SuperFly (2018) Script

♪ Let's begin

♪ Let's begin

♪ Special wear got it made 'cause we super paid

♪ Maybach outside, that's a super ride

♪ 'Cause a homicide hit y'all with the super gauge

♪ They ride our way 'cause we superfly

♪ I'm 'bout to raise the prices I swear to God

♪ R-O-C, y'all know how we ride

♪ Bangladesh, CyHi, Lil Jon

♪ Let's go

♪ Bangladesh ♪ What the fuck?

♪ Bitch, rep yo' motherfucking click

♪ Hey, what the fuck?

♪ Bitch, rep yo' motherfucking click Hey...


♪ Fuck them pussy niggas that ain't reppin' they shit

♪ Fuck them pussy niggas that ain't reppin' they shit...


Oh, what's up, boy?

♪ Half the hood wanna murk me

♪ The other half wanna be me... ♪

MAN: Oh, headshot. Nah.

MAN 2: Right there, right there. Priest. Mmm.

MAN 1: That's Priest, man.


♪ Hey, what the fuck?

♪ Bitch, rep yo' motherfucking click

♪ Hey, what the fuck?

♪ Bitch, rep yo' motherfucking click Hey

♪ Fuck them pussy niggas that ain't reppin' they shit

♪ Fuck them pussy niggas that ain't reppin' they shit

♪ Fuck them pussy niggas that ain't reppin' they shit

♪ Fuck them pussy niggas that ain't reppin' they shit

♪ CyHi, I'm a Eastside boy

♪ We'd rather meet up before we let the beats slide, boy

♪ Huh...

What's up, Priest?

♪ But when they used to ask me what I sell in 3-5-4

♪ I'm from Atlanta, don't ask me what I'm wearing Filas for

♪ I'm with a Magic City and a V-Live whore... ♪ LITTY: Interior and everything, see?

Yo, Litty.



Yo, Litty!

You hear that? That's my new shit.

Go ahead and soak it up.

Do the thing. Yeah. MAN: What's up, black?

Y'all good?

♪ Rep yo' motherfucking... ♪


I need to get at you for a second, man.

Oh, you need to get at me?

That's cute. Yeah, that's what I said.

Well, anything you got to say to me, you can say it in front of my folks.

You sure that's what you want?

Most definitely.

I want my money.


Well, you got a real funny way of asking.

Wasn't no question.

What's that mean to you, on your chest?

(CHUCKLES) What's that mean to me?

That means God is great

'cause he continues to forgive me,

even though I'm the biggest sinner there is.

I don't believe that.

You still going to church every Sunday, ain't you?

You used to be over at New Birth, but now you're at World Changers, huh?

And your Aunt Cici plays keys there.

Going on six years now, wow.

Hmm. I wonder what she'd think about you having a four-five by your waist.


Also, word of advice. If you're wearing an ankle monitor, you might not want to carry a gun unless you want to do another 10 years.

That what you want?


And I don't know what your fake-fur-coat-wearing ass ain't doing at home.

Now, your girl's due any day now.

Side chick about to have a baby, too, if I'm not mistaken.

Suggestion. Maybe when you're at the hospital, you can put 'em both in the same room.

Spare you the back-and-fucking-forth.

Look at me when I'm talking to you, Litty.

God is great.

God is powerful, yeah.

But even more so, God is all-knowing.

And that is what makes him scary as shit.

Do you understand what I'm saying?

So I'mma ask you one more time.

Where's my motherfucking money, Litty?

I ain't playing with you. Where's my money?

Look, Priest, you know I got you.

You ain't got shit. Literally.

You're three months behind on your mortgage payments, and I don't care how many gangsters from Joyland you got with you. Ain't nobody more gangster than a bank.

Come on, Litty, you're going broke.

You and I both know that, right?

I mean, the diamonds around your neck, they're not even real. Come on, don't do that.

Look, let me work it off.

Look, you give me some bricks, I can move 'em.

You're being serious?

You ain't sold shit since you was trappin' at that car wash on G-Road.

And you weren't even good at that.

You are a rapper. Stay rapping.

Go back out on the road, get them commas up, bring me back that check.

In the meantime, I'mma take them keys.

My keys? My keys.

Come on, now.


I'll send somebody by to pick it up.

Yo, Priest. Priest.

♪ You can walk on minks, baby, You can walk on minks

♪ You can walk on minks, baby, You can walk on minks now... ♪ PRIEST: I been working these streets since I was 11.

I been hustlin' every day since.

I gave people jobs when there were no jobs.

And I moved my operation from my living room to an old garage.

Now, I got operations all over the city.

Isn't that what the American dream is all about?

♪ You can walk on minks, baby

♪ You can walk on minks now

♪ You can walk on minks, baby

♪ You can walk on minks now

♪ You can walk on minks

♪ You think I'm not granting wishes

♪ You think I'm not hungry and ambitious

♪ You think them Xans did it

♪ You think the Molly and your Percocets did it

♪ Don't you be mad silly?

♪ Don't you be one of the ones who would laugh at me

♪ I'll load it up on you, fire like a gun

♪ I'll spit that brrr cash at you

♪ You think you riding in foreigns... ♪ Welcome to Masq, the livest strip club in ATL.

Y'all want to see some ass?

Well, we want to see some motherfucking cash.

Now let's turn this shit all the way up.

♪ I put a mink coat over you, under you

♪ Go ahead, girl, walk on it

♪ This for the ones tried to step on the name

♪ Like you was a valedictorian

♪ Like you wasn't gon' be cling-clingin'

♪ Like you wasn't gon' be bling-blingin'

♪ Don't get caught up in your ring finger

♪ We gon' spend this shit until your fingers wrinkled

♪ I ordered diamonds up without blinkin'

♪ Without thinkin'

♪ You can walk on minks, baby

♪ You can walk on minks

♪ You can walk on minks, baby You can walk on minks... ♪ Hey, yo. Yo, yo.

What the fuck is wrong? Give me the phone.

Hand that shit over. No fucking pictures.

I'm sorry. Give me the fucking phone!

I'm not playing with you! I didn't know.

I'm sorry. Give me the phone.

I don't give a fuck about none of that. Give me the phone.

Q: Chill, chill, chill. You trippin', bruh.

Calm down.

This shit we doing belongs on camera, bruh.

You know what I'm saying? This TMZ shit.

It's Sno Patrol!


We run these motherfucking streets.

We run these motherfucking streets.

Sno Patrol!

Get out of here, man.

Mmm. Hola, mami, despacito, despacito.

What's happening? (SPEAKING SPANISH)

Mmm. I don't speak none of that.

How about a dance?

Aw, baby, I'm not a dancer.

But you're so cute, I wish I was.

I have to get back to work.

♪ Get caught with the freaks

♪ I pour codeine I can't go to sleep

♪ Criminal mind

♪ Right to the game, game

♪ Louboutins... ♪




♪ Neck dancin'

♪ Nails dancin', my ears dancin'

♪ These bitches dancin' They pussy poppin'

♪ They jaws droppin'... ♪ Hey. You good?

I don't like you with those guys.

I don't need a babysitter, mi amore.

What you need is a bodyguard when those mother...

Or some tequila. (LAUGHS)

♪ My neck froze, it's all ice

♪ Put a ring on it and name it Mr. Nice

♪ His credit score 800 Call him Mr. Right

♪ Red fox... ♪ What up, baby?

Hey, baby, I didn't know you were coming.

I told him to come. Hi, honey.

She said it was poppin'. Oh, it is.

Yeah? I need a re-up.

Ooh. Cheers to that.

Hold on, y'all. I'll be right back.

PRIEST: She's always working, huh?

Listen, she shouldn't have to do this anymore.

Too much shit goes on around here that I need to be up on.

She knows how to pull that better than anybody.

And, besides, she can take care of herself.

CYNTHIA: Hey. GEORGIA: I know she can.

I just don't like it.

I don't give a fuck how many yards this dude ran for in his career.

He don't run shit here.

If there ain't a bottle in his hand in the next five minutes, you need to get your ass on out of here.

I got it.

How did it go with Litty? You get our money?

Even better. I took his pride.

How is that better?

If you can hang something over someone's head, they will always go wherever you lead them.

Litty'll do whatever the fuck I want him to do, which is better than money.

Q: Yo, what it do?

All drinks on Sno Patrol!

PRIEST: I see winter's come tonight. GEORGIA: Yeah.

I swear, the more money this fucking Sno Patrol makes, the sloppier they get.

It's a goddamn disgrace.

Yo, Priest, what up? PRIEST: What up?

Come fuck with me! Come have a shot!

I'll make sure I tell Q you said that.

Please do.

That boy Priest in the building, man.

Q, what's up, baby?

What up, fool? How you feeling?

How you been? I'm blessed, man. How you been?

You know y'all looking like a big bowl of rice up here now.

Yeah, but you getting your Sammy Davis Jr. on.

Hide all the white girls! Come on now, you know you wish you had my hair.

You just can't grow it no more. (CHUCKLES)

Hey, get my man a drink of something.

You know, speaking of the white girls, man, y'all got the numbers in the streets fucked up, man.

PRIEST: Yes, sir.

Niggas can't eat, man. What's up with that?

You know, man, I'm just trying to keep my head above water, stay out the wave.

Nah, you definitely doing that, no?

Yes, sir. Blessings to you, man.

Cheers to that. Cheers to that.

I'll see you later on. You be safe, fool.

♪ I ain't never met a bitch my whole life

♪ That don't be tripping... ♪ I don't know why you let that nigga Priest still breathe.

What you mean, bro?

Man, listen, Priest ain't never done shit to us, bruh.

I'm saying there's enough money out here for everybody to eat.

Fuck that. I'm hungry. I'm gonna take his food.


Man, all these bitches in here, all this money we get, and you talking about Priest.

We on top of the world. It's Sno Patrol, baby.

Q: Mmm-hmm.


Hey, yo, Dee.

What's going on, boss?

Juju's been drinking a little too much tonight, man.

Need you to look over him.

All right. Let's get it.

DEE: Juju.

What, you had one too many? I'm straight.

All right, look, I'm in the cut if you need me, a'ight?


PRIEST: You good? GEORGIA: Yeah.

Hi. Thank you.

Mmm-mmm-mmm. What?

They're cute.

You remember when we used to be just like that?

Acting a fool after the club.

Everybody had to pitch in to buy the same one bottle, going through a whole bunch of club soda just to make it last.

And I always said I'd take care of you.

Okay? Okay.

Come on.

All right.

You and Cynthia better wait up for me now.

All right.

I'll see you at the house. GEORGIA: Okay, baby.

Fuck out of here with your skinny-jean-wearing ass.

Yeah, walk, pussy.

I'm not walking away for my sake.

I'm walking away for yours.

What you say?

Think them two bitches, you got it going down?

Your hos ain't shit.

You ain't shit.

(SCOFFS) Fuck out of here, man.

Nigga, I said go.


Oh, my God, look! They're fighting, y'all.


WOMAN: Oh, my God!

What the fuck are you doing? Man, come on!

PRIEST: Keep it covered. Keep it covered. Look, listen to me.

You call an ambulance. You take her to Grady.

They're gonna try and take her to another hospital, but you make sure she goes to Grady. Do you understand?

It's the best trauma center in Atlanta.

Okay, here.

Don't worry.

What? Come back.

♪ I found a new high, yeah

♪ There's no shame in my game

♪ There's no shame in my pain

♪ I found new propane

♪ I found new cocaine

♪ There's no shame in my game...

PRIEST: All the power in the world never stopped a bullet.

And no car can outrun fate.

♪ Spent my teens in a court seat

♪ Humble like Cam, can't promise how I'll lead

♪ I guess we'll see ♪ Guess we'll see

♪ The American Dream

♪ How it works for me ♪ How it works for me

♪ I'mma lick my finger and dip it in candy

♪ Candy

♪ Now I'm in the desert and I'm dancing

♪ How you don't stop caring about me

♪ How you don't start smoking my reef... ♪ PRIEST: I worked so hard for what I got, and it could all be taken away for the stupidest shit you could think of.

♪ There's no shame in my game

♪ There's no shame in my pain

♪ I found new propane... ♪ PRIEST: And this ain't the first time I've been shot at, but...


It's got to be the last.

♪ Ain't no shame in my game

♪ I found new propane ♪ I found new propane

♪ I found new cocaine ♪




What up, boy?

Yo, what up, man? Hey, Priest.

PRIEST: How you doing, Monique? You all right?

Yeah. Get up, baby.

You know I've been calling y'all.

Yeah, no cell phones, man. Sorry about that shit.

Hey, now that you're here, let me get at you about something.

Okay. Later. A'ight.

Yo, Priest.

You got my word, Freddie.

A'ight? A'ight.

Where's Eddie? He's over there.

EDDIE: Shake 'em up, shake 'em up, shake 'em.

Come on, I'm telling you, it's gonna keep happening.

Come on, come on, come on.

Put your money down, baby. Put your money down.

Hold it, hold it.

Bet, bet. Put your money down, baby. Come on.

EDDIE: Let's play for some real money, baby.

What's wrong? You ain't got your weight up?

Nigga, my money longer than Peachtree, you dig? Mmm-hmm.

Well, ain't no reason for you to wait on the weight.

That's a swift eight ounces of coke right there, baby.

Let's do it. Let's do it!

Put your money up. This ain't just luck, brother.

I'm telling you. This must be from God, baby.

Don't mind if I do. For good luck.

BIG MAN: Motherfucker!

MAN: God damn, man! Lucky leprechaun motherfucker.

Beautiful. I appreciate you.

What y'all waiting on? Throw it in the pot like gumbo.

Pay the man.

PRIEST: Eddie. Yup.

PRIEST: We need to talk.

Right now? Yeah, now would be nice.

Like, I'm winning this shit while these...

All right. (CLEARS THROAT)

A'ight, y'all, look.

All right, y'all will get y'all shot at the king next week.

But until then, if you would, cash my chips out, thank you.

BIG MAN: Hold up, hold up, hold up.

Where the hell your pretty ass think you taking him?

It ain't none of your damn business where I'm taking him.

The hell it ain't my business, bruh.

You ain't gonna just walk your man out of here like that and not give me a chance to win back my money, nigga.

Perm-fade-wearing motherfucker!

Watch your motherfucking mouth, nigga. (CROWD GASPS)

Oh, hell no! EDDIE: Take it easy, take it easy.

Just keep it cool.

The game ain't the only thing that got to end tonight.

You see what I'm saying? BIG MAN: Be cool.

You got it, kinfolk. PRIEST: Yeah, I know I got it.

Let's go.

Hey, cash my chips out, too.

EDDIE: I don't know how many times I got to tell you this, man. Fuck the Sno Patrol!

Seriously, man. A bunch of grown-ass men who dressing like they deserve to all be shot.

I'm not going to war with Sno Patrol.

But Juju don't get a fucking pass.

So how you wanna do it? We're not doing anything.

It doesn't matter how smart you are in a world of stupid motherfuckers that'll shoot at you over some petty shit.

EDDIE: What are you talking about?

PRIEST: Listen to what I'm saying.

We have been operating without the police knowing about us, feds knowing about us, under the radar.

All of that shit's about to change.

A fucking girl was shot last night, Eddie.

It's a miracle she survived.

The city's gonna be all over it.

Sno Patrol's about to clap back at us.

Think about it, now.

Everybody who's been at the top of the game been got.

Right? They end up dead or in jail almost always because of their ego, wanting more than they should want.

Everybody wants to be great, nigga.

Everybody wants to be superfly. They want to be us.

But it's fucking time, nigga.

You dance with the devil long enough...

(SIGHS) He's bound to step on your feet.

You sound like that fucking bullet hit you in your fucking head.

All right, look, all our years, we never had to body anyone, Eddie. Why is that?

Because when they think you gonna do it, you don't have to. It's leverage.

No, it's 'cause bodies leave a stink on you.

Not talking about a stink that bring no police.

I'm talking about a stink that you can never shake.

A stink that will bring you down.

EDDIE: I get it, Priest. You don't have to fucking preach to me, okay? It's not Sunday.

If you get it, then you hear what I'm saying.

I want out the cocaine business.

You just emotional.

I get it. You almost got got.

But the game has been good to us.

Man, we ain't leaving nothing. Not yet.


One last deal.

One last score so big that we will never have to look over our shoulder again. Not for no cop, not for no crook, not for nobody.

Man, how long you been thinking about this shit?

'Cause you don't just think about ideas.

Look, I've always had an exit plan, Eddie. Always.

We have got to do this shit before I fucking kill somebody, Eddie, or a motherfucker kills me.

I'mma talk to Scatter.

I'mma have him turn the faucet on blast.

And I'll ask him to up our supply.


You know, that sound like a fucking joke.

We got a better chance robbing a fucking bank.

He will do it for me. We got real history.

So, are you in?

Priest, you're my fucking brother.

Tell me that you're in.

I got you.


Weight on the shoulder, hips down.

A'ight. That's it for today, class.

Scatter, school's getting bigger.

Lot of students.

It's a real legitimate business, wow.

It's not just a front anymore.

Just like that art gallery you bought your girl.

Not even a year later, and you rubbing elbows with Atlanta's upper echelon, hanging out with the penthouse crew.


That's a smart move for you.

Smart move for both of us. Come on, now.

It's not easy being a dope dealer without looking like one.

Glove up.

Nah, I'm not trying to do all that. I came down here...

When do you come to my gym and not glove up?

I know you miss your favorite student. Just say it.

Yeah, I miss kicking your ass.

Now you about to get it.

You sure? Oh, yeah.

I want to talk to you about something.

So talk.

I want to up our supply.

For what? There's more to be had.

We good with what we got. So why?

I understand the way we've been doing things.

All right, I do, but we're missing a lot of opportunity on the street.

You know what I'm saying?

We're just leaving money on the table.

What color belt am I in jiu-jitsu?

Black. That's right.

You ain't never see me wear no belt, do you?

And if it is, it's brown. You want to know why?

'Cause people respect me, but they leave me be.

They see black, and motherfuckers start asking questions.

They might even be fool enough to test me.

We leave money on the table so we don't get caught.

But if you see an opportunity, you got to take it.

Sometimes the opportunity ain't what it looks like.

You ever hear that saying, "If it's too good to be true, it probably is"?

Maybe we're just that good.

You ain't that good.

And the answer's no.

I'm not upping your supply.


JUJU: I don't get it, Q.

Q: You owe me $50,000.

I had to pay that girl you shot, her and her friends, to keep they mouth shut.

You know if I would've knew that shit, I would've paid them hos a visit.

A visit?

Nah, the cash work every time. Let me guess.

You want to pay this nigga Priest in gold, right?

Priest? You still on that shit?

I told you to drop that. What the fuck would you do if a nigga put his hands on you, Q? The fuck you mean?

I would've whacked that bitch! But that's me, not you!

You need to let that shit go. You fucking up my money.




JUJU: Fuck y'all talking about, man?

BARBER: Man, Dee talking about how he could whup Mike Tyson.

Man, give the man the whole story.

I ain't talking about Iron Mike.

I'm talking about right now, Old-and-Fat Mike.

Bro, you could probably whup his ass, too. Why you playing?

BARBER: (SCOFFS) Not even with a baseball bat.

Nah, my nigga. Nah, nah.

I don't know about that, bro. Mike's still Mike.

He put them hands on you, it's over with.

Bro, have you seen me in a gym lately?

Yeah, nigga, that's the problem.

Let me show you this combo I've been working on.

It's for you, too. Bro, you know what I'm saying?

I don't do all that kung fu shit.

I'm a real man, you feel me? I...

MAN: Oh, shit!

MAN 2: Get these motherfuckers, man! MAN 3: Get them bitches!



Let's go. Let's get the fuck out of here.


EDDIE: He'd been driving 10 hours straight.

Who the fuck does that? Is this nigga ever gonna stop?

Don't get too close, now. Stay, like, a few cars back.

EDDIE: Why are we doing this?

How do you even know Scatter's going to meet his supplier?

(YAWNS) I just know shit.

How 'bout that?

EDDIE: I would never go around you, Priest.

You think Scatter's gonna be okay with you going around him to get to his connect?

PRIEST: He's never gonna know.

Man, I need to sleep.

I need to sleep, but you keep yelling.

Could you just shut up, please, and keep driving?






Is that Scatter's plug? Yep.

Now, you see that guy there in the hat?

That's the head of the cartel. How you know?

The song. What are you talking about?

It's a narcocorrido.

Ballads that tell stories of real-life drug kingpins, and this one in particular was about the Gonzalez brothers.

And that's Adalberto. He's one of 'em.

EDDIE: You would know some shit like that.

You say brothers. I see one, but where's the other one?

What do you think they talking about?

Drugs, nigga.



You up now?

Negative. (BOTH LAUGH)

EDDIE: Oh, hell no.

See, going around Scatter is already enough, but I'm not going into Mexico.

Texas is where I draw the line. I am a domestic nigga.

I need to stay on this side. But we gotta go to the source.

All right? This is our chance.

No, that's Juarez on the other side.

I don't want to go nowhere where the J's is silent.

I need to be able to hear the J's. I like J's.

If you don't want to go, you can walk back.

Come on, now, we gotta do what we gotta do.


They're gonna see us, and then they're gonna bury us in the fucking desert.

No, they won't.

Did the song tell you that, too?

No, the song didn't tell me. I just know shit.

How 'bout that?

At least tell me that we have a plan.

We have a plan.

Sort of.


He's turning. Turn. Turn to the right.

I got it, I got it.

Yo, keep the engine running.



Come on. (GRUNTS)

PRIEST: Senor Gonzalez.


I know who you are, Priest.

I know everyone who sells my product.

There are layers between people like you and people like me.


Scatter is like a brother to me.

Your boss.


What the fuck is up with that?

If you know who I am, then you know, in all my years, I've never once been arrested, not once.

The only record I have is a juvenile one, and it's sealed.

Now, I've made this risk

'cause although I'm careful, I'm very ambitious.

Scatter's trying to put a ceiling over my head, but I can go much higher than that.

And why do I care? You care because your mother.


(EXHALES) I meant no disrespect.

No, please elaborate.

PRIEST: They're playing well this year. Guanajuato.

So far. Are you a fan?

More like a student of the game.


And what a season El Blanco is having! Wow.

Yeah, he's the best.

The best scorer probably in the league, but not the best player on the team.

No, that would be Rafa.

See, Rafa's the defender, the backbone of the team, but never scores any goals, so nobody ever talks about him.

Nobody appreciates him.

El Blanco may get all the glory, but he's nothing without Rafa.

Your mother, queen of the Gonzalez cartel, she favors your brother over you, doesn't she?

What's his name? Augustin?



What the fuck do you know about my family?

So you read Mexican tabloids, like a housewife?

Where did you get this one from?

Metro? La Prensa?

Leavenworth Times!

What? That's where I got it from.

I got people in prison, too.

I'm not your average dope boy, Mr. Gonzalez.

Don't let the pretty hair fool you.

I got eyes everywhere.


Information is power.

And power is priceless. You know that.

What else do you know?

I know that your mother sees the volume Augustin's bringing in, and she thinks it's 'cause he's bold.

I think it's 'cause he's sloppy.

That's why he's in Leavenworth right now.

'Cause unlike you, he's messy. He talks too much.

How else you think I know all your family business?


ADALBERTO: So you're suggesting that you can distribute a much higher volume for me and maintain my relatively limited exposure?

I wouldn't gamble my life for no suggestion, now.

Mr. Gonzalez, allow me to be your glory.

Thank you.

I'm gonna give you triple the supply I was providing Scatter, to start with.

Sounds good.

But I'm not gonna front it to you. You'll pay me.

Not a problem.


(LAUGHS) What the fuck did they do to your hair?

Oh, boy, I thought I wasn't gonna see you.

We got motherfucking work to do now.

You're driving.

PRIEST'S MOTHER: Where the hell you been?

PRIEST: Out with friends.

PRIEST'S MOTHER: What friends?

Friends like Scatter?

What did I tell you about him, boy?

You stay around him, and you'll wind up in county or in a coffin.

PRIEST: It's because of Scatter that we pay our bills.

It's because of him that we can keep this house.

PRIEST'S MOTHER: If keeping this house means you working for that man, I don't need this damn place!

Get your things and get out!

PRIEST: Mama, will you just listen, please?

PRIEST'S MOTHER: You told me you'd stop working for Scatter.

You lied to me! PRIEST: I'm doing all of this for you!

Why don't you get that?

PRIEST'S MOTHER: Don't give me that. You're doing it for yourself.

PRIEST: Mama, please, stop!


Hey. Thanks for finally selling.

It was time for a change.

♪ One day I went and got me some money

♪ Ah, shit, ah, shit

♪ One day I went and got me some money

♪ Ah, shit, ah, shit

♪ One day I went and got me some money

♪ Ah, shit, ah, shit

♪ One day I went and got me some money (PHONE VIBRATING)

♪ Lord knows I was fucked up back then... ♪ No shit.

What is it? Sno Patrol got hit.



Q: I need a all-white casket. FUNERAL DIRECTOR: Of course.

Whatever the family...

Whatever you want.

I want gold handles, real gold.

Anything different, your ass gonna be in one of these caskets.

Of course.

Q: We always do right by our people, man.

Got to.

JUJU: We might as well pick out one for Priest while we here.

Priest? Yeah, Priest.

I'mma handle that nigga. Don't even worry about it.

What make you so sure Priest did this?

You ain't seen shit.

We ain't got no word from the streets yet...

Q, fuck the word on the street.

Me and him tussle. Now this shit? Who else you think did this shit?

That ain't Priest's style.

I don't give a fuck about his style, Q.

He did it! I'm trying to tell you! Hold on, man.

Take some of that motherfucking bass out your voice!

Fuck wrong with you?

Take care of Miss Mary! That's all you need to be worried about!

You hear me?

Get, nigga!

A'ight, Q.



Damn, boy! You know they killed Bin Laden with one of these motherfuckers?



Must've been all that was left of his ass.

Hold on.

Let's hang up another victim.

I swear I'mma start naming these motherfuckers.

I need to ask you something, Eddie.

I did it.

I didn't pull the trigger, but I definitely pushed the button.

Fat Freddie got it done.

I thought I made myself clear, Eddie.

What the fuck do you mean, you made yourself clear?

I said leave them alone. I thought we were partners.

I get a say-so in this shit, too.

The fuck?

You're my brother, Priest.

Somebody come at my brother. They come at me.

If they come at me, they get got.

You started a war. No, I didn't.

They was gonna come for you regardless.

Fuck Sno Patrol! You said that shit yourself.

We gonna be long gone by the time they're an issue for us anyway, trust me.

That's the problem, Eddie. That's the fucking problem.

We are supposed to trust each other. Are we not?

You don't always have to tell me the truth. That's not trust.

Me doing right by you, you doing right by me. That's trust!

Haven't I always done right by you?

Whatever, nigga. Just don't fucking lie to me again.

I'm serious. A'ight.

I don't care what your definition of trust is, either.

Mmm. You want to hug it out?

Huh? I'm right here.

Hug this.


God, give me the strength to lead these people to righteousness, to prosperity, and to a better city.

God, give these good people the strength to make the right decision at the voting booth next month, for themselves, their family, and for the blessed city of Atlanta.

God bless you.

God bless ATL.


Georgia, my goodness, look at this turnout.

Well, you have a ton of supporters, Your Honor.

That I may, but not normally amongst this crowd.

(CHUCKLES) Come work with me already.

I already work for you, sir.

You are single-handedly expanding my base.

In the words of Christ himself, "I have other sheep

"that are not of this pen.

"But I need these also."

And you, my dear, know all the cool sheep.

Yes, I do.

Wow. Powerful, isn't it?

It is beautiful.

You know he paints murals as well, this guy, out on the streets?

He's known to use found materials.

GEORGIA: Well, some of my favorite artists use found materials.

I feel it brings a sense of reality to the work.

Yeah. Of course.

Turning trash into millions.

Mmm. Artists are hustlers.

And everyone loves a hustler, don't they, Mayor Atkins?

They just can't help it.

Why don't you show me another piece?

What's wrong with this piece?



Because you just bought it.

Did I? Yes.

How much did I spend?


I'll talk to you in a minute. GEORGIA: Okay.

WOMAN: Hi. Hi.

Thank you. You look so good. WOMAN: You look good.

How you doing?

If you left me in a roach-infested trap house, I wouldn't feel nearly as dirty as I do right now next to His Honor.

Oh, my God, is that a bathing suit under there?

PRIEST: Baby, I'm sorry, but you've got to stay close to him. Why?

What's the play here? There's no play right now.

That's something for a rainy day.

I got to make a call.


PRIEST: Yo, are they there yet?

No, not yet.

We have an exhibition at the San Francisco MOMA opening next week.

Okay. And I thought it'd be dope to do something here, too. Are you kidding me?

I would love that. That would be absolutely amazing.

Good seeing you. ARTIST: Good to see you.

Take care. Hey. ARTIST: I will.

'Sup? You got to go.

Let me call you back.

This look like a mixtape release party to you, nigga?

It ain't that kind of event.

Bitch, go do your job. "Bitch"?

PRIEST: Look, I got this, baby.

Let's chop it up downstairs real quick.

I got it, baby. Go on and mingle. Come on.

So what's going on, man?

$23,000 for this shit?

She got a better hustle than we do.

Yeah, she's got an eye for it.

Funny you should say that.

I lost an eye the other day.

Yeah, my condolences. I heard about that.

You sure that's all you did was hear about it?

PRIEST: (SIGHS) Come on, now, Q.

You ever known me to be petty about some shit like that?

Especially if it ain't got nothing to do with business.

I wasn't even in the A when your man got hit.

That don't mean shit. All it take is one phone call.

It does mean something.

If I was a petty-ass nigga and wanted to do something

'cause Juju tried to pull a gun out on me, don't you think I'd do it myself? I don't need no damn help.

But I didn't. I didn't make no calls, and I was out of town.

Where the fuck your boy Eddie was, though?

With me.

Sure he was.


WOMAN: Congratulations. (INAUDIBLE)

After tonight, you stay away from the gallery.

You hear me?


Yeah, we golden, baby.




Load this up.

Come on.

You're lucky I don't make you work naked, motherfucker.

Hey, do something. MAN: All right, all right.

Fucking do something.

♪ I'm your mama I'm your daddy


The manager will see you now.

♪ Want some coke? Have some weed

♪ You know me, I'm your friend Yes, sir.

♪ I'm your pusherman EDDIE: Fellows.

♪ I'm your pusherman

♪ Ain't I clean, bad machine

♪ Super cool, super mean

♪ Dealing good for the Man

♪ Superfly, here I stand

♪ Secret stash, heavy bread

♪ Baddest bitches in the bed

♪ I'm your pusherman

♪ I'm your pusherman

♪ I'm your pusherman

♪ I'm your mama, I'm your daddy

♪ I'm that nigga in the alley

♪ I'm your doctor when in need

♪ Want some coke? Have some weed

♪ You know me, I'm your friend

♪ Your main boy, thick and thin

♪ I'm your pusherman

♪ I'm your pusherman


I say, uh-huh.


Mmm-hmm. And behind door number one.

♪ Pusherman


♪ I'm your pusherman

♪ Pusherman ♪


Oh, man.

Cheers to that. To the hustle, baby.

Hey, you're my motherfucking brother.


♪ You say I'm trippin', bullshit

♪ You're the one that make me do shit

♪ You're the one that make me feel it

♪ The feeling I'm stupid

♪ I was in your corner

♪ When you were putting me through shit

♪ Now you wanna leave

♪ No, you leaving me was foolish

♪ You left me this scar on my heart

♪ And I left you a brand-new car

♪ How nice of you, the price of true love

♪ True love is absolute

♪ So what more can I say?

♪ You make me this way

♪ What more can I say?

♪ You make me this way

♪ Yeah

♪ All of these excuses

♪ Say I'm the one that made you ruthless

♪ When you're the reason I'm crazy

♪ And with you, I feel useless

♪ I let you have it

♪ You took me for granted

♪ Always wanna play the victim

♪ When they don't know the truth is

♪ You left me this scar on my heart

♪ When I'd never take it that far

♪ Ooh

♪ Why would you say that it was true love

♪ If true love is absolute?

♪ What more can I

♪ What more can I say?

♪ You make me this way

♪ You make me this way

♪ What more can I say?

♪ What more can I say?

♪ You make me this way ♪








Answer the phone, are you deaf?


No, this sport is stupid and I don't give a shit.


You look nice.

Thank you, baby. So do you. (CHUCKLES)

Come downstairs with me.

For what? People won't be here for another hour.

I know.

Just come downstairs.

All right, give me a second.

Like today, though, please.

Georgia! Yes. Coming. Coming.

You hungry?

Huh? I said, are you hungry?

I could eat.

What is this?

Just a little something.

You're too sweet.

PRIEST: Hold up. Hold up. I got to be a gentleman now.


Madam. Thank you.


Wow. Look at this.

PRIEST: That's fine. Thanks.

Takes some getting used to, you know, being served in your own house.

GEORGIA: You earned it.

You, all of us, really, are always exactly where we're meant to be.

You believe that? I do.

When I was in school, this girl Janelle lived like this her whole life.

In college, her dad actually got arrested.

He was a big money guy, something to do with the financial crisis.

He ripped off a bunch of old people.

It was a big deal. Made it to the news.

His case went from front page news to back page write-up about some bullshit fine and a small settlement. (CHUCKLES)

I learned then that the difference between a businessman and a crook is the type of lawyer you can afford.

Is that what you see me as? As a crook?


I see a man, my man, taking care of his business and getting things right so that, when this is all done, you can be free.


I'm so sorry about that.

PRIEST: You're fine.


I'll be right back. Yeah.

What up, man? Yeah, man.

Hey, I got your money, too, boy.

My nigga, what's happening? What's up?

I see you. I see you. (LAUGHS)

What's up, boy?

Thanks for coming. Ready to get that money?

Finna get that money, son.

Top to bottom. A'ight, player.


Yo, what up, baby boy? What's up, boy?

Hey, man, you still down to talk, right?

Yeah. Yo.

I really need you to hear me out, man.

Freddie, you got to take it easy, now.

I done told you, I got you. Relax.

Everybody, listen up!

I just want to start off by saying thank you.

Okay? I want to say thank you to my team.

I want to say thank you to every single one of y'all.

I know it's been hard on you, laying low, staying off the grid and still being hard at work, but y'all been doing that, and I'm proud of y'all.

So, tonight, we gonna drink, we gonna eat, we gonna smoke something if you have it.

We gonna turn up, a'ight?

So this is to y'all. Salud!

ALL: Salud!


PRIEST: What's going on, baby? What's happening? What's happening?

Look, I need you to fall back a little bit.

Word will get out about a price drop.

People being how people are, they'll start asking questions.

You know, asking how, asking why.

Now, Racks, they find out that we're flooding the market, we're gonna have beef we don't need. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Priest, I respect that, and we don't need no beef.

But for me to move the amount of work you want me to move, at the pace you want me to move, we got to cut the numbers.

Then cut the numbers. I don't care.

I just need you to move it somewhere else.

I got people in Cashville.

They can move whatever the fuck we throw at 'em.

You got your lane, Freddie.

We don't need these motherfuckers, man.

Shut the fuck up, man!

Who the fuck is this motherfucker? Hey.

RACKS: We'll put that bitch in a hole.

He's a fucking termite.

Everybody, calm down. We good. We good.

A'ight? We good. Are we good?

EDDIE: Hey, yeah, we good. We good. Listen to me.

Come on, now.


I don't like this fat motherfucker, man.

Look, man, we good. Don't worry about that shit.

A'ight? We're getting too much money, baby.

A'ight? Look at this fucking jacket.

You look good, nigga. RACKS: We got history to make, baby.

Please tell me what the fuck just happened.

That's your boy. That was funny as hell.

I almost had to fight that big nigga.

God, I wanted to see them niggas roll in their good clothes. I really did, though.

No, but seriously, look.

The way shit is going right now, like, the numbers we doing right now, we should've been doing since day one.

Shit is moving smooth like butter.

Like, you a fucking genius, Priest. I can't even lie.

Who's to say we can't keep this shit up?


Who's to say we can't be bigger than the Sno Patrol with they bitch ass?

Like, seriously, the way shit is running right now is the reason we got in the game in the first place.

Is that a George Daniels on your wrist?

Oh, yeah.

I ain't show you this bitch yet, right?


It's nice, but do you think it's smart to be wearing that at this time?


At this party?

These dumb motherfuckers don't even know what they're looking at.

Doesn't matter. I'm not talking about them, Eddie.

I'm talking about the police.

One cop sees you wearing a $600,000 watch, he's gonna wonder how that nigga got that.

That's all it takes. One thread, Eddie. One...

Yeah, to unravel the whole fucking sweater.

Priest, I get it. God damn!

This fucking preaching. You know what I'mma do?

I'mma take the watch home. I'm gonna put it inside a safe, and put it in another safe, and then forget I got the fucking watch.

That make you happy?


♪ Tie, tie my shoes, tie my tie

♪ Tie my shoes, tie, tie my shoes, tie my tie ♪ Yo, man, why Priest do me like that?

Do you like what, G? Yo, all that "stay in your lane" shit.

Because you ain't never sold nothing a day in your fucking life.

I mean, you the muscle. Just be the muscle.

No, man, but the shit we got fucking sells itself, nigga.

Man, it ain't that simple, man.

Man, then why don't you let me prove myself, huh?

You're giving work to everybody else, and I been here since fucking day one, man.

How do you think it feels to watch all these motherfuckers get caked up?


Yo, Eddie.

Man, look, I'll give you one brick.

Thank you, man. You happy?

Appreciate you, man. Well, appreciate this ass.

That's what you need to be appreciating.

These asses. I fucking knew it.

Oh, shit. Yo, baby.

Baby... Yeah. No, no, no.

Don't give me that calm voice shit.

This bitch your side chick? This bitch?

Trust me. You don't want to see it with this bitch!

Bitch, I will whup your ass! Oh, no, chill, ladies.

We'll talk about this later. Talk about what?

Talk about how you putting all our business on the line for this trick? Bitch!




Come on, man.

No! No!

Stupid bitch! I will beat your ass!

You better get her!


♪ Made her travel with the dope in balloons ♪

♪ Man, what's up with that? Yeah

♪ Made her travel with the dope in balloons

♪ Man, what's up with that? Yeah

♪ Ain't never have a silver spoon

♪ Man, what's up with that? ♪



Our guy been up to anything?

Since getting back from El Paso? Not much.

Living life like a retiree, except with younger women.

Doesn't seem like he's up to much, you ask me.

PRIEST: What's the buzz been about at the precincts?

Concerning? Narcotics.

Has law enforcement noticed any change in the market at all?

Recent influx of pills locally.

Charlotte, too, from what I've heard. Hmm.

All right, well, here you are.

It's all there.

That's not lemon pepper?

Hawaiian. Trying something new.

Aren't we all?

You sure about this? MONIQUE: Positive.

That nigga say he gonna lay one on me?

Well, he didn't tell me that.

I'm gonna need you to better explain yourself, a'ight?

Look, he's been acting real funny lately, so I just knew he was seeing somebody on the side.

Always lying about where he been at.

How you know he was lying? Because I went on his phone.

Turned the locator on. Fuck all that.

Tell us what we want to hear.

Look, the day you got shot at, Fat-Ass told me he was gonna cop some sneakers down in Little Five Points.

But he wasn't there.

Same date, same time, same location as the shooting.

Technology's a bitch.


So is a woman scorned.

♪ Come show my rings some love Come kiss my chains

♪ We started coming... ♪ Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. (MOANING)

JUJU: Here he comes.

You ever kill a bitch with a dick in her mouth?

Yo, take that shit off.

What, baby, my shirt? Take that fucking shirt off.

Cops. Duck.


Bring it over here. Bring it here.



♪ After you ride it

♪ Show my chain some love Oh...

♪ Come give my rings some love

♪ Come give my rings some love Come give my rings some love


Oh. Get the fuck up. Get the fuck up. Get the fuck up.

I don't know if it's that nigga's lucky day or his unlucky day.


Don't say a fucking word. Don't say shit.

OFFICER FRANKLIN: Having ourselves a night, are we?

Is there a problem, Officer?

How much you charging, sweetheart?

Hey, I ain't a fucking prostitute.

Yo, chill. Don't say fucking shit before this...

Before this officer asks you to step out of the car?

It's too late. Step out of the car, please.

God damn it. God damn it. Fucking told you!

Get the fuck up out the car!

I told you not to say shit! Let's go.

OFFICER FRANKLIN: (SINGING) ♪ They keep me rollin'

♪ They hatin', patrollin'

♪ They tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty

♪ Tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty

♪ Tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty

♪ Catch me ridin'...

♪ My music so loud, they swangin'

♪ They see me rollin', they hatin'

♪ And they tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty

♪ Tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty

♪ Tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty

♪ Tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty

♪ I'm swangin'

♪ They hopin' and tryin' to catch me

♪ Ridin' dirty

♪ Tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty

♪ Tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty

♪ Tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty ♪


Let's go. Get the fuck out of the car.

All right.

Gun. Cocaine.

It's all yours, right? I want a lawyer.

"A lawyer"?

You're not under arrest. Did you arrest him?


Just having a conversation in a public place.

That's a whole lot of cocaine, man.

Can't all be for personal use, can it?

Don't want to talk?

All right.




You're amongst friends.

I insist.


Know what my problem with you is?

This shit's way too pure, and you got way too much of it for me to not know who the fuck you are.

Still silent. All right.

Say "cheese."


You're making my life too easy.

All right. "Eddie."

Most of your texts and calls are to this guy.

Can't be your boyfriend.

You got way too many pussy pics to be on the down-low.

What is he, your connect? No. Nah.

See, you're not connected.

Your boss, right?



You know an Eddie who's getting it like this?

Not like that. See, now I'm really pissed

'cause that's two people I should know that I don't.

Get her out of the car.

Let's go, sweetheart.

ROCHELLE: (CRYING) No! No, please don't do it! Don't do it.

MASON: Tell me who Eddie is. Don't say a fucking word.

I just...

Big man's working for Eddie, right?

Yeah. Eddie.

Him and Priest.



I don't know who he is, either.

But I do now.

You gonna take your girl home.

And drive carefully.

You gonna see me around.

Let's go. Get the fuck out.

Let's go.

Come on.


ROCHELLE: What was I supposed to do, Freddie?

Baby, they were gonna kill you.

I ain't mad at you. I just got to figure out how to tell Priest about this shit.


Look at this motherfucker. Look at this motherfucker.

What does he want now?

Can I see your license and registration, please, sir?

Look, man, you really need to see my motherfucking license... Hands off the gun.

What? Hands off the gun!


The cops saved that nigga life, Q.

I'm gonna have that bitch set up Fat Freddie next time, though.

Freddie might have been the shooter.

I ain't gonna doubt that.

But Freddie don't call no shots, though.

And if we make a move on him right now, we gonna wake Priest up.

We need him sleep. Fuck Freddie.

Q, what the fuck is you talking about, "Fuck Freddie..."

Listen, nigga! This shit is chess, not checkers.

Once we knock the king off, the rest of the pieces on the board don't even fucking matter.

If I have to, I'll kill that pussy-ass nigga Priest my goddamn self.

MAN: Yo, boss.

WOMAN: (ON TV) ...Frederick Davis and 25-year-old Rochelle Saunders.

Police say that Davis did not comply with instructions and reached for a gun.

That's when the officer fired.

Based on the initial report, Mayor Atkins believes the shooting to be justified and is calling the officer, Turk Franklin, a hero.

OFFICER FRANKLIN: Hands off the gun. Hands off the gun!

Yeah, we're here for anything that you need.

All right? Anything.

All right. Sorry for your loss, Ms. Davis.

I will. Bye.


Something ain't right.

Yeah, something ain't right. They fucking murdered him!


PRIEST: Can I help you? What do you guys do in here?

This a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?

Uh, it's our place of business. You mind telling us yours?

Oh, I'm Detective Mason. This here is Officer Franklin.

He's become a little bit of a local celebrity, if you hadn't heard.


Oh, this is nice.

Well, you can talk to our lawyers if you have any...

"Lawyer"? That must be the company slogan.

That's exactly what Freddie said.

Not that you want the same thing to happen to you, do you?

Man, fuck you! Fuck you, too!

For real! How much?

Now, see, when you say it like that, it makes me feel like this is a shakedown.

Franklin, is this a shakedown? Definitely.

This is a place of business, right?

We're gonna be partners.

We don't just offer that to anybody.

Like Sno Patrol.

They got multiple investigations on them at multiple agencies.

They could go down at any minute.

I've been waiting a long time to find someone who operates with your kind of discretion.

How much?

Partners means partners.


We'll earn our share, right? That's right.

Heads-up on raids, patrols, et cetera, et cetera.

But in the meantime, I feel like we need to have some kind of goodwill gesture.

Let's say a million-dollar gesture. (SCOFFS)

By the end of the week.


Hey. Deal? (GUN COCKING)

Say it.

Come on, Priest, just say it.



Thanks, man.

I get it.

He scares the shit out of me, too.

Before we go, I think this belongs to you.

EDDIE: Son of a bitch!

You're the reason we're in this shit.

What? You're the reason that Freddie's dead.

Fuck you, Priest.

I'm wrong?

If you didn't give him that brick, he'd still be alive.

If you didn't want to expand, I would've never gave him the fucking brick!

He wanted to get put on.

There's no coming back from that.

Now we in the bed with the fucking police forever.

Not forever. It's gonna take longer than I thought

'cause of your dumb ass, but we stick to the plan, Eddie.

What plan? You still talking about this dumb-ass shit about us getting out the game and finding somewhere safe to land?

We black men!

There ain't nowhere safe on this fucking planet!

So what you wanna do?

You want to stay here, right?

That's our best fucking option!

We rolling with the police now.

It's in their best interest to protect us and keep us out of jail.

Until it isn't!

Until they do to us what they did to Freddie

'cause they own you until they kill you.

Why are you such a goddamn fool, nigga?

Me? Who got us into this shit?

You did this shit, Priest! Not me!

Eddie, touch me again, nigga. I swear...

What the fuck you gonna do, Priest? Touch me...

What the fuck you gonna do, Priest?




Fuck you doing, Priest?

You motherfucker!





GEORGIA: I've been in touch with the consulate where we can be citizens of a country with no extradition treaty.

The police can't touch us. They're not police.

They're murderers. CYNTHIA: If they're murderers, how else we gonna get rid of them?

We don't. We get rid of ourselves.


These dirty-ass cops, Sno Patrol, they're violating us.

We shouldn't have to run from anyone.


We should wipe them all out.

Now, who gonna do all that gangsta shit, you?

If I have to.

I've done this shit, remember?

Then what?


You're gonna end up on the run anyway, or you're gonna end up in a cage, so stop it.

We have enough to leave. It's not enough.

GEORGIA: What's enough?

$2 million? 5? 25?

Or until you end up like Fat Freddie?

I don't give a damn about any of that shit.

I give a damn about you.

CYNTHIA: Think, Priest, about everything that you've built.

Don't be so quick to throw it all away just 'cause you're going through some shit.

I can't believe you right now.

Yeah, 'cause you're fucking soft. "Soft"?

I've had his back since day one, and I had your back since day one, so don't give me not shit about being soft...

Stop. Stop! Everything is warm and fuzzy to you.

Both of you shut the fuck up!

(SPEAKING SPANISH) I don't know who you think you're talking to!

But I am on your side, okay? I'm trying to get us out of this!

Look. Look, you're right. You're right. You're right, okay?

We're gonna get our money. We're gonna get our passports, and after Freddie's funeral, we will get away for good.

Do you understand?



Another option to gain a passport is to invest $1.5 million U.S. into a government-approved real estate project, and you can have your citizenship for only $500,000 each.

Do you take cash?

Well, of course.


♪ Please, Lord, forgive us In this world of sinners

♪ For they know not what they do

♪ They know not what they do

♪ We will never know the day we're gonna leave this Earth

♪ Therefore we must live out our days

♪ For all they're worth

♪ If we've ever needed you, Lord

♪ Oh, we need you now

♪ Now ♪ Lord, it's too much pain

♪ It starts right now

♪ Oh, yeah

♪ Yeah, I wonder why they hate us

♪ Sometimes wonder why you made us

♪ On hiatus from these haters

♪ Plus I know they want to slave us

♪ Engrave an angel on my grave

♪ The strong survive is what they say

♪ But I look around, and all the strong had died

♪ That's the reason why I pray

♪ My head bowed, tears to drown out the pain

♪ Innocent bodies are slain

♪ It's how you feel when your color gets you killed

♪ Lord, I know this ain't your way

♪ Why do the good die young?

♪ Got they mamas crying for 'em

♪ Got us writing ghetto poems

♪ Please, Lord, forgive us (SOBBING)

♪ In this world of sinners

♪ For they know not what they do

♪ They know not what they do ♪

Get in the car. Make sure Ms. Davis is all right.

Priest, but we... Just get in the car, please.


What is he doing here?

Oh, I'm on mandatory leave.

It's standard procedure after an officer-involved shooting.

Figured I'd pay my respects to the money you owe us.

Jesus. Clearly, this was a bad idea.

Why don't you just give us what we came for.

We'll get out of your silky smooth hair.

Were you beaten as a child?

All the time.

Nice bag.


No offense.

Trust has to be earned, right?

It's good.

Think you got it bad?

I got to work with this guy every day.


My condolences.

You reaching for the burner in the center trap?

I know how you think. Scatter...

Shut the fuck up.

So you put a man on me, huh?

That's cool. I could put a man on you, too.

Scatter, I have a plan. I've been... Shh.

Come on, let's take a ride.


Look, will you just take this L, Scatter, please?

Get out while you still can.

Take the L, huh? (CHUCKLES)

You know, there's a difference between getting out and being pushed out.

I won't stand for that, Youngblood.

You literally could've taken any kid off the corner and put him under your wing, but you chose me.

Why? Them other young boys, back then, they only wanted to hustle for the money and the flash.

Everybody want to be somebody.

Want to be a trap star. (LAUGHS)

Want to be superfly.

Not you.

You were different.

Cared less about that stuff.

Who the fuck is that?

It's Priest. My man I was telling you about.

He got it all planned out. SCATTER: So these fools think they can come in my cut and set up a trap, huh?

Without even checking in?

Well, time to pay the tax.

Man, why don't we just spray 'em?

Nah, man, pulling that trigger ain't gonna make it no better.

In fact, it'll make it worse.

See, the trick is, you got to get past that guard out front.

Hey, he's about to be gone in a minute.

How the fuck you know that?

PRIEST: He thinks he's about to meet an 18-year-old freshman from Georgia State.

I been catfishing him for about a month now, so...

SCATTER: A month, you say?

That's a pretty big commitment, youngblood.

Okay. Are you ready?

SCATTER: One of the main things I admired about you was the fact that you thought big.

Look at your clothes, for example.

I taught you how to dress, but you took it way, way left.

With your Morris Day-looking hair.

Excuse me? Who the... Who the fuck is Morris Day?



Is it true, Priest?

You were gonna leave town?

Abandon our business?


No. Never.

Look, he's mad 'cause he got cut out.

I don't blame him for that, but he's lying.

Adalberto, how many years I been working for you and your family?

Have I ever lied to you?

As a matter fact, Scatter, you have.


ADALBERTO: This is an alkaline hydrolysis machine.

It's much friendlier on the environment than cremation.

You and I, Priest, we share similar values.

We both abhor unnecessary violence.

My brother Augustin on the other hand, he was out of control.

You obviously are aware of his reputation.

That's why I had to send him to prison.

That's right.

I sent my own brother to prison.

My own stereotypical, ruthless, bloody kingpin, who was eventually gonna bring down the whole family. No.

That's unacceptable.

I know you can understand that, Priest.

You, you're better than advertised.

You're better than Scatter ever was.

So good that I had to question myself.

Scatter had always been one of our best earners.

So how come your numbers were so much better?

Even after adjusting for the increase in volume.

Didn't make sense.

So I had to take a closer look at his business.

A much closer look.

He was stealing from me.

A little skim every other month.

Not much.

But he knew better than that.

And now that he's gone, there's no way you're leaving the game.

Good night, Priest.

Drive safely.


Yes, sir.

Go buy yourself some new fits.

Why, so we can buy some crazy-ass clothes like you?

Yeah, I know I must be looking real crazy to you right now, but do you know why a tiger has stripes?

Why a lion has a mane?

It's to warn the other animals that they are not to be fucked with.

Stop by tomorrow. Got some more work for y'all.

Ain't too many shorties know how to work the long game.

Baby, you got to talk to me.

What's going on?

Scatter, he took me to the connect, and they killed him.

They what?

They ain't never gonna let me out.


Priest, we have to leave.

I know.

Call Cynthia.

GEORGIA: Cyn! PRIEST: Cynthia?

Cynthia, where are you? Cyn? Cyn? Cynthia?

What's up?

Okay, why are you not dressed? What's going on?

Look, I understand that this is serious, but, like...

No, no, I don't think you understand...

I understand better than the both of y'all.

Okay? The shit that we're going through now, that's what happens when you grow.

You either have the heart for it, or you don't.

We're gonna weather the storm.

"Weather the storm." Okay, we're just gonna leave your shit here.

All right? Come on.

Upstairs. Go.

CYNTHIA: Fuck! GEORGIA: Come on!

Get 'em!

GEORGIA: Go, go, go!

Run like a bitch!

Get down! Down!


JUJU: Get down, nigga! Move!





You motherfucker!


JUJU: Shoot up! Shoot her!



(WHISPERS) Cynthia.

JUJU: Come here. Come here!


Get up. Georgia, get up.

Open this. Here, open this.

JUJU: You next, Priest!

PRIEST: I'm gonna box them in.

All right? You go from that side.

JUJU: Come on.



PRIEST: Come on! GEORGIA: I'm here!

JUJU: Nah, nigga!


Come on! Come on! I can't do that.

That's fire. You pussy!




Come on!





No, no, no, no, no! Watch out! PRIEST: I got it! I got it!


MAN: Oh, shit!

I'mma kill this bitch.

PRIEST: Grab my gun. I'm gonna come around.

You shoot out the windshield so he can't see.


Q: What the fuck?

I pray to God I don't remember anything about this day.

I keep thinking about Cynthia's last moment before she...

She must have been so scared.

PRIEST: I'm sorry.

For all this.

What are we gonna do now?

I don't know.


Scatter was right.

This is all on me.


Today's a rainy day.

It's time to use it.

If we do this, there's no going back.

There never was.

MAN: Hands up! Get your hands up!

JUJU: He's in the city or out the city somewhere.

Call your people, and go put a hole in this nigga.

I don't care if we got to leave the whole damn country.

Do you hear me? I hear you.

Do you hear me? I hear you. Yo, Ju.

I think our boy has something he wants to tell you.

Look at this fucking crib.

It's nice, huh? I know that. Yeah, this motherfucker nice.

JUJU: Yeah, this is all me now.

EDDIE: Oh, yeah. I like.

What the fuck do you want, nigga?


I want to join the winning team.

Get the fuck out here! Now!

MAN: Step back! MAN 2: Now, boy!

MAN 3: Don't move! MAN 4: Don't move, nigga.

JUJU: This what the winning team look like.

You switching up on your boy Priest so quick?

Priest ain't my boy, not no more.

Them days over.

Priest still in town?


And he trying to make a move.

But he gonna need some money to do it.

I know where the money is.

I mean, I could tell you, but, you know, I need some guarantees.

JUJU: All right, well, let's go get him.

Yo, Priest!


OFFICER 1: Don't move! OFFICER 2: Don't move!

OFFICER 3: Cease fire, cease fire! OFFICER 2: Clear!

MASON: Nice work, boys.





It's done.


We ain't got to worry about Sno Patrol no more.


MAYOR ATKINS: Welcome, citizens of this great city.

Just like I told you all when you elected me mayor, we would be creating these community centers, and I'm proud to open another one.

Thank you. God bless Atlanta.

Don't forget to get out and vote.

Mr. Mayor, you mind if I get a selfie with you?

MAYOR ATKINS: Well, of course.

Yes, sir. MAYOR ATKINS: (ON VIDEO) Party time.

Let's get it. Let's get it. WOMAN: Hello, Mr. Mayor.

Oh, shit!

God damn! Let's go!

ATL, ho! Let's go!

It's pretty good, right? What you want, man?

I want a few things. I want you to make some calls.

I want you to pull some strings, get me a file.

Do that, I won't just give you this video.

I'll give you something else. What's that?

The election.


Informed on your own brother...'re worse than a rat.

Worse than any creature that has walked on this Earth.

It's lies! This is fake document!


Please don't call this fake news.

You've been spending too much time in America.


I did it for the sake of the family, mama!

I did it for us!

For the family? That's crap.

Augustin is a pain in the ass and occasionally stupid, very stupid.

But he never ratted on the family when he went to prison.

I would have respected you more if you killed him.


Mama, don't do this! Please! Please!

...I beg you! I'm your son!

No, you WERE my son.


At one time we shared the same blood.

And now you will become...?

No! No!


...whatever it is this fucking machine turns you into.

No! No!

(IN ENGLISH) You fucking asshole! No!

No! Mama!





Yo, Priest. Where you at?

It's payday. I'm on my way.

You better be after what I just did for you.

Well, for us, actually.

I mean, we are partners, right?

You hear me?

Sno Patrol, done.

Took care of your little problem.

Nah. I take care of my own problems.

Priest? Hello?



OFFICER 1: Freeze! Don't move! OFFICER 2: Stay right there!

FEMALE OFFICER: Stop! Put your hands up!

OFFICER 2: Atlanta PD! OFFICER 1: Don't move!

WOMAN: (ON RADIO) On Wednesday, a dramatic arrest occurred downtown of a career detective in the Atlanta Police Department.

With this and the recent takedown of the local drug ring Sno Patrol, polling indicates that Mayor Atkins has a six-point lead over all other candidates and is expected to run away with the election.

He made the following statement.

MAYOR ATKINS: When I was first elected, I promised to weed out corruption in the Atlanta PD.

I'm a man of God and a man of my word, and I look forward to continue guiding this fine city of Atlanta towards the light of a bright and prosperous future.

Surprised you made it with all this heat.

Nothing gonna keep me from my money.

You're not nervous?

I made a few phone calls.

They ain't got shit on me.

I'm a hero.

Mayor himself said so.

See, he can't have me looking dirty, especially when there's an election at stake.

Let's go.

What the fuck?


Oh, shit. No, no, no. No, no, no.

All right, hold on, chill. Chill the fuck out.

Let's talk this through.

Oh, like how you talked to Freddie?

Come on, man. Motherfucker.


No, no, no.

No, no, no. Fuck, man. Stop.

No, no, no.





♪ Ain't no shame in my game ♪



PRIEST: The dream was always to get out.

I just didn't know how far I'd have to go.

How do you feel?

Right now?



You think you're gonna miss home?

Come on, now.

I am home.

Besides, we can always go back.

Okay, baby, smile.




Tell him I said hi.

My brother. EDDIE: My brother.

You know you're missing out, now.

I know, but...

You know, that's all you. That never was me.

Well, there's always a spot out here if you ever need it.

I mean that.

Oh, for sure. For sure.

Till the re-up, baby.

Till the re-up.


MAN: Got to make this money, man.


Who want their shot at the king?

BIG MAN: Let's go, baby.

Hand me the crown!

PRIEST: Yeah, I left America.

But I damn sure took the dream with me, didn't I?

(CHUCKLES) And that's superfly.

♪ Superfly

♪ Superfly

♪ I'm always high as the moon

♪ Man, what's up with that? Yeah

♪ Made her travel with the dope in balloons

♪ Man, what's up with that? Oh, yeah

♪ Ain't never have a silver spoon

♪ Man, what's up with that? ♪ What's up with that?

♪ I used to feel like a goon

♪ Man, what's up with that? ♪ What's up with that?

♪ Every year I tat an angel on me

♪ Want to be prepared if the devil came for me

♪ There's blood diamonds in the field in Angola

♪ I been five deep in Range Rovers back to back

♪ I ain't never had shit, what's up with that?

♪ I grew up sleeping on pallets Nigga, what's up with that?

♪ Fuck around, knock your man off, nigga, for talking back

♪ Everybody hold their hand out

♪ Then they gonna talk behind your back

♪ Came from the real bottom I'm a star

♪ Nigga, I put red bottoms on my broad

♪ Donald Trump might fuck around, deport my cars

♪ 70 for a walkthrough, I ain't got no time to bargain

♪ Zone 6 niggas like to get shit started

♪ Instagram shooter You ain't hit no target

♪ I'm on real drugs, nigga I got real problems

♪ From the real trenches, nigga I hit real models

♪ I'm always higher than the moon

♪ Man, what's up with that? ♪ What's up with that?

♪ Made her travel with the dope in balloons

♪ Man, what's up with that? ♪ What's up?

♪ Ain't never have a silver spoon

♪ Man, what's up with that? ♪ What's up with that?

♪ I used to feel like a goon

♪ Man, what's up with that? ♪ What's up with that?

♪ Every year I tat an angel on me

♪ Want to be prepared, the devil came for me

♪ There's blood diamonds in the field in Angola

♪ I been five deep in Range Rovers back to back

♪ Yeah, yeah

♪ Oh, yeah

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Yeah

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah

♪ Come show my rings some love Come kiss my chains

♪ When you start comin' on me, just say my name

♪ Come with me to paradise, takin' all my jewels

♪ Ten chains on my neck, feel bullet proof

♪ Don't let them broke bitches get you Don't let them do it

♪ I was in the Ghost like Casper, then hopped in the Porsche

♪ Sixteen-passenger jet, it hold me and my comrades

♪ We got tigers for pets Got a Bugatti in my bookbag

♪ Show my watch love then you gotta show my wrist love too

♪ I took a piss in the coupe, I didn't deny it

♪ I got the cash on me and I can't hide it

♪ After you ride it

♪ Show my chain some love, yeah

♪ Come show my chain some love, yeah

♪ Come give my rings a hug ♪ Come give my rings a hug

♪ Come give my rings a hug, yeah

♪ Your smell is dangerous

♪ If I fuck on a thot she gotta be Blue Flamin' up

♪ I'm in the executive with the Redskins

♪ Blood out, blood in Yeah, the bangers

♪ So much money on me right now I could buy you the world

♪ I got two model bitches I make 'em merge

♪ I told her everything What's the word

♪ Come on, darling, just make 'em swerve

♪ Diamond clean, no rub

♪ Yeah ♪ Come show my chain some love

♪ Come give my rings a hug ♪ Come give my rings a hug

♪ Come give my rings a hug, yeah ♪

♪ Ain't no shame in my game

♪ I found a new high, yeah

♪ There's no shame in my game

♪ There's no shame in my pain

♪ I found new propane

♪ I found new cocaine

♪ I found Xanax and it's makin' me fall in love

♪ I found codeine and it's flowin' through my blood

♪ Ain't no shame There ain't no shame

♪ Ain't no shame There ain't no shame

♪ In codeine, pour, baby, baby, ba, ba

♪ Ten bracelets on me lookin' like sunblock

♪ White diamonds drippin' on me neck Lady Gaga

♪ Cut off any typical broads gave me side-eye

♪ Perky, runnin' out of time

♪ Yo, Perky, fill it up one time

♪ Surfing, wavin' 'round the bags

♪ Dirty cup romance

♪ There's no shame in my game

♪ There's no shame in my pain

♪ I found new propane

♪ I found new cocaine

♪ There's no shame in my game ♪ Ain't no shame in my game

♪ There's no shame in my game ♪ Ain't no shame in my game

♪ I found new propane

♪ I found new cocaine

♪ Now it's a new high ♪ I found a new high

♪ Now it's a new high ♪ I found a new high

♪ Tomorrow's a new life ♪ Tomorrow's a new life

♪ Spent my teens in a court seat

♪ Humble like Cam, can't promise how I'll lead

♪ I guess we'll see

♪ The American Dream

♪ How it works for me

♪ I'mma lick my finger and dip it in candy

♪ Now I'm in the desert and I'm dancing

♪ How you don't stop caring 'bout me?

♪ How you don't start smoking my reef?

♪ Bottom line is, this bass take me deep

♪ More of that is our special in the replay

♪ There's no shame in my game

♪ There's no shame in my pain

♪ I found new propane

♪ I found new cocaine

♪ There's no shame in my game

♪ There's no shame in my pain

♪ I found new propane ♪

♪ I found new cocaine

♪ Now it's a new high ♪ I found a new high

♪ Now it's a new high ♪ I found a new high

♪ Tomorrow's a new life ♪ Tomorrow's a new life

♪ No shame, ain't no shame Ain't no... ♪