Summer of Sam (1999) Script


Hello, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.

My name is Jimmy Breslin. I'm a writer.

I write about New York, the city of my birth, where I've lived and worked all my life.

The city that I love and hate both equally.

Today things are much different.

Business is booming up and up. Crime is down, down, down.

Homicides are the lowest it's been since 1961.

It wasn't always like this.

BRESLIN: This film is about a different time and place.

The good old days. The hot, blistering summer of 1977.

There are eight million stories in the naked city.

This was one.



Shut that dog up!

Shut that dog up!

Shut that dog up!




(SINGING) There was something in the air that night The stars were bright Fernando They were shining there for you and me For liberty Wanna go to the beach tomorrow? Let's go to Jones.

I have a hair appointment tomorrow.


I'll just cancel it. Yeah.


Who's this? Can we help you?




If I had to do the same again I would, my friend Fernando

(SINGING) Boogie night

Boogie night

Boogie night Ain't no doubt We are here to party Boogie night Come on out Got to get it started Dance with the boogie Get down Dance with the boogie Get down

'Cause boogie nights are always the best in town Got to keep on dancing Keep on dancing Got to keep on dancing Keep on dancing Boogie night Get that groove Better take it higher Boogie night Make it move Set this place on fire Dance with the boogie Get down Dance with the boogie Get down

'Cause boogie nights are always the best in town Good to see you. Here you go.

Don't spend it all in one place. Thank you.

Keep on dancing

(SINGING) Let's find a place, they say Somewhere far away with no Blacks, no Jews and no gays There but for the grace of God There go I

There but for the grace of God There go I No Blacks, no Jews and no gays There but for the grace of God There go I

There but for the grace of God There go I

Poppy and the family left the dirty streets To find a quiet place overseas And year after year the kid has to hear The dos the don'ts and the dears And when she's ten years old she digs that rock 'n' roll But Poppy bans it from home There but for the grace of God There go I

There but for the grace of God Go, go I It could be me It could be you There but for the grace of God Go, go I



You were killing me out there.

You look good tonight. You do.

I do? You kill me.

You get me going.

Billy Martin? Everybody wants to talk to him.

What's up?


What's the score, Joey?

Yankees three, A's two. Top of the ninth.


JOEY: Let me get you a drink.

Dionna, your cousin's stuck-up. MAN: Yeah, really.

She doesn't speak English.

Thank God. I thought I was losing my touch.

You are, you know.





Vinny, it's midnight. We gotta take Chiara home.

I'll take her home. I got my Corvette outside.

That's all my father needs to see. Then we'll all get beatings.

We'll take you home. Baby, you stay. I'll take her.

You're having a good time. Yeah?

I don't feel well. I gotta get some air.

You all right? I don't feel well.

I don't mind. I don't care. All right.

JOEY: Have a shot. I gotta go.

Come on! Have a shot.

Come on. Peer pressure.

To the Yankees! ALL: Yankees!

This is horrible. Salute.

Vinny, pick me up a sandwich. BLT. Mustard, not mayo.

VINNY: All right, baby. Okay. I love you.


Vincenzo! Shit.


VINNY: I'm fucking coming. God!

Fucking son of a bitch.


Put your panties back on. Come on.




Why do they have to come here and do that?

Right in front of your house. Like dogs in heat.

No class. No couth.

I had a real good time tonight.

Are you busy tomorrow? I'd really like to see you again.


(SINGING) Fooled around and fell in love I fooled around and fell in love Since I met you, baby Fooled around and fell in love


Free, on my own That's the way I used to be But since I met you, baby love's got a hold on me Fooled around and fell in love It's got a hold on me now Fooled around and fell in love

(SINGING) Dippy doo Run, run, run Dippy doo Run, run, run Dippy doo Hey, I'm taking my bag And I'm running away now Run, run, run

'Cause you've been mean to me Run, run, run And I've been good to you Where's my sandwich?

Oh, shit.

I forgot, baby. I'm sorry. I got the munchies.

Let's dance. Forget munchies. I don't wanna.

Let's go to the diner and get breakfast. Eggs or something.

Don't wanna dance some more?

I'll dance on the way out. Follow me.

You look beautiful. Thanks, but I want breakfast.

You danced so great tonight, baby.

'Cause you're beautiful, that's why.

Don't stop. It feels so good.

What took you so long?

I just stopped to take a leak.

I drank too much tonight, you know?

Where? At the house?

Come on.

Are you writing a book or something?

I'm just asking.

Yeah, you're asking. Sure.

I didn't accuse you of anything. I know, sweetie pie.

You danced beautifully tonight, too. It was a lot of fun.


Officer, what the hell happened here?

What's going on? Go on, to your right. Now.

Cruz, baby. Qué pasa? Double homicide.

Yeah? .44 Caliber Killer? Looks like that.

I'll see what's going on. Stay right here.

OFFICER: What a mess.

CRUZ: Looks like somebody died out here.

OFFICER: Guy. What's up? I live over here. Okay?

These are victims six and seven. Shit's gonna hit the fan.

Charlie, you're gonna like this part. He left a note.

CHARLIE: No shit? He left a note?

Who is this guy? Fucking William Shakespeare?

Yes, Lou. This could be the break.

LOU: Somebody bag this. I need it taken down to forensics.

CRUZ: Eddie, let's get the shot.

LOU: Hey!

You can't be there. Get out of there.

Get away. Get behind the line.

Behind the yellow tape. Come on.

Get him out of here.

OFFICER: Come on.

Six and seven, like you said.

Let's go. Nothing more to see here, folks.

What time did they find them? 10:20.

Who found them? The daughter.


DIONNA: Oh, my God.

Vincent, what's...


Oh, my God.

Are you all right? Move over.

I'm sorry. You're gonna have to drive.

What happened?

I just saw the bodies. The bodies?

He's back. Somebody got killed?

The .44 Caliber Killer's back.

Please take me home. I gotta get out of here.

MAN: Victims.




ANNOUNCER: All news, all the time. This is WINS.

You give us 22 minutes, we'll give you the world.

WINS time at the tone, 3:00.

It happened again last night. More terror and bloodshed.

The .44 Caliber Killer striking again, leaving two more dead.

The police have recovered a note left at the murder scene, but have not released its contents to the press.

Parents continue their vigil, warning their children not to go out, keeping daughters home, afraid they'll park in lovers' lane, for fear they'll be a victim of the mad killer.

It's hot, hazy and humid.

People trying to go out at night, but they're afraid.

Afraid to walk the street, afraid this killer will strike again, shooting them down in cold blood.


Good morning, Ma. Hi, sweetheart.

Not for me. I'm losing.

Put some clothes on. Morning? It's 3:30 p.m.

Nice tux, Ed.

It's your mother's idea.

She got me a gig with a wedding band. That's what my career's down to.

Can I borrow $50? I need my car fixed.

Sure. That's for food.

This is what I'm talking about.

Richard, how about working for a living?

Only coloreds live on welfare. Mind your own business.

I gotta sing for $75 and he gets $50? No.

Twenty dollars.

And you should make him work the game.

All right. But he's not working. Ritchie, take $20.

I'm out. MAN: Got anything to drink?

Thanks, Ma.

ED: Ritchie. What?

Hear about them kids that got shot? You know 'em?

What kids? Bad thing. Real bad thing.



MAN: I've been buying The Post and The Daily News all week.

It would be nice to see some money.

JOE: You got some balls. You should be paying us to stand here.

MAN: I've spent a lot of money. JOE: Come on.

Shut the fuck up. Listen to this.

"Although police officials declined to discuss the note, "our unofficial source said it was written by a homicidal maniac, "a real sicko who lives in a nightmare world."

Joey, do I look pale to you?

You look all right, Vin.

Anthony, do I look pale? You look like mozzarella.

Real fucking funny.

Holy shit! Look. They got a map of the killings.

There's our neighborhood. Layton Avenue.

We're famous. Let me see that.

I'd lay 5-to-1 the killer's from right here.

You think so?

Don't you think we'd notice a sicko? Come on.

What do you think makes them sickos, you idiot?

You don't notice him.

You think this was random?

You think he just pulled off the highway?

This place is hard to find. He knew it.

I need another 'lude. You just popped it.

It's not working for me. Give it a minute.

Don't be fucking cheap.

That was heavy shit you saw.

I'd be freaking out if I were you.

Especially since the killer knows you saw him.

What do you mean? He might think you're a witness.

I saw it on the news.

If he caught your license plate...

You think I'm number eight? I'm serious!

They stick around the murder scene. See who comes by.

Shut the fuck up!

I swear I only saw victims. Fuck you.

I didn't see no bodies. Don't start spreading that shit.

What's the matter with you? Leave him alone.

That's real funny. You're fucking funny.

What's the matter? Can't take a joke? No, I can't!

Vinny, relax, will you? Here, come on.

JOE: Take a half a 'lude. Go home and get some sleep.


ANTHONY: Can't take a joke.

ANTHONY: One 'lude won't work on him.

JOE: Take a fucking walk and leave him alone.

ANTHONY: Look at this fucking creature crawling out of the bay.

Guys, I got lobsters. Live lobsters. What have you got?

Live lobsters. Two dollars each.

You stealing traps now? They'll shoot you.

Where were you last night? You shoot two people?

I only shoot heroin. These are broke.

And half-dead. What is this shit?

They're good lobsters. Two dollars each.

Get the fuck outta here with your broke half-dead lobsters.

You can make a brisque.

Brisque this, you junkie bastard!

Joey, I'm gonna go cold turkey.

Cold turkey that. Come on!

You ain't Bruce Lee. Stop kicking Woodstock.

Is that Ritchie? Yeah.

What the hell happened to you? Look at this freak.

Nice outfit. Is it off the dead?

ANTHONY: Don't vampires come out at night?

Except on leap year. What's happening, guys?

Don't give us that bullshit.

You come back to the neighborhood looking like a fucking freak, sounding like a British fag.

We're supposed to be okay with it?

Fucking right. How's your wife and kids?

We're divorced. I'm back with my mother.

A dollar each.

Go and OD. Go fuck yourself. Shut up!

I'll take $5 for the whole fucking bag!

All right. Here.

Here's your $5. Get the fuck out of here.

I need some smoke.

JOE: I'm handling that now. What do you want? I got nickels.


I'll take two, then.

ANTHONY: Ritchie, you heard about the killer?

Yeah, I heard.

What's the matter, Vin? Not gonna say hello?


Where the fuck were you last night?

You drove past me outside the club.

Drop that stupid accent and talk to me for real.

All right.

So why didn't you come in to say hello?

I wasn't dressed for disco dancing.

"I wasn't dressed for disco dancing."

Look at this jerk-off. He was dressed for Halloween.

VINNY: Leave him alone.

Porcupine. Vinny saw the dead bodies last night.

You saw the bodies? Yeah, I saw the bodies.

I was on my way home but I didn't see him.

I didn't see him, you numbnuts, so don't spread that around.

ANTHONY: Here comes Ruby the skank.

Yeah, but I thought you said your parents were in Hawaii.

First Europe, then Hawaii.

You know, Ron, we've been dating for three weeks.

All you ever do is take me to motels.

You wanna see me again, you introduce me to your parents.

Must you always bring up my parents?

You're getting out? I gotta go.

What about our weekend in the Catskills?

I already paid for the room. You can go there and jerk off.

That's what you are, a real jerk-off!

Fuck you, you dago wop skank.

(GUYS YELLING) What did you say?

BRIAN: Are you fucking nuts? This doesn't concern you.

Shut your fucking mouth. That's my sister.

Get the fuck out of the car!


You fuck!

Come on. Go back home, pretty boy!

He ain't showing his face around here again.

Ruby, come over here. I'm horny. I mean, lonely. I need a hug.

Then go home to your mother.

Twat you say? I cunt hear.

I have an infucktion in my ear.

Don't you assholes ever grow up? What the fuck is your problem?


Is that Ritchie? That freak don't want you.

Shut the fuck up, idiot.

Ritchie how are you?

How you doing? You look good.

Good enough to eat?

I like the new look. What, it's punk?

You should come to the city sometime. Check out the band.

They suck really good. Just like you.

I learned from your mother, dick.

You let your sister talk like that?

Come on. Get lost.

You live in Manhattan now? As of last night.

I got evicted.

Stop talking like that. You been in London, too?

No, but it's all in the attitude.

All in the attitude. In the attitude.

I gotta go. My father's gonna kill me. See you.

It was great seeing you. Yeah, you too. You look good.

Take care of yourself, Ruby.

Ritchie, I wanna talk to you. Take it easy on the rebound.

Whoa, whoa.

Trying to knock me down?

RITCHIE: Whoa. Slow down.

VINNY: Don't tell nobody. It's between you and me.

It's bad enough that I balled her.

But some sick side of me had to drive Dionna past the spot where I was sticking it up her cousin's ass.

That's where I saw the dead bodies. Right there.

You know what? God spared me. He spared me, man.

It's a fucking omen. I'm serious. He let me go, man.

What the fuck could this mean?

What do you think it means?

I don't know. What do you think it means?

I think God's telling me I'm gonna burn in hell if I don't stop cheating.

Didn't I say you weren't ready to get married?

You don't fucking listen.

I fucking thought I would stop cheating when I got married.

I'm cheating a lot more than I ever did.

But I thought the man up there understood.

VINNY: I thought he'd understand.

God has got nothing to do with this. Come on, Ritchie. Yes, he does.

God is telling me, "You shouldn't be doing these things with your wife."

What things? Don't be stupid.

You know butt-fucking, 69, doggy-style.

That's the message from God. "Cut that shit out.

"You gotta cut it out, or I'm not gonna spare you next time."

That's what God's telling me.

I'm telling you. I think the guy saw my license plate.

He's after me.

I'm gonna be number eight. My life is over.

You don't gotta worry about that.

Don't worry about any omen.

What the fuck am I gonna do? What if I can't stop?

What if I got some sort of hang-up?

You don't got any hang-ups.

Once you've deviated, you can't go back. You know that.

Tell Dionna you like these things and maybe she'll do it.

You don't do that shit with your wife. Why not?

It's a fucking sin.

RITCHIE: "Oh, please, can I put it up your ass? Just one time?"

Don't fucking make fun of me.

"I'm gonna put it up your ass." Shut up.


What do you want me to say? Get a divorce.

Divorce is evil. You got some bad advice.

"Evil" spelled backwards is "live."

You're a corny fuck. You know that?

Dionna, I gotta talk to you.

What are you doing here?

I gotta talk to you for a minute.

Now? Honey, we're in trouble.

We got Luigi here and we're not ready.

Come on. Sit down there.

What's wrong?

I need to talk to you. Listen to me for once.

Could you? Could you do that for me?

All right.

What I saw last night made me think about a lot of things.

It opened up my eyes really wide to everything.

Those murders made me realize

how much I love you.

I love you, Dionna.

And I swear to God...

I promise you and I promise God I'm gonna be the best husband you ever had in your entire life.

If I had eight tongues it wouldn't be enough to say how much I love you.

You swear to God? I swear to God.

I swear to God I love you.


I'm so sorry about everything. I love you so dearly.

Baby, I'm in the middle of work.

Dad's in trouble in the kitchen. I gotta get stuff out. I'm sorry.

Make up some excuse and let's go somewhere.

Baby, I can't. I'll take you anywhere.

I'll make you something nice. I'll be back in 20 minutes.

Sit down. I'll bring you a glass of wine.

Daddy, Luigi's veal. He's waiting.

He'll wait.

How's that husband of yours? All right?

He was all shook up, but he's a lot better now.

How about you? You don't seem so good today.

How about me? I'm concerned, okay?

I'm very worried about your safety.

You see those parents on TV, crying for their kids?

I don't wanna be on the news, talking about the daughter I used to have.

Hi, here's your food. Nice. Thank you, honey.

Beautiful. Thank you for waiting.

Tell your father he's a great man.

Thank you. LUIGI: Thank you, honeybunch.


MAN: Luigi, look who's here. Starsky and Hutch.

LUIGI: What, are we double-parked outside?

You gonna invite us to sit, or what?

You both got asses. Feel free to use them.

Mario! Mario!

MARIO: Si, Signor Luigi.

Two set-ups for New York's finest.

MARIO: Sure, paesano.

You're inviting us to a meal? That's against regulations.

You sit at my table, you eat. Nobody's counting.

Detective, you ever have Veal Sorrentino?

No. You're gonna have it now.

Sounds delicious.

It's Italian for "veal delight."

What is it? Veal Sorrentino.

You need your energy to catch the criminals of the world.


Sorrentino, here you go. Try and catch this one.

Compliments to the chef.

Did your partner tell you, he ran errands for me when he was a kid?

He was a pipsqueak. Too small to piss straight.

He never told me that. Never told you other things.

He knows I'm from the neighborhood. Can we talk business?

What business?

We need your help.

What do you want me to do? Arrest myself?


I wish this was a joking matter, but it's very serious.

I want to talk to you about this killer.

We need your help.

There are 100 cops on the task force.

You need my help? I'm only a plumber.

LOU: You know I wouldn't be here if I didn't have to be.

I'm asking you, this guy, how many people did he kill?

Three, four, five?

With no disrespect, Detective, in Harlem last night, your people, coloreds, how many of each other did they kill?

Seven? Eight? Nine, at least.

And on Saturday, 20, if we're lucky.

I'm out.

Take it easy. Sit. So...

So why don't you ask me who killed them?

Not enough press in it for you?

Not enough Post or Daily News headlines?

There's a homicidal maniac in the neighborhood.

You don't want to do anything about it?

You have been busting my balls ever since you got promoted.

Why is that?

Wasn't I good to you when you were a kid?

Didn't I take you to Yankee Stadium?

LUIGI: Didn't you meet Mickey Mantle?

He signed a baseball, "To Louie, from Mickey Mantle."

Motherfuck the Mick.

Willie Mays was the man. Get outta here!

Willie Mays was the man. Mick was the guy!

LUIGI: Enough, enough.

Your family, didn't I take care of them?

I treated you like a son.

You have the balls to come here and ask me to do you a favor?


When you wanted to become a cop, did you come and ask me?

Did you ask for my blessing?


You could've been a great plumber. As good as me.

I'm gonna read you something.

But it can't leave this table. The newspapers don't even know this.

Read it.

"Dear sir, "I am deeply hurt by the newspaper calling me a woman-hater."

"I'm not. But I am a monster and a little brat."

SON OF SAM: I am the Son of Sam.

Sam loves to drink blood.

"Go out and kill," commands Father Sam.

Behind our house, some rest. Mostly young.

Raped and slaughtered, their blood drained.

Just bones now.


Papa Sam keeps me locked in the attic, too.


I can't get out.


Shut up! Shut up!

When I look out the attic window and watch the world go by, I feel like an outsider.

I am on a different wavelength than everybody else.

Programmed to kill.

Do you know where...



However, to stop me, you must kill me.

I am the monster. Beelzebub, the chubby behemoth.

I love to hunt.

Prowling the streets, looking for fair game.

It must be the water they drink.


I live for the hunt. My life. Blood for Papa.

Sir, I don't want to kill anymore.

No, sir, no more.

But I must honor my father.


I want to make love to the world.

I love people.

I don't belong on Earth. Return me to yahoos.

I want to wish you all a happy Easter.

May God bless you in this life and the next.

For now, I say goodbye and good night.



Police, let me haunt you with these words.

I'll be back.

I'll be back.

"To be interpreted as bang, bang. Bang, bang, bang."

"Yours in murder, Mr. Monster."

Holy Jesus Christ. Holy shit.

Excuse me a minute, Atwater.




Grazie. Grazie.

Basket catch.

Pally. That catch in the '54 Series?

ANNOUNCER: There's a long drive, way back to centerfield...


He got lucky.

(SINGING) I'm gonna love you like nobody's ever loved you When you sang that, I fell in love with you.

Come rain or come shine Eddie Sabatini. That's me, baby.

Eddie Sabatini!

High as a mountain Come here.

Deep as a river


Baby, come here.

When you met me it was just one of those things But don't, don't you never bet me Oh, my God! My God, Ritchie!

I'm sorry. Get out of here, Ritchie!


Go inside, Helen. Jesus!

No, no. Get in here, kid.

Come on, kid. We're still newlyweds here.

God damn it, Ritchie! We don't see you for a month.

You're back, you're gone for a week.

You're back. You come, you go!

Look, the thing is, your mother and I have been talking.

She packed your shit up. We want you to stay in the garage.

I'm not staying in there.

This ain't the Sherry-Netherland.

Use the fucking bedroom. This is our house.

We do what we want. You're too old to be here.

You should be happy to stay in the garage!

Ma, this guy's kicking me out.

He's making me live in the garage.

RITCHIE: I can't believe it.

ED: Helen, talk to him. He's kicking me out of my own house!

It won't be bad. I'll give you money to fix it up.

You can play your guitar loud. Whatever you want.

I want to...

Your mother and I need our fucking privacy.

I want you to ring the front doorbell. You got that?

Just give me the keys. Right now.

Come on. Give me the keys.

I'm not... Ma! What are you, 12?

Helen, talk to this fucking dago! Helen!

(TEARY) What are you doing? Don't fucking do this to me.

Ritchie, stop it.

I fucking hate you, you faggot piece of shit.

HELEN: Get back here!

Helen, it's him or me.

HELEN: Eddie, he's my son. Goddammit!

ED: Now I got a case of blue balls. You happy?

HELEN: Eddie! ED: Huh?

REPORTER: The Son of Sam killer, who targets young woman with long hair, has caused panic-stricken brunettes to run to their hairdressers to dye their hair blonde as protection against this madman.

WOMAN: If you come in earlier, I can't do your color.

Come in at 4:00 and we'll take care of you.

VINNY: That's the way your life's going.

By the time you get to the altar, you might say "I did," instead of "I do."

Shut up. You sound like my father. Just shut up.

But I'm not your father, am I?

Vinny, I heard you saw the killer.

Who told you that shit?

Just around the neighborhood.

I didn't see anybody. Remember that.

Okay. Thanks for the haircut.


See you, Ruby. (SCOFFS)

Congratulations. You just realized you're married.

I'm trying.

Does Gloria need a shampoo girl?

Gloria, you need a shampoo girl?

What do you think?

There you go, see? Does Dionna need waitresses?

She got somebody last week. I need a job.

RUBY: I'm smart. I'm young. I'm pretty.

VINNY: You got two out of three right.

Oi! If it isn't Warren Beauty.

I get more ass than he does any day.

Ritchie. Ruby, how you been?

I copped that Who's Next album. I was thinking about you.

Great, right? Yeah.

Those guys are like the godfathers of punk.

Know that song Baba O'Riley?

Uh-huh. It's my favorite song.

You know who wrote that?

Engelbert Humperdinck? Uh-uh.

You don't think I know? Come on, I know.

Pete Townshend.

How do you know that? I read the album credits.

The only thing I don't get is why those four guys are pissing on a big rock.

They were drinking...

Are you two getting married here? Can I get to work?

Are you jealous? Please.

I need a favor. What's going on?

Fucking Eddie moved me in the garage.

My mother's gone along with it.

What do you want me to do? Lend me $20.

Get outta here. Come on.

Wait. The garage could be cool.

Forget that. Come and stay with me.

We'll take care of you. Seriously, no.

You can fix it up. Have privacy.

I mean, fuck living in the house.

I'll live in the fucking garage. You stay with my crazy family.

I'd live in my car first before I'd do that shit.

Here. Shut up and take $50.

Don't ever say I never gave you nothing.

What, are you loaded these days?

Use it well. All right?

RUBY: 50 bucks?

I can turn it into a palace for 50 bucks.

I'm not doing anything later.

I'll come by and help you decorate it.

You know what that means. Shut up.

Might as well use this psycho killer as an excuse.

Go ahead.

Blonde me.

You did a good job. I could dig it, you know?

Maybe I can be an interior decorator.

You could be whatever you want, I think.


Sure. Yeah.

You really mean that? Of course I mean that.

I don't know.

I feel you're born into a slot, you know.

And that's life. Come on.

Stop with those negative vibes.

You hang around with those spirit snipers, they'll steal your light.

You're too young for that. Uh-huh.

What are you doing?

Come on, come on. You don't got to do that.

Stop, please. You don't got to do that. Don't do it.

Where you going?

I'm gonna go. I didn't say to go.

You didn't exactly say you wanted me to stay.



That's good.

VINNY: Baby, how you doing? I'm sorry.

Yeah, I'll be home.

In an hour. You know. Come on.

It's a last-minute thing. I didn't know she was coming.

VINNY: Calm down.

Of course I do, come on. Not now, all right?

Bye. I gotta go, okay? Just...

She can't give you what you want.

Let's not talk about it.

I'm getting fat.

(SINGING) I like the way you make me feel about you baby Want the whole wide world to see Whoa whoa You got the best of my love Whoa whoa You got the best of my love Whoa whoa You got the best of my love Whoa whoa You got the best of my love I'm feeling a little guilty now. Now?

Yeah, and I'm thinking...

I'm trying to be a good husband. I don't think we can do it.

You're like a frigging yo-yo.

Back and forth, forth and back.

You know what? Let's just not do it.

That's it.

You think you're the only one with feelings?

I got a husband at home.

I know. I 100% agree with you. Absolutely.

Selfish bastard. You're a selfish bastard.

You started this. I didn't start this.

It's my fault. Put your fucking clothes on.

Clothes I put on your back.

Maybe you should do it one more time?



(MOANING) Oh, Vinny...

Beg me for it. Come on, Vinny.

With that reward money I'll start a college fund for my daughter.

I'd buy a yacht. Like Hugh Hefner.

Playboy bunnies walking around.

You can't get a yacht for $10,000.

You'll wind up with a rowboat with two Puerto Rican skanks.

When I get that money, I'll take both my parents to Sicily for a fucking month.

What'd I say about your mouth in front of my girl?

I'm sorry. Apologize to the princess.

That's your daughter? She's daddy's little sweetheart.


Don't touch her. What's the matter with you?

Come here, sweetheart.

What did you do, man?

Daddy's here.

Dressed like that you have an effect on a baby.

I'm sorry. It's all right, sweetheart.

Don't look at that scary guy. Come here.

Go play with your friends, okay? Get away from him.

Give me more reasons to hate your ass.

I'm back.

ANTHONY: What about the $15 I lent you?

BRIAN: I gave you the $15.

JOE: What do you want? Two nicks.

BOBBY: Hello, Brian. BRIAN: Hey, hey!

Bobby the fairy! How's it hanging?

That's Mrs. Del Fiore to you, sweetheart.

And don't wear it out.

Is that Ritchie?

Hello, stranger.

Long time no see.

Very Lower East Side. I like it.

I'll take two, Joey. Two what? Two dicks?

I'll take yours and Ritchie's. Double the pleasure and fun.

Suck on these two nickels. Gimme the money.

Let's go. Come on, come on, come on.

This money better not be sticky, either.

There you go. Thank you.

The Post said the killer's a woman-hater.

That's you. You could be the killer.

.44 caliber queer.

A real homo-cidal maniac. Pow! Pow!

He's guilty! Put him through the penal system.

Only if I can have you as my cellmate.

How 'bout that, motherfucker?


You fucking asshole! I hate you!

Don't burn him. He's a paying customer.

He's a homo. Don't be ridiculous.

I got to drop the kid off with her mother. I'll see you later.

At the club? JOE: Yeah, yeah.

Can you give me and Ruby a lift to the subway?

No. You made her cry once already.

Come on, sweetheart. Princess.

LITTLE GIRL: Daddy! Ruby!

JOE: Let's go.

LITTLE GIRL: Daddy, let's go home.

What's going on with you and Ruby?

What? She's my date.

She's going on a date with you?

Why buy the cow when everyone gets milk and steaks for free?

I like the cow.

Give me and Ruby a lift.

I'm fucking busy. You can ride your cow to the subway.

Cows don't fit in Corvettes. Sorry, Ritch.

Come on.

You're seriously not gonna give me a lift?

Not for nothing, but are you starting to get the feeling maybe you're not that welcome here?

Do I got to spell it out for you?

No, it's clear.

MAN: What you got this time?

I heard it before from you and got in trouble.

'Cause you sent me chicken. I don't need no chicken.

I don't need no trouble from the law, thank you.

Hold on a second.

Let me get back to you. I'm working.

Somebody's got to make money.

Man. Ritchie. Hello.

This is Ruby. This is Midnite. Hello.

Let me do a show tonight. I got enough performers.

One show. One show?

I got rules, and you know the rules.

Five shows a day, seven days a week.

I know. You know.

If I break the rules for you, every crabby little punk'll come here wanting to dance every time they need a dime bag.

"Just one show. Relax."

This girl's special to me.

Then you appeal to my sense of romantic.

Let me see how special she is.

What color panties you have on? Let me see.

I just want to see color. Stop, you're being rude.

MIDNITE: Blue. Okay, blue.

What are you doing? Go ahead.


MIDNITE: He's got a pretty cock.

Nice size. You're a lucky girl.

Yeah, thanks.

You in the business, baby?


You strip, you do fuck flicks? What's your shtick, baby?

No, I'm not in the business.

Girl, you're way too hot to be giving it away.

You're so hot you make me wish I was a lesbian.


You want to get this hotel room?

Ritchie, wait a minute.

If you're getting second thoughts...

No, I'm not getting second thoughts.

I wanna know if I can borrow some money.

I wanna ditch this whole disco look.

Let me get your door, okay? I wanna do this right.

Come on, baby.

Thank you, baby.

Tonight's your night. And my night.

It's our night.

We've holed up like cowards for two weeks.

Fuck the killer. We're gonna have fun tonight.

It's Saturday.


How you doing, stronzo? Great. Have a good time.

You called him "idiot." He doesn't have a clue.

My God, nobody's here. What the fuck is going on?

Did they all go somewhere else?

JOE: Holy shit!


JOE: What a dress. Easy, now.

Look at those legs. They're longer than Vinny's.

A lot longer. (JOE LAUGHS)

That's all right. I can handle it. Don't worry about it.

What's the matter here?

It's like a morgue. What's going on?

Everybody's afraid of this killer. Just like you, Vin.

Not as scared as I was.

Dionna, you look very beautiful. May I have this dance?

Yeah, can I dance with you, too?

Maybe you better dance with each other.

Yeah, dance together.

BRIAN: Share the wealth.

VINNY: Why would I go out with you with those Pink Panther pants?

REPORTER: Daily News columnist Jimmy Breslin received a letter today from the .44 Caliber Killer.

Police said the hand-written letter addressed to Mr. Breslin contained numerous occult symbols and was signed by the madman himself, calling himself the Son of Sam.

SON OF SAM: Son of Sam.

SON OF SAM: Hello from the gutters of NYC, which are filled with dog manure, vomit, stale wine, urine and blood.

BOBBY: Hello, Brian.

SON OF SAM: Hello from the sewers of NYC, which swallow up these delicacies when they are washed away by the sweeper trucks.

Screw him. I'm not cutting my hair.

Hello from the cracks in the sidewalks of New York City and from the ants that dwell in these cracks and feed on the dried blood that has settled into these cracks.

Mr. Breslin, sir, don't think because you haven't heard from me for a while that I went to sleep.

No, rather, I am still here, like a spirit roaming the night.

Thirsty, hungry, seldom stopping to rest.

Anxious to please Sam.

I love my work.

Now the void has been filled.

He won't let me stop killing until he gets his fill of blood.

Tell me, Jim, what will you have for me July 29th?

Not knowing what the future holds, I shall say farewell, and I will see you at my next job.

Or shall I say you will see my handiwork at the next job?


Please inform all the detectives working on the case that I wish them luck.

Keep 'em digging. Drive on.

Think positive.


Here are some clues to help you along.

(DOG BARKING) The Duke of Death.

The Wicked King Wicker.


MAN: Don't shoot!

Don't you know the Son of Sam is around?

Go find a motel. Get the hell out of here.

The 22 Disciples of Hell.

John Wheaties, rapist and suffocator of young girls.

In their blood and from the gutter, Sam's creation, .44 Caliber.

The Son of Sam.

WOMAN: Let me in. Mick, let me in!

Let me in.

MICK: What? You all right?

SON OF SAM: The Duke of Death. The Wicked King Wicker.

(DOG BARKING) VINNY: Shut the fuck up!

Fuck you, Wicked King Wicker, Duke of Death, Son of Sam.

Come and fucking get me.

You don't scare me. Come and get me. I don't give a fuck!

Honey. What are you doing?

Honey, what's wrong? This is devil worship.

This is occult. This is Manson shit.

Is there somebody outside there?

What if he thinks I saw him?

What if he fucking thinks I saw him?

The Son of Sam? Yes, the fucking Son of Sam.

Why would he think you saw him?

Did you see him?

Honey, you're scaring me. Did you see him?

Baby, I gotta get outta here.

I gotta get outta here. I can't take this anymore.

I'm gonna have a nervous breakdown. I gotta get out.

Let's go away for a whole fucking week. Let's just get outta here.

When do you wanna go?

Right now. Let's pack up and get the fuck out.

Baby, I can't go right now.

Dad might have to fire one of the waitresses.

Baby, come on. Let's go.

We'll get a hot tub, dirty movies, massages, vibrating beds, the whole works.

We'll just have fun. Crazy fun, okay?

We could get the dirty movies here.

It's not the same, baby. It's not the same.

I can't leave Dad right now.

But we can make our own vacation here.

You'll see.

We can have our own fun.


Come on, let's... Come on, let's make love now.

Baby? Baby?

Could we make love with the light on?


I wanna see us.

You wanna make love with the light on?

Yeah, I wanna see us.

Can we try it? Please?

All right.

How about instead of making love, we fuck this time?




VINNY: Oh, yeah...



Good night, baby. Let's go to sleep.

Good night, baby.

Good evening. This is John Jeffries, Eyewitness News.

I'm here with Detective Timothy Dowd, head of the .44 Caliber Killer Task Force.

Detective Dowd, what can you tell our viewers about Son of Sam?

We are putting together a picture of the suspect, slowly, I must say.

Too slowly for our tastes, but we have no choice.

He's very elusive.

Whenever we get there, he's gone. We never know where he'll strike...

What are they talking about?

Must live somewhere.

DOWD: We have a man who we suspect.

Maybe you notice he comes home late, 3:00, 4:00 a.m., Several times...

This is all fucking smoke. MAN: It's a farce.

A single room or an attic or a basement, or in back of someplace.

REPORTER: Do you have a long list of suspects?

DOWD: We have a list.

We've always had a list.

We have a list now, and we have always had a list.

WOMAN: Well, then, stay home.

I know what we gotta do.

We gotta get this rat bastard. We gotta do it.

'Cause they can't do it.

Maybe we offer another $5,000 in the reward?

At least we get more names on our list.

MAN: Right, boss.

DION NA: It's bad.

They're gonna catch this bastard soon.

Do me a favor. It'll buy me time.

Do the books once more. See if you find something.

Dad, it's math. It's not magic.

I've been through them four times.

If something doesn't change, I don't know what'll happen.

I gotta let Connie go.

Connie? Yeah.

She's our strongest waitress. You can't do that.

Connie's got no children. Only one mouth will stay empty.

What's up? Buonanotte.

Paesano. How you doing?

How are you? Where were you?

Stadium. Yankees lost.

Let's go. I'm tired. Dad, we're gonna go.

One minute. I got something for both of you.

VINNY: We gotta go.

I got something for you. VINNY: You do?

You like presents.

Come here.

What is this, Dad? Look at that.

If you go out tonight, make her wear it for me.

Make her wear it.

I'm not gonna wear this. We're driving straight home.

Please respect me.

This animal is killing young girls with long brown hair.

You do it for me?

Listen to your father.

You ganging up on me?

All right, I'll wear the Barbie doll thing.

Let me sleep in peace.

VINNY: Come on, let's go.

DIONNA: Closed? Yeah.

Promise? I swear to God.


I hear you coming.

I know you're standing there. I'm here. Okay.



(WHISTLING) Jesus Christ.

You like? You look so different.

I feel like I'm cheating on you with you.

I want to call you by another name.

Know what I'll call you? I'm gonna call you Sheri.

I like that name. Is it French?

VINNY: Oh, yeah.

Sheri, do you want to fuck?

Want to fuck me? Sheri, do you want to fuck me?

Yeah, I want to fuck you. Can I call you Vincente?


But first you have to suck my huge cock.

You sure you want me to do that, Vincente?

(LAUGHING) I know Sheri loves it...

Whoa, baby!

(SINGING) When you're layin' down next to me Wow.

I find it hard for me to concentrate If I don't make my move, girl it might be too late I've got to make sure you don't get away Oh, shit.

To make me wanna stay All my life I've been searchin' for a star Now my search is over and here we are Livin' in ecstasy Yeah Shit, baby.

Yeah Here in ecstasy When you're layin' down next to me Shit. No, don't do that.

I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?

I should have never made you do this. I'm sorry.

I'm really fucking sorry.

DIONNA: Oh, my God, baby. What happened?

What happened? I'm sorry. Tell me how you like it. I'll do it different.

It's not that, please. It's just...

You're my wife and I love you the way you are.

Let's just do it like normal people, the way we always do it.

Come on.

But I wanna make you happy.

VINNY: I'm gonna turn off the light, okay?

WAITRESS: All right. Here's your slices.

What are you taking the big one for?

What the hell's wrong with you?

You gotta take the big slice all the time?

Listen. We got four names on the list.

Brian, read that list.

Right at the fucking top, we got Ritchie freak.

Billy the Jew. Jimmy del Fini.

And that fucking guy who drives the bus.

All right. We're gonna mark their tires with chalk.

If they take a ride, we'll know what's happening.

See that guy over there making pies?

Don't be so obvious.

His name's Frankie Cadillac.

ANTHONY: He moved here a year ago and lives alone on Sampson.

My aunt says he looks evil. He's got these weirdo eyes.

JOE: We'll check him out.

What about Johnny Nasso?

He drives a cab and he's a Vietnam vet.

So what? So what?

Vietnam vets call themselves sons of Sam.

You know, Uncle Sam and shit? I never heard that. Relax.

That's not enough.

He lives alone. His wife left him a year ago.

And he works nights.

He's a multiple category. All right. Good work.

Put him on the list. Write him down.

You know who I've been thinking should go on the list?

Father Cadilli. The priest?

You don't remember the beatings he used to give us?

Fucking nuts.

BRIAN: Drinks like a bastard. I want him on the list.

No. Let me think about it.

I know who the killer is.

I figured it out.

WOODSTOCK: Reggie Jackson.

(LAUGHING) What the fuck is wrong with you?

Idiot. I'm serious.

Son of Sam. Uncle Sam.

Yankee Doodle Dandy. The Bronx Bombers.

New York fucking Yankees.

(LAUGHING) You mixing acid with your dope now?

What kind of guns did the killer use?

.44 caliber, right?

What's Reggie's number?


Nobody said the killer's a mulignan.

It's why they can't find him.

Keep talking like that, I'm putting you at the head of the fucking list.

Give me the fucking list. Stop.

Even if he is the killer, we need him till October.

It's a serious list.

We need Jackson if we're gonna win the World Series.

Put Rice on the list.

OWNER: We're running a business. Lower your voice.

Fuck you, too.

I told you once. I'm sorry.

Get the fuck in there and make a calzone.


It's all right. Everything's fine.



You leave this animal alone. You leave us alone.

Samuel Carr, I have asked you kindly to stop that dog from howling all day and all night long.

Yet he continues to do so.

Berkowitz, you listen to me.

I have no peace. No rest. He's a good dog.

He usually leaves people alone.

CARR: He only barks at people at the door.

You're cruel and selfish, Mr. Carr.

CARR: You tease him. You antagonize him.

You never stop messing with him.

You wicked, evil man. Child of the devil. (CARR CONTINUES)

Shut that dog up!

Keep it up, fella, and I am calling the cops.

I'm sick of this.







You won't be barking anymore.





(MOANING) Help me.

(SINGING) Out here in the fields I fight for my meals The .44 Caliber Killer who calls himself Son of Sam struck again last night, shooting a 17-year-old girl and a 20-year-old man as they sat in a car near the Elephas disco in Queens.

To prove I'm right

I don't need to be forgiven Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah RITCHIE: How ya doin'? What can I do for you, man?

Give me a good deal.

CLERK: What are you looking for?

RITCHIE: A fucking new Fender.

I got just the guitar for you.

Brand new Fender Stratocaster. Sunburst. Rosewood neck.

With your name on it.

RITCHIE: How much?

SALESMAN: Three hundred and sixty bucks. Out the door.

Teenage wasteland

Sally, take my hand We'll travel south crossland Put out the fire And don't look past my shoulder

(CHANTING) Reggie! Reggie!



Teenage wasteland It's only teenage wasteland Teenage wasteland Teenage wasteland They're all wasted


Are you shot, Bobby? No. It was Rocco.

JOE: Let's go fuck him up!



Nobody messes with Bobby del Fiore!


What are you gonna have?

Keep looking, maggot.

What are you doing?

Stop that shit. It's those guys.

Just fuckin' mind your business.

What are you gonna have?

MAN: You believe this freak?

Do you like me?

Ritchie, be serious for a minute.

There you go.

Chickie, what's he doing here?

You get him out of here or we ain't coming back.

It doesn't bother you that Ruby's been with so many guys?

Schtooped by so many guys?

What she did before is her business.

You really feel that?

It would schieve me a little bit, you know?

I mean, Ruby's a nice girl, but she is a whore.

What? You don't love her, do you?

What's your interpretation of love?

Commitment, responsibility, marriage, kids.

VINNY: You're not marrying her. I won't let you.

You and Dionna having kids?

VINNY: What took you so long?

I'm fucking starving. I want a cheeseburger and fries...

I'm sorry, we're out of cheeseburgers.

Out of cheeseburgers?

VINNY: Can you get me a BLT or something?

Sorry. No can do. What have you got, then?

Give me whatever you got. I'm fucking starving.

I don't have anything. We're closing.

It's a 24-hour diner and you're closing?

I saw you serve those guys. It's these fucking guys.

I don't want any trouble. Just leave.

I want to eat. You're not gonna serve me?

You're lucky I come into this greasy spoon.

I'll serve you, but he's gotta go.

What are you talking about?

Wait, hold on. You talking to me?

Chickie, you know who this is?

Who? You don't know.

You fuck. This is Ritchie.

Ritchie who? Ritchie Trangali.

That's Ritchie Trangali?

VINNY: He's scary, but that's my boy.

You're gonna have to leave.

Fuck these guys.

Chickie, fuck your customers. Relax.

Get some roast beef sandwiches.

CHICKIE: Just go. Just like that?

Fuck this idiot. Let's go.

You're calling me an idiot? You're a fucking idiot.

CHICKIE: Just take him out of my place.


Fuck you!


You fucking bitch!


Tastes better than Heinz ketchup.

MAN: He's fucking nuts. You like that, you fuck!

VINNY: You know, Ritchie, I don't blame them.

When you're in Rome... What are you gonna do?

You come here with that dog collar, what do you expect?

We're all wearing dog collars. You're wearing a dog collar.

I'm wearing... You're wearing a dog collar.

You're a dog of society. On a leash to a certain way of thinking.

I don't fucking understand what you're saying. I'm not relating to it.

Is the heat getting to you? No. Listen.

It's like everybody's got two personalities.

One you're born with, one the fucking world gives you.

Are you talking about some alter-ego shit?

No, Vin.

It's like, I got these things I like doing.

I like them so much it's like I have to do them.

Do I really like doing them, or was I pre-programmed at an early age to respond to liking them?

That's what I'm talking about.

You've fucking lost me. Fucking what else is new?

Are you saying that if I cheat on Dionna, it's not me that made me do it, it's the fucking world?

Is that what the fuck you're saying?

Take responsibility for yourself.

It's not the world. It's your dick that made you do that.

Don't blame the world! My dick made me?

Yeah, your dick.

REPORTER: The heat wave continues all over the city, as record-breaking temperatures claimed six lives yesterday.

Three fatalities were in Brooklyn, two in the Bronx and one in Queens.

Crime has risen with the temperatures.

The police report a rise in domestic violence and burglary, and Con Ed is asking that you try to conserve electricity as several neighborhoods in the five boroughs are experiencing brownouts.

The health department advises the elderly and people with respiratory problems...






MAN 1: Take it easy, baby. Come on, take it easy.

Oh, my God! MAN 1: It's all right.

It's not funny! MAN 2: Baby, the power's out.

The power's out?

(PHONE RINGS) 45th precinct.

Yeah, we know. It's a blackout. The whole five boroughs.

We're doing the best we can. Hold on, ma'am.

4-5 precinct, Officer Riggs. Yes, sir.

Yes, sir. We understand that the lights are out.

We have Con Edison out in full force.

Con Ed don't know nothing.

But what I know is...

We can't expect any help from the cops.

LUIGI: They'll have their hands full chasing looters.

MAN: Niggers and spics.

LUIGI: It's our job to protect our neighborhood. To defend it.

And this Son of Sam has the blackout to hide in.

I want all our guys on the Layton Avenue Bridge.

JOE: Hand it over.

It's my joint. Shut the fuck up.

Nobody gets in my neighborhood without me knowing it.

What the fuck is this?

Pull over. What the fuck are you doing?

Who are you? What do you want? Who are you?


What the fuck are you talking about?

(YELLING) Get the fuck out of the car!


Con Ed officials said the lights went out at 9:34 p. m.

REPORTER: I'm here at the corner of 125th Street and 5th Avenue...

And black and Puerto Rican people are going crazy.

As I overheard one man say, "It's like Christmas in July."

That's a quote. (SHATTERING)

We have reports that people are stuck on the subways underground and that the city that never sleeps has come to a standstill.

I'm going to get out of the way, 'cause I fear my safety.

Joey, get the kids in the neighborhood.

If they need cars, give them cars.

If they need baseball bats, give them bats.

We'll take a bat and patrol the neighborhood.

We'll go to different points. To the beach, to the bridge.

Down to the avenue and back. You understand?


(CHANTING) We'll get you, Son of Sam! We'll get you, Son of Sam!

We'll get you, Son of Sam! We'll get you, Son of Sam!

We'll get you, Son of Sam!

MAN: We'll find you.

Then you call Frankie.

Tell him to bring the feast lights and the generator, LUIGI: because Luigi is gonna give a big block party, with the cannoli and the baba rum and the sausage and peppers and the spiedini.

That psycho is gonna have no place to hide.


That's my man.

I love you, I love you, I love you.


KIDS: Bang! Bang!

Bang, bang! I got you!

Bang, bang! I got you, Son of Sam.

We got a fucking gig. Singing. Serious?

We're going to be at fucking CBGB's.

Vinny, man, this is our first gig. This is a big deal.

No. Congrats. We're excited.

Congratulations. A toast.

You gotta show up. I'm singing.

DIONNA: They're gonna pay you. That's great.

I don't know about that. What's it called? CBGB?

CBGB. You never heard of it? It's on the Bowery in the city.


You and Ritchie seem really happy together.

Yeah. We are.

Gotta enjoy it while it lasts. Know what I mean?

Guess that's a good philosophy. As long as you're not married.


I know that you've been with Vinny before.

It's not a secret or anything.

That was a long time ago. A long time ago.

Before you two got together, let alone got married.

No. I know that. I'm not accusing you of anything.

What do you want?

All I wanted to say was that, since you've been with him, maybe you could tell me what he likes.

You're serious? DIONNA: Yeah.

If I knew, I wouldn't be asking. I mean...

Do you think this is easy for me?

Talking to you about Vinny?

My husband's sexual likes and dislikes?

And so you ask me 'cause I should know.

No. You guys looked happy when you were going out, and you're so sexy and confident and everything.

Listen, I mean...

Sometimes I think that, you know, he's cheating on me.

Anyway, you know, I wanna please him. But I don't think that I do.

You have any advice, anything?

Look, Dionna. You are very pretty. Okay?

You're sexy.

I happen to know that Vinny loves you very much.

I know he loves me, but...

I think I disappoint him. So what do you want me to do?

Do you want me to tell you how to fuck your husband?

Yeah, I'll tell you.

First, you can't be his wife.

That's number one. Too late for that.


Is this it?

This where we're going? CBGB, right?

This is the corner of Bleecker and Bowery.

This is where my father says all the bums are. Who are they?

Are you scared? Buy us some beer.

What is this? Ritchie made us come here.

What's the matter with him?

I wouldn't park my car here. What the fuck is this?

Oh, my God! Look at those girls, looking at me like that.

Looking at me like I'm the freak. Look at them.

Don't pay attention to 'em.

Look at that thing on her tongue.

I don't like this place. I think we should go.

Think so? You think that's right, though?

Maybe we should say hello to Ritchie.

Go for a drink and then get the hell out.

Your call. No. I wanna go.

I skeeve this place. Sure?

Yeah. I'm sorry. Let's just go.

All right. Where do you wanna go?

Anywhere. I don't care.

54? Studio 54?

Is that where you wanna go? We're dressed for it, baby.

It's your car. It's your night.

(SINGING) Hello from the gutters of New York City

(CROWD CHEERING) filled with urine, vomit stale wine and blood And blood Hello from the sewers of NYC

(CHEERING) which swallow up these delicacies I said hello, hello, hello from the gutters of the city washed away by the sweeper trucks

Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello

Hello Goodbye

Hello from the cracks in the sidewalks of New York City From the ants that dwell here in these cracks These cracks Hello from the ants that feed on dried blood of the dead that's fallen into these cracks



(SINGING) Take me to your place in space I'm sick and tired of the rat race On a rocket ship, no time to wait I just want to gravitate It's out of sight It's out of sight It's out of sight It's out of sight It's gone It's gone It's out of sight It's out of sight It's out of sight It's out of sight It's gone It's gone

Oh, my God. Look at the line. Jesus.

I can't wait to hear what music they're gonna play.

You get so excited by this stuff.

We're gonna dance. The people we'll see... My God!

Look at the limos and everything. Look at the people.

I don't wanna wait in line. Are you waiting to get in?

Yes, I am. I'm waiting to get in.

My God! Those are men.


He sure is ugly though.

How we gonna get in, baby?

How 'bout we walk right up and pretend?

Let's just push.

Are you on the list?

What list? Somebody put you on the list?

What do you know about the list?

If you're not, get behind the line.

What do you mean, the line?

Come on. Behind the ropes, guys.

We came from the Bronx.

Give him some money.

100 dollars. Look how beautiful she is.

It's the first goddamn star I've seen tonight.

Camera, come on.

Stand there for just one second. What's your name?

Vinny. Vinny, smile. Smile.

God, you're beautiful.

Who's your lady? Come with us. She's my wife.

MAN: All right. Everybody out.

(WHOOPING) Here we are, Vinny.

Alex. VINNY: Simon says hold this.

Let's go. This is your palace.

It's a beautiful palace.

There you go, baby.

I never knew places like this existed.

Honey, I'm really stoned.

Maybe we should go. Come on. Wanna go?

I don't wanna go. I wanna stay.

If you wanna go, I'll go. I don't care.

Whatever you want. Go or stay?

If you wanna stay, I'll stay.

You sure?

If you wanna go, I'll go. No. I'll stay.

People can see us.

Come on, baby. Trust me. Just close your eyes.

(SINGING) Everybody dance Clap your hands Clap your hands


Everybody dance Clap your hands Clap your hands Music never lets you down Puts a smile on your face any time, any place Dancing helps relieve the pain Soothes your mind makes you happy again Listen to those dancing feet Close your eyes and let go But it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing Take it up your... Come on. (SEXUAL SCREAMING)

Everybody dance I'm coming.

Clap your hands Clap your hands


Everybody dance Clap your hands Clap your hands Everybody dance Clap your hands Clap your hands


Is this another one of your shortcuts?

(SINGING) You can dance So what? Are you not gonna talk? All the way home?

The time of your life Ooh, see that girl Tell me something. What do you think?

Did that guy fuck you better than me?

I'm embarrassed. I don't wanna talk about that.

Embarrassed? Did he fuck you better than me?

I did it for you. You did it for me.

That's really nice. Did you like it for me?

Did you fucking come for me?

Was that for me? That was the pills, the coke.

Don't blame the pills, you fucking lesbian whore.

Don't do that shit.

You were there, too. You're a fucking whore.

I can't be a whore. I'm a man.

You're the whore, you stupid fucking whore.

You're a faggot fucking hairdresser.

Get the fuck out of the car. You get out.

Get the fuck out! There's a psycho killer out.

I don't give a shit. Get the fuck out.

It is my car. I will not get out. You get out.

Get the fuck out of the car. I will not.

You get out of my car. Get out now!

You fucking piece of shit.

You make me sick, you fucking slut.

I am a slut? You're calling me a slut?

You lowlife piece of shit. You fucked my cousin.

You didn't think I knew about that?

I smelled her pussy juice all over your fucking face.

You fucking sick bastard. How dare you?

All this time I thought there was something wrong with me.

You perverted sick fuck.

Come on. I'm sorry. Just get in the fucking car.


VINNY: Come on. Let's go. Get in the car.

Fuck you. Come on.

Get in the car. Please, baby.

Don't you dare "Baby" me. I'm gonna wait here.

I'll wait for some soul brother in his big black Cadillac.

You know he's got a big black dick, too.

Don't talk like that. Get in the car.

Fuck you.

Please get in the car. Don't make me hurt you.

Hurt me? Don't you even lay a pinkie on me.

I'll get him to kick your ass then I'll fuck him.

You wanna watch? Will that turn you on?

You linguini-dick motherfucker.

You wanna watch while I suck a big black dick in a big black Cadillac?

Shut the fuck up. You shut the fuck up.

Get the fuck in the car now!

Hello! Anybody out there?

Get inside the car! Any black dick out there?

It better be big. There's free pussy here.

I don't get hard 'cause you don't turn me on.

You're a fucking pervert. You're a pervert.

I'll take you to your father's, then I don't wanna see you.

Wanna drive? Okay, drive me over there, you fucking dyke.

DIONNA: Faggot fucking hairdresser!

I hope he kills you. I hope you die here.

Dionna! Come back here.

Don't fucking leave me here!

I hope he kills you, you fucking faggot pansy!

VINNY: Stop that fucking car! Come back!

Fuck you!

Dionna, come back... Stick it up your fucking ass!

Don't fucking leave me here!

REPORTER: Today is July 29th, 1977.

Help me. Somebody, help me. Death day.

It was one year ago today that Son of Sam shot and killed Donna Lauria on Burke Avenue in the Bronx.

In his latest letter to Jimmy Breslin, the killer taunted police by saying he would be back tonight to mark his anniversary.

Hundreds of off-duty police officers have volunteered to work from sunset to sunrise.

Police are urging residents to stay indoors tonight, as the full moon almost guarantees the .44 Caliber Killer will strike again.

MAN: Get away from the window.

Please be safe.


Holy shit.

No fucking way!

I don't fucking believe this shit.

Johnny boy, you ain't going nowhere tonight.

Happy anniversary.

What the fuck did I do? It's what you're not gonna do.

What the fuck did I do?

I fought for this fucking country. Is this the thanks you give me?

Father Cadilli. Mind telling us where you're going?

Do I know you boys?

You sure do, Father. It's been a long time.

We have to search you and your car.

It's for the good of the neighborhood, Father.

Boys, you don't wanna do this. Oh, I do.

Give us a blessing, will ya? What?

Just give us a blessing.

Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.

ANTHONY: Come up with something original. I've heard that before.

CADILLI: Let your heart keep my commandments.

Do not let kindness and truth leave you.

ANTHONY: Thank you, Father.


Vincent, it's the middle of the night. What's the matter with you?

Don't make everybody know your business. Tomorrow's another day.

She'll be all right with me.

Tell her to come home. Tomorrow's another day.

July 29th, 1977.

This is a warning to all police agencies in the tri-state area.

For your information, a Satanic cult has been instructed by their high command, Satan, to systematically kill and slaughter young girls of good health and clean blood.

Executioners of the cult...


My name is Mr. Williams.

And I live in this hole.

I have several children who I'm turning into killers.

Wait till they grow up.

No! Shut that dog up!

How can this be? I thought I killed you, Mr. Black Dog.

(HYSTERICAL) How did you get in here? Leave me alone!

What do you want?

I want you to go out and kill.

Kill. Kill. (WHIMPERING)


(TEARY) I will kill.

I will. I'll do anything you say. I'll do anything you say.

Yes, master. I will kill.

I will kill!


Yeah, if I can.

LOU: Listen, I gotta go.

Gentlemen, good morning. Gentlemen!

Congratulations. Death day came and went without an incident.

I need you to stay sharp.

LOU: Pay attention to every detail, big or small.

We're close. He knows we are.

The sick bastard knows we're onto him.

We're close. He knows we're after him.

Chickie, give me a fork.

CHICKIE: Vinny, you're 86'd. You and your freaky friend.

We're all friends here. What are you saying?

What happened?

You didn't tell them what happened? That creepy bastard.

Customers thought he was the Son of Sam.

Who? Fucking Ritchie.

I never seen nothing like it. Not even in 'Nam.

He's fucking exaggerating.

The kid was looking like Night of the Living Dead.

My customers are getting nervous from looking at him.

So I go over and ask them nicely...

Come on. It didn't happen like that.

What are you making it up for? It didn't?

No, it didn't.

He didn't jump up on the table like a madman?

He didn't break a glass over his head and start licking the blood like Bela Lugosi?

It didn't happen like that? I never seen nothing like it.

That kid scared the shit out of everybody.

You know what? I'll serve you guys.

But not you or that fucking ghoul.

He's 86'd for life. 86 me, too.

You're 86'd 'cause it didn't happen like that.

VINNY: You're fucking crazy. You're fucked up.

What's the matter with you? Ritchie does that, you don't tell us?

Come on. Are you shitting me?

Get out of here. You're not gonna take that for serious?

What's Chickie gotta lie for?

Anything else we should know? Are you hiding something?

What is that supposed to mean? You didn't tell us about this.

What are you protecting him for?

What aren't you telling us? Don't touch me.

What the fuck...

I'm gonna go before something happens.

What's wrong with you? Come on!

What's the matter with you?

This guy's out of line.

He's protecting Ritchie. Fucking Ritchie.

He's got him brainwashed, I'm telling you.

Vinny, come back here. Come on.

ANTHONY: What's with the attitude on this kid?

Leave him alone. It ain't him.


Where do you know Ritchie from?

Don't worry. You don't have to be jealous.

I knew him long before I ever met you.

I just didn't know he did porno. Oh, yeah.


Play my Dead Boys. Don't make me dance to this shit.

Hello, Ritchie. Mr. Macho man, tough Bronx boy, what are you doing...

Don't you say anything. Don't hurt me.

MIDNITE: Don't you touch Bobby. Get your hands off!

Get your hands off him. I'll fire your ass.



ANNOUNCER: Hi, everybody. Welcome to another big ballgame with the Yankees and Orioles here at Yankee Stadium.

I know everyone's been complaining about the heat and it's been terrible. The heat wave has been brutal.

We've got the perfect setting for a ballgame.

It's going to be very exciting as usual.

Especially with Scotty McGregor and Ron Guidry.

Guidry has more stuff than McGregor, but McGregor gives the Yankees a hard time when he's pitching, and he's doing it today.

Coming to the plate, Reggie Jackson, who's really struggled.

Reggie steps into the batter's box, taps the plate.

And he does look determined.

Scotty McGregor steps off the mound, gets back on.

Here's the pitch. Strike one for number 44.

If you remember, Reggie has had problems with Billy Martin all year.

He's in Martin's doghouse.

He yells, but Reggie doesn't look.

They've had their problems, but they get over it.

Reggie steps back in the box. (DOG BARKING)

Here's the pitch.


Reggie looks for the sign from third-base coach Dick Howser, then steps back into the box.

Number 44 is ready. McGregor into the wind-up.

Here's the pitch. Reggie swings, hits a foul ball into the seats.

Looks like he split that bat.

He's gotta walk and get another bat.

While he's doing that, you know what's happening in New York.

Abe Beame, who was my accounting teacher, the mayor of New York, is really having his problems with the Son of Sam murders that are happening up in the Bronx.

So I want you people to be careful when you go out spooning.

Back to the ballgame.

The Yankees have been in a slump lately.

Reggie needs one of those long balls to get them out of it if he can.

Reggie steps back into the box. He's got the new bat.

McGregor checks the sign from home plate.

Here's the pitch. Into...

(GUNSHOTS, SHATTERING) Holy cow, that is gone.

Deep in the right field bleachers.

That ties the Orioles in the bottom of the fifth inning.

Reggie Jackson gets those home runs when you need them.

Sure came through that time.

Holy cow. Unbelievable.

Let's go to eyewitness news reporter John Jeffries, who's been covering this story.

Son of Sam struck last night in Brooklyn for the first time.

I'm here, John Jeffries, in the predominantly black neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant to get a darker perspective.

Ma'am. Yes.

I'm just hoping that they get him quick, and I don't care.

Thank you.

It's terrible. Bad for Brooklyn, bad for New York, bad for America and for the world.

Thank you, sir. Your view.

Son of Sam knows better than to come into Bed-Stuy, do or die with that crap 'cause we don't care.

He's crazy but not that crazy. I'd love to beat him down.

He would wish he was dead.

I'd love to catch him here in Bed-Stuy.

Thank you.

Exactly. Hello, my name is Cassandra Buchanan.

I live there at 85 Crown Street.

And I am going to give you your darker perspective.

The darker perspective is...

I thank God, I thank God, I thank God that it's a white man who kills all of those white people.

Because if it were a black man who kills all of those white people, there would be the biggest race riot right here in New York city.

I'd like to say one thing.

I'm surprised you are in the black community.

I didn't think you liked black people.

(PEOPLE LAUGHING) John Jeffries here...

In the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, New York.

Thank you, John.


He's crazy. He had this look in his eyes.

He said he'd kill me. Help me, Joey.

Bobby, nobody's gonna hurt you.

It's a good thing you came to me.

Vinny, you seen Ritchie? No, not me.

He's the only guy on the list we can't account for last night.

Where's this club, CBGB's?

Are you still with that shit?

How do you follow this clown around?

It's like the blind leading the blind.

Who's blind? They think for themselves.

I got my head screwed on straight.

Yeah, exactly.

I know Ritchie, okay?

I know him as if he was my brother.

Even though you saw him at the disco the night of the killings?


JOE: Even though we don't know where he was?

He fits the police profile. He's got weird religious beliefs.

That shit he pulled at the diner.

You know him that well?

Yeah, I do. Tell him, Bobby.

Tell him about the fag strip joint. Tell him who the star attraction was.

What the fuck are you talking about?

Ritchie's a dancer at Male World.

My friend works there. He also does porno flicks.

Did you know that about your friend?

What else don't you know about this pervert?

It doesn't make him the Son of Sam 'cause of that. Come on.

Killer, fag, pimp, punk rocker.

Queer, pervert, homo, degenerate. Whatever the fuck it is.

Who wants something like that around here anyway?

He's your friend? Don't you wanna know what's going on?

Soon as he calls, I'm gonna have a talk with that guy.

Talk to him? You ain't thinking straight.

There are people getting killed in our neighborhood.

Are you with us or not?

Vin, it's not your fault. You didn't know. Nobody did.

He's a crazy fuck, but he's smart.

He's eluded the police and the FBI all this time.

Listen to him.

Okay, Vin, forget about us.

But what happens if Dionna's next?

How you gonna live with that?

Knowing you could have saved her if you'd had some balls.

JOE: Come on, Vin.

All right. I'll help you guys, okay?

It's not just you, Vinny. He fooled the whole world.

I said all right. Just leave me alone.

Shut the fuck up.

JOE: You're doing the right thing.

Sure I am. I'm a great fucking friend.



Is that Vin?

Where? Right there.

That's why he didn't make the gig. Idiot got the dates mixed up.

Give me your shades.

Watch me fuck with him.

What you gonna do? Watch this. Watch.

Man. You're the guy. You've seen our handiwork.

Get the fuck away from me. Cult's gonna get you.

Get the fuck out of here. Man.

Shit, Ritchie. You fucking asshole.

You almost made me fucking piss on myself, you fuck.

What the fuck did you do to your hair? Shit looks stupid.

What the fuck are you doing here? The gig was last week.

I gotta talk to you. I gotta be serious.

We gotta be straight to each other. Man to man.

Square business, okay?

Fucking look at me when I'm talking to you. Are you in a cult?

Answer me. Are you in a fucking cult? Please tell me.

What kind of cult?

What kind of answer is that?

Let me tell you something.

Joey T's in there.

He's got them all riled up looking for you.

They got this list, they're spying on people. You're top of the list.

Now laugh at that shit.

Wait a minute. What list?

You can tell me. Friend to friend.

I won't go to the cops. Are you the Son of Sam?

They think I'm the Son of Sam? You think I'm the Son of Sam?

It doesn't matter what I think.

They're in there right now looking for you.

It doesn't matter?

You must have thought something. Brought them here.

I didn't do that.

I wanted things to be straightened out.

That's what I'm here for. I just told them to talk to you.

Why don't you talk to me like a man?

Man to man, like we always have.

Fuck. I wanted to, but you've been acting strange.


Look at yourself. Look in the fucking mirror.

Look at that hair. What the fuck is that?

Since when does your hair make you a killer?

It's not your hair. What are you talking about?

Normal people don't dress the way you do, and they aren't in a cult.

You think I'm the fucking Son of Sam and you bring a lynch mob down here.

I'm just trying... I thought you were my friend.

I am your friend. I made a mistake. I'm sorry.

Bobby the fairy tells me you're a nude dancer at a fag club.

What am I supposed to do with that?

What? He says you're a fag dancer.

Bobby the fag don't know shit. 'Cause he's a homo, now I'm one?

I don't know. You tell me.

Are you sucking dick?

First you think I'm the Son of Sam, now I'm a fucking homo.

You lost all faith in me?

I don't know you, Ritchie.

I don't know who you fucking are.

I don't know you, man. I don't know you, you fuck.

Fuck you! RUBY: Let's go, Ritchie.

You're gonna need me. Don't do me any favors.

VINNY: Ruby! Come here. What happened?

RITCHIE: Fucking prick.

Ruby, can you talk to him?

What did you do? VINNY: Let me talk to you for a minute.

Go home. You're always starting fucking trouble.


Those are the freakiest people I've ever seen in my life.

Fucking filthy.

I could take ten showers and I'd still feel fucking dirty.

We didn't see him.

Watch where you're going, freak.

Fuck you, guido.

What did you say? Fuck you, guido!

All right, man, you're drunk, so we're gonna give you one more chance.

Who's your favorite baseball team?

Boston Red Sox.




Come here, you son of a bitch!

Boston Red Sox.

Go back to Fenway, you Beantown cocksucker.

Let's go home. I ruined my pants.

Who does this look like? Like a young Dean Martin.

Dean Martin.

This looks like that guy on the Grand Concourse.

You're not serious. I am.


That Matty on the Grand Concourse. Bring him here.

I'm on my way.

It doesn't really look like him at all.

What do you mean, it doesn't look like him?

If you can't see what's happening, you're as brainwashed as Ruby is.

What do you mean, brainwashed?

Look what he's doing to her.

JOE: He's fucking Ruby while people stand around filming it.

JOE: Would you do that to Dionna?

Would you fuck your wife in a porn film?

Your wife, not mine.

Ruby's going along with it, but he's got a spell over her.

He's turning her into a fucking porn star.

Come here.

Now, you tell me...

that doesn't look like Ritchie.

Holy shit. Let me see. Son of Sam.

Wake up, Vinny. Shit!

Where the hell have you been?

I'm sorry. You're three hours late.

You're three hours late. Traffic was terrible.

Vinny. Dee, stay where you are.

I gotta cut her hair. You'll cut her hair.

Come over here. Dee, stay where you are.

Crazy things going on. I'm almost ready, Gloria.

What are you shoving me for? What's the matter?

See the game last night? Pull yourself together.

Go in the bathroom and shave, and take some Listerine.

Take some Listerine and pull yourself together for these customers.

This is a business here. You respect it.

I'm going through a tough time. I was hoping you'd help me out.

Pull yourself together and then we'll deal with the customers.

Dee, I'm ready.

Now, Vinny? One minute.

Did you hear a word I said?

I said pull yourself the fuck together, and then...

If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have this great place.

What does that mean? I brought all these customers.

You came here because of me, didn't you?

I'm very sorry. Don't fucking lie.

If it wasn't for me, none of you would be here.

This place was a piece of shit before I fucking came here.

Watch your fucking mouth! This is a business.

Here, Gloria. Take that. Fuck you and fuck this place!

Get the fuck out! Get out of my shop!

Fucking shit place. Fuck you and your customers.

Fuck me? I'm gonna fuck you. Fucking keys. Come on.

You forgot to lock the door, you stupid bitch.

Talk to yourselves, okay.

Who took my fucking keys? There they are.

My glasses. You sons of bitches.

VINNY: What the fuck are you doing?

What you doing, baby? Come on.

You're not gonna fucking leave me? Come on, baby.

I'm sorry about Gloria. I'm sorry about that shit.

It wasn't even fucking worth it.

All this time I kept my eyes closed and made myself think it just happened once.

Then I gotta hear it from Gloria?

Dionna, I quit. The whole thing is over.

This is a new Vinny. Do you understand?

How many other women did you fuck at the salon besides her?

Baby, look.

I'm never gonna cheat again, I swear. I'm gonna see a priest.

I'm gonna see a psychiatrist. I know I'm sick, baby.

How many?

Was one of them named Sheri?

Come on. I made that up for you, baby.

There was no fucking Sheri.

Don't leave me now. Let's work this shit out.

You and I can make this shit happen.

What about Plato's Retreat?

Okay, you're right about that.

I'm sorry what I made you do there.

You're sorry about what you made me do, what I did.

You're not sorry what you did to me.

You're not sorry that I trusted you and you used me.

I'm sorry.

Baby, I'm not me, okay?

I'm fucking going through a lot of shit right now.

He's fucking...

Ritchie's in a cult, okay? He's got me coming or going.

He's brainwashed me. I don't even know who I am.

The shit I'm doing now is not me. I'm not responsible for it.

Come on.

You're blaming Ritchie for what you're doing? Come on.

You know what?

They fucking think he's the Son of Sam.

That's what I gotta deal with... Vinny! Stop it!

What does that have to do with you fucking other women?

I am not stupid.

I never said you were stupid. I love you. You can't leave me over this shit.

We're husband and wife. We've had two great years.

You're not gonna throw it out for what big-mouth Gloria tells you.

I'm gonna throw it all out.

All of it goes out, like you threw it out when you stuck your dick into some other woman.

(SOBBING) Fuck you!

Baby, look what I got for you. Fucking flowers.

That's what I came here with.

I came with flowers 'cause I knew I been fucking up all this time.

I've made some bad calls and I'm a bad husband and I admit it.

I know you can't get away with shit in life.

God sees everything.

I just want you to give me another chance.

(SOBBING) No. I can't live without you. Please.

You can't bring God into this. You can't do that anymore.

Baby, listen. I love you so much.

If you leave me, I'm fucking gonna die.

You have to listen to me, okay?

See, I thought that what we had was special together.

Baby, it is special. Let me make love to you.

Just you and me. It is just you and me.

It wasn't. It was everybody.

I didn't care for those bitches.

It was everybody and everybody knew but me.

I hate myself. You don't think I hate my fucking self?

Baby, don't leave me. Don't do this shit to me.

I got nothing in this life. All I got is you.

If you walk out that door, I'm gonna jump out that window and kill myself.

'Cause I ain't got nothing, baby.

You're everything in my life. I ain't got friends. Nothing.

I suck at everything I do. I can't live without you.

(SOBBING) Please, baby.

God, I love you so fucking much.


Don't leave me. I'm sorry, baby.

Baby, I'm sorry, but I just don't believe you anymore.

I'm sorry.

If you fucking leave here now, don't expect to come back.

You can't leave and come back.

Let me go. I gotta go, Vinny. Come on.

RITCHIE: What are you doing? Stop.

No, I'm not gonna stop. What are you doing?

Ruby. No.

You better stop. Take this off.

Touch me.

You want me to touch you? Touch me.



Joey! Joey. Ritchie's home.

The sick fuck is back. Back?

The fucking balls on him, Joe.

He's trying to disguise himself. He's got a blond mohawk.

Him and Ruby are trying to make a fast getaway.

You think they're in cahoots? Let's all calm the fuck down.

We gotta do this right.

He's all excited. All right.

We need Vinny.

JOE: Yo, Vinny!



Vinny! Vinny!

Fucking shit.

Vinny, come on.

JOE: Vinny, open the door!

All right. BOBBY: Open the door.

Dionna's sleeping. Can you come back later?

Take the chain off the door. I can't talk to you out here.

What the fuck... Listen to me.

Ritchie's the Son of Sam.

Why don't we call the cops? Fuck the cops.

I'm calling. I don't give a shit.

What the fuck are you doing? Calling the cops, you bastard!

What the fuck is wrong with you?

You're the big tough guy round here?

You've got your lackeys... What is the matter with you?


Listen to him, Vinny. Just listen to Joey T.

BOBBY: Don't hurt him. JOE: Get up!

Get in that fucking chair.

I didn't come here to fight with you. We need your help.

Ritchie's at home. We want you to help.

Go and get him out of the house.

And then what? We sit around and play cards?

What? We take him to Luigi, okay? No rough stuff.

I swear on my mother.

On a stack of bibles. JOE: No bullshit.

Yeah, right.

We're not the black cloud of this neighborhood, all right?

We didn't fuck up your marriage. You did.

Don't fuck up with us.

What are you talking about? Your wife's got a big fucking mouth.


I'm okay. I'm telling the truth!

Wait. Tell him you're sorry. Tell him you're fucking sorry!

All right! Get the fuck outta here.

Now you listen to me, okay? All right?

Don't tell me Dionna's here, 'cause news travels fast.

You're putting that shit up your nose, taking Quaaludes, drinking like a fish.

You don't know what's up or down.

You're gonna put your shirt on and come over and help us.

Or, so fucking help me God, I will fuck you where you breathe. Okay?

Let's go, Vinny.

He treats him like a pussy.

I say one thing, he strangles me.

Police now have in custody the man they believe is the .44 Caliber Killer, Son of Sam.

He was arrested outside his home at 35 Pine Street in Yonkers.

New York City can now finally rest.

Thank God. I thought he'd be from Brooklyn.

Police! Don't move! Get against the car!

Give me your hand. One at a time. Give me your right hand.

One at a time. Slowly.

Inspector Dowd, you finally got me.

Now that I got you, who is it that I got?

You know. No, I don't know.

You tell me.

I'm Sam. You're Sam?

Sam who? Sam. Dave Berkowitz.

A large crowd has gathered here awaiting the arrival of Son of Sam suspect David Berkowitz.

The police have put up barricades to protect the alleged .44 Caliber Killer from a potential lynch mob.

It's a great outpouring of relief, rage and vengeance.

(SCREAMING) Kill him!

Ladies and gentlemen, here he comes. Son of Sam.

Son of Sam, ladies and gentlemen.

We do not know which car he's in.

The crowd is going crazy.

It's pure pandemonium, hysteria, chaos.

REPORTER: They're slowing down.

Ed, do we see him?

REPORTER: Yes! There he is, ladies and gentlemen.

David Berkowitz.

It's David Berkowitz! There he is!

The alleged .44 Caliber Killer!

(KNOCKING) Who is it?

He has a crazed look on his face.

Burn in hell!

Ritchie, it's me. Vinny. Open up.

What the fuck does he want?


What do you want? How you doing?

You don't get used to that hair.

Come on. Cut to the chase. Hey, Ruby.

Uh-huh. How's it going?

Mind if I borrow him for a minute?


That's him. (DOG BARKING)

You get him.

I gotta talk to you. About what?

Dionna. She left me.

She's gonna divorce me. It's all over.

No. Yeah.

Come in, man. Come inside.

I don't wanna go inside. I don't want her to hear me.

VINNY: Come over here.

Talk to me over here. Please. Come on.

I'll be right back.


I had this big fight with Gloria.

She calls Dionna and tells her about all the women I've been with.

Dionna flips out and wants to leave me.

She wants to divorce me because I took her to Plato's Retreat.

I don't know what to say.

We're leaving tonight. Maybe you should, too.

We should get out.

I'm packing.

So me and her were like that.

Run. I'm sorry about everything. Run, man. Please.

What are you talking about? I'm sorry.

Run! Now! Get that son of a bitch!

JOE: Stay right there. (VINNY STAMMERING)

Luigi wants to see you. Come on.

Come on, man. You set me up!

I told you to run.


Vinny! What the fuck are you doing?


Get off me!

Come on! Fucking piece of shit!


Come on, pick him up! (SCREAMING) Ritchie!

Get off of me! Get off of me!

Hold her!

JOE: Come on!

We're gonna see Luigi now.

Come on, let's go! You ain't getting out of this one!

Come on!

(RUBY, SCREAMING) Leave him alone!

Get the fuck away from him!

What the fuck is going on here?

What the fuck is going on? Jesus Christ!

We caught the Son of Sam. Don't fuck with us!

He ain't the fucking Son of Sam. They caught the killer.

Got him in Yonkers, idiot! Don't fucking lie!

Tell me my Luger's full of shit. Fuck with this, hero.

My Luger says they caught him.

Call an ambulance right now or I start shooting.

What happened? Joey, what happened?

HELEN: Talk to me! What happened?


Get out of here. Go away.

Just beat it, kid.

You fucking traitor. What the fuck are you doing?

I'm sorry.

Did you call an ambulance?

Yeah. It's coming. It's coming right now.

It better be.


Of all the things, a parking ticket did Son of Sam in.

On July 31st, 1977, he shot his last two victims.

An eyewitness noticed a parking ticket under his windshield as he left.

Of the four tickets issued in that area, one bore the name of David Berkowitz, a resident of Yonkers, New York.

At first, Berkowitz claimed insanity, saying a 2,000-year-old dog named Harvey told him to do it.

Eventually he pled guilty.

That sick fuck is sewing a sentence of six consecutive terms of 25 years to life.

The Yankees win their 21st World Series.

Of course the Yankees won the World Series against the LA Dodgers.

Led by Reggie Jackson's three consecutive home runs in the sixth and deciding game.


Elvis Presley died.

3, 700 were arrested during the blackout, with damage going into the hundreds of millions.

To no one's surprise, most of the destruction took place in Brooklyn, Harlem and the South Bronx.

'77 was also one of the hottest summers in memory in New York City.

New York. The city that I love and hate equally.

There are eight million stories in the naked city, and this was one of them.

If I can make it there I'll make it anywhere It's up to you, New York New York

New York, New York I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps And find I'm A number one top of the list king of the hill A number one These little town blues

are melting away I'm gonna make a brand new start of it In old New York And

if I can make it there I'm gonna make it anywhere It's up to you, New York New York New York