Eddie says there's a manual way to open it.

Yeah, Eddie says there's a manual lever.

What's going on in there? I... in the glove box!

Stop this fucking sitting there and do something!

Matt, what's going on, man? Come on.

Yo! Can you hear us?

Come on. Matt! What are you doing?

The lever! Just fuckin' roll it down now!

Matt, we need you, man.

We need you.

Come on. Come on, Matt.

Matt! Put it down.

Hey! Matt.

Go! Brandon! Brandon, look! Go, go, go!

Jessie. Jessie. Brandon, get in the back.

Jessie. Jessie, baby? Baby, what happened?

Brandon, stop shaking her. Get in the back!

What's wrong with her? She's been drugged!

What happened back there, man?

Who were those guys on the bridge?

I don't know.

You okay? No, my leg's stuck, okay.

I can't move it. Shit!

What the fuck, man? The doors and windows aren't opening, man!

We're fucking flooding back here. They're electronic, okay?

They must have short circuited. We still have power though!

We have battery. That's why the lights are still on.

How long you think we'll last down here?

30 minutes maybe. Fuck.

We need to get out of here!

We need to get out of here! And right now!

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

I have 911.. I'm in here.

Hello. Hello!

I'm here.



Hi! Hi! We have a driver!

We have the driver.

Where are we? W - we're at the East Canal Waterway.

Uh, we crashed off the Arthur Road Bridge.

We're... we're off the East Canal Waterway and off of Arthur Road Bridge.

Did she hear all that?




Can you hear me?


Fuck! Fuck!

No, no, no! No!

Oh, no! Yeah, maybe she heard you.

Please! No, hold on.

No, fuck! Oh!

I lost it.

I lost it. I lost it.

- Oh, no! Jesus, come here.

Oh, no.

We have a GPS tracker. They'll find us.

Oh, Dylan! What's wrong?

Matt, he's not breathing!

Dylan! Dylan!




No. No!

No! No!






He seems to be doing okay.

No, he's not.


I'm here for you, babe.


I'm so sorry.

I loved Dylan so much.

I, I..

Before my mom died..

I told her that I would protect him..

Keep him safe.

I failed her.

No, that's not true.

He didn't say anything, but I knew.

I knew he'd been in a fight.


I can't understand why he'd take his own life.

You can... grow up with someone live with them..

Never really know 'em.

Even if they're your own brother.

You don't understand.

My dad was a factory man.

Everybody loved him.

But that didn't pay his bills when he got sick.

Family had to try to do it.

We went bankrupt, he died anyway and then... a year later my mom passed.

So there I was, 19 years old with 3 younger brothers.

Not 1, 3.

I slowly figured out how to make my way out of nowhere and..

I managed to pay for all three of them to go through college.

All except for one.

He's the knucklehead. He's the, he's the fuck up.

He took his tuition money and he went off and tried to make a hip-hop video.

Wanted to be thug life.

Didn't finish the video and he sounds like Kanye light.

So here you have brothers who deal with mostly the same shit..

And yet we made radically different decisions.

Matt, it's not what we face..

That defines us.

It's how we react to it.

You think he's gonna be okay?

He's tough.

I wouldn't trust Jessie with anyone else.

I should have gone to the wake.

Matt, dude, what the fuck are you doing in there? Shit!

Oh. Just get it up there.

Hey, just-just stop for a second! Hold on!

No, no, no.

Wait, wait, wait. Well, hold on.

Hold on. Hold on for a second!

What time is it?

Who the fuck cares what time it is? Midnight, midnight!

Holy shit! -Oh, my God! Oh, my God. Alright!

Matt just said that we're in the East Canal waterway.

That means we're being dragged by the undertow.

That's what just happened!

It's only a matter of time before we're dragged out to sea.

Wwwait. H-how much longer?

What are you talking about?

Look, tide's at 5 a.m., alright?

And then the undertow, that means the waterway's about three miles.

We have roughly, maybe, an hour until we get dragged out to sea.

If that happens, we're not gonna get out of here.

Oh, man! Brandon, man, we're fucked, man.

We're not. No, we're not!

We're fucked! Hold on!

You shut up! Calm down!

Shut up! Calm down!

No, man! Listen.

I'm not dying down here, man! Calm down.

We're gonna survive. We are going to be okay!


Matt said that the GPS was working.

They're gonna find us.

What the fuck are you looking at, Amanda?

Lo-looking at me like you got something to say.

Go ahead and say it. Don't start, Todd.

Don't you think it's a pretty big coincidence that those kidnappers were just waiting for us out there?

It's not exactly a very populated part of town.

Yeah, that is true. Yeah, they were waiting for us.

They knew we were gonna be there.

Party was your idea, Brandon.

And what are you trying to say?

Now, who else knew that you'd be there?

You did, moron. -Dude, you invited us, alright?

You are the hookup. That's right.

I was invited just like you were.

No, you said it was your party.

Oh, my God. See, you're a liar. You can't be trusted.

So I'm the liar? You really wanna go there?

You probably couldn't even get us into the club.

Alright, enough. Enough.

We're just tired and paranoid.

There were a lot of people at that party.

It doesn't mean that one of us is responsible.

Yeah, but the night was fine until you showed up.

Strange, right?

Hey, w-what are you trying to say?

You know what I'm trying to say.

You knew they were back there waiting for us.

Oh, really? And how would I know that, Amanda?

Uh, because you sat there like a coward.

You didn't do anything! They had guns, Amanda!

What was I supposed to do? I'm not a pussy!

But I'm not tougher than a bullet.

You wanna blame anyone, blame "Driving Miss Daisy."

Oh, really? You wanna bring Matt into this?

Did you even see what he was doing out there?

Exactly right, Brandon.

I didn't see anything. I heard gunshots.

Don't use your fucking imagination!

He was trying to save us!

Yeah. Good job, too. We are alive because of him.

There are a lot of people who have a grudge against Hank Searles!

I mean, he laid off half this town!

He's the reason it's so fucked up here!

Guys, just chill, alright?

Look, I don't have a grudge against him, okay?

My parents didn't work for him. Hm.

Yours did, Amanda.

I'm warning you. Oh, you called me a liar?

Who's the liar now? Tell him where you work.

No, you know what? Just leave her alone, Todd.

It doesn't matter.

No, go ahead. Tell him. Or are you too embarrassed?

Seriously, shut up! Alright?

We have bigger problems right now!

You know what? I don't give a shit what you or anyone else thinks about where I work.

You wanna know where I work? I work at Mermaid Tails.

Another strip club? -Oh, let me tell you, Eddie, her shit's tight.

But, Amanda, why? Do not judge me, Eddie.

Not everyone's born with a silver spoon stuck in their ass.

Yeah, she was born to ho, Eddie.

Hey. Alright, listen. Amanda, that just...

You know I had to drop out of college to help my mom

'cause "Little Miss Sunshine's" father up there laid her off.

I had a little sister to think about. What was I supposed to do?

Dude, just think.

You could have just gone to the club down.. Hey, hey, hey!

Hold on, Todd! Alright! Just hold on for a damn second.

Listen, Amanda, baby, I don't care about where you work.

I don't... don't care. None of that matters.

Yeah, exactly. But instead, you want to point fingers at me.

How about you point one at yourself in the matter.

Maybe you're involved.

Do I look like a master kidnapper to you?

I don't know, Amanda. Maybe you met one of them in the club.

Maybe you're fucking one of them.

Hey, hey, hey, stop. Alright!

Enough! We need to conserve our energy.

Nobody's responsible for this.

You know, like, you all think you're better than me.

That's the problem. Nobody thinks that, man.

Yeah, sure, you do. Even you, Brandon.

That is why you're nailing Jessie Searles, right?

Yeah, you'd be set for life.

You even stole her away from your boy Dylan too, man.

That's pretty fucked up.

Do not.. Do not go there, man.

See. You think you're on the inside now.

But what you don't know is that you're nothing but a pit stop to her, man.

Nothing but a science experiment till she moves on to some stockbroker.

You are so pathetic.

Brandon, don't even worry about it.

No, he's just trying to get under your skin.

You're not good enough for her, bro.

Or else why would she blow someone like me, huh?

What did you just say?

Dude, you should be thanking me, man.

I taught that whore everything she knows.

And don't pretend like you didn't hear either, man.

No, put it this way.

Before she lost the weight I went hoggin' one time after school with her.

Is that right? No, she never touched you. Oh, really?

Dude, that beautiful little beauty mark on her vag.

It's, like, on the right side -No, Todd.

You better watch your fuckin' mouth, man.

Dude, you know what I thought?

Every time you kiss her you're tasting my dick.

Stop it! Stop!

I'll fuckin' kill you!

No! Wait!

You fuckin'..

Brandon, stop it!

Get the fuck off of him, Brandon!


Hey! Hey, hey! Hold on! Stop it!

What the fuck is your problem?

Yo, stop!

Stop it!

What was that, air max? Aeromatics?

Oh, my God, the limo is so dope, dude.

I want one.

Shit. Sorry. Yeah.

Hey. Straight gold, right?

Yup. Wait. So back this up for a second now.

You're already working with stiffs? I thought first years didn't get to work...

Wait a second. Do they stink?

Well, so the cadavers we use in class are supposed to be odorless.

But they bring out this one guy...

Did he have a big dick? Keep it classy, Amanda.

Really? What? Did he?

I, I don't remember. -How do you not remember something like that?

Uh, maybe because this poor soul is dead who gave his body to science only to be ridiculed by the size of his penis?

Oh, my God. You can say the word, professor. It's cock.

Or maybe you guys can let her finish her story. -Sorry.

Please continue. Gee.

Well, um, it's no big deal

'cause I'd... I'd cut into cadavers before.

Um, but this guy reeked so bad that I threw up.

Ew! Everywhere. I threw up everywhere.

Oh, my God! You're so gross.

Puke all over the place just thinking about it.

I cannot get over this car!

Look at this. I want the schematics on this baby.

Okay, okay, you know what? Enough.

Enough about schematics. Enough about cadavers.

Listen up.

This is our night. I got the hookup to South Club.

Yeah. I got the VIP.

Mm-hmm. The works.

Here's to our beautiful dates. Cocktails!


Right over here. Right over here.

Hey, you enjoying the view, you perv?

Let's go. I turn around and you're gone.

No, I found Todd. He's gonna get us into South Club tonight.

Todd's your hookup? -Whoa, whoa, whoa. Todd's here?

Well, what? You wanted to get into South Club.

He's the hookup. Just deal with it.

I only wanna go if Todd's not full of shit.

I heard that!

What's up, college kids?

What's up, Spock? You coming too?

Yeah. Yo, this party's sick, right?

No, Eddie Munster, it's not.

This party fuckin' sucks. Yo, but look.

My boy's gonna give me a call in five so we'll seal the deal then we're gonna roll out of here, okay?

Got it?

We'll all go? He's not going with us, Brandon.

We need him too. I don't care.

You know, we don't have to hang out with him the whole night.

Once we get to the club, we'll ditch him.

It'll be great. It's fine.


Look who's here.

Get your fuckin' hands off me!

I don't owe you fuckin' anything!

Hey, what's going on? Fuck you!

Yo, Matt! Over here.

I don't owe you any fucking money!

Hey. Whoa!

Matt! Kick his ass, man!

Oh, shit!

Holy shit! Baby, let's go, come on.

Everybody who came with me, let's go!


Come on, let's get out of here.


Jessie, I'm sorry. Please, come on.

Not now, Brandon.

Well, just come sit in the back, please.

Brandon, sit down. I'm taking everybody home.

Oh, shit. I'm so glad to be out of there.

Baby, go. Ahh! God.


Yo, look how sick this ride is, man.

Babe, babe, do something. Oh, I think it's broken.

Champagne. Let's get some music on.

You okay? Let me see. Babe, stop.

What was that? Is that the intercom?

Hey, yo! Yo, Matt. Thanks for that, Matt.

You got some killer moves back there, man.

Jackie Chan and shit.

Hey, shut the fuck up!

How long has it been?

You have to stop asking that.

I'll tell you what we need to do.

We need to get that gun from him.


'Cause I'm not convinced he's not in on this.

No one gives a fuck what you think, Todd.


I think he knows how to get out of here but he can't because his dumb ass is stuck.

Trapped in a limo underwater, nobody's going anywhere.

No, man. He keeps on closing that window like he's hiding something.

I say we sneak attack him.

And what exactly is your plan, Todd?

I say we get the gun we threaten to shoot Jessie until he gets on the phone and calls for help.

That's your big plan? You wanna kill Jessie?

You're such a big moron, you know that?

When we tried to call 911 earlier, he didn't stop us.

What if he's got a button up there that jams our frequency or something?

You cannot tell me a high-tech limo like this has shit communications.

Think about it.

Maybe he's right. Of course I'm right.

Come on, Amanda.

You're saying yourself he tried to save us back there.

Well, I don't know. I mean, why don't we just ask him, okay?

'Cause we've been down here way too long and I'm getting really scared.

No one has come to look for us.

That is because nobody knows we're down here, Amanda.

You really think those guys back there on the road are gonna tell anyone?

We are down here by ourselves.

Now we can figure a way out of this or we can sit here and wait to die.

Personally, I'm gonna do something about it.


Hey, man, you, uh..

You need some help with that leg or something, man?

No. I've already tried.

Go sit back down, Todd.

Well, there's just not much to do back here, man.

Todd, I said sit down!

Todd! Move now, motherfucker!

Todd, what are you doing? Oh, my God!

I'm getting the fuck... -You're not gonna help anything!

Just calm down, right now. Todd, Todd, stop it!

Stop it! Knock it off!

What is wrong with you? ...stop!


Don't be stupid, Todd.

Give me back the gun.

Come back here and take it, Matt.

You're out of your fucking mind!

Jesus! If the water doesn't kill us, you fucking idiot will!

Give him back the gun now, Todd!

I'm in fucking charge here, alright?

Now open the doors!

You think I'm doing this on purpose?

Matthew, I'm not like one of these clowns that believes your bullshit.

Open the fucking doors. I know you're involved in this.

Now do it right now. Oh, my God.

Todd, don't be an idiot.

Get us out! Let us out!

I don't wanna die. I don't wanna die!

Help me, please! Please!

Shut the fuck up, Amanda. Nobody can hear you except us.

So, shut up! Calm down.

Calm down.

The hatch.

There's a hatch.

What? What did you say?

Behind the rear seat there's a hatch that leads to the trunk.

You can go through that.

Move! Get out of the way!

I'm going. Wait, wait, wait.

Hold on, Brandon, alright?

The trunk could be flooded. Well, what if it's not?

Yeah, but you could fill the entire car.

We have to try!

Brandon, alright, Jesus it's too dangerous, okay?

We can't reach through the hatch or any of that.

Even if you do get out there you'll be dragged by the undertow into the sea.

He's right.

Officer Dunn warns us every summer to stay out of the canal.

Then what are we supposed to do? Hmm?

Well, we can't just sit here and wait to die.

We can do this. Come on, let's do it.

Let's go! Now!

I don't think I can.. I don't think I can do this.

Of course you can. You're on the swim team. You can do this.

Amanda. Amanda. I can't do this.

You go or I swear to God... Or you what, Todd?

Are you gonna shoot her? Oh..

Todd, will you put down the gun? This is not you!

Give me back the gun.

I told you it was a bad idea bringing this asshole with us.

Oh, trust me, Eddie. I wish I wouldn't have.

Now, get ready to swim.

Hey, will you look at me?

Look at me, man.

Put down the gun, man.

The air is making you mental.

No, no. I am not dying down here!

Todd, give me the gun or I swear I will slit your throat! That's a promise!

Think you're quicker than my trigger finger?

Todd, please.

You wanna try me?

Where's the gun?

Here. I got it. I got it.

You fucking idiot, Todd!

I'm going through the hatch.

And I am going alone.

There's no point in risking all our lives.

Like Eddie said, I might not make it.

Wait. Wait, wait.

Matt. Matt, you said the car has GPS, right?

And it's working? Yeah.

See? We just have to wait 'cause it's working.

And they'll find us. They'll send divers down here.

It'll be too late.

The air is already thinning out and the water is rising.

By the time pressure equalizes, we'll all be dead.

This could be our only chance.

You sure about this, Brandon?

I'll try.

Just get ready to pop that trunk.


Listen, I'll knock on the roof two times to let you know that I'm out, okay?

Alright. Wait, wait, wait, Brandon.

I'm gonna do it. No, you can't.

No, no, no. No, Brandon.

Brandon, think about it, alright?

I'm the only one who knows the current well enough, right?

If I get up there, I got a direct route.

No. No, no, no. No. Amanda. Amanda, please.

I know the current, alright? No, Eddie. Eddie, no. No!

No! I can get there in a second.

Amanda, listen to me. Why?

Why? Why, why, why? Listen to me.

I got this.

Two knocks and we'll know you're out.


- Eddie, are you okay? Yeah.

Yeah. It's half-flooded. Water leaking in.

Alright, come back, man. It's not too late to change your mind.

No, man. Look, I got this. Alright, just close the hatch.

Are you sure?

Yes, hurry the fuck up, man, alright, before I lose my nerve.

Matt, pop the trunk.


That's not coming from the roof.

Are you still in there? What are you doing? Let's go!

Eddie, get back inside! Eddie.

Eddie. Matt, open the trunk right now!

The light says it's open. What are you doing, Matt?

Get him out! Get him back inside!

That's what I am doing.

Eddie! Eddie!


Are you alright?

How are you feeling?

You sure you're okay?

Yeah, I'm fine. Just... give me a minute.

Come on, let's go. Get back in the car.

I said give me a second, alright?

Everything okay over here?

Yeah. Just a sick kid. We're good.

Come on, let's move.

You'll move alright. Right the fuck over here.

What's going on?

Get down. Now!


Don't move.

Grab the girl!


Dose her!

Fuck! Jesus!

Shut the fuck up!

My leg!


Don't move or I'll blow his fucking head off!

Shut those fucking kids up!

Oh, my God! Jessie!

Oh my God! Jessie!


Brandon, get in the car!

Get back now!

I'm trying, I'm trying to get the door and close it!

Jessie, come on! Jessie, get up!

Get in the car!

Jesus! Get up! Get up!

Go, Matt! Go, go, go!


My name is Matt Talbot.

I'm in the Baron Flats near the East Canal Waterway.

A vehicle with the license plate number


Guys, get up! Get up! Everybody..

Yo! Who the fuck are those guys?

Shit! Holy shit!

Down! Over here! I need help!

I need..


Hey! Help! Over here!

I'm freezing. I'm freezing.

I can't feel my feet.

Uhm, hypothermia..

I-is setting in.

We... we can't last much longer down... here.

Oh, I'm sorry, Amanda.

I wasn't gonna shoot you.

I'm sorry.


How long since ...since Eddie went out?

Almost half an hour.

It feels like much longer.

Do you think he made it?

I keep hoping that.

What if..

What if he's still back there?

What if, what if he drowned?

Why would you even say that?

I'm just being realistic.

We heard the knocks.

That was the signal.


Could've been..

Anything, Brandon.

He made it.

That is what we have to believe.

What happens..

When you run out of air?

Your lungs start to hurt.

They already hurt.

What are you doing, Todd?

This door.

It should open by now.

Shh. Shh.

What's that?

There it is. There it is. Listen.

You hear it?

Sounds like a boat.

Sounds like a boat.

Hey. Hey! Hey!



Are you sure? How do you know?

Help us.


No, no, no. There's... there's no point in screaming.

They can't hear us down here.

They could be using sonar.

Keep yelling!



We're down here!

H- help!

Matt! Jessie! We hear a boat!

Hey! Help us!

Hey! Hey! Hey!


Help! Help!


Hey! Hey!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey.

Hey. Hey! Hey!

Oh, my God. Are they gonna give us a warning first?

Maybe that was a warning.

Yeah! We're being rescued!

We're being rescued!






Oh, my God! Eddie!

They're not here to rescue us!

Goddamn it! Amanda!

Amanda! Amanda!



Do something!

Why don't you do something? Come on!

Oh, my God! I'm sorry!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!


I'm sorr.. No!

Don't touch me!

You killed them.

You - - you killed.. You didn't do anything.

It's too late.

They wanted me.

You should have let them have me.

And my friends would still be alive.

They would have killed them. You don't know that.

Yes, I do.

How long do we have? We have like...20 minutes?

The air is getting thin.


Okay what?

You wanna get out of here?

This is what's gonna happen.

I'm gonna roll down the partition.

It's gonna flood.

The pressure's gonna equalize and you're gonna swim to the back.

And you should be able to open the doors.

And then you swim as fast as you can to the surface.

You understand? I'm not going without you.

I can't do it without you. Yes, you can!

You can.

And you have to.


We don't have much time.

You can do this.


Look at me.

Quick breaths.


Okay. Okay.

This doesn't feel good.

You want me to at least take in in for you?


I've gotta go in alone.

That was the deal.

I can't risk putting Jessie in any more danger than she's already in.


Drop the bag.

Arms up.

Keep them up.

Stop there.

Open the bag.

One million dollars in cash.

Now where's my daughter?

Jessie! Hey!

Hold the girl!

You've got your money.

Get away from her.

Put it down.

Put it down!

Put it down!

It's okay, baby. Dad.

I got you, it's okay.

Give me the keys.

Is she okay?

We need to get her to a hospital.

Here, call the police.

My name is Jessie Searles. I'm..

Ah! Uh-uh.


Put the guns down or she's dead.

Oh, give me.

Help me! Sshh.

Matt, put the gun down.

And you too, Mr. Searles.

Oh, Brandon, please.

Brandon, please don't. Stop it.

You're a piece of shit.

Shut up, Matt. I mean it, Mr. Searless.

Put the gun down or she's dead!

Now! Put it down! I'll fucking kill her!

I swear to God. No, I'm just kidding.

Put the gun down.

No, but seriously, I will.


Sorry, that was dramatic.

Brandon, please, don't hurt her.

He won't.

Not if he's smart.


Uh, you, uh..

You don't think that I'll actually kill this bitch?

Huh. Well, you see.

I-I had no problem taking care of that asshole brother of yours.

Oh, he didn't know.



See, faking the overdose that way easy.

Pretending like I cared that was the hard part.

But, you know, he'd be a part of all this right now if he wouldn't have pussed out on me but that's his life.

Or not.

Well, anyway.

Brandon, why?

Why're you doing this to me?

Oh, I'm not doing this to you.

No. You see..

It's your old man that's on my shit list.

My mother worked for that company her whole life.

And for what?

So she could be tossed out with all the trash?

You see..

My college fund is drained.

And, well, I have... no prospects.

I could make assistant manager at the Social, slinging lobster.

But who wants to do that, you know?

It's not really fun.


Not all of us get our lives handed to us on a silver fucking platter.

And if you actually think that I really gave a fuck about you..

Nope. Bloop.

Well, this has been fun.

But I'm just here to get fucking paid.

Shut the fuck up.


Good help is hard to find.

What're you doing?

What is this?


Irony is..

I used to respect your family.

Now you disgust me.

I disgust you?

I gave you a job. I gave you a life.

And this is what you do to repay me?

You kidnap my daughter?

And I thought you were the man your father was.

Really? My dad?

You mean the one who worked at that toxic waste dump you called a factory?

The one who died broke..

With all those other families you destroyed.

No, no, I know. I know it's not personal.

It's just business.

You don't get it yet, huh?

But you will.

I gave you the money.

What more do you want from me?

No, no.

See, that was just, uh, asshole tax.

Now that you've seen our faces I'm afraid the price is gonna go up.

So, here's what you're gonna do.

You're gonna take your phone..

And this number here.

I want you to call Joyce at the bank.

That's right, I know every fucking thing.

You're gonna tell Joyce to wire your offshore accounts to that number.

I won't do it. No?

Hank, you gotta look at this like..

Like a severance pay.

You got to see it as karma comeuppance money.

'Cause if you don't I'm gonna have my girl right there give your girl a face-lift.


And as attractive as Carla is she is equally persuasive.

Okay, okay. Okay.

I'll do it. Just don't hurt her.

Manipulative asshole. Oh, yeah. That's right.

I learned from the best.



Stupid... bitch.


Whoa, whoa! Matt!

Listen, I need you to calm the fuck down.

Now you're a good kid but you lack perspective.

You gotta listen carefully to what I'm gonna tell you.

I don't wanna hear it. Really?

Matt, they don't care about you or your family.

We're on the deck of the Titanic.

This shit is going down and the rich motherfuckers have taken all the lifeboats.

The vampires have sucked the middle class dry.

There's only two classes now, Matt.

Have, and have-not.

Rich and poor.

Now, you're gonna have to make that choice, Matt.

It's tough, but what're you gonna be?

You gonna be a have..

Or have-not.

It's time for you to make that choice.

Come on, Matt.

I've made my choice.

Oh, son, you sure you wanna do this?

You don't look so good.

Oh, man. Oh, man.

I don't wanna hurt you.

Oh, man.

Alright, listen.

They want us to fight. You gotta listen to Hector.

I don't wanna hear anything you have to say.



Stupid, stupid, stupid.


You'd have been better off staying in the car.


It's only been a month, you sure you up for this?

Yeah, I'm good.

Now listen, I took care of everything, so when you get down there...

I've got it handled, Mr. Searles.

You've already done too much.

It's never enough for family, okay?

And would you call me Hank, please?

What are you doing?

I thought I'd drive you for once.

Let's go.

Encoded by aLDEN