Suicide (2014) Script

I want all the surveillance cameras recordings from the last 2 hours.

No problem.

Find out who the shift manager was at the municipality security.

Fine, and...

There's a body in there.

Keep an eye on the car.

Shot at point blank.

The bullet penetrated the skull and exited from here.

How long ago?

30 minutes or so.

You can still see the bullet's scorch marks.

Shield-23, clear the crime scene, police is handling the body. Over.

Excuse me, ma'am.

Ma'am, this is a homicide crime scene. Please stay away.

Ma'am! -Chiko, Chiko, quiet!

Do you have any idea who is lying here?

It's my husband, Oded Zur.

I'm calling the time of death.

21:55, Wednesday, February 17th.

Daddy, I don't want to take part in the show.

Ella doesn't like me, she gave my solo dance to someone else.

Sweetie, today's the final rehearsal.

If she doesn't give you back the part, then leave.

Okay? -I don't want to.

Come give Daddy a kiss.

Grandma told Mommy that you don't love us anymore.

Name and profession? -Amir Isaacs, private investigator.


Do you recognize this photo?

I took it around 10 days ago.

The gentleman was eating goose liver pate and I happened to be sitting in the restaurant, a public place, mind you.

Objection, Your Honor. This is inadmissible testimony and if Your Honor accepts his testimony, we will file an appeal.

I'm on your case.

I'll sue you and complain to the bar association.

Using stolen information.

You'll be debarred.

This is for you.


We need to talk.

Well, talk.

I'm in a hurry.

Save that tone for your clients.

My clients don't cause damage.

Mor shouldn't have heard what I said about her father.

And she won't.

Are you done threatening? -Anything specific, Mom?

There's a surprise waiting for you on the living room table.

"Amir Isaacs, investigation services. Surveillance results - Oded Zur"

You got Amir involved in your paranoia?

We both know this guy gets results.

I'm not reading this.

It says your dear husband is over 2 million shekels in debt.

And that's not the worst part.

He submits false VAT reports, that's criminal.

He hasn't paid them in almost a year.

"Monthly VAT report"

Good morning, Muki.

Nice day today.

Your daughter...

wore a new hat to school today.

If you know what I mean.

In the 14th century they caught Wilhelm, the bow and arrow champion.

They took his son, put an apple on his head and said they'd kill them both unless he shoots an arrow through the apple.

What do you think?

Did he shoot the apple or not?

We're watching you.

Nine o'clock sharp.

Can't trust pens.

Too much music writing.


Are you Dafna Zur?

I can't hear you.


Is Oded Zur your husband?


When did you see him last? -At noon, we were at the Jaffa Hotel.

What were you doing? -Not listening to music.



You murdered your husband today.

I didn't murder anyone. -You're ruining my music.

Are you aware that your husband has taken out a new insurance policy lately?

I don't get involved in my husband's business affairs.

Well, let's see how involved you are.

Your husband took out partnership insurance, meaning that if he dies, you as his wife get half the sum.

We're talking millions of shekels, which makes you very involved.

Interesting, isn't it?

Live husband - not involved.

Dead husband - involved indeed.


And now the husband is dead.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Neither do I, Dafna, neither do I.

Can I call you Dafna or do you prefer "Mrs. Zur"?

"Moshe Chechik" -Then there's this guy, Dafna.

Your husband's business partner which I guess...

There's premise to assume that you two know each other, right?

Chechik? Is that his name? Chechik?

I wonder where that name comes from. Little "check".

Maybe it's Chekik...?

Or Checkchik?

In any case, this Chechik disappeared.

His shop burns down, the cops are looking for him, so is the fire department, but Chechik's gone. Chechik checked out.

Interestingly enough, the other half of the insurance money is in his name.

Where's Chechik, Dafna?

Is he waiting for your phone call?

Did he talk you into this?

Did he say: "I love you, let's cash in on him"?

Is he waiting for you on a beach in Jamaica, sipping Tequila?

We fucked.

My husband and I, last time we met.

It was the best sex we'd ever had.

This morning he left a suicide note.

When I yelled to him from outside the shop not to do it, he said he's doing it for me. Do you get it?

My husband burnt down his shop and shot himself in the head knowing I was watching.

Did I ruin the music for you, Romi?

It's okay if I call you Romi, right?

What's going on? Why isn't the shop open? It's 10:00.

Are you Oded Zur?

Who wants to know?

According to clause 117B of the VAT law, you're now under criminal investigation.

You are asked to open the shop and wait outside until we're done.

Give me that.

Don't touch me, please.

Make a copy of this before she leaves, and open the shop.

Is something wrong, bro?

Should I get you an espresso?

No, relax, it's no big deal. I'll hop over when this mess is over.

What's the matter?

Why are you on his case? Have you caught all the Arabs?

Why pick on him? -Show me your ID.

Why do you always get the good guys? -Enough...

Show me your ID! -Don't touch him.

I'll gladly give you my details.

I'm on public property, it's all taped.

Have you no shame?

What, you don't like the perfume?

Spying on my husband?

Judy shouldn't have told you about that report.

I see.

It's only matter of time until Oded is sent to prison.

Is this all he owes?

What's the difference?

It's still more than you people have.

Here's my advice: let your husband handle his own affairs.

He's messing with the wrong people.

Who's he messing with?

It's 10:50. Open the register and get to work.

Nadav, that pain from "Dori Media", is asking about his check.

Says you've been withholding payment for 2 months now.

The cops got the whole floor dirty. Wash it.

Amir Isaacs, private investigator. Good morning.

The VAT guys were here. -And? Did you chuck them?

The goods are in a safe outside the office.

They took only the binders you told me to keep.

Dafna dropped by.

She doesn't know a thing.

I want to report a missing person.

Hold on.

We just started using a new software.

His name and age?

My brother, Oded Zur, he's 38.

When did you last see him?

3 hours ago.

He was totally hysterical, as if the devil was coming to get him.

Ma'am, let him get out of the shower.

You can't file an adult missing person report before it's been 48 hours.

You moron, the guy is gone and he's not answering his phone!

Last time I saw him he ran away from his wife saying his life is in danger!

What more do you need?!

Perfect piano fingers.

I've got some new paper work.

From the Rabbinate.

Want to read it together?

The Jerusalem Rabbinate:

Oded Haim Zur, ID number 034... Date of birth: 28.6.1978.

Son of Shlomo, Jewish by birth, was divorced today, the 24th of Shevat 5774, at 15:02 p.m from his wife Dafna daughter of Noah, also Jewish from birth. I tell you, the guys at the Rabbinate know their stuff. They find every last detail.

You know what that means, Dafna?

That Oded was no longer your husband several hours before the incident.

Leave the results in the office.

What else... let's see what they wrote under "reason for divorce".

Dafna daughter of Noah, Jewish by birth, lived in sin and adultery and is forbidden to her husband Oded Zur and to her lover Moshe Ben Arieh, Chechik.

Good Jewish man.

I want to see my lawyer.

You're still wearing your wedding ring, Mrs. Zur.

It's confusing. -Now.

Mind telling me what's going on?

So now you are a money expert?

Do me a favor, focus on your art.

How could I focus on anything when our company is being raided?

Our papers are being confiscated... -Sit here and run the joint, man.

Maybe you'll do a better job. Come on!

I looked inside your computer. -You've learned how to turn on a computer?


A sum was transferred today from the account to an insurance that'll pay each of us millions in case the other dies.

Do you even know what insurance actually means?

Insurance is money that's meant to insure that if, God forbid, something happens to one of us, the other won't be ruined.

What the hell are you rambling about?! I know what insurance is!

Do you know what VAT is?

Am I interrupting?

No, sweetie. -I want to talk with you.

Stick to your art.


What did you hear?

That you're headed for prison and forgot to tell me about it.

I told you the situation sucks because of the internet.

Since they closed off the street... we were in a loop, and I had to skip a few VAT payments just to pay the employees.

That's all. -That's all.

When Mor comes to visit her daddy in prison, we'll tell her that Daddy preferred to pay the employees than to talk to her mom.

I'd have gotten you that money.

Dafna, trust me, everything will be okay.

No entering.


Where to? -A meeting with Muki.

Who's Muki?

Let me through, your father is waiting for me.

My father, huh?

Easy now.

You've got 5 minutes.

I haven't got the money yet. It'll take a few more days.

First have your drink, then we'll talk.

Oded, by 21:01 tonight... you'll be a dead man.

Go see attorney Abramson and sign your will.

A debt is a debt, and it must be paid, or it'll be bad for business.

If you don't commit suicide, we'll have to do it for you, if you know what I mean.

You were given 5 minutes. Time's up.

What do you want?

Who hates who, Mom?

You could've married anyone you wanted.

You're pretty, smart, and come from a wealthy home.

Guys lined up to marry you.

They're back in line again.

I'm getting a divorce.

Does he know about your plans?

Not a thing.

I can't live with a liar in the same house.

He accumulated debt in my name.

Imagine eating breakfast with the girls and having my living room confiscated.

Not pleasant. -I'll worry about the girls.

Take the money, it's my gift to you on your divorce.

Good luck. Set an appointment at the Family Court.

I need the money now.

First get the divorce.

Here, in the Jewish state, it's a process that takes time.

Get him out of your life, and I'll give you all the money you want.

Son of a bitch!

You should be more careful. Muki's goons are outside.

I didn't recognize you without your stinky cologne.

What happened to your nose?

You've got everything you need in here.

How long before he gets arrested? -I'm on it, he's going down today.

He won't be threatening you anymore.

Things are up shit's creek. Your husband is naive.

Did you print out the balance sheets?

I'm terrible with numbers, but...

It all makes sense, except for... look here, there are several payments to some leasing company.



Do me a favor, talk to your husband.

I don't understand what's happening anymore.

You don't have to understand, you just need money to take the pressure off.

Okay, we'll talk in a few days.

My brain needs a rest.

Moshe, we're getting a lot of money today.

What's on your mind?

Oded, by 21:01 tonight you'll be a dead man.

A debt is a debt, and it must be paid,

or it'll be bad for business.





"Amir Isaacs"


You're not mad anymore?

Dig up whatever you can about a company called "M.Z.K".

A client of mine filed a suit against them.

Leave them alone. -Got something to tell me?

Drop by my office.

Muki wants to talk with you.


Oded was seen giving you a recording device.

How did Muki say it?

If it fails, then put a bullet through his head, no?

To make it look like a suicide.

So many suicides going on today, huh?

I didn't know you were in a meeting.

It'll take some time, come back later.

A list of charges to "M.Z.K" leasing company.

Find out whatever you can, we'll talk this evening. -Wait.

Dafna, it's 7,482.


Didn't we settle the debt this morning? -Check again, you'll see I'm right.

Sorry for interrupting.

Don't touch me.

You still don't get it?

That bitch killed my brother.

Are you stupid or something?

Spit out your gum.

It says here that you identified your brother's ring and his watch.

Were you and your brother close?

I swear, you weren't there when they gave out brains.

He's my brother, of course we were close.

Spit out your gum.

She and her mother would look down at us as leeches because they've got money.

About... 10 days ago, I was at Mor's birthday party, I said hello to Dafna, but the bitch ignored me.

10 days ago?

10 days, ay?

Tonight at 21:07... you spoke with the bitch for 2 minutes and 54 seconds.

She said Oded was acting weird.

I played dumb. Oded didn't trust her...

Spit out the gum.

Into a tissue.

In your pocket.

Thank you.

So you two are speaking, you and the bitch.

Not only that, but you spoke 1 hour before Oded's death.


Perhaps you're not just talking, but also in cahoots.

The brother trusted his sister...

He told her his bitch of a wife is planning to murder him.

He trusted the wrong person, didn't he, Janis?

Couldn't you turn to anyone better than that moron Chechik?

There are some people you shouldn't ask for help.

Your nose is swollen, what happened?

Where did it happen?

I bumped into the fridge door.

Can't you turn to me for help either?

Stay away from this mess. You can't help either.

Your mom won't give you a penny, she's just waiting for me to die.

You can't argue with the Family Court certificates. She'll give me the money.

There're less crooked ways to get out of this mess.

Lay off.

To get a Jewish divorce I'd have to stand there in the Family Court and have them yell at me that I've been adulterous with Chechik, no less.

You think it's easy for me?

We're getting divorced today, even if it means I have to tape myself having sex with Chechik to convince the judge.

I'll wait for you at the court, our appointment is in less than an hour.

Are you Muki's attorney? -Yes.

Isaac Abramson, nice to meet you.

Would you like to put some ice...?

Excuse me, miss, could I have a glass of ice?


Thank you very much.

Would you like a drink? These are the best hours for drinking.

Here, I've quit.

Once the will is processed...


Dafna gets the insurance money within 2 weeks.

I need your signature by the X's.

Tell me,

how many wills do you get signed per week?

Ever been to Miami, Oded?

Some guy flew his family to Miami, thinking he'd disappear or something.

A week later, his son was killed in a hit-and-run.

They paid him every last cent, but only after they fled.

There was a gas leak in their home.

There were no survivors.


My wife and I are getting divorced.

I have to make sure she gets the money even if I'm not around.

Partnership insurance covers businesses, not private individuals.

Whether you're married, divorced or separated...

"Notary, Atty. Isaac Abramson" -is irrelevant.

Who's the plaintiff?

Oded Zur, Your Honor.

Are you representing yourself?

Yes, Sir.

And you, the defendant? -Dafna Zur.

Are you representing yourself? -Yes.

You haven't opened a case at the registrar.

Do it and return in a week.

She's living in sin, Your Honor.

What do you mean, "She's living in sin"?

He doesn't fulfill his conjugal obligations.

Sir, aren't you familiar with the verse...

"And her conjugal rights, shall he not diminish"?

I'm forbidden, she's cheating on me.

It's not cheating if you only sleep with one man.

Silence in the courtroom!

Do you have a witness for this disgrace?

He's waiting outside, Your Honor.

You're sworn to tell only the truth.

The witness is ready for your questions, sir.


Moshe, Chechik.

Do you know the defendant?


She's my girlfriend.

For how long now?

6 months.

No further questions, Your Honor.

The plaintiff is to give... the defendant a divorce immediately.

Write down in the divorce papers:

"The defendant Dafna Zur is forbidden to her husband Oded Zur

"and to her lover Moshe Chechik".

Where's my lawyer? -Waiting in the hallway.

We called him but turns out he was already here, a minute after you arrived.

Which is... quite interesting.

Abramson lives in Beit Zayit.

It takes a person 5 minutes to get dressed... doesn't it?

Even longer, for an alcoholic.

Takes him a few minutes to find his way to the car.

From Beit Zayit to here, it's at least 20 minutes.

30 minutes with traffic?


He got here a minute after you arrived.

How did he do it?

He knew he had to be here.

You called him before you called the fire department.

He's waiting for me.

You're getting off-key, Dafna.

You two are coordinated, huh?

We agreed you'd get me out of here.

Where's the tape, Dafna? -Step on it, and hold the scotch because they'll kill my daughters, do you understand?

This investigator is not just a piece of shit, he's trouble, okay?

He could easily convince a judge that you're not cooperating and have you kept in custody for obstructing a homicide investigation.

Where's the tape?

Do me a favor, Abramson.

You do your part, I'll do mine.

It's all business, Moshe.

It'll be okay.

You drew money for yourself.

Now you're taking out insurance that'll pay you millions if I die.

How could you?!

Once this investigation is over... you're out of here.

Our partnership is over.

We'll talk tomorrow.

Believe me, I should've been your wife's partner.

God only knows what she's doing with a loser like you.

Why argue, huh?

When you can have a fist fight.

What now?

We're taking a trip. -Who's he?

Muki's having a party. You coming?

Welcome to the club.

New boyfriend? -Maybe.

Congratulate me, I'm divorced.



How did you get it done so quickly?

It's my job, Mom.

I know shortcuts.

The genes don't lie, like mother like daughter.

Oded and I don't know how to break it to the girls, so...

I might have them sleep here for a few days.

When I got divorced, I broke the news to you.

About what we discussed earlier... -You'll get it, don't worry.

Once we're sure you're apart for good, you'll get all the money you want. -I'd like to get it done with today.

I'm going to the opera, dear. Bring the girls over tomorrow.


There's been a mix up.

It's him, I have nothing to do with it.

What is it, Muki?

There once was a father who owed a lot of money to a very unpleasant guy.

They set up the date and the hour and the father sent the money with a messenger right on time, not a second too late, but the messenger got held up with the money.

The guy claimed that... the money didn't arrive on time, so he took the father's little son,

put an apple on his head,

and made the father shoot... a bullet...

at the apple on his son's head.

The father was... a very accurate shooter, and managed to hit the apple.

Then that liar took out a gun

and shot... my little boy...

in the head.

He missed.

My son was left paralyzed.

When you hurt someone, he becomes like family.

You come, bring gifts, a family.

I hate liars.

So I paid this man and his wife a visit and made sure they never lie again, if you know what I mean.

You have to be precise.

A paralyzed kid plus interest...

equals a dead kid.

Tonight... at 21:00 o'clock sharp you'll be a corpse.

Now you have 10 seconds to shoot that bastard that records people.

If you hit the apple, I won't kill him.

By the way, next time there's a change in plans, I'm putting an apple on top of your pretty wife's head.




Mor, you're late for rehearsal.

I want my solo dance, it's not fair.

Daddy will talk to her.

Daddy never keeps his promises.

Daddy always keeps his promises.

Mor, help me out, we're running late.

Help me out, sweetie. Where are your shoes?

There you go.

"C.O: Oded Zur, Case number 7482"

I'd like to file a complaint. -Hold on, sir.

No, wait, it's important. -I understand. One second.

People are so rude...

"Unlisted number"


You were told that the next time there's a change in plans they'll put an apple on your wife's head, right?

They were fooling you.

They'll put it on your daughter's head as a gift for her premiere.

You turned to the cops, huh?


Start running.

Ma'am, the offices are closed. Come back tomorrow.

His car is parked there.

I have to go back to my station.

Ma'am, you need to leave the premises.

Walking here alone at these hours is against the regulations.

He forgot to lock up. -It's okay.

Ma'am, this is private property, they'll have me fired.

I'll have to report a break-in.

"M.Z.K scandal: evaded punishment, the police have no leads"

"Jerusalem police's number 1 target: 'I'm the victim, "I have nothing to do with the missing children"



Excuse me, sir.


Excuse me. Excuse me, sir.

Who are you? -I'm Mor's father, where is she?

Mor's father? -Where is she?!

We gave her back her solo dance.

They're rehearsing in the room on the left.

You're late, counselor.

It's dangerous here at night.

Amir investigated some company, "M.Z.K", you know anything about it?

Not a thing. -Muki Zaken.

The word on the town is that your husband's been flagged.

I warned Amir and I'm warning you too, leave me alone.

He's threatening my family.

Muki thinks he's like Hammurabi.

Rules must be obeyed, Mike.

You didn't transfer the money on time, your little brother stays a vegetable.

Maybe it's my fault, my punishment for not teaching you that time is a very accurate thing, Mike.

With or without anesthesia, Mike?

It'll hurt more, but I appreciate it, if you know what I mean.

He took out his son's eye because the idiot didn't transfer the money on time.

What do you suppose he'd take out if someone rats him out?

A tongue or the intestines?

Go to him and settle your husband's debt.

Got no money? Rob a bank.

Or do it according to Muki's laws.

Those are the last wills you're getting from me.

Mike, I'm out.

Illegal, Abramson.


Let's wait for Muki to make a mistake, yes?

It's time to help him make a mistake, isn't it?

Meanwhile, stick to your stories about Miami, okay?


One of the wills here is Oded Zur's.

The ugly guy married to the hottie? -Yes.

They got divorced at noon today.

This hottie could convince Muki that it's invalid due to the divorce.

Hotties are good for one thing only, making salad.

We're talking about Muki, find someone of high-standard.

She's good for us, Mike. She's a corrupt lawyer, never lost a case in her life.

She plays dirty, and the judges buy whatever shit she sells them, okay?

She'll go all the way, I guarantee that.


Yes, we found him.

Let him open it, but leave the tapes alone, we're sending a technician.

He's asleep. -Then wake him up!

Hey, sweetie.

Want to sleep here with me? -Not tonight, sweetie.

Daddy, your friend is really nice, he got me ice cream.

Which friend?

Daddy has many friends.

The one with the big head who promised to watch my show.

Sweetie, didn't Mommy and Daddy tell you never to speak to strangers?

Yes, but he said you're best friends and that he's sort of my grandpa.

He even promised me a puzzle when he comes to the show.

Good night, sweetie. -Good night, Daddy.

"I wish we had more time together.

"Take a break and cherish every moment with our sweet kids.

"Be a calm mom, one who's got all the time in the world.

"Wish we could both see them grow up.

"Love you truly.



"M.Z.K Car Services"

Bury the body in the usual spot. The keys are in there.

In the office.

"There's no one but Him"

I waited for you, Dafna.

Hello, Dafna.

You saved me a condolence call at your late husband's Shivah.

How much does he owe you?


Soon he'll be gone, his insurance will pay me the money and you and your daughters won't become another car accident statistic.

Statistics say that insurance companies deny 37% of claims.

I wouldn't count on it.

Perhaps the statistics need a bit of help.

I come from a wealthy family.

I could pay off the debt by tomorrow night. -No, no.

Tomorrow is another business day, but what about today's business?


There. That's for you.

Just sign your husband's part of the company over to me.

As the wife of your late husband, you get half the business, as written on page 2.

Sign your share over to me and I release you from your debt.

What do you say, Dafna?

It's not like this company is worth much anyway.

If you're having trouble deciding, I can help you, if you know what I mean.

Reciting 15 chapters of Psalms helps the rising of the soul.

It's also good to recite Rabi Nachman's Redemption of the Soul.

I'm broke.

Muki said that tomorrow I'll be on someone else's case.

So your case is a done deal.

You may also say a confession to purify your soul.

To repent before the soul leaves this world.

If your husband doesn't commit suicide, you'll owe me with interest, Dafna.

Statistics always win.

Drive safely.

"She left"

You've reached Oded Zur.


Atty. Dafna Zur, you're being followed by a black BMW.

Who is this?

Wrong question, Dafna.

You divorced your husband today, question is, do you still love him?

If you want him to live, lose the BMW.

I'm waiting for you at the entrance to the Mamilla mall.


Dafna, listen to me.

Your husband and his partner both signed the partnership insurance.

If one of them dies, the debt is paid and Muki gets back the insurance money.

You have to tell me who you would prefer dead.


Atty. Isaac Abramson.

In 14 minutes your husband will enter the shop and put a bullet in his head.

13 minutes.

Now, if you listen to me, you could help him.

Would you listen to me, Dafna?

Good-bye. Thank you. -Good-bye.

Oded! Oded!


Oded! Oded!

The kitchenette is for cops only, didn't you read the sign?

Of course I did, Romi.

I heard you've been reading something yourself.

A lab report that says there's no gun powder on my client's hands and that she's being held in custody for nothing.

I'm entitled to 24 hours, it's by the book.

There're many accidents in Jerusalem lately, huh, Romi?

Many suicides made to look like accidents.

Yes. And you, the police keep closing cases for lack of public interest.

That's not in the book.

What cases did the police close?

The Malka Abramson case, of blessed memory?

A pretty woman, a very pretty woman, who was found less than pretty covered in cement in an elevator shaft.

All of Jerusalem is shocked, everyone is mourning and crying.

Only her husband is gone.

He's in Miami.

Arrives 2 months later reserving his right to remain silent.

But he sweats.


And he's been looking bad since then.

Real bad.

So... You're looking for renewed public interest, Abramson?

Suppose someone with severe family difficulties transferred money for his father and screwed up delivering the money on time,

getting his family in an "accident" and causing "accidents" to others.

You have no reason to keep her in custody.

Release Dafna right now and by 24:00 this person will tell you and the court everything he knows.

The autopsy shows that Oded Zur was shot twice.

Shot twice?

Yes. The entry wound and exit wound don't match.

It wasn't suicide.

It wasn't suicide.

Are you shitting me?

You didn't call Abramson.

He's listed on your incoming calls, you spoke an hour before, before they found your husband with 2 bullets in his head.

What's the deal with Abramson?

What's he to you other than your lawyer?

Spill it!

The lab results are in, you have no gun powder on your hands, you didn't fire a gun tonight.

I'm leaving.

If it isn't a murder nor suicide, then why was your husband shot twice in the head?

What are you hiding?!

Who are you covering for?!

What kind of game are you playing?!

Dafna, they have to watch the tape, now.

Good luck.


I brought you a check.

Put down whatever you need.

Happy now?


Has the unconscious guy woken up? -Yes.

How long does it take to pour some cold water on someone?

He got a text message and regained consciousness.

The area is covered by street cam 10.


Run to 21:00, 21:05.

You're considered dead since 21:00 and you owe me interest for 12 minutes.

The plan changed. You know what I mean?

Dafna is no longer my wife.

She doesn't get a penny off any new will I write, and neither do you.

Have you checked with Abramson? -Yes.

If they're divorced, then her signature is invalid.

You're way off.

Your partner signed the will and transferred to me

his part of the insurance.

Tomorrow morning you'll submit a new will.

You'll write that you're giving your wife, who is not your wife anymore, the insurance money.

Otherwise your daughters won't be yours anymore.

You can get the money tonight, in cash.

Start talking, try to beat the bullet.

Take off the jacket.

Are the cameras deactivated? -Yes.

Fire Abramson. -No problem.

Now you owe me money personally.

12 sharp.

Your husband's partner is still alive.

You interrupted Muki's attempt to kill him on camera.

Too bad.

When Muki finds out you set him up, your family gets it.


When you made a mistake Muki took out your eye.

This time I think he will bury you. State's evidence.

Eye for an eye, Dafna.

I can only take out Muki's eye.

I can't kill him, it's illegal.

You worry about loading the gun, I'll take care of the rest.

Yes, Romi Dor, Zion district. Get me the SWAT chief.

"You've got 15 minutes"

2 hostages, the wife of one of them is on her way there.


There're many accidents in Jerusalem lately, huh, Romi?

Many suicides made to look like accidents.

"District: Jerusalem Time of call: Tuesday, 21:04"

Yes. And you, the police keep closing cases for lack of public interest.

"Autopsy report: Male, November 2nd 2005"

"Took out life insurance in the sum of 1.5 million shekels"

"The deceased woman had been insured for a year

"for nearly 4 million shekels"

Hello, Cinderella.

6 minutes to midnight. Yes.

This covers your debt.

I hope you didn't forget you owe me interest for 3 hours.

You're late.

She got here early.

I want to take my husband home.

Absolutely, as soon as we settle the interest payment.

You know the story of Wilhelm Tell?



You have any idea who is lying here?

That's my husband, Oded Zur.

Your husband, my ass.

"Everybody who committed suicide had partnership insurance"

No insurance, no money.

The money goes to Muki.

Suppose someone with severe family difficulties transferred money for his father and screwed up delivering the money on time,

getting his family in an "accident" and causing "accidents" to others.

You follow?

Eye for an eye.

It's good for Dafna.

"Son versus father"

You have 5 seconds to shoot the apple.


3... -I paid you the money. -2...


But why?!

"Obstructing investigation"


"To keep us away from Muki"

She wanted to end it herself.

The gun is unloaded, Dafna.