Summer Lovers (1982) Script

Good afternoon.

We are now approaching Santorini and its famous volcano.

Below you can see the steep, active core... and the sea-filled crater named Caldera.

Please fasten your seat belts... and prepare to land in Santorini.

Yeah! Welcome.

Cathy and Michael? The jeep is out front.

I'll get the luggage.

He's got beautiful eyes. Yeah, I know.

Your fiancé?

No. Maybe.

If you wanted romance, you came to the right place.

You've been here before. That's the whole deal.

Nice-looking girls here. Try Disco de Unitas.

Excuse me. Hi. Hi.

Hi, Jean. Hi. How are you? Where's Roger?

He got married. Oh, that's a shame.

You are not married, are you? Married? No.

Wait, Jean.

This is your world for the summer.

This is it.

Mostly natives and artists live out here.

I thought you'd prefer this to town.

The tourists barely come here.

We will have to walk the rest of the way.

It's great.

That's the villa.

It's beautiful.

Aspa, it's terrific. Thanks.

This villa is at the far edge and has the longest sun.

Plus a wonderful view of the volcano's core.

Alone at last, you, me, and the volcano.

Oh, wow. All right.

It looks a bit bare... but soon you'll have it fixed to suit you.

Six thousand a week? Expensive graduation present.

Drachmas. It's only $100 a week.

I figure we can stay here eight weeks if we don't eat.

The market's open until nine... and there you'll find everything you need... to set up housekeeping.

It's for you.

I've got to go now.

If you need me, you call me, but I'm sure you won't need me.

Enjoy your stay. Good-bye.

Thanks a lot, Aspa.

Cathy, come here. Look.

We're really here. We're really here.

I can't tell you how this place turns me on.

Me, too.


Good morning!

It's a great morning.

Don't you feel something?

Yeah. Jet lag.

The birthplace of Apollo.

This is the sanctuary of Dionysus.

Here's a fertility symbol. Subtle, isn't it?

Michael. All right.

Come on up here.

Look at this beautiful mosaic.

What are you thinking about?


It's about two thirty.

No, I meant centuries.

I was thinking about the guy who made this.

His work is still here after two thousand years.

What was he thinking when he chipped right there?

Probably, what was for lunch?

We'll be dust, too, in a hundred years.

Excuse us. Do you speak English?

A little. Not so much.

Hi. Joe and Trish Saunders from Cleveland, Ohio.

Would you take our picture? We're on our honeymoon.

First time in Europe. How about you?

You two married?

Now, don't blink.

I never blink. You always blink.

I think I blinked. I think I blinked.

This guy from Germany... told us about this great gorge in Crete to hike in.

We love to hike. Do you? I do, but he doesn't.

Why don't you both join us because there's a ferry... that leaves from the base of Fira tomorrow at 7:30.

I think it's eight thirty.

No, honey. It's seven thirty.

I brought the schedule. It's right here. Right there!

Well, anyway, we'd love to have you join us.

Debbie, I told you never to leave our sight.

And if I ever catch you again with those foreign kids... young lady, you're grounded permanently.

I feel a little overdressed.

Well, take your top down.

Not today.

Come on.

Look at those caves.

Let's go exploring.

I think I'll stay here. You sure?

We've been going together almost five years?

Yeah. We've known each other for ten.

What do you want to do now?

I got a surprise for you. Great.

It's a darkroom. You like it? Are we giving up showers?

You're always telling me to develop interests of my own.

I know. Keep developing. I'll pick up some groceries.


Bonjour. Tiens.

Which one should I send my mother?

I don't know. They're both great.

When can I take a shower again? In the morning?

Do I have a choice? No.

Coming to bed? In a minute.

Race you.

We've been here a week, and you're skinny-dipping.

You never did that at home.

I used to dream I was a mermaid.

You cheated.

What else did you dream about?

A few things.

Tell me one.

When I was in high school...

I used to fantasize about being tied up... and ravaged by the entire swim team.

The entire swim team?

Maybe not Harvey Scholey.

Everyone always thinks of me as such a goody two-shoes.

I have desires just like anyone.

Have you ever wanted to explore them?

No, you satisfy me.

Couldn't you just have a physical thing with someone?

I could, but why? For variety.

We can have variety. How?

Now, just relax. Relax?

You tied me too tight. I can't move.

That's the point. Oh. OK.

OK, Cathy, I've had enough.

Come on, Michael, you like it.

I think you actually enjoy hurting me.

It's not hurting.

It says right here it's stimulating.

I hope they have a chapter on first aid in that book.

If I wanted to hurt you, believe me, you'd know it.

Perhaps I would put the candle closer.

Cut it out. It would be very hot.

No. Don't you trust me?

Yes, yes, yes, of course I trust you. I trust you.

You don't seem sure.

Are you afraid that I might tickle you?

No. No. Not that.

Because I might.

Don't hunch your shoulders. You have beautiful tits.

Pull'em back. That's better. I'm gonna mail these in Fira.

Oh, take this one.

Your mother. What'd you say?

Send candles.

Very funny.

Stop reading those books.

I'm afraid of what I'll come home to.

Where you going? The beach.

I'll drive you.

I prefer the bus.

What is it you like about this?

I like people.

I've seen you several times now.

You've been rather obvious.

Sorry. Does it bother you?

What's your name? Lina.

I'm Michael. Michael Pappas.

Where you from?

Do you want to know my sign?

Not particularly. Good.

That's a pretty camera.

Can I- take a picture?

What about the sign?

What's that?


Oh, that.

It's nothing.

See? It comes right off.

It's nothing.

So, Lina... what do you do?


I'm just trying to get to know you better.

So the most important thing to know about me... is I hate questions.

There you are.

Something wrong? No.

I just want to be alone for a while.

You were alone all day, Michael. What's the matter?

Nothin'. Nothin'.

It's too complicated.

What's too complicated?

Let's talk about it later.

Michael, I'm doing the best I can.

Look. I've even got my shoulders back.

Tell me. Maybe I can help.

Look, I'm just confused about a few things... and I just need some time alone to sort it all out.

We're here together, Michael. You asked me to come.

I know, I know. It's not you.

It's me. It's this island.

Everything in my life till now has been planned for me- school, college... when dad was alive, working every summer... to learn the business.

It's the first time in my life I can do what I want to do.

You can do what you want.

I was with another girl this afternoon.

I'm going through something here I don't understand.

It's not 'cause I don't love you 'cause I do love you.

I don't know.

Maybe it was a mistake to come here.

Maybe it was a mistake to come here?

You're the mistake, Michael.

You do what you have to do. Get it out of your system.

I'm going out.

You stink. You know that?

Yeah, I know that.


How'd you guess?

Can I sit down for a minute?

Sure. My name's Bob.

What's your name?

Have you been on many of the islands?

A couple. Which one is your favorite?


In Greek you say koli spera.

Do you have any other phrases you'd like me to translate?

None that come to mind.

Listen, I'd love to treat you to a souvlaki.

Thanks, but I think I'll take a rain check.

How about breakfast tomorrow morning?

No. I don't think so.

Yeah, sure. No problem.

Hi. I'm Yorghos.

I can tell you haven't yet seen the real la.

I guess not.

Come on.

Are you all right? Yeah.

Making love to you is like riding a horse.

I only meant the way you respond.

You're very affectionate.

You must be very loved by her.

Her? The girl you live with.

I can see both of you from here, too, you know.

Does she know you're here?

What's her name? Cathy.

She's very lovely.

Yes, she is.

You know, it's not often one finds people... who truly care about each other.

Sit down.

Do you want cocaine? Quaaludes?

No, thanks.

How about some wine?

Yeah, that'd be nice.

Cheers. Cheers.

You must've seen a lot of movies.

No, we haven't got a theater here.

My father has a television in his shop.



Where do you go every day?

That's a personal question.

A personal question? We made love three times today.

"Made love"?

I'd say we screwed.

When can we get together again?

What about Cathy?

We have an open relationship.

You're up. Morning.

Morning? It's only, uh- it is morning.

God damn you!

You told me to get it out of my system.

Well, I thought I could handle it.

I wish I could, but I can't.

My attraction to Lina doesn't change my feelings for you.

So, how many times did you come?

What are you talking like that for?

Oh, I know. Goody-goody Cathy... doesn't say things like that, right? Fuck you, Michael.

It wasn't the fireworks you imagine.

Too bad.

I'm not lying.

Tell me, Michael, is Lina the first?

I've never cheated on you before.

Never? Never.

Maybe you'd just like me to take off, go home.

That's what you want, isn't it, so you can be with Lina?

I want to be with you.

So, what'd you do last night?

Went to the Kiklos Café.

I met a Greek boy.

You know me?

Well, I know who you are.

I was just fixing some tea. Would you like some?

Make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back.

You have a lot of books on archeology.

I'm an archeologist.

Have a seat.

Lemon? No, thanks.

Sugar? Mm-mmm.

You did want tea?


I'm sorry. This was a mistake.

No, no, no. Stay.

I don't know why I came.

I think I do.

And first I want you to know something.

I'm not trying to steal Michael away from you.

I'm not looking for a relationship.

And he's with you.

Anyway, I don't want to deal anymore... with ego problems and jealousies.

You've never been jealous?

"Jealousy doesn't show how much you love someone.

"It shows how insecure you are. "

Margaret Mead.

I think I have that book here somewhere.

Anyway, I came to la to get away from everything.

And I won't be seeing Michael again.

I'm not asking that.

I came here to simplify my life.


C'est une longue histoire.

I mean, it's a long story.

I'd like to hear it.

I think I need a cigarette.

Are you finished with that? Sure. Help yourself.

You're hungry. That's good.

She's very interesting. Who?

Lina. Lina? You met her? Where?

I went to her house.

What did you do that for? What happened?

Nothing. What did she say?

We talked about a lot of things.

Excuse me. Can I have some more ice cream?

Cathy, like what?

Do you know anything about her past?

She hasn't told you anything?

She doesn't like to talk about herself.

Let's see... she's from Deauville.

And then she moved to Paris, where she got her degree.

And then she lived with an older married man... in Rome for a while.

C'est une longue histoire. C'est une what?

It is easier knowing who you're with.


You amaze me.

I amaze myself sometimes.

Anyway, we're going to see her tomorrow.


She's invited us to Akrotiri, where she works.

Lina works.

You don't know much about her, do you?

So, when are we supposed to see her?

I told you, tomorrow.

The eruption of the volcano in the late bronze age... buried this island beneath a thick layer of lava ash.

Our excavation exposes this town... for the first time since 1500 B.C.

That explosion shattered Santorini...

There she is.

Follow me.

This street is from the Minoan level of the excavation.

It's the deepest we've dug so far.

Is this your first excavation job?

She worked outside of Rome last year.

Look at this.

Every time I come upon something this beautiful...

I wonder to myself...

"Who formed this? What was he like?"

I'd like to show you some more around... and maybe we can have lunch at the beach.


My favorite one is Perissa. Which one is that?

You know, the one we went to that has the tiny pebbles.

This was a hand mill. Part of the delta houses.

There were very beautiful wall paintings... but now everything is in Athens in the museum... unfortunately.

Who took these?

I like them. Thanks.

I wish I could take photos.

I find incredible objects... laid out exactly the way they were placed... thousands of years ago.

Well, maybe Cathy can shoot some for you.

This afternoon, when you two went in opposite directions...

I wanted to follow both of you.

People are like gas.

I beg your pardon?

I mean, gas fills whatever space it's in... and people do, too.

They expand to fit the space.

I think I'll expand into the kitchen and fix dinner.

When there is not enough space, there is pressure.

People are like gas?

She thought it'd be better if she didn't stay.

How perceptive of her. You invited her here.

I know.

I like her... but when I see you with her...

What now?

Looks real nice. You really like it?

Hi, Anna. Hi, Cathy.

Would you like to have a drink? Sure.

You know Lina, don't you?

Hi. Yeah, she came to visit me in Akrotiri the other day.

Good drawing.

It's really nice.

Thank you.

I saw Lina yesterday.

Told her I might take some pictures for her.

In Akrotiri? That'll be great.

I told you I like her.

This is an anchor, but we don't know how big the boat was.

Now I'd like to take a picture of these steps here.

Each step was made out of a single stone.

All the Greek gods... they wore disguises and all kinds of things... and Dionysus would have been disguised into a woman... to deceive his enemy.

So, well, he was the first transvestite of the world.

Where are we going?

To Mykonos on a yacht.

Some friends I haven't seen for years... are making a movie there... and I thought it would be fun or at least colorful.


Come on! You look beautiful today!

Andreas! Andreas, darling! Look who's here!

Lina! Andreas!

You're back!

We're about to head for Mykonos.

Welcome to the Colossus.

At last, some fresh faces.

This party could use some stimulation.

Cosmo, I want you to meet some friends.

This is Cathy and Michael.

How do you do? Better, thank you.

Cosmo, stop it! Back in your cage!

Maybe you wanna go with me? Back to your cage!

Unusual group.

More ice, please.

Since I gave up tarot cards...

I've been getting very accurate fortune cookies.

Hello, dear.

Cathy, come and steer the Colossus.

Feel her power.

So there you are.

I was just about to get a drink.

Jonathan, I want you to meet with Mike.

He's an American, too.

How are you? Good, how are you?

Michael Pappas.

Connecticut. I see you've met my husband.

You see the cove there?

Oh, Cathy, can I talk to you a second?


I'm sorry. This is not exactly what I was expecting.

No one's gonna believe my photos.

Oh, my God. You're gonna have a strange impression of me now.

I'm having a great time.

You know, when I was young, this was like a circus for me.

It hasn't changed much. Michael.

You told us it was going to be colorful.

You didn't say day-glo.

Hey, it's a party.

Let's drink.

"Jet Set" playback take 1.

Here is the surprise I promised to you.

It'll be good to be on sane land again.

Watch out.

Oh, what a day.

Some wine?

No, thanks.

We'll all be dust in a hundred years.

Has anyone seen my camera strap?

My pants were falling down... and I needed protection from Cosmo. You want it?

Well, come and get it.

OK. Come on.

Well, I'll go now.

The party's not over.

Will you say good night for me?


Where is Lina?

She went home. Why?

Because she was tired.

Are you tired? No.

I wanna take a shower!

Michael, if you do-

Thanks for getting in the shower with me.

Good morning. Good morning.

Be careful. Watch out.

What's this? It's a waterbed.

Oh, God.

Look, the paintings from Akrotiri.

I love it. It suits you.

Whoa! The Three Stooges! Not again.

Who are they? Come on.

One, two, three.

Leave him alone. I'm quittin'.

Put up your hands.

Listen, ape... there.

What's the matter? Why don't you leave him alone?

I'm not dancing.

Hey, put your hand on your ear.

Here's a dance that's most popular in society.

You'll never go amiss doing this.

Do exactly what I do.

Well, get started.

You know the other day when I brought you the breakfast?

Seeing you and Michael together... it moved me.

It did?

I don't think I could see you and Michael in bed together.

Oh, you could.

I don't know.

At first I was jealous.

Well, what about now?

We could use a man right now.

Just saying good-bye to people, you know?

But you're always saying hello.

Amazing perception... that I was inside the head of this huge giant... and there were all these technicians... working at this big panel inside his brain... and they were facing... those enormous, huge picture windows... which were his eyes.

Did you know that fire exists... only if each of three elements are present?

Heat, fuel, oxygen.

Lose one, it goes out.

Where did you learn that?

Boy scouts. Where else?

Faster and faster and faster!

Then what happened?

I sat down. I decided to give it a rest.

Do you want some wine? I'll get some more wine, OK?

Yeah, get some wine. That'll be great.

Hey, Dimitri, got a new lover?

Want a joint?

No, thanks.

Come on. No. I'm going back.

Hey, what's wrong? Sorry.


Would you like to take a walk?

We're together.

Well, I can find someone for her.

How about him, there? The guy in the blue sweater.

That would work. Yeah?

What happened? Oh, nothing.

Let's go.

I think the girl on the left there quite fancies you.

Do you see her? The one on the left there with Ann.

He's handsome.

It's been sort of a lonely night.

Are you alone? Uh-uh.

Then who are you with? Him.

With him? I mean, them.


Is he going to dive?

He's going to jump. How do you know?

He always jumps.

Now he'll pace back and forth... stop... more pacing... stop... up and down on his toes... cover his balls and jump.

He dove.

My God. You'd never catch me doing that.

I'm terrified of heights.

Have you ever seen him cry?

He cried when his father died.

I'd like to see that side of him.

Your shoulders are getting red.

Put some sunblock.

Have you always had short hair?

I cut mine after I broke with Maro.

I always cut my hair when I need a change.

Maybe I'll cut mine.

Do you need a change?

I still look like I did when I was twelve.

I thought I wanted to look like a little girl forever.

It didn't work.

Where do your parents live? I don't know.

When I was fifteen, my parents fired me.

Fired you?

Well, they told me to leave home... and then I met Monica, and she let me stay with her.

My mother's just the opposite. She never let me leave home.

She didn't want me to live with Michael.

She didn't even want me to come to Greece.

I guess it's not so bad to have someone who cares for you.

I guess.

Was Maro a good lover?

I don't want to talk about Maro.

You've had so many adventures.

I've often wondered what a life like that would be like.

Like what? Free, open.

Well, it's easier to say than to do.

But if you're somewhat secure with yourself... you can experiment anything you want.

I guess I'm afraid of being hurt.

But it's just like exercising.

It can hurt at first, but then it becomes a pleasure.

Then I worry about the consequences.

What consequences? What would my parents think?

What would Michael think? What would I think?

Stop thinking so much.

They're great.

You know, if you live on the rim of a volcano... that could blow up at any time, you are taking a chance.

I think if you want to feel alive, you must take risks.

I'm beginning to see that.

Go on.

Try again.

Are you OK?

Fine. Why?

I mean, about...

I've never been in the same bed with a woman before.

I know.

We shared you.

I know. Are you OK?

I'm fine, Michael.

Good morning.

Come on.

Is that OK?

What's going on?

I'm starving.

I'll get Michael.

What do you think? Too much sun?

Yeah. Too much sun.

Who left their bathing suit in the sink?

I always leave mine outside.

Well, I know it's not mine. Lina?

Yeah, it's mine. Could you put it outside, please?

I'll be glad to. Thank you.

Relax, Michael.

I can't live like this!

Don't get so uptight. Well, look at this place!

Maybe we should divide up some of the chores around here.

Great. Why don't you make dinner?

All right. I will.

Great. Then I'll clean up the house.

Cathy, could you come here a minute, please?

What's happened to you? Nothing.

Well, you always kept the place spotless.

Why should I do everything?

I like your idea of dividing up the chores.

But there's other things.

Your photographic chemicals smell up the place... you've been using my razor again-

How do you know it was me?

And what about you always leaving the toilet seat up?

Michael, did you do this on purpose?

I think he deserves his present for this.

He certainly does.

What's this?

It's an inspirational gift from an ancient religion... to deal with the eternal battle of sexes.

It's a perfect likeness, but I can't play the flute.

Let's go dancing. Let's stay home tonight.

I want to go, too. Yeah, let's go.

OK, we'll go.

Good night, Michael. See you later.

It's finished.

Whoa. It's a tit.

No. It's an aerial view of Santorini.

There's la and Fira, and that's the core.

I'm sorry. I must admit I thought it was a tit, too.

You two have sex on the brain.

And why not, with this beauty everywhere?

Have you ever slept with a man?

I've been close to men before.

Don't pursue it. Life is complicated enough.

Just relax. God!

Where does it hurt?

I'm OK.

You sure scared us for a little sprain.

It's not serious. No, of course not.

How do you feel?

Fine, but it's my first and last time on a moped.

When I was a little girl, I thought all Americans... were carrying guns and wearing cowboy hats.

Happy birthday, dear Lina Happy birthday, dear friend Our love will grow stronger And it never will end You're another year older Over the hill So we threw you a party And we'll send you the bill Bon anniversaire!

I never had-

I've never had a surprise party before.

I didn't even remember this was my birthday.

Come on, come on.

This is beautiful.

That's us.

Come on. We've got another surprise for you.

Voilà. Come on, come on, come on.

You stand back.

A volcano.

What's the occasion?

Lina's birthday.

Yasou. Yasou.

Good night.

Hey. What's the matter? Didn't you like my fireworks?

Are you OK? Yeah. I'm just very happy.

I want to remember this all my life.

You talk as if it's all downhill from here.

But I don't want it to end.

It doesn't have to.

Once we're apart, it's gonna be all different.

So we better have a good time!

Hey, a little salad?

You're crazy. Come on!

This is not funny!

You wanna be serious?

How about a serious olive oil party?


Happy birthday.

OK, can we be serious now?


Sit down.

I see your arm's all better.

Here's my donkey. OK, Barbara.

Somebody hold my stirrup.

What's so funny?

Somebody better be ready with a taco salad.

I can hardly wait to see them.

Jean, I can't believe we're living through this.

Oh, well. Come on, old paint, let's go for it!

Race you to the top!

Oh, your ass! Sorry.

Oh, Jean, shouldn't we call them and tell them we're here?

They don't have a phone. I'll get us rooms tonight.

How many douches did you have, Miss?

He means showers.

Aren't they ever gonna finish Greece?

That must be it right there.

That's it? Oh, hallelujah.

There we go. You OK?

I haven't been OK since we left the ship.

Would you stop laughing?

Fifty-eight! Fifty-eight?

Fifty-eight! Thank you, lord.

I think I'm OK.

What on earth has been going on?

Whatever it was, I'm sorry we missed it.

Mrs. Featherstone.

And you know my friend Barbara.

Sure, Mrs. Foster.

What are you doing here?

That's a good question, Michael. What are we doing here?

We thought we'd surprise you two.


Who's there, Michael?

Lina, this is Cathy's mother.

Mrs. Featherstone and her friend Mrs. Foster.



Oh, I'm sorry. This is oil.


Mom. Cathy.

Mrs. Foster.

What are you doing here?

Well, we were in the neighborhood... so we thought we'd just drop in.

Drop in?

I see you've all met.

Oh, yes. We certainly have.

We had a little birthday party.

What is going on? Nothing.

Well, who's that strange girl?

Lina, the one I wrote you about, and she's not strange.

What was she doing with Michael down there?

When did you two decide to come?

We two didn't decide. It was...

Don't change the subject.

Change the subject.

Well, at least it's over.

Not quite. What do you mean?

She's invited us to dinner.

Sounds like fun.

Jean, are they joined at the hip?




Hi, Cathy. Hi, Aunt Barbara.

Well, we've all been having some wine here.

What would you like to drink, Michael?

The local wine is terrific.

Wine. Wine.

That's a lovely dress you have on. Where'd you get it?

Here in Santorini.

Santorini? You're kidding.

Lina, it was so nice that you could join us for dinner.

My pleasure.

Another surprise.

So, this is your first dinner in Santorini.

I think that's cause for celebration.

Here's to Santorini and all of us.

All five of us.

Yasa. Yasa.

Oh, how Greek.

You know, I took a night course once in Greek mythology... and I found out that Bacchus is the god of wine.

Uh, well, Bacchus was a Roman god actually.

The one you're thinking of must be Dionysus.

Oh, yeah, that decadent god.

Well, actually, in Greek mythology... freedom represents the highest form of learning... not the drunken orgy.

So, you came up on the donkeys.

Oh, yes, it was quite an adventure... with my friend here and her five-inch heels.

Tell me, Lina, are you here on vacation... or do you live here all year round?

Well, I'll stay here until I finish my work.

Lina's an archeologist. She also has a beautiful villa.


Well, I used to have it... until I moved in with Michael and Cathy.

Wonderful! I love ouzo.

Cathy, would you explain all of this to me?

Stop worrying, really. I've never been happier in my life.

I will say you look very happy... so I have no reason to be worried, right?

So, you tell me, why am I so worried?

Bonsoir. I can make it. Bonsoir.

I'm going to say good-bye to you now... because we have to leave so early in the morning.

Oh, Cathy. I love you.

I love you, too.

Do you want to watch television?

In my father's shop?

Let's get out of here!

She knew I was fixing moussaka tonight.

That's probably why she skipped dinner.

Three thirty.

Any coffee left?

A little, but I think it's cold.

So, where were you?

You should have let us know. We were worried about you.

Oh, I'm sorry. I was not aware of that obligation.

I think I'll get some more.

You want to talk about last night?

Yeah. I was out with someone.


If I feel attracted to a person...

I want to feel free to go with that person.

You can understand that.

You know what an open relationship is like, don't you?

We love each other.

We're like a family.

So, you think you know me?

What's my last name?


What did she say?


I don't know. Something in French.

I don't know what's going on here.

She'll be back.

Hi, Cathy. Where's your French girlfriend?

Oh, Greek.


Playback. Quiet on the set.

Lina! You made it!

This is Jan Tolin.

Hello. Andreas, Lina is here!

Lina, tell the director to put you in the picture!

We're just passing by.

Can we just watch?

Sure. Come in. This is my dressing room.

Oh, it's nice. Thank you.

And I love your outfit. Thank you.

So, when are you gonna shoot?

I'm in the next scene. I must get ready.

I'll wait outside.

Where are your American friends?

Let's not talk about that.

You don't seem happy.

On the yacht, I watched you with them... and you were happy then.

I must go.

Good luck. Thank you.

No, no, no! Stop! Stop!

Do you want to stay?

You want to go?

Come on.

Excuse me. Have you seen Lina?

Sorry, I haven't.

Excuse me. Is Lina working today?

No, I haven't seen her since a couple of days.

If you do, will you tell her that I came by?

Certainly, I will.

My friend Lina?


Read this.

I'm reading this.

Well, could you just read the first paragraph... just for a minute? It's worth it.

He's a great writer. I'll read it out loud.

Don't read it out loud. It's more private.

Just-it'll be good.

It's beautiful.

Did you read the whole thing? No, I just read the top... but I really like it. I want to finish this sentence... before I forget what he was saying.

It was fun.

Nice face.


I'm gonna get some more wine. You want anything?

What was it?

Didn't it mean a thing to her? Take it easy, Michael.

Well, what's she doing?

She's afraid. Of what?

Getting close to people.

She's never had that until us.

Everybody's afraid of getting close.

I just wish that we could find her and talk to her.

Me, too, but I guess she doesn't want to be found.

You want to go home, Michael?

We got three weeks left.

We can keep looking.

Do you want to stay, and I'll go home?

But you are paid for three more weeks.

I'll leave it empty in case you change your mind, OK?

Thank you.

Did you have a nice summer? Very nice.

Maybe we'll see you next year. Maybe.