Summer with Monika (1953) Script

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Time for a beer, boys. Great.

Hey, got a match? I forgot mine.

I'm sure I do.


Spring's here. Did you notice? Yes.

People shouldn't work on a day like this.

No, it's really crazy.

Let's go away and never come back.

We'll see the whole wide world.

You game?

Sure, let's go.

You work at Forsberg's, right? In the stockroom.

Dull? Yeah.

You know where I work? Yeah.

It must be cold there.

I thought I'd freeze my ass off last winter.

Listen... have you seen Song of Love? It's showing at the Garbio.

Would you like to — See it with you? That would be terrific.

If you're free tonight, I'll get tickets. Great!

I've gotta go.

See you at the theater around 7:00.


I guess spring's here after all.

Yeah, damn it.

Where is that damned boy? Gone again, but I'll give him an earful.

I want invoices when he gets back. All right.

Did he go to the old folks' home?

I promised he'd be there by 3:00.

He's always dawdling, and now he's disappeared.

Push him harder, Johan. This isn't a rest home.

Send him downstairs for some 53s, if there are any.

Unless the darned kid took the last and didn't write it down.

Where the blazes have you been?

What do you mean, disappearing like that?

Well, I — Go get some 53s, and jump to it.

We're all out. I said so yesterday.

All out?

I've told you before: Always write it down!

But I told — No excuses!

Go get some 28s.

What about the old folks' home? It's ready to go.

That blasted kid's always trying to sneak off.

Where are my invoices? Did he go for coffee again?

Of course. I'll bring you the invoices myself.

Any 28s left? Ten dozen at least.

If only I could trust you, but I have to double-check everything.

Did you break something again?

They slipped. Slipped!

And where are my invoices? How many times — No use yelling at him. I'll bring them.

What invoices?

New ones, obviously. Monthly accounts. I'll do it myself.

Get to the old folks' home, and step on it!

You puttin' down roots there, kid?

Move it!

Wasn't she lovely?


Some people have it all.

A beautiful house. Everyone's nice to them.

They drive around in brand-new cars and go dancing in fancy clubs.

Look at that pretty blouse. Where?

Here in the window.

Very nice.

Hey... you have to hold me or I'll freeze.

You may kiss me now, Harry.

I guess we kinda like each other, huh?

Monika — I'm crazy about you.

There's no one but you. Only you.

I'm freezing.

We can't sit here much longer.

Hold me once more before we go.

You're not mad at me, are you?

I like you.

Are you sure? Dead sure.

Let's go.

Hi. Hi. You're here already?

Do you have to go home before our date?

Not really, but I've got my work clothes on, and my old coat.

You see, I thought we could eat at my place.

Dad's in a boating club, and they're meeting today.

He's eating out with the guys before the meeting.

So I thought we might — You're so sweet. It'll be such fun.

Almost like we're married.

You're so sweet, not like the others at all.

Like right out of a movie.

Let's go.

What a lovely place you've got.

I wish our place was like this, but the kids would break everything.

Who's this? My mother.

She died when I was eight.

Poor little Harry.

Sit down while we wait for the kettle to boil.

A little something for you.

For me?

Oh, they're so stylish!

Thanks so much!

It's nothing.

Feel how soft your stockings are.

It's your leg that's soft.

It's your leg now. Then I'll keep it here.

You can keep all of me. I refuse to leave.

And I won't let you.

Come here.

My old man!

- I can't take it anymore. He's sick again. It's his stomach.

How do I look? Does anything show?

Don't worry. He's half blind without his glasses.

Good evening.

So this is Monika.

I hope we're not a bother. Not at all.

You feeling sick? Yes, I had to leave early.

My stomach, as usual.

I just don't understand.

I'll be back in the hospital soon, I suppose.

But you two finish your coffee in peace.

I have my aches and pains, miss.

It's just the way it is, so don't mind me.

I'll just sit in the kitchen in the meantime.

I'd better be going so he can get to bed.

I'll see you home.

Late, aren't you? Just get out of the way.

Nika's got a new fella!

Beat it, or I'll tell the caretaker who swiped his bike.

You wouldn't do that to an old pal, would you?

Then out of the way! All right.

I'll leave you alone to make out with your boyfriend.

He needs a good thrashing.

Miss Eriksson, tell your brats to stop kicking my door!

And you tell your husband to stop snoring!

We can't get a wink of sleep with all the noise!

Drink this, and then it's time to get up.

Hasse, get the cigarette butt from my coat pocket.

What do I get? You can have the candy there.

Get up, you!

Shake a leg!

Pass me the matches, Mom. Where are they?

Shut up!

No, you don't! Get up! Never a moment's peace.

Don't stand there in your nightie! I was just looking.

Far more than faithful Am I to you In all my thoughts, dear Our love is true

My heart yearns For you, my dear Silly Monika!

Shut up!

Tubby-chubby Nika! Shut up, brats!

Where do you want this? Just put it there.

Don't pinch me! There's plenty to pinch, eh?

You back on the job? I thought you'd quit.

A man's gotta have his cigs.

I can't stand those guys pinching me all the time.

Why don't they pinch their wives? Not as much fun.

I'm fed up.

Come out with me. I'll cheer you up.

Not likely. I've got other fish to fry. I'm going steady.

You too?

All the floozies are going off the market.

Even Pyret got engaged. The old man.

Nilsson! It's Svensson.

Same difference.

I promised your boss a bottle on my ration card.

He said you had money.

Hurry up before they close!

Does it tally? Yes.

Pull out any bad ones you find.

I'll help you.

Let go! That's not funny.

Want to come out to the country on Sunday?

I'm never going anywhere with you again.

Knock it off!

Have it your way.

You can rot in here for all I care.

Here's the receipt.

Hasse, shouldn't you be in bed?

I'm busy.

How about a drop before you go in?

Don't mind if I do.

That's the stuff!

See ya. So long, boys.

What's gotten into you?

Don't you remember? Can't say I do.

We met 25 years ago today.

Bless me, I'd completely forgotten!

But you remembered.

That's right. So I bought a cake and a bottle.

Fancy you buying a cake.

The kids will be so happy.

That's my girl. My good old gal.

Ludde, really!

So much for the light.

Can't a person read in peace?

We'll light candles and have Christmas all over again.

Not bad, eh? Just like Christmas.

And I've got a bottle here.

Got any pickled cucumbers? In the cupboard.

Don't step on my new shoes!

Keep your things out of the way!

You're drunk again! Of course he is.

I'll show you what drunk is, you sassy little brat!

Don't start blubbering.

I just slipped. But to hear my own daughter — I won't be a burden to you much longer!

Drink all you want! I'm not staying here!

The girl's mad.

Stupid old fart!

What's wrong, Monika?

My old man's crazy.

Don't cry. What did he do? He beats me.

Beats you? I told you he's crazy.

Where have you been? I called you at work.

Dad got sick. He's in the hospital.

Then I could stay with you. You'd better not.

My aunt does the cleaning. She's in and out a lot.

I won't go back there! I just can't!

Maybe there's a way to — You have to fix things.

Wait here. I'm coming too.

Wait in the entryway.

She's up there now.

What is it now?

I'm lending my sleeping bag to a guy at work.

He's going camping for a week.

Before midsummer? It's too cold.

But I promised.

Oh, well, it's none of my business.

Strange parents, letting their children go camping in the cold.

I'm off then.

Don't stay out too late.

You'll probably be gone when I get back.

Don't bet on it. I'll be busy here till midnight.

That's Dad's boat. We can stay there.

That's great.

Smells a bit of paint, but it's not too bad.

I'm soaking wet, but I'll freeze if I take my coat off.

The sleeping bag's warm.

I don't want to wrinkle my skirt.

Take off your pants so you don't ruin the creases.

What nice long legs you have.

Come here.

The lamp.

What's the matter?

It's 10:00. I overslept.

I'll catch hell at work.

Why even go? I quit my job last week.

Stay here with me today.

No, I better not.

I'll be back just after 5:00.

I'll buy some food.

Harry, you got any money? I'm broke.

Will that do?


See ya.

Take care of yourself.

It's about time. Sorry. I overslept.

The nerve, when we're so busy!

That was damned careless!

Shall I deliver that first? No, pack that crate.

It's a rush order, and I'm busy here.

Johan, the old man's coming.

Now you're in for it. He knows you were late.

Finally decided to show up?

I didn't hear my alarm. Dad's sick, so I'm alone.

Out with hussies, no doubt. Like that slut at the grocery store.

Mind your own business!

How dare you talk back to me!

That damned — That boy's hopeless.

Watch your tone, young man.

I've had several complaints lately.

I told you. I do my best, but I just get yelled at.

I quit! Not without a week's notice.

Never mind. We'll let the boy go.

Write out a reference for him.

No pay for this week, but we'll have to give him his vacation pay.

Well? Hurry it up.

Pack it yourself. I'm leaving.

We're buried with work, damn it, and I can't stay late!

That's not my problem.

Johan, I've got a little — Okay, I'll be right there.

Now we can go wherever we like.

Like you said that time in the café: "Let's go away!"

Now we can forget about all those bastards.

I hate all of them, trying to hold us back and make us grovel.

Let them scurry around like rats — we won't be there.

Let's leave this minute!


Come on.

Harry, wake up!

I overslept!

I didn't oversleep. No.

Coffee's ready. I made it myself.

You managed the stove yourself? Clever girl.

Come on.

Imagine them slaving away at Forsberg's now.

And down in that old cellar, carrying crates around in the dust and dirt.

We rebelled, Monika, against all of them.

Remember the story we read last night? The Outlaw Lover.

Oh, dear, I've grown tubby.

I can't dance.

Never mind. You're still the sweetest of them all.

Come on.

Wait a minute.

Let's get out of here. I know a much nicer pier.

All right.

Isn't that Lelle?

You're crazy. Come on.

You see...

I've always been lonely.

My mother got sick when I was five.

She was sick until she died. I was eight by then.

Dad went a bit funny after that. He got all quiet.

He and I would sit at home all evening, not saying a word.

We'd just sit there.

I've never been alone. There's so many of us.

The brats fight and wreck everything.

Dad's always drunk and kicking up a fuss.

Sometimes he beats us.

Still, he can be fun sometimes.

I think you got the better deal.

Monika, I'm going to start night school.

You can become an engineer if you keep at it.

I've always liked engines.

I fixed the engine on the boat last autumn.

You study to be an engineer, and then we'll get married, okay?


I think I'm pregnant.



We have to go back so I can start working.

You need proper food.

No, I'm not going back.

I want summer to go on just like this.

Harry, I don't know anyone as sweet as you.

Monika, we have to make something real out of our lives.

We'll care for each other.

I'll study and get a decent job so we can get married and have a nice house — you and me and the little one on its way.

You'll come home from work, and I'll have dinner ready.

We'll take the children for Sunday walks.

I won't work. I'll stay at home with the kids.

We'll have nice clothes.

We'll have a good life.

We'll always stay together.

Just you and me.

Come on.

Wait a minute.

One, two, three...

That's it. Come on.

You're so clumsy.

Try to follow me. You're out of step!

Me? You're the clumsy one.

That's it.

What are you doing?

The boat's on fire! Someone's there!

Harry, let me see.

You look terrible.


You're bleeding!

No, don't!

Monika, our neighbor's moving.

Now the first drop Sing fa-la-la-la-la-la-la

He that doesn't drink the first will never get the second

Sing fa-la-la-la-la-la-la Shut up!

You can't drink! Let me have it!


I'll pour it all out!

Fried mushrooms, boiled mushrooms, mushroom soup.

If we go on like this, Harry Junior will be a mushroom.

We have to think of something. We better go home.

No, I don't want to.

You need proper food.

Remember that orchard we saw the other night?

Apples are better than mushrooms.

And there were potatoes too.

What if we're caught?

No one saw me swipe that milk can. You're such a coward.

You've got to have food, but — I'll go myself. I can handle the boat.

You're not going alone! Then let's go together.

We should wait until dark. There's no one there anyway.

It's Saturday. They might be there.

It looked deserted. Let's at least have a look.

I guess we can have a look.

Let's go.

Are you crazy?

Göran, come quick!

Hold it right there! Don't move!

Hold still.

Let me go! Hold still, I tell you!

Think it's that easy, do you?

Let's have a closer look at you.

She was raiding the cellar. I took her for a rat and dropped the milk can!

Quite a big rat!

I think it's best for everyone if the police handle this.

Is this the police?

What's your name?

Very well.

Thank you very much.

He's on his way. It's only ten minutes by car, and he knows where we live.

You'll be spending the night in jail.

But perhaps this isn't the first time.

Have some.

Not good enough?

I think I need a beer to calm down.

Göran! I'm coming!

She took the roast!


Why didn't you come help me?

I didn't know where you were!

You must have realized I got caught!

You were to stay in the boat. I thought you'd gone to pick apples.

If I'd stayed, we'd have no roast now!

It was too risky!

I need proper food! If you won't get it, I will!

My foot hurts. I must have twisted it.

Let me see. Don't! That hurts!

I'm sure it's nothing serious.

I'm sick and tired of all this!

I'm gonna have a baby, and I have no clothes, no nothing!

I'm sure things will get better soon.


We can't go on like this.

We have to get married, and I need a job to support us.

I don't want to go back!

We can't stay here. It's getting cold.

No, I won't!

Harry... why do some people have all the luck while others are miserable?

We have each other.

Isn't there any tea left? No, we used the last yesterday.

And we're out of kerosene.

We'll have to wait till we get back.

It's been a lovely summer... but everything changes starting today.

Imagine being back in town.

We haven't been to the movies since we saw Dream Girl.

No, we've been in a dream of our own.

We're in town, Harry. We're back home.

We'll make it.

We'll show 'em we can make it.

I have something to work for now, and now I know how to.

You see, Vicar, my brother's been in the hospital for six months, so I have to look after the young ones.

And the truth of the matter is, Miss Eriksson's expecting.

And young though they are, they want to get married.

How young are they?

Harry just turned 19, and the girl's barely 18.

Yes, that's young indeed.

If it weren't for the child — But we all feel — - Excuse me.

Vicarage here.

Oh, hello.

You say 18,000?

Not at all. Thank you very much.

Miss Lindstrom, they must apply to the highest authorities.

We don't have the necessary forms.

It's all taken care of. I have the papers right here.

We were hoping you'd handle the formalities, and then we'd have a quiet wedding.

I understand.

There are a few forms to fill out.

Stop worrying. Maybe it's twins.

They'll call you the minute it's over.

Yes, he's here.

For you, Lund.

Lund speaking.

It all went well? She's fine?


Thank you very much.

Well? What did she have?

A little girl.

Everything went well.

Almost seven pounds.

Get going now. We don't want any fingers cut off here.

Come back in the morning... sober.

Go home, put on your best suit, and buy her some carnations.

Red ones?

At your age, get the green ones.

How are you? Okay.

What lovely flowers.

Are you disappointed it's a girl?

You know I'm not.

It wasn't a Harry Junior.

Shall we call her Monika? No!

June is much prettier.

June Monika.

Don't you want to go see her?

There, there.

Go to sleep now, little one.

Little Monika.

Go to sleep, little girl.

Can't you quiet her down? You might have more luck.

No, she'll go to sleep soon.

"According to Pythagoras's theorem, A² + B² = C².

Accordingly, the square of the sine plus the square of the cosine...

It's advisable to apply this to a practical application."

Monika, wake up! It's 7:30!

You woke me up to tell me that?

Auntie's coming.

I can't stand how she goes on about "tidiness."

You said you wanted her to help.

I'm just glad she's taking the kid while you're away.

Take this.

Will it be enough? I won't get fat on it.

You'll be back on Friday? That's the idea.

I'll get 25 kronor a day for expenses.

Maybe I'll have some left over.

Why are we always so broke?

Things might get better.

Wait and see when I finish school.

Yeah, but what about now?

We can't even afford the flicks. We live like pigs.

Maybe we can go out when I get back.

We can't go out.

And I've got nothing to wear anyway.

I'll do what I can!

Don't forget to pay the rent. Today's the last day, he said.

And I could use a new coat!

You're going away. I get to stay here and be bored.

You can relax now that you don't have to take care of June.

And don't forget to pretend for Auntie that you've got a job.

Wasn't that a good idea?

I'd go mad having the kid night and day.

Here's the old hag now.

Hello, Auntie.

Don't worry about me. I'll manage.

Though it's been a long time since my own were this little.

It's very kind of you. One has to help.

I'm so happy you got this assignment.

Take care now. You too.

Next stop, Stockholm Central.

We'll be home soon. I'm glad. We worked hard.

I never thought we'd get it assembled in that small space.

The devil only knows how we managed.

Tired, son? Not really.

I wouldn't be surprised if you were.

It takes time to get used to. It's only your third go.

The kid should have a permanent position.

Talk to the engineer.

The last man we had snuck off every time you turned your back.

Sure, the job's yours if you want it.

I'll tell him you fit in well and we all like you.

It's a damned pretty city we live in.

Always a pleasure to see her. Stop daydreaming.

If you hurry, you'll have time to see the missus before work.

Her jaw will drop to see me back a day early.

"You must've really gone at it to get home early," she'll say.

"Did you miss me that much?"

She may not welcome the surprise. Someone else may be in her bed.

Nothing beats the city. Here's to you, old girl!

I don't care.

Do what you like. You have for a long time anyway.

It's impossible to talk to you.

Don't just stand there staring into space!

We have to divorce. We can't go on like this.

You think it's all my fault. It's not. It doesn't matter whose fault it is.

You don't care about me, just your studies.

I'm studying so we can be better off.

Always nagging about saving.

We never buy a thing!

You bought a new suit!

The rent could wait. I needed it!

We could be evicted any day now.

I guess it doesn't matter anymore.

Goddamn it! I can't take it anymore!

I should just find money for the rent, right?

You got me pregnant!

Things wouldn't be like this!

I can't take any more. I have to sleep.

We'll talk tomorrow.

I'll help you.

And I'm all ugly now.

We've got to sort this out.

I don't know why it's come to this.

You don't care about me, just you and your studying.

I want to have fun while I'm still young.

I did it for both of us, so we'd be better off when I finished.

Always the same excuse. And what about you?

How many men did you drag up here while I slaved away for your movie tickets?

You're so crude. And what are you?

You even took that idiot Lelle into our bed!

I was in love.

Don't hit me.

Don't hit me.

Trash, all of it.

Broken and bulky. I'll give you a fiver for the lot.

Just be glad we're hauling it away.

My husband paid 50 kronor for that lamp, and the bed — All right — 7.50. And not a penny more.

Just a minute.

Thanks for looking after little Monika. I'll take her now.

But can you and your father — I'll care for her myself.

Well, she is your child, and since her mother won't do it — I won't take 7.50.

It's good solid furniture.

Ten then. Deal or no deal?

Then I'm taking the lamp.

Not on your life! That's the only thing of value!