Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay (2018) Script

We're three kilometers off the coast, Vertigo.

Keep it steady, Manta.

I'll go rouse the rabble.

Time to move.

I'm good to go.

Punch and Jewelee, not so sure.

Didn't Waller get you a room last night?

Don't be a hater, Floyd.

Or are you just upset because Waller didn't put you in charge?

Yeah, why is that, Deadshot? You usually run things.

She asked me if her dress made her look fat.

She's gotten cranky since she lost weight.

Not our issue. Is it, Daddy?

We are just having our second honeymoon anywhere we can.

Not on my time, convict. Huh?

The only one who gets satisfied tonight is me.

Your target is an underboss in the Black Mask mob, Tobias Whale, who happens to sideline in stolen Intel.

Tonight, he's delivering a flash drive full of nastiness.

Pay-offs to dictators, Senators playing footsies in restrooms, the usual.

More importantly, he has leaked info implicating our very own operations.

Needless to say, Mama would be very disappointed if you screwed this up.

So keep your heads on the mission if you want to keep them on your shoulders.

Any questions?


They're all yours, Vertigo.

I'll be on radio silence till you're done.

Waller out.

You heard the lady.

Show off.

Come on. Come on.

All right, God damn it.

So I says, "If the money's good, who gives a shit?" Huh?


You still got it, baby.

And it's all yours, Daddy.

You're that fool Deadshot.

Ain't this some shit?

Did Black Mask find out about my side gig and send you?

I'm gonna mess you up real good.

And it's his turn.

Expletive deleted, and the free world is saved again.

Stay down, dog.

What the heck's going on?

This wasn't part of the mission.



Aw! Honeymoon's over.

What about him?

I'd rather not kill him at the same wound.

She'd wonder about that.

I say we let the train run him over.

You're working together?

Working, playing...

We're soulmates.

Even in prison, things can be arranged.

What about the file?

We make a copy, give Waller back the original.

She'll never know.

And then, when the grieving widow and I are paroled, we'll have a little nest-egg.

She knows.



She's been listening. You're lying, I'm team leader.

She knew there was a traitor somewhere.

Waller? Listen to me, I beg you...

Floyd, please, don't let her.

I know. I know I was a bad girl.

And it was all Vertigo's idea.

Please don't let her kill me, Floyd!

Don't let her blow my head off...

She's done, Waller. Turn it off.

A mercy killing?

Getting soft on me, Lawton?

Just saving on the dry cleaning.

Stop this madness.

You can't get rid of me.

I am not some vestigial twin you can excise like a skin tag.

Hey, Doc, I'm getting sick of hearing this guy's crap.

Ain't you got something that'll knock him out?


Where is the anesthetic?

Well, that's just peachy.

No anesthetic? You're all insane!

Shut your piehole, we're gonna do this.

Just show me again, Doc, one more time.



No. No. No. No!


We'll start around the eye.

Oh, thank God, he was going to disfigure me.

That lunatic. That...

How dare you?

This is an operating theater, not some abattoir.

We have a patient for you, Professor.

A person in need of medical attention.

We're wondering if you could clear your schedule. Huh?

A patient in need is always my first consideration.

Good answer.

Mail call, Lawton.

Morning, sunshine.

Get another offer from Gun Fun Monthly, did you?

No, wait a tick.

It's your little girl, isn't it?

Oh, did she reject another letter from dear old Dad?

What is she now, 13, 14?

Not an ankle-biter anymore, eh? They get boy-crazy at that age.

Tell you what, girls like her need a daddy.

Don't you reckon? I get paroled early, maybe Uncle Digger can look her up.

Christ! Son of a...

You could've put my eye out.

Must be getting rusty.

Boomer's government property.

You break it, you buy it.

Hiya, cowboy.

How's tricks?

Oh, not that crazy broad again.

My choices have been dwindling lately.

I heard about poor little Jewelee.

Bitch stole my look, you know.

But I offered to give her a whole new makeover with a baseball bat.

Who else?

You heard of Killer Frost?

The ice queen? Yeah.

Crystal Frost, a tough girl from a tougher home.

Her parents were, well...

Let's just say they could've used some discipline themselves.

Then her metahuman powers kicked in, and suddenly, Mom and Dad were put on ice.

They never knew how cold her heart really was.

They say she couldn't be tamed, but I think little Crystal's warmed up to us considerably.

And then there's Copperhead, AKA Sameer Park, a meta contortionist heavily into extreme body modification.

If his biotech tail isn't repulsive enough, he also shoots acid venom.

Say hello, Copperhead.

The last is Bronze Tiger, AKA Ben Turner.

Ex-CIA, turned vigilante.

Possibly the greatest martial artist in the world.

If it weren't for his vow never to take an innocent life, I'd put him in charge.

I can feel the love.

Open wide, Ms. Frost.

Bite me.

Thank you. Try not to move.

We wouldn't want the apparatus to go off accidentally.

It happened once to the Ten-Eyed Man.



Insertion's complete.

Task Force X is locked and loaded.

What's this all about, Waller?

This is about making me happy, Tiger.

This time I'm searching for something special.

A lost card.

Just call the bank, honey. They'll get you a new one.

What's it got? Some kind of code?

You might say.

The last person who had it was this man.

He calls himself "Steel Maxim."


Late 20s, no distinguishing marks, except for a tramp stamp.

An Egyptian ankh.

We think he played a part in the card's disappearance.

But he's been hard to track down.

Find him, and I'll slice a year of all your sentences.

Oh, great, only 87 more suicide missions to go.

Cheers, Waller.

One more thing.

This one's off the grid.

You'll be dealing with me directly and only me.

Deadshot will be your team leader.

I told you before, Waller, I don't take orders from murderers.

Not even if I said, please?

I answer to a higher authority.

Higher than Waller? That sounds like blasphemy, mate.

I'd say maybe we should take this outside.

But that's up to her.

Settle down, love birds.

It's too early to start losing your heads just yet.

I've requisitioned this vehicle for your mission.

You're kidding.

Like I said, this one is off the books.

No hotels...

Road trip!

I guess that'll save us from having to explain him to the concierge.


Hey, we got cheese dogs and chicken nuggies!

Blow me up now.

It's about time.

You're late, you waste of flesh.

Banshee, is that any way to talk to our associate?

Please, see him in.

Word is, they gave her six months tops, so really wants the card bad now.

It's all there, all the information Waller has on the card.

Your text said she sent out Task Force X.

Last night.

I tried to get these to you sooner, but I have to be careful.

The Wall has eyes everywhere.

I shouldn't be gone too long.


Before you rush off, you neglected to tell me where Waller is sending them.


The man they're tracking, he's been spotted there looking for work.

What does he do?

He's an...


Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Hey!

Park in the back.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, shit. Hiya, cutie.

Yeah! Curb it, clown.

We don't wanna call attention to ourselves.

Honey, in case you haven't noticed, nobody's looking at us.

Split up. Dibs on backstage!

Here I come!

I'm going.

Look at the bag of marbles on that fella.

You missed your calling, Snake-Eyes.

The chicks would go crazy for you.

Bored now. Going out.

Uh-uh. We're on standby.

Deadshot gave us monitor duty.

So much for not taking orders from murderers, eh, Benji?

Shut it, Boomer.

Sit your ass down.

Make me, Dolemite.

I don't kill innocents.

But I doubt if you'd qualify.

Pull it back.

Or I'll rip your mouth in half.

You're on a mission.

You don't wander away, you don't make trouble, and you don't piss me off.

We didn't see him.

This nutjob was frisking the boys.

I had to cool her off.

Psychotics have needs, you know?

We have needs.

We're moving to the next club.

This is gonna take forever.

Well, we could always put up some flyers.

Ladies and ladies, it's that king from Cairo, the sphinx of kinks, the sandstorm guaranteed to blow you away.

Get ready to sweat for the Pharaoh!

Didn't see him backstage.

Me likey.

It's him.

Banshee! Oh, crap! Where you going?

Is this part of the show? I'm into it.


Oh, crap! Oh, crap! Oh, crap! Oh, crap!



This is bad.

Bloody Frankenstein...

Zoom? what the hell?

What are you waiting for?

Do I have to do everything?

Hiya, cowboy, need a ride?

Get us out of here!

Heads up, mate.

Right in the goolies.

Something's wrong. Yeah, he's too fast for you.

No, he's too slow.

He should've broken into this jalopy and killed us all by now.

He still might.

Frost, on the right!

Come on. You don't understand. I've got a 10:00 a.m. callback for Bachelor Babe.

Really? Oh, that's my favorite show.

It's so romantic, like you're the only girl at a frat party.

You're not going anywhere, buddy, until we get some answers.

Like, why are you so popular with Zoom?

How should I know? I've never even seen the guy.

But you knew Silver Banshee.

The second you saw her, you bolted.

Yeah, everyone knows who Silver Banshee is.

Uh... No.

Okay, okay, so we crossed paths a few times. So what?

Listen to this tosser.

How'd a nobody like you even get Banshee's attention?

Because I was Fate.

"Dr. Fate." I used to be Dr. Fate, okay?

Shut up.

It's true. It's not like I was the only one.

There have been a lot of Fates.

They're chosen by the spirit of Nabu.

Oh, yeah? Why'd he choose you?

Uh, why not me?

Six percent body fat, 20-inch guns.

Hell, I even took a magic class once.

So, I was going strong at the end of this 10k when I saw it...

Uh, him.

And at first, I thought he was God.

I just couldn't figure what religion.

And Nabu wasn't much of a talker, but when I had that helmet on, it was like I didn't need to hear him at all.

Like, I knew what to do.

Let me tell you, I was hella hot.


Banshee was sprung as soon as she laid eyes on moi.

I mean, come on. Sure, she played hard to get at first.

But I knew that she knew what was up.

Oh, she knew.

Oh, yeah. She knew.

Oh, my God, they did it.

That was a sweet gig.

I mean, Nabu hooked me up with my own place.

Sometimes I'd have to fight off hell dogs, and, you know, some crazy demons.

But I spent most of the time dusting his knickknacks.

This dude had everything but a dead monkey.

But of all the junk, the thing that Nabu cherished the absolute most was the smallest.

A shiny black card.

It had writing on it: "Get out of Hell free"

"Get out of Hell free"?

It's crazy, I know, I read about it in one of Nabu's books.

Supposedly, if you have this card on you when you die, you bypass Hell and you go straight to Heaven.

Oh, like a TSA pass.


And a whole lot of blokes would be stoked to have a card like that.

Yeah, but only one person can use it, then it's used up.

All I know is that damn card screwed up my situation but good.

What do you mean?

I'd been there about two months, and it gets old.

So one evening, I hit this bar and I meet this redhead.

And she's so hot. So I said to her...

You don't know it yet, baby, but you just met your fate.

Cornball? Yes, but it works.

Especially when I bring her back to my place, right?

She had this girlfriend with her, kind of hard and quiet, not really my type, but they were a package deal.

Like I'm gonna say no to that?

It started off great.

But after a while, I got a little suspicious

'cause the butch one hadn't joined in the fun yet.

I mean, who can say no to all of this. Am I right?

And I catch her red-handed boosting the freaking card.

I mean, who does that?

And the only thing they took was the card.

Everything else was untouched.

Including me.

You think he cared?

He didn't even give me a chance to explain.

A couple of days later, I called up my girlfriend, and she was freaking.

She said people were looking for me, government types.

They were asking about the card. Like I knew where it was.

Anyway, she blocked me, so I called up my side chick, same thing.

Finally, I ran out of options.

So I changed my name and I've been lying low ever since.

Calling yourself "Steel Maxim," and stripping.

That's "lying low" to you?

It's called "hiding in plain sight," sweetheart.

Anyway, you gotta believe me, I had nothing to do with the card, I swear on my life!

Okay. So who's Dr. Fate now?

I heard Nabu picked some chick.

You get all that?

I got it. He's telling the truth.


But at least now, we know who took the card.

Sounded like Scandal Savage and Knockout.

But it didn't sound like their kind of heist.

It's not.

I'd bet my eyeteeth that her daddy, Vandal Savage, is in on this.

According to the Justice League database, that bastard is a 50,000-year-old caveman who was affected by radiation from a meteorite.

Yeah, I know.

Anyway, you may be more familiar with his other nom de plume.

Alexander the Great, Caesar, Genghis Khan.

He's history's bloodiest tyrant.

And you're going after him.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

I didn't sign up to deal with an immortal butcher.

You didn't sign up for anything.

I run the op the way I want, and I want that card, Deadshot.

I need it.

It's Savage, Waller, you gotta give me something.

We already have Zoom on our ass.

I can't go back to them with nothing.

Fine. Ten years.

I'll give you 10 years off.

You know what that means for you.

You're out.

If you're in.

So when do we get the show on the road?


What do we do with Magic Mike?


Not cool.

At least you could call me a car, assholes.

Which exit, cowboy?

Waller said to keep going north until we hear from her.

You don't suppose she really believes this mumbo-jumbo, do you? What?

You know, that you can skip Hell.

Beats me. I always thought this was Hell, Captain Kangaroo.

Hey, all right. First up, that's offensive.

I'll tell you another thing.

If any of us truly deserves Hell, it's Waller.

And that bitch knows it.

Playing God the way she does.

I ain't worrying. I know I'm going to heaven.

Anyone who can put up with Mr. J deserves a break.

The problem is, sweetheart, you have to die in order to find out if the card really works.

It'd be pretty bloody embarrassing if it didn't.

What about you, gunman?

You think the card could wipe away all the blood you've spilled?

Or don't you believe in heaven?

I believe in heaven, Boomer.

Every time you shut your mouth.

You joke about Heaven and Hell, Deadshot.

But trust me, they exist.

There's not a morning goes by I don't get up wondering if this will be my judgment day.

Will I end up with the woman I love, or face the lake of hellfire with the same vermin who brought me down?

The only thing any of us can hope for is divine intervention.

Only through the grace of God can we be saved from eternal damnation for all the blood we spilled.

Everything else is just talk.

So, guess the card couldn't hurt then, eh?

Dude, this is the way they left me.

I was kidnapped.

That's what they all say, buddy.

We'll get you something pretty to wear back at the station.

Hope you like pink.

Sorry, Officer.

But I think your tags are about to expire.

Oh, crap.

All right, listen up. It turns out that Scandal Savage and her gal pal have an apartment in Denver.

There's a hidden safe. I'll be sending you floor plans.

Yes, sir. We'll be ready.


A few days without a scalpel in my hand, I start to feel all fidgety.

Better get dressed, babe. The caveman cometh.

Oh, about time. This little piggy's been cramping our style.

No peeking.

Madam, I'm a surgeon.

I've seen bodies before.

Not like this one.

Why, the audacity.

I call shenanigans, madam.

You're violating my rights.

Shenanigans, I say.

Oh, what a world.



I don't know why your papa wants me for a job any bone cutter could do.

My work is art, it's transformational.

So is your bank account if you do this right.

I haven't worn this since I escaped from Apokolips.

What do you think? Too Wonder Woman?

He likes Wonder Woman.

There's only three.

Some guy in cuffs and a pig mask.


They usually call up first, don't they?

I smell bacon.

So far, no one's died.

Let's see how long we can make that last.


It's here.

Frost, how about a few icy cuffs for the ladies?


What a world. What a world!

We can't get a clean shot.

The woman is expendable.

I know you can see me, Savage. I got the card!

You really want to kill me?

I'm guessing no, but then again, who would've guessed a caveman believed in Hell?

Everyone, get behind me.

No fast moves.

You can't negotiate with him.

Right now, we're just playing poker, and I've got the wild card.

Well, that makes me feel a lot better.

Father, we must help her.

Get Pyg onboard.

She's dying, she can't be left.

Get Pyg.

Christ, and I thought you were a lousy father.

Just move back nice and slow.

We're like fish in a freaking barrel.

If you kill me, the card gets used up.

If you wound me, my friends will finish the job.

Either way, you lose your ticket to heaven.

Give me the card, and I'll spare all your sorry lives.

Sounds reasonable.

We're so screwed.


Come on. Come on!

You better be up there, snake man.

Gee, Frosty, it's like Christmas every day with you.

Trust me, that one's out of order.

Damn it, we're too late.

So they didn't get the card.

At least we know who's got it.

Savage has disappeared for decades.

I can't lose him.

I understand he took you by surprise.

What I don't understand is why I'm not blowing all your fool heads off right now.

His ship was as big as a 747.

Your satellites must've picked him up.

Savage uses a cloaking device.

He could hide the moon if he wanted to.

He must've left some kind of trail.

A heat signature. A disruption in the clouds.

You better hope we find something.

Otherwise, this camping trip is over.

Waller out.

Oh, Benji gets a star.

We should've kept on fighting.

At least one of us could've gotten out with the card.

Hey, where you going?

I need to get some air.

But who is going to lead us?

You're in charge.

Who wants pizza?

It's okay.

I'm looking for Zoe.

Are you her dad?


Where are your guns?

Cool. Full auto.45s, right?

I play a lot of first-person shooters.

I'm "PussycatKill" in Blood World.

Why isn't she here?

She stays away a lot.

Crap. You got any?

Where does she go?

South side on King Street. There's a drug house.

She usually ends up there.

Don't get me wrong. She's no tweaker.

Maybe some weed.

Speaking of, might as well wake and bake since I'm up.

She says she's like you.

Likes to live dangerously.

But she kind of hates you too.

I asked my therapist about it, but he was already asleep.

Want some?

Hmm. More for me.

Seen her around here lately?


You lonely, darling?

No, thanks, I'm just looking for...





Hey, hey, hey. What's your hurry, buddy?

Tough guy, huh? He got any cash?

Look, you dickless wonders, I don't have time for this.

You're in trouble, Deadbeat.

You shut off your comm line.

Your kid's not our mission.

You don't understand.

You think you're the only one who's lost someone?

Remember the League of Assassins?

You worked for 'em once or twice.

Once. Lousy benefits.

I went undercover to infiltrate them for the agency.

They found out. They tried to kill me, but that's easier said than done.

So they went after my fiancée.

I tracked down and killed as many of them as I could.

Including a few moles working for us.

I didn't know, but to tell you the truth, I didn't care.

This story have a point?

Don't try to make me feel sorry for you and your rathole existence.

I did everything in God's power to protect the woman I loved.

While you, you threw your daughter away!


I was holding back because of your kid.

But now I'm gonna finish this.

Deadshot, you gotta call the Wall.

She went nuts when she found out I was in charge.

I says to her, "So how's a girl supposed to get ahead in this outfit?"

And that's when she got really pissed and called me a...

Shall we?

It begins with a "Z" and it ain't crown.

It's not her.

I'm here.

You are one lucky guy, Lawton.

You don't know how close you came to an out-of-body experience.

I took a side trip. So what?

Tiger's in charge.

You heard the woman.


Waller wants us to keep going north for the time being.

We'll take a rest stop here and reconvene at 1700 hours.


I think Grumpy's staying.

Are you stayin', Grumpy?

Yep, Grumpy's staying.

I'm gonna order some food. What do you want?

Anything but chicken nuggies.

I'm going to the can.

I bet she pees icicles.


Who is this?

Listen closely, 'cause I'm only gonna say this once.

32.1 degrees north, minus 112 degrees east.

What the hell?

And no onions. Tiger.

- They got Frost. What?

I'm goin' after them.

Stupid piece of garbage!

Hope you're doing all right.

Sorry if Banshee got a little rough.

She feels terrible.

Yeah, I'm all up in my feelings about it.

Honestly, we meant you no harm.

We just want to talk.

The fact is, I'm a fan.

I mean, this gift you have, it's really quite extraordinary.

I don't think people realize what you're capable of doing.

What's this about?

It's about a favor.

Everyone needs a favor once in a while.

Banshee here would like me to help her go back in time to seek vengeance against the clan who banished her.

The bastards!

Blockbuster, uncomplicated fellow that he is, would like his own island.

Me? I want the card.

Waller can trace me, you know. She'll be sending them.

What if I can make all that go away?

And what do you get out of it?

Like I said, a favor. One hand washing the other.

It has to do with Professor Pyg.

I think I finally understand how he fits in.

And for you, it would take no more effort than freezing a tray of ice cubes.

I'm listening.

Don't move.


Just a cramp.

I'm telling you, nothing's moving inside.

Not even the dust in the air.

She's in there, all right.

I want to set up a perimeter.

Boomerang, you take the north side.

Harley... Where's Harley?

We're coming to get you, Frosty!


How's that leadership thing going?

You sure you got the right address?

She's in there somewhere. Zoom may have turned her.

I'll give you 30 seconds, then I'm done with her.

Look around. Copperhead, under the house.


Well, she is like Frosty the Snowman.

Maybe she melted.

Something's off. We're being set up.

Tell Waller we found her. Buy us some time.

We think we've got Frost, Waller. Stand by.

She's done.

The bomb, it's down here.

Everybody, out!

I don't think he looks so good.

Poor Tiger. Just when I was starting to get interested.

Lawton, I just got satellite photos on those coordinates you gave me.

This canyon shortcut will get you to Savage ahead of Zoom.

I'm en route, but it may take a while.

There wouldn't be a hospital on the way, would there?

Or a mortuary.

He's a soldier, Lawton.

Dying's an occupational hazard.

Keep your eyes on the road and your head on the mission.

Why so glum, mate? You got your job back, didn't ya?

That bloody fool. He's our true-blue.

So freaking noble.

He never got that we're just a bunch of puppets trying to get through the show with our strings attached.

It's quite a crib Vandal's got.

All that's missing is a sign that says, "Bad guy lives here."

Come on.

How's that? Mighty beauty, I'd say.

Let's not give each other hand jobs just yet.

You see a way to get inside?

I think we're being summoned.

Poor Piggy.

Looks like he went to market.

If this is a warning, I'd say it's working.

I presume my grieving daughter sent you.


I must've sired 100,000.

You'd think one would show me some respect.

If you wanna live another century or two, hand over the card.

That would be impossible.

Mate, he's gotta have it. Doesn't work unless you have it on you.

Not on me...

In me.

Professor Pyg.

I don't get it.

He had Pyg implant the card in him.

In such a position that to remove it would kill me.

Why do you even need it? You're supposed to live for-bloody-ever.

I'm immortal, not invulnerable.

I've had more brushes with death in the last 10 years than all the centuries preceding thanks to the emergence of metahumans.

I'm afraid no one lives forever.

It's a neurosynaptic discharge.

Blocks sensory motor functions pretty quickly.

That is, if you can still hear me.

That's a hell of an entrance.

Frosty, you got the wrong side.

We're the good bad guys...

God, I've been wanting to do that for a week now.

Such a quick healer.

You and I have that in common.

Our little favor, Miss Frost?


We should be there at 0200 hours. You have it yet?

Getting there.

They're bloody freezing him.

Not quite.

Just bringing down his body temperature to the point where we can work with him.

You're slow, Zoom. In the old days, you never needed help.

What's the problem?

You might say "Everything."

Nice shot.

It was Batman.

In another timeline.

Can't say that I blame him.

Thanks to me, his entire world was going to die.

Only Flash could turn back time, and I was damned if I was gonna let that happen.

I never saw it coming.

But I felt it.

I tried to vibrate my inner molecules to save my brain even as the bullet was tearing through.

And in that moment, that very infinitesimal split-second before death, I drew the Speed Force into me with every ounce of willpower I had left.

I literally bought time. I'd expanded my moment of dying into days, maybe weeks.

But it's like operating in a fog.

Everything's a little unreal and warped.

I feel like I'm walking through water sometimes.

And then when I speed up, I can feel my life slipping away.

He's ready.

I'm running on fumes now...

But I've got just enough gas left for this.

Bon voyage, caveman.

Shall we send Savage some company, Banshee?

You were right, Speedy. Nobody knows what I'm capable of.

Why, thanks. Don't mind if I do.

I don't suppose you're coming back to the fold?

You supposed right, Deadhead.

The neck is clear...

And I got the card.

Membership does have its privileges after all.

Oh, really?

I didn't think you were a believer.

I'm not, but a girl's gotta make some money.

Thought I'd put this up for auction.

Let Waller know I'll give her the first bid.

You tell that trick bitch her ass is mine, you hear?

Yeah, I think she got it.

So long, suckers.


Let's see how cold-blooded you can get.

Where's the card? How close are they to it?

Copperhead's got her, but not for long.

Waller, I'll see you in Hell, you dirty...

Son of a bitch!

How about helping old Digger out here, eh?

Hey, hey. Hey.

Two dead, Waller.

I'll live with it. Just get me the card.

All for a magic trick.

Oh, ye of little faith.

She'll blow your head off, too, you know.

You're still not getting it, love.

I got the card.

No one's gonna kill me and waste a pass to the Pearly Gates on this tosser.

Benji! I thought you were toast, mate.

You okay?

Where are the others?

Oh, dead.

They all killed each other like cats in a bag.

Savage, Zoom, all of them.

What about the card?

Mate, who knows?

Waller's gonna have to bring in a cleaning crew for that.

Even for scum, you make a lousy liar.

Watch it, kitten, you're not the only one with claws.

I know you have it. Give it to me!

Screw you.

Cowboy, Zoom just took off.

I'll get him. No, you stay.

Make sure they don't leave.

God damn it.

Either your reflexes are back or mine are shot.


I'd say this more than evens things.

Drop the card and walk away.

What are you gonna do, kill me?

Death by a thousand cuts, Tiger.

I'll have that card by number 10.

Did I say 10?

I underestimated.

Do it. Save me the trouble.

Maybe I'll just wound you too.

I promise you, Deadshot, I'm good for one last hit of speed.

Any bullet you shoot, I'll make sure it's lethal.

So go ahead.

Make my afterlife.

Fuck my life.

Tell me we got him.

He just crossed the finish line.

I can't save you.

I'm beyond salvation.

You didn't want her to have it either.

She doesn't deserve it.

What was her name? Your fiancée?


Pretty name.

I'll be damned.

You better have that friggin' card.

Not a scratch on it.

It feels cold.

It's a cold world.

The Zoom guy, he disappeared.

I looked around... Oh, hi, Wally, how's tricks?

She would live.

Are we good?

No one's ever to speak of this, Lawton, understood?

I'll be seeing you, Waller.

Maybe in heaven.