Sukiyaki Western Django (2007) Script


Been looking for you. It's the end of the road for you.

What's that sound?

That's the sound of the Gion Shoja temple bells.


You know, them Heike and Genji boys.

On a distant island, these two clans split into the Reds and the Whites.

Wage war.

Sort of like that War of the Roses, you know? In England?

Who won?

The Whites?

This high noon battle was waged in Dannoura.

Hear the Heike clan in red got themselves hog-tied by the Genji clan in white.

Their story goes a little something like this.

The sound of the Gion Shoja temple bells echoes the impermanence of all things.

What bells you say?

The color of the sala flower reveals the truth that to flourish is to fall.

You okay fella?

The proud do not endure like a passing dream

on a night in spring.

The mighty fall at last.

See you in hell.

To be no more than dust before the wind.

Piringo. That's why I love you.

Ain't nothing back there.

You ain't heard me?

It's an ain't nothing town.

Bet you came for the gold, too.

Well, there ain't none!

Which are you? White or Red?

You Genji or Heike?

Which gang's gonna buy it?

My reward is one third.

If there ain't no treasure, don't pay.

Benkei, show him.

No doubt about who's gonna be left standing.

But best not get any ideas about playing Yojimbo.

You got to be alive to spend your money, stranger.

The kid's got a heart, and balls to match.

No! Join us!

We'll do better than a third! We'll leave you half!


We'll give you everything.

But with us, it's a lifetime contract.

Don't know about that. I don't stay long in one place.

Suits us fine!

We'll give you half for this one-time deal.

How 'bout it?!

Not too shabby.

Hey, boy!

Hey, hey...

If you're such a quick draw, you don't need them.

Take it all. And tell them to shove their lifetime contract.

Stay out of it! You old bitty!

Us grannies can't help but meddle!

Boy, don't rush yourself.

Make your choice after cooling your heels.

This town can't grow from seed, but I can offer some soba tea at my place.

Come with me!

Hey, hey, hey, hey!


Follow him!

Bah! Forget that! Bring him here...

I'll teach her good.

So the Reds rode in first, eh?

Yeah. How do you figure that?

Simple. With the sheriff, seeing the law hitched with the weaker side must mean they made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Uh, of course, now, maybe he's looking for a chance to switch sides.

How long has it been like this?

Two months since the Heikes walked in.

And before that, gold prospectors started coming 'round.

What're you doing here?!

What?! What the hell?

But what we couldn't figure out was why so many people, and why now?

The end of last month, a town with the same legend found the mother lode. The country's gone crazy with Heike gold tales.

Every nook and cranny of every town with the treasure legend is swarming with prospectors.

It's a genuine gold rush! Yee-ha ha ha!

You can't touch this land, or you'll be cursed.

Ha! We'll take that curse off your hands.


You see?! We're raised hearing the legends all our lives!

And we can't quietly sit by as you lay waste to our land!


In the beginning, we expected them to be a godsend

because they were Heike, like us.

But things soon went sour.

The Heikes ran off the prospectors and started digging.




Boss Kiyomori! We found this.

Instead of that wood marker that read "Fear the curse".

I knew it!

So they figured the treasure must be somewhere, and the Heike have been here since.

From today, you're one of us.

Think of it as being on vacation.

Uh, yes. I've been meaning to take some time off.

Feeling a little beside myself.


Stop, stop! Don't do anything stupid!

Daddy, I'm scared!


Heihachi, son...

Men need courage and resolution.

I'm scared, Daddy! Let's go home!

Let's go. Let's go!

They ransacked the resting place of our ancestors.

I go and get help.



Boss Kiyomori.

But his reign of power didn't last long.

Dang. You boys are a day late and a dollar short.

This is our town.





Shigemori, we got to fatten you up, boy.

Boss Yoshitsune.

The Genjis didn't make a move against the Heikes.

They left the gold digging to them, sat back, and waited for their chance to steal the loot.


Finders keepers.

After that, people began to leave.

Just a few families are left.

On the way here, I met a guy leaving town.

He said there wasn't any gold.

Ah, we might as well hire you.

But all the town can offer you is this.


Try this.

Hey. Hey, welcome back.

This is my grandson. Heihachi.

So, you boys got it yet?

Give it a go.

Death isn't to be feared.

Don't watch the blade.

How many times do I have to tell you?

Don't follow the blade with your eyes. Don't see it, feel it.

That's the essence of Mononofu training.

Mononofu training ain't samurai bullshit.

Being a samurai is a philosophical way of life.

But the life of Mononofu means life of fighting!

If you ask me, samurai are still wearing their skivvies.

They are vain. They're still concerned about their looks.

That's "tits on the bull" thinking.

But if you peel away that last layer so you are naked, this in the raw fighting the spirit is warrior's lot in life.

His realm, our realm is deeper than the samurai's.


you gonna come at me or whistle Dixie?


Why were we born in this spineless age!

What's it gonna be?

Take this handsome man to the Reds or hand him over to the Whites?

You know, I'm at sea.

I don't know.

Depends on him.

Today's special is the Whites with a side of mashed potatoes and soup.

Forget about the Heike gang.

Their Boss Kiyomori smells like a dead dog on a hot day.

He's lost so much, he's getting dumber.

Goddamnit! Sheriff's late.

"The sound of the Gion Shoja temple bells echoes the impermanence of all things. "

You follow?

Yes, I... uh...

It means everything in this old world changes.

It means we can never call our services off.

We'll finally restore the glory of our family name and the riding-high.

Genji gang will be lead to ruins.

"The color of the sala flowers reveals the truth that to flourish is to fall. "

That's it.

It's a law of nature. The Genjis are going down!

From today,

I read this.

What's that?

Shakespeare. Henry VI.

The War of the Roses.

War of the Roses?

Come on, boy. Don't you know your Shakespeare?

It's a story about the Reds winning the war.

The Reds win?

Yes, we'll win.

Yeah! Kiyomori!



Don't ever call me Kiyomori again!

From today...

the name's... Henry.

Okay, you got it!

From today you are Henry, Boss.

Henry! Henry!


Side with the Genjis.

They got a young lady, fine as cream gravy.

That painted lady used to be a dancer.

She's the kid's mama, but still mighty fine.

Hasn't aged a bit.

A woman of true Genji lineage.

He's Genji and Heike?

Huh? Oh, the kid?

Yeah, he's a half-breed.

And his father?

Got himself killed.

You're of the same stock, boy?

Fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine.


He can't talk no more.

Hard to after seeing your dad murdered.

What's his mother doing on the Genji side?

To begin with, that granny's boy went to work in the city.

Then, one day, that boy, her son Akira, brought the Genji woman home.

Mama, the days of being Genji or Heike are done with.

I don't know how or where the two met, but his mother blessed their marriage.

So Red and White got hitched, and they figured crossing roses, blooming in both colors, was romantic.

And they raised Heihachi, their Red and White treasure.

But then the fighting started again.

Finders keepers.


Get out. There ain't no gold here.

That's it?

Take it all!

If you want it, take it.

And get out!




Love hurts.

My favorite color. Looks good on you.

Folks say a Genji woman painted red lit a flame in him.

I'll teach you good!

I show you what a real man is!

I know, I know.

So she ran to the hideout of her own flesh and blood.

Was it to protect her son, or get vengeance for her husband?

You too, Sheriff.

Sure! Don't mind if I do.

How much for the lady?

Say what?

How much you got?

Depends on how much you'll pay me.

Keep it in your pants, lily liver.

The tougher man gets the girl.

Do what you like.

Do her here, upstairs.

Wherever and however you please.

You are the second cunning wolf I ever really wanted to draw iron at.

Who was the first?

A legend.

One I heard when I was a kid.

Oh, yeah?

The Bloody...


Bloody Benten.

The fighting goddess legend.


Now I really want to draw iron at you.


Ain't refined, but it hits you deep down.

The Anasazi play that music.

They were here before any of us.

They still keep the old ways.

You'll do fine.

I want Kiyomori dead.

You've thrown away your body, everything, all for revenge?

So what?

Don't pity me. I don't need useless compassion from you.

Good. It ain't good for nothing, huh?

Do you want me?


I want you. Very much.

But be careful. Yoshitsune's men left town to get a powerful weapon.

Yoichi wants you dead.

They'll likely be here by sunup.

When the shooting starts,

take Heihachi and escape to the mountains.

You're not gonna run?

Oh, you got something against them, too?

I got my reasons.

Have the roses bloomed yet?

What are they named?


They're cold.

"Here in my scabbard, meditating that.

"Shall dye your white roses in a bloody red.


"Meantime, your cheeks do count...

"Counterfeit our roses, for pale they look with fear...

"as witnessing the truth on our side.

"No, Plantagenet, not for fear but anger

"that thy cheeks blush for pure shame

"to counterfeit our roses. And yet!

"Thy tongue will not confess thy error.

That Sheriff's late! Bring him here, you idiot!

Some things you gotta see through.

What're you gonna do now?

I bet Kiyomori is going nuts.

Maybe he hasn't figured out he's been betrayed yet.

He may be dense, but he ain't stupid.

No, no no no... He hasn't got a clue.

As long as we...

So you want go back to their side?

Too late for that.

You said it!

So what do we do now?!

Don't get impatient.

He ain't going nowhere for awhile.

You reckon?

You just watch.

At least, as long as we stay here, we're safe.

We got time.

Why don't you take a dump?

And have a think?

Howdy, Sheriff.

"A special weapon will be here soon.

"Before the Genjis get it, "tell the Heike's to bushwhack their wagons.

If you don't, we'll all be killed. "


What are you doing, boy?

Shit or get off the pot!

Hold your horses.

Instead of telling them the godawful truth, don't you reckon we better hightail it?

I ain't listening to you no more.


Boss Kiyomori!

The name's Henry.

Where have you been?

I was spying on the Genjis, and things are getting way out of hand.

Excuse me.

Come again?

Stupid cow!


See-ya! See-ya! See-ya! See-ya!

See-ya! See-ya!

I told you we should've skipped town.

I told you.

Shit. Whoa!



Fear nothing!

Watch it!

That's dangerous!



You did this!

Fire, boys, and guard the windows.

How'd he pull that off?


Ichiro. Matsui.

Follow me.

What happened?

Tell you later! We're going to the old man's place in the mountains.

Heihachi! Heihachi! Come on, hurry!

Come on! This way.

Watch your step.

Take Heihachi and go without me.

What did you forget?

Something important!

What's wrong?

Forget them! You don't need them!

No! They're...


They're my... heart.

No matter what, one of you's gonna die.


Please. Please, not him.

If you want him to live, drop... your... guns.

No more!

Stop bitching! Hyah!

The time is now!

Hey, hey!


Lucky me.



Shigemori, I won't die until we win.

Payback's a bitch!

A she's the shit!

Before you die...

I have something sweet.

You want some, bitch?

You are an animal.

Toshio! Throw it here!

Can't be... bloody...


What are you doing?

Open your eyes.

See for yourself.

You can't close them to reality.

Open your eyes!


Heihachi! Open your eyes!

What were you doing acting alone?!

You got balls, but no brain!

Ruriko, why did you hide this from me?

I thought we were friends.

Sorry, but...

Could you visit this address and stock up on these?

If he is still alive,

my signature here should help you out.

I wish I could go, but I can't leave the boy alone.


But these are guns.

Tell him I need help, and he owes me.

You are the only one I can depend on.

So she's still kickin', eh?

What's "BB"?

When this doubly talented goddess used to play music, she would hold her instruments in both hands.

But when she was on the warpath, she held weapons in eight hands.

When the fire of vengeance dwelled in her eyes, this murdering goddess was wide awake, and everything in her way got stained blood red.

They dubbed her Bloody Benten.

Nicknamed double B for short.

I was the one who educated her in killing, and it was tough going.

You like it?

It's too sweet.

Well... Too much sugar.

This is sukiyaki, not a damn lollipop!

Oh, I'm so sorry.

How many times do I gotta tell you before it sinks into that thick skull of yours that you draw the sweetness out of the Chinese cabbage?

Sorry... And this tofu.

It's kinugoshi!

But... But... But the store was sold out.


Go on!

No... damn... darned excuses!

I'm sorry.

Dang useless woman.

Why I ever thought I could make a gunfighter out of...

Listen up, girl.

If this were a gunfight, you wouldn't be saying "They sold out of bullets, let's shoot beans instead," now could ya?

That'd mean death to me and you, wouldn't it? Hmm, wouldn't it?

That's my girl. There you go.

Never let your guard down.

The Grim Reaper himself dwells in that pot. Don't you forget that.

I... I nev...


Don't worry.

The sugar helps me.

Lordy lord.

You ain't pregnant, is ya?

I reckon it will be a bouncing boy.

Oh, heck.

You mean Akira?

Akira. How the lovely sound of that name brings me back.

What can I say?

At the end, I am an anime otaku at heart.


How's my boy?

Ah, so.

That's why you've come for them irons, eh?

You'll tell her this for me.

Sayonara dake ga jin sei da.

Life is all about goodbyes.

We are in your hands!

I'm surprised.

He is still alive.

I guess every man's got his own reasons for why he has to keep on living.

Got a cold?

Don't you have one, too?


You are some freak of nature.

The old man's medicine did the trick.

Thank you.

You going? Huh?


Going. where to?

To settle a score.

What score?

The town's got nothing to do with you.

Shit just happens. That's all.

So the meaning of life is shit happens, huh?

Well, I don't want to run from the shit anymore.


If you don't take the cake...

Sorry, but could you fetch the treasure for me?

There is one?

Ruriko, what about the town law?

As anyone who's getting on in years around here knows...

he was chosen to guard it.

That's the town law.

I thought Heihachi would be the next chosen one, but he's too weak.

I reckon he was born at the wrong time and in the wrong place.

He does have a gift for music, though.

But tenderness alone won't get you far in life.

What are you fixing to do with the treasure?

Settle this once and for all.

If we lose, they can have it.

If we win, you can have half. How about it? You game?

Suits me fine.

Okay, then.

This way.

No. This way.

I ain't gonna listen to you no more!

That's my line! I'll kill you!

Smells like victory.

Got the Mr. Gatling riding shotgun.

And now, a shield.

A shield?

If you were fatter, it would be perfect.

Hey! Hey! Hey, hold on!

Come on, now! Hey! No! No!


If I get taken down, will you give this to Heihachi for me?

I'll think about it if and when you die.

Hey! Hey!

I'll carry the treasure for you.

I'll carry the guns. And if there's any more carrying to do, then let me do it.

Well, if you ain't the most stubborn man I ever did meet.

Let him take it.

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

Go, Banjo. Go!

We get shot, and you are the one's gonna get smoked, not me.

You die first.

No! You die first!

We die!

Okay, we die. We die. I die.

You die, he dies, she dies, we die.

Everybody dies!

It takes truly something for people to finally learn...

the way to your loyal heart was love.


I'll make you...

notice me.

Here's the treasure!

Have at it, boys!

Winner takes all!

Hey! Look!

Gold! Gold!

Spread out!

Here! This way!

This way.





I think I sprained my ankle!

Where those Heike boys?

Here we go!



Get down!



Confess thy error!

This time, we win.

This time, we win!

This time...

That's for the mayor.

I win...

I win!

I ain't dead...

till I beat you.

This is for Akira.

It's all mine!

It's mine.

Its all ours!

I... always... you're...

Don't say it.

No one in the world ever saved Benten's life.

Except for you.


You... You're Ruriko.

My... Ruriko.

I'm not... dead...


Now this...

is what I call class.

So that old granny was Bloody Benten, eh?

I'm glad I came here.

Hell, I'm glad I was born.

Finally, with a worthy opponent.

I can risk my life to the death.


or death!

That's plenty for me.

You keep the rest.

Just do me one thing.

Tend to the roses for me.

But when it doesn't feel right, you can stop.

Now you've got money, you've got a gun, and the roses, too.


son, no matter what the times may be, no matter where you are, what matters is you and how you deal with this world.

And there ain't no running from it.

Don't run.

Decide for yourself what tomorrow's gonna be.


Your mother was a mighty fine lady.