Subway (1985) Script

Lend me 20,000, and you get your papers back Lend? You intend to pay it back?

I don't want your money, letters or photos...

Except one photo of you, as a child.

9 years old, 27 kilos Already a beauty

If I can keep it, you pay only half


What? Repeat that?

Where and when?

In the subway... Tonight at ten, OK?

Don't try to impress me

Got the papers?

Any problem finding me?

None. Got the papers?

Thanks. I love this picture The papers!

You're hard on me I am? Why?

I dunno, it's nice seeing you again in a quiet spot Your place was noisy and crowded

"The papers." Spoilsport!

You're the spoilsport Do you always blow the safe at parties?

I just don't like safes

That's not funny

Is this a joke? We said 10,000 Minus expenses

Thanks for coming

Be reasonable Fred You wrecked my office and my car That's enough

Why'd you invite me anyway?

Because you seemed...

Now I don't?

I like you But you're unbearable

You're lovely: the dress, the jewels


Your hair's still a mess Look who's talking...

Will I see you again?

I don't think so

I think I will


Go check over there. Go on

How are you Mr. Roland

Let's see the log

The Skater again Never fails. I worked out he averages eleven crimes a week You're into statistics now?

Guess so You're paid to do nothing?

Mr Roland!

Stop arguing and get me coffee

Let's get to it

Who's with me tonight?

Batman and Robin The best Tough guys

Evening Hi

Hi It's Fred Did I wake you?

What do you think?

Sorry. I wanted to talk to you I don't believe this What do you want from me?

Trying to find out how much I can take?

Not at all. I just want to talk to you At two in the morning?

OK... Go ahead

What's your first name?

Helena Helena...

I love you

Was that him?


Any news? He says he loves me What?

Anyone there?

Who are you?

Why are you here?

On vacation

Go slower No, we can't stay here Why?

Bad neighbourhood

Wait. I'm tired

How did you get here?

By chance

OK, bye Know how I can get rid of this?

You don't hide your troubles do you?

Hi, Big Bill

My pal's got a problem Show him

He left the other guy behind

Work that brain Big Bill! I said he's OK Nice place

He's got a nice place

Show him what you can do

Come here

Great... Big Bill... Superb!

Hate to ask, but I'm hungry Want retirement pay, too?

Why are you down here?

Good question. Can I trust you?

No, but go ahead I'm doing a subway story Sure. In handcuffs Yeah, I don't mind them

Who is it in the photo?

My wife You're married?

No... engaged

Who's the champagne for?

A friend's birthday party Wanna come?

I love birthdays

What took you so long?

I brought a pal, OK?

Happy birthday

Hi, Big Bill

Know him? Stop annoying me

You're talented Thanks Who's that guy?

A reporter A what?

I've got a singer, a great singer We're forming a group He wrote this

Happy birthday Yousef

When did he call back?

About four

He didn't discuss money?

No. He said he'd return the papers...

But he wants to see you first. Alone

Then get lost!

Who can live in this dump?

Never any sun. A real nowhere

A little light helps

Hair of the dog!

That suit of yours...

Take a look in there

Get rid of that... you look like a tourist Miss?

Mrs! Hello. I'd like to see Commissaire... Gesberg What's it about?

It's personal He's not here now. But he'll be back Care to wait in his office?

Yes, thank you

Up already?


Great jacket Think so?

Real good Got something to discuss with you Deal that might interest you Let's do it over coffee?


Drummer boy's awake Every Friday at seven sharp, two security guys... come down from the head cashier's office They take the train to the next station.

By then it's too late to do a thing But while they're on the platform, they have to wait a couple of minutes for the train You surprise them, pull a gun, grab the cash and you beat it... through the tunnel I know the passages by heart What do you say? It's a piece of cake

Cut that out, OK?

Got a gun?

Let's see

Three bullets?

Be careful

See how it feels when someone threatens to blow your brains out?

Don't move... Still!

You scared? I'm scared that it'll go off on its own My hands are sweaty It'd be a pity Stop messing about!

Stop that tapping. It's a pain

What a fathead

What is it?

That girl... I just swiped her purse

Why pick her?

I don't pick I grab what I can


So he's a Inspector now He's gone up in the world How's my friend Lorenzini?

My husband knows him. I don't You don't miss a thing What's the problem?

What is it?

I need to check the files

Go on, tell me everything

This way

Wait here I'll get the duty officer

Excuse me, Sir What now?

Another theft, Mr Batman The Skater?

Fetch us some coffees, since it's on you way. For you, madame?

If it's real coffee The last one tasted of...

Soup I keep telling him Go on, go on

Fill in this form

Your full name here, you understand that much yeah?

The contents of your bag Describe how it happened Sign at the bottom Fill out both forms: I'm out of carbons Will I ever get my bag back?

I don't know about your bag But I'll get the thief!

Fill'em out I'll be back

Interesting face The picture was taken at the party He should still be dressed like that OK, we'll hunt him down A man in a tuxedo can't be hard to find in the subway It's vast. Even we get lost

Your details please

You didn't sign Sorry

If there's news, we'll be in touch

If you see this joker, bring him in

Batman here Chief

No sign of that guy. But the Skater's here. What do I do?

Follow the Skater Thanks, Chief

Robin, read me? Strength five I need men in the Vincennes interchange I'm tailing the Skater I can spare two men, alright?

I need more

I lost my aerial

We've got him

Spread out!

After him, move!

Shit He jumped over the...


You miss the first guy, then the second You're pathetic, Batman

Flowers, miss?

I'll be five minutes

How are you? Shall we have a drink?

I'm busy You'll offend me...

Give us five minutes There's never an opener

You're well-equipped

Nice suit. What is it?

Fox That's a good one Perfect fit, just the right size What size would you say he is?


When did you buy the suit? This morning Is the seller still around?

Don't know... Is it important?

Why else would I leave my office?

What's he done?

Silly things. You want details?

Just asking. Trying to keep the conversation going That's nice. Got the Skater's address?

Saw him last week And your tailor?

Met him once. We're not friends

All this is very annoying When I'm annoyed, I get ratty The slightest thing sets me off I can get quite unpleasant...

Abuse my authority...

It's terrible the violence dormant in us all This violence... blind, all-consuming...

The only way to calm myself is to vent my anger on whoever happens to cross my path

It's hard life, isn't it?

I don't know him He sold me his suit, that's all He's Skater's friend Where's the Skater?

I dunno... Honest

I'll find out, I'll do my best Good... And I'll do my best to keep myself under control Another drink?

You've had enough Pay me so I can close up

Sorry. Shit

Can't you be more careful?

I'm really sorry

Your nose is bleeding

What are you doing here anyway?

I got lost

Asleep already?

May I introduce... What's your name?

I'm Jean-Louis

Want a drink... Scotch?


What do you do, Mr Fred?

I'm forming a group... music


You're the lead singer I suppose?

I can't sing

I was in a car accident as a kid

My dad was driving

He bet his Citroen could go under a lorry

It did!

I was five hours on the operating table Five months in the hospital Didn't speak for five years

The accident was on my fifth birthday Funny, eh?

The law of numbers Five keeps coming up

I've loved birthdays ever since

I'm going. You're a real downer

Do you go to the cinema?


Then stick'em up!

It's nice to see you

Nice to see you too Where are the papers?

In my tuxedo Where is it?

Upstairs, with my friend, at his music shop Slip these on Put your arm around the crate You've got a thing for handcuffs!

Darling, I want those papers Getting familiar?

Do you believe my accident story?


You the owner? Yes Fred sent me

The guy who left you his tuxedo The blonde..? He didn't leave me a thing

Thanks Big Bill Time you gave this up I know

I don't get it...

Think it's a joke?

Time for coffee

I'll count to three. One...

What a slum Put the toy away It's useless here You can't shoot a florist

You're a mess! Look at yourself Grease stains

Wear this. I'll have yours cleaned No, thanks

You know Fred? The blonde guy who was here?

Fred? An old friend Known him for years Is he always like that?

What do you know about him?

Nothing really Great! No feelings, no friends. Only a spark of passion...

You two are perfect for each other

A posy?

What the hell is she doing?

We're closed. Come on, everybody out

What are you doing here?

Keeping the lady company Stealing my whisky behind my back!

Your whisky? Certainly not!

Pack it in you two One tablet in water overnight is good for your flowers But put them in head first

Now get out Out!

He's charming I'll leave the bag just in case... Dear lady, gentlemen

He drinks all my booze so there's none left for guests I'll have to move out Can we go for dinner? I'm starving

What're you waiting for?

Pick me up at the station bar at eight Make it nine. See you then

You could stare at my picture instead

What are you plotting?


Your eyes have changed colour Don't you like it?


Your face has changed colour You're radiant You've lost interest in my papers

Maybe you're interested in me?

You want me? Yes Well, you can't have me

Shall we dance?

Why do I love you?

Because I'm a wonderful girl Why don't you love me?

I don't have the guts Are you lazy?

Very Who cooks at home?

The cook Who does the house work? The cleaner Who makes love?

May I?

Hi, cats!

That's all we need

Who's she?

Cinderella Your Cinders packs a gun this big

Her magic wand

Good morning A small coffee, please

Your husband's waiting over there

Couldn't resist bringing him, right?

Slept well?

Where do I start?

At the beginning

I met a guy...

A croissant? No, thanks Pastry?

No, thanks No one wants my lovely pastries!

I met him outside our house He helped me get my shopping out of the car

I liked him. So I invited him... to my birthday party And he blew the safe during the party?


But he gave it all back a bit later Except that file He lost it We found this in the letterbox

"Get 50,000 in small bills... if you want your papers back Instruction follow, Fred"

Happy now?

I'm just a nobody you found, Mr Moneybags

You suffocate me, Mr Moneybags Crushing me I need air!

I didn't cheat on you last night I didn't even feel like it

I watched fireworks all night

It felt good

I'm sick of your way of life Your schemes, your smiles

I'm even sick of your money

So divorce me then What do I owe you?

Take care of the young man. And fast

We're dining out tonight. Be ready by eight

Try to smile a little Smiling makes me want to vomit Which would you prefer?

What's that hairdo? Iroquois What? Iroquois

How are you?

So nice to see you My goodness

Come in, Raymond

Business! You look well Been on the Riviera?

You're so right Lucky for you. It rained here Can I take your coat?

No Are you cold? No, I won't be staying long

...she said, that antique-dealer's a thief...

I said, maybe, but I need furniture...

She said, then try... what's his name? Baptiste...

I thought, now you're on the right track So I go to old Baptiste...

What class you in?

Final year... Repeating my final year He wanted cash. What to do?

Awkward! Next day I went back...

Stop! Tell it to your neighbour because I don't give a damn!

Darling, what's the matter?

Is everything ok, Mrs Kerman?

No. I simply told your wife I couldn't care... less about her silly stories

Apologize immediately Helena!

Apologize? What for?

Being bored stiff for three hours?

Swap places with me You'll see how amusing it is Leave the table at once!

Mr Prefect, your dinner tastes of nothing, your home is worthless...

Fuck you all!

Waiting for the Commissaire?

He may not be back

Tell me. I'm his right hand man

Do you know Quimper?

Yea I do And Saint Raphael?

I've heard of it. On the Riviera I lost my passport on the trip

Between Quimper and St Raphael?

Exactly! I know, it's not your territory

But your boss spoke so highly of you That so?... Well... I, er...

It's not going to be easy What kind of car were you in?


Do I look like I want flowers?

You look like you're waiting for someone. It'll be a long wait

How much?

Twenty francs. Plus a brandy

Bravo! Rene, a double Calvados

Good day sir This young lady... lost her passport...

So, uh...

She was in a car and...

Two coffees Two coffees, right

Any news? Yes

50 million! Better pay up now His price is rising fast Some men are looking for him...

To kill him It's like a Western You're the sheriff...

It's better if you find him first Better for whom?

For everybody

If you don't do something...

This'll be your Waterloo

How many are after him?

About ten With luck, they'll miss him today We close in twenty minutes Let's hope so

On your feet, you slugs!

Good, spread out!

Good, stick together!

Gentlemen... Paul, the singer

Good, meet Jean-Claude, on guitar, Emile... on bongos The drummer, who's nameless Mr Saxophone And this little chap is Eric, composer and bass player Sit down

Chief, I found his skates Look at these!

I'm sick of this. He's never here!

You crazy?

Police... handcuffs... prison

Your papers, please


Shit Block off Level Two Robin here

Seen anybody?

OK. Only one left

Identity check

OK, do your job Patrol's been alerted You're a pain

Now we've lost him

You know, you can be a real pain

Is he here?


The Pope I don't know All I saw was the Commissaire Dickhead!

Batman! Was it you who gave me... a nice pair of skates? Fine Now I've got two pairs...

I can become a roller-fanatic

You read these letters?

Answer the Commissaire!

Mr Batman, be so kind... as to fetch me a small coffee, with a hint of milk and two sugars

What a jerk

I've got a fragile nose Should've said so Pleased with yourself, huh? It's easy to sneer now For eight months you sneered at us For eight months he's been after you You can't blame him

Where'd you pinch the letters?

I found them in a corridor In a corridor?

"Get 50 million in small notes if you want your papers back...

Instructions follow. Fred"

I'm not Fred Me neither This is Commissaire Gesberg Let me talk to Mme Kerman

How are you?

Didn't we say 10,000?

After I get my man I don't like it I don't like your face

Take it easy Don't get angry for 5000!

See that phone?

It's six now. Pick it up at exactly 7.15 You'll have his address Charming boy


I have to make a call The shades...

Again? Yes, again!


One of us should ditch his shades

Don't move!

The money!

Got any kids?

Your money too Your wife work as well?

Shut the doors

Get going

You blew 5000

Bye, mate

Damn him. We'll be late

Where's the gig? We could go on ahead I don't know where Don't worry. He's taking care of the details There he is

Sorry I'm late children!

You really scared us Yeah, I'm sorry So where we going?

Nowhere. This is it

You call this a concert hall?

Let's get set up

Lousy equipment

Thanks, Commissaire

There's been a hold-up on the RER line Well?

Well, nothing What are you waiting for?

OK, I'm going So go!

I'm gone

What will you do about Fred?

That Fred gets on my nerves So you go and find him and tell him to take a walk. Do him good I can confirm that hold-up They've vanished. Shall I... question the passengers?

Use some initiative, Batman Sent a squad into the tunnel See what happens Thanks, chief We're not finished

Fill this out: name, first name, etc Objects lost and recovered, and sign it

Where are the others, the bass player, Paul?

Back there...

Weren't you told?


The concert's cancelled

Didn't the subway staff inform you?

Where's Mr. Lemoine? This is the second time We don't mind playing for free, but there are limits That's what I said to Mr. Lemoine...

Here, for your trouble

With our apologies

Where's Mr. Lemoine?

Wise up!

Today you just listen Tomorrow you get to play

That OK?


Do you take a cheque?

No problem

Go for it!

Can I ask you a question?

Do you love me a little?

I'll call you later