Summer Camp (2015) Script

And there is still no word on the American camp counselors who disappeared in Europe.

The three young 20-somethings had been hired by the El Buho Summer Camp located in northern Spain to give English classes to local children but went missing just days after their arrival.

The American embassy is working in close contact with local authorities, but an embassy spokesperson interviewed by this station revealed that hopes of finding them alive are slim.


Turn right!

Slow down, Michelle!

Turn, like, kinda right.

Right. A little bit right.

Go left. Left!

Kinda left.

The path goes downhill, kind of.

Go right.

Move, move!


Very nice, both of you.

Four minutes and 13 seconds.

Last time, the female counselors went over seven.

Yeah, seven, and they were really banged up.

Yes, that's what I'm talkin' about, Christy!

-Is there really any point to this? -Of course.

You'll see when the kids arrive.

At first they're like strangers, but after a few trust exercises, they're friends for life.

Want to bet us girls do it better?


Go! Left! Keep going!

Again, left! Big right!

Watch your right! Jump!

Yeah, left!

All right, keep going! Make a right!

Left. Big right!


-Almost there, Will. -You got it.

Come on, Will. Right!


Can you try walking a little faster, Christy?

I'm going as fast as I can.

Just a little bit. Okay, so in about four feet there's a log, so, yeah, there you go.

Keep going. Keep going.

Yeah, okay, so that's the log.

Step over it. You're doing...

My God. My shoes are getting ruined.

Maybe you shouldn't have worn heels in the woods.

How about the new girls?

They're nice, but honestly, Christy seems out of place.

She's a little rich girl.

Yeah, and now she's in Europe's cheesiest camp.

I'm curious to see how she handles the campers.


When you hire based on pictures...

It's clear now. Make a... take...

-Christy... -There's something here!

It's a tire! Just take a step to the left.

Left, one step to the left. Now perfectly straight. Just straight.

Just take off my blindfold. They won't even know.

No, it's a trust exercise. You're supposed to trust me.

And Michelle?

Michelle was working last summer as a first counselor in France.

I think that she wanted to try the same thing in a different country, and...

And her picture was smokin'.

I like her attitude, you know?

She's competitive, gutsy.



Like, it's literally clear now.

-Just take off my blindfold. -There's nothing there.

Christy. Are you serious?

You're just gonna give me the silent treatment now?

This is fun.

Like, what?

I don't want to have to replace two counselors in midseason again. That's all I'm saying.

Hey, hey, hey, hey. You're the one playing two at the same time.

It wasn't their fault.

All right.

Just any hook-ups happen off the campgrounds.

No, Will, seriously.

I don't want any problems this time.

Trust, my ass.

Hey! Where's Christy?


I'm sorry I got mad. I shouldn't have yelled at you, okay?


Michelle, come on!

I am so done with this!

Antonio? Is that you?


I really don't like this game.

It's kind of ridiculous.

If I want to "team build" with someone, maybe we'd go shopping together, go to the movies, go to a restaurant, or go over playlists...

But I do not go running blindly around the woods like an idiot.


Real funny, guys.

One thing, guys. Tomorrow when the kids arrive, we need to do our welcome ritual.

What's that, we take them into the woods blindfolded, and the ones who make it back get dinner?

First thing off the bus, we drink the pure water from the owl's fountain.

Watch out!

What the hell? Who is this guy?

Not again.

"Again"? What is he doing?

My God!

Do people do that kind of thing here?

I'm getting out.

No, no. I don't want any trouble.

They're fuckin' high, man.

What's that?

I think "salchicha" means sausage.

Fuck you.

These druggies have been around for weeks now.

I can't get 'em to leave.

What are they even doing here? Michelle, look.

I don't know. Javier thinks they're the ones that busted the well.

Just hope they don't cause us any trouble.

In America, there's no way we'd call this place a camp.

Yeah, well, it's pretty common here.

They take abandoned manor houses and use 'em for sleepaway camps.

And does it make sense to hire American counselors?

Well, it's an English immersion camp, so you gotta have native speakers.

If the counselors were locals, the campers would spend the entire week speaking to them in Spanish.

Yeah, the point is that it's cheaper for the parents to send their kids here than to London or New York...

The well still isn't fixed?

That owl is a slacker.

Javier is fixing the well.

Everything will be up and running tomorrow, so don't worry.

But then this means another day without showers.

It's freezing!

If you have a better idea, I'm happy to hear it.

God. This place is gross, right?

We've only been here two days. Don't be such a pessimist.

I'm not a pessimist.

It's just not what I was expecting.

Where are the cabins and canoes?

The sun?

I thought Spain was supposed to be warm.

I only brought lightweight stuff.

I'll lend you something, okay?


Fast, fast. Tak-a-tak-a-ta.

Yeah, Carmen, yeah. Gracias.

I'm going to see what's up with the well.

Madre de Dios.

I know it's tempting... but I would wait to have some water in it.

Where's everyone else?

I asked them to go over the campers' files, yeah.

Hey, the animals just arrived. You wanna go see them?

-Sure. -Yeah?


-I'm really happy you're here. -Me, too.

Last summer, we didn't have any luck with the girl counselors.

Why is that?

Well, thanks to Will.

He was, secretly hooking up with both at the same time. He's a nice guy, but he goes for anything with a pulse.

-You'll see. -What a dick.

I know.

So, do you live here year round?

Me? No. No way.

That would be way too depressing.

I'm around when the kids are around, and summer vacations and the weeks like these, when we open during the school year.


Being away from it all for a while sounds pretty sweet.

And this is our petting farm, where the kids can play with the sheep, with the dogs, with the rabbits.

No way!

-You motocross? -Yes.

Well, when the kids are not here, of course.

-Do you like motocross? -Yeah, I have a Honda CRF 250.

All right. So, we could take a spin one of these days, if you want.

No. One of these days.

That's gotta be our little secret.

I don't want Christy to think that you're getting special treatment from me, you know.

I need...

Antonio, ven.

I don't like that look.

Hey, you're here.

Hey, look at this.

All of the sweatshirts are extra-large.

Do either of you have a global package on your phone?

Missing your boyfriend already?

I'm sorry. It's none of my business.

Yeah, there's a phone in the dining room you could use.

-Cool. -Guys.

Javier says one of the dogs needs to be put down.

Says she's got rabies.

She went crazy when she got here.

-Let me take a look. -No, Will!

I'm practically a vet.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Yeah, sure, sure. Whatever you say.

Will, what are you doin'? Come on.

Will, she attacked the male.

And she killed her puppies, Will.

Come here, big girl.


You can't just go and kill an innocent animal.

She's probably just roughhousing.

Will, you haven't signed your contract.

Man, you have no insurance yet. Think about it.

Will, come on. This isn't necessary.

Good girl, good girl. Let me see.

Will, seriously. Just get out of there, man.

That's it. Good girl, good girl.

It's okay. It's okay.

That's right. Yeah.


She's docile, which means it couldn't be rabies.

You've gotta trust me.

It it was rabies, the dog would become increasingly more aggressive.

This little lady is calm as can be.

Aren't you, girl?

We've got animals on my parents' farm.

I've seen rabies in dogs before.

Trust me, there's no way...

My God!

Get it off me!

Help him!

Jesus Christ!

-Will, are you okay? -I'm fine, I'm fine.

Ladies, I'm gonna drive Will to the hospital in town.

No, no, no. I don't need to go to the hospital. I'm fine.

Okay. There's a tetanus shot in the first-aid kit, all right?

Will. Will, wait!


-Hey, you all right? -I'm fine.

I've never seen a living creature die before.

I did once.

Not so brutally, though.

It was my grandma. She was in bed, and...

Either I get a decent shower tomorrow, or I'm on the first flight home, seriously.

Come on, Christy. This is just small stuff.

Try not to get so upset.

You see? The well is fixed.

So, let's do the ritual.

Guys! Guys, run!

Come on, guys! Run! Run! Run!


Yeah, very funny.



To our first and last night of freedom.

Hey, Antonio, remember?

You're right. We can't toast with water.

No, no, the call that I need to make to the States.

Don't move. You need to sign your contract.

The camp cannot afford to pay out-of-pocket if you get poisoned by Carmen's cooking, all right?

I'm gonna go to the wine cellar.

What happened to the cook and her husband?

I gave them the night off before the campers arrive.

Antonio, the call. It's important.

Is there maybe another phone I could use?

No, we should all go into town.

It's just... I need some privacy.

We're gonna throw a private party tonight, right?

A private party?

Yeah, alcohol may be against the rules when the kids are around, but I don't see any brats.

Any preference for the wine?

Let's go.

Cool. Not important anyway.

All right.

Hey! So, what was all that with the dog?

What, are you trying to impress the girls?

What are you talking about?

I'm not going to risk killing a healthy animal.

But it wasn't healthy.

It didn't have rabies, okay? I don't know what it was, -but it was not rabies. -Whatever you say, man.

Goddamn pollen. It's all over the place, and spring's already come and gone.

You left them on the bed for me?

I don't know where my head is at, 'cause I didn't see 'em.

Anyway, I wanted to see if Antonio would take me into town to go shopping.

Christy, I have an issue back home.

Okay? Something personal, and I need to make a call.

That's fine. Go ahead.

Do you think there is a clothing store in town?

I think I need to get new boots now.

I hear they have nice leather...


Lucky it bit you, man.

If a dog ever bit a kid here, I would be in real trouble.

You okay?

You look pale.

What was wrong with the well?

Apparently some clown busted the pipe open.

We have to go have a chat with those RV assholes tomorrow.

Wanna be my wingman?

Hey, you took your tetanus shot, right?

Come on, dude. Just grab two bottles of whatever.

What are you doing?

Come on man, quit being an asshole!

It hurts, man!

Hey, hey, hey, hey. Calm down, calm down.


What the fuck is going on?

Calm down, calm down. Hey!

Let me get you something. Calm down!

Shit. Hey, just...

Just hold on a second. I'll be right there.

What are you doing?

Where'd he go?

Antonio, where are you?

Where are you?

Where are you, man?

What the hell?

Come on, we need to take you to the hospital.

Antonio, where are you?

No! Stop!

No, no!


Stay back! No, stay back!

¡Hijo de puta!


Nice try. I'm not falling for it this time.




Guys, come on. This isn't funny anymore.

No, no, no, no. He attacked me.



My God! My God!

What are you doing? I have to get...

No, run! Run!

What are you doing?

Come on, we have to get out of here!

Come on! Get in!

Yeah, I'm coming. I'm coming. Jesus.

Christy, calm down and tell me what's going on.


So much blood. Shit, start the car!

I don't know what you're talking about. Where are the guys?

Will killed Antonio!

I'm not understanding what you're say...

Please. I need help, please.

I need to go to the hospital. Please, help!

Michelle, open the door! Open it!

No! No!

Turn on the lights, turn on the lights!

I'm trying!

Turn on the lights.

Fucking pollen. Okay.

Is this the road that we came in on?

I don't know. I have no idea.

Christy, what happened back there?

Antonio is dead!

Christy, I need you to tell me exactly what happened.

I don't know! I went down to the basement, and Antonio had a claw stuck in his...

It hurts!


No, Michelle, don't!

Help me!

Christy, help me!

What the fuck?

Come on.


Come on.

Come on, come on, come on, come on...

Okay, you got this.


Get in!

-No, let me out! -Stop!

Let me out of here, you psycho!

She's out there. She's still out there. Be quiet.

-Hey! -But you're in here!

Listen to me! Listen to me!

She tried to attack you, right?

Antonio attacked me, too, with the eyes, biting, the black stuff.

Am I right? Am I right?

Yeah, yeah.


Christy, I swear it was just self-defense.

You have to trust me. I need you to trust me.

Christy, we're in this together.

Okay, okay. Okay.

-She tried to kill me. -Christy!

And you haven't... yet.

Okay, we're going to call the police and stay here.

We can't. Michelle broke the phone!

Let's go upstairs. We'll be safer there.

We've got to seal the room shut!

Christy, check the kick-door.

She's on the balcony! Christy!

Christy, did you hear me?


-Christy! -Will! Will!

What's wrong?

There's someone in there.

Hey, we need help.

There's a dangerous person outside.

No, no, no, no, no...

The danger is outside!

No, hey! No, come back!

There's someone outside!

No, come in! No!

There's someone dangerous outside!

Shut the door, Will!

-We have to help him! -No, we don't!

She's gonna kill him.

We have to get the rest of the windows.

No, no, no, no.

We have to stop her.

She's gonna get in at some point, Christy.

I wanna be ready for it.

Come on.

Anything that would work as a weapon.

Okay, okay. We open a door, and we let her get in, like five feet.

That's insane.

We can't attack her with that.

Once she's inside, we'll immobilize her.

How do you plan on doing that?

Christy, I need you to be the bait.

-What? -Hey, I'll stop her.

Bait? You're crazy! No way!

Hey, we need a fighting chance against her.

Out there, she will attack us. If we sit back and wait, she will get in, and she'll attack us, too.

Hey, I won't let her get near you.

Trust me.

Michelle! Michelle!



I can't. I can't.

Christy, Christy.


Will, where are you?

Stay where you are!

Christy. Christy...?

Christy. Christy?


Something's wrong with her.


She's coming.

I won't let her near you.


My God!

No, Christy! No!

You swore you wouldn't let her near me!

Why didn't you hit her?

I think...

I think she's okay now.

Let her go! Let her go!

Don't touch her!

You think she's okay?!

Does that sound normal to you?

Run, Christy, run!

She might be scared to death, okay?

We can't leave her in there.

You're crazy!

-Michelle! -Murderer!

Okay, okay.

You bastard!

Okay, we'll leave her locked in there.

She's safe, we're safe...



I can't take it anymore.

It's okay.

It's okay, it's okay.

Hey, Christy.

We're leaving, but... but, hey...

I think there's more people like... like Michelle and Antonio.

We've got to find service and call the police, okay?


-Okay. -Okay.

-Okay. -Let's go.

I heard some screaming in the woods.

Come on, Christy. Let's go.

Okay, so we'll cut through the woods.

I can't go on. I don't feel well.

Come on. We need to go.

I don't hear anything. I think they're gone.

Okay, so we'll cut through the woods. We'll find service.

We'll call the police, okay, Christy?

Christy, are you listening to me?


Christy, it's me! Christy!

Christy, it's me! It's me, Christy!


Hang on! I'm coming!

Michelle, stand back!

No, Michelle, no!

Hh! Michelle, it's me!

Don't! Michelle, don't!



Take it out, Michelle! Take it out, take it out!

No, please! Michelle, please.

My God!

Keep away! Help me!

Help me, Michelle! Help me! Help me!

Okay, okay, come on! Come on!

We can take her.

Come on, this way!

What happened?

My God. Who the hell's that man?

Let's go. Let's go.

Antonio's motorcycle!

My God. Close it!


Open up!

-Get the lights. -The lights!



Shit, the carburetor's missing!

That piece of crap hasn't been working for years.

What? Fucking Antonio!

-Let me in! -Go shut the window.

Will, what is going on?

Come on. First my ear, now this?

Was I like that, like Christy is?

It hurts like hell.

I am so sorry about that.

-I really didn't mean to... -It's fine, it's fine. You thought I was a killer.

My God.

I am a killer.

I killed Antonio.

-I'm a murderer. -No.

I'm a murderer.

-No, no, no, no. -I'm a murderer.

No, you can't start talking like that.

Okay, we're going to get out of this, all right?

Everything's going to be fine.

Just leave without me. I can't walk. Just go!

No, hey, listen! Look at me, okay?

We're gonna bandage up your foot, and then we're gonna get home, okay?

Both of us, somehow. Here.


Okay, this might hurt a little.

I just got my nipple bitten off.

I doubt this will be a big...

Okay. Okay.

We did it. We did it.

No, no, no, no.


No, we'll fix it.

We'll just...

My God.

-The animals, too. -What?

Some of them are dead, and others are not infected, -like, like it went away. -I don't remember anything.

How long was I like that? 20 minutes?

Well, I was like that, right?

I was like that, and then I came back.

-Yeah. -So, maybe Christy will come back.

No, no, no. You don't know that.

Yeah, maybe we just wait it out!

No, we need to know what's causing this, so we can avoid it.

Okay, what were you doing before going crazy?

I, I don't know. I wasn't doing anything weird.


I was bitten by an infected dog and by Christy, so it's not transmitted by blood or saliva.

What are you doing This pollen. It's everywhere.

It wasn't around last year.

Wait! The pollen, it was... it was in the basement when Antonio attacked me and in the dog's hair when it bit me.

No, no, no, I didn't touch anything like that, and Christy didn't either.

-The jeep. -What?

In the jeep, the air conditioning came on, and it blew into my eyes.

-Will... -We've gotta test it.

Will, if it is the pollen, we need to get out of here.

Like, like now.


There's other people out there, infected people!

Did you hear me?

Here inside, we're safe.

What the hell are you doing?

It's eating it. It's eating it.

We can't just stay in here.

What if just breathing it is enough?

I need to ask you something.

Did I do that?

And what about that dead body by the door? Who was that?

It was a guy we found in a dorm room, and you...

And what?

Any minute now.

No, no, no. I what?


You were in the closet, when Christy killed him.

The water. It drank the water!

The well, the well. It was busted.

This all started happening when the well was working again.

It's not the pollen. It's the well water!

So, all we have to do is not drink any.

-Right? -I hope you're wrong.

It's too late!

We're going to go through it again!

If it happens to me, I don't wanna hurt you.

-No, stop! -Lock it from the inside.

Here's my phone with a local SIM card.

If you had a phone, why didn't call for help?

Because there's no service here.

Wait, you should get in.

Open up!

Get out!

Will, stop!

-I'm gonna get you! -Stop it!

I said get out!

Open up!

Get out here, you fucking bitch!

Let me in!

I'm sorry.


Get out here!




What's the number?

Piece of shit camp.

-¿Hola? -Javier?

-¿Quien es? -It's Michelle, from the camp.

-Michelle? -Yes, I need you to call the police.

-No, no, listen to me. Antonio. -Antonio?

Antonio is dead, and I'm up at the well, right behind the house, and I just...

Please, no, he's dead. Please.

Wait, Javier.

Pick up, pick up, pick up.


What the hell is...


Where the fuck are you, you bitch?

Hello? Hello?

Hey, Mom.

It's Michelle.

You have some nerve calling like this.

-I know. You're right. -What do you want?

I'm sorry, Mom.

I need you to forgive me.


Michelle, what's going on?

I love you, Mom, and please tell Dad that I love him.

-Where are you? -Michelle!

Michelle, you're scaring me.

Damn it.



He can't see me...

Get back here!

Where are you?

Here. I'm here.

Down here.

Your bait.



They've all gone crazy.

No, no.

Policia. Call the policia, okay?

Will, he was, he was...

No, let's go. Come on, let's go!

No! What are you...



Christy? Are you okay?

-Are you? -My God. Why did you attack me?

I did it or you'd attack me for a second time.

Come on.

Let's go. Let's go.


-Wait, he's coming back. -What if he doesn't?

You want to end up like that creep you killed?

What do you mean... that I killed?

I can't see. I can't see.

My glasses! I can't see.

-Hey, Will, it's okay. -What's this, what's this?

-It's Javier. -Javier?

Yes. Come on, come on.

Is he dead?

You don't remember?

Did I...?

It wasn't you. It was me.

There's more people back at the camp. We gotta...

We gotta find the highway.

I can't.

Come on. Yes, you can.

I can't, I can't. It hurts too much.

Come on, Christy, come on, let's go.

I think I sprained my ankle.

Wait. You smell that?


Come on, you can do it.

-What's that? -It's the RV.

-I don't like this. -Would you shut up?

-What are you thinking? -We leave in it.

How can you be sure there's no one inside?

I'm not.

Guys, there's someone in the woods.

Let's take it and get out of here. Come on.

-Okay. I'll go first. -Okay.

Be careful.

We'll keep watch out here.

Hey, guys. It's clear.

-I can't shut the door. -I got it, I got it.

Come on.

-What is this? -I don't know.

There's some kind of chemicals back here.

Let's find the keys and get outta here.

What the fuck?

Come on, Christy. Hurry up.

Guys! It's the well where I saw the mushrooms.

They were inside the broken water pipe.

I mean, this is...

-Don't move, don't move. -Don't let go!

I think he's talking about his family...

His family left.

They go crazy.

You guys started this.

Hey, look at me! Look at me!

Hey, look at me!

Someone else in your family is dead because of whatever this shit is!

Dead? Who?

Big guys, tattoos.


-What? -That was his dad.



Hey! Hey!

Hey, look at me. Look at me!

What did you guys do? What did you guys do?

What is this?

It is an experiment to combine chemicals and... and mushrooms.

When they took them, they... they went crazy.

Why did you do that by the well?

Because we need water for grow the mushrooms.

My father put the mushroom spores in the pipe, and when they grew, he brought some here to test them.

We thought that the camp was closed...

Great, we were drugged by God-knows-what.

My God!

-Wait! Wait! -Get the keys!

-Where are the keys? -My mom has the keys!

-Where is she? -I think she's over there!

My God!




She's going to break through the window!


It's over.


Christy, Christy!

-Grab three of those! -Three of what?

In the tray... The purple ones!

I saw them by the well! We're gonna eat them!

No, no, no, no.

I don't wanna hurt you guys!

We won't turn on each other.

They're not attacking each other.

If we take them at the same time, then maybe it will wear off at the same time.

We can't wait for her to kill us!

I don't wanna do this!

Christy, grab one for each of us!

Christy, hurry up!

Give me one!

Find them, find them!

Find another one!

Find another one!

Christy, don't do it.

-Split it, split it! -It'll still work!

Christy! Split it!

It'll still work!

My God.

It's burning inside.

No! No!

Stop! Will!





Where's Michelle?

My God.

It's the cook.

My God.

They're all dead.

Did we do this?

We're the last ones to eat them and the last ones to come back.

Here they are.

We should've called the embassy.

First thing, we tell the cops about the mushrooms, and the well water, and they'll do tests.

It'll be okay.

Why didn't they work on Michelle?

I don't know.

Why didn't they work on Michelle?

Why didn't they work on Michelle?

They're here.

What did you do, Christy?

-What did you do? -There was only one left.

I did what anyone else would do.

You better back me up on that, Will.

We're in this together, remember?

The police are here.


No! Stop! Stop! Go back!

Stop! Stop!

God! No!

No! No! Stop! Get back!

Get back! Don't drink!

No, no, no! Get back!

Get back on the bus, now!

Turn around! Get back on the bus!

Get them on the bus!

Go! Get outta here!

Just go! Get out! Leave!

-Go! Go! -Go, go, go!

Vamoose! Come on, go, go!




No, no, no, no. No, no!

Come on!

Come on!

It seems the youngsters savagely attacked one another after consuming a toxic mix of mushrooms and molds that included the dreaded stachybotrys.

Experts consider stachybotrys to be one of nature's most dangerous substances.

Beyond causing pupil dilation and tremors, it has devastating effects on the body and the brain, including pulmonary hemorrhaging, which causes a person to vomit blood and states of violent hallucinations and aggression, followed by confusion and memory loss.

This is not the first time stachybotrys is a cause of aberrant behavior by those who have ingested it.

In Indiana in 1978...