Superman II (1980) Script

Alert, alert, alert!

You three criminals have been caught in a further act of seditious treason.

General Zod, your only feeling was contempt for our society.

Your only desire was to command.

Ursa, the only feeling you showed was for your vicious general.

Your only wish, to rule at his side.

Non, you are as without thought as you are without voice.

This council has no hesitation in proclaiming you...

...all guilty!


You will lie down before me, Jor-El.

Both you and them one day, Jor-El.


- Here, I'll just get the door for you. Yeah, thanks...

Sorry, after you.

'Morning, Phil. Excuse me, Kent.

Hi, Alice. That's a very pretty blouse you're wearing today...

Catch you later, Clark.

Hello. I don't know. Okay...

'Morning, Louise. I'll check it.

Mr. White, how long should the pressroom hold the front page?

Give it another 10 minutes. I'll tell him.

Thank you.

If we don't get anything new in the next 10 minutes...

...go with the wire service copy under the 40 point banner. Picture in 3 columns.

Kent, do a background story for the page three sidebar on this terrorist group.


Sorry. Terrorists?

Get your heads out of the clouds. Where have you been?

I was at home.

Don't you watch TV?

I don't enjoy TV, there's too much violence. I was just reading Dickens.

Mr. Kent, a gang of terrorists seized the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

He knows where the Eiffel Tower is, Olsen. You do, don't you, Kent?

Yes. Has anyone been hurt? So far the hostages are unharmed.


Tourists, about 20 of them. That's just penny ante stuff.

If the French government doesn't meet their demands...

...they've got a Hydrogen bomb to level Paris.

Mr. White, that's terrible!

That's why they call them terrorists, Kent.

Get to the morgue. I want to know everything there is on terrorism...

Does Lois know about this yet?

Does she know about it? She's in it! She's what?

When the story broke, I bundled her on the first Concorde.

If Paris might go kablooey, I want my best reporter there.

But gee...

No offense. You're good, but Lois Lane is better.

No, I meant, isn't that a little bit dangerous, sir?

That goes with the territory, Kent.

Don't worry, if I know Lois Lane, she'll not only come back...

...with a Pulitzer Prize story, but a one-on-one interview...

...with the hydrogen bomb titled: "What Makes Me Tick. "

Now don't stand around, Kent...

Merci, Merci.

How did they get up there?

They were disguised as workers to do repairs.

Can you say why they released the first hostages?

We insist they do this to show good faith. If not, we refuse to negotiate.

Will they release the other hostages?

In return for a guarantee that we will not launch an attack on them.

There will no be attack? No attempt to overpower the terrorists?

We've made this guarantee. You'll honor it?

We have not the choice to refuse.

If we believe it's a real hydrogen bomb they have.

Where is the bomb?

It's in a big oil can.

A hydrogen bomb? Are you sure?

How can we be sure? Today it's possible to make a bomb if you have the equipment.

- This could blow up all of Paris. Oui.

The position of your government? Will they meet the demands?

I am not authorized to say what they will do.

At this moment there is an emergency meeting in the Elysée Palace.

Non, ce n'est pas possible.

Excusez-moi? No. No comprende. Moi, journaliste Americaine.

Non, non, c'est interdit! Complétement interdit.

Attends. Wait.

- Voilà. Qu'est-ce que c'est le mot pour... Qu'est-ce que vous voulez?

- Stairs. Stairs? Stairs...

S- T... S-T-A...


We'll bring them down now.

Get in.

- Come on. Watch out for any tricks. Do we look like the sort...

I don't know what you look like.

You're being released, so shut up.

Come on then, everybody out. Okay, we're ready.

This way.

Come on. Quick.

Look, you're being released. Get moving.

I'll take a last look around.

Okay, send them down.

Up we go.

Pulitzer Prize.

CapitaI P...

Should we have let the hostages go?

They'll give in to us as soon as we plant the bomb.

It doesn't matter one way or the other.

Nobel Prize. Capital N...

...little o, little b...

...little e, little I.

Nobel. Nobel. Nobel, Nobel...


Be careful.

It's me that controls the bomb, not the bomb that controls me.

I hope you have not many sins left to be forgiven.

Because if you let go of that, you'll have only 60 seconds to list them.

You are right. Do you hear something?

It sounded like someone moving underneath.

It's your nerves.

Where are they now?

They are near to the lift.

One is still inside with the bomb.

Ils sont prés de I'ascenseur. Y en a un dedans avec la bombe. Il y en a un qui sort.

The third one has come out of the lift now.

The third one is out now.

The bomb is still in there?

Yes, we think so.

This is the boring bit.

Tell them to get ready.

Standby. Attention! Préparez-vous.

Get ready.

Come on.

We'll cut the lead cable when we get the word.

Haven't they had time to find the bomb?

Of course not. They haven't. We've been watching them all the time.

Vas-y! Go. Now!

It started! Oh, my God.

I believe this is your floor.

Thank God.

How did I get myself into this?

Are you all right? Yes.

A bomb! There's a bomb up there! I know.

Fresh melons here! Nice fresh melons...

Hi, Lois.

Hi, Clark.


- Have you ever heard of crosswalks? Yeah, but you know, I mean...

Do you have any idea how stupid that was?


Clark, you were lucky that time.

You must more careful. To cross the street you've got to look both ways.

Lois, usually I do.

Maybe you ought to get your glasses checked.

Not everybody can have "x-ray vision," you know.

Do I detect a note of jealousy in that voice?

Jealousy? No, not me.

Golly Lois, what are you doing?

When was the last time you heard me sneeze?

You are never going to hear me sneeze again!

I read this book, and it says if you get 1,000 milligrams...

...of vitamin C every day, you stay in perfect health.

Golly, 1,000? That's certainly a lot of oranges, isn't it?

There are pills, you know. I've seen them. Pills. That's the modern way to do things.

This is natural.

Besides, I get my exercise that way.

And Clark, you don't have to be jealous.

I don't?

No, you've got so much going for you.

I do?

Do you mind if I give you a little constructive criticism?

Actually, yes. Be more aggressive! You have to...

...go from the instinct. You see something, you want it, you go for it!

That's what I do.

Yes, I've noticed.

Perhaps I could help you there. Thanks, that would be great.

Let's see.

You put the orange in there. That's very clever.

Clark... know that I wouldn't say all those things if I didn't really care.

You do?

What else are friends for?



Here's to friendship.

This is how it ends for the greatest criminal mind of our time.

Not with a whimper. Not with a bang.

How do they choose to reward Lex Luthor...

...the greatest genius in this world?

Do they give him glory or treasure? What, matter of fact, do they give him?

Life plus 25, Luthor. Get to work.

Don't feel bad, Mr. Luthor. It almost worked.

I mean, California almost fell down right in the ocean.

Millions of people almost died.

If it hadn't been for Superman, that overgrown Boy Scout...

I want my Liberace record back tonight.

What are you going to do with a guy like that?

He flies around so fast and everything.

I mean they can't even trace that guy on that radar they got.

Every time they try he just flies off.

Where? North.


To ski?

Every man has his vulnerable point.

Some, like you Otis, have more than one.

I didn't see Superman's in time.

But now through patience, invention, and skill... little black box is just about ready.

Oh! That little black box in our cell.

That little black box, Mr. Luthor.

What's it for?

That little black box goes beyond any conventional radar.

It tracks alpha waves.

Alpha waves.

Those alpha waves will take me north to his secret.

And his secret will give me Superman.

The MAB is 196 at. 5.

We ought to see the old beauty when we...

You follow the bouncing ball for a while. It's giving me a headache.

Anyway, somebody's got to check up on those guys.

Yeah, I keep forgetting about them.

How long they been up there, 45 days?

The whole world's forgotten about us.

Houston calling Artemis II.

Houston calling Artemis II, come in.

'Morning, Houston.

Hold on, Nate.

- Yo! How are things going?

All systems normal, Houston.

Andy is out doing the geological survey...

More rocks.

And Cosmonaut Boris is getting some soil samples.

By the way, Boris and I are engaged.

I had a feeling about you guys when I saw your Rorschach tests.

Just a little détente humor there, Houston.

Surface conditions unchanged?

It's mighty pretty out there. Mighty...


Mighty pretty, right.

Look, Nate...

Nate, wake up, will you?

That's it. I'm dreaming.

Artemis, come in.

Houston, we seem to have an unidentified flying object.


- What does it look like? A lot like a... a girl.


What kind of a creature are you? Just a man.

A man?

What's your name? Where are you from?

What a fragile sort of life form it is.

Houston, come in. Houston!

Come in, Houston.


Somebody help me!

Artemis, this is Houston calling. What's up?

Artemis, Houston calling. Come in please. What's going on?

I don't know. We've lost contact. So?

I mean really.

Artemis, come in please. Houston calling.

What was that he said before? He saw a girl?

I thought he said "curl". What's a "curl"?

Isn't that what the old Canaveral guys used to call a comet on an east-west trajectory?

How should I know? I was in back high school in those days.

Strange. I tore those metal fibers like paper.

And what he did...

...was amazing!

Something is happening. Yes. To all of us.

The closer we come to an atmosphere with only one sun...

...a yellow sun...

...the more our molecular density gives us unlimited powers!

They come from there...

...a place called Houston.

Then we will go there too.

To rule.

Finally... To rule!

380 out.

381 out.

382 out.

383 out.

384 out.

385 out.

Lights out, Luthor.

I said, "Lights out! "

You guys are about ten seconds away from solitary, you know that?

I told you to...

Freeze, freeze!

Go out there and find it.

What am I looking for? You'll know when you see it.

I think I found it.

What is it?

It's a ladder, you dummy.

Hi, Miss Teschmacher.

Come on.

Hurry up.

Come on, hurry.

Otis, hold that ladder, hurry up.

Come up.

Here I come, Mr. Luthor.

Otis, we're sinking!

Get off, get off!

Excuse me.

If you'd like to carry Mrs...

...Smith over the threshold...

What? It's sort of traditional.

I can give you a hand if you have trouble lifting...

No. Of course not.

Honey. Thanks, I'll walk. Certainly, dear.

Here you are. Sure is pink.

Careful with the bags, please.

First visit to Honeymoon Haven?

Yes. Together, anyway.


Let me just show you some of our special features.

These are our "Flames of Love," exclusive with this motel in the area.

If you want the flames to go higher, you just pull this.

I see.

Look dear, that's kind of romantic. In July?


For a nominal charge, our staff photographer will be happy... prepare a special souvenir album of your honeymoon stay.

He'll photograph you in some of our more intimate locations... the "tub for two", on the bear skin rug...

Gee, reaI polyester!

And here's the bed.

Right. Thank you.

Thank you, sir.

Of course.

Thank you. Thank you, sir. And have a happy...


Can you believe this?

Posing as newlyweds to expose a honeymoon racket in Niagara Falls!

What a waste of a great writer. Writers.

Perry White and his Sunday magazine exposés.

How am I supposed to get a Pulitzer Prize writing about a pink bear?

I don't know, I think this should be exposed.

They get kids who are just starting out and take them for every cent.

That's what Mr. White says.

On the other hand, this is kind of nice. "Complimentary Champagne. "

Kissing contest tonight. Really?

Lois would... No.

Look at this.

Lois? Gee.

Look, I found a complimentary corsage.

Everything's complimentary here until you get the bill.

Gee, you look very pretty.

Thank you, Clark. Sure.

You know, Lois, I was sort of thinking, later on...

...I was just wondering what you wanted to do about the arrangements.

What arrangements, Clark?

I was thinking primarily about the...

...the sleeping arrangements.

Mr. Smith...

- ... The complimentary couch. Right.


Gosh, it's alive.

Very good, Miss Teschmacher. Very good!

Why am I here? What am I doing here?

Miss Teschmacher, is this a philosophy seminar?


This is a getaway.

Getaway? Right.

Lex, how could you do that to Otis?

What else is ballast for?

Miss Teschmacher...

...north. Due north.

Right, north.

Where's Jimmy Olsen when I need him? Isn't it beautiful?

Just gorgeous. Gorgeous.

Lois? Yes?

Everybody's holding hands. Maybe we should hold hands, too?

Here's my hand Clark, hold it. Thanks.

You know what? They're afraid to let go.

Why? If they let go, straight to the lawyer.

I don't know about that. They look kind of happy to me.

Because you're blind.


Here. No, I've got it.

You've got to look after yourself. You've only got one pair of eyes.



- Right. Don't say I never did anything...

Thank you.

Son! Excuse me, please.

Be careful!

Get down. Get down!

You're embarrassing me in front of everybody.

Did you see what almost happened there? That little boy...

I'm hungry. Are you hungry?

Lois, you're amazing. Because I'm hungry?

No, I mean here you stand with one of nature's most awesome spectacles...

...and you're thinking about food. Aren't you impressed?

Once a girl's seen Superman in action, Niagara Falls kind of leaves you cold.

You know what I mean? Him again?

I'm sorry.

I have a one-track mind, don't I?

My one track mind's telling me that I'm hungry.

Hot dog? Hot dog.

Could I have some orange juice? Freshly squeezed, I know.

Mom, look!

Yeah, honey, that's nice.

Oh, my God!


Somebody help!

Way to go, Superman!

What a nice man!

There you go. Again! Again!

I'm sorry. Only one ride to a customer.

Superman! Superman, it's me, Lois!

Come here. You're going to get it! Give me a heart attack...

It's me. It's Lois. Lois Lane.

Hello and goodbye.

What's the hurry, seeing as you happen to be in Niagara Falls?

Happen to be in Niagara Falls...

And, Clark...

Clark is not around as usual.


Here you go. Where were you?

I was getting hot dogs. What do you mean?

It just seems kind of strange to me that every time Superman's around, you...


Superman? You mean he was here? Golly!

And you weren't. As usual.

What have you got to say about that? Darn, I forgot your orange juice.


No orange juice?

Mush! Mush! I am mushing.

Ice and snow: Is this your idea of a good time?

A good time? Is that all you care about? North, Miss Teschmacher.


Yes, Lex, north.

Look. It's his home. It's Superman's home.

Good, more ice.

Fantastic! Fantastic.

It's fantastic!

The construction goes far beyond any known architectural theory.

It's beautiful. Beautiful.

This place is genius! Genius.

Lex! I'll be all right.

No, me.

Why can't you be more carefuI?

This is beautiful. BeautifuI.

It has everything. Wrong.

Why didn't you go before we left? That was two days ago.

This looks like some kind of control panel.

Don't touch anything. Don't touch anything.

Ice. I said don't touch it.

It's not ice. It looks like a crystal.

Kryptonian memory bank, education crystal #308.

I told you it was a crystal. Shut up!

Earth culture, Section B.

"Trees" by Joyce Kilmer, of the Planet Earth.


"I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree...

He's not here. It's a voice from the past. That's cute. That's very cute.

"... A tree that looks at God all day"...

I like trees!

So does your average cocker spaniel. Give me another one.

No. The big one there.

Kal-El, my son... the Keeper of the Archives of Krypton... falls to me to tell you of the darkest episode in our planet's history.

Now this I want to hear.

After many eons of harmony, there appeared among us three rebel elements...

...what you would call on Earth, "criminals. "

Criminals? My kind of people.

Despite all our efforts, we were unable to change their evil natures, their evil ways.

As you know, we hath no death penalty.

Sensible enough.

Therefore, our scientists constructed...

..."The Phantom Zone".

In it, we placed these three arch-criminals...

...imprisoning them there for all eternity.

No possibility for parole?

Your father, Jor-El, thought long and hard upon that question.

I asked the right question.

There is one danger. The Phantom Zone might...

...just might, be cracked by a nuclear explosion in space.

I wish you hadn't asked me that...

I didn't ask anything.

We do not know what would happen if they were to escape.

On Krypton, these villains were uncontrollable.

On Earth, they would have the same powers, each one of them...

...that you have.

Think of it.

- The first of the three... Three.

- ... is their leader, General Zod. Count them, three super-villains.

- Together with Non and Ursa... Each one with the same power he has.

Each one totally dedicated to corruption, violence, and evil.

Wait. That explains the three Alpha Waves I've been getting on my black box.

They'll need a contact here on Earth.

Someone with the same contempt for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

South, Miss Teschmacher!

You know, it's really amazing.

I never started to put it together before now. It's just kind of funny...

...because a good reporter can't let anything slip by her.

Of course not. I'm beginning to get the picture.

As usual, Lois, I really don't know what you're talking about.

Tell you what, I'll meet you back at the hotel.

What's your hurry, Superman?


I've got to admit, your disguise is nearly perfect. You had me fooled.

And I am nobody's fool, believe me.

No, of course not.

You just have an active imagination. You get carried away sometimes.

I understand. It can happen to anybody. Listen...

...I'm so sure that you're Superman that I'm willing to bet my life on it.


If I'm right, you'll turn into Superman.

If I'm wrong...'ve got yourself one hell of a story.

You think I'm Superman?

Boy, you certainly have some imagination.

For a minute, you almost had me convinced. For a minute.

Bye-bye, baby.

Oh, my god!

Excuse me, please.



Lois, swim!


Look out for the rocks! Oh, God!


Grab that branch! What?


Lois, you all right?


You were what I thought was Superman? Sorry.

This is really embarrassing.

So this is planet Houston?

A very strange surface.

A primitive sort of life form.

Did you see that?

Did you see what I did?

I have powers beyond reason here.

We all have them, my dear.

I must've looked like an idiot...

...jumping in the river, waiting for Mr. WonderfuI...

...who obviously had better things to do.

I'm sure it must've been something very important, Lois.

And then thinking you were...

If Perry White could see me now...

Where's my comb?

God, not only have I lost my mind, I lost my comb.

Can you pass me that brush over there?


No. It's okay. Let me see your hand. Give it to me.

No. It's all right, Lois. Let me look at it.

You are Superman. Come on, don't be silly.

I'm sorry.

No, you don't have anything to be sorry about.

I don't know why I did that.

Maybe you wanted to.

I don't think I did.

Maybe you didn't want to with your mind, but maybe you wanted to with your heart.

We'd better talk.

I'm in love with you.

We really better talk.

I'm listening.

We can't talk here. Perry will call at about 6:00 to find out what's happening.

"What's happening"? That's the understatement of the year.

Where do you want to... Talk?

Lois... that you know, I think you should know it all.

I want to.

Let's go to my place.

Maybe I should change first.

Maybe you should, too.

They have a wide selection. I can't eat fish.

You can eat anything you want, Duane. You can eat meat and potatoes.

I couldn't go anywhere where I was expected to eat fish.

They got beans.

I can't eat beans. I come out in a rash if I eat beans.

Look, Duane, they have a wide selection.

I think I'll try the fish.

I don't know, from the look of them, I'll bet $10 they're from Los Angeles.

Hey, hippies! Get your butts off the road!

I like the globe that flashes red like our Krypton sun.

But not this irritating noise.

Make way!

Did I hear right? Did that son of a bitch give me an order?

Duane, you take care of it.


You got to learn to kick ass if you want to be a peacemaker.

All right. Just what in the hell do you think you're doing here?

What is this symbol? Do you follow another leader?

Follow the leader?

Holy skunk sweat!

All right. A weapon of some sort?

How in the hell did you do that?

Jesus H. Christ!

Crude noise-maker.

Just checking the tire...

Wow, this is your home! No.

Actually, I live in the city, about three blocks from you.

This is a very special place for me.

I wanted you to see it.

Listen, you warm enough?

I guess I should be freezing, but I'm not.

Good. Come on, let me show you.

You see? You only smell strong.


It's only because I didn't want to lose my place in the orchestra.

The circus is in town!

Hey, sweet thing! Set them buns down here!

Let's just hold hands.

Let me know if this tickles.

Your right front tire is flat, Duane.

Sheriff, what happened?


I think my arm's broke.

Girl or no girl...'re going to spit teeth! Get up!

What the sam hill?

Is that you, Boog?

All right.

Get 'em up, keep 'em up!

These humans are beginning to bore me.

Please, Mister! He's a general.

Mr. General! Please let my daddy down!

You okay, Jody?

When my father died...

...this is my Earth father, I mean...

...I found this crystal.

This is kind of hard to explain, but you see... called to me.

Yeah. And it brought me here.

It helped me to build this place.

Actually it built it, really.

That's when I found out who I really was...

...and what I had to do.

So what do you think? You like it?

Like it?

It's incredible!

I mean, not that it couldn't use a woman's touch...

...especially around dinner time.

Dinner. I'm sorry. I don't usually do too much about...

Listen, tonight, sky's the limit. Anything you want.

I'm home!

Should we eat?

Sure. Great.

Good morning, America. This is East Houston, Idaho...

...until yesterday, another middle American town...

...that middle America had forgotten.

But today the population, exaggerated reports put it at 123...

...has increased by three.

And these three new arrivals bring destruction in their wake.

As I look west into East Houston this morning...

...I see a town gripped with...


Who's the big guy?

Okay, yeah, we've got a P.O...


We've got a slight crack in that diode.

- Come in on him if you can. Try to wiggle it.

Who else is seeing this?

With this satellite link up, just about everybody. The whole planet.

The whole planet Houston? Earth.

The whole planet Earth.

Get over to the commentator.

You may continue.

As the extraordinary story continues...

As this extraordinary story...

If the whole planet is watching, can't we show them something more interesting?

Throw down your arms and surrender!

This is an order!

GeneraI Zod does not take orders. He gives them.

You all right, buddy?

He was right in the line of fire and nothing happened to him!

I haven't seen the likes of this since Superman.

Yes. The Newsbeat control room has just informed me...

...that a fleet of helicopter gun ships is on it's way...

- Mr. President, can't we... I'm afraid there's nothing anybody can do.

They have such powers, nothing can stop them.

Where's Superman? Where is he?

Why doesn't he do something?

General Smythson has informed us that nuclear weapon strikes...

...have been ruled out because of the danger to the civilian population.

Starting firing run now.

Standby, rockets.

Fire one.

Fire again.

Fire again.

The rockets didn't have any effect.

Look, they need machines to fly!

What bravery!

Be nice to them, my dear. Blow them a kiss.

We're out of control. I don't understand.

We're coming in... Coming down... can't control it!

We're coming down!

I win.

I always win.

Is there no one on this planet to even challenge me?

That was good.

I thought we might...

...abandon the orange juice for once.

Cheers! Cheers!

Must be tough being Clark Kent, isn't it?


I really like it sometimes.

Even though I do make a fool of myself.

You know, if it weren't for him...

...I never would have met you.

But... He is you.

It's kind of confusing.

Not to me, it isn't.

For the first time in my life...

...everything's clear.

I'm going to go change into something more comfortable.

Come forward. Your general wishes to speak.

I am General Zod.

Your ruler.

Yes, today begins a new order!

Your lands, your possessions, your very lives...

...will gladly be given in tribute to me, General Zod!

In return for your obedience... will enjoy my generous protection.

In other words, you will be allowed to live.

So you are a general...

And who is your superior?

I answer only to the president. And he will answer to me...

...or all of his cities will end up like this one!

Your father and I have tried to anticipate your every question, Kal-El.

This is the one we hoped you would not ask.

But I have to, because... she's everything I want in life.

And she, the one you have chosen...

...she feels as much for you?


Then if this is what you wish...

...if you intend to live your life with a mortal... must live as a mortal.

You must become one of them.

This crystal chamber has harnessed the rays of the red sun of Krypton.

Once exposed to these rays, all...

...your great powers on Earth will disappear forever.

But consider...

...once it is done, there is no return.

You will become an ordinary man.

You will feel like an ordinary man.

You can be hurt like an ordinary man.

My son, are you sure?


...I love her.

You did all that for me?

I don't know what to say.

Just say you love me.

Thousands of hours to create, and they defaced it in seconds.

Imagine what they'll do to the world if we resist.

The whole place is going to fall!

Watch it!

You are the one they call President?

I am.

I see you are practiced in worshipping things that fly.


Rise before Zod.

Now, kneel before Zod.

You are not the President.

No one who leads so many could possibly kneel so quickly.

I am the man they are protecting.

I am the President.

I'll kneel before you if it will save lives.

It will. Starting with your own.

What I do now, I do for the sake of the people of the world.

But there is one man here on Earth who will never kneel before you.

Who is this imbecile? Where is he?

I wish I knew.



You're awfully quiet over there. I'm supposed to be the shy one.

Yeah, I was just thinking...

...I can't believe what you've given up for me.

Are you kidding? I didn't do it for you, Lois, I did it for us.

See, I told you there'd be a hot dog place somewhere.

Okay. It sure takes longer when you can't fly.

Hurry up.

Come on. Okay.

My back's stiff.

Come on, it's my treat.

Oh, boy, it's Mr. WonderfuI.

Thank you.

Do you have a men's room? Right in the corner.

Want to sit down? Yeah.

What would you folks like?

I'd like a cheeseburger with everything on it and a Coke...

...and an order of fries and a side salad, please.

For you, sir?

I'll think about it when I get back. Right.

Steak and eggs, over easy, coffee. My Coke, please.

Coming up.

Sorry, that seat's taken.

It is now, sweetheart.

Can I buy you something to eat?

No, thank you.

Excuse me. I think you're sitting in my seat.

Your seat's in there, four-eyes.

I think, perhaps somebody ought to teach you some manners, sir.

Yeah? Let me know when he comes in.

- Look, we can just... Honey...

Excuse me, sir, would you care to step outside?

I said, excuse me, sir, would you care to step outside?

Now listen, your steak's coming right up.

Keep it on the flame, this is just a minute steak.

After you.

You all right?

He's going to be fine, just give me that.

Blood. It's my blood.

I think...

...maybe we ought to hire a bodyguard from now on.

I don't want a bodyguard. I want the man I fell in love with.

I know that.

I wish he were here.

Boy, you just don't have enough sense to stay down do you?

I don't like your meat, anyway.

Oh, God.

Can you get up?

It's all right. I got you. Go slow.

Try and get up in that chair.

Sit down. I'm all right.

He's all right. Just relax. We'll have some fresh coffee.

I'll turn the box on.

We interrupt this program for an urgent message...

...from the President of the United States.

This is your President.

On behalf of my country and in the name of the other leaders of the world...

...with whom I have today consulted...

...I hereby abdicate...

...all authority and control over this planet... General Zod.

Only by strict compliance with all his directions...

...will the lives of innocent millions be spared.

Superman, can you hear me?

- Superman, where... Who is this Superman?

You'll find out! And when you do...

Come to me, Superman! If you dare!

I defy you!

Come! Come and kneel before Zod!

Here? When? When?

Where have you been?

On a desert island?

I have to go back.

You can't go back.

There's no way, now. I have to.

I've got to try, damn it! I've got to try something. Anything!

It's not your fault.

You didn't know this was going to happen.

They knew.

I heard them.

I just didn't listen.

Hey, come on!



I really wish you could hear me.

Because I need you.

See, I...


I failed.


You're master of all you survey.

And so I was yesterday.

And the day before.

Hello, there.

Lex Luthor.

You may know the name. The greatest criminal mind on Earth.

I told you this was a puny planet.

Wait, just a moment.

Wait until you get to know me better, will you, please?

Wait, I can give you anything you want.

I can give you the brass ring, the unlimited freedom to maim...

...kill, destroy.

Plus, Lex Luthor's keen mind. Lex Luthor's savvy.

Lex Luthor's career guidance. Lex Luthor's School of Better...

We have all of this without you.

You cannot bargain with what you don't have.

Magnificent One.

What I am bargaining with is what you do not have.

The son of Jor-El.

The son of Jor-El? On this planet?

Possibly you know him better by his nom de voyage, or his... he travels under.


So, this is Superman.

How do you know of Jor-El? My Fullness... I explained to you before...

I'm the best there is.

Revenge! We will kill the son of our jailer.

Revenge! Revenge! Now we're cooking!

He flies? Constantly.

- He has powers as we do? Certainly. But...

Magnificent One, he's just one...

...where you are three.

Or four if you count him twice.

We will bring him to his knees.


First, you must find him.

And Lex baby is the only one who knows where he is.

What... Do you want?

Well, General...

The world is a big place.

Thank goodness... needs are small.

As it turns out, I have this affinity for beachfront property.

What do you want?


I can't understand it!

Where is he? He shows up every time a cat gets stuck in a tree...

...and now he's decided to pull a disappearing act?

We haven't figured out his game plan. Game plan!

It's fourth down, the two-minute warning has sounded and the ball is in our territory.

How brilliant do you have to be? I mean...

Superman's got something up his sleeve, that's for sure.

We haven't figured it out. Right? He'll be here!

If it's at all possible, he'll be here.


And she knows his plays better than anybody.

Better than anybody.

Maybe he hasn't heard about it yet.

Sounds like an earthquake.

Quick, take a picture!

You all right, chief?

Even with accumulated knowledge when'll these dummies learn to use a doorknob?


You should see the White House, months of cleaning.

You promised me the son of Jor-El.

Yes, your Grace.


...what I've given you is the next best thing.

Hold on to that little lady...

...and he'll be along.

They have this relationship.

She does all his public relations and he gives her every exclusive.

They're the best of friends. Know what I mean?

What an undemanding male this Superman must be.

You could use a tuck here and there.


I'm sorry! She lives for now.

Kill the rest...

...starting with him.

Wait. Wait.

Remember the White House? The Oval Room?

We had a few laughs, right?


...would you care to step outside?


Superman, thank God.

I mean, get him!

Come to me, Son of Jor-El!

Kneel before Zod!

Watch out. You all right?

Wait there.

Son of Jor-El!

We were beginning to think you were a coward!

I'm not a coward.

Let him prove it!

Then die as you deserve to!

Come on, get him!

This is going to be good!

Take him. He's yours.

Come on! Kill him!


The big one's just as strong as Superman!

Hold him.

Home run!

This "super" man is nothing of the kind.

I've discovered his weakness.

He cares.

He actually cares for these Earth people.

Like pets? I suppose so.

Sentimental idiot.

He's caged Non.

I'll draw his fire.

With some of my own.

Get out of here! The rig's going to blow!

Superman, help us!

I never thought this thing would go the distance.

You people, get back.

Here, take the end of this.

No. Don't do it!

The people!

Where's you wife, sir?

I got her. Don't worry.

He's dead.

Superman is dead.

They killed Superman.

Let's get them!

Come on, let's go!

Forgot your change!

Wait a minute!

I'm holding it, I'm holding it!

I can't see what's happening!

My hair! What about mine?

Hold on!

He's alive!

Come back, please!


...he is a coward after all.

Come back, Superman!

Don't leave us! We can't handle it without you.

It's not our fault. He chickened out.


Superman didn't even do nothing!

Come on, let's go!

Get away from here!

Our victory is complete!

The son of Jor-El has fled.

Superman fled?

I don't believe you.

The next time we will kill him! The next time?

The next time?

What am I going to do with you people?

I held up my end, I delivered the Blue Boy.

What do I get from my triple threat?

"Bow, yield, kneel," that kind of stuff closes out a town.

Why do you say this to me when you know I will kill you for it?

Kill me? Lex Luthor?

Extinguish the greatest criminaI flame of our age?

Eradicate the only man on earth with... Kill him!

Superman's address?


The three of us will crush...

...the son of our jailer.

Why not increase his handicap?

Since he cares so much for these Earth creatures...

...let us take his favorite.

Ever heard of parachutes?

Another small step for mankind.


So morbid.

A sentimental replica of a planet long since vanished.

No style at all. I expect...

...better manners from my guests.

We must combine our strength.


Take him!

We played this game at school. Never was very good at it.

Superman, I knew that you'd...

Wrong again!

No, no!

Release the General...

...or we'll tear her apart.

Superman, no!

Superman, don't!

All right!

Did you really think we would give up our advantage?


...the son of Jor-El will be my slave.


If not, the millions of earthlings you protect...

...will pay for your defiance.

Destroy this place.

Hi, guys. Sorry I'm late. We have no more use for this one.

Kill him.


You came to me with nothing, I gave you Superman.


Well, look...

Watch it. Don't touch me!

Guy's a clod.

Promises were made, gifts exchanged.

I got to hand it to you. You always told the truth.

A guy always knew where he stood with you.

Try to get them all into this molecule chamber.

It takes away their powers, see, and turns them into ordinary...

...human beings. Now, if you could...

Don't go in there, it's a trap!

You poisonous snake!

That's a molecule chamber.

It makes people like you into people like me.

You've done well.

The crystal there activates the mechanism.

Lex Luthor, ruler of Australia.

Activate the machine!

Thank you.

With your permission.

And now...


Take my hand...

...and swear eternal loyalty to Zod.

He switched it!

He did it to them! I mean the lights were on out here...

...while he was safe in there!

You know, something?

You're a real pain in the neck!

Are you all right?

I knew you'd double-cross me. A lying, weasel like you couldn't resist.

Are you kidding? I was with you all the time.

That was beautiful.

Did you see the way they fell into our trap?

Too late!


I got a proposition.

Don't stop me until you've heard this because...

...I know I owe you one, but we're in the north pole, right?

Let's wipe the slate clean.

If you give me a ride back, I promise to turn over a new leaf...

It looks so beautiful from up here.

I guess I'll never get to fly with you again.

No. Anywhere you want to go.

You don't have to worry.

I'll never tell them who you really are.

I know.

See you later.


How did you sleep?

No. I didn't close my eyes all night.

Look... I understand.

I sat up all night listening to the voices of reason.

You know how vile it is to hear the first bird of the morning...

...when you've been crying all night?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, too.

I guess it's sort of like being married to a doctor, you know.

The doctor's awakened at night...

...and the wife has to cope with the fact that he's gone.

I guess I'm just too selfish.

No. You're not selfish at all.

I am selfish, when it comes to you.

I am selfish.

I'm jealous of the whole world.

It may not be easy for you to hear this now, but someday you'll...

Don't tell me that I'll meet somebody.

You're kind of a tough act to follow, you know?

I'm going to be fine, you don't have to worry about me.

I like worrying about you.

Would you stop?

Don't you know that this is killing me?

Do you know what it's like to have you come in here every morning...

...and not be able to talk to you?

Not be able to show I have any feelings for you?

Not be able to tell anyone that I know who you are.

I don't even know what to call you.

I don't know what to say.

I don't know. Say that you love me.

Gee, are you okay? What happened?

You all right? I just got so dizzy.

That's what happens when I don't have my orange juice.

I'm fine. Breathe.

I'm breathing, for heaven's sake. Good for you. Good.

God. Just drink.

Okay. Just sip it. Sip it. Sip it.

I'm fine.

What was I talking about before?

If I know you, it was probably about Superman.

Him again?

You've got to stop being threatened every time the guy's name's mentioned.

I mean, nobody expects you to be anything but what you are.

I'll try to remember that.

You better remember that. I appreciate you.

You do? Sure.

Especially if you get me a hamburger.

A hamburger. At 9:00 a. M.?

Yeah, and everything on it, okay?

Everything on it.

And... Orange juice. Freshly squeezed.

Isn't he a nice guy?

Let's see what trouble I can get into today.

What's happening in the world?

Give me another plate of this garbage.

Garbage? That's my number one special!

All right! Get me some more coffee too, will you?

Gee, that's funny. I've never seen garbage eat garbage before.

Excuse me, sir. I think you're sitting in my favorite seat.

Come and get it, four-eyes.

Now cool it!

Take it easy.

I just had this joint fixed. It cost me a fortune.


This order's to go.

I'm terribly sorry about all the damage, sir.

I've been...

...working out.

Good afternoon, Mr. President.

Sorry I've been away so long.